I Forgive (2021) Movie Script

In the name of Jesus,
you are not gonna shoot me.
You think just throwing
these guys in jail
would be all the
solution to our problems?
What I'm talking about,
I'm not talking
about just a handout.
I'm also talking about helping.
Stop that ain't him man.
Come here quick dude, come on.
Man, I ain't doing this.
You heard what the gang said.
Man forget what
the gang said, man.
And here go with that punk crap.
Man, I ain't about to do this.
If you kill a man then the
blood is on your hands.
In the name of Jesus,
you are not gonna shoot me.
You let this happen to me.
I heard your will.
Good evening Los Angeles,
I'm Athena Ramirez,
KPRZ channel nine, you're
watching "Special Report."
Tonight, we'll be
discussing a topic
that's become all too
familiar to Angelina's,
the plague on our fair
city of gang violence.
Mr. Beach, another shooting,
another innocent bystander
hurt or perhaps killed.
Some Angellino's would say,
"Just another day
in Los Angeles."
As a criminal gangs expert,
I was hoping that you could
help us gain some insight
into the causes behind
this latest wave
of gang related crime
and murder in our city.
First, thank you for having me.
I've been personal an experience
and gone down this road before.
I believe that it's twofold.
There's a spiritual side,
and then there's
also a natural side.
Let's first talk about
the natural side.
We've been plagued
in our community
with homes without fathers.
We've been playing
with joblessness.
So it is a scarcity
of health, support,
et cetera, et cetera.
And because of that, many
of these gang bangers
praise on our young children.
Ma, ma, ma.
I'm leaving.
Give me something
from the store.
I get you a ma,
that's what I get you.
Tony Tony, that's my jam.
Not in this office.
That's Mr. Tony to you, okay.
And I told you about
coming in here,
looking like a fool, okay?
Come on man.
Look Tony, this is my
image, this is who I am.
Actually, am trying
to impress Jenny.
She's fine, ain't she?
Yeah, Jenny's very pretty.
The look, this image
it's the wrong image.
You ever thought
about just being you.
That's kind of deep Tony.
Just be you, all right.
You could be a minister.
I'm not gonna be a minister,
I just want you to be you, okay?
Just be me, okay.
And you come in this office
again looking like a fool,
I'm gonna send you home.
No, no, no, no, don't
send me home Mr. Tony.
I'm gonna put the
book in the box.
I'm gonna take the book out
the box, I work good, yeah.
Book in the box,
book out the box.
Yeah you.
Let me show you how
the book in the box.
Let me show you.
I do some special.
We gonna put the book in the box
and we're gonna take it box.
That's a nice puppy.
I'm sorry, we
gonna take it slow.
The book in the box,
book out the box.
Book in the box, out the box.
Now you try it.
You can work
on it, I can work with you.
You not gonna say goodbye.
I am gonna say goodbye, but
really liquor and a Bible.
You still working on me, boy.
Where are you going?
I'm about to go
chill with my friend.
They waiting on me.
Please tell me not
them trifling fools
I seen you with last week.
Well, you said that last time.
They're not trifling.
They're not fools
either at the same time.
Those are friends, we chill
with each other, we have fun.
Don't be smart with me.
Go gimme some more water.
Yes ma'am.
Set it down.
- Next to the wine.
- Next to the wine.
I wanna real water,
I want no tap.
All right, your fall's on you.
Just on you, you gonna
go back and get some more.
And look at me.
Don't roll your
little eyes on me.
I don't like them boys.
They look like trouble.
They not trouble,
they're my friends,
and they look after me,
and they watch over me.
What you need somebody
to watch over you for?
And you livin here, what they
taking care of you.
It's not cool being outside
on the streets like that.
You do trifling, hand me the
remote, my show coming off.
I'm trifling, you wont get up
and get through.
Hurry up, hurry up.
Now look, look at me.
You lost parents, and
I lost a daughter.
I know how it feels,
but you ain't going to
fill that void running out
in these streets
with these boys.
You know, you can
always talk to Jesus.
- Jesus.
- He's always here for us.
- Jesus.
- Jesus.
Oh, the one who didn't even
help my family in the accident
and left me stranded.
Maybe you don't have to forgive.
Now you might not
understand that right now,
but you gonna have to
learn how to forgive.
It's all right in here, but
chasing after them friends
of yours out there, that
ain't gonna feel that void.
All right, I'm done.
I see you later, I'll be back.
Yeah, you ain't done
until I say,
you be back here at
a reasonable time.
All right, I see
you then, am out.
Many of these gang bangers
preys on our young children,
and because of pure
pressure and loneliness
and all of that, that
we could talk about.
Most of these guys
succumb to joining gangs.
The other side, I believe
this is a spiritual warfare.
There's something
that had taken place
that we have not seen,
that we can't see.
And because it's almost like
these guys are so ignorant,
they're being used, and
we have this violence.
And so we bring it all together,
it is spiritual,
and it is physical.
Take care.
What's up home boy.
What's up Curse,
what's cracking with you.
Here you go.
Whoa, this is clean homie.
I can make a few
dollars off of this.
These kids down for their crime.
Straight up.
So we in?
Slow down a little
homie, almost.
So what's next.
You hard or something.
Man look them laptops
and stereos ain't nothing.
Give us a better links
so we can get in.
Hey, you like this chick?
Hey girl, go give young
Curse a little sugar.
Man, you see who that was?
Man you take this.
Man, I can't do it with
that girl in that bathroom,
just can't.
Why you can't.
'Cause I don't
got no protection.
What kind of brother would
I be without protection?
I'm a virgin.
No way.
Get down on.
Come on let's go.
Dropped my phone.
Can you pick it?
Yes, 'cause I bet it's
not even broken, see.
Look at that, battery's
right in there.
Thank you.
Do you not see me
sitting here eating?
About the cigarette.
You already about to sit here
and avoid that conversation
we had last week.
What, about the raise?
Yeah about the raise.
I told you the state's
cutting all the programs.
The budget is tight.
Okay, when is it not tight?
I know Tony but-
But man, look, I don't
need your buts, okay.
I've been busting my back and
giving my all to this company.
I need this for my family.
The money isn't there.
The only way we can
get you this raise
is if we cut at the
outreach program.
Look man, there's
gotta be a way.
Look, we work in
LA in a nonprofit.
I do know one way.
What we can do, fire some
of them handicap workers.
No look, do not fire
the workers, okay?
You're not good with that.
No, I'm not good with that.
God will find a way.
Wait a minute, what'd you say?
I said, "God will find a way."
There you go with
that God mess again, man.
I can't even eat in
peace in front of you.
Oh man, I'll see you later.
No thank you Bishop.
No, we will be glad to
join your congregation.
Okay, take care.
We got the gig.
You know what?
I'm gonna call the
fellas real quick
and let him know what's up.
Whatever you do get back to it.
Stan's phone is off.
That figures.
I don't know what
to do with that guy.
It's always something.
Why don't you just let
him go from the group.
The rest of the
guys will be fine.
'Cause I don't want to.
Why not?
Because Stan is my friend
and I don't wanna be
like everybody else
and just giving up on the guy.
He's a good man Chris.
Stan is not as
dedicated as you are.
Okay, so I'll do
what most people do
in situations like this,
who cares about someone.
I'll chat with em,
I'll give em a call,
but I'm not quitting on
them okay?
Okay, fine.
How was work?
Work is good, it's always good.
Any word on the raise?
Yeah, it's words on a raise.
I can't believe you
the kids read this.
This is really not.
Tony Lenal Davis.
They don't have the
funding right now, Chris.
Are you gonna take
the other job then?
No, I'm not gonna
take the other job.
Are you crazy?
Tony, why not?
Okay, look Chris, Look I'm
making impact over there, okay.
Not to mention if I
wait a little while,
funding will be coming
down from the state.
It'll be good, okay.
Tony, money is tight, okay.
The other job will pay more.
You're right Chris, the other
job pays more, that's great.
But let's think about it,
what am I really
gonna be doing there?
Filing paperwork?
I'm making an
impact at that shop.
Chris, it's gonna be okay.
Where are you going?
I'll be at the car.
Tony, what are you doing here?
How man, I can't even
tell you, we got the gig,
but your phone is off.
Money's been kind of tight,
it'd be on the week though.
You come on inside.
Do you mind if we just
chat here for a second?
Yeah, what's going on?
You knew what's going on man.
I know your phone is off with
you been missing practice.
You know we got that, an
empty praise coming up.
I'm trying Tony out here,
just got a lot going on.
These bills are not
paying themselves.
And we all do, man.
But this music we do man,
this is our ministry.
Tony, I pawned my guitar
to keep the lights on.
I know man, your
wife told me, here man.
Man Tony, we don't
even have a deal.
And it's in advance
to keep you playing.
Believe it or not I believe it.
You got it like this?
Thank you no, I don't
have it like that yet.
I appreciate it but
I can't take this time.
Hey look little man lord
look, just take it man.
I know something's
gonna pop, okay.
But in the meanwhile, I just
need you to do one thing, okay.
Focus on the music.
Why Tony?
Why you believe in me so much?
I believe you just
have a gift of music man
and our music it reaches people.
It gives them hope.
Gives them faith.
Right now I'm investing
and you change their lives.
Thank you man, I
appreciate you man.
Just a little too close.
Stan, you forgot something, man.
No, you said "It
don't have to be,"
But I can keep it if you want.
Just put it to use.
- Thanks.
- Thanks Tony.
Mr. Beach, I've heard
you blame everything
from spiritual warfare
to fatherless homes,
to insecurity for gang violence.
But I ask you where is personal
responsibility in all this.
Don't these criminals
make the choice
to kill, to Rob.
Hey, Hey, Hey.
Hey, my friends need a ride.
You mind if we pick him up?
Anybody but Jay and Karen.
It's Jay and Karen.
And we go.
You mean what?
There's always
something with them.
Wait a minute, you're always
helping out other people,
but you got a problem with my
friend being a little ghetto.
You remember that time I
was picking up from church?
It ended up having to
take him grocery shopping-
Tony that happened one time.
Chris, I end up paying
for the groceries.
Well just go pick 'em up.
Chris, all they do
is argue, I'm crooking.
They are not that bad.
Chris, they are that's bad.
Just go pick them out.
Yes ma'am, worever you say.
Thank you.
Curse what the
hell y'all been at?
Man we ran just
like everybody else,
but we got the text and we here.
So what we going to do?
We calling the crew,
'cause we gonna rock.
I'm about to kill
all them fools.
Hey, what's all that.
I'm praying.
Pray after we find those fools.
Look, check this out no
recruits y'all got a mission.
Give me your gun.
Y'all, y'all gonna go scout.
Man where?
Man, we don't have
to do that, man.
Chill out.
That car looked like
somebody from the '60s.
Y'all go look over there, and
you call us when you seen.
Man I can't do this.
I know you not punking out.
Man, he just scared boss.
Shut up.
You wasn't saying all that,
before you joined the.
Now you call us when you find
them or you can wait for me
to call you from your
grandmother's house.
Before we take our
frustrations out on her.
Get your boy.
Look, it is not that
big of a deal, all right?
It's a big deal.
That is my best friend,
what do you want me to do?
Have her on the street.
All we're gonna do is
we're gonna drop her off
and that's it.
We, is me.
I'm driving.
Karen, I'm not
buying you another car.
And stop asking.
Listening that.
I'm not asking
you, I'm telling you.
It doesn't matter, it's
not that big of a deal, okay.
They're a couple,
that's what they do.
Door is locked, that's
a sign right there.
Don't let him in Tony,
don't let him in Tony.
Shut up.
Hey Carol.
Hey boom.
Hey, how you guys doing?
Good, how are you?
You telling me it's a
starter, but it's not.
You know what I mean?
I keep telling you
it's the starter.
No you not, you telling
me it's the starter.
Well, why don't you
fix this starter?
'Cause I'm paying for your
nails and there's nappy hair
and all these fur coats you be
wearing, thinking you fly.
Don't touch me
don't touch me, Jay.
And it ain't that much, okay.
Seriously, you need
to step it up boo boo.
Woman what you say?
Hey, hey, hey you guys-
- Gotta get her back.
- Calm down a little bit.
Sorry Tony.
It's cool.
Hey Tony, I was wondering-
I'm like five minutes
from your house.
Right, right sure
but I was wondering
if maybe you could just
like take a look at the car.
Here we go.
Because it's like on
the way to the house.
Karen I can fix
the car tomorrow.
If you could fix the car,
we wouldn't be in Tony's car.
Now would we?
No, right.
No, I don't think so.
I'm not playing with you.
Okay, okay.
Tony, if you can't
take a look at the car,
maybe you could just like drop
us off at the store, right?
- Right.
- It's not that bad.
Huh, really?
What's your car at ma'am,
I'm gonna take a look at it.
Okay, keep going
until you hit Pasadena.
When you hit Pasadena,
just take like your
first left or something.
Man you sure about this?
Man I don't know I got a
bad feeling about this man.
This don't feel right.
Man Shut up and do your part.
Man I'm just saying,
stealing CD players
and robbing people for
their laptops is one thing,
and pulling a gun out
on somebody's another.
You trying to get in, huh?
Don't punk out on me right now.
Yeah I want in, but for
protection, not like this.
Well that's why we going
hunting for these fool.
Hunting, you hear
what you're saying?
This ain't no
game, this is life.
He threatened me and my grandma.
Man quit your whining?
The set is all you got.
Them fool shot Hector.
Even the police gonna care
about us if one of us die.
You gotta get our own justice.
- So what you gonna do?
- Shoot me now.
Are you with me?
Yeah man let's get
this over with man.
So, what you think it is?
I couldn't even tell
you right now brother.
Probably starter or
alternator or something.
Yeah, I was thinking
the same thing.
See this is what
I'm talking about Jay.
You have someone look at
the car before you mess it.
Nah, woman.
I taught Tony how
to work on cars.
Hey Tony, tell her I taught
you how to work on cars.
Why don't you just
take the women home?
I have Chris picking
me up when I'm done.
- Cool with that.
- Yeah.
Okay, thank you.
You going to let him walk
off like it doesn't matter.
What's going on.
Hey woman get in the car.
Thanks beb.
Thank you Jesus, for this peace.
Stop that ain't him.
Come here, quick Punk.
Man I ain't doing this.
You heard what the game said.
Man forget what
the game said, man.
And here you go
with that punk crap.
Man I ain't about to do this.
If you kill a man and the
blood is on your hands.
In the name of Jesus, you
are not going to shoot me.
You let this happen to me.
I heard your will.
It's going to be all right.
Not for me to answer?
Why me?
Ask the Lord.
There is no need to look back.
I know.
Let's go home.
Detective Stoneberg.
Ms. Ramirez,
always a pleasure.
And I can tell you mean
that from the bottom
of your heart.
Of course.
So nothing better to
do on a weekday night
than come out and harass us.
Detective, there is
nothing I'd rather be doing
with my evening than
keeping the good people
of Los Angeles informed.
Well, at least we're
on the same page then.
What, what's that?
Oh, we're ready, okay.
And now, your
most trusted name in news KPRZ,
Los Angeles changed the game.
This is Athena Ramirez
with KPRZ9 Los Angeles
at the scene of yet another
gang related shooting.
Detective Stoneberg, yet
another gang related shooting
at this hour in the
city of Los Angeles.
What can you tell us about it?
Well, at this point in time,
we really don't have
enough information
to determine whether this
is gang related or not.
But detective isn't it
true that this is retaliation
for last week's blood bath
between the Crips
and the bloods.
Again, we don't have
enough information.
My men are currently investigating
and we will learn
more as time goes on.
What can you tell us
about the victim detective?
He's currently with paramedics
being treated for his wounds.
Detective, are
you then confirming
that the victim has in fact
suffered multiple gunshot wounds
as the result of a
drive by shooting,
and is now in critical
condition fighting for his life?
I think we're done here.
Really, you're gonna
do that to me tonight.
And there you have
it, Athena Ramirez,
KPRZ9 Los Angeles.
This is Davis,
Sergeant Stoneberg LAPD.
I'm so sorry.
No, no, no, no.
It's all right.
Is that right, Tim?
No, five shots, 10 holes.
Five enter points,
five exit points.
The guy nearly bled to death.
Gang member?
Not according to his
wife, just a normal guy
changing a tire.
Sounds about right.
It's always the wrong
ones that get hurt.
I'm just saying, "It
seems like the good guys
are always the ones that get
hurt and your drug dealers
and gang bangers come
in for flu shot."
Just ironic.
Miracles more like it.
Well, according to this,
he was dead 30 minutes
by the time he came in.
They got him stabilized,
but he is gonna in the
tough road out on that coma.
Look, I looked at the chart,
left leg tissue is dead.
We're gonna have to amputate.
Lord, is that you?
Good, you know my voice child.
Is this heaven?
Welcome to the garden.
We don't have much
time, follow me.
Sergeant caught this one?
Not like I have much
of a choice these days.
So what do you think, drive
by, retaliation, random?
It doesn't seem like a hit.
And we don't have enough
casings for it to be a drive by,
the casings we do have though
the distance is too far
from the Vic to seem personal.
I don't know, initiation.
Well, whatever it is, you
need to close this one quick.
The last thing I need is
another gang war breaking out.
We still haven't recovered
from the last one.
All right, I'll leave you to it.
They should be
personal responsibility,
but however, what I'm trying
to bring across to you,
they also need education.
When you grow up in a
home without direction,
without father, without
properly role model,
it's easy to listen to
someone directing you.
You don't know if
it's wrong or right.
And the reason why we have
these gangs all over the city,
most of these young
people are afraid.
Peer pressure, they're
afraid to be by themselves.
So it's easier to connect
with someone in a group
so they can feel secure
as a security blanket,
and by doing such things,
these gang banger,
preys on the vulnerability
of our young people
and which causing them now to
go out and do crazy things.
So I don't think
that they started out
wanting to be gang banger to
kill or to harm or maim people.
They want protection,
support and because of that,
it led to the next page
or the next chapter
of what has taking
place in our community.
I need to ask
you some questions.
I'm sorry, I
don't speak Spanish.
Haven't I answered
all of your questions.
Well you have, but you haven't.
I need to know why that
man shot your husband.
Why don't you go find
a shooter and ask him.
Is there any reason
why anyone would want
to shoot your husband?
What about his former
running buddies?
Did he owe any money?
My husband was just
fixing a friend's car.
Shot five times
for fixing a car.
Wow, maybe he was just unlucky.
I'm sorry, but you
want me to believe
that he was just a nobody.
Was a nobody.
No, my husband is a man of God.
What a purpose on his life?
We'll watch him in bed with
holes all through his body.
Do you have any idea
what that purpose is?
God will reveal and
that is not to remark.
I called it as I see
it, give me something.
Why your husband?
I don't know why God
allowed for it to happen,
but God will have the glory.
Why don't we start with what
kind of man your husband was?
- Is.
- I'm sorry is.
Tell me about the kind of
person your husband is?
No drugs, no gangs,
just a simple man.
Another day another dollar
rolling in patrol, huh?
Dollar getting sorry and sorry.
They skipped me
on a raise again.
Are you serious?
Yeah man.
See, I got ducked on conduct
'cause I'm.
You talk to Cap about that.
Man you already know Cap
ain't trying to hear it.
Old school, man he wanna
do everything his way.
We gotta move with the time
so get left behind baby.
That was about the say man.
The sign of the times is, they
don't understand how it is
on the street, like
you gotta adapt.
Move, adapt.
Well the kids get
smart every day.
Here we are.
This path represents your life
and all you have gone through.
Thanks for catching me.
I've never let
you out of my hands child.
Why so much pain in my life?
Why couldn't you be there then?
I was with you in
your moments of heartache
as I am now, you
were never alone.
No drugs, no gangs,
just a simple man.
Excuse me for a second.
Don't give up on me.
Don't leave me.
You promise God will see us
through and I believe you.
Tony don't leave me.
Don't leave me.
You got a whole lot
on your mind, don't you?
Just thinking about the doctor?
I told you God is gonna
see us through all this.
What about the chemo?
Then we get you a weave a weave.
A weave.
Like some lace front,
and look I don't really have
like some fancy scripture
for you on this one, but just
, it'll be fine.
So, God didn't gimme a wife
just to take it away from me.
Is moments like these
that define her faith,
maybe you just
have to have faith.
Faith, pastor told me, why me?
I don't know why
God chose you, okay.
But when you're healed,
you would know that nothing
is too powerful for God.
Yeah, you will be
testifying in God's grace.
But when you do, just
don't have that weave
all over the place, okay.
Chemo, but wave
all, it's not cool, okay.
Come here.
I believe you worked in,
and I believe you,
I believe it now.
Come on baby 'cause I'm
not leaving this hospital
without you.
So I'll be wearing a weave
and you can be on crutches,
but I'm not leaving this
hospital without you.
Tony please.
The blood of Jesus,
from the crown of head.
That souls at our feet,
you will be healed.
That sound is your spirit,
which is in tune with
the saints, follow it.
Lord to God, thank you Jesus.
Hi I'm Dr. Jones,
I'm here to check
on your husband's recovery.
Did I interrupt something?
Just praising God for
my husband's recovery.
You can join me.
It's against
hospitals policy, sorry.
At least you're
in better spirits.
We're gonna try to help
him out of his coma.
He seems to be stabilizing.
That's good news.
Yes, but we still have to
take his leg off tomorrow.
I thought you said "That
would stop the bleeding."
Mrs. Davis, we did, we put
an extra piece of plastic
in his leg to help, but
it's not gonna last forever.
I know this is hard, Mrs. Davis
your husband could be dead.
He could have just bled to
death out in the hallway.
Are there any other options?
I interrupted you from it.
How's his throat?
Well, we're hoping he
can breathe on his own
or we have to fit
him for a voice box.
Voice box.
I accidentally
cut his vocal cord.
50, 50 he'll talk again.
He sings for
churches for a living.
Mrs. Davis however he gets
out of here, it's a miracle.
So the violence
in our community,
you would attribute to
the need for protection,
the need for support, help.
Are you suggesting then
that we should meet handguns
with a helping hand.
So what do you think?
You think that you're
throwing these guys in jail
would be all the
solution to our problems?
You was there for
me when I needed you,
be here for you now.
Heaven is on the
other side of this river.
It's so peaceful.
Of course,
you're on holy ground son.
Your life on earth
is been a moment,
but you will live in
this peace forever.
I wish Chris could
see and feel this.
Tony, this is
your moment of peace.
Yours alone son.
We got her.
No doubt, definitely
hungry for real.
What you got in mind?
Your wife's cookies
comes the first thought.
My wife's cookies are
always my first thought.
That should be
your last thought.
That's nice though
one day I hope
you get something like that.
13A, 61, 13A, 61 for 13.
You know it's work,
you know what it is?
What's that?
It's all work.
It's definitely play,
but it's all work
when it comes to that gang.
See that's problem,
I like to play.
I get that, I get that.
We need more YMCA,
we need more funding.
We need all these things
to help in our community
and that will
lower the violence.
We'll not stop it,
but it will lower it.
When you give people
direction and vision
things will change.
Mr. Beach, I certainly
take your point
about the need for
intervention and support
and community
organizations like the YMCA
and these communities.
However, one can't deny putting
violent offenders in jail
certainly does take
them off the street.
And after all the
United States of America
is a nation of laws.
I mean, wouldn't chaos reign
if we didn't have respect
for the rule of law, if people
didn't have to do the time
when they committed the crime.
Well, I do respect what you
say, but throwing them in jail
will not solve all the problem.
What I'm talking
about is prevention.
I'm trying to stop them
before they go to prison
to come out being worst.
Should we just throw them away
because someone made a mistake.
I myself made a
whole lot of mistake.
Personally I shouldn't
be here talking to you.
I've been in jail a few times,
but I'm doing great
to society right now.
I've reached a
whole lot of people.
People lives are being
changed because of my change.
Lord, how do I understand?
That's what I love about you.
What's that?
Even the disciples
didn't so many questions.
I'm sorry, it's just hard.
There's so much pain
on earth, so much evil.
Let me ask you something.
If you were me, would you have
different people free will?
I don't know.
Tell me
something, do you trust me?
Yes Lord, I trust you.
Okay, it's your time yet son,
I still have work for you to do.
Your soul is here, but your
body is still on earth.
Now, I want you to give
a message to my people.
Oh, not a problem.
It's like she doesn't
see me standing right here,
you know what I mean.
Yes ma'am, it'd be great.
It'll help me.
- Excuse me.
- Excuse me mess?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Do you know where the
Tony Davis room is?
First door on the right.
Thank you so much.
- Don't forget to
- .
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Can I help you?
Is this a Tony Davis room?
Oh, help me Jesus.
Brother, brother,
brother, brother, brother.
We are are so sorry.
If you hadn't picked us up,
this wouldn't have happened and-
Don't say that.
Oh man,
Jade, you know what?
I don't have your inhaler,
you don't have your inhaler.
Why you gonna have
an asthma attack now?
- It's like, it not the time.
- No, Karen,
it's not funny.
I'm find out who did this
and I'm gonna kill him all.
Maybe you should
wait outside, please.
No, I'm go
over there with my people.
No, no, Tony is the
toughest person you knew.
You put on your jacket
and you calm down-
Woman I'm a man,
and I need to get them
fools for what they did.
Jay, okay.
"Vengeance is mind,"
says the Lord all right.
Let God deal with that
all right, please.
I'ma carry his vengeance alone.
That's what I'm gonna do.
Come on Jake, come on.
Too much baby, you're too much.
I haven't seen him act
like that in a while.
It's okay, Karen
No, what I'm saying
is he was hot, right?
He saw the way he got -
Karen really it's okay.
You okay?
I'm sorry.
Lord, this message it's
needed, but me father?
Yes you, I want you to tell
the world what you have seen.
I want you to live a life,
demonstrating my
power and forgiveness.
Wouldn't you say that jail
was a kind of turning point
in your life?
It was in a sense,
it kind of woke me up.
I hate to go there, but
I went back a few times,
but it was a spiritual
awakening that opened up my eyes
that I realized I don't
have to go back to jail
after my spiritual awakening.
So even more than
your time behind bars,
this spiritual awakening
is what set you on the path
that you're now on.
Exactly, 'cause sometimes
you go behind bars,
you come out worse, 'cause
you learn more behind bars
to come out to do things
outside, even worse.
It's not solving the problem.
Heaven on one side
and earth on the other.
And do you have a choice?
Chris can't do this alone.
I made her Tony.
I know what she can do.
Wow, what's that feeling?
That's my spirit.
Lord, I'll deliver your message,
just wash me in your spirit.
My son, because as
your faith and willingness
to serve, you will be healed.
You can stop right now,
it's no choice, you can stop.
- Look.
- What?
Look at that car.
Is that the car that shot at us?
I don't know.
Yeah, I think it is.
If it is call them
let them do this.
No, we could take them fools.
We gonna be heroes.
Yeah, come on.
Come on.
Man that ain't him.
Man quit a Punk.
Man I ain't about to do this.
You heard what the gang said.
Man forget what the game said.
I ain't about to
kill no innocent man.
He can go with that punk crap.
Man I won't do this.
If you kill this
man, it's on you.
In the name of Jesus,
you are not gonna shoot me.
Mr. Davis,
I want you to follow my finger.
Vitals are stable.
You understand what I
just explained to you?
You may not realize it
yet, but you're a miracle.
I've seen patients come in
with one gunshot wound dead.
You're here.
Look the leg, it's gone.
The muscle tissue's dead, we
need to take it in the morning.
I understand this isn't easy,
but look you have to focus
on the fact that you're
alive and that's a miracle.
I have some good news.
If you can breathe on your
own, we can take the trach out.
You willing to give a try.
All right, good.
Here we go.
Tony, breathe.
Tony breathe.
Breathe for me, come on.
Okay, you're okay.
You've been through a lot today.
We'll try again tomorrow.
You took faith.
There's a reason you're
alive, focus on that.
Can you tell us a bit about
this spiritual awakening
that you had?
Well, my spiritual
awakening came
because I was tired
of doing wrong.
Tired of being a
manace to society,
and I was kind of suicidal
'cause I was hurting.
I was tired of selling drugs,
exactly what we're
talking about.
But I had a spiritual awakening
where I have an outer
body experience,
and it wakes me
up, I became woke.
And when I follow that
direction, by changing my life,
giving my life to Jesus,
it brings a life changing,
Profound life changing,
life meant something.
Loving my brothers,
caring about people,
it was so different.
So now I live my life
not trying to sell drugs,
destroying people,
destroying my society,
destroying my community.
I live a life now
trying to help,
not to break down
but to build up.
Thank you very much.
How are you?
Am good pastor, thank you.
Keep your head up,
keep your head up.
Hey my brother, how are you?
Bless you man.
Men of God.
I'm glad God brought
you back from the dead.
I'm so glad, it got
a purpose for you.
You know what?
Get ready to take up your bed
and walk, 'cause I believe.
And in one hour, one hour, we
had praise and worship to do
my brother, one hour.
I believe it, I believe
it let's believe together.
I believe it, I believe.
Ladies and gentlemen sorry,
but visiting ours are over.
Bless you, bless you.
It's okay.
Babe I be back, am gonna
walk out to pastor.
Mr. Davis, how
are we doing today?
I just need to get a
quick look at the leg.
We were scheduled to
amputate this leg today, right?
Well I see the scar, but
this leg is completely healed.
That's impossible.
Can you do it again?
No, this leg's alive and well.
Dr. Wilson, you said
"This leg was dead."
I told you you were a miracle.
So what makes you think
we're in the right spot?
Like I told you, I don't know.
It seems more like an
initiation than a hit.
There's this kid,
he's trying to get in,
but he's like right on the edge.
Man, what makes you
think this kid got anything
to do with it?
To tell you the truth.
I'm just trusting my gut.
Hold on, hold on.
That looks like him right there.
Right there.
I just think he spotted
this little edge.
He about to run.
Oh yeah, he about
to skate, I got it.
All right.
When I was a child,
when I was a child,
I speak as a child,
speak as a child,
I understood a child,
understood like child
I thought as a child,
thought a child.
But when I became a man, I
put away, try this thing,
try this thing.
I'm here at the park where
the alleged perpetrator
of last week's tragic
shooting was arrested
in dramatic fashion.
"It was like a movie,"
says this witness
who would talk to us only if
his identity were protected.
So I was here in
the park with a fam,
man next thing we
know we just see dude
come running through the park.
He hopped over the bench,
one detective almost had him,
but he hit him with the Heisman.
So I was like, "Oh crap
he almost had him,"
but dude was gone.
I was like, "Man," his partner,
he ain't know what to do
'cause they was like track
stars, partner was running slow.
I'm like, "Man, they
ain't gonna catch dude.
They ain't gonna catch dude."
But the other
detective was like,
"Man, you ain't getting away."
So next thing we know
I'm like, "Man, hold on
this feel like a movie,"
like what's going on?
We looking around, we
don't see no camera.
So we like, "Man, this ain't
a movie, this real life."
Tell me about living
here in this neighborhood.
Growing up around here,
it's a whole bunch of gang
members, a whole bunch of family
that's gang members.
So it's rough growing
up around here.
It's gang activity everywhere.
Every night I
kicking with the fam
whole bunch of gang
bangers, gang members.
Every once in a while we
had one little high head,
that like the wild eye.
But a dude, a new dude,
we knew he was wild.
We didn't know it was like
that so, he grew up rough.
Family in outta jail, wasn't
no man in the household
to really teach
him how to grow up
'cause they always gang members,
and so, we knew he
was going to be one
that jump off the porch
and always stay in trouble.
It's quiet now.
Hard to believe that this
small Oasis of normal
exists in such a
volatile environment.
I'm Athena Ramirez,
KPRZ9 Los Angeles.
Hello, how are you?
You have a good day.
I just don't
understand the mentality.
People say a lot of
things, people say that,
"It could be this,
it could be that,
they wanna blame it on socials.
They wanna blame it on history.
They wanna say
opportunity is not there."
Well, this is America
and the opportunity
is wherever you take
the chance to get it.
So I don't understand,
I can't understand.
All I can say is that
this type of behavior,
the gang violence that we've
been enduring in this city
for decades now is,
these people are animals.
They're animals.
They have no common decency,
and this isn't a
conservative view.
I'm sure some liberals out there
will say something different.
But I firmly believe
that these people,
those people in those areas
they are just animals.
They have a total disregard
for decency and humanity.
I just wanna do whatever,
and damn the rest of us.
And I don't know what we can do.
I don't know what we can do.
Hear your thoughts out there.
There's a lot of stuff
floating around there.
So gimme a call here at
Let me hear.
You gorra be kidding me.
Hey, how are you doing?
Fine, I'm just tryna
get to the house.
Sorry to hear about your son.
Hear what?
Haven't talked
about him, two days,
seems about right for him.
So you don't know know.
Know what?
Your son was arrested
two days ago at the park.
He's what?
He was arrested.
I knew, God, I knew. I
knew he was gonna end up
like his no good, gang banger-
Hey, hey, hey, that's your son.
- You know what?
- If I never see him again?
God, Why, Why would he
do something like that?
Oh God.
That is your son.
You don't know.
You do not know the crap
that he has put me through.
It doesn't matter?
That is your son and
he needs you now.
Okay, I'm done, I'm
done, I'm done, I cannot.
Yes, you can.
You can do this,
you are not alone.
- God.
- Hey, that is your son.
It doesn't matter.
Brush yourself off.
Give me the bag.
I'm tired.
- Come on.
- God.
We're gonna pray on this now.
I don't pray.
God doesn't even answer prayers.
I pray, I cry, nothing
changes, you know what?
I'm done.
God hears everyone.
Especially when it
comes from the heart,
and God hears the tears
of a praying woman.
You need to change
your hearts crying.
It's okay.
Yes, you can, come on,
babe, come on now, come on.
I need you to take
a breath on your own.
All right.
Come on, you can do it, breathe.
All right, all right,
all right, all right.
I got it, I got it, you're okay.
Nurse we may need
to keep this open.
Can you just.
Look at me, Tony, look at me.
One last chance.
I need you to take a breath.
Breathe come on.
Can you say something for me?
Oh my God.
Excuse me.
I just came to say,
"We found the shooters."
This isn't the time,
how'd you get in here?
I'm sorry, but this
man deserves to know.
I don't care.
I forgive.
Hey, young brother.
Well them your people.
Oh bad what happened.
Said "Dog go Shannon."
So what exactly happened?
What these two gangs just
are killing each other.
One gang shoot one, the
other one retaliate.
They even killed a
innocent bystander.
Glory to God they didn't.
I was at bystander.
You come to get revenge?
No man, I came to forgive.
Don't you think it's
a little late for that?
I don't understand,
you told me to forgive
and use myself as a
tool, I'm confused.
Hey young blood, your
mission is your message,
but forgiveness
that was for you.
Did you just see
that homeless man?
No, I saw you walk to the
house but then my phone rang.
You are an amazing God.
But say you don't want my
experience that works for me.
Well, we could put simple
things together, like begin.
Number one, get the
fear factor out.
Begin to look out
for your neighbors.
If you can help your
neighbor, help your neighbor.
Don't wait till the matter
get worse than you wanna help,
care more, find out what's
going on in your community.
There's a slogan said
"Each one, teach one
or each one, each one.
However it is, but let's
try to help one another,
and also let the police know
what's going on
in your community.
Let each other work.
Have your group in
your own community.
Let's look out, let's
police your own community.
Look out for one another.
And we go from there.
We all have to work
together to make this work.
Thank you Jesus for
healing my body, Lord.
Thank you for making me
whole once again, Jesus.
When the devil came in
like a rushing flood
and tried to take my joy,
thank you for showing
up in my life Jesus.
Lord I'm so grateful unto you.
You my everything Jesus.
My everything, my
everything Lord is you.