I Don't Expect Anyone to Believe Me (2023) Movie Script

"It was the end of the '90s."
"We weren't even 16 years old,
and my cousin Lorenzo
was already pretty crazy,
as my mom would say."
"We were supposed to watch
an action movie at the cinema."
"I had just moved to Guadalajara
from Los Altos,
and my cousin brought two friends
to meet and discuss a business idea."
A golf course, cuz.
It's a friend's brother's
father-in-law's land.
We're pitching the project
at the Industrialists' Club.
The only problem is water.
But we have leverage with the nephew
of the director of Jalisco's water agency.
He'll get his cut when we find
an investor with the rest of the money.
So, are we watching the movie or not?
Nah, I have a better idea.
Oh God, yes! So much spunk!
- They talk so weirdly in Spain.
- "So much spunk, mate!"
All right, dipshits. Five minutes each,
while the others wait in the other room.
- Okay?
- Hold up!
We can each choose our section.
I'm first because it's my house.
- Come in.
- Hi.
Hello, good morning.
Is anyone home?
I'm here to fix the lamp.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Please follow me.
- Sure.
God Wow.
You know, you have a beautiful cock.
Come closer.
I don't expect anyone to believe me.
- What?
- We're going to Barcelona!
- What?
- I got the scholarship!
- No way!
- Yeah!
- No way!
- No kidding!
Hey, congratulations.
- Careful!
- Yeah, I saw it.
- Did you pay for parking?
- You pay at the exit.
- What are those machines for, then?
- Dad, if you want, I'll go pay.
Don't worry, son.
You can pay either at the machines
or at the exit.
Anyway, the machines don't give change.
Hey, how's Vale?
- She's fine, Dad. She's great.
- Cool.
She stayed behind to lock up the house
and everything, but she sends her love.
- Give her a hug from us.
- Sure.
By the way, you know who else is there?
The daughter of my friend Lourdes.
She's studying to be a chef.
Her name is Paola.
We said we'd put you two in touch.
Son, I don't know what it is,
but something tells me
you're not coming back.
- Mom.
- No, really. I hope it's true.
I'd love for you to stay there
and make a life for yourself.
I'd love for you
to get a great job at a university.
To become a professor. Imagine!
- Well, yes, it'd be good.
- So good.
Let's see what happens.
- Is this bathroom working?
- Supposedly.
I had to call a plumber
my brother recommended
because you know how your dad is.
The other guy was trying to rip him off.
He said we had to change a ton of pipes.
Anyway, it's not true.
The other bathroom has better pressure.
Shower there if you like.
Sure, Mom. Thanks.
All right. I'll go make the salad.
- Okay.
- And I'll order the sodas.
I'll be right down.
Hi, sweetheart. I've arrived.
I'm unpacking at my parents' house.
They picked me up from the station.
They spend all day
kissing each other nonstop.
Promise me we'll never be like that.
I'll call you later. I love you.
I can totally imagine, my love.
I'm about to get enchiladas
with my dad and Nayeli.
Talk later, okay?
I love you.
Juanpa, son. There you are.
It's Lorenzo.
He couldn't come but he wants
to talk to you before you leave.
You're not answering his messages.
Well okay.
- What's up, cuz?
- How are you, shithead?
I need to talk to you before you go, man.
I have an interesting project.
You can meet my associates.
- What time are you free tomorrow?
- I don't know if I can.
Don't be a fucking asshole, Juanpis.
We're family, man.
It won't take more than half an hour.
- Why don't you come over? We're all here.
- No fucking way.
We might be family,
but those dinners are a drag.
Tomorrow I need to go get a book,
go to the bank--
Half an hour, man! You won't regret it.
Especially since that scholarship
won't stretch far over there.
Living in Europe is expensive.
Hi, can I ask you something?
Instructions for Living in Mexico.
Do you have it?
Like the one in your hand?
Yes, but I'm looking for a cheaper edition
to highlight, and
No, that's the only one in stock.
Okay. Thanks.
Hey. Are you the cousin
of your asshole cousin?
- No.
- Don't fuck with me.
Yes, you are. Look.
Let's go.
- Where?
- To see your asshole cousin.
I have to pay for this.
- Good afternoon.
- Hi.
Go on, man.
Is this guy your cousin?
He said you're off to Barcelona
to get your master's. Is that true?
Answer, asshole.
One can't shut his trap,
and the cat got the other one's tongue.
More like a pussycat, right?
Well, yeah, I'm getting a PhD.
why is he tied up like that?
This asshole lost us a shitload of money.
He says you two have a project
that we could use.
Is that right?
Isn't it too soon to make a mess?
No, Chucky, it's not too soon.
We have to get things straight
from the start.
Call me back when it's done.
Am I on speaker?
Yes. Shall I switch to video?
No need. Just bring the phone closer.
Juan Pablo.
Answer him.
That was to show you
we're not fucking around, okay?
How's Valentina, by the way?
Who is this?
I'm "The Graduate."
Your cousin told us about your master's.
Where will you study?
In Barcelona.
Which university, asshole?
And what's your major?
A PhD about the limits of humor
in 20th-century Latin American literature.
A PhD about the limits of humor
in 20th-century Latin American literature.
I heard you, asshole.
But what the fuck does that mean?
It's basically about sanctioning
what is acceptable to laugh about.
Like whether we can make jokes
about killing your cousin?
- Yes, something like that.
- And what do you think?
- Well, it depends.
- On what?
On the narrator, right?
If it were my cousin telling the joke--
Fuck off.
Dead people don't tell jokes.
Listen up, fucker.
Go to Barcelona with your girl,
go to the university,
and wait for my instructions.
No joking around, understood?
- If that's Valentina, don't pick up.
- It's not my phone.
It's mine. Get it from my purse.
- It's Dad.
- Answer it.
- But--
- Hey, Dad.
Put it on speaker. You just press here.
- Hello?
- Hello, honey.
- Yes?
- What happened?
They were devastated.
I've never seen my brother like that.
It's the worst pain in the world.
Totally against nature.
Children bury their parents,
not the other way around.
So, did they find out anything else?
Imagine how bad it is,
they wouldn't even let me in as a doctor.
They say reconstruction isn't possible.
We have to have a closed casket.
My God, how awful.
I don't understand.
How on earth did the truck tire
run over his head?
I don't know.
Maybe he got hit by a different car first.
I don't know. The truth is,
I didn't really want to ask.
I'm sorry, but,
could he have jumped or something?
Of course not!
No, my brother says
Lorenzo was super excited
about a new project
that seemed really promising.
Anyway, son!
Yes, Dad?
I wanted to wish you a good trip.
Have fun, enjoy!
Yeah, thanks, Dad.
Hey, I told your uncle and aunt
that your mom's taking you to the airport.
Try to give them a call
or at least text them.
Attention, passengers.
Due to a delay, we've been asked to remain
on the runway until further notice.
Thank you for your patience.
This is beyond the airline's control.
Juan Pablo Villalobos?
- Yes?
- Please come with us.
- Is there a problem?
- I don't know.
We were asked
to remove you from the aircraft.
- No, I have to get to--
- Get him off!
Come on, Officer.
We're all delayed because of him.
It's for you.
- Hello?
- Where's your girlfriend, pal?
- Who is this?
- Vicente.
- Who?
- It's Chucky, dickhead. Where's Valentina?
she's not coming.
The thing is, we broke up.
The only way to protect her
and everyone you care about
is for you to do abso-fucking-lutely
everything we tell you.
So change the flight,
go get her, and put her on the plane.
But I don't think she'll want to come.
I was quite cruel to her.
Not as cruel as my friends will be
if you don't get her on the plane.
Oh, sis.
I don't know if I can ever forget
the horrible things Juan Pablo said to me.
The worst is he's trying to pretend
nothing happened.
Well, it was a shitty thing to do,
but I think you should turn the page--
Hey, buddy!
Make sure the dishes are dry
before you put them away.
- Sure, you got it.
- All right?
Oh, Ale's coming tomorrow.
Her mom's dropping her off.
- That's cool.
- Yeah, you guys will meet her.
- Great.
- Well, good night.
- Good night.
- Turn the light off after, okay?
- The bills are crazy here.
- Sure, no worries.
"Sometimes I think about the fight
as if it were a dream."
"Sometimes it makes me laugh.
Other times it doesn't."
"One day,
the police will catch Belano and Lima,
but they'll never find us."
"Oh, Lupe,
how I love you, but how wrong you are."
I'm researching the private journals
of female Argentinian
and Uruguayan writers
who chose suicide.
I'm interested in identity
as transgression or denial,
as well as the manifestation
of the will to power, for example.
Very interesting.
Let's continue.
Hi, I'm Nina.
I'm from Chile. I'm 27 years old.
My project is about
the appropriation of political correctness
by the most reactionary,
purportedly libertarian discourses
that defend the idea
that it doesn't matter
where humor is created
when really that's where the problem lies.
I'm working with the notions
of hierarchy and ownership
and concepts like above-below, inside-out.
Hi, Vale.
This exhibit looks cool, right?
I'll pick you up if you want to go.
Okay, I'll wait for you here.
Vale, have some toast
with dulce de leche if you like.
Sweetie, what are you up to?
Look, Dad, I drew her.
- Who, Vale?
- Yes.
I guess. Why did you make her Black?
Vale isn't Black.
It's the closest match
from the colors I have.
Stop messing around.
Make her a nice drawing.
She's brunette.
Look at that gorgeous hair of hers.
"And loneliness
is not being able to say it."
"And the gray pier and red houses."
Just nonsense her mother taught her.
Want some toast?
The Graduate wants to talk to you.
I can't. I have plans.
Hey, how much longer?
It's just that I have plans.
Someone's waiting for me.
Next station
How's the apartment?
It's way over our budget.
So eat fewer tapas, jackass.
Chino says it's a neighborhood the police
only go in when an old person dies.
Anyway, hang tight
and wait for instructions.
Son, your cousin's funeral
was very sad, very shabby.
A so-called girlfriend of his
from Cozumel showed up.
Carla, Karina, or something.
She came with some friends,
all short and thick
and with the tiniest feet,
as if for climbing the pyramids.
They looked like they were about
to sell hammocks at the funeral.
And your uncle's work colleagues
sent a wreath made of pink carnations.
They thought your cousin was a woman.
They blamed the secretary.
So she sat crying
in a corner all night, poor thing.
Your uncle was very upset, so your dad
had to prescribe him sedatives,
those strong ones they keep in safes
so that drug addicts won't steal them--
Juan Pablo would've loved this.
I went because I thought
a bit of normality would do us good.
But, dude!
And we're living
in a stuck-up neighborhood.
I swear there were cheaper options,
but Juan Pablo insisted on it.
It's like he's a stranger.
I feel like he brought
his family's prejudices in his suitcase.
Guess what happened the other day
at the local supermarket.
Excuse me, girl.
Can you get me
the big jar of tomato sauce?
- This one?
- Yes, thank you.
Come help me get the milk.
It's too heavy for me.
Then she stared at me and said:
Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you worked here.
You're very pretty though.
I can't make sense of this city, man.
I can't get used to it.
I don't know if it's because I feel shit,
but it's like there's no hurry here.
As if it's a place
that attracts those who feel lost.
I feel like I'm slowly giving in
to not doing anything.
As if something told me that this way,
at least things can't get any worse.
I met an Italian guy.
Kind of grumpy but funny. Jimi.
Hey, leave that girl alone.
Don't bother her. Come here.
- What's your name?
- His name is Ugo.
He's from Naples
but lives here with his dog.
- I'm from Mexico.
- From Messico? What are you doing here?
We started talking, and honestly,
it made me feel less miserable.
At least you can drink
in the street here, sis.
You think you can't forgive him, right?
Listen to your body.
Don't feel bad for hating him
if it's what your body says.
Look who I ran into!
Hey, Vale.
Looks like Juan Pablo just got a message.
It's my classmates.
We're going for a drink.
- Want to come?
- Listen to this!
Juan Pablo asking his girlfriend out.
We have to celebrate. Let's go.
Elizondo was shocked.
She asked me if I knew.
- No idea.
- I had no idea!
- Did you know?
- No.
I had no-- Speak of the devil! Here he is!
- Ask him yourselves.
- Juan Pablo, you changed your thesis?
I had my first tutorial with Elizondo.
Frankly, you left her in a foul mood.
Excuse me. We were sitting there.
- We stepped outside for a smoke.
- Sure, sit.
- What did she say to you?
- Nothing.
- Nothing?
- She didn't take it well.
How did it go? Tell us.
Come in.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- How are you?
- What's up?
Well, I wanted to talk because
I'd like to change my tutor
for my doctoral research project.
Who do you have in mind to replace me?
- Write this down.
- Hang on.
One second.
Do you have a pen? A ballpoint?
Thank you.
Okay, ready.
- R-I-P-O-L-L.
- Yes.
I'd like to know what your project
has to do with gender studies.
I won't lift a finger
to get you a change of tutor.
Do it yourself,
and bring me the papers to sign.
- Are you from Guadalajara too?
- What?
- Are you from Guadalajara too?
- No, I'm from Veracruz.
The land of son jarocho.
So, how do you know Juan Pablo?
Excuse me. I'm going to the ladies' room.
I'm sure she already knew
what you were going in there for.
Definitely. I'm sure she knew.
- Yeah.
- Sure, I guess.
What a pain.
Are you there, dude?
Let me know if I can call you.
It's pretty loud in here,
but text me, and I'll call you.
Any problem with the change?
No. I just have to do some paperwork.
When do you have class with Ripoll?
There's a seminar next week.
Good. Listen up.
Find out everything you can
about Laia Carbonell.
She's one of Dr. Ripoll's students.
I'm sure she'll be at the seminar.
Laia Carbonell.
- Who is she?
- Get close to her.
I need you to make contact.
Don't fuck it up, asshole.
Learn all the gender study buzzwords.
But that's not my specialty.
What will I say to her?
Get up to speed, or you're dead.
What do I have to do, then?
You're gonna screw her.
You're going to fuck Laia, asshole.
Have you forgotten how we speak in Mex--
- Hello.
- Hi, dude. Where are you?
I don't know. It's like a parking lot.
Why are you there?
I went to a bar
with Juan Pablo and his classmates.
How was it?
It fucking sucked.
Know what I found out?
Are you drunk?
No, I'm taking a piss.
Dude, check this out.
I ran into him by chance
as he was going out,
so the prick
had no choice but to invite me.
Obviously, I didn't know anyone there.
When we arrived, I realized
he hadn't told his classmates
he had a girlfriend.
Why don't you talk to him?
What are you doing? Get out of here!
- Shit, hold on.
- What is it?
A guy just caught me, man.
- I'll call you tomorrow, okay?
- Okay.
Hey, Vale!
Everything okay?
Would you like an empanada?
Hey, I didn't see you there.
Want an empanada?
They're good.
They're homemade and fresh.
They're spectacular.
Go on. Sit down.
Are you going to eat it like a taco?
Go on. Sit down. Enjoy it.
Come on. Why are you so shy?
Want a glass of wine?
- No. I'm fine.
- Sure?
- Well, cheers.
- It's good.
you know what I like about you?
You're not like those fools
who come to Barcelona
and spend all day on La Rambla like idiots
until a Gypsy takes their wallet.
You're different.
Aren't you?
Have I got you pegged, or what?
You're different. You do your own thing.
You don't let this fake city
dazzle you with its glitter.
Listen, a Chilean couple
used to live in your room.
They'd come home every night
going on about parks and museums.
Like, I live here, dude!
I don't do tourist shit.
Anyway, they fought.
She hooked up with a Catalan guy,
and he kicked her to the curb.
And this guy,
instead of making the best
of a bad situation
and going around the world in 80 girls,
because you can do that here.
You can put little flags
on the map. It's crazy.
You have Chinese, African,
Scandinavian, Latin girls
And what does he do?
He goes back to Santiago.
Santiago, dude.
You know? Not Mexico City, Buenos Aires
You know? Not Bogot.
No, Santiago.
Want a line?
Do you mind if I do it here?
Dude, what's going on
with you and Juan Pablo?
The other day I asked him
where he was going.
He said, "Catalan class."
Are you kidding me? Catalan classes?
Catalans don't want us to speak Catalan.
You don't want a bump? No?
Dude, I see you.
I know you like to walk around
in those rags like a Parisian girl
who likes to dress like that,
sexy with messy hair,
smokes, and has coffee breath.
But you're something else.
You're Latina. Don't kid yourself.
Look at you.
You're gorgeous, Vale.
You're Latina. You have--
- No, Facundo!
- What?
- What the hell, man?
- What?
I live here with Juan Pablo, you jerk.
This is the last thing I need.
- For fuck's sake.
- But you
You couldn't be more stupid if you tried.
What does Juan Pablo have to do with it?
Juan Pablo and you
are going in opposite directions.
You're one of those typical couples
that Barcelona breaks up.
The couples that come here
can't handle it, so they split up.
You know why? Barcelona is a real bitch.
I'm talking from experience.
You know what Juan Pablo
is doing right now?
He's screwing some girl
he picked up in a bar.
A girl as dumb as you but a bit hotter.
No wonder
people don't like Argentinians, asshole.
Fuck off. Who do you think you are?
So dignified! Are you Mara la del Barrio?
Hey! It's The Graduate.
You don't hang up on me, asshole.
Your dad will go first.
I sent one of my guys to him
the other day to get a spot checked.
He wanted to run tests,
but it was just a bruise
from chasing an idiot
who was trying to give us the runaround.
A fine doctor, Mr. Jos Luis.
- I need to talk to Dad.
- Can't you wait?
Can't you see
your parents need a bit of privacy?
Don't worry, son.
Come in.
- Lorenzo--
- What about Lorenzo, Juan Pablo?
- It wasn't a hit-and-run--
- Son, your rash is back!
Seems like Juan Pablo
is having a nightmare.
And neurodermatitis.
It's allergies.
He's allergic to introducing
his girlfriend to his classmates.
What are you talking about?
Maybe he left the bar 'cause he's ashamed
of his dermatitis and his girlfriend.
You left without saying a word.
At least we had an argument today.
As you can see,
this is an artist whose work comprises
many of the topics we've been working on,
like opacity, rejection, fragmentation.
Let's open the floor. Who wants to start?
Over there, Laia.
I understand the artist's intention
and mostly agree
with her research and questions.
But I also think that,
from our current perspective,
there's something problematic
about her gaze.
You could say
that she inadvertently perpetuates
the ideas of fragility, poeticism,
and abstract representation,
as characteristics of femininity.
Did anyone else see that
or want to comment on it?
- Mahle?
- Sure.
I think there's a myriad of possibilities
in the spaces and the gazes.
To each their own.
Today we have female directors
making straight, hardcore porn.
I think it's great
if it's from their perspective.
You really think that's great, Mahle?
Laia Carbonell, please.
Let's keep it constructive.
All I'm saying is we've gone over and over
how, despite the purest
and most righteous intentions,
the patriarchy perpetuates
the false idea of equality
and empowerment, so I disagree.
I also think that to suggest machismo
and objectification are exclusive to men
is shortsighted and unhelpful.
Why would you assume we all want the same?
When you watch porn, you do it to orgasm.
Or do you wait for the credits
to see who directed it
and decide whether you liked it?
Mahle and Laia Carbonell,
these are very interesting points,
but let's move on to the next video,
directed by Miguel Silveira,
who runs a research group
in Santiago de Compostela
on the oppression and repression
of phallic discourse.
Laura, lights.
Hi, my name is Miguel Silveira.
And this is my piece,
The Oppression of the Phallus,
which I made with my partner, Xavi.
It includes
the following elements.
I call
By the way, before we go,
we have a new classmate.
Juan Pablo, could you
introduce yourself, please?
I'm Juan Pablo. I'm from Mexico.
In my thesis,
I analyzed the stories
of Mexican writer Jorge Ibargengoitia.
Tell us a bit about your project.
Well, my research project is about
Well, I explore humor
that is misogynistic and
perhaps homophobic.
For example, in one of his stories,
there's a person who thinks
that the greatest humiliation is
for his doctor to put a finger up his ass.
In his anus. I mean--
Is it funny to you
that he finds it humiliating?
Well, the truth is,
when I read it, it made me laugh.
But it's a matter of cultural context
and character construction.
I don't personally think
it's humiliating, but--
Don't you think
celebrating a story like that
reinforces homophobic stereotypes?
I mean, it depends.
If by "celebrating" you mean
that I've spent
all these years studying this,
then honestly, no. Right?
At the end of the day,
that's why we're having this conversation.
So, what do you think it means
that you found it funny?
It depends, right?
Because I mean, right now I don't think
it's funny that I found it funny.
But if I told someone else about
what's happening between me and you all,
I think it offers a lot of room
for something to be humorously inclusive--
Thank you, Juan Pablo.
Welcome. See you all next week.
Don't forget to send your topics
if you haven't already.
equally, that is just like, privileged
I was just with you all
in Dr. Ripoll's class.
Yes, we remember.
It was half an hour ago.
Ten more minutes,
and you'd have been lynched.
Actually, someone had already
fired them up a bit, no?
What's up?
So you're researching sexist humor.
Well, I'm actually more interested
in the limits of humor.
But these are difficult times
to talk about that stuff.
Better not discuss
that last video we saw, then.
Actually, one thing did interest me.
It reminded me of an article
by Gayle Rubin and Judith Butler.
- Who?
- Gayle Rubin and Judith Butler.
They interpret the history of sexuality
through history of materials.
- Among other things.
- What things?
Well, it talks about
urban planning and Chinatowns.
I mean
And dark spaces,
where there's no electricity, for example.
But what's that got to do with the video?
Well, it's impossible
to understand the history of fetishism
without understanding
the history of rubber
and the exploitation
of the Amazonian Indians
by English companies in the 19th century.
That is
I mean,
Dr. Silveira and his partner
wouldn't have been able to achieve
those "feats," so to speak,
without an industry
producing these sexual prostheses,
without going back to
the exploitation of the Putumayo Indians.
But what are you trying to say? That
that we should feel guilty
every time we cum with a dildo?
Well, I mean,
I guess it'd be enough to apologize
for your colonialist mentality
before pulling up your panties.
- I mean
- What was your name, Mexican boy?
Juan Pablo.
Look, Juan Pablo, to talk about fetishism,
you should also analyze misogyny
because many of these
"good savages" you're defending
were misogynistic as fuck.
Do you know the legend of Pygmalion?
I thought of that because
Well, this is our stop.
- What's up?
- This
I can't do what you asked me.
- What are you talking about?
- Can't I just befriend her?
Friends with a Catalan?
You keep making jokes.
You think you're so clever.
Make an effort, asshole.
Show us why they gave you
that scholarship.
"Some experiences are presumed
to be more valuable than others."
"It is known that in the times
of capitalism, the stuff that life,
time, or the memory
of a previous time is made of
has become,
like everything else, a commodity."
"Traveling through Latin America,
Thailand, and Canada."
"Living in New York, Madrid, or Paris
because that's where things happen."
"Consuming youth in search of a body
that is always one step further away."
"These are all trivial consequences
of applying economic theory
to this new commodity form."
"Free time."
"And the expression is perverse
because it implies
the existence of time that isn't free."
"That is someone else's."
Thanks very much, Munir.
Living Things. An excellent debut novel.
Please don't forget to buy it. Now
Everything is auto-fiction, really.
Don't you think?
- Well
- Do you write too?
I'm waiting to apply for a master's.
Waiting for what?
To be eligible for a scholarship.
In Mexico, you have to wait
two years after getting a grant--
Sorry to interrupt.
They're closing here,
and we're going for a drink
at a nearby bar.
Okay, I'll get my things and say goodbye.
Are you coming?
Did you see the email I sent you?
I came across your email address
on Dr. Ripoll's seminar list,
so I sent you the article we talked about.
Yes, I saw it,
but I haven't opened it yet.
Do you know this book?
Yes, but I haven't read it.
It's good. It's really good.
I was thinking,
would you like to go
for a coffee with me sometime?
Let's go.
Right now?
Yes, I feel like getting coffee. Let's go.
But don't get your hopes up, Mexican.
I like women.
We already knew that.
- This is where Valentina comes in.
- What?
We need to access Laia's inner circle.
And the easiest, fastest way
is through sex.
- I'll go to the police.
- Will you?
If you go to the Urban Guard,
ask for Gimeno.
Give him a hug from me.
If you go with the Mozos,
say hi to Riquer.
- What will you even say?
- I'll tell them about Lorenzo--
Your cousin was hit by a truck.
I'll send you a copy
of the death certificate if you want.
Listen, asshole.
Write down this phone number.
Call this guy for me.
He'll give you what you need.
I'm not stupid enough
to trust your skills in seduction.
Thanks, Chino.
Your hand. Hold out your hand.
Take it.
That's it.
What happened to your face, man?
I just have a few allergies.
Have you been here long?
- Well
- Not long, right?
Barcelona is a bit idealized, you know?
This city used to be awesome,
but now it's gone to shit.
The tourists, the vibe, I don't know.
It's totally whored out to tourism.
It's good for me, but it's shit.
Yeah, I guess.
Right. The beer's on you, okay?
The pills are paid for.
By the way,
these are the best pills out there.
There's nothing stronger.
The best aspirin in Europe.
- Yeah.
- People kill over them.
They kill each other.
And you get them for free.
- Yeah.
- Who the hell are you?
Anyway, see you around, yeah?
Chino, he'll get the beer.
Have a good day, fam. Later.
If literature has taught me anything,
it's that in order to achieve
what is impossible, absurd, or magical,
you just need
to meet a series of requirements.
Worst case scenario, you make a new world.
Wow. Juan Pablo's invited me to a party.
See? Maybe you manifested it.
Giuseppe, for a squatter,
you're pretty New Age.
How's it going?
One with different operating rules.
- Hey!
- Hi! How's it going?
Good. How are you?
- Good, and you?
- Good.
- Hi.
- This is Laia, Valentina. My girlfriend.
- Nice to meet you.
- You too.
Best case scenario,
you just need to follow a narrative logic.
And let the characters come to life.
What are you doing?
Want a shot?
Want one?
- Cheers!
- Cheers.
Then, you just have to let
the narrative causes and effects flow.
And then,
like in a classic novel,
the impossible materializes.
Do you like to watch, Mexican?
Juan Pablo would've loved this too.
Dude, after giving it a lot of thought,
I think this story is the classic tale
of the hero's transformation,
which is ultimately
the essence of every story.
In order to transform his future,
the hero must betray his past
and his people.
When I say "hero,"
I mean that fucking piece of shit.
All that was missing was the promise,
the reason for his fucking transformation.
That fucking night,
the past, present, and future
went to bed together.
But in the morning,
the present was the past,
and the future was taking over.
In conclusion,
I shouldn't have come to Barcelona
or been stupid enough
to think our relationship could work.
Will the princess pay for the gas bill?
You left the heating on,
and that's paid separately.
And you didn't tell me the dog was so big.
You didn't tell me the gas was separate.
It's cold as fuck.
So buy a blanket at the dollar store.
What's up, dude? How are you?
I'm just here, looking after Ugo.
Though I'm no longer sure
who is looking after whom.
Turns out squatters
also celebrate Christmas,
so Jimi went to see his family.
I don't really understand his ideology.
Truth is,
I don't understand anything anymore.
The biscuits are for him.
Thanks, Giuseppe.
Dude, holy shit.
You won't believe what I did.
I went to Jules Verne Street
and waited for Juan Pablo to come out.
He was with that bitch.
Wasn't she supposed to be a lesbian?
The rash on his face has spread.
Poor guy.
He was wearing a new coat.
According to Jimi,
Scandinavian design.
You're obsessed.
That jerk did you dirty.
You gotta move on.
Go have fun, fuck someone, but get a grip.
Your sister's right.
You can't go on like this.
Sometimes revenge is healthy, you know?
I don't know, Giuseppe.
Maybe I've been too harsh
since we got here.
I don't think so.
If you want, I can scare him.
Give me the address, I'll pay him a visit,
and he'll shit his pants.
And you'll feel better.
I want my Christmas present.
I'm cold.
My coat was stolen.
I can't afford another one.
I can't afford anything.
I want the one you just bought.
I'm coming over.
Vale, wait.
I told you a thousand times
I'd pay for your flight home.
What's up? Juanchi says you can have it.
You can't call your mom at Christmas, son?
Your dad waited up all night,
but I told him it was late in Europe.
You're not back with Valentina, are you?
You know I've always respected
your decisions, don't you?
But now that you've finally
opened your eyes,
I can tell you the truth,
that Valentina isn't for you.
Named after chili sauce, eyes like a toad,
and a mouth fit to shuck corn.
No, son
Don't greet me, idiot.
What's that on your face?
It's acute neurodermatitis.
May I ask what the hell you're doing?
I never told you to dump Valentina.
You're always breaking up
with the poor girl.
She wanted to leave.
- I can't force her--
- That's bullshit.
Did you believe
all that crap you read to hoodwink Laia?
I told you eleven o'clock.
Want me to wait?
I want it to look like you came over
to sell us beer, and we said no.
Take a hike.
That fucker behind us
Don't turn around, asshole!
- Your girlfriend's family sent him.
- She's not my girlfriend.
You raised suspicions, asshole.
Exactly what we didn't want.
You shouldn't have
broken up with Valentina.
Because of you, we'll have to gamble
everything on one card.
Tell Laia that your godfather visited you,
that he got his master's
in Barcelona a few years back,
and her father was his teacher.
Tell her it's a crazy coincidence
we only just figured out.
"My godfather
speaks very highly of your dad."
"They're very fond of each other,
and he'd love
to surprise him with a visit."
- No!
- Okay, no.
- Hi!
- Hi!
- How are you?
- Great.
Ori, what a pleasure!
Auntie Laia!
- What's up, kids?
- For you.
How are you?
- Come play with us!
- Yes, please!
Okay. I'll leave you to talk, okay?
- Yes.
- Come on.
Shall we?
What are you trying to prove?
That you can get to my family
using this freak?
Honestly, I was thinking
of something less conventional.
A toxic relationship with a young woman.
Juan Pablo's ex-girlfriend, actually.
But you can't trust these people.
- Academic types.
- Morons.
Turn that shit off.
In Mexico, we call them assholes.
You know what's funny, Ori?
You dragged Laia into this.
You asked me to watch her
in Playa del Carmen, remember?
What was it?
- Were you afraid she'd be kidnapped?
- Is that a threat?
We're in your home,
sitting next to a scabby moron
who looks like an infected anus.
That's the real threat.
All I want right now is whiskey.
Let's have a whiskey.
You have until I finish my drink
to explain what the hell you want from me,
and it better be interesting,
or I'll call the Mozos.
You know very well
that in this country, unlike yours,
the justice system still works.
That's the Ori I know.
Always telling jokes.
Fuck off.
I saw you called me. Are you okay?
Why are you whispering?
What's up?
What's with the 50 euros in the coat?
You said you had no money.
So? Are you gonna give me money
every time I need it?
Is that your way
of clearing your conscience?
No, but I can help you change your flight.
I'm not leaving,
even if you can't wait for me to go!
Everything okay?
Jimi, remember that thing
you offered to do?
I think, yeah.
Do it.
Son, make the most of being there.
Find yourself a nice girl,
someone worthy of you.
A classy European girl.
Son, forgive me, but just think
where you would've ended up
if you'd stayed with Valentina.
Teaching in a middle school in Pachuca
or living in social housing?
Think about it. It's true
Turn that shit off.
No wonder you're so thick.
Bring him in, Chucky.
Got a light?
We met the other day.
Is that contagious?
Silence, damn it.
He might have leprosy.
Please! We're not in your fucking country.
This jerk is the asshole
that the family of this other asshole's
new girlfriend sent to watch him.
Piece of shit immigrants!
Any last words?
Leave the dog alone. It's not her fault.
What dog, Chucky?
She's tied up outside.
Take this.
- Go on.
- Fucking take it.
We need you to prove
your commitment to the project.
I don't even know what the project is.
Nothing too crazy.
- We want your girlfriend's father to--
- He knows enough, asshole.
What do you want then?
For us to send the sadistic team
to Mom and Dad at Jacarandas 32?
What they did to your cousin
was nothing compared to--
That's enough!
You're tough after all, pretty boy.
Stupid asshole!
- Hello?
- The deal was 15, but Chino brought me 87.
- Who's this?
- Don't mess with me, moron.
That's not how things are done.
Tell your boss we can't move that much
without Interpol coming after us.
I won't do it.
Juan Pablo Villalobos?
I know what you did!
The horror of the world.
The empty stare of the dead.
The horror of the world.
The empty stare of the dead.
A stare that forced me
The horror of the world.
The empty stare of the dead.
A stare that
A stare that
left me speechless and forced me to write.
There was once a Mexican,
a Chinese man, and a Muslim
in a meeting with some Mexican gangsters
at an abandoned warehouse in Barcelona.
Except the Muslim wasn't exactly a Muslim.
He was an atheist Pakistani.
Kill her.
none of them knew exactly
how the business worked.
The Mexican, especially,
didn't understand anything.
Are you watching porn, man?
Come on, man.
Put headphones in
and shut the door. The kid's here.
She's staying a few weeks, by the way.
Her mom had to go to Argentina urgently.
"We had to write for no one."
- What did she say?
- Poetry, man.
"There is no silence here.
Only the sentences you avoid hearing."
Juan Pablo Villalobos
constructs in his novel
a unique world
full of endearing and eccentric characters
who are put into strange,
highly amusing situations.
Through the odyssey of a normal man,
who finds himself involved
in the most bizarre adventures,
Villalobos has found
a tone and rhythm of his own
unlike any other
in contemporary Mexican literature.
He draws laughter from absurdity.
And in doing so,
reveals the nonsense of the world.
By unanimous decision,
this year's Best Novel Award
goes to the work
of this promising young man.
A round of applause
for Juan Pablo Villalobos
and his novel entitled
I Don't Expect Anyone to Believe Me.
Presenting the award, Mr. Jorge Herralde.
Congratulations. If you please
The situation determines everything.
Of course, he did the work,
but we can't deny
that the sheer scale of the events
was a great source of inspiration.
People don't like
to speak ill of the dead,
but some dead people
don't stop making trouble.
Cuz! Shithead.
Shoot. Just shoot.
I write without guilt,
without shame, as a release, with an itch.
I don't write to say sorry.
I write because, in the end, I'm a cynic
who only wants to write a novel.
One like those I like to read.
The only reason
I haven't jumped out my window yet
is that I have to finish this novel.
I have to make it to the end.
And though I exaggerate a bit,
everything in the novel is true.
I can prove it.
I don't expect anyone to believe me,
and I won't go to the police either.
Let's go.
Are you sure he was Italian?
I'd say so.
Fucking Italians,
they want to fuck up our plans.
How long have you been working
for The Graduate?
I just came to Barcelona to do a PhD.
All we need now is for the National Police
to start issuing
student residence cards to offenders.
I wouldn't be surprised.
They're such morons.
See you next week.
- Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year, Garca.
You're among friends.
You think you'd be here
if that weren't the case?
Fuck those Italians.
They think Barcelona is a sewer
where they can dump
all their anti-establishment bullshit.
That's him.
Free yourself, sister.
From Juan Pablo and the fucking euro.
Come home. We'll pamper you.
What's up, Nayelson?
I just wanted to wish you
a Happy New Year.
I'm at a new job.
- So I'll call you later.
- Take his coffee.
I love you.
- Hey.
- What's up?
- Are you leaving?
- Yeah. We're running late.
- Happy New Year.
- Happy New Year.
Jesus! What happened to your face?
I'm allergic to smoke.
I see.
- Can I ask you a question?
- Yeah.
I don't want to devalue
your connection with Laia, really.
But are you comfortable with all this?
You're not, are you?
I don't want to pry, you know.
But maybe you're a whim of hers.
Laia Carbonell questions everything,
analyzes everything.
She even questions what she questions.
You're a fucking project.
Don't you realize, honey?
Okay, Mexican?
- You're in a daze, sweetie.
- Sorry.
I have to call my family in Guadalajara.
I'll be right back.
What's up, bro?
You like the pills?
Want to ring in the new year with a bang?
Yeah, listen Do you have a dog?
"Dog"? I have the usual. What dog?
No, I mean,
I need a vet urgently.
Bro, don't tell me your dog ate a pill.
Do you know anyone?
It'll cost you. Bring money.
It's a holiday. It's expensive.
I told you they were strong.
Yeah, yeah.
All right.
Chino, do you have Ahmed's phone number?
It's just, what if the dog has a chip?
You win, stupid fucking city. I'm leaving.
A Gypsy and a Moor walk into a bar.
They order coffee
from the Spanish waitress,
and when she turns around,
the Gypsy says to the Moor,
"Check this out." He takes a cupcake
and puts it in his pocket.
The Gypsy says,
"That's nothing. Watch and learn."
He calls over the Spanish waitress.
"Come here!"
"Come here. I'll show you a magic trick."
She doesn't say anything.
The Gypsy takes a cupcake
and eats it in one go.
The waitress says, "Where's the magic?"
"Check out the Moor's pocket,"
says the Gypsy.
It's not Moor. It's Maghrebi.
It's always been "fucking Moor"
where I'm from.
You just don't get it
because you're foreigners.
It's not fucking funny.
And it perpetuates the stereotype
that Maghrebis
and the Romani people are thieves.
"The Romani people"?
Where did you find these guys?
Anyway, it's demeaning.
Dude, it's a fucking joke
that you guys reminded me of.
You guys look like the set-up of a joke.
A Mexican, a Muslim, and a Chinese man.
I'm not Muslim. I'm an atheist.
The worst part
is that the waitress is Spanish.
You're implying immigrants come here
to steal from the Spanish.
- Here's the code for--
- Let's see.
Will the search leave a trace?
Are you stupid, man? Write down the code.
What? Why?
You're going to let that prick
get his way? Then what?
- And Ugo has become fond of you.
- Ugo?
Come here.
- Vale.
- I'll miss you too, Jimi.
Giuseppe Savardi?
Papers, please.
- What?
- Papers, please.
Here you go.
What a change!
- Me?
- No, the bottle.
- I left it at home.
- Where are you from?
You don't have to answer.
- I'm from Mexico.
- Do you live in Barcelona?
Yes, but I'm going back
to Mexico next week.
She's Mexican
but she's not carrying any papers.
- Are you registered?
- Yes, I think so.
At which address?
2 Jules Verne Street,
but I don't live there anymore.
Here, Giuseppe.
There's the date, time,
and place of your hearing.
I suggest you show up.
You haven't even told me what it's about.
I know your ways.
You think I'm scared of you?
It's a fascist trick to intimidate--
You've been reported
for a threat made on December 28th.
Right at the address
your girlfriend mentioned.
Where do you live now?
Where do you live now?
Don't answer. I know the law.
Besides, I was here that night.
I have a ton of witnesses.
Shut your mouth or you're coming with us.
We have to verify your current address.
Come with us.
One moment, please. I know my rights.
Jimi, what the hell? Please tell me
you didn't do anything to Juan Pablo.
I only did what you asked.
Who the fuck files a report
over a shove? Dude.
I'm the only one on your side.
Don't turn against me.
And you know what?
He bought the same coat!
And he's ugly with that rash on his face.
Don't regret it.
- I do regret it. Now I'm in trouble.
- Move.
- Hold on.
- I don't know what you did.
Are you that scared of the Mozos?
Call yourself Mexican?
You don't deserve Zapata!
- You should've told me.
- Isn't it strange they found me here?
- Want me to come with you?
- No.
You're fascists! You're bothering
my friend because she's Latina.
You plundered America's gold
and now gripe about immigration.
Fucking Nazis. Look at them.
My things are in my bedroom.
This way.
Listen, for the moment,
there's no problem.
Giuseppe's court date is in March,
and you'll be in Mexico by then.
But you should still do
the consular registration.
It seems like dumb jealousy
until some idiot snaps and tragedy ensues.
I've seen it many times.
I know it sounds dumb, and no one wants
to go to the police until it's too late.
- No, it's not that. It's--
- Give it to me.
- What?
- The card.
I'll give you my number.
That's my name.
Thank you.
I found it.
Her name is Viridiana.
She's registered with Perea Carbonell.
Holy shit. A relative of Laia's.
Who's Laia?
- Oriol's daughter.
- Well, the chip is deactivated.
- We have to tell The Graduate.
- What for?
He said only if it's urgent.
Chino, call The Graduate.
- No.
- Come on, Chino.
You left and let him keep the dog.
- Ahmed should call him.
- I don't even work for The Graduate.
- You don't?
- I work for The Graduate's boss.
Call him yourself if you want.
You can only put your thumb up or down.
Okay? Only once I've said, "Odd one out."
Whoever's the odd one out
has to call The Graduate.
Let's do a practice one.
- Okay.
- Okay.
One, two, three. Odd one--
Yes, I can do that.
I'll think of something.
- Who was that?
- It was The Graduate.
What did he say?
He asked me to find more information
to put more pressure on Oriol.
He said it was too soon to mail him
an ear or a finger from the dead guy.
Also, he knows the dog is here.
You should leave. I have work to do.
Ivonne and I need to rest.
The Graduate told me to change her name.
I'm heading out.
Hey, man.
Please leave.
Who is it?
- It's the brunette, Dad.
- What's up?
- Hi. I'm looking for Juan Pablo.
- Listen, dude.
It's two boxes.
Don't bust my balls right now.
Tell him I'll give him a freebie later.
- Hello.
- Hi, Ale. How are you?
Bad. My mom went to Argentina,
and my dad can't take care of me.
Come on. Give me a break.
She's mad I can't stay with her.
Have you seen Juan Pablo?
No, he's probably with Laia.
Have you called him?
The brunette can look after me!
Stop it. You have a sitter.
What will I say to Pilar?
I don't like Pilar. She's stupid.
I want the brunette to watch me.
Listen, Vale.
Would you stay with her this afternoon?
I can pay you seven euros an hour.
Since her mom left, she's been difficult.
Even the sitter can't stand her.
But it's different with you.
It'd be weird
if Juan Pablo gets back, and I'm here.
You won't see Juan Pablo.
He's a ghost. He barely lives here.
I'll be back first.
You go to the park, come back, hang out,
give her a shower, and I'll be back.
What do you say? Ten euros.
An hour. Is it a deal?
Is this about the other day?
Do you want me to apologize?
Is that it? Okay, I'm sorry, Valentina.
I fucked up. There we go.
Come on. Let's turn the page.
Anyway, you could take it as a compliment.
No, Facundo. Don't make it worse.
Honestly, I need the money.
I'll stay.
Charly, don't worry.
I'll be there in 15 minutes.
You'll have to blow me
until tomorrow morning.
Come in.
They found the Italian guy.
Guess who he was with?
You shouldn't have
broken up with Valentina.
The detective was Laia's uncle.
Do you think I'm stupid enough
to get an asshole to kill another asshole
without knowing who he is?
No, but you said
the family had hired him--
I told you the family had sent him,
not that they had hired him.
But I was wrong.
Fucking European bourgeoisie.
Two shocks on his balls,
and he spilled the beans.
He thought you wanted
to use Laia for residency.
What if the family
reports that he's gone missing?
Who do you think
you're working for, dumbass?
We have his cell phone.
We're using it to text his family.
You shouldn't have
broken up with Valentina.
I told you.
I didn't want it to come to this.
I like Valentina.
I like people who come from nothing.
But there's no other way.
You shouldn't have let her go. I told you.
"transfer you the money."
Come and face me, asshole.
- Ale! Come here.
- What?
You mustn't throw sand at them.
It'll go in their eyes.
- They started it.
- Shall I call Pilar?
- No.
- So apologize, and we'll leave.
Let's just leave.
- Hey.
- What?
While the rose water dries,
the roller.
I like to roll it over the same spots
as the gua sha stone.
Always roll outwards.
This is one of my favorite questions
Bath is almost ready.
Let me see. I have to answer this.
Hi, Dad!
Good, I'm looking after
my friend's daughter.
I think so. I'll call the airline now
and call you back, okay?
Okay, Dad. Bye!
- Ale, what are you doing?
- Welcome to Aeromxico.
If you would like
to talk to an agent, press 1.
Talk to an agent.
Aeromxico, hello. My name is Margarita.
How can I help you?
Hello, Margarita.
I'm on a waiting list for a flight,
Barcelona-Mexico, on Thursday.
- I wanted to know if there's a space, or--
- Do you have a reservation code?
- Yes, one moment.
- Dad took the tablet.
I want to keep watching the video!
Ale, I'll just finish this call,
and you can use my phone.
The code is L-F-P-P-7-1.
- Please hold.
- Ale!
The flight is Thursday,
January 11th, right?
Yes, or an earlier one
if it isn't much more.
- Put in the code.
- This is Juan Pablo's room.
- Put in the code.
- You can't come in here. Come.
Put in the code,
or I'll tell my dad you hit me!
I didn't hit you, Ale!
One second, please.
Come on, get out of here.
You can't go into places
that aren't yours, Ale!
Margarita, I'm still here.
Can you reserve me a seat?
No, unfortunately not.
Can I help you with anything else?
No, thanks, Margarita.
- Thank you for calling Aeromxico
- Fuck!
Fuck! You're kidding me.
What's up, cuz?
Tell me you didn't get this fucking video.
- What's that?
- I don't know. It started on its own.
- What did you do?
- Nothing!
There was a banner up here,
and I clicked on it.
I'll see you tomorrow.
You'll meet the project partners,
and everything will be great.
- I'm just
- What?
scheduling this to send later
just in case those assholes kill me.
Leave it on! I like how he talks.
Ale, let's take a bath,
and then we'll do whatever you want.
- We can put makeup on, okay?
- Okay.
But only ten minutes,
and then you do my makeup.
Yes, I promise.
How did I die? Knowing those assholes,
I bet I was run over, right?
That's how those assholes always do it.
Juan Pablo, it's Valentina.
Call me, please.
I just saw a video
your dead cousin sent you.
I'm at your house.
I don't understand. Call me.
- Juan Pablo!
- Vale!
- Where are you? Listen.
- I'm in your house.
What's with the video
your cousin sent you?
Juan Pablo?
Juan Pablo, what's going on?
Juan Pablo?
- Sorry, I rang the wrong doorbell.
- Okay.
Stay where you are,
and don't open the door. Do as I say.
I'm coming. I'll explain everything.
Vale, stay where you are,
and don't open the door.
Do as I say. I'm coming.
I'll explain everything.
I'm just sending this scheduled email
because I'm prudent,
and you have to be in business, Juanpis.
You have to think
of all the fucking variables.
If those assholes killed me,
they can't get away with it.
So pay close attention
to everything I'm going to tell you.
Look, about two years ago,
I met two Catalan chicks in Cancn.
To be honest, I wanted
to fuck one of them, but guess what?
She turned out to be a lesbian.
My instinct told me to treat them right.
So I started investigating,
and I found out that one of them,
Laia is her name, Laia Carbonell,
is the daughter of a Catalan politician.
A real big shot.
No one in Catalonia dares to fart
without this prick's permission.
Damn it, cuz.
Tell me you didn't get this fucking video.
But you know what? I can sense it.
I can sense that that fucker,
The Graduate, wants to kill me.
He wants to kill me
all because of a project that went slowly.
It was slow, but we were barely
in the start-up phase. Come on.
If those assholes try to get you too,
you'd better listen up.
Don't even think about going to the police
because those bastards control them too.
No, the key here
is the guy they call Chucky.
Chucky, shithead.
You'll meet him tomorrow. He's a good guy.
My instinct also tells me that that guy
is fed up with that asshole, The Graduate,
and he wants to do him in.
So speak to Chucky.
Convince him. Get him in
on the plan to do in The Graduate.
Listen to me, cuz.
Listen to me, asshole.
They can't get away with--
- Hello?
- You're a good runner.
I didn't expect that from a bookworm.
I want to negotiate Valentina's return.
Again with the jokes, man.
I have some info.
I'm serious. I'm coming over.
- Tell Chino not to hurt me, okay?
- Okay, come over.
But it better be worth it.
Can we talk in private?
Follow me.
Ahmed and Chucky want to fuck you over.
What are you talking about?
Well, Ahmed is the one
in touch with the big boss, right?
- No.
- He's not?
Then what I came to say
doesn't make sense.
The faggot works for an associate
of the people at the top.
He provides a service, so to speak.
Tell me what you have to say.
Ahmed thinks Chucky is better qualified.
And that it's better
to deal with him directly.
It seems that he told the top guy,
and they agreed.
Why are you telling me this?
You expect me to believe you?
They say you're too violent.
That you're constantly
jeopardizing the organization.
Those fucking faggots.
I want to make a deal.
What do you think, Vicente?
That fucking Chucky
wants to pull the rug out from under me.
How's it going?
- How's the kiddo?
- She's fine.
She's asleep.
She wanted to wait up,
but I told her you'd be back late.
How about a beer? My treat.
I won't take it out of your fee.
No, thanks.
Facundo, I'm staying here
until Juan Pablo gets home.
No, dude.
No, really.
I'm grateful you stayed with Ale today,
but I don't want trouble with Juanpi.
Don't worry, dude.
I'll help you with Ale tomorrow.
You're clever.
All right.
I'll tell him you forced your way in
if he makes a fuss.
And you'll stay with Ale all day tomorrow.
Hey, Laia. This is Valentina.
You gave me your number, remember?
I need to speak to you.
This is what your ex wrote?
It's like a novel.
Yes, it's a novel,
but it's autobiographical.
What he says is true,
even though he uses fiction.
How do you know? You broke up a while ago.
Yes, but Juan Pablo
was being odd a while before that.
He tried to stop me
from coming to Barcelona with him.
He dumped me and then took it back,
like in the novel.
Now I know they ordered him to do it.
Come on, already! We have to go!
Ale, we have 15 minutes.
Wait for me a moment.
You must admit that the idea
of a criminal organization
running your ex's love life is ridiculous.
It was all part of a plan.
Look, it's all in here, seriously.
Read this.
It describes when he went to the police.
- Fucking hell.
- Look at this.
- Damn.
- Do you recognize him?
- He's Laia's dad.
- Of course I know him. Everyone does.
He's a big shot. A public figure.
Can you help me?
I don't know.
I'm not big on literature,
and this is like a mix of truth and lies.
If half of your ex's writing were true,
this would be a bombshell.
What are we talking about?
A conspiracy by Mexican drug lords
to launder money in Catalonia?
Through Oriol Carbonell?
Through the party?
Sheltered by someone
within Mozos de Escuadra? Come on!
Please help me find Juan Pablo.
I can't activate the protocol yet.
I'll keep an eye out.
- All right.
- In the meantime, I'll read this.
Ale, let's go.
"I had nightmares last night."
"I dreamed Vale was going back,
and they made her get off the plane too."
"I woke up, and Chino took me to see a cop
called Riquer to identify the Italian."
"The office had a signed
Espanyol jersey on the wall."
I kept thinking
about the verb "disappear."
When they told me you hadn't "appeared,"
it made me think of a magic trick.
A magician who makes something disappear
and then makes it reappear.
But you don't reappear.
Hello, son.
Your mother hasn't lost hope
that you're receiving my messages.
And for some reason
your mother can't understand,
we haven't heard from you.
Maybe you went to teach in Botswana
with Valentina. I don't know, son.
Well, your mother wanted to tell you
she's in Barcelona.
Yes, I was invited to a conference
for the relatives of missing persons.
Your dad's doctor wouldn't let him travel,
so your mother came by herself.
Guess what, son?
Your mother met Laia.
Very briefly though.
She's gorgeous!
So elegant and well-mannered.
She apologized
for bringing her family lawyer,
but her father insisted
in case he could help.
Anyway, son,
your mother is wandering around
this beautiful city,
hoping that
that you might appear at any moment.
Because you can't leave
your story halfway.
Stories need an ending.
A happy ending, or a sad one,
but an ending.
- Listen to me!
- What?
I knew Valentina.
The head of the Mozos
and Laia Carbonell's father
are involved in the murders
of Juan Pablo, Valentina, and the girl.
That's not true. I spoke to Riquer
and Minister Carbonell.
- They're working hard to find them.
- They're the murderers!
Also, a Mexican criminal organization.
They haven't found any bodies.
They made them disappear. Same thing.
Ma'am, I was a cop.
They fired me
for trying to uncover the truth.
They tried to silence me.
Know what they did to Jimi,
Valentina's friend?
- I don't know him.
- They killed him!
And said it was an overdose.
And it's all linked to Lorenzo's death.
It's all here, written by your son.
If you don't believe me,
at least believe him
despite the title he chose.
I'm not going to read this.
Leave me alone.
Subtitle translation by Bridget Ochocka