I Miss You, Hugs and Kisses (1978) Movie Script

A bulletin that's just in.
Two months ago, Charles
Kruschen, millionaire husband
of former model Magdalene Kruschen,
offered a $10,000 reward for information
leading to the capture
of his wife's murderer.
Today, through a dramatic turn of events,
Kruschen himself has been
charged with the brutal slaying
of his wife Magdalene Kruschen,
who was found bludgeoned
to death in her home.
Charles Kruschen, her husband,
was charged with the murder,
and later released on a $100,000 bond.
The insurance money, another woman,
and a bad marriage are said
to have been the motive.
A dramatic international
twist has been added
to this story.
It was revealed in France
that at the request
of Metro police, Pauline
Corte, a Parisian socialite,
was taken in by Paris police
for questioning in the case.
All right, fellas, give
us a break now, will you?
All right, we'll get to you later.
All right, you'll get
a statement later on.
Please, excuse me.
- Nothing right now.
- Do you think it's fair?
We'll get to you later.
We'll get it worked out.
Please, please, give us
a chance now, will you?
All right, hang on.
Back up, please.
Is there
anything you'd like to say
before receiving your sentence?
My father was shot by the Nazis.
Before he died, he said that the war
with the Nazis would be over soon,
that we would finally defeat them.
So, it was important to
do something with my life
so that my children had a
better chance than I did.
He told me to choose my woman well.
Said they were like apples,
and although some of them
might look ripe and sweet,
underneath, they could be sour and dry.
And he laughed.
In all that pain, he laughed.
19 years ago... No.
It's 20 now.
20 years ago.
I cut my way through a barbed wire fence
to escape from Hungary.
And I dreamed of coming to Canada.
I dreamed about the
freedom Canada would give me.
What's taking him so long?
It's a wide fence.
Something's not right, I can sense it.
He'll do it.
He'll do it.
Well, I'm worried.
Jesus Christ!
That's his call.
You go first.
I can take care of myself if I'm last.
Now go.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
I can't believe it.
Open fire!
Help me.
Out in the open!
Cross the
river and we'll be safe.
He's dead.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I
have your attention, please?
Thank you, thank you.
I would like to propose a toast,
and I think you all know who to.
A toast to my best friend, Charles.
The man I escaped from
Hungary with many years ago.
A toast to his newly found success,
and to the occasion of the
citation which His Worship,
the mayor, will present him
later as Metro Man of the Year.
Now, this man, this man
saved my life many years ago.
It's something which I
think he might regret
from time to time.
But we came to this country
with maybe $5 in our pockets,
and our first job was in a
slaughterhouse plucking chickens.
So we knew what it was like,
if you'll excuse the expression,
to work your ass off.
To Charles, to Magdalene, and
to many years of happiness.
Charles and Magdalene.
His Worship, the mayor.
Oh, thank you, Mr. Isen.
Thank you.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
On behalf of this city, I am
proud to honor Charles Kruschen
as Metro Man of the Year.
It is his imagination and his
foresight and his hard work
that have made Toronto one
of the most progressive
and one of the most beautiful
cities in North America.
Thank you very, very much.
Thank you, Mr. Mayor.
Thank you very, very much.
Good, now feel it.
That's good! Good, very good.
Why, hello there.
That's very good, Charles.
Thank you.
Could you please leave now?
- One shot.
- I am trying
to make a living here.
You have absolutely
no idea what it costs...
One shot, one shot, one shot.
Excuse me, Magdalene Schlitz,
this is my idiot friend Charles Kruschen.
Very pleased to meet you.
Very pleased to meet you, too.
Oh, what a gentleman.
Thank you.
There have been many tragedies talked
of in this courtroom.
The tragedy of my friend, Gershen Isen,
who shared those same
dreams, turning against me.
I told you she was mine.
You had your pick of
every other goddamn model
in this place.
Now, move into your second costumes.
Helen! Get 'em in their second outfits.
Okay, girls, come on, hurry.
You must feel fantastic, man.
Huh? Does it feel good, does it?
Knowing that you were banging
the most beautiful model
that I ever had, does it feel good?
Well, let me tell you something, Charles.
All she is is a
money-grubbing little nothing
from a little village near Hamburg,
who's going to wind up as a fat hausfrau.
That's right.
Not even a good whore.
"Cause you see, Charles...
Charles! All she's got
is that face, those tits,
and an ever open door of a cunt.
But of course, I don't have
to tell you about that, do I?
Look, you.
Look at me, you.
You nothing!
Look at me.
I stopped in here to tell you
we're getting married tomorrow.
We're getting married tomorrow!
You and Magdalene?
Jesus Christ.
That's wonderful news.
That's wonderful news.
Mr. Mayor, thank you very, very much.
Thank you, thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you.
Thank you for both Magdalene and myself,
and to this country that
made it all possible.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Air Canada
Flight 747 now arriving
at Gate 19 from Paris and Brussels.
Passengers may be met at the
customs area in Terminal Two.
- There she is.
- There she is.
Okay, get into it now.
Ms. Corte, how long have
you known about the murder?
I have nothing to say.
How long have you and
Charles Kruschen been lovers?
Nothing, please.
Where are you staying?
Staying in a hotel?
Ms. Corte, when did you
find out about the murder?
Ms. Corte, you're a friend of the accused.
Ms. Corte, did he invite you over here?
Ms. Corte, did he invite you over here?
Ms. Corte, do you have any
comments about the murder?
Hyatt Regency, please.
Right here.
The defense calls Pauline Corte.
Call Pauline Corte.
Pauline Corte.
Take the Bible in your right hand.
Do you swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth, and nothing
but the truth, so help you God?
I do.
Charles, this
is a friend of the family
over from Paris for a short visit.
Charles Kruschen, Pauline Corte.
You're the most
beautiful woman I've ever seen.
You've said
that five times today.
I get lost for words.
Why can't you stay longer?
There's so much we could
do, so much we could see.
I have to
get back to university.
Please stay.
I love you.
I love you, I love you, I love you.
You know that?
You only think you do.
Ms. Corte, how long have
you been having a relationship
with Mr. Kruschen?
I fell in love with him over the years.
But there was never anything sexual
before I came to Canada the second time.
He was very lonely.
I love you.
Didn't it concern you
that he was already married?
He planned to get a divorce.
And then I would come
over and we'd get married.
Everyone tries to make him evil.
He wanted love.
I think I'll go and have a brandy.
I don't feel tired.
I said I think I'll
go and have a brandy.
Okay, that's fine, that's fine.
Good morning, Kruschen Construction.
You can't go in there.
You can't just barge...
I'm sorry.
Mr. Kruschen is a very busy man.
If you'll kindly just wait out...
That's okay.
That's okay.
My God...
So, what happened, for God's sake?
What happened?
I wondered when you might ask.
You haven't forgotten the circumstances?
Of course not.
How could I?
Guilty people sometimes forget.
Yeah, they forget... like
leaving me stranded
on that riverbank when we
were so close to freedom.
We tried to get you,
but you didn't move.
- So, we thought that...
- You thought!
You thought!
Chivas Regal.
- That's pretty good.
- Yeah.
One of the pleasures of living.
Yeah, the pleasures of living.
Are you enjoying your little game, hm?
Are you enjoying your
little game, whatever it is?
I feel guilty. All right?
I feel guilty.
Now, either get it over with or get out.
Say what you've come
for, what you want, but...
You're a busy man, huh?
I'm sorry.
I had forgotten.
Right now, you need help.
I have just the right cure for tension.
Why don't we go upstairs, huh?
On the other hand, though...
I mean, we did it before.
Come, baby.
He told me that it's not
a crime to love or be loved.
And I believe that.
And I believe I can
give him that happiness.
- Sweetheart?
- Mm-hmm?
Sweetheart, I did something awful today.
I bought myself a car, but a
very tiny, little, small one.
What was wrong with the other one?
It only had about 10,000 miles on it.
Yes, honey, I know, but I
just felt it was too big for me.
You're not angry, are you?
Hey, are you angry, sweetheart?
I was afraid that you were
going to be mad at me, you know?
Oh, it's not quite as small,
you know, as those little Minis.
What is it?
- What is it?
- Yeah.
A Porsche 911 Targa.
A what?
A Porsche.
Do you realize how much they cost?
Well, of course I realize
how much they cost, darling.
I bought it.
Uh-uh, no, you're wrong.
It's not 24, it's $27,000
with all the extras, you know?
You goddamn little whore.
You little whore.
For the first time in
months, you come on strong.
All loving.
A sexy Magdalene in heat.
All ready for me.
Consummate actress.
Thank you very much.
But you fell for it, didn't you?
Just like all men.
Couldn't leave it alone, could you?
Well, all right, I'm going to pay
for the goddamn car myself.
How are you gonna pay for it?
10 tricks a night?
You know something, Charles?
I just don't give a shit.
You little...
He's not a cruel man.
Or vicious.
He didn't want this tragedy.
All he wanted was freedom.
And the best for her, as well.
Jesus Christ, it's only money, Charles.
That's true, it's only money.
Patch it up.
Oh, this feels good.
At least it proves I was right
about you and Magdalene, huh?
Yes, yes, you were right.
It's been quite a week,
what with Zanopek showing up.
Magdalene seems quite
captivated by him, doesn't she?
She feels sorry for him.
Good, good.
- Go around, three, six.
- Clean out.
Stick and move.
Stick and move, body only.
Roll up! Now roll, roll.
Okay, George, come on.
Roll, roll, roll.
That a boy.
There you go.
Gotta clean the room.
Now, drop down chin on him.
- Do the red one.
- Yeah.
Wiggle out.
Hey, George. George, come here.
I want you to meet a friend of mine.
Magdalene, this is George
Weiller, a buddy of mine.
Perhaps you remember him, he
was a heavyweight boxing champ
for five years.
Pleased to meet you, ma'am.
George, this
is Mrs. Magdalene Kruschen.
I've seen you fight against
Muhammad Ali on television,
oh, a long time ago.
Yeah, that was a good fight, but I lost.
That was before the guys
fighting Ali made big money.
But you never get knocked
off your feet, eh, George?
Excuse me, ma'am, I have to go.
I'm in training.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.
Not at all.
Ciao, George.
He's a big boy, huh?
Can I give you a lift home?
If it's not out of your way.
Not at all.
My place is not as nice as yours.
Don't be silly.
That's all right.
Come on, get in.
Now, Mr. Isen, you
were once the best friend
of the accused, is that not so?
In fact, you celebrated life together.
Is that not right?
Then why did you suddenly
turn against your best friend?
I didn't.
We know you're protected
under the Canada Evidence Act,
but why?
I am protected because I discussed ways
of getting rid of Magdalene with Charles.
And the police informed
me that I could be held
as guilty as anyone of conspiring.
You know something?
The other night in my study,
I found myself thinking of
ways of killing Magdalene.
- You what?
- There!
- How?
- Actually planning it.
Well, she could fall from a building.
- An accident, you know?
- Oh, come on, Gershen.
Come on, what are we doing?
There's the pool.
What about it?
Well, you see, you could rig the railing.
She goes to get out of the water,
she touches the railing... zap!
Mr. Isen.
How many times did you
have sexual intercourse
with Mrs. Kruschen?
Three or four times.
This year.
I don't remember the dates.
In my studio.
I want to model for you again.
You offered once, and I'm
here to take you up on it.
But you told me
that Charles didn't want you...
I lied.
I lied.
I would like you to take
some test shots of me.
You know, it's been a
long time since I last...
All right, all right.
We'll set up an appointment
for sometime next week.
Now, Gershen, now.
No, I don't think it's wise.
I'm sure that Charles
would be a little upset...
Fuck Charles.
Fuck Charles.
Shall we begin with the peasant outfit?
Shall we begin with the peasant outfit?
You seduced her.
No, I didn't.
I was taking photographs of her and...
All right.
Just try and relax.
Oh, I'm very relaxed.
I think we're finished now, Magdalene.
I don't think we're finished, Gershen.
Go ahead.
Keep shooting.
Go on.
Have you gone crazy?
Oh, don't worry, I'm quite sane.
Do you still think I'm beautiful?
You're out of film?
She seduced you.
And I suppose she was blackmailing you.
Why the hell did you bring them here?
A thing of beauty
is a thing of beauty.
I thought you'd at least want to see them.
Well, how very generous of you.
Hey, why?
I mean, how could you take advantage
of that moment we had between us?
Moment between us.
What moment between us?
Come on, don't give me that bullshit.
All right.
And since we're being direct,
I'll tell you what I want.
I want money.
So you can call it revenge,
you can call it whatever
the hell you want.
Uh, Gershen, revenge against whom?
Oh, come on.
Now, you listen to me, goddammit.
You think that I have money, huh?
I'm a successful photographer, huh?
I'm in debt up to here trying
to keep up with that son of a bitch.
Your husband.
Do you have any idea how much I hate him?
Do you have any idea?
He got everything that I wanted.
He got the money.
And he got you.
For 6802.
6802, contact 2271.
This is your last call for Air
Canada Flight 746 for Paris,
now boarding at Gate 23.
Please have your boarding passes ready.
This is your last call for Air
Canada Flight 746 for Paris,
now boarding at Gate 23.
Thank you.
"Dear Charles.
It seems like an eternity
since we were together.
I've been lonely ever since.
Longing for you.
To touch you.
For you to touch me.
In the middle of a happy party with crowds.
Of people around me, I feel lonely,
lonely without you in my arms making...
Making love to me.
When we meet again, I
know that anything before
and from then on would be nothing.
I miss you, hugs and kisses."
Oh, my dear God.
Oh, God.
Hello, there.
Nice to see you again.
Never mind the preliminaries.
Let's get down to the money.
All right.
How would you like to make $10,000?
I want my husband beaten.
Beaten until he's dead, do you hear me?
No, no, no, no.
I only break arms and legs.
Now, you listen to me.
It's worth $10,000 to me to see him dead.
Now, you go and kill him, okay?
I want to see him dead.
Got that?
Look, Zano, she's a crazy woman, man.
If she's serious, I don't
want any part of it.
Shoulda been nice to her.
Stupid insulting her.
She's worth 10 big ones.
Besides, she's got a different plan.
What's the difference, man?
I don't like her idea.
I don't like her act.
How reliable is this girl?
I know her good enough.
Screwed her a couple of times.
That's not good enough.
I don't like her idea.
If she's willing to do
that to her husband,
then she'll double-cross us.
She's likely to blow the whistle on us,
man, after we drop off her old man.
We get the money in advance.
My mistake.
That was fun.
That was fun.
That was fun.
Are we ready for bed, hm?
Are we ready for bed?
I don't want to go to bed yet, Daddy.
You want to go to bed
because I love you very much.
I love you, too, Daddy.
And we're gonna go to
bed on the horsey's back.
How's that? Wanna go to
bed on the horsey's back?
- Yeah.
- Okay, okay.
Let's go.
The horsey's getting ready.
And you'll get on the horsey's back.
That's it.
On the horsey's back.
- Giddy up, Daddy.
- Are we ready?
- We're ready.
- Giddy up.
- Okay.
- Giddy up, Daddy.
- Oh, here we go.
- Giddy up, Daddy.
- Oh boy.
- Giddy up, Daddy.
- Giddy up, Daddy.
- Oh, we're getting near-
- Giddy up, Daddy.
- Near the stable.
- Giddy up, Daddy.
- Oh, the horsey's getting
- so tired.
- Giddy up, Daddy.
Giddy up, Daddy, giddy up,
Daddy, giddy up, Daddy.
There we go.
Now we go to sleep.
Okay, the horsy's tired.
Angela's tired.
Everybody's tired.
There we are.
There we are.
Would you like Daddy to tell you a story?
Yes, please, Daddy.
Once upon a time, a farm boy fell in love
with a beautiful princess.
And she fell in love with him also.
And they lived a life of total happiness.
Until one day, he realized
that she was slowly
turning to stone.
And eventually, all he
had was a beautiful statue
to look at.
He could no longer love
her, or be comforted by her.
And finally, he couldn't
stand it any longer,
- so he smashed it to pieces.
- Charles!
And no one lived happily ever after.
That's a sad story, Daddy.
Tell me another one.
Yes, well, I'll tell you a
happy story tomorrow, okay?
Now, be a good girl and go to sleep...
And have some sweet dreams,
and Daddy loves you, hm?
Goodnight, little girl.
Lovely story, Charles.
Good, I like that.
What's the matter?
Did I startle you?
No, you didn't startle me.
I was just concentrating
on their pictures.
I'm sure you can understand why.
I'm just about done anyway.
Okay, girls, take five, huh?
Remember our talk about my problem?
So what?
Are things worse now
between you and Magdalene?
I found a real expert.
Of course, it's gonna cost a lot.
Maybe 20,000, even more, I don't know.
Don't you think that you
should give it more thought?
Mrs. Elliot.
You are a cousin of Magdalene Kruschen,
and you were visiting her
at the time of her murder.
Can you remember any
pertinent conversations
you had with her concerning this case?
She once told me that
if Charles was dead,
she'd be very rich.
She told me that she'd
fallen out of love with him.
Simple as that.
That at one time, she had been
very much in love with him.
You see, Charles was always working.
They had different interests.
What happened that night?
I suggested we go to the mall.
Where was Magdalene?
She decided to stay home.
It's been
one of the hottest summers
of the last decade.
Today's high, 89 degrees.
Tomorrow will continue to be hot and sunny
with an expected high in the
downtown area of 90 degrees.
The suburbs can expect the
same hot and muggy temperature.
We interrupt this program
to bring you a special police bulletin.
John MacGregor, who escaped yesterday
from the Queen Street Hospital
for the Criminally Insane
for the brutal murders of
two Metro girls last year,
today was recognized in the Metro area
by a former witness at his murder case.
MacGregor is slim, balding,
and six feet in height.
He is described as extremely dangerous.
Anyone having information
as to the whereabouts
of a man fitting that description
is asked to contact Police Chief Parker
at Metro headquarters.
Shut up.
- Way down.
- No.
I don't want to look down.
- No.
- Come on.
This is good.
I do like that.
It's Magdalene.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God.
Oh, Magdalene.
Oh, my God.
Chief Parker.
How long have you been a police officer?
Nine years.
And before you joined the force?
I ran a hardware store.
All right.
Get the other side.
All right, fellas, move around.
We gotta get the clothes off.
Now lift.
Lift her.
That's it.
That's it.
I'm almost done.
All right.
Lift her gently, that's it.
All right, I'll pull this out, all right?
You ready?
All right, you guys lift,
and I'll slip underneath.
Up she goes.
That's it.
Mr. Parker, you're
not a doctor, are you?
Nor a pathologist.
Then why did you remove the
fingernails from the deceased?
Well, to preserve any evidence
that might be attached to them.
What did you use?
Well, didn't it occur to you
that you might damage evidence,
that that was the job to
be done by a pathologist
under ideal, skilled conditions?
No, sir.
I just did what I thought was necessary.
Would you consider your
surveillance of Kruschen unusual?
No, sir.
Do you think someone
might have had a grudge
or whatever you want to
call it against your wife?
No, no.
You think someone
might have been an affair with her?
Oh, I don't know.
How do you know that sort of thing
when you're not communicating?
You yourself said she
was making an extra effort.
But only recently.
What about you?
What is this?
What is this?
I'm not a suspect, am I?
I didn't say that.
Goddammit, why aren't
you doing something?
Why aren't you out there looking
for the person who did it?
Look, look, look.
I don't have to be treated in this manner.
I'm not some motorcycle punk
you've dragged in off the street.
I'm a wealthy man!
Can I make a phone call to my lawyer?
Be my guest.
I don't want to call this minute.
I just wanted to know how
you're gonna treat this,
treat me... as a man
who just lost his wife,
or as a suspected murderer.
Mr. Kruschen, we're investigating
the death of your wife
and the circumstances surrounding it.
All I want's the truth, all right?
- Okay, can I go now?
- Any time.
You're a very unorthodox
policeman, aren't you?
I wouldn't say that, sir, no.
Wiring up people for sound,
tapping telephones without
court authorization.
Now, about those tapes.
How many in all did you make?
But we only heard eight.
What about the other 72?
Well, they're
either erased or destroyed.
They're either worn out
or we needed the tapes for other things.
And the evidence on them?
I didn't think it was
pertinent to the case.
So you're the prosecutor
now, making those decisions.
Or was it that there was evidence
on those tapes that hurt
your case against Kruschen?
Not in my opinion.
Gershen, there's
nothing to worry about.
You know that and I know that.
That's easy for you.
Yeah, you're all right, you weren't there.
They're leaning on me pretty hard.
They're making it rough.
Does he suspect me?
He knows about the million
dollar insurance policy
you took out on Magdalene.
That was almost a year ago.
We took one out on each other.
He didn't mention anything about that.
Why is he leaning on you?
You remember that time by the pool?
We discussed several plans.
He said I could be as guilty
as you are as an accessory.
Have they arrested you?
No, they haven't.
What would I be doing here
if they'd arrested me?
But they've gone through my
apartment, you know, the studio.
Taken bed linen, clothes,
papers, you name it.
Now they want me to take
a lie detector test.
Now what am I gonna say?
They can't make you do
that without arresting you,
and there's no way they will.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Gershen, we know the truth.
Would I be talking to you
like this if I thought...
Why would they
go through my clothes?
Because whoever did it
would have blood all over their clothes.
Here are some of the transcripts
of those taped conversations.
Not all of them, but
that's not your fault.
Here we have you, the best
friend, taking advantage
of his grief, standing over
the body of the deceased,
right in the funeral chapel.
Oh, how delicately they
investigated this crime.
Taking advantage of his hospitality.
Now, tell me, Mr. Isen,
would you agree with me
that the word "killing" didn't take place
in those conversations
except when you were under
orders from the police?
I don't remember.
They're leaning on me pretty hard.
They're making it rough.
Does he suspect me?
He knows about the million
dollar insurance policy
you took out on Magdalene.
That was almost a year ago.
We took one out on each other.
He didn't
mention anything about that.
Why is he leaning on me?
Give me that radio mic, will you?
You're doing good, Gershen.
Pretty bloody good.
But we need more.
We need an outright confession from him.
I've already done too much.
I was his best friend, you know?
Look, I'll tell you something.
You are a likely suspect
for her murder, you know?
Blackmailing her with those nude photos.
Look, you help me,
and I'll guarantee you'll be in the clear.
Look, help me nail that rich
son of a bitch, Gershen.
Hail Mary, full of
grace, the lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Did you form any opinion
as to whether Isen was the murderer?
I found him to be innocent.
Of course, you would never make a deal
with a blackmailer, would you?
You're a very meticulous man, Mr. Isen.
So, we dug a little further.
All routine, of course.
Out of her bank account into yours.
Now, there were some very,
shall we say, coincidental
withdrawals and deposits.
All cash, then they stopped.
That doesn't prove anything.
You know, blackmail can put
you away for quite awhile.
People have been known to kill
for payments that all of a sudden stopped.
- Well, I didn't!
- Did you kill in Hungary?
That was different.
Killing's killing.
She was alone long enough for you...
Maybe at some time,
Kruschen gave some hint.
Well, he said things weren't going well.
He told you that himself one afternoon.
Maybe he might've said
something to his best friend,
however vague.
There were a couple of times when...
When what, Gershen?
All right, fellas, give
us a break now, will you?
- All right.
- We'll get to you later.
All right, take it easy.
You'll get a statement later on.
Please, excuse me.
- Nothing right now.
- Do you think it's fair?
- We'll get to you later.
- We'll get it worked out now.
Please, please, give us
a chance now, will you?
All right, hang on.
Back up, please.
What happened that night?
I refused.
She said to make it look like a robbery.
And we'd have 10 big ones.
So what did you say?
I said, "No, no, sweetheart.
I don't kill people.
I only break arms and legs."
Tell me about Zanopek.
Zanopek came to my flat
one night about 10 o'clock.
Said he made a big score.
He had a garbage bag
full of bloody clothes.
He had bloody clothes on
the night of the murder?
You expect us to believe that?
So he said.
Apparently, she asked him
to do the job on Kruschen.
Zanopek went over there to
collect some more bread.
Tell me something.
You hate Charles, don't you?
Well, I'm starting to hate him myself.
Hey, maybe you can help me.
You see, to me you're different
from Charles, even Gershen.
You are more of a rebel.
Someone who lives from day to day.
Can you help me?
She refused to give him any more money.
Didn't want to give him
any more down payment.
And threatened to go to the police.
So, he did her in, took the money anyway.
The police wanted to
question him about it.
Zanopek resisted, and they
chased him through the streets.
Mr. MacGregor.
You have been charged with
the murder of two young women
and the attempted murder
of a 16-year-old girl.
Now, both these murders took place
in the same area that Magdalene
Kruschen was murdered.
Mr. MacGregor, didn't you
also kill Mrs. Kruschen?
I'm innocent of all those charges.
Look at me.
Do I look like the kind of
person that would hurt somebody?
That's not me.
The defense rests.
Why don't go
back to France, you cunt?
You probably made him do it.
Whore! Whore! Whore!
All rise.
The jury is present, My Lord.
Foreman, please stand.
Members of the jury, have
you agreed upon your verdict?
How say you?
Do you find the prisoner
guilty or not guilty?
Guilty as charged.
Mr. Barrington, do you
wish to have the jury polled?
Yes, My Lord.
Members of the jury,
when I call your number,
if you agree with the
verdict, please stand.
If you disagree, please remain seated.
Number one.
would I wanna kill her when,
obviously, divorce is
the sensible way out?
Number two.
would I wanna kill my wife
and destroy the happiness that I found?
Number three.
Was I pre-judged
because of my wealth?
On behalf of the city,
I am proud to honor Charles Kruschen.
Number four.
Was my mistake
that I married a beautiful woman?
Gershen, there's nothing to worry about.
You know that and I know that.
Number five.
The illegal methods
of a chief of police who saw me that night
and just decided I had killed my wife.
She's dead.
There's nothing you can do.
Number six.
I know
I talked about murdering her,
but it was just that, talk.
That's all it was, talk.
Number seven.
I don't know
how you reach that verdict.
She refused to give him any more money.
on the evidence presented.
Preserve any evidence that
might be attached to them.
Number eight.
evidence given by my friend Isen,
whose life I saved once, and he then chose
to betray me to the police.
Number nine.
Well, I didn't.
Do I look like somebody that would hurt...
God, ah, Magdalene.
Magdalene, Magdalene, Magdalene, my God!
Number 12.
Oh, Magdalene, Magdalene.
Any chick willing to do that
to her husband can't be trusted.
Magdalene, God!
Dear Pauline.
These last two years in
prison have been awful.
Yesterday, the highest
court, the Supreme Court,
rejected my plea for a retrial.
Now I know I'll spend
most of my life in jail.
The barber in here put
chemicals in my hair,
and it started to fall out.
Then my head had to be shaved.
The food is so bad that...
The food is so bad that my
face has broken out in boils.
I would hate you to see me right now.
I think of Magdalene and
Angela, and I dream of you.
I know you believe I'm innocent.
A remote hope that my name will be cleared
will keep me alive.
I love you.
I miss you.
Hugs and kisses.