I Heard Sarah (2022) Movie Script

[rock music]
Yeah, throw me a bone
I wanna be on a stand
But I'm a dog in a room
I'm a cat in a cage
I'm a man
Cannot answer the phone
Talk to me like
a snow avalanche
[traffic blaring]
[soft guitar music]
[waves crashing]
[seagulls squawking]
[soft guitar music]
[seagulls squawking]
[homeless man]
"Are of a most select
and generous chief in that.
Neither a borrower
nor a lender be.
For loan oft loses
both itself and friend,
and borrowing dulls
the edge of husbandry.
This above all..."
[car engines revving]
Come on.
[man shouting]
Let's vote for President Trump.
Let's vote for President Trump.
All I can do what's best.
Get down and do it together.
You can't handle the truth.
You can't handle the truth.
He's telling the truth.
[soft guitar music]
[music stops]
[high-pitched static]
[Sarah chuckles]
[keypad beeps]
[exhales sharply]
[man on phone]
Ian, what the fuck is going on
in that brain of yours?
I'm confused.
If you're trying to fuck me,
at least try to kiss me
before you fuck me.
You know Aria wants to get
you that rehab deal...
[Dr. Weiss] Ian,
this is your doctor calling.
Where the hell are you?
You're not leaving me
any options.
Ian, this is Dr. Weiss again.
You left me no choice.
I hope you're okay.
[upbeat rock music]
[cell phone chimes]
[music continues]
Oh, my God,
you're Ian fucking Ford.
I know it's you, it's you.
-Can we take a pic?
-Yeah, that would be so awesome.
[camera shutter clicking]
Thank you so much.
You're gorgeous.
-Oh, my God.
[calm instrumental music]
Promise me.
What do you mean?
Promise me that
we're gonna be fine.
I promise.
With all my heart.
I promise.
[motorcycle revving in distance]
I don't wanna
Who'd have thought
you'd ever need
Who'd find me where
a lady need this on a wall
You know
I don't think of you
Okay, we know
that isn't true
Otherwise, I wouldn't be
sitting in this room
Talking to
Reminiscing you
So shine a spotlight
on my soul
Shine a spotlight
on my soul, it's--
Shine a spotlight...
What are you looking for, man?
[Ian panting]
What are you trying to do,
kill yourself or something?
Ian, I got everything.
We can get on the road, okay?
We get on the road?
[siren wailing in distance]
You wanna get out of this room?
[Ian whispers]
Let's go.
[calm guitar music]
[birds chirping]
[chuckles softly]
Beat me to it again.
Oh. Yeah, no, I just, uh...
Yeah. No, I keep waking up
early, that's all.
And what are you thinking about,
Mr. Music Teacher?
I'm just saying I don't mind
waking up early, so, you know,
you don't need
to worry about me.
[Chris chuckles]
Who says I'm worried?
[exhales sharply]
You know,
maybe today will be the day
that these kids
try to learn something new.
[keys jingling]
Hush. You know
those kids love you.
Go show them
how it's done, rock star.
Yeah. I'll see you later.
[door opens and closes]
[man on radio]
He broke out of rehab.
Can you believe that?
Two weeks left on his mandate
and he just bails? Two weeks!
Now, listen, I love Ian Ford.
I'm not one to preach
about healthy lifestyle
or anything like that,
but I feel like this guy
has a death wish.
Fuck. Shit.
-Ian, wake up.
Hey. Stay awake.
Fuck you, mother.
Hey, stay awake, okay?
We're almost there.
Come on.
[rock music on stereo]
Turn that shit off!
-Stop it!
-Turn it off! Ah, f--
Stop it.
Stop it.
Let the quiet play.
Always the poet.
[Sarah laughs]
[upbeat orchestra music]
Is this the house?
[Ian grunts]
That's it.
I thought it'd be bigger.
[car doors close]
[knocking on door]
[orchestra music continues]
Hi. Mm...
You're, um, not Josh.
Uh, I'm his wife.
I know who you are.
You're the...
Ma'am, can we come in?
We've been driving all day.
[door closes]
[Chris chuckles softly]
[birds chirping]
I came as soon as I could.
We've been driving all day.
He was really anxious
-to see you. You--
-[Josh] Oh...
Wait, who are you?
Me? I'm Bolt. I'm his manager.
-Yeah, get a new job.
-[Bolt] And I'm his friend.
-[Josh] To us.
-[echoes] To us.
[wind howling]
[mic feedback]
Six years
I haven't seen this guy.
It's exactly
why we'd all left him.
It's like time never happened.
Josh, he needs our help!
Look at him!
What do you mean "look at him"?
You look at him. You seen him?
She has been. She gave me
a cold compress, made us tea.
[Josh] Look, he needs
to get to a hospital, okay?
That's what he needs.
-Trust me.
-No, no. Please,
please, don't, um...
Yeah, yeah,
he, he broke out of rehab,
and if you do that,
they'll just send him to jail.
He drove all this way
to see you.
-[Bolt] Technically, I drove.
-[Chris] Thank you.
Look, we can put him up
in the guest bedroom.
It's not a big deal.
It's the least he deserves.
What do you mean,
what he deserves?
I don't owe him anything.
I remember you two
were inseparable in high school.
-You might not remember me,
but I remember you two.
-Honey, don't do this.
No, I remember every time
you got into one of your fights,
he was there.
Skinny punk who could barely
throw a punch, but he was
there beside you
getting his ass kicked
every time.
And every time he hurt himself,
you were by his side, too.
Think the whole school
didn't know that he was sleeping
in your basement because
he couldn't go back home?
For God's sakes,
you to run away together.
What's wrong with you? It's Ian!
He's shaky.
You, you help me
get him upstairs.
Come on, man.
[Josh grunts]
[rock music]
Best Kept Secrets. Someone?
Anyone! Best Kept Secret.
Come see us tonight.
Best Kept Secret, people.
Come on.
-Hey! Best Kept Secret.
-[woman] Thanks.
Best band on Sunset,
under the sun.
Man, I'm not getting any luck
on this side of the street.
Maybe it's your hair, man.
Your mom didn't mind.
-Best Kept Secret.
-Best Kept Secret. Come on.
Hey. Best Kept Secret.
-Yeah, we're the new
band in town.
-Okay, cool.
-This is really interesting.
-Definitely catch up.
-Yeah, think I'll give you two.
-All right.
-Give it to your friends.
Hey, Best Kept Secret.
Best Kept Secret, best band
under the sun on Sunset.
Man, none of these people
are gonna come see us.
Bro, I really need you
to stop worrying
about what's going
to happen, okay?
Doesn't it bother you that
no one cares, no one sees us?
We have no money, no real gigs.
We have nowhere to stay.
Hey, Best Kept Secret,
tonight in Hollywood.
Hello! Are you all gonna
come see our show?
-[Ian] How are you
pulling this off, man?
-Yo, my friend here thinks
none of you are gonna come
see our show tonight.
Are you gonna come see our show?
See? This is what
I'm telling you, man.
Bro, you got
to practice equanimity.
You don't even know
what "equanimity" means.
It's like love and shit.
Oh, dude, you're a hippie.
Get out of here!
Are you fucking bumming me out?
Hey, girl.
You've got to stop
doubting yourself, man.
You're gonna miss your own show.
Speaking of show,
you know where Josh is?
-Best Kept Secret.
-I don't know, man.
I tried calling him earlier,
he didn't answer.
Come on, great show.
Bro, I don't know what
you want me to say, man.
I don't know where he's at.
You know, you're not
a very good liar, Skate.
[rock music]
[birds chirping]
What the fuck?
[rock music]
[drums solo]
[music stops]
[arguing indistinctly]
[guitar music]
You can't smoke in here.
I'm-- Look, I'm sorry, man. I--
What the fuck
you doing, man? Come on.
It's okay.
[chuckles softly]
Josh gets lost
in his thoughts too.
He gets lost
in his thoughts too.
-Please have a seat.
-Who does?
Josh does.
-[Ian] He does?
-Yeah, he does.
In the morning sometimes, he
lays there and stare into space
like he's trying to solve one
of the great questions of life.
He doesn't know that I know.
I'm sorry, I'm afraid
I haven't had the pleasure
of meeting you.
-It's my wife, Ian.
Tell me, why haven't
I met your hypnotizingly
beautiful wife before?
-[laughs] Oh, my God. No.
-[Josh] You have.
Were you too whacked out?
-I'm, I'm sorry I was...
-It's okay.
Can you, uh...
Can you go fix up
some food or something?
-Yeah, sure.
-[Josh] Yeah?
Good talking to you.
Aren't you supposed
to be in rehab?
How do you know that, man?
How do I know that?
Everyone knows that, man.
I mean, your latest stunt
is all TMZ can talk about.
"Where is Ian Ford?"
"Has Ian Ford gone too far?"
Fuck rehab, man!
That fucking place.
They don't know what
the fuck they're doing. Okay?
-You know what I mean?
-[Josh] No.
No, I don't know
what you mean, Ian.
That's why it's called rehab,
and that's why you were there.
And that's why
you're supposed to be there,
because you don't know what
the fuck you're doing! Okay?
You know what I mean?
I didn't want to be there.
-So I bounced.
-Of course you didn't.
They're trying
to feed me with bullshit.
That, that I need to be fixed,
that I need to become
a better version of myself.
It's been what...
four years?
Six years.
I left LA six years ago.
Six years, huh?
Why are you here?
I send you checks, you get 'em?
Yeah, I get 'em.
I mean, I don't cash them.
-You don't cash them?
-No, I don't fucking cash 'em.
I just said that.
I-It's half, you know.
What, you think you can
just buy my forgiveness?
You just send some checks?
You think that makes me
think you care, that
you're a good person?
Because you're doing something
that "a good person would do."
No, fuck that!
Maybe it's not enough.
Sure. You know what?
And maybe everything
I touch breaks.
Shine a spotlight on my soul.
Plead me guilty, whatever.
But don't think
that I don't care.
Okay? Do me that one
fucking solid.
Why the fuck did you come here?
Come on, let's,
let's, let's not pretend
that you sending me checks
that you don't even know
are cashed or not
is your way of communicating
and staying in touch.
Because I, I don't buy it, man.
And I know you don't
fucking buy it.
So for once
in your fucking life,
just give me
a straight answer, man.
I never meant for it
to go down like that.
Shut the fuck up.
You remember
when we were kids...
and, and we stole that guitar?
We just saw that poor kid
walking down the street,
and we thought...
We thought "Fuck it.
Let's take that thing."
And you and me,
we threw a few punches for fun,
and once we had it, we had
no idea what to do with it.
Do you remember that?
That's a long fucking
time ago, man.
We stayed up
all night...
walking around with it.
We had no idea
what we were doing,
but, but we were hooked.
Couldn't stop.
[chuckles softly]
And then, the next day
we had to give it back
because that kid's mom
came knocking.
I remember, uh, your dad,
he wanted to hang us
by our necks.
What was that kid's name?
I don't remember.
I still remember
that guitar, though.
It was a piece of crap.
What happened, man?
How did everything
get so fucked?
How did it get so fucked?
You know how it got so fucked?
Because you're the one
who fucked it up!
[rock music]
[drums solo]
[rock music on stereo]
It's fucking real, dudes.
It's just like
in the pictures, man.
-No, you ain't seen
nothing yet, bro.
[rock music continues on stereo]
Fucking made it! We made it!
Shouldn't we go in, dudes?
-Fuck, yeah!
-Let's go!
-Yeah. [chuckles]
Holy shit.
[guitar music]
[chuckles softly]
You're still here?
It's so serene.
[chuckles softly]
Fucking girl losers,
we can stay as long as we like.
-Are you sure, man?
-[Josh] Come on, man.
Stop being such a fucking pussy.
Four weeks ago,
we were sitting at home
and we were talking about
how fucking sick
and tired we were
of that shitty hole. Okay?
And what did I tell you, huh?
What did I fucking tell you?
You said we either gonna...
We're either gonna get out now
or stay here forever.
So let's stop being pussies
and get the fuck out!
That's what I fucking said, man!
We're fucking here!
Look out that window.
Look out the fucking window,
boys! What do you see?
Look at that sky, man!
Holy fucking shit.
Look at that.
Look at opportunity.
Dude, look at the fucking
girls down there.
Look, they're waiting for us
to go talk to them.
[Skate chuckles]
Ah, dude...
We made it.
We fucking made it, man.
To never going back.
No, man.
-To us.
-To Best Kept Secret.
-[both] Best Kept Secret.
-Best Kept Secret!
-Best Kept Secret.
[crowd cheering]
[rock music]
I'm a nasty man
True love kinda guy
I got a dirty fucking
A dirty fucking mind
And I'm hiding four kids
My whiskey is
Black tar smoking
This drink is really helping
Find us too late
[audience cheering]
Inside my home
Cause I'm so proud
Crash her dreaming
Sinking hole
The story goes
Come lift it, man
Get off of me, I
I ran
Far away
I'm a second soldier
Thirty years
Hello to the other side
Too much fire inside
Get the fuck out
and run to the darker skies
No several, yeah
Pretty little guy
[crowd cheering]
Whiskey neat
Black tar smoking
This is the bottom
We ain't sinking
I know you're thinking
Lessons follow you
to other places
Whiskey neat
Black tar smoking
This is the bottom
No, we ain't sinking
Lessons follow you
to other places
Whiskey neat
Black tar smoking
This is the bottom
And we ain't sinking
Lessons follow you
to other places
We ain't sinking
Lessons follow you
to other places
Inside my home
You fucking man
again and again
'Cause I found out
You crash her dreaming
Sinking hole
The story goes
Come lift it, man
Get off of me, I
[door opens]
[footsteps approaching]
What happened between you two?
We just, uh...
We just drifted apart,
that's all.
That's not what you told me.
You said...
the lifestyle was too much.
That Ian got more famous
than the band,
and so no one actually cared
about the music anymore.
Isn't that what you told me?
You said you didn't know
who we were anymore.
I'm not an idiot, Josh
Look, Chris...
I never lied to you.
Keeping secrets from me
is the same as lying.
[exhales sharply]
I'm your wife.
Your wife.
We've been married two years,
and not once have I ever pried
about your life in LA.
Well, now I'm asking.
What happened?
[somber music]
Look, when we...
we first moved out to LA...
we lived in this
apartment on Sunset.
That was...
before we met the producer,
before we lived in
his place on the hill...
before the band blew up...
We, uh...
We lived with this girl.
What girl?
Her name was Sarah.
[Ian laughing]
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
-[Sarah laughing]
You all right?
I told you not to drink
so much, man.
All right, he's fine.
-[Ian] Oh, no, I can stand.
-[Skate] You can't stand up.
I can stand.
I can stand.
-Oh, you know, I'm just gonna...
-[Skate] Oh, fuck!
-Oh, shit.
-[all laughing]
Come on, man, I'll help you.
Come on, get up.
I know exactly what he needs.
-[Josh] Some sleep?
-[Sarah] You can sleep
when you're dead.
Little boys,
welcome to the City of Angels.
I have medicine that cures
all that ails you.
Come on.
and learn.
[exhales deeply]
[guitar music]
[all snorting]
[all sigh]
Stay up
[Sarah giggling]
[guitar music continues]
[guitar music continues]
-[Sarah laughs]
-[Ian screams]
I wanna be alone
Come on
It's not a poem
Don't wanna be alone
This won't be long
Don't wanna be alone
Guess mom is home
On my throne
[singing gibberish]
We're gonna bring
the soul back into music.
-[Sarah] What, my soul?
-[Ian] All souls.
-[Sarah chuckles]
-[Ian] Spirit, energy.
What I'm trying to say, uh...
Are you listening
to what I'm saying?
Listen to what I'm saying.
-[Sarah] I'm listening.
-You know...
Music means...
a soul.
[Sarah giggles]
You are straddling
a great guy right there.
I think it's, uh,
pretty obvious to everyone, bro.
-Yeah, but that's not my point.
-[Josh laughs]
-My point is that...
-What, he's a great guy?
Yes, yes, but what
I'm trying to say is,
if, if you break his heart,
-Then what?
You'll kill me?
What, you'll walk me
to the nearest tower
and you'll drop me
and you'll watch as gravity
sends me to my death,
and my guts just splatter
all over the sidewalk?
That's just morbid.
What do you think I am,
a savage?
[rock music]
I think you'd jump after me
just for the hell of it.
What the fuck?
Come on, let's drink!
Music. Let's dance.
[both grunting]
[drums playing]
[both panting]
Hey-oh, hey-oh!
[Josh singing gibberish]
How did you sleep?
As much as I
don't mind the show, folks,
my shit's kinda
all fucked up right now.
Allow a brother some peace.
You're awake.
I was meditating.
Well, we've got that meeting
with that record label guy
in, like, two hours, okay?
I think this is it. So...
Come on. Let's not fuck this up.
You don't want to fuck it up?
Oh, well, shit.
You should have
said something sooner.
I'll get on that ASAP.
Uh, Sarah, dear...
Afraid you did it all, babe.
Oh, fuck me sideways.
It's not good.
You did all of it?
All of it?
Oh, come on, don't give me
that face, bro.
All of the '80s rockers...
needed blow.
They, they did a lot worse
than blow, too.
If you and me want to become
legends, my friend,
you must party like the legends.
You and me are amateurs.
The first degree.
[empty can rattles]
-[Ian] Here we go.
-[Sarah] No way.
-[Ian laugh mischievously]
[Sarah laughs]
Don't you wanna be a legend?
I wanna be a legend.
Come on.
Come join me in the deep end.
[Sarah chuckles]
Who's Sarah?
[Sarah laughs]
Uh, Sarah, she, I don't...
What do you mean? She was...
[sighs] She was close
with the band. She was...
Glorified groupie,
it's probably the best way
to describe Sarah.
Glorified groupie?
She was your girlfriend?
Chris, would you--
Look, when you're in
a rock band, you don't
really have labels
on girlfriend
and boyfriend, okay?
It was just how it was.
Well, yes. If you
want to say that,
yes, she was my girlfriend.
You know about
all my other ex-boyfriends.
You never told me about Sarah.
Because it doesn't
fucking matter, that's why.
To be honest, I don't
give a fuck about
your ex-boyfriends, okay?
It doesn't matter.
What matters is us now.
It matters because she was part
of your life and you and Ian--
Emphasis on the
"was part" of my life.
Why is Ian here?
I have no fucking idea
why he's here.
You have as much information
as I do. I don't know
why he turned up.
I haven't seen
the fucking guy in six years.
You don't tell me anything.
I'm in the dark.
And he just suddenly shows up
on my doorstep...
What do you mean
don't tell you anything?
-I tell you everything.
-Who is Sarah?
I didn't even know
anything about Ian.
[exhales sharply]
You don't want to know
anything about Ian.
He's not a good person.
And I don't wanna
tell you because
I wanna protect you from that.
Keeping secrets from me
is not protecting me.
You know I was in a band.
-You never answered my question.
-That's no secret.
What kind of stuff
did you guys do?
Jesus Christ.
-I want to know.
-We played music.
Don't be a smart-ass.
We did everything
a normal band does.
Okay, you want to know?
I'll fucking tell you.
We drank, we partied.
We fucked girls.
We did drugs, we did everything.
But it doesn't matter.
I was fucking 19, Chris.
-Come on.
-Get your hands off me.
Look, I'm not-- I'm sorry.
Baby, I'm sorry.
-Baby, baby, baby, come here.
Baby, I didn't mean this.
[Chris breathing heavily]
[sighs] Chris, it was,
it was in the past.
It was my old life.
I was fucking what, 19?
Does it matter, Chris?
I mean-- Come on.
I started a new life with you.
That's, that's
what fucking matters.
Why did you come back?
Jesus Christ. You knew
I was in a band.
What the fuck did you
think was happening, huh?
I don't know, Josh,
up until five minutes ago,
you never told me
you've done cocaine!
Or that Ian was
spiraling out of control,
that you're even a part of it.
Chris, please, just, just
come sit next to me, please.
-Let's talk. Just talk this...
-[Chris] You haven't even
told me anything!
Just talk to me, please.
How long did you live with her?
-Why, why does it matter how...
-[Chris] I want to know
how long did you
fucking live with her?
I, I don't remember, it--
I don't remember, Chris.
It was, it was--
I don't know, two years
on and off maybe.
Two years?
[Chris sniffles]
[Chris crying]
I'm gonna-- [sniffles]
I'm gonna make
dinner for you and...
your best friend and his...
And when I'm done...
we're gonna sit down
and you will tell me all of it.
All of it.
[door opens]
[door closes]
You gotta tell him, Ian.
What if he's tripping?
Uh, I know.
So go do it.
Oh, my goodness.
-Come in.
-[Sarah clears throat]
[both chuckle]
-This way.
-I just walk?
[Ian whispers]
This way.
-[Ian] Oh, oh. Oh...
-[Sarah chuckles]
-What was that?
-[Ian] Sit down.
[both chuckle]
Wait, can I take
this thing off now?
No, no, no, no, no.
Ah, it's been on my face
for like, half an hour.
It's meant to be a surprise.
Okay, but I don't want
to keep it on much longer.
Okay. Okay.
The best thought. Mm.
-Okay, okay,
I'm taking it off now.
[clears throat]
Ian, what the fuck
is this place?
I think the better question is,
"What's inside this box?"
Uh, I mean...
[Sarah chuckles]
-[Ian] Yeah.
One for you, one for me.
To this place.
I bought it.
[Sarah chuckles]
Can you afford this?
Who cares? It's our home, babe.
Yeah. [chuckles]
[both chuckle]
[Sarah sighs deeply]
You don't like it.
Ah, fuck. You don't like it.
-I mean, it's just...
-I knew it.
I knew it.
You hate it.
I should have asked you first.
...big, I guess.
[snorts and coughs]
Hey, hey.
Shut up. I love it, okay?
-You do?
-Yeah, I do.
-For real?
-For real.
Where's my fucking shit?
Where have you put it?
Where have you fucking put it?
-Goddammit, Sarah! Stop!
Get the fuck away from me!
-Get the-- Give it back!
-You-- this is what you want?
-[Sarah crying]
-[Ian] Goddamn it, Sarah!
Stop! Stop this!
Stop this insanity!
You want insanity?
I can give you insanity.
You'd have to be here
to take it, but...
I can give you insanity.
Stop this.
What do you want me to stop?
Waiting for you?
Fucking waiting for you?
I've been waiting for you
every fucking day!
You know what?
If you're so tired
of sitting there...
-then leave.
-[glass clinking]
Get out. There's the door.
There are no bars, no chains,
no fucking locks that you don't
have the fucking keys to, huh?
You're so bored,
get up and leave!
Every day, I'm working!
-Killing myself for you!
For us!
And what, what are you doing?
-Sitting there,
turning your veins black!
-Get off me!
Putting spots on your liver,
holes in your nose!
I'm disgusted!
You wouldn't have any of this
if it wasn't for me.
None of it.
No music.
You wouldn't have your
fucking big stage. None of it.
None of it.
And then you tell me
to fucking leave?
Right. Big move, babe.
Big move.
Big fucking move.
Where's my shit?
Where did you put my shit?
I'm nothing!
[upbeat orchestral music]
[Ian burps]
All right.
So, Chris, aside from your
amazing domestic skills,
um, what are you into?
I'm a respiratory therapist.
-Oh, awesome.
I learned CPR
when I was a junior lifeguard.
Good for you.
What? Can you not fathom
someone being interested
in my boring career?
I'm very interested
in your career.
What, what exactly does
a respiratory therapist do?
I, uh, think it's like
Kundalini yoga or something.
I don't know.
I, uh...
I love yoga.
[Chris and Ian chuckle]
That's great.
[Ian chuckles]
Can we do yoga sometime?
[chuckles softly]
Sorry, just...
I have never had
chicken this good.
[chuckles softly]
Cheers, guys.
[door opens]
Don't "baby" me.
So she slept with him?
Why don't we just...
No. Stop.
That's why you left LA.
Because she cheated on you
with your best friend.
I don't get it.
So you're mad because
I left LA and met you again?
Come on, that's ridiculous.
No, you're ridiculous.
What was I to you then?
A rebound, a distraction?
You asked me to marry you,
and I said, yes.
But you were never able
to tell me that you left LA
because someone you loved
broke your heart.
Because it was
in the past, Chris.
It was years ago, okay?
Why does it matter
why I left LA?
It matters because
there was someone in your past
that you loved more than
anything else in the world.
-Probably more than me.
-Come on.
You never told me.
Don't act like
you don't understand,
because I figured it out.
Why you left your
music career behind.
Why you left your band behind
and why you left Ian behind.
Why you left
your whole life behind.
Not because he got more
famous than you, because that
would actually help your band,
but it was because
some slut Sarah
slept with your best friend
behind your back!
Don't call her a slut.
[Chris scoffs]
Thank you, Ian,
for coming and bringing
the truth with you
because this coward
was never going to.
So is that slut...
going to be
my next surprise visitor?
I said don't call her a slut!
We were never happy
like you two were.
I can still remember
you guys' faces when
you were together.
You guys were happy
in a way that I never was,
in a way that me
and Sarah never were.
Get to the point, Ian.
As time went on...
she got...
darker, heavier.
It wasn't just the blow anymore!
I would come home...
from being on tour for days,
sometimes weeks...
and she wouldn't be there.
And I would sit
and I would wait for her.
And sometimes she came home
and sometimes she didn't.
And I would leave
as if everything was okay.
I can still picture
her laying on that floor
every single day.
I got home...
they were both gone.
-I was on tour.
-[shouts] Who?
It wasn't my fault.
She was fucking pregnant, Josh.
She was fucking pregnant
and she was shooting dope!
I was on tour.
I didn't know!
I came home, to the house...
I'm so fucking sorry.
What are you saying?
I'm so fucking sorry, Josh.
-What the fuck are you saying?
-I'm sorry!
She's dead, man.
[both grunting]
-[Chris] Stop!
-Go away!
[Josh grunts]
[both grunting]
You said you'd protect her!
[both grunting]
I'm sorry, man.
-[Josh panting]
-[Josh crying]
You said she was your hourglass.
You told me you had
no guide without her.
The glass broke, man.
The glass fucking broke.
[both panting]
[somber rock music]
[wind blowing]
You take care
of yourself now, yeah?
[people chattering]
All these places
You never knew
He hoped inside
I don't
What can I get for you?
Get me a water.
[indistinct chatter]
The future's now.
The future's right now.
That's incredible...
Did you know that, uh,
Ian would be here?
There's no way
he's gonna be here.
-Why not?
-Why are you so negative?
-Because he's not gonna
be here. Look at this place.
-I told, I told--
[indistinct chatter]
[guitar strums]
[gentle guitar music]
Here's a song I wrote.
I really hope you all like it.
[calm guitar music]
Going up a restless road
You're thankful
Even though
a kraken has erupted
My contagious, yeah
I keep seeing her
Then I shine my eyes
and run, yeah
Can they rest in peace
the stakes I own
Never were
to feel contention
Are you the truth in me?
Yes, some degree
You were the cost
of my past laughter
So shine a spotlight
on my soul
Let desperate demons
take control
So shine a spotlight
on my soul
And let desperate demons
take control
Today I am loved
I wanna stay awake forever
As the angels do it
Yeah, I'm so relieved
Yeah, I'm so relieved
[upbeat rock music]