I Saw the Devil (2010) Movie Script

Translation by Sejin Nam
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I saw the father and the nun today at the church.
Well, I've done this often.
I love kids here.
If I have a baby I should raise him in a place like this.
Because here we have wild flowers and trees to see.
Also it's close to Seoul.
Uh? Towing car?
They said it might take a while to get here.
Hum~ I love hearing your voice now.
Since I can hear your voice and it's snowing now,
the ambience in my car is livened up.
Just a second.
Does your tire have an air leak?
Yes. I called the towing car.
It will take a long time to get here since it's snowing.
Let me check your tire.
He said he would check the tire.
I think you should just wait for the towing car.
Uh? No, it's not hard to
change the tire.
Um? It's strange.
You told him you called the towing car but the guy wants to check your tire.
Wait, wait.
What's the status?
Hello? Jooyeon, I think I should head out now.
Don't open the car door and just wait for
the towing car.
My love~
so sweat~
I just~
I, I just don't like him checking the tire even though you told him you called the towing car.
Well, there are people around here.
Ha...I'm sorry. I couldn't be with you for your birthday.
Ok. I'll be there soon.
Your car's completely sunk.
Thank you for your help but I think I should just wait for the towing car.
Thank you so much
I Saw The Devil.
Mister. Mister. Mister
It's going to be easy since your skin is so soft.
Can you please not kill me?
have a baby in my belly.
Spare my life, please.
Dongsoo! Dongsoo!
Come over here! Hurry Up!
Boss! Why did you come out here?
We can let you know the situation later if you stay at home.
What happened? What happened to my daughter?
Don't look. Not now.
We don't know yet.
Detective Joh.
Is this?
Let me see.
It looks like hair. Flip it over.
Forensic team!
here, here! come here hurry!
We found it. we found it over here.
God helped us.
Otherwise we wouldn't be able to find her.
It's funny how the father couldn't protect his own daughter
even though he has been a detective in charge of violent crime for more than 30 years.
Please stop smoking sir.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
To you and to my Jooyeon.
I am terribly sorry.
I'm sorry Jooyeon.
I couldn't keep the promise.
I was late and couldn't keep the promise.
But Jooyeon,
I'll promise this.
I'll give him the pain that's 1000 times,
no, 10000 times more painful.
So how long do you want?
Since there's nothing urgent to do, you can rest for a few months.
You can rest longer.
No, I'll come back to work after 2 weeks.
Well, I really appreciate if you can do that.
But are you going to be OK?
Then I'll be expecting you after 2 weeks.
In the meantime, please rest fully.
I can't believe this happened to us.
They just got engaged less than a month ago.
What a crazy world.
You're here.
Here's the GPS,
and the capsule.
There are a GPS and a voice mic inside here.
Isn't it marvelous?
Good job.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Aren't you going in?
Isn't there anything to say?
Well, I trust you
but if there's going to be any problem,
you and I can get into a serious trouble since I siphoned them off from other division.
Don't worry.
I'll make sure there's no problem.
The police suspects those four.
They were the suspects when there were similar cases before.
Soohyun, you're here.
Do you want to have supper?
No, I have to leave now.
I went grocery shopping for dad.
I'll get going now.
Don't see me off outside.
Are you leaving?
Why isn't this bastard moving a single muscle?
There's no suspicious move yet.
Yes sir.
This guy's the dirtiest pervert I swear.
Do you remember this?
You really don't know?
I see.
Who the fuck is he?
Why is he looking so bruised?
Why is he turning himself in?
Two months ago, there was a dead teenage girl's body in Bang-Ho river, he said
he did that girl.
He confessed that missing Shin-Chun high school girl was his job few years ago too.
What the hell is wrong with him?
Why does he have so many bruises?
Who did this? Did you guys do it?
No. All of a sudden paramedics came and went upstairs and found him almost dead like this.
Then who did this? He injured himself?
He didn't explain that part yet.
What the, hey what happened to you last night?
What the hell is he saying?
It looks like some guy hit his penis with a hammer badly.
Hey! what a nonsense.
Hey retard, who hit your penis?
Who the fuck are you?
Hey you motherfucker!
There's no more bus at this time.
Where are you going?
Pardon me?
I said where are you going.
Sungmin apartment.
Since It's not too far from here I can give you a ride.
I can take you there.
No thanks.
I can take you there.
It's OK.
Sungmin apartment is very close from here.
It's OK
Are you sure?
Yeah, it's OK.
Get in the car.
Yes? Nothing.
Is this after-school academic bus?
Where did I leave it?
Why are you looking so scared?
Haven't you seen this before?
Who are you?
By the way, why do you need these to get the insurance money?
First of all, I need to make sure your son is my policyholder, Gyeongchul Jang,
since there are many people with the same name.
These are all old pictures.
Maybe you can recognize him in this picture.
I'll ask few more questions.
Is there any other way to contact him now?
I don't know but his son might know how to contact him.
Sanghoon! Sanghoon!
Where is he?
Yangpyeong? Chungpyeong? I think.
Lastly I want to check if your son is the one that I'm looking for.
Is this Gyeongchul Jang?
He is Gyeongchul.
Was this picture taken recently?
How come he looks so scary in this picture?
Insurance my ass.
He insured the family?
He left us and his son and never came back!
Now you think he has an insurance on our names?
That's nonsense!
Why are you saying that?
Am I wrong? Do you still think he's our son?
He's good for nothing!
Please shut your mouth and snap out of it.
Why are you saying that?
It's not appropriate to say stuff like that.
Fuck whatever.
By the way, if the policyholder is dead or missing,
does his family get the money?
Are you Sanghoon?
Do you know where your father lives now?
Shit. Why you ask?
You guys don't go anywhere but home now. Alright?
Driver, please don't let them out elsewhere.
Thank you.
Who are you?
Is Gyeongchul Jang here?
Why do you ask that?
We're police. Where is he?
He is driving our kids to their home now.
Can you call him right now? Please?
What? One girl is missing?
What were you guys doing?
How come you guys didn't notice Gyeongchul Jang leaving the house?
You guys were asleep while staking out, right?
How come you guys missed him?
You're reporting back to me that shit happens?
You guys were all at the front of the house, right?
What were you guys doing there?
Did you guys plan to catch him after greeting him?
What a bunch of retards.
Now listen.
We need to watch every corner of the after-school academy and we must find Gyeongchul Jang first.
We don't need a fucking warrant.
We just gotta catch him, got it?
Mark my words: He is the murderer
Go catch him!
It's me.
I just got home to get changed but I don't think I have enough time to get changed now.
So...where are you going?
To my friend's place.
Friend? Who?
Do you know any of my friends?
Do you just want to take the clothes or do you want to get changed now?
No I don't have time.
Just give me the clothes.
No I wasn't talking to you.
Why are you going to friend's place at this time?
To study!
Why are you studing at your friend's place?
Why are you nagging me now?
Are you talking back to me? Come over here!
Look at this girl!
What are you doing now? Hurry up and go.
Let me see.
Ah..your skin is so pale.
It's OK, it's OK.
I'll finish it real quick.
It looks like I can't fucking drive the academic bus anymore.
Things are fucking getting twisted now.
But shit, can't I like you?
I can like you, right?
It's totally OK that I like you.
Then why the fuck everybody in this world gives too much shit to me, huh?
Why is that?
I'll finish it real quick.
Gyeongchul Jang.
What? Are you alone?
Are you a cop?
I see you're a cop.
How come the Korean police found me so quickly?
I'm so surprised.
I guess you still don't know who I am now.
Well, what do I expect from the Korean police?
That's that.
You shithead!
Fuck you!
What, what the hell is this guy?
This guy's a fucking psycho.
Fucking ass hole.
Hello sir.
I don't know where you are headed but you can take this taxi.
Aren't you getting in?
There's no more taxi at this time.
How come you decided to walk this road alone?
But you're lucky that you got the taxi here.
The customer in the back seat is also heading in the same direction.
You're OK going with this gentleman right?
Anyway it must've been really hard for you to catch the taxi.
You can hardly see a taxi around here at this time.
I rarely even drive here.
Only once in a while I come here for work.
But you gentlemen are so lucky today.
You know that?
Recently there have been so many bad incidents around this area that I can get no customers here.
But today I have two customers here.
Come to think of it, I am also lucky today.
Ain't I sir?
Where were you gentlemen going from such a dark place?
Sir? Did something good happened for you today sir?
You said we're all lucky today.
That's what I said.
But I think you're so unlucky today.
Crazy retards.
Your bones will be attached soon since you're young.
Don't worry about it.
How come you broke your risk by playing soccer?
Did you play soccer with your fists?
Anyway, from now on take it slowly. Got it?
It's done.
You can leave.
Hey you motherfucker.
Am I your son?
Then why do you talk down on me?
Take off your glasses.
Take off your glasses.
Come here.
Come over here.
Sir? You can come outside now.
You need to take the prescription.
How old are you?
I'm 22.
Must be nice being 22.
Pardon me?
You look like you have many boyfriends. Right?
No. I don't have a boyfriend.
Don't fucking lie to me.
How come a cuttie like you don't have a boyfriend?
You don't know 'IT.'
Execuse me?
If you don't know 'IT' then you can hardly know men.
Yesterday I was going to have some fun but some asshole spoiled everything.
Thus this time I want to go smoothly with you.
Take off your clothes.
Take off your clothes yourself.
Since we're going to do it, you must enjoy it too, right?
So take off your clothes.
Take them off before I put scars on your face with a knife bitch.
I said Take them off quickly you bitch.
That's right.
Take off your bra too. Hurry up.
Please don't kill me.
That's it. Take off your skirts too.
You son of a bitch.
Who the hell are you fucking bitch.
Don't leave now.
I need to treat you immediately.
Why are you pretending to be so weak?
It's just the beginning.
Remember this.
It is going to be more terrible.
Close your eyes now.
Turn around and cover your ears too.
Hey fuck you crazy ass motherfucker shit!
Ha! Son of a bitch!
You want to do this against me huh?
Hey you son of a bitch! you really want to do this.
Crazy motherfucker.
Alright fucking shithead let's see who's the top dog here.
What is it?
Has there been an accident?
Looks like something's wrong with the car.
Yes, sir.
Is everything OK with you?
I am just worried about you.
The police think that I'm after Gyeongchul Jang.
It seems like the police is also after Gyeongchul Jang.
So I was wondering....
if you can stop chasing him now.
But I..
You've done enough.
I want you to stop it.
But, sir...
never mind.
I see. I'll hang up.
Soohyun, it's me.
Yeah, how are you doing?
How are you doing Soohyun?
I'm just busy with my work now.
Really? What kind of work?
You know what I do.
I know what you do normally, but I don't know what you do secretly.
You got the criminal informations from my dad already?
Soohyun, I understand how you feel, but I want you to stop it.
My sister won't come
back even if you do this.
Even if you catch him, nothing changes.
Revenge is something people do in a movie but this man is just crazy.
I'm sorry but I have nothing to tell you.
What do you mean you have nothing to tell me?
Am I nobody to you?
Do you know how I have been recently?
Recently I started to check back a lot if anyone's following me.
Now you tell me you have nothing to tell me?
So I beg you now.
There's no meaning. Please stop it.
I'm sorry I have to hang up now.
And this work is not meaningless.
Give me water.
Do you remember the time when we first met each other?
We wanted to organize a terrorist group and flip the world upside down.
I miss those days.
We got nothing to be afraid of.
Talk about the craps later when your mom dies, and just give me a cigar now.
He must be related to one of the dead girls'
Who the hell would do that if he's not.
He joined our club too.
He's enjoying it just like you feel excited when hunting.
Catch it and release it. Catch it and release it.
He's playing
the hunting game now.
It looks like you got caught really bad this time.
This guy went crazy after losing his bitch.
Monster appeared.
It's funny.
Go to bed, you must be tired now.
There are a lot of vacant rooms.
You can sleep in any room.
And I will prepare breakfast for tomorrow.
Fucking assholes.
Let go. Let go of me!
Fuck you asshole.
Shit, you guys are fucking crazy.
Little bit more, little bit more.
One more time.
He's enjoying it just like you feel excited when hunting.
Catch it and release it. Catch it and release it.
He's enjoying to see his prey in pain.
He's playing the hunting game now.
It's going to be more terrible.
It's fun
Don't do that.
Didn't you see Miyeon last night?
If you resist, it's more painful and takes longer.
It'll be done quickly.
So bear with me for little bit.
Then why did you suspect us? Uh?
Did we ask for a house or money?
We just wanted to stay here for few days but why you guys give us shit!
I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
You should've said that earlier. Uh!
You retards always do that after shit happens.
Wait, wait, the order is arms, legs, and head. Right?
Close your eyes. It's better not to see it.
Where is she?
How did you come inside without making any noise?
I have a baby in my belly.
I was curious how you look like.
I see you don't look like a monster.
Crazy asshole.
The order is arms, legs and head. Right?
I'll do exactly the same as how you guys did.
Don't worry about it, I won't do it more than that.
You crazy psycho fuckers.
I am actually relieved right now.
I was worried that something might've happened to you.
He is Soohyun Kim from NIS (National Intelligence Service), right?
Do you want to see what he has been up to?
Please make him stop it.
You can't become a monster to fight against a monster.
You're worried about him too, right?
Where is he now?
You should be OK since I treated you immediately.
Do you know you and he slept for 2 days without waking up?
What happened?
Why don't you just hand him over to the police?
Not yet.
What are you gonna do?
Do you know how it feels like to have a huge rock in your chest?
That feeling...
I promised something to Jooyeon.
I will pay back what he's done.
Not yet.
It's still far from the end.
Alright. I will ask you no more.
By the way, the capsule is really good, right? Unless he has constipation,
He knocked out after I gave him one strong shot.
I don't think he will wake up until tomorrow.
Soohyun, do you know you look so different now?
Can I have a painkiller with Dexibuprofen ingredient?
What? Dexi what?
Give the strongest one.
Where are you now?
It looks like you're not around.
Hey, are you listening? Of course you are.
This is really fun! Uh?
I never had this kind of fun before in my life.
Hey, I know who you are.
Your girlfriend was Jooyeon Jang who lived in Yeonyi county. Right?
Am I correct?
I want you to know that you made a mistake.
You underestimated me.
you'll regret that you didn't kill me when you had a chance.
It doesn't even take much time to kill someone.
You'll see. I'll teach you how pain really feels.
Hey, execuse me!
By the way, before I killed her, she told me that she was pregnant
and begged for her life.
Did you know that?
Hu,Hu,Hu,Hu, Hurry up you asshole.
Otherwise, that woman will die.
You should've been around me since you let me stay alive.
Shit, do we have to do this to save them?
Sometimes when I look at assholes like them, I don't want to be a human.
Call me when they wake up.
What is this again?
So what?
Really? Is that for real?
I got it.
Hey, Gyeongchul Jang is turning himself in.
You son of a bitch made a mistake.
Wake up.
I want to ask you something.
Where would your friend go?
You should've not gotten on his nerve.
He pays back what he got.
Do you know what I mean?
Your girl, your girl's family, uh?
After that if he turns himself in, it's all done.
But your girl must've not felt so bad.
Unlike me, he gives pleasure before he gives pain.
He gives pleasure first.
Funny? Is that really funny?
That really makes you smile?
Alright, I'll make you smile for the rest of your life.
I wiretapped a call from Gyeongchul Jang.
I was wiretapping the police communication because I was worried about you.
Just a few moments ago Gyeongchul Jang called the police that he wants to turn himself in.
But before he does that, he said he wants to finish some business.
Is he gonna do it again?
What location did you wiretapped the call from?
Yeonyi County.
Detective Joh?
This is Soohyun Kim.
Why did you make things worse to let this happen?
You're dead man if anything happens to him. Got it?
Fucking answer me!
Tell the other teams to go to detective Jang's place and turn the car around. Hurry up!
Look alike?
Jooyeon must take after her mom.
Thank god she doesn't take after her dad.
Then why did you charge toward me like crazy?
Are you crazy? crazy?
Let me see.
Shit, where is it?
What would make that motherfucker get angry?
Would he get mad if I do this?
Like this? Like this? Like this?
Like this, crazy motherfucker like this you son of a bitch.
You can't come inside here.
You cannot.
What is it?
let go of him.
Are you Soohyun Kim?
You bastard!
Come over here!
Do you have any idea what you have done? How dare you show up here!
you worthless crazy!
Let go. Let go of me.
What a rootless bastard
Stay out of the way.
Out of the way.
This is Gyeongchul Jang.
You bastard.
Where are you now?
You, you didn't do anything to Saeyeon. Right?
You can find out later.
How do you feel? Can you feel it now?
Why did you fucking start chasing me you ignorant fucking asshole.
Who do you think won?
You or me?
Gyeongchul Jang, Gyeongchul Jang!
Gyeongchul Jang showed up!
Wait for my command.
Hurry up!
Stop that car! Stop it!
Catch him!
Catch! Catch!
Yes, you're right.
I was wrong.
I underestimated you.
From now on, I will not go easy on you.
You son of a bitch, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
It's just the beginning.
Why cry like a baby already?
you son of a bitch.
Son of a bitch, kill me already.
Kill me already son of a bitch.
Kill me now bitch!
Son of a bitch. Kill me already.
Kill me already son of a bitch. Kill me already!
No. Not yet. Wait more.
Think about it. If I was to kill you I would've already killed you before.
I will kill you when you are in the most pain.
When you're in the most pain shievering out of fear, then I will kill you.
That's a real revenge. A real complete revenge.
Spare, spare my life.
Spare, spare, spare, spare my life.
You heard that a lot, right? 'Spare my life.'
You must've enjoyed hearing that a lot.
Spare my life. Spare my life.
I'll get punished.
So, so spare my life, I've already had enough.
Since I've already had enough, stop it.
Please, please spare my life.
I'm really sorry.
Please, please spare my life.
Are you scared?
Tell me, now. Are you scared?
Do you realize what you did now?
You've played with me enough so stop it son of a bitch.
Hey, stop talking bullshit now.
You lost already.
You think you've played with me till now.
I don't know what pain is. Fear? Don't know that too.
There's nothing you can get out of me.
So, you lost already.
You know that?
I wish you still feel pain even after you die.
Son of a bitch!
Fucking asshole you die!
Crazy bitch! I'll stay alive. I'll fucking stay alive.
You son of a bitch, I will stay alive.
Hey crazy can you hear me?
Are you listening to me?
I am afraid of nothing.
You crazy bitch. You think I'm bullshitting, right?
Dad. Dad.
Hey. Hey! Don't open the door.
No, no, don't open the door.
Sang-Hoon! Don't open the door.
What the hell is he doing over there? Stay out of it.
Don't open the door.
How come it's not opening?
No, no, fuck why did you come here?
Are you in there?
No. Don't open the door.
Don't fucking open the door and just go home. Go home!
Gyeongchul! Gyeongchul! Gyeongchul!