I Did It My Way (2023) Movie Script

The dark-web is a major frontier
of cyber crime...
760 thousand new dark-web
URLs emerge every year.
The Cyber Crime Response formed by Hong Kong Police and the FBI
has arrested 41 people for
trafficking drugs on the internet
seizing over 130 million USD worth of narcotics.
The 2023 White Paper on Internet
Drug Trade Investigation says,
Super Internet platforms
allowing users to purchase narcotics
have emerged across the globe.
They trade in cryptocurrencies.
They deliver via express couriers.
This new model of drug trafficking is
gradually being perfected.
Famous dark web founders
are being arrested one by one.
Yet, dark web listings continue
to grow exponentially.
It has already spread to Asia.
The founder of Asia's dark web, code name "Boss".
Our prime suspect is Chan Chiu Sang.
His next stop is...
Hong Kong.
Boss has amassed a hacker army.
I believe he's preparing to sell his drugs on the web.
Anti-Narcotics has long been after Chan,
but they've failed to find concrete proof...
thanks to his two guardians angels.
One, barrister George Lam.
The other, his cleaner, Sau Ho.
According to our intel...
Chan will conduct his final offline transaction in 5 days
before going online.
That is why
we have to nip it the bud this time.
Yes, sir!
(Eddie Fong, Superintendent of Police,
Cybercrime Investigation Unit)
(Chung Kam Ming, Assistant Commissioner
of Police (Operations))
Eddie, take the wheel.
I'll back you up.
Got it!
Mayday! Mayday!
We need emergency shelter immediately!
(The freighter requested to make
habor immediately. Shall we handle it?)
(Help the freighter enter port)
(Hack to Marine Derartment, bring in the freighter)
Username ADMIN)
(Log in)
(Are you sure you want to do this?
We have gained legal access to Hong Kong waters!
(All Done)
This way, please... Mr. Lam, Mrs. Lam's exam is done.
(Bro, take good care of Boss)
The buyer's arrived.
You're about to become a mother.
Have you thought about marrying me?
I'll think about it.
Get set...
(Money and goods spotted)
Cops downstairs.
(Silence them.)
Sorry, the deal's off.
SDU, get in there!
I'll handle SDU!
Lam, what is Boss location?
He's next to me.
Boss, let's go!
- Drug car in position!
- Money car ready!
Get outta here!
Take this to my wife, now!
Miss, how about a charm?
Thank you.
Blessings to the three of you.
Thank you!
Get out of the rain!
Open it up.
I think you're done thinking.
(Marry me)
Breaking news.
During anti-narcotics raids
in Tai Po Market this afternoon
the police encountered heavy gunfire.
Several suspected drug traffickers
were killed on the spot and
many detained for alleged drug
making and trafficking.
Afterwards, at a police press conference,
Assistant Police Commissioner
Chung explained the incident.
At today's anti-narcotics raid, the police
seized over 100 kilograms of cocaine,
worth 100 million HK dollars.
The police will do our utmost
to protect the live and
properties of every citizen.
Tell me... Who's Boss?
It's not your first day as a cop.
You know I won't answer your questions.
It's not your first arrest, either.
You know what the police would ask.
You're witty.
I've got a bold assumption: You're Boss.
- Am I right?
- No, no, no...
Isn't that inducing a confession?
Is that legal?
Even if I confess, it's not admissible in court.
- Chung Sir.
- Come to my office.
- Call Fong Sir over.
- Yes, Sir.
I just received this intel.
A batch of drugs headed to South America,
vanished near Hong Kong waters.
- How much is there?
4 tons.
Will it enter Hong Kong?
It's possible.
I want you two to work together.
I can do that...
but I have zero clue about cybercrimes.
You'll have to help this old-timer.
You don't have to be humble.
In fact, don't touch online drug trafficking.
With all due respect, Yuen Sir...
As different departments,
we should investigate separately.
I hope you understand.
We launched the new team
because the old ways failed.
The boss just suggested collaboration
out of respect for you.
Hey, I never said that.
Sorry, Sir.
We're all part of a family.
Yes, Sir.
Yes, Sir.
I'm going back to work, Chung Sir.
This requires a 280 thousand-euro
investment and 7-years residency.
- This requires a 250 thousand-euro...
- Is that's ours?
Hold your horses.
Uncle Cat is obsessed with order!
I wanna go... here!
I still prefer the UK.
- We were waiting for you.
- You don't have to.
Same as always?
You'll have to wait. You're number 11.
Sorry, I need the bathroom.
I'll go with you.
Thank you.
Stay right here, Uncle Cat, watch him.
- Hey.
- Hey, watch her.
Finally getting hitched?
When? Where?
Next month, Malaysia.
I've prepared 70 years of wisdom.
I couldn't protect the Boss in that mess today.
I know you're stuck in the middle.
Let me know there's trouble.
Not at all. I told you to not worry about it.
Oldies are still the best.
Life was simpler back then.
It take heart
to write,
and feel a good song.
No turning back now.
Who could dream of
making so much money
off brats like them?
That kind of dream's not for you.
You're better off staying awake.
Let's go back.
Don't... don't beat them...
Hey, stop!
If it wasn't for you back then...
I could've ended up like those two kids.
Hey, want one?
(Superintendent Fong Hing)
Hello, Mr. Lam.
I've known you for 3 years.
Is that so?
Is your baby OK?
I appreciate your concern.
Don't worry, we're the police.
We'll catch arrest all drug dealers.
It's just a matter of when.
The police better work hard, then.
Barrister Lam.
What a coincidence.
It's weird...
You help drug dealers.
Now, they're robbing you.
Is your girlfriend OK?
She'll be my wife soon.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Did you see what happened to Chan Chiu Sang
... on the news today?
- Yeah,
you look old on camera.
It's those TV cameras.
Let's go on TV together.
See which of us looks older.
We'll see...
I'm done.
We'll summon you to court.
Excuse us.
Let's go.
He won't get away.
He asked you to handle it.
Clean trail.
It'll be all right, Mrs. Chan.
Are you all right? Worried?
Take Mrs. Chan to the temple.
I will.
Fong Sir, we've lost 2 more.
Tza Man, get me a warrant!
I want to search Chan's home.
Each witness killed is another evidence against you.
You have 4 hours left.
I want a phone call.
I'm out of time.
They have enough evidence against me.
Chiu, don't worry.
Win some, lose some. That's the way.
Glory to those who put honor over profit.
Shame on those who put profit over honor.
I won't need a lawyer.
Thank you.
Sir, Chan Chiu Sang is dead.
I want the police hacked!
I want the mole found!
It's not impossible....
The police intranet's security level isn't that high.
We can go near the police station,
and enter via an unpatcher wifi hotspot.
It's absolutely hackable.
But it's not worth it.
It'll give the cops a way to track us.
(Eddie Sir)
Fong Sir...
Yuen Sir!
Call an ambulance, now!
(One of ours)
- Check please.
- OK.
Abort, go to Tin Kwong Road safe house!
Lam! Talk to me, Lam!
(Found it)
Check CCTV.
Back to HQ.
No sign of Lam on CCTV's.
Check Yuen Sir's file for leads.
- How about Yuen Sir's phone?
- I'm cracking, I need time.
Gonna talk now?
Anyone else is with you?
I'll talk...
Tell us!
It's late. Wrap it up.
(Mickey's Auto: Our friend on the move?)
(Mini Car Club: A friend on the move?)
No one told me about a new op.
I don't know... No one told me, either.
Counting on you will get me killed.
I've done all I can.
I want to emigrate.
Don't tell me you're a quitter!
You can't catch 'em all.
Have a sense of purpose, young man!
(One of ours?)
It's done.
I've cracked Yuen Sir's phone.
Sending the data now.
One day,
someone walked up to me
and asked if I wanted to act.
I was spooked!
I thought I got caught.
Don't worry.
I'd save you.
(Mini Car Club: Yuen Sir in WK Hospital, Rm 507)
I'm Lam's handle, let's talk.
Show me your ID.
You saw it when you took my statement.
Show me your ID.
Your police number.
NBPC 39318.
I'll be in touch via Yuen Sir's phone.
I want to resign.
- Reason?
- What reason?
Why don't you need a reason?
Why do I need a reason to quit?
Have you ever gone undercover?
When did you join the force?
That's not a need-to-know for you.
This isn't your first day undercover.
All you need to know is...
One cop is dead...
One cop is in a coma...
And one cop wants to quit!
Let me in, please.
I got the wrong idea.
I thought every cop has a sense of purpose.
Anyway, thanks...
For helping me find Lam.
I killed him.
I killed him myself!
The embassy wants to interview us next week.
Turns out there's a ton prepare.
Passport notarization, ID photo...
Proof of qualifications, proof of work...
Something you want to say?
What do you want to hear?
Is Mommy upset?
If we succeed...
Reinstate me.
If we fail...
Help me and my family leave with new identities.
I'll try my best.
(Customs seize 20 million illicit cigarettes)
(Customs seal pier due for smuggling)
How are you, bro?
Hi, I'm good. I'm so sorry for that.
Due to the tight control,
it's unable to deliver on time.
- But...
- What do you mean "but"?
I got a crazy idea. You know...
Globalization is the trend.
If we take online shopping...
Lower risk,
higher profits.
Maybe it's God's will.
Why not just go along and try something new
with these 4 tons?
You crazy bastard... No!
I've already sold half of it.
You must deliver in 5 days!
I'm willing to give you a try with the rest of it.
2 tons! 5 days, or it's gonna get dangerous
I'm warning you, don't mess
with these drug dealers.
They're all crazy!
OK, buddy. Bye.
Green Light!
Call the embassy.
Ask if we can postpone.
What's wrong?
Problems with emigration?
Emigration's going fine.
The emigrant is the problem.
What wrong?
Problems with emigration?
Just with the people doing it.
Rough patches come with time.
You'll get it when you're married.
I get it already.
I've gotten scared since the pregnancy.
Scared of what?
Of dying.
Scared that I won't see my girl grow as big as him.
I've been scared for 7 years, too.
Come here.
Your car's fixed.
I've got a question,
but you don't have to answer it.
What happened next?
What can we do?
I choose not to answer.
Don't be nosy. Emigrate in peace.
No need.
Vivian's prenatal exam is tomorrow.
Take her in my car, then drive her home.
Are you two OK now?
We're OK. Thanks.
As you saw in the preview pane...
We'll use a South American phone number
to send this ad around Asia.
Spam like this show up all the time.
Those in the know will get it.
When they click the link,
a virus will automatically
be implanted in their phones.
When the site launches,
the phone will connect to our dark web.
Well done.
- Hello?
- Mrs Lam, I'm sorry.
We have an emergency surgery.
Can you come 2 hours later?
Sure, no problem.
Take me to the law firm.
Hey, what are you doing here?
The booking got pushed back.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- I need the bathroom.
I'll go with you.
Gimme a sec.
I'll tag along.
All right.
Mr. Lam, Mrs. Lam can go now.
He's finally surfaced.
(Silence him.)
Takeout tonight?
The usual?
Gotta wait.
I can wait.
You got a death wish or what?
Why do you have to kill me?
Boss's orders.
Go help with my wedding in Malaysia.
Tell him to come see me.
George say to go see him.
How long have we known each other?
Over a decade.
Has it been that long?
15 years.
I was charged with assault, you defended me.
Of all the lawyers in the world, why me?
I guess I'm a fan of that pop star...
George Lam.
- That's a good reason.
- Right?
- Something to drink?
- Sure.
You saw something you shouldn't have seen.
You saw something you shouldn't have seen.
It was an accident.
It's OK.
Can I ask you a question?
Ask away.
I thought you're afraid of death.
Why take such a big risk?
Do you remember...
when Vivian was raped?
She developed depression after that.
There's no turning back for her.
It's from that time on,
I started selling drugs.
There's no turning back for me, either.
You saw something you shouldn't have seen.
You know there's no turning back for you, too.
- How much longer will you two take?
- Not long.
Wait outside.
Sau, I treasure our friendship.
But how two people should get along...
is decided by choice.
You have 2 choices now.
Take me place...
Or die.
I'm scared of death.
So am I.
Come here.
(User: Boss)
(Sign In)
Face scanning for face recognition
Go on.
How's it going, bro?
- I need a hand.
- Spit it out!
I can't deliver in 5 days
Because of...
Because of some personal issues.
Damn you!
- Whatever.
- Don't do that! You want to die? I don't!
Buddy, please.
If you can't deliver on time,
I guarantee you'll be in deep shit!
- Triple your cut.
- Goddamn it!
- 4 times!
- I said don't play games with the drug dealers.
They're all crazy! Deliver or you die
Your choice!
Damn you!
All right! Got it!
All right.
This message reached at least
3 million people in Hong Kong.
The telecom company is investigating.
- Is our response plan ready?
- It's ready.
What do you got?
George, when we open for business...
We welcome all guests.
If the cops come... I'll put on a show.
When the site's online,
we'll hit them in 2 teams.
One team will launch a DDos attack
to slow down their bandwidth.
The other will scan for
vulnerabilities in their server
for a chance to attack.
- Let's see how fast they are.
- How long will they take?
Trust me, just 30 minutes.
The long-awaited hours has arrived
The first livestream sale in Asia
An unprecedented event!
Prepare to witness history!
Sales begin when we hit 30 million viewers.
Our first product: Super Molly.
Straight from the source to your brains.
Not just 20% off, not just 30% off...
Discount 'til you lose count!
(Add to Cart)
(Initiate DDoS Attack?)
You're up.
This is a psychological battle.
Our web is like a house.
There's a firewall at the front door.
The cops openly interfere with our business
so they can find a back door to sneak into.
I can't disappoint them.
So, I put some fake servers and routers
at the back door as traps.
Using honey to trap insects.
The more aggressive the cops get...
The harder they's fall the trap.
Fong Sir.
There are too many junk files.
We may not make it in time.
- How much time has passed?
- Eleven minutes.
Sold! All 2 tons are sold!
Now we're throwing in 2 more tons!
5, 4, 3, 2, 1!
Link's up!
Christine, let's reward them for their hard work.
Will do.
(Virus Sent)
Ship them out!
The Cybercrimes Unit seized a total
of 1.2 tons of narcotics on the market.
These narcotics were promoted
and sold on the internet.
We suspect that
over 2 tons of narcotics are still in circulation,
doing great harm to Hong Kong.
Can you tell up more?
No comments.
Sorry, Chung Sir...
I didn't think they'd sell that fast.
If it was easy, they wouldn't need us.
"Give us the merch"
Fong Sir!
Just received the notification.
A batch of weapons have entered Malaysia.
The look on Vivian was a gift from me.
She's family to me.
You're family to me, too.
When I see this lock...
I'll do all I can to help.
If I can help, I'll save you.
If I fail...
You save me.
Thank you.
Mr. and Mrs. Lam, let's take a photo!
Open fire!
Get George and his wife out!
2 minutes to hotel exit. Cars A and B stand by!
Stay close, it'll be OK.
Move it!
- Who were the shooters?
- Javier's army.
Mercenaries approached from hotel exit.
- Get the boat!
- I'm on it.
Speedboat's ready! Let's go!
Cut the lights!
Cease fire!
Where is location of Hong Kong Police
in our Joint Operations?
Hong Kong Police in position.
You're clear.
Police! Freeze!
Find cover!
Fall back!
- Police!
- Don't move!
Let's go!
The fetus is a great burden on the mother.
When arriving at hospital,
we'll perform a c-section right away.
But the fetus is too young,
you should prepare for the worst.
- Blood's thin, how much has she lost?
- 900 ml.
Amniotic fluid embolism!
Blood oxygen is down to the 60's.
Give her water and oxygen!
Mr. George Lam.
We suspect you're tied to
transnational drug trafficking.
Please come with us for investigation.
My wife just died.
Can I wait until my daughter is stablized before I go?
Spare me the sob story.
You're a drug dealer.
Was Lam not worthy of mercy?
Do you know how much many
your drugs have killed?
Does anyone care?
They're worthy of mercy, not you!
Come with us, or come in cuffs.
I'll go with you.
Do you know...
Fathers are always role models for their kids?
I don't expect you to be a saint...
But I didn't think you'd be this bad.
Barrister Lam.
You've gotten a lot older.
Do you think...
Your wife's death is karma?
Do you know what karma is?
- Chung Sir!
- You're Boss!
You're Boss!
Calm down.
I got this from the hospital for you.
Your daughter is in critical condition.
You may still have time...
But your daughter doesn't.
I know.
She's in a lot of pain.
Don't let her down.
You still have a choice.
Nail me if you have the evidence.
You may leave now.
Don't think you have us beat.
If you mess with me... I can take you down.
You better pray my daughter maker it.
Sorry we let him go.
Lack of evidence.
Release me for the same reason.
I've decided to
about your undercover operation.
The police is activating the
Undercover Agent Protection Plan
to protect you and your family.
- That's enough. Call Chung Sir.
You should understand we're in a tough spot.
Eddie fears for your safety.
So we quit because we're scared?
This isn't a matter of fear.
There's only one solution.
He has to to be logged in
while we hack it.
We have to catch him red-handed.
Nothing less than that.
Then that's the plan.
Spare me the sob story.
Do you know what karma is?
I want to know who their families are.
George, I told you before...
The cop may be able to trace us.
So what?
It's Sau Ho.
Fong Sir, security system alert.
Our system's been hacked.
Check log files.
How long do you need to trace them?
How long do you need?
3 days?
I'm not sure, sir.
Find them!
Here's the info for his bail.
My daughter died.
I'm sorry.
I'll let you talk.
Bail gives us an opportunity.
Will he be in danger if he's out?
He knew what he signed up for.
Will he be in danger if he's out?
We all know there'd be danger at all time.
I said, will he be in danger?
- I think he'll be OK.
- OK with what? With getting killed?
I'll handle the web stuff from now on.
Do you believe that
I'm your friend?
I do.
You're all I have left.
Dude, you're nearly 60.
Aren't you tired?
I'm tired, but I can't swallow this!
Don't tell you can!
Thank you.
My pleasure.
When George Lam logs on to the dark web,
your mission is to break their firewall.
Input the command into Log4J payload,
then upload it to their web server.
The web server will execute the trojan horse
embedded in the command.
Beat them at their own game.
- Understand?
- Yes, Sir!
They're not going to the garage nor the law firm.
Chung Sir, Fong Sir.
It was George Lam's people that hacked us.
We've traced their IP Address.
- I want to head there first.
- There's no need.
Sau hasn't requested backup.
Stick to the plan.
Operations, surround the suspect's stronghold.
CIU, keep waiting for Lam to log in.
All set.
Why does our job have so many restrictions?
It's the restrictions that
set law enforcement apart from law breakers.
Law enforcement has no special privilege.
I understand that.
What about in the name of saving lives?
We work for evidence, for the case.
What about Sau?
As your superior, I need evidence.
- I'll take responsibility.
- It's not your call.
I'll get the evidence and bring Sau back.
Deliver on your promise.
Yes, Sir!
The car's on the highway. Headed towards the coast.
Around the destination
are a logistics film and a scrap metal factory.
I didn't expect this.
Stop acting already!
When will you stop acting?
My name is Sau Ho.
NBPC 39318.
My superior ordered me to approach you.
So I pretended to be a gangster.
After all these years...
I can't tell whether I'm a gangster or cop anymore.
All this time...
I never guessed that the "Boss" we're been after...
Turned out to be you...
Barrister George Lam.
George Lam is me.
Boss is me.
So what?
What can you do about it?
What can you do about it, friend?
I'm a cop.
I have no choice.
You're a cop...
You has no choice...
So you chose to sacrifice my family!
How is that reasonable?
- Logged in!
- Action!
I have nothing left. I'm all alone...
Why do the cops'
and your families get to remain intact?
Tell me why!
Let me look at them.
Let me look at them!
Illustrious Scrap Metal Works.
Target's destination... Illustrious Scrap Metal Works.
Eddie, George Lam's logged in.
CIU's at work.
Illustrious Scrap Metal Works.
Go back Sau up.
Chung Sir, we're traced the hacker's
location though their IP.
Zit, up this hill with me.
Tza Man, Hing, go up the other hill.
Each of up will take four. Then report back.
- 6 at the door.
- 6 by the water.
4 under the crane.
Activate all cameras in the factory.
SDU, go in first and stall for time.
The suspect is emotionally unstable, stay alert.
If we have to fight,
seal the two entrances.
Keep them in the center.
Stall them.
Chung Sir.
I see them. Save the hostages.
Stop stalling.
Back the hell off!
It's OK...
It's OK now...
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry...
I should be saying that.
Can I still use this?
Let them free!
Will you let me go, then?
Eddie, buy us 15 more minutes.
This is the Hong Kong Police!
You have 15 minutes to surrender!
Or we will fire!
Sau's logged into the dark web.
Sau's up to something, help him.
I'll handle the cops for you.
Just don't hurt my wife and son.
What do you say... Friend?
You can't fool me.
Leave none alive.
I want all of them dead.
Come with me.
George Lam is after the hostages! Careful!
Chung Sir. They can't hold much longer.
Call backup!
- What's the ETA?
- It should be 7 more minutes.
Should be?
Lives are at stake! They'll die!
I'm done waiting.
All units, action! Save the hostages, now!
When I have this uniform on, he's family to me.
Carry on.
Chung Sir changes the plans! Hostages first!
Leave them to me!
Put him down!
Start Log4J program!
The dark web is hacked!
Chung Sir, we can arrest him!
It's cracked!
We've hacked the dark web.
We have all the intel about Boss now.
All the evidence points to you.
You said we can nail when we have proof.
Give yourself up!
George Lam, you can't get away this time!
Put your weapon down!
Let us treat the injured first!
Chung Sir,
Lam's taken Sau hostage.
I'm warning you, you're surrounded by the police.
Put down your weapon!
I don't want you to die.
Second warning! You're surrounded by the police.
Put your weapon down, or we'll shoot!
You called me "friend" just now.
Help me.
I want to go home.
I want to be with Vivian.
Last warning! Put your weapon down!
Let him go.
Let him go!
Ignore them.
Let him go.
Let him go.
Let him go!
Sau is hurt badly.
That prick can't be trusted!
We have to catch him!
Sir, this road leads to Lam's house.
Set up multiple road blocks.
Stop him at all cost!
Stop him!
My name is Sau Ho.
NBPC 39318.
My boss ordered me to approach you.
So I pretended to be a gangster.
All this time...
I never guessed that the "Boss" we've been after...
Turned out to be you...
Barrister George Lam.
George Lam is me.
Boss is me.
So what?
What can you do about it?
What can you do about it, friend?
I'm a cop.
I have no choice.
Every time I come to Galant Garden, I wonder...
If being a cop is worth it.
No one forced you to be a cop.
After raining for so long...
The sun's finally back out.