I Origins (2014) Movie Script

Every living person on this planet
has their own unique pair of eyes.
Each their own universe.
My name is Dr. Ian Gray.
I'm a father, a husband...
...and I'm a scientist.
When I was a child,
I realized that...
...the camera was designed
exactly like the human eye...
...taking in light through a lens,
forming it into images.
I began taking as many pictures
of eyes as I possibly could.
I'd like to tell you the story of
the eyes that changed my world.
Remember these eyes.
Remember all the details
in these eyes.
It started when I was a 26-year-old
Ph.D. student living in New York.
It was Halloween,
eight years ago.
You okay?
I'm watching the moon.
Can I take a picture
of your eyes?
It's just something I do.
Yeah? I've perfected this.
Do you know the story
of the Phasianidae?
The... No,
what's that?
It's a bird...
...that experiences all
of time in one instant.
And she sings the song
of love and anger...
...and fear and joy
and sadness all at once.
All combined into
one magnificent sound.
Where are you from?
Another planet.
What's the bird sound like?
It sounds like this.
Lean closer.
It's more like noise.
And this bird...
...when she meets
the love of her life...
...is both happy and sad.
Happy because she sees that
for him is the beginning...
...and sad because she
knows it is already over.
Hey, hey,
do you wanna get a drink?
I don't drink.
Like, anything?
You're not gonna regret
this in the morning, right?
Hold your memory for a moment
With a blind hand
Write some stories
For tomorrow
Your identity confirmed.
I finished that transcription
factor program.
Last night?
No, this morning.
Because, bitch, I don't play.
Got the input genes and then you
put your transcription factor...
Wait a minute.
You stink of vodka.
I mean, like, bad.
Like it smells bad.
Yeah, I know.
I know I reek of vodka.
Stop talking so loud.
Okay, I consolidated all of
your data into one database.
You are welcome.
You're amazing.
I hate you.
Oh, I love you,
that's why I do it.
Oh, hey, you got
a new rotating student.
First year.
- Oh, shi...
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Have fun babysitting, buddy.
You need gum.
You need...
to have fun babysitting.
Hi, Ian.
Can I...
Follow me.
You're attempting to
make colorblind mice see color?
That's the idea.
But after failed experiment 352,
we'll see.
Why what?
Do so many experiments fail?
Why are you interested in making
colorblind mice see color?
Why not?
How are you testing
that they see color?
As the new rotating
lab assistant...
...your job will be
to do very boring,
very repetitive experiments...
be a glorified
...and not ask me "why"
every five minutes.
Okay? Cool.
Commencing experiment 353...
...response to photo pigment
protein in Mus musculus.
The control subjects B Beta...
...G Gamma,
E Euphoria...
I don't know what that means.
Look it up.
G as in Goodness gracious.
H as in Help me, please.
Z as in Zoolander.
Are the mice muted with
the photo pigment protein?
When we animate the lines...
...colorblind mice
stare straight.
...fingers crossed...
...the muted mice sh...
Track the lines with their eyes.
Holy shit.
Holy fucking shit.
Is this on the background
of PAX6 overexpression?
You're a first year?
I know, it's surprising I
can put together a sentence.
Sorry, I asked my last three lab
assistants not to come in...
...and I'd sign
their credits.
Anyway, this is just one step in a very,
very long process.
This is a rough estimation...
...but let's just say that the human
eye has 12 working parts, right?
Simplest eye having one.
So, if we can fill in the gaps,
the evolutionary gaps...
...using single mutations...
we can map out the most
logical progression...
...of the most
basic eye...
...to the most complex,
fully formed human eye.
I don't understand,
why take the time?
We know that it evolved.
It's an assumption,
it's not a fact.
When you're
no longer a first year,
you'll see how
important facts are.
Each of these animals has an eye
that's best selected
for its environment.
It would be cleaner...
...less variables,
if you had an origin.
Go on.
You start with one...
...to get to 12.
But what if you had zero?
A non-seeing organism and built
genetically an eye from scratch...
...a zero to 12.
It'd be a perfect proof,
Non-seeing organisms
don't have the PAX6 gene.
How do you know?
Has anyone ever checked all of them?
I don't think anyone has ever checked...
all of them.
You've thought of this before?
Why did you look surprised?
Because so have you.
Who were those girls?
Which girls?
The ones at the Halloween
party in the S&M outfits.
S&M outfits?
I met one of them.
Don't know her name.
I don't know her face,
but she had these
most amazing eyes.
So specific.
Central heterochromia.
Oh, reminds me.
Guess what I did?
I figured out an improved
implementation technique...
...for Daugman's
biometrics algo.
You ever feel like
when you met someone,
they fill this hole
inside of you...
...and that when
they're gone
you feel that space
painfully vacant?
Are you okay, man?
Yeah, yeah.
I'm okay, are you okay?
- What did you just say?
- Did you say...
The way you talked was,
like, poetic.
- It was weird.
- Shut the fuck up.
- It was so weird, dude.
- I can't believe...
Oh, shit.
This guy is painfully vacant.
Ian, look at him.
He's so painfully vac...
He's so painfully vacant.
Fuck off.
Can I get a pack of
Verdict and a Powerball?
How much is that?
$11. 11.
Lucky elevens.
What are you doing?
Five percent of all animals
don't have vision...
...and there are 8.7
million species...
So I blasted PAX6 at the database,
but nothing came up.
So I started
sequencing by myself.
How many did you sequence?
You've done 12.
So, how many do you have left?
Like, approximately 426,000.
Are you going to write
426,000 names on the window?
I'm going to find it before I
get to the end of the window.
What are you doing?
I'm not doing anything.
You know we could be looking
forever and find nothing.
Turning over rocks and
finding nothing is progress.
Burning papers into ashes
What a season
How they fly high
From the ground, oh
There is yet another fountain
Flowing over
As the night falls
Keep dreaming
If you hold onto that past
Don't you lock yourself inside
Nothing has been done before
So, are you gonna
tell me where you're from?
So many places, I don't know.
Which places?
To make it short,
I was born in Argentina...
...and when I was 11,
I moved to France with my grandmother.
And your parents?
So, what do you do?
Why did you sleep
with me that night?
Poor judgment.
I was lonely for
a long time and...
...when I saw you
that night I...
...I had the feeling
that I had known you.
Actually, I felt
like you knew me.
What do you mean?
Like we are connected
from past lives.
I don't believe in that.
What do you believe in?
I'm a scientist.
I believe in data.
A scientist?
What kind of scientist?
Molecular biology.
I'm most fascinated
with the eye.
The eye, the eyes?
The eyes.
Why the eye?
The eye is the one sticking
point that religious people use
to discredit evolution.
They use it as proof of
an intelligent designer.
- Intelligent designer?
- God.
I'm looking to end the debate
once and for all with...
...clear, clean facts.
Data points of every
stage of eye-evolution.
Why are you working
so hard to disprove God?
Disprove? Who proved that God
was there in the first place?
Anyway, let's get some real
data points on you, okay?
Be my guest.
I prefer talking about myself anyway.
What's your favorite...
Strawberry Mentos.
Veggie burritos.
I'm vegetarian, you should know that.
What's your favorite flower?
Okay. Why?
'Cause they're free,
wild, and you can't buy them.
What's your favorite
field of study?
The stars.
What's your favorite animal?
The white peacock.
You ever see one?
- There's one in New York.
- I'll take you to see it.
So, you're gonna see me again?
You know, in Indian mythology...
...the white peacock
symbolizes souls
being dispersed
throughout the world.
Did you ever think
it just symbolizes
a lack of melanin
or pigment in the cells?
The control subjects T...
T as in Tsunami.
- G as in...
- Gnome.
P as in...
M as in...
I start to see these elevens, like,
everywhere. Too many elevens.
The amount was so staggering,
so unlikely,
that I followed them.
And when I followed them,
I found your eyes,
which then led me to you.
Because I found you
through your eyes.
So unlikely, like life itself.
I know.
I sent them to you.
You know you have it.
Have what?
But you're scared of it.
I have what?
You live in this room, right?
You have a bed,
you have books, um...
...a desk,
a chair, lamps.
But in this room,
you have a door...
...to the other side.
Light comes through.
It's open.
Just a tiny bit, but it is open.
You keep trying to close that
door because you're scared.
But you won't always be scared.
What's behind the door?
Besides my dirty laundry.
You have to go in to find out.
You know what I'm talking about.
I have no idea.
You will.
You will.
You want to move to my place?
You have a place?
Of course.
Can I move in tomorrow?
Is this your family?
Yes, it's my grandmother.
Such an eccentric beauty.
My parents and me
when I was baby.
Um, the white peacock,
but you have met him before. Mmm.
This is a proof
of the spirit world.
El Angel de la Resurreccion.
It's the name of the statue.
Of the statue in
Saint Anne's Cemetery.
It's in Saint Anne's Cemetery?
But look at the eyes.
They're alive.
It's amazing what you can
do on Photoshop these days.
There's no Photoshop!
The eyes appeared just
when she took the picture.
You're so beautiful.
Let's get more boxes.
Nineteen days gestation period.
She is ready.
Fame, science grants...
...fortune await you.
If you find that PAX6 gene,
we'll be well on our way
to all of that.
Recognition makes me
extremely nauseous.
Well, it is important that
people know about the work.
To me, the best thing about
living like a lab rat...
...is that sometimes...
...really rare times...
...you actually
discover something.
On the night of a discovery
when you're lying in bed...
...you are the only person in
the world that knows it's true.
Can you promise me something?
Promise you something?
I can't promise if you don't tell me...
Promise first.
Before you tell me what it is?
I keep my promises.
Whatever, I won't tell.
Okay, I promise.
I want you to burn me.
Burn you?
I don't want to rot in a box when I die.
Oh, you mean like cremate you.
Yeah. Oh, no.
I don't want to be cremated.
This is a big disagreement
I didn't know we had.
Cremation is like obliteration.
I mean, what if in the future,
the scientists...
What if they can reconstitute
ourselves through our DNA?
I want to be clear with you.
I don't want that.
You don't want what?
- I don't want to be cloning.
- Cloneed.
"I don't want to be cloning."
No, but I'd reconstitute
myself first...
...then I'd reconstitute you
and then I'd ask you,
"Do you wanna be alive?"
And then if you didn't,
I'd kill you.
No, but then we could
be together forever,
like, for real, scientifically.
Reanimated, reconstituted.
You have a hard time letting go.
Don't worry.
We'll find each other again.
I love your smell.
What is it?
I won't tell.
Come on, tell me.
Will you marry me?
Can I help you?
We'd like to get married.
Do you have your ID's?
First you have to get
your marriage license,
so you have to fill these out.
You're gonna have
to wait 24 hours
before you can
actually get married.
Twenty-four hours?
Well, this way,
you have 24 hours to decide
whether you want to
marry this young man.
But I want to marry him!
In 24 hours.
So, okay. All right.
Yeah, so we can't get married today.
This system really kills the
spontaneity factor, hmm?
We're already married in the spirit world.
Hi. What's up?
You called like five times.
I did.
Why would I do that?
Why might I call five times?
I don't know.
I was running
the electrophoretic drill,
you know, just another Tuesday.
And I started sequencing the
genes of this strange worm...
...called Eisenia fetida.
Go on.
And, uh...
I found the PAX6 master switch.
Are you serious right now?
Are you fucking with me?
Do you know what this means?
We found an origin species and we can
build an eye from scratch.
Holy sh...
Um, does it have the same
amino acid sequence as humans?
I can't even talk right now.
I feel like I'm gonna
piss myself.
Can you just come in here?
Okay, I'm coming in right now.
You're amazing.
Bye. Bye, bye, bye.
Who was that?
That was Karen, um,
my rotating...
Well, my lab partner.
I have to go into
the lab right now.
Do you want to come with me?
On our wedding day?
Well, technically,
it's not our wedding day today.
And we've been married forever
in the spiritual world, right?
Sofi, please come in with me.
It's really important.
Mmm. It's fine.
Let's go.
Well, don't be upset about it.
Let's put our rings on.
I don't want to, it's bad luck.
I don't believe in luck.
I do believe we've known each
other since forever, though.
Yeah. You know how?
When the Big Bang happened...
...all the atoms
in the universe
were all smashed together...
...into one little dot
that exploded outward.
So my atoms and your atoms were
certainly together then...
...and, who knows,
probably smashed together several times...
...in the last
13.7 billion years.
So my atoms have
known your atoms...
...and they've always
known your atoms.
My atoms have always
loved your atoms.
Let's go!
This is Sofi.
This is Karen.
Karen, this is Sofi.
She's my wife.
Welcome, um...
What do you wanna see?
I wanna see everything.
Uh, so, I have this gel.
And it aligns?
The alignment crossed PAX6 proteins,
98 percent identity.
Are these the worms?
They can't see anything.
Not for long.
You know, um, I should...
I'm gonna go take a shower.
You've seen it.
I should shower,
brush my teeth...
Wait, you're gonna go right now?
Um, yeah.
I'm sure you want to show your
wife around the lab and...
Okay. Are you sure?
Okay, well, uh, this is amazing.
The beginning of
something amazing.
It was nice to meet you.
Amazing stuff, Karen.
- Bye.
- Bye.
What's wrong?
I know something's wrong, so...
You leave me everyday
to torture little worms?
We're not torturing worms, Sofi.
If you're interested,
we're modifying organisms.
In this case,
they happen to be worms that are blind...
...and we're modifying
them to have vision.
You can make blind worms see?
Kind of.
I mean, we can now, maybe.
You think that's a good idea?
Do you think it's a bad idea?
I think it's dangerous
to play God.
Sofi, I believe in proof.
There is no proof that there
is some magical spirit...
...uh, that's invisible,
living above us, right on top of us.
How many senses do worms have?
They have two.
Smell and touch.
...they live without
any ability to see
or even know about light, right?
The notion of light
to them is unimaginable.
But we humans...
...we know
that light exists.
All around them...
...right on top of them...
...they can't sense it.
But with a little mutation,
they do. Right?
...Doctor Eye...
...perhaps some humans,
rare humans...
...have mutated to
have another sense.
A spirit sense.
And can perceive a world that
is right on top of us...
Just like the light
on these worms.
So, you're a mutant.
And I'm not the only one.
Ow! Oh...
Are you okay?
I got formaldehyde in my eye.
Here, let me see.
Get the splash kit.
What is it?
What is it? Tell me!
It's yellow,
it's right over there!
It's yellow! Call Karen!
Fucking call Karen, now!
Where's the number?
The number's by the door.
By the door.
Got it.
We should do this every Friday.
How many fingers
am I holding up?
He's not blind, so that's good.
I think you're gonna be fine.
Are you okay?
Thank you.
You're gonna feel fine
in 12 hours or something.
I'll call tomorrow
to check in on him.
Thank you.
Yeah, of course.
This is funny.
Yeah. It's, um...
Find me.
Whoa, what?
We are in the middle
of two floors.
We stopped.
We should call the super.
The super what? The super.
The superintendant.
The guy that fixes the building.
Can you call him?
I don't know this guy.
I don't have his number.
Of course you don't.
It's under "Super."
Your phone is dead.
It's dead?
Oh, come on, relax.
You're so irresponsible.
Want me to call Karen?
Don't be a child.
You live in this fairy,
magical, fantasy land.
It's a fucking lie
and you know it's a lie.
That's a lie that
you wanna believe,
like a child.
Like a child.
Okay. Come on.
What's gonna happen?
I'll boost you up.
No. You go first
and you pull me up.
Sofi, come on, go.
I'm not going first. You go first.
Look at you, you're so scared.
Come on.
Be careful.
Look how easy that was.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
Sofia, come on!
Give me your hand.
Give me your hand.
Okay, come on.
There you go, you're fine.
Here we go.
Can I come over?
What if I bring
you something that
I know will take
your breath away?
It has an eye.
I mean, just light-sensitive cells,
but we did it.
Mutations are holding.
You did it.
That's the first step
in a really long process.
It's gonna end as a worm in a box if
you don't get your ass back in the lab.
Why don't you eat something?
He claims to have put to rest the notion...
...that the eye was made
by an intelligent designer.
Dr. Gray,
you made some mutants in a laboratory...
...and now you expect
all religious people
to just throw away
their beliefs?
Well, I expect them to fight
me every step of the way.
But I do implore them to look
at the evidence and data
we've collected here.
These specimens are
practical examples
of every stage
of eye development.
Dr. Ian Gray, uh,
thanks for being here.
Thanks for having me.
The book is The Complete Eye.
All right.
How'd I do?
Why do you do that
thing with your face?
What? What thing?
The thing.
Where you're like...
You did nothing with your face.
It was good, it was good.
Man, you should have joined
the private sector, Professor.
It's crazy. Iris Biometrics is
exploding all over the world.
I'll take love
over money any day.
Wow, that's mature of you.
You think I could really get a job there?
Thank you.
You all right?
Any more drinks?
Uh, yeah, it's just a smell,
I can't place it.
Maybe it's your perfume?
Any more drinks?
Uh, no, actually,
we'd like to know what your perfume is.
You don't have to answer that.
It's Trsor.
- It's lovely.
- Thank you.
I'm okay with drink.
It's Trsor.
It's French.
Are you hitting on the waitress
in front of your pregnant wife?
I don't know if you know
this about me, Kenny,
but the gene for jealousy?
- Recessive.
- That's good.
I'm going to the dance floor
with my pregnant, lovely wife.
I'm gonna
get her number for you.
Please, thank you.
I'm so looking forward to
brainwashing this child with you.
You want to know
what I was thinking?
What if we turn
the garage into a lab?
And the baby could be
our first test subject.
That's a great idea.
Is there something
ethically wrong with that?
You know what I wanna do?
I think we should leave.
I'm, uh, picking up a prescription
for my wife, Karen Gray.
How about if I sing to you?
Beautiful dreamer
Wake onto me
Sounds of the rude world
Heard in the day
Lulled by the moonlight
Have all passed away
Beautiful dreamer
Wake onto me
Starlight and dew drops
are waiting for thee
Say hello to the camera.
Sofi, come on.
Be nice.
Be nice. Come on,
act like a lady.
I want you.
I want you more.
Don't stop.
I wanna know
what's turning you on.
I never do this.
I sometimes think about the
cause and effect of it...
And I think about how,
and I don't feel guilty for this...
...but I think about how if I hadn't
called you into the lab that day...
...she would maybe still be
here and you would be with her.
Can I tell you something that
makes me feel like a monster?
That day in the elevator...
...I thought to myself...
"Am I going to be stuck with
this child the rest of my life?"
And then the next moment
she was dead.
We were never gonna
be together, Karen.
I just never got closure.
I never got to say goodbye.
Kiss me.
Iris scanning is a new
identification measure...
...taken up by the more
sophisticated hospitals.
We know what iris scanning is.
We've had it in our lab
for a decade.
Well, it's still new
to the general public.
Now, we are not yet legally
required to scan eyes...
...but we adopted
the technology
and use it with
the parents' consent.
I'm fine with it.
You, uh...
Scan. Yeah,
do the scan.
I dim the lights.
The system
is non-obtrusive...
...and, in all actuality,
is just taking photo of the eyes.
There you go.
Come here, Tobias.
- Oh, thank you.
- You got it?
Yes, I got it.
Thank you.
What happens then is...
...the computer finds a bunch of
points in the crevices of the eye...
Yeah, we understand
how it works.
Forgive me.
These systems are sort of new.
Can you tell?
Paul Edgar Dairy?
Sounds like a pirate.
If this happens,
I'm supposed to punch in a key and reboot.
There we go.
So I'll just put in his info.
What is his name?
I like Paul Edgar Dairy,
it's fine.
Tobias George Gray,
after his grandfather.
Hi, is this Ian Gray?
It is.
My name is Dr. Simmons.
I work in conjunction with Yale
and the Greenwich Hospital...
...where you and your wife
gave birth in July.
Is everything okay?
Yes. Everything's okay,
please don't be alarmed.
We would however like to run
a few simple tests on Tobias.
His test results may suggest,
although highly unlikely...
...the possibility
of early autism.
You know I'm a doctor.
What test results?
We've pinpointed, uh... Uh...
Uh, can you hold
on a moment, please?
Karen, listen to this.
We've pinpointed
an array of molecular
compounds that
appear in the urine...
...of children with autism.
And Tobias showcased
a few of them.
I promise it's unlikely,
but worth checking out...
...and we have very simple non-obtrusive
tests and we'll be done in an hour.
What was your name
and affiliation?
Dr. Janet Simmons.
I run a research lab
on child autism...
...in conjunction with Yale
and the Greenwich Hospital.
Simmons, you said?
Janet Simmons.
Our clinic is in Stamford,
not too far from there.
It's important to
check this soon.
There's no alarming rush,
but we could see him today.
- Okay, thank you.
- You'll hear from us.
Baby, I love you.
Tobias. Look here,
look here.
I'm not sure I understand
how this is testing for autism.
The blood and urine
test will check
for molecular compounds.
This test is purely perceptual.
Tracking the child's eye
movements and attractions.
Okay, that's enough.
I'm gonna...
Yeah. The test is over.
If you are calling
regarding an existing file...
...please enter your
seven-digit session number.
This Dr. Simmons is up to something.
Child autism my ass.
I keep running through her studies.
What was she doing?
Two images side by side.
Two images,
similar but different.
Tobias would look
at one or the other.
Do you remember anything
specific about the images?
Something connected to something?
Something we could look up?
There was a farmhouse.
There was, um...
Dan's Diner in Boise, Idaho.
Whatever that means.
Why, that's a real place.
What can I get you?
Um, just a cup of coffee.
Sure thing.
I'm not from around here.
I was wondering...
...is there anything
interesting in town to see?
Not much around these parts.
'Less you, uh, fancy visiting
some cows down at the Dairy farm.
- There's a dairy farm.
- Mmm-hmm.
That'll be a dollar.
Of course.
Where is the dairy farm located?
Uh, take a left,
about two miles down the road.
Can't miss it.
We'll have them
through in a moment.
Oh. Okay.
Come on.
Is this the dairy farm?
Indeed, it is.
These are milking cows?
These are meat cows,
not milking cows.
I'm Julie Dairy.
This is my family's farm.
Julie Dairy.
Uh, Paul Edgar Dairy.
Are you related to him?
Yes, he's my father.
Is he here?
You're clearly not with
the biography association.
I'm sorry, I don't follow.
Some documentary crew came
through here a few months ago...
...wanting to do a story on
the great Paul Edgar Dairy...
...the only black farmer in Boise.
They took some pictures.
I liked the story and they
said they'd follow up.
You okay?
How you doing there?
I'm okay.
I'm just, uh, having
a moment of dj vu.
Can we fetch you some water,
or a cup of tea?
I'd really love to meet
Paul if that was possible.
What if we just start at
the beginning and break it down?
In the hospital,
Tobias' eyes come up
as a match with
Paul Edgar Dairy...
...which is not correct
because Tobias has blue eyes...
...and Paul Edgar Dairy
has brown eyes.
Uh, no, iris biometrics
is not based on color.
It's based on the unique crypts,
furrows and shapes
in the texture.
So, maybe Tobias and Paul have the
same iris pattern.
Statistically impossible.
Second data point...
...Tobias and Paul have
some kind of connection.
It's not our test,
so we don't know.
And the third
data point is that...
...Paul Edgar Dairy dies
before Tobias is born.
Was conceived.
Was conceived.
Because Tobias was born in July...
...and Paul Edgar Dairy
dies in September 2012.
That's ten months.
What are you guys
talking about right now?
You guys sound
like crazy people.
Okay? What is this
connection referencing?
Jan... Dr. Simmons.
From Yale.
She did this test on Tobias.
Dr. Simmons?
From Yale?
She's one of five people
who have access
to the eye database.
My company owns a
patent on iris biometrics...
...and consolidate all their
data into one database...
...and Simmons is one of five
people that have access.
But you have access to it, too.
Sort of.
I can find the iris code...
...run it and see
if it's in the system
and then check the IP address...
...and check when and where
it was registered.
I can do that.
How do you do that?
Look into that.
Okay. Other eye.
All right.
So, I can't get your
name or biographicals...
...but I can see that
you are in the system.
And that you were registered
at the lab in 2005...
...and the same should
be for Karen and myself.
What are you thinking, Karen?
Well, check this out.
So, Paul and Tobias
have the same iris patterns,
let's just say.
Mmm. And there's some
sort of connection.
So the next logical step in
our scientific inquiry is...
...to find someone
that we do know
who's a duplicate in the system.
Like a family
member who has died.
- That's it.
- We need another match.
Guys, this is
statistically impossible.
You're not gonna find anything.
Can you get a scan from a photo?
It has to be high-res
and in focus.
Technically, I can do it.
I have hundreds of high-res
photos of people's eyes.
All right.
You can scan these.
Give me the hard drive.
This is ridiculous.
Who do you want me to run?
Mmm. Run my father,
Tobias George Gray.
He died two years ago.
He's in the system...
...and he's registered
at Heathrow, 2006.
That makes sense.
He was traveling there frequently.
Try, um, my uncle, Basil.
Died seven years ago of cancer.
All right.
Not found.
Try your grandparents.
My grandparents.
Bev and Barry.
She's in the system.
...at Schiphol airport
in Amsterdam, 1998.
How many people
are in the database?
There's like hundreds of millions.
There's a billion soon.
- Try my grandparents.
- Right there.
Judy is in the system.
She's registered
at a nursing home
in New Haven in 2009.
And Malcolm?
Not found.
All right, so anybody else?
- Okay, try Sofi.
- Okay.
She's in the system.
That makes sense.
She was probably
scanned when she
came through customs.
It says that the IP
address coordinates
say that she was scanned...
...in a community center
in Delhi, India.
She must have traveled there.
Three months ago?
- That doesn't make any sense.
- That's not right.
It's an error.
It's only the seventh one
we've tried.
I need to get some air.
What the fuck is happening?
Did you put him to bed?
You should go to India.
Can't go to India.
Can't or won't?
India is not Boise,
Idaho, Karen.
There is someone there with
Sofi's exact iris pattern.
The eyes and the brain
are connected.
If the cellular
structure in the eye
is reoccurring from
person to person...
...then maybe
something in the brain...
...carries over as well,
like a neurological link.
Maybe the eye really
is some kind of...
...window to the soul.
Soul, Karen? Soul?
Is my wife really
using the word "soul"?
Like you hold any
validity in that?
Call it whatever
you wanna call it.
Dr. Simmons was testing
a memory connection...
...between our son
and Paul Edgar Dairy.
And it wasn't our test,
but you can go to India...
...and you can find
this person with
Sofi's eyes and you can
do the same.
I can't go there.
It's just India...
Not India!
I can't go there!
I can't go back there!
I can't go back
to that part of my life!
I can't do it!
I gotta just let it go.
The man I married...
...I don't think he
would let his own grief,
even if it was overwhelming...
...get in the way of what
could potentially be...
...the greatest scientific
discovery the world has ever seen.
This is bigger than you.
It's bigger than me.
It's bigger than Sofi.
Then maybe you should go.
I would, but I...
I didn't know Sofi.
It's a false positive,
you understand?
It's an error.
It has to be an error.
It's statistically
impossible. Data point.
If I drop this phone
a thousand times,
a million times...
...and one time,
it doesn't fall...
...just once, it hovers in the air.
That is an error
that's worth looking at.
You're so fucking stubborn.
Technology has barely touched
Mira Devi's daily life.
In her hut, muscle, not machines,
gets the chores done.
That is about to change for Mira
and perhaps millions like her.
At this center, her irises are
scanned with biometric devices.
They're uploaded and then
sent to a massive server.
Once this information
is processed...
...out comes a twelve-digit
number for her and her only.
India's unique identification
program started just a year ago.
If it succeeds,
India will become
the first country
in the world...
...using biometric data for identity
purposes on a national scale.
First time to India?
It is, actually. Yeah.
Darryl Mackenzie.
Uh, Dr. Ian Gray.
Oh. Doctor. Well.
Two men, both doing good work.
What do you do?
Well, I'm in sales, but, uh...
Also do The Man's work.
The Lord's work.
Uh, of course.
Good night, Dr. Gray.
Uh, have a good night.
Hope our paths cross again.
Hi. Can I help you?
You seem like
the boss of this place.
Boss, no.
Circus manager more like it.
I'm Priya Varma,
how can I help you?
I'm Dr. Ian Gray.
I'm visiting from America.
I have a very strange request.
I'm looking for someone who
was scanned here a while back.
The thing is,
I don't have their name.
All I have is a picture
of their eyes.
This is what
their eyes look like.
They may not be
this exact color.
Why are you looking for her?
Is she in some kind of trouble?
Uh, no. Of course not. She's not in
trouble. She's incredibly special.
You do recognize them?
I do, if it is
who I think it is.
But why are you looking for her?
Here's another photo.
Okay, um, this doesn't
make sense.
These are her eyes,
but this isn't her face around them.
That's exactly why
I'm looking for her.
Sweet girl.
Very smart girl.
But I haven't seen her recently.
When was the last time
you saw her?
Uh... A few months ago.
Could you help me find her?
I could make a donation
to the community center.
I mean, I'm going to make a
donation to the community center.
I don't want to sound crass,
like I'm bribing you...
...but I am kind of bribing you.
No, of course, I mean, of course
any donation
would help the center.
It's very important.
You meet me
tomorrow at 12:00...
...at the Okhla market,
All right.
So you want me
to take a photo of you?
You wanna see?
You see? Okay.
I almost didn't come.
Yeah, I was worried.
What changed your mind?
I, uh, did some research on you.
Do all these children eventually
end up at the community center?
Some do,
but there are over one million people...
...living in this
30-block radius alone.
According to the registrar,
Salomina and her
parents live here.
I'm gonna ask this lady here.
What's wrong?
What'd she say?
She could be living
like a stray dog.
She's totally alone.
Her mother's dead, her father's dead.
She knows the address
of the community center...
...but Priya said she
hasn't been there in weeks.
There's a million people
living in a ten-block radius.
It's gonna be
impossible to find her.
Well, you shouldn't give up.
You flew halfway around the world.
You should keep looking.
At least give it a few days.
I'm gonna go to bed.
What am I doing here?
You're mad.
It's a smoke signal.
Someone she knows will see it.
I'm glad you didn't put my number up there.
Hi, yes?
Yeah, my niece has eyes like
the picture board, cash reward.
Are they just like
the ones in the picture?
Yes, I think so.
Like exactly?
Uh, very much so.
How old is your niece?
My other niece is 15.
Oh. No. Uh, sorry.
Thank you, no.
Sorry. Wrong person.
Do you speak English?
Yes, I do.
I'm sorry, what were you saying?
I have the eyes you took
up the advertisement for.
How old are you?
No, sorry.
The person I'm looking for is much younger.
No, thank you
for calling. Sorry.
Very good!
- I'm the best.
- I'm the very best.
I'm the very best.
Very good.
Dr. Gray,
are you religious?
Am I religious?
I thought you researched me.
I'm not religious.
Why not?
Religion is based on scripture
written by men
thousands of years ago.
Those beliefs can't be
changed or challenged.
They're fixed.
In science, great thinkers
have written things
very long ago...
...but every generation
improves upon them.
The words are not holy.
Einstein is a brilliant man,
but he is not our god.
He's one step in the evolution
of knowledge...
...but we always
continue to step forward.
You know, a scientist
once asked the Dalai Lama...
"What would you do
if something scientific...
"disproved your
religious beliefs?"
And he said
after much thought...
"I would look at all the papers
"and take a look at
all the research...
"and really try to
understand things.
"And in the end, if it was clear
"that the scientific evidence...
"disproved my
spiritual beliefs...
"I would change
my beliefs."
That's a good answer.
What would you do if
something spiritual...
...disproved your
scientific beliefs?
Hello, love.
The bank called today.
They said $2,000 a day is going
to some sketchy
Planet India company.
It's like 20 K already.
What's going on?
I put up a billboard.
It know it sounds a bit
extreme, but it's all
I could think of.
Ian, it's been weeks.
I think you should come back.
Karen, what happened
to turning over
rocks and finding
nothing is progress?
I'm down with the big
picture of all this.
I'm the one who
wanted you to go.
But failed experiments are
not unknown to us, right?
We regroup, we look for more matches,
we try again.
Please come home.
Do you speak English?
A little.
A little?
What's your name?
Salomina, I'm Ian.
My name's Ian.
Are you hungry?
You are?
Come on, let's get
you some food.
Come on.
Priya, I found her.
I'm going to the hotel.
Hey! Meet me there.
Listen, I'll be
right there, okay?
What's your favorite food?
Just strawberry?
What's your favorite color?
Pink, purple, blue and green.
Pink, purple, blue and green?
Blue and green.
That's so many.
See my finger?
Can you follow it?
Very good.
Very good.
Very good. Very good.
You okay?
You comfortable?
You okay?
Are you there?
I wanna show you something that
will take your breath away.
Karen, this is Salomina.
Salomina, this is Karen.
I need my lab partner.
Okay. Yeah.
I'm ready.
Okay, so, Salomina...
...it's a very easy game.
I'm gonna show you three things
and you pick the one
that's your favorite.
You understand?
Commencing experiment one.
Memory connection
between subjects
with identical iris patterns.
Got it.
Subject, Salomina.
S as in...
Shut the front door.
- A as in...
- Amazing.
L as in...
Love you.
M as in...
I as in...
Ian Gray.
N as in...
No way this is true.
A as in...
Let's start.
You ready?
Yes? Okay.
Here we go.
Beta, correct.
but it's not a good one.
Echo, incorrect.
Sort of.
Foxtrot, incorrect.
Gamma, incorrect.
Howie, incorrect.
India, correct.
Joker, incorrect.
Kimo, incorrect.
Love, correct.
Universe, correct.
Vito, incorrect.
Wendy, incorrect.
X-ray, incorrect.
What's the tally?
44 percent.
Which is, um,
a touch above random...
...by an unfortunately
standard margin.
How do you feel?
I think numbers don't lie.
I didn't ask what you think,
I asked what you feel.
I feel...
...kind of foolish.
I'll see you soon.
I make bad test?
I made bad test?
No. No, you did fine.
You did perfect.
It's just a stupid test.
Red wine
And sleeping pills
Help me get back to your arms
Cheap sex
And sad films
Help me get back where I belong
I think you're crazy
I think you're crazy
Stop sending letters
Letters always get burned
It's not like the movies
They fed us on little white lies
I think you're crazy
I think you're crazy
I will see you
In the next life...
Give me an update
on the archivist images.
We've collected hundreds of
images at high enough resolution.
Just waiting
on your approval to scan.
No time like the present.