I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore (2017) Movie Script

Make you go away, go away
Where it's sunny
In July
Romance another day
Go away where it's sunny
The AR-15 used in
the incident was legally registered.
The governor called this mass shooting
a horrific but ultimately
unpreventable tragedy.
Up next, the Weekend Movie Minute
with C.J. Doons.
Just look at those goddamn monkeys.
Why don't we turn this off, huh?
The way they shoved this country
right down the fuckin' stinker.
Keep your gigantic monkey dick
out of my good pussy.
Did she have any last words?
No, no, no, no
Never forget
No, no, no, no
Never forget it
Are you reading the Elsewhere Saga?
Yeah, I'm reading King of the Hidden Dark.
- Book two. Yeah.
- Yeah.
I read those a while ago.
- My God.
- Yeah.
I'm... at the bit...
It's like right before, um,
the Battle of the...
The Tanhauser Gate.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- I know. Yeah.
- It's... really intense.
- God.
I just... Yeah.
It's so intense. I'm just, like,
the whole time I feel like...
I know.
Archers, to me!
- Yeah.
- Yes!
- It's so good.
- It's so fucking good.
It's crazy.
You know her real father
is actually the war mage.
Ca...? Captain Borgo?
He's Lady Kieran's real father, yeah.
- Fuck.
- When I read that, I was like,
What the fuck?
- Yeah.
- It's coming up. You'll see.
Thank you.
Clues were all there,
if you think about it, but...
Have a good night.
The fuck?
Various prescription medications,
a laptop computer
and then the silverware in here.
Anything else?
Not-Not that I can see.
But, um...
the silver was my grandma's.
Were they painkillers?
What? Sorry.
Uh, the medications.
Uh, no, it was, um...
and, um, Lexapro.
Uh, you try one of those, um...
location apps?
Yeah, I tried that,
but the laptop's turned off.
Oh, well, they'll probably wipe it anyway,
unless they're morons.
- Huh.
- You have a hide-a-key?
One of those little fake rock thingies?
I don't, no.
you leave that unlocked when you go out?
No, not usually. No.
But you did today.
I... I don't remember.
I mean, I...
- I'm just saying that...
- I think I locked it.
Wasn't a forced entry though.
So, uh...
what should I do now?
Uh, about what?
I mean...
do you call me or...?
Oh. Yeah.
If anything is recovered,
someone will be in contact.
Your case number's on that form,
if you have renter's insurance.
you're gonna look, right?
Miss, uh,
we will do everything we're able to.
In the meantime, I suggest
you pay a little closer attention
to your home security.
Don't give 'em an opening.
Okay, thank you.
I'm not bothering you, am I?
It's the... violation, man.
The stuff...
that's replaceable.
Well, the silver's not, but...
The thing that really hurts, you know,
is the fucking violation.
I mean, these people...
were inside my house.
I'm sorry.
All right.
Rays from some stars are thousands
of years old before they reach your eyes.
Human bodies are made of dust
and gases from inside of stars.
The universe is 14 billion years old.
No one knows what came before.
No one knows how big
the universe actually is.
It could be infinite.
- Jesus.
- Mom!
- I'm sorry.
- She's fine. Don't worry about it.
She's just, you know, five
and not used to talking about death yet.
I'm so sorry.
A fucked-up thing happened to you.
You're allowed to be upset.
Patient died today.
I was in the room.
She was special, huh?
She sucked.
- Huh.
- Oh, yeah.
She was a real shithead.
But it doesn't matter.
They'll roll her out...
and she'll become smoke.
My grandma Sally, that was her silver
that they stole, you know?
She literally breathed life into people
who'd been exploded.
- She was a war nurse.
- Yeah, I remember.
Spent her retirement bringing dinner
to folks with cancer.
And then she had a stroke...
and she was just... just carbon too.
And now I'm the only one
who remembers any of that,
and pretty soon...
I'll just be carbon.
So none of it matters.
It does matter. She did happen, so...
The way people treat each other
is just...
They're disgusting. They're disgusting.
The-The fucking...
- Do you know what I mean?
- Yeah, but, Ruthie, you gotta stop.
- Fucking taking. Mine, mine.
- Ruthie. Ruthie, Ruthie.
- Fuck you.
- Ruthie, stop, stop, stop. Stop.
You're gonna make yourself sick.
You've got it better than a lot of people.
You know that, right?
But everyone...
is an asshole.
No, not everyone.
- Yes, and dildos. Yes.
- That's not true.
- That is not true.
- Fuck-faces.
So what? So what?
It's just a sneeze. It's just, uh...
chemistry and math and...
Uh, so what?
Sweetie, come on.
Sometimes I feel like I'm...
like, underneath a whirlpool and...
Like I can't even breathe.
Like I'm just...
Internet date?
Uh, no, Ruthie's house got robbed.
That's terrible.
- Do you mind if I sleep here?
- Oh, my God, of course.
Dan will make up the couch.
Right, honey?
Aw. Is this me?
Is it a dragon?
I fuckin' love it.
You've been shitting in my yard.
I have not.
Your dog.
Okay? I saw you.
There is a sign there.
It says no shitting.
- It says that?
- It's a...
It's a picture, okay?
It's like a little poop with a...
That's what it means.
Well, I didn't see it.
You shouldn't need a sign.
What is wrong with you?
- Yeah?
- Hi, sir.
My house got robbed yesterday.
Sneaky and...
I- I know what furtive is.
Yeah, this Dominican fella came around
here this morning with a push mower.
Son of bitches.
That's-That's what I thought.
Told him I could take care of my lawn.
Good try.
I'll tell you somethin'.
Why don't you leave me your number?
Um, if I think of somethin'...
Uh, what is it?
Oh, it's just some regular yogurt
you can sip on.
I'm sorry that happened,
but I don't know anything to tell you.
Yeah, okay.
Roll that
Four. Get some!
E- Excuse me.
Put that fucker on
your motherfucking shoulder
I said I was sorry.
You said, uh, fine.
The implication being that I meant...
Okay, never mind. Never mind.
- Don't...
- Hey!
Wait up.
Look, that's not me.
Leaving a BM in your yard?
That-That's not who I am.
I- I was embarrassed.
Sometimes I just get so deep
in my thoughts, you know?
Like, deep, and I don't even notice
what Kevin's doing.
Oh, uh...
forget it.
You can hit me.
- What?
- One strike.
To balance the energy between us.
I won't defend myself.
I think, uh...
So, um, why are you here?
My house got robbed.
- Did you call the authorities?
- Yeah.
I don't know. It seemed like they
couldn't really do anything, so...
I'm just asking around, you know,
seeing if anyone saw anyone or...
What did they take?
They... They took my computer.
And they... they took my grandma's silver,
which is really what...
Anjng! Anjng!
That makes me...
so furious!
I'm-I'm sorry to have bothered you.
No, you did not bother me.
This affects all of us.
Kevin, stop it!
Okay. All right, so...
See ya. Bye, Kevin. Bye.
Um, is there anything I can do?
Oh, I think I'm good.
I think I-I... I got it.
thank you for everything.
The angels stood watching
Our slow tangled fall
Reaching for heaven
In spite of it all
They can't do a thing
For the people downstairs
Bring out the Bible
Ain't got a prayer
There stands the mountain
We tumbled down
That rough, rocky shoreline
We ran aground
There's peace in the valley
We never made it down there
So bring out the Bible
Holy shit.
Fuck. Um...
You've reached Detective Bendix
with, uh, Robbery...
Police operator.
Hi... Hello. Um, yes. Okay.
My laptop was stolen,
and I can see it.
So, it's not stolen?
N- N-No. No, it's still...
t's still stolen.
Um, my phone...
You know, my phone is saying where it is.
I- I have the address.
So, I need somebody to go there
before they, like,
turn it off or whatever.
We can include that information
in your report,
but we cannot send units out at this time.
Would you like to include that information
in the report?
What? What? Why?
They need a search warrant
to dispatch units for this.
No, because you-you don't have to search.
We cannot send units out at this time.
No, because I can...
- I know it's right here, okay?
- Ma'am.
- It's on the fucking phone.
- Ma'am.
- Ma'am.
- I'm looking... I'm looking at it.
I can give you the address.
It's on my fucking phone.
- It is on my fucking phone!
- Ma'am.
We can include that information
in the report, but we cannot
- send units out at this time.
- Oh, you...
Party's getting late
Nothing to waste
Gotta find somebody
that'll give me some face
It's not true
Ain't no lie
I don't give a fuck
if it's a girl or a guy
You better tell, girl
Check my grill, girl
I got shit up in my grill, girl
Put this in my music
I got the fucking watermelon!
Let's go, girl
Check my grill, girl
I got shit up in my grill, girl
Put this in my music
I can't be running round with shit
up in my grill, girl
You better tell, girl
Hey. Uh, Angie's closing tonight.
Actually, I was kind of wondering,
uh, what you were up to.
Uh, what's up?
I did a frog.
You know what? It's nothing.
Don't... Never mind.
- I need backup.
- Okay.
You got those ninja sticks?
- Nunchaku is an Okinawan weapon...
- Fine, fine.
- Ninjas, as you call them, are Japane...
- I just...
I've got a better idea.
- Are you familiar with the morning star?
- No...
- Lights out.
- Great.
- I just need you to ride with me.
- Right on.
- I'm Ruth.
- Tony.
- Nice to meet you.
- Cool.
Our Father, who art in heaven,
grant me the strength...
in the heat of battle...
and protect me...
Were you praying?
You asked for help, I asked for help.
That's how things get done.
Don't worry.
I won't let anything happen to you.
My computer is inside that house.
Say what?
I don't know what the fuck that is.
We don't want any trouble.
My computer was stolen,
and this says that it's in there.
I just want it back.
There's no questions...
So, can you get it?
I can get deez nuts.
You can get these nuts?
All right, tough guy.
- You had your chance.
- Oh.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, fuck. Oh!
Are you okay?
I'm really...
Dude, what'd you do to Keith?
The fuck you doing?
Yo. Yo. Yo!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Dude, stop!
Both you motherfuckers better drag your...
Violence is not power!
It's like the absence of power!
Get on outta here, 'fore I get my keys out
and fuck you both the fuck up!
Can't believe you just walked...
Super inappropriate, man.
Thank you.
Actually, I need the power cord.
Thank you.
It doesn't feel very good...
when people you don't know
come into your house
and steal your shit, does it?
Now where's the silver...
and the medicine?
Uh, I got some Theraflu...
but no silver.
And I didn't steal that.
I paid good money for it.
- What are you talking about?
- I bought it.
You bought it? From where?
Killer Sills'.
Ki... What is that?
Consignment shop out the way.
Dracula-lookin' motherfucker.
He'll sell you anything.
She got her first communion
bracelet there.
It's very pretty.
Does he have silverware?
- Write it down.
- Uh, I can drop a pin for you.
No, man, on paper.
Thank you.
That's how hard I threw it.
Oh, hot chili mama
Oh, yeah.
Um, the guest bathroom is downstairs.
It's okay. It was an emergency.
It's all that matters anyway
Oh, that's him right there.
I'll be right back.
Here we are
Hey there.
You're a guest of Miranda's, right?
Right. John.
You guys have a beautiful home.
Remind me, how do you know Miranda again?
Uh, from work. She's been a great mentor.
I'm learning so much.
- Stop. I'm gonna call the police.
- Come on, man.
Oh, there you are. Come on.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Get help.
This way.
Oh, yeah.
Now we're cookin' with gas.
We're almost there, my monkeys.
Sparkle, flashing lights
Hot sugar fireballs
And black lace and spirit gum
Cold rubbin' alcohol
And I thought you would
Call me by now
Couple of days went by on
It only hurts me all the time
Let me tell you something you
About the history of the man
He's got nothing to lose
Maybe we should hold hands.
Like we're engaged.
It's the history of the man
What are you doing, little guy?
There you are, you son of a bitch.
You're on and stay on.
You piece...
What the hell is this here?
Good afternoon.
Yes. Hello.
we were just wondering, um...
You like music?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I think everyone...
Five preset tones.
Three unique demo modes.
- That's so great.
- We don't really need...
- Really, thank you.
- And...
No, thank you.
Okay, we... we're really just looking
for, um, some antique silver service.
If you don't like music...
You can just say so.
Silver coins,
silver polish...
silver bullets.
Is your newer stuff
in any particular place or...?
They're antiques.
Yeah, I just mean, um...
Got a customer.
This is it.
You sure?
Sally Kimke.
Go start the car.
Okay, okay.
Hundred for these.
- Final.
- Well, uh, they were my mom's.
So take 'em
to a regulated outfit.
Okay, okay.
Okay, okay.
Sure are unloading yourself these days.
Well, we're moving away, so...
You're moving?
- Yeah, we're moving.
- Everybody's moving, kid.
Thanks a lot for your time.
Yeah, we're going to Las Vegas.
- Yeah? Yeah?
- Yeah.
Yeah, well, don't lose it in Las Vegas.
Hey, lady, that... Wait, that...
Come on back here!
Hey, come back here! Hey!
Hey, lady! You didn't pay for that!
This is stolen property.
No, no, no, no.
Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, no.
It belongs to me.
No, you come back here, lady.
Oh, God. Oh, God, sir.
I di... Are you okay?
I di...
You hit me.
I'm sorry.
- Oh, my God.
- Side kick.
That was a side kick.
It was them.
Is he...?
Nurse Wilson, Triage 2.
Nurse Wilson, T-2.
Caught it in the mail slot, huh?
Yes. Yep.
Must've really slammed it hard.
Yeah, slammed the shit out of it.
Be careful with these.
No alcohol, no driving.
You pivot on the ball of your foot
and snap your hips out at the same time.
That transmits a huge amount of power
outward through the leg.
It-It's devastating
when deployed correctly.
Get the fuck out of here,
you son of a bitch!
What are we doing?
whatever you want.
What are we doing... here, the world?
Trying to be good.
Or be better.
What about me? Am I good?
Yeah. Of course you are.
I clubbed an old man.
Right, but in combat situation...
I'm so sorry.
I should be thanking you.
I- I-I don't...
I don't really have too many friends.
I've been told I'm obnoxious.
But today, I felt...
I felt electric.
I don't want to die.
You won't.
Not right now?
It's just gonna be black.
No, it won't.
Yes, it will, Tony.
It's just gonna be like...
Like when you turn off a TV.
Hey, uh, if you want,
I was gonna catch an afternoon service.
I think you'd like it.
Minister's so funny. Rev. Bill.
Should be in stand-up.
Headless and all alone
Shiver and say
The words
Of every lie you've heard
First I'm gonna make it
Then I'm gonna break it
till it falls apart
Hating all the faking
And shaking while I'm breaking
Your brittle heart
Billy stands
Made of stone
Charlie clown
No way home
Bring on the headless horses
Wherever they may roam
Shiver and say
The words
Of every lie you've heard
First I'm gonna make it
Then I'm gonna break it
till it falls apart
Hating all the faking
And shaking while
you're breaking my brittle heart
Y'all been sleeping
in that van over there?
- No.
- Really?
'Cause one of you three stinks.
It's pork chops.
We just dropped your mom off.
Come on, you fuckin' comedian.
Jesus, you get this one
out of a fuckin' shipwreck?
It's a stickup,
not brain surgery.
You get what you pay for,
and you can barely pay for that.
I'm glad that we could finally...
Bring my mom into it.
How's the finger?
Those fuckers got away.
What about the tag number?
I didn't get the tag number, so...
Oh. I did.
Didn't I say that?
I did.
It's all just ones and zeros.
Binary data connected by threads,
like a web.
Yeah. I mean, it's called the Web.
Just gotta know how to dodge the spiders.
Dude. I'm reading this one.
Don't tell me what happens! I hate that.
You're so sly, but so am I.
Oh, yeah.
That was a glitch.
That needed a reboot anyway.
I... didn't really see anything.
Open sesame.
Oh. Uh, need a credit card.
Christian Rumack.
that is...
That's something.
That's something. What do you, uh...
Wh-What do you do, Miss Kimke?
Uh... Well, I'm a nursing assistant.
Now, suppose I came down
to where you do that...
Your hospital...
It's a post-op facility.
Well, suppose I came down there
and I said, You know,
maybe not that medication, Ruth,
maybe this one instead, don't ya think?
No, that's what...
That's not what I meant by...
You present a certainty
that the owner of a vehicle
you happened to see at a garage sale
is the same individual
who burglarized your home.
- And...
- His footprint.
And that his foot,
according to this,
is made out of scrambled eggs.
No. Uh, no, sir.
That is not... Okay.
I located my computer...
Right. I-I understand the chain of events
as you tell them.
Did it not occur to you that the people
who had your computer in the first place
were the same ones
that broke into your home?
- Yeah. But...
- Occam's Razor and whatnot.
Did it not occur to you that approaching a
criminal suspect without official capacity
is a good way to get your wig knocked off?
Let me see your hand.
- Can I see it?
- It's nothing.
Can I see it?
That's what I thought. Yeah.
What happened to your finger?
Ruth, look at me.
- Were you engaged in a confrontation?
- No, it was an accident.
Have you been able
to replace your medications?
- I see. I see.
- I'll take that as a no.
I mean, why...?
Why do you not want to help me?
- Help you?
- Yeah. I just... Why...?
- Isn't it your job?
- My job.
I am doing my job.
You're asking me about my job right now.
- Yeah, I'm coming in here...
- You come into my workplace...
- I have things to help you...
- and you ask me about my job.
You think just because
you left your door wide open
for some punk to stroll right in,
that the universe now somehow
revolves around you?
Well, grow up.
We had a man beaten unconscious
in his driveway.
- That's awful.
- Yeah, it's awful.
And now... now, Ruth,
he has skull fragments in his brain.
The world is bigger than your silverware.
People are experiencing bigger problems.
There are people out there...
I'm, uh...
I'm being divorced.
First time I said it out loud.
Sir, I'm very...
Mm-mmm. Mm-mmm. Move it. Move the hand.
Go home, Ruth.
This is the guy.
No, it is not.
And if you engage in vigilante action
or mess around with this again,
I will be a bigger problem
than your busted finger.
Do you follow me?
What now?
Pick your shit up.
Excuse me.
Must've robbed a ton of houses.
Oh, excuse me. I just was...
- Good morning, ma'am. I...
- Police.
Okay. May we have a moment of your time?
Well, I don't see why not.
Come on in.
Welcome to my home.
Make yourselves comfortable.
Go on in the sittin' room,
sit on one of those couches.
They're kinda new.
They're real comfortable.
- Can I get you a cup of coffee?
- Not necessary.
Um, no, thank you.
It's no trouble. I just press a button
on the machine... boop!
It'll make a cappuccino too.
It's like Al, like a spaceship.
- Do you have cashew milk?
- In that case...
I think I can find something.
Any kind of nut milk is good?
I like nut milk.
You know, my niece Cameron,
she can't have dairy,
so I always have, like, hazelnut milk or...
You know,
they do this Brazil nut thing now.
It's actually pretty good.
I need to speak with Christian Rumack.
Is he here?
Well, he is still out with his friends.
I expect him back God knows when.
Talk about what?
Choices he made.
Well, I ought to make sandwiches then
because that could take all day.
Like sandwiches?
You hungry?
I'm never hungry.
I used to get hungry a lot,
but I don't really get hungry anymore.
Okay, here we go.
Here you go, sweetie, with that nut milk.
Thank you.
- And here you go.
- Thanks.
You're welcome.
- So, I was just wondering...
- A machine did this?
Mm-hmm. Yup.
I worked at Borders for a while.
Oh, the bookstore?
Yeah, but they had a caf too.
I got pretty good with the steamer.
- Mmm.
- Could do smiley faces, winking faces.
Certain kinds of centaurs, oak leaves,
snowmen, diagram of an atom.
- Wow.
- Flaming swords, Kevin.
- Quite a skill.
- Do you know...
- Hmm?
- Christian's whereabouts
the day before yesterday?
Oh, well...
Honey, I barely know his whereabouts
any day.
But... he does have a job?
Well, some would say that's all he has.
- What's he do?
- Mmm.
Lawyer, you know.
Is he, uh... Is he in his van now?
Oh. Oh, no, no, no, no.
That's Chris Junior you're talking about.
Yeah, Christian got him that van
for his 16th if he got all B's.
He flunked, but he got to keep it anyway.
Just sayin'.
Do you know where your son is now?
Ooh, whoa. Stepson.
I have no idea where he is.
He got into drugs.
He was in jail a little bit for that.
And then he started hanging around
with all the people he met in there.
Bunch of creeps.
His father recently cut him off.
Canceled his ATM cards, everything.
You know, TMI...
Chrissy always made me kinda nervous...
even before all that.
Did you ever see The Omen?
That little kid.
Never know.
- He'd just throw you down the stairs.
- The hell is this?
Oh! Well, the police
are asking about Chrissy.
Is that your shit box out front?
- Yes, but...
- Hands!
Put 'em up, now.
Oh, people. Can you...
- Don't move.
- Oh, my God.
- Clear!
- Of course it's clear.
- Meredith.
- What?
- Are you retarded?
- What?
Don't you dare use the R word around me!
- Master bedroom, clear!
- Those are not police.
Yeah, I know that.
- Then why are you talking to them?
- Because I'm fucking bored!
Massage room, clear!
You are lucky all we're doing is talking.
Don't flatter yourself, baby.
Walden Pond room, clear!
Well, I guess I will just get some soda
for the rug.
We're all clear.
Come home to this shit.
Okay. Who...?
- Who are you?
- I invoke the Fifth Amendment.
My name is Ruth...
And why are you here?
Your son broke into my house
and stole my stuff.
Knock it off!
Well, what...
What does that have to do with me?
I thought he lived here.
So you impersonate cops, why?
To find him in case he wasn't here.
To what end?
To confront him.
How dare you. Wah, wah. Like that?
Yeah. Yes. Exactly.
You can't do that to people.
You say that like it means something.
Look, I don't condone my son's behavior,
but anyone can do anything
if you let them.
Welcome to the world.
I see why he turned out like he did.
You have kids?
Uh-uh. So you have no idea
what you're talking about, do you?
Christian has had more advantages
and opportunities
than 99.9% of the people on this planet.
And that's because of me.
So don't come to me
with this nature-nurture horseshit.
All right? How much?
I don't want a payoff.
Well, then I'm confused. What do you want?
For people to not be assholes.
Well, you know, it's probably gonna stain.
- Are you gonna shoot us?
- Don't be so goddamned dramatic.
Then we'll leave.
Thanks for the cappuccino.
The foam was amazing.
You are very welcome.
You can tell yourself
you've done something here,
if that'll help.
Really took a stand.
You know what? Guys like that,
that's just unhappiness eating 'em up.
You ought to feel sorry for him.
What are you doing?
No, no, not the giraffe. Not the giraffe!
Put it... Put the tiger down.
Ruth, no, no. No, no, no.
- Ruth, you gotta put that back.
- I'm taking him.
The fuck?
I mean, fuck it. Let's just... do this.
He's finally there now.
I'm not doing a damn thing
until I know their piece in this.
They're on us yesterday, they're here
today. She's ripping up yard art.
You're gonna tell me
you're comfortable with that?
- No.
- Wha...?
We already got the security guy
to think about.
You wanna walk into some kind of dog fuck?
- Fine. What am I supposed to do about it?
- Fuck.
- Jesus. Fucking Christ.
- Shut up.
- Don't fucking throw bottles at me.
- Shut up.
- Fuck you.
- Both you, shut up.
What do you mean, what?
What's your problem?
That's not your lawn tiger.
- Did you hear that guy?
- I heard him.
But he's not the one
that robbed your house,
and that's not your lawn tiger.
- If I'd known that this was gonna be...
- I get it.
- You know, the objective...
- I get it.
- Of the mission...
- I get it.
- I wouldn't have participated.
- I get it.
Thanks for the backup in there.
The ba...?
All I've done is back you up.
Till now.
That's not your lawn tiger.
Yeah, yeah. What would Jesus do, right?
What'd you tell my dad?
Oh, fuck.
Oh, f...
- She's calling, she's calling.
- I see it, I see it.
Hi. I just... Someone broke into my house.
He came out...
You have such beautiful black little eyes.
He just ran right out.
What happened?
Some idiot ran in front of a bus.
You got it?
No, no, no, no, no!
You carry this one, okay?
- Why?
- 'Cause we're shorthanded.
Which is on you.
I just... It's not gonna...
I think I should just stay here.
I'm gonna be so quiet.
I promise you, okay?
No, this is what's gonna happen.
You're gonna carry this gun,
you're gonna get them to open the door.
When they come to the door, point
the gun at 'em so they don't do anything.
I am not gonna be good at that.
We get what we need,
and we get out, and that's it.
How do I know that you're not gonna...?
You know that I will if you don't.
It's karma. For Chrissy.
Hi, it's... it's Ruth again. Sorry.
Please don't do anything.
I'm compliant.
Why? Why, why, why? Don't.
- You.
- I'm so sorry.
- This is... This is not my fault.
- You took my tiger.
- Yes, I did do that, but...
- You're pointing a gun.
- I know, I know, but...
- Shut up!
Meredith, do what they say.
- Stop, stop. Don't. Stop!
- Sit the fuck down.
- Stop.
- Oh, my...
Don't do that.
- This is unbelievable.
- Where is he?
He's sleeping one off.
Call him.
You know, if you're here for what you
think you're here for, your timing stinks.
Meredith, be quiet.
Call him.
Oh, just do it. Please. Please.
Just... please. Please call him. Please.
Oh, Chris!
Come here!
For what?
Come... here!
Is Christian here?
- No.
- His van's parked out front.
Say something. Say something.
I don't know.
Uh, maybe he's waiting for you
to come outside.
You know he doesn't like me too much.
Shh. Don't answer.
What the fuck is going on?
Okay. Everybody, just hold it.
Stop doing that.
Jesus. Wow.
I know you.
Marshall, right?
Your name is Marshall!
You were at one
of Chrissy's hearings last year.
Go ahead. Get in the fireplace.
What...? What did he tell you?
That I keep cash around here, huh?
I haven't seen him in months.
You amateurs, it's not even here anymore.
Get in the fireplace.
Chrissy told us about the iron in there,
so don't even try that shit.
You got it all mapped out.
- I'm a hostage.
- Stop talking.
They kidnapped me. They did this.
You saw the gun was empty. You saw.
Stop talking, bitch!
- This is not...
- Shut up!
Where's my son?
You don't have a son, buddy.
- Guess that means we're done here.
- What? No, no. No.
I'm not letting you shoot anyone.
Anyone... Anyone else.
- You're gonna have to kill me first.
- Okay.
No, no, no! Ruth, Ruth!
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, God. Okay, quick. Come on.
Come on.
- She got me good.
- Come on.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
Tony, we can't stop.
Oh, you motherfuckers!
Tony, come on. Okay. Okay.
- Tony.
- I'm gonna get you!
Okay, we have to get up.
Where are you?
Tony? Tony?
Dude. Wake up.
Hey, hey, hey.
Don't sleep. Don't sleep, Tony.
Tony, Tony!
Don't sleep.
You better keep running!
I see you!
Tony? Dude?
Come on.
Get up, Tony, please. Come on.
Wake up, Tony. Come on.
Just apply pressure. Keep pressure.
I'll be back, okay?
Hey, fuck-face!
I'm gonna get you!
Better run! Keep running!
Here, kitty! Kitty, kitty!
How fast can you run?
Ha-ha. Run. Run!
I see you! I'm gonna get you!
Why don't you just leave me alone?
Why don't I just leave you alone?
Sure. Okay. All right.
Sure. Why don't you come down here?
And we'll shake on it.
You do those tattoos yourself?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
They look fucking stupid.
What the fuck do you know?
Have you ever eaten cat meat?
You mean cat food?
The meat... of a cat.
No. No, man.
I never ate any cat meat.
Well, it makes you invisible.
Did you know that?
I see you.
Fucking weirdo.
Aw, fuck.
Damn it! No!
This world is not my home
I'm just passing through
My treasures are laid up
Somewhere beyond the blue
The angels beckon me
From heaven's open door
And I can't feel at home
in this world anymore
Oh, Lord, you know
I have no friend like you
If heaven's not my home
Then, Lord, what will I do?
The angels beckon me
From heaven's open door
And I can't feel at home
in this world anymore
They're all expecting me
And that's one thing I know
I fixed it up with Jesus
A long, long time ago
I know he'll take me through
Though I am weak and poor
And I can't feel at home
in this world anymore
Oh, and by the way,
my wife and I
are gonna give it another shot.
They're all expecting me
And that's one thing I know
I fixed it up with Jesus
A long, long time ago
I know he'll take me through
Though I am weak and poor
And I can't feel at home
in this world anymore
Oh, Lord, you know
I have no friend like you
If heaven's not my home
Then, Lord, what will I do?
The angels beckon me
I have known you
I don't want you
I've got a countdown
You okay?
I've got a fountain down my throat
Just be gentle with yourself, all right?
You got all the time in the world.
I don't know what that means.
Yeah, it's just something people say.
I don't want you
These are looking good.
You don't need to push.
You're supposed to get the...
The juice out of them.
No, no, no,
you want the juice in the burger.
Gotta squash 'em down.
You wanna flip...?
No, these are... I'm telling you,
these are gonna be perfect.
Oh, baby, what can I do?
Lie down right by you
You get me up high
But then I die when I fly
Oh, darling, I fly
Oh, baby, what will I do?
I'm really stuck on you
Right now my heart's in pain
It's my fault, and I am to blame
Oh, are you there?
That's why I feel the pain
One night you'll hear me say
Deep down in me
I look so neat
That's why I feel the pain
One night he'll hear me say
Darling, come back to me
Well, baby, what shall it be?
I'll love you tenderly
Oh, yeah
Till then I'll say this prayer
That I'll be holding you near
Oh, yeah
I'll be holding you near
That's why I feel the pain
One night you'll hear me say
Deep down in me
I look so neat
That's why I feel the pain
One night you'll hear me say
Darling, come back to me
Well, baby, what will it be?
I'll love you tenderly
Oh, yeah
Till then I'll say this prayer
That I'll be holding you near
Oh, yeah
I'll be holding...
The flowers are wilted
The preacher's gone
And I'm left here jilted
On the church house lawn
Through the old graveyard
I'm gonna walk around
And bury my heart
Where it won't be found
Six foot under
Six foot under
Six foot under
Down in the cold, cold ground
Like a fool, I trusted
Your honey-like words
Now my heart is broken
It's all for the birds
In a deep, deep hole
I'll vanish safe and sound
Where you can't get to it
Digging around
Six foot under
Six foot under
Six foot under
Down in the cold, cold ground
Six foot under
Six foot under
Six foot under
Down in the cold, cold ground