I Love New Year (2014) Movie Script

Injurious To Health
While plying between
office and home in the taxi..
...l often feel that the
entire city is so standardized.
The same old sky-scraper buildings,
matchbox homes..
"The same old numbered streets.
The same old McDonalds,
Starbucks at every corner of the city.
And the same old routine
life in this standardized city.
Unaccounted moments
in the office..alone!
The same old fast-food
lunch..on the go.
And the same old
coffee. Vanilla Mocha.
On the go.
This routine never changed.
"But now I intend to change it.
Now..no more office on Sundays.
No more fast food lunch.
And favorite coffee.
Since it's the last day of the year..
...l already made the
first resolution of the year.
...what's your thought about marriage?
Riya..would you like to be Mrs.
Randhir Singh?
Riya..we're losing time.
Shall we get married?
Oh, God!
Riya..let's make this
relation official.
I can do it.
Riya? What are you doing
here so early in the morning?
Randhir, what's wrong with you?
Where are you going in the morning?
Remember, it's 31st December.
It's a Holiday.
Office is closed for everyone..
except for you, of course.
There's little work
left in the office.
I'll pick you up in
the evening for the pany.
That's what I came here for.
Tonight's party is cancelled.
- Cancelled?
You're cancelling the party?
No! Come here.
On this New Year,
let's make it a party for two.
Just you and me, no one else.
But Riya?
Jigar and lshmit have
invited us over. - So?
So the point is..
...you don't want to spend
New Year's with me alone.
Look at your face.
Just look at yourself,
you're sweating.
It's not like that.
Look..where will we
have this party for two?
Here. At your home.
Here it'll be party for three.
Papa's here too.
I've a wonderful idea for papa.
It's Bollywood Nite over
at Jamshed and Jeevan uncle's home.
So..booze, buffet and free
item-numbers for 30 Dollars.
What else could he want?
Free booze!
Fabulous idea, right. - Bloody hell!
We'll be happy and so will papa.
Papa happy? - I don't think so.
I don't think so?
Come on, Randhir.
Whenever it comes to just you and me..
...you're always like
"l don't think so".
Papa is just an excuse, I know it.
Okay for party for two, right? - Yeah!
Love you!
I've a gift for you this evening.
even I have a surprise for you.
Coming! - Surprise?
I'll get it. - You?
I'll tell you in the evening.
Happy New Year, uncle. - Rumi, you?
Is Randhir at home?
- No. No one's at home.
I already wished you
Happy New Year. - Yes.
Why do you drop in without calling?
Get lost.
It's a surprise, uncle.
I've been getting enough
surprises since morning.
Get lost now.
So what's going on inside?
Plans to get rid of the old stuff.
Now get lost.
You see, uncle,
I am heading to New York tomorrow.
So I thought I'll go to
the gym with Randhir now.
Lala and Firoz will be there too.
So I was saying let me in just.
I said get lost.
Perfume? - No.
New Year's Card?
Give me a hit. Come on.
Actually..l'll tell you after
drinking two glasses of wine.
Where are you going?
You can't escape me like this.
- Breakfast.
Randhir Singh needs
wine to gather some courage?
What dangerous surprise
do you have planned?
Is it in the pocket? - What?
Hold this. - What?
These are your house keys?
Oh my, God..
Your house.
I don't believe this.
Your house keys..for me.
I know..l know..it's not much.
Oh, God..it'S..
Oh, Randhir, what a surprise.
Keys and all..so sweet.
Such a romantic way of proposing,
coming from you.
I don't believe it.
Poor guy's in trouble.
I won't need wine anymore.
- Honestly.
You needed wine for saying this?
Yes..l needed it once.
What? How many times
have you proposed before?
This happened 10 years ago. - But who?
You never told me.
Obviously, it was a girl.
Obviously, it was a girl!
Then why didn't you marry her?
Why tell her all that?
What happened? - What else?
I ran to Amritsar! - Amritsar?
Yes. - And what about that girl?
I don't know.
But I've heard she's
in New York these days.
I see..she's in New York!
So what are your intentions now?
Will you run away to Jalandhar?
I have changed now. - Really?
Then tonight's party for two..will
be our last bachelor's pany.
Exciting, right?
Last bachelor's party?
Last bachelor's party?
Randhir, you look tense.
- No, no, I am happy.
I am very happy.
- You don't look happy.
It's not funny, Randhir.
- Last bachelor's party?
So I'll leave.
I've to prepare for the evening pany.
Drop me to the hallway.
Papa..l think I'll
get married this time.
I think so too.
Papa..do you like, Riya?
You're marrying her, what do I care?
Your opinion is important.
Children often forget
this after the marriage.
Do you like her or not?
Well, she's smart.
She already got the keys to the house.
Papa, I won't find a better girl.
And she likes me, and I like her.
Tell me..do you like her?
Son, look here..
I'm spreading out the crockery
your mother brought on our wedding.
Only for you. Party for two.
And I'll go see that
oldie Jamshed in the evening.
Not for the bloody free drinks.
Only for you, son. Only for you.
Thank you, papa.
If you want, I can turn
this house into a restaurant.
Look. Look.
House makeover in just 8 hours,
by Dolly and Polly!
8 hours? How do they do it?
Dolly and Polly!
No, thank you.
But you must thank me for one thing.
When you were proposing inside.
...l drove your friend Rumi away.
Otherwise you would've remained
a bachelor even next year.
Papa. - Yes.
Thank you for accepting Riya, papa.
- What for?
When the Lord has
already bestowed her..
With the keys to this house,
who am I to say no?
And then..how long can
this old man be with you, son?
Papa.. - Stop making those sad faces.
Go meet your friends.
They're waiting for
you at the health club.
And yes, before you go..take
these duplicate keys.
Thank you.
Bye. - Have fun.
Hi, Ira. - Hi, Randhir.
How are you?
Happy New Year. - Same to you.
Sorry, guys, I am late.
Why the long faces? What's wrong?
What's wrong?
You know..poor Romi's new in Chicago.
He lost all his hair trying
to find your home. - Leave me.
And your papa kept the
cake and alcohol he had brought.
And told him to get lost.
Is this how you treat
your best friend?
And you want to know why we're upset?
Sorry..actually, papa didn't want.
Actually, there was a girl.
I see..there was someone in.
So what?
You were only kissing her right.
Could've waited for a minute.
You didn't exactly elope
with her from her wedding?
Well..it's about a wedding.
You're getting married. - Yes. Why?
You? - Why not?
This born-bachelor's getting married.
When did you get hooked?
I've grown sman like the rest of you.
I've decided. I am getting married.
Congratulations! - Congratulations!
Congratulations! - Congratulations!
Now he's one of us.
But why do you want to get married?
You're wrong.
Where are you going? - Let me go.
Listen, where are you going?
He's getting married,
why are you angry. - Yeah?
Why are you laughing? Are you happy?
He's getting ruined.
What's wrong with him?
I said sorry.
And I said "Let's celebrate,
My bottle. - It's ours.
I am heading to New York today,
so we'll celebrate now.
He's going to New York today,
so we'll celebrate now.
But it's too early..
- What is sister-in-laws name?
Her name is Riya. - Riya and Randhir.
Double R.
We'll make a toast,
he's getting married. - But.
Not too much.
"One heart one love..one life."
"l'm going to squander it all on you."
"It's been decided."
"One heart one love..one life."
"l'm going to squander it all on you."
"It's been decided."
"Listen beloved.."
"Let's open that bottle of rum."
"There's no way you can escape now."
"No one's ever won against the heart."
"Love is sweeter than jaggery."
"Love is sweeter than jaggery."
"Let no one fall for it."
"Love is sweeter than jaggery."
"Love is sweeter than jaggery."
"Love is sweeter than jaggery."
"Let no one fall for it."
"Love is sweeter than jaggery."
Santa baby..just slip
a label under the tree.
"For me.."
"l've been enough of good girl."
Santa baby..so hurry
down the chimney tonight.
"All I wish is my beloved.."
"sits next to me and
says those sweet nothings to me.
"L'll know that You exist."
Let the drums play,
dance your hean out.
And the entire ambiance
is just beautiful.
There's nothing
more I ask for, Lord.
"We live a grand life."
"Sometimes we drink rum."
And when we drink..
no one else drinks like us.
Randhir, I am drunk.
I think I'll miss my flight.
I don't get drunk.
I'll help you board, okay?
"Love is.."
"Love is.."
"Love is sweeter than jaggery."
"Love is sweeter than jaggery."
"Let no one fall for it."
"Love is sweeter than jaggery."
We just had a little fun,
just a little to drink yet.
"We're just a little drunk."
"l still feel sober."
Since our eyes met,
things went really ahead.
"L wonder whafll happen next."
The flower that never
blossomed for years.
"And remained lonely for long."
"That thing that shattered to pieces."
"That was my heart."
Passengers travelling
to Chicago in Flight 88372..
...now proceed to gate 10 for check-in.
Flight 88372 is now ready to take-off.
Boarding. Boarding.
You boarding?
I no boarding? Then who boarding?
"Love is.."
"Love is.."
"Love is sweeter than jaggery."
"Love is sweeter than jaggery."
"Let no one fall for it."
"Love is sweeter than jaggery."
"Love is sweeter than jaggery."
"Love is sweeter than jaggery."
"Let no one fall for it."
"Love is sweeter than jaggery."
"Love is sweeter than jaggery."
"Love is sweeter than jaggery."
"Let no one fall for it."
"Love is sweeter than jaggery."
Hey, come on.
Take him out!
Hey man, first tell
me where you want to go.
309 WeStJA.
That's 309 West.
That's $75 bucks.
"What the."
Okay, be careful.
You okay?
Please. - Okay.
Tyson, I am in 7A.
If you're getting bored,
come to my house.
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Lift! Lift!
Phone is ringing. - Oh..
Vi dya.
Tikku, where were you?
Why don't you answer your phone?
Where are you?
Listen. I called because
my ighfs delayed.
By the time I return
to New York from Phili..
...It'll be 11 or 11230.
What about your party at Hilton?
HaPPY New Year!
' HaPPY New Year!
I've already told Jas..
...to bring my tickets
and my dress to Hilton.
Who's Jas?
- Jas, my new year's date.
Good looking?
Killer. Awesome.
Where did you find him?
H ow?
Yesterday morning's flight.
In a single look I knew..that
he's a thorough gentleman.
Sophisticated. My Jas.
I know..your passes are on the fridge,
and the dress is on the bed.
So..l'll hand them over to Jas.
Too late, baby..l already
gave him the house keys.
I told him to collect the
passes from on top of the fridge.
...and my dress from the bed.
Keys? To some Jas..you don't know.
You weren't answering, obviously
I had to do something, right.
And listen..don't call him "Some Jas".
I love him.
Love him?
So you're already in love.
- Of course.
We're always jet speed.
Love at first sight, baby.
Your Hilton passes
are still on the fridge.
I don't think 'Your
Jas' stopped by yet.
What? He hasn't?
Don't worry, he must be on his way.
Fine, I'll call you
as soon as he gets here.
Bye. - Please treat him nicely.
I'll offer him some tea.
I love you, lshaan.
The number you trying to call is not.
Please leave a voicemail
after the beep.
Vidya, that Jas is a drunkard.
He's lying here on the
bed completely unconscious.
Call back quickly.
He's so drunk.
Get up. - Let me sleep.
Vidya's waiting for you.
You've to take her dress and passes?
You can't sleep here.
This is my bed.
You've ruined the quilt.
Get up!
Get up!
This is the limit.
Let me sleep!
Let me sleep!
You're so drunk?
Back on my bed again. Fine.
You'll learn now.
Gentleman.sophisticated..killer looks.
Wait and watch.
What do you think?
I am going to kill him today.
Wake up.
Am I on the beach?
Beach! Guess you're too sleepy!
Take that.
Get out. Come on.
Who are you?
What are you doing in my house?
Go away.
Let me sleep.
Your house? - Yes, my house.
This is your house? - My house.
Then where do I live?
- I don't know.
Let go of my quilt.
Let go of my quilt.
Are you hum?
Why are there flowers?
Don't touch this.
What a shameless man? You're naked.
Buttery..in my room?
Let go. Those belong to my kids,
for their concen
Don't ruin them.
Mama's crockery.
Mama's crockery.
What did you do with
my mama's crockery?
Don't touch any of my stuff!
Where's my mama's crockery?
I sold them on Ebay. Happy?
You sold mama on Ebay.
Not happy-
I like my house better before.
Take your clothes and get out.
You fool.
Do you even know where you are?
- Yes.
309 West, 7A..my home.
309 West, 7A..is my home.
And I stay here with Vidya.
I stay here with Vidya.
Where's papa? ls he at home?
Papa and I stay here.
This is my home.
You live here with your papa,
don't you?
What's the proof?
Do you have any proof?
Proof? - Yes, proof.
Proof! Proof!
You want proof!
You won't touch any of my stuff.
But my papers were right here.
Where did I keep them?
I guess Dolly-Pauli changed my home.
Found it.
I found proof.
Electrical proof.
Who's Randhir Singh?
I am.
You're Randhir Singh? - Yes.
You're Randhir Singh?
Yes, I am Randhir Singh.
You're not Jas.
Randhir Singh.
How did you get in? - Using the keys.
How did the keys work?
Oh, God!
At least let me vomit in peace.
Never seen such a stubborn
girl in Chicago before.
I am stubborn?
And what are you?
You still think you're in Chicago?
Where else?
Come with me.
I'll show you where you.
Are you okay?
Oh, god!
Where? - Come on.
Take a look. - Hold on.
Look..look out. - Wait.
Is there a church outside your home?
New York Gospel..
N ew York?
New York!
Iam in New York! - Yes.
You're in New York!
309 West, 7A.. my home.
How did you get here?
How did you get here? - Hold on.
Out! Get out!
Wait..let me think..how I got here.
I went to the Health
Club..with my friends.
They got me drunk.
Romi was flying to New York.
But those rascals made
me board the flight to New York.
Okay..l get it.
I completely get it.
Your bathroom looks similar to mine.
- Get out.
I have guests coming over. Get out.
What happened?
I think lshaan's here. - lshaan who?
Go in the bathroom. - Okay.
Why are you going in the bathroom?
Where else can I hide?
Ishaan's here. - lshaan who?
What do you care?
My boxers..where?
Hi, lshaan.
Are you going to
wear this for New Year?
Then I'll wear jeans as well.
Let's get casual together.
Actually, I didn't get time to change.
If I tell you, you'll laugh.
Jokes later, first this.
Happy New Year baby.
- Thank you so much.
I've a gift for you as well,
but it's in the bedroom.
Bedroom. Wow! Let's go. - No.
No. No. No.
First I need to tell you something.
You know,
after I returned from shopping.
...and went into my bedroom.
You're going to laugh after
hearing what happened with me.
A man's sleeping on my bed.
I thought he's Vidya's boyfriend.
So this is your New Year's gift.
Thank you and goodbye.
Goodbye for what, lshaan?
What for?
That's why?
I've seen enough of
your third-rate drama.
I don't know him, ask him.
He's lying on this
bed..in his underwear.
And you don't know him.
This story keeps getting
better every minute.
But no thank you.
I don't want to hear it anymore.
- lshaan.
Ishaan, you will have to listen.
This is not my fault.
Actually, it's not her fault.
Why is he giving explanations?
So that I break his face..
...and you feel that
lshaan's cheap, like us.
So no problem.
Ishaan, you're calling me cheap.
I am not cheap.
He came here coincidentally.
he and his friends are alcoholics.
So you know his friends,
and their habits too.
How long has this been going on?
Nothings going on.
He came here coincidentally.
Nothing going on.
He came here coincidentally.
- Yes, I did.
Romi was supposed to come. - Shut up!
Actually, Romi was supposed to come.
Oh..so you were waiting for Romi..
"But he dropped in instead.
No, no, no,
I wasn't waiting for anyone.
Not even me? I can see that.
I was waiting for you.
Only you!
Look..l can explain.
Anything else?
Let me go.
- lshaan, give me a chance to explain.
After that you can
do anything you like.
But let me speak.
Go on.
he and his friends are drunkards.
They had too much to drink
today..and made him board the flight.
Oh, I am so stupid. - His friends..
There was a airplane in the gym.
It was at the airport, not the gym.
- Shut up!
No, actually they
went to the airport.
...and his friends made
him board the flight.
And then he..got here
in his drunken state.
Actually, his address is same as mine.
309 West, 7A.
But his is in Chicago, not New York.
You say the address is same. - Yes.
But how did he get in
the house and your bedroom?
Ishaan, he had the key.
You gave him your house keys?
No. - You never gave
me in all these months.
Ishaan, he used his own house keys.
I wasn't even here, lshaan.
He got here accidentally.
Oh..so he got to your
home accidentally.
He accidentally took his clothes off.
And accidentally
fell asleep on your bed.
And you made a mistake
thinking that he made a mistake.
And now..you want me to sit
on the pile of these mistakes.
Oh, God!
Oh, God?
Look, Miss.
Miss. Forget it.
Let me explain.
On every New Year..
The guy's in your bedroom.
"But doesn't know your name.
What moral fiber? Amazing.
Whose morality are you talking about?
How can you accuse me with someone?
Have you seen his condition?
He's a drunkard.
He's got no clue where he's going.
He's a joke.
Right..l am just a joke.
Please don't ruin your
New Year for this drunkard.
But believe me..
"This key fits the lock.
And the address is 309.. - Get out!
Hi, Happy New Year.
New Year!
Ishaan. - What were
you thinking, Tikku?
Some drunkard was lying on your bed..
And you're kindly
showing him the way out.
Rather than calling me or the police.
Like normal people.
Ishaan, I thought he's Jas.
- Now who is Jas.
Talking about me? I am Jas.
How the hell.. Who the hell..
Sorry, Vidya's boyfriend. - Yes..
Vidya said there's no
one at home so I came by.
I am sorry about that.
And she even gave me the keys.
- Yeah, I know.
Hold on,
I'll get the dress and passes.
Yes, please..you know,
I am getting late.
Nice suit, man. - Who asked you?
Here. - Thank you.
You're welcome. - Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! Thank you.
You gave everyone the keys,
except for me. Right?
I didn't, Vidya did. - Alright, Vidya.
Don't be angry.
Why does this happen only with you?
No drunkard would dare
to barge in my house.
But you?
Why does he get in your home?
I don't know. - What are you? A child.
It's because you're careless.
You're always prancing
around..like a buttery.
You've no idea what's
happening around you.
Do be.. - I don't want to be angry.
But you make me angry.
Excuse me, is this really New York?
You really shouldn't
drink so much, man.
Excuse me.
Can I borrow some money?
Why is everyone asking for a handout?
It's New Year.
New York!
Look what I am wearing.
"Come to me.."
"Come to mesweethean."
"Don't be upset, beloved."
"For my sake, sweetheart"
This aloofness will
definitely kill me.
"Come to me.."
"Come to mesweethean."
"Don't be upset, beloved."
"For my sake, sweetheart"
This aloofness will
definitely kill me.
Who did you make these for?
You know I don't like sweets.
You said..let's take
the nuptials rounds..
"..With you right now."
"Why are there tears..in my eyes now?"
"Tell me.."
"Tell me..please."
"Didn't you promise me?"
"l am always where you are."
"So why this distance between us?"
I have no money.
I've heard about
the craving for love.
"But no one's craved like me."
"l walked for miles and realized.."
"There's no place like home."
"Turn around.."
Turn around..my arms
are yearning for yours.
"L am treading on your path."
Take me in your arms,
and fill this void.
"Where are the paths?"
"Who cares where we'll go?"
"Who knows..take me to.."
"..where the hean roams free."
"Come to me.."
"Come to mesweethean."
"Don't be upset, beloved."
"For my sake, sweetheart"
This aloofness will
definitely kill me.
Stop crying, okay.
Open your new year's gift.
Ishaan, do you trust me?
What if you had seen
me in a similar condition?
A girl..in my bed. Would you trust me?
If you were holding a gun,
and a dead body lying in front of you.
I will still think you're innocent.
Because I know..you can
never do anything wrong.
I trust you.
Even after all that happened,
I am still here.
I didn't go anywhere.
What more do you want? - But, lshaan..
Leave it now, please.
Stop discussing this.
Open your gift, and make me happy.
Limited edition. - Like it?
I've a gift for you as well.
It's in the bedroom, I'll go get it.
Another gift..in the bedroom.
Wasn't that enough for today?
Go on, get it.
HaPPY New Year!
Very cool.
Don't you like my stubble?
No, I love it.
What are you thinking?
That it's New Year
soon..and we get engaged.
How abouLwe get engaged right now.
Were you expecting someone?
- No. I'll just check.
No, let me.
Mr. Bumbling Mistakes!
Why ring the bell? You have the keys.
Mistakes are made only once,
not always.
I wanted to borrow some money.
Excuse me?
I left my wallet in
Chicago..and telephone as well.
And I don't know anyone here.
If you could lend me some money..
...l would buy a ticket.
I'll pay you back as
soon as I get to Chicago.
Send it through wire transfer.
You two have my address as well.
Yes, we do have your address.
So what's the problem?
You're in trouble.
And you're an Indian.
We should lend you the money.
Right, Tikku?
I think we should.
If you say..
I'll get it right now.
Okay? - Okay.
Thank you.
You can give this
excuse to someone else.
What's the real deal here?
Why do you always come back here?
Look..l genuinely need money. - Why?
Is this a donation camp?
Tell me honestly..where are you from?
I told you everylhing inside.
Tell me everylhing again,
from the beginning.
Come on, man..from the beginning.
Look, every year..
...l and my friends meet at
the Health Club on 31st December.
But this year..l drank
too much because.
Because my marriage was fixed.
- With whom?
A girl, who else?
Look..l came here by mistake,
Let me tell you how
genuine your mistakes were?
You went to the gym, didn't you?
Were you sober or was that a mistake?
- I was sober.
Were you sober when you
had a drink or was it a mistake?
I was sober.
And did you get to the airpon
by mistake or in your senses.
I was still in my senses.
But I wasn't completely in my senses.
I had to drop Romi at the airport
So you didn't do anything by mistake.
You were still in your senses.
Ask what happened next?
I got on the plane by mistake.
- Oh yeah.
Airplanes have special
reservations for drunkards.
I have to find that out too.
How could they let me board?
I don't get it. - You don't get it.
You don't know who
you're messing with.
I work at the Treasury Department.
I'll file tax abetment
charges against you..
...and get you deported forever.
Send you to India.
You'll keep sobbing
for the rest of your life.
Got on the plane by mistake.
Are you blind?
Got in this house by mistake.
Even got on the bed by mistake.
And by mistake, your bedroom
cunains will have flowers on them.
And your sofa must be brown.
Stay inside. - What happened?
Stay! Stay inside!
Let it be, I'll manage.
I mistook New York for Chicago.
The house is a small thing.
Believe me, I was not in my senses.
Not in your senses.
You just admitted that
you were in your senses.
You're a big fraud.
Ishaan, don't spoil your mood.
Take this money and leave.
Let's go inside.
One gets paid for spending
time in your bedroom?
You never told me that.
So why throw me out.
I could've made some extra money.
What are you saying?
You've crossed all limits.
Do you know what you're saying?
- I do now.
Everyone said "Avoid
single girls of New York".
If you want to settle down,
check her family background.
But it was my mistake.
Your sweet voice and
great figure deceived me.
Excuse me. I am sorry.
I don't want this money.
Oh, how sweet.
You could've at least
waited until I left.
Ishaan..you're leaving me?
This aloofness will
definitely kill me.
I am sorry.
What did you say?
What did you say?
You ruined everylhing!
I told him what I told you.
I told him the truth.
Don't worry, I'll go get him.
Come on, lshaan..be reasonable, man.
Stop, lshaan!
Come on, stop.
Ishaan..you made her cry.
"Come to mesweethean."
His car was too fast.
I couldn't stop him.
Your friends,
family..shall we call someone?
My entire family's on that table,
go call them.
Look..you're sitting
outside the window.
And it's the seventh floor.
There's money on the table.
Take it and leave.
Yes! Happy New Year!
HaPPY New Year!
HaPPY New Year!
HaPPY New Year!
Happy New Year, lshaan.
Happy New Year, Tikku.
Tikku, what's all this?
What? What's all this?
The flowers..the glitters.
What is all this?
What kind of girl are you?
Even after everylhing that happened..
...you're still celebrating.
You're still happy.
Because I am a foolish,
silly, stupid, delicate type of girl.
But..the President
of Unlucky Club..
...has a solution to everylhing.
And the solution for
depression is Chocolate'.
Eat chocolate,
and it fixes everylhing.
But you haven't seen the ring yet.
The ring's inside this.
Here's the ring,
and now we're engaged.
What a silly.. - Oh no!
Who's there?
You're back again.
Well..l heard gunshots,
and got scared.
What. - But now
I am tying this bandage.
Actually, this needs surgery.
You've troubled me enough.
You're always going in and out,
in and out.
Give me your keys!
Silly man.
Silly ..and sorry too.
How long were you here?
What did you see?
You saw everylhing?
- No, no, no, ljust got here..
...and knocked over that pot.
Oh no..
What happened?
Is it from lshaan?
It's not from lshaan.
It's my colleagues from the school.
They want me to post my
picture on Facebook with lshaan.
What do I post now?
I feel so humiliated.
Look, I have an idea.
Call up lshaan and
wish him happy new year.
He'll be really happy
to hear your voice.
And..and you two can get engaged too.
How do you know about the engagement?
That means you saw everylhing.
No, no, no, I didn't. - Then
how do you know about the engagement?
I love sweets,
can I have one of these please?
Thank you.
My name is Randhir Singh.
Tikku Verma. - Very nice name.
HaPPY New Year!
HaPPY New Year!
Shall we call lshaan?
I'll call him, and you speak. Okay.
What's his number?
I'll find it.
Got it.
He didn't answer it, did he?
No, no, no..the line's jammed.
It's New Year, new Year's eve.
Everyone's calling someone.
Jammed..l'll try again.
Only one hean can
understand another.
"The memories were lonely."
Line's still jammed.
But don't be upset.
Look at me.
Exactly at this moment,
someone's waiting for me in Chicago.
All alone in my house.
She doesn't know where I am.
She must be really worried.
Call her.
Thank you.
And don't think that
I am doing it for you.
I am doing it for that poor girl.
I don't want any boy..
...to trouble any
girl like this tonight.
Excuse me.
My God, what the hell, Randhir.
Where the hell have you been?
- Listen"
HaPPY New Year!
HaPPY New Year?
After making me wait for hours..
...all you have to
say is Happy New Year!
That's it.
Is this what you call a surprise?
- I am sorry.
Actually, I am very-very happy.
Riya, you won't believe
what happened with me.
Why tell me if I won't believe you?
Romi, Guggi..
- I've been waiting for five hours.
I tried calling you 200 times, you..
Where are you?
I left my phone in Chicago?
What? Where are you?
New York!
So this time you ran away to New York.
No, I didn't run away.
You see, this time"
Riya, just one second.
Hello. - Just one minute.
Excuse me. - Randhir.
Where's the charger.
- Right behind you.
Hello, Randhir.
Riya. - Hello, Randhir.
Wasn't that a girl's voice?
It's that New York girl
you mentioned this morning.
No, Riya, it's not her.
You're mistaken.
I got her by mistake.
Oh, just shut up!
You left me here alone..
...and went to your ex in New York?
Aren't you ashamed?
If you wanted to dump,
you could've just said it clearly.
What dump, Riya?
I'm the one who's
been dumped..in New York.
So stay dumped in New York.
And I'll even send
your papa there too.
You two can stay dumped
in New York..together.
And I am not there either.
So you'll be happy.
Where are you going?
It's not like that.
- It's exactly like that.
Son said yes and papa said no.
And let his son elope to New York.
I'm leaving your house-keys behind.
And don't think that I'll
waste even a minute regretting.
Because..there's a
queue outside my house.
But don't bother to join that queue.
Or else I'll clobber
you black and blue.
But we were supposed to get.
- Goodbye.
My story ended with a clobbering.
Nothing serious for men.
You can find many more Riyas.
But I am not like one of those.
It took me really long
to find one nice girl.
You should always be positive.
Those who get angry quickly,
also calm down real soon.
Go on. Go!
Hold on.
If lshaan sees me here,
he'll be upset.
Where can I hide?
- No need to hide anywhere.
Just sit here quietly.
All the best.
What's up? - Baby.
Happy New Year, ma'am.
Happy New Year, Tweety.
Happy New Year, baby.
- Happy New Year, dear.
You too. - Congratulations.
Thank you.
We thought we should wish you too.
No, actually..lshaan and I want to..
Ishaan. Let's wish
your fiance as well.
Ma'am. - Come, come, come, baby.
Tweety, look at him. - Looking.
He's nice. - Yes.
Very nice.
Handsome too.
Isn't he a bit simple?
Jeans on his engagement?
Simple men are best.
The ring should be big enough.
Right, Tikku.
Where's the ring?
Ma'am, we didn't get engaged yet.
- You didn't.
Ishaan's flight got delayed.
Bad weather, you see. - Delayed.
So you should say like that.
I was wondering what
does "Not yet engaged" meant?
Anyway, this is for you. - Thank you.
This is also for you.
Thank you, ma'am.
It's okay. Now mama is here.
Things always happen for the best.
We'll get you two engaged. No problem.
Tweety, call up Mr. Khan
and tell him to come here. Quickly.
Mr. Khan. - Tweety..
Please come down here,
at Tikku's home.
Yes, bring everyone along.
Good you invited over everyone.
So sweet! So charming.
I had a big desire to meet you.
I've heard lot of praises from Tikku.
Mine? Really?
Oh..introductions first.
This is Khanum, Tikku's boss.
And I am Tikku's colleague,
Tweety Chawla.
I am Tikku's adopted mama.
Mama. - Mama.
She adopted me,
and I adopted her. Right?
I'll just get it. - Yes.
Tikku and I made a plan. You see.
I hope you will like it too.
He will..of course he'll like it.
Is everylhing alright? - Of course.
Come in.
Meet him.
This is my husband. Mr. Khan.
Hello. - And that one
at the back..is Bashruddin.
Naima..Abida..Nasir..Firoza, lmran..
Imran, lmran..
And I am lmran too. - Yes, of course.
Since there are so many lmrans..
...there has to be one lmran Khan.
Dear, why did you call us here?
Why? We've to get
Tikku and lshaan engaged.
Ishaan? - Yes.
But where's lshaan?
He's so funny.
He's got a sense of humor.
Ishaan, come on.
This is not the time to joke.
He's funny.
So funny.
Let's first get you two engaged..
...and then we'll together
search for lshaan.
Good sense of humor. I like it.
What are you doing?
Why are you calling me lshaan?
Why will I make you lshaan?
Who do you think you are?
You think"
- Hello..conversation in private.
You look more handsome.
Until then I'll help her freshen up.
Come on.
Randhir..don't say a word.
Let things proceed
as they are. - But.
It's imponant for you to know..
...others don't treat
me the way lshaan does.
I am quite respected.
...and especially,
in the school where I work.
I'll even be the principal next year.
I'll get promoted.
Please don't say anylhing.
Or else my impression
will be completely ruined.
Please.. - I won't say anylhing.
What do you want?
We should get engaged..to
save your impression.
So..you want to say
that you won't help me?
So should we get engaged?
You see..l just got
out of a relationship.
I don't like to get into commitments.
I don't like what's happening.
You think I like this.
You're standing in my
bathroom with lshaan's shaver.
And you think I like it.
What's lshaan's shaver
doing in this bathroom?
Ishaan's shaver will
stay in this bathroom.
And all his things
will stay right here.
I see..where's lshaan
now to help you out?
When lshaan didn't help me,
why would you?
I'll tell them the truth myself.
Thank you.
Hold the veil like this.
- Hold it up..
Ma'am, I've to talk to you.
- Not now..
"Do Re Me Fa So La."
"Do Re Me Fa So La."
"No one said a word."
"Or revealed this secret." - But you..
"Could you be the one?"
"Could you be the one?"
"One for me."
10, 9, 8,
7, 6, 5, 4..3, 2, murder 1..
"Love's at the door."
"Hear the soft footsteps."
"Here comes trouble."
"Try to understand."
"..the delicate situation."
That. - Everyone thinks
I am crazy about you.
Why.. - Because all
my happiness stans with you.
Love.. - This is what
everyone says..says to me.
What.. - Say that you
feel the same about me.
"Are you the one?"
"The one my hearl's..crazy for."
"And my feet are staggering."
No one knocked on the
door of your hean like this.
Now that you're here..there's
a hustle-bustle everywhere.
"Nothing happened between you and me."
But still..the earth keeps
slipping from under my feet.
You.. - Whether you ask me or not,
but I'll have to tell you.
L.. - Whatever you do now,
the head's crazy about you.
Love.. - This is what
everyone says..says to me.
What.. - Say that you
feel the same about me.
"Are you the one?"
"The one my hearl's..crazy for."
"And my feet are staggering."
10, 9, 8,
7, 6, 5, 4..3, 2, murder 1..
"Love's at the door."
"Knock, knock, knock we go bonkers."
Knock, knock,
knock we're show-stoppers.
Tonight we're gonna
blast the speakers.
"Scream out loud and lose your voice."
I was holding a blank
paper in my hands.
"But you filled it with many colors."
Why did the hean blossom
and staned humming.
Why wait for another
lifetime for such happiness?
You.. - Can turn around whenever
you like and take a look.
L.. - I'll walk up and
cuddle back in your arms.
Love.. - This is what
everyone says..says to me.
What.. - Say that you
feel the same about me.
"Are you the one?"
"The one my hearl's..crazy for."
"And my feet are staggering."
So, lshaan,
isn't Tikku really special.
But life's been really unfair
with her when it came to families.
But still..she's always smiling,
Tikku's a sunshine child.
And Allah has blessed
her with a reward.
how could she find a groom like you..
...from that bloody Matrimonial Ad?
But see..you two did meet.
Now lshaan, you have to
wipe the tears behind that smile.
...and fill the void with a family.
Right, lshaan.
Won't you take good care of Tikku?
Bless you, Tikku.
Thank you. - Bye, Tikku.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much. - Bye.
What a nice man.
I really like him.
He's a gem.
Thank you, ma'am.
Why did you do it?
What else could I do?
If I told them the truth..
...you would've never
become the Principal.
That's why.
Congratulations for what?
Everyone wished us on our engagement.
But we didn't wish each other.
Very funny.
Exchanging rings mean nothing.
Think of it as some
scene from the movies.
Take the ring out and dump it.
What has the world come to?
First the girl insists
you to get engaged.
And then..she chucks
the ring away and breaks it.
Here, you do it.
Just to remind you..
...you insisted for
this engagement, not me.
Yes..but now we got to think"
...how we'll introduce
them to the real lshaan.
We? - Yes.
This is not our problem,
it's just my problem.
Ishaan's gone.
And I guess this chapter is over.
I'll make any excuse.
I'll tell them that
lshaan rejected me.
You mean..l rejected you.
- Not you, lshaan did.
But..when they talk about lshaan,
they will think of me.
So what's the problem?
The problem is that
only a fool can reject you.
But why do you want
that fool to be me?
I made such a good impression on them.
Didn't you hear?
They called me a gem.
If you had barged in their home..
"They would've called you a thief.
Not a thief, a poor unfortunate guy.
All thieves are unfonunate.
Can I open one of these gifts? - No.
I have to return all this.
Well, legally half
of it belongs to me.
And by the way,
I never saw anyone return gifts.
I love this track.
Can we hear it once
before you return it?
I do have a right
to a dance on New Year's.
May l'2
Pink Chiffon..
Years later,
when we think about this new year..
...we'll have a big laugh.
Yes, when you got up you said..
You're Dolly-Pauli right?
What are these flowers?
And you should've seen
your face when you fell down.
It was like this.
But the best was "Where's
my mama's crockery?"
"Where's my mama's crockery?"
very funny.
Yes, but no one sell's
mama's crockery on Ebay.
Can I ask something? - Yes.
Did you buy those Reindeer
shorts especially for Christmas?
Can I come in?
Are you angnl?
I won't yell at you anymore.
He's still here.
Oh..so you were listening
to music, I see.
Very nice.
I've switched off the music, happy?
Can we talk inside for a minute?
Why is he still here?
I am ready to hear this time.
- This time?
Stop making a scene, Tikku.
Tell me the reason, that's it.
He wanted to call Chicago.
I told him he can call from here.
Has he finished calling? - Yes.
Good. Ask him to leave.
No! - Why?
Because he helped me when you left me.
Would you like to know how?
Not at all.
Because all this is just a story.
Tell him to go.
Why should I always do what you want?
You don't want to send him away.
Tikku, what's going
on between you two?
You tell me.
- lshaan, don'tstarl again.
Tell me.
Ishaan, you're huning me.
Tell me. What's going
on between you two? - lshaan.
Tell me. - Leave. Leave her.
Get out.
Do you how much she
was crying after you left?
Forget it, Randhir.
- No, he'll have to apologize.
Say sorry.
Okay..you're right.
He's right. Okay.
Here's my 8PI9V-
Doesn't apologize and also
ruined the kid's butteries.
Come on, say sorry. - Here's my sorry.
I didn't tell you to hit me,
I told you to say sorry. - Really.
Say sorry.
Ishaan. - What are you doing?
You broke the window.
You two messed my house.
You have to say sorry.
Come on, get up. - Randhir, stop it.
Come on.
Say, Tikku, I am sorry.
Earlier he was calling you Miss.
Now it's Tikku.
Stop it.
Randhir, stop it. - Leave my hand.
Please leave him.
Please leave him.
Please. - Fine, I'll leave him.
Say sorry now.
Sorry my foot.
Ishaan. - Say sorry.
Say sorry.
Ma'am, is this yours? - Oh yes.
Is there a problem here?
No..no problem.
Everylhing is okay.
Say.. - Hold it.
Why call the police?
I could've dealt with him.
Ma'am, are these guys bothering you?
Would you like to press charges?
Yeah, charge him.
Both of them. - Right?
Okay, put your hands behind your back.
Both of you.
I will never forget this New Year.
He staned the fight, but I am sorry.
Any problem, call us ma'am.
Come on, move.
Get in, come on.
Move. Get in.
Get in there. Shut up.
Come on. Come on, get out of there.
Hurry UP-
Come on, ladies, move it.
Quit talking. Come on, move.
Come on.
What are you waiting for?
Come on.
What's that?
Keep this.
Alright. Thanks.
Come on, move. - Move out.
Move. Come on.
He's cute.
Okay, yes.
My jail story is coming to an end.
I am going home.
Won't you ask how?
If you've money, even/thing's clear.
No need for money.
We'll be out in a while.
H ow?
Tikku will come bail us out.
You're an expen on Tikku now.
Give me the money.
- Hey man, where's that money?
Give it to me.
Come on.
Where's the money?
Come on, slugger.
Even I like breaking faces!
What's going on here? - Nothing.
Yeah, right.
Okay, you're free.
Let's go. You're out of here.
Let's go, move.
- Don't forget to say sorry.
Who cleared us both?
The lady from the house.
You should thank her.
Next time no brawling on New Year.
Hey, Gary, we need you over here.
For getting him out of jail again.
And sorry so that I forget
everylhing and forgive you.
We can discuss this in private.
Since last year this has
been a three-ringed circus.
Excuse me.
Ishaan, I am sorry..
I couldn't be the girl
that could make you happy.
Not just me..
You can't make anyone happy.
You like living alone.
You don't get along with families.
That's why everyone leaves you.
And I'm going too.
Because you and me are finished.
Shall I drop you home?
Here's the money.
And take this taxi to Chicago.
First I'll drop you home..
...and then I'll go.
Tikku..should I go?
Excuse me, sir.
Sir..l got to go. - Yeah!
Thank you.
You see..l just got
out of a relationship.
I don't like to get into commitments.
What do you want to say?
You won't help me.
Now lshaan, you have to
wipe the tears behind that smile.
...and fill the void with a family.
Right, lshaan.
Won't you take good care of Tikku?
Why are you sitting here?
I left my keys in the house.
I am waiting for Vidya.
Here. - What's this?
Keys..one I used to get in.
Are these keys..or
a bundle of trouble?
Thank you.
See you there. - Bye.
If you ever come to Chicago,
do drop in.
I know the address.
BYe- - Bye.
Randhir, you're just
looking for excuses to stay.
Actually, I got clobbered all day.
And no one offered me anything to eat.
And I am very hungry.
Will you eat?
Food and coffee at 4am. Great.
I made it to impress someone.
I am impressed.
I have an off today,
no hurry to go back to Chicago.
So I thought why don't
I go back in the evening.
I'll see New York today.
With you?
With me?
But I didn't invite you.
So do it now.
Why not? - Why should l?
Now you can invite me.
This will stay here.
At least let him
stay amongst the books.
It will stay here.
What are you doing?
What did you say?
Why will you invite me?
I don't want to hear anylhing.
go down now and get that photo.
You won't go?
You know..you're audacious.
I did become this year..in New York.
In New York? - Yes.
You mean..l made you audacious. - Yes.
And I like it.
But I don't like it.
Go bring it back up now.
Fine, you can lie
there..like shameless.
I'll go and get lshaan's photo.
If anythings stolen from my house,
I'll show you.
I know your address.
Excuse me.
What are you doing?
Wait a minute?
Give me your foot.
Why? Did you work at a shoe-shop?
This often happened
when I used to get angry.
Give it a tug and it'll be fine.
It's okay if I go out in this cold,
but not you.
To get his photo, never.
Fine, stay here then.
"L wonder why..you dwell in my heart."
"Why did l..keep thinking about you?"
Your image keeps
floating in my eyes.
"My lips only mention your name."
"l want to hold your hands."
"..and keep walking for miles."
"Come to me."
"Come to me."
As night spreads
across..it's hard to forget.
"Come to me."
"Come to me."
"l want to hold your hands."
"..and keep walking for miles."
"Come to me."
"Come to me."
The night spreads
across..it's hard to forget.
"Come to me."
"Come to me."
"l want to tell you.."
...things that I
didn't even tell God.
Your memoriessurround
me all the time.
"Since the time we met."
"What is this all about?"
"Slumber's missing from my eyes."
"My eyes..are the witness."
"l want to hold your hands."
"..and keep walking for miles."
"Come to me."
"Come to me."
As night spreads
across..it's hard to forget.
"Come to me."
"Come to me."
Hey..who are you?
You will break Tikku's umbrella.
If you want to break my head,
use this.
You know Tikku.
I know you too.
"L want to hold your hands."
"..and keep walking for miles."
"Come to me."
"Come to me."
The night spreads
across..it's hard to forget.
"Come to me."
"Come to me."
"l want to hold your hands."
"..and keep walking for miles."
"Come to me."
"Come to me."
The night spreads
across..it's hard to forget.
"Come to me."
"Come to me."
Yeah, we argued, but then"
...l just threw the photograph.
HaPPY New Year!
Happy New Year! - Hey, baby.
What a story, buddy?
Same house, same key..
This can happen only in New York.
And that too, on New Year.
Totally awesome, right?
But..you took so long to come up.
Good job, Randhir.
I'll go meet Jas.
Isn't it great I found lshaan's..
Why are you crying?
I hate you. I want you to go away.
You're lying.
I am lying?
Iam lying-
How do you know I am lying?
What do you know about me?
What do you know..
Why are you so shameless?
I've become one..since
I met you. - Why?
"L wonder why..you dwell in my heart."
"Why did l..keep thinking about you?"
Your image keeps
floating in my eyes.
"My lips only mention your name."
Before he breaks down the door,
I'll see who it is.
"L want to hold your hands."
"..and keep walking for miles."
"Come to me."
"Come to me."
It's me.
I am the one breaking down the door.
How can I go without
wishing you new year?
Happy New Year, baby.
I can walk.
Excuse me.
Ishaan, what are you doing?
Taking a steam bath.
Please stop it, lshaan. Please.
You can say please 100 times,
but I won't stop.
Get out!
At least take off your coat.
I'll take my steam
bath with the coat on.
What do you care?
Her new name. I kept it on New year.
What a great guy.
Every new year he goes to the gym.
At the gym, he drinks a
lot because he's getting married.
Then..they dump him..on a plane.
And Mr. Waah-WaahJands
in another city.
In the other city..
...he meets someone else.
He forgets his girl in Chicago.
...and settles down with
his new found love in Chicago.
What are the thoughts of..
"The President of the Unlucky Club?
Good name, huh!
I gave her that.
Wherever she goes, bad luck follows.
You can taunt me all you like,
nothing more.
I can praise you, right?
Fair deal.
Tikku. Tikku. Tikku.
In this single night,
you can cross-off your past.
"But not make a future for yourself.
And not with a fraud.
The key fitted, my foot.
Have you ever heard
such a DUII-S story?
Ishaan, don't go out. It's cold.
It's cold outside.
What if you catch pneumonia?
So what?
It'll be better than your company.
I'll stay myself out.
Randhir, please go.
I don't know what I am doing?
But I know this is all wrong.
Yesterday I was with someone else..
...and now I'm with. No!
If papa had been here, he would say..
"Tikku, you're wrong."
"No one likes a girl like that."
"No one."
I do. - But I don't.
Please go away.
I beg of you..
...please go away.
Don't say, please.
Fine..l am going now.
But I will wait for you.
I will wait until you don't come.
"What is this separation?"
"There are tears in my eyes."
My head's drowning.
So let it just drown.
"This happened for the first time."
"Why do I feel like.."
My head's drowning.
So let it just drown.
Passengers travelling
to Chicago on Flight AK-420..
...Is now ready for boarding.
Please proceed to
Gate no.9 for check-in.
My hean prays..that
you're always happy.
"Ask yourself..what your hean wants."
"l know..what lies in your heart."
"Tell me..why are we separated?"
BYe- - Bye.
"One thing troubles me.."
"..whenever I think about you."
"Why did you get upset with me?"
"l wonder why we got separated."
"This happened for the first time."
"Why do I feel like.."
"That I fell in love with you."
I stan crying with
a smile on my lips.
I stan laughing
with tears in my eyes.
"And I say to myself."
What had to happen..has
already happened.
Randhir, you're looking
for excuses to stay back.
Are these keys or bunch of trouble?
Randhir.. Where were you all night?
I called..but your
phone was switched off.
Where were you?
I called Riya and she
said "Never call me again".
I came here and saw your
mom's crockery was broken.
Where were you?
New York.
N ew York?
How did you get to New York?
I had too much to
drink with my friends.
And they sent me to
New York instead of Romi.
Sent you?
You're not luggage
that they sent you there.
Papa, I've a headache.
I want to sleep.
Go inside and sleep.
- No, I'll sleep here.
Son, call up Riya.
Your headache will be cured.
Forget Riya, papa..
...she'll find someone better.
Someone better?
Until yesterday,
you were good enough for her.
What's wrong now?
There is someone else.
Someone else?
Someone else?
Someone else in a single night.
You're become so audacious.
Someone else in a single night.
Papa, even she says
I've become audacious.
You look so sad.
Does it pain?
It pains, doesn't it?
My son's in love for the first time.
Tell me who the girl is.
At least tell me her name.
Dear, Tikku, I admit that
Chocobar is better than Orange Lolly.
You win, dear.
I promise that from now on..
...only Tikku will choose the
flavor of ice-cream in this house.
Love you, papa.
You're my one and only, my favorite.
So please,
don't forget to eat your veggies.
Love, P8P?'-
Your mom was my Ms. World!
But you even broke her record.
From today you're my Ms. Universe.
Happy sixteenth binhday.
Love, P8P?'-
Dear, Tikku.
I never imagined I'll
get such a short-time.
...to write this last letter to you.
But the accident was so sudden..
...and even the Lord arrived
in a hurry to take us away.
But I said to Him..
"Wait a moment."
First let me make proper
arrangements for my Tikku.
"And then we'll leave."
But the Lord said..
"Don't give excuses of Tikku."
You won't find anyone smaner
than Tikku in this world.
"She's more sensible than you are."
"She is perfect the way she is."
So I said..
Tikku's marriage..that's
my responsibility.
"Let me fulfill that."
But the Lord said..
"Now that's my responsibility."
I'll bring the boy to
Tikku and introduce them.
"Come on now."
And I said..
"L am coming."
"But how's the boy going to be?"
The Lord said.
Since Lord has taken guarantee,
I'll go happily, dear.
Love, P8P?'-
He'll be a gem.
'He's a gem.'
'Didn't you hear?'
'She called me a gem.'
Vidya.. - What? What? What?
I am going to Chicago. - Why?
Because God wants us to be one.
But I wanted you two
to be one even before God,
Hold on.
Hey, baby gm.
Come back victorious, roomie.
Your tea, miss.
HaPPY New Year!
I love New Years.
"Do you have any idea where you are?"
"309 West, 7A."
"My house."
"309 West, 7A is my house."
"Papa and I live here."
"l wonder why..you dwell in my heart."
Your image keeps
floating in my eyes.
"The key fitted, my foot."
Have you ever heard
such a DUII-S story?
"You can cross-off your past."
"but not make a
future for yourself.
"And not with a fraud."
Young man, you should
be running through the park..
"Not the sidewalk.
That's right. Thank you.
Randhir, stop.
You were leaving without meeting me.
I went to your house.
"But there was no one.
Same address,
same building, same street.
"But the key was wrong.
Like I am wrong..for you.
"L wonder why..you dwell in my heart."
What are you doing?
Your image keeps
floating in my eyes.
"My lips only mention your name."
"l want to hold your hands."
"..and keep walking for miles."
"Come to me."
"Come to me."
As night spreads
across..it's hard to forget.
"Come to me."
"Come to me."
Randhir, leave me.
Let me go.
I don't want to see.
I don't want to hear anylhing.
I've already checked the key.
- Listen to me.
One second. - You're lying.
Left was your house, and..
Forgive me.
I am sorry.
Actually, I don't trust my fate.
I am the President
of the Unlucky Club.
Don't say that.
You're the President
of the Lucky Club.
Come on, let's go in.
This is just like my house.
Oh..so they are your Dolly-Pauli?
Just like my home.
M'! Photo.
Where did you get it?
I stole it.
You're caught red-handed.
Where's papa? - Papa.
He's gone to see the house? - Why?
Now that you're here,
he'll be here too.
Happy New Year, uncle!
Bless you. Bless you. Bless you.
Uncle..is Randhir in?
Where else can he be?
Tell me.
New York!
Come in, you apes.
Now you know where
your Boarding Pass went.
Come in, you apes.
Mischievous kids.
Uncle, this. - Yeah, fine.
Come in.
Hello, Randhir.
Sister-in-law, Happy New Year.
You're smiling at us.
I guess you forgave Randhir
for yesterday's incident.
Thank God.
Hello..say thank you to sister-in-law.
Thank you. - Thank you so much
From today..l swear
I won't touch alcohol.
Sure? - Of course,
we won't even smell it.
You should be ashamed.
Buffoons, don't start the
first day of the year with a lie.
Hello, uncle.
Who's Tikku?
Romi, who's Tikku? - I don't know.
Lord has already given
you the keys to this house.
We just need to welcome you.
Welcome, dear.
Till yesterday sister-in-laws
name was Riya.
We had double pegs for Double R.
So who's Tikku?
I don't know.
But I know one of them is Randhir.
I want to thank my
mischievous friends.
If they weren't so drunk..
...and made me drink too, then
I would've never landed in New York.
And I would've never found
the same building, same lane..
...and same house and
a girl in that house.
With whom I am really happy today.
I am happy too.
HaPPY New Year!
Same to you.
Many, many congratulations, sir.
"Love is sweeter than jaggery."
"Love is sweeter than jaggery."