I Give My First Love to You (2009) Movie Script

My love life has a time limit.
It's much shorter than others.
So I have no time to waste.
I have to shine brightly
like fireworks in the summer sky.
I found out about this
when I was 8 years old.
Your heart's beating really fast.
Wow. Doctor. I'm not sure why, but...
What's wrong?
I'm nervous and have a pain in my chest.
That sounds bad. Let's have a look.
Take off your pants.
Take off your underwear.
Don't be shy.
I'm a doctor, so I'm used to it.
So off they go!
Whoa, wait a minute.
Hurry up.
What are you examining?
I said take them off!
Nurse! Help!
Mayu-chan, fireworks!
That's so pretty!
Yeah, it is!
Mayu-chan, I'll go get my mom and dad!
Grab some snacks on the way!
Found them.
You mean Takuma won't recover?
Of course we haven't lost hope.
But please understand that
currently there's no known cure.
So this isn't really a cure, but
his diet and physical activities...
These two must be controlled.
But that's just to prolong his life, right?
If we do those things,
how much longer will he live?
No, we should know.
Takuma's heart won't be able
to withstand his body's growth.
At this rate, Takuma
won't be able to reach 20.
My love life has a time limit.
Let me rephrase that.
Our love life has a time limit.
Stop, that hurts!
Let me go, that hurts!
It seems cruel, but if he moves
he might pull out the catheter and bleed.
Let me go! I can stay still!
I know you can, Takuma. Good boy.
I have to pee.
You're wearing diapers so just pee here.
I don't want to! You try it, Mom!
Pee in diapers and
have someone change it!
You're right.
You're not a baby anymore.
I peed. Please change me.
I'm sorry.
I'll do it. You can wait over there.
I'm sorry, Takuma.
I wish I could take your pain away.
I'm sorry you have to go through this.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Oh, Ms. Lizuka. Sorry.
Mayu did that again.
Oh! Which chair was it this time?
She probably wanted to get me instead.
I'm the bad guy, you see.
Are those Takuma's?
She's probably right.
A useless doctor is just the bad guy.
I'm worried about my daughter.
She just lost her mother,
and now her friend.
Should I stop bringing her here?
I don't know.
They're not just friends, you know.
First love, huh?
Are you better?
Yeah. As long as I don't run.
What are you doing?
Can't you tell?
If I make a wish on a four-leaf clover,
then it'll come true.
I've never heard that before.
Well I have.
When you find one,
what will you wish for?
I don't know yet.
But you're looking anyway?
Oh shut up.
I was bored because you couldn't play.
Still wearing diapers?
Hey, so if I find a four-leaf clover
can I wish for something, too?
What will you wish for?
To become an astronaut when I grow up.
An astronaut?
Then Mayu-chan,
let's get married.
That's my dream.
To become an astronaut and marry you.
Then work and home would be fun.
We could both always be happy.
Mayu-chan! I found one!
Please, god of the four-leaf clover!
Save Takuma!
Don't kill Takuma!
Please let us be together!
Please cure his disease!
Please! Please!
At that time,
I didn't really understand
what death really meant.
Mayu, are you up?
So I
I made a wedding gown.
Promised you an empty future.
Oh, the curtains...
I couldn't help it.
Takuma proposed to me!
Such a thoughtless promise.
Hey! Over here!
Takuma! We're almost there!
Hang in there!
What happened?
He played soccer.
What? He knew it was forbidden, right?
Turn on the monitor. I'll connect him.
I made you a promise
that I couldn't keep.
Let's get married when we grow up.
How am I?
Stable. You're all right.
Great. Then my seventh
stay here is over now.
But come back every two days.
Take your medicine. Avoid exercise.
Oh, and no sweets, no salty foods.
I know that. Don't nag me.
See you. Bye.
So he's all grown up now.
You came for me, Mayu?
Be nice and call me
"Mayu-chan" like you used to.
What for?
You were sweeter when we were kids.
What did Dad say?
He said I'm okay. I can go home.
Takuma, have you grown taller?
Being hospitalized doesn't stop me.
You're becoming a man.
Is that such a bad thing?
You're growing, too.
Your butt's twice as big now!
What? Shut up.
What was that for?
Become smaller!
Grow bigger!
Become smaller!
Stop that.
"Class 2, Grade 9"
Now, who'll translate this for me?
Mayu, you translate it.
Yes, you. Stand up.
How many languages exist?
Around 2500 to 3000, they say.
Takuma, help me.
"Therefore Merry said,"
"You should chain your key
and wallet up."
"Therefore Merry said,"
"You should chain your key
and wallet up."
Excellent, Takuma.
Actually, this was a tricky one.
The way to translate this... This part.
It's taught in high school.
So I'm impressed.
Thank you.
But you, Mayu.
Stop relying on Takuma all the time.
You're alone during entrance exams.
I know that.
Okay, then.
Who's the target?
The most rewarding one.
Sounds awesome.
I'm starving.
Whoops. You all right?
We were gonna mop the court.
Are you crazy?
Hey, look, it's pink.
That's awesome.
You pigs. Apologize.
Why should we?
You did it on purpose.
It was an accident.
No way it was an accident!
It wasn't on purpose.
What? It was an accident.
Let's go.
Hey, stop!
What did you do to her?
Go get a teacher.
Leave her alone!
Never mind, Takuma! Don't!
Never mind! Don't, Takuma!
Stop it.
"Internal Medicine"
Feeling better now?
That was nothing.
Go change. You'll catch cold.
Don't worry about me.
Don't be so angry.
They're just acting immature.
Those jerks.
They saw your bra.
Even I haven't seen it.
They saw it before I did.
Your pink bra.
Are you out of your mind?
You almost killed yourself for that?
It's an important matter to me.
I'm your boyfriend.
So I should have been first.
I always thought I'd be first.
Then I'll let you be first.
I would have shown you anytime.
So promise me that
you'll never do that again.
Hold on.
My chest hurts.
It's not a heart attack.
But it hurts.
What is this?
I'm never showing you my body.
The excitement might kill you.
No, wait a sec.
I'll never show you.
Oh, come on, Mayu.
I'll never show you. Never!
Mayu, my beloved.
I'd been thinking during
my 7th stay at the hospital.
That if I made it out alive again,
I'd give you a kiss.
That I'd hold your hand. Hug you tight.
And then
I'd break up with you.
When you're with me,
you're always crying.
Like the way you're always on my mind,
you're always thinking about my condition.
You're always worried about when I'd die.
So to keep you from crying,
I have to break up with you
while I'm still alive.
I suppose it's only natural
with your grades.
Please handle my application, then.
Shido High School, huh?
It's the best of the best.
But have you discussed this thoroughly
with your parents?
Shido High School? But that's...
It's a boarding school.
Yep. Three years in a dorm.
No. I won't allow it.
What if something happens to you?
I can take care of myself.
Takuma, normally this would have been
great news, but...
It'll be a memorable experience
before I die.
I'm glad I know about my lifespan.
I can try to do anything.
So I don't have regrets.
It's Mayu, right?
You want to go because she is, right?
It's got nothing to do with her.
I wish I didn't have to say this to you,
but if it's the case, could you tell him?
That we want him to go
to a nearby high school.
You misunderstand.
Shido High is too difficult for me.
I see.
So Takuma's going to Shido High.
"Study Hall"
That makes you look dumb.
Stop it.
You're studying hard.
Which high school did you choose?
Which one?
Shido High School.
That's such a prestigious school!
Hear that? He's going to Shido.
I could never get into Shido High
with my grades.
Which school did you choose?
I'm not going to high school.
I have different plans.
Different plans?
The plans we made as kids. Remember?
I see. So you don't remember.
"Acceptance Letter"
Now I can distance myself
from Mayu naturally.
"Graduation Ceremony"
Let's go out to eat.
You two go ahead.
See you, Takuma.
I hear you're going to Shido.
See you.
See you.
Who are you looking for?
Nobody in particular.
Is that so?
So did you get accepted anywhere?
No way.
Last minute cramming
didn't help me pass any exams.
What a bummer.
I never realized how stupid I am.
What will you do?
Maybe I'll go work
on a deep-sea fishing boat.
You know that's not realistic.
So I guess junior high was
the last time I could be with you.
Mayu, what are your plans?
I'm going home.
No, I mean from now on.
I'll think of something.
Let's get together sometime.
See you.
See you, Takuma.
I love you so much.
I couldn't bring myself
to tell you goodbye.
So I acted like a coward.
Takuma, wait.
I can go by myself.
Let's go together.
- Let's not.
"Entrance Ceremony"
"Shido High School"
Now that you're in high school
you have the opportunity
to gain new knowledge.
Like my two examples,
gaining knowledge will lead
to new ways of thinking.
Don't limit yourself within set boundaries;
expand or even take away
such frameworks.
Congratulations to you all.
Next, the freshman's address.
The representative is Mayu Taneda.
My love life has a time limit.
So I have no time to waste.
I have to shine brightly
like fireworks in the summer sky.
There you are!
Shocked, are you?
You can't get rid of me just yet!
I studied so hard!
Ten tutors came to help me study!
Now look at me.
I passed with the highest marks.
You're just another student.
You jerk, Takuma!
How dare you look down on me?
I never looked down on you!
You jerk! You have no idea how I felt!
I didn't intend to go to high school!
I was going to prepare!
I planned on taking cooking lessons!
And other things to become ladylike!
I've reached the marriageable age,
so I was going to wait
two more years until you turned 18.
Have you forgotten our promise?
Don't make light of me!
I've never forgotten our promise!
So don't you dare try to dump me!
I wanted to be the best bride
in the world for you!
Do you hear me, Takuma?
Let go of me!
I'm not finished!
Takuma, you jerk!
Next, we'll sing the school song.
Please stand up.
Of course I haven't forgotten. But...
So that kiss and proposal was a lie.
No, I...
What, then?
You're wearing makeup.
That's hilarious.
Shut up. Why do you care?
Your hair's weird.
I got a perm.
So you two getting married?
Shut up! Who said that?
I'm serious!
So everyone keep your hands off
this guy!
You just don't get it, do you?
Get what?
Don't say I didn't try.
I asked you. It's too curly.
You're the guy that girl loves.
I'm your roommate, Ritsu Sugiyama.
I'm Takuma Kakinouchi.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Excuse me.
You're the girl who's in love.
I'm Mayu Taneda.
I'm your roommate, Yuiko Tamura.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
"Women's Dorm"
You know, the mens' dorm is that way.
Yes, I know.
But I'd rather be over here
spending time with you all.
See, I knew you were cute.
I'm Kou Suzuya, a freshman.
Nice to meet you.
Smart and athletic. What a girl.
She's always had potential.
She did?
Until now she'd wasted her time on me.
I see.
Stop that. Don't disrupt practice.
She got in trouble.
She looks dejected.
Yeah, she does.
Why are you tagging along?
I'm happy to be with you again.
Get away from me.
I'm happy to be with you again.
Stop that.
Why not?
You know why.
Who cares?
Just stop it.
I won't.
I won't!
Stop it!
You're doing fine.
If I'm not in class, I stay in bed.
I know it must be hard.
Doctor, I have a question.
How much exercise am I allowed?
What do you mean?
Can I do sports that don't require running?
For example... Japanese archery.
Or sex.
Who do you plan to do that with?
Oh, I didn't mean with Mayu.
I wouldn't do it with your daughter.
I just wondered because I lack experience.
It depends, but it can be pretty strenuous.
I see.
Not as a father,
but as a doctor, I wouldn't recommend it.
I guess so.
A guy who can't have sex
couldn't marry anyone.
She just doesn't get these things.
I can't walk like this.
Sure You can.
No, I can't.
Sure you can!
Stop it.
Don't be shy.
I'm not.
Turn right.
Teru, is that you?
Long time no see.
How are you?
You're all grown up now.
I can't believe you used to be
that little boy.
I was in grade school when we last met.
Take it.
You're still with Mayu.
The nurses and I used to laugh
and call you a miniature married couple.
You're in the hospital again?
I had a heart attack.
I'm also hoping to get a transplant,
since I'm 20 now
Are you registered for a transplant?
That's the only way left
for us to survive.
Why are you angry?
I'm not.
You remember Teru, don't you?
She used to play with us.
I don't remember.
I was only interested in you.
Why are men like that?
A pretty woman makes them
soft and mushy.
Women are the same.
They smile and flirt with handsome guys.
Soft and mushy.
Smiling and flirting.
Soft and mushy!
He left early?
He said he was going to the hospital.
Today's not his checkup.
He had an expectant look.
Yeah, he did, didn't he?
But he should be back this afternoon.
No he won't.
I know why he went to the hospital.
Hi, there.
Wow. Thanks.
They're lovely.
Sorry. Are you okay?
I'm fine.
You're Mayu Taneda.
I'm Kou Suzuya.
My marks were second best.
So nice to meet you.
Let's enjoy school life together.
How are you doing?
Here, take this. I brought some food.
Study hard. I'll come again.
Don't come back.
Good evening.
Good evening.
Don't tell anyone.
It'll hurt my image.
If people find out
that I have such a shabby family.
I hear you have a heart condition.
Since when?
Who are you? Get lost.
Takuma Kakinouchi.
Let's talk.
Oh yeah, sweet stuff's bad for you.
Why do I know?
I used to know someone
who suffered the same condition.
So I probably know more about it
than you or Mayu.
That person died.
He kept waiting for a donor,
like you perhaps,
but it didn't work out and he died,
the poor guy.
He was my father.
Dying from heart disease isn't rare.
So I'm not interested in dead people.
I'm only interested in
the people who are left behind.
My mother still misses my father
and cries.
What a fate.
The girl I fall in love with
has a boyfriend,
and he suffers from the same disease
my father had.
When I found that out,
it occurred to me.
When you die,
she'll never stop crying.
So to prevent that,
I must
make her mine while you're still alive.
why did you come to this school?
It was to break up with her, right?
Then do it.
Will you go out with me?
No, wait.
Be my girl.
You know I...
I'll wait patiently for your reply.
It's Kou. He's so fine.
On your mark.
Get set.
In April 1895,
Hirobumi lto and Munemitsu Mutsu
from Japan
and Hongzhang Li from China
signed the Treaty of Shimonoseki.
The four most important treaty terms
are as follows.
China recognizes the complete
independence of Korea.
China cedes to Japan the Penghu group,
Taiwan and the Liaodong Peninsula...
Sir, I need to use the bathroom.
Where are you going?
Oh, it's you.
The hospital. I don't have
official permission today.
You're going to see her again?
You don't understand.
It's lonely being in the hospital.
Stop being jealous and be considerate.
I wonder where I lost it.
What did you lose?
A lucky charm. My will.
I wrote it when I was a kid.
Back then it was really my will,
but I'm still alive
so now it's my lucky charm.
Was it when I climbed the wall?
I hope Mayu's keeping it for me.
You're so lucky to have
such a pretty girl by your side.
I don't have anybody.
I've never been in a relationship
at this age.
If I do get a heart transplant
I'll get an even bigger scar
on my chest
and no man would want to see that.
I'll never be in a relationship.
Don't talk like that.
It won't matter.
You're really pretty, Teru.
Will you kiss me?
Takuma, you idiot. You still had this?
Come over here.
Come here.
I've never been in love,
so I've never kissed.
I don't want to die that way.
Takuma, don't you like me?
If you don't like me, then...
What? Of course not.
Then you like me.
I'm embarrassed to say,
that was my first kiss.
I saw you walk in here from the dorm.
What are you doing here?
I come here to be alone.
Do you?
Oh, you wanted to become an astronaut.
You're not listening.
I said I come here to be alone.
Do you?
Were you at the hospital all day?
Yeah, I was.
With her?
We talked.
About what?
Lots of things.
About what?
I'm sorry.
Teru and I...
We kissed.
I couldn't avoid it.
She asked, "Don't you like me?"
And I said, "Of course not."
Then she said, "Then you like me."
You idiot! That's a leading question!
Just because she's pretty...
That's not why.
What, then?
She said she didn't want to die.
Not like that.
She's still waiting for a transplant.
I can't be cold to someone like that.
That's not kindness.
I know that.
I can't stand that side of you.
Then break up with me.
I finally understand how you feel now.
How I feel?
You can't get out of it.
You can't say no
to someone so anxious.
Come to think of it,
I'm the one who always said,
"I love you."
You're just too nice to let it slide.
After all that you've done for me,
I couldn't tell Teru no.
You have no idea how I feel.
Why couldn't you just tell her no?
Guys have to
say no when a girl he's not
interested in asks if he likes her.
Fine. If that's what you want,
then let's break up.
Good morning!
Stop that.
Was that a ballet move?
Shut up.
What to eat breakfast?
Are you cool with that?
It's not my business.
What happened to Ms. Teru Uehara?
She passed away late last night.
Poor thing. A sudden heart attack
and nothing could be done.
I did say that I'd wait patiently,
but I'd appreciate it
if you could tell me now.
Don't you like me?
Then you do like me.
I fall into the "like" category
for you, right?
Then let's try...
I like Takuma more than you.
I love him more than anybody else...
He'll die, you know.
It won't be long now.
I'll kill you if you say that again!
Takuma won't die and leave me behind.
Don't make light of his life!
You don't get it, do you?
What it's like to lose someone
dear to you.
You don't get it at all.
When he dies,
what will happen to you?
If you're going to be devastated then...
It pains me to watch you.
Let go of me.
I won't.
Let go!
Challenge me to what? You're so pale.
100m sprint.
Why should I help you commit suicide?
If I lose, Mayu is yours.
But if I win, don't ever go near her again.
Don't talk to her. Don't even look at her.
Keep your eyes lowered in school.
Why me?
Classes will start, so...
On your mark.
Get set.
Mayu, my beloved.
I won't die.
A promise is a promise.
Leave Mayu alone.
Haven't run in so long.
I feel great. I feel so great!
Takuma, what are you doing?
What? Are you crazy?
Guys aren't supposed to come
to the women's dorm.
Hi there, Yuiko.
What? Get lost.
Mayu, let's go on a date under the moon.
Come on.
I thought we broke up.
We did? When?
I didn't know that.
You're making fun of me.
A nighttime date on campus.
I wanted to join the Japanese archery club.
You did?
Being in a club with you sounds fun.
And you look sexy in that outfit.
That's your reason? You're crazy.
No. Stick out your chest.
Like this?
Hold it here.
Elbow like this.
Focus on the target.
Have sex with me.
As a reward for winning.
A reward for winning what?
A reward for being alive.
I want you, Mayu.
Takuma, don't.
I want you.
Not here.
I want you.
Takuma, you idiot.
You skipped class again to go where?
To visit Teru's grave.
Dr. Taneda told me where.
Want to come along?
Yo, Takuma.
What are you doing?
I now have a girlfriend off campus.
She's a college student with big tits.
I can't advertise
that I have such a sexy girlfriend.
So I'm off to do sexy things with her.
After all, I couldn't do it on campus.
Why are you telling us that?
You and Princess are different.
I still love you, Princess.
You're incorrigible.
By the way, Takuma.
Why don't we be friends?
I've never asked a guy "out" before.
I'll wait patiently for your reply.
See you!
"Uehara Family"
I was sentenced to death as a kid.
That I wouldn't live to see 20.
That fate
began to change greatly.
A young man who was in an accident
carried an organ donor card.
The organ transplant network chose
Takuma as the recipient
because of matching blood types.
The donor's family has consented.
It took so long,
but we can finally give him
the heart transplant.
Takuma, the surgery will take place
in two days.
I'm ordering you complete bed rest.
Try not to leave this room if you can.
What about the toilet?
I got you a room
with an adjoining toilet.
Dr. Taneda.
If the transplant is successful,
will it be okay to run?
Can I eat whatever I want?
Can I go to college and get married?
Of course.
Keep doing your best
and live a full life.
What's wrong?
You, too, Mayu?
You haven't heard?
Kou was in an accident.
And he's never regaining
consciousness again.
He's brain dead.
We heard he was brought here.
What is it?
It's not him, is it?
The donor of the heart
that Takuma will get.
It's not him, is it?
That's not your concern.
Go keep Takuma company.
You'd decided to be an organ donor.
"Organ Donor Card Heart"
Was it because your own father died
without getting a transplant?
You were so cheeky around me
but I knew that behind that front
you were always a considerate boy.
We understand.
We'll keep your heart alive.
First, I want to eat ramen noodles.
And drink soda pop.
And eat dessert.
You haven't changed
since you were little.
I'm getting a transplant in two days.
I can't wait. I wish it were today.
Let's go to the pool when I recover.
The pool?
I want to see you in a bikini.
It's sort of frustrating, though.
Even Dr. Taneda doesn't know
about the donor.
I know it's the system, but...
I want to thank that person
and the family.
You're right.
Of course.
Where are you going?
The toilet.
Oh, by the way.
Is another Shido High student here?
I keep seeing
our school uniform around.
I don't know.
Maybe it's another grade.
I see.
Thank you for coming today.
Were you all in Kou's class?
Our classes don't matter.
Kou was the most popular boy in school.
Hey, that nurse gave us
the wrong room number.
But he's a Shido student, too.
Is there another student here?
Kou Suzuya, from our class.
He was in an accident
and is in a coma.
Where the heck is Kou's room?
Get out of my way.
You knew?
Your dad, too!
That's why I was confined!
I didn't know! It's a coincidence.
No way!
Don't lie to me! Why?
This is probably my last chance.
I'm not going through with this.
I can't take a friend's heart to survive!
Then a stranger's would have been okay?
You were so happy last night!
I don't care whose heart it is.
If it'll help you live, then fine!
That's all I care about!
I won't let you back out.
If you die, I'll...
Don't say another word.
You and your dad don't understand.
What it means to die.
How frightening it is.
It's the same for Kou, too.
What does it mean to live?
Do I have to take a friend's heart
to live longer?
I don't want that.
Mrs. Suzuya, Kou is...
No way...
What do you mean
you won't go through with it?
Takuma, what happened?
Why are you saying this?
Why don't you want the heart transplant?
No, that's not the case.
Tears can flow even in your son's state.
It's called the Lazarus sign,
and some have even crossed
their arms on their chests.
But they're just spinal reflex movements.
I'm afraid your son's diagnosis still stands.
I see.
I'm very sorry.
But Doctor,
I'm withdrawing our donor consent.
I'm sorry.
My son was definitely crying.
As his mother, I refuse to donate his heart.
Oblivious of our desires,
my death sentence was
pronounced elsewhere.
I'm very sorry.
The donor's family retracted
their consent.
Is that even allowed at this point?
Both the organ donor and the family
must give consent.
If the family refuses, we can't operate.
But they'd given consent before.
Why now?
I don't know what to say.
We can't accept that, Doctor.
Dad, it's all right.
No, it's not.
I'll survive.
Then I can leave now, right?
I want to go back to school.
Mayu, let's go back.
I'm warning you.
Don't give up yet.
Don't think about dying.
I won't let you.
That's strange.
Hearing you say
that made the pain go away.
I'm your wonder drug, after all.
I'll tell the teacher.
Thanks. I'll be here all day.
You all right?
Take care.
See You later.
- Yeah, See you.
Let's go.
- Takuma, we're here!
Takuma Kakinouchi, age 16.
Any alterations?
His level of consciousness
has been decreasing.
Takuma, can you hear me? Takuma!
Hang in there, Takuma!
It's ready.
Get the defibrillator ready!
Get the pads.
Charge it to 150.
They're set.
Step back.
Please come in.
This will be
your last chance to be with him.
You, too.
Stay with Takuma.
Takuma, forgive me.
It's my fault you weren't born healthy.
Takuma. You've been so strong.
I'm so proud of you.
No. No. No. No.
Please. Please!
Please. Please. Please!
Please. Please!
Please give Takuma
Kou's heart!
I know I'm being selfish.
Takuma is dying.
Please. Give him Kou's heart.
Please save Takuma.
Please. Please. Please!
Please. Please. Please.
Save Takuma.
Mayu, stop that.
Please. Please!
I hear you, young lady.
we can't just say, "Yes."
My grandson sheds tears.
This morning, a finger moved.
The doctor tells us it's just reflex,
but to us family, it's hope.
A miracle might happen.
A new cure might be discovered.
He might wake up tomorrow
and say, "Where am I, Grandpa?"
We can't crush that hope
with our own hands.
Please understand.
I beg you.
Who is Takuma?
He's my fianc.
I see.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
God of the four-leaf clover,
what does it mean to live?
Mayu is crying again.
Just a little more.
Please give me
just a little more time.
Hey, Mayu.
Wait a sec. I'll get ready.
This is our chance.
Mom and Dad rushed off
to get Dr. Taneda when I came to.
Let's go, then.
To our honeymoon.
Takuma, we have to go back.
Looks like clear skies today.
So where do we go?
Takuma, listen to me.
Oh, shut up. I'm fine.
Better than I've ever been.
That can't be true.
Please, we have to
get Dad to examine you.
Where do we go on our honeymoon?
But we're not even married yet.
Don't mind the order.
I'll take you wherever you want.
Awesome. I've always wanted to ride that.
Are you really all right?
Couldn't be better.
Yeah, really. What next?
Let's ride on the coaster.
Uh, no.
Why not?
I don't think we should...
It'll be fine. Don't worry.
Oh, no.
Don't worry.
That much?
Today was fun.
We'll do this again, right?
We had fun, didn't we?
We always had fun.
I'm sorry.
For not keeping my promise.
The god of the four-leaf clover
is telling me it's time.
Let's go back.
Let's go back, Mayu.
Are you out of your mind?
You knew how bad his condition was.
Calm down.
Doctor, the echo's ready.
Get the Lasix.
Doctor, it's ready.
6:26 a.m.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Please accept my sincere condolences.
"Dear everybody I love,"
"Please be happy even after I'm gone."
Thank you for letting me do this.
I'm sure Takuma is happy.
That's what he always wanted.
Thank you very much.
I've always wanted to tell you.
Thank you.
For letting my son experience love.
Thank you so much.
Our dream has come true.
It's about time.
our lives
were fuller than others, right?
Living is
just so sad.
It's filled with
such heartbreaks like this.
But, Takuma.
I don't regret a thing.
That I met you.
That I fell in love with you.
If I were to meet you again,
even knowing such sadness awaits me,
I'd definitely
fall in love with you again.
Why did you sit there?
I wanted to get the head nurse.
You do it, too.
Color this part in.
Okay, then.
What did you do that for?
Now we're even. Will you forgive me?
I wasn't mad in the first place.
That prank didn't make you mad? Why?
Why? I wonder why?
What's your name?
Takuma Kakinouchi.
I'm Mayu Taneda.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
I don't regret a thing.
No matter how many times
we meet again,
I'd definitely
fall in love with you again.