I Take This Woman (1931) Movie Script

Ronnie no.
Oh your father's seriousness where is he
in the library
fantasy wasn't yesterday is she trying
to calm him yes miss but I don't think
she's having very much success oh I tell
you Betty this is the last straw
she's given me nothing but trouble since
the day she was born you'll hurt your
hand here hit something so I'd like to
hurt it on her well she's got to do
something she's got her grandfather's
blood his blood what a comparison he was
a great man look what he raised in the.
West well what can pay raise in the East
nothing so with all that energy she's
got to do the next best thing
she's got to raise the devil oh that's
hello daddy hi Betty
hello dear good morning
thank me good daddy I need it so this is
just another joke to you huh
it doesn't bother you a bit that Louise.
Wentworth will see you for a divorce and
use you as the correspondent what do you
mean how can she because you were out
with him last night and that's all she's
been looking for Oh silly
we only went to a nightclub well you'll
have to prove that and I'm telling you.
Kay I can't stand another scandal
everywhere I go I'm pointed out as Kay.
Dowling's father and I can't and won't
stand it any longer
mr. Forrest is calling miss Kay
now listen it's only one way we can
avoid all this you'll have to go up to
the ranch until it blows over oh I have
made up my mind Kay and I've made up
oh hello hello habit I just told Kate
and on account of Louise she'll have to
go out to the ranch and I just told her
that I won't go so you've caught up to
us well Kay I can't make you go I can't
put you on a train handcuffed much as
I'd like to but I can do this I'll never
give you another dollar and I'll see to
it that you never left one well that's
quite a hand cutter do you mean it I do
mean it okay I'm afraid you do that's
the first thing I've ever heard you say
quietly take your choice okay before you
decide may I ask you a question right
does the evening with one berth mean
that our engagement is off not unless
you want to call no I don't I would like
to know what you were doing out with him
although it's none of my business
well I met him in a dinner I didn't want
to go home and neither did he so we went
to a nightclub didn't you know he was
having trouble with weed yes he told me
all about it and being the kinda girl I
listen yeah well if you'll marry me
today K we can catch a boat tonight and
that'll do the trick all alone fine fine
ha bother dear the liner or the ranch
the ranch
he says that's the bad part over there
this case I see and do we drive it
whoa Maurits and then one of the boys in
Tom McNair he'll be right along
now I'd help you over things change
thank you you're shooting track when he
was room noise probably won't be long
oh you're miss darling yes I used to
know your grandfather when he was
running the ranch out here rado customer
Lucius was I'm glad to hear it hmm
people bring those trunks over here too
You want to play a tuna dick yep a
harmonica are you the man of a
centimeter yes ma'am I'm sorry to be
late but I was very busy in the crack
game yes so the board will get going
good but I hope we didn't make you read
the game too soon it's been much better
fighting left sooner
I guess this room for you all in here
Well will it stop
seems too
well I couldn't find what you wanted Tom
I didn't expect you would miss Hamel the
That's all must be terribly tired after
I told you to
we had one drop left in the store he's a
I hope they're not angry.
You please stop talking and look where
you're going
I'm very sorry ma'am
It's ahhm somebody's come in last night
don't they go for breakfast why where's
your education don't you know that by.
Keith it ain't legal to be caught out a
bit before 10:00 you brought him out
last night didn't you Tom oh yeah hey
all right
the girl isn't gonna like it here it
sort of runs in the family
remember the last time our old man came
- out yeah he didn't exactly seem to like
- it if she's like him won't help any this.
Won't hurt none and she's like a
granddaddy it's the father for my money
I probably have to total one of you boys
off to kind of show her around good
morning miss darling good morning come
on over and meet the boys
this is Tomlin said and shorted
remaining if you'd like to go writing
this morning miss doubting I'll have one
of the boys to sorta guide you around
I'd like to very much.
Leah I got that elfelfa de-stank
well Tom yeah I wanted a saddle of us
from his dog then take her around a bit
remember she wants to go but Jake I got
those those Colts to break this morning
I ditched shorty to tend to that yes
whenever you're ready mr. darling
anything else we can do why just let us
I just wanna do something that's fun for
that goes over their head I'll bring him
out to you oh I'll be alright I stay
Told you not to come in
put that down I want him fired you hear.
I want you to throw him off his friend
but if you won't do it all while my
father about but
well Tom whatever it was you certainly
done it I'm sorry but mr. Mallory just a
minute are you telling you know ma'am
and I wish you don't need to
well I don't know first she said to fire
you and then she said not to because it
was her fault oh maybe you know what
it's about
yep you know her grandfather pretty well
didn't you Jake sure why nothing only he
must have been a pretty great old guy
wasn't he one of the best what do you
think Tom and I better put one of the
other boys to look after no leaver
rights the way she stands if it's all
the same to you maybe it is a granddaddy
she takes after Jake
oh look what like there
he's breaking a wild horse well let him
oh how Ricky is the horse wedding oh the
heart hasn't a chance.
Biffy yeah how would you like to see Tom.
McNair lose what on earth are you
talking about I just thought of
something to do oh yeah what are you
smiling about maybe you will be
surprised Oh another Hall may be
charming a tenement where my toes Nora
I'm gonna make him fall in love with me
and tell me so before we leave the ranch
the West against the east huh Nora Nora
don't tell me you've never been in love
and I don't expect to be all the women
I've ever seen have been pretty
disappointed yes you're right
we are disappointing I'll see you are
so you're gonna marry this fellow just
as soon as you get back well and then
what happened oh we danced play around
filling time yep you're disappointing
all right yes we are it's all true
because I know I'm disappointing to my
sweetheart I'll bet you were he loves me
so much he does he crosses each day off
the calendar one day near the wedding
of course sucker
and oh wow I'm gonna disappoint him
because there aren't gonna be any
wedding though No
why not I don't love him anymore you
don't no not a bit
when did you find that out Oh since I've
been out here yeah yeah
let's eat.
Aren't you happy right now pom no are
you Oh daddy I had a gorgeous time you
better go in the house meet you the same
time tomorrow all right
good night okay yeah come here
what tell me
I can't go with you tomorrow oh you
gotta work just remembered I'm sorry
the day after maybe I don't think though
you're not going away Tom no no further
than the bunkhouse
and that's only about a thousand miles
from you well I hope I see you before I
go you're going back when only three
days more well hey listen you said
something this afternoon and we've got
to finish it I've been thinking 20 you
asked me why I hadn't done anything with
my ranch well it's a hard game
ranching too hard for a man like me to
tackle for himself me I told you that
all the women I've ever known has been
pretty disappointing
and that's true enough only sometimes
things change
What did you do this for
well you see I'm not used to being
treated with quite so much in
differences I see not such a nice thing
to do huh oh that's all right ma'am you
can get any fun out of anything why sure
go ahead and get it honey but I hope
you're not angry I'm not because there
isn't anything worth feeling sore about
nor anything in you worth feeling bad
about losing you're the one to feel
sorry for because if you felt about me
the way you made believe you did you
might be pretty happy right now and when
something real does come along for you
you'll be too busy filling in time to
notice it you're laughing at me no but
you're laughing at yourself too
good night man
hello hello
what's the matter huh I said what's the
Oh Tom McNair what remember we were to
have a tournament yeah well we've had it
of course and you won yes he's in love
with me captain a yes only what Oh me
I'm caught in my own trap okay yes it
wouldn't last would it Betty
I'll get out of it I'm taking no chances
we're going home tomorrow heaven as bad
as that
it'll be nice and cooler on the training
mother this nigga here yes
goodbye mr. McMahon the boiler it's been
very pleasant thank you I'm glad you
like it
goodbye goodbye.
Well goodbye tom goodbye Nana
I'm running away from Newtown but I
won't forget you for a long time to come
I don't have a fall in love with you
I'd be sorry for
Bitch you better go to board
Age ma'am 22 we won't have much to start
with but I've got a few calves you
didn't know about won't we be happy tall
white I guess we'd wait if we both went
crazy isn't it lovely to be crazy
by this ring this union is sealed never
to be severed I now pronounce you
husband and wife
boys meet mrs. McNair we got something
for you
kind of a wedding friends you might say
oh really
we thought maybe it'd make things more
home-like for you ain't much but the
best we could do under such short notice
why I think it's lovely
hello all right
it's the long-distance call you put in
is McNair we'll meet you outside down I
don't understand what you're talking
about Kay speak louder I'm married your
wedding no married I just had a wedding
I'm a man's wife oh wait a minute wait a
Phillips Joseph anyone attend I kind of
stand up where she says of course it's
bad news of some kind this is Phillips
miss gay Oh Rory had a mr. Kay is
married sir
she's what marriage yes wish I've told
him just don't who - mr. K your father
wants to know who the gentleman is well
he's a a cowhand sir
yes yes yes I'll tell him he's a
ranchman but the name of Tom Beck now
sir this chaos staying out there she'll
write you all about it
no he didn't right tell her I've heard
tell her completely yes I heard it all.
Phillips you tell daddy I hope I never
see him again either no no don't tell
him that
tell him I'm sorry it feels that way
goodbye Phillips and say goodbye to
everybody for me and
Come on better get inside
well I knew it was pretty bad but
nothing like this it is run down a
little is this all the time this is all
there is to it
you mean we sleep here to sleep eat and
be merry but where's the bathroom
bedroom dining room kitchen the bats out
in the wagon the washtub
what are you thinking about it it's nice.
Tom and $100 will do wonders you all
know the place when I get through for
instance we could put a little kitchen
off there wait a minute honey
wait a minute we can't spend any money
in here
not yet there's feed sheds to build and.
Corral's and fences and we've got to put
every hundred into buying cattle you're
a cow man's wife now honey
if the cattle get all the attention on
the ranch and you and me we're just well
we're just their Butler's you mean it
will always look just like this oh we
can clean it up some paint no but that's
about all for a while
well I gotta get busy tom
well my friends what do you think
what you make it
Well I made it and I want to tell you it
was some ride
to the place about half way back
darling your ears are like fire they're
coming out of it all right it's 30 below
outside you never should have gone to
town I'm all right yeah oh thanks I'm
Got any coffee on the stove dear
what did she say
gosh I'm tired you know I feel very bad
about something okay
what do I mean
because I haven't any present for you
well then that makes it all right
because I have any present for you how
could you have got one you haven't been
to town I was there a couple of weeks
ago but I never thought of it we're
talking as if we had the money but just
forgot mmm yes imagine
what's new in the Far East everything is
just the same seems a long time ago
doesn't it pretty long
well I think by the end of the first
well we'll be alright I hope so
what were you doing last Christmas Tom I
remember where I was so well where were
you Tom.
Merry Christmas
yes sir that some tree
look at all that work I did down here
look down would you look at this it
doesn't compare the mind you're crazy
look at that wait like it's that raiseth
assist I'll even melt the snow
where'd you get the money honey Oh
what's money to us
that dressing set it isn't being fixed
you stole it didn't you.
I gotta get after those kettles quick
well honey looks like we're gonna have a
guest Oh what
I guess the visitor
fellas come here to live now what do you
mean she was born out of season honey
and her mother just died I got to be
kept warm and well this is the only warm
place around here do you mean we're
gonna share this room with a cow you'll
die anywhere else what do I care what
happened listen dear I'm not in love
with her either but we can't afford to
lose her
we're out to raise cows and everyone
counts well I won't live with a cow and
ain't a cow it's a cap
we got to make a cow out of her so she
can raise other cows for us
you might as well make the best of a
Tom what is it what's the matter it's
Jim he's sick man I'm kind of afraid Tom
what are you afraid of
he's a tough man he said he wants to see
you sure you stay here I'll get the dock
and pick you up on the way back all
right Tom long sorry to take him away
from you like this mrs. McNair that's
all right
sit down over there
it's horrible isn't it what's that this
ranching loneliness I don't know it's
hard yes but well I never thought about
it much and I never think about anything
else I hate it and if there's any chance
to get away from this place before he
comes back I'm going what are you
talking about don't you understand.
English language I'd begin it and then.
II know I'm through well I'm surprised
you stuck it as long as you did I don't
know how I've done it I never thought
you would I guess only women that's got
immense strength can live out here and
you ain't one of those he didn't drag
you out here did he
no and he's not gonna keep me here
either I made a mistake that's all and
you're going to leave him before the
winters out am I
well mrs. McNair think of just one thing
before you quit the difference of
leaving him now instead of waiting for
the spring may mean success or failure
for tongue for all his life why
how could tom ain't like the other
he's a born straight it's the first time
he's ever settled down and that was
because of you he'd throw it all away
like that if you leave him now that
isn't true maybe after the first year he
might keep on by himself but if he quits
now he'll never try again seems a pity
not to stick it a little longer and give
him a chance I can't do it I mean I
don't think I can
Hello a woman oh hello back to soon and
with the good I got the money from the
bank they did it then that's what they
did baby and I was having the feed that
did the trick so what happens they lend
me enough money to buy a hundred more
cattle so here's where we open up and
really show them something then you've
really succeeded we've won
honey Oh
telegram for you
no bad news yes pretty bad daddy's very
sick and wants me to come home at once
yeah that's bad news all right I've got
to go tom
sure we'll leave right away
you can't leave Tom huh you've got to
keep it going here yeah that's right but
it'll be pretty tough here alone
I'll get back just as soon as I can
car 93's sir
did your drawing room honey.
Oh Tom you shouldn't
Correct won't you
It must have been awful wasn't it I
don't know how I stood it but the
divorce how are you going to get bad
just asking for it
what else can I do he still loved you as
much as ever I think so he was always
nice to you wasn't he yeah well miss him
any no I'm gonna write him right now and
get it over with
You know you could be a champion if you
want it okay but you got to work hard in
golf that's why I don't want to be a
champion I don't want to work hard for
anything what do you want stop too much
last night
cup of tea again not for me some tea for
mr. Forrest and I'll have some Oh
absolute ease yes ma'am
she never knows just what she wants does
she yes she does there's one thing she's
positive about huh what that cake
nothing you're still positive you want a
aren't you yes indeed heard anything yet
no not yet.
Gabe I suppose if I were to ask you to
marry me after it's all over I stand as
much chance as I would have trimming
Bobby Jones yeah I'd rather have Jones
know her but as much as I hate you
insult your golf you'd have more chance
with me oh I don't know of course you'd
rather be jealous no I wouldn't I'd
rather have you more than all the things
in the world combined okay how pretty
now why don't I want you tell me that
whole lots of reasons a rather one
mainland I'm not different enough I'm
just ordinary nothing to sell about all
I wanted is really making you a happy
what do you want my champion for all
that what do you mean if I had to marry
somebody this afternoon it'd be you okay
that's right you've been swell then if
nobody else comes along nobody else is
ever going to come along sure someday
please don't tell me it isn't true now
this has been the hope of my life well
your hopes of come true daddy your wild
daughter's gonna turn out to be just
another mother oh not yet I don't mean
well I'm sorry you're not my daddy
I'm mr. McNair as downstairs whiskey
all right Phillips
tell him I'll be right down
well I got my letter anyway what are you
going to say to it I've already said it
I haven't any idea what's going to
why trauma I couldn't stand it I left
right after you did I joined a rodeo and
been working my way east then you didn't
get my letter.
What did you write oh oh nothing just a
letter come in
what I can't understand is how could you
leave the ranch well something terrible
happened to it
it probably will it'll be erect good but
don't you understand we're all through
with the ranch that's no kind of life
for us we're gonna have a new life with
somehow different and what are you
thinking about the poor little ranch
deserted all that hard work for nothing
well that didn't hurt any it'll make the
new life all the better
how's your father
fine you mean Edo well oh he's all right
good let's go see him look Tom you know
how daddy feels about us you wait for me
I'll tell him you're here what do you do
that sure pedal you Shawn mr. mcgantry
guest room
very good this I'll go and break the
news right
well can't you just tell him I could
have told him out there couldn't I never
knew you to be afraid of anybody before
don't afraid that way I don't want to
hurt him but what can you do okay yes
you've got to tell him but don't you see
if he stays here a little while first
and sees he doesn't belong it'll help so
much to take the shock away she's right
Henry I know this cowpuncher and he'll
need a little handling
where are they gone better they'll keep
him away from me I don't want even a
sight of it oh here you are
hello man I'm right glad to see you
again well how are you I bet you're
surprised to see me is it oh that's
this is mr. Forrest tongue learn to meet
you mr. McDonagh how do you do and this
is my father
that's kind of a funny sounding
introduction Cena is here my father -
how do you do McNeil I've got lots of
things to attend okay you'll excuse me
have it Coyle I've got lots of things to
talk to mr. Darling about - if you'll
all excuse me what is it look now yes
staying here daddy talk a minute Bessie
mr. darling I realize it must have been
quite a blow to you when your daughter
married me and as that's natural enough
I think you got an answer coming and
here it is we've been married a year now
and it's it's been a pretty tough year
for cake ranching's no game for her and
I think I made a big mistake in letting
her try it what I'm getting that is if
it won't work out on the ranch I'm gonna
work it out someplace else this circus
or or any place because Kay's in love
with me and I'm in love with Kay and I
don't think nothing can ever break it
and so I'd say mr. darling that you is
pretty lucky because underneath it all
all you really want is for her to be
happy and if she loves me I'm gonna find
a way of making her happy and and that's
all I got to say right what I'm getting
that is if it won't work out on the
ranch I'm gonna work it out someplace
else this circus or or any place because.
Kay's in love with me and I'm in love
with Kay and I don't think nothing can
ever break it and so I'd say mr. darling
that you was pretty lucky because
underneath it all all you really want is
for her to be happy and if she loves me
I'm gonna find a way of making her happy
and and that's all I got to say.
I forgot to tell you but some people
dropping in tonight
hope you like today well I'm Nonaka it
doesn't matter.
You got no thanks some cigarettes around
here somewhere
oh yeah here they are thanks I'll roll
one all right I'd like to ask you a
question mr. right right you are
are you the fellow my wife was engaged
to once I'm the fellow then tell me this
where do you fit into this outfit now
how do you mean McNair you're a buddy of
mr. Darlings now oh oh one of those
family friends and yes that'll do it
well what I'm getting at is are you
still in love with her who isn't you
mean you'd still marry her if you could
yes that's what I mean exactly
well then I'll tell you what I mean
exactly after this if I was you I'd say
all my attention to mr. Darling savvy
Well why did she ever go out west in the
first place
fold some scrapes I forget she's had so
many she missed the man out there she
leads in a merry chase doesn't she I see
her Birds back again
well perfectly do better than the other
different temperament he can take it
besides I know Kay really likes him
Come on outside take your hand off
you take it off I'll handle it myself
are you coming yes I am
okay I'm going with you you stay here
Come on
I should have told you this the moment I
saw you today I should have told you
when I left you up there
I'm through Tom I was through when I
left the ranch
my father wasn't sick that was just an
excuse to get out and the minute I got
back I wrote you a letter explaining it
all and wait a minute okay wait a minute
I got the letter all right you got it
sure I got it
but I got to wonderin if it was the hard
life that turned you against me or if
you was really through with me so I came
on here to see what would happen well
I've seen all right and now I'll answer
your letter the divorce is yours well
it's a pretty rotten deal of mine any
way you look at it no don't look at it
that way I wouldn't have missed this
trip for anything because now I don't
want you I'm cured Kay out there you
shaped up different to me and I was
trying to keep on believing you was
different but I found out now I was
you ain't any different kind of like
breaking a Bronco now and then one looks
like he can't be broke and then you
break him and you find out he's just
another horse for no hard feelings okay
I'll go my way and you'll settle down
and marry the man in there and he's a
nice fella too as for the divorce let's
say I deserted you and let's call it a
I agree with your father I just can't
believe that marriage ever happened
you'll be happy from now on kayvyun of
wouldn't it be charming a service for a
circus rider.
You're sailing Thursday on the Europa in
Paris to get you divorced your father
book passage how lovely
Happy darling miserable there okay
are you glad
always glad to see you okay sure oh well
that's all right with me
was I good tonight say you wasn't about
yourself this afternoon Big Boss
that's from watching you baby I know
forward I could teach you a few texts
well pretty familiar with these women
the circus is an easygoing kind of life
you know I'll bet it's easy jealous I
could have killed it.
Tom don't punish me anymore come here.
You were right I didn't stop loving you
was the ranters that did it all I just
let it get to be too much for me aren't
you glad to hear there tom
well I tell you Kay that's what I came.
East hoping to hear all right but I just
don't believe it
Tom let's go back to the ranch
what for you don't belong here like this
if you're worrying about me don't I'm
sure with ranching but that's all right
it just wouldn't work out for either of
us that's all it wasn't in the cards.
I just don't think you've got the stuff
to go through with it
maybe you're right
sorry to have bothered you no bother at
hope to see you again sometime
right now let's go
okay Paul
they didn't have any more you can't have
a few things ticket fellas what are you
doing here
I guess I can walk to write a retraction
of our great show ladies and gentlemen I
want you all to meet the greatest writer
in the world.
Coffee things are real coke that come on
offset finale
I don't know what did the doctors say
Olivia we're right again don't be afraid
to tell me the truth he said everything
was gonna be all right
nothing to worry about nothing hurt much.
Tom know that don't worry Manny my only
worry was not being able to write no
more well you don't have to worry about
that huh hello a bawd feel uneasy aren't
you sure I guess I'm kind of relieved I
was worrying I might not be able to go
on with you but I understand the doc
says everything's okay that's what he
said didn't he didn't he all right
maybe maybe a week huh maybe right Tom
my lad I hate to tell you this but your
trick-riding days have come and gone
of course that don't mean you don't
stick along with us for a couple of
weeks until you get on your feet again
but after that I'm afraid you'll have to
be looking for something else to do I'd
hate to lose your tongue
he was the best writer in the outfit but
kind of tough on you too mrs. McNair but
I guess that's the way things go I don't
know why
you better be blowing now they're
reliable to move this car any minute
sure will I don't have to fight against
you no more King life stepped in and fix
that all up by itself
now go ahead whatever
what are you doing
I'm going to hit okay
we're going back to the wrench listen
okay now don't start telling me how hard
a life it is I'll - no I won't take you
back you'll have to throw me off the
train and you can't do this.
Tom I want to go back to the ranch that
year with you was the only realest thing
I've ever done in my life
sure I didn't realize it till I got back
you've got to take me with you.
Tom look at me
now say you don't love me a nagger way