I Take This Woman (1940) Movie Script

Let me go!
Don't be an idiot.
Please don't interfere.
Take it easy. Take it easy.
What's your cabin number?
I'm not going back to it.
- Yes you are.
- Yes, sir?
No need for anybody to know about this.
Did you call me, doctor?
- Yes.
This lady had a little accident.
What's her cabin number?
A22, doctor.
Go to B27 and get my medicine
case and take it to her cabin.
Yes, sir. Is she alright now?
- She'll be alright.
Hurry it up will you.
- Yes, sir.
I know what I'm doing.
Let me alone. Go away.
Now wait a minute.
Unless you do what I say, I'll lock you
in the ship's hospital until we dock.
That will only postpone it.
With the whole world getting
the news over the radio.
That won't do you any good.
Or the man either.
What man?
There is no man.
- Yes there is.
There always is.
The newspapers will
be sure to dig him up.
You'll feel better after
you've had a night's sleep.
Do you think you can walk?
- Of course I can walk.
- Yes.
Take off your coat and get in bed.
Not while you're here.
I'm alright. You can go now.
Don't be silly. Go on, get into bed.
I'm a doctor. I do this professionally.
That's better.
Come in.
Anything else?
- Yes. Have one of the nurses come in.
Yes, sir.
[ Door knocks ]
Come in.
You sent for me, doctor?
- Yes. Mild hysteria.
I gave her a dose of Sonadol.
If she's not asleep in 20 minutes
give her another one.
Yes, doctor.
I'll be in B27 if you want me.
Goodnight, nurse.
- Goodnight, doctor.
Good morning.
I'm sorry. Did I frighten you?
Everything frightens me.
That skyline frightens me.
I never wanted to see it again.
If it hadn't been for you
I would have had peace.
That's a dangerous
psychosis you're flirting with.
Have you had any breakfast?
No appetite.
Nobody ever has the morning after.
Here. Here, take one of these.
It will pep you up a little.
Did you think I was drinking last night?
- No, no.
Alcoholic hangovers are
much easier to cure.
Emotional benders are the
tough ones. Go on, take that.
It will stop those bees buzzing
around in your stomach.
Want a little water?
I don't know why I let you
order me around like this.
Anybody meeting you here at the dock?
Nobody knows I'm coming back.
I'll telephone one of your
friends if you want me to.
There aren't any I want to see.
I don't know what kind
of a mess you're in but ..
You know, you'll never beat
it by running from people.
The thing for you to do is to
face everyone and keep busy.
Keep so busy you'll fall
exhausted into bed at night.
Do you ever do any work?
I had an imitation job.
Imitation job?
I was social secretary to a very rich
woman and sort-of a clothes horse.
You know, I advertise
gowns by wearing them.
New York isn't all Park
Avenue and Long Island.
Why don't you look around.
Get a real job.
I think I'll try.
- Sure, something useful.
You know it's very hard to be useful
and unhappy at the same time.
What were you doing in
Yucatan that was so useful?
I was chasing a very
rare and elusive bug.
You do research?
- Yeah, in my own time.
I spend my vacations hunting a microbe.
That seems funny.
I'm sort-of like a visiting fireman.
You get to go to the
all the best microbes.
I'm sorry I've caused so much trouble.
I am really very grateful.
Doctor ..?
Decker. Karl Decker.
Let me know how you come out.
How and where?
You can always get me
through the Bartell Institute.
Well, goodbye.
And thank you.
Goodbye, Miss Gragore.
Don't forget about the job will you.
- I won't.
Keep the chin up.
Very glad to see you back, Miss Gragore.
- Thank you, Johnson.
Will you pay the taxi.
- Yes, ma'am.
We've been missing you, madam.
Marcesca will be glad to see you.
Sure enough.
Madam just got in.
- May.
Get the hat for Mrs Winterhalter.
- But it's important.
Nothing is too important for
Mrs Winterhalter. Hurry dear.
You don't want any of these things,
my dear. They're over a week old.
Look at that. Somebody fell on
that and improved it no end.
That's Kitty Malcolm.
She just had her face peeled.
I want to get a close look at her.
Now, Josephine.
Show that hat to Mrs Winterhalter.
It just came off the boat.
You'll like it. Back in a minute.
Madame Cesca.
- Yes dear?
Miss Gragore is here.
- Tell her to wait a bit.
- Miss Gragore is here.
- Your office.
Good heavens, why didn't
you tell me, you dimwit.
Is she alone?
Never mind, I'll find out
for myself. No, wait a minute.
Isn't Phil Mayberry's wife
coming in for a fitting?
Yes, at twelve.
- Good heavens.
Georgi must have run into that heel.
Can a woman be a heel?
Of course she can. This is too awful.
Darling, please don't.
Georgi, you mustn't cry.
Or you will have me doing it.
Now, baby.
There now. Now blow your nose.
That's a good girl.
Now let me look at you.
A little drawn.
The perfect type for the faraway look.
Mona Lisa mysticism.
Men cry for it.
So men cry too?
Now darling, you mustn't be so upset.
After all this is only
a temporary split.
You and Phil will get together.
- No.
It's finished.
If a woman says 'finished' three
times then she's just started.
Oh, Cesca.
I watched his plane
when he left Yucatan.
I kept saying: 'I hope you crash'.
And then.
When he was gone.
I was afraid something
might happen to him.
Nothing seems to happen to men
when they run out on their promises.
But Phil meant to keep his.
He filed for divorce the
moment we got there.
We had to wait 48 hours for the decree.
48 hours of happiness.
Of a delusion that nothing ever
will take him away from me.
Then Bill Rodgers phoned from home.
Ah .. the family friend.
The voice of conscience.
Sandra has threatened to
divorce him in New York.
And make a terrible scandal.
So what? If he loves you what
difference does it make?
But it would have meant ..
It would have meant
the end of his career.
You say you are through
with Phil Mayberry?
I am.
Oh no.
Not as long as you defend him like this.
I hate him.
- Now listen.
You cannot love a man on Friday
and hate him on Saturday.
Cesca, I have to get a job.
Something to keep my mind busy.
- Easy.
We can find something
for you to do around here.
No thank you.
I have to take a look
around and get a real job.
You know, New York isn't all
Park Avenue and Long Island.
Your New York is.
No it isn't.
No it isn't. I'm through. I hate it.
I know what it thinks.
How it would gloat at
me because I've been hurt.
On no. Not because you've been hurt.
You know, you've held
yourself very high, Georgi.
They think that this will ..
Sort-of bring you down to their level.
Because I have been cheapened then?
- No, darling.
Wait a minute.
Hello? Who?
Of course.
Is she back?
No. No she isn't.
But that's nonsensical.
But I tell you she isn't.
Alright, alright.
You're completely nuts.
Was that Phil?
He's coming over.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- Now, where are you going?
I'll find a place.
Why don't you go to my apartment?
Take a nap.
I want you to rest.
Get this completely out of your mind.
It's out of my mind.
Good morning, Mrs Mayberry.
- Good morning, Philip.
Uhuh. Take it easy.
Why, Sandra Mayberry.
How are you?
Good morning, Cesca.
And Georgi.
My husband told em you
were back from Yucatan.
It must have been lovely there.
The moon as large as a platter.
Etc, etc, etc.
I wonder you came back so soon.
Such a short stay. It was
hardly worth the long trip.
Yes. We're ready for your fitting.
I'll be right in.
Don't hurry on my account.
I have loads of gossiping to do.
And you've filled your place with
half the people I want to gossip with.
I'll tune in the other
half on the red network.
So thoughtful.
- Yes, isn't it.
Au revoir.
It's nice to see you
looking so well, Georgi.
I'd like to stuff her
mouth full of pins.
- Yes, Miss Gragore?
Will you call me a cab, please.
- Right away.
Will you take your bag?
- Yes, thank you.
Darling, you've been through the ringer.
I wish you would go and see a doctor.
A doctor. I wish you would see one.
A doctor?
That's an idea.
I think I will.
This is the cafeteria, Miss.
- Are you sure?
This is where they
said at The Institute.
Alright. Wait, please.
You're the last person I
expected to see. What's up?
Nothing. I had some
time on my hands and ..
Remembered your address.
Had lunch?
- No.
Good. Come on, get your tray.
The knives and forks are over here.
Do you like chicken hot-pie?
It's wonderful. Here.
What's been happening to you?
I handed in my report and
now I'm going back to work.
Where this time?
Right back at the old stand.
Want a potato?
Running a clinic.
A clinic? Like a hospital?
On a smaller scale, yeah.
Here's some spinach.
Good for you. Got iron in it.
You know, it's a free dispensary.
We take care of half the East Side.
Another doctor ran it while I
was away. Harrison. Swell guy.
Coffee please. Do you like salad?
- No.
So you're giving up your research work?
Research is only a hobby with me.
The clinic is my steady job.
I've got a lot of friends down
there I've been missing.
35 cents.
- Let me.
Here, here. Not a chance. Not a chance.
Does it look good?
- Hmm.
It tastes better.
There you are.
How is the battle going with you?
All is well, huh?
It will be.
Then why did you look me up?
I told you. I had nothing to do.
The craziest thing I ever heard of.
You're not eating anything.
Yes, I am.
Something is the matter.
It's too hot. That's all.
Do you want to tell me anything?
Why not drink your coffee.
In the meantime I must get a move on.
I can't be late on the job.
May I go with you?
That's pretty silly, isn't it?
It might help, for an hour or two.
I've a million things to do down there.
I won't be in your way.
Well, alright.
Come on, we have to hurry.
I have a taxi waiting outside.
All this time? With the meter going?
Of course.
You haven't got all
your buttons, have you?
Quite a problem, isn't it.
Knowing how to pick up the
pieces and put them together.
It is too much for me.
That's why I looked you up again.
I'm a doctor, not a magician.
What can I do?
I don't know.
The Chinese believe that if
you save someone from ..
Drowning, for instance.
That person becomes your responsibility.
Oh, really?
Well, very nice of the
Chinese I must say.
You're very much of a fatalist.
- Very much.
Are you Polish or something?
Russian .. or something.
Caught in the revolution?
Yeah. I was only a baby.
Friends got me out.
My parents were not so lucky.
I grew up in Paris and then
that wealthy woman ..
Brought me over here
as her social secretary.
That's the story.
Until now.
Married or anything?
I'm not married.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to probe an open wound.
This part of the city must be
a new experience for you.
I was down here once.
To see some friends off for Cuba.
It's still the melting pot alright.
Looks a touch greasy on top but when you
skim it, it's good and clean underneath.
Do you think it can melt me?
Now you got me.
I never saw anybody throw
a diamond into the pot.
We are just around the next corner here.
Look out for your stove-pipe.
Hey pull out of there.
- Me? No.
12 cents.
- 10 cents.
Hey, Waldo.
Are you going to pull out or will I
jam you and the cart into a beef stew?
What's the matter with you?
Those people are too good to walk?
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
They believe in democracy down here.
I wish they did where I used to live.
Bring those bags in, will you.
- Yes, sir.
Doctor Decker.
I am sorry. I don't recognise you.
I push the cart right away.
- That's alright, we can walk.
I'm very sorry.
I don't know it was you, Doc.
Here, take one.
- Fine. Thank you.
And one for the lady.
- No, but thank you very much.
How are you?
Me too. How are you?
Glad to see you. How's Frank?
Is this one of them South American
Yeah, I roped her in the Argentine.
Hey, Doc.
Hello Sid, hello Naomi. How are you?
It's good you're back.
- Thanks.
Thanks, Tony. Thank you very much.
Everything for you, doctor.
We have everything for you.
Bust me for an ape's uncle.
If it ain't the doctor.
Stow these in my room, will you.
The records on the Grossman case.
- Yes, sir.
Hello doctor.
Well, doctor. I'm sure glad you're back.
Folk in the neighborhood think
you're the only real doctor in town.
What did you do, hypnotise them?
You notice I ran back before they
could find out what a real doctor is.
Georgi - Dr Harrison.
He took over while I was away.
Dr Harrison - Miss Gragore.
How do you do.
- Miss Gragore.
For a minute I thought he was coming
back from vacation with a bride.
No, I'm not good at hypnotism.
Hello, Doc.
Hello, Joe. How are you?
Good to see you back, fellow.
- Good to see you, Joe.
Nice to be back. I want
you to meet Miss Gragore.
Georgi - my assistant, Dr Barnes.
How do you do.
- How are you?
Tickled purple.
Did you meet the Doc on his vacation?
- On board ship.
Yes. It broke the monotony
of the trip a little.
It broke the monotony?
Well that's an understatement
if I ever heard one.
I must check in at the
institute. Good luck.
Thanks very much, doctor.
- Glad to have seen you, Miss Gragore.
We were missing you
all the time, doctor.
You bet we did.
- It's great to have you back again.
This is wonderful. I feel like
I'm in the family again.
Shelby's back is better already.
- Good.
Not that the doctor wasn't kind.
I'm grateful for all he done.
I see you've brought
back a wife with you.
No, no. No such luck.
What is no such luck?
Can't she get a better man?
I got to get back into harness.
Thanks very much.
Such friendly people.
You are their great friend.
Friendship is the real pay for this job.
The nearest thing to the old-fashioned
family doctor that's left.
You treat everything.
From grandfather's rheumatism
to the kid's whooping-cough.
You don't get rich or famous but you do
feel that maybe you're doing some good.
Now I begin to understand what
you mean by being useful.
It gives you something to hang
onto in life and that's important.
These are my quarters.
By golly it's good to be home.
Home. Sure, sure. This is where I live.
Of course.
Gee, what a nice room.
It must have been a
lovely old residence once.
Yes, I suppose so.
- Yes?
I ..
I .. was just thinking of ..
Why don't you stay down here and work?
You know, you could take case
histories and you could interpret.
You speak several languages don't you?
Why ..
Yes, I ..
I speak Russian, French ..
Italian, German and a little English.
Of course it's kind of silly. You'd
make more if you went on relief.
But I'm not very good with a shovel.
It would kind of give me a
chance to keep my eye on you.
You know, during your convalescence.
Of course, that's not the real reason.
I want to see you. It would make
me happy just to have you around.
My bambino.
Somebody wants her baby.
She wants her baby.
Alright, alright.
The baby died and she
comes around crying for it.
[ Spanish language ]
Tell her we'll send her baby back.
[ Spanish language ]
Tell her to go and lie down and rest for
a while. We'll take care of everything.
[ Spanish language ]
She trusts you.
And me.
She lives next door, doesn't she?
- Yes, doctor.
I'll take her.
No, that isn't necessary.
I'm starting to work.
Buy her a doll. A big one. It helps if
they've something to hold in their arms.
I have money.
Say, she's not just all looks.
No. No.
No, she's a lot more than that.
She's too useful a
citizen to go to waste.
Then don't let her go to waste.
I'd like to do something about
her but I don't know what.
A lot of people still
get married, you know.
To other people.
- Married. Me?
She's like something you
see in a jeweller's window.
A single flawless gem on
apiece of black velvet.
You take one long look
and then you pass on.
Why that's the craziest idea.
Where did you get ..?
Steve, I want to look at that patient.
Alright now.
Open your mouth. Open it up.
Come on, darling.
Please open it for the doctor.
Please, dear. Open for Papa.
- Come on, honey.
You know we wouldn't hurt you.
Now open your mouth and
show your pretty teeth, huh.
Come on, open it up.
That's right.
Good girl.
See. It doesn't hurt.
It didn't hurt, did it?
No it didn't, much.
That's a good girl.
I'm going to take you and
buy a nice ice-cream cone.
Thank you so much, Miss.
- She'll be fine now.
Thank you, doctor.
I don't know how you do it.
If I'd begged the kid all night she'd
still keep her mouth clamped tight.
Everyone in the neighbourhood
does anything she wants.
Without an effort.
I'm using the same method you
boys are using on me right now.
A little kindness and a lot of flattery.
Coming along nicely.
Drop in tomorrow.
- I will.
Goodnight, doctor.
- Goodnight.
I guess we could knock off, boys.
You're on tonight, Steve.
- I'm on.
Georgi, let's get our coats.
Night, boys.
So long.
- Goodnight.
Having fun?
- Yes. Are you?
I don't know.
I'm scared.
- What are you scared of?
Me? I'm not very dangerous.
No, no.
You are prussic acid, cyanide
and buzz-saws all rolled into one.
If I had half the sense
I was born with ..
I'd send you packing while
I've still got my strength.
Why do you think I'm so ominous?
Because you're still in love with him.
The grand passion who twisted your heart
out of shape. You still love him, right?
I ..
I ..
Forgive me.
That's no answer.
Come on, tell me. I want to know.
Come on, Georgi. Be a good
fellow and tell me the truth.
I don't know.
I think I am.
Or I still wouldn't be running and
hiding as if I were haunted, would I.
Georgi, what would you do if
I were to fall in love with you?
I ..
I wouldn't be sorry.
I see, you ..
You want me to break my heart to
give you back a sense of power.
You want me to put my arms around
you while you're crying for him ..
Wishing his arms were around you?
Karl, please don't.
But that's what you do wish, isn't it?
I don't know.
Come on, tell me the truth.
I don't want him.
I don't want to see him or hear
him or be near him, ever.
He is dead.
He is dead I tell you.
Thanks for the lie.
It was a nice lie.
Come on, I'll take you to the subway.
Here, I've got a nickel.
It's good, working. I love it.
Not too tough?
- No, I feel fine.
Come on lady, there's a train
coming. Make up your mind.
Georgi. Come along in the morning.
- I will.
I'll call you at the hotel
tonight. Will you be in?
All evening.
Georgi. You're not going to sit in
that hotel all alone, are you?
Why don't you go to a movie?
- They have all got happy endings.
Haven't you anybody to talk to?
Only you.
- No, I am serious.
So am I.
Georgi, I got an idea.
- What?
Will you marry me?
I said, will you marry me?
Gosh. That was silly, wasn't it.
I .. I just ..
I don't know why I said that.
- I can't hear you.
I just felt my windpipe working
and there I was saying it.
That wouldn't be good.
Not for you.
Doctor Decker. Doctor Decker.
It's my wife. I think I'm going
to be a father. Hurry, Doc.
I'll be right with you, Joe.
Georgi, Georgi.
She must be as crazy as a bedbug.
This is the nicest surprise
you could have given us.
It was Joe's idea.
- No. It was Gertie's.
I towed it over here.
- You did?
You have to cut it, Miss Decker.
Say that again.
- I said she has to cut it.
No, say the whole thing again.
I see.
You have to cut it, Mrs Decker.
The first piece is for Gertie.
The next piece.
Is for Joe.
But the next piece.
Is for Sambo.
Now, you must all sleep
with it under your pillow.
And your dreams will come true.
I'll dream that you'll
always be very happy.
Me too. Goodnight.
Pleasant dreams, Mrs Decker.
- Thank you.
I is going to be eating it tomorrow.
This cake is for under your pillow.
You see I got a small pillow.
I'll just whittle it down to its size.
A swell gang.
Very swell.
- Yes?
What is it?
Your first present from your husband.
Karl. It's beautiful.
Of course it's not everything
I'd like to give you, but it's ..
You know they are semi-precious stones.
I got it in a 5th Avenue place.
The guy in the jewellery department ..
Said it's the finest of its kind.
It's really exquisite.
Put it on. Please, for the first time?
This is worse than an operation.
My fingers are all thumbs with
woollen gloves on them.
Hey, quit shaking will you.
I'm the one who's meant to be nervous.
Oh, Karl.
Is that a bad sign?
I don't believe in signs.
I'll have it fixed. It's very easy.
I have so little to give you.
What more is there?
You married me.
Married you?
Who wouldn't?
You know, I ..
I was just thinking.
- So was I.
It must have seemed awfully nervy.
A stranger.
Waking into a cafeteria and dumping
all my troubles into your lap.
The nervy thing was my marrying you. I
could be arrested for being so selfish.
You, selfish?
Yeah. Selfish.
Self-centered and stubborn.
You wait. You'll find out.
Georgi, we did everything
in such a hurry that ..
I didn't have time to come courting.
They tell me it's a lot of fun to ..
To bring flowers to a girl
and make love to her.
And I want to make love to you.
I'm not going to be
done out of all that.
I see.
You're being very selfish again.
Yeah. Sure. Sure.
Georgi, just let me love you.
That will be enough for a mug like me.
Don't worry. I don't want a front seat.
Just let me in out of the rain.
What .. Georgi ..
Only poor people allowed here, lady.
Child, I'm going to the real
poor, the poor in spirit.
Where's Miss Gragore?
- Miss who?
Miss Gragore. Miss Georgi Gragore.
Nobody lives here by that name.
- Cesca.
Darling, I'm so glad to see you.
Are you made up for a toothpaste Ad?
- No. I work here.
You come to work looking like that?
Where are your clothes?
In my room.
- We're getting out of here.
Darling, I live here.
- Don't give me any arguments.
Every time I turn my back you
disappear with some foolishness.
I give you my word.
How long have you lived like an
Indian in this hideous Tepee?
You remind me of Mrs Morton
trying to pick out a dress.
You've no idea what's good for you.
- But Cesca ..
Darling, you had me
worried all these weeks.
You disappeared quicker than the
Hindu in the Indian rope trick.
I got married.
- Let me see. There we are.
Come, darling.
You can't live in a place like this.
We'll make plans. You are going
uptown. Hurry up and get your bags.
You see it's possible ..
What's this?
You didn't get this for me?
I have tried to tell you. I am married.
Well ..
You're what?
- I am married.
Why didn't you tell me?
Good heavens. When did it happen?
The day after I saw you.
- Oh.
Whom did you marry, or don't you know?
He is a doctor.
- A doctor?
Listen, beautiful.
It hasn't been very long.
You can get an annulment.
I'll swear before any court
you were a victim of amnesia.
This is an old friend of
mine, Madam Marcesca.
- How do you do.
Have I done something wrong?
You saw something that didn't belong to
you and took it when no-one was looking.
That isn't true. Karl saved my life.
Now he shows me how to live it.
- What?
I'd better have my doctor come down
here and look you over this afternoon.
You'd better have him look you
over too, while he's about it.
You know, you ought to be home in bed.
I .. beg your pardon?
Have you been taking reducing
tablets by any chance?
Yes I have. Why?
You know what's in them?
That's kind of silly, isn't it?
My guess is, you are full of Denitrodol.
What's that?
It makes the eyes bulge.
Gives you a high fever.
It can make you blind, sometimes bald.
Of course, it will make you thin too.
I know I did feel strange this morning.
I had a peculiar ringing in my ears.
That's it.
That's it?
- Hmm.
Yes. If I were you I'd go home
and phone my doctor quick.
Yes. Where's my bag?
Where's my hat?
You got your car?
Yes I have, but ..
- I wouldn't walk if I were you.
Hmm. Turn around. Turn aback.
Two pockets.
- No, one pocket.
No, I'd use two.
It will be simply lovely in velveteen.
Perfect for Dolly Bascom. I'll adapt it.
You know, she has no more
chest than an ironing board.
You know, I really feel awful.
Yes, I do really. Goodbye, darling.
I'll get in touch with you.
- Right.
It's better if you go with her.
I don't want to go to town.
- Georgi.
You won't know if you're better
until you can walk by yourself.
Now go on, go on.
Madame Marcesca.
Georgi is going with you.
You sure you can find
your way out of here, lady?
I was born down here.
If I got out once I can do it again.
If I don't die before I get home.
I really feel ill. Have you ever
seen spots in front of your eyes?
Yes, ma'am. Same as in them ..
That isn't what I mean.
Say, how did your nice husband know
that I had been taking those pills?
Why, he is a good doctor.
High fever. Blind.
Bald? At fifty dollars a treatment.
My dear. I'm burning up.
Wait until I get hold of that quack.
I'll be going now, doctor.
- Alright.
There are two doctors waiting to see
you. One of their names is Morris.
Morris? Morris?
Is Mrs Decker back yet?
- No, sir.
Did she phone or anything?
Not exactly. Someone did telephone to
say she was staying uptown for dinner.
She didn't phone herself?
No. It was a man's voice.
Was it?
Sorry to keep you waiting, Dr Morris.
- Not at all. Just got here.
This is Dr Phelps, Dr Decker.
My profound congratulations, doctor.
- Thank you, thank you.
I didn't know anybody at the
institute knew about my marriage.
Marriage? Well ..
As a matter of fact, we hadn't.
That's another matter for
congratulations I presume.
Your presumption is correct.
Well, doctor.
Since you could voluntarily
travel thousands of miles.
And spend your vacation on research.
Doctor Phelps and I felt
the least we could do ..
Was to make this small journey down
here to inform you of your good fortune.
I'm very grateful, but I ..
Come to the point.
- Surely.
At its semi-annual
meeting this afternoon ..
The board of trustees
of the institute ..
Voted to honor your work on microbe
species in the Central Americas ..
By awarding you ..
The Medal of Merit.
On your recent research.
And of course.
The customary check for $500.
As a more practical
demonstration of esteem.
This is great.
It's great.
I ..
I don't deserve it.
It's great.
Thank you both very much.
It was wonderful of you to
come down here personally.
Not at all.
I'm sure .. Mrs Decker will be
happy to know of the award.
Yes, yes, yes.
I'd like you two to meet
her but unfortunately she ..
She's having dinner
uptown with some friends.
Our misfortune. Some other time.
Yes, sure.
At least she has good
news to come home to.
Keep up your work, doctor.
Splendid. Goodnight.
I'm very deeply honored, I assure you.
Goodnight, doctor.
Yes, Georgi? Here I am.
How is she?
- Who?
- Oh .. she ..
She was scared to death for a few hours.
But then she recovered in time
to devour a truck-driver's dinner.
You had dinner with her?
- Yes, of course.
Didn't they tell you?
They just told me that
you were dining uptown.
Did you look up any of your friends?
- No.
I didn't look anybody up.
[ Telephone ]
For you, Georgi.
- Who is it?
Who is calling please?
Wait a minute.
A mister Burberry.
Tell him.
I'm not in.
Sorry, she's not in right now.
That gent on the phone.
That was His Nibs, wasn't it?
Sounded like a radio announcer.
What do you look so scared about?
What do you suppose he wanted?
I don't know.
Have you seen him?
Not once?
I saw him today.
Thanks for telling me.
Did you have a good time?
I didn't speak to him.
Maybe you ought to have spoken?
- I don't think so.
I never knew I could
dislike anyone so much.
It made me feel sick to see him.
It makes you feel sick not
to see him too, doesn't it.
Karl, you don't want a quarrel.
Who, me? I'd only lose.
Don't pretend to be sweet
when you hate me.
When you look at me like this.
Georgi, Georgi.
It's my eyes that look
at you like that. Not me.
Look, you've always told me the truth
about him. It's the same truth, right?
You don't have to talk. Nod your head.
Karl, I didn't want to go uptown.
I know. Doctor's orders.
I saw him by accident in
front of Cesca's apartment.
He told me to have a cocktail with him.
To talk things over.
I jumped into a taxi cab and
then came straight home.
That's the truth.
Don't you believe me?
Of course I do.
Every word?
Every word.
I didn't want you to hate me.
Now look here.
If you broke your leg I
wouldn't hate you would I?
I'd set it so it would heal.
There's no sense in quarrelling with an
accident, Georgi. You've had a bad one.
The thing for us to do
is to help all we can.
You must fix it so the next time you see
him and he asks you to have a drink ..
You can go, without being afraid.
That reminds me, Mrs Decker.
I think you and I ought to go
on a little binge sometime.
We've never had a drink
together have we.
I'd like to see ..
I'd like to see you when you're giggly.
I'd look horrible.
- You think you do?
You won't like me.
- I'll take my chances.
You know, Georgi.
When I was a kid I played hooky.
I ran away from school.
Didn't bother me much. I figured it was
a thing I'd done and I brazened it out.
Then I got to think about it.
And I thought, what if
I play hooky again?
That did bother me.
I felt more guilty than I really was.
Then, as time went on.
As kids have a way of doing, I ..
Realized I was thinking about
something I'd never do again.
You see?
Because if you're going
to do a thing, you ..
You do it.
You don't just think about it.
That sort of cleared the whole thing up.
I think that clears
things up for me too.
That's swell.
Then the storm is over.
Goodnight, Georgi.
Do you feel that good, Doc?
- Uhuh.
I don't.
You will.
I'm afraid I won't be
with you long, Doc.
Say, you've got the blood-pressure
of a ten-year-old child.
Have I?
I had to remind you
there's an early date.
Darling, I am floored.
Will you be ready soon?
- Uhuh. I'll be right in.
Alright. Hurry up.
Is that your wife, Doc?
- Uhuh.
How'd you get her? Dope her?
I must have.
Here, get this filled.
Come in and see me in the morning.
- Thanks, Doc.
Put it down, put it down,
put it down. Don't spoil the view.
Is this mine? Really mine?
This magic of loveliness.
Fairer than fair.
More beautiful than beauteous.
Karl. What a lovely compliment.
I should have read more
poetry when I was in school.
You do well enough.
Do you know I am going to parade you
tonight and make all New York jealous.
Then I'm going to show you
off to the rest of the world.
And throw the whole of masculine North
America into a conniption fit of envy.
Well, I'm sure not introducing
you to one single attractive girl.
Say, I cornered the market in
attractiveness. All in one bundle.
How do I look? Like your bodyguard?
Doctor Decker.
You've let yourself in
for dressing every night.
That's how handsome you look.
Now, Georgi. It's unfair to make
fun of a humble admirer.
Humble? Why you've been
preening yourself like a pheasant.
Now you see how vain I am do
you think you can keep a secret?
Yes, of course.
We're married, aren't we?
You bet we are.
Oh, Karl.
It's a medal.
- Uhuh.
Where did you get it?
- The institute.
What for?
- I don't know.
Not being late for class or similar.
A $500 check comes with it.
Karl, you won a medal. It's wonderful.
My luck certainly has
changed, hasn't it.
No, I want it.
Alright, it's yours. You keep it. But we
better go on. I'll put it in the drawer.
Indeed I won't. I'm going to take it
with me. I'll carry it wherever I go.
What for?
- To show it to everyone.
No. Look, Georgi.
I'd feel awful silly.
Besides, it's not ethical you know.
Ethical? So, you take care of the ethics
and I'll take care of the advertising.
Now look, Georgi. You might lose it or
something or drop it and it will break.
See, I told you it could be mended.
- The bracelet.
Yes. Beautifully mended.
For the love of .. hey, Harry.
Joe, come here. Get a load of this.
Boy, where'd you get
that dinner jacket, Doc?
Had it made at the best tailor in town.
- Yeah? Where were you at the time?
I see, wise guys, huh?
You let him alone.
No kidding. How do I look?
What's the difference?
You think anyone looks at you?
First time it's been out since
McKinney's inauguration.
Boys, look what I have here.
Oh now ..
Would you let my wife through.
- Pardon me.
What was that for?
I wanted them to know you're my wife.
- Georgi.
Somebody calling.
- No. Let's get a taxi.
Here they are.
- Georgi.
Georgi. Wait please.
Georgi, I've been screaming
at you like a fishwife.
Hello, Lola.
This is my husband - Dr Decker.
Miss Estermont and Mr Rodgers.
How do you do.
Georgi's happiness means a lot to me.
- Me too.
Cesca approves of you enormously.
I congratulate you.
- Thank you very much.
Meeting you two makes
up for that awful show.
Was it bad?
- Horrible.
We're going to the Club Zebra to forget.
Why don't you come along?
- No, really we can't, Bill.
Look here Decker. I'm the first
friend Georgi had in America.
I never knew her turn
down Club Zebra before.
Not my fault. I'm on your side.
There you are. Motion carried.
- Do you really want to go?
Sure. It's our binge, isn't it?
- Mr Rodgers?
I'm parked down the street, sir.
- Very well, Reynolds.
Come along, husbands are my prey.
How do you like it?
- Wonderful, wonderful.
Even the ceiling. They bring the stars
down closer to you, don't they.
And the plush line got
into line to look at them.
Miss Gragore, welcome home.
Thanks, Pancho.
Your favorite. Coming up.
How do you do, Miss Gragore.
- How do you do.
Certainly seem to rate around here.
As long as I retire with you.
I see you've stepped into the spotlight.
Don't you know you've married
the first lady of your time?
Or any other time.
We'll kick up our heels
better after we've ordered.
The whole thing is in French.
It means you pay more for your hangover.
- I'll help you.
Do I save anything if I order wholesale?
What's first on the list?
That's like ..
Starting the evening with the
main event, but here we go.
I've treated enough alcoholics
to know what's worse for you.
I'll start at A and go down the list.
Bring on the absinthe.
You are a Yale man or a sailor?
Just a novice.
- A champagne cocktail.
Yes, madame.
What do you mean sneaking in
here without letting me know?
I came uptown as a spy.
- No.
I'm not speaking to you, Cesca.
I got your bill.
Shush. That wasn't the bill.
It was only the sales tax.
Here's my handsome doctor.
I have business with you.
I'm no good at table hopping.
- You'll learn.
I'll borrow him and
return him in good order.
Isn't kidnapping a crime?
I hope not, darling,
in view of your record.
You asked for it.
I hope you're impressed with
these well-dressed lowlifes.
My dear, that dress was perfect.
I have just the earrings for it.
I'll see you in the morning.
The secret of selling.
Tell a woman what she wants
before her husband says no.
I couldn't sell cheese to a rat.
- Leave the rats to me.
My dear, that's stunning.
Simply ravishing.
Really? How nice of you to say so.
She thought I'd knock my own work?
Now I will sell you.
When I get through you'll have the
most fashionable practice in town ..
Georgi will be right where she belongs:
swathed in chinchilla.
Please don't rise.
Dr Duveen, this is Dr Decker.
The good doctor I told you about.
How do you do, Decker.
May I present Mr and Mrs Edwards.
Mr and Mrs Wendover
and this is Mrs Goshen.
Now tell him all about the things you
told me about the headaches and ..
The hair falling out and nitroglycerine
pills or whatever they are.
I hope you don't think I
interfered in your treatment.
No, no. No, indeed.
I was grateful for your diagnosis.
Most helpful.
By the way, didn't I read a paper of
yours on obesity about a year ago?
I wrote one.
It was very interesting.
The impression never left me.
You know, we could use a
man like you on our staff.
If you'd care to have lunch with me one
day I'd like to talk it over with you.
Tower Hospital.
Pretty luxurious, isn't it?
We try to make illness as pleasant
as possible. Any harm in that?
No. Not at the prices you charge.
They're worse than mine.
I don't know. I'm pretty rough and
tumble for your practice, doctor.
I'm only interested in ability, doctor.
Pone me sometime.
We'll talk it over.
Don't worry, he will. I'll see he does.
Goodbye, we must run.
I must return him to his table.
Gee, that's the way to
make a sale. Hit and run.
You know, I'm like an old fire horse.
I like the fire house where I'm stabled.
I don't belong up here.
I know, but Georgi does and you can.
Go on, swish back to your own table.
I must watch Raoul. I can't leave him
alone among all these predatory females.
I'll join you in a minute. Bye-bye.
But isn't that against the law?
Georgi. Put that away, will you.
- You sit down.
The Bartell Institute awarded it to him.
Maybe if you put neon lights on it
more people would be able to see it.
Everybody will see it.
This should make you very proud.
- It does.
Put it away now, huh.
It's mine. I can look at it.
Waiter, waiter.
- Yes, sir?
Get me another one of those will you.
I'm on exhibition here.
Now Dr Decker.
For what nefarious purpose
did Cesca snare you away?
I'm not going to tell you.
You might have a megaphone handy.
I tell you this though.
That woman could sell a
fur coat to a polar bear.
At a ferocious price.
Speaking as we were of science.
What do you suppose your daughter
is going to learn from Bob Hampton?
Excuse me a moment. I have to say hello.
We're in for it.
Here comes your father.
Where have we been?
The theater.
Hello, Mr Rodgers.
- Hello, Bob.
Hello, dear.
- Hello, daddy.
Georgi Gragore is with us.
Would you join us?
We'd love it. Wouldn't we, bob?
Yes. If you would like.
Been here long?
I made Bob take me to see
the new revue at the Selwyn.
Didn't see you there.
It was so depressing we came here.
I wish it was this place
that depressed you.
It will sir, in time.
I've been playing truant officer.
Miss Estermont - my daughter.
Lola Estermont?
Why dad, I'm the one who
should be playing truant officer.
Tell me.
What was it you said to the Maharajah
when he asked you for his jewels back?
I said no.
I have been training Linda
for a diplomatic career.
Dr Decker, this is Bob Hampton.
Hello Georgi. Gee, I'm glad to see you.
You've been away for some
time, haven't you? Abroad?
Some of the time,
but mostly I got married.
This is my husband, Dr Decker.
- That's right, you married a doctor.
A very fine doctor too.
Did you see the medal
the institute gave him?
Isn't this wonderful.
Isn't this simply wonderful.
To Dr and Mrs Decker.
To his success and ..
Her happiness.
To your success, my dear.
- Your happiness, darling.
Hello Phil. Are you alone?
Yes. I stopped in to
say hello to Georgi.
And to congratulate her husband.
- Well pull up a chair.
If you're going home Phil,
would you take Linda?
Yes, I'd be glad to.
May I present my husband,
Dr Decker - Mr Mayberry.
How do you do, doctor.
- How are you, Mr Mayberry.
I'm sorry my wife wasn't
in when you phoned.
I have some news for her.
Go right ahead with it.
It will keep.
Have a drink with us anyway.
I've had quite a few.
I'll have a coffee.
A good idea. We'll make it two.
Isn't this cosy.
Karl, let's dance.
- Huh?
I'd like to dance.
- Georgi.
If I tried to dance I'd fall down.
I had some delusion I could drink.
I've labored under the same
delusion for some time now.
Drowning a sorrow
that's learned to swim?
How gay.
Georgi, why don't you two dance?
Not if you don't want to.
Come on, I don't want to spoil your fun.
Go ahead. Go on, dance.
Come on, doctor's orders.
Thank you.
What I wanted to tell
you last night was ..
Sandra left for Reno
yesterday to get a divorce.
I came back from Yucatan determined to
make things work out the way we wanted.
I have done it.
What I can do, you can do.
Your marriage was a rebound.
- No, no.
Don't argue darling, please.
I've made you suffer and wait.
But it's my turn now.
I'll wait.
Here comes Phil Mayberry
playing snake-in-the-grass.
Watch me scotch him.
Scotch? Ha.
I prefer wine.
- Well ..
Raoul, you have your qualities but
intelligence is not among them.
Hello Georgi. Hello Phil.
Good evening, Cesca.
- But you haven't met Mr Cedro.
Mr Mayberry.
- How do you do.
This is a source of inspiration.
Just what a tired businesswoman
needs in her hours of relaxation.
So soothing. Never a disturbing thought.
In fact, never a thought at all.
- It's been nice seeing you, Cesca.
You're by far the best looking
dance couple on the floor.
Say, have you met
Georgi's husband, Phil?
I've had the pleasure.
I'm crazy about him and I'm sure
you are. He's so attractive.
So charming, the very essence of ..
I've spoiled your dance.
I'm so sorry, Phil.
That's perfectly alright.
Run along back to your table
darling and I'll see you later.
Give my love to your very nice husband.
Goodbye, Phil.
I guess I scotched him.
Thank you, Georgi. Goodnight, doctor.
You're not leaving?
- Yes, I've had a series of late nights.
Night, Lola.
Don't go. You haven't told us the news.
The news wasn't for you.
I can give you a lift now
if you're ready to leave.
Thanks. We have changed our minds.
Alright then. Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Dance, Linda?
- I'd love to.
Can your old man have this one, Linda?
Ah, here's where Linda
gets a good paddling.
Very well.
Are we going to let them do this to us?
Not while I have a vicious
instinct left in my soul.
Let's show them up.
- Good.
We'll say goodnight now.
- Not deserting us so early?
Please, Dr Decker.
We haven't seen Georgi for so long.
Karl's operating in the morning.
- Yes. I operate in the morning.
We understand.
You need a good night's sleep.
- I would hope so.
Now you know your way uptown
don't be such a stranger.
Yes, doctor. We like to see Georgi.
Don't let her hide anymore.
I won't. I don't believe in hiding.
You know, Georgi. You belong in a
place with the stars in the ceiling.
I belong wherever you are, Karl.
It was wonderful wasn't it.
Seeing all your friends.
Smiling and happy.
So glad to see you.
Gosh, I was proud just to know you.
You were the real hit of the evening.
By the way, have I told
you lately I adore you?
Only three times in
the last ten minutes.
Well then, that's enough.
No use making a glutton out of you.
It was nice seeing
your friends, wasn't it.
Very nice.
Was his news important?
It might have been. Once.
But now?
No, Karl. Not now.
I have a little head from our binge.
Would you mind putting the light out?
- No.
Georgi, we're going
to go places together.
I'm going to work hard for you and give
you all the things you should have.
Make you proud of me.
I have everything I want.
And I'm proud of you.
Very proud.
You weren't afraid were you?
I'm never afraid when I am with you.
Then why should I be?
Mrs Bettincourt, you are
as sound as a dollar.
But doctor, surely there
must be something wrong?
Nothing a half-hour walk around
the block every day won't cure.
You don't need a doctor.
But the X-Rays must show something.
Yes, they do. They show a
magnificent bone structure.
How about my basal metabolism?
My blood pressure? My reflexes?
But doctor, there is something?
- Nothing.
Doctor Decker sounds very
encouraging, Mrs Bettincourt.
But I'll look over the reports myself
and telephone you in the morning, okay?
Thank you, doctor.
I'm sure you'll find something.
- You may depend on me.
Now don't you call me,
I'll call you instead.
Good day, doctor.
She has the constitution of a crocodile.
You rang, doctor?
Yes. Put these back in the file.
And get Mrs Decker on the phone for me.
I must get out for a while.
I'm lunching with my wife.
You've got to be patient, Decker.
After all, hypochondria is a disease.
Yeah. It only seems to be an
epidemic among the wealthy.
I see.
I'll have to you let you look
after the serious cases ..
While I attend to the
more lucrative ones, eh?
I may be a little late getting back.
You know what these stag luncheons are.
We've a coming-out
party for Phil Mayberry.
His wife got divorced yesterday.
I'll be at The Carlton.
Mrs Decker is having lunch with
some friends at The Carlton.
Shall I try to get her there?
At the Carlton?
Yes, sir.
No. Never mind. Thank you.
Yes, sir.
Morning, Martha.
- Good morning, sir.
Where is Mrs ..?
Good morning, darling.
- Good morning, Georgi.
How are you? Sleep well?
Pretty well. And you?
I don't know. I can't seem to get used
to these fashionable noises up here.
I miss the soothing lullaby of
Murphy beating up his wife.
Mrs Dugan calling to her young.
Karl, is it the clinic?
Is what the clinic?
- You know what I mean.
Since we've moved ..
- I know.
Look, Georgi.
I am ..
Georgi, I think I am a good doctor.
But even great ones lose
a case now and then.
I didn't know you had lost a case.
I'm talking about us.
You know, a doctor can do just so
much and then it's up to the patient.
We can help, but in the final analysis
you've got to win your own battles.
I know it, Karl.
The hospital is calling, doctor.
Hold the line a moment.
The doctor will be here directly.
Thank you, Martha.
Hello. Yes?
Mrs Bettincourt was bitten?
By Prince Achmed Bin ..?
Have you had him locked up?
Put some iodide on it.
I'll be right over.
What happened?
Mrs Bettincourt has been
severely bitten on the finger.
By Prince Achmed Bin something or other.
Which turns out to be her Siamese cat.
How have you been?
You'd look at the cat too.
I'd hate to bite Leila Bettincourt.
You got something there.
I'll look at him too.
Listen, what about your breakfast?
- I'll get a bite to eat at the office.
Stay where you are, young man.
You go nowhere. Come here, boy.
Thank you. Right there.
Wait until you see what I have
to show you this morning.
You won't believe it's possible.
I don't know what you've
done to deserve all this.
It is beautiful.
Is it official?
- Come here. Try it on.
I can't wait to see you in it, my love.
Stunning. It's fantastic.
The loveliest thing I've ever seen.
It's a little on the
expensive side, isn't it?
Expensive? You and I
couldn't buy it with a year's pay.
But if Leila Bettincourt sees it on
Georgi she'll want it and she'll get it.
That puts everybody but Leila
in the black for the year.
Poor Mrs Bettincourt.
I mustn't neglect the call of duty.
Goodbye, darling.
What's the matter with Leila?
Is she ill?
No. A cat scratched her or something.
- Nothing trivial I hope.
Georgi, dear. I have the most
divine outfit you've ever seen.
I can't wait to show you ..
Do you mind if I don't look
at those things now.
What is it dear, the same old trouble?
Have you talked to Karl about it?
Hardly at all.
When I went into his room
this morning, I thought ..
Cesca, I can't go on like this.
Have you seen Phil?
Almost every day.
The trick that fate plays.
Throwing us together.
Wherever I go for lunch he's there.
Cocktail parties. Even on the street.
I could stand that but
at night it's worse.
I see him a thousand times.
There, there, darling.
Keep your chin up.
Remember the old Chinese proverb?
'Time wounds old heels'.
It isn't as simple as that.
I've tried with everything I have.
But it's no use.
I'm going to see him. Alone.
I must.
- Don't be a fool, Georgi.
If you go to see Phil.
I give you 8-1 you will
never come back to Karl.
Even that's better.
At least it's honest.
That's the most important thing now.
I can't go on hurting Karl like
this. His life is too valuable.
I can stand it for myself.
I have stood it.
But I can't see him made miserable.
I've tried but ..
He senses what's going on inside me.
Just trying isn't enough.
You're asking for trouble, Georgi.
Maybe I am.
But you can't settle
anything by running away.
Karl told me that himself.
When are you going to see him?
Today. This afternoon.
It's your heart to handle as you please.
But I hate to see you take it away from
the nice place you have found for it.
And just toss it back on
that old football field.
Good afternoon, madam.
Mr Mayberry is expecting you.
This way, madam.
Mrs Decker, sir.
It's been a long time.
Almost two months.
That's no good, Georgi.
I know it.
Come. Sit down.
Don't say anything, will you.
I just want to look at you.
You know it isn't true.
It can't be real.
Darling, you'll never know how
long I hoped for this moment.
Phil, do you know why I'm here?
I think I do.
It's because I couldn't live with myself
knowing what I was doing to Karl.
I understand, darling.
- That's why I'm here.
If I go back to him.
If I go back to Karl it's because
I will know I am all his.
Without wondering if part
of me is somewhere else.
If you had to wonder.
Then all of you was somewhere else.
That's why I've been so
miserable. Not knowing.
All these weeks since I've seen you have
tormented me too. You must know that.
I couldn't hear your voice.
I couldn't hold your hand.
- I know.
There was only one
thing I had to cling to.
A sort of shrine.
I've lived by it all this time
since we've been apart.
It's all I've had.
A shrine?
Come, dear. I'll show you.
It did mean so much.
Now with you here, it has
gone back into the frame.
It's become just another
small part of this room.
Do you feel the importance
of this moment?
It's as if we are alone in the world.
Everything worth living
is right here with us.
Nothing else matters.
But something else does matter.
It isn't just us two anymore.
I'm sorry if we have to hurt him.
But he knows, everyone knows we belonged
to each other before he ever saw you.
No mumbo-jumbo somebody
spoke about you can change that.
I love you.
He loves me too.
- Not the way I do.
That's right.
Not the way you do.
- Phil.
This is too important
to decide impulsively.
Love is impulse.
That's selfish.
- Love is selfish.
Not always.
I'm glad you did that, Phil.
Really glad.
Georgi, don't put a wall between us now.
Don't you understand? I'm free.
We'll be married.
No .. I am married.
And I'm going to stay married.
You know.
I realise now that even when
I came here, I didn't love you.
It was a fear I had like ..
Like playing hooky from school.
You keep thinking about it.
And being afraid of it.
Until one day you realize you
needn't to be afraid again.
Now I can go back to him.
All of me.
There isn't even a shadow here.
Goodbye, Phil.
Goodbye, Georgi.
I hate to interrupt you, my dear.
But I came to return my house key and
I couldn't help overhearing your voices.
Shall I just give it to Mrs Decker?
- No thank you.
It doesn't unlock anything
for me anymore.
Ah, never mind.
There will always be others like you.
I do hope I didn't say the wrong thing.
- Georgi.
Hello, darling.
- Hello.
Forgive my interrupting.
- Forgive it? We're delighted.
Is something wrong, darling?
No. I just wanted to see you.
I'm going to try to steal your
best doctor for a little while.
Why that's grand larceny.
Now, am I going to be let in on this?
- Of course. You've got to.
Dr Duveen, could I borrow my
husband for a honeymoon?
Well of course you can. Splendid.
Say, who ..? What is this?
Of course if the idea
doesn't appeal to you.
Appeal to me?
I'm groggy, I'm bouncing off the ropes.
I'm slap-happy.
If anyone wanted my right arm now I'd
wrap it in cellophane and give it 'em.
When did this magnificent
idea strike you?
A little while ago.
When the sun came up.
Remember how gloomy it was this morning?
Then all of a sudden it was as
bright as a day in mid-summer.
What more could anyone ask, I thought.
The answer was a honeymoon.
But there's something more.
I've offered your husband a partnership.
Karl. That's wonderful.
Yes, but I haven't been able to
persuade him to accept it yet.
Break out the papers.
- Good. When do you intend to leave?
- Here we are.
That's it.
I suppose I must struggle along
without my partner for a while.
I guess so.
Get the cellophane. There goes my arm.
You call it a red-letter day?
An important one.
I get the idea.
- This is double-red.
This date every year, no matter where
we are, no matter what comes up.
Nothing will interfere.
We will always celebrate.
Starting now. Come on, Mrs Decker.
So long, Doc.
- Goodbye.
Wasn't that fun?
- Yeah. It was kinda silly though.
Now, will you do me one more favor?
- Sure. What?
Learn to rumba.
- Now wait a minute.
Fun is fun.
- I'll teach you.
Alright. Gosh, the things I do for you.
I don't see Bill letting himself
in for this nonsense.
Don't fool yourself.
I'm saving him for the second half.
How I dread it.
This is one of those nights when ..
Lola is determined to close
every late spot in town.
There's the whistle. Come on, Bill.
Let's get out there and play ball.
You see who's captain of this team.
Bill, I warn you. This is my night.
Of course, darling.
- Please don't forget it.
Here comes your problem child.
Hello, Linda.
What's the point of this, darling?
I wanted to tell you something.
- I don't want to hear it.
It's only goodbye.
We said goodbye a week ago.
Why do you make such a fool of yourself?
Because I'm a fool, I guess.
You can keep the bottle as a souvenir.
You didn't take this stuff?
- Yes. Just now.
Linda, you fool.
- Yes.
Bob .. Bob.
Bob, I'm scared. I'm awful scared.
Take me out of here.
Hello, Mr Rodgers.
Hello daddy.
Linda isn't feeling very well.
- I ..
I had a few drinks.
- I see.
Lucky you're not responsible, Bob.
Think I can get her
home without a scene?
I'll take her.
You can trust me, Mr Rodgers.
Let me get her out.
Will you kiss me first?
Alright, dear.
Now go, darling.
I've grown allergic to
the younger generation.
Anything wrong?
- No. Linda's gone home.
It won't hurt her one night in a month.
Now we can start on our
rounds without a chaperone.
I guess it's hopeless to ask you along?
- No, we'll take a little more of this.
Leave the lovebirds in their cage.
They're revoltingly happy.
Well, Bon voyage.
All the best on your trip.
- Bye.
Just think. I'm going to
have you all to myself.
No more phone-calls from the
hospital. No more silly lunches.
No more fat women who want
to lose forty pounds overnight.
Good evening, Georgi. Doctor.
- Hello.
I just heard about you sailing tomorrow.
I'm a great believer in
boat trips for romance.
Will you join me in a stirrup cup?
You join us. This is our celebration.
Come on, sit down.
Thanks. Generous of you.
- Waiter.
Yes, sir?
Let me have one of them glasses.
Thank you.
This must be the last because
Karl and I have to leave.
I drink to what is dead.
I drink to my wife.
Something happened this afternoon.
I'd give ten years of
my life if it hadn't.
Phil, don't dramatize things.
- I'm trying not to.
I sat home quietly going mad and
then decided I'd rather do it publicly.
Karl, get the check. I want to go.
Yeah, sure.
Georgi, I owe you an apology.
Come along, Sandra.
If you want a scene, you'll get one.
Sandra, please don't.
It was catty of me to say
in Phil's apartment ..
That there would always
be others like you.
Really, it could only be you.
By the way, Georgi. I stayed at
the most divine place near Reno.
If you ever need the address
dear, just phone me.
Goodnight all.
- Goodnight.
If ever you should need me ..
Don't feel badly. We all get caught.
I was going to tell you about it.
Yeah, yeah. Sure. I know.
You knew he was the man I ..
- Now wait a minute.
Get your tenses straight.
What do you mean?
Not he was. He is the man.
He's still the man.
I felt that.
Ever since we moved into
this second-rate Gomorrah.
It had to happen.
Every day made it more certain.
I was the one who told you to face him.
Me, the big psychologist.
Blind as a bat.
Karl. Don't.
I'm sorry.
It's like screaming in
an operating room.
I'm glad there are no
doctors around here.
But I'm like all the rest of these
balloon faces now. I'm full of screams.
Karl, that's unfair.
Nothing is unfair that happens.
Let me hold your hand.
It's easier to talk.
Karl. What you are thinking isn't true.
That's nice of you, Georgi.
That's the anesthetic, huh?
I said it wasn't true.
You don't have to try
to make me feel good.
You don't owe me anything.
Cesca was right.
I saw something that didn't
belong to me and took it.
But it turns out that
finders isn't keepers.
I've got to convince you.
You're wrong. You're wrong.
We're only wrong when we
start lying to one another.
Some of the things that
happen, we can't help.
We don't have to lie.
There's a call for you, doctor.
- I'm busy.
It's the Tower Hospital.
- Take it away.
Yes, sir.
That's where the pain
is, Georgi. You lied to me.
I didn't lie to you.
I never have.
You knew I loved him once.
I was afraid that love didn't die.
When we moved uptown, I ..
I was seeing him everywhere.
My fears grew.
Like a vine that strangled me.
I made up my mind to be all wife ..
Or none.
That's why I went to see him.
In his apartment?
There's no cause for fear anymore.
You believe me, don't you?
I wish I could.
But I tell you .. it was the crisis.
But the fever has broken.
Yeah, sure.
The patient pulled through.
Now the doctor is sick.
No cure hanging around for him.
That's one nice thing about being
a doctor. You know when it's hopeless.
Please don't decide now.
Please. Please promise
me you'll think about it.
I wish I could promise you I'd
think about anything else.
I'm sorry, doctor.
They say the call is very urgent.
Mrs Bettincourt has probably
been bitten by a canary. Hello?
What did you give her?
You fool.
Pump it out of her right away.
I'll be right over.
Attempted suicide. A girl.
This is where I came in.
Pay the check.
What are you doing here?
- It's Linda Rodgers.
Where is she?
- In there.
The intern made a mistake.
- Conscious?
Get Rodgers on the phone.
- What do I say?
Tell him the truth.
Who gave her brandy?
- I thought it was shock.
Probably killed her.
Blood pressure?
- 40 over zero.
Some hot packs. Saline drips.
Rodgers isn't home.
Try Lola Estermont.
Where are those hot packs?
Come on, move will you.
Alright. Let it go.
Lola isn't home either.
The maid said she phoned minutes ago and
said she was going away for the weekend.
Didn't say where.
Poor Linda.
Go and get some sleep, nurse.
Her father is here.
She'd have had a better
chance in an African jungle.
After all, doctor. She took the poison.
Sure she did.
That's why she needed a doctor.
I didn't have much time and ..
I thought my diagnosis was right.
- I'm not blaming you.
Anyway, you can't learn medicine putting
ice-packs on a large rump of mutton.
I'm the one. If I'd come
just ten minutes earlier.
No. I had to go on playing
Cyrano without a balcony.
Is there anything more I can do?
Yes there is. There's one thing more.
Get out of this palace of phonies and
stay out. Go someplace. Go to a clinic.
Or you can work at your job.
I will, doctor.
A highly regrettable incident.
- I'm glad you think so.
From our selfish point of view ..
It's fortunate she died while
they were bringing her here.
She was here a good thirty
minutes before she died.
In that case it was acute indigestion
or perhaps heart failure.
Nobody wants a scandal in a case
like this. Least of all the family.
I've signed the report.
Suicide by poison. It could be murder.
That means an investigation by the
authorities. Newspaper reporters.
Our patients pay for privacy
here and they pay well.
A breath of scandal would destroy
me and close the hospital.
That's what I hope.
- Remember you're a partner here.
Your responsibility is as great as mine.
- I know.
Every police headquarters.
The homicide bureau.
Look, Decker.
It took me 20 years to build this up.
You'll not destroy it in a minute.
I'm glad you were with her, Karl.
It is some ..
Comfort to know she'd
had every possible help.
Sorry about your sorrow, Mr Rodgers.
But you must do something about Decker.
He insists on precipitating a scandal.
What are you doing, Karl?
I am reporting to the police.
What good would it do to throw
mud on Linda's name now?
You owe me this service.
You can hush it up.
And let this place and others like it
go on making a racket out of medicine?
You don't want that.
There are other Lindas
who might need help.
And be steered to a platinum
plated slaughterhouse like this.
But ..
Linda did take poison.
She couldn't have been saved.
She might have been.
With the proper attention.
Then she didn't get it?
Why ..
That's criminal.
Yes it was.
And you were the attending physician.
The death report shows that.
- I'm fully aware of what I wrote.
If he goes through with this.
Everything will be on the
front page. The whole mess.
Poor Linda's suicide.
And what was behind it.
Make out another report.
I am sorry. I wish there were
some way to avoid this scandal.
But it has to be done.
Very well. If you insist on
broadcasting Linda's ..
I'll have to be a complaining witness
against you on a charge of malpractice.
If you destroy her name,
I'll destroy yours.
Hushing it up would mean that
this place would go scot-free.
Yes, and you too.
Remember, you've got
your own career to save.
I was a doctor once and
I made myself forget it.
As long as this is to be my
final professional act ..
I'll use up my last ethic and
do what a doctor should do.
Hello? Homicide bureau?
This is Dr Decker.
Will you send someone round
to the Tower Hospital please.
There has been a suicide.
Say, Doc. There's a young fellow here
to see you. Says he's from the hospital.
Alright. Ask him to come in.
- Okay, buddy.
Doctor, listen.
I can't let you go through this.
It was all my fault.
I'll take the blame.
I can't have it on my conscience.
Take it easy, cool down.
Now you're out of this. Stay out.
Doctor, I just can't let
you go through with this.
I guess we can't hold on to you
any longer, doctor. You can go.
What happened?
The girl's father won't
sign a complaint.
He won't?
- No.
He says it's suicide.
So does the medical examiner.
That's good enough for us.
I see.
Good luck, doctor.
Sorry to lose you.
Thank you.
Gosh, I'm glad.
You see, there is justice after all.
Don't you think they
should know the truth?
They do know the truth.
That's all behind you now.
Now, look ..
Say, I got an idea for you. Come on.
- Hello, doctor.
You coming back to stay?
No. Just a hit and-run-visit, Sambo.
I done nothing but lose a
week's pay ever since you left.
I'll send you some educated dice.
Look who's here.
- Come on, Ted.
Gee, this is swell.
Gosh it's good to look at you.
It makes the place come alive again.
- Thanks, Joe. When do you leave?
I'm not. I couldn't. I guess
I like it too much here.
Gosh, what a swell break. The last chief
we had got me down, but it's okay now.
Coming back, Doc? To take charge again?
No, I just got a little job.
Boys, this is Ted Fenton.
How are you?
Ted and I were in a jam together.
How we got out of it we don't know.
No. I made the mistake.
Dr Decker took the blame.
I phoned the institute and it's
alright for Ted to work here.
He's a good doctor. He needs a chance.
Throw tough ones at him.
Let him work his way up.
Boy, there are tough ones to work on.
I can't tell you fellows
how grateful I am.
How much I owe you, Dr Decker.
Don't we all.
Steve, show Ted around the place.
Sure. Come on along.
What are your plans, doctor?
- China.
More research?
- I guess so.
There must be a bug somewhere
waiting for me to find it.
A lot of miles between China and here.
I saw about the Rodgers
girl suicide in the paper.
Has that anything to do with you going?
- No.
And Georgi. Is she going with you?
- No.
I got to pack my bag.
Say goodbye to the boys, will you.
I'm no good at sentimental stuff.
Okay, but I'm a poor substitute.
When are you sailing?
- Tonight.
What pier?
- Fifty-seven.
Okay, I'll be down to see you off.
Doc, are you sure it's the right idea?
It's the only idea, Joe.
- There you are.
I have played bloodhound chasing you
from place to place all over town.
Don't you ever stay put?
Goodbye, doctor. It's been so nice.
I realize you have sick patients.
Thanks. See you tonight, Doc.
How are you, Cesca?
I told Georgi I can easily mail
you this silly thing but she insisted.
So here I am and there it is.
The medal.
Give it back to her.
I want her to keep it.
Why? It isn't valuable. If it was a
necklace or a bracelet or something ..
She has a silly idea you
will be a doctor again.
That you might need it and it
might mean something to you.
It does.
Wasn't it nice of Bill Rodgers
to drop the complaint.
Did Georgi have anything to
do with his change of mind?
Now where did you ever
get such an insane idea?
Do you think she'd humiliate
herself before Bill Rodgers ..
By pleading with him and getting
down on her knees to him ..
For you or for anyone else in the world?
I think she might.
- Don't be ridiculous.
You know she's utterly
selfish and self-centred.
I don't think I've ever known a woman to
be so completely ungenerous as she is.
You know Cesca, you're not nearly
as good a liar as you think you are.
You're going abroad, aren't you?
That ought to be far enough.
I'll get Georgi to go to
Reno and do it quietly.
But of course you will have your work
and she undoubtedly will remarry.
Somebody with a lot of money I hope.
Which is as it should be.
After all, she's made for luxury.
I always told you so.
Now she has a chance to get it.
I hope so.
You know, she never
can be really happy ..
Unless she's pillowed in silk
and dripping with jewels.
She seemed pretty happy here before
we moved into that phony world.
If that's all it was it seems to me ..
It would be very sane of you to move
back to where you were happy.
You know, Cesca. I realise now what
a true friend Georgi has in you.
Stick to her, would you.
Goodbye, Cesca.
- No. You can't go without talking.
No. I've made up my mind.
- You must wait one minute.
I have one thing more to tell you.
It won't take long because ..
Alright, go ahead.
Where's the doctor?
- He's right over there.
Hi, Doc.
We heard you were here
and came right to see you.
Who told you I was here?
- The missus.
- Your wife.
She told everyone in the neighborhood.
She said you'd stay here
if we wanted you to.
She did, did she?
- Yeah.
Everybody, cut the gab.
Spill the speech.
- Shut up.
As president of the social
benevolent association.
On behalf of all these people
here and the association's name.
We welcome you back to
the old neighbourhood.
And congratulations to
ourselves and the association.
We welcome you home.
That's right.
Shut up.
Now look. Wait a minute, wait a minute.
You got this all wrong, folks.
I ..
I just dropped in here to
say hello and goodbye.
I'm sailing tonight and I'll
be gone for a long time.
What? Don't say you're leaving, Doc.
You mean your wife was just kidding us?
You can't blame the doctor for
not staying here on account of us.
No, but ..
We was all awful happy when
the missus said he'd come back.
It was a mistake. I am sorry.
We're awfully sorry, Doc.
Dear doctor.
We, the children of this
neighborhood, welcome you back.
You've brought many
of us into the world.
And have prevented
many of us from leaving it.
We know it's a great ..
But we know you have been happy here.
You're our best friend.
Won't you please stay?
For all your sakes.
I guess I belong here.
I'll stay.
Can I stay too?
If you can put up with a guy
who hasn't got all his buttons.
Oh, Karl.
Come on, everybody. Let's go.
Should auld acquaintance be forgot.
And never brought to mind.
Should auld acquaintance be forgot.
And days of auld lang syne.
For auld lang syne my dear.
For auld lang syne.
We'll take a cup of kindness yet.
For auld lang syne.