I See You (2006) Movie Script

I'm all set here
Let's roll
Hello. I'm Raj Jaiswal.
Welcome to British Raj.
Before we move on to
our next assignment,
let's meet our new co-anchor
the sexy, sultry Dilnaaz Bagga.
Hi Dilnaaz.
- Hi Raj. Hi everybody.
You know, today is very lucky
for Dilnaaz.
Not because it's her first day on the
show, but because I am introducing her.
It's a joke. It's a joke, darling.
You can smile.
First on the show, you see.
So tell me, Dilnaaz,
you have a boy friend?
That's not in this...
- Someone you date. I know that.
C'mon, don't be shy.
It's British Raj. Tell us!
There must be someone for whom
you are willing to cross all limits.
Actually... it depends.
Depends? Really?
For him, will you spend
three hours of your life...
on a movie that's beyond
your comprehension?
Yes, of course.
- Will you do it everyday for a year?
I mean, will you do it for 365 days?
Everyday? A year?
Yes, everyday.
Today we are going to meet
a warm Englishman...
who has spent 1095 hours on
Hindi films for the sake of his love.
Our correspondent Akshay Kapoor
is very anxious...
outside the Baker Street police station
to show you this exclusive.
Over to you, Akshay.
Hello Raj. I'm standing in front of
the Baker Street police station,
looking for an unusual lover.
God knows why he is hiding from us.
Let's find him.
Officer, be gentle.
Follow me.
In relation, I am your father.
The name is John Smith.
By my mother I swear, I will
pick each one of you and kill you!
This is Inspector John Smith. His Hindi
tutors include the famous writers...
of the Hindi film industry
like Javed Akhtar and K K Shukla.
Inspector, what inspired you
to learn Hindi?
I fell in love.
- Wonderful. What was her name?
Ina, Meena, Dika, Anju or Manju?
Monica! O my darling!
So Inspector, how did your
small love story begin?
Would you come with me
for the late night show?
She worked for Symphony Theatre.
Ticket window, you know.
I used to buy tickets
to catch a glimpse of her.
Eventually ended up watching movies.
In one year I learnt fluent Hindi.
And I proposed to her.
Lovers take the brides away.
Then a quick wedding followed by kids.
That's it.
So that was Inspector John Smith's
interesting filmy love-story.
Akshay Kapoor for British Raj.
Thank you, Akshay.
How do you find the Bollywood type
love-story of Inspector Smith?
Do email us.
- That's all.
That's all on British Raj today.
Whether you want it or not,
we will be back tomorrow, same place,
same time. Love you London.
- Wonderful.
Great show. That's it.
10 pm?
- Sorry.
You and I, dinner? Together?
But Raj...
- I know, you can't believe it, right?
But your beauty has the right
to go out for dinner with me.
- I know.
Only dinner can't fill your stomach.
You can wait till breakfast if you wish.
I like my eggs boiled.
Don't be late. Okay?
- Yes darling?
Work, work, work! You look good.
- Sure
Rubina, my love, your husband is
treating you well?
Stop it.
- What about you? I'll ring you soon
Kathy, my love
Looks like you're losing some weight.
"Early morning,"
"what's come over me?"
"I don't know why
I'm walking on air"
"New morning,"
"new place,"
"new directions,
new paths,"
"I tread"
"Is it that I've gotten
a new perspective?"
"Or, were the sights unseen before?"
"Or is it that I'm walking
in a dream?"
"Early morning,
what's come over me?"
"I don't know why
I'm walking on air"
"New morning,"
"new place,"
"with new perspective,
new sights..."
"I see"
"In this humming ambience..."
"and smiling beauty,"
"I walk with the world"
"Early morning,
what's come over me?"
"I don't know why
I'm walking on air"
"Live the moment"
"If you live, you win,"
"and that's an intoxication"
"Tomorrow is a new intoxication..."
"that's worth living for"
"Drink up the wine of every moment..."
"and fill your heart"
"Early morning,
what's come over me?"
"I don't know why
I'm walking on air"
"New morning, new place,"
"new directions,
new paths,"
"I tread"
"In this humming ambience..."
"and smiling beauty,"
"I walk with the world"
Hey, who are you?
Hey, you on my balcony. Hey you!
Yes, you
Are you talking to me?
No, I talking to my favourite painting.
Of course, I'm talking to you.
Who are you? How did you
come inside my house?
You can see me? Listen to me?
Wow! That's fantastic.
Yes, I can see you, listen to you and
do many things. But not tonight. You...
Touch me
Two minutes haven't passed since we met
and you are asking me to touch you?
Can you feel this?
- Yes, I can feel this.
But right now I can feel you getting
out of my house. Who are you?
Shivani or Akashwani,
please leave my house.
This is my house.
- Really?
Let's do something. Come, let me
leave you back at the hospital.
How did you know I came
from the hospital?
Your words clearly say that you've
run away from a mental asylum. Besides,
How did you enter my house?
You stole Mr Bolting's keys?
Come on, give me the keys.
I don't need any keys.
- Then how did you enter?
Came flying?
- Listen,
just give me five minutes of
your time. My story is very strange.
But if you listen carefully,
you might trust me.
And at this point of time,
your trust is imperative for me.
Why this favour on me? You don't have a
husband, boyfriend or a brain surgeon...
who'd listen to your rubbish?
- No. Because no one can see me.
Except you.
- What is this nonsense?
Would you like to listen to my story?
- Pardon?
Will you go away if I listen to you?
- You were right.
I've come from the hospital.
- I know that.
I'm a doctor. I met with
an accident six months back.
How many did you kill?
Ever since, I've been in coma.
My body is in room number 303
of Thomwell Hospital.
So you are a spirit? A spirit.
Well beautiful spirit, if you have
more friends, get them over tomorrow.
I don't have time today.
Now cut the crap.
Akshay sent you, right?
Akshay, who?
You will know soon. Come on.
I was kidding. Weren't you watching me?
I was laughing all the way.
Of course... I'm not serious either.
I'm also laughing away right now.
Hang on. Hello?
- Who is it?
What am I doing? As usual at this hour,
- Doing what?
Getting beaten up by my wife.
- And why so? Tell him.
You'll kill me!
Hello AK. Your friend Shivani
is sitting right before me.
She says she is in a coma. You have
only 30 seconds to end this farce.
Coming up is Shivani for you.
Shivani, your time starts now.
- I can't take the phone.
I can't pick up things.
Did you hear?
- What did I hear?
She can't pick up things.
- Who can't pick up what?
Can you hear now?
- I could hear then too.
But I couldn't figure anything.
My ears are ringing.
Come on AK, I know you are trying
to pull a fast one on me.
And you know I'm not going
to be fooled. Please speak and get out.
Hello? Hi Akshay.
I know you cannot hear me
But your friend doesn't believe me.
AK, answer her.
- Who spoke? What should I answer?
Hey AK, dude, this is
really bad timing.
Dilnaaz will be here in five minutes,
- I'm going through bad times!
My house is being vandalized.
Can you hear?
Raj, if I don't hang up, I will be
martyred in my prime. Bye Raj.
- Kuljeet. Relax please.
Which hospital?
- Thomwell Hospital.
Is there a ward for lunatics too?
- Shivani Dutt, room number 303
Come on, let's go.
- Really? You will go with me?
If not, how will I throw you out?
- Will you go just like this?
Then how do I go?
- Put some clothes on.
Go as my cousin. Tell them you have
to meet me tonight itself,
since you got a flight in the morning.
Simple, easy and it always works.
Absolutely not. We follow rules here.
But ma'am, I was just wondering...
- Aren't you an Indian?
- Does it hurt if you speak in Hindi?
Ms Nurse, you are an Indian. You know
the pain of separation from dear ones.
I've come from India
only to meet her.
You are like my mother.
Can't a mother breach a small rule
of this huge hospital for her son?
Only 15 minutes.
And don't touch anything!
- Let's go
Look, she is in a coma.
She can hear what you say.
Don't overact
like you did in the lobby.
Take it easy.
And don't touch any thing! Okay?
- Have I made myself clear?
- Okay
Twin sister?
Whose idea was it?
Mr Raj, it's me.
Neither alive nor dead.
Whoever you are,
why are you dragging me into it?
Don't know. Maybe a relationship
of a previous birth.
Pardon? Previous birth? At least you
should've got your lines written well.
But it's not your fault, you are
just an actress. Okay guys,
out with the cameras. I'm not going
to be a scapegoat. AK, show up
Listen Raj, I've told you!
No AKs or cameras here
Only I am here.
- You are right
And here's my body that's stepping
towards death everyday.
That's really sad.
- Why don't you trust me?
How should I explain? What do I do?
Do whatever you have to.
I am going home. Okay?
What happened?
Who are you talking to?
So you are also in league?
- With whom?
With her
With whom?
- With her?
With whom?
- With her
Tell me
It seems you love her very much.
She is loveable.
All of us in the hospital
love her dearly.
If you wish you can sit
for some more time.
Relax Inspector Smith.
It's absolutely normal.
It happens with coma patients. If she
opens her eyes it doesn't mean...
she is conscious.
She still is in a coma.
Look, this is her cerebral cortex
which is severely damaged. Have a look.
She is lucky, her brain stem is fine,
because of which there are movements.
She can open her eyes, but
she cannot see anything.
She cannot think or feel anything.
How long, doctor?
- Can't say
A month, a year, maybe all her life.
No hopes of her getting well,
The world live on hopes, doctor.
One shot from here.
- See you later.
See you
Lip stick please.
- Hi
Good morning
Dilnaaz, last night...
- You were about to ruin my life!
3idane's head wouldn't have hurt
so much. Aren't you ashamed?
You call up a married man at night
and ask him to talk to a girl.
And you don't even let her talk!
- I called you last night?
Akshay, get out of here. I'm ready
to roll. Pass the papers, baby.
- Hello and welcome to British Raj.
Today's top story;
From Spark To Fire.
An 18-year-old girl, in a fit of rage,
torched her boyfriend's brand new Porche.
Why did she do it?
Good question.
Because her boyfriend dared to come
four hours late.
What do you think, Raj?
Did Pooja do the right thing?
Or was she overreacting?
Well, you know...
- Don't you think that...
he got a mild punishment?
I mean,
don't you think she should've
set her boyfriend afire?
- That's not in script.
What does he think of himself?
To make a girl wait for hours alone...
in a restaurant,
is that decency?
I'm sorry.
- It's disgusting.
I say, he should be castrated,
not set afire.
Now come on, Dilnaaz.
It's a family audience.
It happens sometimes.
Your boyfriend... I mean, Pooja's
boyfriend must've been helpless,
held up with some problem.
- Problem?
What kind of problem, Raj?
Come on, it happens...
- Who are you?
So who am I now?
- Okay, cut it out, guys.
This is too much. I told you, I'm not
going to be fooled. C'mon, out with it.
Who sent the girl to my house?
I see. So there was a girl
with you last night.
Yes... I mean no...
- That was your problem.
Hey, stop right there!
Don't come in front you camera.
What's wrong with him?
He doesn't do drugs.
Don't block...
- Ghost?
Am I?
- What is he saying?
You don't want to know!
- Look Raj,
I didn't fall for you,
you were behind me.
Oh my god! You are really a ghost.
No, technically I'm not a ghost.
- How dare you?
Because I'm not dead yet. Why did
you run away from the hospital?
You are trouble, I have to run.
- Trouble? I am trouble?
Mr Raj Jaiswal, this is a bit much.
Not you, Dilnaaz.
- Relax, Raj.
So this is Dilnaaz? What's great
about her? She is so ordinary.
Have you seen your face?
You are worse than ordinary.
- No, no...
Then why did you invite me
for dinner last night?
You were supposed to dine with her?
Are you nuts? I am better company.
Dinner with you? I'm not nuts.
That's it!
- Oh no!
I've had enough. I won't work
with this filthy man.
Just roll, baby.
This is reality TV.
I won't keep mum.
I will sue you for sexual harassment.
- I'll take this channel to court.
Hey, that's not Ms Creative.
Pack up
No, it's not possible. Please go away.
- Raj, listen to me Raj
Raj, listen to me.
- I don't want to hear you.
Please go away. Why are you after me?
Please leave me.
Excuse me.
- What did you say?
Raj, what's wrong with you?
Nothing. What's wrong with me?
I'm just a bit tired.
I'm not mad.
- I didn't say you are mad.
But everyone there thinks I am.
- All right, let me come in.
Don't! Or you'll regret
There's a ghost in the lift.
- There's a ghost in the lift?
Raj! Listen to me.
Why didn't you allow him to come in?
- I can't hear you, I can't see you. No.
I can't see anything. It is not true!
- Why are you running away from me?
Lord, save me.
Raj, listen to me.
Listen to me.
Will you listen to me, Raj?
Come on, Raj!
Take her away from me, Lord.
I told you...
I'm not a ghost.
Go away.
You don't exist.
lt'll be bright sunshine
in Stockholm today.
It's not happening to me.
Where are you going?
- Wherever you go.
No, no.
Please... please come out... come out.
Calm down... you are in control.
Raj stop talking to yourself.
AK, I'm not talking to myself.
Wait there,
I need to talk to you.
- I'll come and tell you. Wait!
- You mind if I drive the car?
Are we talking? Or going on a drive?
- We'll talk while driving.
AK, you're entering at your own risk.
- Yes, I know.
You know nothing.
Hello, excuse me...
I'm not your driver.
Will you come and sit in the front?
- I can't sit in the front.
I forget. The ghost is sitting
in the car.
- Of course.
If you have a problem,
there surely has to be a girl.
And right now
she is sitting beside you.
No AK, she is sitting beside you.
Right here?
She is hot.
You have a great tuning
with the ghost.
Tell her to go and sit behind,
so that you can come forward.
Sit please.
- What?
Of course
Shall we?
- Let's go.
Look, there's no need to
tell him the truth.
He is my best friend,
I can't lie to him.
Why not, bro? When you can talk
to nobody, why can't you lie to me?
I'm not talking to nobody, AK.
She is sitting behind us.
Why don't you tell the ghost to get off
and leave us alone for a few minutes?
I wish to talk to you. Until then
tell her to go to a graveyard and sing.
- Where?
You are a genius. Why didn't you
say that before?
What's up with you?
- What's up with me?
AK, please understand.
You don't believe me, right?
- Well... I do.
Last night, after you took a bath,
you met a girl.
She was with you the whole night.
- Not together, but yes...
Away. Because she wasn't a girl,
she was a ghost.
Not the spooky movie types...
- Beautiful ghost.
Very good. She also says that she is
not a ghost and she is alive.
She is comatose.
- Yes, correct. No one can see her,
except you. Very good.
At least it will take two years
in the mental asylum.
AK, cut it out! I'm not mad.
I have seen her body with my own eyes.
Every mad man says that...
- I'm not mad, I am not mad.
You are right. I need to rest.
Let me drop you back at the office.
You are right, you badly need rest.
Go home and take rest, I'll take care
of the office. Don't worry about me.
See you.
- Yes. But don't see anybody else,
I'll get jealous.
Know what? I met Mrs Khanna
before coming here.
That gossip-monger Mrs Khanna.
She was asking about your health
I said, fine. She will come home
in some days.
I don't know why she laughed at me,
as if I was lying.
That was it. I walked away in a rage.
Oh God! Shivani, don't be upset now.
I'm telling you,
you'll be absolutely fine.
Turn that side.
Good girl
D'you know what is the greatest
strength of human beings?
Everytime I see you,
my faith gets stronger.
I know, you will come back.
You have to, my child!
I can feel you too.
- Feel what?
Oh no, not you, ma'am...
- I'll send Bob.
And I'll see if you can feel him too.
If it goes on like this,
I'll be hauled in.
Do you believe me now?
- Is this possible?
Possible? It is happening, Raj
You still have doubts?
Hi. Can I have a coffee
and some scrambled eggs please?
Sure, whatever you want.
Yes, it's happening. But why?
You... in the hospital... in my house
...why in my life?
I don't know.
I know only my story.
But why in my life?
Do you have a phone?
- Why? You want to make a call?
Take out your phone and talk.
Thank you.
Hello? So tell me
your suspense thriller.
Just one condition. Use your heart,
not your mind, to listen.
After the accident when I came to,
I found myself in this weird state.
Since I'm an doctor, I couldn't
believe such things could happen.
It scared me, but the sight
of my mom would give me hope.
I stepped out of the hospital
with that hope...
And went to see mom.
I found that she too was losing hope.
I couldn't see her sorrow.
For days I just wandered.
Among the crowd, alone, troubled.
Finally, in search of peace,
I decided to go home...
your house, now. I was thinking that
there's no end to my woes.
And last night...
I met you. You can see me,
I can feel you, listen to you, blah
blah blah. All right, I'll help you.
- You think...
I lent you a ear to pass time?
I don't do things if I see no profit
And from you, I stand to gain a lot.
Come on, follow me.
Shivani, there are three girls
behind you.
I like all of them. Find out
if I stand a chance.
Are you crazy?
Go. You don't have a choice.
I think he's really cute.
Tell me, what were they
saying about me?
Forget it.
- Why forget it?
Forget it.
- Why?
No chance, Raj.
- What were they saying about me?
- What?
She said, you came alone
to the bar.
Your clothes...
- Clothes? What about my clothes?
They're strange.
- Strange?
You know, they think you are...
I am?
- Gay.
I told you, this bar is a bad one.
Let's go.
No use being your friend.
Go back to wherever you've come from.
Why do you look at life like this?
- Because in our world,
this is how we look at life.
Do whatever you have to in your world.
Tell me, don't you use
this road everyday?
- How many times till now?
- Just asking.
Might be a 50,000 times. Happy?
- What do you like the most here?
Are you interviewing me?
- Come on, Raj.
Many things...
- Like?
Like... like these apples.
Even the queen of England...
buys her apples from here.
And yes the coffee shop,
whose Jamaican brew is very special
And Marques Potter,
where Akshay and I used to
have a drink everyday.
Also that restaurant whose food is
tasteless but waitresses very pretty
What's so funny?
- Want to see from my perspective?
- Got a handkerchief?
Yes. Why?
- Blindfold yourself
Not myself, I like to blindfold others.
And that too at my home, not here.
Don't get excited, Raj.
Come on, trust me.
- Trust me.
You won't throw me
in front of a bus, will you?
Come on
Concentrate. Can you hear
the tweeting of the bird?
It's in a cage. Must be calling out to
its beloved who was separated.
What do you think?
There's a beggar outside your favourite
bar. Everyone thinks he is blind.
You also give him money. But he's not
really blind. He's acting.
And your Queen of England's favourite
apple-seller, who's quite famous,
his apples look more fresh and red.
But no one knows that...
he uses a spray that makes the apples
shine more. Don't buy from him again.
And this is Michelle,
the florist with a smile.
But she's hurt from inside,
Because her son has gone for war
in Afghanistan. It's been years,
and he has not returned yet. Michelle's
world has stopped on that turn.
And this place is called The Lamp
Of Love. You must've heard about it.
Lovers who kiss under this lamp post
stay together forever, they say.
But why'd you care?
Do you see something here too,
that I can't? Am I missing something?
Your Phone.
Take out your phone and talk
- Why?
People will call you mad.
- But I'm not mad, right?
Let people call what they want,
I don't care.
- Really?
"Whatever people wish to say,"
"let them say"
"Whatever happens,"
"let it happen"
"Why should the world bother
if a heart..."
"meet another here?"
"Whoever wants to say anything,"
"let them say"
"Just don't bother"
"No, no..."
"don't be afraid
of the world anymore,"
"don't hide anything"
"Whatever it is, it is the truth,
don't you hide from the world"
"Please come,
for a moment..."
"please sit"
"The feelings in your heart,
pour them out"
"Why should we be afraid?"
"If anyone thinks we are crazy,
O ignorant one?"
"Whatever we want to do,"
"let's do"
"Let the others freak out"
"Whatever they wish to say,
let the people..."
"They will say it and forget,"
"just think"
"So why should I change for them?"
"He who doesn't understand
"Whoever cares for the world,"
"let him care"
"Let him change"
Did we do anything wrong
last night, Shivani?
Why, what happened?
- Forget it, Raj.
You look innocent while sleeping.
- I'm extremely sorry to disappoint you.
But now that I'm up,
I've got lots to do.
I have to put your spirit back
into your body.
And I really don't appreciate you
watching me while sleeping.
Coffee, sweetheart.
- No.
Raj, it's not your cup of tea.
It's a waste of time.
Really? Do you have a better idea?
You entered my house,
got me into this mess...
and now you say it's a waste of time.
Women! What do you want me to do?
Excuse me.
Trust me, have the coffee,
take a bath and feel fresh.
I am the ghost, not you.
I've told you before! You are
not a ghost, you are she-ghost.
Okay, I'm just kidding.
Actually you are...
I am?
Forget it
I am?
- Forget it.
I am?
- Jesus! Shivani, stop being spooky...
and spare me.
You are beautiful, very beautiful.
Why did you keep doing this?
Have you ever been in love?
I do, everyday.
- Grow up, Raj.
Not that kind of love,
I'm talking about true love.
Even I'm talking about true love.
Is my love a farce?
Even I love truly.
If you think true love is marriage,
then I'm really not interested.
Have you seen Akshay?
He gets beaten up everyday.
His wife used to run after him,
now he's running away from her.
Women! Women! Women.
Raj where the?
- AK, what's up, dude?
You got a long life.
We were just talking about you.
Forget it. When will you get time off
from your ghostly encounters?
I've been waiting since morning.
Can't you even give me a call?
Pardon? Was I meant to call you?
- I see.
When I was committing the most
beautiful mistake of my life,
you were busy taking our photographs...
And now when I rue those days, can't
you even give me a condolence call?
It's your anniversary.
I forgot, I'm so sorry
I'm also sorry
Congratulations buddy.
- Mere wishes are not enough
I've organised a party at 8 tonight.
You know how dangerous Kuljeet is.
Of course.
- Be on time. And bring along...
the ghost.
I would love you come.
- She says she'd love to come.
You are most welcome.
- Not up, she's next to you.
Do come at eight.
I'll see both of you at eight.
I think you should leave.
- Is she a vegetarian or non-veg?
She can't eat.
- I see. She might like to drink?
Drinks blood.
- Dracula's sister? Any preference?
B positive.
- Don't worry, I'll organise it.
Raj, my boy! Come in.
- AK, what's up? Congratulations.
Congratulations for what?
For her?
- Kuljeet,
Happy anniversary.
Thank you, Raj. Are you all right?
Pardon? I'm absolutely fine.
Raj, did you get Ms Invisible along?
Yes, she's with me.
How are you, lady?
Is everything fine in ghost world?
She's standing here
Both of you come inside.
Raj Jaiswal of British Raj?
Not a bad show.
Who's that?
- Our family psychiatrist, Dr Patnaik.
We are happy because of him.
- So you guys think I need a shrink?
No, no. No problem in meeting him.
- Come on.
Have a drink.
- You will get advice for free. C'mon
It's okay, Raj,
I had also seen a ghost once.
In mirror.
- No. On the wedding altar.
Doctor, please have some hot samosa.
Kuljeet made them.
Have some.
No? Raj, you try one.
No, no, I'm full.
Aishwarya Rai, wherever you are,
have a samosa.
My wife made them.
Nothing will happen to you.
It's dangerous only for living being.
- Then you can eat after I kill you!
Still I can't digest them.
- Today's our wedding anniversary!
No wonder I was beaten up twice.
- I beat you yesterday, not today.
We don't need samosas.
- Okay.
So Raj, where is this
ghostly girlfriend of yours?
Right now Shivani's standing
near the window.
I got it.
Your parents are divorced, right?
Yes. How do you know?
How do you know?
- The way he swings his legs.
It's a sign. I can tell.
Such a shame! A handsome guy...
You are a virgin, Raj.
- You are a virgin, Raj?
No, no!
How do you know?
His girlfriend is a ghost.
Now what do you expect?
What is this nonsense? And what
is the point of all of this?
The point is, you need help.
And only I can help you out.
- Yeah, right.
Now tell me, how does she look?
Not like an ogre,
she looks simple and beautiful.
Raj, you need help.
You know what you have to do?
You gonna let go you,
let it slide.
let go Raj, let it go, Raj.
- Yes, let it go.
Smart baby, let it go.
See how they let go?
See how happy they are now.
What do you say?
I let her go, but she doesn't go.
- Don't shake your leg!
Stop all that. Let it go.
- Let's go where?
- She is incorrigible.
Doctor, please let go of my wife.
Shut up, guys. Okay?
I am not imagining anything.
He's okay, he's fine. He is not
imagining anything.
That's it. You let it go, that's why
no more shaking of leg. You let it go.
Raj, you are cured. Congratulations.
- You let it go!
Know what, guys? You are right.
- Yes, of course.
Shivani, let's go.
Say bye, Shivani.
- Thank you for dinner.
He needs help. He needs help.
Bring him to my clinic tomorrow.
Can you get me samosa?
Yes, yes...
Dr Shah, Inspector Smith
is here to see you.
Salaam Namaste
Thank you for seeing me, doctor.
You must be very busy.
What if we shift Shivani
to some other hospital?
She might get well soon.
You want to say that we are
not taking care of her?
Don't forget that it is our hospital
that saved her life.
Else, who survives
such a serious accident?
It was serious, but was that
an accident?
I have my doubts.
I didn't see you the whole day
and was happy.
Planning to jump? But what's the use?
Nothing would happen to you.
You're okay?
Hey Shivani, don't do that.
What's wrong with her?
What are you staring at?
You can even cry?
- Yes.
What's up? Tell me.
- I had been to hospital, Raj.
Dr Shah has decided to take off
my feeding tube.
- I'll die, Raj.
Really? You mean completely dead?
Or will you die and stay here?
I'm just kidding.
You know my sense of humour.
But why is he doing that?
- He doesn't want me to live.
But he's your doctor.
Shivani, I don't understand.
- I know, you don't.
Because you are not aware.
- Of what?
I didn't tell you the entire story.
I did not meet with an accident.
They tried to kill me.
Six months ago, the hospital suddenly
paged. One of my patients was serious
When I reached the hospital,
Dr Shah was already operating on him.
When I reached the operation theatre,
I saw him take his kidney out.
I was scared. Because the
patient's kidney was perfect,
he was a heart patient. I realised that
I saw something I was not supposed to.
After four hours of surgery,
the doctors and colleagues
of my hospital saved my life.
I survived, but not all of them
were happy about it.
I heard them
in the hospital today.
Dr Shah will kill me, Raj
He will kill me.
He told Mom to sign the documents.
If I don't come around in 36 hours,
he will also stop my respirator.
Doctor Shah told her that
I'll never return. Never.
Who knows? Maybe he is right.
Everyone has to go.
Maybe it's time for me.
Dr Shah is right, I won't come back.
Come on Shivani, don't think like that
Let the doctor do whatever he wants.
Nothing will happen to you.
If you were to die,
you won't have come to my house.
All this wouldn't have happened.
I guess, there's no other way out.
Finally, I have to help you.
I stand to gain. If you reenter your
body, at least you'll get off my back.
It's a joke, darling,
you can smile.
That's no problem? You'll tell me some
things only you and your mother know.
I'll tell her about it, then she'll
believe that you are sitting before me.
After that I'll tell her that you have
refused to sign the paper.
That's it. What do you think?
- Not bad. You got brains too.
- Hello, Mrs Dutt.
I'm Shivani's friend Raj speaking.
Yes son, tell me.
- I need to talk to you. It's urgent.
Of course son, any time.
When you got time?
- Tomorrow afternoon.
I'll see you at two. Thank you.
So sweet. Lovely house.
Is there a dog around?
- Yes. You will also take a liking.
No, no.
Shivani, let go. Dogs are afraid
of me, I mean dogs scare me.
Raj, mummy!
- Please let go, Shivani.
What are you doing, son?
It's you!
- Hi aunty. I'm Raj, Shivani's friend.
Friend, you are from British Raj.
I have seen you on TV.
Strangely, Shivani never told me.
She used to say that your show
is very hopeless.
Pardon? My show is hopeless?
We'll discuss that later.
- Do you know Kaali?
Shivani's friends know about Kaali
- Kaali will not do anything
Come on
What are you doing?
Come and sit inside
Aunty, can we go outside and talk?
- Why outside? Come in.
Look at his size and yours. C'mon.
Kaali Aunty...
- No. Mrs Dutt.
I mean, Kaali is sitting there,
shall we sit there?
Are you all right?
Yes. Actually aunty, Shivani is
with us right now.
She is there with us, always with us.
I mean, she is...
Tell mom that once she had
entered my room...
and I was smoking.
Shivani says that she had gone to
your room once, and you were smoking.
- Not mother Kaali.
Not Kaali, I.
- Not Kaali, I
I mean...
Raj, what are you doing?
Look son, I think you are in a trauma
after watching Shivani in that state.
But it's okay. Relax.
What can we do after all?
Everything is in His hands.
Damn! If everything is in His hands
then let Him decide. Why must you?
Aunty, please don't sign
the hospital papers?
Who told you about the papers?
I got it. You TV guys won't allow
anyone to live in peace.
What is your story?
That I am a stone-hearted mother?
Who is going to sign
the death papers of her daughter?
Wow! Lt'd make a very
interesting story.
Please mom.
- Have you ever thought about me?
I watch my daughter everyday
and I don't understand...
if I should be happy that she's alive,
or mourn her death.
You think I'm happy to
sign the papers?
I just want to free her
of this condition.
But why'd you care? Go and say
whatever you have to.
I know whatever I am doing is right,
and my God knows.
And I have nothing to do with anyone.
And now, you get out of the house.
Get out, I say.
If you wish or don't, we'll be back,
same place same time. Love you, London.
I'm Raj Jaiswal
and this is our British Raj.
Hey Casper, can you take care
of coma patients like you.
Of course. Why?
Hey Raj, I'm very happy today.
My friend has returned at last.
I thought you're going to die.
But why did you come back?
You didn't get a visa to her world?
- Come on, AK.
Your return means a lot.
Please don't go anywhere.
Because I'm personally very happy.
So happy that...
I'll have two more beers.
Hey two beer please.
Here it comes.
- It's here.
Hey bro, I need your help.
Anything for you, buddy. Anything.
Just ask.
Your friend is so happy that...
Everybody, the drinks are on me.
Promise, AK?
- I'll also buy you a drink.
Ask me, I'll even give up
my life for you.
I know, you'll do anything for me.
- Anything, anything.
You are my best friend.
Five years at least.
If we're caught, we'll be in
for five years.
If the gangsters don't kill us in jail,
Kuljeet will kill me when I come out.
Shut up!
Hi. I'm Dr Kapoor. I'm here
for patient Shivani Dutt.
She is scheduled for transfer.
- God! Just when we're changing shifts.
Sorry about the trouble.
- Room 303
I'll sign the papers and keep them here.
This is no time for a transfer.
Now I know why you come here very
often. Why didn't you tell me before?
I'd have also got admitted. Excuse me,
I'm not well. Can I have a room please?
Behave yourself, AK. Sorry
- Look Raj, there is still time.
Let's run away. Forget this idea.
- Shut up, AK
Shivani, we'll need you. Come on
Why did you bring the ghost along?
Where is she?
- Same
Put that down
- She is really beautiful.
Raj, what will you do
by taking her home?
What do you think?
- So what will you do with me?
I will take good care of you.
- No, it's a sin.
You are sick.
All the wires have come off
The wires of your brain have come off.
You will do it?
AK, push. Come on.
- I don't understand.
Stop shouting.
- You'll get us killed. We'll be caught.
Good evening, Erica. Would you know
if Dr Michael in his cabin?
No, I'm afraid, no.
I haven't seen him today.
Right. You carry on then.
Excuse me, Dr Kapoor. There is
a medical emergency in 308.
I need your help follow me.
- Run.
We can't leave. It is a medical
emergency, I can't leave.
We can't leave. It is a medical
emergency, we can't leave.
Are you crazy? It's a question
of someone's life. Let's go.
I will help, Raj.
- She will help us.
- Please, come on Raj. Come on.
Just come on, AK
He is not breathing.
- Must be dead. Let's get out of here.
He's gone into cardiac arrest.
He's an advanced diabetic.
I can't reestablish normal rhythm.
Take off the ECG strip
and hold it before me...
Behind you.
Oh my God!
It's a ventricular arithmia.
It's a ventri...
Ventricular arithmia?
- That's right.
Ask her what she injected him with.
- What have you injected him?
Nothing. I haven't injected
anything, doctor
Tell her to give him 100mg lignocaine.
Give him 100mg Lig... Lig...
- Not Li-Li, run from here.
Thank you.
- Okay. I'll get a doctor.
I say, run away. That ghost is
invisible, and we are not.
We will be caught in murder case.
I have it under control, right?
She has it under control.
Here she is.
Tell her to administer the shot.
- Give the injection
Yes Doctor
Damn, it's not working
Charge the defibrillator, fast
Charge the def...
Say clear.
- Clear.
Keep it on his chest and press it.
Raj, leave him.
Raj, leave him!
- How do I leave him? It is stuck!
You leave and run! Let go.
Wow! He is back.
You saved his life.
Dr Shah!
I'm sorry. Must be the wrong room.
Get out of here now!
- Run now! I told you, run.
Hey AK, are you okay?
Raj, we saved a life.
I don't believe it.
Welcome to the world of Shivani.
What are you doing?
- I'm thanking Shivani.
She is sitting between us.
Thank you, Shivani
- No. Thanks to you.
If not for you,
this would not have been possible.
She's also thanking you.
- Is it?
It's okay.
AK, get at the back.
Oh shit! Police!
Raj, hang on.
Hey AK!
- Raj, wait.
Raj, wait inside, or we will be in.
- What?
You have any trouble?
- Yes "occifer". Occifer? I mean, sir
Car not starting, I'm pushing.
Go outside and see what is it.
- Okay
I'm sure with a little bit of a push
we'll get it started. Come on, Tom.
Don't. Police outside.
We'll chip in, and we'll push.
- Oh yes, yes, thanks.
Oh, it started! Thank you, officers.
God bless the King, the Queen.
Long live Prince Charles.
Take care. Drive safe. Let's go.
Hey AK, is everything okay?
I think so.
Okay guys, the post is clear.
Correct the position of YV tube.
- Yes.
- Yes. And check my pulse.
Seems good.
It's good to be back home.
You don't need to be afraid
of anyone anymore.
Raj... shall I leave?
Thanks for everything, AK.
Thanks man.
Bye Raj.
- See you.
Bye Shivani
I have to say something.
Is it not possible that
she came to...
and left on her own?
Inspector, if she comes around,
she'll be very weak,
she cannot just walk suddenly
- But why will someone kidnap her?
Stop it.
- You cannot help me change?
Having problems?
You can see everything, can't I?
Okay, change yourself.
"You gave me love,
you breathed life into me"
"After I found you,
I've found all happiness"
"Ever since my heart..."
"found shelter in your eyes,"
"I felt as if..."
"I really live,"
"I really exist"
"I was a dream,"
"I've become real for you"
"No more grouse I hold..."
"against destiny,"
"now that I've known you
from so close"
"Now that I have you,"
"I've found a world of joy"
"In your eyes I have seen myself..."
"in this world"
"I really live,"
"I really exist"
"I was a dream,"
"I've become real for you"
You know, Akshay... relax.
Let go... let it go,
let it side... go, go.
You know what? Just relax.
You've been relaxing for six months.
And it's not helping me at all, Pat.
I get beaten up by my wife everyday
and to make matters worse,
she is more intelligent than me. And
Raj and his ghost are making me mad.
Beautiful ghost?
Akshay Kapoor! I've seen you before.
What a pleasant surprise!
My friend, my sweetheart,
And this must be Dr Patnaik.
Heart specialist. I am John Smith.
You are a policeman.
Very good.
I am Inspector John Smith
and we need to talk.
It's about a night.
As you can see, I'm with my patient.
And I have plenty of patience.
But why'd anyone steal my ambulance?
If they did, there's no harm done.
I don't understand how they stole it
without the alarm going off.
Doctor, who else knows about alarm?
Nobody. Nobody except me.
Nobody knows about this alarm,
except me.
And of course Akshay.
What happened?
AK, what the hell! Beaten up so badly.
When will your wife come to her senses?
Soon the cops are going to ask you
when you will come to your senses.
I told you, the ghost and corpse
will get us trapped.
Police? What are saying?
- That Inspector John Smith,
who keeps on raving Hindi, he is
investigating the case of Shivani.
He took me to
the police station... look.
Come on in, we'll talk.
- No, not here.
I'll talk to you alone.
Just you and me. Okay?
AK, at least talk now. Tell me,
what did the cops do to you?
Don't ask me, Raj. In my place,
what'd you have done?
Look at you, Raj.
Look around, we're in London.
So many beautiful girls around,
but that half-dead girl is!
Let it go. What did the cops
do to you?
Damn the cops! Tell me,
what is happening to you?
What's wrong with you? We are both
in serious trouble.
At least use your brains sometimes.
- Everything doesn't need brains.
Some need the heart.
You falling in love.
I knew it!
- Are you mad? What you talking about?
You know that...
- Look, you can fool the world.
But you can't fool me, Raj.
Not me. You can't fool me.
You know, I'm just helping her.
Then do so on your own. I don't want
to be a part of this madness anymore.
You are on your own today.
You will kill yourself and kill me too.
- Hello. Am I talking to Mrs Dutt?
I'm Inspector John Smith of the
metropolitan police here in London.
I need to talk to you.
- Yes Inspector.
I'm just wondering, did you
receive the photos I sent you?
Yes, I did.
- Did you by any chance...
recognise the man in those photos?
- Yes. It's him.
He had come over.
Behaved strangely.
He works for an Indian channel.
He told me not to sign
the hospital papers.
Papers? What papers?
Okay guys, five minutes to go.
Where is Raj?
Deepak, don't you trust me?
Trust me, I can do it
I know, you can do it, baby!
I mean, all of us...
how long can we wait?
I can't wait anymore, baby.
Put a leash on your bubby, baby!
Hello and welcome
to British Raj minus Raj.
Just kidding. My oversmart...
I mean, very smart co-host Raj
is not here with us.
But that's because he is late.
I guess it's fate,
he had a much more important date.
Oh well, moving on with the show...
Excuse me, ma'am.
I'm sorry.
He is no more.
I'm sorry.
Well, that's all from me Dilnaaz.
I hope that you didn't miss Raj.
I mean, you must've missed him badly.
Don't forget to email me. Whether you
wish or not,
we'll meet again tomorrow
on Dilnaaz's World... oops
Did I just say that?
I meant British Raj.
Big kiss, London.
Wow, babe! Well done!
- Thank you.
Superb show. Excellent.
Very well done.
What's up, bro? Where you been?
Thank God Dilnaaz was here...
she took care of everything.
Or, today we were in big trouble.
I'm really sorry...
- Yes. I'm gonna go,
check on the arrangements for
the party tonight. Please be on time.
What party?
Dude, it's I who drink,
and you seem to have lost your senses.
It's our second anniversary of
British Raj tonight. Where are you?
Yes, Of course.
- Please be on time.
- C'mon, get yourself together.
Wait baby, I'll give you a ride.
You are so sweet.
Raj, you are not ready yet.
Come on, get ready.
We have to go.
- Where?
To the anniversary party
of British Raj.
Dilnaaz is not at fault.
You reached late.
In her place, you'd have done
the same.
Now come on, get ready.
You've got a date tonight.
Good you came to the party.
Did you get the ghost along?
No, she brought me along.
- Oh shit
She is holding your hand
and standing.
Guys, get closer.
- Dilnaaz!
Hey, watch out.
Hey Raj, get over here.
Let's get some pictures together.
Dilnaaz... today...
you know, you are doing a great job
on the show. Congratulations.
Raj, don't be boring. Come on.
Excuse me.
Come on baby, let's just go party.
"Tonight, slowly,"
"everybody, move"
"Just one thing tonight..."
"everybody, move"
"Tonight, slolwly,"
"everybody, move"
"Just one thing tonight..."
"everybody, move"
"Come, let's hear about youth,
about lives"
"Tonight, slolwy,"
"everybody, move"
"Just one thing tonight..."
"everybody, move"
Wow! For the first time
someone got me dancing.
Great. Thank you.
- I need to talk to you.
So what are you doing?
- I need to search your apartment.
Search my apartment?
I think you made a mistake, sir.
Listen, dear sir, please.
Shivani's mother has recognised you.
And we've also found the ambulance.
- Who? Shivani? Shivani's mother?
I don't know what you are
talking about.
I'll get the warrant in two days.
I just thought you will cooperate.
All right then, search my house
when you have the warrant. Okay?
- Thank you.
I will see you
Hi Akshay. Now what?
Why did you bring him here?
- I've told him everything.
What? No!
- Inspector John Smith will help us.
I don't know what you are talking.
I really don't know what he is
talking about. Sir,
I told you before. Go, get a warrant.
- Raj, relax...
What relax? What is this nonsense?
Why are you guys after me?
He is trying to help us.
- I ask for the last time.
Tell me where the body is.
- What body?
What am I going to do with a body?
- Raj, cool it.
No, you cool it. I have no idea
what he's talking about.
Raj, he knows about the body.
- Take him away.
Hand over the body, Raj.
- Hand over what?
You want to search my house? Go,
get a warrant. Then we'll talk, okay?
Where do you think you are going, sir?
The body.
Thank God, she is alive
- Believe me, Inspector. Just imagine.
Raj is not a doctor, still he saved
a patient's life. How?
He didn't act a quack,
but by precise treatment.
She helped him... I mean that one.
Hey ghost, where are you?
Why don't you say something?
Anyway, no one can hear you.
- Shut up.
You both deserve to be locked up.
Right now I have to take the body
to the hospital.
They will kill her.
- Shivani knew about organ trafficking.
What do you know about
organ trafficking?
And who are you watching all the way?
- Ghost.
I need to get this woman
to a hospital.
I'm not going to arrest the
two of you just at this moment.
But don't try to run away.
The arms of the law
are very long.
Please leave
What have you done?
Do you know the consequence?
Why did you do all this?
Shivani, I'm talking to you...
If you wanted to do this...
Stop crying! And tell me,
why did you do all this?
Because I love you, Raj
And I can't see you ruining
your life like this.
I love you, Raj.
- When what?
When did you fall in love?
- At first sight.
Why didn't you tell me?
- I was afraid.
From whom?
- Myself.
All of us are afraid, Raj...
of falling in love...
of getting hurt. It is not easy
to express one's love openly.
I'll never hurt you. I promise.
And back to our Top Story,
Organ Trafficking.
The terminology may not be new to us,
but to discover that...
it's been happening here in UK
has shocked the nation...
to then reveal the very health-care
who are supposed to be saving our lives
could in fact be endangering them...
is an even more disturbing discovery.
A police Inspector John Smith,
inadvertently uncovered this racket,
was keeping vigil over
a patient in a coma.
The female patient then mysteriously
and briefly disappeared...
from Thomwell hospital, west London.
Inspector John Smith joins me in
the studio. Welcome, Inspector Smith
Shivani, see what's on TV.
- How did the patient...
actually disappear from the hospital?
When did her body go?
And how and why did she come back?
I'm sorry, all about it is privileged
information at the moment, but...
the good news is that Shivani's lost
body has been found and it's safe
The organ trafficking going on
in our city...
is being investigated by our team.
At this moment, we are investigating
the staff of the hospital,
as we believe that certain doctors
are responsible for the trafficking.
- The moment we have any information,
we will update everyone and
I will show you,
the culprits will be apprehended.
Shivani, where the hell are you?
Oh my God
It's okay
Hold me, Raj
It's okay.
- Raj, let me die.
Nothing will happen to you.
I got you... I got you.
Stay with me.
Get up slowly... Okay? I got you.
I can't walk.
It's okay... it's okay, Shivani.
- I can't walk.
Come on Shivani, get up!
Fight it, please.
Fight it!
- No Raj, I can't fight it.
It's a waste.
It's so strange Raj. When I was about
to die, I was alive in spirit...
And today when I wish to live,
I'm dying.
Don't think like that, Shivani.
Nothing will happen to you.
You will have to come back.
- I have no regrets, Raj.
Because I'm not going emptyhanded.
I'm taking along all those moments
I spent with you.
You will live, Raj,
like the way you lived with me.
Promise me, Raj.
- No
Promise me
- No, Shivani.
You will not leave me alone.
It's not fair, Shivani
Nothing will happen to you.
You will come back.
You can't go, Shivani...
- Raj, you will live.
Shivani please...
You will come back.
You will come back.
Shivani, nothing will happen to you.
"I really exist"
"I was a dream,"
"I've become real
for you"
Don't say anything.
She is gone, for ever.
Why did you do this?
Okay, blame it on me.
I did all that because it was
necessary, it was right.
Raj, even you knew that
she had to go someday.
She was a spirit, she had to go.
When you first told me about her,
I knew you were telling the truth.
And the day you spoke about
taking decisions from the heart,
I knew you were in love.
But I also knew that
it'd all come to this.
She is gone, she is dead.
Accept it, man!
- Why?
Because she has been killed.
And I won't spare that doctor.
Raj, our plan of press conference
is a success.
We got him.
He fell right into our trap.
Get your hands off me!
- We caught Dr Shah.
Shivani even gave the statement.
- Shivani?
She is back.
She's come out of a coma.
Thank you.
Go, give her a hug.
I'm sorry... do I know you?
Don't you remember anything?
My story is very strange.
If you apply your mind,
you will never believe it...
But if you listen to your heart,
you might believe it...
And believe me,
right now, your trust in me
is very important for me.
You take care.
You know, there is a way
to eat noodles with chopstick.
Is it? How?
- Thank you.
Chopsticks you know, set them apart,
hold them in these two fingers...
and throw them away like this!
Then use your fingers,
lift it up...
and put the food straight
into your mouth and eat it
I'm Raj Jaiswal
- I know. British Raj, right?
I hate that show.
- I know
I'm Shivani Dutt.
- I know