I Met a Girl (2020) Movie Script

Love... Loving...
Okay, yep. Good. Slower. Love...
Loving... That's the secret.
That's the only thing.
Because everyone wants to find
their one, their "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."
Because everyone wants
to find their one.
Their "Lucy in the Sky
with Diamonds"
with tangerine trees
and marmalade skies.
Because that's the dream. Right?
Useless, pathetic...
Don't listen to her, kid.
You're a shining star.
Love, love, loving.
That's the question.
And it's the motherfucking
answer... Oh, shit.
I want to see you
swallow them.
Nicky, come on. Really?
You don't seriously--
We had a deal. No drinking.
you're like the Brother-nator
tonight, I love it.
we can take him back now.
Your dad's exhausted as it is.
Uncle Ivan said
he could take him.
Guys, guys. I'm right here.
-Ivan can't,
he's got the poodles.
- Family, chillax!
Please. I'm calm now for reals
and my band's all set to play
your song; my gift to you!
I gotta give you my gift, right?
Hi, me again.
We are
They Said It Wouldn't Last...
Which bears no relation
to today's events.
And this is for my brother Nick.
The soul of a warrior
The body of a nerd
In glasses
Taking, taking
Real estate classes
The mind of a fighter
The strength of a
Comic book writer
Who can't change
Who can't change a tire
-That's not true. It's not true.
You don't need no cape
No boots, no mask
Don't need no screaming
Girly fans
'Cause you are the bravest
Toughest man I know
You're every little bit of a
Suburban super-hero!
A modern-day Zeus
Suburban super-hero!
Whoa, whoa. That... that...
that was a moment.
That... that was amazing,
did you feel that?
Man, it's so, so hot
in this tent.
Do you guys feel the hot...
Does anyone else feel hot
in this tent, because...
Did you feel? No, no. Stop.
Stop, stop. Stop. Stop.
Let's just live in this moment.
We don't need music or sounds
to connect, to feel
the overpowering love in this--
-Hey, man,
let's just take five--
-No, no.
I love you, Nicky.
And it's just such a monumental
thing, you know, it's such
a huge leap of courage.
And... and if you'll let me,
I just...
I really want to share
with you...
all... all the love
I have inside me.
-No, no, it's okay.
It's okay, because...
I am love.
-No! Devon!
As John Lennon once said,
"Reality leaves a lot
to the imagination."
And for me, that's the truth.
But maybe I'm the lucky one,
because sometimes reality
can really, really suck.
No, no! My life-blood is sacred!
-Please. Sacred. You're evil.
- Dirty...
-I'm pure. Pure as an angel.
Don't. Don't.
-Evil... Putrid... Demented.
I'm sacred.
I don't think
this is a very good idea.
I want to go, now, okay?
Where's my brother?
Where's Nicky?
Paint is healing.
The color, the sensation.
It feels natural.
I was 12 when I first heard them, the voices.
One was friendly.
That was Mr. Rocket,
my protector, my hero.
The other, Miss Needles,
was not.
It's why they want to keep me
constantly medicated,
to lock out the bad.
Problem is, it can sometimes
lock out everything.
No. I'm asleep. Go away.
-Up and at 'em.
-No, it's not tomorrow yet.
Mate, what happened here?
Oh, there was a shaft of light,
like I was a stranded ship.
Is that decaf?
There is no caffeine
in the house. Remember?
Yeah, but what if Liv,
not intentionally,
but inadvertently,
brought some in from school,
because that smells
like caffeine--
Morning, Dev.
Hey, sis,
how's the growing fetus?
Yeah, well, it's, you know.
Hey, and I heard you
throwing up again. You okay?
Oh, yeah, I managed to get
three whole crackers down first
this time.
-Are we all good here?
-Yeah. Yeah, all good.
Good. Okay.
-Well, what was that?
- Nothing.
Come on, we're leaving in 15.
Pet Patch.
Hey. Loser birds. Move!
- Are you dead? Huh?
-Do something!
-That's it, piss off, right now.
It's okay, guys.
Don't worry about it.
-Loser birds.
-Don't do that!
Is everything okay?
-No, it's really not,
is this yours?
- Devon.
Can you clean out the litters?
Yeah, but this little turd was--
-Excuse me?
-Now, okay? Thank you.
-I'm sorry about that, he's new.
-Okay, well.
Let me make it up to you.
We could throw in the budgie
with the large enclosure.
-My God!
Quick! Go, go!
-Be free.
- Devon! No!
He was a bully!
And nobody should pay for them,
they're not commodities,
-even though she was just
going to give it away like--
-It is a pet shop!
A "shop".
And it was a job
which I'm probably going
to be needing myself now
after skipping out
on another open house.
Oh, so I should just
sell my soul?
Ignore blatant animal cruelty?
Jesus Christ.
Where are we? Is this a prison?
-It is not a prison.
-It looks like a prison.
Devon, come on.
I thought you sold houses,
because this is like a shed,
and in a questionable area.
It is a solid, safe apartment,
with great appliances.
-And um...
Well, look at this.
See? That's total darkness.
Yeah, that's... Are we moving?
Here? With the baby?
Because this is...
Oh, not "we."
Just... Yeah. No.
Devon. Hey, stop, okay.
You... you can do this.
I got a great deal on the rent,
all you have to worry about
is paying me back
when you get another job.
I can't be on my own, in here,
with my condition.
Are you crazy?
Well, look, I'm exactly
ten minutes down the road.
And if you just stay on plan,
you could--
You don't want me
around the baby. Right?
You think that I'd... hurt it?
No, of course,
I... I don't think that.
Of course, I don't think that.
Devon, I--
Yo, yo, yo. Check it out.
The Ken doll suit, the trim.
Reel it in.
-Um, what are you doing here?
-I know. I've been AWOL.
But now, I'm back
with a musical vengeance and...
I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Devon. Hi.
-Oh, please don't...
-And you're sticky. Sorry.
It's so... so lovely
to meet you.
Yeah, this is, um...
this is Kate.
You met her twice
when you were at the clinic.
Kate. Kat. Kitty-cat. Kat.
We... we were actually
just heading off.
-Um, I've got a work dinner,
-Yes. No, it's cool.
I could chill,
work on some new tracks.
Man, I've got some great
new tunes bubbling away--
No, man,
I'm... I'm not playing anymore.
What? No. What... what are you
talking about?
The band's dead, dude,
it's over.
It's time to grow up.
Bullshit. Bullshit.
Anyway, uh, hoping I could just
nestle into your couch
for a day or two, tops.
-You wouldn't even know
I was there.
Yeah, uh... yeah,
sorry, I can't.
Just look after yourself, yeah?
Um, yeah.
Nobody wants you...
You suck the life
out of everyone...
You wear everyone down...
Nobody wants you around...
You're a burden.
They all wish you were dead...
Do it...
Fuck it.
Hey, kid,
what's the big hurry?
Not loving this mood
you're in, D-Man. Hang on!
Olivia hates you...
You know
what you need to do...
Nobody wants you around.
Nobody loves you.
There's only one solution.
You deserve to die.
Your parents will
finally be free...
You're going to hurt the baby... the baby... Saved from your disease...
Hey, back up, that's far enough.
Come on.
We got to hang out together
more, see, that's the problem.
Kick back, have a few bevvies,
chase a little tail.
I'm worthless, I'm no good.
That's crapola,
you're a champion,
you're a bloody superhero.
Just do it,
you worthless runt.
Hey, hey, hey. Stay with me.
You're a halo of awesome.
You're a frickin' legend, man!
Jump... Loser... Do it... No one will miss you...
You're an absolute rock star.
Eh? Hey.
Whoa. Shit.
That was beautiful.
- Oh, God!
- Sorry!
Sorry, I didn't mean...
Oh, jeez.
Are you okay?
Uh, I'm not sure.
Yeah. I... I didn't think
you were going to wake up,
I mean, not immediately.
Not that I thought you were dead
or anything,
you were definitely breathing,
strong pulse,
so you seemed okay...
um, apart from actually
the light bleeding.
That's... that's why I thought
the bathtub was...
was the best place for you.
I'm... I'm renting.
Oh, I'm Devon.
Hey, uh, I'm Lucy.
Um, I'm gonna go, uh...
I'm gonna go put some...
some clothes on.
I will... Yeah.
So, you found me?
Ah, well, no, actually Milo did,
my, uh... my little Spaceman,
sometimes Cowardly Lion,
or Bumblebee.
He's the one to thank.
Spacedog. Hey. Hey.
And how did you...
If I was out of it?
I'm surprisingly strong.
Good deltoids, I guess.
I... I also live just over
from the park so I didn't have
to drag you too far.
Sorry, I... I did try
to be gentle.
It was just the stairs that,
uh... that seemed kind of
Oh, yes. I know, it's a lot.
It's for work,
a '50s American-themed diner.
Would you like some coffee?
Although, disclaimer:
only have decaf,
I love the ritual and the aroma,
but the actual like force of
caffeine just like throttles me,
you know?
Yes, exactly.
Oh, yeah, I'd... I'd love some.
Cool. Good. Yeah, coffee.
So you were trying
to kill yourself?
I'm sorry, that...
that was too direct.
I'm always...
I'm always too direct.
Yeah, no, uh,
there's been some issues.
Enough said.
Although, I will say, you are
one hardy son-of-a-bitch to be
up and walking around
after a fall like that.
Oh, no! My guitar.
Oh, yeah, it's beautiful.
I took a peek,
hope you don't mind.
Not a scratch.
Oh, thank God, it's okay.
Are you a musician?
Oh, you have incredible
collection, by the way,
and isn't vinyl so much more
authentic; honest, you know?
-Sorry, yes.
-You know what,
don't answer that.
Why do we always do that?
Exchange resumes.
It just reduces our lives
to ants, you know?
Just toiling for the man;
the man-Queen.
Yeah, sure. I guess.
And we are so much more
than that.
You know what, Devon...
I don't know what your plans
are, or if you're even
sticking around another day,
I mean, I'm not going to preach
to you, you know,
life is what it is.
I don't have any
immediate plans.
Really? Okay. Great.
Well, uh, do you want to do
something? With me? Together?
I'd love that.
Awesome. Uh, well, give me
two minutes to erase Marilyn.
Lucy. Thank you.
I adore Perth;
you can breathe here.
It's like the most isolated
big city on earth.
You can feel it.
But Sydney,
God, if I was anywhere else.
-I've never been, actually.
That is criminal, the harbor,
the cultures, the food,
it's pulsing.
Even from the tranquility
of Hyde Park, you can still feel
the city humming,
seducing you
with its magical past.
I'm trying to say
you have to go.
Is that where you're from?
Ah, no, originally I'm...
You know what, let's not
do that, talk about our pasts.
It's essentially irrelevant
information, don't you think?
I guess. Yeah.
I just want to know everything
about you now, today,
in this moment,
where we're both meant to be.
Like, are you hungry?
-Yes, yes, I am.
What do you feel like?
Well, considering
I'm almost broke, I feel like--
No, I said
what do you feel like.
Ah. Okay, I feel like a giant
lobster and fresh scallops,
some crusty warm bread
with butter on it,
and ice cold champagne,
even though I don't
really drink champagne.
Oh, God, you are inside my head!
That is the perfect meal.
Lucy, um...
-Trust me, it's okay.
Man, I love seafood.
I feel like I must have been
a mermaid in a former life.
Or a whale.
Welcome to Blue Horizon.
Sir, can I take your guitar?
No, no. No. Thank you.
Keeps me safe.
This is a symphony.
What did I tell you?
Is there something on my face?
I've been trying to work it out,
who it is you remind me of.
An old movie star?
Or that hot P.E. teacher
you fantasized about?
It's like
you're from a fairy-tale.
Like I've dreamt you.
Except I'm a lot more wicked...
All right,
are you ready to roll?
-I don't know how to thank you.
- You don't have to.
It's on them.
I mean, I'm sure they're doing
okay and this is a very special
They won't even notice...
Hey, lean in.
That's it...
Now, breathe in and out...
Breathe in...
Shall we?
Hello. Thank you.
I feel like
this is the perfect arena.
Go on.
Okay, this is a song
that I'm yet to write...
...for an amazing
and mysterious girl called Lucy.
I'm walking in a dream
My mermaid girl
With eyes so blue
Or green-ish
-Great job. -And nothing matters anymore
We're floating in
A marshmallow street
All the world goes quiet
And dark is light
When I fall into your eyes
There's dinosaurs in flight
Rainbows in sight
When I look into your eyes
I'm standing ten feet tall
We're soldiers in
A galactic war
Planets swirl around us now
And I'm stronger than
A meteor shower
Everything is bright
And day is night
When I fall into your eyes
There's flowers in the sky
'Cause I met a girl
Who I wanna dance with
Every night
-You have a gift.
- Really?
Because I actually haven't
played in ages,
and lately when I'm playing
I kind of sound like--
Tangerine trees
and marmalade skies.
Okay, I got it.
No. Over. Over.
It's all coming off.
Dress, yep.
I remember you
It's like I'm finally awake,
after years.
Why were you sleeping?
-I kind of had an accident.
And I "hid out"
for a long time after...
in a black hole.
But now you're here.
With me. Right?
-That's beautiful.
-It's to remind me
that I'm free.
For a while, I wasn't, so...
I love you.
Everything about you.
Yeah. I do. Completely.
- No.
Your mom just called, and they
haven't heard from him either.
Oh. Where the hell is he?
Nicholas Cassidy!
It is I! Your Warrior of Light!
Your Shepherd of Dreams!!
-I come bearing wondrous news!
An enchanting tale of hope and--
-Okay, shhh, okay, calm down.
Just big, big breaths.
Nick, Nick, Nicky, it's alright,
everything's going to be okay
What? What the hell happened?
Oh, yeah,
they were slowing me down.
But... but I'm great, honestly,
and... Hey, Liv.
- Hey.
-It's all because of her.
She saved me!
So we planned for you
to meet her.
She suggested this amazing Thai
place and you know how much
I adore Thai, and guess what?
She does too.
How perfect is that?
Hey, uh, Devon.
Dev, um, I'm sorry if we
made you feel unwelcome.
It wasn't the intention.
Oh, yeah, it's all good.
I get it.
And that place is lovely.
So thank you, but Lucy and me
will probably want to cohabitate
ASAP, so...
Uh, okay.
Well, I guess
I'll see you guys later. Yeah?
-Yes, you will.
-Good luck.
-Go, mold some young minds.
Hey, when was the last time
that you took a shower?
You know I can't.
It's like flying,
it's unnatural.
It's the most natural thing.
Yeah, in a womb, maybe.
Not under a hose, in a box,
with it all rushing down
that tiny little hole into...
who knows what?
She is like pure sunlight.
Like an explosion
of honey and violins.
And.... and her voice,
oh, my God, she sung
this lullaby all in French.
Like a dream, you know.
And she has this adorable little
dog called Milo, who's a real
live spaceman or a bumblebee,
-or sometimes a cowardly lion.
And she doesn't even have
a phone, you know.
In today's world,
probably the only one.
Just wants to be free, you know?
-Like the eagle on her back.
- Devon.
It's been way over an hour.
You're hungry. Let's get some
tom yum to tide you over
until she gets here...
Excuse me? Waiter?
Devon, if she doesn't come,
it's not the end of the world.
And we didn't even talk about
our pasts, you know.
We just existed in the moment,
in the present--
Come on. Let's...
let's call this a night.
Maybe... maybe...
maybe something happened to her.
-Stay calm.
-Oh, no. No. No.
-Relax. Devon.
-No. No.
No, no, I need to find her.
-I need to find her.
-Just... Shit! God.
This is it. This is it.
I think this is it. Yes.
-I can't remember.
Why can't I remember--
-It's... it's okay.
-Do you know what floor?
-High, high. The highest floor.
-Come on. Let's go.
-Hey! Devon!
There is a lift, you know.
This is it! This is the door.
Please be home, please be home.
-Lucy, it's me! Devon!
-Hey, dickhead!
My kid's sleeping!
Do you know Lucy?
She lives here, and I'm really,
really worried about her.
No, I don't know Lucy,
all right, and if you don't
piss off in two seconds--
I'm really sorry.
But could you just...
-Maybe this isn't the right one.
This was the bath,
this was where I woke up.
Okay. Okay.
Maybe she doesn't want
to be found.
What? What are you...
No, no, she loves me.
Oh, my God,
what happened to her?
-Stay calm. Stay calm. Okay?
What about her surname?
You know, we could look her up.
- Uh, she never told me.
Lucy, it was just Lucy.
- Right.
- The restaurant!
She... she took me for seafood
down by the river.
Okay, well, then they'd have
a record of her surname,
yeah, if she paid by card.
Did she pay by card?
No. We... we didn't.
-Oh, shit, they've got her.
-Stay calm. Stay calm.
No one... no one's done
anything wrong, it's all right.
It doesn't matter.
-What the?
It's her, she's here;
they're listening.
Lucy was too pure. She was
an angel. Lucy was too good.
- Stop.
-What have you done with her?
She ran
for her life, you stupid fool.
She never loved you.
She's an angel.
No one could ever
love you. She's gone.
She's not real.
Miss Needles is not real.
- She's gone.
-Devon, she's not here.
She's not here...
-Get out!
- Insane...
-Get out!
-No one's saying anything.
I'm right here. I'm right here.
I haven't done anything.
Devon, breathe.
You... you're part of this.
You're the one that told them
where she was.
You're part of this.
-You wanted her gone!
-Devon. Devon. I love you.
- Devon! Devon!
-Get off me!
You fucking traitor!
-You fucking traitor!
Devon! Just...
- Run... Run...
-Devon! Stop, mate. Stop.
- Run... Run!
-Devon! No, no, no, no...
-Oh, my God!
-Oh, my God, are you okay?
-You all right? You okay?
-Stand back!
-No... He's okay.
How do you say,
he might be pretty hurt.
- Devon!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Get out. Devon.
Get the fuck off me!
Get the fuck off me!
Get off me! Get the fuck off me!
Get the fuck off me!
Get off me!
Get the... get the fuck off me.
-Get off me!
Breathe, Devon, breathe.
Devon, just breathe.
Just breathe. Just breathe.
Devon, breathe.
I got you. I got you.
You're fine. I got you.
Conditions have
been very unseasonable
for this time of year
and this massive, complex
low pressure system
will see temperatures dropping
and bringing rain,
high winds and even hail...
Hey. Devon?
Are you okay?
And this could stay with us
right through
to the end of this week.
The last time
we talked, we agreed that
Mr. Rocket and Miss Needles
weren't real.
You remember saying that, right?
So, maybe, as real as Lucy
seemed, she's just like them?
Do you think
that might be a possibility?
Have you ever loved somebody?
Like really loved them?
The feeling that gets under your
skin and seeps into your bones
and makes your whole body ache
like a gigantic orgasm
you'll never ever reach.
That feeling?
You'd know it if you had.
Listen, um, I don't know
how to tell you this,
but I went to a couple
of '50s style cafes,
because you said that she worked
there as Marilyn Monroe.
-So I... I... yesterday--
-Thank you, thank you.
And, yeah, it turns
you're right, although...
I guess she didn't want to lead
you on, because she's married.
I'm sorry.
But from what she told me,
she thinks the world of you.
-Why would you do that?
-I wanted to help.
Why... why would you lie to me?
She is real, she's as real
as you and I,
and if she isn't then...
Dev, what do you want me to say?
Her place was empty
because it wasn't her place.
And you didn't pay
at the restaurant because...
because you never went there.
She didn't come to the Thai
place because she doesn't exist.
And... and if you don't see
that, I don't get, what choice?
I can't go back
into the clinic, Nick.
I will drown in there.
Okay. Well, then, you have
to try and get better.
-Because I... I don't see
any other options.
You save an entire
family from a blazing inferno
and what thanks do you get?
Zilch. Just a nasty case
of mega-chafing.
So sore right now.
Where is she?
Where did she go?
Well, that's the mystery
of the hour, kid.
I didn't make her up, I didn't.
I know you didn't.
What do they think?
You wrote the note yourself?
-The note!
God, I've got to give
this shit up.
Have a great second day. Yeah.
-Love Lucy, kiss cuddle kiss.
- Yes.
Oh, yeah. Ripper girl.
I like her.
She's smart, she's funny.
Hey. You might want
to check the case.
Case. Case.
Yeah, very impressive.
Yes, yes!
Eh, keep looking.
Keep looking. Flip it. Flip it.
"Meet me in Sydney."
So, what are you waiting for,
Okay. Up and at 'em.
Okay, I mean, I...
I can sell you the bus ticket,
but, seriously, dude, fly.
It's like a zillion k's.
Yeah, well, I... I can't fly.
So, the bus ticket?
-Single journey,
and you're not a student?
Nope, just of life, thank you.
This is, um,
saying it's declined.
Ah, my pills!
Just my emergency supply.
Okay. I'm in Perth.
Lucy's in Sydney.
Then to Sydney.
Headed to Sydney.
To meet a girl.
-Ah. You've got a long way
to go.
-Yep. And I'm walking, so...
It's upside down.
It's upside down.
Please, just really, really
soft, like you're tickling it.
Okay, that's enough,
that's just abuse.
Are you kidding?
I paid like $800 for this.
Yeah, it's called depreciation.
And, uh, you know,
with this case,
it just went down to a hundred.
-A hundred bucks?
- You want to keep
Okay, fine.
Okay, a hundred lousy dollars.
Angel, slow down,
what's he doing now?
Well, tell him, there's no
fucking video games until he's
finished his fucking homework.
Do you really have to use that--
Look, take the cupcake off him!
For Christ... You're meant
to be the boss, Angel.
I mean, he's six fucking
years old, for Christ's sakes.
Hey, hey! Oi! What the hell?
Get back here,
you piece of shit.
-Sorry! Sorry!
- Get out of it.
Oi, stop him.
Get back here, you bugger.
No, no, no. Shit.
Oh, shit.
Shit, shit, shit, shit.
Not a seasoned crim,
I'm guessing,
based on leaving his actual name
behind at the crime scene.
This is his medication,
he needs that...
It's for schizophrenia.
Oh, yikes.
I'm sorry. Is he dangerous?
You think he might hurt someone?
-No, no!
-If anything,
he'll hurt himself.
All right, well, we're doing
everything we can.
He's registered
with Missing Persons,
his details are on the
Federal Police website
and he's flagged in our system.
So he'll be able
to buy food at least.
-And he hates flying,
so he probably won't leave town.
It's her.
He... he's trying to find her.
-Marilyn Monroe.
Meet me in Sydney.
Oh, no! Blocked us.
Oh, shit. Shit! Shit. Shit.
Sorry. Sorry, sorry.
You scared, worthless little ant. Run. Run.
No matter where you run,
you'll never get rid of me.
I'll always be here.
Because you're too sick.
Rotten, broken.
I'll always be here.
Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey, there.
Oh, sorry,
I was just seeing if--
I'm Devon, what's your name?
- Emma.
That is a beautiful name.
And is your mommy
or daddy with you?
Right, well, that's a mystery
we need to solve, huh?
Because I bet they're really,
really missing you.
Do you want to take a walk
with me, Emma?
Okay, yeah, let's try this.
There we go.
And what's your friend's name?
Rose. Okay.
Which way do you reckon?
That way? Yeah.
Hi, everyone.
Um, any parents among us?
Anyone missing their offspring,
at all?
-Ma'am, does this belong to you?
- No.
No. Sir? Wake up.
Is this a match?
No, it isn't. Okay.
It's okay,
we're just warming up.
Emma's mum? Emma's dad? Hello?
How does someone just disappear?
It's okay. This is fun.
Isn't this fun?
Do you want to press the button?
- Yeah.
-Okay. Good girl.
You know, the cool thing about
having a dragon called Rose
is that instead of fire,
it probably breathes flowers...
- Hey, mate.
Hi. I'm looking for a worker,
or anyone--
Oh, honey! Honey! Honey!
What are you doing?
Oh, thank God.
No, I, we... were trying to
find you, for like an eternity.
Oh, I'm... I'm useless,
I'm sorry, baby.
Mummy fell asleep and...
You okay? I'm sorry.
-You okay?
- It's okay.
It's all good.
And I'm Devon, by the way.
-No way.
Like Waltzing Matilda?
Well, that's cool.
Well, thank you.
Hey. You never run off on me
like that, you hear me?
What did momma
tell you? Don't do that again.
You scared me. Okay?
Jeez, you scared me.
I'm sorry, baby. I fell asleep.
-You okay?
- Oh, that's awesome,
a Uniphant.
Half elephant and half unicorn.
No, it's a giant bear,
with wings and a stinger
like a wasp's.
That's so cool.
And I bet that would do some
serious damage, huh?
So where are you guys headed?
Somewhere new.
Oh, yeah. Cool. Fresh start.
Yeah. Something like that.
Me? I'm not nearly as brave.
That's why I've got to find her.
I'll show you.
-Wow! That's really incredible.
Haven't really got her eyes,
or her intelligence,
or her humor.
But she really saved me.
Picked me up
and rescued me... in a bath.
But you, you... you've got this.
And the bear-wasp, hell,
that's strength right there,
and... and she clearly gets that
from you.
So I think you're going to be
more than fine.
Thanks, and I hope you find her.
Gotta do whatever it takes,
I've got to go.
Hi, just for one?
Hi, no, I'm...
Do you ever dress up?
-Excuse me?
-Like as in, um, 1950s style?
Like characters. You know,
like for work, I mean? Here.
No. No, this is bad enough
I think.
Right. I'm sorry,
but I'm just wondering if...
you wouldn't have ever seen
my brother, Devon, come in here
and ask for a Marilyn,
or a Lucy?
No, but he's super cute.
-Okay, thanks.
-And Lucy's not working tonight.
Lucy? There's a Lu...
there's a Lucy that works here?
Yeah, but not tonight.
She takes care of her grandkids
on weeknights.
Okay. Thank you... I'm sorry.
Oh, shit, no, no, no, no, no.
Wait. My wallet.
Oh, come on, man.
Yeah! Yeah, just a sec!
No, no. No. No. Get back!
You're sick and you need to die.
Mate, what the hell?
You alright? What's going on?
-Sorry. Sorry.
-Are you crazy?
-Hey, watch it!
-Sorry, sorry!
You sniveling, pathetic leech.
You're pathetic.
-Mr. Rocket!
-Kid? This way! Hurry!
- Stop the train.
You got to get out of here,
Next carriage.
You'll never
escape me. You abomination.
You bastard of nature
-Come on!
-I'm coming.
Come on, kid, come on.
Come on here.
That's it, D-Man,
you can do it. You gotta fly!
It's time to die,
you disgusting freak!
Do it.
Run! Run!
Needles... Needles... Needles.
Needles... Needles... Needles.
- Nice work, kid.
You're safe.
Yeah, they're great.
Yeah, if he's wearing
Oh, I should've used one
with his eyes.
Um, I just wanted a happy photo.
They're fine, Mom.
They... they're really fine.
They're great, you know.
And I'm... I'm getting a couple
of messages on my website
that I made,
although, you know,
not many are helpful right now,
but that's...
It's just that I feel
that he's punishing us
and you, especially.
Because clearly, he is just not
capable of living on his own.
God, he is! Or could be,
if we just stopped cocooning him
all the time.
He might as well
be in the clinic.
Yeah, but he's sick, Liv.
You saw what he did.
-Yes, I did, Nick.
But my point--
What is your point exactly?
Can we not?
No, no. Do you not get
how critical this time is?
You're seriously asking me that?
Yes, yes, Nick, I get it.
-This is all I get!
-Then I need your help.
Not your passive aggression
right now.
We're having a girl.
She's a girl.
They told me yesterday,
at the scan.
What do you mean yesterday?
You didn't tell me about it.
I don't understand it...
Of course, I told you
about the scan, Nick.
I just didn't remind you
about it a million times
like usual
because I thought you were
under too much pressure--
Jesus, I'd still have
been there!
Well, like... That is so unfair!
Oh, God!
Well, this is a dream moment.
Hello? Anyone here?
I messed up, I... I couldn't
do it, I couldn't find you.
I'm sorry.
But you're already
halfway there.
And what you just did,
rescuing that kid,
that was amazing.
Yeah, but I think
she stole my wallet.
And I lost my guitar.
It's just a guitar.
No, no, it was my luck.
Well, then, find some more.
I'll see you soon.
Ow, shoot.
Yes. Yes.
This is all I need, yes.
My luck.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey, hey. Over here!
Hey, stop.
Yes! Yes, yes! Hey.
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Hi. Thank you. I, um...
I... I got a little waylaid.
No shit.
I'm heading to Warramboo,
a couple of hours away, towards
Port Augusta if you want a lift.
Port Augusta. Holy crap.
Yes, that'd be beyond amazing...
Oh, uh...
Don't worry.
I only shoot things that bounce.
Oh, right.
Oh, man, oh, that's...
Yes, please.
-I'm Devon.
-What was that?
Second time this month.
-You've never done this before?
-Ah, nope.
With LEGO, yeah.
Well, you've got to make sure
the jack's underneath the frame,
and then you loosen the nuts
while it's on the ground.
All the best, eh.
Tommy, thank you
so much, a million times over,
and you go get her!
You're a beautiful sleeper.
-Good morning.
- Would you like one?
-Yes, please.
-With some sauce?
Thanks. Perfect. Thank you. Bye.
Hi, are you going
through Adelaide?
Thank you very much.
Where the hell are you?
Come on, keep going.
Mum is expecting us, so...
Good day.
Hey. Hi, there.
-You need a hand?
-Ah, it's, it's fine, thanks.
I've called for help already.
Just these nuts
are completely stuck.
Oh, well, first, the tire's got
to be on the ground,
and then you loosen the nuts...
- Let me help you.
-Thanks, mate.
And this is a song I wrote
for a girl called Lucy.
To the Blue Horizon
There's nowhere too far
That I'll come to
To the end of time
I'll keep on searching
Keep on riding
So stop, wait, hold on
When you stumble
I'll come running
Stay strong, my love
When you're falling
I'll come flying
'Cause, baby, I've got you
I've got you
Baby, I've got you
Baby, I've got you
I've got you
-Baby, I've got you
'Cause, baby, I've got you
I've got you
Baby, I've got you
'Cause, baby, I've got you
I've got you
Baby, I've got you
I've got you
Baby, I've got you
I've got you
Baby, I've got you
I've got you
You have to let us know
when you find her.
Yes. I'll try
and do that. And good luck!
- You too, Devon.
- Bye, Devon!
Hey, hey. Lucy.
Hey. Oh, sorry, sorry.
Embrace your destiny.
Embrace your destiny.
Embrace your destiny.
But Sydney, my God,
if I was anywhere else.
It's pulsing.
Even from the tranquility of Hyde Park, you can still feel the city humming,
seducing you
with its magical past.
Embrace your destiny.
Hyde Park.
Excuse me.
Sorry, which way to Hyde Park?
- Straight ahead.
Excuse me, sir, excuse me.
-It's fine, I've got it.
Yeah, but I said that I'd do it.
You shouldn't be trying to do
anything physical right now,
Liv, you know that.
-Fine. You do it.
-Thanks, I will.
Oh, Jesus. Liv! Liv?
Oh, look at you.
Look at you,
cowering, pathetic...
You'll never find her,
she's not here.
You're never going to find her, because she never wanted
to see you again.
She's scared of you.
Sir? Young man?
Is it you?
Heavens, so it is.
Though I thought you'd have
a sword, and maybe some wings?
Oh, no, no, I think
you've got the wrong guy.
But you have the shield.
You're my angel, aren't you?
I'm just trying to find someone.
You've lost your shoes?
Yes, it seems I did.
These are roughly the same size.
Well, then,
you are an angel after all.
You've hit the jackpot,
And... ta-da!
They were just giving
these beauties away.
And they make quite
the statement, don't you think?
Thank you. That's--
Sorry, it's not personal.
Sure, it's okay. I get it.
The name's Soul,
as in "heart and soul".
Yeah, right.
Devon, as in... Devon.
Uriel, that's who's coming
for me,
the angel of wisdom,
with the light of God.
Awesome, she sounds cool.
And who is it
you're looking for?
A noblewoman? Dashing young man?
Hm. A girl, woman.
"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."
Yes, exactly!
And this...
this is a picture of her.
In crayon form.
Be still my heart.
Yeah, and she saved my life.
And... and she's somewhere
in Sydney, that's all I know.
Then you know what we must do?
And I have a comrade in the
State Library who can help us.
-Lucy? Wherefore art thou, Lucy.
See? The whispers are spreading,
your courageous prince awaits!
Who are they? Tim and Milly?
Oh, sorry.
They're an illusion.
Make believe. From another life.
But clearly,
they meant something to you.
Listen to me,
to survive this world, you have
to let go of everything.
Surrender to the chaos!
It's the only way.
And then... then we can find
our Uriel, and Lucy.
But... but Lucy...
Lucy isn't make believe.
-Hi, sorry, Lucy?
-Are you Devon?
I'm Amiya. I'm a producer on
"Mornings", the breakfast show?
I saw your posters of Lucy.
And if you don't mind me asking,
how did you lose her?
-Here you go.
How are you feeling?
Uh, better,
though I'm almost done
with this bag. Can't get enough.
It's just the stress
of everything and then
the timing of all of it.
I'm sorry.
I just always felt like I was
attached to him, you know.
And I... and I knew
how he was feeling,
and I knew where he was.
God, Nick. Aren't you exhausted?
She's like pure sunlight
when she smiles and laughs,
but also really strong,
you know.
Like she's been through a lot
And she adores Sydney, from the harbor to Hyde Park...
Hyde Park, that's where
I'm going to wait for her.
No matter how long it takes,
I'll do it.
Just so I can hold her again, and tell her everything's okay.
Oh, that's really beautiful.
To travel across
the entire country like this.
What an incredible thing...
-Oh, shit. No, no, no, no.
-Hey, excuse me!
-Just wait a--
-Oh, thank God, Nick.
He's on.
She woke me up,
and she healed me.
And I can feel it.
I know I'm close.
She's been guiding me
this whole time.
Like she's pulling me in
towards her, you know.
Like giving me strength
and energy to keep searching.
And... and now I've got Soul
with me.
Not like soul, soul, but as in,
you know, heart and soul.
She... She wrote me a note,
"Meet me in Sydney"
and I can feel her. I can.
I need her more than air.
So adorable.
Well, look, your posters here,
"Have you seen Lucy?"
are plastered all over the city.
Look at that,
you're quite the artist.
-Oh, thanks.
-Oh! If I went missing and a guy
did something like this for me,
oh, I'd just melt.
You fool.
Don't you realize this is
a trap. They're all in on it.
Look at yourself.
You pathetic... Pathetic.
You're pathetic.
But it must be really worrying
that you don't know
where she is.
-She's not here.
-Yeah, she's pretty much
all I think about.
But I am.
Now there's no way out...
I'm getting stronger
and stronger. Stronger.
See how sick you are. Sick.
So, mate, if Lucy is watching...
Uh, um...
-Sorry, I can't...
-What's going on?
Well, we wish you all the best,
and you'll have to let us know.
Stop! Stop!
Soul... Please, I need this.
-I've got it.
-No, yeah, but it's my luck.
It's my luck.
- Son.
-Mr. Rocket!
Mr. Rocket's not here.
He left you too.
Mr. Rocket!
That's what love will do
to you, folks.
-Stand back.
- You've got no
one but me now. No one.
Devon, wait!
No! No, don't...
You can't escape me.
-Oh, sorry.
-No. No! Get away from me.
It's okay. It's me.
What... what do you want
from me?
Only... your soul.
-Fuck you!
-No contact.
-Get away from me.
-I can't be touched.
Devon! Devon!
No, no, no. Dev. Dev. Dev.
Dev! Dev! Mate, mate, mate.
It's me, it's Nicky.
Hey, mate. Hey, mate.
Hey, mate, I'm here. Hey, mate.
You okay?
No, no, don't talk, don't talk.
Mate, it's good to see you.
So good to see you, Nicky.
So good to see you.
I love you, brother.
Get some sleep, mate.
Bacon is a gift,
don't you think?
I mean, I hate thinking about
the whole pig thing because,
you know, they're actually
the smartest domesticated animal
there is,
and beautiful, and very clean,
they don't like to defecate
where they sleep--
I know that you hate flying
but there's...
there's no other option.
So, I booked our flights.
We've got about half an hour
until we have to book a cab, so.
Um, yeah, no,
I'm not going back.
Yeah, you are.
-No, I came here to find her
and that's what I'm going to do.
When are you going to stop this?
And when are you gonna get it?
I don't know
what you want me to say.
You're sick.
And you know that you're sick.
So, why can't you see
that this Lucy, she is not real,
she never was real!
I am not doing this anymore!
I am not chasing after you!
Take your fucking bag.
You don't understand,
no one understands.
I'm about the only person
who does, mate!
-Fuck it off me.
-Have you ever thought about
what it's like for me, huh?
You have always come first,
-Even from the very beginning!
-All I want is to be normal!
-Like you!
You want to be like me?
Seriously? Okay.
Because, this is me, right,
I've just abandoned my job
and I've left my pregnant wife
in a hospital
so that I could fly
across the country and rescue
my... my nutcase brother,
once again, who didn't have
the slightest thought to call me
and let me know
that he was still alive,
because that's my life.
That's my fucking normal!
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry I didn't call.
I'm... I'm sorry you came here.
Is Liv okay?
Can we... can we just go home?
Can we do that? Please?
But she told me,
she told me to meet her,
the note!
Look she wrote this,
after the night, she wrote this,
asking me to meet her here,
to find her!
No, no, this,
this isn't... just...
I must have got them confused.
"Have a great second day,
meet me in Sydney,"
that's what the note said.
It was in my pocket.
- And it was here.
I must have got them mixed up
or something, because...
Mate, I'm sorry.
"Have a great second day,
meet me in Sydney." No?
Hey, see?
This is nice, isn't it?
Right, you could put a towel up
or something on these
or we could stick that down.
All right.
There we go.
-Oh, no, no, no. I don't think--
-It's okay, it's okay.
-No, really,
I don't need a shower.
-It's... it's... it's okay.
It's okay.
It's fine.
It sounds like a real adventure.
Got to see so many things,
meet so many people.
And I don't see your admission
that Lucy isn't real
as a defeat, at all.
What? How is that not a defeat?
Because you're becoming
more aware, more in control.
And that is a really
positive thing.
But I'm never gonna
leave here, am I?
I can't trust anything.
I've just got to...
Just got to surrender
to the chaos.
I really don't think
you're seeing this yet.
That love you felt for her,
that you described to me,
that gave me chills.
You felt that;
that was still real for you,
even if she wasn't.
And when she asked you
to meet her on the other side
of the country, you made it.
But that's when I thought
she was waiting,
that's when I thought she...
she'd saved me.
But she never did.
the only person in this world
who is ever going to save you,
is you.
- Devon?
You alright? Are you hurt?
I've just gotta get out of here.
I can't be in here anymore.
And I'm okay.
I'm calm, really, I'm medicated.
Then you don't need to escape.
You were admitted voluntarily.
Hi. Devon.
It's fine, I was allowed out.
And I was really hoping,
only if it's okay with you,
to just quietly camp out
for a few days, tops.
-Hey, ya.
And I... I picked up this
organic ginger-chicken soup,
which they told me is really
good for morning sickness,
even though I know
you're in your last trimester.
-Ahh, okay.
-Yeah, come in.
-Yeah, come in.
Look, dear,
this isn't a negotiation.
I just don't need
any more tiny spoons.
Oi, hey, no, you, get out.
Get the hell--
- I... I come in peace.
-I said get out of my store.
Interest. Yeah.
I know my brother already paid
back what I procured from you,
but I just wanted to make sure
we were all good.
And so,
now that that's all behind us,
I was wondering, uh,
about a job? Here?
Me, working?
Fuck no.
Just say the word
And I would die for you
And I'll be a flower
If you wanted to
You haven't spent much time
in one place?
Work-wise, I mean.
Yeah, no, not really.
Uh, I've been fairly fluid
in that regard,
but I really dig your store,
and I freaking love
classic rock,
all musical genres really,
except for country and jazz,
But, okay.
See, the thing is
I intermittently suffer
from schizophrenia,
but honestly, it's--
Sorry, but this is sweet as...
And I'm on the patches! Go me!
It's almost completely
under control.
That's it! Lead vocals,
"They Said It Wouldn't Last."
That's where I know you from.
Ah, yeah.
Deadly. You seriously rocked.
Where've you guys been?
I'm a keys player myself,
my first love.
In the bedroom.
Yeah, we can order that in
for you, you bet.
Bowie, on vinyl, that's a
winning bar mitzvah present
right there, hands down.
Um, could you hold, for a sec?
My God, I... I looked for you.
I... I don't...
I don't understand.
For years, I was obsessed,
and you didn't even have
a phone,
who doesn't have a phone?
And you were right here?
Years? What do you...
what do you... what do you mean?
I went to the hospital,
they... they refused to help me
find you after you, uh...
disappeared, or got moved
to a new clinic, I guess.
And "nothing about our pasts,"
That was your rule, every...
everything in the moment.
Everything in the moment.
Prepare yourself.
You're about to fall in love.
You ready?
Cowardly Lion.
Ah... Spaceman.
Is this against the rules?
And so is that.
Do you want to do
something with me?
Outside? Together?
That's... Yeah.
I was on all this
different stuff back then
and one anti-psych
was clashing with another,
which we only figured out
months later
and I lost
a whole chunk of time.
I'm sorry.
It's okay. I'm sorry too.
But I do remember you, us.
And I've been looking
for you too.
You have?
You look really well.
And, yeah,
I had that dark patch, but...
time, you know?
I got my shit together,
and I've been in Sydney,
the last couple of years.
And I missed home so much,
I just came back.
And how are you doing?
Good. I'm doing really good.
What are your plans tonight?
-Oh, this is so great,
thanks, guys.
-Hey, Dev. Hey.
How... how are you...
how are you doing?
Awesome. Are you kidding?
Oh, actually, that's her seat.
-But that's fine, she can--
-No, that's okay.
Do you guys want to start
with a drink? Or...
Ah, I'll probably
just have water.
Of course.
Water. Okay.
Hi. Nick, right?
I mean, of course, you are.
Look at you.
I... I've heard so much
about you.
-Nice to meet you.
-You too.
- Yeah.
I really hope
you guys are hungry.
This place is amazing.
And they do the best tom yum.
I literally dream about it.
Oh, Saturday Sun
- Devon?
Do you want a beer?
-No, I'm good.
Out on the West Coast
I gotta get back
I can't let this go
Oh, Saturday Sun
I met someone
Don't care what it costs
Look at you.
John Lennon was right, reality really does leave a lot to the imagination.
To the rescue.
But if you're lucky enough to choose, then reality, like actual reality...
-I think I broke her.
-You did fine.
...is the total bomb.
What's goin' on
Are we goin' strong?
She felt like
Resting her head
My shoulder was the
Perfect height
We fit so right
So what's goin' on?
'Cause I've been undone
The long drive
The coastline
Lookin' out at first light
Am I still on her mind?
I've been undone
Oh, Saturday Sun
I met someone
Out on the West Coast
I gotta get back
I can't let this go
Oh, Saturday Sun
I met someone
Don't care what it costs
No ray of sunlight's
Ever lost
Ever lost
Ba-ba, ba-ba
Ba-ba, ba-b-ba-ba
Ba-ba, ba-ba
Ba-ba, ba-b-ba-ba
To Blue Horizon
There's nowhere too far
That I'll come to
Until the end of time
I'll keep on searching
Keep on riding
So stop, wait, hold on
When you stumble
I'll come running
Stay strong, my love
When you're falling
I'll come flying
'Cause, baby, I've got you
I've got you
Baby, I've got you
Baby, I've got you
I've got you
Baby, I've got you
When you're broken down
Lost on the highway
On a deserted island
I'll be your guide
I'll swim
A thousand million miles
So stop, wait, hold on
When you stumble
I'll come running
Stay strong, my love
When you're falling
I'll come flying
'Cause, baby, I've got you
I've got you
Baby, I've got you
'Cause, baby, I've got you
I've got you
Baby, I've got you
'Cause, baby, I've got you
I've got you
Baby, I've got you
'Cause, baby, I've got you
I've got you
Baby, I've got you
Baby, I've got you
I've got you
Baby, I've got you
Baby, I've got you
I've got you
Baby, I've got you
Baby, I've got you
I've got you
Baby, I've got you
When you're broken down
Lost on the highway
On a deserted island
I'll be your guide
I'll swim
A thousand million miles
So stop, wait, hold on
When you stumble
I'll come running
Stay strong, my love
When you're falling
I'll come flying
'Cause, baby, I've got you
I've got you
Baby, I've got you
'Cause, baby, I've got you
I've got you
Baby, I've got you
'Cause, baby, I've got you
I've got you
Baby, I've got you
'Cause, baby, I've got you
I've got you
Baby, I've got you
Baby, I've got you
I've got you
Baby, I've got you
Baby, I've got you
I've got you
Baby, I've got you