I Lived with You (1933) Movie Script

Hello. Hello.
Is that you, Wallis?
What did you write to Amsterdam?
I've told them that if
they'll take the parcel.
We'll quote cut-prices for pick-up.
Yes, sir.
Very good, sir.
What do you do with yourself on
Saturday afternoons, Mr Wallis?
Same as I've done for
20 years - take it easy.
I thought you might like to take me out.
Take you out?
Are you aware Miss Brown
that I am a married man?
Sorry. You can still take things easy.
I shouldn't expect you to get
fresh with me or anything.
Fresh? What do you mean by 'fresh'?
- Well, familiar like.
Familiar? I am surprised
at you Miss Brown.
I don't know what you modern girls are
coming to. I've got grownup daughters.
If they behaved like that, I'd put them
across my knee .. good afternoon.
Don't forget The Savoy tonight.
- Alright.
- I'll be there.
Ah, Miss Wallis.
Lady Peynton wishes to
see some more models.
Now, I'm sure Lady Peynton, if the line
here was altered just a tiny fraction.
Don't you take that off, Marge.
Lady Peynton's in there and she wants
to try it on again. So run along. Hurry.
Come on, you put that on
dear and hurry up about it.
It's slavery in this place. My God.
What a rush. Come on,
you put that one on too.
Be quick about it.
Hello .. yes I should think time too.
Listen, Mayfair 1-2-3-4.
Now come on girls, hurry up.
Hurry up all of you.
Mr Thornton is waiting.
Now come on.
Oh hello, is that Whiteridges?
Hello. Hello .. who's speaking?
Gladys Wallis speaking.
Oh .. is that you, Ada?
Yes .. listen, I can't come
out this afternoon.
Mr Thornton's got a good customer in
there. I'm fed up, that's what I am.
Oh .. well listen, dear.
Oh .. oh she's gone.
What's the trouble?
My sister Ada. Someone has
messed up her afternoon.
Oh, I should worry. Do her good.
Well, where are we going anyway?
Well, what about Richmond or Hampstead?
Oh, we went to Hampstead last Saturday.
So we did. I know.
Let's go to Hampton Court.
Yes .. yes, Hampton Court will do me.
Come on, we'll get a Green Line bus.
It's lovely here isn't it.
Yes. A bit of a change
after working all day.
Oh, the atmosphere in
that shop gets so stuffy.
And that Miss Stevens,
in the hot weather.
Well, you know she really
ought to do something about it.
Fancy you.
Well, if you will call on people
all day, what will you?
Glad, I think we ought to go.
We'll miss our tea.
Oh well, perhaps we ought. Now listen.
I'll go one way and you go the other.
We don't both want to get lost, do we.
- No. But what about the sandwiches?
Oh never mind them.
The birds will eat them. Come on.
Glad, I'm here. Where are you?
Where are you, May?
- I don't know .. I can't find ..
Where are you?
Glad, where are you?
Glad .. I'm lost.
May, where are you?
Go away please .. I'm resting.
Yes, so I see.
And eating my sandwiches too.
They are yours?
They're nice.
- Oh, I'm glad you like them.
I'd have had a chop cooked if I'd known.
Oh dear.
It's easier to find
your way in than out.
Do you know the way out?
No, but I'm not a bit troubled.
Well I am. I'm dead tired.
Why don't you sit down?
I can't very well sit on the floor?
Why not?
Nearly everybody
I know sits on the floor.
They must be funny people.
- Funny?
Are Russians funny?
Yes, I suppose they are. Very funny.
Are you a Bolshie?
Bolshevik? No, no, I'm not a Bolshevik.
Well in that case I'll sit down.
- Do.
Oh .. funny, I am tired.
Well if you're very tired
why don't you lie down?
You can put your head in my
lap if you like. I don't care.
I'll do no such thing.
Just because this is a maze
there's no need to be familiar.
Familiar? What's that?
Well, fresh.
You ought to know.
You're a foreigner.
You are wishing me to
make love with you?
I do not.
What do you take me for?
Quite pleased with yourself aren't you.
No, I'm not a bit pleased with
myself. I was a fool to come here.
So why did you?
Well, you see my mother
lived here for a time.
She spoke of it so often I
was curious to see the place.
Your mother?
Your mother lived here? In this palace?
Yes. Why not? Before the war, you know.
When she visited England, the king
used to put some rooms at her disposal.
The king?
Which king?
The same as now.
You're pulling my leg.
I've not touched your leg.
Well who was she, your mother?
- Her name?
Olga Leninova.
But why should she stay in a palace?
- She always stayed in a palace.
But why?
Because she was a princess, I suppose.
I can think of no other reason
for staying in a palace.
They are very large and draughty
and smelling of stale mice.
You would have me on wouldn't you.
Do you think I'd swallow that stuff?
Your mother was no princess.
You can't tell me.
But why are you so excited?
Do you really mean it?
- Of course I mean it.
I bet you can't prove it.
No I cannot. And in any
case it is very unimportant.
Wait a minute. Perhaps as you are
so anxious .. perhaps I can prove it.
Oh, what lovely stones.
Don't you wish they were real?
Why, who is the man?
Why it's uh ..
Yes, it is the Tsar.
There's writing on it.
'To Olga, from Nicolas'.
He gave it to my mother.
She gave it to me.
It has seen much trouble.
Oh, I say.
I am sorry. I ..
I thought you were trying to kid me.
What's your name?
Oh no, you would say
'Felix' wouldn't you.
It means 'happy'.
A little joke.
Oh. 'Felix'.
And are you a prince, too?
I used to think so.
Oh, I can't get over it.
Fancy me, talking to a prince.
It amuses you?
Oh no. No, I'm thrilled.
Oh, you wait until I tell the girls.
They'll never believe me at home.
I'd love to see mother's face.
Excuse me, but is
your mother alive still?
No .. she is dead.
They are all dead.
I have no-one but myself.
Where are you staying?
I shall stay here.
- Hmm.
You mean you will stay out all night?
- Yes.
Because you haven't got any money?
- Yes.
Oh, we can't have that.
Listen up.
I hope you won't think this is
an awful cheek on my part but ..
Would you allow me?
I've got some.
It's not very much, but ..
Here it is.
Oh thank you.
Oh .. you took it.
But you gave it to me.
Do you want it back? There it is.
No. No, it isn't that but ..
I thought you'd say ..
I know, you thought I would say:
'No please, I couldn't accept it'.
Didn't you?
Well, yes.
- I thought so.
Oh no, I never do that.
Well, you needn't pay it back.
- No, I hadn't thought to do so.
What are you going to do?
I mean, in England. Work?
No, I don't know the way.
Well, I'll find some Russians who
will give me some more money.
Oh, I don't like that way at all.
Now .. now what do you
think of this for an idea?
I know mother wouldn't mind.
In fact I'm sure she'd love it.
Now, you haven't got anywhere to stay.
We've got room. We'll put you up.
Just for the night.
- Put me up? Where?
I mean you can stay with us.
There's lots of rooms.
Do have good coffee?
I like good coffee.
You are funny.
Fancy talking about coffee when you
haven't got a roof to sleep under.
Oh but I have.
Guess who it is.
You old silly.
You lazy old thing, you. Come on.
Oh. Tea is late.
Oh look at me .. Empress of China.
Here, what's that scent you've got on?
Pau D'eau.
- Pau D'eau?
Well it smells a bit tarty to me.
Now what's wrong with a
nice drop of Florida water?
I don't happen to care for it.
That's all.
Well. You're getting too
ladylike to live, my girl.
I'll say she is.
Changing your name
from 'Ada' to 'Adrienne'.
What's wrong with 'Ada'?
Adrienne is nice.
It means something.
It's French for 'Ada'. That's all.
And you're not French
for all your Pau D'eau.
What should we do
without auntie Flossie?
You'd manage.
I wonder what goes on inside her.
Clockwork, my dear.
That's all. Clockwork.
No, you dirty girl. Don't pick.
Here. Are you going out
again with that Mr Thornton?
I'm meeting him tonight.
- Oh.
Are you sure he's ..
Well, you know what I mean.
Does he ever try to ..
Oh, I'd like to see him.
Don't you worry none about me, mum.
- You sure?
Of course I'm sure.
What do you take me for?
Do you like me new jumper, dad?
My word, is it new?
Is it new?
He always pretends he doesn't notice.
He notices alright.
What about that red hat? He hated it.
Fast, wasn't it?
Fast? You mean young.
Not too young. Not for you.
There you see Ada.
Compliments after 24 years.
Wasn't intended.
Oh no?
Oh you silly old shy thing.
Come over here and give us a kiss.
Ada don't mind, do you?
Oh, stop your canoodling
you two. It's not decent.
That's what I say.
Here, where's my haddock?
- Here, dad.
Archie Bream's got a wireless set.
He got Berlin.
- He can keep Berlin.
He got it second-hand.
He paid ten bob down and
the rest in six months.
Yes. But how does he know
it will last six months?
I understand you've been smoking again.
I have not.
- Yes you have.
You'll stop yourself growing.
I never smoked until I was 21.
Well, you're not so tall as me now.
Don't be cheeky to your dad.
That's not the way to get a wireless.
Well, I won't get one anyway.
Oh well. So long as you know.
Anyway, you're going to
boarding school tomorrow.
So you won't need one
for the next three months.
Well, I must say I'd
like a wireless myself.
It's wonderful what a bit of music
does when you're making the beds.
There's Mort. I'd know
his knock in a thousand.
We'll have some fun. Go on.
Oh shame, Will.
Mort is a regular ray of sunshine.
He knows all the jokes.
- Yes, last year's.
Hello Mort.
Hello, Albert. How do
you like my new car, eh?
Well, it's new as far as I'm concerned.
Only done 50,000 miles.
Here, Archie Bream's got a wireless set.
[ Whistle ]
Greetings all. Hello mother.
How is the old girl?
Oh, Lovely.
That's the stuff. How's dad?
Dressed for dinner, I see.
Hello, Ada.
Why the fishnet?
Going for a dip in the briny?
Here, here, where's Glad?
- She's not in yet.
Not in?
- Go on, sit down.
Alright, mum.
- She won't be long.
Would you mind waiting
out here a moment?
Hello everybody.
Hello mum.
Hello, Mort. Hello, dad.
Oh, what's wrong with a kiss?
- Oh, everything.
Listen .. just a sec'.
Before we have tea.
I've uh, I've got someone with me.
Who, May Sawley? Ask her in, dear.
No .. no, not May.
Someone else.
He is .. he's out there.
You've not been talking to strangers?
He's a prince.
[ Laughter ]
A prince?
Someone's been pulling your leg.
Yes he is.
He is a Russian prince.
His name is Felix.
What, Felix the cat?
[ Laughter ]
That's what I thought
at first but it's true.
He's got a locket with
diamonds around it.
They look like diamonds.
Has he got his crown on?
Well, shall I ask him in?
I can smell fish. If I don't have some
soon, I'll be sick in many places.
Mum .. this is the prince.
My mother .. my father.
My sister Ada.
I mean Adrienne .. and Mr Pamplin.
My kid brother, Albert.
I uh, understand ..
- Shut up, dad.
Where's your manners?
Won't you sit down ..
If that's what we call you.
You may call me that if you like,
but I would much prefer 'Felix'.
After all you know, you are my mother.
I'm your what?
The lady of the house
is always my mother.
What a funny idea.
Well, this is a surprise.
Glad tells us you call yourself
a 'Prince' or some such thing.
Are you angry with me for being
something I cannot help?
There is no advantage to be a prince.
Particularly a Russian
one just at this moment.
If I were not, I shouldn't be hungry.
And I'm very hungry. I want some fish.
So am I, I'm starving.
Here, Flossie.
Where are them haddocks?
We've got someone else for tea.
Well there's no reason why we
shouldn't have tea, is there.
Then we can talk after.
Now, now where shall we all sit?
Supposing you come and sit by me?
Well .. prince or no prince.
You've got charming manners.
Hasn't he, dad?
Who is this lady? May I be presented?
Oh I'm sorry. That's auntie Flossie.
She looks after us.
We'd be lost without her.
I'm sure you would.
- Auntie, dear.
This is Prince Felix Lenieff.
Oh .. how do you do.
How do you do.
Oh no. Please may I?
Now, where will you sit, please?
The haddock is a bit dry.
What have I got? A bucket of relish?
Oh Mort, you are a scream.
Isn't he a scream?
Well, the haddock looks very nice.
- Yes. Come on, dad.
I am so hungry.
What a nice face.
Poor, dear thing.
He looks as if he knew it
was all going to happen.
But he didn't know. You see that
was the trouble. We none of us knew.
Funny, you and me were talking about
diamonds just before the prince came in.
Bah .. they're not diamonds.
Dad's the best judge of that.
Have a look, Will.
Here, half a minute.
If these are diamonds
they are exceptional.
Do you mind if I test them?
- Oh no, please.
Albert. Go up to my bedroom, will you.
Yes, dad.
Get a small blue bottle in the corner of
the cupboard over the chest of drawers.
The setting is old-fashioned ..
But my word, they are a beautiful blue.
Here, Glad. I want to speak
to you a moment. Quick.
Oh Ada, you are awful.
That's the last pair out of three.
Well, you never wear them.
A very good reason too.
I can't afford to.
Oh, go on.
Oh, alright.
- Thanks.
- Yes dear.
I have something I want to
talk to you and dad about.
Well, talk away dear.
Well, I can't very well.
Not in front of strangers.
Meaning me?
Do you mind, Mort?
Oh no. Anything to oblige.
I'll wait in there.
Oh no, don't wait.
I mean I can't go out. Not tonight.
I've too much to do.
Too much to do? Well that's a
nice thing. Where do I come in?
Well, you don't. Not tonight.
Well, you might let me know another time
so that I can make other arrangements.
Go and see Mort to the door, Glad.
You know, you did promise.
Oh please, you are staying for me?
No. No, I just changed
my mind. That's all.
Oh, I see.
But I should hate to spoil pleasure.
You? You won't spoil
anything, you won't.
Well, so long.
That is very naughty of you, Glad.
Well, he shouldn't take me for granted.
Is this it, dad?
- Yes, that's it.
You haven't a needle for me, have you?
- What's it for?
I'm going to test these stones.
- I wouldn't.
Why not?
You might find they were real.
Well, that's what we're hoping to find.
Beautiful stones.
Did you know they were real, sir?
Well, of course I did. But I
wanted you to enjoy yourself.
They're worth a lot of money.
Look here. How would you like
me to handle this for you?
In what way?
I mean, would you like me to make a few
enquiries? See what I could get for you.
I take it you want to sell them?
Sell them?
Oh no, I could not do that.
One does not sell what the Tsar gives.
He's past offending now.
How do you mean?
- Well.
I mean .. he's dead.
Not to me.
Oh well.
If you ever do change your mind
you only have to let me know.
Will be a bit of feather in my cap
bringing stones like this to the office.
Look here.
Perhaps if our manager came to see you.
Where could he get hold of you?
Oh, dad. That's what I
wanted to talk to you about.
You see, the prince hasn't fixed
up where he's going to stay.
And I thought as he doesn't
know anybody in London ..
And you and mum like the idea ..
That we might put him
up here for a while.
Why .. I wouldn't ..
I wouldn't presume ..
Oh he doesn't take it like that.
Do you, prince?
I mean, he'd like it.
If you and mum were agreeable.
The prince sees how we live.
It's just pot luck you know.
I mean we don't go in for
grand dinners and whatnot.
Dinners? But I've never
eaten more excellently.
Oh that's Flossie.
- I thought it must be.
So, what do you say, dad?
That's for you to say, mum.
I've no objection.
You haven't? Well.
That's the first time I've known your
dad to take to anyone at first sight.
A compliment for you, prince.
Come on Glad. Help me
change the rooms over.
When will you move in?
I am in.
Come and help me you
lazy little devil, you.
You're always titivating yourself up.
I have to look nice when
Mr Thornton takes me out.
Some talk about his making me his head
mannequin. Eight quid a week, mum.
Eight, eight?
Glad. Ada is going to be head mannequin.
Eight quid a week. That will be a help.
I thought you were going
round to Archie Pringle's?
Oh, what's the use?
He's got a wireless. I ain't.
Well 'haven't' then.
I don't seem to remember
being asked for one.
Oh, dad.
You run along to Archie Pringle's.
See if they haven't got one like his
and we'll see what can be done.
Mind you, I'm making no promises.
That's gorgeous.
And ten-bob down.
Oh dear.
Don't you be a father, prince.
It costs money.
Thanks, dad.
He is nice.
Do you think he looks like me?
- Oh.
Is he yours?
Mine? I'm his father.
Is that certain?
Whatever do you mean?
Nothing. Except you see my mother's
husband was not my father.
Oh no, she hated him.
How could she have children with him.
Yes. Now you're speaking of foreigners.
That sort of thing doesn't
go on in England. Oh, no.
I cannot tell you how I love all this
and how very, very grateful I am.
You know, it's so happy and so shut-in.
I feel secure in this house.
A bit of a change you mean.
Yes .. it is a bit of a change.
I've seen a whole world and a
very beautiful one too, just ..
Crumble to ruins.
This will never crumble.
- I should say not.
The moment a patch of damp
comes, that's enough for her.
Off she goes for the plumber.
Who goes?
- My wife.
Your wife is nice too.
She was pretty once?
Yes, she must have been.
What a pity she is now so old.
- I mean for you.
We're the same age.
- You are?
Ah, but you know, women age
so much quicker than men.
When a man is in his prime, the woman
is finished. A pity, but she's finished.
You might just as well
throw her away now.
Where do you keep your lady?
Look, if you go on talking like this,
you'll find yourself in the wrong.
Oh, no. Forgive me if I say anything
wrong but you are a man in the prime.
Why my mother's father was eighty
when he died and he was ..
Responsible for four ballerinas
all at the same time.
And you know what ballerinas are.
- I do not.
You don't? But you should.
They are divine.
We must talk more of this. I remember ..
- Now, now. Look here, prince.
Oh please to stop calling me that.
Try 'Felix'.
Oh, I couldn't do that.
- Yes you could.
But I couldn't. It wouldn't be right.
- Yes it would. Now try it.
Well .. Felix.
- Delightful.
Now look here .. Felix.
- Yes.
Go easy with that sort of talk.
I mean. You know, we are plain people.
I mean, we get the News Of
The World and all that, but ..
Well, that the papers, not life.
Well, not our sort of life.
Of course, I cannot tell you how
funny this is to me because ..
I'm only speaking of what is natural
with me, yet it is not natural with you.
And yet we are both made the same.
No. No, we're not. I could
see you was a cut above us.
Miles above us, even in that suit.
No-one likes my little suit.
Look here. It's getting late and I
expect you need to fetch your things.
I have no things.
- What do you mean 'no things'?
Clothes and things like that.
No. This is what I have.
Well, you'll have to buy some. You
can't go around looking like a tramp.
I'm sorry, I have no money.
Well, you can't go around
with nothing, can you.
I will tell you what.
You'll have to pocket your pride.
I have no pride.
It went .. long ago.
Well then .. I can't see no other way.
You'll have to sell them stones.
- Oh no, I don't want to do that.
Now listen, you can't be obstinate
when you haven't got a bob.
Besides, I hardly like to mention it
but living is not cheap you know.
I mean, we can't give you
what we have to eat.
Why not?
There you are you see. She knows
why not. I'm the same as you.
Oh no .. you're not the same as us.
Of course you're not.
You must live up to your position.
Position? But I have no position.
I am nothing and I have nothing.
You've got thousands,
right there in your hand.
That's very different. You see, I want
nothing for myself. I am quite content.
Oh. You are poor in this house.
You need money?
Well, everyone needs money.
Oh well then, take them. Sell them
for as much money as you can get.
That is splendid. It is right that I
should spend money on my home.
But you can't do that, Will.
- Why can't I?
It wouldn't be fair.
You heard what he said about the Tsar.
But that is quite different now.
The Tsar would be the last to
object now it is of use to people.
She is marvelous.
There is pain in her eyes, but
there is still a smile in her heart.
[ Door knocks ]
Oh I say, there he is again.
Here, you'd better go and calm him down.
Husbands are not so
easy to find these days.
Even with his own garage.
We can all have free rides.
That room looks quite nice.
I'm sure the prince will be pleased.
Well mum, me and Felix
have been fixing things up.
'Felix' indeed.
You're forgetting yourself.
Well, he made me.
Now you.
I couldn't.
- Yes you could.
You can try.
Oh, delightful. Now you are
my real mother forever.
I wonder what they'll be like
when they're married, mum.
You naughty girl.
Doesn't she look gorgeous?
Why, what's this?
You are almost beautiful.
- Oh.
But tell me. Why do you wear that scarf
around your head, just like a peasant?
It keeps my hair from blowing about.
- Where are you going?
- You are going to walk?
No, I'm going by tram.
By tram?
Oh, you cannot go dancing in a tram. One
of those things that brought me here?
No. Besides, what about your shoes?
You cannot be dancing in dirty shoes.
Look here Glad, I'm fed up with this.
Why shouldn't you come out with me?
Why do you think I've got the car round?
It's just a blooming waste of petrol.
No, Mort. I told you I can't
go out with you tonight.
Come on now, Glad. Come on, be a sport.
- Oh, go away Mort.
Here mum, tell that daughter of
yours to come out in the new car.
Car? What is it? You have a car?
This is from heaven. You will
take Adrienne to her dancing.
Who the hell are you giving orders to?
I came round here to take Glad out.
As you can't, you might have
the decency to take Ada.
I'll do no such thing.
I'm sorry we're not in a position to
pay you. That's what it's for, isn't it?
Pay? I see you make money with this car?
- Yes, but ..
Alright. You'll make money tonight.
- Oh, and who's going to pay?
I am.
- Yeah? A fat lot of paying you'll do.
Oh, I see I am not trusted.
Will you please tell this ..
Chauffeur, that I'm alright financially.
Oh yes, Felix is alright.
Yes, but ..
- What's the matter? Had a stroke?
But I didn't come here to hire a car.
- No, but you're going to.
Oh, God.
Why is he crying?
Fine, isn't it. Here, you
won't need this now.
I'm furious with that Mort. You keep
him the whole evening if you want to.
That is if the prince doesn't mind.
- Mind? Why should I mind anything now?
If we like his car very
much, we will buy it.
Oh, prince. You are a dear.
- Oh, it's nothing.
I almost wish I wasn't going now.
She is charming.
Is she still a good girl?
Why do you work so hard?
- It's my job.
I will give you 3 servants if you like.
- I can manage.
I would like to give you everything in
the world, but you don't want anything.
You are a very disagreeable old woman.
And I love you so much.
You like what I've done to this room?
- It would look alright in a palace.
Oh, what do you know about palaces?
- More than you about people like us.
I know you well enough to
love you. Every one of you.
If you really love people
you don't spoil them.
Spoil .. you call this 'spoiling'?
A few bits of Russian atmosphere?
I have known a time when a
whole town belonged to me.
I had only to ask for the moon, and they
would have run out and got it for me.
I have known nights.
When the entire Imperial Ballet
danced for an audience of one.
I can almost hear the violins now.
She is old now.
But I believe she still dances.
Yes, don't you go bringing any
of your ballet dancers here.
There is no need. Glad would
look delightful in a ballet skirt.
And don't you go playing
any games with Glad.
Or you'll get your head bitten off.
I wonder.
Very nice haddocks today, Mrs Wallis.
- Haddock?
Is there such a fish?
I want some caviare eggs.
Ten pounds of caviare eggs.
You know, sturgeon's roe.
I'll see if we have any, madam.
- Thank you.
Caviare, Mrs Wallis?
- Oh how do you do Mrs Sawley.
Caviare are so expensive.
I mean caviare is expensive.
Caviare .. caviare. Caviare.
Well, the dear prince dotes on it.
Come along, my dear.
I'm terribly anxious to see him.
You'll soon have the opportunity.
I'm thinking of giving a tea party
shortly, to meet the dear prince.
My dear Mrs Wallis ..
Oh that reminds me.
I wonder if you would loan me your
maid Maggie for the occasion?
Why of course .. delighted.
How do you do.
- How do you do.
Did you see that?
- What?
Who does she think she is?
That poor woman.
Just because we don't go to
her brother's rotten old church.
Well it is rotten. It smells.
Now I must go to the
crockery department.
I had an accident last night.
I understand.
Miss Breeze?
- Good afternoon, Mrs Fremantle.
Good afternoon, Mrs .. Sawley.
I've just been talking to Mrs Wallis.
- Yes, I saw her.
Oh Jane.
- Mrs Fremantle.
As I was saying, I've just
been talking to Mrs Wallis.
She was telling me about her visitor.
- Visitor?
Yes, haven't you heard? She's got
a Russian prince staying with her.
- Yes, it is a fact.
And she's giving a tea
party to meet the prince.
Oh Mrs Wallis.
We've just been hearing
about your distinguished visitor.
I do hope you will give us the
opportunity of meeting him, Mrs Wallis.
The dear prince.
We shall be holding
It will probably take the form of 'tea'.
High, of course.
Very high.
[ Russian singing ]
[ Russian singing ]
[ Russian singing ]
Oh, it's you.
Tell me, why are you home so early?
I've got the sack.
You've got the sack?
What are you going to put in it?
No, don't be silly.
I mean, I've lost my job.
That means you will not go
there again? Oh that is nice.
You will now be here to
talk to me in the mornings.
That's all very well.
It won't get me my money each week.
You would like money each week?
Darling, I'll sell another diamond.
- Oh, no you won't.
Oh yes I will. It's right I should give
you things. Look what you give me.
I don't give you much.
- You give me everything.
I've got a home and people around me
loving me. I've learnt to laugh again.
Nothing I can give can pay for that.
- But we've all had something.
No, we've not all had something.
Auntie Flossie's had nothing.
She won't let me.
Why does that woman hate me?
She doesn't hate you.
In any case, why do you bother
yourself about the poor old thing?
What is all this 'poor old thing'?
She's not a poor old thing.
She is true, she is real. And she
looks at life with clear eyes.
Which is more than the rest of you do.
Oh, you're all much too common
and too vulgar to understand her.
In that case, I think I'd better go.
- Yes, you'd better go.
I'm sorry I intruded.
That's quite alright,
only don't do it again.
[ Russian singing ]
I didn't mean to be common and vulgar.
Oh, I thought you'd gone.
I meant to but I couldn't.
- Couldn't you? Oh, I'm sorry darling.
You're not a bit common or vulgar.
Not a bit. Just very, very stupid.
I've got to explain everything to you.
Oh, I'm so miserable.
You're miserable? You're crying too?
That's right. It's good to cry.
You should cry more.
Oh you've got no feelings,
no feeling at all.
You don't seem to care what happens.
As long as people do what they want
to do and what they are meant to do.
Don't you do that to me.
- Why not?
It doesn't mean anything.
- No, but it's nice.
Not my kind of nice.
Oh darling, you are so
silly to be so good.
Oh, you're terrible.
Have you had your bath yet?
- No.
Why not?
- It's too cold.
I don't know how you can do it.
- Do you want me to have my bath?
- Alright.
I'll have it.
But you've got to come and
talk to me while I have it.
It's very nice in the bath
but it is very lonely.
I will lie in the warm
water and we will talk.
You are the limit. As if I could.
You never seem to think of
what's decent and what's not.
What's not decent about
warm water, for God's sake?
Alright, I won't have a bath. In fact,
I'll never have another bath.
I've turned against the idea.
I never did like baths anyway.
Oh I'm so tired. All these parcels.
There's my sweetheart.
We are pals aren't we?
We understand, don't we?
I shouldn't be surprised, gorblimey.
Listen to him. He's getting
quite English isn't he.
Not very English .. not having his bath.
Well, why should he if
he doesn't feel like it?
I'm sure I sometimes dread
Saturday night myself.
Your bath's ready.
I said your bath is ready.
- I had it hours ago.
Yes. He's had it, Floss.
- Oh, no he hasn't.
Come on.
You see, before I was very happy.
Now I am very miserable.
I don't see why I should have a
bath if I don't want to have a bath.
You see, I'll catch hold of my death.
Then you'll all be sorry.
In Russia, I would have you beaten.
- This is Fulham.
I love you.
Isn't he a dear?
Glad, why aren't you at work?
- I've got the sack.
You haven't?
I was late again.
- What are you going to do about it?
She'll soon get something.
I don't seem to feel like trying these
days. I haven't got any energy.
No, nor do I.
I wonder if there is a drop
of Felix's vodka left.
It's not your fault if there is.
Flossie Williams, whatever do you mean?
I never touch it.
I wondered where I put it.
Aha .. here it is.
Why, there is half a bottle.
- That's a new one.
Well, we'll christen it.
How long have you and dad been married?
Twenty-four years next November.
Has he always been nice?
I mean, nice to you?
Not running after other women?
- I should think not indeed.
Other women? I'd like to see him try.
You're not hiding things
from me, are you?
I mean .. you haven't
heard things, have you?
Oh, tell your mum.
I wonder if I'd better.
- Yes. Do, dear.
So, what was she like?
I didn't have time to see her properly,
but she was nicely dressed you know.
A nice, white fox fur and all that.
Mum, you could have knocked me down.
Did they? Did they seem
to know each other?
Well they .. seemed
to be a bit familiar.
The dirty little beast.
No, mum. Mum dear, don't cry.
I'll show him .. I'll show him.
Twenty-four years.
- Now, mum.
Twenty-four years.
You don't see me going about
in a car, in a white fox fur.
Just you wait until he comes home.
Just you wait.
- Oh no, mum dear.
Don't cry .. I wish I
hadn't told you now.
Oh mum .. mum dear, don't.
What's she laughing at?
She's crying.
Well now, what is it today?
Why does everyone cry?
Look darling, look. Sit there, darling
in a nice and comfortable chair.
And I'll give you a little
vodka. It will help.
Oh yes .. it will help a lot.
Here, darling. Drink this.
It will either stop you crying
or make you cry much more.
It doesn't matter which.
It does perk you up a bit, doesn't it.
Now darling, do you wish to
tell me why you are crying?
No, you wouldn't understand.
You've never been married.
You are crying because you're married?
You've waited a long time.
I've cried because of him.
Him? You have a lover?
Felix .. how can you?
If I cry it is because my
husband is untrue to me.
Oh I see .. you found out then.
Found out? Found out what?
I was just telling him he ought to be
more gay, and he's followed my advice.
That's nice.
You told him?
- Yes.
I don't believe it. You couldn't do it.
You couldn't do a nasty
thing like that to me.
It's not nasty darling. It's nice.
He'll be sweet. Now you can ask him
for anything you like and you get it.
But I don't want anything.
I only want him.
I've always kept myself respectable.
Ah, then you've missed a lot of fun.
They'll never be any fun for me again.
Nonsense, darling. Of course there will.
This is real tears? Oh ..
Darling, I have made you unhappy.
I must go away. Darling you don't
understand. I must go away.
You are my mother and yet
I have made you unhappy.
And now I am unhappy too.
Oh life is so vile and so black.
There is no use in anything. It is
better to die than make you unhappy.
I can't have you being sad.
But I am sad now.
That will never do.
Here, you take a drop of this.
Yes darling, you are right.
It is perking.
One should always be a
little bit drunk you know.
You're very quiet. Can't you
think of something to say?
I can think of something alright.
The difficulty is where to begin.
Oh. It's like that, is it?
Well, you'd better
get it off your chest.
You're not so pretty an eater that I can
gaze at you in silence for much longer.
Look here, Vi. There's trouble at home.
Oh I know. That daughter of yours.
What do you mean?
- Nothing.
As a matter of fact,
it's the wife. She knows.
What are you going to do about it?
It's no good, Vi.
We've got to finish.
- Finish?
Haven't you got the guts to
stand up to that tipsy old bag?
Steady on, Vi. I won't have that.
- Well, what else is she?
You told me yourself. Boozing and
barging about the place like a fishwife.
I never said that. Drunk, she may be.
Disorderly, never.
Always the lady.
- Listen.
If you think you're walking out on me ..
Just because that old trollop makes
herself unpleasant, you are wrong.
It's no good, Vi.
I've made up my mind.
- Have you?
Now, you attend to me.
You'll come round as usual.
If you don't ..
I'll be round to see you.
Put that in your spoon and drink it.
Oh. It's you, is it.
I brought you the party frock, dear.
Mum, what's the matter?
I thought we was a respectable family.
- Oh?
Anybody been talking too much?
It's deeds, not words.
Someone you've
looked up to all your life.
I hope it will fit.
Oh, hello Felix. How are you?
I don't know. I haven't tried.
Here you.
Go and put a clean collar on.
Even if you are a dirty old man.
There's no reason why you
should wear a dirty dickie.
- Extremely.
Oh now, now.
Don't kiss me. I've just
had my bath. I'm all clean.
Oh you are coming a lot to
this house. Why is that?
It's my home, isn't it?
Even if I don't live here.
Where do you live?
A little flat .. I share it with
another girl in the shop.
Is he nice to you?
Oh, I hate him.
You hate him? Why put up with him?
- What else could I do?
Too late now. Who made
it too late? You did.
I? You're mad.
Yes you did. Filling me up
with tales about being free.
Well, why make such a fuss, darling?
It was a very good idea.
I'm not so sure. I didn't know I was
going to fall in love with you.
You're in love with me?
Oh that's charming.
Yes. But being in love with
you, I can't stand him.
You should have thought of that before.
- Oh I did.
Felix, do be nice to me.
But I am nice to you. I keep telling
you, you are quite chic now.
You've no feelings, no feelings at all.
That's very funny.
That's what Glad said.
Glad? You haven't been making
love to her, have you?
No. She doesn't want me to.
- How do you know?
Well, I tried. No good.
I wouldn't turn you down, Felix.
Oh do be sweet to me, just a little.
And I'll be happy.
And I've got to be happy.
My job depends upon how
nice I am to Mr Thornton.
Mr Thornton?
Oh, what are you laughing at?
Mister .. Thornton.
You still call him Mister Thornton?
Does he call you
'Miss Wallis' all the time?
Oh stop laughing at me, Felix.
I can't help it, darling.
You are so funny.
You're wicked.
That's what you are: wicked.
Just you leave Glad alone, that's all.
Just you leave her alone.
Oh .. you're jealous.
I'm not, of my own sister.
But Glad is a good girl, always was.
If you so much as lay
a finger on her, I'll ..
Well now, what will you do, eh?
- Oh.
Because there will be no need.
Glad is very nice and a good girl but ..
I fear she doesn't find
me very interesting.
Oh. Kiss me, Felix.
What, before tea?
- I shan't be here after.
Won't you?
Alright .. wait a minute.
Now, you understand
I don't want to this?
Don't you? I don't care.
I do.
So .. don't mind me.
Oh .. hello Glad.
Hello yourself.
Early for that sort of thing, isn't it?
That's what I said. After tea is better.
She couldn't wait.
Does mum know about this?
I'm sure she'd like to.
She loves a bit of romance.
This is not romance.
You're damned right it isn't.
Nothing is with you.
I know what's the matter
with me. I'm too easy.
You take my advice Glad. If you've got
a crush on him, don't let him know it.
It might get you somewhere.
She is a very noisy girl.
Glad, these are rotten chocolates.
There are only two with nuts.
I like the ones with nuts.
Yes, they are .. harder
to bite into, aren't they.
Yes, much.
Poor old Ada.
- Why is she poor?
She has nice clothes.
- Clothes.
They're not everything.
Not to some people, but they are to Ada.
It must be horrible to love you.
Because you just don't
know what love is.
Oh well what is love? You tell me, huh.
I don't know .. how should I?
But I shall someday.
But you won't.
You're nice enough.
You like to give us all a good
time and everything like that.
But there's nothing kind of ..
You're empty.
Like a nice vase, with no flowers in it.
Glad. I want to speak to you.
Well, I don't want to speak to you.
Glad, Glad!
You'll be sorry if you don't listen to
what I am speaking with you about.
I've never seen Glad like that before.
She gets a bit upset lately.
Don't take any notice.
Oh, she's a bit highly strung.
You know, mum. There is something
so divine about that little girl.
I know you think so.
She thinks the world of you.
Oh, no she doesn't.
She says that I haven't got
any flowers in my vase.
What a sweet thought.
You have got flowers in your vase.
I put them there myself this morning.
Oh darling.
You are so sweet and so silly.
I love your dress.
- I'm glad you like it.
It will help me to forget my troubles.
- Yes.
Felix .. that girl is a treasure.
I don't know what I shall
do when she's gone.
Gone? She's going away?
She'll have to, you know.
Someday .. some nice man.
Us poor mothers have
to face it sometime.
And Mort is a nice, steady boy.
She would marry that horrible
comedian? She wouldn't do it.
I don't see what else she can do.
She is much too fine.
She is much too sweet for him.
Oh, I could tell you such
nasty things about that man.
They'd all be lies but
I could tell you them.
Now listen, you understand.
I will not have her marry him.
Why not?
- Because ..
I don't know. I only know I
will not have her marry him.
She's got to marry someone.
Alright, she can marry me. I don't care.
You mean, you want to marry Glad?
Want to?
That's the most marvelous idea.
I never thought about that before.
- Oh.
What's the matter, darling?
My darling boy.
Oh, you're glad.
- Glad?
I should think I am glad.
My own girl going to be a princess.
Now that means nothing.
- Nothing?
It means everything to me and
don't you make any mistake.
I wonder where they all are.
Let's tell them.
No, darling. Listen.
Please, I've never
spoken to Glad of this.
Do you think she'd better know?
Yes, of course she must know.
But please, only from me.
In my own way and in my own time.
You know, that girl is
a very sensitive girl.
I wouldn't her to be hurt in any way.
So, promise?
I promise.
Perhaps you're right. In the
meantime, it's our little secret.
Kiss your mum. Whee ..
Mother, I must really go and
dress myself for the party.
Where is my Florence going?
They'll be here soon.
A lot I care.
They're not coming to see me.
I'm going to the pictures.
To the pictures? I'm coming too.
- You're not.
But of course I am. I want to.
Just for once, do something
you don't want to do.
[ Russian language ]
I hope what he said was in Russian.
I'll go and see who it is.
Go on, get him down.
Didn't you hear the bell?
- Yes.
Well why don't you go and
answer it? It's the front door.
Oh, come here. Listen to me. Ask
everyone their name as they come in.
What, the Missus as well?
For God's sake, wipe your nose.
Have you got a handkerchief?
- Yes.
Oh you dopey creature. Go on, go on.
Oh dear, oh dear.
What name please?
What did you say?
What name please?
- What name?
Have you gone mad, Maggie?
Oh, she said I was to say:
'What name please'?
Well, this is .. nice.
I see we are the first.
Not a bad idea.
First come, first served.
Tea won't be long.
- I hope our Maggie is satisfactory.
As far as girls go these days.
Oh May, what a sweet hat.
From the West End?
- Oh yes, you can tell.
That's a nice frock, Mrs Wallis.
This is a Thornton's.
- A what?
A Thornton's.
My daughter Adrienne,
has influence there.
How do you do .. hello, May.
Hello, Ade. I saw you at
the theatre the other night.
Was that Mr Thornton you were with?
- It might have been.
Does the prince go to the theatre?
Does he understand what they are saying?
He speaks perfect English.
As good as what you or me does.
Well, I haven't got time to
listen to your good ideas.
It's a marvelous idea. We send them all
away and eat all the caviare ourselves.
I've often done that in Russia.
Works out much the best.
[ Hissing ]
Now come on Maggie.
There's the doorbell again.
You know, she's never
been so happy in her life.
Darling, I'm so sorry I
was angry just now.
That's alright.
- I'm not angry anymore. I'm gay.
That's fine, isn't it?
- Yeah, that's fine.
You know darling, it was that Florence.
She upset me. She was so vile to me.
Why do you take any notice of her?
- Oh but I do take notice of her.
She is like some dark cloud with
lightning inside ready to strike at me.
Mrs Fremantle and another lady.
How do you do, Mrs Wallis?
- How do you do.
I've brought some companions.
How do you do .. Miss ..
- Miss Breeze.
Now, would you like to wash
your hands on anything?
Here's my daughter Glad. Gladys.
I think you all know each other.
- How do you do.
Now, which would you like?
Milk or lemon?
A la Russe, you know.
Where is he?
Pardon me for a moment
while I go and get the lemon.
Go in .. show yourself.
Don't stay too long.
You contaminate the air.
Maggie. Cut up some lemon, quick.
Hello, darling.
Oh Felix, we're waiting for you.
You are waiting? Alright darling.
Finish that for me, will you please?
It would be a pity to waste it.
- Yes, a great pity.
I found him.
Won't you lie down?
Let me introduce you.
Mrs Fremantle.
This is Miss Breeze.
Mrs Sawley.
And Miss May Sawley.
A Charming custom, kissing the hand.
Oh, I think it depends
on the hand, don't you?
Tea, Felix?
- Yes please.
Won't you sit by me, prince?
Yes, I'd love to. Thank you.
Oh, where is she going?
Won't you sit there?
Thank you.
I must show you that photograph. Glad.
A photograph of you?
My husband found it in an old magazine.
It was taken before the war.
That's it Glad, dear.
Now, there's the dear prince.
Taken as a boy, not changed a day.
I remember this group so well.
See, there is the Tsar.
There is my mother.
- And look.
The Tsarina. Oh, how beautiful.
Yes, she was so beautiful.
And so lonely too.
You know, she should have lived ..
In a little town with little people.
Then she would have been happy.
Is that your father?
Oh no, that is my mother's husband.
That is my father.
How typically Russian.
Two husbands in one group.
Oh, but he was not her husband.
I wish you could have seen him.
I loved him so much.
He was cut to pieces in
front of his own palace.
And your mother? I she alive?
She saw them do it and her heart broke.
But he was not her husband.
No. I don't think she remembered
that when her heart was breaking.
Please, you're uh .. what do I call you?
You may call me anything you like.
Won't you give me the
pleasure to sit with me?
Of course. Do say a word to my daughter.
Well, what word shall I say? A rude one?
I don't know many rude words in English.
You should hear him in Russian.
Oh, that reminds me.
[ Russian language ]
What does that mean?
It's a very beautiful
old Russian proverb.
It means.
'The calf is much
prettier than the cow'.
Now I insist. You all
drink with me in vodka.
I'll go and fetch it.
Now what's vodka?
Don't be silly, mother. You know.
The vodka boatmen.
Oh, is he bringing boatmen in here?
Charm .. what charm.
There is something in me
that responds to foreigners.
He was very charming to me.
Don't let it get to your
head, Miss Breeze.
Maggie, where is the vodka bottle?
- Vodka?
You've been drinking it.
- I haven't.
Haven't you? Well you must drink it now.
It's not fair that the old ladies should
have vodka and my little Maggie none.
Go on, darling.
That's right. Now you finish
that by the time I get back.
Otherwise I'll frighten you to death.
I found it.
I think we all drink in the teacups.
It goes very well in tea.
I never tasted it.
- You never have?
Then I'll show you. Once you
start, you can never stop.
I don't think I ought ..
- But you must or I'll be most offended.
The national drink of Russia.
Of course, it is very good for us.
Now then.
When I say 'one, two, three'.
We all drink right up.
But no sipping, otherwise it
will go straight to your head.
Now then .. one, two. No sipping.
One, two, three. Go!
She likes it. I knew she
would. One more time.
The second time it goes
down so much easier.
You will find it will just
slip down past your tonsils.
Now then.
It was much easier that time.
What did I tell you.
Oh May, whatever will your dad say?
Are you an only child?
- No.
There's three more like me.
Good God.
[ Doorbell ]
What name, please?
Miss Ponsonby-James.
Oh there you are .. we were wondering.
So sorry. I was delayed.
- Well, let me introduce you.
Prince Felix Lenieff.
Miss Ponsonby-James.
Oh. I'm afraid I'm caught.
Would you mind releasing me?
Don't tease.
- I can't. I'm on my dress.
It's enough now.
- Could you help me?
I can't get up.
Oh, you mean you're sticking?
Oh. I see now.
Balance with me nicely and
I'll knock you on the floor.
Wait a minute. Now.
I see Mrs Fremantle has arrived.
How do you do.
Which would you like, tea or vodka?
We just had some. The prince insisted.
No, no. No vodka.
would be most welcome.
I think you know Mrs Sawley.
Oh yes. How do you do?
Please, your tea.
- Splendid.
This is too kind.
- Oh, it is nothing.
So unlike our English tea.
[ Doorbell ]
What name, please?
Miss Violet Bradshaw.
Miss Bradshaw.
I'm sorry. I didn't know
you had company.
Maggie, bring the lady a chair.
Go on, sit down.
You don't know me.
- No.
But I know all about you.
I expect that is Ada, isn't it?
Works for Thornton's.
Oh, you certainly do know all about us.
I suppose we must have met.
Not a sister of Doctor Bradshaw?
No. Not a sister of Doctor Bradshaw.
Dear Doctor Bradshaw. So handsome.
And what bedroom manners.
- Yes dear?
Get her out of here.
Her? Who?
She's the woman I saw
in the car with dad.
- Yes.
I'll get her out of here.
I think you made some mistake.
I beg your pardon?
- You heard.
Go on. Get out of here.
I came here to see Will.
- Will?
And who is Will?
My husband I presume.
Go on, hop it.
When I've seen him.
- You'll go now.
Pardon me, won't you.
But this woman has no right here.
We'll see about that.
- Yes, we will.
I know all about you!
You, you go back to your beat!
Hush, mum. Please.
- I don't care.
I care very much you have friends.
- Get her out of here, get her out!
Leave this to me, please.
And who are you?
Oh I know. You're the prince.
The one he's gypping out of his money.
Come with me please.
- Oh, no you don't.
I'm not being ordered about by any
strange foreigners with dirty habits.
I've come here for my rights.
- Rights?
He walked out on me and leaves
me stranded, the dirty little tyke.
And who does he think he is?
Not fit to meet his family, aren't I?
A drunken old woman with a daughter
that could teach me a thing or two.
A wanton bitch. That's who she is.
Don't you look down your nose at me.
Please go.
- When I say so.
Speak with this woman.
- And who are you?
The pure, young girl? I don't think.
Nosing around after a slimy dago.
Get in there!
I'll speak with you.
Oh mum.
Oh mum. Darling.
Not you. Not you.
Don't you 'mother' me.
Get out of this house.
I never want to see your face again.
Oh mother, you don't mean it.
Don't I? Don't I?
I'll show you if I mean it.
Alright, I'll go.
Yes. Go!
Oh mum. How could you?
I don't care.
I don't care.
I can't.
When you have finished those
noises, I will speak with you.
Come on, mum.
Oh I'm so sorry everybody.
Would you mind please, going now.
Well, if I'd know there was
to have been this scene ..
You would have come a little earlier?
It has been amusing?
We know it is not your fault.
Oh yes it is. All my fault.
We should never have come.
- Why not?
You have seen a glimpse of real things.
Felt by real people.
You're a foreigner.
You don't understand.
I begin to.
Well, we'd better go.
- I have my car.
Will you drop me? I feel quite shaky.
That's because you're drunk.
If I hear of any gossip I shall
know how to deal with it.
I wouldn't say a word.
I'm much too fond of Mrs Wallis.
We all have our troubles.
Miss Breeze.
Have you gone to sleep?
How dare you?
Have you finished?
You'll find out what
I've finished or not.
First of all I, want to try to apologize
for my exhibition just now.
But I'm not responsible when
I'm drunk or when I'm angry.
Now we can talk.
And I suppose you want money?
- Yes. And a tidy sum.
For leading me up the garden path.
How was I to know he was married?
Is that so important in your profession?
You like to hurt people?
Not until I'm hurt first.
Would you mind if
I tell you a little story ..
Of something that happened in
Russia not so very long ago?
One of my father's women once
dared to come to see my mother.
Two days later.
Her body was found floating in the Neva.
I don't like that kind of talk.
You can't threaten me.
This is England.
Threaten you? I don't threaten you.
I just told you a little story of
something that happened in Russia.
Why should I threaten you?
I am much too unhappy.
Oh, are you?
About you.
Why are you wasting your time?
Wasting my time?
- Don't you think it is?
A little old man selling diamonds.
I'd call that a horrible waste of time.
With that face.
You should fly higher .. much higher.
What are you getting at?
Now this may sound
very ridiculous to you.
After all, we've met once in very
unhappy circumstances, but ..
You attract me.
You got a funny way of showing it.
- Yes, but that is my temperament.
I am a Russian.
I've never known a Russian.
You never have?
Oh, what you have missed.
They are delightful.
Would you like to know one .. better?
Much better.
We can't very well talk here. They might
come in and wouldn't quite understand.
There must be somewhere where
we can be a little bit undisturbed.
Now where do you live?
Have you got a card?
Well, no.
- Oh.
I wonder if I have a small
piece of paper or something.
Here, what is this?
Here, you can write your name there,
couldn't you. Oh, now I've no pencil.
Isn't that stupid.
Wait, wait, wait.
Now, write your name and your home.
That is to know where I can
come to find you when I wish to.
Can you read my writing?
'Violet Bradshaw'.
'115 Bedford Street'.
I can read it.
What are you laughing at?
Would you like to know
what is written here now?
What is all that?
'I have tried to blackmail Mr Wallis
upon whom I have no claim whatsoever'.
I never wrote that.
Oh no. I wrote that. You signed it.
And now I must witness this.
And then one more witness I shall need.
I must be very correct.
I've been in jams like this before.
Put your name there.
Why, what's all this?
- You'll see.
Oh, I should say I will.
I'll have the police on to you.
You've assaulted me. I have witnesses.
What, those people?
Oh no, they will all lie and you
will be arrested for blackmail.
The law in England is very
strong against blackmailers.
But you need not worry about the law.
Oh no.
You will have disappeared
long before that.
You swine.
Thank you.
I quite agree with you.
But you hurt the people I love.
You filthy ..
I shall now take you to the front door.
And then I shall deposit you in the
street which you will recognize.
Goodbye, darling.
Oh father .. the last of the ballerina.
She wasn't a very nice ballerina. I'll
find you a much better one next time.
Next time? Not me.
Thank you, Felix my boy.
I'm much obliged.
That's alright, I'm sure you will
do the same for me someday.
I'll put this away in a safe place.
- In a very safe place.
Oh look.
Here is little Miss sunshine
come back to us.
Enjoy your pictures?
Enjoy your party?
- It was divine.
Everything go off, nice and smooth?
Calm as the sea.
They didn't stay long.
No, the sea got a bit rough.
And when is the next tea going to be?
Oh, you are wicked.
So are you, but you don't know it.
I do.
That's one up to me, I think.
[ Russian cursing ]
Oh, no. Not you. Not you.
He's got us out of a nasty mess, mum.
He can get us out of
anything. Bless him.
Oh, I will ..
I'll never be able to look
Mrs Fremantle in the face again.
The disgrace.
Bringing his woman to my house.
Mum, he didn't bring her.
She came by herself.
Where's dad?
So, you're still here, are you?
- Looks like it, doesn't it?
I'll trouble you not to set
foot in this house again.
Oh, and whose house is it?
- Not yours.
No-one comes here to disgrace me.
I can't afford it. Not now.
Oh? Since when did you
become high and mighty?
How do you know I'm not in love?
- Love?
Well, why doesn't he marry you?
- He will.
Well, when he does.
If he does.
You can return.
Your habits are of no concern on mine.
But it's got to look right.
That is a very stupid thing to say.
Don't you turn against me.
I will turn against you.
If you're stupid.
I won't have people saying ..
Yes .. what about the other daughter?
What other daughter? Meaning me?
You're alright.
Very much alright.
I've always known there were
great things in store for you.
Great things? Oh mum, you're mad.
Am I?
I don't think.
Oh, I have ..
I've been bottling something
up and it's got to come out.
Well, I've got a daughter ..
Who is no better than she should be.
But I've got another daughter.
Who makes up for it all.
Who's fit for anything. For anything.
Fit to be a princess.
And she's going to be, isn't she Felix?
We know, don't we. We know.
Oh, mum. Mum, you're mad.
Isn't she, Felix?
Well, you heard what she said.
What she said? What the hell do I
care what she said? It's what I say.
I know dear.
But you won't say no.
- Oh, won't I?
When I'm asked.
When I'm asked.
I do ask you.
Will you marry me?
No .. no.
No .. no .. no .. no .. no.
No .. no .. no .. no .. no .. no.
There's a little spitfire.
Don't take any notice.
Any notice? But she is
marvellous. She is beautiful.
Beautiful? Well, I'm glad you think so.
She didn't mean in, Felix.
Well, of course she meant it.
Oh, I'm so happy she said 'No'.
You see, before it was quite easy
but now there is something to do.
Well, I wish you the joy of it.
Goodbye mum.
I shan't be seeing you again.
Goodbye, Felix.
- What's this?
You might come to Thornton's
and order the trousseau.
We shan't charge extra
because of the prince.
It will be a good advertisement.
I'm off.
Good luck, Glad.
You won't be seeing me
much here in the future.
You might give me a ring sometime.
And let me know how things are going on.
You know where to find me.
So long.
And how is my girl?
Oh, I'm alright.
Mum, do you mind?
I want to talk to Felix a minute.
I bet you do.
You'll have a lot to say
to each other, I bet.
What are you waiting for?
Can you do your own packing?
Or do you want help?
One of us is going.
And it won't be me.
I'm sorry I lost my temper just now.
Oh that's alright. You should
have laughed, as I did.
Well, I didn't see anything to laugh at.
Didn't you?
A proposal of marriage in public?
I think that is very funny.
Well then, why did you?
Couldn't you see? It was forced on me.
If you ask me, I was forced on you too.
I should just think you were.
Are you trying to tell me
you are backing out?
I'm not in.
But I ..
Oh, I know what this is called.
It's called:
'getting out of it gracefully'.
Gracefully. 'Caddishly' more like.
Well, my dear child, you said 'No'.
Not once, but 84 times.
Just because I said 'No' then
it doesn't mean that I ..
No, no. We Lenieffs, you know.
We never ask for a thing twice.
We have our pride, we Lenieffs.
Stop talking about 'we Lenieffs'.
Who are you anyway? A 'Prince' my foot.
Where would you be now if
I hadn't found you starving?
Oh, I'm sorry.
That was common, wasn't it.
Not more than I expect.
Don't you call me common.
You called yourself common.
- Not the same thing.
The fact remains.
- As we know.
So long as we know.
This is what I get for being soppy.
Oh, you mean 'romantic'.
- Yes, romantic.
Only we common people
call it being soppy.
It's very stupid of you, darling. It's
a horrible word. Don't use it again.
I was bowled over by
talking to a prince.
It doesn't mean a damned thing.
But I've always told you that.
I've made your bed.
I've mended your socks.
Do you think I cared then who you were?
I only did it because I ..
Because ..
- Because you loved me.
- Liar.
Liar yourself. I did it because ..
- Because you loved me.
No. I won't.
- Say it, say it.
Say it.
- No.
Say it.
Because I loved you.
Come here.
No, it's all over now.
You said I was common.
- Well you are common.
Come here and give me a
common kiss. They are so nice.
No. It won't mean anything.
- No, I know. But it will be nice.
Oh, you ..
You didn't shave properly.
Oh I don't care.
You needn't ask me to marry you.
You needn't marry me at all.
After all, you did ask me once.
I'll always have that against you.
Darling, your mother would prefer it.
- I want you to know that I don't care.
All that silly stuff about
being a princess.
It's you and me. Felix and Glad.
That's what I care about.
Oh, you're so sweet.
Oh, no I'm not.
But I will be to you.
Shall I tell you something?
Do you know that never
before since I was born ..
Has anything .. ever ..
Belonged to me.
Only to me.
I'm happy for the first time in my life.
Oh yes, we will marry.
We will have many
babies and we will fight.
Oh no, we won't fight.
But of course we will fight. Married
people always fight. It is half the fun.
You see, first of all I shall beat
you to show how much I hate you.
And then I shall beat you to
show how much I love you.
But how will I know which it is?
You won't know, darling.
But I shall know.
Shall I beat you once to show you, huh?
A bit of a savage, aren't you.
Oh Glad.
Stay there just a moment.
There is a light around your hair.
You are very beautiful.
I should like to keep a little lamp
burning in front of you the whole time.
That is enough beauty for one moment.
Go on your way now, for God's sake.
It's you.
You heard?
I heard some nonsense.
- Oh, no.
This is not nonsense. This is true.
We will marry.
We will have many babies and we will
call them all after you. Boys and girls.
Oh boy.
Boy, I am so happy.
So you will see.
Everything will be alright.
Now mum will forgive Ada.
- Will she?
With a prince for a son-in-law?
Oh, she'll get over that.
- Not Edie.
Edie is a snob now.
Too much of a snob to mind
how much people laugh.
Who will laugh?
- Everyone.
Princess Gladys.
What are you trying to do?
Trying to put doubts into my mind?
That's beyond you.
You're quite satisfied.
You think, as long as you give people
what they want everything is alright.
You are blaming me for giving?
For something I have done?
Not for what you have done,
but for what you are.
You are you.
And nothing is going to change that.
Oh, go away from us!
Don't do any more to us.
You would say that to me?
You dare say that to me?
I would die sooner than hurt you.
But you have.
Every one of us.
- Yes, but how? Tell me how.
Just cast your mind back.
Up to the time you came here
we were doing pretty nicely.
Nothing very grand, but then we
weren't intended to be grand.
Look at us now.
What's left of us.
Oh no, no. Please.
Not you crying. Please.
Look here, there is my own
sister, half-fuddled all the time.
Behaving like a fishwife one minute
and putting on airs and graces the next.
Ada, who is a good girl.
Really she is.
And gone her own silly way.
Look at Will.
Turned out of his own
house after 24 years.
Breaking his heart.
And then young Glad.
- Yes.
Who is a worker and a good one too.
Out of a job and not caring.
All because she stopped seeing straight.
She never will see straight.
Not while you are here to dazzle her.
And .. all this ..
Is because of me?
It's all because of you.
Now do you see?
Only one thing I see clearly.
They fill your heart, that
little family, don't they.
Well now, please.
Take me into your heart too.
Do you know that .. all my life.
I've never known
anything but murder and ..
Bitterness and misery.
Do you know that this little
time I live with you is ..
My only happiness.
Now, don't send me
away, please. I will ..
I'll do anything if
you will let me stay.
I will be quite different
if you will let me stay.
You can't be different.
You can't put an eagle in
with a lot of sparrows.
We don't mix .. we don't.
We can't .. not ever.
But this is Glad and me.
We love each other. We are
man and woman. We will marry.
It's no use.
- How do you know?
I do, that's all.
I just do.
And if you look deep down.
So do you.
If I look deep down.
So do I.
I've hurt the people I love.
It is very bitter to know that.
But of course you are right. I must go.
And I must go now too before they
come down. Because you see ..
If I got to see my little Glad again ..
I couldn't go ever.
Now .. no tears.
There are things that you
must do for me before I go.
Mum loves me. I don't
know why, but she does.
I want you to ask her to
be nice to dad. For me.
They'll be alright.
- You swear?
This is not quite so easy to say.
Someday .. my little Glad will marry.
I pray it is not that horrible Mort.
It won't be .. not now.
No. Now, if it is someone that you like.
You know, some nice man.
I want you to give her
these from me to help.
There are not many left.
- Oh, no.
You'd better keep them.
You might need them.
Oh no.
I could never use these for myself.
Please ..
I never thought I would
wear the Tsar's jewels.
They do not look out
of place I assure you.
Oh, now listen.
There is just one more thing
that you will do for me, please.
The next time.
You go to kiss the little family.
- I'm not given to kissing.
No, I know.
They will be very
surprised, but you see ..
They will not know that it is only ..
I am ..
Kissing them goodbye.
Thank you for having
me with you so long.
Could you tell me please ..
At what time do they close that ..
'Palace' at Hampton Court?
It is open until sunset.
Until then? Oh.
That is nice.
Was that Felix just went out?
- Yes.
He's gone.
Just gone.
What have you been saying to him?
- Glad, he was never meant to be here.
How do you know? Haven't we
lived since he's been here?
You can't. No-one can.
- Glad, listen to me.
You listen to me. Where's he gone?
- What's the good?
Good? I'll tell you what's the good.
I'm going after him.
If he's going to starve,
then I'll starve with him.
If he won't work then I'll work for him.
He's turned me from a rotten little
snob into somebody different.
You'll never stand it.
- Oh, won't I? We'll see about that.
Come on, where's he gone?
- No.
Where's he gone?
- Glad.
Are you sure?
Why, of course I'm sure.
He did ask when they
closed Hampton Court.
He left these for you.
Three diamonds.
They are yours.
Can you lend me ten bob? I'm broke.
Dad, come on. Quickly.
- What's it for?
I'm taking a taxi.
It's quicker.
Do you think you are strong enough
to help Will carry that up again?
Certainly not.
0h, Edie.