I Drink Your Blood (1970) Movie Script

Let it be known to all the spirits,
that I am a Capricorn,
living in the 10th house.
The house of our Lord Satan.
Let it be known to all the spirits that I,
Horace Bones, was born into Hell.
And reborn to this Earth.
Let all the spirits hear.
I am the firstborn son of Satan.
He commands my thoughts.
I speak his words.
The book of the dead.
Sons and daughters of Satan.
Put aside your worldy things.
And come to me.
Let it be known, sons and daughters,
that Satan was an acidhead.
Drink from his cup. Pledge yourselves.
And together, we'll all freak out.
Before the Sados
sacrifice, repeat after me:
To the glory of the mighty
one in Hell, I will devote myself.
To the glory of the mighty one
in Hell, I will devote myself.
I will worship him.
I will suffer for him.
I will die for him.
I will die for him.
I will kill for him.
I will kill for him.
Oh, father of damnation,
on the eve of destruction,
protect this ritual circle.
And the blood of Sados will
flow freely in your honor.
Who's that girl?
' Stop her!
Hey, Horace, it's ok. She's with me.
She's a local kid, she's from around here.
You invited her here?
How many times have I got to
say it, no strangers on the scene!
Local girl my ass!
Pete, is that Sylvia?
Sylvia, Sylvia!
Oh my God, what happened to her?
Oh, run and get your grandfather, Pete!
Son of a bitch!
It's no use, everybody out.
We'll have to make it to
the next town on foot.
Population 40?
Soon it's gonna be 48.
Well, guess who's coming to din-din?
Valley Hills. Sounds peaceful.
Maybe I'll drop my kid there.
Hey. Don't wake him.
- She hasn't uttered one
word. She's in shock.
Isn't there a doctor up at the dam site?
Yes, there's a Dr. Oaks.
I'm sure Roger would let him come.
Can't you do something for her, Grandpa?
I'm only a veterinarian, Pete.
And your sister's not an animal.
- Somebody certainly
treated her like one.
What do you think happened?
Nobody around here could have done it!
It could be one of the construction
workers up at the dam site.
- Well, I have
to go out there anyway.
I'll tell Roger exactly what's happened.
He'll find out who did this.
Come on, Pete.
Hey, you! Wait a minute!
Good morning.
I know you've got problems,
but so do I, we've got to talk.
- Fellas, you go on. I'll
catch up to you at the dam.
Something dreadful has happened.
Roger, I'm very upset!
What's upsetting that can't be fixed?
- Pete's sister has been
assaulted and brutally beaten.
And I know one of your men is responsible!
But if the girl's in a state of shock,
how do you know one of my men did it?
Who else could it be?
There's nobody left in Valley Hills
because of your damn dam!
Honey, don't take it out on me, huh?
- I'm sorry. I guess
living in a ghost town,
so isolated, so alone, it's
beginning to get to me.
- Look, the dam will be
completed before you know it.
And you'll never be alone again.
Oh, it can't be soon enough.
That bakery is only open
at your request, Mr. Davis.
And a good thing, too.
When Frank was killed-
- Hey, hey, hey. We agreed
never to discuss the past.
- Mornin', Pete. Let's
have the usual, huh?
Comm' fight up.
What about Sylvia Banner?
- Honey, rape is a little
out of an engineer's domain.
' Big help you are!
- Look, I'll do what I
can, but I'm no detective.
Dr. Oak.
Good morning, Mrs. Nash, how are you?
Fine, thank you.
I'm kidnapping your doctor for a while.
Of course.
Something happen in town?
- Hey, the madness of city
life sure psychs me out!
Hippies. Hippies all over our place!
This place is from no place. Nothin'!
- We oughta do 'em like we did
those colored folks, honey.
String 'em up, we should
just string 'em up!
I'm hungry-
What a rathole to get stuck in.
You better get used to it,
'cause we're going to operate
out of here for a while.
- Horace Bones, sometimes
I wonder about you.
Better pray I forget you ever said that.
Nobody wonders about anything but me!
Okay. Okay, what are we gonna do here?
I mean, there's nothing here to steal,
there's no food, nothin'!
- And no fuzz pokin' in
on what we're doing, dig?
Shelley, you're beautiful,
but if you ain't careful,
I'm gonna skin your ass alive!
Good morning.
Are you open for business?
We have a few meat pies left.
' Any milk?
- We have a hungry
bunch waiting out there.
You see, we are all members
of a rock music group,
and we were on our way to Terreton,
to play an engagement,
and our truck broke down.
What a shame.
Would you happen to know of a place
we could stay for the night?
My wife isn't feeling so good.
I got one on the way.
Well, the hotel's been boarded up now
for over two years, and the houses
are coming down in another few weeks.
How much?
Oh, I'll settle for five dollars.
Thank you very much.
I threw in a few cakes. On the house.
The Lord will bless you, lady!
The Lord will bless you.
Sue-Lin. Pick a house.
Any empty house, the
whole town's up for grabs!
Pick your house, Sue-Lin!
Oh come on, now, why this place
when there's so many others?
Are you complaining?
Just,just asking.
It ain't safe to go in there!
Why not?
It's haunted!
Nobody's lived in there
for years and years!
It's full of big rats!
So we'll have a
rat hunt! We'll barbecue them!
Whoever catches the most rats will be
supreme ruler of Sados
for one night!
Come here you little ugly!
Hey, big man, look at my rats!
Good, Rollo.
Just like shish-kabob.
Let it be known that Rollo Yates is
supreme ruler of Sados for one night.
He can do anything.
I could do anything?
Demand anything?
Let it be known that I, Rollo Yates,
was created in Hell, and
reborn to this Earth.
I am the firstborn son of Satan.
Therefore, Satan is a black man.
He commands my thoughts.
And I conjure you, in
his name, to obey me.
Satan said there is no fear.
If his sons and daughters are
willing to suffer for him,
die for him, and to kill for him...
Then there is no fear of pain or blood.
- Pain and blood are
signs of life. Not death.
Right, Sue-Lin.
So I say, let us put it to the test.
If there is fear among us,
then we must get rid of it now.
And if there's a cop-out in the group,
then he is not a true
member of Satan's family.
- There's nothing to be
afraid of, dear. There, there.
Here, take this.
Doctor's orders. You feel
like talking about it?
Oh, Grandpa!
It was horrible.
You can't turn away from this,
Sylvia, and forget about it.
I'm so ashamed.
- All the more reason why I
should know what happened.
Don't you think?
I met this boy.
I caught him stealing a chicken.
His name is Andy.
- You ain't serious about
goin' through with this thing?
He'll kill me! He'll kill me!
Okay, sure. You can carry a
thing up to a certain point,
and then I bleed to death!
To the glory of the mighty one in Hell,
I will devote myself.
- To the glory of
the mighty one in Hell,
I will devote myself.
I will worship him.
I will worship him.
I will suffer for him.
I will die for him.
I will die for him.
I will kill for him.
I will kill for him.
What are you characters, nuts?
Tryin' to scare me like this.
Look, a chicken or a pig is
one thing, but not Shelley!
He's copped out.
Take him up to the attic.
Hey, Grandpa! What are you going to do?
- Go back in the house, Pete,
and don't ask questions!
I'm coming with you!
Did you hear me, boy?
You're not to leave your sister alone!
- Grandpa! You don't know
what you're getting into!
There's eight of them, and they're crazy!
- I know what I'm doing, boy,
now go back in the house!
- All right,
that's enough. Cut him down.
We have a visitor.
Is there something you want?
Is the young man dead?
Drunk, maybe, dead he's not.
I'm surprised you're taken in by all this.
You see, we are a theatrical group,
and we were rehearsing a horror
scene that we perform in theaters.
Are you the one they call Horace?
Among other things.
Are you planning on using that thing?
Yes, you son of a bitch!
Around here, we don't fool around with
punks like you, who attack
and beat up young girls!
Are you talking about Sylvia?
Yes, my granddaughter. Outside.
If you're gonna kill me,
why don't you do it right here,
it's much more convenient!
Uh-oh. Your glasses are dirty.
Let's clean them for you, or
you'll never aim properly.
There you are. Nice and clean.
See if the old geezer's
gun is loaded properly.
We wouldn't want a near miss, would we?
Take your hands off me!
Gramps, we want to cooperate with you!
Grandpa! Grandpa!
- Hey. You're pretty
yummy for a dirty old man.
Aw, have a breath freshener, handsome!
Makes you stay sweet for hours!
Horace, let him go!
We can't let him go now.
- If you don't let him go,
we're in for a lot of trouble!
Hey, you! Get up!
Get your ass downstairs and
do something about that kid!
(Tmere, baby!
Where's my grandfather?
Hey, you're cute!
Don't you like girls?
What have you done with my grandfather?
He's inside, having a groovy time!
If you don't send him out,
I'm going to call Mr. Davis up at the dam!
He's gonna get the law on you!
- Honey, why don't you
come inside with me now?
No, you ain't gettin' me in there!
Send my grandfather out!
Cool it, cherub. Wait here.
Hey, midget. Come over here.
Aw, Horace, he's just a kid.
I want to talk to you!
Horace, let him go!
Here he is.
He's a little drunk, cherub, do you
think you can handle him?
Give us a kiss, handsome.
Before you leave.
Come back real soon. Bye!
What happened to Grandpa?
He went over to the old hotel.
He was gonna kill 'em.
Instead they got him drunk.
He's not drunk, stupid. He's been doped!
With that stuff that they call LSD.
The whole bunch take it.
- What does it do, that
I whatever you call it?
Boy, you really don't know anything.
It makes a person crazy.
- Wow. Is that what
they've done to Grandpa?
Come on, Grandpa. Come on.
Pete, what did you do?
- Don't lie to me! What
was that shot I just heard?
Don't get excited.
I just shot at a mad dog
that was snooping around.
How would you know if it's mad?
I may not know about that L stuff that
makes you crazy, but I know about rabies.
Grandpa told me all about it.
Well, did you kill it?
- No, I don't think so,
but I scared it off.
- Well, that thing has
gotta be caught and killed.
I'm gonna go upstairs and
I'm gonna stay with Grandpa.
He wouldn't do the same for you.
- And what happens if he
dies? We're all responsible.
So we dump him. No loss.
He's a troublemaker anyway.
Nobody will miss him.
Good morning, Pete.
Good morning.
How's Sylvia?
Oh, she won't be in today.
But I can help you with
some of the chores.
Is anything wrong, Pete?
You don't seem to be in a very talkative
mood this morning.
Let's see, 12, 24, 25...
That oughta be enough.
Maybe you oughta make another dozen.
For those folks that
moved into the old hotel.
You mean the hippie group?
They took over the old hotel?
Yeah, and they're gonna be
looking for something to eat today.
- Well, I guess we don't
want anybody to starve.
Mornin' boy.
Hey, what you got to eat?
We have beef and chicken pies.
We can let you have a dozen.
- Meat pies for breakfast?
I don't think so.
Hey, don't you have anything else?
The meat pies are ready now.
Hot, right out of the oven.
We got a special on 'em.
A quarter apiece, if you take a dozen.
All right, we'll take the meat pies.
Mmm, they look yummy.
No, no! Let me.
We'll make a baker out of you yet, Pete.
Nope, I'm gonna be a veterinarian.
How you feeling?
Something's got to be done about
that gang of savage hyenas.
- Pete said that he saw
a mad dog last night.
Not with rabies?
Yep, that's what he said.
- Well, I'd better
report that immediately.
Mildred's Bakery. Yes, Dr. Banner.
No, he didn't. Pete never
said a word about it.
I knew he was worried about something,
but I thought it was because
of what happened to Sylvia.
Pete, why didn't you tell
me about the rabid dog?
It should be reported immediately.
Because why?
Because I killed it this morning.
What happens if a human gets rabies?
They go insane and die. Why do you ask?
No reason. Just curious.
Meat pies again?
Well, that's all they had, hick.
You want anything else,
you gotta walk eight miles.
If you're gonna complain, don't eat.
All right, more for us.
- Hey, fatso. You
aren't gonna finish that?
Blech. Tastes funny.
Well, they're baked fresh this morning.
I saw it come out of the oven.
She probably has
morning sickness, don't you think?
So starve.
What do you want?
I got worried about you.
How do you feel?
I'll live.
- Listen, Sylvia, I'm awful
sorry for what happened.
Honest, I-
A lot of good that does now.
- Will you listen? I'm gonna
leave that idiot group.
They're no damn good, anyhow.
Well, how'd you get mixed up
with them in the first place?
Kicks, that's all.
Some kicks.
What are they supposed to be?
Sados. The sons and daughters of Satan.
Not really, it's all fake.
But it sounds kinky.
Satan? I guess you don't believe in God.
I don't know. That's a fact, Sylvia.
He sure doesn't treat us like He should.
Very funny.
God, I feel like I'm suffocating.
Such a muggy day-
Not the weather.
The spirit of evil that's gotten into you.
You mean you ain't hot from the heat?
I don't feel anything.
I'm at peace with my father.
So I'm carrying his baby,
so what more does the son of a...
The little devil want?
- I got a pain in my
gut. What does that mean?
Devil's cramps, huh?
He comes in mysterious ways, Rollo.
None of us feel well, Horace.
The food must've been spoiled.
Yeah, they sure were anxious to
unload those meat pies off on us.
I think they done it deliberately.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute!
Now I get the picture.
They were trying to get
even with us for last night.
So tonight, we wreck the bakery!
Not tonight!
Unless you want us throwing
up all over the place.
There's one way of curing a bellyache.
- God damn it! We need the
material, and we need it now!
- Look, we're working around
it, but it's holding us back!
- Look, you see what you can
do and get back to me, huh?
Sorry, honey, I can't leave now.
- Then I'll wait. I can't go
into town, I'd be too afraid.
- Are you sure Dr. Banner
wasn't exaggerating?
You know, he is an old
man, and he may be senile.
What about Sylvia? She was badly beaten!
All right, all right, I'll buy that,
but all this crap about a
devil's cult sacrificing humans-
Roger, sometimes you infuriate me!
Now, wait a minute, huh?
The stupid pneumatic drill is more
important to you than my safety.
I didn't say I wouldn't go into town.
Oh, forget it! It'll soon be dark,
and I wanna get home before then.
Look, I'll be in as soon as I can.
And I still love you. Even
if you are a stubborn bitch.
Don't bother, Mr. Davis. Just drop dead.
' No!
You're mad, you son of a bitch!
- On the eve of
destruction, blood will flow
freely in your honor, father of Hell.
Hold up, boy. Sit down.
Come in, Mrs. Nash.
We're just sitting down to
supper, won't you join us?
- I've got to use your
phone. I must reach Roger.
Something terrible is happening in town.
No, turn the light out!
It's okay. What are you doing here?
- Well, listen, I'm in
trouble, you gotta help me.
- Okay, listen. Go and
wait out in the barn,
and I'll be out therejust
as soon as I can, okay?
Hey. Hey, Ed. Come here.
Take the truck and drive into town.
Take Joe here and a few
of the boys with you.
" What's up?
I'm not sure, there might be trouble.
Check the bakery. Make
sure Mildred Nash is okay,
and leave one of the boys with
her until I can get there.
Then check the old hotel.
Can't you tell us anything more?
- Mrs. Nash told me a
wild group of hippies
busted into the hotel
and are raising hell.
We can flatten 'em, huh?
Here, better take this.
In case there's any trouble.
That serious, huh?
I'm not sure.
Andy, what's happened?
- My car is right over
here in the driveway.
- Come along with
that flashlight, will you, Pete?
Is that real blood?
God's sake, don't touch it!
What's the trouble?
No trouble, handsome.
Where you headin'?
Valley Hills.
Give a girl a lift?
Hop in the back.
Ooh, what's a little lady like you
doing all alone on a road?
Some black creep was following me.
Oh, well you just get your
pretty little ass in here, honey,
and we'll protect you.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, what are you guys up m?
Anything you're up to, honey.
Okay, Ed!
Hey, Matt. Look around, huh?
I'll be right back.
Okay, Ed. Let's go.
Here you g0, baby'- !
- Hey, you guys ain't
gonna leave me out here?
- Oh, we're just gonna
have a look around, honey,
we'll be right back.
There's nothin' but rats in there.
We can have more fun outside.
What's the big rush?
Yeah. Damn rats can wait!
Come on, rats. I've some cheese for ya!
Come on, rats!
That must be Davis calling now.
There's nobody here, man.
Let's go, huh?
, okay-
Hey, Matt! Where are you?
Where the hell did he go to?
I knew I never should
have picked up that broad!
God damn!
Somebody's living here, all right.
Don't look at it.
Oh man, come on, let's get out of here!
- Wait a minute.
- It's a body!
- Get a hold of yourself!
Hold it! Look at me!
We were supposed to check
this place out, right?
Well, I ain't doin' it alone!
Come on!
Wait a minute.
Somebody's coming out of the house.
Come on, let's go upstairs.
They're comin' in the barn.
Ssh! Don't move.
Get away from him, Sylvia!
Pete, what are you doin' out here?
Are you tryin' to spy on me?
No, I'm tryin' to tell you something!
He's diseased with rabies!
Would you stop talkin' silly?
Get back to bed!
- Honest, Sylvia! I wouldn't
kid about somethin' like that!
I took blood from the rabid dog I killed,
then contaminated the meat
pies I sold to his group!
Pete, what are you talkin' about?
It's the truth!
I wanted to pay 'em back for
what they did to Grandpa!
Pete, Pete, listen to me!
If what you say is true,
Pete, then chances are
pretty good that I
ain't been contaminated.
My God, I didn't eat any
of those pies, I swear it!
And I was on the outs of the group,
so I stayed clear of 'em
the whole day through.
That's a fact, really! Sylvia...
Listen, I ain't had any
close contact with them
since what they did to
your old man last night.
Do you have any idea what you've done?
Yes, but I hope you won't tell Grandpa.
I only told you because
I was worried about you.
Oh, Pete.
Let's g0, bOYS!
- Please don't leave me
alone! Take me with you!
Sure, why not?
Some of the boys, they
just can't appreciate you!
Hello, Mr. Davis. Come in.
Doc, is Mildred Nash here?
Yes, she is. She's upstairs. Sleeping.
Well, don't disturb her,
I just was very worried about her.
Well, I'm very glad you are here.
We have to have a serious talk.
Has something happened to Mildred?
No, Mrs. Nash is all right.
But something has happened.
Something that endangers
this entire valley.
Construction workers! Rise and unite!
Look at what we have here!
See this construction!
And she's waitin' to be riveted! Woo!
- Per Mildred's description
of the man who attacked her,
I'm inclined to believe he has rabies.
Hydrophobia, the same thing.
Now, I don't have to tell
you, it's highly infectious.
It's also fatal, isn't it?
You're damn right, it is.
It's a disease that attacks
the central nervous system
in all flesh-eating animals,
including us humans.
It is transmitted upon contact,
symptoms begin to show almost immediately,
depending on the person's condition.
What are the symptoms?
- Hydrophobia, as
characterized by choking,
convulsions, frothing of the mouth.
Burning fever, an uncontrollable thirst,
but an inability to swallow,
and a fear of water that borders on panic.
Hey, man. Leave her alone.
Can't you see she's having a fit?
God damn it, don't you see
what the hell she did to me?
This time I'm really gonna cool her ass.
No, man!
- How soon before death
overtakes the victim?
That depends on the constitution.
But it's a blessing when it comes.
But before that it's like the
devil takes over the body,
the mind reduced to
the level of an animal,
capable of the most savage acts.
The color of red triggers
an excitement in the mind,
and of course, the fear
of water and clear liquid
produces an almost fanatical
craving for raw flesh.
What worries me is the fact
that this here hippie group
is on hard drugs, coupled
with the reaction to
the rabies virus, it's bound to
cause unthinkable complications.
Come in. Come in.
Sit down. Come on.
My dear girl, you should be in
a hospital in your condition.
- Oh, I'm okay. But we've been
walkin' for miles it seems,
and we ain't had anything
to eat, but that's all.
Carrie, that ain't nice, now put it back!
Well, she don't know better, she's a mute.
Well, what am I standing here for?
The least I can do is get
you two something to eat.
Oh, anything. Anything'll be fine.
Davis. Davis!
Oh, good morning, Doc.
- We're in for a hell of a
lot of trouble this morning.
What is it?
- You better come with me and
see for yourself. Down here.
Down there, Davis.
We found her that way.
I don't know how to explain it,
I don't even know what to put to report.
Wait a minute.
Davis, I've gotta call the Red Cross.
We're in a state of emergency.
Jesus Christ!
No, Davis. There's too many.
Come on, we'll be much
safer down at the quarry!
Come on!
Hey, you!
What the hell do you think you're doin'?
Put that goddamn thing down!
' MOIIy!
Stay away from us, Molly.
Don't come any closer.
What's wrong?
Oh, Andy, I'm so desperate.
Don't you know?
- Honey, you've got rabies,
you're contaminated,
the whole group has it!
You mean like dogs?
Oh my God!
Andy, help me!
Help me, get me to a
hospital, I'm all alone!
Stay away!
Baby, I'm sorry.
It's hopeless.
MY baby!
Poor little bastard.
Oh, Roger! I'm so glad you're here!
That awful woman-
- Now, you listen
to me, and listen carefully.
All hell broke loose up at the dam,
and I've gotta get help!
Lock all the doors and windows,
and don't let anybody in, anybody!
You can't be sure who's been contaminated.
I'm going with you.
No, it's too dangerous on the road
between here and the highway.
I'm not even sure I can get through.
Then I'll go stay with Dr. Banner.
- You've got to stay here and
wait for Dr. Oaks to call.
You'd better take this.
Oh, Roger!
Don't hesitate to use it.
I could hide in the cellar.
That would be the safest place.
Oh, Roger, be careful!
, Die!
Open the door, Mrs. Nash!
Open up!
Open Up!
For God's sake, open the door!
Open the door, Mrs. Nash!
Open up!
Oh, God! Let us in!
- Gimmie that
chair. You don't need that!
Lock the doors! I'll lock the windows!
What the hell are you doing?
Look, I've got orders to kill on sight.
There may be a woman in that car!
Hold your fire!
Come on, Pete boy!
Go. Mildred!