I Love You to Death (2016) Movie Script

I don't like this anymore.
I don't want to marry you.
Wait! Was it something I did?
It's because we always play
this wedding game.
Of course, Gwen.
Girls like you are the ones
who should be loved and married.
Look at you.
You're such a beautiful bride.
Well, I think you have a point.
If you want, we can go to the part
where I have to kiss the bride.
I'm done.
Wait for me, Gwen.
It was my bad! Please forgive me.
Hey! Where are you going? Come back here.
Gwen! Wait.
All right, I admit it. It was my fault.
Please forgive me.
It's our last chance to play here,
and yet you acted like that?
I'm going home. Do whatever you want.
Tonton, what is the meaning of this?
But, Tonton, we are just eight years old.
We're not allowed to get married yet.
When will it be possible? When we're nine?
Of course not.
If we get married, my mom says
I cannot be Miss Universe.
OK, but promise me
that when we reach the right age,
we'll get married.
There's no taking it back.
Even till death!
Keys! Yum.
Put on this ring.
Let me look at it.
This looks real.
-Did you get this anywhere shady?
My grandmother gave it to me
before she died.
She told me to give that
to the girl I love and want to marry.
Then nothing can come between us,
even not even death.
Which grandmother?
Grandma Osang? Your witch grandmother?
Hey, that's too much! That's just a rumor.
Nothing will change between us, OK?
Even when we get to Manila,
nothing will change?
All right.
Put this on.
When I was young,
I thought life was a fairy tale.
That everything would have a happy ending.
You're all bad!
Even you?
Don't come near me.
But we made a vow to each other
that nothing would change between us.
I even gave you a ring.
This one? Here.
You are the grandson of a witch.
You told them?
That's why you are ugly.
I swear you will regret this day!
I swear! You will all be ugly.
I think Tonton's curse came true.
Hey! Wake up.
Oh my! It was just a dream.
Yes, that's why I tried waking you.
You didn't seem to want to get up.
Oh my God! I had a beautiful dream.
And in my dreams,
I was very, very beautiful.
I was a beauty queen. I was like:
Why, Mommy?
Oh, you're awake.
I thought you were still sleeping.
Get up! You might be late for school.
My daughter looked like a beauty queen
when she was a child.
But she lacks a little in stature
and lacks a little in looks.
Please don't scare me.
When I was young, I was pretty, right?
It's just like that, my child.
And sometimes,
there are people who were ugly
when they were young.
You'd never think that
they'd grow up to be beautiful.
But there are also people
who were beautiful when they were young.
But when they grow up,
they become like you.
What do you mean, Mommy?
Like you.
That's what I'm saying.
With a beautiful
But always remember, my child,
that we are very proud of you.
Because you are
You are
You're intelligent.
Mommy, come on.
What's wrong?
I'm just kidding, my child.
It was just a joke. Come on, get dressed.
Come here.
At least you are smart.
My child, take your glasses off.
Use your contacts instead.
Hey, have you eaten?
Please don't starve yourself.
And can you please update me
as to what you are up to?
Can you blame me?
Even Gwen isn't worth it, my child.
Please, my child,
come back here to New York.
are we going to argue about this again?
You know how much I love her.
Oh no, I'm just joking.
It all starts with a, "Hi, miss," right?
Then what?
You're going to ask for my number.
We're going to be text mates.
You are going to pursue me, I will
come to like you, and we will be together.
And then I will get pregnant.
I will not finish school,
and my parents will disown me.
And because of that, I won't find a job.
I will be poor.
Then what?
When I get sick, I won't be able to treat
myself, because why? I am jobless.
And that will be the reason for my death.
No money for medicine.
I don't want to die.
Keep your, "Hi, miss," to yourself.
What are you talking about?
You're not my type.
So, what are you doing in front of me?
Isn't it obvious?
I'm a riding-in-tandem robber.
Give me your bag.
A riding-in-tandem robber?
Where is your accomplice?
What? I can't do it by myself?
That's why it is called riding-in-tandem.
It should be done in tandem.
You talk too much. Give me your bag.
-Mister, it's not just a bag! It's LV.
-Give me your bag.
Here it is! Here's my bag.
Don't point that at me.
-There it is! You take care of yourself.
-You were going to hand it over anyway.
Go ahead! You take care.
Hey! My bag.
Hey! My bag! Stop! My bag.
Hey! Do you plan to get run over?
I have no plans to get raped.
Sorry! To get run over, I mean.
Are you passing? Here! Here.
Go ahead! Go on.
You're really enjoying your food, huh?
-Good for you.
-This is really good.
Gwen! It's your turn.
I'm going to pass.
Are you still upset?
You can ask your mom to buy you a new one.
If you really don't want to, I'll do it.
Seriously? You are on heels?
They're Jimmy Choo.
Come on guys, stop this.
Let's just eat snacks.
You're already snacking, right?
This one is a diet cookie.
This one's non-fat milk.
Yes! It is non-fat milk,
and that has no calories.
But, please.
It's your third batch.
Come on, girls,
let's just do group study later.
Gwen, text Sachimi
and see if she's available.
Let me copy, OK?
Guys, let's go ahead.
We might be late for the movie.
Gwen, you will never find someone.
You're so mean.
Why is there no power?
It's just me.
You are very beautiful on that side.
You know
Tell me the truth, guys.
Are you really happy?
You two are flirting again.
Baby Cakes, eat more.
Oh, you guys
Anyway, eat up, guys.
My child, make your wish.
That's right, and that after that
we will have some drinks.
You really used a black candle.
-My wish is
-To be beautiful.
And to be sexy like me.
And! To have a boyfriend.
What if you are beautiful and sexy
but don't have a boyfriend?
Is it your birthday?
Why are you the ones making wishes?
Blow out the candle. I'm so embarrassed.
So, can I do it now?
My wish is
Give me a second.
Hey! What was that! Are you mad at me?
What was that?
Now you can make a wish.
Are you sure?
It's OK now?
My wish is:
I wish that a man who will truly love me
would come soon.
A man who will love me
even though I am not pretty,
sexy, or tall.
A man who will love me
A man who will make me feel that
I am the world's most beautiful girl
in his eyes.
A man who will not hesitate to marry me
even at our first meeting.
And above all,
I wish for a man
who is truly, madly, deeply
in love with me.
What happened?
Maybe it was blown out by
a bad spirit.
-What's the commotion?
-I like this.
Hey, girl.
Why did you show up just now?
You missed my birthday.
Somebody wanted you to have this.
And also this.
-Hey! Chocolates! These are mine.
Are you sure
those are from a secret admirer?
No kidding.
They're really from her secret admirer.
Maybe they're just from
an ordinary friend.
I don't get it.
A friend who is invisible
because they're nonexistent.
Maybe you mean imaginary friend.
Just like your brain.
It pretends to be there,
but there's really nothing.
-Come on, smile.
-I don't get it.
Oh my, I'm already starving.
Girl, there you have it.
That includes coins.
Girl, thank you so much.
Girl, this will be the last time.
You know, it doesn't make you beautiful
if you send flowers to yourself
just to please our friends.
You should get a boyfriend.
You make me crazy.
Girl! That's what I ask myself, too.
Why I don't have a boyfriend?
-Hello, I am perfect, girlfriend material.
-Oh my
Look at this.
Kind, intelligent, voluptuous,
and, most of all, beautiful.
Girl, I'm not a liar.
Sorry, I don't get it.
Thank you for your support.
Here! Look at my baby pictures.
-Look at that.
-Is this really you?
Yes, that's me.
I look just like a beauty queen.
-You were really beautiful.
-My nose was as pointed as yours.
In fairness you are somewhat but, wait.
I know. Wait, girl, wait.
Can I take a look at your arms?
-Where is it?
There it is!
That's what I'm talking about.
What? What is it?
You didn't get your vaccines
when you were young.
I completed my vaccines.
Did you get yours?
Of course.
Even anti-rabies?
Do you want me to bite you?
Are you going to die
if you trash that in the right place?
Come on! Am I going to die
if I don't throw that in the trash bin?
Where is Apple?
She must think she's all that!
Let's go ahead.
Sis, she's on her way.
Can we wait for her?
Let's wait.
Sis! You won't believe
what I am going to tell you.
Sis! You won't believe
what I am going to tell you.
Guys! You won't believe
what I am going to tell you.
A handsome guy is looking for you.
Come on, let's go.
Just tell him I am busy.
What is this?
I still can't believe it.
Are you really Tonton?
You are so handsome.
You, too.
You're still beautiful.
Come on! Are you sure?
You swear on your life?
Hey! That was just a joke.
Are you serious, or? What is this?
I wasn't a good friend to you.
I would be lying if I told you
that I wasn't hurt when we were kids.
I don't deserve your forgiveness.
But I want you to know that
there was not a day that I didn't regret
the things I did to you.
if I had not forgiven you.
All of this, all that I have now,
I have because of you.
I've been preparing for the day
we would meet again.
You're making me feel giddy.
It's enough that you forgive me.
But I hope we can still be
the best of friends.
What I did just now, that was real.
I will marry you in any cemetery.
Why a cemetery?
A cemetery because
I am dead serious about you.
You're still such a joker.
Believe me. I came back to fulfill
our promise to each other.
Please marry me.
You know, I feel so giddy right now.
But we are no longer kids.
We are not playing anymore.
Don't you think it's too fast?
It is too fast.
Can I think about it first?
If that's what you want.
Are you going to marry me?
Yes! I won't hesitate anymore.
There's no taking it back. Cross my heart.
Even till death.
I should be the one thanking you.
I can't believe it.
Remember, I told you:
Girls like you are the ones
who should be loved and strangled.
-You are so funny.
-You, too.
Oh, no.
It's broken.
It's your fault, too. I nearly fell.
-That's what I wanted to happen.
For me to fall?
For you to fall in love with me.
Come here.
There it is.
He realized that
I'm still the one who's in his heart.
And I am the one he wants to marry.
Nothing can separate us, not even death.
-Your wish came true.
-The ice cream tastes great.
A bad element.
Hey! Stop that.
Who is she?
That's Sachimi,
an exchange student from Korea.
We'll go with her.
What? I thought only Melanie wanted to go
to the restroom? Why are you all going?
Do you really have to go to the bathroom
in groups?
-Stop that.
-Bring this with you.
No, it's OK, it's yours.
I'll go to the bathroom first. Bye.
You are actually getting married
to that guy?
She's right! What were you thinking?
Have you forgotten that we've known
each other since we were children?
It's like those things I watch on TV.
They're separated,
but then when they grow up,
they still end up with each other.
Just like that.
A bad element.
This! How many is this?
How about this, how many is this?
So, you are fine.
You have great vision.
Are you on a power trip?
Look, even if she looks like that,
she's still kind.
Wait, why can't you believe that
I have no bad intentions towards Gwen?
Hey! You! Stop it.
Can you stop doing that to Tonton?
And don't pretend that you are concerned.
It's not believable with your expression.
Why? Do you believe him?
Does it matter to you?
What happened to that?
He's right. Your watch has a crack.
It struck some metal upstairs when Gwen
and I were there. She almost fell.
-Too bad.
-My watch?
No! Too bad
that Gwen didn't fall.
You're crazy.
-Stop it.
All right, guys.
I'll go ahead. I still have training.
What did you say?
It can't be! No one will get married.
Dy, stop shouting.
I'm just getting married.
You are answering back.
Honey, stop me, I'll tie her upside down.
No! Go ahead.
Do it so she learns her lesson.
Mommy, come on.
Did you think we would support
that foolishness?
You are a genius,
but what are you using it for?
We let you study in an exclusive school,
but you will just get married?
Dy! Isn't that the goal of everybody?
To get married?
To have a family?
That's why, please let me get married.
It sounds like you're just asking for
permission to go on a field trip.
Do you think it's easy to get married?
We don't even know the guy.
I didn't even know
there was someone courting you.
What about you and mommy?
You were both young when you got married.
Hey! We were different then.
We got married
because I was pregnant then.
That's why we are telling you this,
so history won't repeat itself.
Gwendolyn, are you listening?
What's up with you?
Nothing. I am OK, Mommy.
What's up with you?
-I am pregnant.
I could kill that man.
Bring him to me.
I will make sure you get married ASAP.
Dy! Maybe you're just making
a random decision.
First thing tomorrow, that man
will come here and ask for permission
to marry you. OK?
Get away from me! Have mercy.
Have mercy on me! Don't kill me.
I haven't done anything wrong.
Pork blood stew, bopis,
chicken intestines, stewed liver,
and steamed rice cakes.
Are you really Tonton?
That dirty kid?
You've changed a lot.
You look handsome.
No, I'm not.
My child,
look at who you're going to marry.
It seems you got lucky with him.
My, come on.
He's the lucky one
because he will not find
anyone else like me.
Oh, by the way, where is your mom, Tonton?
Why is she not with you?
She's still in New York.
But don't worry.
When she arrives,
I will set up a meeting so you can talk.
That's the way it should be.
After what you did with my only daughter,
we really need to talk to her.
What did Mindy say when she found out that
you'd impregnated Gwen?
You are pregnant? How?
Yes! Yes, I am, right?
You are pregnant?
Yes! I am pregnant. Yes, I am, right?
That's why I wanted
to talk to your parents.
So that we can talk about
the wedding date.
Are we rushing it, or will we just have to
wait for her to give birth?
We don't have to wait
for me to give birth.
It's better if we get married first.
Then my child's last name
will be Tonton's.
I think you're right.
But I still want to talk to Mindy.
All right.
And whatever Gwen is carrying in there,
I am ready to take responsibility for it.
It's great that we understand each other.
Aren't you coming for Shawn's wake?
So that I will be talked about?
You know, I can't understand
why his parents are blaming me
for his death.
Can't you just call Gwen
if she's still going?
Oh, Mel, she's busy right now.
Tonton went to her house
asking for permission to marry her.
So, that's really serious?
She's getting married?
In fairness to Tonton, he is cute.
I can't believe that he was
that dirty nerd that you guys bullied.
But you know, guys,
I had a sudden thought.
And in the end,
all he wants to do is to kill all of us.
That's not impossible.
It could happen.
I can feel it
in his personality.
There is darkness
in his aura.
You're weird.
You didn't see how pathetic Gwen was.
Just to be included in our group,
she chose to abandon her best friend.
Their wedding shouldn't
push through.
Tonton, does my outfit look OK?
I feel a little awkward.
There are so many people.
And it's our first date.
Aren't you used to that?
So, this is how bars look now.
Hey, your friends are also here.
Let's get out of here.
-They should not see us here.
-It's fine, we'll stay here.
Gwen! You're here.
Well, what do you know?
Girl, in fairness,
your dress looks beautiful.
I bought it from Spain.
Disciple of darkness.
Did you let her take drugs again?
Hey, dude, join us.
We'd like to, but
it's our first date.
Too bad.
If you want,
you can sit at a nearby table.
So you still have privacy.
Do we have a choice?
We have the same dress.
It doesn't look good on you.
Gwen, don't mind her.
No! He only dances with his fiance.
Well, where is his fiance?
Duh! Isn't it obvious?
Let's see if your wedding
will still push through
after what I do.
This is the cashier. The DJ is over there.
Just play anyway.
That's all you've got?
You're challenging me?
The nerve of this girl.
That's enough.
Maybe you've had many girls here
before me.
Wow! You're talking about me?
Who's the one who's pregnant?
Come on.
I just told them that
so they would allow us to get married.
But I feel guilty, suddenly,
about what I said.
I know a way so that
your parents won't find out you lied.
We will
make it real.
We will make a baby.
What are you talking about?
Hey, just because you are handsome,
it doesn't mean that
I will give in easily.
So, you mean
you think I am handsome?
Stop it! Don't act cute with me.
So, you find me cute?
Are you sure?
Are you sure?
Yes, I am.
Oh my.
Take care of my future.
What a bother.
What happened to your back?
That's nothing.
It's just a bruise.
Something might happen to you.
Have you had it treated?
It's nothing, just answer your text.
-It could be important.
-Why would it be?
OK, all right.
-You know, to be honest
-Here you go again.
But, whatever! You're right.
We should support you.
I thought you wouldn't talk to me.
So, now you know.
Black off your July 20th.
And, of course, you're going to help me
with the preparations.
Sure, but why did you choose July 20th?
It because it's lucky
to marry on a full moon.
June 20th is too early.
Tonton wants a full moon.
Wow! Tonton's traditional.
Don't forget, OK?
Don't be too loud.
Gwen, come on! Step back a little more.
A little more? Like this?
Oh, wait a sec.
Is this OK? I think it's too far.
Girl, it's called depth of field because
you have to go to the depth of field,
now go, girl.
Girl, pose like a Cherubim angel.
Like you're saving him from Hell.
-That's what you should do.
-That's right.
-It's like you're
That's good.
Make it longer! There! One more.
I didn't get it.
That's good.
There, come on.
There you go.
That's good.
Show them that Tonton is in love with you.
The leaves are a good effect.
-Let's try that.
-That's a nice effect.
That's art.
Sis, look.
The gowns look beautiful.
I know, they're so nice.
Hi, ma'am.
We have an appointment with Ms. Franca.
Can I try on some gowns?
If something fits you.
Wow, look who's talking.
Hello! I am size 0.
I know, because your brain's also size 0.
Have a seat.
Where did she come from?
They're the ones
who have an appointment with you.
If you see something you like
in my displays,
just tell me.
If you want an original design,
we can do that, too.
As long as you have money.
As you know,
Yes, we're looking around.
Right, guys?
Touch it.
Come on, touch it.
Right? That will look good on you.
I like this child. She has an attitude.
-That will look good on you.
-But, little girl.
You look too young to marry.
It's not me who's getting married.
Then, who?
Her? Or her?
It's me.
Little girl, can you stop interfering
in your boss' business?
She's interrupting us.
We're already crowded here.
It's a shame, you know.
You look as sharp as a sharpener.
All right.
Little girl, I'm sorry about that.
We got carried away.
So, where is the lucky guy
who will marry you?
Why? What do you need?
I thought you weren't coming?
I missed you.
you are the groom?
Are you sure that a suit is what you need?
Not glasses?
You know, I know an optometrist.
Do you want me to take you there?
We are wasting our time here. Let's go.
Wait a sec.
Please, guys, I was just joking.
I won't allow you to belittle my friends,
and especially not my fiance.
I'll make it up to you,
What if I give you a 15 percent discount
that you'll be getting from me?
What do you think?
I'm sure you won't be able
to resist my offer.
Sis, that's not bad. Let's do it.
Sounds fair.
that will look good
on your kind of face.
Funny, right?
Are you getting it tomorrow?
Will you come back for it tomorrow?
-That's fine, sis.
-That's super cheap.
She's not that pretty anyway.
Her veil should be like this.
It should be made out of tarpaulin.
Beki! Turn the lights off later.
Is anybody there?
Can you remind me again
why we've come back here?
After she belittled us like that?
-After she belittled you.
-She's right.
Come on, let's eat! I'm starving, guys.
Let's eat.
Wait a sec.
Where is Sachimi?
-She was here just before.
-What's that?
-Is that Sachimi?
What happened?
OMG, what happened?
In my whole life, it's the first time
that I've lost my appetite.
Waiter, I want well-done, please.
Listen to me.
You cannot continue with your wedding.
There are so many bad things
that could happen.
Think about it. This may be a sign
that your wedding is bad luck.
Melanie, it's an isolated case.
Tonton and I have nothing to do with it.
It's not like we're telling you
not to continue your wedding with Tonton.
We're just saying,
you might want to think about it first.
You, too, Apple?
Do you think I don't know
what you're up to?
Whatever happens,
our wedding will push through.
Don't you dare stop it if you don't want
Sachimi's premonition to come true.
What are you talking about?
I'm telling the truth.
Ask your friends
if they're being true to you.
What's up with you?
Tonton, what is it?
Talk to me. You walk too fast.
I can't keep up with you.
Why are you allowing your friends
to treat you like that?
What are you talking about?
Don't you see how they look at me?
Tonton, I can't understand you.
You know, I think they're right.
We are going too fast,
Maybe we're in too much of a hurry
to get married.
Sachimi, where is Gwen?
I thought she was here?
She's not here.
I was the one who brought you here.
What do you need from me?
Do you have a problem?
You're a monster.
A bad spirit.
Get away from Gwen.
Sachimi, I don't want to argue.
Get out of his body.
We should get married soon.
I'm running out of time.
I can't lose you again. I won't allow it.
My gosh.
My child.
Why are you crying here alone?
Mommy, do we have to
be in groups while crying?
It seems you're OK.
You're still making jokes.
Apple told me what happened.
It's not like
I'm not on your friends' side.
in my opinion,
you have to think about
your wedding first.
You think so, My?
That I made the wrong decision?
In my opinion,
my baby knows now how to love.
But, you know,
I believe in you.
Thank you.
OK, I will leave you here.
Continue crying alone.
Otherwise, you might say that I am making
your crying a family event.
I'm not really pregnant.
I know.
That was nothing.
Gwen, that was nothing.
That was nothing.
-See, there it is.
What is this surprise? You didn't even
remove the rice from the sack!
-We have some dishes for you later.
-Stop it.
Me, too! I really want to eat the hotdog.
I like that.
Why is he taking his clothes off?
Oh, no.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
Let's not fight.
-Love, come with me.
-I was shocked.
-Give me that.
Go, sis.
One more.
we were not good friends to you,
that's why my wish now is
that hopefully,
your married life will be happy.
Think about that.
You just have to dance,
and you get money easily.
You're so handsome, Mac.
There! Who says otherwise?
They don't know anything.
What is this?
My face!
My nose!
No! Don't!
Too bad Sachimi's not here.
-Where is she?
-Yeah, where could she be?
I tried calling her,
but she didn't answer.
Sis! I think she might be busy.
You know, making another potion.
-You're so rude
-Just kidding.
Maybe she's putting a spell on you, Gwen.
Check your things.
There might be something.
You're crazy! What are you talking about?
But the truth is,
Tonton and I are not good now.
Is it OK that we had a bridal shower?
Hey, Tonton, fix things with Gwen already.
You're acting like Tonton is here.
Gwen, can we talk?
You just can't get enough of me.
What are you talking about?
I was forced to come here.
Tell the truth.
You can't help yourself
because of my beauty.
Your confidence is overwhelming.
Yes, it is!
And others are overwhelmed by my beauty.
Come here.
Let's not fight anymore, OK?
I don't like it when we fight, either.
What's this, Ton?
Why do you have a bloodstain there?
Um, that's
My meal was chicken.
You're really messy.
You're much messier.
Come here.
Hey! What's this?
We're going to be like this forever?
What are our plans? Let's go.
You've been talking for a while now.
He's right.
-I'm tired.
Do you think
people will still recognize me?
When was the last time you were here?
I've been in the States for so long.
But I lived here for a long time, too.
We're here.
Those who are going down, faster.
We're here.
Hello to the small and peaceful
municipality of San Roque.
-It seems there aren't many people around.
-Let's go.
It's already late.
What is this?
There are not even any tricycles.
No, I think there is.
What was that?
Are we ghosts?
He did see us, right?
Is that Tonton? Oh my God.
That's OK, let's just walk.
-Are you serious?
-Yes, I am.
Let's go.
Wait! Wait for me.
Wait up.
This is heavy.
Hey! They don't want us to take a ride?
It's OK, it's not far anyway.
But my feet are hurting and this is heavy.
OK, I'll get that.
I'll carry it.
It's not like I was complaining,
but if you insist.
-Wait a minute.
Put your hands here.
Just put them there, don't ask questions.
Put me down.
You told me your feet were sore.
-But I didn't tell you to carry me.
-Just shut up.
It hurts my ears. You're too talkative.
-But don't blame me when you get tired.
-Come on, let's get out of their way.
I slept in.
Eat well.
I'm so beautiful.
There's no doubt about it.
Oh my
You! Let's have a nose-to-nose.
You gave me something to eat?
Where are you?
So filthy.
So cool.
What kind of house is this?
This place is huge!
Hey, Ton! Come here! Where are you?
Where are you?
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
Are you a burglar?
With beauty like this,
you're going to call me a burglar?
I'm Tonton's fiance.
How is that possible?
I used my beauty! Just like that.
Wait! Who are you?
I am Pido.
I am the caretaker of this house.
Hello, Pido.
Wait, do you know where Tonton is?
I've been looking for him
for quite a while.
Where else? In the cemetery.
Maybe he's visiting his father.
How could that be?
Wow! Tonton has a huge house.
Yes, indeed.
But it's frightening.
Take our bags.
All you're doing is your selfies.
That's why we brought you here,
so someone would carry them.
Do you have an issue with me?
You're here?
Guys, what are you doing here?
Didn't Tonton tell you yet?
He told us that your wedding
was being moved forward.
-I didn't know.
I know him, sis.
Maybe it's another surprise.
Wait, where is Tonton?
I'm not sure. When I woke up, he was gone.
Maybe we can go inside the house?
It's so hot.
-He's right.
-Come on in! Come in.
Let's go here. It's fun here.
Come here, guys. I will give you a tour.
Who told you
that you could enter the house?
Are you a relative?
Because it seems, you have the same
No! Pido is a caretaker.
Didn't you hear what they said?
Tonton invited them here.
I'll let him know about this.
He's coming back?
How could that happen?
Don't mind him! Come in! Let's go there.
Look at it! Left and right.
Why did you show up just now?
I've been looking for you.
I was just fixing something
for our wedding.
But it's OK now.
All you need to do is
show up at our wedding
That soon?
Why should we do it later
when we can do it sooner?
You look pale. Are you sick?
Allow me to help you.
You don't have to.
There is no need.
But starting tomorrow,
nothing will come between us.
Not even death.
Come on, take a rest.
All right.
-What is it.
You are really feeling your bridal car.
So that it will seem like
You're so vain.
Let me be.
Uncle Jerry and Aunt Pinky
will go straight to the venue.
Tonton is also there.
We'll be there, too.
OK. Oh, sis, walk appropriately.
Also, your lipstick, make sure to check--
And don't cry.
Get out of here.
So mean!
Pido, let's go.
I know how you feel.
I know that I am alluring.
And I know that you didn't understand
all of that, right?
But, please.
Eyes on the road
and not on my beautiful face.
You're really a joker, ma'am.
I'm just making sure that
my passenger is human.
Pido! What did I do to you?
Oh my!
We've run out of gas.
What are we going to do?
Pido, you're sabotaging my wedding.
What are we going to do?
You walk instead, ma'am.
I'll just push this home.
This can't be.
I need to be at my wedding with Tonton.
Tonton needs to see me in my dress.
He shouldn't miss my dress.
He should see me. I need to be there.
Thank you for stopping.
You're heaven-sent.
Why? What happened?
Duh! Isn't it obvious? It's my wedding.
My car ran out of gas.
I need to be at my wedding.
You're going to help me, right?
Oh, yes, I will.
-It's locked?
-I'm getting in.
-Wait, give me a second.
You wait for a ride there.
Here's some money for your fare.
Keep the change, it's yours.
You take care.
This can't be! I need to there.
It's a jeep, not even a car?
Wait up.
Little girl, wait.
We rented this jeep for ourselves.
For our family outing.
Is that so?
What will I do?
I'm already late for my wedding.
If you want, we'll just drop you off
where you need to go.
Thank you so much, you're heaven-sent.
Lord, is this heaven-sent?
What if I fall down?
Little girl! You hold on, OK? You hold on.
I don't know, I've been calling
-There's your child. I will let them know.
-Yes, go ahead.
Where's Tonton?
Where's Tonton? Am I late?
Oh my. Tonton already left.
He left?
He left?
I thought as much.
I was wrong to think that
happily ever after exists.
-Why is it like this? Why?
-My child
It is so hard to be happy.
My child
OK, Mommy! I know.
You are right! I am wrong.
You can tell me:
"I told you so, my child."
I should have listened to you,
I should have.
-My child.
-But, Lord! Lord.
If Tonton and I are not meant to be
I want him, Lord! Please.
Hey! Lord! Please! I want him.
Ouch! What was that for?
You're overreacting.
All I wanted to say was,
Tonton went to the restroom.
I thought as much.
I knew he wouldn't leave me.
What did happen to you?
-Don't ask me, Mommy! Please.
-I called your cellphone, but no answer.
-I have it with me, but it's on silent.
-So, where is it?
There's a space.
Here it is.
Anyway, let's go.
They've been waiting for you.
I'm going to retouch.
Tonton can't see me like this.
No! Belo can do that.
Really, Mommy?
You have the money for Belo?
My child, you misheard.
It's not like that.
Your "veil" can cover that.
Your face. There.
My child is so beautiful.
Don't remove the veil.
You won't be beautiful anymore.
You're like that.
Mommy, why is it like that?
Other moms are supportive.
-They say, "My child you're so beautiful!"
-With a veil on.
My child.
You can still change your mind.
Mommy, why now? We're already here.
Why not?
It's OK, my child.
We can go back to Manila.
Daddy, that's too far.
The fare is cheap.
Here, take my child,
and don't return her to us.
Daddy, come on.
Nothing will separate us now.
Go ahead.
I'm sure Tonton's relatives didn't come
Can you please focus on the wedding?
-Sorry, Aunt Pinky.
-Sorry, Auntie.
It's your fault.
Do you take Gwen
to be your lawfully wedded wife?
To have and to hold, from this day forward
for better, for worse,
in sickness and in health,
until death do you part?
Yes, I do.
Are you sure about your decision?
Is your decision final?
You can still retract.
Do you have a problem?
How about you, Gwen?
Do you take Tonton
to be your lawfully wedded husband?
Yes, I do.
Can we go straight to
the part where you say:
Tonton, stop it.
You're in too much of a hurry.
Can't you wait?
Let's go guys, selfie.
Can you hold this?
I'm looking for something.
Can you hold this as well? Here.
Sis? Why do you have a fork in your bag?
You know.
There may be a shortage of utensils later.
By the power vested in me by the Law,
I now pronounce
the two of you
husband and wife.
Judge, something's missing.
The "you may kiss the bride" part?
I'm getting hungry.
Can we go to the reception?
You know,
you're so similar to your girlfriend.
Oh my God.
Now, you can give each other
your first kiss.
as a husband and wife.
-Oh, gosh.
Dude! Look! Look at this.
Is that Sachimi?
Sachimi is dead.
Send me that article.
They said somebody killed her.
Look at that.
There's a watch.
There's a watch.
What's happening?
Why is it suddenly dark?
Sis! The bouquet! Throw it to me.
What's happening?
-You get out of our way.
-You are a killer.
Gwen! Get away from your husband!
He's a monster.
What are you talking about?
What kind of trick is this?
That man killed Sachimi.
What are you saying, Baby Cakes?
Sachimi isn't dead.
Here, look at this.
They found Sachimi dead.
And do you know
what they found at the crime scene?
Tonton's broken watch.
Guys, don't just accuse people.
Come here.
You ask that man.
Tonton! Is that true?
Put me down.
-Put my daughter down.
-Put my daughter down or you'll get hurt.
You get out of our way.
Tonton! Let's talk about this.
-Let's go now.
-Come on.
-I don't like it here.
-What are you doing.
-Let's get out of here.
-Gwen come on.
Girls, get Gwen out of here.
We'll take care of this.
Hey! Stay here.
Stay there.
Come back here.
Wait a minute.
I'm tired.
Can we rest for a bit?
Guys! I don't want to die.
Why does Tonton look like that?
It seems
It seems
He's dead.
What? Isn't it true?
We need to get out of here.
You know the way back to the house right?
Where are you going?
What are you doing?
Guys! Leave me behind.
Save yourselves.
Hey! You guys! Why did you leave me?
Please! Don't kill me! Please.
Guys, why don't we go to the van?
Finally! What a brilliant idea.
But it's too late.
I need to go back for Mommy and Daddy.
Do you really think they're still alive?
You've seen
what your husband is capable of.
Go ahead.
If you want to die, go back there.
So, what are you trying to say?
That this is all my fault?
Well, isn't it?
but you didn't listen
because you were so desperate.
You're so two-faced.
Guys, stop that.
It's not the right time to fight.
We need to go back to the house
and close all the doors
so that he cannot enter.
What are you waiting for? Let's go.
Leave it!
Suit yourself.
Where is it?
Are you looking for this?
Oh my God! It's your uncle.
He's not my uncle.
Gwen, he's now a
Don't come near me.
I've watched movies like this.
Monsters like you are scared of this.
Salt! Garlic.
You go away! You're gross.
Don't do this! No!
How are you, Gwen?
Do you like our bed?
There, we will be together forever.
Where are you going?
You cannot leave.
I'm still going to love you, right?
Till death.
You're already dead.
Why did you come back?
I came back
to keep our promise to each other.
Remember, we promised
that we would get married
and be together till death?
You came back just to kill me?
Gwen, it's the only way
for us to be together.
Are you crazy?
You only want to be with me?
You might want to get yourself
We didn't have the chance to be together
when I was alive.
Because of everything that happened to us.
But now that I am dead,
we can be together.
You were gone for so long.
So, now what?
Are you taking revenge?
When you told me that you loved me,
that you wanted to be with me,
was that all part of your revenge?
Gwen, remember when you were robbed?
The riding-in-tandem robber?
How do you know about that?
Gwen, it took me so long
to muster up the courage to be with you.
But this happened to me.
-Give that back to me.
Hey! Stop! Thief! Hey.
Why did you do that?
Why did you have to risk your life for me?
Gwen, everything I told you,
everything that I made you feel,
I wanted you to know and feel all of that.
Even when I was still alive.
Because, Gwen, I love you so much.
And it didn't change
from when we were kids till I died.
So, you love me?
Why did you kill my friends?
Why do you want to kill me?
I want to take you with me to the grave.
Because that's included
with the spell that's in the ring
that I gave you from Grandma.
It's true that
your grandmother is a witch?
But, Gwen, I want you to know.
I didn't have any intention of hurting you
or your loved ones.
My friends are all dead.
What is this? A joke?
Get out of my head!
What's happening?
Don't come near me.
You used Tonton's body to kill and rob.
If your husband
had just minded his own business,
both of us would be alive now.
You would have been happily married, too.
You bastard.
You killed Tonton.
Get out of Tonton's body.
Are you dumb?
If I'm gone, Tonton will also be gone.
Do you think it's only your life
that was ruined?
You all deserve to die.
Don't hurt Gwen.
-Gwen, get away.
-I don't want to.
Get away from him.
You need to help me.
You need to help me.
Are you sure about this?
This is the only way to make sure
I don't hurt you again.
Goodbye, Tonton.
Thank you for your love.
Until now,
I have not forgiven myself
for everything that happened.
There has not been a single day I have not
regretted the wrong decisions I made.
I hope,
wherever you are,
that you guys can forgive me.
This is so wrong.
My child, you didn't tell me
you wanted to be a pastry.
Let's go.
It's all right. Go ahead.
My child, we'll go ahead.
What's this?
Wait a sec. I want to go somewhere.
Goodbye, Tonton.
I will always love you
till we meet again.
There's no taking it back.
Even till death.
So, what now?
You got what you wanted?
You succeeded.
Are you happy? That I am dead?
What's your plan?
We will love each other
as long as we're dead.
That's it?
This is forever?
If I'd only known that forever was--