I Killed Bapu (2023) Movie Script

United India..
The vast land of the earth was adorned with his
civilisation, culture,
prosperity, sacrament rites.. On this land.. Britishers
arrived for the purpose of Trade
and they set their feet herethan they made us their slaves
India was the land of the earth on which the darkness of
slavery remained the most
in whose fate there was slavery only slavery..
Ibrahim Linken has said "If slavery is not wrong then
nothing is wong"
On 10th May 1857 the first bugle of the Indian rebellion
against slavery
Such a noise of rebellion.. Sound of conch shell that the
roots of the British rule were
sheke officials were sleepless..the solidarity of Indians
started worrying the British..
To overcome thisa new weapon was used to deal with it
Divide and Rule
Under the Indian Independence Act passed by the British
Parliament, India got Independence.
Which was actually not Independence Act but was a Division
of India Act..
Or it can also be said that the segment of United India in
the name of religion..
By accepting Jinnah's donation theory, united India was made
Hindustan and Pakistan..
A sudden or planned bloody orgy started rape, murder, fire,
inhumanity, brutality, the
heartbreaking shameful bloody struggle of inhumanity has
begun. People starting running
to save their livesThey didnt know which part they got
from freedom..
All the trains packed with Hindus and Refugees trying to
reach India..
The train was running but the people on it were in so much
fear that while sitting on the train,
they were running faster than the train.. Kids and old age
people were dying due to hunger and thirst.
Pedestrians condition was evan worst..30th January 1948,
Mr. Gandhi was going to attend a Prarthana Sabha
We were late today, we didn't get time to bring goat's milk.
okay let's do one thing..
For Pakistan's walking journey..
In that, will take our goats together.
yes Bapu ..
let us go please
Please give the way..
let Bapu move move on..
please give us some space we are already late.
let us go.. Please move on..
move on , move on.
move on , move on.
Get up Children's .
What is your name?
Piush.. and yours?
Pratham, very good name..
you may go now..
Let's go..
Crowd murmuring.. seeing Mr. Gandhi.
Please give us the way..
for excellent works which you have done for the Nation,
Me & this Nation..
will always be indebted to you.
please move now.
please give us the way.
I have requested you earlier too.
please move.
from you..
few things have happened like this too..
From this our Motherland has suffered.
I had told my Motherland.
I will maintain her integrity.
But I couln't keep up my keep my promise.
Son of this Motherland,
fell like tears from her eyes.
and for that..
you are the responsible.
you just move.
Gun fired..
Crowd running in panic..
Gun fired..
Crowd running in panic..
Gun fired..
Crowd running in panic..
Hail Ram..
lets begin the proceedings of court.
Thank you your honour.
Ever since the creation of the universe,
human are constantly doing good deeds & bad Sins.
he does good deeds for the wellness of his family,
sometimes to fullfill his own desires
to become famous as a religious leader in this society.
the reason is same for sin too, My Lord
He commits sins
sometimes to save himself or his family
or the same sins
to register in the pages of nation's history
so the people can remember him.
Your Honour, a simliar case has come in your court today
the accused person wants to make his space in Indian history
makes a henious crime of this earth,
for such crimes, forgiveness will not be granted
not only in human's court but also in the courts of god
Nathuram Godse.. to achieve the same fame..
has killed a Great man.
He has killed the Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi
And I request you.. for Nathuram Vinayak Godse
and his associates
to grant death punishment,
thats all Your Honour.
who is defense lawyer ?
who is your lawyer ?
Your Honour, I don't have any lawyer
I will defend myself.
honourable justice Sir
In service
I'm Nathuram Vinayak Godse
allegation, Mahatma Gandhi's Murder
allegation point one
My Lord
its being said that
and also believed
the crime which i did
is very henious
my conscience which was bound to do this act
was the biggest crime on this earth
when the crime is comitted for a devotefull reason
there will be a burning fire behind the story
when the situation is like this,
to present the case through lawer in Honourable Court
are to get presented becomes impossible
I myself consider as my Lawyer
request you the permission to explain my self
request you Sir
court grants you the permission to represent your case
thank you My Lord
Your Honour
I am from a devout Brahmin Family.
I am Hindu.
and being Hindu
naturally from my bottom of the heart
for Hindu Religion
and for Hindu Culture,
I'am always disciplined & towards our History
I have always rerspect
Those who are Hindus
they are mine
its my belief
the land where I stand
was only
the Land of Hindus
as long as a single Hindu is alive on this land
this Land is Considered
as the Land of Hindus
My Lord ,
I have heard Dada bhai Nauraji
Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak
Gopal Krishna Gokhle's opinions
and I am really inspired
about other Countries History & Culture
I have studied & understood
with the Concepts of Socialism & Communism
I'm Completely aware & familiar
with those two Great Persons
I have been most impressed
He is..
Veer Savarkar
the other was Mahatma Gandhi
only Swadeshi
may be the thing is
to boost energy in our body
or for body's outer Ornamentation
we accept to be naked
no matter
will not accept foreign cloths
our land, our cotton, our thread, our cloth
by burning Foreign things
will make naked the companies Goverment
Swadeshi Movement.. Long live
Swadeshi Movement.. Long live
I believe united India as my Mother Land
my Land
I beleive as My Mother
but this doesn't mean that
other caste & religions people living on this land
I have enemety or difference of opinion,
or I hate or I don't like them
majority of Hindus are more
saying this will not be wrong
if there is any country for Hindus
It will be only India.
Except India there is no other place for Hindus
this is their work place, Place of good deeds
and land of Birth.
apart from Hindu,
the other religion which has the second most majority
is Muslims
and reason behind that is
from 10th century...Muslim invaders
had attacked this land
and had dominated
and started becoming part of here
and the rebellion Sikh's & their power
had weaken their dominance
but separating them was still pending
then Bristish came
and they..
defeated both Hindus and Muslims
and dominated
Hindu and Muslim bitterness kept increasing
Britishers thought
if this land..
has to be slaved for ever
to increase more bitterness amongst Hindi and Muslim
so thought to use them as a weapon
and Britishers did the same
they started feeding bitterness of poison amongst them..
to protect the rights of Indian people
Congress was formed
restricted Muslims from participating in the programs of
Kept on manipulating
they were knowing,
by doing only this.. they can rule over India.
Sometimes ocationally they were arousing hopes in Muslims
that once again..
they can dominate Hindus
Hindu can be their slaves.
This their desire..
was seen flying for the first time.
when in 1906..
with the sting & support of Viceroy Lord Minto
Muslims demanded for separate election rights from Hindus.
And Britishers
cunningly accepted this demand by saying that..
by doing this, they can preserve the rights of minorities.
At first congress opposed this.
may be.. it was only show of,
but later they accepted this proposal.
Directly or Indirectly..
they helped.
And this act of congress..
led the foundation for the demand of partition.
Mr. Gandhi
In 1915,
with desires of starting his political carrier,
came to India.
He felt..
from all Religions, he will get support.
But it didn't happen,
the fight which was going on in South Africa..
was the fight for Civilian rights.
and over there.. Hindu Muslim..
and Parsis..
were fighting together..
but here,
the fight was going on to end the domination of Britishers.
But Britishers here..
had formed the bitterness between Hindu and Muslims.
and Mr. Gandhi..
was expecting same these two leadership & co-operation
as I didn't like Mr. Gandhi..
In the beginining..
Sardar patel also didn't like him,
Sardar Patel used to say
This Man talks about claenliness & celibate,What can he do..
Till 1919.. Mr. Gandhi's all efforts were unsuccessful
Then he, to win over Muslims..
he showed empathy towards Khilafat movement.
at that time, Jinnah..
was used to be secular leader of congress.
Mr. Gandhi encouraged him, he praised him..
and congress,
Joined Khilafat movement initiated by by Ali Brothers.
But Muslims..
considered Khikafat Movement is apart from Congress.
so as a result
conflicts increased between the two.
and Britishers,
took the advantage of the situation..
and made worst..
and to make more scarry..
started giving reservations in Jobs for Muslims..
to keep away from the Freedom Movement..
they started giving them good Jobs..
Here Mr. Gandhi,
wants the unity of Hindu & Muslim.
But Brutishers, wants to spoil the same.
Britishers started winning..
and Mr. Gandhi kept on losing.
and the pain of defeat,
Mr. Gandhi was not bearable..
He wants to try more,
He wants to sacrifise more..
similarly the same way..
as a defeated gambler..
keeps on playing.
satarted fulfilling Muslims league's all suitable &
unsuitable demands.
Mr. Gandhi's encouragement,
and being encouraged through his policies..
within 6 months, after the comencement of second world war.
In April 1940..
Jinnah on the Principle of two Nations, raised the demand
for the creation of Pakistan.
And Britishers..
liked this demand.
they felt,
by doing this,
Hindu & Muslim at any time..
will never be united.
Mr. Gandhi
In his every Speech..
in his every Articles..
was condemning the revolutionaries.
Inspite of Mr. Gandhi's strongest protest..
When in March, 1931's annual convention..
Congress passed a resolution in praise of Bhagat Singh,
Mr. Gandhi took it as his defeat,
and he kept growing this in him..
The reason..
when a gunshot was fired on Bombay's Governor..
Mr. Gandhi straightly..
held responsible for the offer of appreciation..
for which the congress had passed in praise of courage to
Bhagat Singh.
Subhash Chandra Bose opposed Mr. Gandhi on this.
So Mr. Gandhi..
started considering Mr.Subhash Chandra Bose as his enemy
And on being elected as a president,
Mr. Gandhi had said..
Subhash's victory is..
Gandhi's defeat.
Mr. Subhash Chandra Bose was set down from congress's
president ship's chair
Mr. Gandhi anger didn't subside.
people who says that..
and beleives..and tells every one,
that freedom which we have got..
is only because of Mr. Gandhi's efforts..
those people will be the culprits for writing false History.
If we through out sacrifices of others Patriots and
revolutionaries in the darkness,
future generation,will never come to know the truth..
of the blood sheded freedom struggle movement of Indian
in anyof the document or in any of the article..
the clear truth will not be visible.
when Mr. Gandhi had realised this,
through his spirtitual power..
he'll not be able to influence Jinnah,
he should have revalued his policies..
and handed over the charge of handling Jinnah & muslim
league to some other leader.
had become so high than Nation's interest.
that Country reached on the verge of splitting.
We had fought the freedom fight..
for a united Bharat.
But what did we get,
A broken..
Broken India.
United India..
we could not get back as United.
My India..
was eaten by policymakers and their policies
if a land is hurted..
every living being on it..
every animal on it gets hurted..
is Injured..
this Partition..
will become the wrath of in numerable lives.
Today my country has been got hurted so much..
this pain..
will hurt me in my every life on this Earth.
Don't worry..
I could not stop shattering of United India into broken
now its possible only in next life..
taking that shattered piece & will make a United India
I w'll make this oath..
Long live united India..
Objection My Lord..
This court wants to know the Conspiracy & events in Mr.
Gandhi's Murder..
not in Nathuram's false patriotic saga..
Objection over ruled.
Mr. Nathuram Godse..
Haldwani court wants to know from you
what bitterness raised in you related to the partition.
that you took a desision of making such a henious crime of
Murdering Mr. Gandhi
Thank you My Lord..
on 14th August 1947..
Manipulation.. Hypocrisy..
keeping the Country on the board of chess for selfishness..
shredded it.
Country's all the sacrificers..
Visionary Leaders..
Rich & Poor..
Labours & farmers..
Ladies, Gents, Senior Citizens, Childrens, Handicapped,
All fought in freedom fight for United India..
But the Partition..
ruined the dreams of making United India..
Freedom fighters & Revolutioners..
suffered lifetime imprisonment..
smilingly they accepted the death Punishment.
they lost everything, whatever they had.
they were displaced from the country..
afterall, what did they get ?
A shredded India ?
Broken India..
Shattered India..
The people..
who used to claim themself as they are more intelligent then
the Brihaspati ,
they even said this,
if had not agreed the demand of Pakistan
could have not got the freedom.
I dont agree with this Logic.
It was only an excuse of the Congress.
To hide their Sin.
Congress says that..
have taken the Independence with its Power.
If had so much Power,
Then why did the Power was not used to stop Partition.
This is not the Power of Congress,
It was selfishness.
Congress was bowed down before Jinnah.
India's 1/3 Part,
Had become the enemy of India.
Sound of Blast.
In west of pakistan..
either Hindus were killed..
or everything of their's were ruined.
East Pakistan was aslo in the same status.
Nearly one & half crore people became homeless.
Lakhs of people..
Lost their lifes.
and Muslims too.
This Blood shed,
person who walked on the path of Peace & Non viloence..
the same Mahatma..
Caused due to the same Rashtra pita,
who's name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
In the form of Pakistan, one Piece has got seperated from
But India..
is still in more than 562 pieces.
All these pieces has to be formed as one unit.
Have to make one India.
is this possible ?
This is our declared goal.
will the Rajwade agree to this?
it is not that every person was in favour of Independence.
but some people..
were happy in slavery too,
due to this, our Nation..
was being slaved again & again,
But I expect..
without abolishing the kings and Nawabs,
have to abolish Princely states and Royalet.
what have you thought about their furture.
At this moment..
I'm thinking only about the future of India.
always I have seen stubbornness of farmer in you.
A rude hesitation.. generosity too.
I 'm a farmer too.
Just to become a Sole leader of India's Hindu and Muslims..
Mr. Gandhi..
for which he had designed to unity Hindu & Muslim
as soon as Pakistan was formed..
That brotherlyhood tree was collapsed.
Mr. Gandhi..
whenever he used to meet Jinnah,
used to address him asbrother or quad e Azam,
But Jinnah..
was never concerned about Mr. Gandhi..
for Punjab, Bengal and Sindh region's Hindus future..
People who were dancing about sheddered India never worried
Crores of Hindus were left in center of Cruelty..
they were massacred,
everyday thousands of Hindus were killed.
Ladies were been insulted,
But government of India..
had become silent audience,
If Goverment wants..
it could have told Pakistan,
if that torture doesn't stop on Hindus over there..
The government of India will also treat..
Muslims similarly over here.
But nothing happened as such,
If anyone would raise Voice over here..
often said..
he is creating enemity amongst Hindus & Muslims.
If news paper publishers writes on this..
on those Press, Press emergency act was being imposed..
was mercilessly abolishing Hindus and Hindu's Culture.
People were forced to migrate.
And when they..
started coming back to India,
Mr. Gandhi told that..
Hindus must not Migrate from Pakistan.
Then what would they do?
from Muslims..
would they get killed..
like here Mr. Gandhi,
was forcing people to die in the name of peace & Nonviolence
If Mr. Gandhi and Congress would have wished..
ruthless massacre of hindus could have not happened.
But it did n't happen like that..
Mr. Gandhi..
kept reciting slogans of truth and non-violence.
I don't feel bad about these slogans,
But also I don't believe that..
only with the truth and non-violence life can be lived.
In human History..
is filled with innumer of examples like this,
End of torturers
has been possible only with the Violence
Sri Ram..
to set free Sita..
killed Rawan.
Krishna killed Kansa.
Arjuna to an end to the atrocities of the Kauravas..
had to kill Bhishma Pitamah.
Chatrapati Shivaji..
killed Afhjhal Khan.
Maharana Pratap...
Fought againt Akbar.
Guru Gobind Singh..
formed Khalsa Army Against Aurangzeb.
But keeping his path of truth and non-violence the best ..
Mr. Gandhi...
always critised the path of Shivaji, Rana Pratap, Guru
Govind Singh.
If Mr. Gandhi's truth and non-violence was so full and
effective ..
Was Victorius
So when.. Pakistan.. attacked to arrogate Kashmir.
Than Mr. Gandhi
Should have stopped Sardar Patel from sending Army
and place of Army should have sent hunger strikers and
Instead of Guns should have sent Weaving machine
Order Order I object Your Honour
Nathuram Vinayak Godse ..
By repeating the incidents that happened in past What does
he want to prove..
Your Honour.. This court is hearing the plea of Mahatma
Gandhi's murder.
And he.. By comparing himself with Arjun and Maharana
wants to cover up his heinous crime with Patriotism.
Objection Over Ruled.. You Please go ahead you may continue.
Mr. Gandhi.. Refused to cooperate with Britishers in Second
World War
was told the violence in War
But his own best friends Birla, Dalmiya, Balchand,
Hiralal, Nanji Bhai,
Kaalidas.. All these had earned immense wealth from this
bloody game
Nation was divided
United India.. broken into pieces
Millions Hindus were displaced
People were forced to stumbel over
Millions were murdered brutally
stripped womens.. and humiliated.
They were sold and purchased.
Home, material things. Self respect.. Modesty.. everything
was looted.
No one was here to help them and
there was no one to show mercy on them.
People kept running..
were tired and died.
Trains used to come with full of dead bodies
Mr .Gandhi got Hindustan
and Jinnah.. got Pakistan
But those Hindus
pressing their wounds with their hand & had sat in trains..
They were not known..
That Hindustan for which they have fought for freedom..
In that, in which part their share will be..
which part of land will be their Motherland.
People who says..
for formation of Pakistan and its Project..
Mr. Gandhi was clear from the Mind.
Every leader who believd in this, I had difference of
And this.. On 28th February 1935. Wrote a letter
to Mr. Savarkar & informed him, who is present in the court,
India is Hindu's Nation
But sometimes I feel ..
Hindu's are refugee's of other country..
I see that..
Some people for their selfishness and ambition are not
liking that..
Hindu's feel, only they have the rights on India
Or it will be
Against Hindu and Hindu Religion ..
I am suspecting some big conspiracy..
Hindu religion is not a book written on any Taad leaf
which will be shattered as soon as the Taad leaf is broken..
This is also not a round table's proposal
Hindutva is not only a single word..
But the life of a noble caste
It is a civilisation
this is such a history. Which is full of 40 millenniums
And for making United India, we will continuewhat we are
doing .
Indian Government was working on Mr.Gandhi's directions..
use to take action
there policies were such..
they were not able to see at all..
Mr. Gandhi's fasting used to be in favour of Muslims only
His conditions.. Used to be against Hindus
From Mosques of Delhi
Hindu refugees were removed.. and handed over the Mosques to
Mr. Gandhi threatened to fast..
and convinced the Government to do this.
And Government did the same
In Coldand heavy rain
homeless refugees were..
thrown out from vacant Mosques under the open sky.
People kept shouting outside Birla House..
Mr. Gandhi.. Please help me
Mr. Gandhi please give us shelter
But.. Mr. Gandhi.. Did not pay any attention to those
My soul was trembling..
A Mahatma
can be such a deaf and dumb
And above that..
stubbornness to give 55 Crores to Pakistan.
Jinnah, which he was not able to take from his solid actions
and acts..
that he used to get from Mr. Gandhi's stubborness
By threatening of fast Mr. Gandhi had convinced Sardar
Patel and Mr. Nehru
to give 55 Crores to Pakistan
Greetings Bapu
Till today, I have agreed for whatever you have said..
Today, I have come to you with one one of my request..
for paying 55 crores to pakistan,
the strike which you are going to make..
Please stop it..
what do you think ?
will pakistan use that money for Re-development.
absolutely not..
they will use that money agaist India in those conspiracies,
for which they are dreaming.
Now you are not the same person..
for whom I was knowing long ago.
Mr. Gandhi was called as father of Nation.
Father of Nation..
As a Father, he was failed to render his responsibilities
He was alive,
till the time he was quite on atrocities on Hindus from
Nizam of Hyderabad,
It seems impossible to make nizam understand with the help
of non-violence.
They have thretaned us..
If India interferes in Hyderabad,
All Muslim Countries will stand against India.
I dont take Jinnah seriously.
Hindu's were given only one lesson..
Tolerate only Tolerate..
Don't oppose,
Do not retaliate,
Dont kill.. get sacrifised.
In Kanpur..
When Muslims killed astudent, Ganesh Shankar.
Mr. Gandhi told..
Student sacrificed his life on the path of non-violence..
Non violence means Cowerdness.
Only Mr. Gandhi is responsible.
He has only drained blood under non-violence.
Killed Hindus.
I felt, as soon as death of non-violence, every thing will
come to alive.
I had no personal enemity with Mr. Gandhi
I had no hardship against him
I respect his many works, towards he did to the Nation.
He has also done somethings, that for I bow my head to him.
But formation of Pakistan and incidents took place after
I find only him as responsible.
Patel I am not only listening but also watching..
Your every duty..
Every thought
Every Decision
Every policy..
Bitterness for Pakistan and every Muslim.
Its not the truth Bapu ...
Some people trying to show that I'm against Muslims
Neither I am against them..
Nor in their favour.
Bapu ..
The Country has just came out of the darkness of slavery.
When we go through Darkness to Light..
Sometimes darkness is present in light itself
And that darkness keeps us in confussion
Its late for prayer meeting
It is really late
If has delayed.. I 'll be punished also.
lets go now..
no its ok..
Integrated India..
This was my pain.
My prayer..
It was my Dream.
My identity.
Nothing left in me except patriotism.
And when my patriotism got hurt
I decided to terminate Mr. Gandhi from Indian politics
I was knowing..
What I decided to move with
will ruin all my grace and respect.
Which I had earned through my patriotism.
People will forget all my works and sacrifices
They will remember me as a murderer of Father of Nation.
I have never considered my profits and losses.
Only Patriotism and
integrated India and Hailing for it..
Walking with inner senses..
On 30 Jan, 1948
I shot Mr. mahatma Gandhi.
I have no guilt for doing this.
I took this step for my country.
So I don't want to do any moral regret too..
Before firing on Mahatma..
I bowed my head to him.
And I did this to show my respect towards in his works.
In this trial
Many of my friends are also convicted.
I want to clear this..
I am solely responsible for the murder of Mr. Gandhi.
For my this act.. giving credit to someone else..
Or to make anyone partner..
My thought My decision
It will be an insult to the stepswhat i have taken.
I Don't need any medal or appreciation
I dont need any space.
I dont need any place on the pages of History.
My wish is not to establish any statue of mine in country.
Just want to sacrifise my body for my country.
I killed Mr. Gandhi.
I object my lord.
Mr. Godsay may not need a good lawyer for him..
But he really needs a good psychological councillor.
Otherwise who will take all the allegations on him and set
his friends free
My lord this indicates a big conspiracy in it too.
After his friends are set free.. they can do some big
Thats all My Lord.
Advocate's point of view has no point.
after incident..
neither I escaped..
Nor I tried to commit suicide.
rather I surrendered to law.
Because I wanted to express my thoughts in open court
you listened to me..
I'm really thankfull to you.
Those who helped me in this mission.
Police related to trial
Jail officials..
I am thankful to everyone.
if Patriotism is a sin,
Then I am a sinner.
If patriotism is adorable..
Then I am eligible to be adored.
You may consider my statement the way you want.
You can punish me as per your wish
I am not seeking any mercy for it.
Nor I wish my family files a mercy petition for me in any
court or from government.
United India.. Long live..
Vande Mataram..
Vande Mataram.
Order order..
Regarding the murder of Mr. Mahatma Gandhi
After investigation, interrogation, evidence, testimonies of
Revolver which was used as a weapon.
And the finger prints which was found on it.
and reports of all specialist.
Which are presented to the court.
Taking all that into consideration..
Court has come to the conclusion that..
Vinayak Damodar Savarkar..
has no involvement in this case
So court sets him free.
On the bases of..
evidences statement of witness..
Its proven that..
Vishnu Karkarey
Madan Lal Pahwa
Shankar Krishtaiyya
Gopal Godse
And Dattatreya Parchurey
Have direct involvement in this conspiracy
Hence this court..
Sentence them under Bhartiya penal code 302..
120 b and 114 and sentence them for life imprisonment.
Mr. Mahatma Gandhi was murder by ..
Nathuram Vinayak Godse..
And Hari Narayan Aapte..
Through the bullets of fired gunshots.
This court convicts..
Nathuram Vinayak Godse..
and Hari Narayan Aapte
Convicts them the murderer of Mr. Mahatma Gandhi..
Under section 302 120B..
And 114 of IPC..
They are been sentenced to death.
To be hanged till death.
United India...
Hindu's Nation... Long Live..
Long Live..
Hindu's Nation... Long Live..
You will be hanged tomorrow morning.
Any last wish? For which u want to plea..
My wish . My dream all of mine is..
United India.
And my wish, can be fulfilled only by me.
We will Re-born..
And will fulfill our wishes.
Still ..if u have any last wish..
for which you want to request to government or jail
The thing is..
That my last wish is that my ashes get immensed in sindhu
But sindhu river is now in pakistan..
That's the reason I said..
When Sindhu river..
will flow under the flag of United India,
at that time, immense my ashes in the river.
Dear brothers..
Chiranjiv Dattatreya Vinayak Godse..
If my insurance comes..
Then use that money for your family.
Rs 2000 for your wife..
And Rs 3000 for Gopal's wife and Rs 2000 for You.
Like this on insurence paper..
I have mentioned to distribute the money ater my death.
If You are allowed to do my last rituals..
As per your wish, the way you are comfortabele, finish the
But one of my very important wish is..
I'll write here..
Sindhu River..
The day it will flow under India's flag freely..
In those days..
My body Ashes or some small pinch of body ash
Immense it in Sindhu River.
If my statement in court..
Is set free by government, I'm giving you the rights to
Publish it.
I have given you 101 rupees today
saurashtra's somnath temple reconstruction work is carried,
Donate this for the same.
Your's well wisher,
Nathuram Vinayak Godse.
My faith is firm
That my work according to laws is fair.
I have no doubt
That in future..
Any time
A true. Historian will write history.
And they will consider my work was right.
Patriotic Song..
Long Live My Undivided India..
Patriotic Song Music..