I Scream on the Beach! (2020) Movie Script


Jim Morrison, Sid Vicious, James Dean,
Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley.
What do all these celebrity
deaths have in common?
Dead Celebrities.
Who doesn't want to be famous?
[loud scream]
Dead Celebrities.
Sixteen years ago evil came
to the town of Avondale.
Leaving a trail of carnage in his wake.
Since that night,
the small town has tried to
forget the nightmare that took place.
Tonight on February 29th,
they will remember his name.
Now the bloodletting behemoth has returned
...to finish what he started.
[scared voices]
The 1988 classic returns on home video.
Help, somebody help!
Everything you know, none of it's true
They've been keeping you here, guarding you,
getting you ready for tonight.
His victims butchered.
[inaudible dialogue]
[car screeching]
His curse unending.
Help me! Do something!
His origin, unmasked.
Mask of Thorn
He can't be stopped.
Directed by MJ Dixon
Deep in the swamps of Louisiana
you're gonna need an exorcism,
and better make it snappy.
[intense music]
Ghost Alligator!

[organ music]

[heavy breathing]
[intense music]
[heavy breathing]
[ocean waves]
[intense music]
[heavy breathing]
Please just leave my
daughter out of this.
[deep sigh]

[camera shutter]
[camera shutter]
[camera shutter]
[camera shutter]

Alright, girls?
Hi, Bants.
We still on for date night,
yeah, Claudine?
Oh, you mean are we still up for you,
coming into my work
getting drunk with your mates,
then following me home?
Yeah, exactly.
Can't wait.
Ooh, my pal Dave's going to be
at the pub tonight, Emily.
He, err, still wants a date with you.
How is that any different
from any other night?
Shut up, Claudine.
Dave, go on.
Hi, Emily.
Fuck me, the chemistry between
you two is unbearable.
Shut up.
Are you going to the pub tonight?
I work there.
Haha, oh, mate!
You arseholes!
We still on for later though, yeah, babe?
Cunts, I was getting somewhere as well.
Oh yeah, it was like something
from fucking Shakespeare
Haha. Oink, oink.
Hi, Paula.
You're both late, you wouldn't
pull this shit if daddy was here.
Fucking hell, Emily.
What are you wearing?
It's not Halloween yet!
Anyway, I need you to go
and change some barrels.
What, and you can't do it?
I'm just holding the fort while
daddy's in the Canary Islands.
Then it's back to L.A. for me.
Oh yeah, your movie career.
Emily that creepy guy's back again.
Can you two stop gossiping
and get out here?
Fucking lazy cow.
Alright, Keith, you old tosser.
Ay up, there's no fish today, lads.
Oh. Well, I guess we better to go
t'pub early then, aye?
I wish you guys hadn't ruined things
for me and Emily earlier.
Oh, boo hoo, you soppy shit.
Look, this is your second chance
to have another shot with her.
- Yeah man, it was only a joke, Dave!
- Yeah, Dave!
Hey Emily, I just want to apologize
what happened with the guys earlier.
Hi, Dave.
Hi. I was kind of talking to Emily.
I've got this wicked film for us all
to watch Halloween night
It's gonna freak you all out.
It's actually banned over here,
fucking Mary Whitehouse, right?
I had to get dodgy Dan to import
a copy from South America
Where life is cheap.
What's it called?
"House Painter", or
something stupid like that?
It's called "The Decorator", actually...
And it's the scariest movie ever made.
Any other options?
Yeah, I've got... "Run Bastard Run",
"Frat Party Blender Massacre",
Um, "Sorority Babes and the Vampire",
"Invasion of the Alien Spiders"
"Kill, Kill, Faster, Faster"
and "Campfire Girls".
I've got tons.
Can't wait.
Oh, that creep's been in all day again.
I swear he never takes
his eyes off of Emily.
Bants, can you get rid of him?
Guys, don't don't worry about it, it's fine.
No, Bants, if anyone is going to
defend Emily, it's going to be me.
Hi, I've been talking to my friends...
You've been making the barmaids
feel uncomfortable so...
We wondered if you could leave please.
All right, sunshine, you've had enough,
now get the fuck out of here.
Don't worry, girls, that creep won't
bother you anymore, not with me around.
Last orders!
I knew this day would come.
'Night, dad.
You're listening to Mellow Coast radio
I'm your host, Pat Dixon. Now for some
soothing Saturday morning tunes.
What the fuck's up with you?
Nothing, don't worry about it.
Just tell me.
I need to leave in 5 minutes.
I had a dream last night. About dad.
Your dad was a piece of shit, liar.
Don't give me that, Emily,
he tried to leave his wife
Sold you a fantasy about running
away, then dumped you on the beach.
He didn't leave, he was murdered.
I saw him get killed.
Not this. It's a story you made up
The police checked, your dad's car
was never found, there was no blood
No evidence to suggest
either of you were ever there.
No such thing has ever happened
or would ever happen in Mellow Coast.
Breaking news: Local fisherman Keith
has been found murdered
on Mellow Coast beach.
Police are appealing to anyone
who may have seen him yesterday
to come forward.
I'm off on holiday. Bye.
Did you hear about that
murder on the radio?
I reckon it's that old man
the guys work with.
Yeah, I did.
What's wrong, Emily?
Did you know him?
No, it's not that.
It's just bringing back these memories
about my dad being murdered.
I thought he just went missing?
That's what my mum likes to tell people,
but it's not true.
I was really young, but
I remember bits of that night
We were in his car,
and he drove me to this building
where he used to work,
he told me he'd be back
He was gone for ages. I got out the car
and started walking along the beach
That's when I saw this man,
he was dressed all in black
with this weird gas mask on.
I hid before he could see me,
and then he left
I saw my dad, he was dead --
there was so much blood.
I was scared, so I ran, I ran
straight to the station
and that's...
[Interrupting] I love scary stories,
mine's much better.
It's not a story.
Yeah, whatever. You need some
gravitas when telling stories, Emily.
When I was younger my friend
told me a story about a friend who
had an exchange student
staying with them.
He was into hiking, so he'd regularly
walk out of the village into the hills.
and this one time, he didn't come back.
The next morning, the family were
worried about him, so they went looking
What they found was shocking!
His face had been eaten clean off!
Was that supposed to be scary?
It was shit.
My story wasn't shit. Emily's was shit.
Mine really happened.
That definitely never happened.
She's telling the truth, children.
I know what happened.
I've seen them.
They think no one
will listen to old Nunny.
...but I know.
What is it, sister? What happened?
The beast, the beasts got him.
They take others, too.
Oh my God, did you hear that?
She lives by my aunt,
she isn't even a real nun, Emily.
Crazy bitch!
Far too many weirdos in this town.
Hello, Grange Club Paula speaking.
Can I speak to Emily, please?
Emily, it's your mum.
Just a minute.
Mum, are you okay?
I'm fine, Emily, I just need you to
tell work that I won't be in for 2 weeks.
Oh, okay, mum.
I can't talk now, Emily.
Some ARSEHOLE wants to use the phone.
Mum? Mum?! Fuck's sake.
Emily, are you there?
Skcos Rellik
Evening, Detective Kincaid
What can I do for you, Kincaid?
I've spent all day with the pathologist.
Keith the fisherman
was murdered with a cut-throat razor.
He had a big beard, didn't he?
Yeah, probably slipped shaving.
His body was found on the beach.
Homeless I think, yeah.
Anyway, doesn't matter. It's solved.
What is?
Project 49.
The bike theft?
That's what all the fuss
was about out in the corridor?
Well, yeah. I said I'd take
the arresting officer out for a pint.
So, I think we should shut up shop
and go and celebrate.
We can't shut the station.
Sir, surely a murder takes priority?
Mellow Coast is small-time,
we don't do murder.
Anyway, I'll catch you later.
As part of our Halloween season,
we bring you "Sprich mit Geister."
And I said to him,
"Walt, I just don't do nudity."
Wow, interesting.
So, why do you waste your time
on that weirdo Emily?
What, you've worked in this town
six months now?
I don't think I've seen you
take your eyes off her.
Don't call her a weirdo,
she's just different.
She's different, all right.
Well, if you ever want a real woman,
you know where I am.
Mate, what are you doing?
What? I like Emily.
Yeah, and you never ask
her out, you soppy arsehole.
I can, she's just delicate.
Delicate? Weird, you mean.
We must summon your dead father
using this Ouija board.
Daddy's just gonna grab something, okay?
I'll be 5 minutes.
Skcos Rellik
There's this scene where someone
drops something into the paint can.
So they reach in to get it, but
the paint can's full of razor blades.
They pull it out, there's all this blood.
They're like "Ahhhh!"
Blood everywhere, it's amazing!
- Why are you still talking about this?
- Ahh, just wait, Bants.
I promise ya, it's the bloodiest thing
you've ever seen.
If there are any spirits present,
make yourselves known.
How do you know my name?
Dad, is that you?
Then who are you?
A friend?
Then tell me what's going on?
What the fuck?
This must've belonged to my dad.
The creep from the pub...
He must have known my dad.
Dr. A.
Dr. Lloyd.
I think Steve's an idiot if he thinks
we're going out in these waters.
- Hey, Emily.
-You know the creepy guy from the pub?
The one Bants chucked out?
What's he done now?
Nothing, I need to talk to him.
I know he hangs around
the boat yard sometimes
Haven't seen him since last night
- He's usually down at his allotment plot.
- Oh great, thanks!
She seems more interested in
creepy old drunks than you, mate.
Fuck off.
What are those?
Leather gloves?
Oh, so fucking what? Loads of guys wear them.
No, Bants.
Lots of serial killers wear them.
Fuck off.
What the fuck?
You shouldn't be here -- now get out of here.
You worked with my dad, didn't you?
Now get out of here before
something bad happens.
Dr. Lloyd, who is he in all this?
Lloyd is long dead. Now leave!
Did you kill them?
I didn't kill anybody.
Now get out of here, Emily. Your father
wouldn't want you mixed up in this.
What is going on?
You're getting involved in things
you don't understand.
Leave. Now!
I know you're listening.
Leave that girl alone.
I hope we see lots of boats today.
Oh, Nigel, look at that boat.
Oh, yes, what a beauty of a boat.
He had a knife! He knew my dad!
Who had a knife?
The creepy guy from the pub.
Where is he now?
We were in his shed,
I don't know where he is now.
What were you doing
with that old creep?
He knows something. He knew my dad.
It's a small town. Everyone
knows everyone around here.
I don't know what you
think this guy knows
H's a crazy drunk
who lives at the allotment
You need to stay away from him, okay?
Do you want me to walk you home?
I'll be fine.
You sure?
You know where I am, if you need me.
6th of November, 1970, test subject 3b
is showing signs of growth.
Colleagues Dr. A and Dr. Lloyd have come
leaps and bounds with their research.
But we're constantly hampered
by the budget cuts.
Next week, we'll inject 3b with steroids
He didn't react well
to being injected before.
Hopefully with special
measures in place
we should be able to
control the reaction better.
Do you know the Keith murder
from the other night?
Well, I've been up
all night investigating.
He worked for Dexter Corp.
when he was a lad, as their cleaner.
Then, suddenly it hit me,
when I started 10 years ago
A little girl came running
into the station.
She was screaming. Her father,
a scientist at Dexter Corp.,
Tim Trescott, had been murdered.
We searched for him for days,
but never found any trace of him.
Well, what I didn't know was,
before I started, another scientist
went missing.
He turned up dead.
And Keith was a suspect in his murder.
I don't know,
it might just be a coincidence.
There's definitely connections here,
don't you think?
Detective Milky?
Huh? Sorry, I'm on a break.
But you just got here.
And I literally don't give a shit.
I guess I'll just go make another coffee.
Yes please, two sugars.
Look, you've got nothing to do tonight,
your shift's about to finish. You can
either go home and sit by yourself
in an empty house, because your
mother's out chasing sugar daddies.
Or, you can go and have
a nice evening with Dave.
I bumped into him yesterday,
he does seem like a nice guy.
Just do it.
Hey, what are you doing tonight?
Erm, nothing.
Please remember to lock up this time,
the back door was left open last week.
Whatever! You know you
shouldn't speak to me like that.
You know I'm in charge while daddy's away.
Well act like it!
Oh, sorry, acting's not your strong suit.
I'll get you, you stupid bitch.
Walk me back?
Oh, babe, I'm chilling with...
My mates.
Maybe 'round later
for some hanky-panky, though.
Don't bother.
Aww, bless.
We could go for a walk down at the front,
or... Yeah, arcades?
I'm off home.
Is Bants not walking you back?
Nope, he's drinking with the guys.
Home alone tonight, then?
Looks likely.
We can walk back with you, if you want.
No, no. I wouldn't want to intrude
on your romantic date. Laters.
So, what do you want to do?
So, why move to this small little town?
I needed to get away from things,
fancied a change.
Just the hustle and bustle of the city.
So, nothing to do with a girl, then?
Nah, nothing like that.
It's just, you've been here six months,
you've already got Paula
chasing after you.
I do not like Paula.
She's kind of horrendous.
I like you.
Um... Quirky. Interesting.
That's a compliment?
It was supposed to be.
I like you too.
So, what's going on?
You looked at that building
and freaked out.
My dad worked there.
He found out some secret about the lab.
I think they killed him because of it.
Oh, Emily,
why have I just heard about this?
They covered it up.
Who's they?
The police, the company he worked for;
I don't know.
You mentioned that guy the other day,
he knew your dad?
His name is Dr. A.
He, my dad, and this other guy
They were scientists
together at the lab.
Keith's murder is bringing back
all these old memories
Something told me
I needed to look into it.
That's when I found this
old picture of my dad, Dr. A.,
and this other guy Dr. Lloyd.
Where's Dr. Lloyd now?
He told me he's dead.
Then he wouldn't talk to me about it.
Then I noticed he had some of my
dad's old tapes, and the knife...
Emily, you've got to stay
away from the allotment.
I'm serious, you need to
stay away from him.
If he turns up at the pub,
which I doubt he will,
just tell me and the guys,
and we'll sort him out.
Okay, thanks.
Do you want me to walk you home?
Yeah, okay.
Come on, then.
Thanks for walking me back,
I had a nice night.
Me too.
Aye. Yeah, had a good night.
I'll see you soon.
I'll see you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
Continuing our Halloween season,
we bring you Mario Fulchino's
acclaimed horror,
'Striptease Massacre'.
You're such a fucking arsehole.
Oh, hey, babe, what's up?
You, uh, got any beers?
You don't need any friggin' beer.
You're such an arsehole!
I've got a surprise for you, babe.
Stand up, close your eyes.
This is stupid.
Babes, hush.
Okay, open your eyes.
See, I can be romantic too.
So, uh, forgiven for scaring you?
So, beer?
Yes, beer. You go in and get prepared,
I'll go and raid the fridge.
[cat meows]
Babe, I want sex.
Oh, I'll settle for head.
What the fuck?!
What's happened?
Don't know, love,
another murder, by the looks of it.
Aww, I love comics.
Who let this girl in?
Oh God, what happened?
I swear, Milky,
you are the most incompetent...
So, Emily,
tell me what happened to your father.
Are they dead?
I'm afraid so.
So, your date with Emily went well, then?
Sorry, Dave, this is Billy, Milly's dad.
Yeah, you alright?
There's no time for pleasantries.
Milly told me to come and tell you all...
Tell us what?
There's been another murder.
What? Who?
It's Bants and Claudine. I'm very sorry.
Oh shit.
This is terrible.
I'm gonna have to do a double shift.
Sir, I need a word.
Kincaid, can't you see I'm busy?
Yes, but there's been another murder.
I know.
Do you?
Of course. I'm the Chief Inspector.
Well, I've been piecing
a few things together, and...
Do you remember Tim Trescrott's
disappearance 10 years ago?
Rings a bell.
And do you remember the story
his daughter Emily told us
About him getting murdered?
Well, Keith the fisherman,
who was murdered
Worked with him years ago as a cleaner,
and he was a suspect in the murder
of another Dexter Corp. employee
and then these two kids
who died last night,
they're friends with Emily,
Tim's daughter...
And she turned up at the crime scene.
Look, Kincaid...
I know you used to work in the big city
But around here everyone
knows everyone.
You've been 10 years on this beat,
I would expect you to know that by now.
It was decided that
Tim Trescott ran away
And his daughter just made up the rest.
The case is closed; just a sad child
with an overactive imagination.
The Dr. Lloyd incident I'd investigated,
it was a tragic accident.
He was stabbed with a
broken mop handle!
You really need to drop this, Kincaid.
But Sir,
that is completely unreasonable
I'm the detective on this case.
So, investigate the recent incidents,
and drop the Trescott stuff.
Otherwise, you won't be
the detective on this case.
Go away!
Oh, Emily.
I heard what happened. Are you okay?
You can't be here, Dave.
What? You're clearly upset. Let me in,
you shouldn't be home alone.
Don't you see what's happening?
First my dad,
now Bants and Claudine,
everyone I get close to ends up dead.
Emily, you're talking nonsense,
just let me in, please!
Emily, let me in!
Fuck's sake Emily,
they were my friends, too!
It's been some time since my last update.
I need to keep better records
of what's happening here.
The last three weeks provided a fair
amount of data, but nothing conclusive.
The atmosphere here is hostile,
to say the least.
Rumors are doing the rounds
that Dexter Corp.
plan to remove all
funding for the project,
unless they see more
control over the subjects soon.
A number of us expressed our concerns
about how these tests are being run.
Dr. Lloyd has unfortunately been
removed from project 'Skcos Rellik'.
The team has decided that some
of his tests have been creating,
shall we say,
less than desirable results.
What am I saying, they are
downright dangerous results!
Test subject 11b has been terminated.
Dad, is that you?
I'm not your father, Emily.
But I knew him many years ago!
How did you know him?
I worked with him at the lab,
Emily, and they killed me.
Dr. Lloyd? Who killed you?
They paid Keith the fisherman to do it!
That's why he's dead now, Emily.
He was a loose end.
They have more loose ends.
You need to talk to Dr. A, Emily.
He did this.
Skcos Rellik...
Hey, Emily!
-Dave! - Where're you going?
- I need to talk to him!
This phrase keeps coming up,
'Skcos Rellik'.
He was somehow involved with my dad.
Who? Oh, please don't tell me
you mean that old drunk.
He wasn't always a drunk.
He was a scientist. A ghost told me.
A ghost, Emily?
You're not thinking straight.
Our friends are dead.
This has nothing to do with
your father issues.
Emily, I'm sorry.
Fucking hell!
I need to talk to you. People are dying,
and I need answers.
Dr. Lloyd told me to come talk to you.
Stupid, I know, talking to a dead man.
What exactly is Dexter Corp's
role in all of this?
Hello, are you okay?
Oi, where are you going?
Err, to the pub.
There's a murder investigation
going on.
That's why you're here, Kincaid.
Do you really need to go
to the pub right now?
Have you seen the barmaid in there?
She's a right tasty piece.
People are being murdered.
It's Halloween, nothing bad
ever happens on Halloween.
Have some fun.
And I'll see you tomorrow morning.
I can't believe Bants is dead.
Yeah, it is pretty shit.
Maybe we ought to do
like a toast, or something?
To Bants; he was an arsehole,
but he was our arsehole.
To Bants.
She's just trying to steal the thunder
from us after solving the bike theft.
Exactly. Anyway...
Shall we go to the pub?
Yeah, The Grange?
The service there is impeccable.
He's been murdered! They got him!
Who's been what?
Someone else has been killed!
Something with project Skcos Rellik!
I know it is!
Right, uh...
Kincaid's in there.
'cause... don't care.
Fucking mental, that one.
Emily, are you okay?
There's been another murder!
She was hysterical,
I think she's losing it.
Can't blame her, I guess.
Who's hysterical?
She thinks Bants and Claudine's death
has something to do with her father.
Which doesn't make any sense.
She talked about the old allotment.
Saying some weird phrase.
What phrase?
'Skcos Rellik'.
That literally doesn't mean anything,
it it's not even words. Scuzz relic?
Skcos Rellik.
Rest up, Emily.
My office is right over there,
I've sent some officers
over to the allotments.
Thanks, Kincaid.
So, what are you doing later?
You know the girl that works here,
the one you hate?
I don't hate her. She's just a bitch
and a slut and I want her to die.
Why? What's she done now?
Bet it's something weird.
In the station, screaming bloody
murder about, well... a bloody murder.
Another one?
Huh. Oh, yeah.
This is all obviously hush-hush right.
Of course.
Tell me more.
Don't know who she found dead,
just kept shouting these weird words.
'Skcos Rellik'.
She probably didn't find anyone dead.
She's insane, I knew it all along.
But, later on,
if you're not busy
when this place closes,
meet me by the beach. Midnight.
Bring friends.
Bring wine; not the cheap stuff.
Well, at least I've got a backup plan.
To Bants and Claudine.
For fuck's sake man
Do you have to say that every time?
That's like the 15th shot.
Okay, okay. I've got a new plan
We have like one or ten more of these
and then we go back to mine
and watch "The Decorator".
Oh, come on, it's not like the beach
is happening anymore is it?
I mean half the original party
aren't exactly up for it
anymore, are they?
What's wrong with you?
Oh, come on, it's Halloween.
It's just a bit of,
you know, gallows humor.
Your mates have just been
brutally hacked up
Just last night!
Does that mean nothing to you?!
Dave, Dave man, come on
Let go of me, you're hurting me!
I wasn't even that close to them. Jesus
Wow, I thought you were
going to punch him.
Dave, I'm going to head off, I'll see you
at home, when you've calmed down.
Glad that thunderstorm's
cleared for now.
Who wants to meet on a beach
at fucking midnight, anyway?
The talent will be here in...
Jesus, six hours!
Go get that wine out of your car.
Fucking sand gets everywhere.
I'm going to be back well late.
Going to get it in the neck from the wife.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
You looked so hot standing up to
Jeremy over Claudine and Bants.
I loved that girl like a sister.
I just get so angry, you know?
How angry?
Things wind me up so much I just
want to lash out and hurt someone.
Have you ever done anything about it?
I mean, have you ever hurt anybody?
No, No.
Never even got into a fight.
R. E. L. L. I. K.
- Going out, or something?
- Just going to tell Emily something.
I can watch over Emily.
Why don't you get off now?
I'm fine, Sir. Honestly.
You work too hard, Kincaid.
Why don't you take a page
out of your partner's book?
Anyway, I've already
sent everyone else home.
But Sir, I've had a breakthrough.
What kind of breakthrough?
You've still got this old thing
Well yes, you gave it to me
after five years of service.
The old chief gave me this.
I always hoped
that one day you'd do my job.
But there's a certain order in this town.
You knew, didn't you?
I'm sorry that it's come to this.
How much did they pay you?
Wake up.
Hi. Where's Kincaid?
I sent her home for the evening.
I'll watch over you.
Hehe. What're you doing?
You know I need to close the bar
it's getting pretty late,
and you're my only customer.
Well, I haven't finished drinking, so...
Why don't we get some drinks
and go back to yours?
Yeah, that's an idea, good.
I should go see Jeremy,
anyway. Say sorry.
He's probably all lonely.
Brilliant, I forgot you lived with him.
He wants to...
He wants to watch
the horror film he imported.
Yeah? What's that about?
Horror film about...
A carpenter...or a house painter...
"The Decorator"?
Yeah, yeah.
That's it.
He wants to watch it. Halloween.
But it's banned over here?!
Yeah... it's banned.
Let's do more shots!
Yeah... No! I thought we were going?
Well, a few more won't hurt.
And the less you remember
about tonight, the better.
Sorry, my love, you can't go in there.
Secret police-work, you understand.
I'll go... I'll go and get a coffee.
[picks up phone]
Fine, I'll do it myself!
Come on, let's go.
Bye, pub.
Can we get chips? Emily likes chips.
Every 10 or 15 years, a film is
produced that is so overwhelming,
so forceful in its impact, that it
becomes deeply embedded in the mind.
Its intensity may be more than
some wish to be exposed to,
and those people should be forewarned.
So, what's going on with Chad?
Ergh. Chad 's a jerk.
What did he do this time?
He ran off with Courtney.
What a jerk.
Such a jerk. But I love him,
and I'll marry him some day.
No way!
Anyway, did you hear about
those recent murders?
The young women murdered
by their decorator?
Yeah, I heard he painted
the walls in their blood.
Ergh. Gross.
So gross.
Oh my God, look at the time!
Sorry, you need to go.
Oh. Why's that?
I have my decorator coming.
Oh, okay.
Why wouldn't she tell us about this?
[Door buzzer rings]
Come in, can I get you a coffee?
[door buzzer rings]
While you set up - [door buzzer rings]
I'm going to take a shower
Hello, hello?
Trick or treat?
Here you go.
Gee whiz, thanks mister!
Little shits.
OH! Dave, you arsehole!
Who put that there?
Of course you live in a basement.
So, what colour were you thinking?
I think we should go back upstairs.
Oh, shit. Here, take that.
So, did you come to see
your big Hollywood debut?
Fucking tell anyone,
I'll fucking kill you!
I came here to fuck Dave!
How was I supposed to know
he couldn't handle 32 shots?!
Wait, wait!
Maybe, you know...
You and I could...
You know...
Yeah, well, I saw your tits
already, anyway!
Just you and me tonight then, buddy.
Better have bought some good wine,
or I won't let you penetrate me tonight.
I knew your father.
Did you?
Well, I had dealings with Dexter Corp.
Who were you on the phone with just now?
You remind me so much of him.
Causing trouble for us all.
Affecting this town's bottom line.
I don't understand.
At one time, half the town
were on their payroll.
I was sent to cover up the mess
after they sent Keith to kill Dr. Lloyd.
But then they left
When everything nearly came out
because of your father.
There're still a few of us who remain
to protect their interests.
I think I'd like to leave now, please.
Where are you, you bitch?!
I'm going to fuck up your face
like you've done mine, you bitch!
This film is so fucked up, ain't it?
Can you please try not to die?
I'm trying to watch this film.
What? Do you want a drink or something?
That is gross, you are so gross!
[door buzzer rings]
There're no sweets left.
I said there're no fucking sweets left!
Go home!
Goddamn kids never
fucking listen to anyone!
You kids, there there aren't any --
More beers.
Dave, did you break that fucking film?
Oh, I can't see a fucking thing down here.
I think I've been sick a little bit.
Oh my God, Dave?
Dave, wake up!
Dave... Dave.
I'm sorry, Dave.
Dave is dead.
What... What's wrong with your face?
I've hidden some items
in the basement of the lab.
In case... in case things go bad.
I can no longer be a part of this project.
There's been a cost to human life.
The security is no longer able
to keep the test subject secure.
I suspect that my wife is
complicit in the General's plans.
I fear for my daughter's safety.
I need some answers.
I'm nervous about how things are going.
We only have one of the original
unattached test subjects left alive.
A number of the patients Dr. A
was able to graft have been thriving.
It seems the casing might be
the key to keeping them alive
whether that's a good thing
or not, I'm yet to decide.
I'm concerned about
the intentions of the general.
Happy Halloween, you cunt.
What... What the fuck?
Dr. A.
Dr. A, if you are listening to this...
I know we're experimenting on animals
and the subjects were able
to take them over
But I had no idea they were able
to do the same with humans.
I think the general could have been
taken over by one of these creatures
they seem to attach themselves
to the foot of the host.
The beasts, the beast got him.
They take others, too.
Which is why I've named this project...
Skcos Rellik
Skcos Rellik
Or, when reversed...
Killer socks.
Congratulations, Emily.
You managed to kill a puppet.
Would you like to meet the thing
that pulled its strings?
What, bitch?
Never seen a killer sock before?
You're a fucking sock?!
You couldn't let it go, could you?
You had to go and tell everyone about
what we did to your dad and his friend.
You kept running your mouth, Emily.
The more you spoke, the more we killed.
It's all your fault.
We took each and every one of
your loud-mouthed friends.
You might as well just let us
tear the flesh from your face.
Who do you even have
left to care about you?
You can't!
I hate odd socks!
Who are you?
Don't you recognize
your own father, Emily?
Since that night, I've been hunting
these things, but I didn't realize
they were still such
a presence in this town.
I'm sorry, Emily.
I thought by keeping away
I'd keep you safe. But I was wrong.
What happened to you?
You look so different?
Being stabbed 72 times,
a decade on the road hunting monsters,
it changes a man, Emily.
But I assure you, I am Tim.
I am your father.
They're here.
There's more of them?
Of course, they always come in pairs.
We've gotta get out of here.
I'm gonna hold you back,
I can't walk by myself.
You wait here, Emily
I'm gonna check if the coast is clear.
Come on, Emily there're more coming.
I can't believe you just shot a nun!
I'm sorry for bringing
this upon you Emily.
Who are they?
Well, they would have been people.
But now... They're just tools for the socks.
[chanting] Emily.
Baby, come to your mother.
Mother loves you, Emily.
Come to mother.
That's not her, Emily,
that's the thing that killed her.
I know.
I can't remember the last time
she told me she loved me.
There's so many of them.
You think this is a lot?
You ain't seen nothing yet.
None of this makes any sense.
No? You ever wondered why
you lose so many odd socks?
My God!
I've met God, and even she couldn't
prepare you for what's about to happen.
Are you ready for this?
Dad, I've been waiting
my whole life for this.
Okay, you motherfucking
sock cunts, who wants some?!
[final music starts]