I Love You Too (2010) Movie Script

Into it!
Jimmy! Two o'clock.
Two friends
hot with serious side boob.
Into it.
Hello, there.
That's Italian. It means 'hello'.
He means 'ciao'.
I'm pretty sure 'ciao'
means 'good morning', Jimmy.
I think 'ciao' means both,
doesn't it?
That's lazy.
I'm Jim.
I'm Janine.
Jim and Janine.
We sound like a couple already.
This is my friend, Caitlin.
Hey, Caitlin. I'm Blake.
Wow. Blake and Caitlin.
We also sound like a couple already.
So, Jim, do you want me to
tell the girls our exciting news?
Yes. What is it?
We just finished writing
our bucket lists
and you girls finished on top
of the list and on us.
Does that mean you're dying?
Yeah, don't you have to be dying
to have a bucket list?
Not necessarily.
Different bucket lists exist
for different occasions.
I think what Blake...
You don't necessarily need to
be dying to have a bucket list.
I think what Blake
is trying to say
is would you girls like to
hang out with us tonight?
Aren't you getting a bit old
to be wearing a toy watch?
What makes it a toy watch?
I mean, it fits around my wrist.
It tells the time.
I used to have
an 'incredible hulk' watch
that I'd wear on my other wrist.
I had a superhero
on either side of me.
I was indestructible.
Where's the hulk now?
I lost him in grade five.
They don't make them anymore.
It'd be worth a bit, though,
if you could get your hands on one.
I can't believe I slept with a bloke
that wears 3 'spider-man' watch.
Oh, no! Whoa. Yep.
I'm not married,
if that's what you're thinking.
That's not what I was thinking.
We should do this again, yeah?
What's your number?
Uh, my phone number is, um...
It's, uh, 0421...
What are you doing?
Don't call me. I'm right here.
The number
you have called is not connected.
You arsehole!
My body was a gift.
Into it!
- Whoa!
- Whoo!
Blakey found his lady at one o'clock.
If I'm not back by Wednesday, send
the paramedics to the pearly gates.
I may have died and gone to heaven.
Wait. What?
Nothin'. Go get her.
Hey there.
I'm Blake. I'm Alice.
You're English.
That's a coincidence.
I speak English.
So, my pretty English Rose,
question without notice,
do you like to read?
I like to read.
I like to read situations.
Attractive woman alone at a bar.
You had a blind date
and that blind date was a no show.
Or maybe this well-dressed,
cashed-up dude reading my mind,
like the prophet Mohammed,
maybe he's the blind date.
Right. Is that what I was thinking?
I know a motel. It's two blocks away.
I know the owner.
We could be there in 10 minutes.
Naked in 12.
Sounds inviting. Yes, it does.
However, you were wrong
about the whole blind date thing.
Ba-bow! No deal.
From the TV show.
So, why so lonesome?
My doctorjust told me
that I've got vaginal thrush.
Is it contagious?
Do you really want to take that risk?
What can I say? I'm a risky guy.
I was the second person
in my family to bungee jump.
In Cambodia. Wow!
Wow, that's impressive. Yes.
No deal.
Ah, you did the... TV show.
I'm starting to read the situation.
Before I go, can I get you anything?
Can I buy you a drink?
Can I kiss you on the shoulder?
Oh. Uh.
No, thank you.
You could go and tell your friend
over there to come and say hello.
My bestest mate, Jimmy?
What's in it for him?
If you try and steal that watch,
I will hunt you down
and kill you, I swear.
Oh, well, I'd like to see you try.
Actually, I kind of don't mind it
on you. It looks kind of sexy.
Seriously, I've always had
a bit of a fantasy
that a girl would dress up
like a superhero,
the mask and the cape,
the whole kit and caboodle.
Maybe you could do it for me
on my birthday.
Um, no, it's not ever
going to happen.
That is genuinely disappointing.
So, this is, um,
this is not gonna work out?
Uh, no. This is definitely
a one-night stand.
'Cause I was starting to think
that you were the kind of girl
that would never leave.
I love you.
I'm late for work.
See ya.
Happy birthday, Jim.
Ah! It's the birthday boy.
Thanks, sis. Gotta run. I'm late.
Can I at least have a kiss?
You haven't shaved. Here, come on.
Have you brushed your teeth?
Morning, darling. Knackered.
'B' Don bradman.
Alice, breakfast?
Morning, Jim. Hey, Jerry.
I love you.
Mmm! And I love you.
I love you. I love you.
Hello, Alice. Julian, hi.
Hey. This is great, huh? Bnmant
listen, I've got something big
I want to talk to you about.
Oh. Yeah.
Come and see me
after the morning meeting.
Right. Good.
Thank you!
I heard he only proposed
because she refused to give him head
until they were engaged.
Oh, don't be such a cynic.
Uh-uh. She stopped blowing on Sunday.
They were engaged on Wednesday.
Who proposes on a Wednesday night?
Someone in desperate need
of a blowie?
Is that true or are you
just being a bitch?
Probably both.
It just seems so quick.
They've only been seeing each other
for three months.
Bec! Alice! Hey.
I'm so happy!
They'll be divorced in six.
Is that hers?
Who the fuck brings
their own engagement cake to work?
Somebody in desperate need
of attention.
Should we be eating this?
Mm. Now, that looks good.
You girls gonna eat that cake
by yourselves?
Or are you gonna join the party?
Oh, we're party girls, Julian.
We're coming.
I'm considering
sending him a sex text.
Do you think Jim will ever ask?
Oh, yeah. Um, we've discussed it.
You've discussed getting married?
With Jim?
Of course.
Um, you know, it's just that the
time's not really rightjust now
and, um, Jim's under
a lot of pressure at work, so...
It's pretty intense.
Hey, hey!
It's all locked up, bill.
I'll see you soon. I gotta fly.
Hey, hey, hey. Whoa, Jimmy.
What's the rush?
You gotta be somewhere?
You're carrying on
like you got ants in your pants.
It's the local vernacular, tran.
It means he's carrying on
like a pork chop.
Sorry, bill. I just really gotta go.
You gotta what? Run for
prime minister or fight terrorism?
Come in here and park your arse.
See, tran, this is the biggest
miniature railway
in the southern hemisphere.
It used to be the biggest one
in the world until bloody Oslo.
I've really gotta go, bill.
Jimmy's father built this place.
God rest his soul.
We were partners.
He was a good bloke.
This was Jimmy's first job.
In fact, it was your only job.
Isn't it, Jim?
Ok. I've got
a birthday dinner with Alice.
Alice's birthday?
Oh, you want to see Alice, tran.
Oh, she's the cat's pyjamas.
That's local vernacular, tran.
It means she's a top sort.
Actually, it's not Alice's birthday.
It's mine.
Hey? Come on. We knew
it was your birthday, mate.
Hey, you didn't think
we forgot, did ya?
It's ok. Oh, come on.
Come on. Give me
a bit of credit, Jimmy.
When was the last time
we forgot your birthday?
Last year.
Yeah, well, I-I had
a pretty bad chest infection.
It really doesn't matter.
It matters to me and it would have
mattered to your mum and dad.
God bless 'em. Here.
We knocked you up something, alright?
Go on, rip her open.
I went to a lot of trouble
with that 'iacky band.
Isn't this the same picture
from the office wall?
No. Absolutely awesome.
I've got just the spot for it.
Thanks a lot.
You guys are the greatest.
But I've really gotta go.
Cheers, eh? You're the best.
J" hooray for Jimmy
hooray at last
j" hooray for Jimmy. J"
Jimmy! Hey!
Whoo! This is awesome! Yeah!
Owen restored it himself.
I never knew you were
mechanical, Owen.
Picked it up from
the government auctions for a song.
Was a bit worse for wear
but we scrubbed it up.
Look out!
Postie bike. Unreal.
Won't go over 45 k's,
so it'll keep you out of trouble.
Sorry, Jim-jams.
My present's still on order, mate.
It's being shipped in
from the states.
We'll get you a Harley next birthday,
when I win
'who wants to be a millionaire?'
I'm going on 'millionaire'.
Are you good with trivia?
The best. And that's a fact.
Did you know the daddy-long-legs
is the deadliest spider in the world?
Is that true? Yep. I think so.
You see, its fangs aren't sharp
enough to administer any venom.
So, what's the point, right?
It's like having a dick
but not being horny.
Owen! He's a crack-up.
Free base.
Oh, Jim, we should get going.
May I ride my bike?
Oh, that's lovely.
You think so?
Well, don't you think it's romantic?
Would you prefer to read
"Fiona is a filthy slag"
spray-painted across the overpass?
No. I just...
I just don't understand
why we have to read it.
I mean, why...
Why couldn't she just have
sent murph a text message?
Do you know how many relationships
are ruined over text messages?
Well, you should text message
yourself a smiley face
'cause it's my birthday,
and I think you will agree
it's going to be
the best birthday yet.
- Will you marry me?
- Oh, yes.
- I love you.
- Here's to us.
I just thought, um, you know,
we're getting older
and maybe it's time that we started
acting like grown-ups
just a little bit.
Oh, no, don't get me wrong.
It's a nice watch.
It'll just take a bit of time
to get used to it, that's all.
How was the chicken?
It was perfect. Thank you.
Of course I'll marry you!
We've been together
for three and a half years now
and I...
Like you.
I like you a lot. I'm glad.
Alice, I, um,
I think you know
how I feel about you.
So, would you please do me the honour
of accepting this...
Commitment ring?
I'm sorry. Please accept a what?
A commitment ring.
It's a sign of my commitment to you.
To us.
Don't you like it?
Uh... no.
It's just...
A commitment ring, Jim?
What are we, going steady?
For a second there, I thought
you were going to propose.
Propose? Propose what?
That's a big step.
Yes, Jim, it is.
It's a big commitment.
The 23-year-old temp
in our office just got engaged
to a man she's been seeing
for three months.
That has nothing to do with us.
What are your plans?
I thought we could have dessert.
No, Jim, not for dinner.
For our life. For us.
Why do we have to have a plan?
Because I came to Australia for a month
three and a half years ago
and I made a decision
to stay here for you
and lately, I've been wondering
if, maybe, I'm on
the wrong side of the world.
Where is all this coming from?
I thought things were going well.
I thought we were happy.
Are you not happy?
I don't know, Jim.
After all this time, I just imagined
there would be less
guesswork involved.
Alice, I...
I am so into you.
Into me?
Into me?!
Jim, you shouldn't be into me.
You should be into bands
and... and football and pornos.
I'm into all of those things.
You should have another sentence
for somebody like me.
You've never once said
that you love me.
I love you, Jim.
I love you!
Well, I can't say it now, can I?
It's expected.
Right. I think it's best...
I've gotta piss.
I'll just wait right here, then.
You right, mate?
I think I'm about to get dumped.
Oh, shit.
I'm about to propose
to my girlfriend.
Good luck.
J for he's a jolly good fellow
j for he's a jolly good fellow
j for he's a jolly good fellow
j" and so say all of us. J'
now, cut the cake.
Now, be careful.
If the knife touches the bottom,
you have to kiss the nearest lady.
Ooh. Sir, you've hit the bottom.
Now, go on. Kiss your lovely lady.
I'm sorry. I organised that earlier.
I was offered a job in London today.
Don't go.
You are a 33-year-old man working
at a miniature railway station.
The biggest miniature railway
in the southern hemisphere.
You live in a granny flat
at the back of your parents' house.
It's a bungalow.
Isn't it time that you grew up?
It's my birthday.
I think I'm homesick.
She said yes!
She actually said yes!
Oh, shit. Sorry, dude.
Can I get you anything, sir?
Something to drink?
Whatever it is,
you better bring me the bottle.
Hey, blakey? What are you doing?
I'm trying to put the doona
into the doona cover. Why?
I'm single again, brother.
Where are you?
Into it!
I'm... I'm single.
I love you.
I'm Blake.
I just wanted to say I love you.
It's easy.
You see me at the Olympics?
It was the sex Olympics.
You want me to show you my Baton?
I love you. I love you. I love...
See how easy it is?
I'm the son of a cab driver.
I tell you what
would look good on you.
Sex with me.
- Jai ho!
- Jai ho!
I don't even know
what that word means.
Who cares? It still works.
I love you. I love you.
Single again, Jim-jams.
Welcome back.
You and me,
we're not relationship guys.
One woman is never enough
for guys like us.
We need to be free.
Commitment is for soft cocks!
You know George Clooney
never got married?
He's, like, the most wanted guy
in the world
and he's like, "get in line, ladies."
You know, you and me...
We're like George fuckin' Clooney.
Just in and out,
stop fucking about.
Bachelors... proud of it.
I gotta get outta here.
Jimmy? Jimmy!
Hey, baby?
I love you.
I love you.
Shit! Shit! Shit!
Excuse me?
Excuse me? Sir?
You're sleeping in my car.
This car belongs to me.
Looks like you could use a cup of coffee.
Why don't you follow me?
What are you doin' here, honey?
You're supposed to put out
on their birthdays.
He gave me a commitment ring.
A commitment ring? What, is he gay?
Oh, hon. Oh!
Oh, it's ok.
So, uh...
What does this mean?
I never even knew
that I wanted to get married
until I met Jim.
But I do.
I want to get married
and I want to have a house
and I want to have kids
and I want to...
To be with a man who can tell me
how he feels about me.
And I just don't think
that Jim can be that guy
and it breaks my heart.
Well, let's get out.
Let's go fill our heads with vodka.
Bec, it's 9am.
Oh, come on.
Do you think he's gonna
sit around tonight,
eating Tim tams
and watching 'notting hill'?
I'm going to go back to London.
I think his name is Jim.
Thank you.
Milk and sugar?
Oh, yes. Uh, white with two, please.
Thank you.
Are you American? Yep.
Uh, Iowa.
Moved out here
about six and a half years ago.
Never been back.
Why did you leave?
My wife, Beth, is from here.
Ah, you're married. I was.
She died four years ago.
Flu season.
Viagra. Makes me
a couple of inches taller.
Is that right? I didn't know.
It's not Viagra, Jim.
I will reimburse you
for any inconvenience
or damage done to the car.
Don't worry about it.
You can explain it all to the police
when they get here.
You rang the police?
Of course I did.
You stole my car. Who else
was I gonna call? An orthodontist?
I didn't steal it. I borrowed it.
Can't we just work it out
between the two of us?
Borrowing a car without permission
is technically stealing.
I really do think
it's a police matter.
It doesn't have to be. Relax.
You don't look like a criminal.
Ok, this is the thing.
This is not the first time
I've stolen a car.
I didn't think so.
You had that look.
Look, I understand you're upset
but I am not a car thief.
You steal cars.
Yes, that was a long time ago.
I was just a kid. I was
going through a very rough patch.
I haven't stolen a car
in a very long time.
It was last night. Ok.
I was having
a very, very rough night.
I got dumped on my birthday
and then I got very drunk
as a result,
which I know is not
a good enough excuse,
but I'm trying to make amends.
You drove my car drunk?
I got dumped on my birthday.
Why'd you get dumped
on your birthday?
I gave her a commitment ring
and then she dumped me.
You gave her a commitment ring?
What are you, 12?
Look, I will do whatever you want.
Just please call the police
and tell them it was a mistake.
I'm sorry.
Even if I wanted to, I couldn't.
Why not?
Because they're already here.
Shit. Don't answer the door.
Jim, I have to. It's the police.
I don't want to get arrested.
Can't get arrested
for not answering a door.
No offence but I think
I'll take my legal advice elsewhere.
Who's Francesca?
Just wait there.
Hello, officers.
Uh, there's been a mistake.
You do realise it's a crime
to play hoaxes
on the police and emergency services?
Well, what isn't a crime these days?
I mean, pretty soon it'll be a crime
to answer your own door...
If it isn't already.
Well, we'd like to come inside
and take a look,
if that's ok with you, sir.
Why would you do that?
I'm home alone.
Just a quick look, sir.
I've got nothing to... hide!
Come on in.
I've got nothing to hide!
Nothing to hide, eh?
What do you call this?
Well, officer, in my defence,
I was expecting him to hide.
I wasn't sure.
Ok. I'll come clean.
This man is my lover.
What? What?
Lover? Yes. We are lovers.
Because society doth frown upon
a fully grown man being
in a homosexual relationship
with a man of shorter stature...
They think it's perverted!
Disturbing, even!
Is this true?
Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Is that glitter?
Officer Gerard and I have got
no interest in your private life.
We strongly advise you
not to play pranks
on the police in the future.
It might be your idea of fun
but it certainly isn't ours.
Come on.
Thank you, officer.
Give me back my letter now.
Who's Francesca?
It was signed by you, addressed to
a Francesca and dated three years ago.
You steal my car
and then you open my personal mail.
I wish we were dating so I, too,
could dump you on your birthday.
I have to get this.
Yeah, hello?
Where is he?
I'll be there. I'll be there.
Can I borrow your car?
I want you to know
I really appreciate this.
You know I couldn't
just lend you my car.
I mean, if you weren't a car thief
and you'd asked to borrow it,
I'd be pretty quick
to throw you the keys
I really am not comfortable
with being called a car thief.
Then you should
stop stealing cars, sunshine.
I'll, um, I'll be in touch.
Charlie, wait.
I have a proposition for you.
A proposition?
A proposition. A... a deal.
I know what a proposition is, Jim.
I need you to write me a letter
just like the one you wrote Francesca.
Because you wrote the words
that Alice wants to hear
and I need to get her back.
You're insane. Maybe.
Maybe I could do you a favour.
What could you possibly do for me?
I could hand-deliver
this letter to Francesca.
Hey! Hey!
Paging dr Lee.
Please come to reception, ward 3a.
Thanks for coming, Jimmy.
Where's Owen?
Where's Alice?
We broke up.
You broke up with Alice?
He gave her a commitment ring.
Who are you? I'm Charlie.
Uh, your brother stole my car,
so I gave him a lift here.
You stole a car?
I didn't steal it. I borrowed it.
You didn't ask permission.
That's stealing, Jimmy.
That's what I said.
I am so sorry.
My brother, he's not a bad person.
He's stupid but he's not bad.
That's ok.
I like taking care of the stupid.
Few people look after the stupid.
They spend all this money
on the disabled
but none for the stupid.
You're funny.
Bloody Owen.
He must have got caught up
at footy training.
He said he was gonna be here.
He should bloody be here.
Christ, I hope I have a girl.
I can't believe
you broke up with Alice.
Give me back my letter. Why?
Because it's my letter.
And I need you to write me another one
with my name on it and Alice's.
Oh, god you steal my car,
I save you from a prison stretch,
I drive you to the hospital and now
I get to do something else for you.
May I build you a pergola, sir?
Come on.
Jim, I can't write a love letter
to your girlfriend.
It has to come from you. Why?
Because she's your girlfriend.
Mr hagan? This way.
Jimmy, quick.
I want you to see this.
This is my brother, Jimmy.
Oh, the commitment ring brother.
What is that?
That is my baby's heartbeat.
It's got a funny-iookin' head.
Must be Owen's.
I need another favour.
Rack 'em up.
Do it, do it, do it!
Go, go, go, go!
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!
Owen? Let's go home, mate.
Hey, Jimmy. What are you doing here?
Let's go. No, it's ok.
Onga's gonna take me home. Yeah.
It was Marie's first ultrasound
today, mate.
You were supposed to be there.
But instead, you were here,
drinkin' piss with your dickhead mates.
You haven't come
lookin' for a fight, Jimmy?
No, no. I've just come
to take you home, mate.
I don't want any trouble
at all, blokes.
The thing with Jimmy here is
he thinks he's quite the man.
But he doesn't have the muscle
to back it up.
A bit like
the daddy-long-legs, eh, Jimmy?
Bugger off home
to your granny flat, Jimmy.
Is everything alright here, Jim?
What the hell do we have here?
Look, Jimmy.
One of Santa's little helpers
has come to help you a little.
My name's Charlie.
It's ok, Charlie. I'll sort this out.
Hey, Owen?
These two poofters are...
Well, they're poofters.
What are you
talkin' about, sarge?
They're gay, mate.
Nah. He's got a girlfriend Alice.
We broke up. Ooh.
Did you not tell me that you were
in a sexual relationship with this man?
This is a footy club,
not a freak show.
Let's all settle down, fellas.
Tell him, Jim.
Tell him it's not true. You're cool.
You misunderstood.
Which bit have I misunderstood?
You've misunderstood the bit
where I give a fuck
what you think about me.
It's on! It's on, mate! It's on!
I'm sorry, Jim.
I'm such a wanker on the piss.
I'm never going back there again.
That's it.
You're about to become
a father, Owen.
I'll make it up to Marie.
I'll make amends.
I have a plan.
The capital of Belgium is Prague.
No, it's not.
What's wrong with this car?
Oh, shit!
Look, don't take this the wrong way.
It's been a blast.
But I think we should
start seeing other people...
Effective immediately.
Now, can I have
my letter back, please?
I never told Alice that I love her.
Oh, man, are you retarded?
Is that politically correct?
I'm in a special group.
I can get away with it.
When you say 'never',
you mean 'rarely', right?
once? Not once.
Neven what is wrong with you?
Are you the silly bugger
who backed the car into a tree?
It was him. It was bricks.
What's the nicest thing
you've ever said to Alice?
A couple of weeks ago, I told her
that I liked her new haircut.
What did she say? Not much.
Turns out she hadn't
actually had a haircut.
It was windy.
I thought it looked nice.
Sorry, boys, I've just gotta go
and sort these bastards out, alright?
Listen to me because it's important
that you know this.
You are, without a doubt,
the worst boyfriend in the world.
That's a bit harsh.
What about that guy in Belgium
who kept his girlfriend in a dungeon?
That was his mother,
not his girlfriend.
Now, look, we're getting off
the point here. Do we have a deal?
What makes you think
I can't deliver the letter myself?
Because it was dated
three and a half years ago.
For fuck's sake, boys I'll do
the whole thing for 300 bucks.
Just don't tell anyone
about what happened out there.
What happened? Yeah, good.
Uh, look, normally,
I'd have it ready by Saturday
but I'm taking the missus to noosa
for a long weekend, so I...
Shit a brick. I just remembered.
I gotta get some fucking flowers.
It never ends. Jill, can we organise
some fucking flowers?
Look, I'll do whatever it takes
to get your letter to Francesca
if you just give me 10 minutes
with your mind, and I'll bring the pen.
Marie. Nice outfit.
How long you been doing judo?
I got this at the op shop
for eight bucks.
It's like wearing pyjamas
but people like it.
Which people? Just people.
I didn't get their names and numbers.
Jim home? I thought we might
tip a few in, bust a few moves?
No. You do realise
he broke up with Alice?
I know. High-five. Blake!
What Jim needs now is to hang out
with the old Blake-inator,
have some beers, talk about chicks,
play some racquetball.
Where is Jim-jams anyway?
50 years is a long time
to be married.
Hell, 50 years
is a long time to live.
Gwen, I want you to look at frank.
Really look at him.
Now, I want you to remember
the day he returned home
from Korea, right, frank?
Yeah. Pakchung, 1951.
Remember when he returned home
in 1951.
Not just the day. I want you to
remember when you laid eyes on him.
And, frank, I want you to remember
when you saw Gwen.
It was Sydney harbour.
In that purple dress.
Now, remember that first kiss?
Come on, mate. It's just a photo.
It's not about the photo, frank.
Got it.
That was romantic.
You can spot it. Good for you.
They are going to have sex tonight
because of you.
Oh, you just ruined the moment.
Now, if nothing else
but to erase the imagery
you just put in my head,
tell me about this girl of yours.
Alice. Yeah, tell me aboutalice.
What do you want to know?
What do you love about her?
Just one thing.
Could be anything.
Ok, because here's the thing, Jim.
You're supposed to notice things
in Alice that everyone else misses
or doesn't take the time to see.
Just one thing.
She smiles in her sleep.
I've never seen anything
look so peaceful.
There's no snoring, no drooling.
She farted once but...
Don't tell her I told you that.
She'd be devastated.
How does that make you feel?
A bit on the nose, actually.
I had to open a window.
I mean the smiling in her sleep.
How does that make you feel?
I guess.
I'll send her a text message.
No! No, do not send her a text.
Just do not, do not, do not.
Promise me. Ok.
Text messaging,
it's the end of romance.
Oh, got a bite.
I'll turn this damn thing off.
Tokyo can wait.
I hope you don't mind
catching up over a drink.
Oh. Uh, no, it's fine.
We could have had a little chinwag
at the office but bleugh!
You know how the office gets, right?
So are you looking fonnard
to London?
Yes, it probably comes
at a really good time for me.
Mm. Mm. Mm.
How does your boyfriend... oh...
Don't tell me. Uh...
Tim. How does Tim feel
about your exciting news?
Um, Jim.
Sorry. How does Jim feel about
you leaving for London?
Oh, uh, he's ok.
Um, we're still talking about it.
It's difficult. He's got
his career to think about.
Mm. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Of course. Of course.
What does Tim do for a career?
Um, Jim. Jim.
He works at
a miniature railway station.
That's cute.
Actually, Alice, I have some good
news of my own to add to yours.
Oh! Really? What's that?
I'm moving to London
in four months.
I am taking over
the entire UK division.
You'll be working under me,
so to speak.
Oh! Wow! Well, that's exciting.
I like you, Alice.
And I'm pleased to say that I think
we'll be spending
a lot more time together.
Well, cheers to that.
Cheers to you. To London.
So, tell me about Francesca.
Is she hot?
It's not about her being hot.
Where did you meet her?
Different places.
At the store, on the bus.
Why didn't you say hello?
It's very complicated.
No, it's not, Charlie.
I mean, you are a great guy.
Why wouldn't she be into you?
I'm 4'6".
Short girls get it on
with short guys, don't they?
I am assuming that Francesca is...
She isn't, is she?
Well, that doesn't matter, Charlie.
I mean, you are a good man.
And you have your shit together.
Trust me I would rather be
three foot and together
than six foot and fucked.
Well, then, it's time to put
your pen to paper, Romeo.
Your 10 minutes is up.
I have to get to work
but I made you breakfast.
I'll see you tonight.
I'll try and get home early.
- Hey!
- What do you want?
I'm sorry. I thought
you were someone else.
Help me! I'm really sorry.
Fucking freak! I'm sorry.
I see you've got yourself
a new girlfriend.
Things going well?
I have something I want to give you.
Will I be safe
or will I need my pepper spray?
Wow! Jim.
That you would sit down
and think about it
and take the time to write it
and give it to me
yeah. Well, you know...
Can I ask a silly question?
Better than anyone else I know.
What colour is cyan?
Cyan? In in what context?
In the context that you wrote it
in my letter.
You did write it, didn't you?
Please, Jim?
Everything in that letter
sums up exactly how I feel about you.
You didn't write it.
It sums up everything.
It certainly does.
You gave her my letter.
I just want her back.
You won't get her back
if you keep taking shortcuts,
and I can't help you, Jim,
if you don't want to help yourself.
Help me help myself.
They have to be your words.
I can only help you
break them out of there.
Ok. Is there anything we need?
The fast money round
I have a theory on
the famous faces, cliffy.
There is always money
behind the black celebrities.
Really? You watch.
Let's see where all the big dollars
were hiding, though.
Denzel Washington
had the wild card.
Ha! What'd I say, cliffy?
You should go on that show
instead of the other one.
No. 'Millionaire'
is where the big bucks are.
I mean, even if I get halfway...
Hello. Hey.
You're a legend, sweetie.
Did you separate the tomato?
Othennise the roll gets all soggy.
Are you gonna fuck me over?
I've never heard you
say 'fuck' before.
There's a life growing
inside me, Owen,
and it's half me and it's half you.
I've seen its heartbeat.
It's a very real thing.
This is really happening. Now,
I don't want to do it alone, but I will.
because I worry all the time about
the baby, about money, about us.
I'm not goin' anywhere.
I love ya, mate.
You're my girl.
I separated the tomato.
Thanks, babe.
I can't think of anything!
Ok, how about something
really clever,
like, uh...
I don't know.
"Dearalice..." ok.
What now?
Tell her how you feel.
Let yourself go.
Free your mind.
Be truthful, be simple, be brave!
Ok. "Love is like a bird."
Um, "love is like a bird."
How is love like a bird? Idunno!
Doesn't it have to be about birds
or flowers or rain
or the moon and the sun
and shit like that?
Jim, take a leaf out of my book.
How so?
Much smaller steps.
Don't have a maid.
What about writing about the night?
They open at night.
"Dear Alice, I met you..."
At night.
"At night..."
Charlie? Yeah?
Do you miss your wife?
Every single day.
What was she like?
What can I say?
She was the most beautiful woman
in the world.
She was clumsy
but she had real class.
I'd do anything to see her again.
I, uh, lost my parents when I was 11.
It was a car accident.
I was in the car with them.
So was Marie.
I don't think I've ever actually
spoken about it with anyone.
Afull-bodied shiraz
will do that to you.
After the funeral,
I stole a car
and I drove it into a tree.
When I was in your car, Charlie,
your letter pulled me out of a place
I didn't want to be.
Hey, uh, have you
finished up there, buddy?
Yeah, I've got this court booked
till 11 o'clock.
Right. Yeah, you're...
You know, you're not actually
playing anyone. Um...
You could sit on your arse
in the foyer.
I've got three minutes left.
It's 11 o'clock.
No, it's three minutes
till 11 o'clock,
so why don't you use
those three minutes
to give your mate a reach-around?
that's it, dickwad!
I was a semi-professional
kickboxer in Thailand
before the Tsunami hit,
you fuck-knuckle.
Hey, Blake. How you goin'?
Me? I'm tip-top.
Where the hell have you been?
Have you come here for
a two-minute game of racquetball?
Sorry, man. Something came up.
What came up?
What came up that made it ok
to stand up your best mate?
I'm sorry I'm late for squash.
Racquetball. I'm sorry.
Is this because I didn't give you
a birthday present?
I told you, it's coming.
I've ordered it from the states.
We could play squash next week.
This is a racquet and this is a ball!
Do you see a squash?!
It's not that hard, Jimmy!
I'll forgive you on one condition.
My place tonight 7:30 sharp.
I'll take care of the rest. Deal?
Jimmy, I am your best mate
and, as your best mate,
I have noticed that you have been
a little bit down in the dumps
ever since Alice dumped you
on your birthday.
Thanks, man.
You save your thank you speeches
until after your surprise, tiger,
because through there,
your destiny awaits.
Yep. In you go. Go on.
Jesus! You bought me a hooker?
And she looks exactly like Alice.
It's uncanny!
Sorry, honey. Did I scare you?
What the fuck were you thinking?
Let's all settle down, ok?
Uh, candy doll, just give
Jim and myselfjust one minute.
I'm sorry.
If she doesn't leave, I will.
Candy doll, it looks like we won't
be needing your services tonight.
I'm happy to pay for a cab
back to your place of employment.
My dad's a cabbie, so I could
probably swing a discount.
What do we have here?
How about we settle on a pineapple?
I need to be paid in full.
But we haven't done anything.
If I wanted somebody to
sit on my bed for half an hour,
I would have invited
a hobo off the street.
I need to be paid in full.
Jim? You sure you don't want to?
This is ridiculous!
140 bucks.
Can I at least feel a boob?
What are you like with doona covers?
Why don't you be a gentleman
for once in your life
and go in there and help candy out
with the doona cover?
They have feelings, don't you know?
Haven't you seen 'pretty woman'?
That'll be the pizza.
Blakey's treat again.
Alice. Hi, Blake.
Uh, I was wondering
if you wouldn't mind
just giving this to Jim for me?
Jim's... Jim left.
Jim ieft10... 40 minutes ago.
Blake, it's ok. I'm not here
to blow your house down.
Blake, do you want the silver
or the gold pillowcases?
Jim. Alice!
Alice, don't... Jim.
- Alice.
- Candy!
Candy? Jessica, actually.
Jim. Idenfical
shit. What's going on?
This is not what it looks like.
That's right.
Alice, candy... Jessica.
Is a paid escort. Unbelievable.
We were just putting the doona
in the doona cover.
It's just haberdashery, Alice.
Nice one, mate.
Can I go now?
Did you do the pillowcases?
I wrote you a letter.
Who did you rip off this time?
Did you "compare thee
to a summer's day"?
Are you going to tell me
that I "had you at hello"?
Fuck you, Jim! Fuck you
for putting me through this!
No! Don't, Jim.
Don't follow me. Don't call me.
Just don't.
I'm going home, Jim.
Consider this your goodbye.
The only happy ending
you're getting tonight is in there.
Alice! Don't...
Don't go.
What? What is it? What's wrong?
Why did you wash my you am I t-shirt?
Uh, because I've been doing your
washing for the past 21 years now.
Why? What's the problem?
Yeah, Jim. What's the problem?
My you am I t-shirt.
Don't touch my clothes again, ok?
How will you get your clothes clean?
I'll go to a laundromat.
You wouldn't know
where the laundromat is.
I'll Google one!
What was that about?
You hold it right there,
James Philip hagan.
I could still smell Alice
on the t-shirt.
Where's your life, Marie?
Aren't you tired of
living it through me?
Because I've had a gutful.
Jim, you're talking shit, man.
I don't have a life
because I spent my teenage years
trying to keep you
out ofjuvenile detention centres.
But maybe I should have let you go
'cause 20 years on,
you're still stealing cars.
Yeah, you did it for me
and I appreciate that.
But you also did it for yourself.
If I was left alone,
you were left alone too.
All I'm saying is
that you're 38, I'm 33,
you don't have to
look after me anymore.
Well, thanks for straightening
that out for all of us, Jim.
Oh, no!
There's a boombah at two o'clock
and she is huge!
No, not me.
She's too heavy, mate.
You know the rules.
Um, madam?
Hello. Toot-toot! All aboard!
Um, excuse me, madam.
Ah, good job, Jimmy.
We can't have our tracks buckling,
now, can we?
I quit.
Oh, come on, Jim.
We probably helped her out.
Don't try and talk me out of it, bill.
I can't stay here any longer.
All day, all I do is go round
and round and round.
Well, guess what?
I'm sick of going round
and round and round.
I'm not trying to talk you
outta anything.
Truth is I've been waiting for you
to quit for 12 years.
I was thinking
I might have to sack you.
You've been standing
at the station long enough.
About time you got on a bloody train.
Mr Wallace,
welcome to 'millionaire'.
I stuffed up, mate.
I stuffed it all up.
I'm a loser
with a capital 'I-o-o-s-e-r'.
Mate, if this is about...
Did you know captain cook
discovered Fiji?
Yeah, I think I did.
Well, I didn't.
I knew I was a long shot
for the million
but I thought I might get 100 g.
I was gonna get us
out of your mum and dad's house,
put us in a new home,
a bloody massive one.
Master bedroom with an ensuite.
Nursery for the bub.
A room for you,
get you out of the granny flat.
You were gonna be my phone-a-friend,
my lifeline, believe it or not.
Mate, you would have been
in all sorts.
I know, it would have
been horrendous.
"Hello, Jim. Who discovered Fiji?"
"I dunno. I'm stealing a car.
Can you call back in five?"
Sorry. It's ok.
Marie should have been my lifeline.
She's been my lifeline
for nine years now.
Where is she?
I can't believe you still come here.
I wasn't speaking to dad.
I hadn't said a word for three days.
All because he wouldn't let me
go away with Joshua nesbitt
for the weekend.
Afew days later, I found out
Joshua nesbitt was shagging
my best friend, Sonia 'slutface',
on the side all that time.
Wow, imagine having
the surname 'slutface'
and actually being a slutface?
The last thing I said to mum was...
"I love you."
She died 20 seconds later.
Mum and dad didn't die
because you told them you loved them.
Yeah, I know. I know.
I want to tell Alice how I feel
but it's like
what's inside stays inside.
Well, you know what dad used to say...
"Better out than in."
Yeah, I think he was talking about
something else when he said that.
You do know that saying "I love you"
for the first time
is supposed to be hard.
If it's not, then you probably
don't really mean it.
That's what makes it so special.
Take it from me.
There is such a thing as too late.
It's not too late.
Ai... hi, Jim.
Rebecca, is Alice here?
No, she's not, actually.
When will she be home?
She... she's gone.
She, uh, she left
for London this morning.
I'm sorry.
Well, that was about as much fun
as clubbing a baby seal.
Did he look bad?
He looked like a baby seal
that's recently been clubbed.
Are you sure this is
what you want to do?
I have to do this.
I've got to make the tough decision.
Five years from now, I'm going to
be happy that I walked away.
But what if you're not?
It's over.
She's gone.
What? Did you give her the letter?
Alice is halfway back to London now.
We need to do this today.
Do what? Deliver your letter.
We need to do this today. Before
you know it, she will be gone for good.
It's not too late for you, Charlie.
I think it's time you met Francesca.
So, Charlie, where are we going?
Remember how you said
you'd deliver my letter to Francesca?
Yeah. That was the deal.
Yeah. And I told you
it was going to get complicated.
Where is she, Charlie?
Oh... she's here.
She's on the bus.
Ok. Cool. Let's do it.
No, Jim, she's...
On the bus.
Francesca moretti?
But, Charlie, she's...
I've been trying to get Alice back
and you want me to deliver
a fan letter to a supermodel?
Hey. It's not a fan letter.
It's complicated.
J don't you think it's time?
J time to start anew
j' time for changin' views
j time for makin' up your mind
j don't you think it's time?
J' time for movin' on
j time for growin' strong
j' time to leave the past behind
j" you've been on my mind j"
hi. I'm Blake.
J oh, you've been on my mind
j you've been on my mind
j oh, you've been on my mind
j don't you think it's time?
J time for quelling fear... j
happy birthday!
J time for meaning what you say... j
you have to blow them out.
J don't you think it's time?
J' time for easin' doubt
j time for reachin' out
j time to open up your eyes
j you've been on my mind
j oh, you've been on my mind. J
I used to write letters to Beth
all the time before we were married.
She thought they were the most
beautiful things she had ever read.
Then she got sick
and started the chemo.
So, I started writing her letters again
to cheer her up.
But when we knew the treatment
wasn't working...
She told me
that I had to move on...
And the only way
I was going to do that
was to find someone else
to write letters to.
Francesca moretti?
So, you wrote a letter to the most
unattainable woman in the world.
That was a perfect plan, Charlie.
The only thing is
Francesca moretti
is suddenly attainable.
She's here.
And as far as I'm concerned,
we had a deal, so let's do this.
It's Francesca moretti. How are you
gonna get my letter to her?
You leave that to me.
But I do know one thing.
What's that?
I have the perfect vehicle for this.
Let's go deliver the mail.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Francesca moretti.
Ciao. Grazie.
Jim, there's something
I haven't told you.
What? I have webbed feet.
Well, keep your shoes and socks on.
- Thank you.
- Next.
Ok. I can't do this. You do it.
Just do it. That was the deal.
That was always the deal.
You stole my car, goddamn it.
- Charlie?
- Next.
Charlie? Listen, buddy.
You want your book signed
or don't you?
It's for a friend.
Sure it is, fella.
Would you like me to sign your book?
Oh, yes.
Can you, um,
can you make it out to Charlie?
"To Charlie, happy reading,"
"love, Francesca."
There you go.
Is, uh, is that for me?
Yes. Yes, it is.
It's not a voucher, is it?
Because I get
the free things already, so...
No. No, it's...
It's a letter.
I'll take care of that. Thank you.
Um, you know, in case it is ticking.
Like a bomb.
Thank you.
Next. Goodbye, Francesca.
Goodbye, Charlie.
Oh, no. I'm not...
Come on, buddy.
If you want to spend
more time with her,
I suggest you buy
a swimsuit calendar.
But I'm not Charlie.
She was beautiful, wasn't she?
Yeah, she was. She, um...
She really was.
Sorry about Alice.
Wasn't meant to be.
I did. I got a vibe.
You saw it.
Call off the search party.
We found him.
Who the hell are you?
Blake, I'd like you to meet
a friend of mine Charlie.
Charlie, this is Blake.
Nice to meet you.
Where have you guys been tonight?
Tonight, we...
I've been to the shack,
Metropolis, the seahorse,
all the places we used to go together,
just the two of us, hanging out.
Do you mind if I ask how old you are?
How old do you think I am?
I don't know.
It's kind of difficult to tell.
Blake. 35.
Is that in human years? Blake!
You know, I'm gonna take off.
No, you don't have to...
It's ok. I'll call you later.
Nice to meet you, Blake.
Likewise, sneezy.
What was that?
I don't know.
I thought I just might come over
and hang out with my best mate,
have a few beers.
Next thing I know,
I'm in an episode of 'twin peaks'.
What's going on, Jimmy?
I never see you anymore
and I'm your best mate.
Well, you certainly
haven't been acting like it.
Is this because of the prostitute?
A mate would know that I want to
spend the rest of my life with Alice,
not just dick someone
who he thinks looks like her.
If you love her that much,
why don't you just go out and get her?
If I felt like that about anybody,
I wouldn't be hangin' out
with a bloody...
With him.
I'd be making sure that Alice
did not get on that plane.
Well, Blake, if you'd
been paying attention,
you may have realised
that Alice has gone.
Alice got on that plane. When?
No. No. No, I...
I saw Alice out last night.
Alice was at the seahorse.
No, Blake. You didn't see Alice.
You probably just saw
some 53-year-old crack whore
who you think looked like her.
Ok, Jim.
You know, Jim...
There are two kinds of blokes.
The kind of blokes who get to
choose the women they're with,
the kind of blokes with the aura
and the charm and the swagger,
and you are one of those blokes.
And then there are blokes, like me,
who just have to hope and pray
that at least one woman
will see past all the things
that aren't there,
that she always dreamed
would be there.
I know I have a spark in me.
I'm just waiting
for somebody to see it.
You know, I saw Alice first.
What are you talking about?
Hangin' out with you
has been a lot tougher on me
than it has been on you, Jim.
It's from Blake.
From america.
Take him back.
Take who back?
Hello there.
Where's Alice?
Blake. What... what
are you doing here?
Take him back. At least when he was
with you, I saw him occasionally.
Alice, I never thought I'd say this.
I liked Jim a lot more
when he was with you.
Take him back, please.
I can't. I leave for London tonight.
My cab's going to be here any minute.
Just... just give me a minute.
Ok. Aaah...
Blake, what are you doing?
I'm just trying to think of
something really cool to say
that will fix everything.
Well, maybe there just isn't
anything cool left to say.
Maybe not.
You know, Blake,
I never told you this.
But you were right.
About what?
About the night we met.
My blind date was a no show
and you read my mind
like the prophet Mohammed.
What can I say?
I like to read situations.
You know, Alice...
We were so lucky that your
blind date didn't show up that night.
What a stupid fucking man!
Well, anything else?
A hand job?
Go home before I call the cops.
What's the forecast for London
around this time of year?
Is it for shitty or gloomy?
Blake, I'm not giving you a hand job!
I'm a friend of Jim's.
I wanted to give you these.
His handwriting's terrible.
He writes like a doctor
who lost his hands in the war,
but the words are coming.
They're not quite there yet
but they're close.
Jimmy, Jimmy!
Jimmy! Jimmy!
It's blakey! Jimmy, open up! Open up!
It's Alice! She's still here!
She hasn't left!
You're still a chance, buddy!
I'm indestructible.
Get out of it! Stop it! Stop it!
I suggest you get going. Where?
I have a plan. What?
Have I mentioned
I'm the son of a cab driver?
Hello, yellow cabs.
Your pick-up address, please?
Hey, Linda, it's blakey. Blakey.
You're looking well.
I can't get onto dad.
I need a favour.
Cab 94. Come in. Over.
This is cab 94. Over.
Is that Shane?
Shane is not driving
this cab tonight.
We had to change cars.
Well, we've gotta find him.
This is cab 94 looking for cab 33.
Do you read me? Over.
This is Nicholas.
Nicholas? It's sharesh.
Where's Shane?
No, I'm not!
No, I'm not! You are!
No, I'm not! No, I'm not!
Cab 33 looking for cab 54.
Oh, fuck off! You fat fucking face!
I fucking hate you!
No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, your fault.
Excuse me?
People are looking for you.
It's your fault!
You've ruined my life!
You've ruined my life!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
I fucking hate you!
Hey! Hey, in the back!
Hey! Ease off, woman.
If I wanted a headache,
I'd have stayed home with me missus.
I'll call you back.
People are looking for you.
What people?
Cab 33 looking for cab 54. Over.
Cab 54. Over.
Shane, it is Nicholas.
Blakey's looking for you. Over.
It's Francesca moretti.
Um, you wrote me a letter.
Oh, wow. That's... that's...
Yes. How can I help you, sir?
I'm here to see Francesca moretti.
My name is Charlie Lewis.
Right. Password?
Excuse me?
Well, if you're really here
to see ms moretti,
then she would have given you
a password, so...
May I have that password, please?
I don't have it.
She didn't give me one.
Francesca called me.
Yep. Ok. This happens all the time.
I'm gonna have to ask you
to leave now, sir. Thank you.
I don't blame you for trying.
Uh, just hang on a second.
Uh, mr Lewis?
Sorry about before.
I... perfectly understandable.
Ms moretti will be
waiting for you in the bar.
I'll have to go back downstairs
to the front desk
in case a fire starts
or the old homeless guy starts
urinating on the front window again.
Of course.
Well, here we are.
Are you alright, sir?
Yeah. I'm ok.
Well, good luck.
Lucky little bastard.
Buongiorno, ms moretti.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I was expecting somebody else.
I know.
But you were expecting me... sort of.
My name's Charlie.
My friend Jim gave you a letter.
But it was me...
I wrote that letter for you.
I see.
I know you expected someone else.
I'm sorry.
I'm gonna go.
I'm sorry to bother you.
But before I do,
can... can I ask you one thing?
Drink with me.
I, um, I have this bottle of red wine
and is very expensive.
Drink with me.
Well, I've got nothing
to do tonight.
I was going to draft a letter
to Catherine zeta-Jones
but that can wait.
Are those for me? Uh, si.
Wow. Sono bellissimi.
Well, I guess...
Keep in touch, yeah? Yeah.
Oh, my god.
Will you excuse me, please,
for one moment?
Of course.
Hello, Charlie.
You look very handsome.
So, you found somebody
to write a letter to?
It's not what it looks like.
I know.
Oh, I missed you so much.
There's so much I want to say to you.
I love you.
I love you too.
I'm sorry about that.
Are you ok?
Yeah, I'm great.
Now, I have one question for you.
How did you know that
my favourite colour was cyan?
Get off the road!
Get out of the way!
Um, could you go
a little faster, please?
Are you gonna pay
the fine, sweetheart?
No. I didn't think so.
Look, I think I'm gonna
have to stop for a wee.
Aaaagh! Aaaagh!
Aaagh! Chhh!
Wrong street, dickhead. What?
Give me the bike. No!
Don't make me get stabby on ya. Oh,
you wanna get stabbed? Huh? Huh?
Spoof bag!
No! Aaaaaaaagh!
Do you know it's a postie bike?
I'm indestructible.
Come on! Come on!
Are you going to be long?
Sorry, love. I've got
a bit of stage fright here.
You are joking, right?
It's bad timing, eh?
Bad timing? Um, yes.
It is bad timing.
I'm going to miss my plane.
I'll tell you what, it's never gonna
happen if you keep at me like this.
She's a false alarm.
Alright. Now, let's see.
Which is the best way to the airport?
She was insane.
Hmm. You are a good man.
And you have a special heart.
And you have a plane to catch.
Yes, I do.
Uh, before you go,
can I ask a favour?
Can I have a photo?
Of course you can.
But, um, maybe I look different
than I do in the magazines.
Then that would be perfect.
Ok. Strike a pose. Ok.
Ok. Now is my turn.
Oh! You're very handsome.
Goodbye, Charlie.
Goodbye, Francesca.
Oh, no. I don't like
the sound of this.
The sound of what?
I can't hear anything.
It sounds pretty nasty to me.
Look, I'm gonna have to pull over.
What now?
Um, I dunno.
Well, shouldn't you
look under the hood?
I don't know!
Alice! Alice!
Thank god.
You know I can't stop
the meter, love. Union rules.
I loved you from
the first moment I saw you.
And I'm embarrassed
that it's taken me
three and half years
to tell you that.
Someone told me recently
that it should be hard to tell
someone that you love them
but it shouldn't be this hard.
You smile in your sleep.
When you sleep...
You smile.
And I love looking at you
when you're asleep and smiling
because it makes me think that
maybe you're happy to be with me
and that maybe us being together...
Is the way things are meant to be.
It's ok. It's ok.
I've stopped the meter.
I don't care which finger
you put that ring on.
All I know is that I want to spend
the rest of my life with you,
starting right now, right here.
Why didn't you say this earlier?
I've got to go to London, Jim.
How about you don't go to London?
I've packed up my life.
My flight leaves in two hours.
Marry me.
What did you just say?
Alice Richardson...
I love you.
Will you marry me?
Now, was that so hard?
Well, yes, it was, actually.
Good morning, ms moretti.
Ms moretti? Ms moretti, one more!
Ms moretti?
J do you realise
j that you have
j the most beautiful face?
J do you realise
J we're floating in space?
J do you realise
j that happiness makes you cry?
J do you realise
j that everyone
j you know
j some day will die?
J and instead of saying
all of your goodbyes
j let them know you realise
that life goes fast
j it's hard to make
the good things last
j you'll realise
the sun doesn't go down
j it's just an illusion
j caused by the world spinning round
J do you realise? J
hey. Hey.
Want a drag?
No, I'm ok.
When did you start smoking?
This morning.
I'm thinking of quitting, though.
This is all shit.
Life's too short.
That wasn't supposed to be
a joke. Sorry. I...
It's ok, man.
Look, I, um...
I just wanted to apologise
for me recently.
I've been a complete tool.
I want to tell you something,
and it's not easy for me to say this.
We are not George Clooney.
And maybe we never were.
And by the way,
I googled George Clooney
and it turns out,
he did get married once.
Is that right?
Wikipedia does not lie.
This is true.
But even George Clooney
craves something...
More substantial.
And I've been craving it, too,
for a long time now,
and it's taken me 34 years to realise
that I've been going about it
completely the wrong way.
Mate, you will find somebody.
Well, that's the thing, Jim-jams.
I think I have found somebody.
Really? When did all this happen?
She lives with Alice.
I think she works with her.
She's really nice.
I think I really like her.
I do not believe it.
Is the Blake-inator in love?
Don't start.
I don't want to say anything out loud.
I don't want to jinx it.
Fair call. Fair call.
I will say this, though. What?
I nailed her in Alice's bed.
Right. Excellent.
I think we'll keep that between
the two of us, though, don't you?
That's a good idea, squire.
We have a wedding to organise.
Yes, we do.
Is there anything you want me
to organise - a band, a dj?
A prostitute?
I think I'm ok for all of those.
But I will be needing something.
Will you be my best man?
I do.
She's late.
Mate, you'd be surprised
how many women
have second thoughts
on their wedding day.
Here we go.
Ah, she's beautiful, mate. Well done.
Well done to all of us.
You got the rings, blakey?
No, mate. Forgot them.