I Love Lizzy (2023) Movie Script

Thank you.
How can I say "good day" in Bicolano?
Good day.
- Good day.
- On vacation?
Good day.
Good day.
Checking in?
- Reservation?
- Yes.
ID please.
"Jeffrey Espino"?
Yes, sir.
Welcome to Elizabeth's House.
This is delicious.
Thank you.
This is the key to the front door.
If you get here late.
Thank you.
Okay. Sir, I'll just be downstairs.
If you need me
just call me.
Don't call me, sir. Just Jeff.
- I'll go ahead, sir. I mean, Jeff.
- Okay.
Awesome! This place is great.
Here. Hello. Hello.
I'm now in Bicol. In Legazpi.
I saw Mayon Volcano. Do you want to see?
Here. Do you see it? Do you see it?
Wow! You're lucky. It's pretty there.
- How's Boracay?
- My flight's delayed.
My babes are waiting. Don't be jealous.
- You're my true love.
- Stop messing around.
What happened?
- I'll call later.
- Okay. Bye.
- Okay.
- You first.
Sir. I'm sorry.
- You went out?
- I just went to look at something.
Sir, my reservation
includes a tour, right?
There's a problem.
The tour guide is unwell.
- Tomorrow?
- Okay.
- It's okay.
- Tomorrow may be better.
- I'll just wander around.
- Sure.
Where can I rent a bike?
- Bike?
- Yes.
I'll come with you. Here. Let's go.
What did one mute person
say to the other mute person?
Nothing, of course. They're mute!
Drink up!
Drink up!
- Here.
- I'm drunk.
Let's ask another person. There! Cute boy!
Cute boy! Come here!
Don't bother him.
Yes, you.
Come here!
- You're weak.
- Come here.
Come here.
- You walk so slowly.
- He's slow.
Cute boy, come here, faster.
Go. Ask him.
Cute boy.
What did one mute say to the other mute?
- Answer!
- What?
Nothing. They're mute.
Oh, my God!
I already love you! I love you!
He's so smart. So smart. Come here.
- Take care of him!
- What?
You're so smart!
Because of that
Drink up!
- Don't be a wuss.
- Drink up!
I got to go.
No. No one's going home. Drink up.
No. Drink up. Here.
- What?
- Where's my chaser?
- Chaser?
- Give him a chaser! Quickly!
- Here.
- Chaser!
Come on!
Here's your chaser.
I don't really drink chasers.
- He's tough.
- Cute boy is a tough guy.
Cute boy, drink up.
- Drink up! Drink up!
- Drink up! Drink up!
Cute boy, you look family.
Bitch! It's "familiar."
I'm sorry. I just feel
We've met before, right?
We've met before.
Just say yes.
I told you, we've met before.
Because of that, drink up!
- Drink up!
- Drink up!
We wish you
You will not eat all our food
We are drinking, not having dinner
You are selfish!
Stop! Stop! Time is up!
I need to go home. My mom is really angry.
- If she's angry, why are you going home?
- Come on, man.
- Oh, man!
- I really need to go home.
Why are you going? Is your mom angry too?
Let's drink more.
He left.
I need to open my stall.
Kring, just open it late.
I'll cover for you.
Do you know,
I really love Kring
because she is so patient with me.
- I love you and thank you!
- They're really best of friends.
Why are you smiling?
You kept saying "thank you"
and "I love you" to her. Right?
I'll just say those to you.
So sweet. Wow.
Wow. She now has a boyfriend.
- Ouch!
- You're so sweet.
- Don't leave me here.
- You have him.
Hey. Wait. Hey.
- Not you.
- I need to go.
- I have a tummy ache.
- No.
Sis, I'll go home too.
I forgot about my mom.
You two can stay here.
Let's stay here.
The two of us.
- I'll walk you home.
- Home?
No one's going home. Let's drink.
Here. Drink up.
Drink up. There's only a little.
It's strong, right?
- I'm good.
- All right.
Let's finish these. One bottle each.
- Can you still drink?
- Of course.
Here's yours.
That's it for me.
Good morning.
You didn't return.
It's a long story.
Do you want the tour?
Your guide is better.
Sure. I'll just take a shower.
- Okay.
- All right.
That's him?
He's here. Jeff!
Jeff, come here.
Jeff, this is Lizzy.
Your tour guide.
Lizzy is the daughter of the owner
of this hostel, my sister.
She's my niece.
Good morning, sir.
Don't call him "sir." "Jeff" will do.
Really? Sorry.
Jeff, are you ready for your tour?
Your acting was terrible.
What acting?
You pretended to not know me so Abner
won't find out you were drunk last night?
- How did you know?
- You were pretending.
How did you know I was drunk? You saw me?
Not just that, I was with you last night.
Wait. What did I do?
I'm really sorry
for the things I did last night.
I was just really drunk, but
Don't worry.
I promise I'll make it up to you.
I'll give you a great tour.
Okay. Whatever you say.
Let's go?
- You'll drive?
- Yes.
Let's go.
I said I'll make it up to you, right?
Come on. Let's go.
- Ready?
- Ready.
- Ready, ready?
- Ready.
This is where we'll know the truth.
What truth?
The truth.
Because they say
the first time you see Mayon
and the cone is perfect,
it means you're still a virgin.
But if it's covered in clouds, it means...
- I saw it...
- No! No!
- I saw it. I have a...
- I know your secret.
I'll take your picture.
I'll take your picture,
so you have something
to remember the clouds.
Another one!
It's so beautiful.
That's the whole of Legazpi.
Do you see that mountain?
That's Ligon Hill. Pretty, right?
It's beautiful.
Beautiful, right?
Where are you taking me?
There's water here.
It's so clean, you can drink,
take a bath, whatever you want.
- There?
- Yes.
- I'll wash my hands.
- Go.
- It's okay?
- Yes.
Pretending to wash.
But just showing off his muscles.
That's normal.
It's already flexed.
Flexed? No. That's normal.
You like it.
Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Let's go. Here.
They're known for this,
the Mayon lava cake.
It's yummy. Try it.
- Taste the ice cream.
- Okay.
And spicy. It's spicy.
Drink water.
How do you say "spicy"?
- Maharang.
- Maharang?
- Masiram and
- Maharang.
It has chilies.
It is spicy.
And this is one of the most
visited churches here in Albay.
Of course, it has a unique design
and the features are very exceptional.
That's why it was declared
a National Cultural Treasure in 2017.
I hope you won't get sick of it
'cause you'll see it everyday.
- It's so beautiful.
- Yeah.
I read something before. It said
"Even if you always see the same thing,
it changes depending on your perspective."
That's beautiful.
Can I use it on my next tour?
I'll go inside.
What about tomorrow? Island hopping?
How many days will you stay?
So we can do everything.
I'm not in a hurry.
I just want to enjoy all the locations.
And I'm not going home soon.
Long vacation. You don't have work?
- Let's say I'm on leave.
- Okay.
That's a long leave.
You got tired of Manila?
Me, too.
I left it all behind.
You worked there?
Yes. I was in production.
A TV network's slave.
Why did you leave? Burnt out?
Maybe, but actually,
I was happy with my life there.
I was happy with my job there.
And I believe in what Confucius said,
And, of course,
I also believe life is like the weather.
It changes.
- Correct?
- Correct.
- That was fun, right?
- It was.
Next time, I'll do it.
Okay. Let's do it again.
Welcome back.
- Hi.
- Good evening.
Good evening.
- Hi, Kring.
- You're with your boyfriend.
Uncle Abner,
my best friend asked him
to be her boyfriend
during our drinking session last night.
- Kring.
- What?
- My best friend.
- You're so pretty.
Kring, this is Jeff.
Hi, Jeff.
I remember last night.
Jeff, you have a girlfriend?
She may get mad.
Nobody. No one will get angry.
Perfect! No one will get angry.
Let's drink again.
Jeff! Come here. Let's drink.
Hey! Enjoy the night.
You're not allowed
to be broken-hearted, okay?
- Let's drink.
- I'm hungry.
Hungry? Here. Eat.
- Eat.
- Hey!
Meet Arnel, Gelo and Em-em.
Talk to him, guys.
- Oh, my God!
- What?
I lost my number, can I have yours?
- Flirt!
- What a flirt!
- Flirt!
- I should get his number first!
Seriously, Jeff,
tell us something about your life.
What should I say?
What do you do with your life?
What's your work?
Why did you choose this place?
Of all places, right?
Because of the people?
Not that.
It was just a random booking.
I'm from Quezon City.
Work? I'm a seminarian.
- What?
- Seminarian?
Hide everything. The Lord might get angry.
- Hide.
- Seriously?
Water, please.
- Sorry, Father.
- The Lord might get angry.
- Get rid of it.
- Sorry, Father.
I'm still on regency.
The only regency I know are with queens.
That's royalty!
What do you want?
- Father!
- You should be ashamed!
- Father's here.
- I'm sorry.
Wait. What is regency?
That's the time seminarians go out
to think if they really
want to be priests.
I'm not yet a priest.
We can enjoy
because I'm still a normal man.
That's why we don't tell people,
so it isn't awkward.
- There's no problem!
- Good!
Next time, more.
You're eating again!
We bought that so we can eat.
Drink more!
- Hey!
- Drink more!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
- Kring.
- What?
- Do you really love me?
- Yes.
- Promise?
- Yes, promise.
Are you enjoying it here?
- Yes.
- You're really enjoying it here?
- Promise?
- That's the fifth time you asked that.
I'm dizzy, Kring.
- The house is there.
- We're almost there.
- Just suck it up. We're near.
- I'm dizzy.
Just a little further.
Can she do it?
- She can.
- Put her on me.
Let's move faster.
Let's go.
Sorry, Father.
It's okay.
You can do it. We're very near.
Oh, no! Father Jeff, sorry.
She peed on you.
- Let's go.
- We're almost there.
- Twenty.
- Is this okay?
Mr. Abner.
- I'll just bike around.
- Okay.
- Take care.
- Okay. Hi, Kring.
- Wait, Jeff.
- Yes?
Sorry about my best friend.
She's okay.
She's kind.
She's like that when she's drunk.
I hope she can control her alcohol intake.
Not imbibe too much.
There's no too much for Lizzy.
She can beat everyone.
- She drinks the most here.
- Really?
It's true. Ask anyone.
They will answer, Madam Oragon.
- That's Lizzy.
- Okay.
- You don't believe me?
- Okay. I have to go.
Who drinks the most here?
You don't know?
It's Madam Oragon.
Your change.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Who drinks the most here?
Madam Oragon, of course.
Even I can't beat her.
Your banana.
Sir, who drinks the most here?
Madam Oragon!
- Bestie.
- Yes?
- I have a story.
- What?
Do you know what happened last night?
What did I do?
You peed.
You're terrible.
What? Where?
You peed on Father Jeff.
You didn't stop me?
How can I stop you from peeing? Catch it?
I'm embarrassed.
- Father Jeff!
- Here?
Where were you?
- He's here?
- Yes.
Hey! Where are you going?
- Where is she going?
- What?
She needs to pee.
Talk to me.
I'm really sorry,
but I can't face you
because I'm so embarrassed.
It's okay.
Face me.
I don't want to.
Look at me.
Sorry, but I don't want to.
I'm so embarrassed.
Look at me to see I'm sincere.
Forget it.
- Okay. We're okay.
- We're okay.
Fine. We're okay, but I promise you,
I won't drag you
to our drinking sessions again.
But promise you're not angry, Father.
I'm not a priest yet.
I'll help you.
Let's go. Let's go there. Come on.
Look. He will jump.
Quitinday Falls in Jovellar, Albay,
from where gas is expensive,
as well as rice,
and as well as scammers,
the Philippines!
- So political.
- So political.
You're laughing again.
- I won't laugh. Okay?
- Okay.
Don't laugh.
Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Sure.
Let's go?
this one is Hoyop-Hoyopan cave,
which means blowing wind.
This is one of my favorite tourist spots
because it used to be an underwater cave.
That's why you can see
dried corals inside,
as well as water lines.
- Let's go inside?
- Sure.
So pretty!
What's your favorite thing about yourself?
Because we're already close,
I'll answer that.
Maybe, my favorite thing
about myself is
I can be happy
even if I'm hurting.
I just drink, then I'm fine again.
I was
able to get through
all my trials in life
all the ups and downs.
What's your favorite childhood memory?
I didn't like it before,
but I appreciate it now.
Helping my mom sell rice cakes.
Wait. This is
This is the dinosaur formation.
See, it looks like a T-rex.
- Yes.
- Right?
What's your favorite childhood memory?
Watching movies.
That's what my Papa and I did
when I was a kid.
We were always watching dinosaur films.
- Here?
- Yes.
Let's go.
- Let's rest.
- Okay.
I have water here.
Do you believe in God?
I know your answer to that question.
Of course.
I believe.
I'm nothing to Him.
Sorry, Father.
It's fine.
But He loves you.
Do you want to see God's hand?
- God's hand?
- God's hand.
- Sure.
- Let's go.
And this is the Hand of God.
You can make a wish and touch it
with your forehead so it may come true.
You first.
Me? Okay.
There. Your turn.
So, what's your wish?
If I say it, it might not come true.
Archaeologists say
this cave has been here
since 3,000 to 4,000 BC.
There were some jars discovered here
that are from
200 BC to 900 AD.
But they said those artifacts
are in Camalig church,
while some are in
the National Museum in Manila.
this became
This became a hideout for guerrillas
during World War II.
Then this has been
the secret party place of partygoers
during Martial Law.
- Partygoers?
- Partygoers.
It's great here.
- Liz?
- What?
All right.
I can't say it was a heartbreak then
because I couldn't understand it then
but maybe
when I found out
we were a second family.
So many.
But the one that stands out
I graduated from elementary
as salutatorian
Dad beat me up
because I'm only salutatorian.
He also beat me up
if I didn't wash his car.
I was in elementary.
Why didn't you tell your mom?
They might have fought.
But one day,
Mom saw that Dad was beating me up.
We left immediately.
We left dad, and they separated.
And Mom said that Dad
was not my real father.
It started to make sense. That's why.
That's when I started to rebel.
I had vices.
Drugs were my painkiller then.
I also sold them.
It's good you stopped.
My aunt, one day,
she forced me to join her Christian group.
That day, a man named Joey spoke.
We had the same problems.
I was able to relate to him.
So we talked.
He taught me that
I don't need
to hold on the past.
That I don't need to hold on to
the pain.
He's there.
You can hold onto Him.
And He is just waiting for us to return.
Even if you're late.
What's important
is that you return.
Can I sit with you?
You can't drink.
Only me.
Do you know that
I started drinking because of my dad.
My dad has another family.
When I was a kid, I remember
I did
I did everything
so he'd notice me.
I studied hard.
I became valedictorian.
After college, I was able
to get the TV network job right away.
But it seemed nothing to him.
Then, one time
One time
Uncle Abner was drinking with my dad,
with my other uncles
and I drank with them.
I outdrank them all.
All of them.
I outdrank them.
That's the only time I heard my dad say
"That's my daughter!"
"That's my daughter!"
"I'm so proud of her!"
But, now, he's gone.
Sit next to me.
Please continue to use her
as a blessing to others.
Because she makes others happy.
But whatever
is in her heart, You know it.
The wounds that won't heal.
All the battles and struggles.
Please surprise her
with Your amazing grace.
Jeff, thank you for the prayer earlier.
Drinking again?
Liz, have you ever considered
that you might be an alcoholic?
Not really.
It doesn't affect my everyday life.
I can even do tours.
But you're drinking every night.
It helps me sleep.
your blackouts
and short-term memory loss
they're symptoms of alcohol abuse.
I know because I've been there.
Don't think about it. I'm okay.
- I'm okay.
- Okay.
It's Father. Wise up, bestie.
- I'm okay.
- Father, I'm going home.
It's difficult.
It's difficult.
It's difficult, right?
You also had a hard time with your dad.
But that's different.
You're not his real son.
But me, I'm his daughter.
Why is it like this?
And I can't ask him because he's not here.
Because he's dead.
Who will answer me?
No one will answer because he's gone.
Let go of whatever happened
in your past because
whatever happens,
always remember that you are worthy.
Lizzy, you know
that Jeff is going to be a priest.
We have a problem.
You'll become a priest.
Whatever's between you and Lizzy,
it's not allowed.
You're old enough
to know what you're doing.
This is none of my business.
But, Lizzy
I'm just protecting you.
I know you're not a bad person.
But I'm sorry.
This is what I believe.
What you're doing is wrong.
So wrong!
It's okay, Uncle.
I'd like to
apologize to everyone.
I admit
that it's all my fault.
I'll return to Manila now.
officially tell the seminary
that I won't continue.
I know that
God brought me here to Legazpi
to meet you
and to love you.
I'll stay here with you.
If that's okay.
And if it's okay with you.
I just met you, but I'm sure
that I love you.
I love you too.
I promise to return.
I promise to wait.
When I return, will you be my fiance?
I know I don't have a ring
but I'm sure you're the one.
The one I want to be with forever.
Isn't it too fast?
We'll talk when you return.
Honey, your love sent this.
- Wow!
- Yeah.
He's so sweet!
- There's a letter.
- There's a note.
"While I'm not there,
these will say good morning."
"I promise, I'll return. Your love."
Hi! My love!
You're going out?
We're just going to Gelo's.
Liz, don't get mad but
What if you go to rehab?
What if we talk about this
when you return?
Jeff, thank you for believing
that I still have hope.
I love you.
I love you!
This is the last time.
Because I promised
Gelo that I won't drink again.
- But, bestie...
- What?
You should be thankful he loves you
even if you're an alcoholic.
- I know.
- Sorry!
Bestie, it's downhill.
- Downhill.
- Yes.
- Downhill.
- Downhill.
- Downhill.
- Downhill. Hey!
Hey! Bestie!
Are you okay?
Drinking's fun!
Where's Jeff?
Bestie, we can't contact him.
Let's eat!
Here's your favorite.
Here. Let's eat. What do you want?
Do you think
he'll still return?
all the things he dislikes
I'll change them.
This? It's my last one.
If he returns,
I will never drink again. I promise.
Never again. I'll change everything
as long as he returns.
Jeff, why?
Why did you leave me?
I didn't do anything to you.
You can always be like this.
It's enough.
It's enough.
I give up, Uncle.
I want to stop this. It hurts.
When will it stop?
Even if it doesn't stop just yet
you still need to live every day.
Even if you think
you can't do it, you can't go on
you still need to decide
that you can do it.
Why is it like this?
Why did the person I love leave me?
Bestie, are you done packing?
Almost done.
One for the road!
What's that? Give it to me.
- No!
- Don't drink. You have a flight.
Are you really doing it?
It's tough
if you're the one left behind.
Because all the memories
are left with you.
Everywhere I look
I remember him.
I won't be able to move on here, Kring.
You can do it
We can do lots of things here.
- I'm finally here.
- Yes! We can go to Mayon.
- That's our first stop?
- Yes. When?
- Here.
- Thank you.
- Wow. Pinangat!
- Your favorite pinangat, Lizzy.
Tell us how you meet.
I made friends with her on social media.
It's good that she accepted my request
and she read my messages.
I developed feelings for her.
I courted her for a long time.
I was just waiting until she was ready.
Your mom wants to talk to you.
Mom, I just got here. You miss me already?
It's because we are waiting
for your answer.
Answer? What answer?
I'll hold this.
Hi, Liz. I prepared a speech
but I can't remember it.
Good evening. May God bless you.
Thank you, Father.
You still know me.
Not seeing or talking
doesn't mean you forget a person.
How are you?
I heard you're getting married soon.
I came from your office.
I submitted the required documents.
Why are you here?
I was assigned to this parish.
you became a priest.
That's what I guessed then.
Are you trying to make me cry?
Forget about it.
It's okay.
It was long ago.
I was angry with you for such a long time.
Of course
you left me hanging.
You don't know how many times
I cursed you in my mind.
Maybe even in my dreams.
But I don't regret anything.
Because that pain
it made me who I am today.
I was just wondering
asking questions
because I waited for you for a long time.
Why did He answer only now?
Maybe He gave us a chance
to give us closure.
It's possible.
Can you please tell me
why you ghosted me?
The important thing is you're better now.
What I went through was terrible.
I think I deserve to know.
I was so hurt
when you left me.
The one who left
was also hurt.
You might forget me
now that you have a Lizzy.
She's lucky to have you.
I'm lucky to have her.
When we return, I'll introduce you to her.
I'll remember that.
Okay. Take care. Just keep me updated.
Jeff, Lizzy and I had an accident.
Her condition is serious.
Son, do you have a problem?
I might be able to help you.
My fiance got in an accident.
My flight was cancelled.
I'll take care of it. I'll help you.
We also had to operate on her brain
because she had an internal hemorrhage.
Her blood pressure
is continually dropping, her oxygen too.
I'll be frank, the longer this continues,
the slimmer her chances for survival.
Why are you like this?
I chose to be a good person.
I obeyed all your teachings!
I have been a good son to you.
Why did you do this to my love?
You taught us to love.
You gave me someone to love,
but you will take her from me!
I'm so angry with you
because you're selfish!
I know nothing's impossible with you.
I know you're the only one
who can heal her.
Lord, heal Lizzy.
I will never leave you.
I will never turn my back on you.
Just heal Lizzy.
I'm begging you.
Heal Lizzy.
How is she?
Ben is calling.
A good person I know said,
"Even if you're looking at the same thing,
you can still see a lot of things
depending on your perspective."