I Love Snuff (1995) Movie Script

You fucking drunkard,
you can't even get hard!
- Can't you get off normally?
- You haven't fucked me in ages!
Do I have to shlick,
find a lover or what?
You're the one going all over me!
Go get fucked by your people!
- I'm tired of your shit!
- Scram!
That was over the line!
You can't get me hard!
- I can't take it anymore!
- Get out then!
Go back to your mom's!
Fuck off!
I'm sick of you too!
If you wanna leave, just go!
You're such a whore!
Get the fuck out!
Or I smash it in your face!
This guy is unbelievable!
Screw this.
Go get fucked
by those SM neighbors, you bitch!
Are you crazy?
Stop, stop!
Hey, that hurts. Stop it!
I said, stop!
Come on, scream!
- Stop, this fucking hurts!
- You're such a bore.
You crazy fuck!
You're a complete nut case.
What's up with you today?
Untie me!
- And bills.
- I know. You really hurt me today.
You're good for nothing.
You can't handle pain anymore.
You can't stand it when I beat you!
- Yeah, I know.
- You're useless.
- I'm just a turd.
- You're a turd, all right.
- I know.
- Who's going to pay for this?
- Not me, I can't.
- 1350 francs for the phone!
- That's because of the Minitel.
- So that was you?
- Yeah, I know.
- You are so useless!
You're spending our money,
but you're not earning any.
- I'm just a turd.
- You're useless.
You turd.
- I'm a turd.
- What a bitch!
You turd.
What the fuck are you looking at?
The neighbor makes you hard?
Now you're looking at the neighbor?
- No, listen...
- You deny it?
Do you realize how lucky you are
to have me?
I know I'm not worthy of you.
Oh, fuck.
What will happen to us?
- What, indeed.
- What are we gonna do?
Well I'll have
to be the brain, as always.
You got an idea?
First, we'll make you pretty.
- Pretty, yes!
- Pretty girl.
- I'll be a pretty girl.
- Then we'll go to the canal.
- For a walk?
- No, not for a walk.
- Why?
- You'll sell your ass.
- Oh, no!
- Yes, you will.
- You'll get rammed by fags.
- That's too harsh!
- Now you're a pretty young girl.
- Yes.
I'm a pretty girl.
A pretty girl.
You still miss something
to be a real girl.
Your first period.
A tampon?
A tampon.
Oh, no.
- A tampon up my butt?
- Up your butt.
Up my butt, Mistress.
Come closer.
Take the car keys. Hurry up.
Come on.
Bitch, just shit in the car
while you're at it!
Come on, it's poo-poo time.
Poop, poop!
Poop, Mistress!
I'm gonna poop!
It's coming!
I'm pushing, Mistress
It's coming!
That's it, here it comes Mistress!
I pooped.
Mistress, Mistress!
Come in, quick!
Stop, you're not a dog anymore.
You're a pretty girl.
- Yes, I'm a pretty girl.
- Come on, drive.
- Am I pretty, Mistress?
- Yes, drive.
Hi there!
Now go whoring.
Get out.
- You think so?
- Out!
Bastard, my money!
My money!
My money, you fucking fag!
Come back!
Come back and pay me,
you ass fucker!
Those fags are meanies!
They fucked my ass
and then they took my bag!
- I saw.
- He took my bag.
I saw you got ripped off
your last bucks.
- I know.
- Shut up!
Shut the fuck up!
Shit, it's the neighbor! Fuck!
Hello, Rose.
Can we offer you a ride?
My husband kicked me out.
- I don't have anywhere to go.
- Rose, are you're crying, dear?
Why don't you come with us?
We'll cheer you up.
- We'll take care of you.
- We'll cheer you up.
- We'll take care of you.
- Easy.
Hey, I've got an idea!
We'll ask a ransom from her husband,
then we'll get rich!
We'll have fun!
Go and chain
this whore in the basement.
I told you Rose, this will be fun.
- So?
- It's done, Mistress.
I tied little Rose up real good.
She's so beautiful,
asleep and chained.
- Now, call her husband.
- Yes, I will.
- Let's get down to business.
- Yes.
- Ask for a ransom.
- Yeah, lots of money.
We'll get rich.
- You know what to do?
- Yes.
- Go on!
- Okay.
It's ringing.
Change your voice.
Hello, Mr. Guillot?
Yes, er... We kidnapped your wife.
Rose? What?
This is not a joke.
We have your wife,
you have to pay...
10,000 Francs!
No, price is 100,000!
If you don't pay,
we will kill her!
What's this bullshit?
Get lost, fucker.
He hung up.
He doesn't take us seriously!
Let's show him we mean it.
Down to the dungeon.
Hurry up, slave!
- I'm coming.
- Come!
Come on,
let's take care of little Rose.
- What do you want?
- Don't be afraid, it's us!
Rose, it's me!
Let me go home!
Let me go home!
What do you do this to me?
"...your wife..."
"...and pay."
Send it to him. We'll see
if he still thinks it's a joke.
I never get hard
with these shitty porn movies!
I need a real movie to get a hard-on.
I've been jerking off for hours!
And nothing at all!
I'm sick of it.
I wanna get hard for once!
"Watch your wife and pay."
... go home!
That's Rose... my wife.
What's she doing here?
My god!
What do you do this to me?
Yeah, you had it coming.
You're in some good position,
for once.
Take it easy. Easy!
Spiders, spiders!
Bad girl!
You're such a bad girl.
Stop screaming,
you fierce creature!
Stop screaming,
you fierce creature!
Stop it.
Shut the fuck up, you hear?
Shut up!
It works!
Oh, shit. Damn!
Fucking video!
I could get hard for once,
and it fucking stops!
Mr. Guillot?
What did you think of our movie?
What tape? No.
The tape we sent to you, of course!
Fuck off. You're talking shit,
I didn't get anything.
Is that so?
Do you realize
we're gonna fuck your girl up?
Do you realize
what we're gonna do to her?
You have no idea how far we can go!
That's just me.
You recognize me?
Did we have a nice sleep?
Did we?
You're not eating.
You have to eat.
- What's this?
- That's good stuff.
That's for babies.
Come on, eat.
Open your mouth.
Open your mouth!
That's good mustard!
From Dijon, it's the best!
Eat that good mustard!
Mustard makes life spicy!
Good mustard from Dijon.
Here, eat this.
Eat Daddy's good snot!
And now, time for some dessert!
Don't you want your dessert?
Your dessert, bitch!
A tampon!
Don't you like tampons?
Come on, eat!
You dirty whore!
Eat your tampon, bitch!
That'll teach you to clog the shitter
with your tampons!
Will your husband pay?
I'll give him the tape myself.
That way we know
it's not been lost.
Let's make a nice drawing.
Stay still or you'll get hurt.
Let's make a nice drawing.
Cut it off!
Cut her tits off!
Let it bleed!
Don't shoot my face, cunt!
Shit, she kicked the camera!
She fucked it up, damn!
Does he ever finish his movies?
Wait, I'll turn it on.
Do you see her?
Shoot her tattoo.
You think we're kidding
with little Rose?
Are we kidding with little Rose?
Isn't that a pretty picture?
Did you make a close-up?
Close up on her belly.
So will you pay now?
Will you pay?
Will you pay for your rose?
Do like like roses?
Do you like it?
What you're doing is nothing!
I'll smash your face in!
Fuck this shit!
Show me fucking more!
I want to jerk off!
Come on!
Fucking kidnapper.
You drank too much again.
Mistress, I...
What if the police
find little Rose?
100, 000 Francs are worth it.
What if I go to prison, Mistress?
We have to let Rose go
and give her back to her neighbor.
It's all right.
I'll take care of you.
Mistress, I need to be reassured...
Let me suck your cock.
Your manly cock.
- Suck me, bitch!
- Mistress!
- Suck!
- I am Rose...
- Turn over.
- I'm scared.
I'll fuck your ass, you'll like it.
Love of my life!
- It'll enter like nothing.
- I don't think so.
Bend a little more.
Oh, Mistress!
It touches my ass.
Do you like it?
Do you like it up the ass?
Come here!
Before that,
kindly allow me to drink some.
'cause, in order to
being fucked in the ass,
it is necessary for me to drink.
Mistress, I'm drunk!
Excuse my flimsy behavior.
I'm offering myself to your whims.
Your anal dick whims.
Move your hand!
Take that, little Rose!
Take that, little Rose!
Don't you smell anything?
I'm cumming!
And now... the cucumber.
- No!
- Yes.
Oh yes!
Not this!
That cucumber is too big!
It fits. It fits, honey.
- That's good. It fits!
- Too big!
It's too big!
It fits!
Mistress, it's in!
It's deep inside!
Look, that's it!
There isn't anything left to drink.
I'll give you something. Come on!
Come on, follow me!
Let's get you something to drink.
This is where it's at, honey.
I'm thirsty!
I'm thirsty, Mistress!
There isn't anything left.
Take this.
What? You dropped your plug?
- You dropped your plug!
- That's because of the pee!
I lost control and I came!
Good thing it's lunch time.
Eat your cucumber!
- Now call him.
- I'm not finished eating.
- Call him now!
- Damn...
- Yes?
- Mr. Guillot?
- Yeah, what?
- Did you enjoy our video?
- What? Pay?
- You're going to pay.
- One million?
- You have to.
You're out of your mind!
No, you are.
Go ahead and cut her up!
I need more.
We will do it
even if you don't believe us.
I'll pay a million,
but on one condition.
Make me hard!
- You want to get hard?
- I want something epic, the works!
Oh, no...
How is that, Rose?
How does it feel to get burnt?
Is it good?
Come on.
Come on, finish her off.
- Go and finish her off!
- I don't want to...
Come on.
Come on, for fuck's sake!
Come on! Finish her off!
Come on, snuff her!
Mistress said...
we can't play together anymore.
We're finished playing together
This was so much fun.
This is wrong, Mistress. So wrong.
Yes, thanks for the tape. What?
Yeah, right. The ransom?
I'll call the police, more like.
Now just leave me alone.
Thanks for everything.
The SM couple apartment was decorated
with pictures by Anzagoth and Liza
engravings by Carole Ninkhov
and paintings by Anne Van der Linden.
Thanks to Chris and Liza
for the equipment.
Special thanks to Romain Hannebert
for his technical help
and thanks to Anne Van der Linden
and Quentin Rollet
for their help and patience.
Any resemblance to real persons,
living or dead, is purely coincidental.
Translation by alexavega.