I Dream of a Psychopomp (2021) Movie Script

- We're gonna be closing soon,
if you'd like to go in.
- Okay.
- I should fucking kill you.
- I'm so sorry.
Goodbye, Evelyn.
- Stay.
- What's going on in here?
- Thanks.
- May I?
- You did a great job
with her, Charles.
She looks just like she used to.
- I get how important it is.
If you ever need to talk
about anything--
- I'm good.
- I was married for 25 years.
Her name was Dolores.
She was a nurse and
I was a needy guy.
Her personality was healing.
She was always so
warm and smiley.
Then one day, she wasn't.
It was sudden.
I grew so attached,
that just the thought
of letting her go,
I've seen death all around me,
but I've never
become immune to it.
When it comes home,
sometimes you forget about all
the coping advice you give.
I know it's difficult for you.
- None of this is real anyway.
It can't be real.
- What if it is?
- They were my children.
I can't sleep at night
without the fan on.
The hum drowns out the screams.
This just keeps happening
again and again,
and nothing's changing.
I don't know what this
place has against our youth,
they're innocent, and
so undeserving of this.
Now, I've been
calling and calling,
but God isn't
picking up the phone.
When will this end?
- Still getting ready.
- Still in your pajamas.
- Listen--
- Come on.
- Ya know, I'll be
ready real quick.
- We're gonna be late.
I don't wanna be late.
- You look gorgeous though.
Can you call an Uber though?
- No, we don't have
time for an Uber.
Let's go.
- So who's gonna drive?
- I can drive, we'll go.
- No, no, I'm fine.
I'll drive, okay?
- Thank you.
I can't sleep either, baby.
I don't feel so well.
- You've
seen things, occurrences.
These questions that
float in your mind
may seem unanswerable.
These are not hallucinations.
You have a gift.
She needs your assistance.
- Wake up, wake up.
- You may be the only one
capable of reaching her.
Do not fear what you
may not understand.
You're not alone.
Let me show you.
- We should do "Wizard of Oz."
I was thinking "Sexy Scarecrow."
- That could be fun.
- But you have to be sexy
to be a sexy scarecrow.
Otherwise, you'll
just be a scarecrow,
a brainless heap of
smelly farmer clothes.
No one's gonna wanna go
in your garden, honey.
- Bitch, I will murder you.
- You know I love you.
- You really going or you're
planning to flake out again?
- No.
- No what?
- Can you please
be social for once?
Just one night.
for us?
I'm bringing a bottle.
- And I'm bringing
some tissue paper
to roll up this goblin snot.
- Put that down.
I am social.
I'm just not really into
the whole "getting shitfaced
and almost dying" scene.
- Lonny's gonna be there.
- He probably
already has a date.
- Ask.
- No.
- Okay, then I'll
ask him for you.
- Stop!
- Well, shit, then ask for me.
- Shut up, Ivan.
- I wasn't even joking.
- You've been
sweating on this guy
your whole high school life.
And he's going to be
far away for college.
It's now or never.
The clock's not gonna wait
around for you, Caroline.
- Speak of the angel.
- Hi, Lonny.
- Hey, Caroline.
I like your headband.
- Are you going to
the Monster Hop?
- That's weird, we already
had a fire drill this month.
- Now we're getting out of math.
- We were getting
out of math anyway.
- You're right, you're right.
- Guys.
- Do you wanna head out?
- I don't wanna--
- Caroline?
What're you doing here?
Dance was cancelled.
- I'm sorry.
- Go home.
- Kerry.
- Have you seen a woman
walking around here?
She's wearing a white dress.
- No.
- Is that your family?
- No, he's not.
- Okay.
- I was abducted,
so was my sister.
We were all over the news,
Julian Torres and Deena Swann.
Yeah, we were just
kids, smart kids though.
One night, he got too drunk,
fell asleep and
forgot to lock up.
And you know, they
never caught him.
But Deena did meet him
again some years later.
I come here to make
sure he hasn't returned.
Strange things can
happen, you know?
Especially, in Spellbound.
This town seems to have a
consciousness of its own.
It does bad things, and
then buries its secrets.
And sometimes, these
secrets get dug up.
- I remember you.
Was it true
everything they said?
I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to be so intrusive.
- Is that your wife?
- Yeah, she's that
one over there.
- No, I mean, the woman
standing behind you.
- Where?
- Why is it too cold in here?
- Evelyn.
- What's happening?
- I don't know.
What can I do?
- Hold me.
Hold me!
- Evelyn, Evelyn.
Calm down, it's okay.
It's okay.
- Most of us depart
the physical world,
and move on to the next,
but there are some that linger.
They are not yet prepared
for the transition.
Some are fearful, unaware
of the sudden change.
Only those with the abilities
we possess can help.
- How?
- Hey, those are
some nice shoes.
- Can you stop with the puppet?
- Okay, but all jokes
aside, it's cold out.
Let me ride you home in my van.
It's nice and warm.
- No, thanks, I'm good.
- But you're gonna freeze
your little toes off.
- I said, "I was good."
- Now, you're gonna make
yourself sick, come on.
- Don't touch me!
I know what you're doing!
- Okay, all right, damn.
I was just trying to be nice.
- Deena Swann?
- Hi.
- Hi, I'm Detective
Scott Redmayne,
and this is my partner,
Detective Ashur Nassar.
- I can talk to him.
I can get him to talk to me.
- We really need
to find the body.
This poor mother
hasn't slept at all.
- Neither have we.
- Okay.
- Deena, would you?
Would you mind if we join you?
- That's fine.
- Thank you, this way.
- Maybe you drank too much,
and the kid provoked you
and you fought back.
I understand those
things happen.
You had to protect
yourself, right?
I get it.
We get it.
We just need to know
the details, that's it.
- Speak, you sick fuck!
- Ash.
- Someone get this fuckin'
sand nigger out of my face.
- Ash.
- This is silly.
- Get the
fuck out, please.
- I know you're
a good man, Carl,
I talked to your neighbors,
and they said very
kind things about you.
So, let's be honest.
Where's the boy at?
- Give it up, Scotty.
And fuck the boy's mother.
She didn't give two
shits about him,
letting him run around on the
streets on his own at his age.
That's how kids grow
up to be criminals.
- Can I speak with him alone?
- Yeah, sure.
- It's fucking stupid, man?
- What are
you ashamed of?
Don't you think you
feel a sense of relief,
letting out the
ugly inside of you?
Everyone has something
that haunts them.
You have to get rid
of these ghosts.
- I didn't kill no fucking kid!
- You can go on
denying this forever.
Continue wandering the
world as if nothing matters.
Show no sympathy for
that child's family,
for that child's soul.
Eventually, you won't
be able to run anymore.
You'll end up where you belong.
- And where is that, sweetheart?
- That's not for me to decide.
- In hell?
- Well, good.
I hear the devil smokes reds,
maybe he'll loan me a couple.
- Alright.
- I can't get rid of them.
- Maybe we've been
wrong all along
and you didn't do
those terrible things.
Maybe it was someone else.
That wasn't you, was it?
Who was it, Carl?
I know you wanna talk.
- He won't admit it.
- Who?
- Carl.
I don't even think he
knows what happened to him.
I'll tell you everything
you need to know.
- Can you, please?
- I tried to get rid of him.
It didn't work.
He's like tumor so
deep in the brain.
It can't be removed.
- He'll eventually go.
Your souls will be separated
and brought to two
different homes.
- How do you know?
- Some can see
things others can't.
I'm one of them.
Don't be afraid.
- You can sit here all day
yakking to me, sweetheart.
I ain't got shit to say.
- All right, this is
getting fucking ridiculous.
- Okay, all right,
let's send her home.
- Alright.
- Touch my hand.
- Touch your hand?
Shouldn't we turn off
those cameras first,
or do you wanna put on
a pretty little show
for those two nice fellas?
- Touch my hand!
It's time to move on.
- Okay, Deena, that's enough.
It's time to go home.
- No.
- I worked three jobs
and I couldn't afford
to keep her alive.
How do you move on?
- I haven't figured
that out yet.
- My daughter had her
entire life ahead of her.
She was always planning,
looking towards tomorrow.
Sometimes, I still
feel her around me.
I see her pass by
the kitchen window,
riding her bike up
and down the street.
At night, I hear her singing
her favorite Disney musicals
from her bedroom.
Is that strange?
- Excuse me.
- You were crying in
your sleep last night.
Everything, okay?
- Do you remember what happened?
- What?
- The night of our anniversary.
The accident.
- Oh, God.
Oh my God.
- Calm down.
- Oh, God.
- Look at me.
Look at me.
I've been having these
visions about death,
about things few in this
world are meant to see.
There were questions I've had
that I never knew had answers.
And that I saw.
I need you to see.
- Don't be frightened.
You can come out.
It's okay, Obed.
- Why do you hide here?
Are you frightened?
- This is home.
It's been home since,
believe me, child.
When I tell you
I do not know what time
we are currently in,
nor when I first
came to this place.
- But why?
Why do you come here?
And why do you stay?
I know what you are.
I've heard all about you.
- So much curiosity
for young one.
I walked many places
and seen many things.
I've had great many adventures.
Some possibly rivaling
the countless stories
in these literary works.
And I lived careless and free.
Spoils of an eternal
life, and I loved it.
That is until I realized
that my story, my adventure,
could never have an ending.
Neither ambiguous, no definite.
No, the world would never
slow nor stop spinning for me.
It was then,
that I realized that
time, my grand friend.
Greatest gift ever
bestowed upon me was
in actual fact my
greatest enemy.
It had abandoned me
to a life of forever.
The villain in my life.
It was then that I retreated
to this place where I now wait.
- For what?
- For the end of forever.
- You'd rather die, why?
- Death, like any ending,
will offer a new
beginning, a new adventure.
- But you can live forever.
- There are different
forevers child,
one of life and one of death.
It's this new
friendship I now seek,
one of eternal rest.
I've a suspicion,
it is not just curiosity
that brings you to see me.
- You say time's
your greatest enemy,
the villain in your life?
It's mine too.
- Leave now.
- No!
You can help me.
- Go home, child.
- I'm not leaving.
You have the gift of time,
and you say you don't
want it anymore,
then give it to me.
- Enough!
Yes, I can share this gift.
And have done so once before
with someone I trusted,
one whom I wished to be present
in the infinite chapters
of my endless story,
but the consequences were dire.
And thus, I vowed to
do so, never again.
Forgive me.
Do you have close ones, child?
- My mom.
My daddy died when I was a baby.
I don't remember him.
- And you love your mother?
- Yes, she's my best friend.
- And it's good to have
friends to not be alone.
Without doubt, your
mother is also frightened
for you and for herself.
- She says she isn't,
but I see it in her eyes.
When she hugs me, she holds
me longer than she used to.
- She worries over
her sick child,
and desires for you to
live a long, healthy life.
But not as an ungodly creature.
You would lose your
mother, her love,
and everyone you care for.
You cannot deny
this, believe me.
Still, I shall let you decide.
Drink and you shall not perish?
But you will be a shadow
in this world, a villain.
Do not, and live
contently without fear,
with the light
that you have left,
until that forever
rest brings both you
and your mother peace.
But before you decide, you
must do something for me.
You must help bring
an end to my story.
- No, I can't.
- Then it shall continue.
Here, let me help you.
It's okay, it's okay.
- The master is gone.
What will be become of, Obed?
- Come with me.
You can take care of me.
Until forever.
- I don't belong here, Kerry.
Let me go.
- Look for a light.
- Goodbye, my love.
- Goodbye, Evie.
I just wanted to say
thank you for everything.
- I'm glad I could help out.
You know, I think everyone has
a special gift they can give
to the world.
It's up to us to choose
if we wanna share it.
There are many people out
there needing our assistance,
during these times.
Evelyn is at peace now.
- I am too.
- Take care of yourself.
- I think, it's your turn now.
- I don't know why
you have to go now.
- Stop being such a big baby.
You'll never be ready, Charles.
I can't stay here any longer.
- You're right.