I Still See You (2018) Movie Script

Everyone remembers
where they were that day.
The day of The Event.
All right, so we're gonna go
back to start. What should we name him?
What should we name Superdog?
- What do you think?
- Doug.
Doug? Sure.
Let's see.
I'll find his picture.
Um... all right.
What I want to ask you guys
today is who has pets at home?
- A Rottweiler.
- You have a Rottweiler? What?
It's okay. It's okay.
Look at me.
Ronnie, look at me!
It's okay.
- Morning, babe.
- Morning.
Thanks, Mom.
is no basis to the theories
of the so-called
Truther Movement.
The Joint Congressional Committee's
findings were confirmed
by independent investigations.
Reports of new remnants
cannot be verified.
So Janine and I were talking, and she said
that she saw a new one on the bus yesterday.
Do we have to talk about these
things every morning, babe?
- These things?
- It's nothing to get upset about.
I'm not getting upset. It's just
that you always say stuff like that
and you're pretending
like he's not even...
...even there.
I'm gonna go to school.
Thanks for breakfast.
That's my life.
It's all our lives
since it happened.
The Event took
people we cared about,
but it also left
a part of them behind.
We all see them.
Every day.
It's like walking through a haunted house,
but it's the whole world
that's haunted.
Jewel City, Illinois.
We were only 50 miles
from ground zero.
A government lab
had some kind of meltdown.
Preliminary reports tonight
indicating an explosion at Ashburn Labs.
The source of the
blast, a large particle collider,
part of an advanced
energy research program
headed by noted physicist
Dr. Martin Steiner.
The energy wave
left buildings
standing, but the people
in its path...
...weren't so lucky.
All anyone knows for sure
is that we can never go back,
back to a world
before the no-go zone.
...declaring the city
of Chicago a no-go zone.
To a world before
every house had a panic room.
To a world where the kids who
pretended you didn't exist...
...actually did exist.
To a world before all this.
- To a world before...
- Ghosts.
Ghouls. Specters.
Spectral remnants.
"Rems," as the kids say.
- What else do you got?
- Spooks?
Spooks. Love it.
Yeah, spooks. Scares me.
He's so hot.
All right, let's get to work.
Uh, Mr. Trantolo.
Looking a little nervous under
that handsome head of hair,
which is odd because
I know you did the reading.
What are the three laws
of spectral remnants?
- Make me proud, James Dean.
- Loser!
Law one, they aren't sentient.
They're not
conscious-thinking beings.
They're projections of the past.
Like holograms.
Very good. Law two.
Miss McNulty?
Um, they can't
alter their imagery.
Exactly. Once remnants appear,
they do the same thing
for the same time every time.
Like a film reel being replayed.
These are loops.
Might be a five-second loop,
maybe five minutes.
But they never vary
and they always repeat.
So now, for the big finish,
law three, Miss Calder.
Um, if we could have
a minute of your attention.
Law three.
Um, they can't affect
our natural world.
Very good, Veronica Calder.
Remnant phenomenon
may be very diverse.
They might be playing out moments of
their life, even their own death,
but no matter what,
they can't think,
they can't change,
they can't touch.
So why is it that the ghosts...
...aren't just the people
who died in The Event?
Well, there's a lot
we still don't understand.
Our best guess is that they are drawn
to locations of emotional significance.
There's evidence that rems
have always been around us.
Hiroshima. Nagasaki. Chernobyl.
In each of these events,
though, enough time goes by
and there are few remnants
to be found,
so the consensus is that's
what will eventually happen here
as we get further
from The Event.
I see the face of a skeptic.
Miss Calder, speak.
Well, it's just, I mean,
if that's true,
then why does it seem
like there are more of them?
What evidence do you
have to support this theory?
What about her?
Okay, girl, so your
birthday is in like a week.
So I was thinking, get a little crazy,
have a little bit of a party...
Lady Calder. A word.
A "C."
That's not really your look.
I've come to expect hoodies,
scowls, and A's.
Talk to me.
What's the deal?
Is this your daughter?
Yeah. She's my angel.
That's, like,
feels like two seconds ago.
She's your age now. Wait a minute.
Oh, my God. Wait.
You were sucking up to me to try
to distract me, weren't you?
- I was not. - That's my move.
You stole that move from me.
Get your own move.
But Ronnie, until then, focus.
I know what kind of potential you have.
I just need you to work with me.
- Okay.
- Here goes.
- Early birthday present.
- Thank you.
Oh, and Ronnie,
one more thing.
- If you need to talk to anybody...
- Your door is always open?
No, actually, I was gonna
say try another teacher first,
but, uh, yeah, sure,
let's go with that.
See you tomorrow,
Mr. Bittner.
So I didn't tell her
she looked fat,
but she most definitely
looked fat.
I mean, some people just
don't understand that you can't
wear a crop top
with low-rise jeans.
What's up with you
and Ghost Boy?
- Ghost Boy?
- Kirk Lane?
He's like obsessed with rems.
He got expelled
from his old school
and ended up in a mental
hospital or something.
Whatever he did,
I heard it was bad.
Like, really bad.
Why are the cute ones
always sociopaths?
You have
to let go, Ronnie.
Try to let go, baby.
You can do it.
You got it.
You got it!
You're doing it!
Oh, that's it. That's it!
Okay, now come back.
I got you.
You never need to be scared,
Right here. Come on!
Come here. I got you.
Oh, I got you!
When you need me,
I'll always be here, Ronnie.
Ready? Go, baby!
Okay, people. Listen up.
You'll write a research paper
based on a topic...
...split you
into pairs for this project.
- Now, it's essential...
- Mr. Bittner?
Ronnie, your ear.
- Ooh! Ah, sorry. Hi.
- Easy, Miss Calder.
- Hey. How's that ear doing?
- Fine. It's nothing.
Good. You know you're really doing
something right as a teacher
when the students' ears
start to bleed spontaneously.
Hey, uh, Mr. Bittner!
I was wondering
if I could I ask you something.
- It's important.
- It's last period on Friday.
- Nothing's important right now.
- It's about remnants.
Is this related
to your school project?
Okay. You know where I live, right?
James Road, by the Richards' old place?
- Yeah.
- I have office hours at home today.
I have some time
after my last session.
At 5:30. Don't be late.
Remember we talked
about your attention issues.
Keep working on that last paragraph, bud.
It's gonna be great.
I just... know it.
Come on in, Ronnie.
I appreciate your punctuality.
The place is a madhouse. Eva!
- No. It's really beautiful.
- Thank you.
It's kind of a mess
right now. Come on up.
Let me get this
out of the way. Eva!
Eva. Homework.
Finish it, now.
I'll be down to check it when I'm
done here. This is not a drill.
No hug, no hello.
Tell me something.
You turn into a teenager
and you just stop hugging your dad?
Is that a rule or something?
I wouldn't know.
- I'm sorry, Ronnie.
- It's all right.
Well, uh, other than
making you feel horrible...
...how can I help you?
Hypothetically, could a ghost or
a rem communicate with someone?
What would this ghost
have said?
- He didn't say anything.
- You said he talked.
- I said he communicated.
- What, did he send you a Snapchat?
Aren't you mildly impressed
I know what Snapchat is?
It's very impressive,
Mr. Bittner. Anyways...
- I was in the shower.
- He was in the bathroom?
Yeah. He was at the sink,
and then I slipped.
- I fell, hit my head.
- You hit your head, Ronnie.
Yeah, but I didn't
hit it that hard.
Hard enough to have your ear
bleed all over my class.
Have you ever had
a concussion?
- Ronnie...
- I know what I saw.
Remnants can't
communicate with you, Ronnie.
They're just... residue.
Reminders of things we want to remember,
things we wish we could forget,
but that's all they are,
for better or for worse.
- But the laws, they... - I know
what you thought you saw, Ronnie,
but it just isn't possible.
- Why are you following me?
- Holy shit!
Hi. Um...
Look, I saw this new remnant
in my bathroom yesterday, and...
...I've never seen it.
It was new.
Come with me.
No. I'm not going in there.
Hey, you followed me.
- Get ready.
- For what?
Okay, go. Count! Count them.
Count them. Count these.
There are so many.
I'm losing track.
Holy shit.
There were 16 last month.
So, wait. Hold on.
You're like a Truther?
I just have more questions
than some people seem to.
Like you.
I've seen you in class.
You're awake.
Okay, so then help me.
Help me figure out
who this rem is.
No, thanks. I'm good.
The paper. For Bittner.
You need a partner.
Come on.
Do this for me, and I'll write the
papers for the both of us. Please.
This rem, why do you care?
What makes him so special?
I think he might
want to hurt me.
- Thanks.
- Okay, what we need to do
is figure out who this rem is,
or was.
Okay, I say we take Brian's
photo and then we Google...
Whoa. What did you say?
You called the rem Brian.
I... I don't know.
It just popped into my head,
I guess.
Look, it's not that simple. You can't
just take a photograph of a rem.
You gotta have a spectrographic lens.
Those things cost millions of dollars.
Okay, so we improvise.
Chandler Deckert, he's been in
love with me since the 7th grade.
He'll help us.
Still got it.
In theory, it would be
possible to simulate the effect
of a spectrographic field and
capture a rem on a regular camera.
- Great. - I can show you how,
but I'd need something in return.
- Like what?
- One date.
- No.
- No.
Tell people we hooked up.
- Fine.
- No.
All right. You're gonna
need a couple things:
black lights,
air purifier, and, um...
Oh, you may need to steal some
things from the chem supply closet.
A spectrograph basically
generates a charged environment
in which spectral particles, what makes
up a remnant, are capturable on film.
Shh! My mom's asleep.
Most air purifiers use
what's called a negative ion generator,
a series of wires in there creates
gas molecules with negative charges
that stick to whatever's in the
air and collect in the filter.
What we're gonna do
is reverse that.
Send those particles out into the
air and charge that bathroom up.
Remnants are also
technically phosphorous.
They emit invisible light
in response to radiation.
So to complete the effect and make
sure your camera captures it,
you hit it with a black light.
Then just
point and shoot.
You haven't seen Brian
since that morning, right?
He might not be coming.
No. He'll show.
Kirk! Kirk!
Kirk! Kirk! There was...
There was a man.
- He disappeared or he ran...
- Hey, hey, calm down. Shh.
Just calm down, okay?
Okay, you stay here. Do you have
anything I can use as a weapon?
I thought I told you
to stay put.
Yeah, I heard you.
Fine, then just
stay behind me.
- Oh!
- No!
Who is this?
This is Kirk.
Kirk, meet my mom.
- Mom, meet Kirk.
- Hi.
Uh, we were working on a school project
together. I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
Are you okay, baby?
Are you hurt?
Yeah, yeah, I'm okay. Are you?
Yeah. I heard
something downstairs
and, my God,
I was so scared.
Did you see what
the guy looked like?
Um, no. I mean,
it was dark,
but it could have been a rem.
- I guess, but I don't...
- No, Ronnie. It's 6:30.
- I mean, Brian.
- What? Who?
- Mom, somebody was in here.
Call the police. - What?
Just call them, please, now!
- Huh.
- It's not working.
- Kirk!
- Just hold on.
Gimme this... this should work.
You really needed
my help on this project.
Point and shoot.
This didn't happen last time.
What the hell just happened?
He's a killer, Ronnie.
So I downloaded
the video we shot,
image-searched Brian's face
and this is what came up.
"Pastor Greer's daughter,
Mary Greer,
was abducted four years ago
next week."
They found her body in a lake.
They have a photo of her the day
before she disappeared.
The pastor's daughter.
Mary Greer.
You were worried he wants to
hurt you? Maybe you were right.
There she is.
What would you like to know about
the boy who murdered my daughter?
- Do you know his name?
- No.
Whoever he was,
I do know he stalked her first.
He followed her on campus.
He approached her there.
They apparently got into
some kind of... disagreement.
Stop! Stop!
Stop, Mary. Listen, Mary.
Somehow, he eventually persuaded
my daughter to come with him.
He was the last person she
was seen alive with before...
Police found him
at a local motel...
...the day after
they found Mary.
Okay, so we know
Mary Greer, this mystery guy,
- he abducts her...
- Strangles her.
then he kills her.
Why? Who...
How does he know her?
And, I mean,
does she even know him?
He's not from here. If he was, Jewel
City's not that big of a place.
Somebody would have known him,
so I doubt she did.
Yeah, but he knows me,
and he knew her.
So... how?
We're missing something.
Wait, why are Mary's ages
different on all of these?
Let me see.
Well, here's why.
The day she went missing was
the day before her birthday.
That's why the ages
on the articles are different.
When they found her, it was
already past her birthday.
She was already
a year older, technically.
"Mary Greer was
born February 29th."
- Leap Day.
- So?
That's my birthday.
We're closing in five minutes.
Come on. Let's go.
I don't remember
writing any of that.
Mr. Lane.
I received a call this morning
from Pastor Greer
about a Jewel City student harassing
her about her daughter's death.
Would you like
to explain this to me?
School project.
You won't be smiling
if I suspend you, Mr. Lane.
So what's the real reason
you went to Pastor Greer?
Cannot believe
you dragged me here.
I had to.
I barely see you anymore.
Oh, my God.
There's my boyfriend.
And where's yours?
He's not my boyfriend.
And this, um, this isn't
exactly Kirk's scene.
Oh, it's not. Okay.
So what is Kirk's scene?
What does Kirk like to do?
He's normal, I guess.
Okay, Kirk Lane is normal?
Okay. That's new. All right.
He's not a bad guy, you know.
He's just... different.
Okay. All I'm saying is that maybe people
are weirded out by him for a reason.
Well, you can't always
judge a book by its cover...
What's up?
I'll be right back.
I gotta go to the bathroom.
- Oh.
- Excuse me. Sorry.
Excuse me.
Oh, my God! Mr. Pescatelli!
Initial reports are Jewel High School principal
William Pescatelli committed suicide.
- The school community is devastated...
- I'll get it.
and police are investigating
the details of what happened.
Why the hell aren't you
answering your phone?
It's charging. What's up?
Ronnie, I told him.
Pescatelli, I told him
about us and Greer.
He said he'd look into it,
and now he's dead.
They're saying
it's a suicide.
No, Ronnie, listen to me.
That is why he's dead.
I'm telling you, Ronnie,
something is going on here.
- He's dead because I told him.
- Kirk, come on, we don't know that.
And, in case you're wondering, no,
I have not found the other one
since you attempted
to kill my mother with it.
Yeah, no,
I am sorry about that.
You do have amazingly
large feet, by the way.
Uh, those are actually
my dad's skates.
I'm sorry.
I'm not usually like this.
It's probably better
than the alternative.
I never cried
once my dad died.
Not once.
What was your last memory
of him? Something good?
I yelled at him that morning.
I was having
a tantrum about I...
I don't even
know what it was about.
It was about nothing.
I was six.
And, um...
...I told him
I didn't love him.
Every morning
was usually the same.
- Bye.
- He'd shake his head
and he'd say, "Bye for now."
He would take the train to work,
unless he was late,
like he was that day
because of me.
So then he took his car.
But if he would have
just taken the train,
then he would have gone east,
and would have been fine
because the shock wave
didn't go that far.
But he, um...
...he took the freeway.
It's all my fault.
I know that everybody
says that it's not.
You know, that it's his time,
and that it was his...
But it wasn't.
You know, I've never
even been to his grave.
Not once.
How messed up is that?
See this?
All this. You want
to know why I track rems?
Because you want to know
why they show up, right?
No, I want to know
why my dad doesn't.
I mean, all these rems,
every single day, but...
...not him.
Never him.
And every single day,
I think I'm gonna walk
around the corner
and there he'll be, and it's
all gonna make sense, but...
...never does.
That's what
scares me the most.
I mean...
...him dying, me living,
what if it all means nothing?
That's why I keep looking.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hey, Ron.
Um, it's so late,
and with the roads icing over,
I thought maybe Kirk
should just stay over.
I made up the sofa bed for him.
- Good night.
- Good night.
It's okay, baby.
Babe, what's the matter?
Nothing. I... I was
just having a nightmare.
Baby, why is the window open?
What does
"darkness falls" mean?
- What?
- Before you woke up, I heard you saying it.
You kept repeating it.
"Darkness... falls."
Uh, I don't know.
Well, come on downstairs.
Your breakfast is getting cold.
And close that window.
- Morning.
- Hi.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, Ronnie,
I wanted to tell you.
I got a call from that office
in Overton I told you about.
And they want me to come in
for a job interview.
It's on the 28th, so I'm
probably going to stay over.
So you're gonna
miss my birthday.
I'm gonna come back
later that afternoon.
So whatever you want us to do,
we can still do, okay?
- What?
- That's his chair.
- I'm so sorry.
- No, no, you didn't...
- It's okay.
- I didn't know. Should I...?
- Just sit.
- Uh...
It's okay. Really, it's...
Sit there.
I'm so tired.
How was the sofa bed?
Did you get any sleep?
Because I definitely didn't.
Oh, it was exhausting.
I had this dream
about Brian...
Ronnie, Ronnie.
You said your dad died in
The Event ten years ago, right?
- Yeah. - Look at date on the newspaper.
It's only eight years old.
Wait, how is that even possible?
- Get me a pen. Get me a pen, quick.
- Yeah.
- How much time do I have?
- Almost.
Okay. Maybe... maybe
the image changed,
right, or maybe it was there the
whole time, maybe you didn't know,
but either way, Ronnie,
I'm pretty sure he's trying
to warn you.
Okay. I found another article.
This is eight years ago.
Emma Shaw goes missing on the 29th,
Leap Day. Her killer is never found.
But the police believed it was
linked to the disappearance
and murder
of another area girl,
Claire White, who was found dead
February 28th a year earlier.
- Were there any living relatives?
- Uh, no.
Emma Shaw's family moved away,
but Claire White still
has a sister in Aurora.
Claire had this boyfriend,
- Last name?
- Never knew it.
Claire and I weren't
all that close before...
Anyway, she was obsessed.
She moved to Chicago only after
a few months to be with him.
I thought things were moving a little
too fast, but that was Claire.
Where did they find her body?
Do you want
to watch her die?
I'll give you the address, but you
might wanna think twice before going.
- Why is that?
- Because it's in the no-go zone.
This is an emergency
broadcast alert announcement.
You are entering
a restricted area.
Authorized US government
personnel only.
Turn around now and go
to the nearest checkpoint.
This is an emergency broadcast
alert announcement.
You are entering
a restricted area.
Authorized US government
personnel only.
Turn around now and go
to the nearest checkpoint.
This is an emergency broadcast
alert announcement.
You are entering
a restricted area.
You know, you don't
have to do this, Ronnie.
You coming?
My dream.
I kept saying...
Darkness Falls.
Come on, we got to move.
Can you read?
Come on, it's not actually electrified.
They're just trying to scare people.
I hope. Yeah, I hope.
I hope.
I got bolt cutters
in my bag.
- Why do you have bolt cutters?
- Don't ask.
Are they all...?
Their loops don't even end.
How is this even possible?
The energy that makes remnants
possible is strongest here
because we're
so close to ground zero.
That's why their loops
seem continuous.
They're not just repeating moments,
they're repeating days, weeks.
Some might even be repeating
their entire lives.
Just keep moving, okay?
Let's get out of here, man.
Definitely not rems.
- Ronnie, follow my lead.
- What?
Don't say anything.
Look at this.
This one's new.
Yeah, so what? There's
new ones here every day.
Come on, let's go.
Did we have to be kissing
to make that work?
No, probably not. Come on.
This is
the address she gave us.
this is the collider lab.
This is ground zero.
Are you here
to see the ghosts?
There's all kinds
of ghosts here.
We heard you can
watch a girl die.
You can't miss her.
Go all the way to the back,
then down the stairs.
Have fun.
I don't understand.
I thought this place was a lab.
We must be seeing rems from
before the lab even existed.
In the Great Chicago Fire,
people jumped from the rooftops.
Must have been
a bathhouse at some point.
And a hospital
during the wars.
So what do we do,
just stand around in the dark?
- Yeah, we wait.
- Until what?
Look, here she comes.
I like this.
There she is.
She knew her attacker.
Let's get out of here.
Dr. Steiner.
Martin Steiner.
- Steiner! Dr. Steiner!
- Hey! Wait!
Dr. Steiner!
- What the hell!
- I'm sorry.
- Kirk, wait!
- Sorry, I'm sorry! Wait!
- Come on!
- No, no, just wait. Just wait.
- There he is. Ronnie! Ronnie! Come here.
- Hey! Hey!
No, no, no. Wait.
Wait. This way.
Come on,
we just want to talk to you!
- About Claire White!
- You should go!
- And Brian.
- I said go!
Easy! Okay! We're gonna go!
We're gonna go!
- Okay, come on.
- You know him!
- You don't think I'll pull it!
- You know him!
- Get the hell out!
- You want to shoot me? Well, then shoot me!
Because if I leave here without answers,
then I'm dead anyway. All right?
You want to make up for
destroying everyone's lives?
Well, maybe start
by helping save mine. Please.
This is where I live now.
It's... after the explosion,
I... I came back.
I felt somehow that this is the
only place that I belonged.
I just... Come here.
This way.
Uh, when, uh,
when the bombs, uh...
...over Hiroshima
and Nagasaki,
people standing near
the explosion
absorbed the radiation as they
were incinerated. Uh, yes.
Their shadows were seared into
the walls for all time. Yes.
Yeah, you see, death
works like that, you see.
When we die, we leave
an echo of ourselves behind.
Yes. These echoes, they
can become something more.
They can become doorways.
See, a doorway through
which a person can reach back
and touch the living.
My... my research was
to understand these doorways
and... and
ultimately to create one.
You mean create a doorway
between life and death?
Oh, yes, and vice-versa.
We brought patients to the
brink of death and back.
In essence, to see if we could
use a living person
as a vessel
to resurrect the deceased.
the closer we got,
the, uh,
the more dangerous it became.
What happened that day?
The day of The Event?
Instead of building
the doorway...
...we tore a massive hole.
What about Brian?
Oh. Brian was
my research assistant.
He was young, but brilliant.
He was integral
to our work here.
But something, uh,
after The Event,
something changed in him.
Something... something broke.
And... and when I found out
that his girlfriend Claire
ended up murdered,
I knew he did it.
But there have been
others since Claire.
- Spectral transference.
- What's spectral transference?
You see, Brian killed the person
that he loved the most,
and now he's just
trying to bring them back
in... in the body of another.
But Brian's dead. He's a rem,
and a ghost can't kill someone.
- I mean, the laws...
- The laws are lies, Miss Calder.
Bedtime stories for children
to shut their eyes.
He's coming for you now,
isn't he?
Claire... Claire's birthday
is the day after tomorrow.
Claire's birthday,
day after...
So you see, spectral transference
can only, uh, only work
if the vessel, um, you,
shares a birthday
with the deceased.
The day after tomorrow
is my birthday.
Well, I'm afraid you don't
have much time, then.
You see,
what you must remember,
in a world where the dead
walk among the living,
nothing is as it seems.
There's a price to pay
for knowledge, I've learned.
Whoa. What are you doing?
The truth can
be an awful burden.
We're not gonna say anything.
I promise.
This burden
is no longer mine.
- Wait!
- No, no!
Everything he said, I mean, the
laws, we have to tell everybody.
Ronnie, look,
Brian is coming for you. Okay?
What we need to do right now is to keep
you safe for the next 48 hours, then...
And then
we'll tell everyone.
- Yeah.
- What do we do?
I don't have much time now.
We can get you out of here,
go to my aunt's in Bakersville.
- Yeah, but he could find us.
- Rems stay in the same place.
Rems also aren't supposed to
communicate or change or murder.
I mean, you heard
what Steiner said.
The laws are lies.
Ronnie, stop,
I am on your side, okay?
I'm just trying to figure
this out, the same as you.
You think you're alone, you're not.
I'm with you. Okay?
Mr. Lane?
Can you open your locker
for us, please?
What's this about?
Open the locker.
Step away
from the locker, Mr. Lane.
This is ridiculous. I don't know what
you think you're gonna find in there.
Whoa, no, no, no.
That's not mine.
You're gonna have
to come with us, Mr. Lane.
This is ridiculous.
That's not mine. Hey! Wait!
Easy! Okay, I'm sorry.
Ronnie, that's not my gun.
Get the hell off me!
It's not mine. Ronnie!
Mr. Bittner! I'm in trouble and I need
help. Okay? I need you to listen to me.
- I know you're probably not gonna
believe me, but... - Ronnie, slow your roll.
I don't have anyone else
to turn to.
I believe you.
I believe you.
Pastor Greer
told me everything.
Bill talked to her
before he died.
Do you think Brian
could have killed him?
I'm not sure. I started
doing my own digging.
It's the only thing
that makes any sense.
We have to tell Kirk. I mean,
he should be out by tonight.
- You saw what just happened.
- Well, yeah, but that wasn't his gun.
I shouldn't tell you this.
But you do know why Kirk was asked
to leave his last school, right?
- No.
- They found a gun on him.
So this was the Dr. Steiner?
- And he didn't say anything else?
- No. That was it.
If he's right, then running's
not gonna make a difference.
According to Steiner,
this transference has to happen
on the day both the vessels
were born.
If it doesn't happen then,
it won't happen at all. Right?
- Mm-hmm.
- That means the 29th is Brian's window.
- We'll just have to keep you safe
for 24 hours. - How do we do that?
- Do you have a panic room?
- Yeah.
How would your mother
feel about a slight renovation?
- Can I help?
- We're good, thanks.
Ronnie, can I talk to you
for a second?
Why didn't you
answer my calls? Huh?
Come on. You know
the gun wasn't mine.
How do I know that?
Kirk, why did you get kicked
out of your last school?
- Please, just tell me the truth.
- Ronnie. That was different.
- Okay? - How was that different?
Because the gun was yours?
No, hey, Ronnie,
please listen.
Please listen to me. I was
never gonna hurt anyone.
- Then why would you have it?
- Because I was gonna hurt myself.
Please, Ronnie. It was just a mistake.
You have to believe me.
I... I don't know what
to believe anymore.
Hi. Anna Calder for Mr. Lawrence.
We talked on the phone.
- Have a seat, Ms. Calder.
- Thank you.
We're gonna
turn that panic room
into a shelter
no remnant can get into.
The metal disrupts
spectral energy,
which should make it harder
for Brian to pass through.
It's a sealant. Rems tend to emerge
more clearly in cooler climates.
You want to keep out
the cold air.
Don't worry, Ronnie,
we're going to keep Brian out.
It's ugly,
but it should do the trick.
We're gonna be here a while, so
I'll run out and get us some grub.
- You gonna be okay alone for a bit?
- Yeah.
- Or you could come with me.
- Oh, no, it's okay.
I, um,
I think I feel safer here.
Ronnie, it's going
to be okay.
You sure?
No, I'm actually
incredibly scared right now.
But if you stay strong for me,
that would be tremendous.
Back in a flash.
That's not possible.
Damn it, Ronnie!
Pick up the phone!
- Mr. Lawrence, hi.
- Ms., uh... Calder?
So nice to put the face
to the voice.
Ms. Calder, I don't know
how to tell you this,
but, uh, I've never spoken
with you before in my life.
Come on!
Listen to me. It's Bittner.
He worked with Steiner.
His daughter died in The Event.
Bittner was Steiner's partner.
We've got to go now, baby!
Go to the bunkers,
just like we practiced!
Eva! Eva!
Eva, Eva!
Dad! Dad!
- Dad! No! No!
- Eva!
No! Dad! Dad!
Mr. Lane.
This is a surprise.
I just had a question
about the project.
Man, is it ugly out there.
The storm's getting worse.
Brought food.
So what do we do now?
Well, we sit.
We eat.
And we wait.
Oh, hey. You know any
good ghost stories?
- Well... You got it?
- That's okay. Yeah, I got it.
- Ow!
- What happened?
- Oh. Nothing, I just...
- Oh.
- I cut my finger.
- Hang on.
What's this made
out of anyway?
What kind of lead?
Um, lead polymer. Let me
see that. Here, let me help.
Okay, so we know Mary Greer.
We know this mystery guy,
he abducts her...
- Strangles her.
- ...and then he kills her.
I never noticed that scar on your
face before. How did you get that?
This one?
- An accident.
- What kind of accident?
Is something wrong?
In a world where
the dead walk among the living,
nothing is as it seems.
I have to go
to the bathroom.
I don't think
now's a good time.
I'm doing what any
father would do, Ronnie.
Killing you is the only way
to bring Eva back.
- This your daughter?
- Yeah, she's my angel. No hug, no hello.
It's spectral transference.
It didn't work with the others,
but your birth,
it can work with you.
Ah! Ah...
You're her only chance, Ron.
I trusted you.
But I can't let
Brian stop me again this time.
Or Pescatelli.
Or Kirk.
Each day I watch her vanish.
That's the real sick joke
in all this, right?
Not that we lose
the people we love,
that we keep losing them
over and over.
A thousand times over.
I'm so sorry, Ronnie.
Eva deserves a chance.
- So do I!
- Ah!
A parent shouldn't
bury their child.
Your father would
have understood.
He would have understood.
No! No!
Thank you.
You're doing it!
Why are you following me?
You need to let go.
But... but I'm scared.
If you need me,
I'll always be right here.
It's time to let me go, Ron.
You need to let go.
Hey, hey! I got you!
Come here. Get up! I got you!
You'll be okay.
You'll be okay, Ronnie.
- Help's on the way.
- I thought you were dead.
I just got
a little sidetracked.
Want to hear something amazing, though?
Something amazing happened.
Someone, uh,
someone found me.
A remnant.
I found him, Ron.
I found him.
He was there the whole time.
Some things are just meant to be. Maybe
not everything, but some things, Ronnie.
Some things are. Okay?
- Yeah. Just don't let me go.
- I won't.
I'm not letting you go.
I'm never letting you go.
Brian never came back.
You didn't either.
I guess you didn't
need to anymore.
I love you, Dad.
And I always will.
- So?
- So?
Remember what
Steiner told us?
What we've seen, we're probably
the only two people alive
who actually know the truth.
What do we do now?
Steiner's dead.
So is Bittner.
Nobody's going
to believe us now.
I don't really know
what we can do.
But... I know we
have to do something.
Well, you need a partner?
Get in the car.