I Need You Baby (2022) Movie Script

What's going on?
If there is someone
that should be punished
that person should be me.
I'm responsible for this.
Sis, my advice is
you should call him.
Otherwise you will be blamed.
Just call him, sis.
Yes, sir.
I'm sorry
but the presentation material
is not finished yet.
Thank you, sir.
I'm glad he understands.
-Oh, my!
Excuse me, are you
Ms. Catharina Aulia?
-That's me.
-Excuse me.
I'm from
Florencia florist.
There's a bouquet for you.
There is a note here.
It says, it has to be delivered
to Ms. Cathy in person.
It's from Beno.
Happy anniversary, my sister.
Hi, darling.
I will pick you up a little late.
I have a meeting.
The boss is mad.
I have not closed a deal today.
It's okay.
Thank you
for the flowers.
No, I haven't.
I have ordered it actually.
I planned to bring it
when I pick you up.
I failed to surprise you.
Beno, in my office, now!
Yes, boss. Honey, I have to go.
Later, okay? Bye.
Love you.
"From dad and mom
who are waiting for a grandchild."
I'm sorry, honey.
It's okay.
You don't have to feel guilty like that.
you can celebrate anywhere.
What matters is
I'm with you.
It's been a while since we ate satay
at the roadside like this.
Yes, I had planned
to go someplace romantic.
But I forgot to book
so we can't get the table.
Mom and dad will be mad
if they find out
that we eat at roadside like this.
Don't think about it.
Do you feel hot?
Just take off your jacket.
-May I?
-Of course you may.
Oh, no...
Mom is calling.
Where's my earpod?
Oh, no...
My earpod is left in the car.
-Do you want me to take it?
-No, it's okay.
Yes, mom?
Hi, Cathy. How are you?
Have you got our bouquet we sent you?
Yes, thank you.
Where are you?
Mom, we are eating satay at the roadside.
This satay is famous
you should try it, mom.
Cathy, my dear
How could Beno take you
to dine at the roadside?
How could he?
It is not clean, not hygienic.
What if you got sick?
What if you vomited? What then?
Cathy, I told you before.
That Beno's ancestry, pedigree
and substance are not clear.
Look at you.
You have been married for five years
but you are not pregnant yet.
Yes, right. I'm sorry, mom
if Beno's ancestry,
pedigree and substance
are not to mom and dad's liking.
Cathy, do you know that Richard
your ex boyfriend
has two children now.
And you?
Let me put it this way, Cathy
if by next year you are not pregnant
mom and dad
will come to Indonesia.
And stay with you two.
We will wait until you are pregnant.
Mom, Cathy's going to eat now.
Bye, mom.
You are better off, Beno.
Your in-laws are only asking
for a grandchild.
My in-laws are more troublesome.
They already have a grandchild.
Now they demand
that we have our own house.
It's nice you are not sharing a home
with your in-laws.
Do you think it's my house?
It's my in-laws' house.
I am asked to live there
while they are living in Australia.
So you don't own a house yet?
No, I don't.
Who doesn't want to own a house?
If you don't want a burden
it's nicer to own a house.
But how?
My wife...
How much does Cathy earn
as a content creator manager anyway?
And as for me
you know how much.
Yes, and I'm tired
being an insurance salesman.
May I borrow your shoe lace?
What are you using it for?
I want to tie this bumper
it always fells off.
Please hold that side.
There you go.
So, if you are not getting pregnant
your parents will live with you
until you are pregnant, right?
If my parents are staying over
just for one week
Beno felt awkward already.
Beno felt depressed.
Poor Beno.
If it goes on like this
we could get divorced.
I know what you should do.
What if you pretend to be pregnant?
Dear, when I do the video call with mom
you should pretend
to be taking a fruit platter.
A plate of fruits?
Yes. You should give it to me.
Mom is calling now, quickly now.
Fruit platter, quick.
Hello, mom.
Hi, Cathy.
Hi, mommy.
How are you, darling?
It's connected now.
are you going to join
the pregnancy program?
Are you?
I can't hear you, mom.
-It's frozen.
-Why Cathy keeps getting frozen?
It must be the signal.
No, our signal is good.
-Hello, mom?
-Oh, it's Jakarta.
Honey, it's the fruit platter.
Hey, that's...
how long have you been liking
sour and spicy food?
Yes, you are...
You don't like spicy food.
Maybe you are pregnant?
You must be pregnant.
Have you used the test pack?
Please check and show the result
-to me and your mom.
Alright mom
Cathy is going to eat the fruit with Beno.
Cathy, just don't forget
to buy a test pack.
Buy a test pack, will you?
Tell me the result, okay?
Quick! Alright, Cathy?
Thank God, honey,
we are going to have a granchild.
We are going to have a grandchild, dear.
It's not good
to lie to your parents.
We are lying for our own good, dear.
Are you calling me sour?
This is sour.
Hey, Ben.
Are your in-laws Australian natives?
Are they white people?
No, they are not.
But why do they live in Australia?
Here's your coffee.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
My in-laws is a dermatologist.
They go there as a consultant
for some company with their friends.
If so, your in-laws can fix my skin, then.
How come you like to talk
about my in-laws so much?
I don't.
I'm lucky I'm not wearing shoes
without laces.
Oh, my!
What you need
is here.
How come?
Where do you get it?
You don't have to know how I got it.
It's what you need
and I have it.
Now, tell your mom and dad.
Tell them right away.
Should I tell Beno first?
Don't take too long.
Beno will surely follow whatever you said.
Trust me on this.
Thank God.
We are going to have a grandchild.
Thank God.
We will wait for the birth process.
Of course.
Cathy, one week before you are due
to give birth
mom and dad will be in Jakarta.
And then
what's next?
You adopt a child.
Go to a foster home
and adopt a child.
We are just about to call you two.
For all the requirements needed
you have passed.
So what's next, ma'am?
The second condition is
the baby that will be adopted
can live with you for six months.
After the baby has settled down with you
the court will finalize you
as the adoptive parents.
Can we take a look at baby Arumi now?
I can't wait.
One moment, please.
Can you please bring Arumi here?
Yes, alright. Thank you.
Here's Arumi.
Give your hand, dear.
how come the baby is so big?
-I don't know.
-Honey, beautiful.
We should get another baby someplace else.
She can already walk
and she can eat fruit by herself.
She's a smart girl.
Yes, boss?
Ma'am, my boss is calling. Excuse me.
Yes, yes.
Peek a boo.
Look, mommy loves you.
Ma'am, I want to go to the toilet.
How come there is no one on the internet
who can rent out a baby?
Just stay calm now.
Whatever happens
if you jump, I jump. Alright?
I'm not about to commit suicide.
That's not what I mean, honey.
If something happens
and if mom and dad get mad at us
I will be responsible for it.
We have to hold on
don't let this separate us.
Alright, no.
-Yes, Rin?
I am going to send you the numbers
of a talent agency
that has a lot of pretty white babies.
Where did you get it?
It's from a friend of a friend.
So this talent has appeared
in a number of baby products ads.
You can call them
ask for a pretty baby
who looks just like you.
This is Monica
she is a mix of Polish and Indonesian.
She lives in Jakarta.
Does she look like me?
Alright then.
Can we borrow her
-for two weeks?
-Yes, you can.
The fee is 50 million
the down payment is 50 percent.
The remaining 50 percent
should be paid three days before.
-So how is it, dear?
-Take another look, dear.
You can choose this one.
The fee is more or less the same.
Is it that expensive?
-Same as an advertising contract fee.
She won't be taking another job
during the two weeks.
What if...
Can we pay it in twelve installments?
Like a cellphone installments, sir?
So it's a no, then.
I'm just trying.
Six times?
Excuse me, sir, ma'am.
I have another meeting.
Seven? Eight?
How could you ask to pay
for the baby in installments?
-She doesn't resemble you that much.
-It's not a car.
Ms. Cathy, Mr. Beno.
There was a courier delivering a package.
Because you weren't here
I told him to put the package
on the porch.
Is it alright?
No problem, right?
Mr. Beno.
In the old days, people used to say
don't buy baby needs
before the baby is born.
That's jinx.
That's what the old people said.
Not me.
How come it's grey?
I ordered pink.
How come everything
is not going as planned?
Why are you mad, dear?
What's that?
Baby's box.
Baby's box?
Yes, I ordered a pink one.
But this one came in grey.
Just call them
may it can be exchanged.
What am I doing right now?
Hello, this is Happy Feet store.
How may I help you?
Yes, I'm Cathy.
I ordered a pink baby box.
How come I get a grey one?
The baby is not born yet
why bother ordering the baby box now?
I'm sorry ma'am.
It looks like there is a mistake
from our part.
Today there is a delivery
to another customer near you
but in the other cluster.
Your order is mixed up.
I will give you the name
and number of that customer.
You can exchange it yourself with them.
How come I have to exchange it myself?
If you are waiting for our courier
it can only be processed
after three days, ma'am.
Just give me the address.
Now, okay? I'm waiting.
How could they?
Come here, dear.
How is it? Is it done?
Yes, it's done.
You go and exchange this
with the neighbor.
Why me?
Of course it's you.
You said, "I jump, you jump".
But now you don't want to go
and exchange this baby box.
-ay, I'm going to take a shower first.
-Let me take a shower.
-No, don't.
-You will take too long.
-I'm not going out like this.
It's complicated, go now, quickly!
I want the pink baby box, no matter what!
-I'm going to take a shower first.
-No need!
Nobody cares anyway.
Why can there be a mix up, sir?
I don't know exactly.
They say it's an admin's fault.
Just call me 'mas', okay.
Okay. This often happens
when you buy things online, sir.
Last week I bought shoes
but when I received them,
the size is wrong.
So I cannot wear them.
That's different case.
When I shop online
the sizes are always correct.
Are you wearing heels too, sir?
Let's come in, sir.
It's 'mas'.
-Just call me 'mas'.
I have assembled the box, sir.
My boss' kid already tried it.
You can take this box.
But, for the new one over there
you have to help me assemble it.
Okay? Can you?
You look like a snake.
What's the name?
Juwita Karmila.
I am a Garut native.
People use to call me Juwi.
I have worked in Taiwan as a baby sitter.
I am single.
My boss used to flirt with me.
I didn't understand
why he liked to flirt with me.
Not your name.
The baby's name.
Baby Klo.
Baby Klo.
Do you think that the neighbor's baby
can be suitable as our pretentious baby?
Yes, dear. It's suitable.
But I don't think we should.
It will be complicated.
The baby's parents will be like
Why not, dear?
We haven't tried yet.
Why do you already say no?
Let's try it first, don't give up.
-Come on!
Juwi's boss comes home
after nine o'clock.
Hello, I'm already on the way.
Alright. Yes.
It looks like me.
It's suitable.
Oh, my!
-Oh, no!
We have observed
that house for three days.
And Juwi's boss
always come home after nine o'clock.
There is only one maid who stays there.
That means, the other maid
is not living there.
And she does not go there everyday.
It is the baby with the qualifications
that we are looking for, dear.
Now we must come up
with a strategy to deal with Juwi.
Come, quickly.
Why do you take so long?
-Go slowly.
-Shut up.
Baby Klo.
Auntie Juwi's wearing your mom's dress.
Pretty, right?
It looks like auntie Juwi is prettier
than your mom in this dress.
I am going to dance first.
Wait a moment.
I am pretty.
Turn this on.
-We are not seen, right?
-No, we're not.
That's not how you move.
It's like this.
-What are you doing?
Why are you crying, baby Klo?
You are disturbing auntie Juwi.
I'm having fun now.
What's the matter, honey?
Don't cry, don't cry...
Don't make noise or we'll be caught!
But the baby is going to fall down.
What do you care?
It's not us who makes the baby fall.
No! We need the baby.
What if something happens to the baby?
How could you?
Who is that?
Who are you?
What is this?
Juwi, how could you wear my dresses?
Do you think these are cheap?
Go away!
Anybody home?
Anybody home?
You, sir?
You are the one
who exchanged the baby box, right?
You live here?
What is this, sir? Miss?
Just take it, it's two million rupiah.
I'm sorry, sir, miss.
This isn't a game.
This really is a crime.
If someone finds this out
I will be the person
most responsible for this case.
I'm sorry. I can't.
Is that so?
Alright then.
What do you think
I should do with this video?
I have it printed too.
You are free to choose.
So what should I do with the video?
Oh my. Sir, miss
what should I do?
How if we cut some deal
so everybody can be happy?
-I'll take it.
-Is it cancelled?
Ten million rupiah, for you.
Deal, thank you very much.
You should count first.
-Who knows if it's not enough.
-Can I count?
-Everybody should be satisfied.
Mr. David and his wife
leave home around seven in the morning.
They get home around nine in the evening.
So we can be sure
that baby Klo,
from the morning until evening
can be borrowed safely.
-What's the matter?
-Get out, get out!
Yes, mom.
I'm sorry, I'm in the toilet.
My stomach ached.
Why are you still working?
Why don't you take a maternity leave?
Yes, mom. I will take maternity leave
a week before the baby is due.
Cathy, after you give birth
you don't have to work anymore, okay?
Pardon, mom?
You don't have to work anymore.
Tell Cathy
dad's bank deposit
is still enough for seven generations.
Eight turns and nine uphills.
Please, dear, don't boast like that.
Just kidding, okay?
He's right though, Cathy.
He has a lot of bank deposits
so you don't have to work.
Bye, mom!
Darn it.
Every time we call
there is always a new problem.
Yes, that's the problem.
It always is.
Sis Cathy, there you are.
The boss is looking for you.
He is angry.
There's a meeting now. Look at the time.
Give me a second.
Let me catch my breath first.
-Are you done?
-I am.
-Yes, sir?
-Cathy, where are you?
Mrs. Natasha is already here.
We are going to have a meeting.
Yes, sir.
Wait, your tummy!
Where is Ms. Cathy, sir?
What's taking her so long?
I'm sorry, sir, ma'am.
I'm late.
Can we start the meeting now?
What's wrong with your belly?
Her belly!
Mrs. Natasha.
What's the matter with you?
Mrs. Natasha. Ma'am...
Go call the ambulance!
I will fire you!
Go call the ambulance!
Yes, sir.
Why does the boss ask for an ambulance?
Must be a problem with Cathy.
I will not accept this.
I will report my dismissal
to the Manpower Ministry.
But this is all your fault.
Let's see. First of all,
you are found out wearing a fake belly.
Second, you make
a VIP client give birth suddenly
even though
she's only eight months pregnant.
No wonder if the boss
felt like you were playing around.
There is a rule
regarding firing an employee.
You cannot just fire me like this.
There must be first,
second and third warning letters
before the dismissal is issued.
Moreover, I have been working here
for five years now.
Doesn't it mean anything at all?
Even if you chase me
to the top of the mountain
I won't give you the permission
for a leave.
You failed to achieve your target
for two months in a row.
And now you are asking for a leave?
And for two weeks?
Use your head.
One moment, sir.
Here, sir.
This picture.
Should I delete this?
Or should I airdrop it?
-Yes, sir.
Please make a leave letter for Beno.
How long, sir?
How long?
Two weeks is enough, sir.
Two weeks. Bring it to my office.
Yes, sir.
What's the matter with Beno?
We wanted to be with Cathy
one week before she gave birth.
Now suddenly the baby is born.
It is ten days to nine months.
It's weird.
It happened so suddenly, mom.
We cannot predict
that she gave birth before she is due.
Beno, is this a car or a sauna?
It is very hot in here.
It's hot like in the desert.
Oh, right.
Sorry, I forgot.
I'm sorry I use my left hand.
Here, mom, dad.
Had I known it, I'd rather ride a cab.
You still drive this old car?
Why don't you get another car, Beno?
How could you
drive Cathy around
in an old car like this?
Oh my, Beno. Do you have a tattoo now?
Yes, mom.
A friend in Bali has a tattoo studio.
He asked me to be his model.
Why did you agree?
The money is good, mom.
That is the problem.
If you have the money,
buy an air conditioner.
-Yes we have, mom.
-How come it's not cold?
It's at home.
Hey, what's that?
What's that?
-Maybe our luggage fell down.
-You're right.
-Yes, one moment please.
-Beno, stop the car!
Oh my, Beno.
What's going on?
What now, Beno?
One moment, mom, dad.
So annoying!
Oh my!
-So cute.
-Hold it, dad. Quick.
So adorable.
-Help me out.
-What is it?
Now please take my picture
with baby Klo.
Yes, you may.
Mom, why don't you take
some selfies instead?
With your phone.
It will be a chore to print it.
Yes, that's the problem.
-Quickly, dear.
-Come on.
Nice, right...
Nice, nice!
Oh, my
When I look closely
it looks like
the baby is already three months old.
Right, Cathy?
That's how today's baby are, mom.
Baby Klo is alright, though.
My friend's baby just after several days
already grows a moustache.
I almost forgot.
Have you given him a name?
What's his name?
His name is Klo, mom.
Klo? What's his full name?
Klo what, dear?
What's his full name?
Klorofil Semesta Prana.
The nutrient in green plants?
Are you not mistaken in naming your child?
Let me explain
the philosophy behind it, mom.
Chlorophyl is
the nutrient in the leaves.
It converts the sunlight into energy.
We hope that the baby Klo
will become a positive energy
in this house.
In our family.
Is that true, dear?
More or less.
Maybe so.
chlorophyl turns carbon dioxide
into oxygen.
So we hope that baby Klo
can make bad things
into positive things.
For us, for the society.
So that's the problem.
So the name
is Klo-rofil.
-This is what we are waiting for.
Mom and dad are surely looking forward
to savor my mendoan tempeh dish.
Yes, it's been awhile since
mom and dad eat mendoan tempeh.
Don't they have tempeh there?
Not that.
It just tastes different.
That's the problem.
Over there
they make it
-with machines.
-Yes, that's right.
Here, they make it
by stepping on it with their feet.
That's so filthy.
It's not hygienic, right?
That's what makes it so tasty.
I'm going to eat some too.
-Is it okay if I eat with my hand?
-It's okay.
What should we do?
I don't care how
but you have to return the baby now.
Or else we are going to be in trouble.
Quickly now.
But mom and dad are still here.
You have to take care of it.
Think about it, quickly.
Excuse me.
Where are you going, Beno?
I'm going to check on baby Klo.
Maybe he is wet.
Spicy. It's so spicy, Cathy.
What are you doing taking that painting?
I am going to
put the painting in another place.
Please be careful, dear.
The painting
is rare, mom.
Be careful, dear. Don't scratch it.
-Why so long?
Help me, help.
Here we go.
-Wait a moment.
-What is it?
What's his name by the way?
-Klopert. Yeah.
Sir, tomorrow I will return him, no...
I'll bring him here at seven.
At last, dear.
We can catch our breath.
We're safe now.
Cathy, Beno.
I want to get my photo.
I took my picture with baby Klo
but I left them in the baby box.
I'm taking them, okay?
Tomorrow, okay, mom?
Beno is already undressed.
He's embarrassed.
Okay, tomorrow then.
Don't lose them, okay?
Okay, mom.
Dear, the photo!
-Yes, sir?
-Where is baby Klo?
-He is in the living room, sir.
Yes, on it. Thank you.
-You have given him milk, right?
-Yes, I have.
Daddy's coming.
-What now?
Please check baby Klo's blanket.
Is there a picture left in it?
Picture? What picture?
Who's back, my little boy?
No, Honey!
-What's wrong?
-Wash your hands first.
Oh, come on, baby.
But I miss him so much now.
Yes, sir.
Wash your hands first.
Okay, two against one.
I will wash my hands.
Why do you listen to Juwi?
Baby Klo, daddy wash his hands first.
Where is Beno? What took him so long?
Good morning, Cathy.
Morning, mom, dad.
-Where is baby Klo?
Baby Klo?
He is jogging.
He is jogging with Beno, in a stroller.
How if we go jogging too?
We can catch up with them, okay?
We will jog
and sun bathe at the same time.
Yes, dear.
-Do you want to go after Beno?
-Okay then.
-That's alright
but please don't wear these clothes.
Don't be ridiculed by the neighbors.
Please wear something proper.
In Australia it's never a problem
going jogging like this.
-Right, honey?
-It's alright in Aussie.
It's different, mom. It's here.
Don't compare it with Australia.
How can you go jogging
with high heels anyway?
Wear sport shoes.
How if you sprain a muscle?
It will be so troublesome.
That's the problem.
Okay, I will change clothes.
You change your clothes too. Come on.
We're changing clothes.
Hello, dear?
Where are you? What took you so long?
Dad and mom have woken up. Quickly now.
Not yet, baby Klo can not go out yet.
His parents are still inside.
They're still inside.
What happened to you, dear?
-Juwi, his milk.
-His milk, Juwi.
Good baby...
Come on, quickly.
-Mom goes to work now.
-You must be hungry, right?
-Yes, ma'am?
Don't go too far away with baby Klo.
Just around here, okay?
-Yes, I will.
-And remember
don't let anybody touch baby Klo.
-Yes, ma'am.
-Don't let anybody hold him.
Yes, ma'am.
Let's go dear, we are late.
-Bye, honey. Bye, Juwi.
We look fine now, don't we?
We're ready to go.
Yes, you look good now, dad.
Oh, my...
Why do you splash the water on us?
I'm sorry mom, dad. I didn't mean it.
Go change your clothes once more.
I don't want you to catch a cold.
What? Change our clothes again?
How much longer do we have to wait?
We want to go jogging with baby Klo.
Yes, but are you going out wet like that?
What if you catch a cold?
You will get sick, right?
So that's the problem.
Let's change our clothes.
-Yes, change.
-Take your time, mom.
Ma'am, please wait.
What is Juwi doing? Hurry up, now!
Baby Klo's diaper is almost finished.
His milk and the lotion too.
Okay, just text or call me.
Text or call, ma'am?
Later, just text whatever it is, Juwi.
I'll text you later, ma'am.
Be careful, ma'am.
-What else now, Juwi?
What else now, Juwi?
Ma'am, what time you will be home?
I'm surprised you ask that.
Just answer it, ma'am.
Eight, nine, ten or eleven o'clock.
It's nine o'clock, ma'am, right?
What time, then?
-Ma'am, you're so...
-Hey, where is baby Klo?
At the porch.
What took you so long?
-Why are you angry?
-My wife's waiting.
My in-laws are waiting too.
I even got bit by ants!
Why don't you tell me?
Why do you delay your boss from going?
In that case, just cancel this.
No way, I have paid you.
Look, they are waiting for me.
Sir, prepare that stroller first.
-You are so complicated.
-You are the complicated one.
This is so complicated.
Be careful, sir.
-They are waiting for me.
-Be careful, sir!
It's not a cat, you know!
-Sir, sir!
-What now?
-Why are you angry?
-It's because of you.
Here, do you want to take the picture
that you asked last night?
Why don't you give it earlier?
Hey, are you going to take him?
-You are distracting me!
-Be careful!
-I know!
-What do you think, Cathy?
We are good now, right?
-What's the matter with you?
I don't know.
My stomach hurts.
What, you have caught a stomach flu?
Where does it hurt?
Here, at the stitches.
Stitches? Cathy...
But you delivered normally.
How come you are stitched?
You get stitched
when you deliver normal as well.
So, that's the problem.
Thank you, sir.
There, there now.
We will get there soon.
Wait a while.
Spicy, sir?
I'm tired.
I'm asking,
do you want the spicy fruit platter?
My in-laws are more spicy.
He doesn't understand.
Please open the gate!
Right away, sir.
It's Mr. Beno.
Sir, I saw that your in-laws
came to visit.
Too long!
But I just opened it.
There, there.
Let's go.
Morning, grandpa, grandma.
You are okay, now?
I don't know mom,
but suddenly I feel well again.
Maybe I am feeling alive again
when I see my baby.
-Baby Klo!
My grandchild.
-Beno, it's our turn now.
-Yes, please.
Where's baby Klo?
What took you so long?
I almost got a heart attack, you know?
It's Juwi who took so long.
It can't take that long.
We were almost caught, you know?
Let's take a walk, baby Klo.
Good morning!
What a cute baby.
Sir, madam?
We are Cathy's parents.
You're from Australia, right?
When did you arrive?
He's so cute.
He is our grandson.
He is Cathy's son.
Cathy's son?
Where are you going? Hush!
Beno, what's the matter?
A cat, on the dining table!
That's the problem.
Why aren't you taking him for a stroll?
-Oh yes, right.
-Let's go.
-Excuse us.
Hi, Ben.
They say the baby is Cathy's son.
Go away, cat!
Where is the cat?
-Where's the cat?
-Go away!
So strange.
Yes, ma'am?
What do we need?
What does baby Klo need?
I'm at the minimarket
in front of the complex.
There's a lot, ma'am.
I'll tell you in five minutes.
Alright I'll wait. Be quick, okay?
What should I do?
Don't stand there.
Baby Klo is inside, he can't go out yet.
Then, what should I do?
I'm going to the minimarket,
trying to stall your boss.
When you're already get the baby
please contact me, okay?
Okay, okay.
Hello, Juwi.
Have you got what baby Klo needs?
Yes, yes I have ma'am.
What are they?
His diapers are almost finished.
-Baby lotion.
Cajuput oil.
His baby cologne.
And noodles.
And soda.
Fried potato chips.
Why are you buying instant noodles
for baby Klo?
Spicy potato chips, cold soda drinks.
Those are for me, ma'am.
Why don't you say so?
Yes, ma'am. I'll be waiting.
Thank you, ma'am.
-Okay, dear.
This one's for baby Klo.
This is...
Okay. And then...
What took you so long?
I'm sorry.
Let's go baby Klo.
Quickly, quickly!
What are you doing outside at night?
You said you are going to sleep.
I took out the trash, mom.
Why are you taking out the trash at night?
Why can't you do it tomorrow morning?
I don't want it to get stinky.
It's done anyway.
I'm so tired, dear.
I don't know what is happening to us.
Who is doing this? Why?
Honey, don't be suspicious
of other people.
That is not good.
Who knows if it's punctured on the road?
I could get a stroke
before your mom and dad go home.
Calm down, I have a solution.
So what's the plan?
This doll can act as a stand in
to baby Klo.
What's up Juwi?
I have good news.
Tomorrow my boss is going to Surabaya
for three days.
So baby Klo is safe at home.
The bad news is
Marni will stay at home for three days.
So please think of a way out, okay?
Baby Klo.
Baby Klo.
Baby Klo.
Mom and dad look very happy with baby Klo.
That's good, dear.
That means our plan works.
Yes but I can't imagine
if they find out that baby Klo
is not ours.
They will be devastated.
That means
we have to keep this secret
as long as possible. Right?
Mom and dad's here.
Please play with baby Klo, mom and dad.
Come on.
-Take rest now.
Where's my cellphone?
I was...
Not here.
Where is that phone?
Maybe over here.
Where is that phone?
It's not here.
Oh my God!
Got it!
What's up, Mar?
No, it's nothing.
What's the matter?
What now?
There you are.
I don't think I have seen you
breast feed baby Klo.
I have, mom.
You just don't happen to see it.
-But we are here all the time.
Dear, do you like to go to the minimarket?
We have run out of supplies.
Oh yes, we do.
Can you take care of baby Klo
for a while, mom?
Yes, I can. Let me.
What do you want to buy, dad?
-Do you want to buy something?
-No? Okay.
Let's go, dear.
-Excuse us.
-Please take care.
-Yes, mom. Bye.
Come sit here, dear.
I didn't expect that Juwi
is treating my boss' child like that.
He is not a doll.
I will call you back.
I want to take baby Klo for a walk, okay?
I don't think I've seen baby Klo
drink his milk.
Don't you
warm up his milk?
Don't you know
that madam has a new milk warmer?
Just bought it yesterday.
Oh, I see.
Baby Klo!
Sssh, he's sleeping.
Is he sleeping all the time?
Does he sleep throughout morning,
afternoon and evening?
Can he breathe
if you cover up his face like that?
You're so noisy.
I haven't heard baby Klo cry all day.
Baby Klo doesn't have to report to you
if he is crying.
Okay Marni,
if he is crying I will let you know, okay?
His hand is so pale
and so stiff.
Bye now.
Fortunately, you came right on cue.
If not, I will be caught
that I have never breast fed him.
You will get used to mom and dad.
What if there's an urgent situation?
Yes, mister?
Where are you going to take the luggage?
You canceled your trip to Surabaya, right?
Yes, but now I'm going with my wife. Dear?
Yes, we want to go for a staycation
with baby Klo.
Where is baby Klo?
Juwi is taking baby Klo for a walk.
Dear, please call Juwi.
Tell her to come home quick.
Hello, mister.
Juwi, where are you?
I'm talking a walk.
I am not going to Surabaya.
My client is in Jakarta this morning.
Now I'm with my wife
and we want to go
for a staycation with baby Klo
at the same hotel as my client.
Yes, mister.
Right away.
What am I going to do?
Miss Cathy.
Where's the number?
Dear, it's Juwi.
Pick it up.
Yes, Juwi?
Why, it's rejected.
Call again.
Oh, my. The battery is dead.
Dear, let me use your phone.
My phone battery is dead.
Mine is being charged at home.
What's the matter with Juwi?
It's not connecting.
Mr. Beno.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Dear, what does Juwi want?
Maybe it's important.
Let's call her again from home.
Why doesn't he pick up?
-Mr. Beno!
-Juwi's boss is going to Surabaya.
It's okay, right?
It's time you get away
from mom for a while.
Yes, right.
-Excuse me, sir.
-Hold on, miss.
Miss, you're working
at the next cluster, right?
-Your boss is a foreigner, right?
-Yes, right.
-Where are you going?
-I want to see someone there.
Who do you want to see, miss?
I want to see Mr. Beno.
Give me your ID first.
Miss, miss!
Yes, sir.
One moment!
Hey, who are you?
Oh, my!
Hey! Hey!
Who is that?
Who is that?
Dear, it's a doll!
A doll?
Baby Klo is kidnapped!
-Come on!
-Oh my God, kidnapper!
My waist!
Honey, quick!
Hey miss!
Ma'am, what's the matter?
That babysitter
who just run by is a kidnapper.
She is taking our grandson.
As far as I know, she is a babysitter
who is working at the next cluster.
You know where her house is?
-Take me there.
-I don't know, ma'am.
But I know where the cluster is.
Come take us there now.
But ma'am, who is going to man my post?
This is more important.
It's more important
than hundreds of billions of rupiah.
-Yes, ma'am.
-Juwi, where were you?
-You're taking too long, Juwi.
-I'm so sorry.
-We are preparing to go in a hurry.
Come, come.
-Come on!
-The cluster is right here.
-So it's here.
Sir, let me ask.
Does the lady who has a white husband
live here in this cluster?
Go straight, it's on the corner.
Can I go there?
-What's your business, ma'am?
-I will tell you later.
-Come on.
-Later, later.
-Come quick.
Hold on
what does that lady want?
This is a matter of hundreds
of billions rupiah.
Excuse me.
Juwi, why there is only a few
of baby Klo's clothes left?
I can only take a few of his clothes now.
I'm sorry, it's still in the laundry.
I haven't pick it up.
-Okay, I will pick it up.
Quickly, Juwi.
Come on, honey.
Come on.
Come, dear.
-Finished, Juwi?
-Thank you.
-Yes. Take care, mister.
Where is he taking the baby?
Let's visit them.
Bye! Take care.
-Get that babysitter!
-On it, ma'am.
Oh no, trouble!
Hey, it's going!
Quick, dear!
Hey, wait!
My waist!
I see there are people following us.
I don't know them.
Let them be.
It's none of our business.
Don't forget to stop by the laundry.
Oh my God!
Stop! Stop!
-Go after them!
-Wait, ma'am.
-What's the matter here?
-I will tell you later.
Quickly, dear.
My waist!
Wait! I'm exhausted.
Look, there's a motorcycle.
Let's ride it.
Come on.
No, don't.
The key is there. It's alright.
-Okay! Oh my God.
Back up, quick.
Thank you.
Go, go!
Hey, it's my bike!
Thief! Thief!
Wait for me.
Thief! Thief!
-There, there!
-Stop, stop!
-Here it is!
Come on, dear. Yes, yes.
Return him!
Get out!
Get out!
Get out!
There's the thief!
I have suspected this.
It's Cathy's mom, right?
Yes, right.
Why did you take my bike?
I'm sorry I was in a hurry.
My grandson is kidnapped!
Hey, what's going on here?
Hey, what's the matter?
Who are you people?
What do you want? Baby...
Open the door. Are you okay?
Look, that's right, isn't it?
-That is my grandson!
-This is my son.
-That is my grandson!
-This is my son.
Who are you?
-Where is the kidnapper?
-Who is that?
Mom and dad.
That baby
is not Cathy's son.
Wait, what do you mean?
He is not your son?
But he is in our house all this time.
Cathy is lying to mom and dad.
Juwi is taking our son anywhere.
Sir, we are willing to forgive them.
And we won't prolong this problem.
But I want
the law to be enforced.
What is your name, ma'am?
As per your ID card?
It's all my fault, sir.
I pitched the idea
to rent baby Klo from Juwi.
And I blackmailed her
to bring baby Klo to us every day.
If there is someone
that should be punished
that person should be me.
I am responsible for this.
This is because of you, mom.
If only you didn't always talk about
Beno's ancestry
pedigree and substance
this wouldn't have happened, mom.
We are depressed.
Everyday you ask
if and when I get pregnant.
When I will have a child.
That is the problem.
-What's the matter, Cath?
Cathy? Sit down.
-Cathy, what's the matter with you, dear?
-What's up, dear?
Are you dizzy?
-Yes, mom.
-Oh my.
I am pregnant, doc?
Yes, ma'am.
It's been three weeks.
Thank God...
Mom, Dad.
See what I mean.
Beno is potent.
That means
there is no problem with Beno now.
But the most important thing is
-we have a real grandchild.
I am very happy.
Our baby is healthy, dear?
Mom and Dad are not coming?
They are not allowed to go in.
They only allowed me to come in.
That's okay.
Mom and Dad
send their regards for you.
They apologize
that they, for all this time
have not given their blessings to us.
And to doubt you as well.
They realized
that you are a good husband to me.
They are not wrong.
I have to thank them instead.
They have raised a wonderful woman.
And willing to understand me
who has a lot of shortcomings.
They are not wrong at all.
Regards for them too.
Come on, be happy,
so that the baby will be happy too.
Yes, he's kicking.
He's a soccer player.
Come on, Mrs. Cathy.
-Once again, Mrs. Cathy.
-Come on, dear.
-More, more.
-Once again.
-Go on.
-Come on, Mrs. Cathy.
Come on, honey! Push some more!
-Push, push!
-Go on, ma'am.
Go, go, go.
Yes, I'm a father now!
It hurts.
Congratulations, Beno. Your child is born.
For me
life has to be enjoyed and savoured.
I have a baby.
My in-laws are more fond of me.
And Cathy?
Even more so.
But life's struggles goes on.
This is only a small victory in my life.
By the way
what's Juwi's up to?
-Here's your meatball, miss.
-Thank you.
If it's not spicy enough
you can have some more.
Sir, may I ask something
if I go to Kampung Rambutan bus terminal,
is it still far away?
It's still far away,
you have to take two more buses.
Do you want to take me there?
To Kampung Rambutan terminal?
To the police station.
To the police station?
Who are you?
-Shut up. Come!
-It hurts!
Monitor. The target is captured, over.
-Come with me. Shut up!
-No, I don't want to!
Get in! Watch your head!