I Trapped The Devil (2019) Movie Script

Anyone home?
What's all this?
I was not expecting company.
...hate to drop in
out of the blue, it's just..
...you know, holidays.
You guys, uh,
you can't stay here.
Excuse me?
We drove all this way
just to see you.
Well, you've, uh, you've seen me
and now you've gotta go.
I don't wanna do this.
Have you stopped long enough
ever to think that what you want
and what other people want
are very different things?
I don't care where you guys go,
but you -- you can't stay here.
Oh, for fuck's sake, I have just as
much of a right to be here as you do.
This was my idea, actually.
It's Christmas.
You really should get this
checked out.
Oh, it'll be fine.
You smell good.
I smell the same.
It's still good.
Place looks great.
What did you expect?
Mentally... I'm not sure
where he is.
...he can only sit and brood
for so long.
Says you.
I'm sorry
that we're not at home.
He's gonna do
what he's gonna do.
Always has.
They wouldn't wanna see him
like this.
Um, at some point,
he's gonna have to learn
to deal with
these things on his own.
Getting frustrated
isn't gonna make it any easier.
...something feels wrong.
Uh, we decided to stay.
You've done a lot
with the place.
Do any work lately?
Some new art.
Looks nice.
...been doing some painting?
Some finger painting?
Karen's been doing some
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Some secretary stuff
at Miller and Wages.
And I recently, uh, moved up
to the new high school.
We've been thinking, um, that
the time might just be right
to expand the family a bit.
You know, um, if you're not
too busy up here
you are always welcome
to -- to come down.
We just redid
the -- the guest room.
It's, it's nice.
Unless you're too busy
...here... you know.
I'm gonna go to the bathroom.
Miller and Wages.
It's just a job.
Excuse me.
It's a... it's eclectic.
The decor.
It's eclectic.
Yeah, sure. Eclectic.
You alright?
Matt, could I talk to you in the
kitchen for a minute please?
- Could you just try?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Sure.
- Please?
- Yeah.
- Did anybody follow you here?
- Huh?
Steve, look..
We shouldn't have just shown up.
I'm sorry about that.
I just really haven't been
there and..
I don't want you to be alone.
Am I boring you?
Do you trust me?
Yeah, sure.
Really trust me?
I gotta show you something.
Are you okay?
Wha -- what were you doing?
What's wrong?
Something's wrong with Steve.
It's more complicated than that.
I think he might be dangerous.
There's a man in the basement.
Is someone, is someone there?
Please. Please, can -- can you,
can you help me?
Ple -- please?
Please, I just..
Please, I just wanna
hear your voice.
I just want to get to my family.
The devil.
How does this even happen?
That -- that,
that's not important.
Not important?
Okay. We need,
we need to call someone.
- Huh?
- Call someone for help.
We can't just
leave him down there.
You've dragged us into this.
Look, our only... option..
...is to remain very still.
At least until we --
Oh, remain very still.
Remain very still? Wha..
Okay, Steve... I love you,
you know this.
- I --
- This is, this is..
Impulsive decisions..
...can go really wrong.
Matt, I need,
I need you with me on this.
You guys are not listening.
What do you think
they would say?
If you called somebody right now and
told them what I just told the two of you
what do you think
they would say?
Would they believe you?
Would they believe us?
If we called someone
and said that
you somehow caught the devil
and he's behind your cellar door.
Would they believe us?
- No!
- I know this sounds crazy!
I am not crazy!
I've been trying to
convince myself that I was.
That t -- there's something
just not right up here.
There's something fucking loose
or not in place!
I, uh..
There is something evil locked
behind that fucking door.
It has conjured itself
into the shape of a man.
I have seen it.
I have felt it.
And I need both of you to
believe me.
- No.
- I..
Honey, let's..
Can we just take a,
take a deep breath for a minute?
- Are you serious?
- I don't... I don't know. I..
Honey... let's just say..
...for the sake of argument..
...that he's right.
It's the devil
a -- and he, he's caught him.
What's the plan?
You just keep him locked
down there forever?
I know you both felt
something down there!
Jesus, Steve. You..
Okay. I, we..
Matt, Matt.
We cannot be a part of this.
We cannot be a part of this.
I am not fucking crazy.
I'm not.
What have you done?
...stay here.
Look, I think that --
No. Stop.
Listen to me.
I have stood by your side
and your family's side
through everything. Everything.
Any chance that we have
for a normal life
just went out the window
with that man's choices.
- He's my brother.
- No, this is not grieving.
- This is --
- This, this feels different.
He believes this, it's..
- No.
- All I'm saying is, what if?
If you think even
for one moment that --
No. Uh..
You're right, okay?
This is a nightmare.
But I won't have him
spend his life in prison.
He hasn't left us
very many options, has he?
We.. We'll just let him go.
We have enough in savings,
we just cut the guy a check.
We don't even know who he is or
how long he's been down there.
We get Steve the help
that he needs.
'Cause Steve's just gonna let
him waltz out of there, right?
...there are crosses
on the doors.
The windows are covered.
This is less about
keeping someone in
as it is about keeping
everyone else out.
Faith makes people dangerous.
He's not.
There's a gun upstairs
and it's loaded.
I am tired.
May I?
What happened to us?
I don't know.
It's gonna be okay.
I need you to believe me.
Then help me.
There's something in the air.
There is a presence... now,
it takes on many different forms
but it has been around for
as long as anybody can remember.
Alright, you're a teacher.
Now, take an educated guess
as to how many people
in this country,
this year alone
faced a violent death.
I don't..
My wife cheated on me. Bang!
I just needed a little money.
Today, I just didn't like the
look on his smug fucking face.
It's a cycle.
Now this man defines evil
as a tangible force.
Meddling in our affairs
with two very different agendas.
Now, there's man's evil, in which man harms
man for the sake of greed, and vanity.
And there's pure evil,
in which man harms man
for no other reason
than to watch him suffer.
It's all curated.
And you believe that?
Numbers and equations are only
gonna get you so far, Matt.
So I decide to go outside,
walk down the street
and just shoot somebody
in the face?
Well, you wouldn't.
Even in today's highly
enlightened society
there remains a certain stigma against
becoming a homicidal psychopath.
It's, it's the instinct.
It's the idea.
Now without the seed,
that thought would never even register.
And keeping him down there?
I trapped the seed.
Let me show you something.
You did all this?
At first
there's a lot of dead air.
Bullshit to it all,
but after a while
you start peeling back layers
there's a pattern.
How long has all this
been going on?
Now it's still too early, to save
the forest for the trees, but, uh..
You listen to the news
you watch TV, things are
changing right before our eyes.
I mean, we are on the
precipice of something.
Here, listen.
You know this story. Right?
- Buckler girl?
- Mm-hm.
Missing for a month.
And then out of the blue
she's back.
Now, I think..
...given enough time
others are gonna start
showing up.
You know... you could have
called me
before all of... this.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Even if the man's evil
who's responsible
for 99.9%
of this world's bullshit
that point one percent...
There's millions. Who even could just
for a second live without that pain?
Shh, shh.
Who's been calling?
I think something's coming
for him.
Yeah, sometimes I think I, uh
I, uh, see things.
I hear things.
Who else have you told
about this?
See, I don't think
I had to tell anyone.
Good, bad, evil.
It's like, it's like
you're building a road, hm?
But you don't know
how far it goes
but you know the destination.
Now, something gets in your,
in your path
you're not just gonna give up.
You're gonna find a way around
until you're back on course.
At first I thought,
I -- I thought it was off.
And people
I had never even met before
would just stop and stare at me.
But it wasn't them.
And then now..
...at this critical moment..
...after two years..
...you two show up.
- That's not why --
- Well, that you know of.
Someone.. Something.
I -- I'm not even sure if it is
a thing, is coming.
All I know is
you back a dog into a corner
you take away
his means of escape and..
...he's gonna bite.
He doesn't wanna be down there
Where's Karen?
Is someone there?
Please answer me,
I just wanna hear your voice.
I'm here.
Please, c -- can you help me?
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Please, please don't go.
I need to.
Just hear me out.
I don't know what he thinks
I've done, alright
but he's never gonna let me
leave here.
I can understand
the uncertainty of it all.
But right now you're the only thing
standing between me and my loved ones.
I just need to
get to my family.
You hesitate.
Oh, I see.
This is because of what
I did to them, isn't it?
Open the door, Karen.
What'd you hear?
Get that fucking thing
out of my face.
I know you felt it.
You were right.
You don't need us.
You never did.
You can do whatever you want.
I'm not here for you.
I'm here for her.
Nobody leaves.
I never liked that tree.
The ornaments were
our grandparents.
Steve used to put
every single one up.
This, this is their thing.
How does it feel?
Being hopeless.
You're alone.
They're what made me... me.
It's in your eyes,
so I... I know you understand.
The way you look at my brother..
...the way he looks at you.
It's there.
It was just an accident.
Wrong place wrong time.
That doesn't change anything.
That man is not evil
for what he did
but it is evil
that let it happen.
Evil is whatever hurts you
the most.
Open it.
Prove it to yourself.
And then you can see
and I can see
whatever it shows you.
But I know..
...something is coming.
This is for your own good.
Where are you?
Please help.
I can't stop the bleeding.
I can't see anything.
Why can't I see anything?
There's something in here.
I don't know what..
Stop it!
Shut up!
You're not real!
You're not real!
Please, help me.
You're not real.
You're not real.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I wasn't here before for you..
...but I am now.
It's gonna be okay now.
Just stay here, alright?
Matt, wait.
When I went down there,
something's not right.
I can't -- I can't explain it
like Steve can but..
It's gonna be okay.
I love you.
Please, Matt.
You have no idea
what you're doing.
Why, why can't you not
just believe?
I'm not doing this with you.
You do what you do
and it suits you so well
'cause you're required to take
nothing on faith!
The man behind
that door
he might be the devil to you
he is for sure not the devil.
- Matt, just --
- No, this..
Those papers, these people..
You are given the world and
look what you've done with it!
No, no, no, this was not
about us!
- This is about everything else!
- No, it's about them!
And none of this
is going to bring them back!
L -- l -- let's say
you're right.
Okay, we, we -- we free him,
let him go
and nothing changes. Okay.
But what if you're wrong?
Get out of the way.
there's a bigger picture.
What have you done?
What have you done?
I didn't..
I didn't..
I didn't mean for this
to happen.
He just, he just..
He wouldn't stop.
He's alwa -- always watching,
always listening.
You just -- just open the door
and you can see them again.
You can, you can see..
You can see her.
Even if you tell them
they won't believe you.
They don't want to.
But I know you do.
Yep. Maybe it's for the best.
It's a funny thing,
isn't it, Karen?
Finding yourself on the other
side of the looking glass.
God, you've got all of this
useless knowledge
and the only real certainty
is that you'll never
fully understand why.
He's not quite gone yet,
you know.
You can save him.
We can save him.
It's up to you.
Just open the door.
Well, so be it.
God, I almost got you though,
didn't I?
Oh, fuck.
Well, she's always been
a smart little thing.
Copy that.
- Let's roll.
- Yeah.
Police, open up!
Anyone home?
Holy shit.
Holy shit.
Is anybody there?
Listen, hello, please.
Please, please help me.
Please, please.
Please, please let me out.
Is she still there?
Uh, hello?
Is, is someone there?
Ple -- please.
Please help me.
Ple -- please.
Ple -- please.
I just need
to get to my family.