I Got the Hook Up 2 (2019) Movie Script

On the real
I'm a straight millionaire,
From a killing spree
to a winning streak
If you in the streets,
you should mimic me
Cars came, everything
but the kitchen sink
Gold chains, Mr. T
What you niggas think?
Count cash by the beach
in a villa suite
Lot of girls,
but we got the best chemistry
Cali raised, playing Pac,
sippin' Hennessy
Money, power, and respect --
that's the trilogy
I don't know
I just know this life cost
a lot of dough
Went and got a couple M's
Need a lot of more,
I don't know
- Hey, what up, Doc?
- Hey, Mr. Blue. How you doing?
- How's your girl, man?
- Oh, she good.
I gave her that medicine
she like and she...
Man, I don't trust that doctor.
- I feel you on that one.
- That nigga got on two chains.
- One hundred.
- And a watch.
- Man, I feel you.
- Something ain't right.
Na, na, na
Na-na, na, na, na
- Na, na, na
- SPYDA: Shit.
- Ooh, that's a big-ass dog.
- Ooh-ee!
I'll fuck the shit
out that dog, boy.
- You'll -- You'll do what?
- I'm fucking with you, homey.
No, the hell you wasn't.
- You a nasty motherfucker.
- Fuck it. You got me.
- You got me. You got me.
- Man, come on, Momo.
Where you at with them pills,
- You better be ready, nigga.
- Ooh, I ain't playing with you.
Better bring your stocking caps,
'cause it's going down.
Bitches gonna be knocking
on your dick like,
- "Mr. Woodpecker?"
- I hope not.
I don't want no knocking, now.
- Mama!
- Bump that.
Can I borrow $100?
Yes, baby! Don't worry about it!
I got you!
- I love you!
- I love you too, darlin'.
And your white friend!
- I love you.
- That's my friend right here.
Shit, boy.
Your mama love you, boy.
- Hold up.
- I can't get $20 off my mama.
I can't wait till she die, boy.
Don't say that about Auntie,
Man, nigga, you know she got --
I'm telling you.
She die, I'm gonna get
some money, nigga.
- Guess what.
- I'm not dapping you up on that.
- Your ass going to hell.
- Man, we can buy some pounds.
God damn. Speaky no more.
Hey! What's up, Spyda?!
My man!
Old boy!
I got it for you this time,
- Hey!
- Yeah!
- You got it for me?
- You see this?
This is what you really need,
Is it really gonna get me up?
I tell you, it's absolutely,
positively gonna work.
- All night? All night?
- All night!
- All night!
- All night, baby!
Mexicans! Hey!
Unos, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco!
Momo, I can always count on you.
Oh. Always!
- Always.
- Always, boy!
Cuz, I told you!
Titi, you still gonna give me
that $100?
- Fuck no!
- Pshh.
Yeah. Yes, sir.
Hey, man.
That shit gonna fuck him up.
It's on.
It's on, baby.
That's it right here.
- Ooh, yeah.
- Man, what I told you
about fucking with them
strange-ass niggas, man?
It don't matter.
He gave me a pill.
I can't trust him.
Look how he pulled up.
"My man Spyda!"
How long you knew him?
I bet you ain't know that nigga
three days, huh?
Just met him yesterday.
Now you finna die
taking that damn pill.
Stupid-ass nigga, man.
Man, what the hell
you got going on, man?
Bro, I been seein' spiders --
I think I'm about to die.
Bro, look at my dick, man!
Man, I ain't finna look
at your dick out here!
Bro, it's been up for 12 hours!
That's that shit
Momo gave you, huh?
Look -- Bro, it's been
on rock-solid, bro.
I told you not to fuck with him!
This shit.
Spiders and ev--
Man, what the fuck?
Darling? I can help you
with that, darling.
- You ever had a granny?
- You better get a cookie.
- I'm asking.
- Ain't nobody fucking with you.
I'm asking, darling.
Have you ever had --
I'd get manslaughter
for fucking with you with this!
- Ain't nobody fucking with you.
- I'm telling you.
I can't stand Momo!
Oh, oh, oh, yes, I'm winnin'
Yes, I'm winnin'
Hey, Fats!
What's up, man?!
I still got them Moneyattis,
police or no police!
What's up, Fat?!
What up, baby?!
Must be eating them tuna-fish
sandwiches, getting swolled up.
- Mikey baby.
- Hey, my boy.
Help him out, little nigga.
What's up? I got them Yattis.
You know the game, boy.
- They fresh!
- Let me see. Let me see.
- What size that is?
- Ooh!
- Ooh!
- God damn!
- How much you want for them?
- Give me $29.
- Huh?
- Twenty-nine? Dollars?
Twenty-nine dollars.
Why you taxing him?
Come on, man!
Give to me for 10 cent.
I was gonna give y'all these,
plus I wanted some raw.
But listen.
Them people coming.
Whoop, whoop!
Here they come!
Here come them people, Fat!
- Trey!
- No, ain't no Trey.
- Trey!
- They like fat niggas in jail!
- Shit.
- Hell yeah.
Sit your stupid ass down, bro.
This my 13th bust today.
10-20 35. Got everybody.
All these little young bastards.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Man, nothing!
What's up with y'all
with the guns on a nigga, man?
- We know. Oh, we know.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
- Is this a trap house, sir?
- Man, I ain't gonna lie.
I'm'a tell you
everything you need to know.
This bitch right here
be booming --
Saturday, Sunday, Monday --
and he the one that sell it.
Bitch, you sold me out!
Now look at y'all!
- Y'all all going to jail!
- Oh, no.
I should lock you up
for these ugly-ass outfits.
Man, fuck the police!
Man, that's how --
- Did you hear what I said?!
- Shut up, man!
- I'm just playing, bro.
- You're damn right.
- You see that?
- You ain't NWA.
Yes, sir. I'm sorry.
I was just playing.
- He ain't gonna shoot, man.
- Why you got a gun on him?
- You a Latino with an attitude?
- Man, I ain't do nothing, bro!
I-I'm a Latino.
Yeah, man.
We looking like that.
Frank -- Frank, it's okay.
- Fuck the police.
- I apologize.
Coming straight
from the underground?
You think this is a game?
You think this is
a motherfuckin' game?
Don't blow that smoke
in my face there, little boy.
- Weed is legal, dawg!
- Hey.
- Weed legal?
- Yeah! What up, boy?!
We'll sell you some.
- Legal.
- 35-60 12.
They said that weed
is legal now.
- Is that true?
- Oh, roger that.
Son of a bitch.
My man!
Don't "Hey, Spyda" me!
Fuck you, Momo!
All night!
- All night!
- Fuck you, Momo!
All night.
You -- You...
- What's all night?
- I hate you.
- What?
- What's all night?
That pill he gave me.
Nigga, all night, every day.
- My shit wouldn't go down!
- A pill?
Hey! Momo!
You gonna die, Blue!
Eleven minutes!
Ten minutes!
Nine minutes!
Oh, yeah
Well, all right
Oh, yeah
Well, all right
Twiddly dee, twiddly dee,
twiddly dee
Oh, yeah
Well, all right
What you gone on?
You ain't got Moneyatti
Man. Look around.
The neighborhood changing, Blue.
Next thing you know,
we gonna have a swap meet
around this...
Don't nobody look like us
own anything in the hood.
But I know one thing -- We ain't
gonna let them take Big Poppa's.
We about to get our bread.
Man, what happened
to Mr. Goldstein?
I heard he's doing
10 flat in jail, man.
- Damn. Ten?
- Yeah.
He gonna come out
with a baby daddy.
Come on, man.
Goldstein can hold his own, man.
He only in there for phones,
man, illegal phones.
Man, Dana You Can Bang Her
and her auntie are free.
Big Mo changed his life.
He ain't hustling no more.
The Colombians buying up
all the cellphone stores.
I heard they got that work.
Man, 20 years later,
me and Blue back at it.
Only thing --
I got a parole officer
that think he's a pimp
that's on my back,
and I'm just trying
to bounce back.
Money, money, money, money
Money, money, money, money
Money, money, money, money
Money, money, money, money
Where you going?
Some people got to have it
Hey, hey
- Some people
- Damn.
Really need it
Hey, listen to me, y'all
Do things, do things,
do things
Bad things with it
Hey, Tony. It's not a good time.
I just got --
I done told you about that shit,
My name is Jackpot.
Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.
You got that?
Keep fuckin' calling me Tony,
I'm'a violate you
over the phone.
You missed your appointment,
Man, I had some things going on
at my restaurant.
If you don't get in here
and give me a piss test,
I'm'a violate you.
And you get pulled over,
your ass is going back to jail.
I'm'a tell you that right now.
You got a couple of days
to get in here,
give me some pee,
and kiss my ass.
Roger that. He's working.
Man, I ain't going back to jail.
- Fuck I did?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay. Slowly.
Look, man.
I ain't got nothing on me.
- Okay. All right. That's fine.
- I'm good.
- That's fine. Okay.
- Yeah.
Please, all right?
Just calm down, all right?
- Don't resist.
- What's the problem, Officer?
Nothing, Chester Cheeto, okay?
Why don't you, uh, turn around
and put your hands on the car?
Dana, what the hell
is wrong with you?
Why would you yank
in front of me like that?
Are you trying to kill somebody?
I'm sorry. I didn't see you,
Officer Miller.
Detective Miller.
- Oh, you think this is funny?
- No.
I'm gonna walk you play by play,
First, we locked eyes.
You want to know how I know
we locked eyes?
Because I saw your crazy ass
looking at me.
I didn't want to look,
but out of respect,
I looked back at you,
but then guess what you did.
You mouthed to me,
"Come here, Johnny."
Then you tried to do a little
wink, but you can't wink.
Remember that, Dana?
You can't wink!
Then you blew me a little kiss.
So you saying you didn't see me?
You saying you didn't see me?
I think I have some drugs
in my pocket.
You should search me, Johnny.
Dana... what the hell
is wrong with you?
Are you trying to go to jail?
Only if you'll be the one
to handcuff me.
Get out the damn car.
Why the fuck
did this asshole run?
Beats me.
I don't know why he ran.
Oh, hey! Come on!
Give us a break!
I'm just writing
a fucking ticket!
Now, that nigga is fast.
Yo, ain't that Black?
Ain't he a O.G.?
Yeah, but that nigga run
more like a young nigga.
Five dollars
they ain't gonna catch him.
You don't even have $5.
- Like I was saying, ain't no --
- You ain't s--
Aw, damn!
Ooh! Damn!
Hold on, baby.
Let me holler at you real quick.
Damn, girl.
You looking so fine, make
a nigga touch hisself, girl.
- Mm!
- Oh, yeah?
Thank you.
What can I do for you?
You like kids?
- Do I like kids?
- Huh?
- I love kids.
- Yeah? Oh, do you?
What, you need a new baby daddy?
- I might.
- I'll be your baby daddy.
Little sweet little --
Damn. That's a big-ass baby.
Who the daddy, Shaq?
I ain't no motherfuckin' baby.
Oh, shit.
This baby got a gun.
Spread your damn legs, woman.
All right.
Got me doing this.
Hands up behind your head, okay?
- Mm.
- That's what you want?
Ma'am, no recording, please.
See what you -- See what you
got me looking like out here?
You are obviously clean, okay?
Go home, Dana.
- Ever s--
- Go home, Dana.
Every hero needs a sidekick.
Yes. We got a 211
at the warehouse district.
Got to make a stop.
Meet up in 20.
Get out the way, man.
Now, listen.
Whether you like it or not,
it's true, okay?
You only move up
in this line of work
if you're the best
or if you have tits.
You know that's chauvinistic,
Clearly you skipped
sensitivity training.
Oh, come on, Diaz.
Get out of your feelings.
I'm just keeping it real
with you.
Now, listen.
I may be young.
But people respect me
because I'm persistent,
I'm a go-getter,
and I'm always honest.
Sit back.
Enjoy the show.
Take notes, baby.
They said I got a baby --
a Mexican baby --
on the loose,
stealing some shit.
A fuckin' --
I'm here for a fucking baby!
My nigga cheating on me,
and I'm here for a fuckin' baby?
And the baby not even black?
I don't believe this shit.
All right. All right.
How you doing?
Whoa, whoa. Sir, sir, sir.
Man, slow your roll down.
This is an active crime scene.
You don't see the yellow tape?
- I got work to --
- Hey, no. Ain't no work.
These for-real police officers.
I need you to bust a U.
Take them skinny jeans and
that small shirt and whoo-whoo!
- Bust a U?
- Bust a U!
Hey, bro.
I don't know if you think
I'm playing.
Officer Hilson!
Officer Schwartz!
Man, y'all come right on in.
Man, it's good to see you.
Boy, look at you!
- Looking like Brad Pitt.
- You have a good --
Hey, bro! Bro!
You trying to sneak through?
I'm'a tell you right now.
You need to fall back...
like your hairline is doing.
Tell that bitch
I will snatch that frontal
right off her ashy-ass head.
And yes,
I'm always strapped, bitch!
- Keisha!
- What?
You know him?
Bitch -- Oh, hey. Yeah, yeah.
They my peoples. They good.
- Have a good one.
- Unh-unh, unh-unh, unh-unh.
Not him, her.
Sheila, you good.
Ha. Step back, bro.
Step back.
Hey, how you doing, ma'am?
No disrespect.
Is he with you?
Must be the tits.
I was -- I was packing my boxes,
right, and I saw this girl.
I was like, "Whoo!"
Shut the fuck up
and listen to me
and say something right now.
- Go ahead.
- She had a fat-ass booty, right?
How fat was her ass?
- It was like that.
- Like this or like that?
Both of them.
Don't be a bitch.
- What's the color of her hair?
- Red.
- Red hair, fat ass?
- Red hair, fat ass.
A grown baby with a mother
with a fat ass and the red hair?
Let me see your ID,
you punk-bitch nigga.
You trying to trick me.
- Look, who did it?
- What the fuck?
Give me a description
or something.
And why the fuck your hands
behind your back already?
I already know how it go
when you fucking
with the police, man,
and I already told y'all
who did it.
Who did it?!
Man, it was a baby,
a badass bitch, and his mama.
Oh, you want to play today?
Are you the baby's father?
- I'm not the baby's --
- Don't be a bitch, okay?
USS gonna stand for
"You stupid son of a bitch" --
it's missing a B --
if you keep fucking with me.
Don't talk to me like that.
There's nobody watching, right?
Shut up.
Don't cry like a bitch.
Listen. We been tracking
those guys for a few months.
If you remember anything
about them, let me know.
That'd help us out.
Hell no, man.
I ain't saying shit to the cops.
See, I was having a good day
before all this shit
and Uncle Tom over there.
Now, unfortunately, I'm --
I'm wondering, you know, why --
why these criminals,
who usually leave no witnesses,
left y'all two alive.
See, now I'm thinking
y'all may be an accessory.
Man, I ain't got shit to say.
You guys are clearly opposites.
Ooh, ooh
Come on, Daddy.
You don't even have to tip us.
You want us both
at the same time, Daddy?
Oh, fuck yeah.
I know you want this, papi.
I'm ready now.
Hey, Pop.
Man, don't "Pops" me.
The fuck you got going on
back here
with these three fine,
ass-out women?
And whose baby is that?
I'm not a baby, homey.
I'm Big Shawn.
Do a baby got bitches like this?
"Bitches"? No.
One bitch.
- Hey, I'm your bitch.
- You're mine.
- You're mine.
- Yo, wait -- wait a minute!
I'm calling your mama.
Ha-ha-ha-ha, ha, ha
Hey, hey
Oh, oh, oh, oh
This woman don't never answer
her goddamn phone.
- What's up, Blue?
- What up, Black?
- What's happening with --
- Man. Came calling.
What you need, bro?
The fuck?
Who little badass baby that is?
That ain't no baby.
That's somebody granddaddy.
Damn, O.G.
That's Big Shawn.
I was using him to get
my IG followers up.
Man, I don't give a fuck
who he was.
But if I'd have caught
that little motherfucker,
I'd probably be in jail.
And what the fuck is a IG?
That's how I met them
three bad bitches right there!
I got five million followers
on the Gram.
I'm lit!
I'm Instagram famous.
Let me see this shit, man.
Man, look, look.
Check this out.
- Hello?
- Let me see that again.
Yeah, Doc.
What? No, no, no, no.
Send him --
Just send everything over.
I'll get all the information
when you send it.
All right.
You all right, big dawg?
- Yeah, man. You know.
- Doctor? You sick?
My baby mama been
stressing me out, man.
I can't -- can't get my shit up.
Pop got E.D.!
Look here, man with titties.
This between us, not you.
Why you got to go there, Pop?
Let's go by Big Mo
and get them roll-up.
Thank you, Ms. Dubois.
Stop by tomorrow at sunset for
a lovely kale-berry salad, okay?
You be safe, all right?
Tell your sister I say hello.
Oh, damn, Mo.
What kind of operation is this?
Your ass don't even eat kale.
Nobody buying pickled pig ass
no more, man.
I got to diversify here.
Hold up, man.
Come on, man.
What y'all coming around here?
We got to hold it down, man.
What's up?
Man, if you don't get your
Peter the Pirate-looking ass
back on there and give me
the goddamn roll-up...
Man, look. Forgive Blue.
What's up, Big Mo?
What's happenin' with you,
Good seeing you, homey.
I understand
what diversification is,
and I see what you're doing
I'd like to talk with you later
about some business.
Let's do it.
Let's chop it up.
- All right.
- I'm here.
- All right.
- You know where my office is.
Young Jeezy-looking
Blue, you know you still owe me
that money, man.
I thought I paid you.
I know where your baby mama
stay at.
I'll pull up.
Believe that.
Hey, Tom!
What's going on, man?
Come on in. Yeah, come on in.
I got your latte.
Listen up. Listen up.
Hey, hey, hey.
Now, if any of you do not know
who Pablo Vargas is...
...well, you can bring up
your badges right now.
We have a good shot
at bringing this asshole in.
Lieutenant Moore.
All right.
Our intel is showing us
that Pablo has a new front.
It's a cellphone store.
And as of yesterday
at approximately 4:00 p.m.,
armed robbers stole $300,000
worth of Enfinity phones
from the Westville docks.
It is anticipated that they will
take those phones from his store
and move them to the streets.
Jose Vargas, aka Kokaine,
is Pablo's nephew.
He runs the store,
but he's more interested
in his rap career
than the business.
So it shouldn't be hard
to infiltrate his establishment.
Girl, you are the sexiest
Girl, you are the sexiest
Unh. Unh.
Pretend I'm Santa Claus
Tell me what you want
Shopping sprees, have fun
She want Birkin bags,
she want Gucci frames
She want all the red bottoms
that she saw
Where's my nephew?
Uh... he in the back.
Girl, you are the sexiest
- Girl, you are the sexiest
- Yo! Your uncle here, bro.
- What?
- Your uncle here, bro!
Cut. Cut!
I didn't request any gangsters
for this setup.
This is supposed to be all T&A.
You're killing my creative vibe.
You got to go.
Fuck, man!
How's your creative vibe now?
Everyone get the hell
out of here!
I got to do business
with my nephew... the rapper.
Dre, Tito, check the back.
I got you, boss.
You use my car?
My fucking car.
- That's my favorite car.
- Video, man.
You let bitches put fingerprints
on my car.
Man, that's for the video,
Unc, bro.
Yo no te fucking entiendo.
I swear to God,
if your father didn't take
a fucking bullet for me,
you'd be doing a music video
in a fucking wooden box.
- You hear me?
- But he did, and look at us.
We here now.
Come on, Unc, man.
You know I love you, bro.
- What's up?
- We're good, boss.
- Everything's there.
- I'm telling you, man.
- We good, Unc. I got this.
- Tienes suerte.
You're fucking lucky.
Let me tell you something.
I got a shipment coming in
this week, all right?
I need you to put some of
the Enfinity phones on the side
so we can cloak the package,
all right?
Sell the rest.
Can you handle that?
I got you.
And take my fucking car
back to my house and wash it.
I got you. I'm'a wax it.
I'm -- I got you, Unc. We good.
Come on, man.
They got some good drinks
in here.
Can I interest you
in our special -- a cafe latte
with two shots of espresso
and an orange-peel twist?
I'll take one of those.
And what can I get for you, sir?
I'll take a double shot
of Hennessy and two white women.
I don't think
that's on our menu.
Well, can you put it on there?
I see it.
Two white w-- Hey.
Can you chill out?
Man, what --
I'm'a chill out.
Just give him what I got.
You're gonna like it.
I'm telling you.
That sound like
it's gonna make me shit.
You know what, Blue?
Nigga, you never gonna change.
Uh, nigga,
I change if you change.
Sir, can you not say that word?
It's ugly and hurtful...
to everyone.
It brings so... much... pain.
You know what?
She right.
Nigga, please.
Let me holler at my son, bro.
What's up, boy?
- What up, Pops?
- What's up, Cash?
- What's happening, son?
- I'm just checking in.
How's the fam doing?
What's good, son?
You created a new Facebook yet?
No, but I did break
all the school records
with my mock dating app.
I just wish they'd let me
push it up here for real.
- You know how that go, though.
- Don't trip, son.
When you graduate,
you're gonna have plenty of time
to start your own company.
What's up?!
- I'm trying to get some coffee.
- I'm'a hit you right back, son.
All right, Pops.
I'm'a holler at you.
Yo, Trish, come on. Hurry up.
Man, shut your ass up.
Hey. Hey! Back up!
Man, back up!
Peter, what's up?
Are you trying to smoke all day
or trying to make some money?
I'm with it.
What do you got for me?
I got a code-11 perv in so deep,
we can't reinstall his iOS.
- What you got?
- You need my silver package.
Resets the iOS,
which allows the virus
without deleting pertinent
updates and data-safety system.
That'll be 50 bucks.
Prices keep getting higher, huh?
You got change?
You supposed to give me change!
- Oh. Hold up.
- Man.
I got something.
You about to lose a customer.
There you go.
- Killing your damn brain cells.
- Hey, Trish.
Remember, weed helps
with anxiety.
It's good for you.
Where do you find out
about these places?
Man, I'm telling you.
They know everything here.
Welcome to the Psychic Beehive,
where we grab your destiny
by the b--
It's y'all.
Didn't nobody see y'all
come in here, did they?
Because, you know, I can't be
charging these white boys $200
if they see y'all
getting the hood hookup.
Ain't nobody gonna be paying
your fake-Beyonc-looking ass
no $200
for no goddamn
neighborhood hookup.
Don't you be talking about
Beyonc, Blue.
- That's right.
- And don't you come up in here
starting up with my sister
- That's right.
- Hey, Black.
Hey, I'm talking to both of you
flying-monkey bitches.
- Monkey?!
- And, Ms. Cleo,
I hope this shit work!
It do work, nigga.
This real.
- I got the gift, nigga.
- She got the gift, nigga.
Calm down, man.
I heard she really good at this.
Ooh. Not as good
as you are, Black.
And I knew
you was gonna say that.
- You the best, baby.
- 'Cause I got the gift.
Mm. She does have the gift,
but I got a gift, too.
That's right. Makes a lot
of money off of that.
- What the hell is that smell?
- A psychic and selling pussy.
- We're working hard here.
- Your upper lip.
I feel something.
Feel something.
- Bzzt?
- Bzzt!
- Bzzt.
- Bzzt!
- Bzzt! Bzzt!
- Bzzt! Bzzt!
- I feel something about you.
- Ooh.
- I feel something.
- You feel something?
- I feel something. Come closer.
- Come closer.
Come closer.
- I feel that when you talk...
- Mm.
- ...your breath...
- Mm.
- ...smells like baby diapers...
- Ooh.
- ...vomit...
- Ooh.
- ...dookie chunks...
- Oh!
- ...and hot-dog water!
- Oh!
It do sometimes.
Man, what --
Who -- Who team you on?
I'm just saying your breath
do smell like that sometimes.
- Hot-dog water. Hot-dog water.
- Mm. Well...
Okay. Well, you be on my team.
I don't never talk about you.
I could say some shit about
your -- your raggedy-ass lips.
You need to iron them!
Naw. You trippin', bro.
You just hatin'.
I ain't got to deal
with this shit.
You stay with them.
Fuckin' ghetto-ass Tony Orlando
and the Dawns.
All right.
You can leave.
But I know
about your little problem.
Dude, sit down, man.
- You...
- I told you.
I didn't tell them shit.
I ain't seen them in 20 years.
The Beehive is buzzing... Bzzt!
- Bzzt!
- Bzzt!
- Bzzt!
- ...that you got a little dick.
Teeny tiny little dick.
- Little biscuit.
- That's right.
How in the fuck they know?
Well, Black...
Fatboy called and told us
everything last night.
I think he was nervous.
- About what?
- Mm. I'm nervous, too.
'Cause one of you niggas
gonna get shot.
What? Then you need to get
the fuck out of here.
We don't allow no shooting
up in this motherfucker.
- Is you sure?
- No shooting.
That's -- I feel
one of you motherfuckers --
I don't know which one,
but one of you motherfuckers
gonna get shot.
I'm tired of this shit, man.
Let's go in the spot where we
can get some fucking answers.
We ain't getting shit from here,
from this bumblebee
and this fuckin' Jamaican.
You better listen to me.
- You better watch your back.
- Black, wait.
- You better listen to me.
- Nappy head!
- I got the gift!
- You got a nasty face!
I got the gift!
Welcome to Mr. Woo's
Spiritual Healing Spa.
- Can I help you?
- His dick don't work.
God damn! Can I say it?
Can I tell him about my dick?
Go ahead.
my... thing
ain't getting el hardo.
Yes. Yes. Limp penis.
Soft Slinky.
I go get Mr. Woo.
That's an ugly-ass picture, too.
Man, would you look at this?
What the...
I'm Dr. Woo.
Can I help you?
Unc, it's us -- Black and Blue,
your nephew.
Would you go get me
some, uh, wonton soup?
It should be ready by now.
Blue got a problem.
Man, um, I'm having trouble...
His dick don't work, bro.
- Wow. Wow. Wow.
- Ah.
Look what I have here.
This is from the motherland.
Oh, the nectar from this flower
called the bootitacautga.
You take this nectar
from this flower,
and you get you some...
Sugar Skull Rum.
Give me some of that
Sugar Skull Rum.
Look at this shit.
One dose and you bang, bang,
bang all night long.
Is your alcoholic ass
finna drink this?
- No.
- You said fuck your meetings.
I'm with you, dawg.
I'm trying to help you.
- I don't want you getting drunk.
- Okay.
- Thank you. You cool?
- I'm good.
- All right.
- You good?
- I'm good.
- Y'all good?
- Are you good?
- I got yoga in five minutes.
Get the hell out of here.
Let's begin
with our warm-up, please.
Now out and in.
- What the fuck?
- Out.
- Damn!
- And in.
And roll up
at the top of your mount.
- Oh, my God.
- And take a deep breath in.
- And relax.
- What the hell y'all doin' here?
What is you doing here?
I knew you had something
going on.
I told you I don't
want you to mess this thing up.
They work here for you, right?
Well, most of them are --
are strippers.
Hey, yo, Trish!
Get the door!
The fuck? We busy!
Man, what?!
Hey, sis.
How are ya?
I'm a, uh, police officer
with the university,
and I've got a couple of
warrants for a Cashmere Miller,
Tekashi Nakamora,
and Patricia Donald.
Look. You're all right here.
That's great.
- For what?
- You know, I'm glad you asked.
Uh, let's see here.
Uh, illegal access
to the university firewall,
compromising cybersecurity,
and -- drumroll, please --
selling illegal text services
to the students.
You can't do that.
It's illegal.
And I'm a dick,
so you're fucked.
So I see this all
getting knocked down, right?
I want that down.
I want that down.
Small parking lot,
big yoga studio, condos on top.
I don't know.
What do you think?
I think you have a gold mine
When I get my money,
I'm'a buy the new Bugatti
When I hit the club, you know
I'm rockin' the Moneyatti
I guess you from the hood
You know we're in a rush.
Have Mouse come park my car.
There's health inspectors
coming today.
If we don't pass this,
they gonna shut us down.
Man, don't worry about it.
Everybody cleaned up last night.
You gonna be good, man.
We're straight.
When you say we good,
what normally happens?
- Mr. Black?
- I promise you we're straight.
- Who want to know?
- Chet Samuels.
Chet Samuels who?
Chet -- Chet Samuels.
I own every shopping center --
It doesn't matter.
I'm expanding.
I want to buy
your little restaurant here.
I'll make a lucrative offer.
How much?
What do you say?
$2 million?
- $2 million?
- $2 million.
- For this bullshit?
- For this bullshit.
We the only black-owned business
around here.
Yo! $2 million!
- Everybody could use $2 million.
- Yes.
Blue probably could buy
another car...
- Yes.
- ...pay off his house...
- Watch him work.
- ...probably pay me my money
- he owe me...
- Won't he do it?
- ...get some more women...
- Yes.
- ...buy some more jewelry...
- Hm.
- ...probably take a vacation...
- Nigga.
...but we're not for sale.
- What?!
- We're not.
Mr. Black,
take a look around you.
The neighborhood is changing.
You could take the money
and cash in
and spend your dividends --
not to mention, uh,
that state record
that, uh, says you're way
overdue on your property taxes.
Well, I'm telling you.
I know I'm not overdue,
'cause Blue took care of that.
Ain't we straight, Blue?
Well, anyway,
I understand gentrification,
and I understand
beautifying the neighborhood.
But there's a lot of people
that come from this neighborhood
that love our business,
and it's about them.
So y'all have a nice day.
We're not for sale.
And, Blue, bring your ass here!
- Hey, ladies. How you doing?
- Yo, Blue!
- Oh, you just gonna look at me?
- Blue. Blue.
- I'm looking at that ass.
- But let me tell you something.
To be straight up, man,
we ain't getting no younger.
We got kids.
We got to take care
of our business.
This is about ownership.
These people want to buy
Big Poppa's
'cause they understand
what it is.
So you didn't see that ass
just walk by?
Man, I'm not worrying
about no ass, man.
I'm trying to get some money
and take care of our business.
I want to be able to leave
something for my kids.
Big Poppa's is all we got.
I don't know about you,
but I'm for real.
We could have had that ass.
I'll have a hamburger --
cheese, lettuce, tomatoes,
and mayonnaise.
With French fries.
That'll be about 40 minutes.
Oh, okay.
Here you go.
Take-out order.
Back down, back down
- Yo, Shawn.
- Yo.
Go find Uncle Willy.
Let him know
the health inspector here.
- All right. Got it.
- All right.
If you want a milkshake,
you can get a damn milkshake.
- What else you want?
- Uh, Willy, look.
I can't keep comping people
for you every day.
What the fuck you think this is?
- Why? I get a family discount.
- What?
You need to shut your ass up
and take your ass back there
and get me a Big Poppa super
size with everything around,
just like your name in the hood.
What the fuck? No.
That is a lie.
What the hell y'all want?
What you want?
- What you want?
- I want a milkshake.
You heard the damn boy.
Y'all want something over there?
Oh, hell no.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- No, no, no, no.
- Fuck no.
- Go on back there and get it.
Shit. You got to learn
how to bless your damn people.
I was up the street,
you heard me,
by the white girl
on the corner.
She got the motorbikes.
I'm trying to get two of them,
you heard me?
I want one for the summer
and for the winter.
Shittin' on shit.
Nyoo! Pop that wheelie.
I'm coming through!
But look.
Check it out.
I got a few little wooty-woos
on my credit jacket.
Check that shit for me, love.
See if, you heard me, you can
make something shake for me.
Okay. All right.
No problem, Mr. Williams.
Of course, I'm gonna have to
check your credit first, okay?
- That's cool.
- All right.
Let's see what we got here.
I can't believe you run
a restaurant and fix credit.
I pretty much just run
the day-to-day.
My son is the real genius.
He acquired this program that
takes credit from dead people.
Giving our people
a second chance.
I'm pretty sure that's illegal.
It's not illegal.
Dead people can't use credit.
And besides, we've been
getting messed over for years.
Just consider me Robin Hood...
- Okay.
- ...with a computer.
All right.
You just be careful.
Things are starting to get good
between us,
and I don't want to have to
visit you in jail.
I ain't never going back.
My sauce is the shit!
That's right. Even eses think
my sauce is the shit.
Hey. Hey.
Um, I know I ain't got to be
the smartest dude in the world,
but did you say something
about stealing my car?
No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no.
All right.
Right. Now, that --
That's more like it.
That's more like it.
Oh, no, no, no.
I understand that shit.
What'd you say?
Uh, everything, uh, good.
- Oh, okay. Okay.
- Good.
Hey, don't get on that
ass-whoopin' Mr. Blue guy.
Yeah. Right.
- What's going on, love?
- Hey, baby.
Um, I want you to see this
right here.
Man, what's funny?
Y'all gonna fix my credit
or what, man?
Hold on.
Sir, it seems as though, uh,
your FICO credit score is a 211.
Oh, my Lord.
At the liquor store,
I done a 211?
Man, I don't rob people.
You trippin'.
No, brother.
Your credit score is a 211.
You're gonna need Jesus Christ
to help fix this credit score.
If you see a sign somewhere say
"Jesus Christ fix credit,"
you go there.
I come to pick up an order.
Wasn't you just here?
I said I come to pick up
an order for Eric.
Eric, Erica --
I don't give a fuck who you are.
I want the motherfucker
that's paying.
Eric, that's him.
Want to talk to me stupid.
No, this nigga didn't do that.
Boy, you serious?
You handle my sister
like a what?
With your sausage head.
What, you thought
I wasn't gonna tell him?
Erica, shut up.
We're in a --
Eric, somewhere
we never been -- California.
Eric, Erica is cool.
But Eric need to drink
some lotion.
Oh, baby, you gots to go home.
What's happenin'?
Why you all in my face
like that?
Who the fuck is this nigga?
What are you talking about?
Don't try to play me.
I seen the nigga
who the fuck you came in with.
Boy, I'm not with nobody.
What is you talking about?
I'm not with nobody.
See, there you go,
trippin' and shit, seeing shit.
I'm by my motherfuckin' self,
and you trippin'.
You know I love you, right?
Why you ain't take
your medicine?
- What medicine?
- Come on. Let's go home.
- Let me take you --
- You my medicine.
You my medicine.
- This my hair.
- Oh, this all you?
- Yeah. I like that shit.
- This is the only hair I got.
- I'm the heart of the streets.
- That's all you need, baby.
- Bald head. I ain't scared.
- I like that shit.
Oh, me too. I do like that shit.
You heard me?
Travis, are you kidding me?
I'm standing right here.
- I know. There go God.
- Travis, watch your fucking m--
There go God.
- I know. Look at that.
- Yeah. She is fine.
She's so fine,
she'll make a nigga find a job,
and he don't even have none.
What the fuck you looking at,
- Disrespectful ass!
- Ooh! Got me fucked up!
Man, you got me fucked up
out here, man!
You got me fucked --
I'm gonna sit --
Man, you a ho out here, bitch,
you heard me?
I'll bat y'all in your mouth,
and your mama got
her dollar store towels,
and you're a dirty fox,
with your dirt ass.
I'm about to call my sister.
Can I go right now, boss?
Man, if you don't clean
these goddamn tables,
I'm gonna fire your ass.
I'm looking for who's in charge
of credit repair.
That would be me.
- Man! If you don't stop --
- God.
Get your ass back there
on them fryers.
Damn, Pop.
I'd shoot my daddy
if you just take one out.
Listen, is Black available?
Blue, stop screaming my name.
This a business.
You got a customer here
to see you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
My name is Ms. Peaches.
How can I help you?
I actually have good credit.
I'm just looking to add
a few trade lines.
You think that's something
you can help me with?
I can help you with anything.
I mean, come on.
Step into my office.
You ain't got no office.
Charletta, I need you to put
two trade lines
on this lady's credit.
'Cause that's
what I pay your ass for.
Actually, I was hoping if --
if maybe you can help me.
- Come on. I'll help you.
- Oh. Unh-unh. No. No, sir.
You are not about to cut into my
commission with your cheap ass.
You know I got kids to feed.
Don't do me like that.
And your ass will be all stingy
with your little take-home food.
I got her.
Come on. I got you. Mm-hmm.
You can go have a seat,
whatever your name is.
- Take care of her, please.
- Mm-hmm.
- All right?
- Yeah. Mm.
Or you gonna be looking
for a job.
You do realize I need to run
your credit first, right?
Isn't that why I'm here?
We don't take EBT funds
as credit, just to let you know.
I have good credit.
I just need the trade lines.
Well, you know,
that's what they all say.
Uh, what is your full name?
Paula Peaches Escobar.
And your mama named you Peaches?
You know, she should've named
you Chiquita Fuckin' Banana.
Oops. Sorry.
I can't help you.
And why is that?
Well, they only allow two
trade lines per year for hoes --
I mean for customers --
and it seems that you've,
uh, exceeded that by 10.
Can't do nothing for you.
You don't want to do nothing
for me
'cause you know I'm the one
who took your man.
You know what?
Let me explain something to you.
I know your baby daddy, ho,
and he done already told me
about your ass
and all the little slick
side shit
that your raggedy ass be on.
But I'm'a tell you like this --
If you're thinking
that you're about to come up
in this motherfucker
and scare me, bitch,
it ain't gonna happen.
Blue, why the hell
ain't you call me?
I didn't know you can get
phone calls in prison.
Nigga, I'm home now,
and I paid you to fix my credit.
The shit's still fucked up.
Got denied eight times
trying to get a new whip.
Nigga, you got seven repos.
What the fuck I supposed to do
with that?
Not my problem.
You shouldn't have took
my money, then.
You fuck with my money,
I'm'a fuck you up.
Nigga, please.
Hey, yo! Get your hand
off my pops, nigga!
Whoo! Son, I have never been
so happy to see your fat ass.
- Shut up, Pops!
- Okay.
- We got a problem?
- Come on. Fair fight.
Now I'm charging interest.
You're just mad I took your man
and your commission, bitch.
Pop, you good?!
Sir, do you know who shot you?
Yeah. Some Eazy-E-
looking motherfucker.
Mr. Black.
Uh, Walter Jones, city official.
I'm sorry.
You didn't make it.
Good man.
Uncle Black, what'd they say?
He's shutting us down.
- Damn!
- We didn't make code.
But don't tell your pops,
all right?
So, h-how is it that you
pronounce your name again?
Is it -- Is it Cashmere, like --
like my wife's sweater,
or is Cash-mere.
Oh, it's like
Cashmere, like Cash.
You know, son, I'm --
I'm really trying to like you,
but I'm not there yet.
I-I'm sorry.
I have to shut
this whole thing down.
But, sir, I was only trying
to provide a service
for the student body.
I mean, I invented a system
that increased the overall --
Uh, M-Mr. Miller,
I-I'm an avid supporter
of technological advances,
but not at the expense
of compromising the law.
Man, this shit fucked up, B.
I can't let Big Poppa's
get shut down, man.
I mean, Fat, what the hell
we supposed to do, man?
Rob a bank?
That shit just got to get
shut down.
That is what it is.
He should've stayed his ass
in school.
But what I'm telling you
what you need to do is
get your views up on that Gram
so we can monetize that shit.
Look at this busted-ass screen!
I need the store
and get the new Enfinity, man.
That's what I need to do.
You know them phones is hard.
How the hell you even know
they got 'em? Huh?
Man, 'cause look.
Niggas only sleep in line
for shoes, not phones.
Ain't nothing wrong
with that phone.
- You just got a cracked screen.
- It's cracked!
- My eyes hurt when I look at it!
- What do you mean?
It still can see you!
- No, it can't.
- Can't you see me?
- No!
- Don't you know these my eyes?
- No!
- Man, you bullshitting, man.
- Come on, man.
- I don't do shit half ass.
Hey, Big Shawn.
What's up?
Take us with you.
Big Shawn!
It's me.
It's me.
It's me!
Get inside, nigga.
You too.
Get your ass in the store.
Get -- Get in the goddamn...
I need you to go get me a phone.
I heard you, but we out.
They say y'all the only people
who got it.
Man, you got to stop.
Oh, you're so cute!
Look at you!
You is really handsome.
Where your mom at, little boy?
I ain't no motherfuckin' baby.
The famous O.G.
No less.
Oh, you selling phones?
But $1,000?
That's too much.
- You don't got 1,000?
- I ain't got it.
- What you want to do for it?
- Ooh. Wait. Hold up.
I might go do something.
Come on.
Y'all sold out?
Oh, yeah, man.
We ain't got no more.
Hold up.
Ain't you --
Ain't you that rapper?
- Kokaine, right?
- Yeah, yo. Kokaine.
Look. Come on.
Come to the back, man.
We'll go get the phone for you.
I got you.
Matter of fact, look.
Everybody look.
Y'all come to the back.
Never buckle
Said I'm trappin'
with my uncle
Slangin' molly, never buckle
I'm trappin' with my uncle
Slangin' molly, never buckle
I'm trappin' with my uncle
Slangin' molly, never buckle
I'm trappin' with my uncle
Got to keep a front up
for the feds
So the feds never know
Why we keep a stash
at the store
Section 211, row 28
Three boxes
filled with phones
Got to flip the yay
Lift off about a month
Yeah, we foolin'
all the feds
Them dope fiends,
they know me
I'm courtside
at the Lakers game
Medusa jacket, Medusa chain
I'm big in this shit, nigga
Call me King James
Sippin' on that Sugar Skull
We the best in this game
I'm not comin'!
I'm tryin' to stay alive
I'm just trappin'
with my guys
Check that work
up in the ride
If you hatin', then you jive
Bitches on my side
Keep my eyes on the prize
Boy, I started from nothing
So I'm living the dream
Nigga... what the fuck
are you doing?
My spider senses
got to tinglin', man.
Nigga, I'm done --
Do you know
how much these phones run?
I got a plan, man.
We can get these phones
to Uncle Black,
and he could sell them
to save his restaurant, man.
- That's all him.
- There we go.
And we could sell the dope, man.
Nah. No!
No, nigga.
No! No!
You don't care
about your family.
You don't give a damn
about Uncle Black.
- Yes, I do.
- And if I tell him --
If I tell him we could save
his store and you saying no?
You out the wheel, nigga.
I'm in the wheel, nigga.
- Let's do it. Fuck it.
- Let's do it.
I'm with it.
Let's do it.
Thank you.
We can ride the bus, baby.
We up out of here.
Come on! Hurry up!
Hurry up!
- You called the Lyft?
- Yes! I been called him.
Ugly boy.
About time!
Uh, I-I got a Lyft for Spyda.
Man, pop the trunk,
little ugly-ass boy!
- Pop the trunk!
- It's open.
Pop the trunk!
Hey! Steven!
Let's go. Let's go.
Let's go!
Get in the car. Get in!
Don't worry about that.
Let's go!
Nigga, you ordered a Line?
- Well, it's prime time.
- Nigga, get in the car!
- Come on. We got to go.
- The rates is high!
I'm just -- Shit.
I can't help it.
- Turn on the air!
- Move, man
- Oh, man!
- What's wrong with you?
Come on! Let's go!
You driving like you're stupid!
Turn the air on!
And you got a Mini Cooper!
Let's go!
Man, Spyda, you gonna
get me into some shit, man!
My uncle don't deal
with this shit!
How we gonna get out?!
Man, my pops find out
about this, man,
he gonna kill me.
White man!
Turn the air on, please!
I'm hot!
I can't function.
- Let's go!
- I can't function.
- Let's go!
- We going left!
- Left?
- We going left.
- We going right!
- Nigga, we're going left!
- No! We going right!
- We going left!
- Can we please pick one?!
- Go left! Go left! Just go left.
Listen to me.
Motherfucker, where my phone at?
- What -- What you doing?
- Come here, little man!
How his little ass get somebody
as beautiful as you?
Over a phone, huh?
I'll catch him.
Come here!
I'm'a give you a head start!
I bet you can't jump
over that damn wall!
Little m--
Come here.
Come here!
I mean, what else
was I supposed to do, Fat?
I don't know,
but this shit don't feel right.
Oh, so I'm
just supposed to leave
$200,000 worth of phones, huh?
This is clearly a gift from God!
Nigga, who does that?
- Nobody.
- Nobody.
It's time to get this money,
I'm done robbing niggas.
I'm done kidnapping niggas.
I'm done pulling my gun out
on anybody
who I feel like got
some goddamn money!
I'm -- I'm sick for this, man.
I just want easy money, baby.
That's it.
Look, dummy.
How the fuck you gonna turn on
the phones?
And the serial numbers
might get flagged.
We got to turn them on first.
Ooh. Somebody getting smart
all of a sudden.
Okay. I don't mean to interrupt.
Uh, my app is -- is --
It's -- It's telling me
that I need to drop --
It's -- It's -- It's --
It's broke!
The fuck wrong
with your ugly app, boy?
- It's not working.
- It's broke.
- You don't got no app!
- Lisa, where you going?
With us, stupid ass.
Sit your ass down.
What the hell wrong with you?
Why you driving so goddamn slow?
- You good?
- Drive the car.
- Just a little nervous.
- Damn, man.
Why you got
a steering wheel cover?
- My hands get chafed sometimes.
- No, boy.
You a freak.
You a freaky-ass boy.
- You're freaky, boy.
- I'm a freaky boy.
- I know how you is.
- I am. Yeah. I'm a freaky boy.
I-I can tell, boy.
You got a steering wheel cover.
- You need to stop that.
- Come on, baby.
White women are crazy in porn.
Is that a donkey
following a taxi cab?
Je-- Lord, thank you!
- It works again!
- Hello, Blue!
How are we feeling today?
Oh, improving I see.
What you looking at?
Oh -- Blue, what did I tell you
about watching porn in here?
You can't do this.
This is a hospital.
there's no need to watch porn
when you got real women around
with, you know, real titties
and real booties.
You don't have to watch
fake titties and fake booties.
What are you calling
the nurses for?
'Cause I don't want you ar--
Why don't you, uh, go get me
a vial of that paralysis cream?
We're gonna need that.
- Paralysis cream?
- Mm-hmm.
- For?
- Go get the cream!
- Here we go again.
- Don't go.
I'll give you $25 if you stay.
You know, I told the doctor that
we would keep you very still
so that you wouldn't hurt
anything important.
What are you doing?
I know you're gonna be
just fine.
What are you doing?
You're probably just stressing,
because I heard that your
restaurant got shut down.
- My restaurant got shut down?
- Oh, yes.
How did my restaurant
get shut down?!
I don't know,
but it's shut down.
It's gone.
Oh, shit!
Get your big ass off me!
Is that ring real?
You need to stay in
your motherfuckin' lane, baby.
I don't come down to your job
and fuck with your broom
and dustpan, do I?
Mr. Tony Smooth.
I told you before.
My name is not Tony.
My name is Jackpot.
Jackpot Jackson.
You understand?
You ever go to the casino
and see them 7s light up
all the way around
the motherfuckin' board
and that thing go
"ding, ding, ding, ding, ding"?
Jackpot, nigga!
'Cause I get paid.
Hey, bartender, give me a --
give me a little cup
so he can give me a pee test.
You want me to piss in a mug?
That's exactly what I said.
You're lucky I only got
five more days.
- Then I'm done with you.
- You know what?
Give me a reason to send
your fat black ass back to jail,
you Crispy Critter-looking
You -- You sure he can't see me?
No. Stop asking me.
That look like some
regular-ass glass, though.
You sure?
He cannot see you.
Calm down.
Can he hear me, though?
Can he hear me?
I seen "Lord of the Rings."
Dwarfs got good hearing.
- Calm down...
- That's -- Okay.
...and identify the suspect.
- Okay.
- Who is it?
That one right there.
The one that's four foot.
The dwarf in the middle.
- That's him.
- Are you sure?
Yeah. That's him for sure.
When the big mama at, though?
Where she at?
Can you give her my number
for -- for me?
She was fine, though.
That's all I'm saying.
I told you! You locked
the wrong motherfucker up!
You got Train,
but you want Cuba.
That's who you want.
- Who the fuck is Cuba?
- You -- Cuba right --
Hey, Cuba!
He wants you, Cuba!
Do you know what?
You know you got
the wrong person.
You got Cu--
You got Train, but you want me.
You got two people --
two people in here.
Yo, Train!
Tell him you got
the wrong people!
Man, wake your ass up!
Man, what the hell you doing
jacking off to a basketball
with a mop head on top of it?
Hey, you're in
my personal space, C.O.
You got your feet outside,
you're smelling up this hallway,
and I think your ass is in here
for tickets.
So stop acting like a thug.
Stop making this hard.
Keep walking.
I don't know nothing.
I don't know anything.
- I don't know nothing.
- Oh, you don't know nothing?
We'll see how much
you don't know.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
I'll bring him
into interrogation.
This is my interrogation, okay?
Frankly, I think
you're too close to this.
You need to let Freeman
handle it.
- He's here, and he's the best.
- Chill, man!
I'm not too close to this case,
Let Freeman handle this.
Take him to Freeman in I2.
What's taking so long?
You got somewhere better to be?
In there, getting answers.
He's going about this all wrong.
Rule number one --
Never judge a book by its cover.
He's small, but he's a monster.
Normal tactics won't work.
Nobody's doubting you, Miller.
Look, I brought Freeman in
He has a 98% turnover rate,
and he keeps his cool.
That Ewok doesn't have a chance.
Where's Pablo?!
Where's the stash?!
What you looking at?!
I know you hear me!
Little-bitty baby ears.
You hear everything, huh?
I'll put your little ass
in San Quentin.
- Say I won't!
- I hear they got cable.
I've -- Not today.
They beating the hell
out that baby up in there.
Oh, hell no.
Come here.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
Freeman, no!
Freeman, no!
Come on, man!
You were saying?
I'm --
I'm gonna be in my office.
I'm not going in there.
I'm'a tell on my damn self.
I pimped them hoes.
But shit, they knew
what they signed up for.
I might know something
about that ho
that popped up on the beach and
the ho y'all got off her feet.
But shit.
I was raised with full-blooded
rottweiler puppies
that go "Rr-rr-rr-rr-rr!" every
time you try to touch them.
And I'll tell the judge
if you wasn't raised with
full-blooded rottweiler puppies,
every time you try to
touch them, they go "Rr-rr" --
Hey! Hold up.
Hold up.
Hold on. Hold on.
Let me see what you got.
Last time Christmas came early
like this, it was 1998.
You had one fucking job.
One job.
Un fucking trabajo --
deliver the package
along with my product.
How the fuck did you
not only lose the phones,
but $100,000 worth of molly,
Hundred K.
I swear I didn't lose it.
Unc, what the fuck?
You're dead.
Come on, man.
You can't kill me.
I'm your nephew.
Come on.
You're right.
I made a promise to your father.
My brother!
Please, let me slap
his last words out his mouth
and let's see if them be
the motherfuckin' truth.
I think I know what happened.
I was in the back,
kickin' it with some fans.
Like, I took my eye off them for
a second while I was performing.
Smell like that bullshit to me,
That's how they had managed
to take some boxes.
- Who the fuck is "they"?
- Yeah. Who's "they"?
Let me show you.
Check this out.
Now, this is Instagram.
Now, they tagged me in a post.
I can find them like that.
I can find them.
- Look, I got you.
- You're gonna find them.
- I got you.
- Okay?
And I'm gonna fucking kill them.
Kill 'em.
I'm just facin' all them
demons, fightin' cases
All right, B.
I ain't gonna let you down.
Niggas watchin' me
livin' this life
She in.
I'm'a meet with her tonight.
I'm'a do this one more time.
Don't do nothing stupid.
I got you, O.G.
I got you.
Let's go get this bread.
Got a heart that's full
of hatred
Niggas broke,
they need some maintenance
Took you long enough.
What -- What the hell Unc
was talking about?
Man, me and Unc past due.
You know my father
in the hospital.
That's right.
Look. Fuck all that.
Look. Check this out, man.
I already know how we can get
this thing together, okay?
It's easy.
This is how it's gonna work.
All we got to do --
get on our business, okay?
By the time Pops come home,
we'll have something stashed
for him, baby.
How we gonna move
this much molly?
You be less aggressive,
you -- you can think, Fatboy.
You got to be less aggressive.
Don't be waking up mad
all the damn time.
It's easy.
Go on the Instagram and figure
out where everybody partying at.
It's a party drug.
Get paid.
Come on.
When they really get
geeked up...
- That's what it is!
- Oh! Oh!
- Oh! Oh!
- See?! Huh?!
- Oh!
- See?! Huh?!
Come on, baby.
This you.
Nigga, I don't think we can sell
all this tonight.
You've got to have
some more connects.
Shit. I do know this one chick
named Maria.
And she like to party.
You know, you know, you know.
I mean, shit, I been following
her Gram for about six months.
We family now.
And she works at the bar
at Too Thirsty,
and I know she got the hookup.
You been down there before, man?
Don't -- Don't lie to me.
Yeah, nigga.
You sure?
All right.
I drove past it.
But I know it was lit
in that motherfucker.
That's all we need anyway.
You talkin' about it.
Ain't no plan B for it.
But this shit is sellin'.
You hear me?
These people buy this shit.
Uh, nigga,
unless you fluent in Spanish
or you got a hood pass
from the cholos,
we need to get our ass
up out of here
in tres, dos, unos!
- Hey.
- I told you. Listen to me.
Papi, you and your friend
look finer than on your Insta.
Come sit with us.
They call me Spyda, girl.
I'm playing with you.
You got any euros for us, papi?
You know I do.
For the right price.
For the right price,
little girl.
Ain't none of this free.
You're gonna make us pay?
Sure damn is.
Hell yeah,
we gonna make y'all pay.
What, you think this is free?
- Oh, they're like that?
- Get off me.
I don't know y'all.
Better act like y'all know.
Oh. Yes.
If you ain't got no cash
You can't get no dru--
Consider this a gift.
Yeah. I bet y'all did
swallow it quick.
- Bet you did.
- Mm-hmm.
Bet you did.
You got any more of those, papi?
Shit. There's more
where that came from.
I got the good hookup prices,
Y'all just got to help us
move it.
Let me call my homegirl.
She can help you unload it,
and after, we can go to my crib.
Wait. She with that
freaky-deaky shit, too?
Hey, mami, want to come party
with me and my homegirls?
They brought candy.
I'll bring the fecola.
- Hold up, mama!
- Come on, Spyda!
Girl, you're crazy, girl.
Come here, girl.
Mm. Girl!
You crazy.
You can't be leaving me
like that, girl.
I think I parked
right over there.
- Where?
- What?
I'll go get your car
if you need me to.
- I'll go get it.
- Where the valet at?
Come on.
I heard you boys brought me
something fun to play with.
- Who this?
- The fuck is this?
You called the --
You called the Uber, nigga?
- What's this, the XL?
- The hell this is?
Who this?
This that shit
I be talking about, man.
I already know.
These niggas strong.
These niggas strong.
Look at us.
Let's go.
Good job, Kamala.
Good job?
This must be Blue punk-ass son.
You ugly, just like your daddy.
Do I know you?
You can't really be saying that,
big dawg,
'cause, you know, one of your
eyes going down there like,
"Hey! Nigga down the block!
Hold that!"
Your punk-ass daddy
and that bitch Black,
they still owe me to the day.
Ain't that right, Big Cookie?
Big Cookie.
Nigga, my name Fatboy.
Let me get a cookie.
You think that shit's funny,
nigga?! Huh?!
- No! No!
- He didn't --
Nobody laughs around here
but me!
Fool, slap yourself three times!
- You heard the nigga.
- Spyda, do it.
- Hard!
- Spyda, do it.
- Nigga.
- What you slapping me?!
- You heard what my uncle said.
- Slap yourself!
- Hard!
- Get off me, fool!
- God damn it.
- Get your ass off me!
- Spyda! Spyda.
- Damn!
Now, your dumb ass
give me the bag.
These are some real niggas.
Now slap your boy
for being stupid.
- Slap him!
- Okay.
Things about to get real ugly
if you don't.
Now slap him hard!
I did.
You slap him like this.
- Slap him!
- God damn.
Get your --
get your punk ass up.
I can't eat
while y'all beat me up.
Get your punk ass up.
Now, slap him!
Slap him like this!
God damn it! Real niggas!
Ought to slap your bitch ass.
These are --
- Motherfucker.
- Who are these niggas?!
Give me the damn bag.
Let's get out of here.
- These niggas are real!
- Can I get a cookie?
Fuck no. Fuck you.
Get on a diet, fat boy.
Namaste, bitches.
And you -- you should slide
into my DMs sometime.
I ain't slidin' shit!
I ain't sliding nowhere, ho.
You lucky Spyda
wasn't up to par.
He would've whooped their ass.
They was some real niggas, man.
Spyda, why you ain't do nothing?
Why you ain't help me
when they were jumping me?
I couldn't.
My shit wasn't coming out.
Fft! Fft!
- It's crazy.
- Come here.
- Come here.
- Don't touch me.
- Come here!
- We lost, nigga!
- Come here.
- We ain't got no dope!
We ain't got no money!
I just got my ass beat!
Where you going, bitch?!
Tell them niggas to come back!
This my block!
I ain't going nowhere!
I'll get my ass whooped again!
Nigga, I don't need no heart
right now, nigga.
We got our ass whooped.
My head is throbbing right now.
It's -- foo-foop... foo-foop...
- foo-foop, man.
- Relax. Relax.
- Hello?
- Black! No.
Angel, what I told
your crazy ass about calling me?
Boy, you better not do this
to me again.
I been waiting up for you
all night, baby!
Where were you?!
Yo, what you mean, where was I?
I don't mess with you.
Don't you have a man
or something?
Like, leave me the fuck alone.
Don't be such a pussy.
It was just a night.
You liked that shit. Admit it.
You liked it, right?
I don't -- I-I ain't fucking
with your crazy ass, for real.
- Like, stop calling me.
- No!
Black, if your ugly ass hang up
this damn phone,
I swear to God, I will kill
myself and then I'll kill you.
Well, call me back
after you kill yourself.
- Let's start over, Black.
- Bye.
Baby, I just think we have
different love languages.
And you know I want to be
with you until the day I die.
Dude, I'm not with you.
I got somebody else, all right?
- Leave me alone.
- Black!
- Bye.
- Hello?
Ooh, baby
Let's stay together
Hey, cousin, sing with me!
Loving you whether
Times are good or bad
Happy or sad
- Whoo!
- Whoo!
That's how we party up in here.
Ah! All right, ladies.
Let's get back to work.
Let's get back to work.
they're good, they're bad
They're happy or sad
- Ooh
- Skittles?
I said let's get back to work,
Times are good, they're bad
Don't be scared, papi.
Sit down.
I know how to do black boys.
I'll take you in my chair, boo.
Don't you want to relax?
You look tired.
Shakira can't help you.
Come on, boo.
Sit down.
I'll give you $5 off your cut.
Nice and comfortable over here.
J. Lo, stop talking.
Yes. This way.
Come on.
You get the five-dollar-off
snack discount, my brother.
Sit your ass down.
- What's your name?
- Blow Pop.
Listen, Ring Pop.
I don't need nothing extra.
- Okay. I got you.
- I don't need a shape-up.
I just need a line-up.
That's it.
Don't you worry about anything,
Mr. Vaughn.
We're gonna take good care
of you.
All first-timers get
the special.
Damn, I should have waited.
Um, excuse me. Nope. Get up.
Get up. I keep telling y'all --
appointments only.
Up. Get up.
Beat it. Shoo.
Where is Shawnathan?
- Hi, Shawnathan.
- Hey.
How you doing?
Yo, Shawnathan.
Yo, my nigga.
- What we doing today?
- Anything you want.
- Anything I want?
- Anything.
What's going on in here?
Switch with me, dawg.
What's your Cash App?
Look! I got these Enfinity
J12 for sale.
You know what I'm saying?
Half price on me.
I want one.
What the hell wrong with you?
That's a little extra
for next time, honey.
I don't need no extra.
Get these damn phones.
I'll call 911.
The hell wrong with you, boy?
God damn!
Ooh. Look at that.
Who the hell is that?
That's Sunday, honey.
I'd love to take her to church.
Hey, hey, mountaintop
Why they call her Sunday?
'Cause she's sweet, like you.
Sweet like Chu?
- She's sweet like you.
- Who -- Who the hell is Chu?
- Chu is you.
- Chu is who?
- Chu is you.
- You -- Chu --
You talking about
you like Chu is or what?
What you saying? Huh?
I can't hear you? What?
Chu-chu-chu is you, but you
can be with me if you want.
Man, what is wrong with you?
Take your phones!
I don't do that.
Oh, that's okay, honey.
Don't cry.
It gets better with me.
Let me see.
- Oh. Oh. Oh. Excuse m--
- You can line him up there.
- Nyah! Ugly-ass...
- Excuse me. Hi. Hi.
- How you are you? Hi.
- Ooh, baby. What's your name?
- Sunday. And yours?
- Ooh. Sunday.
- Mm, Sunday
- Oh.
Wish I can have you
on a Monday
- Oh. Okay.
- And Tuesday and Wednesday
- Oh. Oh. Oh!
- And Thursday
- Okay. What do you need?
- I need a cut.
- I got you next, okay?
- Okay. Say no more.
Go have a seat over there, okay?
Can I marry you?
- Ooh. Ooh.
- Oh. Oh.
That's how you're feeling?
I ain't about playin'
with you, girl.
- Okay.
- Call me Spyda.
Wait for me over there, please.
Sir, sir.
Can you wait over there?
- I got you, baby.
- Please. Thank you.
You know him?
Whoa, whoa, ha!
You know what motherfuckin' time
it is!
Trey up in here.
Put your motherfuckin' hands
down, sly nigga.
What's up, nigga?
Tomorrow, though.
Trey in here!
Everything from
the motherfuckin' shelf
going for the low --
usually for the high.
What's up, nephew?
Sellin' them
motherfuckin' phones.
You can keep sellin' them
and call yourself.
- Fly nigga. What's up?
- What up?
What's that, Gucci you got on?
Your green don't match.
I ain't never seen Gucci
in Jamaican green, nigga.
What's up, my nigga?
There you go.
Little light-skinned nigga, huh?
Hey, look. I'm'a get you
a better belt than that.
You got the low KGs on that?
Fuck with Trey
and I'm'a upgrade you, nigga.
See these?
Get Money Volume 1s.
I got the 2s in the house.
Oh, shit! There she go.
Baby girl!
There it is. Sunday!
I'm'a pray to you every day
of the week, girl.
You was with him one day --
one day! -- and he got shot.
If I wanted him dead,
I would've smoked him myself,
but dead niggas can't pay
child support.
Think, son!
You need to get
your act together
if you're even thinking
about moving back into my house.
Smokin' weed around kids.
- Get your ass out of here.
- What's up, little brother?
And save me some of that weed.
Look, boo, I need you to watch
these kids of ours,
Devin and Darnise,
'cause I got a date,
and I don't need this new nigga
knowing how many kids I got
'cause of your dumb ass.
Them ain't my kids.
- They ain't even look like me.
- They look just like you.
- Good hair and everything.
- They look Tiger Woods.
Get your ass up and bring me
my child-support money.
You got money for weed, then
got money for my child support.
Do it look like I can get
to the bank?
I'm s-- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Can you speak up?
I-I can't hear you
'cause you're not talking about
having my motherfucking money!
Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.
"Ow, ow, ow."
Now, I know
the neighborhood thug
done bust a cap up in your ass
and he got you all injured
and shit,
but as soon as your broke,
sorry, wack-ass, no-good ass
gets some money
and gets back on your feet,
I need you to run me my shit.
Is that understood?
With your
erectile-dysfunction-having ass.
What? Huh?
Yeah, they told me.
Limp dick.
You are nothing but the devil,
and until you do right by me --
Save the "Color Purple" quotes
and transfer me my money,
all right?
I got Venmo, Cash App, PayPal,
QuickPay with Zelle.
I invested in one of them
little black banks
when everybody was doing
Black Lives Matter.
I put $100 in there.
I even still got a RushCard.
So if you don't have some money
on one of my accounts
by the morning, I'm calling
my cousin on you again.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
What the f--
What's going on, man?
You going somewhere, Mr. Black?
How you know my name?
I know a lot of things
about you.
My name is Pablo Vargas,
and you got something
that belongs to me.
That's the fat piece of shit
and that motherfucking
skinny piece of shit, too.
Me? Me?
The fuck going on?
I don't know what the fuck
he talking about.
- I don't know. I don't know.
- I don't -- I don't...
Come straight with me.
Unc, you know
I'll tell you anything.
Did y'all take anything
from him?
We took some phones.
That's all I know.
- Spyda took the phones.
- I took -- We took the phones.
That's where y'all got
them phones?
That's where we --
I didn't know!
- Hold up. Hold up.
- We took them from a rapper.
I don't know...
Check it out, boss.
Seem like it's some type
of misunderstanding.
My people did say
they took some phones.
I want to make it good with you.
I want my money...
I want my phones...
and I want my fucking molly.
Hold up.
I'm'a get you the money
and the phones.
I don't know nothing
about no drugs.
We don't do drugs around here.
You sure about that?
Looks like you don't know
your people.
Hold up.
Get me the motherfucking money
and the phones.
And what this shit is
about drugs?
I don't know about no drugs.
Now, I-I did take the --
I did take the phones.
- I don't know about no drugs.
- We didn't mess with no drugs.
- That's what I said.
- So look.
Lie to me again, I'm gonna let
them shoot this place up.
They want y'all.
They don't want me.
- They don't -- They want us.
- Lie to us again --
Lie to us again, we're gonna
let them shoot this bitch up.
I don't want to die.
Like, I just want to --
Get off me
and go get the money.
- Give me the bag.
- They gonna kill us, Black.
- Give me the bag.
- They gonna kill us.
Please don't --
don't give them that bag.
Just let 'em...
Look. Look, look.
I'm'a handle it.
I dumped the money.
I got your money...
...and the last of the phones.
We good?
Are we good?
We good.
- What the fuck he said?
- I don't know what he said.
Let me tell you something.
I'm gonna take the money,
and I'm gonna take the remainder
of my phones.
I'm gonna give you
till the end of the week
to give me my $130,000.
If not, I'm coming back
to kill you,
that fat ogre of yours,
and that skinny piece of shit.
I'm also gonna come back
and kill your children
and anything that you hold
in regards.
Do you understand me?
Me entiendes?
One week.
And, uh... if I hear
that you're talking to the cops,
I'm gonna start with your kids
Y'all closed, man?
Y'all ain't got no burgers?
Naw, big dawg.
We're closed, Blaq.
Man, I swear, Unc.
I promise you on everything,
we gonna get this money.
I promise you.
What you think they gonna do
to us if we don't?
Pop, look.
I got an idea.
Me and my crew,
we was working on something
we think can change the game
in the tech world -- Live-Fi.
This emitter
goes into your phone,
and it uses light
instead of Wi-Fi
to connect to the Internet.
And for a one-time fee,
everybody will have unlimited
Internet and cell service.
We could charge the world?
Charge the world.
Take a good look, 'cause this
right here is the key.
So now that the hardest part
is over, let's try it out.
Hey, Fatboy.
Try this, man.
It's for you.
- Fuck it.
You college kids stay
with these caffeine pills.
Oh, no, dude.
That's not caffeine, bro.
That's my special blend --
ecstasy with an Adderall chaser,
- What the fuck you mean?!
- What?
Why you didn't warn me
what was in it?!
What does it even matter, man?
- Like, what the fuck?
- What you mean, what it matter?
I mean it doesn't --
I gave you free drugs.
Like, what?
- You're not gonna take it?
- Free, my ass!
- I should fuck you up!
- Whoa, man.
If I get fucked up,
you gonna take me home?
That's hostile, bro.
Like, chill.
You're killing my buzz and...
I should have never took it.
I'll take --
No, I won't take you home.
Hey, Cash!
We ready.
That mean we hitting
the club, then.
- Big Glock.
- Yeah.
Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up.
I got this big-ass
diamond ring
- Hey, hey. What you doing, man?
- What you doing, man?
I'm with Lucci and them!
- You ain't with Lucci and them.
- Man, who the --
Who the fuck you talking to,
All y'all security guards
need to calm the fuck down!
Who is this guy?
He's not bringing this bullshit
in here.
Get your boy
before I fuck him up.
- You know him?
- Lucci, you know me, baby.
- You know me, baby!
- Get his ass out of here.
Fuck you and your club!
Miami Cuban links, yeah
Bitch, I'm 'bout it,
'bout it
You can call me Master Key
You all right, my nigga?
You sweatin'
like a motherfucker.
- You good?
- I got racks on racks on me
- Got this brand-new whip
- You geeked up.
- I know what it is.
- Hell naw
My shit ain't leased
Ooh! Girl, you need to be done.
She musty.
Then I beat, beat, beat,
- Beat her up like Ali, yeah
- Back the fuck up off me, homey.
What the fuck wrong with you?
You trying to catch this fade?
Bitch, I will knock you out.
All the way.
You're gonna have a problem
My bad.
I just needed some water.
- Ain't no limit to this shit
- Now, beat it, Michael Jackson.
I got racks on racks on me
- Got this brand-new whip
- That way.
Hell naw,
my shit ain't leased
Bad lil' bitch give me face
like I.D.s
Then I beat, beat, beat,
beat her up like Ali
Made a little bit.
Franklin, Grants,
and Jacksons
I got blue, pink,
and some green, yeah
I came from flippin' packs
Now I drop tracks
and buy bling, yeah
Diamond rings, yeah,
championship teams, yeah
We out
Ain't no limit to this shit
I got racks on racks on me
Got this brand-new whip
Hell naw,
my shit ain't leased, yeah!
Bad lil' bitch give me face
like I.D.s
Then I beat, beat, beat,
beat her up like Ali, yeah!
Franklin, Grants,
and Jacksons
I got blue, pink,
and some green, yeah
I came from flippin' packs
Now I drop tracks
and buy bling, yeah
Diamond rings, yeah
- Hey. Is that Fatboy over there?
- We out
Window limousine
Man, Spyda,
what you did to my nephew?
...Cuban links, yeah
Bitch, I'm 'bout it,
'bout it
You can call me Master Key
This little chip right here?
- Did it. Looped it.
- I looped it.
Like father, like son.
I'm proud of you.
So what you're saying
is you don't have
a concrete reason
to keep me here?
I'm not interested
in keeping you here.
But you may be interested
in keeping your job.
Now, if you work with me
and cooperate,
what we talk about and discuss
in here stay in this room.
But there's one thing
I don't understand --
how an educated woman like
yourself with a great career
gets tangled up with a criminal
like Pablo Vargas.
Who the hell is Pablo?
Shavon, this isn't helping.
I need you to be honest with me,
Look, I don't know
about any gangsters or Pablo.
All I did was turn out on a few
phones for a friend in a bind.
I swear.
So you want me to believe
that you had no idea
these phones were being stolen
for drug-trafficking purposes?
Hell no, I didn't know that.
My God!
I'm gonna kill Black.
I'm sorry.
Dios mo, Johnny.
I'm sorry.
Um, I thought you had left
Still here.
Just working.
I know this case is personal
for you,
but I just wanted you to know
if you're staying late,
then so am I.
So Diaz has a heart.
Unless you have other reasons
you're in the male locker room
you don't want to tell me
But no.
Um, you don't have to stay.
I'm actually about to leave
So enjoy your night.
You sure
you weren't stalking me?
Because that timing
was impeccable --
like, me reaching in here
and you popping up behind me
and my towel dropping, like...
Boy, do I look like Go Home Dana
to you?
Okay. Go Home.
Go Home Dana.
Definitely stalking me.
How you know about Go Home Dana?
Everybody knows
about Go Home Dana.
All right.
You are stalking me.
Uh, so...
I'll see you tomorrow, Miller.
Adis, Diaz.
Who is that?
What's going on, cuzzo?!
Oh, that's Johnny.
You play too much.
What's good, Unc?
How I play too much?
Why you nervous?
What's up?
Something you want to
tell me about?
- Nah. You just play too much.
- What's good, Unc?
- How you doing?
- Good.
Shouldn't you be saving
the world
or policing something out here
or stopping your people
from killing brothers?
- Wow. You really gonna go there.
- Yeah, I'm'a go there.
You think I can stop
all the bad cops?
- Yeah.
- I'm doing my part.
- You doing your part in life?
- Y-Yes.
There's angels.
There's devils.
- I don't know that.
- There's skinny dudes.
There's fat dudes.
I need to holler at Unc.
Are we gonna do this right now?
She didn't snitch.
I'm just good at my job.
I know she ain't snitch.
I'm just wondering
what about you.
We're blood.
You know, since a little kid,
I've always done what's right.
I don't need a uniform for that.
Now, you -- you're connected
to these phones,
and these phones are connected
to Pablo.
This case is personal for me.
So I need you to tell me
everything you know.
I already told you
everything I know, nephew.
I don't know no Pablo.
I get it, Unc.
I do.
But you got to cut off
the business with him
if you want me to help you.
I can't help you
if you continue.
Am I under arrest, Officer,
or what?
You may fit the description
dressed like that.
Hoodie and shades at night,
huh, Unc?
I'm just going to take
a little swim.
Have a nice day, Officer.
Unc, you can tell me anything.
As me gusta.
You showed up on time,
the true definition
of a businessman.
I trust you have my money.
You know I ain't got nothing
to do with is.
That's most of it.
I'll get the rest in three days,
and you can take the Benz
if you need it, homey.
Three days?
Three days?
The agreement was to have
the money in full.
I don't do no installment plans.
And does it look like I need
a fucking Benz?
I got the money.
Didn't I tell you
not to come around here?
And where you get money from?
I got you.
I only got $4,000, though.
They're still short.
No, we ain't. No, we ain't.
No, we ain't.
Watch your mouth.
I got some money.
Boy, you know I stay loaded.
Let me...
Twenty, forty, sixty, eighty.
How much you short?
Twenty? Fo--
He'll get me.
He'll get me.
He'll get me.
Oh, don't -- don't be snatching.
That's my last.
Bitch, I don't give a damn
how much I owe you.
That's my last.
I got shit to do.
Shoot 'em!
Time's up, Pablo.
Drop the guns.
There's one of you...
and how many of us?
Too many!
If I go, we all got to go.
Now, make this less messy
and drop the guns.
Do it.
Nice to see that you know
how to follow your own rules.
Freeze, bitch!
Don't you move!
Dumbasses always shoot
at the vest.
- Drop your weapon!
- Unh-unh!
- Drop your weapon!
- Drop it!
I'll drop it.
Let's... drop... the weapons.
Oh, for real?
An old-fashioned ass-whooping.
What you got?
What you got?
Oh, shit!
Fucking asshole!
Smack me like a bitch.
Listen, devil witch!
I'm not going to hell
for hitting no woman, okay?!
My keys? Really?
Oh! What --
Let me knock her ass out.
That's enough, Pop.
That's enough!
That's enough!
Get his ass out of here!
And you!
When are you gonna learn
to follow my damn lead?
What are you talking about?
I was --
Right here at the crime scene?
Be in my office.
We're gonna have a talk
about this off duty.
T sabes que yo entiendo
This whole time?
And I done seen
all these faces
And I done seen
all these faces
You already knew, huh?
Yeah, I knew you put
that tracker on my car.
But I was just wondering
what took you so long, nephew.
- We family.
- We family.
We all we got.
You already know.
I got the hookup, baby
Shorty, holler at me
I got the hookup, baby
Shorty, holler at me
I got the hookup, baby
Shorty, holler at me
My fish tacos ready?
Are my fish tacos ready?!
No, huh?
You're fired!
I can't see me without you
Without you, baby
Without you, baby
I got the hookup, baby
- Shorty, holler at me
- FATBOY: Pops!
- Hey, son.
- What's up, Pops?
I'm up here with your mama.
I told you. Look at me.
I did it.
All right.
I'm'a talk to you later.
It's you, baby
- Without you, baby
- MASTER P: Unh!
I love you.
I love your dumb ass too.
Hey, hey.
How's my favorite patient doing?
- Hey, Doc.
- Hey.
Hanging in there.
How you doing, baby?
We good.
Let's see what he's doing
up in there.
- All right, Doc.
- Huh?
- All right.
- Hey!
The hell you doing?
I'm nurturing the baby!
Mr. Mimm!
Oh, yeah.
I snuck in on your ass,
didn't I?
Word on the street is that you
running some type of naked yoga.
If I find out that you fucking
my girl...
Oh, yeah.
I heard it was you.
'Cause I saw a flip phone
and some Viagras in her purse.
- That's your black ass.
- You called me.
Yeah, you damn right.
The woman with the big
watermelon titties...
- Yeah, that's her.
- ...and the watermelon ass.
- You must like watermelon a lot.
- Yeah, I love watermelon,
I eat watermelon,
and I pay for watermelon.
If I find out
that your Five Heartbeat ass
- was fucking her...
- Yeah.
...that's your last dragon.
You hear me?
And take that picture down.
That ain't you no more.
Fuck you!
Your husband is a bitch!
First of all, nigga,
how old are you?
I don't give a fuck.
Well, are you wearing diapers
or Pull-Ups?
How the fuck are you gonna
ever talk to me like that?
I don't know whether I should
slap you or give you a bottle.
What the fuck age range are you?
You look like cabrn.
You know cabrn?
- Who the fuck is cabrn?
- I don't fucking know.
Are you a parent
or you have parents?
Who -- What are you doing here?
Your color is like this color.
Don't ever disrespect me.
I don't give a fuck.
I don't give a fuck
if you can crawl or --
If you can crawl,
we can brawl, bitch.
Why you got gun?
You're not fucking police.
I will kill you with a BB gun,
you little-ass nigga.
You're a grown baby nigga.
You're an old infant,
a 30-year-old baby.
I don't know if I should
fight you or just get a...
What is this?
Who -- What size is that, 11T?
What size is your outfit?
- I don't know.
- Are those long-sleeve...
Size 5.
You're a grown nigga
wearing baby clothes.
Why you call me a baby?
You know me?
I-I -- That's what I'm
trying to figure out.
I'm a police officer.
I just want to know --
Do I call your parents,
or do I call the cops?
I'm a cop.
That's why I'm here.
- Is it raining now?
- It's not fucking raining.
I like an umbrella.
Why you want an umbrella for?
You need to be
in a fucking stroller.
Get this little nigga
out of here for me, please.
Where are your grandparents?
You want to go to Chuck E.
Cheese or play games with me?
You ugly-ass nigga.
I know I'm ugly,
but what do I do with you?
Who are you fucking with?
Who are you?
- I don't know who I am.
- How did you get here?
Did you get here
on the school bus?
I'm Dominican.
I don't know where I am.
I'm Dominican.
Where these bitches at, man?
How many bitches coming tonight?
Shit, about 50 hoes.
You know what I'm saying.
Hoes on top of hoes.
That's where I'm about to be
on this pill.
I'm finna be fucking every ho
walk through the door.
Don't die, nigga,
'cause my daddy died
on one of them pills.
Tell them...
My dick got a vein, bitch!
My dick got a vein, bitch
- Pops, I'm here.
- Hey! What's happening?
God damn!
You squeezing me, man!
I'm here.
What you need me to do?
Man, since you like to cook,
and I know you like to eat,
we gonna keep you
in the kitchen with Rome, man.
Pops, do you who the fuck I am?
I'm not staying in no kitchen.
I'm famous.
You famous?
- We done drove down!
- Roll up the window!
- Roll up the fuckin' window!
- We done broke down!
- I think it's broken.
- Roll up the window.
- We the dope men
- Roll up!
- Sing it. We the dope men
- Roll up!
We the dope men
We the dope men
We the dope men
Here you go, Officer.
What the hell is this?!
That's all natural.
You know that shit look like
grapefruit juice.
Let me tell you something.
And I'm about to tell you
one motherfuckin' time, okay?
If you done put some goldenseal
or any other kind
of pharmaceuticals
in this motherfucker
to alter your piss test,
I'm gonna violate your ass, man!
I want a reason to send
your black ass,
you crispy motherfucker,
back to jail!
You want to come back there
and watch, then?
Don't start that
Little Richard shit up in here.
Well, have one of your girls
come back there with me.
- I'll do it.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Get your ass over here.
You're with Jackpot.
You're not with this nigga.
I'll slap them goddamn
extensions out your head.
Go sit your ass over there!
Go on!
I told you she wasn't shit.
And I should've listened to you.
That's her.
I'm telling you.
I swear that's her, bro.
Look at that ass.
- Listen.
- That ass --
- Man, that's her, bro.
- What the fuck are y'all doing?
I know you're used to dancing
for your tips.
But around here,
we actually work for ours.
Yeah, I dance.
You did porn.
She's lying!
I told y'all that wasn't me!
Are you niggas stupid
or something?
Blind ass!
Let me out of here!
I'll fucking jump!
I'll -- Guard!
I'm a Blood, cuz!
Let me out of here!
Niggas got me on tax evasion!
The fuck is this Danny Glover-
looking-ass nigga doing?
Man, shut your ass up!
Let me tell you something.
Sit them tight-ass drawers
back up on that thing.
I can't keep jacking off
to the same Rihanna poster!
Do something!
Let me out of here!
Shut the hell up!
Ugly ass.
Both of y'all ugly --
Eric and Erica.
What you said just now?
What you said just now?
- What you said just now, nigga?
- That you ug--
Like I said,
what you said just now?
You the ugliest fu--
You don't think I'll pimp-slap
the piss out you?!
Playing with me -- Erica?
I came from my mommy at birth.
Then, nigga, I came from mine!
And you can't handle that?!
Nigga, you ain't no man.
If you is,
stay behind the counter.
They got a warrant out
for your ass.
Guess what! I bet your mama
ain't felt that cantaloupe!
You're breaking my bands.
I'm about the money
If you do it for the fame,
homey, you a real dummy
This is real cocaine
Straight flame
for the money
- On my mama, on my daddy
- To the future.
Bang, bang, money game
Burn money, cartel
'Cause really everybody
really know
He ain't do it
My hand --
You ask Erica
I'm the realest nigga
who be trappin' from America
When I was ridin'
in the Chevy, hand heavy
Getting high
with my nigga Lil' Eddie
Who you think you paid
for them bricks?
When I was sitting in the trap
with the pack
Going hard 'cause I'm cookin'
up the soft
Who you think paid
for them bricks?
When y'all were trying to hit
the lick on the plug
'Cause y'all knew he kept
a stash for the drugs
Detective in the building.
Hello. May I ask you guys
a few questions?
Have you seen anything?
Man, we don't talk to the jakes
around here, man.
You know me.
We go back.
Like I say, Johnny, we don't
talk to the jakes around here.
You don't talk to the jakes, but
you call me by my first name.
Chill out, Nana!
What's wrong with you?
I need my money.
That's what's wrong.
But you can't come in here
screaming like that.
Shorty, what's happening?
You know you still owe me
that money.
I'm just here to get my money.
Didn't I give you
your last check?
You gave me my last check,
but you ain't give me
my last last check.
If I gave you your last check,
you should be straight.
No, no, no.
You still owe me
'cause I worked more,
so I need more.
So that mean we fired you
'cause you wasn't doing
something right.
I was doing everything right,
Black. Come on, now.
My fries was the crispiest fries
up in here, and you know that.
Hold up, shorty.
How much I owe you?
Now, you came up in here
for $9.86.
It's about the principle, Black.
The principle.
Oh, okay. Principle.
I'm'a give you $20
to get your ass up out of here
and your principles.
Thank you.
Nice doing business with you.
What did I do with my weed?
I know I set it somewhere
close by.
Boy, have you seen my weed?
- Your weed?
- Yes.
- Weed?!
- Yes.
- I ain't see no weed, Titi.
- Don't play.
Real talk!
I ain't seen no weed.
I don't trust my sister.
I don't trust you kids.
I don't let nobody come
to my house
'cause something
always coming up missing.
And I look everywhere.
I can't find it.
So it must be you.
Must have been me?
It didn't disappear
until you got here.
Y'all killing me with this shit!
- Kill you?
- This my life you playing with!
What's up with you, slick?
You gonna let us in or what?
I thought that we paid you
to keep the drug dealers
outside of the establishment.
It's a simple task, really.
Drug dealers?
I got a woman here
I'm coming to see.
Who's this bitch
talking about drug dealers?
My Uncle Black owns a business.
We own the business.
- We business owners.
- Straight up. Look here.
I'm coming to see my girl, so I
ain't even trippin' off of you.
I'm sure you don't have a girl
that works
in this establishment.
Tell him, Michael.
Nobody know your bougie ass.
Nobody knows you.
- Hi, baby.
- Hey, baby.
I thought I asked you to meet me
- I brought your favorites.
- Oh!
How fitting.
A hood special.
There's carnations and alcohol.
- What is wrong with her?
- I don't know.
She need a man or something.
Yeah. She need a real thug nigga
to put it on her.
Don't touch me!
- Oh, my God.
- You don't know me like that!
- I'll whip your ass.
- Don't touch me!
- I'll whip --
- You fuckin' rent-a-cop!
Mr. Mimms or Mr. Woo
or whatever the hell you're
calling yourself nowadays,
are you aware that there are
several sexual-harassment
and peeping-Tom claims
against you?
This is absurd.
I don't appreciate people
talking about my business.
I run a well-oiled machine.
That's your problem.
Women come to my business,
and they ashy.
I use a natural program.
There is also
a child-support claim
against a child named Adonis.
Drake's kid?
Oh, shit.
If it isn't Melvin Taylor.
I remember you
from back in the day.
Your unpaid
Derek Jeter-looking ass
used to be scared
of the neighborhood cat.
Now you a gangster, huh?
You think you tough
coming in here with guns,
trying to scare these models?
Nigga, you bitch-made!
Let me handle this clown,
2 Pistols.
Shit. Please.
Pistols, let me handle it.
I got this.
I got this.
Into a fuckin' Bugatti
I'm allergic
to broke niggas
Don't fuck with no fake hoes
My young'uns got Drake gold
- I just want to touch you.
- Fuck no, man!
- Get your ass up out of here!
- Man, fuck all that.
- Fuck all that.
- Nigga, back up.
I got this.
That's right.
You need to watch your mouth...
Only shit running is your mouth.
- It's 2 Pistols now.
- Whoo!
That's right.
And I know your bitch ass
don't want none of this smoke.
Who the fuck you think
you gonna shoot
holding them guns like that,
You about to find out.
Say what's up to Michael
and Prince.
Nigga, you have the audacity
to shoot at me, nigga?
Not again.
I'm Officer Midnight.
This is "I Got the Hook-up 2."
Where the fuck was you
last night
when all the shit
was going down?
Why are you black?
Why are you looking at me
like that?
I have a gun. I will kill you.
Fuck you.
Shut the fuck up when I talk
to you and listen to me.
Listen to me.
Close your eyes
and open your eyes.
Who is this nigga
and why is he here?
What the fuck do you want?
Get out of here right now,
you bootleg l--
Don't fuck with me,
my nigga, please.
Okay. Shit.
Who is this nigga?
Who knew?
- Hey, man!
- Man, you don't --
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Hey, brother --
- Don't touch me!
Okay. All right.
All right.