I Married a Witch (1942) Movie Script

[ Upbeat ]
[ Man ]
And may this be the fate...
of all the witches,
warlocks, and sorcerers...
who attempt to work
their evil magic...
within the township
limits of Roxford.
The book of exorcism,
Mayest thou and thy kind...
be condemned forever
to eternal flames...
never to return
to the neighborhood of Roxford.
And now, while we prepare
for the extinction...
of the father of this witch...
the old sorcerer who attempted
to come to her aid...
there will be
a short intermission.
- [ People Chattering ]
- Popped maize.
Get your fresh Indian popped maize,
tuppence a poke.
It's buttered,
it's hot, it's fresh.
An anti-witch charm in every poke.
Tuppence, please.
Popped maize. Here we are.
It's buttered, it's fresh.
Popped maize,
Master Wooley?
What has got into thee,
- What?
- Dost doubt she was a witch?
I should never have accused her
if I were not sure.
And her father.
a sorcerer.
Mother, if thou hadst
seen what I saw.
We both saw our cows
turn pink, then blue...
and our sheep
dancing a minuet.
- But thou didst not see Jennifer.
- Jennifer?
She told me her name
when she chased me into the hayloft.
She was young
and beautifully fair
fairer than all women
that ever were.
How didst not tell that
to the judges?
Because I could never
describe her beauty.
What happened
in the hayloft, Jonathan?
She brought
her golden tresses...
close to my face
and whispered...
"Jonathan Wooley, thou hast
denounced me as a witch.
For that
thou shalt be accursed.
Thou and thy children
and thy children's children
all will be
under the same curse."
What was the curse?
I and all my descendants...
will be unhappy in love.
The marriages we make
will be disastrous until
- 'Tis too wicked to tell thee, Mother.
- Rubbish!
Thou art in love with Purity Sykes
and even betrothed to her.
- Aye, Mother.
- And Purity is a woman among thousands.
Aye, Mother, she is that.
Jonathan, wouldst leave
thy future wife sit there all alone?
- What ails him, Mistress Wooley?
- Ah, Purity.
You will find
he is a dreamer.
He needs only a firm hand.
Jonathan, I must ask thee
to be more attentive.
- In the future
- Look!
The oak tree.
'Twill be planted over their ashes.
- Why?
- To hold the evil spirits
prisoner in its roots...
thus keeping their wicked
powers from surviving.
I hope.
And this is the tree which was
planted over their ashes.
[ Chuckles ]
The witches' spirits, of course...
are imprisoned in its roots.
[ Chuckles ] Imprisoned forever.
I have the honor to
- to
- Are you proposing to me?
Yes, Martha.
Oh, Nathaniel!
[ Woman Giggling ]
What was that?
[ Man ]
Fort Sumter fired upon!
War declared
between the states!
Nancy Nancy, control yourself.
Control yourself.
Drop your hand.
I wish to throw this vase!
Master Wooley,
did you hear? War!
Where is the nearest
recruitin' office?
Running off to war
like a coward!
- [ Horn Honking ]
- [ Nagging, Indistinct ]
[ Horn Honking ]
[ Indistinct Nagging
Continues ]
[ Big Band: Mellow ]
I'm not talking about
the whole house at the moment.
It's that living room!
- [ Thunder Crashing ]
- [ No Audible Dialogue ]
Now Now, listen to me!
Estelle, please.
- What?
- [ Man ] Miss Masterson?
Please. Hold it.
One more.
Papa, I'm leaving.
Will you try to be more pleasant?
At least until after the wedding.
[ Man ] Fellow members
of the Roxford Country Club...
Dr. White's proposing
another toast.
I realize that lovebirds...
would like to be out on the veranda
whispering sweet nothings.
[ All Chuckling ]
After a certain
ceremony tomorrow...
they will have all the rest
of their lives for billing and cooing.
- Mostly billing.
- [ All Laughing ]
But if the voters have
any sense at all, they will insist...
that the first four years
of the honeymoon be spent
in the governor's mansion!
[ Cheering ]
Go ahead. You might pick up
a few more votes.
- [ Man ] We want Wooley!
- [ Man #2 ] We want Wooley!
[ Chanting ] We want Wooley!
We want Wooley!
[ Chanting Continues ]
I see getting married...
as well as trying to get elected,
calls for speeches.
[ People Laughing,
Applauding ]
I can truly say...
that a new life
is beginning for me.
[ Thunder Crashing ]
[ Man ] Ladies and gentlemen,
it's just a storm.
Ladies and gentlemen...
while at the moment,
the future seems a little dark
- [ People Chuckling ]
- You see?
One never knows
what the next moment will bring.
- [ People Laughing ]
- [ Thunder Crashing ]
[ Woman's Voice ]
Where am I? What's happened?
[ Man's Voice ]
A miracle! An infernal miracle!
We're free again.
Free at last!
- [ Woman ] Who speaketh?
- 'Tis I, thy father, Daniel.
[ Woman ]
But thou hast no substance.
[ Daniel ] Nor hast thou, Jennifer.
We are smoke witches' smoke.
But our evil spirits
have survived.
[ Jennifer ] 'Twill be sweet
to plague the human race again.
[ Daniel ] First we'll visit
the cornfield and ruin the crop.
'Tis always
a good way to limber up.
[ Jennifer ] Look, Father.
The cornfield is no longer there.
[ Daniel ] Well, we must
expect a few changes...
in 270 years.
[ Jennifer ] Were our spirits
in the wood that long?
[ Daniel ]
Aye. I counted the tree rings.
[ Jennifer ]
See? They've built a new house.
It seems all ablaze.
Is it on fire?
[ Daniel ] Not yet!
[ Cackling ]
What's knittin', kitten?
You like to cut a rug?
Let's ditch these ickies. How about
goin' to heaven in your jalopy?
That's solid, Jackson.
Now you're cookin' on the front burner.
What language is that,
[ Daniel ]
I don't know, but we'll learn it.
[ Big Band: Mellow ]
[ Jennifer ]
See how they dance today.
They stand so close.
[ Daniel ] Well, well, well.
Things have changed.
[ Jennifer ] I never thought I'd see
clothes like that in New England.
[ Daniel ] These cannot be
the descendants...
of the Puritans we knew.
[ Jennifer ] There's something
that hasn't changed...
in 270 years.
[ Daniel ]
Keep thy mind on our business!
[ Jennifer ]
'Twould be nice to have lips
lips to whisper lies...
lips to kiss a man
and make him suffer.
Father, why cannot I have
lips and eyes and hair?
- [ Door Opens ]
- [ Daniel ] Careful. Someone's coming.
Quick! Do as I do!
These bottles
we'll hide in them.
Quick! Quick, quick,
quick, quick, quick!
[ Jennifer ]
[ Daniel ]
Are you all right, Jennifer?
[ Jennifer ] 'Tis full of bubbles
in here. They tickle!
[ Daniel ] My bottle has
the tang of maple rum!
[ Jennifer Whispering ]
Look, Father!
Come closer, man,
so I can see thee better.
[ Daniel ] Riddle-dee-dee,
get thee hence and stub thy toe.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Jennifer Whispering ] There was
something familiar about that face.
Could we follow him?
- What'll it be, Mr. Wooley?
- The same bourbon.
Yes, sir, Mr. Wooley.
[ Jennifer ] Wooley!
I knew I recognized those features.
[ Daniel ]
Well, well, well.
A descendant of the man
who had us burned.
[ Cackling ]
[ Jennifer ]
No wonder he looks so unhappy.
I put a curse upon his family.
[ Giggles ]
Well, I thought lovebirds
always flew around in pairs.
Estelle's talking politics.
- What's the matter? Election jitters?
- No.
How can I lose, with Masterson
and all his papers in back of me?
My future father-in-law
has never backed a loser.
If he spoils his record this time,
I'll have to hock my stethoscope.
You're betting on a sure thing, Dudley.
He isn't missing a trick. Look at that.
Posters at a private party.
The whole marriage is just
another campaign stunt to him
insisting we hold it
the day before the election...
so I'll get a good
publicity break on election day.
Wallace, I think
you've had enough to drink.
- Now, Estelle
- I'd like to go home.
Yes, dear.
Can we drop you, Dudley?
Yes, thanks.
[ Jennifer Snickering ]
The curse is working.
She has the look of a shrew!
Here, Tom.
Jennifer, what's that curse
thou wast chattering about?
[ Jennifer ] Each Wooley
must marry the wrong woman.
[ Daniel ]
Ha! What a curse!
Every man who marries...
marries the wrong woman.
True suffering cometh...
when a man is in love
with the woman he cannot marry.
Father, suppose a man
were in love with a witch.
With me.
I would not marry him.
[ Daniel ] Ha!
[ Hiccups ] Ooh, pardon me.
I need air.
For tonight
I'll merry, merry be
Tomorrow I'll be sober
[ Drunkenly ]
Let's get out of here.
Let's go for a little ride.
[ Whistles ]
Father, give me a body.
[ Daniel ] Oh, no.
[ Chuckles ]
Thou didst get into enough
trouble with thy last one.
[ Jennifer ] Thou canst not
give me a body.
Thou wouldst not even know
how to begin.
[ Daniel ]
No? I'd merely make a little fire.
[ Hiccups ] As thy last body
was destroyed by flame...
thy new one would be
born in flame!
[ Jennifer ] Prove it.
Start that great house on fire.
[ Daniel ] A hotel for pilgrims.
[ Chuckles ]
'Twould be a pleasure
burning that.
All right, I will.
Worra, worra, fizzle, dizzle...
let the flame begin to sizzle!
- [ Cackling ]
- Good-bye, Father.
Good-bye, Jennifer.
Be a bad girl.
- That's the Pilgrim Hotel!
- It would have to be
on our way home.
- [ Bell Clanging ]
- We'll have to stop.
You wouldn't go through fire
for your future wife? [ Chortles ]
Boy, look at those flames.
I never saw such a fire.
- Is there any way we can get through?
- Sorry, Mr. Wooley. It's all blocked off.
- Some firebug must've touched this off.
- He did a good job!
This is the craziest fire
I've ever seen!
Laps up water like a cat!
- You're sure everybody got out?
- Yes, sir. We've checked every room.
Yeah, they're all
accounted for.
It's all right, men. Everybody's safe.
Get these people back.
We're stuck here
for a while.
Tell them who you are.
They'll have to make way.
- I'm sorry, Estelle.
- Wallace, where are you going?
- There's Mr. Wooley!
- [ People Clamoring ]
- Make way for Wooley.
- Make way for the next governor.
- Would you like to go through?
- Yes, thank you.
Folks, let him get by.
- I'm voting for you.
- There goes a great guy.
- Hello, Mr. Wooley.
- Hello.
Don't get too close.
I got a bet riding on you.
- How did it happen?
- Nobody seems to know.
There was an explosion on the roof.
The top floor went like that.
Then the fifth,
then the fourth.
Now it's on the third. Soon it'll be
on the second, and then the first...
then it'll all cave in on the basement.
[ Laughing ]
- What's so funny?
- Oh, it's fully insured...
and I love
building new things.
I want to build it
in a classic gothic design.
- Don't you love gothic? Huh?
- Quiet.
What was that?
Did you hear that voice?
[ Bell Clanging ]
Somebody's inside.
I didn't hear anything.
It was so clear!
A woman's voice.
Aw, there's nobody in there.
They've looked everywhere.
No, wait. Wait.
There it is again!
[ Jennifer ]
Here I am, Mr. Wooley.
- Over here.
- Where?
I-I can't see!
Just walk.
You'll find me.
Keep walking.
This way. This way.
- Are you all right?
- I think so.
Two legs, two arms,
a face, hair.
- Yes, I seem to be complete.
- Why don't you come out?
I've been waiting for you,
Mr. Wooley.
- Where are you?
- You're getting warmer.
Here's my hand.
How can I get you out?
I can't see a thing.
I can see you.
How do you do?
Never mind.
Let's get out of here!
- Have you a gazing glass?
- A what?
A mirror.
I want to see what I look like.
- At a time like this?
- Oh, I'm cold.
- Cold? In this furnace?
- But I have no clothes.
No clothes?
Here, put this on.
[ Coughing ]
How did you get here?
From the top floor.
Why do you look away?
Am I not pretty?
Who cares? Come on.
- [ Jennifer Coughing ]
- Get up, get up!
[ Jennifer Laughing ]
I can't!
Here, I'll carry you.
Legs are funny when you're
not used to them, aren't they?
- Huh?
- Why are you in such a hurry?
Why? The whole building
was on the third floor,
and now it's fallen to the second.
When this ceiling gives way,
we'll be buried alive.
[ Jennifer ]
Nothing will happen to us.
- You don't know
what you're talking about.
- Yes, I do.
Ah! Here's a door!
- [ Bell Clanging ]
- Oh!
- [ People Shouting, Screaming ]
- Oh!
This way's blocked.
The bars on the window.
- Where are you?
- I've found a better coat.
And a mirror!
Mm, not bad.
Oh, I'm a blond.
Would you rather
I be a brunette?
If you don't get out of this fire,
you'll be a redhead!
Don't you realize
- [ Masonry Crashing ]
- [ People Screaming ]
That was the second floor.
Well, there's no way out.
We're goners, little girl.
Perhaps I should be little.
I'm just as high
as your heart.
Did you hear what I said?
We're trapped.
Just we two.
Look, before I got here...
what what hit you
on the head?
I felt nothing
until your hand touched mine.
Oh, I see.
Well, it was nice meeting you.
Oh, would you like
to leave now?
It would be a pleasure...
but that door is now a wall.
Oh. Then we can use
the one behind the screen.
- Quick! It's our only chance!
- I want to fix my hair.
Come on,
while you still have a head!
[ Rumbling ]
[ People Screaming ]
Do you like blonds?
May I get a picture?
Hold it right there.
He saved somebody!
[ Officer ]
Stand back, people.
- Are you all right?
- I guess so.
- You certainly gave me a scare.
- Wally...
- take me away from these people.
- Here, Dudley.
She's suffering from shock.
Well, uh [ Chuckles ]
guess I'd better take you to a hospital.
Oh, well,
I hope she's all right.
It's only natural
for you to be concerned.
Estelle, I've told you a dozen times.
There's no point in Well?
It's amazing.
Not a scratch on her. Not a burn.
- You must be relieved.
- You've known me all my life.
She never met Wally.
The girl's suffering from delusions.
You see?
She has delusions.
- Well, I haven't!
- Estelle, you must believe me!
- [ Dudley ] Listen to me.
- I've never seen her before...
and I
I'll never see her again!
- Dear, you ought
- It's silly to drive me home
and then back here.
- You need rest.
- Darling
I know best. You have to get used
to pleasing me sometimes.
- All right, dear.
- Ooh, you still smell of smoke.
- Good night, darling.
- Good night.
[ Meowing ]
Susie, you know you can't
come in until breakfast time.
- [ Meows ]
- Scat!
Susie! Susie!
Susie, where are you?
Hello, darling.
- I thought you'd never
get rid of that girl.
- What are you doing here?
Waiting for you.
- But the hospital, the
- I didn't like it there.
How did you get here?
You wouldn't believe me
if I told you.
What am I to do with you?
Just look on me
as an old friend of the family.
- I never laid eyes on you before.
- Come here, Wally.
Am I not
an attractive female?
- What's that got to do
with your being here?
- Am I?
Yes, yes,
you're very pretty.
- Take my hand again.
- Now, come. I know you've had
a terrible experience.
And now a pleasant one.
You... have
a very nice hand.
And now it can shake
mine good night.
- Your hand is cold.
- Well, so is yours.
Yes, good-good night.
Let mine rest
in yours a moment.
It's growing warmer.
Well, that's fine.
That's fi
- Amusing-looking chap, isn't he?
- Yes.
- Ancestor of mine.
- I'm aware he is.
Jonathan Wooley.
He would have been
more hospitable.
Oh, I don't think so.
Well, I have a busy day tomorrow.
It's time for beddy-bye.
- Mm, take my hand again.
- You're becoming a problem.
- Am I?
- Yes, and that is not the solution.
See, it isn't respectable for you
to be sitting in a stranger's house.
- I like your resisting me.
- Oh, you do?
- You know what I'm going
to do with you now?
- Yes.
Just, uh, get up, please.
- Where are you taking me, Wally?
- We're going out.
Night, Jonathan!
I'm going to give you money,
and you can go back
wherever you came from.
- No, not yet.
- Yes, right now!
Ooh, this is
a lovely sensation.
Even nicer than flying.
- What's going on, Governor?
- Not "Governor" yet, Fred.
She was in a fire
and lost her clothes.
No, I didn't.
I didn't have any.
- Evening, Mr. Wooley.
- Have you any money, Joe?
About eight bucks.
Well, I only have ten,
but here.
Give it all to her and take her
anyplace she wants to go.
I'll pay you tomorrow.
For heaven's sake, be good.
What'll I do with the coat?
When you're through with it,
send it to the police.
It-It didn't belong to her.
[ Nervous Chuckle ]
I hope that cab is heated.
Where to, lady?
Where to?
[ Doorbell Rings ]
[ Sighs ]
Hope I didn't butt in
on a pleasant dream.
Just wanted to make sure
you're all right.
- You've certainly earned a drink.
- I'll say I have.
Upstairs you go. Get a good
night's sleep. I'll take this.
- Dudley, she was here!
- Who was here?
The girl
I saved in the fire.
That's impossible.
When I left her in the hospital,
she was sleeping like an angel.
Well, that's some hospital.
She got away. And some angel.
Now, wait a minute, hmm?
Tell me this again slowly.
No, tomorrow.
I've had enough for one day.
How about me?
I've got $10,000
tied up in this election.
If this gets out,
you're a dead goose.
Think of the scandal
the night before your wedding.
That's it the election!
That girl was sent here
by the opposition.
- They're trying to frame me.
- You're right.
Rainfogle and that bunch wouldn't
stop at anything. Did anybody see her?
- Nobody who'll do any talking.
- Good. I'll put her down
as an amnesia case.
Give the police a description.
Was she wearing that fur coat?
[ Groans ]
Maybe you'd better not
say anything to the police.
Everything's all right now.
I got rid of her.
Well, try and forget her, then.
You want a pill
to make you sleep?
No. No, thanks.
I'm much calmer now.
Oh, make sure
the door locks.
Okay. Relax, now.
- Good night, Wally.
- [ Door Shuts ]
[ Jennifer ]
Now close this door, Wally.
I said
close this door, Wally.
Now come here.
I'm coming.
My pajamas.
I don't want to call the police,
but I know your whole scheme.
- You do?
- And I know who's behind it all.
- You don't.
- Want me to mention names?
- What names?
- County Chairman
Martin J. Rainfogle.
- That's a nice name.
- Want another?
- Mm-hmm.
- State Senator Conrad O'Hara Jr.
Sheriff Peter L. Glasshauser
and all his ward heelers.
- How much are they paying you?
- Nothing.
Ha! Hmm?
You're just doing it
for love, hmm?
Yes. Father thought
it'd be a good idea.
- Who is your father?
- You've never met him.
But he doesn't want this state
to have a good administration.
Father doesn't want any state
to have a good administration.
- But he's out to get me particularly.
- Yes.
I am a pretty good judge
of character...
and I don't think
you're really a bad girl.
- Don't you?
- You're very young.
I'm older
than you'd guess.
I don't think you ought
to go back to that father.
I'd rather stay with you.
You would?
You really would,
wouldn't you?
Now I understand.
Just because I was
of some slight help...
in getting you out
of that blazing inferno...
perhaps you are, momentarily,
infatuated with me.
But it isn't love.
And I'm not in love with you.
I guess this'll take
longer than I planned.
I'm afraid you have
rather a romantic mind.
You see, love isn't
just a matter of...
two people meeting
under romantic circumstances.
Love that is,
love that is really worthwhile
grows slowly.
Real love is...
like a painting.
Ah, yes.
Yes, there have been
thousands and thousands...
of couples just like us...
going their separate ways...
never realizing the other
was waiting somewhere.
Why, Romeo and Juliet
knew right away.
That's what Shakespeare's
trying to tell us.
Of course, the case
of Dante and Beatrice...
is a trifle different.
He saw her only once.
But in that moment,
the whole world...
was bathed in a new light.
It wasn't just a humdrum world
anymore, where you had to...
get up in the morning and meet
a lot of stupid people.
- [ Knock At Door ]
- Who's that?
- [ Woman ] 8:00, Mr. Wooley.
- What?
- 8:00.
- That's impossible.
But... it's true!
- Good morning, Wally.
- Good morning, Jennifer.
It's fantastic.
It just seems like a few minutes
since I came in.
Don't you want
your breakfast?
You're as bad as when
you were a little boy.
Even on a day like this, I have
to call you half a dozen times.
[ Chuckles ]
Oh, and what a
what a beautiful day
it is too.
Happy is the bride
that the sun...
shines on.
Good morning.
That smells good!
You don't know how long
it's been since I've eaten.
- Mr. Wooley
- I'll explain later, Margaret.
- What can you possibly say?
- Well, you
No, no, dear.
Not like that.
First you butter them, hmm?
And then a little syrup.
Mr. Wooley, I've worked
for your family for 30 years...
been almost
a mother to you...
and to think that on this day,
of all days
Oh, yes, and send up
some evening gowns too, please.
You see, everything
the young lady had was burned.
Send them up right away, please.
Thank you.
You know, I think you've broken
my record for waffles.
Well, Margaret likes
nothing better than to make them.
Those people are still
downstairs waiting.
Margaret, these have made
a great hit with her.
- What did you say?
- Those people.
I told you they were here
three batches of waffles ago.
You did?
I don't remember.
Uh, people waiting?
Who? Who are they?
- You'll find out.
- Excuse me.
Mm, more waffles?
There's no more batter.
[ Dishes Clattering ]
Oh! I'm sorry, Margaret.
- Better be sorry for yourself.
- Huh?
It's Miss Masterson downstairs,
with her father.
Miss Masterson,
the lady you're getting married to.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I'd forgotten
you were going to drop in.
We didn't say we were.
What's the matter with you?
Have you seen the papers?
I've got you all over the front page.
That's great.
Dear, hadn't you better go?
- It's bad luck for the groom to see
the bride before the wedding.
- Don't be ridiculous.
Saving that girl was the luckiest break.
You don't know what that can do for you.
I have a rough idea.
I've arranged a special broadcast
about the fire. You're to be interviewed.
- I'll have you back by 11:00.
- That's fine.
That gives me plenty of time.
Shall we go?
No, I'm going to stay here.
I want to see about
brightening up this antique shop.
- The photographers will be here.
- There's no time.
- Run along.
- I'm a little on edge,
with the wedding at noon.
I'd feel much better
if you came along.
That's a good girl.
Excuse me.
I'll get my hat.
[ Estelle Shrieks ]
- How did that happen?
- It just slammed shut.
I'm terribly sorry.
There's rather a heavy draft...
blowing through
the house today.
What's he going out
with her for?
Why shouldn't he?
He's going to marry her
in less than two hours.
- As for you, young woman
- Oh, go to sleep.
After all my work!
No, I don't want to go.
[ Exhales ] Two hours.
That doesn't give me much time.
I wish Father were here.
[ Daniel ]
What seems to be the trouble?
Oh, good morning, Father.
I need some advice.
He's tougher than I thought.
I can't seem
to make him love me.
[ Daniel ]
Thou art the veriest bungler.
I must have been drunk
to give thee a body.
Oh, don't smoke
so much, Father.
- Did something go wrong
with thy philter?
- My what?
Thy love philter.
Thou gavest him one, I presume.
No. I thought I could
do it barehanded.
Art thou a witch or a woman?
Prepare a love philter at once.
Dost thou recall
the incantation? Listen.
[ Simple Melody ]
Kettle, kettle on the hob
Hurry up and do thy job
[ Daniel ]
Steam and hiss and while you do
Cook an all-compelling brew
So that he who sips will be
Slave to love's captivity
Now put in a cool place
until ready.
- What will it taste like, Father?
- Like cool water...
but 'twill set
Master Wooley's blood on fire.
Then I'll treat him
like a slave.
I'll make him suffer,
body and soul.
Speaking of bodies,
I have a notion to make
a personal appearance myself.
Of course, I'll have to burn
a house down to do it. [ Chuckles ]
Not this one, Father.
I've a better idea:
the building he's in now.
- 'Twill force him back to me.
- Excellent!
Good hunting, Jennifer.
'Tis growing cool.
Now we shall see
if thou canst resist me.
Get ready, Master Wooley.
- Not dressed yet?
- I'm lucky to be alive.
What's happened now?
I was making a broadcast
about the fire, and suddenly
I was in another one.
- Mysterious explosion on the roof.
- Anybody hurt?
No, we all got out all right.
What's wrong with this door?
What are you two doing
in my bedroom?
What happened?
Oh, I
I must have dozed off.
Go upstairs and get dressed.
Where's the brandy?
- Did you get rid of that girl?
- "That girl"?
Oh! She must still be here.
Well, she won't
be here for long.
Ah, you listen to me,
young lady.
Come on, come on.
Get up.
I'm listening, Mr. Wooley.
Why do you look
at me that way?
Oh... my dress.
Do you like it?
I I don't know.
It's such a shock
to see you dressed.
I mean...
- you're beautiful.
- Enough to make a man fall in love?
Mere physical beauty
isn't everything.
That's what I thought.
- [ Clears Throat ] Look, Jennifer
- I don't like the tone of your voice.
I swallowed some smoke last night,
and I just swallowed more now.
- But that's not going to stop me
- Wally wants a drink of water.
Nice, cool water.
Thank you.
Now, all I have to say
Drink it, Wally...
and then I'll be glad to hear
anything you have to say.
You'll find out that
no one named Wooley...
is able to stay
away from me.
Oh, I'm awfully sorry.
This is terrible.
Jennifer! Jennifer!
Can you hear me?
Dudley! Come here!
Oh, you
Here, here. Drink this.
There, that's better.
Now, how do you feel?
I I feel strange.
- Hmm?
- What happened?
Well, the picture fell.
Does your head hurt?
- My head?
- Mm.
It's my heart.
- It feels so light.
- Try not to talk.
Oh, but I must.
I must tell you how I feel.
Oh, Wally,
you're so beautiful.
- Take my hand.
- Don't start that again.
Oh, my darling.
Let that man alone!
Dudley, something really
happened to her this time.
- She got a sock on the head.
That picture
- You did it in self-defense.
[ Jennifer ] Aren't you glad
you drank it, Wally?
- I didn't drink anything.
- What's she talking about?
A drink of water. I gave it to her
when she was coming to.
You gave it to me?
Never force liquids
on a person who's unconscious.
It may have serious consequences.
- [ Moaning ]
- Nervous reactions.
- Come on. We're late.
- What are we going to do?
- Lock her in this room.
- But, Dudley
Come on,
before she marries you.
Stop worrying.
She can't get out.
I'll drive.
You're too nervous.
You'll have to get rid of her
after the wedding.
Poor little girl.
All alone in the world...
except for a no-good father.
[ Brakes Screeching ]
Don't ever jam
your brakes on like that!
I didn't jam them.
It just stopped.
- I can't figure it out.
- What's that smoke?
- What happened to him?
- Who?
The fellow we pulled
out of the fire. He's gone!
How do you like my body, Jennifer?
[ Chuckles ]
Not too old, not too young.
I'm sorry I've forgotten
the formula for clothing.
I had to borrow this sheet
from the ambulance.
By the by, has the potion
been administered?
Father, something
went wrong with our plan.
But that love philter never fails.
It didn't.
But... I drank it.
Then you love him!
Yes, Father.
But he's about
to marry someone else...
because of my ancient curse
on the Wooleys.
Do you think
if I explained it all to him
By all means do.
Telling a mortal you're a witch
will only mean the end of you.
Then what shall I do?
He must not marry her.
You won't let him, will you?
- Let me think.
- You could make him love me.
You can do
anything you want.
This problem should be
fairly simple.
- Just leave it all to me.
- Oh, thank you, Father!
- Will you leave it to me?
- I promise.
[ Chuckles ] I'm still
a little bit warm from the fire.
Jennifer, fetch me a pair
of Master Wooley's breeches.
We're going to his wedding.
I love you truly
Life with its sorrows
Life with
Its tears
Here, drink this.
- What is it?
- Novocain. 120 proof.
- Down fast, brother.
- If that girl ever gets
out of my house
Drink that.
Suppose she comes here?
It'll be terrible for Estelle.
Oh, you'll be all right,
and I'll be sitting pretty.
- [ Instrumental Interlude ]
- There's your cue.
Just play
"I'm a seeing-eye dog" now.
- Can't you smile?
- You know I wanted
a church wedding.
You've had everything else
your own way.
I should never have given in
to Wallace. It's the last time.
She's not here.
Stop worrying.
[ "Bridal March" ]
- [ Wind Gusting ]
- [ Women Screaming ]
[ All Clamoring ]
Close that door!
It's a hurricane!
- My veil is ruined!
- Go back and wait.
I'm terribly sorry.
There'll be a short delay till we get
everything straightened out.
Music, music!
Sing something.
I love you truly
That's all I needed:
a hurricane on my wedding day.
Never mind about that.
She just blew in!
- What?
- I saw her in the doorway.
- What'll I do?
- I'll think of something.
this is my father.
Delighted, Master Wooley.
You've made a mistake.
This is a private room.
It's rather crowded downstairs,
and a bit windy. [ Chuckles ]
Be seated, Master Wooley.
I should like to have a talk with you.
Look here. I'm being
married in two minutes.
- I understand those were your plans.
- "Were?" He is. Nothing you can do
- Would you excuse us?
- Maybe you'd better.
Hurry up.
I'll stand guard.
Let me fix your pretty tie.
You see, Father?
He's just like a Greek god.
My little one tells me
she was your overnight guest.
- Not at my invitation.
- Oh, no, Father.
The poor sweet
didn't want me to stay.
Were I an ordinary man,
Master Wooley...
a horsewhipping
would no doubt be in order.
But I am not
an ordinary man.
While examining
your dwelling...
- I came upon... this.
- My revolver!
You can't force me
to marry her.
What a banal mind you have.
You may hold the weapon.
- What is this?
- It's very simple.
Here is a bruised flower.
I am her father.
That is your revolver.
You are going to shoot me.
I... am going to shoot you?
Will that be of help?
Now, now.
Father knows best.
Warm, Master Wooley?
You don't know
what warmth is.
I am told one of your forebears
made a hobby of bonfires.
What a pity
he cannot be here...
to see
his descendant burn.
Yes, Master Wooley.
In the modern way.
Strapped in a chair...
heated by electricity.
I anticipated that.
Pistol, pistol, let there be...
murder in the first degree.
Thank you so much.
Amusing invention,
the electric chair.
[ Chuckles ]
What will they think of...
- What's happened?
- Uh
- It was an accident!
- 'Twas no accident.
He killed me in cold blood.
Kindly notify the authorities.
Oh, he's frightened you.
He told me he'd help me.
- [ Wallace ] How is he?
- He's dead.
Oh, it doesn't matter.
"Doesn't matter"?
Her own father!
Oh, but that's not
my father.
That's just a body
he picked up.
I didn't do it, Dudley!
You'll be my witness!
All right.
Well, I wasn't here!
[ Groaning ]
[ Instrumental Interlude ]
He's as nervous as a bride.
One might think
they were going to hang him.
It's up to you.
Now, tell them.
What have I got
to do with it?
You're handling the...
details of the wedding.
[ "Bridal March" ]
[ Gasping, Clamoring ]
I love you truly
Empty! I thought
I saw smoke come out.
I know
you're here somewhere.
How could you, Father?
You know I love him!
[ Daniel ] That's exactly
why I've disposed of him.
- Where are you?
- [ Cackling ]
For tonight I'll merry, merry be
For tonight I'll merry, merry be
For tonight
I'll merry, merry be
Tomorrow I'll be sober
- [ Cackling ]
- Come out of that bottle.
- Come out!
- Oh, no.
[ Chuckles ]
I could float here forever.
Well, you're not going to.
- [ Woman Shrieks ]
- [ Wallace Gasps ]
Don't go upstairs!
- But maybe she killed herself.
- Now, Wally Wally
- What's wrong with him?
- I think we'd better call the police.
- What's he done?
- It's the other fellow.
- What other fellow?
- The one in the chair.
Keep calm. I'll be right back.
- [ Exclaims ]
- Estelle! Estelle!
Ah, love, 'tis something
To feel
Now, you get back
in that body.
No. I didn't like it.
It's an old, fat body.
Then I'll tell Wally
what we are.
Knowing what would then
happen to you?
- Yes.
- Heh. You wouldn't dare.
Wouldn't I?
You're all right?
[ Jennifer ] Wally, darling,
there's something I must tell you.
[ Gasps ]
- I thought you said he was dead!
- Well, he is!
[ Drunkenly ]
A fine way to take advantage...
of a father's affection.
Now hearken
to a father's curse.
I'm going
to turn you into a frog.
Frog, frog,
sitting on a log
What's the next line?
You wait till I sober up.
You'll be sorry.
[ Woman Gasps ]
For tonight
I'll merry, merry be
Tomorrow I'll be sober
- What did you want the police for?
- It's all right now.
He fell out the window.
- He what?
- Not Wally. The other fellow.
- Unhand me,
foul minions of the law!
- Take it easy, Pop.
I'm going to cast a spell upon you.
From now on, you're a rat!
Rat, rat,
fatter than the cat
- How does the rest of it go?
- So I'm a rat, huh?
- Call the wagon.
- Come on.
If I could only
remember the words...
I could turn you
into kangaroos.
They're taking him away.
Why didn't I have them
take you too?
Perhaps because
you're beginning to love me.
- Please don't start that again.
- Wally!
I thought Father would be friendly.
I wouldn't let him
or anyone else harm you.
- Oh, I know you wouldn't.
- But it's true!
Last night I was your enemy,
but now I've changed.
I love you.
I'll always love you.
- If I could die,
I would do that for you.
- Will you just be a sweet girl?
- Hey, they're ready.
- Good-bye.
- Where are you going?
- I told you before
But I thought that now,
after all I've done for you
You've been very obliging, but now
I'm going downstairs to be married.
That's what you think.
[ Instrumental Interlude ]
[ Jennifer Screams ]
You gotta go through
with it this time.
I'll take care of her.
[ "Bridal March" ]
Hurry up, hurry up.
Let's get this over with.
He'll pay for this.
- Do I look all right?
- Who cares? Go on.
Well, what are you
standing there for?
Dudley has the ring.
I'll see what's keeping him.
- Wallace.
- You come back here!
What's the matter with you?
Did you ever have one of those days
when nothing seems to go right?
I love you truly
- Got here too late.
- Dudley.
She really did love me.
She said she'd die for me.
- Oh, my darling.
- At last!
[ Surprised Gasp ]
I've had enough of this!
Estelle, wait a minute!
Listen to me!
You've got to listen to me!
Uh [ Nervous Chuckle ]
It's a big misunderstanding.
If you'll give me
a few minutes, I
I'll give you just ten seconds
to get out of this house, all of you!
We won't be here
that long.
- You'd better get out of the state.
- I'm terribly
- Get out!
- I can explain.
Uh, after the fire, you see,
she spent the ni-night
On-On second thought...
- maybe we'd better just go, darling.
- Mr. Masterson
I'll expose you
in every paper I own!
This'll not only cost you the election,
but I'll encourage the voters of this state
to tear you limb from limb!
I'll head the tar-and-feather
party personally!
When I'm through with you,
you'll wish you'd never been born.
I love you truly
- Will you shut up?
- Tru-
[ Man ] Extra! Big Wooley scandal!
Read all about it!
Extra! Paper!
Big Wooley scandal!
Extra! Read all about it!
Wallace Wooley exposed!
Extra! Paper!
- Big Wooley scandal!
- What does it say?
It's just as I thought.
He's finished.
And I'm bankrupt.
Go and get her, I say.
Bring my daughter to me.
Bring her here or,
by Jezebel
- Shut up!
- Quiet!
- I wanna get some sleep!
- Hey, toss this stub bug out of here!
For the last time,
will you pipe down?
I tell you, my daughter
ran off with a bumpkin...
named Wooley,
Wallace Wooley.
Sure, she did. You take it easy.
You'll be out of here tomorrow.
Tomorrow may be too late!
There's no telling what she'll do.
I know a couple of ways
to make you shut up.
And I know
a hundred ways...
to silence you forever.
Oh, but I don't
remember them now.
This is terrible!
She'll marry him.
Wallace Wooley's
gonna marry his daughter.
And then you'll see
what'll happen to Master Wooley.
I'll wreak my vengeance
on them both.
She thinks she can
run away from me...
that I cannot see her
because of the fog.
But I can see you, Jennifer.
She smiles.
She presses closer to him.
Yes, Wally?
You're guessing about
those mileposts, aren't you?
No, I can see them.
I have rather unusual eyes.
If we're really over the state line,
I can relax.
Wally, what color
would those feathers be?
Oh, I don't know.
But the tar
would be black.
Let's stop, Wally.
I guess we'll have to.
I can't even see the front of the car.
Mighty nice scenery
they have around here.
- Lovely, isn't it?
- We'd better walk to the next town.
No, I thought
we'd stay here.
Here? We're in the middle
of nowhere.
How do you know,
Mr. Wooley?
Good evening.
If you're looking for a place to stay,
I have a lovely room.
Thank you.
- Do you have two rooms?
- No, I'm sorry.
Aren't you married?
You're dressed
for a wedding.
Where's the nearest
justice of the peace?
He'll be down in a minute.
Henry? Customers.
Uh, let's see.
One dollar for waking up
the county clerk...
and helping you
get your license.
Two dollars
for the ceremony.
One-fifty for lodgings.
Rent of my pajamas,
25 cents.
Rent of nightgown
I'll have to charge you
50 cents for that.
- It's sort of an heirloom.
- Yeah.
Almost a perfect fit.
My grandmother was just
a little bit of a thing like you.
[ Chuckles ]
Oh, shall I light the fire?
Oh, no.
I'd like to try.
I must start learning
to be a good housewife.
Let's see. You... just go
like that, don't you?
Of course.
They're like any other matches.
Well, good night, my dear.
I'm sure you're going
to be very happy.
He's a fine young man...
and I hope your boys
take after him.
And I hope your girls
take after you.
- By Rhadamanthus, on, fire!
- [ Door Opens ]
[ Gasps ]
- Wally?
- Yes, dear?
- Did you see the way
that fire came on?
- What fire?
All I can see
in this room is you.
- Darling?
- Mm-hmm?
- Do you want to have children?
- Why, of course.
I'd like three little girls
exactly like you.
- Ohh!
- Huh?
I think I'd better tell you.
You'd never forgive me
if you found out later.
- Aha! A confession!
- Yes, Wally.
I haven't exactly been a saint myself.
We'll compare notes in the morning.
No, I must tell you now.
I don't know how to begin.
Then don't.
- Wally?
- Hmm?
Doesn't it seem strange to you,
the way we met?
It's all been like a dream.
- It was witchcraft.
- That's it. Of course.
- You see, Wally
- Shh, dear.
It's getting late.
But I want you
to know what I am.
All right.
All right, what are you?
I'm a witch.
A witch? [ Chuckles ]
I knew it all the time.
- You did?
- Of course.
I've been under your spell
since the moment I met you.
Then... it doesn't matter?
You don't mind being married to a witch?
I love it.
I'll try so hard to be a good wife,
and I'll only use witchcraft to help you.
What could you do,
for instance?
I could make you win
the election tomorrow.
Oh, it would take witchcraft
to do that.
- I think I can manage it.
- Fine, fine.
After all, I'm not just
an ordinary witch.
My family dates back
to the days of Pompeii.
- Were you mixed up in that?
- My father was.
Ever hear of the decline and fall
of the Roman Empire?
That was our crowd.
You're marvelous.
Seriously, dear...
do you like to sleep
on the left or the right?
You don't believe me.
Wally, try to understand.
270 years ago
That's too long a story, dear.
Can't it keep till tomorrow?
Wally, 270 years ago
- You're not listening to me.
- Yes, dear. Yes, I am.
270 years ago
I'll tell you tomorrow.
Let me out!
Let me out!
Oh, why can't I remember...
the formula for dissolving iron?
- Let me out!
- Quiet!
- Pipe down!
- I couldn't get any shut-eye all night.
- Ah, throw him into solitary!
- Yeah.
That's Wallace Wooley.
Don't tell me
they're tossing him in the clink.
It looks that way.
Pay up, brother.
They ain't electing no con for governor.
Bensinger's a cinch.
Why couldn't you keep straight
until after you was elected,
like everybody else does?
I'd like to talk to you about Jennifer.
We were married last night.
Yes, I know.
Master Wooley.
Thank you. She's been
saying the oddest things...
last night
and again this morning.
Silly things...
about living in Roxford
270 years ago, and, uh
and being a witch.
Don't you think I know?
Oh, then she's acted
that way before?
Well, maybe
I can help her.
I must concentrate.
Iron, iron, melt away
I can't remember a thing.
What is the matter with me?
I'm afraid
you've got a hangover.
Don't tell me what I've got!
I invented the hangover!
It was in 1892 BC.
Did you believe her?
That's the important thing.
"Believe her"? Why, the things
she said didn't make any sense.
Then there's still hope.
At first I thought she was joking,
but she keeps talking
about the election...
saying she'll make me win
by witchcraft...
and that that'll prove
she's a witch.
Master Wooley,
see if you can get me out of here.
I know how to handle her.
I'll do my best...
but I'm afraid I haven't much
influence in this town anymore.
- It'll be a Bensinger landslide!
- Quiet!
[ Derisive Laughter ]
[ Man ] Three cheers
for Wallace Wooley! Hurray!
[ Several Men ]
Hurray! Hurray!
- We want Wooley!
- We want Wooley!
- We want Wooley!
We want Wooley!
- Quiet!
[ Men Continue Chanting ]
We want Wooley!
Hey, hey. I thought
you wanted Bensinger.
- I changed my mind.
- Yeah, but you're bettin' on Bensinger.
All right, so I'll lose.
- We want Wooley!
- We want Wooley!
[ All Chanting ]
Quiet! Quiet!
We want Wooley!
[ Chanting Resumes ]
- [ Upbeat March ]
- [ Chanting Continues ]
Wallace Wooley
is a fraud!
An impostor!
A hypocritical demagogue!
That's why I'm asking you
to vote for...
Wallace Wooley.
- [ Whispering ] Mr. Masterson
- One moment, please. Yes?
You said,
"Vote for Wooley."
Did I?
ladies and gentlemen.
The man I am backing
is Bensinger.
[ People Chanting ]
We want Wooley! We want Wooley!
We want Wooley!
We want Wooley!
We want Wooley!
[ Babies ]
We want Wooley.
- We want Wooley!
- We want Wooley!
[ Cheering ]
[ Chanting ]
We want Wooley! We want Wooley!
[ Cheering, Chanting Continue ]
We want Wooley!
[ Man On Radio ]
That includes every precinct
in Kearsarge County, folks.
It looks as if the whole state's
gonna make it a Wooley landslide.
More in a minute.
- I can't believe it.
- That's just what she'd said she'd do.
- There's no other explanation.
- You mean she's a
You see why I couldn't go down
to campaign headquarters tonight?
- If this gets out
- Let's look at these
Wappasocket figures.
- They're not complete.
- You can't be carrying Wappasocket
County. That's Bensinger's home.
Another bulletin, folks:
Complete returns from Wappasocket...
show the entire county has climbed
on the Wooley bandwagon.
- Well? Are you convinced?
- He must mean another county.
Hold everything.
Here's a flash, folks.
At 10:45 tonight, with only three
precincts yet to be heard from...
election returns were as follows:
Wallace Wooley 2,684,922.
Elwood Bensinger none.
He didn't even vote
for himself.
Dudley, I've married a witch.
What am I going to do?
Let me look at you.
Did you say
she's 800,000 years old?
No, no, no, no, no.
That's her father. She's only 290.
- I see.
- But you'd never think it.
Well, marriage does
a lot for people.
Well, Wally,
this clears everything up.
All except one little point:
How did she get out
of the hospital that night?
- She used a broom.
- Oh, of course!
I must be getting stupid.
A child would know that.
Dudley, what
what am I going to do?
- How many people have you told?
- No one but you. How can I?
I see your point.
People are so skeptical.
Might be hard to grasp
that the first lady is a witch.
- I don't care about them.
What about me?
- Look out!
Are you satisfied, darling?
You're the new governor.
- What are you going to do now?
- Help you with your slippers.
- No, not just yet.
- Then I'll warm them by the fire.
You know, I lighted it
with a match, Wally.
From now on, I'm going to be
just a simple, helpful wife.
Dudley, I can't take it.
"A helpful wife."
What if she runs me for president?
- [ People Chanting "We Want Wooley" ]
- What's that?
People gathering in the street.
They want you to make a speech.
- Real people?
- Naturally. They all voted for Wally.
- What am I gonna say to them?
- I don't know.
There are one or two things
I wouldn't tell them. Good night.
- Where are you going?
- I've gotta be getting home
into my straightjacket!
- Would you like me to drive you?
- No, thanks. I'll call a broom
I mean, a taxi.
- Wally, darling.
- Yes, dear?
You don't mind
my being a witch, do you?
Well, you'll admit
it's a little unusual.
- No one need ever know.
- We'll talk about that later, dear.
It'll be our little secret.
Our little secret?
Now go out and make
your speech to them, dear.
Good evening, my dear.
- [ Man ] Three cheers
for Wallace Wooley!
- [ Crowd Cheering ]
I must compliment you
on the public confidence...
you have inspired
for Master Wooley.
- You're not going to hurt him again?
- I will attend to him later.
I am concerned now
with an erring daughter.
I've done nothing
except love him.
You have informed him
that you are a witch.
Need I remind you
of the punishment...
that I must
perforce administer?
At midnight,
back to the tree!
There to stay until the present
race of men is extinguished.
A rather light sentence,
considering the offense.
But if I don't wish to go
- There is nothing you can do about it.
- I'm still a witch.
No, my dear. Your heart
is so full of human love...
that I can
no longer trust you.
Until you have resumed
a more spirit-like existence...
you shall be
a mere mortal!
I've remembered
all the spells you've taught me.
Out, fire,
by Rhadamanthus!
- Out!
- [ Chuckling ] You see?
Your power is dead.
Mine remains.
Out, fire.
Better get ready.
Soonest done,
soonest mended...
and midnight approaches.
May I... say good-bye?
Certainly, my dear.
I'll be around.
[ Wallace ]
...endeavor to give this fair state
an honest administration.
As a former governor
so aptly put it
[ Whispering ]
Wally! Wally!
Uh, and in conclusion,
thank you very much.
What is it?
- You must help me!
- You want me to help you?
- Come on, darling. Hurry!
- No, no. But where?
- Anywhere.
Out the back door. Hurry up.
- [ Sputtering ]
Anyplace, Joe.
Just drive around.
That's my cab!
- What is all this?
- I had to get you away.
Something might have happened to you.
- What?
- I don't know, but something awful.
- Can't you tell me about it now?
- Wally, I'm afraid!
You are afraid.
What trouble can you be in
that you can't get out of by witchcraft?
- I've lost my power.
- What?
I'm not a witch any longer.
I'm like any other girl.
I wish we could go so fast
that no power on earth could overtake us!
- Faster!
- Nothing's going to happen
to you while I'm around.
[ Chuckling ]
You are like any other girl
afraid of lightning.
That isn't ordinary lightning.
- Can't he go any faster?
- Step on it, Joe.
Nobody could
possibly catch us.
Joe's a wonderful driver.
There's nothing he can't do with the car.
They've certainly
improved this road.
Is it midnight yet?
Five minutes to 12:00.
Don't look!
[ Daniel ]
Back to the tree!
[ Daniel Cackling ]
Don't worry about me,
Master Wooley.
I am accustomed to fire.
Come, Jennifer.
I have decided to return
with thee to the tree.
I am weary of mortals.
There's no use fighting.
It has to be like this.
- Jennifer, what are you saying?
- Go, Wally. Please.
[ Clock Chimes ]
Good-bye, my darling.
I want you
to remember me as I was:
just an ordinary girl.
- [ Cackles ] He'll remember.
- [ Chiming Continues ]
That will be his torture.
And I'll remember
that I loved you.
Through all eternity
I'll remember.
[ Cackles ]
Thou wilt remember
nothing of this tender feeling.
That will be the essence
of thy punishment.
I'll never forget.
With all my strength
I'll fight.
Love is stronger
than witchcraft.
I'll remember everything
the sound of your voice...
your worried looks...
the warmth of your arms
around me...
the touch of your lips.
[ Clock Chimes ]
[ Jennifer's Voice ]
Good-bye, Wally.
Good-bye, my darling.
I'll remember.
I'll always remember.
Always. Always.
[ Daniel ] Look at him.
Is it not good to see him suffer?
Yes, Father.
Is this not a perfect revenge
on the Wooleys?
Yes, Father.
Could we follow him?
And why?
To watch him suffer,
of course.
Well said, Jennifer!
Thou art a witch again!
[ Daniel Cackling ]
She's dead, Master Wooley.
Thy marriage
is a mournful memory.
Let's be gone, Jennifer.
[ Jennifer ] Let me tarry
but a moment at this window.
I wish to see it all.
[ Daniel ]
Thou art enjoying it, eh?
[ Jennifer ]
Oh, yes. And thou?
I cannot remember
when I've had a better time.
[ Cackles ]
It's great in here.
I've called a doctor,
Mr. Wooley.
The sound of his voice
[ Chuckles ]
it no longer thrills thee?
- No, Father.
- Good.
And his worried looks?
And the warmth
of his arms around thee?
[ Jennifer ] These are things
that have no meaning for me now.
And the touch of his lips?
love is stronger
than witchcraft.
[ Daniel ]
For tonight I'll merry, merry be
For tonight
I'll merry, merry be
- Tomorrow I'll be sober
- Oh, no, you won't.
Wally, darling,
all our troubles are over.
At least for the present.
[ Margaret Scolding, Indistinct ]
Mr. Wooley...
I've been with your family
for 37 years, but this is the end.
- What is it, Margaret?
- I simply cannot handle your daughter!
I told you never
to play with that broom.
I'm afraid we're going to have
trouble with her someday.
Oh, that's impossible.
I hope.
[ Daniel Cackling ]
Good night, ladies
We're going
to leave you now