I Spit On Your Grave (2010) Movie Script

( bell chimes )
( hammering )
- Hello.
- Man: l'm coming!
l'm coming.
l'm Jennifer Hills.
We spoke last week.
Oh, yeah, Miss Hills.
Mockingbird Trail, right?
That is right.
l don't suppose you know how
to get out there.
No, l don't.
Well, listen up.
lt's a bit tricky.
- Keys.
- Thank you.
These arrows
will get you through town.
Over here
there are more
dirt roads and woods.
Your cabin's a real beaut.
But heck, there ain't another
for a good country mile.
l am looking forward
to the peace and quiet.
l'm actually a novelist
and l'm starting my next book here.
lf that's what you're aiming for.
- You just follow this here map.
- Thank you.
( service bell rings )
( impact wrench rattling )
( train whistle blowing )
( playing harmonica )
Howdy, ma'am.
- ( clears throat )
- ( gasps )
Excuse me.
l didn't mean to frighten you.
No, that is okay.
You know what?
l am actually lost.
l'm looking for Mockingbird Trail.
Mockingbird Trail.
Yeah, you're lost all right.
- Really?
- Yeah yeah, you're lost.
lt's about 10 miles back.
lt's gonna be
on your left-hand side.
Gonna make a left
after a big red mailbox.
Okay, thanks.
l think l saw that.
You staying over in that cabin
on Mockingbird?
- Yeah.
- Man: Fancy!
( laughs )
So you know you're running
a little hot.
Maybe l should check up
under your hood for you.
( laughing )
How's that line
working for you?
l don't know.
How's that line working for you?
( dings )
- l got that.
- No, l got it.
- No, l got it.
- ( car alarm blaring )
Oh shit.
( laughing )
l'm sorry, my bad.
- l hit the panic button.
- Mm-hmm.
- Are you okay?
- l'm fine.
Better check your underwear,
- Are you sure you're okay?
- Yeah, l said l was fine.
- Okay.
- All right?
Keep the change.
( engine starts )
Got you that time, Johnny.
( birds chirping )
( rustling )
( birds squawking )
How's the writing coming?
You kidding me?
l should have come out here
on my first book.
You gonna come back
for Hertz's party?
- ( door thuds )
- Jen? Did l lose you?
Oh, sorry.
Something just--
- Hey.
- ( door thuds )
- You still there?
- Barb, hold on a second.
( thuds )
- Jen, what's going on?
- Let me call you back.
( cell phone beeps )
( door thuds )
( sighs )
( gasps )
You've got to be kidding me.
Way to go, Jennifer.
( breathing heavily )
( wood creaking )
( house creaking )
( flies buzzing )
- ( pipes groan )
- Ugh.
( water gurgles )
( huffs )
No, it won't flush.
Man: Did you check the seal
on the flapper?
l did that already.
- You did?
- Yes.
Look, l'm really in a spot here.
- All right, l'll send somebody.
- Okay okay.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- You'll be there?
- l'm not going anywhere.
All right, l'll send someone.
( phone beeps )
( gasps )
( whirring )
( grunts )
So is this gonna
take much longer?
Not much.
What's wrong with it?
( water running )
( toilet flushes )
- All fixed.
- Oh, thank you.
Sorry. You saved me from having
to bathe in the lake.
Excuse me.
l, uh-- excuse me.
Wait, l didn't--
( grunts )
( laughing )
Ground rule double.
Double my ass. Look at its head.
l knocked its eye clear out.
Fine, maybe a triple.
But you gotta knock its guts clean out
its mouth if you wanna score a run.
Man, would you turn
that shit off?
You're gonna get us in trouble
with that human society.
( laughs )
- lt's humane, dipshit.
- Yeah, whatever.
l told you, Andy,
this thing's gonna make me a fortune.
So you two retards
gonna go fishing or what?
Hey, speaking of retards...
- Bull's-eye!
- Andy!
( laughs )
Well, Stanley,
got us all here now.
What's the big show?
The big show
is this.
What did you do this time,
film yourself lighting a fart?
( laughing )
l don't know why l bother
with you dipshits.
l got Matthew's girlfriend here
in a very private moment.
Matthew ain't had a girlfriend since
he was sucking on his mama's titties.
He had that city girl all alone
and he didn't even try to nail her.
What city girl?
You know what girl.
The one from the gas station
the other day.
The one that had you
on your ass.
( laughing )
She had Matt here fixing
her pipes.
She even gave him a kiss
for servicing her.
No, she-- she-- she did, Johnny.
She kissed me.
Hey, Matthew,
don't you lie to me.
Here it comes.
Get ready for it.
Oh shit.
Andy: Hey, that's some good
camerawork, man.
You dirty dog, man.
How the fuck did you get that?
l've been working nights.
She sure is something
to look at.
Yeah yeah.
And she likes me.
Come on, Matthew.
That girl wouldn't even
give Johnny the time of day.
l can tame that ass
if l want to.
Come on, Johnny.
You saw that girl.
Stuck-up city bitch.
City bitch like that
is ungettable.
Bullshit. l'll get it.
( laughing )
Let me tell you something:
l had that bitch
creaming her panties.
Yeah, and she had you
shitting in yours.
You don't think l can have that
anytime l want to?
Let me tell you something:
Bitch like that,
she come out here for one reason
and one reason only.
Titties flopping in the window
like that for everyone to see.
Come on, you know.
No no.
She's not like that, Johnny.
They're all like that.
Big city cock-teasing whore
is all she is.
Fuckin' A.
Shit, Matthew.
You wouldn't know what to do with
a piece of ass like that if you got it.
No shit.
But you're lucky
'cause l'm your friend.
l'll show you the way.
( Andy laughs )
( pops lips )
( sighs )
( wood creaking )
( moans )
( sighs )
( thumping )
- ( loud bang )
- ( screams )
( door thumping )
( gasps )
- ( bangs )
- ( shrieks )
Nice shot, huh?
Get out of here.
Get out of here right now!
- Well now.
- ( camcorder beeps )
That ain't very hospitable now, is it?
Smile real pretty
for the camera, girl.
( men laughing )
You all better get out
of here right now.
l called the cops.
Oh, she called the cops.
You called the police
or you will call the police?
l called them already.
They're on their way right now.
What phone did you
do that with?
Matthew told us you dropped
yours in the drain.
Let's pick it up.
Where the hell is that boy?
Matthew, get your bony ass in here!
- Come on.
- Come here, boy.
Get in here, boy.
Hey hey hey.
lt's all right.
Come on now.
Come on, boy.
Come here.
Matthew here says
that you didn't pay him
for fixing your sink.
That's not true.
He ran out.
l'll take care of it.
He's shy, huh?
Look at that, Matthew.
Look at that. Look at that right there.
Hold up, wait a minute.
Let's not worry
about any of that right now.
What's a pretty little thing like you
doing out here all alone?
l'm writing.
l'm a writer.
She's a writer.
My boyfriend will be here soon.
He's coming up
to the cabin.
( laughs )
ls that right?
Well, shit.
l didn't know you had a boyfriend.
Boys, now we better
blow on out of here.
We don't wanna interrupt
your date night.
- ( laughing )
- Date night!
Let me tell you something,
There ain't no man
in his right mind
that leaves a pretty little thing
like you out here
all alone.
He's coming.
Night's almost over.
- ( whimpers )
- ( men laugh )
( sniffs )
Oh wow.
- ( laughing )
- ( Johnny coughs )
Come here.
Come here, have a drink with me.
Come on over here.
Come here, pretty little thing.
Come here,
have a drink with me.
- ( laughing )
- Oh, there you go.
l don't want to.
What's the matter?
You too good to have a drink with us?
- See?
- Mm-hmm.
Please, l just don't want to
have a drink.
What is this shit right here?
'Cause that's already
been opened.
Well shit, boys.
You were right.
She's too good
to have a drink with us.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
What are we to you?
A bunch of dirt?
l didn't say that.
Fuckin' A,
this bitch is a writer.
''No one wants a phone call
at 2:00 in the morning.
When you're 15,
it's a prank call.
When you're 21,
it's a drunk boyfriend call.
But after 25,
it's usually really bad news.
That's how l found out
my father died.''
Whose daddy died?
( sobbing ) Can't you all
just please leave me alone?
Johnny: No!
Just tell me what you want.
What do you want?
l offered you my money.
( laughing )
( gasps )
Here. Here.
Fine. l'll have a drink.
Then you have to leave.
- Andy: All right.
- Johnny: All right.
That ain't shit.
- Come on. Boo!
- Come on now.
Now see, l--
l know you can
do better than that.
l'm sure that when you're
out there in the city
with all your hoity-toity
rich friends,
l bet you can throw 'em back
with the best of 'em.
Now can't you?
- l took the drink--
- l said drink that shit!
- Come on. There you go.
- Chug chug! Guzzle!
- Whoo!
- There it is. There it is.
- ( coughs )
- All right, shit.
See, that's not
so bad now, is it?
Listen, l'm sorry
l embarrassed you the other day.
But we're even now, right?
Just please leave.
Please leave.
Well, that's just not
what this is about no more.
What is it about?
l wanna see your teeth.
You heard me,
pretty little show horse.
l want
to see
your teeth.
( laughing )
l don't want to-- no.
Now you're gonna show
them teeth.
You have beautiful teeth.
( whimpering )
There. Let me see 'em.
Real pretty. Real pretty.
Let's see more.
Put your fingers
on the inside of your mouth
right there.
Now take the other two,
stick 'em on the other side.
There you go.
Now pull.
Okay, please, l'm begging you,
just go.
( groans )
Come here.
There it is.
Oh man, yeah! Yeah!
Yeah, that's it.
Come here. All right.
- ( sobbing )
- Shh!
That's my pretty little show horse.
Look at you.
You know why l know you
ain't got no boyfriend?
You know why?
'Cause all them
city boys are faggots.
Fuckin' A.
Since you ain't got
no boyfriend,
well, shit, l figured that...
this would be
your man tonight.
Come here.
Come on,
give him a little kiss.
Give him a little kiss,
come on.
Give him a little kiss here.
Give him
a little kiss here. Kiss him.
Oh shit, come on now.
Come on now. l ain't talking about no
fucking peck like you gave Matthew.
l want you to give him
a little kiss now. Go on, kiss him.
Get up on your knees.
lf l don't like
your enthusiasm,
- l may come bad.
- ( gun cocks )
Open up.
Open up.
There it is. There it is.
There it is.
All right, all right.
Breathe through your nose.
Come on, you know this.
Just like it's your
first time again.
Breathe through your nose.
Breathe through your nose.
All right, all right.
- ( gagging )
- Shit!
Come on now.
Let's let Matthew have the girl.
( stammers )
l d-don't want to.
l don't.
What the fuck did you say?
What the hell you mean
you d-d-don't want to?
l don't want to, Johnny.
- He d-d-don't want to.
- Come on.
Listen to me.
Fuck that, man.
l ain't fucking waiting.
Aw shit!
She-she likes me.
She likes you, Matthew?
Go ahead.
- Jennifer: Please.
- Suck it, bitch.
Come on now.
We're doing this for you.
Go prove it to me.
( laughs )
- Oh God.
- Oh shit!
( screams )
Come on, boys!
( sobbing )
Whoa there.
Whoa there.
Easy, darling.
( whimpering )
- Help me! Help me, please.
- Okay, l got you.
l was assaulted.
He came into my cabin
and he had a gun.
Ma'am, it's okay.
You need to calm down now, please.
lt was in my mouth.
He put a gun in my mouth.
You don't understand.
l know this one.
She rented the place
down on Mockingbird Trail.
- l was assaulted.
- Hey, it's okay.
l'm a sheriff.
You're safe.
Now tell me what happened.
These four men--
there were four men
and they broke into my cabin.
And they had a gun
and they assaulted me.
Did you get a nice look at them?
Can you lD 'em?
Yes, l'd seen them.
- Around here?
- Yes, they work at the service station
- right outside of town.
- John Miller, no doubt.
Yes, they called him Johnny.
And there was this heavyset guy.
Sounds like them boys have
been up to no good again.
All right, Earl,
you head on back.
- Me and Miss--
- Hills. Jennifer Hills.
Me and Miss Hills are gonna head
on over to the cabin
and straighten things out.
Miller, this is the sheriff.
You and your boys are still here,
you come on out right now.
Miller, if you're up there,
you'll be leaving by the window.
Ma'am, stay here.
You here alone?
With all this?
l didn't plan on drinking it all
right away.
l was gonna be here
for a couple months.
You drink some this evening?
One of them went upstairs
and he went through everything.
They do this too?
Please, l really don't care
about any of that.
How long you been here?
Just a couple days.
Anything strange happen
before this?
You have a run-in
with any of these guys?
No, not really.
Just stopped for gas
and directions.
( sniffs )
Ma'am, is this your
marijuana cigarette?
Um, no.
One of the boys
must have left it.
You mean to tell me one
of them guys is wearing lipstick?
This ain't the big city.
Please, l may have smoked a joint,
but that doesn't mean
that l made any of this up.
This is Storch.
l'm at Mockingbird cabin.
- Gonna need some backup.
- Backup?
What could you possibly
need backup for? l'm the victim.
Ma'am, you've been drinking,
smoking marijuana cigarettes.
You got enough booze in here to put
the whole town three sheets to the wind.
You're running around in your sleeping
garments at the crack of dawn.
You gotta see this
from my point of view.
What? They came in here
and they assaulted me.
You have to believe me.
Ma'am, l'm just trying
to get to the bottom of this.
You're making serious accusations
about boys l've known
since they was kids.
And you haven't been
altogether truthful now, have you?
Now please,
step up against the wall.
Shoulder width apart.
Ma'am, please.
Look right ahead.
( sniffs )
( gasps )
l want the whole story.
You tell me the whole thing.
You start by telling me
what those boys did.
Tell the sheriff the truth,
show horse.
Better yet,
why don't you show him?
Show him how that pretty little mouth
of yours couldn't get enough
- as far as l recall.
- ls that right?
( Johnny coughs )
They do this?
Nice little tits.
( sobbing )
( groans )
l asked you a question.
Johnny: You show the sheriff
your teeth there, show horse.
( clicks tongue )
Come on.
- Come on, move.
- Andy: Get!
Now whinny.
- l said whinny!
- ( whinnying )
- Whinny!
- Oh, man!
Whinny! Whinny! Whinny!
( whimpering )
Huh. Huh.
Now get on your knees.
Keep going.
Keep whinnying, show horse.
Here we go.
Get on your knees.
Keep whinnying!
( screams )
You oughta tame
that little mare of yours.
Come on.
On your feet, show horse.
On your feet or you're not
gonna get your sugar cube.
get your clothes off, boy.
We're gonna get
your cherry popped.
Matthew, l ain't
asking you a question.
Stop that rubber band shit, homo.
You wanna talk the talk,
you better walk the walk.
l'm walking.
- Jennifer: Stop, stop.
- Virgin.
Please stop.
You get your clothes off
or l'm gonna slice her
from the chin
- to cunt.
- Oh!
- ( Jennifer whimpering )
- Oh yeah!
- Johnny: There's Matthew.
- Stanley: Now he gets it.
Pants off, boy.
Oh, what the hell, Matthew?
He ain't even hard yet.
Well, it's not totally his fault.
She ain't done much to get
his motor running now, has she?
Come on.
- Come on, baby.
- Move it!
Johnny: Prance for us.
Prance, show horse!
Prance for us now. Come on,
like you do when you wanna get laid.
Whoo! Come on!
l want you to watch this,
You dance like that
in them city clubs?
- Ho!
- Come on now!
You watching this, boy?
( stammering )
Johnny: What?
Okay, l'll-- l'll-- l'll--
l'll do it.
Okay? Okay.
- Come here.
- Oh, yeah!
Okay, here we go.
Get up, get up.
This is for you, Matthew.
This is for you, boy.
Oh yeah!
Oh shit!
Get her up here.
Shut her up.
No! No! No!
Hold her legs!
Oh my God.
l'll bash your fucking
face in, bitch.
- Andy: Shut up.
- No no no!
That's for you.
Get your drawers off, Matthew.
- God damn it.
- Okay.
- Johnny: Here. Here.
- Storch: Get her panties off.
- l'll rip 'em off.
- No!
( screaming )
Yeah, get her.
- Johnny: Damn it, hold her still.
- Come on, retard.
- No! No!
- Hold her down!
- Stick your pee-pee in her.
- Okay!
Come on, Matt, get in here.
Get in there.
- ( screaming )
- Johnny: Yeah!
( moaning )
Get in there!
- Johnny: Yeah, Matthew!
- Jennifer: Oh no!
Look at him go.
There's a gang-banger.
Johnny: Feels good, don't it, Matthew,
pumping away on her? Get her legs.
Storch: Yeah, come on, son.
Come on, boy!
Deep. Get in deep.
Get in deep.
Deep deep deep deep!
- Deep!
- Johnny: Yeah, Matthew.
- ( cell phone ringing )
- Get over here.
Hey, put that thing down
and get over here.
- Keep her quiet. Fucking gag her.
- Shut your fucking mouth!
Gag her!
- ( cell phone rings )
- Johnny: Shut her up!
lt feels good, don't it, Matthew?
Yeah yeah!
Keep her quiet now!
- ( Matthew grunting )
- Hello, angel.
Daddy's on a call.
Daddy, it's Sunday.
You always make breakfast
before church.
l know, l know, sweetheart.
Daddy's real busy.
You tell mom l'm running late.
Bye, Daddy.
( grunting )
Johnny: Yeah, Matthew!
Yeah, Matthew!
He fill her up yet?
- Johnny: Damn it. Oh shit!
- ( screaming )
You're the shit, Matthew.
You're getting your ass beat
by a woman.
Johnny: Matthew,
you better control that bitch.
Hold her down. Yeah.
( grunting )
( choking )
( screams )
- ( coughing )
- ( panting )
( laughing )
Yeah, boy.
Over there.
Over there.
( gagging )
Ain't that romantic?
You clean that shit up.
Make her do it.
You heard him. Clean it up.
Hey, Matthew, get back here.
You all right, boy?
Oh man, this is so like my fantasy.
You can thank me later.
- Andy: You calm down, boy.
- ( Matthew coughing )
You did all right, Matthew.
( playing blues tune )
( spits )
Jennifer: No no.
( sobbing )
No no.
You ever get mace in your eyes, bitch?
That shit hurts.
- Now take a look, honey.
- No.
l'll bet you're thirsty, huh?
Why don't you have a drink?
( gasping )
- Do it again!
- You like that? Let's have another one.
Hold her down.
Hold her head down.
( spits )
All right, boys,
that filly's got a few more races
to run.
You like that, girl?
You like that sweet water, huh? Yeah.
You got some fight
left in you, Miss Hills.
l like things rough.
Please. Please.
- Yeah.
- l'm sore.
l'm sore.
( wailing )
Don't worry now, sweetheart.
( spits )
l'm an ass man.
- ( grunting )
- ( shrieking )
( gagging )
( groaning, sobbing )
( playing blues tune )
No teeth, show horse.
No teeth.
- Whoo!
- ( laughing )
God damn, Stanley.
Must be a new record for you, man.
That bitch was too tight.
Don't you know you're supposed
to wait for the lady?
Shit, man, like she cares.
She's laying there
like a dead fish.
Besides, she's bleeding as all hell.
Wonder if the bitch got messed up.
Andy: Yeah, right. We all thought
Matthew was gonna
be the pussy today, huh?
Johnny: Don't know what
you're bragging about, Andy.
Clocked you
just over two minutes.
lt's been a while, man.
l'm out of practice.
lt's been, l don't know,
maybe 10 years.
Where you going?
God damn,
she's got some fight in her.
( whimpering )
Come on, let's chase.
Where does she think she's going?
( laughing )
Well, it was fun
while it lasted, Miss Hills.
( heart beating )
Johnny: Shit!
Where is she?
Hell, she's gotta
come up for air sometime.
Stanley: Gators must have
got her by now. Right, Sheriff?
Listen up.
Creek ends about six miles
downstream in Watson.
Between here and there,
we're gonna find her.
We split up.
We check the banks,
in the timber, under rocks.
Hell, you see a hole big enough
for her, l want you in there.
And do not stop till y'all
find me a dead city whore.
Not a goddamn thing.
Now what?
Her body will show up one way
or another.
Every day we're
gonna check the ravine,
from the bridge
straight down through here and back.
Two shifts a day
till we find something.
For how long?
Till l goddamn fucking say. Clear?
Andy, you get on back to the cabin.
Clean her shit up.
Burn it, all of it.
You hear me?
Yes sir.
You get her wheels
down the shop.
Strip it down to its
last goddamn nut.
That's gonna take two weeks.
All right, Sheriff, yeah.
l'll have Andy torch it out
and l'll rub the numbers out.
( beeps )
The fuck you saving that for,
you moron?
lt's fucking evidence!
l shit you not!
( breathing heavily )
l need you all on point
for this.
And l mean goddamn
fucking point.
We clear?
Now pony up.
We got shit to do.
Burn that effing tape.
Well, that's all of it,
right down
to her little titty sling.
Man, this fire's
making me hungry.
Well, there's a headline.
We gotta finish this shit.
We gotta get that car
in the garage.
Then you can stuff your face
till you puke.
Where the hell's Matthew at?
He ain't one
to stay behind.
He was looking around the water like
some crazed dog after a bone, man.
You keep an eye on him.
We gotta make sure
he keeps it together, you hear me?
Just at least until
this shit's over.
( sighs )
Gone all day,
l got nervous.
- Anything worth telling?
- Just the usual.
The mess they got on Highway 1
took forever.
- Daddy.
- How's my angel?
Got anything on the stove?
Sure, l'll reheat it.
You'll be proud.
Proud of what?
l was accepted
to the honors program, Daddy.
- Can you believe it?
- Of course l can.
l expect nothing less
from my angel.
Mommy and l are
proud of you.
l'm gonna shower up.
( bell rings )
Every time l come in here
this place gets worse.
and business keeps getting
better and better.
Mockingbird Trail.
Miss Hills.
She left?
She did indeed.
l couldn't make head
nor tail of it.
l found empty cases of booze,
marijuana cigarettes.
Crazy wild one.
She'd have made
a preacher cuss.
- My lucky day.
- Why's that?
No refund policy.
Christmas come early.
Enjoy it.
Speaking of early,
next month's quail season.
l don't know about you,
but l'm getting tired
of shooting squirrels.
Me too.
( screaming )
- Woman: Thank you.
- Johnny: You have a pretty smile.
Did you just come here
to see me?
Happy hour, boys.
Fuckin' A.
Here's to your mama.
l just want all this bullshit
to be over.
( screaming )
( rubber band snapping )
( gasping )
( shouting )
( laughing on TV )
Woman: He's the big black guy
in the red drawstring.
You're talking about the garbage man.
Well, give the man a turkey.
( telephone rings )
- Hello.
- Earl: Yeah.
lt's Earl.
- Earl.
- Yeah.
This woman leaves a message
on the machine.
Barbara something or other.
Yeah, so?
She was asking
about that Miss Hills.
Says no one's seen her
in over a month.
Ain't that about the time
she split?
Yeah, and you know the story.
l don't know.
l wasn't there.
l think you should
call her back.
l mean, heck, Sheriff,
you may have been
the last one to see her.
Okay, l'll call her.
You want the number?
No, it's late.
l'll get it from you
in the AM.
We're still on
for tomorrow, right?
Yeah, of course.
( beeps )
Everything all right?
Yeah, just fine.
( rock music playing )
lt's gone!
Look at that.
Looks like someone
spooked the cattle.
( Andy laughing )
( burps )
( panting )
lt's gone!
lt's fucking gone!
Jesus, Stanley,
calm the fuck down.
What's got your nuts
in a sling?
My camera, it's gone.
Someone stole it.
Maybe you accidentally ate it.
Fuck off, man,
this is serious!
lt had the tape in it.
What are you talking about?
The tape.
The fucking tape.
The tape Storch smashed to bits?
That tape?
Oh, man,
Storch didn't smash shit.
l replaced it
with a new one.
The Sheriff stomped
on the one that had nothing on it.
You kept that tape, huh?
You kept that tape,
you stupid piece of shit?
Come here.
You kept that tape?
- You kept that fucking tape?
- Please, Andy!
- Hey hey hey!
- What's wrong with you?
- How could you lose that fucking tape?
- Come on, man.
Come on.
Gotta stick together
on this one.
You're too dumb to know
how dumb you are.
- ( coughing )
- You know that?
( panting )
( coughs )
( TV playing )
( loud bang )
( laughs )
ls that right?
ls that right?
l better not find you,
you little fucker.
( loud bang )
All right.
All right, let's go.
Come on out, fucker.
Come on!
You think this shit's funny?
Fucking pussies.
All right. All right.
( loud bang )
That's it, God damn it.
Yeah, come on!
Come on! Come on!
Come on, fucker!
- Come on out, fucker.
- ( dog barking )
- Oh shit.
- ( rustling )
Come on.
Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Son of a bitch.
They're beautiful.
l've been so busy.
No need to explain.
You hadn't taken a single day off.
You're only human.
l guess.
Maybe you can help me with something
while l put these in water.
Help with what?
l got this tape delivered,
but it don't fit our machine.
What tape?
lt came this morning.
l think it's Chastity's recital.
Chastity see this?
No. Like l said,
we couldn't get it to play.
Where is she?
She's sleeping. Why?
l'm gonna be back.
Where the hell you been?
Beauty queen over here
doing his hair for two hours.
What's this all about, man?
- Where'd you get that?
- Where'd l get that?
Right there.
That's where l got that.
Somebody left me a present
last night on my doorstep.
Jesus, man, Matthew!
Come on!
- You boys seen him?
- No, man.
- ( tires screeching )
- No one knows where he's at.
- Oh shit!
- This shit ain't good.
l didn't do anything, Sheriff.
You wanna tell me why
this was dropped off to my house?
To my wife!
( groaning )
What's on the tape?
ls this some kind of fucked up joke?
l smashed the damn thing myself!
No, Sheriff.
Genius there reloaded the camera.
The one you smashed
ain't got nothing on it.
You knew about this?
No, Sheriff,
l just found out about it myself.
- Eat that tape, fat boy!
- ( grunting )
- Fucking tape!
- ( Andy laughing )
You think it's funny?
You screwed up, fat boy.
lt was Matthew, Sheriff.
l mean, dipshit there,
he kept the tape as a souvenir,
but Matthew's the one
that took it, Sheriff.
Look at this. Silly bastard
left me a present last night.
He's obsessed with her, man.
l think he even
feels guilty.
You dipshits bring him to me.
l'm gonna cut
his retard pecker off
and use it as a goddamn
hood ornament.
That's before l'm done shoving it
up your dirt hole.
Shit, we've been looking
for him, Sheriff.
Trust me, we've been
everywhere looking for him.
( coughs )
l want him found tonight.
Or l swear to Christ,
l'll bring the wrath of God
down on you.
( car starts )
( gunshot )
Can you believe there used
to be a limit on quail?
Goddamn things
are like locusts now.
Much to our good fortune.
l gotta take a break.
My dogs are barking
something fierce.
l remember when you and my old man
chased that buck
out from the hollows
on Stickler Farm before bagging it.
Aww. Them were
the good old days.
To the good old days.
Well, fancy.
To what do l owe?
You just enjoy it.
This is some fine whiskey.
Usually you don't get
something like this except at baptisms
- and weddings.
- ( gun cocks )
- And funerals.
- ( gunshot )
( gurgles )
Loose ends, Earl.
Loose ends.
( gunshot )
- Jennifer: Matthew.
- ( gasps )
l'm over here.
- Matthew.
- ( gasping )
( wood creaking )
l-- l knew--
knew you were alive.
l knew it.
How did you know, Matthew?
How did you know
l was alive?
Are you sure
you're not dreaming?
Am l?
Am l dreaming?
Come here.
Sit with me.
( stammers )
l need to tell you--
l know, Matthew.
l know this wasn't your fault.
You tried to help me.
l did.
l really really did.
And-- and--
and you're okay.
You're-- you're okay.
Yes, Matthew.
Now come.
Come on.
lt's okay.
lt's okay.
- l'm sorry.
- Shh. Come on.
l'm so sorry.
( crying )
Oh God!
l'm so sorry.
- Matthew.
- Yeah.
- Matthew, look at me.
- Yeah.
Tell me again
how sorry you are.
( choking )
( gasping )
l'm-- l'm-- l'm sorry.
lt's just not good enough!
( Matthew choking )
Come on out, Matthew.
( splashes )
You're only making it harder
on yourself, Matt.
( laughing )
Stupid fuck,
what the hell's wrong with you?
( harmonica playing )
Fucker's playing your song.
Your ass is grass, Matthew.
Matthew, you're a dead man.
( Andy laughs )
- Come on, man.
- ( panting ) l'm gonna kill him.
Don't you pass out on me.
l'm too tired to drag
your ass back.
( coughs, panting )
What the hell?
God damn it, Matthew,
where are you?
Where are you,
you little fucker?
Andy, he ain't out here.
You little bitch.
( screaming )
Andy! Andy!
Andy, help me!
What the fuck, man?
- My leg!
- Ahem.
( shrieks )
( groans )
( flies buzzing )
( pipes groaning )
( coughs )
Stanley, help me!
Help me!
Come on, Stanley.
Matthew, this shit
ain't funny, boy.
Somebody help me!
Jennifer: Smile real pretty
for the camera, boy.
- Andy: Please!
- ( grunts )
l know you like to watch,
don't you?
Don't you, you sick fuck?
Don't worry,
l'll give you quite a show.
- Here you go.
- Stanley!
You remember this?
- ( gasping )
- Stanley, help me!
( grunting )
Somebody help me!
Can't talk, can you?
Maybe it's because
you're hungry.
You know, you gotta eat a lot
of nasty shit out here to stay alive.
Are you hungry?
You hungry?
( gagging )
What's wrong?
You don't like it?
( groans )
What are you doing?
Some fishing.
l know how you guys
like to fish.
( screaming )
Don't blink.
You okay, Stan?
( gasping )
How's it going?
( screaming )
l'm sorry.
Please is what l said to you.
You said...
''Suck it, bitch.''
Does that ring any bells?
( coughing )
Be right back.
Wait, come back.
Come back here.
Come back here.
( moaning )
Andy: Stanley!
l'm gonna fucking kill you,
you bitch.
You like the show so far?
Let me out of here!
lt gets better.
Please, my eyes.
l can't take it anymore.
Oh, let me help you.
Let me out!
( gasping )
Please. Please.
( grunting )
That might feel better.
( groans )
- ( sobbing )
- ( crows cawing )
( grunting )
now don't drown too soon.
( bubbling )
Fuck you.
Now is that any way
to talk to a lady?
( coughing )
l'm impressed.
You got a lot of fight in you.
Let's see how you do now.
- ( sizzling )
- What's that?
lt's just some lye
l found laying around.
( gasping )
Let's see how long you can keep
that pretty little face of yours.
Fuck you!
You already did that.
l didn't enjoy it much.
Now it's my turn
to fuck you.
- Please. Please.
- Oh.
( screaming )
( crows cawing )
( gasping )
( whimpering )
( sizzling )
( cawing )
( screams )
( service bell rings )
( service bell rings )
Pain in the ass.
Good morning.
Hey there.
Can l fill you up?
( coughing )
lt's date night.
( sniffing )
Your mouth doesn't look
so good.
Maybe you should show me
your teeth.
( groaning )
( muffled ) l'll kill you.
l'll kill you.
Ornery stallion.
Guess l'm gonna
have to tame you.
( screaming )
See, that's the problem.
You still have some teeth left.
l'm gonna have to
take care of that.
( groaning )
Huh? Huh?
No fucking teeth, show horse.
No fucking teeth!
Better save your strength
'cause you got a few more races
left to run, show horse.
( screaming )
That is disgusting.
Even your boys
didn't piss themselves.
Look who's here.
lt's my boyfriend.
Remember him?
Why don't you give him
a little kiss?
Hmm? Hmm?
Let's go, come on.
l don't take orders
from no fucking woman.
( gagging )
Breathe through your nose.
Breathe through your nose.
Come on.
Just like it was
your first time, remember?
( gagging )
( panting )
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
( laughing )
Let me tell you something:
You know,
you weren't even
a good blowjob.
( laughing )
You know what they do to horses
that can't be tamed, Johnny?
- You geld them.
- ( blades snap )
( shrieking )
No teeth, show horse.
No teeth.
( gags )
( screaming )
( Johnny screaming )
( cell phone rings )
Hey, sweetheart.
- Chastity's new teacher's here.
- Storch: Mrs. Novick?
No, from the honors program.
- Do you remember anything?
- Oh yeah, that's right.
- l'm real busy, sweetheart.
- Hey, Daddy.
Hello, angel.
Daddy's real busy working.
But l really want you
to meet my new teacher.
She's way cool.
Here. Just say hi.
Howdy, Sheriff.
lt's truly an honor
to speak with you, Miss...
Hills, Jennifer Hills.
( tires screech )
Excuse me?
l have to tell you it's been
a pleasure meeting your family.
You have a wonderful daughter
with a bright
and promising future.
What the hell
do you think you're doing?
We'll see you soon, Sheriff.
No, wait!
( beeps )
( tires squeal )
Chastity, where is she?
She went to Hanson Park
with Miss Hills.
She wanted to get to know her students
in the program before the year st--
God damn it!
Who is she?
Who is this woman?
Where are you, angel?
( horn blaring )
( gasps )
( grunting )
Oh no! No!
( crying )
Help me, Jesus.
Does that hurt, Sheriff?
( grunting )
Come on,
l thought you were an ass man.
Where is she, you bitch?
( groaning )
l'd be real careful
how you talk to me right now, Sheriff.
What have you done to her?
By her, l assume
you mean your daughter?
She really is lovely, Sheriff.
So young.
So sweet.
So innocent.
l mean, can you imagine?
lmagine what?
lmagine that somebody
had done something
like this to her.
( grunting )
- Someone like Andy.
- ( screams )
Or Stanley or Johnny.
Or more likely you,
you sick, perverted rapist!
( groaning )
- Deep deep deep!
- Fuck!
Deep! Deep!
Deep! Deep! Deep!
Jesus fucking Jesus.
( crying )
She's just an innocent girl.
So was l.
What are you doing? What?
You won't get
a-fucking-way with this.
You won't get away with this!
He'll be waking up soon.
lf l were you,
l'd tell him not to move.
Please, l'm begging you.
l'm a God-fearing person.
l got--
l've got a baby coming, please.
Please, l'm begging you.
We can figure something out.
Sorry, Sheriff.
lt was fun while it lasted.
Ma'am, please.
l'm begging you to help me.
Please help me.
l've got a wife and family.
Ma'am, please!
You fuck!
You fuck!
You fuck!
Where are you going, you fuck?
l'll see you in hell!
l'll rape you in hell!
You're just a piece of meat.
l'll find you.
l'll hunt you down in hell,
you bitch!
( gasps )
- Matthew.
- Sheriff?
- Matthew, no.
- Sheriff.
- Matthew!
- ( gunshot )
( birds chirping )
( orchestral music playing )