I Hope You'll Die Next Time (2018) Movie Script

Go !
Gimme ! I'm here.
Go ! Go !
Gimme ! Gimme !
Oh yikes !
Coming in !
I won't eat it.
I'll kick your ass for that !
- Idiot ! You'll get so kicked for that.
- Get the little wanker down !
- I'll so have his ass for this.
- Szintia get this !
Look in front Petike !
Oh fuck look what he got !
Szinti, let's see the vid !
Gimme, not him !
- Thanks !
- Welcome.
Got a red ass yet ?
Oh God. There's Mr Benke.
C'mon, let's go see him !
- You're an idiot.
- C'mon, let's ask him something.
- Don't be like this, I gotta see him !
- This is so lame.
Come with me,
please please please !
Come on !
Yes ? Hello.
- Good morning !
- Can I help you ?
Yes, we 're reading
this book and ... got stuck here.
Could you help us out ?
- Sure. Come in !
- Thank you !
Yes. So, what's the question ?
A second...
We didn't understand this here.
You didn't understand because
the structure is archaic.
This tense means here that
there might be dragons here.
Another example is ...
"There be none of Beauty's daughters
With a magic like thee."
Anything else ?
No. Nothing... Thank you, professor.
Goodbye !
- Bye !
- Goodbye !
Jesus Christ...
I thought I'd die
when I saw his eyes.
I'd have kissed him straight off
if you're not there, I swear.
And his aura is something amazing.
I can't believe he isn't on FB.
No photo, nothing.
Oh drop it. Can't you think of anything
but Csaba, Csaba and more Csaba ?
I can't help it,
he is all I can think of.
This is, like, a little sick,
don't you think ?
- What ?
- The way he's off the grid.
Unnatural somehow...
We are going to practice the present
perfect and simple past in pairs. Right?
Let's see... Kitti with Dra,
Bogi with Marg,
Kriszti with Nri,
and Adrienn with Pter.
- Oh no !
- Okay ? And I'll be with Eszter.
Okay, make up sentences.
Question and answer.
Have you ever been to London ?
Yes I have. When ? All's clear, right ?
Okay, be creative, be clever.
I'm listening !
- Have you ever broken your arm ?
- Yes, I have.
Really ?
No, not really.
Just because of the example.
Okay. So you are a very good liar.
- When has it happened ?
- When I was a child.
- Have you ever stolen anything ?
- Yes, I have.
You are lying.
- What did you steal ?
- I stole some chewing gum from a shop.
Very good.
We have a few minutes left
and I would like to use it
to say goodbye.
This is my last day,
I am leaving the school.
The reason is very simple and has
nothing to do with the school itself.
I just got a job in London and
I'm moving...
with my family.
Okay, well the world's not
going to end now.
And thank you for the
past two years.
You were really diligent students.
I wish you success in your lives.
Turn it down, I can't work !
- What are you howling for again ?
- I'm not. Leave me alone !
30 minutes' rest and then homework !
Dear Eszter,
I wanted to say goodbye
to you especially.
You meant a lot for me.
I think our relationship went
beyond student and teacher.
Bye Eszter.
I wish you a beautiful life
and I hope we will stay in touch.
Csaba Benke.
I figured we should throw
a farewell party for Mr Benke.
Mom doesn't let me do it at our place
so it's going to be at yours.
- We ask for his number and call him.
- Whose girl has the longest thighs ?
Mines' are 108 fucking centimeters.
That's something man.
So it's okay, is it ?
We can do it at yours ?
I can't divulge the colleagues'
phone numbers.
- Hello Csaba, it's Zsufa.
- Hello gi, what's up ?
Two students of yours would like
to speak to you from the tenth grade.
- I see.
- I'll put them on.
Hello professor ! Eszter Mszros here.
Hi Eszter !
Adri and I are calling to invite you
to a farewell party with
the elective course students.
This is really nice.
I'm leaving early on Friday.
So only Wednesday or Thursday
evenings are possible.
Wednesday of Thursday,
he's leaving first thing on Friday.
- Where would the party be ?
- At our place. 29 Muskotly Street.
Okay, Thursday then. At seven ?
Okay. I put Adri on, she would like
to say something.
- Right.
- Goodbye professor !
- Hello ! It's Adri. Good morning !
- Hi Adri !
It's just that the party
was my idea
and that we'll be all very happy
to see you there.
- Thanks !
- Mr Benke !
So on behalf of my daughter
and her classmates
I would like to thank you for all
you've done for them.
And us parents are very sorry
to lose such and excellent
Thank you.
You're making my job so difficult.
It's really hard to leave
with so much love surrounding me.
Thank you.
- So... cheers !
- Cheers !
- Oh prof, may I hug you ?
- Sure Adrienn, no question !
Are you sure you won't change
your mind ?
We'll miss you so !
Cheers !
That's a very pretty dress !
Thank you !
And the comic ?
We've finished that.
I'm reading something heavier now.
You should go for that language exam,
you're very good !
Have some of my brownies !
Of course, wouldn't miss it !
- Prof !
- Yes ?
Dress looks good on you :)
- I'm off. Kisses.
- Bye.
How is the dog ?
Home alone right now.
But otherwise fine.
Your cake is great.
Brownies. Seem to seduce everyone.
Maybe I should call the dog that.
I got him from you anyway.
The executive power limits the judicial
branch through pardon and amnesty.
Executive power limits the legislative
power through the right to veto laws,
occasionally by dissolving Parliament
and announcing new elections.
The latter happens fairly regularly
in neighbouring countries too,
the last being Croatia...
The next branch of power
is the judicial.
We know what that is, don't we.
The judicial branch controls lawmaking.
We consider a country a democracy
if it has the basic pillars
of constitutionality.
- The way your tits hang out is better ?
- It's about having standards.
- What a big girl little Eszter is !
- Because you look so great !
Could we keep up the silence
til the end of the lesson please ?
Parliament constitutes of
representatives elected by us citizens.
The second branch of power
is the executive...
I thought we could name him together.
It could be two syllables,
we could come up with one each.
Okay, say the first you can think of.
- Po.
- Ko.
It sounds like it's Japanese.
He'll be our dog, only I'm raising it.
How beautiful you are.
Seriously though,
can you tell me when ?
When you started liking me ?
I don't know, it happened
sort of gradually.
I first noticed your neck,
the way you pull your hair to one side
and reveale it, that's so lovely.
They way you write. To watch you think.
These things.
This is beautiful, about my neck. I
like your beautiful long fingers a lot.
Love me for what's inside.
The kind of man I am.
Yes, I love you for that too.
But you have beautiful hands.
I suppose you love me for other things
than my neck, too.
OK girls, let's put those aside.
How is the dance going ?
Fine, we practice every break and stuff.
We're winners.
The dresses will look really cool, too.
All we are missing are shoes
that both go with the style
and are possible to dance in.
I have to meet the professor tonight.
I'll show him the new chapters.
It would be great if you went
to bed at ten.
Really ? Do you have
to meet him evenings ?
He is a busy man, I have to adapt
to his schedule.
Okay, I have to look at this.
Man, this is tough.
I have to see it
on a bigger screen !
So much for 108 centimeters of thigh.
(BIANKA: This is how I break up !)
That blownup asshole deserves to
fall on his face every once in a while.
It's not nice to be so happy
about others' bad luck.
But he's an asshole.
I would more or less slit my wrists
if this happened on my news feed.
But my news feed is
a work of art
and I immediately ban all
commenting dickheads.
I bet none of you can twerk.
Beni's ex so could. I love it when
he yawns. Look at that tongue !
- That's gross.
- Stop it, you're ruining my business.
I can't help it if it's gross.
I think he's sweet.
Are your knickers
as cute as your friends' ?
Are you mental ?
- Come here !
- You fucking idiot, are you trashed ?
- Come here !
- Bro. Bro, get a grip !
Eszter, are you OK ?
Eszter !
That moron was taken to the director !
I'm fine. Leave me alone !
Open the door...
Open it, please...
- Good evening.
- Good evening ! Hi !
I am sorry for the inconvenience.
We came because my son has
unfinished business with your Eszter.
Eszter, come, you have visitors !
Hello Eszter !
So, son. Why are we here ?
I would like to apologise
for earlier today.
And if you could mention
your upbringing ? !
I am sorry to have behaved
in a manner
unworthy of my education.
I am unmanly, puerile and disgraceful,
and you are a victim of my rudeness...
Vulgarity !
... of my vulgarity !
In other words
we ask you to forgive my son
the unforgiveable.
It's OK.
Would someone tell me
what happened ?
Yes ?
My son, in the throes of what
he calls love pain and inebriated,
wreaked havocin the school,
attacked Eszter
and in an act incomprehensible to me,
pulled down her skirt.
This earned a written warning
from the director,
but I do not think this is
full satisfaction to Eszter.
And why don't I know
anything about this ?
It's a difficult thing to talk about.
It would be best to forget
about all this.
Shall we talk about this alone ?
Of course. My son can wait
in the corridor.
No, of course not...
Go and show Beni your room.
I'm sorry your girlfriend left you.
The worst is the humilitation.
She ruined my image,
the whole school is laughing
at me now.
Anyway. At least I learned from it.
What did you learn ?
That you have to be careful
with women.
No emotions.
What does that mean ?
(tells him the Hungarian translation
of the Byron quote)
Your mom makes really good cookies.
I made 'em.
The worst is that Beni
and his kind don't change.
He was all right when he
came over tonight.
I felt a little sorry for him.
You shouldn't be the one
feeling sorry here !
But there were people
to defend you, right ?
Dani and the others held him back.
Dani and who ?
And Peti, I think... I'm not sure...
See ?
There are people to protect you.
I wanted your protection.
I'm here for you.
Not here, with me.
In your bed ?
What have you got on ?
Hmmm what ?
- I'd love to see it. Is it possible ?
- No.
But why ? You are my beloved.
Am I not allowed to see
what you sleep in ?
And when can I see you ?
As soon as I can buy a webcam
and my wife leaves the house.
Will you show me ? Show me !
Please please please.
You are so beautiful.
Is that a top on you ?
And below ?
And what do I get in exchange ?
Can I give you something ?
Promise me
to buy a camera tomorrow.
I can't. What would my wife think
when she sees it ?
Hide it !
You know the size of this flat ?
You couldn't hide a pin in here.
Will you show me ?
Would you turn ? Please turn !
No. You won't get everything at once.
Fine, fine. OK ! OK, got it !
Promise me
to be very careful with Beni.
Don't worry about me. I'm a big girl.
- I love you so !
- Me too.
Would you tell me
who you message with all day long ?
No, mother. I wouldn't.
Oh OK. Don't forget to take
the dog out before leaving !
- OK !
- All right then.
- Bye !
- Bye !
Just ignore these wankers !
Ooo how cute !
- How do you like it ?
- It looks great.
Could you sew this up there ?
What ? This here ?
- Like that ?
- Yeah. That's really cool.
- We should have something under.
- Have you got a slip ?
- Hello !
- Hi Eszter. Beni.
- Hello.
- I'm calling because of this math test.
Could you help me sometime ?
You could come to my place.
I can't go now, but I can explain
on chat tonight if that's OK.
Tonight, in person ?
No, but I can do it over chat.
It's easy, you'll see.
- OK, tonight then.
- OK, bye !
Beni wants help with maths.
Don't you dare help that dickhead !
I can explain it in five minutes.
After what he's done to you ?
How many ways
to accomodate them in the rooms
if we do not discriminate among
the places within one room ?
Combinatorics sucks.
- I love it. It's great.
- It's sick to love this.
Descriptive geometry, on the other hand.
That's cool.
Look at the little architect kid...
What do you mean, little ?
So, all we have to do is to pick who
goes to which room. You get that ?
Yeah, I'm with you so far.
Divide them into sets then.
I have to pick the first five
of seventeen kids...
... for the first five-bed room.
And this...
... is possible in 17/5 different ways.
Good ! What's the second set ?
How was it again ?
How many kids are left
if you've already placed 5 ?
- Twelve.
- Great !
How many five-bed rooms
do we have ?
Two. Then we can stuff
another five beds into a room...
and make a cool hostel where boys
and girls can sleep together just fine.
A kid's a kid, who cares ?
It's just one of them
will have it hard in a five-bedder...
Don't be so sure !
Now I start to see what's
behind the shy little girl image.
Bad is as thinks bad.
I thought only of good things.
Does that make me good ?
Tricky question.
So we've got twelve kids left,
going to the second five-bed room
Which makes it 12/5.
And I'm not a shy little girl anyway.
Yeah, in the past few days,
I've started to realise
you've got balls.
- I do hope you're not the visual type.
- I am, actually...
So I should not take that
as a compliment.
Come to think of it,
you'd look freaky.
How are you coping ?
I'd have to go.
That's 7/4, leaving 3
going to the last room.
That's 3/3.
Gotta multiply those and done.
You can do that alone, right ?
What, multiplication ? I'll manage.
Do you sort of get
the logic of it though ?
Doesn't mean I like it.
You're careful with combinatorics.
Just like girls.
Trying to be.
We'll see how it works.
All right, careful then.
I'm off. Kisses.
Thanks for the help.
Kisses back !
I've been here the whole time,
what did you get
so worked up about ?
- I want to kiss you so !
- Come home then !
I'd start with your neck.
Show me your neck !
Will you come home ?
Stroke yourself, softly,
where I'm kissing you.
I would then stroke you myself,
... take your head into my hands
and touch your lips with mine.
I'd bite your lower lip just a little.
Then I'd open my mouth
and you'd open yours.
My tongue would reach for yours.
My hand would slip
from your hair to your breast.
I'd touch it, just through your clothes.
Does it feel good ?
May I reach under your shirt ?
Don't ask, do what you like !
I reach under your Tshirt
and carress your breasts.
Your skin is lovely, soft.
I pull you close, we hug
and I start to undress you.
I take off your top.
Then you take off mine.
I can't stop myself, I undo your bras.
My God how beautiful you are.
I kiss them.
Then I move south.
We take off your pants.
You only wear your panties now.
I kiss you between your legs
and bite the panties a little
and then sink my face into them.
I pull them slowly, slowly, down.
You are naked, my face
covers your pussy.
I kiss into it.
I want to see you ! Come back !
Eszter ! Are you listening ?
- Do you hear me ? Do you ?
- Yes !
Come back then !
- Will you show yourself ?
- I don't want to.
Please, please do it.
I have to see you !
No. I can't now !
- Please ! Do it, do it, do it !
- No ! Don't push me !
Didn't it feel good ?
It was very good so far.
Couldn't you see ?
Let's go on with it !
- No. I don't feel like it.
- Don't show yourself, just...
- Just go on... I'm kissing...
- Don't be so agressive !
Who's aggressive ?
How can you say that ?
- All I want is to love you !
- Let's talk about something else !
I didn't want to hurt you...
It just didn't feel good any more !
I'm sorrry !
Some of them come directly
from the planet's magma.
Others are of sedimentary origin.
Energy producing minerals are
minerals we can produce energy from.
Non-metallic energy producing minerals
are called fossil fuels.
These are coal, natural gas,
and oil.
An ex...
Pter, would you mind paying attention ?
Dani up on the side !
Come in ! Come ! Inside ! Inside !
C'mon !
Out ! Out !
Gettin' it !
Gonnna kick your ass
for this you moron !
- Oh c'mon !
- I don't give a fuck. Go !
- Get the little wanker down !
- Ball ! Someone get it !
- Szintia get this !
- Get the fucking ball !
- I'll kick his ass to pieces !
- Look in front Petike !
Fuckit... seen what he got ?!
Let's see the vid Szinti !
Gimme, not him !
- Thanks !
- Welcome.
Do we want accessories
to the dresses ?
I don't think so.
What should I have in my hair ?
Wanna suck asshole ?
Coming ?
No. Left my charger inside.
- Hi ! Got your charger ?
- Yeah...
Y'know, should come and fix
my computer some time.
I'm serious, I need your help !
I only train with
my own body weight.
Problems come when you start
using bigger weights.
Sprains and impingements.
What about when
I'm on top of you ?
You're not afraid
of impingements then...
You know...
that's worth the risk...
Yikes, you're all salty and sweaty !
Men's smell. Pure testosteron.
Boys' smell tops.
Go and have a shower.
My girlfriend has shorts like that.
Sorry, did you say something ?
No. No, nothing.
You asshole !
Hi Eszter, it's Peti.
I'm calling to ask
would you come out for
an ice cream with me some time ?
How about an ice cream ?
Would you like to have
ice cream with me ?
Hello ?
Hello ?
Can you hear me ?
Who are you ?
Can you hear me ?
Hello ?
Hello. Who are you ?
Who's there ? Hello ?
You called me...
- What ?
- Don't mess with me !
What do you want ?
Come Petike,
we have to talk about something.
Pull up the blinds, what are you sitting
in the dark for ? Dorina, quick !
Children, I decided to have Rbert
move in with us.
He's become very important for me
during the past year,
and you get along well with him too.
So this is what we'll do !
Give him a hug !
- When did you do there ?
- Last summer.
Have you ever lost
something valuable ?
I'm sorry, but
your pronunciation is disgusting.
It's not valuble",
It's valuAble".
"An ice-cream sometime ?"
Idiot !
Ready ?
We have a few minutes left.
I would like to use it to say goodbye.
This is my last day,
I am leaving the school.
The reason is very simple and has
nothing to do with the school itself.
I just got a job in London.
I'm moving there...
... with my family.
Okay, well the world's
not going to end now.
And thank you
for the past two years.
You were really diligent students.
I wish you success...
... in your lives.
- Csaba ! When are you leaving ?
- On Friday.
- Midday ?
- No, early in the morning.
- Do you like beer ?
- Sure !
- How about a teachers' evening out ?
- I don't know.
I talked to Csaplr
but I don't think I can make it.
- If you do, I'm free in the evenings !
- I'll call you ! See you.
Yes darling ?
- Still at school ?
- Where else ?
- When do you finish ?
- I don't know.
- How did your students take the news ?
- They took it well.
- Sobbing ?
- A couple of misty eyes, that's all.
- Of pubescent girls, I suppose ?
- Mainly.
I'm trying to breast feed him, but I
can't. It doesn't seem to interest you.
- You could argue at least !
- I'm not arguing.
All I'm saying is that
three months' breast feeding is plenty.
- Then how am I to be a good mother ?
- That doesn't depend on this.
- And how do you know that so well ?
- I grew up on formula, okay ?
I have to go now.
Then I can get to see the director now
and make it home sooner. OK ?
Could I talk to you ?
Am I interrupting ?
Puppies were born in our garden.
Don't you want one ?
Look how cute they are.
This is mine, you can choose
one of the others.
They are being weaned now,
so if you want one,
you can take one today.
- I think... yes I would like one.
- Really ?
Talk to your parents and
we can pick him up.
Let's go today. I would like
to have it as soon as possible.
OK, then we can go after school.
Great, we can walk them together !
And I only have to find an owner
for three of them.
They took it rather well.
There were a few misty eyes.
There were a few misty eyes.
There were a few misty eyes.
The thing is, I can't go with you today.
Something's come up.
But you said you wanted it today
so I told mom and she's expecting you.
You don't have to wait for me
having time.
You don't mind, do you ?
No problem, I'll manage.
They are really sweet.
It's really hard to choose among them.
- Bye then !
- Bye.
Hey, wait.
Have you downloaded
the next episode ?
What's this ?
A present from Eszter.
And you didn't bother to ask
if you can keep it ?
You told me to find something
instead of playing computer.
Let me see !
Look at him, what a cutie !
Hey you ! Come 'ere !
He has really sharp little teeth.
Who is this Eszter ?
Some girl project
you've got going, huh ?
don't commit yourself too much.
When I was your age,
I hopped from one bed to the other.
Try on everything,
from bony to chunky.
Right. Go on and get dressed
instead of running your mouth !
I just love dogs !
Three days trial period,
and I'm not doing any of it.
You feed him, you walk him.
Let him have his dog !
Welcome ! Your new email address is
Dear Eszter...
- And how is the comic ?
- We are done with it.
I'm reading something a bit heavier.
You should go for that language exam.
You're very good !
- That's a very pretty dress !
- Thank you !
Have some of my cake.
Of course, I wouldn't miss it.
Pter ... nice 'do !
Change of style ?
Yes, well...
- Eszter and I are together now.
- Really ?
This changes everything.
But it's still a secret,
none in the class knows yet.
Good ! Well done !
A great decision !
I'd have chosen her
if I had been in your place !
Professor !
And how is the dog ?
Home alone at the moment,
but otherwise fine.
What's his name ?
I haven't decided yet.
- Your cake is great.
- Brownies.
Seem to seduce everyone.
Maybe I should call the dog that.
I got him from you anyway.
Hello !
Suddenly I don't know what to say.
I want to see your beautiful eyes.
I have to go now.
My family and I have an opportunity
to move to London and work there.
So I thank you for our time together.
You were really diligent students.
A few misty eyes.
A few misty eyes.
Eszter's here.
To walk the dogs together.
Shall I tell her you're coming ?
Yes, of course, a minute.
- What's his name ?
- Pok.
An anime name ?
No, although it sounds like that.
- We came up with it in a game.
- Great.
- With whom ?
- A friend.
A friend friend or a boyfriend
or your bloke our whatyacallit ?
No, just a friend friend.
And you ? I suppose
you don't have a girlfriend.
I do, actually. We are together.
She is a bit like you.
I mean she is also into anime.
You want some ?
They have hazelnut, my favourite.
Hi, I would like two scoops
of hazelnut please.
- What do you want ?
- No...
- C'mon !
- I haven't got money on me.
No problem, you pay
next time we come, okay ?
Then cantaloupe and chocolate.
Want a taste ?
- I love it.
- There you go.
Morning !
- Hello !
- Hi !
Hi !
Hey !
I met our ex classmate...
- Hi !
- I'm so glad to bump into you.
- I tried to run with him...
- He doesn't seem tired at all.
Yes, he can take more than I can.
I wanted to ask you for a long time
if you wanted to go out with me.
To the cinema.
Or wherever you want.
Didn't you say you had a girlfriend ?
I do, but... she's far away.
Abroad. It's complicated.
- So do you or don't you ?
- I do. Yes.
Pok ! Come !
I will need lashes too,
but now I'll just paint them.
Did you find a place for the dogs ?
Yes, Peti took one.
Great, isn't it ?
- Yes, I like that kid.
- He asked me to date him today.
After having told me he had
a girlfriend. How's that ?
Why, would you like him otherwise ?
I don't care about anyone but you.
It's so good with you.
Isn't this spineless, though ?
There's this poor girl abroad somewhere
and he goes for others.
Maybe he doesn't have one,
just said so.
Think so ? Actually,
I was surprised when he told me.
- I wouldn't expect him to have one.
- I would...
But maybe the way
you asked him implied
you didn't expect him to have one
and that hurt him.
- So he told you he did.
- Yeah, could be.
I like it that you're older.
So smart.
I like this harmony between us.
You mean if I behaved the same
but was ten years younger
you wouldn't even look at me ?
- What sort of stupid question is that ?
- Don't you understand ?
If you really loved me,
my age and looks shouldn't matter.
It's no good if it's all about
may age and looks.
You can't mean it doesn't matter
to you what I look like.
You should be happy you look good
and that I like you.
OK. Tell me who you like
of your own age group.
- I won't. There is no one.
- So it is my age after all.
If I sat in the classroom and was 10
years younger, you wouldn't give a shit.
- Yes I would.
- Give a shit ?
No, you know what I mean.
Fine, let's try it.
My ten years younger self
will come to class tomorrow.
I wish.
So. Am I beautiful ?
Help me man, I can't win
the whole thing alone.
It sucks if we get trashed again.
Change weapons, c'mon !
I am the best !
By the way, it looks like
Szinti wants something from me.
I wouldn't kick her out.
Not bad, to get back in the groove.
Dunno, the anime panties chick
is also sort of cute.
- Cool kid.
- Dunno, that purple hair...
Yeah, and the whole
manga shit is crap.
I think she's cool, though.
You like her ?
- No, I don't like her at all.
- You two would be a fit, though.
I bet she's got the same
sort of dreamy little soul.
True love and all that shit.
I bet she believes in that, huh ?
Are you fucking insane ?
You're shooting at me !
Watch it ! You said you were good !
Sorry !
- Hello !
- Hi Eszter, it's Beni.
I'm calling because of this maths test.
Could you come up and help me ?
Your mother says...
it's enough of the net.
Go to bed !
My ex used to twerk like that.
I should have recorded it.
But who thought it would end !
This is fucking art !
Hi dickhead !
- Hi !
- Hi !
Have you seen
anything like this before ?
Hello !
Ever ? Have you ever seen
an ass like that ?
Wait, there are others.
These vids are awesome.
Professor !
May I be excused if I'm done ?
Yes, you're free to go
if you're done.
Thank you.
- Another try ?
- Sure.
Leave it, it's hopeless.
Never mind.
Why, what's this shit good for ?
Look at this.
- What a loser !
- Don't hurt him !
Who's hurting him ?
Threw him the ball is all.
He's a pal anyway.
We could walk the dogs
together again.
What the hell was this about ?
I've been waiting for you
for 4 hours !
I didn't ask you to. Live your life,
don't worry about me !
I don't have a life without you.
That's what love is about.
I don't want you to
wait for me...
I have tons to do !
I'm taking exam tomorrow,
I've got the dog, the dance...
- I can't sit around all day !
- I'll be patient and wait.
But you don't have to,
don't you understand ?
Your shoulders are so beautiful.
I would kiss them so much.
Oh I'm sorry, Mom's calling.
I'll write later. Kisses.
Szinti, you look just like Beni's ex.
I think you got a chance.
- Is this yours ?
- It is, thanks !
It was on the floor near the girls' loo.
I knew it was yours.
You're cool, thanks.
I hear you're together with Beni...
Who did you hear this from
by the way ?
We were hanging out with Beni and he
said so. Or that's how I understood it.
- And what did he say ? Or how ?
- I can't recall it word for word.
The point was that you two
are together and everything.
And I wanted to congratulate
because I think you guys are
a really good match.
Thanks !
And thanks for the glasses too !
Beni, listen...
Sorry for shoving you earlier.
I lost it.
Forget it dickhead !
Stop being such a loser
and I'll stop laughing !
And ? Are you gonna
pick up Szintia or not ?
'Cause ?
I heard her saying that she is waiting
for something to happen finally.
There's always something happening,
she's right about that.
- What's his name ?
- Pok.
- Pok ? Why Pok ?
- Don't you like it ?
Dunno, looking at him I think
more a cow, because of the spots.
God look at those eyes !
- Popeye.
- Popeye. Call him Popeye, that's cute !
No ! OK, you can't look
if you say things like that.
His head is like an alien, a droid.
- Excuse me, this is my place !
- I always sit here !
- I always sit next to Beni in this room
- Why does it matter where you sit ?
- Fuck that, this is my place !
- Is there a problem ?
- Great, you too.
- Why don't you fuck off from here ?
- Move over !
- Drop it. We have always sat here.
- You and Beni can go fuck yourselves !
- Szinti !
Hang on, I did one too many.
Hand was a little off.
We are so going to win...
- Professor !
- Adrienn ! Hi !
- Have you gotten bored of London rain?
- I just needed some paperwork done.
- Let's sing along like that !
- Yes !
It's gonna be even better
than we thought !
I think something has changed in me
about Csaba.
He still looked awesome, but
something, like a spark was missing.
I think I'm over him !
- A rainbow alpaca !
- Wow, I must have that.
I knew we could not meet.
I had to come back immediately !
Why didn't you take a later plane ?
Why couldn't we meet ?
Eszter, it would have been impossible,
I had to come back !
I didn't want to hurt you.
It was all for you !
You were here. We could have met.
And all you did was send me
reproachful messages !
- Eszter !
- You know how many ? Fifty- five !
It was all because I love you !
- Is there anything else you can say ?
- What's wrong with loving you ?
- Hallo, who is it ?
- Good morning, I'm Pter Korpos.
I'd like to ask Eszter
to come to walk the dogs together.
I'll tell her.
Peti wants to walk the dogs.
I'm not going, I'm sick.
He's asking whether
he should take Pok too.
No, tell him to leave me alone !
She says that's very nice of you
but there's no need.
Bye !
Come in !
What's wrong ?
- Is it Beni again ?
- No, of course not...
I just had to come home.
You would tell me is someone hurt you,
wouldn't you ?
Relax, nobody's hurting me.
I just had a stoomach bug.
OK. I know this is a sensitive period
and people tell themselves
they're sick a lot in times like that.
It is, however, very important for me
that I can work without interruption.
"Hi. Dad said you were looking for me.
Shall we walk the droid then ?"
So try to be an adult about it.
And your sensitivity
can't impact your studies,
that's the most important thing !
Okay ?
Hey, listen up !
The point is...
you can tell me anything
if there's something wrong.
I'm taking the dog out.
I said down !
Look there's Petike !
Let's talk to him !
- Down !
- Oh please don't !
He's already seen us anyway.
It's fucking great how they are brothers
and don't look alike at all.
This one's a little angel like his owner
and this one's as lame as his owner.
- Stop it !
- Bye !
Did you have to say that ?
Why ?
Lame is a nice thing to say really.
Had so many likes and...
- They know as well and it's sooo lame !
- Hi !
- Laci !
- Hi. Peter.
Wiener-biener !
I'm a fucking poet man !
Peti, get up,
you'll be late for school !
I'm not going, I'm sick !
Are you gonna open the door ?
No. Leave me alone !
What's wrong ?
- I'm sick. Leave me alone !
- Why don't you let me in ?
- Leave me !
- What do we do ? Break the door ?
Listen, tell us what's wrong,
we'll help you solve it !
- We gotta go, say something !
- Go, leave me alone !
- Smash the door !
- I think it's better to leave him.
Peti, we have to go now,
I'll call you later, okay ?
- You can call me any time !
- Fine.
How did the dance go ?
So you're already healed
from that deadly disease ?
Beni Beni Beni Beni.
How do you think a coreography for
three worked with two dancers ?
- I'm sorry !
- Fuck you !
- Wanna take a shorter route ?
- Yeah !
Wait !
Catch me if you can !
They're walking hand in hand !
Pathetic !
Coming !
"Create a new account:
Surname: NO; First name: BODY"
This is really true quiet laugh.
I like your laugh.
- Hello !
- I found him on the street.
He isn't well.
Peti, you've got a visitor !
Come in, come in !
Peti, it's for you !
I found him walking down the street !
I took him for a walk
yesterday night.
He ran away,
and I couldn't find him in the dark.
It's good luck
it was me who found him.
- Yeah. Huge luck. Thanks !
- Shall I wait for you ?
No, I'm not going to school today,
I feel like shit.
Yes, I can see that.
Get well !
And take better care of him !
Did you really tell her
you weren't coming ?
When I was your age,
I couldn't be sick enough
to not go when a girl told me to come.
You feel like shit because you sit
around jerking off in the dark all day.
And because of this.
a little fresh air.
You'll feel better in no time.
I'll take this too, thanks.
Beni !
Need to talk !
It's urgent !
Hi !
Little whore...
Eszter ! Come.
- What is it ?
- What are these pictures ?
Eszter, what are they ?
- What are these fucking pictures !
- I used to have someone.
I broke up with him because of you.
I love you !
The whole fucking class
is gonna laugh at me !
Why are you doing this to me ?
I thought you were fine, Eszter,
not one of these tit- flicking whores.
- I broke up with him yesterd...
- Do you want to ruin me ?
Ruin me like Bianka did ?
You wanna use me ?
I'm sick of you !
- Leave me alone !
- Don't leave me !
Which fucking part of leave me alone
don't you understand ? !
- Leave me alone ! Leave me, getit ?
- Please don't !
If you wanna know what happened,
check my wall in 10 seconds !
How could you be such a jerk to do this
to me ? All I did was fall in love !
Mommy, you will love me forever,
won't you ?
The girl who came here this morning.
She wasn't Eszter Mszros was she ?
Yes. Why ?
I just read on Facebook
that she slit her wrists on account
of some nude photos.
She's in St John's,
past the critical state.
"Hope you'll die next time !"
Good evening,
I'm here to see Eszter Mszros.
She's in 3, I'll come with you.
You have a visitor.
May I let him in ?
- Yes.
- Come in !
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