I Come With The Rain (2008) Movie Script

I Come With The Rain
Jesus is in agony.
Till the end of the world.
Los Angeles
Two years later
I'm sorry, mr. Kline, for this deeply
unpleasent arrangement. I apologize.
I have a fear of being contaminated
by all sorts of things.
I have an only son,
whose name is Shitao.
Three years ago,
without any explanation
He left for Asia.
A year after he left, he sent me a telegram
from the island of Mindanao
in the Philippines.
He asked me to deposit $10,000
into his account.
I did so.
Without question.
A month later, he asked
for the same amount again.
This time I sent a detective
A man named Vargas.
Vargas searched for 6 weeks
and had reasons to believe
that my son was looking
after an orphanage.
In an area occupied by gold miners.
A short while later,
I received a telegram from Vargas.
He said everything was fine,
That I could send the money,
that it was for the orphanage.
I sent the money.
Since then...
Thirteen months have passed
without any news.
No means of reaching Vargas.
Do you have any idea why your son left?
You must understand, mr. Kline,
that Main is the largest pharmaceutical
conglomerate in the world.
I built this empire from nothing.
Through sheer force of will.
Perhaps I was too hard on my son.
Since he was 10 years old,
I've only ever seen my boy from there.
Where you are now sitting.
Please, find him.
You have carte blanche, mr. Kline.
Spend whatever you need to spend.
But please, bring me back my son.
When and where will you begin your enquiry?
I have another job I am finishing up
in a couple of days.
I guess I will start the minute after
and pick it up where Vargas left off.
Very well, mr. Kline.
Thank you.
MINDANAO, Philippines
Someone swore to me that he saw three men,
Hiro, Shitao and
about seven months ago.
They dragged his body into the jungle
and buried it somewhere.
Why would they kill him?
At first Shitao kept the orphanage going
with money from his father.
Then one morning, he shut himself up here
in this room for three days without eating.
When he came out...
He went directly
to the richest miners around.
to ask them for donations.
One man...
Never, if anything...
Saw Shitao...
Sat on the ground...
in front of thet man's house...
And he talked...
For hours and hours and hours...
The man...
didn't chase him away...
He didn't hit him up...
He said nothing to him.
One night...
He heard him .
I want your advice, Vargas...
On my way here, I got a phone call.
It was Shitao's father.
He told me something.
He has a sisters that lives
in Hong Kong.
Except from Shitao,
she's the only family he has left.
Two days ago, she went
to their parents' grave
And she found fresh flowers.
She called her brother...
Scolding him for being in Hong Kong
and not calling her.
When he told her
he hadn't budged from L.A.,
Naturally I assumed it was Shitao
who left flowers at the grave.
- He decided to leave the evidence.
- That's what I said.
But they want me to go to Hong Kong
and check it out.
I have no reason to doubt that the person
who told me
he'd seen Shitao murdered by three men.
But I never said anything
to my employer because...
I didn't have any real proof
of his death...
Everything points to his
being dead, but....
That he's still alive.
If I were you...
I'd go to Hong Kong.
Here is a photo I took of Shitao.
I think it's the most recent one.
Save my boy, please, save him.
Save my boy, please.
Are you ok?
I'm looking for Detective Ju Meng Zi.
May I see your id please?
Hey, how are you?
- Good to see you.
- Nice to see you too.
What's going on?
Who was that?
Su Dong Po. An asshole.
I'll take you to dinner tonight.
Sorry, I was annoying.
It's no problem.
Who's complaining?
Well, are you looking
for a guy in Hong kong?
What have you got on him?
Name, age, ,
a couple of photos.
Give me your right hand.
Christ, show me your other hand.
What happened to you?
You did it yourself?
Come with me, I'm taking you
to the infirmery.
Maybe he looks totally different
since the last picture was taken.
Yes, possible.
We'll see what the computers
have to say about your man, ok?
I'm restoring the house
of the Lord. He is coming.
He's the crazy guy who painted
the .
Is it Jesus? The Christ? The Buddha?
The fish has to be at least 75 years old.
Try it.
It won't kill you.
Come on.
Try it.
- So, good.
- Ok, tell me, why do you quit the force?
They made me see a shrink,
that's why I quit the force.
Just because of a murder...
It was...
He killed 24 people...
He considered himself an artist...
He used to make scultpures
of his victims' bodies.
This guy could disect his victims
so quickly they were still alive.
That's really disgusting.
After 27 months on the case...
I think I kind of...
overidentified with him.
Tako sam jedino mogao da
Provalim ta ce uraditi sledece.
It was the only way I could figure out
what he's gonna do next.
So I had to think like him,
I had to live like him, and...
in the end I think I got
a little contaminated.
Yeah, contaminated.
Did you catch him?
Yeah, I caught him,
it was easy.
It was easy?
Yeah, it was easy.
he was ready to be caught.
There were a lot of guys working
on the case, but...
He chose me...
He chose you...
He called me at 4 o'clock
in the morning...
He told me to come along, so I went...
You went all by yourself?
I went by myself and I killed him.
I know what you are thinking.
If you try, I'll help you.
I know I cannot always count on you.
I can't do it without you.
Everyone has...
They're all talking about this cop.
This Ju Meng Zi.
What about you?
You think...
He could make things difficult for us?
You have my respect
and my trust...
I'm just waiting for you...
To give me something to pass to the others.
The ones who don't really know you.
This is a gift for your wife.
I know she loves crab.
These are the first of the season.
I promise you...
Ju Meng Zi will not taste them
this year.
That decision...
Will serve the spirits...
A wise decision.
Five star...
Who are you working for?
World's biggest pharmaceutical company...
I have complete control.
No credit limit.
In your shoes...
I wouldn't be in a hurry
to find your guys.
I've never slept in a 5-star hotel.
Mifu, how's it going?
You seemed stressed out.
Gambling did get you down?
I need to freshen up.
Is that alright?
No noises. Be quiet.
Lili is sleeping.
I keep him with me
Out of respect for his uncle.
I shouldn't.
He's a hot head.
What are you up to, Mifu?
You don't...
I just want to cool off.
Put them into these bags.
Su DongPo lives around here.
We're just going to drive by,
see if he is still up.
i think it's the street we just passed.
He's dead.
I'm a dead man.
I'm a dead man.
Su Dongpo is gonna kill me.
He shot first.
If I die with my eyes open...
Will you close them for me?
No, no, no...
Thank you.
Someone's called us on this phone.
And there's still no sign
of the bum that lives in the hut.
What the fuck happened here?
Meng Zi?
- Meng Zi?
- What?
Look what I found.
Look at the shelter, right?
You may think it's a bomb shelter,
but it's something else.
A bum, a real one, he collects stuff,
he hoardes it.
He.. He adds to it.
But this...
This hut is clean.
The guy who lives here is not a bum.
He's something else...
And what bothers me the most...
Is that it looks just like
Shitao's place in Mindanao.
Wait, don't jump to conclusions, ok?
Imagine... If the jacket
that I saw this morning
Is this jacket... Imagine...
If Shitao lives here...
It means that the guy I was looking for
was standing directly in front of me...
- Night.
- Wait.
It's amazing... and flesh.
I was always there.
Just waiting for a great artist
like Hesford to
Hesford was not an artist, mr. Kline.
He was a murderer.
Mr. Kline, he was a murderer.
- Hello?
- They are the same prints, sir.
You awake?
The same prints?
The prints from the bomb
with the yellow jacket in my office
Are the same as the ones
on the door of Mifu's car.
And the same as the ones
on the glass in the hut.
They are the same prints. Hello?
You still there?
I don't understand a word you're saying.
I'll be in your hotel in 10 minutes.
I need a fix.
Please, give it to me.
In the glove box...
There will be photos...
You can't see his face.
The cops saw on the guy's wrists.
So we took him to the infirmery.
The doctor took photos, but he didn't take
a picture of this guy's face.
Because he was interested
in this weird cuts.
Hey, look at this.
Hey, Dungpo, what a surprise, eh?
Looking for something?
A dead body may be right...
Or a bag full of cash...
I know you are up to a
in this shit.
And I will catch you, you asshole.
Hello, you hear me?
Do you, huh?
Ok, .
You will be behind bars soon.
And you wanna hear the best part?
I'll be able to fuck your lovely Lili
for 10 bucks..
Hey, do me a favor. next time in your car,
try not to put it in reverse.
He never ceases to amaze me.
Say one word against his whore
And he goes ballistic.
He loves her.
You're trying to tell me
he can love a woman?
This guy is the meanest,
The most pitiless guy in the world.
I don't see how he could love anyone.
I need you to find me an apartment, ok?
I need somewhere to work.
This is a crime scene.
You shall be fine.
This is your choice.
- Do you know what happened?
- Yes.
You're working for the husband.
But right away you find yourself taking
the wife's side because
you're following her around the clock.
You feel that you know her
better than anybody.
The day you find out she's cheating...
The blood rushes to your head,
your ears start to burn...
Your heart feels like it's gonna explode.
You feel like... You're the one
she's cheating on.
And from that moment on,
she becomes the sexiest woman in the world.
You know what I mean?
Show me.
And I'm gonna be there...
Comes out of the barrel at over 300m/s.
That's a good bullet.
Can I hold it?
The gun?
Hold it... With both hands...
Close the door.
Put them down.
Face the door.
Hands up.
What happened to your eye?
I had a problem making an arrest.
Sit on the sofa.
If you have friends, I meet her.
It was a woman with me.
And I wasn't making an arrest.
I was off-duty.
Ever think about killing yourself?
Nine milimeter.
Su DongPo's whore...
Was in a car with me, for...
The dead guy we found at the hut.
Before he took Su DongPo safe.
And took the girl hostage.
Lili never come back.
Su DongPo thinks...
The bum has something to do
with Lili's disappearance.
And he's looking for him.
Did I wake you?
I'm watching you sleep.
Look in your fridge,
I'm going home tomorrow.
I miss Su DongPo.
Keep moving.
Keep moving.
Who are you?
Come on, tell me.
Tell me!
Tell me what you felt
when you looked at it.
I puked.
What did you feel before that.
What did it tell you?
It told me that you'd eaten a corpse.
How did you know I'd eaten it?
Say it.
You tell me again,
I'll tell you where I am.
You don't have to tell me where you are.
I already know.
Come by .
Let go of me!
Please, stop.
- Bring me someone else.
- No.
Go away!
You're going to be ok.
I'm here for you now.
I won't leave you.
I know it hurts.
You're going to be ok.
I'm here for you now.
Everything will be ok.
There's nothing on Earth
I wouldn't do for you.
Please just stop.
No, no, please.
The suffering of mankind...
The marvel of the Universe...
Is it anything...
More beautiful on this Earth?
In Golgota...
There is...
The most sublime tree..
A cross....
And a more sublime body...
From the suffering...
Of man kind.
You're here... And your body...
I've achieved...
What was missing
in the Passion of Christ.
Has been achieved.
I promised you a happy ending.
Here it is.
Take it.
Thank you...
No, no, no, no...
Don't be afraid of me.
I'm not afraid of you.
Don't be blinded...
By fear.
You don't know what I've done.
I'm not afraid of you.
You still think I'm scared of you?
Men like you... Always fear me.
Don't hurt me anymore.
I beg you.
I'm frightened.
I forgive you...
You don't know what you do.
I don't want your forgiveness.
The lord is among us.
Is it you?
It hurts.
He suffered for us all.
- Let me go.
- Let you go? Let you go where?
No one can keep the Lord from
going wherever he wants.
I'm going to spread the good news.
I just want to know where he is.
I was sent here to find this man
and bring him home to his father.
That's all I want.
I'm not afraid of you.
You don't know what I've done.
Who are you?
My name is Kline.
Your father sent me to bring you home.