I Lost My Body (2019) Movie Script

[man] Naoufel!
[loud respiration]
[music on the cello]
-[young boy] Dad?
-[man] Yes, Naoufel.
[Naoufel] How do you catch a fly?
-You aim off to the side.
-[Naoufel] That's dumb.
You asked, I told you.
A fly is faster than you.
If you aim where it is,
by the time you get there, it's gone.
Take it by surprise.
Not where it is, where it will be.
The secret is to wait until it rubs
its legs together and then...
you aim to the side.
[Naoufel sighs] It'll never work.
A fly's eyes can see everywhere.
[father laughs] That's true.
But it can't guess
you'll aim to the side.
Go on, try again.
-[Naoufel sighs] Some secret!
-[father] I never said it was easy.
You don't win every time.
That's life.
[loud buzzing]
[Breaking sound]
[Breaking sound]
[Breaking sound]
[Glass shattering]
[Squishing sound] Argh!
[Baby cries]
[Cries of distress]
[Naoufel] Beep. Beep.
[woman] Naoufel!
[Naoufel] Mom?
[mom] Your wrist.
What now?
The thing is, I like the piano.
I'd like to give concerts
like you with your cello.
-Travel all over.
-[father] What your son is saying,
is that he wants
to be an astronaut!
Not an astronaut!
Astronaut, cosmonaut...
I always mix them up.
I want to be a pianist
and an astronaut.
[father] That's my son!
I want to be both.
My little pumpkin.
[man] Naoufel!
Two, three, four, five...
That's six this week.
How do you do it?
Six late deliveries
and it's only Wednesday!
That's six free pizzas.
Two a day.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry.
Buy yourself a watch for Christ's sake!
[man] Haven't you forgotten something?
[Switches off sound]
[money drops into metallic can]
[Coins falling]
[TV sound resumes]
Sorry! Leave a note, shit!
[muffled, man] What's up, baby?
-[girl] Stop it!
-[man] He doesn't care.
Don't leave me like this!
[signs] Check out that ass.
You need a full-sized poster or what?
Dumb shit.
[men shouting]
[truck reversing]
[brakes squeak]
[man] You OK?
Uh, yeah.
Shit, shit, shit.
Hey! Hey! Oh!
Goddamn it.
[woman on the intercom] Yeah?
Fast Pizza.
[sighs] Could you open the door?
Didn't you forget something?
Like an apology for being late.
Sorry, I had a little problem.
And how about "hello"?
I said "Fast Pizza, hello."
No, you said "Fast Pizza."
Look, you want
to open the door or not?
I could be a pain
and demand a free pizza.
"20 minutes late, one free pizza!"
That's what the flyer says.
-[Sighs] I'm 20 minutes late?
So what now?
It's up to you, Mrs Martinez.
It's "miss."
And Martinez was the last renter.
They never changed the name.
Anyhow, it was easier
for deliveries and... Oh, forget it.
I'll open, but I'm pissed off.
35th floor, door to the right.
Thank you, miss.
[buzzing, door rattles]
You have to wait
for the end of the beep.
Still not working?
You sure
you waited for the beep to end?
Yes, I'm sure.
Can you come down?
One last try?
-I've been ready for 20 minutes.
It's official now, no tip.
Hang on, I'll put a sweater on.
I'm coming!
-Don't bother.
-Why not?
The pizza and I
had an accident on the way.
-It didn't survive.
-Nothing too serious?
It looks like a pizza
on top of a second half-eaten pizza.
I meant you. You're OK?
No, I'm fine.
It's nice to ask.
You should change jobs.
You're lousy at this.
[sniffs] I know.
My boss says the same.
You should listen to him.
Look, why don't you
just order another one?
They're used to it.
Have a good evening.
You're still there?
Shitty night, huh?
[Naoufel, speaks loudly while chewing]
35th floor, you said?
Makes me dizzy just looking up!
Is that my Neapolitan you're eating?
Tastes good?
The extra onions was a bad idea.
You kidding me?
What do you see from up there?
I see your scooter. It looks run down.
But if you look straight ahead,
what do you see?
Just the horizon.
-Must be peaceful.
-What? I didn't hear you.
I said, must be peaceful
being cut off from the world!
Nothing to see.
Nothing to hear.
You hear the rain?
Rain doesn't make noise.
Not up here, in any case.
I hear the wind...
When it whistles between the buildings,
I get the impression...
I'm on an ice field in the middle...
of a storm.
Safe inside my igloo.
And when the wind is really strong,
I can feel the building sway.
I don't know...
It's like...
Like the whole world was drunk.
-Hello, Mrs Lussac.
Oh, my goodness,
I don't know what I did.
-I went out...
-Your keys?
That's exactly it, my dear!
-If you don't mind...
-The door's stuck, but I'll try.
Thank you.
I'll bring your books back tomorrow!
I haven't forgotten.
No rush.
So you don't wait for the beep.
[she chuckles]
Do you lend books often?
Every weekday.
I work in a library.
You should go for it.
It won't last.
Go for what?
It's stopped raining.
I guess I should leave.
you might be stuck here all night.
That would be dumb.
Goodbye, Mr Delivery Boy.
Goodbye, Miss Martinez.
Hello, may I speak to Gabrielle?
I see, thank you.
May I please speak to Gabrielle?
Sorry, I dialled the wrong number.
-[Raouf] Hurry up, I gotta shit.
-It's occupied.
What's he doing with the phone?
May I speak to Gabrielle?
[Raouf] Get outta there!
[Gabrielle] You talking to me?
-[Raouf] C'mon!
[Raouf] Get outta there!
[whistling] Edison!
That's it, good doggie.
Let's go.
Is Gabrielle here, please?
-What for?
-It's... personal.
Figured as much. What's the name?
A surprise.
-[on the intercom] Gabrielle--
-No, that's OK!
It's OK, thank you. I'll just...
Where's the men's room?
35th floor, to the right.
It's me, Naouf...
It's Naoufel.
You know, the delivery boy!
"Fast Pizza, hello..."
"Fast Pizza, hello."
We talked over the interphone.
I didn't know you worked here.
It's crazy.
[woman] She just left.
Can't miss those fluorescent things
on her ears.
[Gabrielle] Hi.
Can I help you?
I'm here about the ad.
You still looking for an apprentice?
What ad?
Oh, boy, this is old!
-Here, your meds.
-Leaving already?
I have to pick up my scooter.
-Oops, sorry.
-See you tomorrow, Gigi.
-Goodbye, sweetie.
Take me.
You won't be disappointed.
Watch out!
The ad is 10 years old.
I don't take apprentices now.
What do you have to lose?
[Gigi] My time.
An apprentice means work and time.
-I'm too old.
-I can help you, I'm young.
-I'm full of energy...
-Help me?
Help me with what?
Look around,
your workshop's a mess.
You need help. I can help you.
-Got any qualifications?
-Sure, plenty.
-I can...
-I mean schooling.
You ever work with wood?
Trim, cut, sand, surface...
Ever heard of that?
-I'm a fast learner.
-What did you do before?
[Gigi stirs his coffee]
Do your parents know?
They're dead.
[Gigi slurps his coffee]
Why do you want this job?
I don't know.
You don't know.
I don't know.
-Sorry about that.
-No big deal, it's just paint.
Got a light?
No, of course not.
[Gigi sighs]
You'll be bored,
there's not much business.
On the other hand, it's true...
It's a mess here.
The workshop is big, and I'm...
What's your name?
-[Gigi grunts]
There's a bedroom in the attic.
It was for my apprentices.
It's basic, but...
it's better than nothing.
Monday at 8:00 am.
[Piano music]
Aaah! What the...!
[glass clinking, loud piano chords]
-Damn rats! Edison!
Catch it!
[man grunts]
Go on, get it!
I found a job, and an apartment.
It's a fabulous opportunity.
I think I'll accept it.
[TV plays in the background]
Actually, I already said yes.
Well, thanks for...
putting me up and everything else.
[quick footsteps approaching]
[Phone rings]
Hey, sex bomb!
How about 8 pm?
-I don't know, what about you?
-[baby cries]
No way!
I'll tell you later.
-I'll tell you later.
-[baby chuckles]
I said I'll tell you later!
It's nothing.
What do you think?
Get lost, you're such a kid.
-[baby cries of happiness]
Look, I have to go.
See you at eight.
Yeah. Yeah, that's it.
[tile rattles]
[Gigi] Naoufel!
[bump] Ah!
Get down here.
-I'm coming!
-Watch out for the crossbeam.
[birds singing]
[Gigi] Before giving you a piece to trim,
you need to know your tools.
And how to use them.
[metallic equipment rattles]
We lift together. One, two, three...
You have tools,
accessories, and instruments.
Watch out, cat.
are what you use to transform matter.
Put it over there.
[out of breath]
And lift.
My workbench.
[out of breath]
It's an accessory.
It doesn't transform matter.
I use it to tighten, re-tighten,
hold and support.
Then you have instruments.
Compass, square, ruler...
Everything you use
to measure and trace.
[shouting] Sketching is
what's most important.
After that, following the lines is easy.
Anyone can do it.
Good craftsmanship
starts with a good drawing. [cough]
But a drawing of what?
[the machine stops]
-[Gabrielle] What's he doing here?
-[Gigi] Helping me.
[Gabrielle] Helping you do what?
Stop working?
-You don't even know him.
-He's a poor kid.
So what?
[cries out in pain]
[phone rings]
[Gigi] Hello?
[Gabrielle] You sure this job's for you?
Yes, I had...
a revelation.
-Love at first sight.
-For wood?
What were you before?
Delivery boy.
And you?
You're sure not a nurse!
-What do you do?
-This will sting.
-I work in a library.
-Oh, yeah?
Could I drop by?
-To borrow books?
Oh, I see.
I'm a manual worker so I don't...
-I don't read.
-I wouldn't call you "manual."
[Gigi] Can I have the war vet back?
We have a client to see.
There you go.
[Music chiming and baby gurgling]
Going to the North Pole?
Why not?
Endless horizons.
It's so peaceful.
Look, polar bears! What?
-You don't like bears?
-Sure, everyone does.
They're cute.
Like dolphins and kittens.
I mean... all this empty space.
Where do you see something like that?
We'll never go there.
We'll never see that.
Except in a book.
If you close your eyes
and put your hands over your ears,
then press slowly,
one after the other, very gently.
Like this. If you do it right...
it's like walking in snow.
[Microphone static]
Bring them back in four weeks.
the control tower will get you.
-See you round.
To excuse myself. I'm late.
-Thanks, it's...
-A bear.
[woman clears throat]
[whispers] A bear-keyring.
You said everyone likes bears.
-I made it with an offcut.
-Did we have a date?
A date?
No, I came to...
Don't worry,
no one ever asks for them.
I have something for you too.
The World According to Garp.
It's my favourite book.
-OK, I have to go.
-Me too.
Your uncle's waiting in the van.
[Rap music]
What're you doing here?
Getting acquainted. Introduce us.
Are you ashamed of me?
Raouf. Gabrielle. What do you want?
OK, mustn't overdo
the good things in life. [sniffs]
I told you, family isn't his thing.
[shouts] Thanks for the coffee, Gigi!
-My respects, miss.
-Dumb jerk.
-Nice to see you too!
I'm counting on you guys tonight.
-He's throwing a party.
-A party?
I said yes,
but we don't have to.
Sure, it's a good idea.
-You'll pick me up?
-Careful with my niece, Naoufel.
-You serious?
She's the one who wants to go.
Follow me.
[Gabrielle] I hope it's worth it.
What do you think?
[beer bottle opened]
It's an igloo.
You like it?
You made this?
[Naoufel] Do you believe in destiny?
I'm serious.
[Gabrielle] As if everything was
pre-written and we were on a path?
-And we couldn't change anything?
[Naoufel] We think we can,
but it's an illusion.
Unless you...
do something totally irrational.
It's the only way
to ward off fate, for good.
Something like what?
Something like...
I don't know, anything.
You're walking along...
You pretend to go one way...
then you make a feint,
like a dribble.
You sidestep.
And bam! You jump onto the crane.
Something improvised
that you shouldn't have done,
but it's cool
because it took you elsewhere.
And you don't regret it.
Something like that.
And then what?
Once you've dribbled destiny?
Then what?
You make sure
it doesn't catch up with you.
You charge...
and cross your fingers.
[chokes and coughs]
-Sorry. [coughs and sniffs]
Aren't you hungry?
[Naoufel] I ordered a pizza.
It'll be cold.
Hang on, I'm coming.
You should've gotten sushi.
Don't you get a discount?
This is not just any pizza.
What did you get?
extra onions, Mrs Martinez."
-It's me.
The delivery boy. "Fast Pizza."
That's what you ordered, right?
[imitating Lee Van Cleef] "I always follow
my job through. You know that."
[imitates a gunshot]
-The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.
-Yeah, I know.
Oh, yeah? It's my favorite film.
Van Cleef is...
What're you doing?
What's your game?
What? It's not a game.
What's the goal?
Screw a girl in an igloo? Is that it?
Not at all.
What do you think I am?
After that night, I wanted to meet you.
I found out where you worked
and followed you.
It's a simple story that I complicated.
Are you listening?
What was I supposed to do?
"Hi, I'm the loser delivery guy.
How about a date?"
Would that have worked?
I took the job just to see you again.
Isn't that kind of...
-My uncle.
Did you think of him?
When will you tell him
it's all bullshit?
-Hey, I love this job.
-He's sick!
-No, he's just a little old.
What? Is it serious?
[cries of anger]
[wind whistling]
[rap music]
[party chatter]
Where's your babe?
She's not my babe. She's nothing.
Get out of my face!
[angry] Get lost.
Hey, Corinne,
we were talking about you.
Sorry, that's my seat.
Don't bust my balls, sit over there.
[party chatter]
You see, that's my drink.
I just left a minute to...
That was my seat.
This is your drink?
Should've told me sooner.
[wind whistling]
[cry of pain, echoing]
[mom laughs]
[young Naoufel chuckles]
[mom] Come here, you.
She had a sweet little face
She very softly replied "yes"
For a spot under an umbrella
A small spot of Paradise
Ah! My mustache!
[tape rolls, empty]
[dad] What the... ?
You're recording again?
[Naoufel] Last time you promised
we'd go to the party and we didn't.
So now I record.
[mom] The concert ended late
and it was a school night.
[Naoufel] Tonight isn't,
so I want a promise.
-If your mother hit false notes...
-[mom] I do.
If she hit more false notes,
she'd have fewer encores.
-And that would mean...
-[mom] Watch the road!
-[Naoufel] Well?
-[dad] OK, promised.
-[Naoufel] Promised what?
-[dad] We'll go to the party.
If we make it on time to the concert.
[Wind blowing]
[dad] Naoufel.
Don't lean outside.
Get your hand inside!
[mom, screaming] Watch out!
[brakes squeak]
[tape ends]
[cello playing, mom gasps]
-[mom] Come here, you.
-[Naoufel chuckles]
[Knock on door]
[Gigi] Naoufel.
I was at the hospital.
I know you're here. Open up.
I took care of the paperwork.
You just have to sign.
Come on, open the door.
Suit yourself.
[moped engine]
[Key in lock]
The World According to Garp
[cello music]
[mom gasps, then laughter]
[mom] Come here, you.
[fast forward]
-[Naoufel] Well?
-[dad] OK, promised.
[Naoufel] Promised what?
[dad] We'll go to the party.
If we make it on time...
[tape was cut, new recording on top]
[wind in the microphone]
[wind blowing]
[clink of glass]
[light footsteps]
[clang of metal]
[heavy breathing]
Woohoo! [echo]
[inhale] Wooh!
[heavy breathing]