I Hear the Trees Whispering (2022) Movie Script

When we hear that it was based on
true events, we just wave our hands,
look bored and react to the
found footage films with disgust.
Rarely does it...
and finally the
Boston Bruins won
after a shootout against
the Philadelphia Flyers.
This is their ninth
away victory in a row,
which is a new
record for the club.
The Bruins are in good form,
their overall balance is 15-1-1.
Vincent Lecavalier scored
twice in the Flyers victory
as he celebrates his
400th goal during his...
And to be honest,
I really like plays.
I like them all and, when I
saw the first play of my life,
I decided to be an
actress right there.
I was 7 maybe and I was
extremely mesmerized by them.
And movies as well.
Yeah, Vincent,
you're absolutely right.
If you ask me, I could
hardly put it down
and suddenly I realized
that it was 3:30 in the morning
and I was just immersed
in this magic world.
It's a particularly refreshing
idea to create a story
in which I don't look
at the perfection of the...
An incredible story unfolded
from the monotonous answer
of the well shaven suspect,
dressed up in stolen but
nice and clean clothes.
He turned out to be the mysterious
hermit robbing the holiday homes.
In 1986 he left his home in
Massachusetts, traveled to Maine,
and disappeared into
the woods without a trace.
Living in a tent in an
impenetrable forest,
he subsisted on food he
stole from nearby cabins.
He didn't have a conversation
with another human being
for nearly three decades.
Hello, number two, I see you
have arrived, are you there?
Yes I am, I'm here.
You are Will, if I
remember correctly.
Yes I am. My name is Will.
This is June from
the headquarters.
Actually it doesn't really
look like a headquarters.
It's more like a
house like yours.
But I'm about fifteen
miles away from you.
Anyway, welcome
to Lily of the Valley.
Lily of the Valley.
Not an everyday
name if you ask me.
No, it's not.
And I'm sure you aren't
an everyday man either.
I'm sorry?
If you can guess how long
the job has been vacant
I'll invite you to the
raspberry beer in your fridge.
There are only
two minor problems.
I hate flavored beer.
Actually I hate all
kinds of beer and
whatever my guess is, the beer
in the fridge is already mine now.
Eh, true.
I would say it's been
vacant for half a year?
Nah, much longer.
He left a year and a half ago.
I guess he didn't
bear the pressure.
Yeah, we can say so.
What did you commit?
What do you mean?
I glanced through your CV
and you were not born here.
If you come here, you're either born
here and got rotted to this place,
or you did something and
you want to hide from the world.
Actually I could ask
you the same question.
I asked you first, so tell me.
I've been traveling
for one and a half days
I'm hungry and thirsty, so how about
letting us leave each other alone.
There's some raspberry beer.
Good for me.
Tomorrow morning, I will tell
you the most important things,
but have a good rest and be
careful of the mountain lions.
Mountain lions?
You haven't seen the
inside of the door yet then.
Let that be the
final word for today.
I need to get some sleep.
I'll call you in half
a lifetime again.
Wake up, Will.
Here I am, here I am.
I would say good morning,
but I think it's too late for that.
What time is it?
10:15 AM.
Ah, shit!
I'm sorry.
It happens sometimes.
There was a guy who
slept for two days,
but he was really really shit-faced.
I only drank some tea.
Oh, by the way,
regarding food and drink.
Look outside the door!
I'll do it.
The donkey with the
pack-saddle comes once a week.
I'm not sure I get it.
This is what we call the
lorry that carries the food.
If there is anything you
need, just put a note on the box
and it will be there next week,
and they take the empty box away.
Pizza is not in the game, is it?
It could be possible,
but by the time you get it
it would probably be
more like a Frisbee.
No problem, I'm not
a pizza fan anyway.
Are you ready to
look around a bit?
There are some window boxes
there, put the keys in there.
There's less chance you lose
them in the middle of the woods
if you put them there.
You said you'll say
something about the job.
That's right.
As I told you it's
not a brain surgery.
The county spends a nice sum
of money on keeping the jobs,
so we grab the opportunity.
I feel like I'm sponsored.
Yes, it's our privilege.
So the main thing is that we must
keep peace and order in the forest.
If somebody starts a
fire, we must take action.
If anybody does anything
illegal, we must take action, too.
You mean like a thirty-member
crew making a porn movie?
I'm happy you
managed to relax a bit.
Kind of.
Rather like repairing
a broken bar or barrier
or repair the steps
of a lookout tower.
These are small jobs, but
nobody wants to die here
because a sign's not fixed
or the steps are broken.
Fair enough.
So, as I told you...
Wait a minute.
What is it?
Will, what's happening?
As if I was hearing the sound of
a chainsaw not very far from here.
That's weird.
No felling was
planned for today.
Wait a second, I'll
just go and check.
I'm not planning to run away.
I hope so.
Not for today, not
even for this week.
The next felling is
planned for next Friday.
What am I supposed to do now?
Well, you should walk
towards the sound
and check who is
stealing the timber.
This guy has a chainsaw for sure
and what I have is a
folded pocket knife.
Chances are not
equal I'm afraid.
I know, it's not
really reassuring,
but the headphones
have built-in GPS,
so we can help you if
you get in trouble.
You said houses are 10-20
miles from each other here.
That's right.
Help would not be so quick.
Just to inform you,
it was a failed attempt
if you wanted to calm me down.
But such things do happen,
this is part of your job.
Walk there carefully, warn them
or send them away, if necessary.
If you feel you are in danger,
tell us and more people
will go out with you.
Do you have the
alarm gun with you?
Do I have something like that?
There is a red box in the house,
I thought it would be the
first thing you found.
The bed attracted me more.
I shouldn't be here.
So many horror
movies start like this.
Shut up!
I'm sure he saw you
coming and ran away.
Nobody's going to attack
you for a few weeks' firewood.
I haven't really
calmed down yet.
Look around, and if you don't
see anybody, you can get off.
I found the chainsaw.
And the owner has
run away, I guess.
It can happen and will
happen again, I'm sure.
There's a bag here, too.
And I guess you'll
look what's inside.
I'll visit your for some
fortune-telling pretty soon.
I can't wait to meet you.
Only some...
The best is to steal timber when
you are drunk, didn't you know that?
I found a drawing
in the bag, too.
If it's a treasure map,
give me a little time.
I'll go and we can start
searching for it together.
It's a simple
drawing by a child.
Maybe the guy's
daughter made it.
Or a six-year-old was
trying to cut down a tree.
- What the fuck?!
- What is it?
- A-a-a finger!
- What?!
A finger, a fucking finger
dropped on the ground.
Somebody's finger
was in the bag!
Holy shit!
Will, what the
hell is happening?
For fuck's sake Will, answer me!
Okay. False alarm.
What the fuck is happening then,
it's not a finger but an
ear or what the fuck, Will?
It's a flashdrive.
A flashdrive disguised
as a human finger.
Fucking Ebay.
Now is the time when
I need to take a shot.
And you should drink the rest of
the whiskey, because you deserve it.
I don't drink.
Don't mess with me.
Not a sip for a
year and 114 days.
I guess I wouldn't be able to
hold out for fourteen days, huh.
Sometimes it would be good
to forget things, but I hold out.
I drink another one for that.
What shall I do
with the chainsaw?
Leave it there.
If it belongs to somebody,
they will collect it today.
And the bag?
I think you can
leave it there, too.
I don't want them coming after
us because of the things they lost.
And adding the
creepy trumpet sound
from Kevin Smith's Red State movie.
In other words,
they were all hoaxes.
But the phenomenon
itself is no hoax at all.
A skyquake is
actually a real event
though it's difficult to
distinguish between fakes
videos of unexplained noises
that are of human origin
and genuine skyquakes.
But the real examples
of this phenomenon
are all described the same way
by those who experience them.
A loud boom that sounds
like distant cannon fire
and the genuine ones
all occur near coastal areas.
There hasn't been
a full explanation yet
why certain areas
experience periodic skyquakes
but enough evidence
exists to suggest...
Are you still out?
Someone damaged the
barrier at stone number sixty-two.
I fixed that and some
very clever guy made fire
but he left soon.
It looks as if being in the woods
justified anyone being an asshole.
I wonder how he could
light a fire in this weather.
At the end of the day, I'd like to
thank you for your work today,
and for your courage with
the chainsaw murderer.
I'm here to do my job.
I think you'll do it well.
And I hope you're right.
Most people are fed up
after the first day and get off.
I'm not planning to get off.
A chainsaw murderer and a
finger a day are no problem at all.
It's good to know.
Normally I don't chat so much
with people, but now it is...
If it makes you feel better
I haven't said more than
two sentences to anybody
in the last one and a half years.
I don't know if I should
be surprised or sad.
I didn't say it to
crash the party.
Who was it?
What do you mean?
Who did you tell more
than two sentences?
My bank called me to
cross-check some data.
But seriously!
I'm being serious.
The main reason
I started this job
was because I wanted to
be alone with my thoughts
and here I may be able
to forget things if I want to.
I don't have to
pose others and...
find out what I did well
and what I screwed up.
Then I'll spoil your party when
I keep speaking in your ears.
No problem at all.
I didn't think it would
take so long to get back.
The forest is about
3000 square kilometers.
Lily of the Valley makes
up about a quarter of it.
That means your senses
are confused easily,
when it comes to time and distance.
You'll get used to it.
Luckily I have the map with me.
Although it's not
easy to comprehend.
There is a guy here.
Scared the hell out of me.
A man?
Does he have a
chainsaw in his hand?
Funny girl.
No, he doesn't,
just a flashlight.
I'm about to tell you a secret.
What is it?
This is a forest with no
entrance where we sell tickets.
Screw you.
He probably feels
the same about you.
If he'd got lost, he would've asked
you for help, don't bother about it.
At least I will sleep well.
If you can't fall asleep, I will
sing something. That might help.
It's been a long day
and you are brilliant
at making me feel it even longer.
I'm sorry, I'll try
to make it shorter.
- Oh, shit!
- What's wrong?
I put the keys under the first
windowbox and they're not there now.
Are you sure you put them there?
Absolutely, I don't
need to remember
too many things in
the middle of nowhere!
Look around.
Maybe they just fell down.
I've got them.
They were the one
on the right side.
I could swear I
didn't put them there.
I could swear on my life.
Where are you?
Lily needs you.
What a beautiful landscape.
I also love it.
It's like all the bad
things stay out of our lives.
It would be nice if it were so.
Well, about a half hour ago,
we got a call saying that a
person is shooting at bottles,
probably with an air gun.
According to the description
the incident might be
between number 54 and 56.
A single person?
The caller said he saw one person,
he didn't dare to get any closer.
I should get some hazard bonus.
But at least, it's
not a chainsaw.
I'll speak to my boss.
Can I ask you a
strange question?
Even two questions.
Go ahead.
Did you speak to
me during the night?
Sometimes I drink too much,
but I usually remember what I do,
so I can definitely
say it wasn't me.
Why, did somebody call you?
I was asleep when
she was speaking to me.
Her voice reminded
me of my wife.
And yet you believed it was me?
Your voices are very similar.
Am I right that she's one of
the reasons why you are here?
It's not my business.
I try to mind my own one, and
not to dig deep into your life.
Actually, she is
the main reason.
I guessed there is something
like that in the background.
How did you know that?
Your voice.
It's so sad.
The tone of it is nice, you
have a good sense of humor,
but I can always hear it.
Even if it's just a little bit.
Sara died in a car accident.
I'm sorry.
What happened?
It happened about
three years ago.
I was driving a truck abroad.
I was driving a truck
almost all my life,
I made money, I tried
to get all the jobs.
I traveled so many miles
that I could have traveled
around the globe five times.
She stayed home with our
daughter, whom I didn't see often.
She had to do everything.
One day she ran out
of the baby formula
and she went down to
the shops to buy some.
She was coming home when a...
ran over her over the
pedestrian crossing.
My God.
I hurried home
as fast as I could
but it took almost
two days to get home.
If I had not accepted that job
and if I had been
home on that day...
Will, you didn't know
what would happen.
Nobody knew what would happen.
The name of the guy who
hit her was Thomas Briscoe.
He had a gardening store
on the edge of the town.
To be more accurate,
people bought seeds, hoes,
or lawnmowers from him and
then they could say they knew him.
He was driving at 22
miles over the speed limit
when he caused the accident.
Finally he got away
with it quite easily
because his lawyer used
my wife's medical records
about her migraine
saying that her illness may
have caused the accident
when a sudden pain distracted her
and she stepped in front of the car.
Ah, fuck!
It's a bit embarrassing to
speak in this microphone
when I know that
I remind you of her.
It's not your fault.
In a way...
it's even relaxing.
Nobody has ever
told me that before.
And on the top of that...
My daughter's name is Lily.
What were the chances
that your new workplace
will bear the name
of your daughter
and your quasi-boss will speak
to you with your wife's voice?
Chances are better of Miley Cyrus
giving me a blowjob
along pit row at Daytona
while I watch the cars speed by.
According to your GPS coordinates,
you have to see the
Castle of Witches.
As I recall, it was
built in the 15th century
and in fact, no witch
lived there at all.
As far as I know.
It has been devastated spectacularly
in the last fifty years.
At one time it was
also a wedding venue.
So many idiots drove miles by SUV,
only to get divorced
a few years later.
I can't see things like this
every day, that's for sure.
What is it you see?
A chapel or a mansion.
At least, the remains.
That's Lily's hidden place.
Lily's what?
We call it like that.
I wonder why it wasn't
stolen stone by stone.
Quite a lot of them remained.
It's scary.
I haven't seen
it for a long time.
It was many years ago
when I last went there.
It feels as if I had
been here before.
How come?
I cannot explain.
Perhaps some
damn deja vu feeling.
The whole thing is so strange.
Something is not right here.
What's wrong?
What's wrong, Will?
What do you hear?
That's the point.
But someone or
something is here.
Hey! Wait a minute! Stop!
What's happening,
what do you see?
A stranger looked at me, didn't
say a word then disappeared.
Will, I don't want
to offend you, but...
Look, I'm not crazy, I know what
I see, and I know what I do, okay?
Okay, okay, I believe you.
Can you see him anywhere now?
No, he vanished completely.
According to the GPS signal,
you should be alone there.
That's reassuring.
Will, there's no problem here.
Maybe it's a tourist
who loves fun,
or somebody just wanted to take
a leak, but you interrupted him.
Fuck you, you come out here!
I didn't want to shout.
That's all right.
The forest hides
many strange things.
Nobody is shooting with a gun,
so whoever was reported to
be here has probably left by now.
Walk around once more and
if you don't see anybody,
you can go home and eat something.
I can do that.
And how is your Lily?
She'll start school next year.
My question might
sound strange, but...
My father-in-law raises her.
After Sara's death, I went
through a very difficult period.
And my parents died long ago.
Only her father is alive.
He became her legal guardian.
They moved to Europe.
To the Isle of Man.
And Lily is starting
school there.
I would be crying over
the blind map for sure
if I had to spot this Man something.
It is located between
England and Ireland.
We were thinking of moving
there with Sara, when Lily is older,
but it seems that my
father-in-law stole the idea.
Maybe Sara mentioned
it to him, I don't know.
How do you meet
your daughter then?
We haven't seen
each other for a while.
Unfortunately I wasn't there for
her when she really needed me.
When there were the three
of us, things went quite well.
I had to work a lot, but we did our best to
spend as much time together as possible.
Sara's death changed
everything I guess.
I was alone with a baby.
The funeral cost a lot of money.
And there are a lot of
expenses with a child.
I didn't know what to do with
Lily when there were the two of us.
Sara was the perfect mother.
It may sound of
clich, but it was true.
I was good at my
job, at least for a while.
She needs you.
I think I would confuse her.
She grows up together with his
grandfather in a beautiful place.
That island is
absolutely fabulous,
much more beautiful than
the place where we lived.
I think I would just
disrupt everything.
She would not know what's
happening, she's too young.
My sister's daughter is only six
but last week she started a
discussion with me about reincarnation.
Age is not everything.
The fact that a child is a child
doesn't mean anything.
I usually send something
to her for her birthday,
for Christmas and
for some other holidays.
I send as much
money as I can, too.
None of these can replace you.
And what about you?
Kid, kids?
I was married once,
for two weeks.
Maybe I shouldn't ask more.
There's nothing special.
I was twenty, he was forty-two.
He was a manager,
smartly dressed and
it's difficult to say no when
you are still lazing around
in your childhood room
in your parents' house.
He was courting.
I mean I was very much
impressed, he treated me very well
and I was such a stupid cunt
that I thought it would always be so.
What happened?
After the first bigger
argument in our marriage,
I was beaten up
with a broken nose
with two teeth falling out
and I had internal bleeding.
What the fuck?
I was saying the same to myself
while I was screaming for help.
The next day he went to the
office like nothing had happened.
So I packed up and went home.
My mother cried.
My father, he called
an ambulance.
And then his friends.
I hope you didn't let
him go away with it.
All I know is that
he wasn't killed
but I never saw him again.
And soon his name was removed
from the company's website as well.
It's said that somebody else was
living in the house a month later.
Our house.
It's strange.
The fact he knocked
only two of my teeth out?
No, of course not.
My wife also came out of an
abusive relationship when we met and
I just find the
coincidence strange.
If I finished my time here, my first
thing would be to fly after my daughter.
Maybe I wouldn't
be here tomorrow.
Let's finish this now, please.
I must be someone's way here.
What's that again?
Someone left a gift on the door.
Like in a detective story.
The letters are cut out from a
newspaper to create a message saying
"I know why you are here".
And the note is full of blood.
Calm down, Will.
Someone must be joking.
You know what's interesting?
That this person is the only one
who might actually know why
I'm here, so I'd love to meet him
and ask him, because I don't even
know what the fuck I'm doing here.
Will, I have to tell
you something.
Just tell me it cannot
be worse than this.
The guy, who worked
there before you came here...
Jesus Christ, don't tell
me he's a fucking murderer!
No, no, but he
didn't actually quit.
I don't want to pull
every sentence out of you.
One day, he just disappeared.
Oh, fuck, that's just awesome!
I'm not exaggerating when I say we
combed through the complete forest
we phoned everybody we could, the police
also tried to find him, but all in vain.
And now I am his next target.
You need to stay calm.
That's the only way
you can do this job.
And what does he look like?
What's his name?
His name was Chuck Huntington.
But I cannot really say any more
about him, I was not connected to him.
And what does he look like?
I don't know exactly.
You didn't even meet him?
We received his CV, we hired him,
he was sent to his place, that's all.
It's not official, but
he left out more and more often.
He didn't complete the work
he received, or didn't do it at all,
and he did not react
to anything after a while.
There were days where he just
muttered into the microphone
that he should no
longer be allowed to live.
And he picked me
as his new target.
Ah, I shouldn't have
told you about that!
Chuck Huntington probably
drank himself to death
and his decaying body is waiting to
be discovered by a group of tourists.
Nine out of ten people
don't take this job.
Usually crazy people, lonely pensioners,
divorced or antisocial outcasts come here.
You are the
refreshing exception.
Here you can hide all your pain
all your fear, your past, but
sometimes new ones are born and
the past doesn't cease to exist here.
Either you run as far as you can,
or you take the courage to confront.
You sound exactly like Sara.
Thank you for
being here with me.
Not at all.
Are you awake?
I used to have that stupid habit of
sleeping at 2 AM, but now I'm giving up.
Don't be stupid now.
There's someone here.
Maybe it's just my
brain playing tricks.
This might be the man
with the flashlight again.
Go to sleep now and
have a rest, okay?
I swear it's like a Morse code.
And it is repeated.
Do you have a piece
of paper and pen?
Dot, dash, dot, dot, dot, dot.
Again, dot, dash, dot, dot.
Dash, dot, dash, dash.
Got it.
Can I dictate it?
Dot, dash, dot, dot, dot, dot.
Dot, dash, dot, dot.
Dash, dot, dash, dash.
Holy shit!
Okay, it's not a joke anymore.
Someone knows exactly who I
am, knows my daughter's name,
and who knows what
else he knows about me!
Will, can you hear it?
I don't think so.
Check if you still
have the alarm gun.
Shit, I haven't
checked it since then.
Just a second.
I don't have it.
What do you mean
you don't have it?
What it's meant to be.
That idiot outside is shooting with my gun
because there's only the empty box here!
I'll walk towards the
sound of shooting.
Be very careful.
It's not far from here.
I hear it.
Okay, keep calm.
Maybe some douchebag came
out to use his remaining fireworks.
I hope so, but he won't get
away with it, that's for sure.
I'm not very well off,
so don't think I'm about to bail
you out if the cops take you away.
You told me everything
can be hidden here.
An idiot more or an idiot
fewer makes no difference.
Please be reasonable, old boy.
Why does a lorry driver
decide to switch a huge truck
with hundreds of
horsepower for birds' singing?
If I understand correctly, you are
fed up with everything and everybody
and driving a lorry is not an
entry to the social life either.
I am not allowed
to drive anymore.
Not only lorries,
nothing at all.
Another secret of the forest.
After Sara's death
I escaped to work
but I think I said that.
Though I haven't mentioned
that I spent one day
working and one day drinking.
And there was a single
day when I did both.
You don't have to talk
about it if you don't want to.
I haven't talked
about it to anybody.
Except the police, of course.
It must be pretty tough.
Everything went wrong that day.
Visibility was crap,
it was foggy,
the previous night
I drank really a lot
and at that time I could sleep
four-five hours on average.
Finally, the truck and all its
loads fell into the roadside ditch
but only after a vehicle had
turned around its axles three times.
They cut me out of the wreck and
I was in a coma for three weeks.
So that's why all booze is
in safety in your presence.
Let's say I can't afford
not to be sober anymore.
And what happened after that?
I caused four
other cars to crash
but luckily nobody died.
I got a suspended sentence due to what
happened to my wife and the circumstances
but my license was
permanently revoked
and of course
I was no longer employed.
I'm very sorry, Will.
Thanks to my father-in-law I was
treated in a special private hospital
until I regained consciousness
and soon I was able to
take a closer look at that slope.
Then I fell out with my him,
and I dealt less and less with Lily.
It might sound stupid,
but what if somebody does this
to you because of the accident?
I don't think so.
But now I don't really
know what I should think.
I'm very close.
Take care.
Somebody is camping here!
Why did no one recognize this?
There was a guy here
who lived alone for 14 years
before one of us
noticed him from the jeep.
The whole family
thought he was dead
and he just said he had got
fed up with his wife's bitching.
I don't think this guy
here wanted to hide.
He wanted to be found.
Or that you find him.
I'll check the tent.
I've found the gun.
My God.
What is it?
Here is a pile of photos
about my daughter and my wife.
But how?
I don't know!
I have no idea
how or where from.
These are photos
that only we had.
I doubt my
father-in-law got them,
I don't think he has
ever seen these pictures.
Somebody from your past
followed you to this place.
This shithead even has a laptop.
Do you think it might work?
The flashdrive.
I have to try it.
Hey Will.
I hope you get this
message, this is Dale.
You never returned any of my phone calls,
so I just stopped trying after a while.
You know before I
turned on this little gadget
I had all memorized.
But now...
to be honest, I don't
know what to tell you.
I guess...
Lily's fine.
Lily's fine.
I guess the most important
thing to tell you is that
I think she misses you
a lot, but she doesn't say.
You know I play with
her a lot, you know.
And her drawing is
getting better and better.
The other day
she went into the house, we
were cutting and picking flowers.
She went into the house
and she drew herself.
One of these days
she's gonna be a really talented
artist, you know, something like that.
You know Will, I know this
whole thing derailed because...
after Sara's death.
But I think you should know that
your daughter is waiting for you.
Every single day.
Look, I'm not...
I don't want to decide for you.
I'm not trying to tell you what
to do, I just think you should know.
She's waiting for her father.
You know...
To the world...
you're one of many.
But to her...
you're the whole world.
Something is wrong for sure.
The tent was full of
photos of Lily and Sara
and the flash drive
contained a video
where my father-in-law asked
me to go back to my daughter.
This is a fucking nightmare.
June, are you there?
What is going on here?
This can't be.
Hey Will.
This is Chuck Huntington.
Your predecessor, if you will.
Maybe it's better
I tell you my real name.
Thomas Briscoe.
I had to find a new
identity for my life here.
We sometimes say
life is unpredictable
and it proves to be
true again and again.
I never thought that I
would meet you again.
I thought we should
avoid meeting face to face.
I see our minds
worked the same way.
We both chose to
hide from the world.
I had a good time
here for a few years
then I ran out of books,
thoughts and memories.
But then you arrived.
I'm sorry I scared you to death.
I took your gun, because if we'd
met, you would have killed me.
And I would've thought the same
if I met the man that killed my wife.
You must know that I am sorry.
I'm sorry about what
happened to you.
And I'm even more sorry that your
daughter had to live through all this.
You must know that I
understand what you finally did
and I forgive you.
Painful as it is and it is
terribly painful.
I'd never have known that
ruining the lives of others
is not just a column between
two advertisements in a newspaper
if our lives hadn't intersected.
We'll never meet
again and it's okay.
We have nothing left
to do with one another.
Take care of yourself.
And Lily.
Chuck Huntington hit
my wife with his car.
And I cut the brake pipe
of his car on January 19th
the day after his verdict.
So I could take revenge.
But that day
it was his son who used his car
and drifted off the road.
I killed his son.
Now everything has
come to a conclusion.
It's not a coincidence
that I'm here, right?
This place does not exist.
Is that right?
Not in the way you think.
Will I ever get
out of here, June?
Hey there, Lily!
It's the big day, huh?
I couldn't sleep a wink
at night, to be honest.
But as you asked, I did some
more work on the establishing shots
and changed the
design of your dad's car.
I hope you like the sound I
finally mixed for Chuck Huntington.
Almost fifteen years
in the wilderness
and he ended up
returning to his hometown
to do this radio interview
just before his death.
It's still on the web.
I ended up using it to create his accent,
his tone of voice, basically everything.
I think it's pretty good now.
Although I've never
had the courage
I've never had the opportunity
to admit how much I admire your
And if it doesn't work out today,
it'll work out somewhere else.
People must know what happened.
You got this.
This is what we've
all been waiting for.
All those years you
put in led you to this.
So go get 'em.
And let me know when
you have any news.
Bye, Lily.
Good morning, Lily!
In ten minutes, there is an online
meeting with the CEO of Memory Games,
Mr. Harald Torenbeek.
I cannot tell you how happy I am
that you devote some of your time to us.
That's very kind of you.
I'm quite sure that I Hear the
Trees Whispering will change
how we look at video
games and the digital world.
and moving.
The first simulator
based on real memories.
It's fabulous.
I've spent a lot of time
and energy on it, sir.
In what stage is it now?
Around 95%.
I haven't decided
the ending yet.
The story can go in eighteen directions,
depending on the decisions of the player,
But all of them lead
to the same outcome.
To the truth I always
wanted to know.
The truth about my father.
Around twenty years
ago, he made mistakes.
When I learned that,
after the accident,
my grandfather scanned my
father's memories in at the hospital
using a new procedure,
I knew that that's the only way
to find out why it all happened.
The institution stored the
samples for twenty years,
and then, as the only relative,
I was able to receive them.
I even built a new machine that
helps me to amplify my father's memories
to make them easier
to put into the game.
What happened to your father?
There was a good chance
he would never wake up.
But after three weeks
he was out of the hospital.
He changed after that.
At first he was still telling me
stories, he was playing with me
but these...
faded away.
There were days when he just sat
and stared out through the window.
Later I learned that overnight he simply
turned himself into the police saying
that he killed the
son of the man
who killed my mother.
You refer to this in the game.
Ninety percent of the game was
written by my father's memories.
When he was young he wanted to be a
forester, hence the place for the game.
I made June's voice based on some
archived recordings of my mother,
only deepened it a bit.
I wanted to know what happened,
so I manipulated the whole thing
to make it seem
as real as possible.
How many times did the outcome
of the game turn out like that?
Every time.
He did it.
What happened since then?
He was sentenced to
twelve years in prison.
My grandfather traveled across
the world a few times to talk to him
until it was my father who
finally turned him away forever.
I was hoping that
this would end once.
That he would come,
knock on my door,
I invite him in and
he tells me everything.
But I've never seen him again.
After he was released, he
disappeared from the eyes of the world.
you would have liked to
have your father back.
Is that right?
I would like him to
know that I forgave him.
With this I can tell the whole world
that I understand why he did that.
I've been a game developer all my
life, that's the only thing I'm good at.
That world is comfortable
for me, I'm terrified of this one,
but the world needs to know that
he's not a bad person
and he never was.
Because he is...
he is my father.
I hope this message
will reach many people.
Especially one person.
Hey, Dad.