I, Tonya (2017) Movie Script

That's very close, by the way...
I'm just saying.
This is my little man.
You my little man?
That's my 6th husband right there.
The best of them!
Tonya's my 5th child from husband
number 4.
She was always a handful.
And I guess we spoiled her.
Which is a goddamned hat trick when
you haven't got shit your entire life.
Still, I drove her to competitions,
practices. I sewed her all her costumes.
But to her, her mother's a monster.
Generally people either love Tonya
or are...
not big fans.
Just like people either love America
or are not big fans.
Tonya was totally American.
You know originally Jeff and Tonya
wanted to take out Nancy kerrigan.
Take her out. And..
I was the one who popped up and said...
other ways to disable people.
You're welcome.
Well, I was a reporter for hard copy,
A pretty crappy show that the legitimate
news outlets looked down on.
And then became.
Well. I mean at 27 I was the
most hated man in America.
Maybe the world.
Um... with a mustache
I still...
can't apologize enough for.
My name was a verb.
Like, if you bash someone in
kneecap, you 'Gillooly' them.
That was... that was cool though.
What's people's impression of me?
That I'm a real person.
No. I never apologize for growing up
poor or being a red neck.
Which is what I am.
You know, in a sport where the
friggin' judges want you to be this..
Old-Timely version of what a woman's
supposed to be.
For being the first U.S. Woman
To land a triple Axel.
So fuck 'em.
Diane! Lavona Harding.
I spoke with you on the phone.
Just give me a minute okay?
Very good.
Mrs. Harding.
Lavona. It's Lavona.
I am so sorry.
But there's no smoking on the ice.
Oh well, I'll smoke it quietly then.
This here's my daughter Tonya.
- Mrs. Harding. I told you on the phone.
- I know what you told me.
Only you never seen her skate.
I don't train beginners.
All she does is talk about skating.
All day, and night. I can't make
her shut up about it.
So it's easier for me to put her on
ice if you know what I mean.
And we figure with
the right training...
she can make the most of her gift like
ice capades maybe one day or something.
How old are you, honey?
Um... She's a soft 4.
She's a very pretty girl.
But I'm sorry. I don't
take on students this young.
Now if you'll forgive me.
I have a class waiting.
How do you feel?
Is this good?
Go on. Skate.
I mean 6 months later I win my first
I was 4. Okay? I mean those bitches
didn't know what hit 'em.
Ordinary. Nothing special
Are you even trying? Cause there's
other places I'd fucking rather be.
Call that a clean skate,
for Christ sake?
Could you not swear in front of the kids
please, Lavona?
I didn't swear, you cunt.
Hey. Stop talking to
her! Yeah. That girl is your enemy.
You're not here to make friends.
- Where do you think you are you going?
- I have to go to the bathroom.
Don't tell me what you have to do.
I paid for you to skate. You're
gonna stay on the ice and skate.
Get over here.
You gotta get off the ice
sometime. You hear me?
I'll be right here waiting.
Oh shit!
Skate wet.
To hear her tell it, I would operate
on her daily without anesthesia.
So this one fuckin' time.
I hit her one time, with a hairbrush.
You're terrible, scum sucking, loser!
What? A child sometimes
wants to be corrected.
Answer me when I talk to you.
When I felt this, I gave her
criticism. Stop that.
The thing about Tonya was, she skated
better when she was enraged.
If there was no you can't do it
type of thing,
she wouldn't do it.
On the ice, I was there to inspire her.
Off the ice...
She was a happy,
well adjusted girl.
Clean shot, Tonnie.
I know it. I was aiming for her eyes
like you said.
Otherwise I could've got
her probably.
No sense in shooting a bunny if you
shoot half the meat off her.
When I'm older I'm gonna work in an
office and have a deadline.
- I thought you wanted to do ice capades.
- I can do both.
Yesterday mom made me
wear my skating costume to school.
The red one with the tassels.
Everyone made fun of me.
Why'd she do that?
Cause they were taking
school pictures, they said
we could use the
samples for competitions.
I told mom that
Margie Sussman called us white trash.
Mom told me "Spit in her milk!"
I hope you didn't do that.
Not yet...
Do you love her?
I guess. Do you?
Like you love me?
Good Tonnie.
But check out sooner.
What does she need a fucking fur coat
for? I don't have a fucking fur coat.
Because it's not just about skating. The
judges want figure skaters to be
- Yeah. Rich, prissy, a-Holes
- Well rounded.
- It's a question of fitting in.
- She's 12 and she lands
fucking triples. She doesn't fit in.
She stands out.
She stands out because she looks like
she chops wood every morning.
She does chop wood every morning.
Lavona. Would you wanna work
with me a little?
23 students I train so I can
coach Tonya full time.
Yeah, and I waitress full time to pay for
your coaching.
- Yes, but she's not my child.
- No she's mine. And I'm not throwing
my money away so she can fit
in with these little shits.
You can dress up a pig however you want,
you know what I'm saying?
It's not about fitting in.
It's about how she's growing up.
Lick my ass, Diane. She can do a
fucking triple.
We didn't have a lotta
fun growing up. I mean..
We never went to you know,
Disneyland or on trips.
If I wanted something,
I had to come up with a way to get it.
What kind of coat is that?
Go on! Get out!
I thought you'd never leave!
I'm sorry.
- It's not your fault, Tonnie.
- Then take me with you.
I'm gonna be working 12 hour night
shifts. I can't look after you.
You could if you want to.
Talk on the phone. Everything's
gonna work out.
You gotta move now, honey.
Tonnie, please.
You're not gonna leave me here...
Take me with you!
You're in my way.
Who's that?
We met at an ice rink where I was
I was 15. I was there 8
hours a day, skating.
I don't know what
he was doing there. Hey!
I was young.
And I had no game whatsoever.
So... do you like food?
Back then my step-Brother creepy Chris
was living with us.
I remember Jeff and my's first date.
Because I had creepy Chris
arrested earlier that day.
Jeff did consult me regarding
Tonya and asked me
"What do you think?"
and I said, 'go for it man.'
No. Not to be a bragger
or anything but
had I told Jeff,
"you could do better, man."
No one would be talking about
the two of them today.
I mean I've never been a girly girl.
Jeff was my first date ever.
And my mom came.
- Hi
- Hi girl.
You a gardener or a flower, John?
It's Jeff.
In a relationship there's a flower and
a gardener.
Um, I don't know.
I mean I...
I just thought.
I'm a gardener who wants to be a
flower. How fucked am I?
This one can't garden to save her life.
You're gonna have to do all the
gardening there fella.
- Mom!
- What?
You two fuck yet?
My dad's only been laid off a couple
months now.
So he stopped sending money.
But, we had plenty of money before.
I have a fur coat and stuff.
- Yeah? My family's poor.
- You know otherwise...
You need me to tighten up
before you weaken it.
There you go.
That's okay.
So, um...
What are you gonna do now school's done?
Well, I do this job for the
Association for
retarded persons.
I mean, I'm not a
retarded person.
I'm their driver which is cool.
My dad was air force.
And uh, he died when I was young so
My college is paid for.
I dunno.
My parents had me quit school
so I can concentrate on skating.
It's like your superpower.
Fucking awesome what you can do.
So um...
What? You like me?
You are so fuckin' pretty.
No, I'm not!
You are.
He was really sweet in the
He was a good kisser. He
told me he loved me.
And I believed him.
You are not having a conversation.
You are fucking yelling at me.
But then...
he started hitting me a few months in.
Then he'd say it'd never happen again.
But I figured my mom hits me.
She loves me.
And I thought it was my fault.
That's just what I knew.
He'd say he was sorry. And things
would be normal for a while
- I'm sorry.
- I know.
He was the first boy I ever loved.
The only catch was
he'd beat the living hell outta me.
And I thought it was my fault.
Nancy gets hit one time
Why? Why?
And the whole world shits.
For me it was an all the time occurrence.
I never hit her. That's not me.
I'm... I'm actually a pretty meek guy.
She hit me though.
Packed a wallop.
Fired a gun at me too.
This is bullshit.
I never did this.
That comes later.
We're still happy now.
I could see that shiner through your
make up, you know?
I fell on the ice yesterday.
I don't know, Tonnie.
I would never be
with someone who fuckin' hit me.
- You hit dad.
- That's different.
Anyway he said he was sorry.
Seriously though. You're a dumb piece of
shit who thinks she deserves to get hit.
How'd I get that idea?
Maybe he should hit you.
Yeah. Maybe you'll learn to keep your big
mouth shut. Sure helps me out.
I'm supportive of this relationship,
you hear me?
- I gotta go to practice.
- Hey!
Kiss your mother goodbye.
Up next is Tonya Hardings
- Emily Ann fell and scored higher.
- Honey you are different.
I'm not dressing like a
retarded tooth fairy.
The judges expect a conventional.
- I don't want to be conventional!
- And your scores reflect that.
I did the triple Axel they'd have to give
me my fucking scores. Sometimes I can!
- It wasn't my fault.
- Nothing's ever your fault.
- I out-Skated the other...
- You skated like a graceless bull dyke!
I was embarrassed for you.
I'm sorry.
Your father's not paying alimony ya
Every penny I make, every
penny goes to your
Skating. And you weren't
even fucking trying.
- I said I was sorry.
- Don't talk back to me.
- Saying I'm sorry is not talkin' back!
- Oh. That supposed to be smart?!
- Stop it!
- You fucking ungrateful
- I didn't roll my eyes at you.
- You think I like working for you?
- You selfish bitch?
- You fucking crazy.
You fuck in that moustache,
you're gonna start paying rent.
I'm not paying for you to act like a
whore and live off me for free!
- I don't wanna live with you any way.
- You fucking whore.
Oh, please! Show me a family that
doesn't have ups and downs.
Tonya needed to
get away from her mom.
So we got a place together. There wasn't
no more talk of college or air force.
And I didn't care. I wanted to
take care of her.
To protect her.
Come here. Okay.
Does it needs more tulle?
I want it
to look pretty. Tulle's classy no?
You think any more bout getting your
high school GED?
I don't give a red hot shit about that
- Well, I think you should look into it.
- What about a bow in back?
What if I'm not smart enough?
I ever tell you what I was most afraid
of growing up?
- Ohmys?
- Yeah, you know like in the...
Wizard of oz when they say
"Lions and tigers and bears! Oh
My brother convinced me that
ohmys were gonna come
In the middle of the
night and eat me alive.
You were so fuckin' dumb.
And I got a high school diploma.
Well, you're gonna get a medal for
your sewin' alone.
Looking back, that was...
Probably our happiest time.
I'd make peanut butter
and jelly sandwiches.
And she's go off to competitions.
We had exactly the same
interests. I mean,
we both liked trucks
and fixing cars up.
So. I just... thought
it would last forever!
- 4.9, 5.0.
- This is fucking wrong, Diane.
Tonya! Tonya!
Hey! How do I get a fair shot here?
Cause I'm up at 5 every morning
working my ass off.
Does someone wanna just tell me to my face
you're never gonna give me scores I deserve?
This is how it's done. Some of these
girls have paid their dues.
I don't give a shit!
I out-Skated em today.
We also judge on presentation.
Well you know what?
If you can come up with $5000 for a costume
for me then I won't have to make one.
Till then, just stay out of my face.
Maybe you're just not
as good as you think.
Maybe you need to pick another
Suck my dick!
This is fuckin' rigged!
Do you really think your scores will
improve now that you told them to...
If you dressed appropriately maybe
they'd score you appropriately.
I dressed pretty!
God, you don't like the way I
dress or talk or any of my music.
It's like you just want me to be
an entirely different person!
I want you to be a better competitor.
Otherwise I'm wasting my time.
Well then you're wasting your time!
Cause you know what?
Doddie Teachman wants to be my coach
anyways! You're fucking fired, Diane!
That wasn't my fault.
Unless puberty is my fault.
To be fair, Jeff did love her. He
really loved her. Like...
I remember a time when he took her
to a Richard Marks concert.
That's when I knew shit
was serious.
You do dumb things
when you're young.
Like marrying Jeff.
The wedding was nice.
It made sense at the time.
I mean. I could have insurance.
Good benefits all around.
I mean, he had a car.
Plus I was doing 6 hours a day of
and competitions
while I worked at a hardware store.
And I ran a forklift, and a drill press
and I did welding.
But now...
Now I could just skate like
All the other girls.
I don't know what to tell you.
Marrying the first idiot who says
you're pretty.
You fuck dumb. You
don't marry dumb.
Most people don't even
understand how insanely
difficult it is to
attempt a triple Axel.
There's a
reason no one was trying it.
You skate backward and then take off from
a forward position on your left leg
and then somehow...
Fuckin' hurl yourself blindly
3 and a 1/2 rotations like
you're light as shit which I'm
telling you Tonya never was
Land on the opposite foot on the back
outside edge of a razor thin blade.
It's that extra half rotation when
you already did 3.
That made us call Tonya the
Charles Barkley of skating
It was bad ass.
I don't know if I can do this, Doddie.
I missed it in my last training.
Of course you can. You got this.
Hey, Tonya.
You suck.
- The lice capades!
- You know what..
Oh. Here she comes.
No woman in the history of U.S. Figure
skating has landed a triple Axel.
All those women who came before you,
not 1 of them did it.
Ignore him. Hey, hey. The skating
association doesn't think you can do it.
"Trashy Tonya' doesn't belong." Your own
mother doesn't think so.
Now show them.
Hey Tonya, hey!
Don't listen to him!
You suck! You suck!
You suck!
You suck!
Here now is Tonya Harding.
Second after the original program.
Just 20 years old from Portland Oregon.
Great power. Great speed.
Great athletic ability.
And now the question is whether 3 moves
into the program she will do a triple axle.
First a triple lutz.
Nicely done!
And now we will find out whether
she'll be the the 1st American
to attempt and
complete a triple Axel jump.
We'll know that here
whether she tries or not
- Good girl!
- Isn't that great?
- Yes!
- Yeah!
OMG! I mean it was...
Totally the most awesomest
Cause leading up it, you're
like I can't do it! I can't.
And then Bam! I can.
And all those people who said I
couldn't make it. Well fuck you.
I did! I proved everyone wrong.
I was loved.
I can't describe how that felt. There.
I mean, there was people standing up.
And I was just...
For the first time,
I knew. I knew...
I was the best figure skater in the world.
At one point in time.
I'm sorry. Nobody ever really
asks me about this anymore.
I was blind-Sided.
As soon as she got
back from nationals
she was an
entirely different person.
And that
person didn't want old Jeff no more.
Where the fuck are my dove bars?
We can't afford em.
Eskimo pie is just as good.
I'm America's best figure skater! I
don't want Eskimo pies. I want a...
Jesus! When was the last time you even
showered? I just want a fuckin' dove bar!
- After the triple everything changed.
- After the triple everything changed.
The Jeff I fell in love with was gone.
If I got up in the morning, I got hit.
If I took a shit, I got hit.
He didn't need a reason
anymore is what I am saying.
And I just had enough.
You know...
My whole entire life I been told
I wouldn't amount to anything.
You know what!
Maybe I would.
Suddenly Kristi & Nancy were
coming in 2nd & 3rd.
Tonya was coming at 2nd at world
championships & winning skate America.
Fuck him! I'm skating better
than ever.
So the skating community the feeling
was like,
Oh my god. What the fuck!
This is our skating champion?
Tonya did the triple Axel no one else
could or even had the balls to try.
Tonya Harding wasn't the image...
Could I interrupt with a quick word about
Nancy kerrigan? It'll just take a sec.
Nancy and I were friends. Okay?
We were roommates
sometimes on the road.
But the press wanted Nancy to be the
And me to be the pile of
crap... to sale papers.
I mean what kind of friggin' person
would bashes in their friend's knee?
Who would do that to a friend?
This is bullshit!
You gave her everything you have and
this is how she treats you?
- Tell her that!
- Why are you being such a bitch?
- You're acting completely different Tonya.
- I am different
Everything's different Jeff.
People actually smile at me now.
- What she's saying?
- People smile at her now.
People smile at? How could you
file a restraining order on me?
They showed up at work in front of
everybody Tonya.
Yeah, I filed a restraining order so
I wouldn't have to look at your face!
She hung up!
- No she didn't!
- I'm calling her back!
Mrs. Eckardt? Do you mind dialing
that number back?
- Local Ma.
- Okkie, dokkie.
Shit. Answer the phone.
- Tonya.
- Fuck you!
What's she sayin' now?
- Just one more time, Mrs. Eckhardt!
- Mom, just help us out.
- I said, fuck you!
- Don't!
- Did she?
- We're going to sun valley. Lets go.
You're not gonna let her have the last
word, man? No way.
None of my women
get the last word.
I'm going to sun valley!
She'll be there for
a competition. I'll
get the last word!
- I'm the man!
- We're the man!
I have been a co op specialist
in Switzerland and Europe.
Hostage retrieval is my area of expertise.
I'm telling you. We're in, then we're out.
Mind control may be necessary. Which
I've been practicing in Kenya, Korea.
When traveling internationally I'm
resourceful as a lizard.
My skills have been honed by years of
infiltrating underground organizations.
We blend and we disappear.
Under no circumstances
do we create a cause scene.
Tonya! No..
Fuck you!
I liked being married.
Just not to him.
He was calling
all the time saying
"I've been to therapy. I love you. We
belong together. Take me back."
I wanted to be loved.
I hoped it would work.
So I went back.
The second we were back together,
everything went to shit.
The closer the Olympics got the worse
my skating got.
It was like a nightmare. Or a freaking
But I still believed
I knew I was gonna do it.
I would be the first and
only woman
To do the triple axle in the
Olympics. My whole life
was leading to this one moment!
Visualize the triple when you're in
the lay back.
This is everything
you've been working for.
Yeah. I fuckin' got it, Doddie.
She was 1st in the United States in
1991. She was 2nd in the world in 1991.
3rd in nationals in Orlando.
She arrived late for
these games & missed the
opening ceremony entirely.
Here is Tonya Harding.
Now her opening move,
a lay back spin is unique.
Because you're dizzy from the spins.
And her next jump, the triple Axel
is the most difficult jump being
performed in the ladies event.
And this is so exciting.
No woman has attempted and completed a
triple Axel in Olympic competition.
Tonya Harding could make
history. Right... here.
So I'd broken off my skate
2 days before in practice.
And they put it back on a little off.
So all my landings were off.
All of them.
I mean, that wasn't my fault.
So, I come in 4th behind Nancy.
And. I mean, I was
really happy with that!
It was awesome.
It just wasn't fucking wasn't fair.
This next part. I mean...
Not true.
I never said that, I never
even said that. You're full of shit.
- Tonya get in the house.
- I'm not going inside with you.
Why would I go inside with you?
Don't you fucking touch me.
I swear to god.
Things got out of hand.
I mean... we couldn't be
in the same house together.
I mean I was filing restraining orders.
You name it.
Finally, I divorced him.
Missing something?
Jesus. Fuck.
I have your bag.
C'mon open the door.
- I have your bag.
- Jeff, you can't be here.
Okay. You can't be here. You can't
be within a hundred feet of me.
If you do not fuck off,
I'm calling the cops, okay?
- Fuck! Shit!
- You fucking cunt! Fuck!
- Jeff, get that fuck out of my head.
- Get the.. Hey!
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
- Do you want me to do that?
- You fucking kidding me?
- Do you want me to kill you?
- You're gonna put a...
A fucking gun in my...?
- Do you want me to kill myself?
- Stop it!
- Which is it?
- Stop it.
- You...
- Jeff, I'm fucking serious. I am serious.
- Give me the fucking gun!
- I'll fucking kill you.
- This is not a fucking joke!
- You don't need your fucking purse.
You don't need anybody.
- You need me!
- Okay.
- All right. That's it.
- Okay.
Just put down the gun.
Put down the fucking gun.
Fucking, stop it!
Give me the gun!
Give me the fucking gun.
Oh, fuck!
- Hey.
- Jeff!
Stand back! I said
stand back!
- Are you kidding?
- Everything is fine!
A loaded gun.
What the fuck?
Get in the car.
Yep. Everything is fine.
What the fuck?
Shit! Fuck!
Pull over.
Fuck you fucking bitch!
Look what you made me fucking do!
I'll fucking kill you if you say anything!
Good evening.
I'm gonna need you to get out of
the car..
Didn't say a thing about the blood!
Open the trunk, please.
Took 2 guns outta the truck and alcohol.
And then just leaves me there
with him.
Which is why I don't trust
the authorities.
Or anyone.
Jeff can talk his way out
of anything.
Never talk to him.
Well my story line is disappearing
right now. What the fuck!
When you come in 4th at the
you don't get endorsement deals.
You get the 6 A.M. Shift at
spud city.
Where's my fucking smoke?
You look well.
I look like someone who had a way
outta this shit and fucked it up.
- I was being polite.
- I know.
Are you okay?
My skating career's over.
And I have no savings...
I ended up a waitress just like
my mom.
But on the plus side
I'm unskilled, so.
The Olympic committee announced today
that the next Olympics are going to be...
2 years instead of 4.
No heavy metal.
Lose the blue nail Polish.
I'm too outta shape.
Pear is a shape.
The world's giving you a 2nd chance. I
know you don't believe in them but I do.
Thank you.
This is how rocky trained when he had
to fight the Russian. And it worked!
She actually did this.
And this.
And this..
It's OK Tonya.
You will...
Hey excuse me.
Sir? Excuse me.
Sir? Excuse me?
Sir, can I...?
Can I just, can I talk to you for a second?
About my score...
Happy to.
I know that you guys don't like me.
- I'm landing all my jumps out there.
- Tonya.
It's never been entirely
about the skating.
I'll deny I ever said it honey, but you're
just not the image that we want to portray.
You're representing our
country, for fuck's sake.
We need to see a wholesome
American family. And you...
You just refuse to play along.
I don't have a
wholesome American family.
Why can't it just be about
the skating?
They want a wholesome American
- Fuck you! Gimme that.
- Well. It's not gonna be easy..
But I could pull that outta my ass.
I know you don't expect me to
wait on you.
No. I don't expect
a thing, mom.
Well aren't you a
little hot house flower?
Don't know if you heard I'm
training for the Olympics.
- So what do you want? Money?
- God... No. I just wanted to see you.
You're a taker. Every cent I made went
to your skating and you took it.
What do you want?
Well this was a stupid fucking idea..
Was anything I ever did good enough
for you?
You were soft.
- At three?
- I made you a fighter.
- You never had a chance...
- You fucked with my head.
You made me think I could
skate best when my life was shit.
And now my life is shit. You made that
fucking real for me. I don't want that!
You would've picked it in a heartbeat! You
should be thanking me. Not blaming me.
Did you...?
I mean when I was a kid, did you
ever love me? Or anything?
You think Sonia Henie's mother loved
Poor fuckin' you. I didn't stay
home making apple brown Bettys.
No, I made you a champion!
Knowing you'd hate me for it.
That's the sacrifice a mother makes.
I wish I had a mother
like me. Instead of nice.
Nice gets you shit.
I didn't like my mother either.
So what? I fucking gave you a gift.
You cursed me.
- You are a monster!
- Spilled milk, baby.
Jeff, are you down here? Oh Jeff?
I was pretty surprised when Tonya
called me.
But she said
I don't think I can make it
to the Olympics without you.
I admit it. A part of me still thought
that the sun rose and set with her.
Might wanted her to look at me like the
way she used to. I just wanted to hold on.
I figured it was just for 3 weeks.
And the second
I made the team I was
gonna dump his ass.
Before I could think too much on that,
I mean, it's what you all came for folks!
The fucking incident.
The incident.
The incident.
The fucking incident!
Everyone remembers the incident
differently and that's a fact.
Some people honest to god remember
Tonya whacking Nancy herself.
I never talked about how it went down
except to the FBI.
The press got everything wrong.
Excuse me.
I'm with the Canton County
Sheriff's office.
I'm gonna need to talk with you.
- Goddammit, Jeff what'd you do?
- I've received a death threat.
- From Jeff?
- Against you.
- What the fuck?
- What did they say exactly?
If Harding skates today, she'll get a
bullet in the back.
- What the fuck?
- How seriously should we take this?
Right? I mean,
girl skaters at this level...
They're always messing
with each others with the...
costumes, with each skate blades
- I never knew that.
- Yeah,
it's a thing.
Well the point is this is a large venue and
we can't protect you.
In the end she's too freaked out to
It screwed with her head for a
long time.
And. It got me thinking.
Which isn't always my strength.
What if I do the same thing... to
Nancy Kerrigan?
Only by before the Nationals?
- Yeah, it sort of even the playing field.
- Right.
I wouldn't be the first guy
to cheat at figure skating.
A lot of
the judges are corrupted.
Not exactly prim and proper.
Someone did it to Tonya,
lest we forget.
It's my way of saying I love you.
- Interesting. Go on.
- No, that's it.
I figure I'm gonna mail some
letters to screw with her head.
Whoa! You f-ing greenhorn!
You can't
mail letters from here...
It will be
postmarked from Portland.
What we do see is...
We send somebody out there,
we fly 'em out there
or maybe to Massachusetts where she's from,
Takes the suspicion off a us, see?
I know a guy. I shouldn't even be
sayin' his name.
All in,
we're probably looking at a 1000 bucks.
But you really ought to
let me handle everything.
Us bein' great spies and all,
we call up a friend
who leaves a message
where Kerrigan trains.
Fuck sake of Jeff.
Just call her back.
Only our machine's so old we
can't completely understand it.
- She just said, Nancy Kerrigan trains.
- Wait, wait.
Nancy Kerrigan, trains in...
Nancy Kerrigan trains at
Tuna Can Arena. She just said that.
Who's gonna name an arena Tuna Can?
Fishermen. Everyone's fishermen in
The fuck you didn't call her back at?
- Hi Vera. It's Tonya again..
- Hey, Tonya.
Our machine's a piece of crap.
Could you just tell me where Nancy Kerrigan
trains again?
Yeah I have a stupid bet with Jeff.
Spell that for me, hon?
- In what time?
- Five forty five.
Got it.
Thanks, Vera.
Ya, see you later.
It's that fuckin' easy.
- Tony Kent.
- Thank you!
- Tony Kent?
- Tony Kent Arena.
Not... Tuna Can.
Tony Kent Arena.
It's the same fucking thing.
The dinner is ready.
It's bullshit! I mean, The FBI found
this piece of paper...
in some random
dumpster supposedly in my hand writing
with Nancy's training schedule
or something on it.
It was the arena Nancy skated at and
her training times..
I mean why do you need training times if all
you were doing was mailing letters right?
You know, I mean, look,
Jeff Gillooly can change his story all he
wants to make himself feel better...
but he confessed to the FBI.
I told the FBI that Tonya was in on
planning it which she was.
But the plan
was to mail some letters..
Tonya didn't know about the assault cause
there was never suppose to be an assault.
Just letters.
I gave Shawn a thousand bucks.
Nothing happens.
You're gonna need to
come up with more money.
Do I have stupid
written across my head?
All they had to do is
mail letters someplace.
I'm not giving them more money.
These are 2 of my top operatives.
Derrick needs expense money.
You know what? Call Derrick. And tell him
we're calling the whole thing off.
- No.
- Sweetie, the death threats off.
- Whatever!
- Whoa! You can't call this thing off.
This baby has moving parts. Balls
are already being played with.
That's too bad.
All they had to do was mail
fucking letters, Shawn!
These are not the types of guys you
want to double cross. Trust me.
That's your problem. And get me my
thousand bucks back.
- They did not do anything.
- Your thousand bucks?
Jeff, come on!
You still want this to happen, right?
- I can still make this happen.
- I really don't care, Shawn.
I clearly have
bigger shit to fry.
You eat shit?
Fish to fry, not shit to fry..
Shit to fry
is a meal best served never.
Who cares, you big, fat, fuck?!
You can't make it happen anyway
- I'm on your side, Tonya.
- You're not a secret agent.
You're not a hit man.
You're just a fat nobody gas bag.
Who still lives with his parents,
and drives a '76 Mercury
gets laughed up behind his back
and has never been laid.
Just stay away from me!
- January 6th.
- I had a session later that night. So...
- I was sleeping in.
- I was asleep.
Remember, if your mind's blank, no one
can pick up your vibes.
Also they can't identify you
if they don't see your eyes.
My mind's blank.
Don't let 'em see my eyes
Hey, hey.
Which one's Kerrigan?
What the fuck?
Go, go, go, go!
I mean we had no idea
that something like this
could be done by 2 of the
biggest boobs in a story
populated solely by boobs.
- Yeah?
- Jeff?
- Holy Shit!
- Tonya?
They broke her knee.
- They broke her fucking knee.
- Whose knee?
- What?
- Are you fucking watching this?
Turn on the fucking TV. It's everywhere.
- What are you talking about?
- Nancy Kerrigan. Some guy...
Just fucking broke her fucking knee.
- No, no, no, no!
- Just turn on the fucking TV.
- It's supposed to be letters.
- It's not a fucking letter Jeff...
They broke her fucking knee
like a, like a death threat.
Jeff, I'm telling you, forget the death
threats, the guy broke her knee.
One of the two Olympic
spots, on Saturday night...
she practicing for that performance
this afternoon...
she was just leaving the ice.
Reporter Daniels Garber was waiting...
Fucking mustache!
- Jeff?
- Jeff, we did it, man.
We're everywhere! It's
so friggin' awesome!
- What the hell, Shawn?
- What?
- What the fuck did you do?
- I changed the course of history!
- If you've been watching.
- Are you insane?
Nobody was supposed to get hurt. It was
supposed to be psychological warfare...
What if the psychological warfare
didn't work, What if...
it didn't scare her?
Then what?
You know all of our hard work
would've been for nothing.
What hard work?
It was mailing fucking letters!
I had to handle it though Jeff.
I had to handle this
to make sure that happen.
Look, I'm Tonya's bodyguard.
And now all the other skaters, maybe more
athletes are going to need a body guard.
So the money's gonna be flowing in.
And we pocket that money. And I
changed the course of history!
Dad, make sure it's a blank tape this time.
It was a simple plan, Shawn.
- Why did not you just stick to it?
- I did stick to the plan..
- This was not the plan!
- This was always the plan!
You hear me, I guy like me.
You think it's easy?
In my profession, I happen to
think, four steps ahead of everyone.
Did you not realize
that I was the one who...
I was the one who
called the death threat on Tonya?
To the back.
People don't take me seriously, Jeff.
But I am in control of the situations.
I proved that today.
This was nothing..
Everything is great.
Yes. My parents did tape over my favorite
episode of Star Trek to
record the CNN coverage
but I'm keeping it together!
- You're a fucking idiot!
- Oh. Shit, shit!
We gotta get those guys
out of Detroit okay?
They're just stuck there and
they don't have any money.
4 steps ahead.
Jeff? Jeff?
- Jeff?
- Unbelievable!
She told us today:
She said, I know there are a lot of
people out there
"who think I am a has been."
Well, with all the hummer
just 6 weeks away...
Now, it's her chance to show the
country that she deserve a spot...
on the Olympic Team.
It'll be very interesting to see if
she plays this conservatively - or not
She can be powerful, intimidating,
and athletic all at the same time.
Make it to Derrick Smith & Shane Stant.
The height and the speed are so
different than all the other women.
This is a big improvement from 2
yeas ago.
Oh! Huge jumps she's been doing.
Great control. This is her final
That thing is staying around.
She may make it to the Olympics.
- Oh! Nicely done.
- Hey!
I want to see your face.
- Lavona, come on!
- I wanna see her fucking face at the end.
For all the skeptics that felt that
Tonya's peak had passed,
She has proved she' still a winner.
This is a great moment for Tonya.
She's had everything go wrong. She's
let everything go wrong.
And now all of a sudden to
pull this off and become..
Our national
champion is terrific.
And it looks like she has most definitely
earned herself a place on
the U.S. Olympic team.
Shane Stant was clueless.
Before the attack...
He waited outside the
arena in Massachusetts...
where he thought
Nancy Kerrigan was training.
Now he moved his car
every 15 minutes
to avoid suspicion.
He did this for two days.
That's when he found out
that Nancy was actually in Detroit.
Later we found out they left a
trail as big
as the Cumberland Gap.
Phone records. Bank records.
How did you find me?
Next time you pull off a hit, son,
Don't put it on Visa..
Okay, thanks very much.
Thank you.
Thank you very much, that's enough.
- Thank you.
- Tonya?
- We gotta go.
- Thank you.
Okay. Thanks.
Before this blows up, we gotta get
our story straight.
Yeah, well.
You do the talking. You're my manager.
Okay. Cause we have to be real careful
about what we say.
We can't afford to make any mistake. I
waited so long for this!
Tonya I wanna be a skater like you.
Really. Hey, hope you mean it!
- What is your name?
- Annie.
Annie, here you go.
See you later.
We play it cool.
After all, we both have alibis.
What for? Alibis? For Wheaties?
- Wheaties? What are you talking about?
- My endorsement.
- What are you talkin' about?
- The attack.
Excuse us.
We're with the FBI.
It's just a formality.
We're talking to everyone.
Well, We don't know anything.
That must make life difficult.
I mean I was asleep.
And Jeff was not even here.
I was not even here!
I was asleep too. In Oregon. At home.
Which is in Portland, where I live.
In Oregon.
- What do you make of all this, Jeff?
- Well...
It's a scary prospect what the
world is coming to.
How long are you in Detroit?
We're actually, heading
to the airport right now.
- Why don't we give you a ride?
- Oh... Yeah. Thanks very much.
But first, who is Derrick?
I don't know any Derrick.
I know lots of Derricks..
We're gonna miss our plane.
Tonya, How does you feel
about going to the Olympics?
I'm really happy!
But it won't be a true crown
until I get my chance with Nancy.
And that'll be Olympics. And...
Let me tell you.
I'm gonna whip her butt.
Did the FBI speak to you?
I mean, they talked to everybody. And
they, they're doing,
to see a thorough investigation
to try to find the man who did it.
Thanks guys. Thanks.
- Holy shit, I'm going to the Olympics.
- They were taking my picture!
I mean fuck the
Skating Association! Fuck 'em.
This is a cluster-fuck.
- Shit!
- It's not funny. We gotta fix this!
Fix what? We talked to the FBI.
Everything is fine.
She's right man.
We outsmarted 'em.
My guys are paid & deep in cover.
- Fuck!
- Jesus! What is your problem?
You want to tell me what happened,
Shawn? Who did you talk to?
- Nobody!
- Yeah?
Well if you tell me now, then
then we're all gonna be fucked.
I did not talk to anybody!
Somebody knows something
when they shouldn't know anything.
I never said anything!
Then how come they know
the name Derrick, Shawn?
I don't know? How could
you even ask me that?
I could withstand torture and I'd still
never talk. They could never break me!
The whole Nancy Kerrigan thing?
That was my crew.
We were paid $65,000 to take her out.
Then my team obtained press
credentials by beating up a reporter.
That's what gets us inside the rink.
My hit man whacks Kerrigan 3 times with a
retractable baton...
And then he shouts at her, he says...
Shawn Eckhardt?
Who is it, Shawny?
- I brought you boys some nice tea.
- Thank you.
Maybe some short bread too, mom?
What can you tell us about Tonya
I don't know Tony Harding...
Aren't you her bodyguard?
Let me finish... Well.
I don't know her well.
How about Nancy Kerrigan?
- Who?
- You haven't heard of Nancy Kerrigan?
Oh yeah. I thought
you said Nancy Herring.
- Shawn?
- Jeff, did it! Jeff Gillooly, did it!
- What the fuck is going on?
- Nothing.
Don't answer it!
Jeff Gillooly speaking?
You gotta pay me my money
and I gotta get outta town.
Who is it?
- They know something.
- Wait what are you...?
Just meet me or else
I'm gonna be forced to...
Shawn, calm down.
Where do you want to meet?
At the Golden Buddha.
At our regular table.
Just meet me at the stroke of midnight.
I'm not meeting you at the fucking stroke
of midnight.
That's the plan, man.
And bring the fucking money!
Great, great.
Tell your mom I said hi.
- What's going on, Shawn?
- Nothing, just, why don't you sit down?
- You might wanna go to that bar on the...
- No, no, no. We're fine here. Sit down..
What's up, man? You okay? You're
sweating an awful lot even for you.
No. I'm not okay! You know I'm not
okay... They know something.
- Who?
- They...
- That you know...
- I don't.
The FBI!
Okay. The FBI.
They know something's up.
What's up?
- Jeff? Yeah, Jeff?
- Shawn...
Are you trying to tell me you had something
to do with this Nancy Kerrigan thing?
What the fuck, Jeff?
Of course I had something...
Don't-say another word or I'll be
forced to go to the authorities.
Oh, Jeff?
I hope you hear me well
you fat fuck.
They made your...
Now, die in it.
Diane's husband is a lawyer. So in the
morning we meet up at their house.
It was nice. I mean, they
had a living room and stuff.
- Hello there. Hey. Come on in.
- Hey.
Why don't we just turn
his ugly, fat ass in?
- Because...
- Big, dumb, fuckin', tub a guts...
It's only his word against ours.
You & I gotta stick together.
Yeah, but Jeff, I'm gonna lose everything!
I worked my whole life...
for this and I'm gonna
loose it because of fucking Shawn?
If it ever came down to that, I'd tell them
you didn't have anything to do with it.
But right now we gotta
get our story straight.
And since they can't pin anything on us...
- They didn't know anything.
- But we didn't no know anything.
Look. They've arrested Shawn and he's
saying that it was all your idea, Jeff.
We didn't know anything!
I mean, it was supposed to be letters.
It's gonna be a real
shit show for us soon.
We gotta go home.
What part of keeping your mouth shut
was unclear, you stupid fucking cunt?
There's... There's more to this than
you're telling me, isn't there...?
Shut up Tonya I'm telling you!
Did you do it?
Goddamn it. Shit.
What the fuck, Jeff?
Fuck, what the fuck?
I mean, this is my
fucking life. This is...
Skating is my whole fucking life!
What did you do? What did you do?
What did you actually fucking, Jeff?
Shut up!
And then Bam! Nails me right in the
freakin' face. That's when I knew.
I mean he has never admitted to
me, wouldn't care anymore anyways,
but he's never admitted to
me that he actually did it.
But I knew.
In that moment
I knew he planned it.
And he had it done.
Tonya Harding, 23 years old...
I can't believe it. You gave me up.
No. I didn't!
Yeah, well... The FBI showed
me your transcript.
That's just cheating!
- Open the door!
- Fucking liars!
Tonya, I told you they couldn't prove
All I ever wanted, was protect you, Tonya.
Baby you're all I ever wanted.
I fuckin' lost you now didn't I?
Look Jeff, I, I mean
what did you want me to say?
I told them that you did this
because you did fucking did this!
Tonya, what am I supposed to do?
I do not know. I...
I really think that you
should just kill yourself.
Now there is this feeling out there
that the one who was power mad,
- The who was megalomaniacal was you.
- Incorrect!
I'm a professional bodyguard and
international counter terrorism expert.
I work around the world for
espionage agencies.
- But Shawn, you don't.
- But I do.
- But, Shawn, we checked and you don't.
- But, I do.
- But you don't.
- But I do.
I have actually been quoted as an expert in
terrorism trends and profiles
I believe it was a travel magazine a
couple years ago during the Gulf War.
Here in Portland Oregon, another day
of practice for skater Tonya Harding.
She's still working out
everyday right here behind me,
fully expecting she'll compete later
this month at the Olympics in Norway.
Police and the FBI continue
looking into last weeks
attack on skater Nancy Kerrigan.
Even as the U.S. Figure Skating
Association convenes a hearing panel
to consider where there are
grounds to remove Tonya Harding
from the American Olympic team.
Harding's former husband said Tuesday
that she knew about the attack
on Nancy Kerrigan from the beginning.
The papers all said I plead guilty,
which I did.
But not to planning the attack
which it turns out didn't really matter.
Because once I knew about
it and didn't report it
and tried to cover it all up, I was guilty.
Tonya's mom put out a red velvet
rope in front of her house.
Told us if we wanted to take her
picture we all had to stand behind it.
And we did!
One shot, right here.
I made bail. I was charged with
racketeering and fined $100,000...
Which I never paid.
I never talked to Shawn again.
I thought being
famous was gonna be fun.
I was loved...
for a minute.
Then, I was hated.
Then I was just a punchline.
It was like being abused all over again.
Only this time it was by you.
All of you.
You're all my attackers too.
With just 4 weeks ago to Lily Lyoonjung,
she returned to training
this week in Oregon.
Under intense media scrutiny and pressure
the absorb in the Olympic Team.
Kerrigan, also was back on this week...
striving to make it to Lily Lyoonjung.
But in interviews with Hard Copy...
former Olympians and skating
insiders have said,
that the event of recent weeks...
could turn in to major stumbling
blocks for both competitors...
As they parsue the Olympic gold.
Go away!
Could you please just leave me
alone? For now.
Do not...
So what's new?
I like your hair pulled back like
that. You look young.
I'm 23, mom.
Yeah, well...
You seem to be holding up good.
- Fuck 'em, you know?
- I know.
I never did like that Jeff.
I'm not here to tell you
I told you so. I'm not..
Why are you here?
What do you want?
I want you to know...
I don't know.
That I am on your side.
Big crowd out there.
A lot of people support you.
You've done good.
I'm proud of you.
- All right. I'm going.
- Mom?
Hey... hon, did you
know about the attack?
Well, you can tell me.
What? What are you
looking for? What are you... stop it!
This is a...
- I still meant everything I said.
- Get the fuck out of my house!
Get out!
- I still meant everything I said!
- Fuck off!
- Tonya?
- No comment. No fucking comment.
- Out of my way. Hey!
- Tonya?
Okay I used to have her tires flat.
And her truck towed sometimes so we can
get a picture, ya know?
This was the 1st time there was
a 24 hour news cycle to fill.
We all needed that story.
This is bullshit.
I shouldn't have to apologize
for something I didn't do.
Tonya, there's talk about not letting
you skate in the Olympics at all.
You need to give them this. We're
hanging on by a thread here.
I earned my place on the team fair and
Taking out the competition
with a retractable
baton doesn't strike everyone that way.
- I did not know about it!
- And that's exactly what you'll say.
Can't fucking focus when
I'm trying to skate and I keep...
falling in front of everyone. While...
Nancy gets her own private rink
where someone catches her before she falls.
Honey. You'll apologize
and this will all be over.
Okay. I'll do whatever it takes.
I apologized for ever knowing or being
associated with Jeff which
it looks
like I'll never stop doing ever.
I had no prior knowledge of the
planned assault on Nancy Kerrigan.
I am responsible
however for frailing...
Then when the Olympic Committee
threatened to take me off the team,
I filed a $10 million lawsuit
against them. I mean, it was getting ugly.
But do you think that CBS who
was showin' the games
was gonna let this ginormous
ratings fucker not happen?
The whole entire world was waiting for
this showdown between me and Nancy.
I made the team. You know and I
was ready to show you all.
And this is one of the nights that everybody
has been talking about around world.
One of the most controversial and
talked about sports events in memory.
The woman's figure skating competition
The world champion, Oksana Bayul,
in second place,
going in to tonight's competition.
Nancy Kerrigan, in first place, after
the technical program.
And Katarina Witt, a two-time Gold
medalist, will be the last to skate.
I was asked to comment on everything
for Hard Copy.
And they paid a lot
which was cool.
From the United States of America,
Tonya Harding.
And now the public address is
announcing Tonya Harding's name.
It is her turn to be
on the ice right now.
Yes, yes, it's perfect.
Tonya Harding, after the warm up, had
a problem with her laces.
If she's not out here I think they're
gonna disqualify her. I'm not sure.
I've never seen anything
like this before.
Was it gonna hold it?
Do not worry.
- Well, they tied, now?
- Yes. How does that feel?
It's okay honey, breath.
It's okay.
We just gonna...
Okay, okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
- How long do we have?
- We have one minute.
A minute? Oh my God!
- It's tight!
- Do you wanna tie?
It does not matter, just...
I should go.
It will break my ankles!
You jump high. Check
your heart and go for it.
- Okay?
- Yeah!
My lace broke!
I can't-I really tried
to get out here on time. Please...
In a situation like this, the referee, the
judging panel will give
her every opportunity..
To put out her best
I've been thinking though
no announcement has been
made. They will obviously
give her a amount of time.
Things like this just
don't happen!
Again, it's so important that
the skate is tied properly,
it's important that it's
comfortable on your foot!
Well I think they're allowing Tonya
to fix her skate!
Again, this is
every skaters recurring nightmare.
Can I just say one quick thing about
Nancy Kerrigan?
So my lace breaks which I guess is my
fault but really kinda isn't.
And I go out...
and do the same stuff as everybody
I did not get the marks, because...
I didn't ever have a shot with the judges
to begin with.
I mean, it was a big story, but...
I don't need a big story...
I'm a big story on my own
when I skate.
I did my best and I got 8th.
But Nancy...
She goes out and gives a beautiful
skate, I never said different.
She wins a friggin' silver medal.
And when they put that medal
around her neck..
She looked like she stepped in poo.
She does...
I mean, come on!
How am I the poor
sport in all of this?
An Olympic silver medal.
She looks like she
stepped in poo.
Defendant please rise.
They postponed my trial until after
the Olympics.
Tonya Harding. You are hereby
sentenced to 3 years probation...
$100,000 fine plus $10,000 to the
DA's office for special costs.
Another $50,000 to set up a fund for
the Special Olympics.
500 hours community service;
a psychological evaluation.
And your immediate resignation from
the US Figure Skating Association.
Banning you for life from all Figure Skating
Association competitions and events.
So ordered.
All I did was the hindering
of prosecution.
- What? You'll never...
- It will be OK.
You're never gonna let me
skate again?
I'd rather do jail time.
They only got 18 months.
They got 18 months. I will do that.
You can't...
Your Honor. I don't have an education.
All I know is skating.
- That's all I know.
- And I... I'm no one...
- If I can't skate...
- It's okay.
- I'm not... I mean, I'm not some monster.
- Mrs. Harding?
I just... I'm trying to do the
best in what I know how to.
- Mrs. Harding?
- You're give me a...
It's like you are giving
me a life sentence.
- You can't... do that.
- Mrs. Harding, that's enough.
You can't... please.
Please! Just send me to jail
and then I can still skate!
Just send me to jail and
then I can still skate...!
I... I've given you my decision.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Listen to me... it's
the best we can get.
The 10 best questions
Connie Chung asked Tonya Harding earlier.
No.10: "Would you walk through the
metal detector, one more time, please?"
No. 9: "Do you think
you could kick my ass?"
I got a 2 year sentence.
And did 8 months to the day.
All that craziness, you know,
everything I'll ever be known for,
was only a few months
from start to finish.
I got up one morning before I went to jail,
and the press was leaving.
Like I dreamed of.
I never see Tonya anymore and this is fine.
I could care less.
I lead a full life...
very happy.
Tonya... I would never have
thought of calling in a death threat.
I was too caught up in all the terrible
things she was saying about me...
rather than the fact that I...
Completely ruined her career.
Absolutely ruined it.
Once I was banned from figure
from figure skating for life, I did
not have a lot of options.
Did what I had to do to just stay in the
public eye and pay the bills.
I was the second most known person
behind Bill Clinton in the world.
That meant something.
The people still wanted to see me.
So I became a lady boxer.
I mean, why not? Violence was
always what I knew anyway.
America, you know...
They want someone to love...
but they want someone to hate.
And they want it easy.
But what's easy?
And the haters always say, Tonya
Tell the truth.
But there's no such thing as truth.
I mean it's bullshit.
Everyone has their own truth.
And life just does
whatever the fuck it wants.
That's the story on my life!
And that's the fucking truth!