I Walk the Line (1970) Movie Script

do you hear me?
Your wife says don't forget
bring home the corn.
You goin' out
to Dorfin's place?
Where are you now,
Sheriff, do you hear me?
I keep a close watch
on this heart of mine
I keep my eyes wide open
all the time
I keep the ends out
for the tie that binds
Because you're mine
I walk the line
I find it very, very easy
to be true
I find myself alone
when each day is through
Yes, I'll admit
that I'm a fool for you
Because you're mine
I walk the line
As sure as night is dark
and day is light
I keep you on my mind
both day and night
And happiness I've known
proves that it's right
Because you're mine
I walk the line
You've got a way
to keep me on your side
You give me cause for love
that I can't hide
For you I know I'd even try
to turn the tide
Because you're mine
I walk the line
I keep a close watch
on this heart of mine
I keep my eyes wide open
all the time
I keep the ends out
for the tie that binds
Because you're mine
I walk the line
Because you're mine
I walk the line
Because you're mine
I walk the line
Oh, step on it, Buddy. Come
on, we can go faster than this.
Oh, the sheriff's car.
We're gonna get beat,
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Buddy, oh!
You all right?
Yes, sir.
Get up outta there.
Yes, sir.
Who's in the bushes?
Somebody run off.
Oh, well, that was Buddy,
but he ain't but a kid.
He just gets scared, you know,
like kids will with the law.
He have a license? Oh, he
wasn't driving. I was driving.
- Oh.
- Uh-huh.
- Your license.
- Um, you see,
Buddy and me was hangin' around
the house, you know, nothin' to do.
And, uh, he found
these here alligator shoes.
Wait, I'll show you.
Just a minute.
See, he found these here
alligator shoes up on a hillside,
and he put 'em on and he
started playin' like a boy will.
Sir, my license
ain't here.
- What's your name?
- Alma McCain.
Where do you live?
Up on Gatesboro Road.
We ain't been there long.
We was livin'
in Loomis Canyon.
- Who's we?
- My pa and me and Buddy and Clay.
Clay's almost 18.
They ain't home now.
They're workin'.
- Where do they work?
- Factory.
But it's workin',
and only for a while.
And we think that's
real fine for us.
That's real fine.
Mm-hmm. Uh, they're at
Kingman. They make pot handles.
You got a ma?
No, sir.
I do the cookin' and cleanin'
and look after Buddy though.
Well, maybe you don't know it,
but the way I seen it,
there was a boy
drivin' this truck.
And you're sure
not a boy now, are ya?
No, sir. No.
I'd appreciate it
you didn't arrest Buddy,
as I'm responsible
for him.
And, uh, well,
he's real young.
Well, I-I'd just
appreciate it, that's all.
Get in.
Tell your daddy
that Sheriff Tawes said,
"People who drive
oughta get a license...
and do it
in a proper manner."
I will, sir.
I really will.
And I'm much obliged
to you, Sheriff.
And, uh,
you best tell your brother...
to start wearin' shoes
his size.
Yes, sir.
Got a riddle for ya,
Hmm? You know where man learn to talk?
'Fraid not. Man learned to
talk listenin' to parrots.
Oh, it's just
a fool thing.
Eat your beans, Grampa.
You see, people have to teach
the parrot, so it can't be.
Dog's barkin' all night.
It's Andy's dog.
Gettin' old though.
Henry, you want
more gravy?
Sybil, I'll make more gravy
for you and the sheriff.
Edith Owens's brother's
in the gospel group,
and there's gonna be a
gospel fest next weekend.
I didn't hear ya.
Edith Owens's brother's
in the gospel group.
That's real fine, ain't it? Real fine.
Well, it's easier
for us here, ain't it?
That's just fine
for us all, don't it?
Now tell me again,
what did he say to you?
Well, he asked my name.
You just say your name? I
just say I'm Alma McCain.
And what did he say to that?
Exactly what did he say?
Um, he asked me
what you did.
And what'd you tell him,
Well, I-I tell him
what you did.
I tell him you made
pot handles.
You mention Georgie?
No, I didn't say
nothin' about Georgie.
You get the sugar?
Yes, sir.
He see the sugar?
Oh, I don't know.
You sure?
I didn't see nothin'.
Well, we don't buy sugar
in Shelton no more.
Well, maybe he did see the sugar, but,
well, I didn't see him see the sugar.
All right.
Then what'd he do?
How do you know he smelled
you most?
How do you know he didn't
smell the whiskey most?
I don't know. He just
didn't seem to, that's all.
She's wearing violet,
not whiskey.
Hey, shut up,
you hear me?
- Did he touch you?
- Huh?
I said,
did he touch you?
I bet he wanted
to touch her though.
He wanna touch you?
I don't know.
If we lose
that out there,
we don't have
that still,
we ain't
got nothin'.
Might as well
be niggers.
Yeah, that'll be
all right, home.
Mornin', Sheriff.
You say he's giving you
real trouble.
Well, all right,
calm down.
Sheriff, Mrs. Wesson's
on the line.
She says you best
get out there fast.
Old man Linton's plumb loco
about them cuttin' down that tree.
He'll be comin' over,
Mrs. Wesson.
He is hurryin',
Mrs. Wesson.
Bye. You sure that tree's on her lot?
We checked the deed.
She's got every right
to cut that tree down.
I forgot to tell you...
there's a federal man
in town.
- Come here?
- No, he, uh,
was talkin' to Kelly in the pool
hall, and Kelly sniffed him out.
Kelly told me there's
a federal man in town.
Well, leave him alone.
We'll hear from him
when he's ready.
Just show up
Friday morning, Ezra.
You can tell that
to the judge, Ezra.
Then you be here, on time.
Well, you won't get in no
trouble if you're here on time.
I know all about it.
Well, then you get
your uncle to bring you down.
All right, Ezra.
All right.
Good night, Ezra.
Um, Alma McCain.
From Gatesboro. Remember when
the truck went off the road?
Well, um,
you see, Clay and me was
comin' in to a drive-in show,
and I said to him, I'd like to go in
to town and see the sheriff personally,
and tell him I'm obliged
the way he didn't arrest Buddy.
And when we get here,
he says to rush.
And I said
I didn't wanna rush.
And then, well,
he lost his temper,
and, uh, well, he just
rolled right off without me.
I- I mean,
he just "tooked" right off.
Afraid he'll be late
for the show, I guess.
That's a damn thing to do.
- Well, Clay - He has a terrible,
terrible temper, Clay does.
He works with my pa
at the factory.
Pot handles.
That's right,
pot handles.
But, I don't- I don't- I
don't mean to bother you none.
It's just that I wanted to
tell you that I appreciate it.
I- I mean, I really appreciate
what you done for Buddy.
And that's all
I got to say.
- I'm not gonna take your time.
- Oh, no, it's all right.
About time, I mean.
It's all right.
Would you like
a Dr. Pepper?
All right.
You ever seen
a courtroom?
No, sir,
I haven't.
It burned down in '28. They
built it up again though.
Well, it looks-
looks good as new now, huh?
Never was new,
I don't think.
There's lots of seats
and, uh-
Uh, well, this here
is the judge's bench.
And the American flag.
Oh, I know that.
I mean, I know the flag.
Well, I suppose you do
know the flag, all right.
Uh-huh. We used to pledge
allegiance to the flag.
Of course, I never pledged allegiance
to the flag quite so big though.
Oh, my God. It went
right up through my nose.
You all right?
Oh, that burned.
Well, that must be the
pepper in the Dr. Pepper.
Must be. Oh.
You all right now?
Thank you.
Well, I guess
you're kinda stuck,
with your brother
takin' off like that.
Tooked off just like that.
Well, he gonna come back?
Well, knowin' Clay, he'll
go to the show and then, uh-
then go out and get drunk...
and won't think about nothin' till mornin'
- everybody's sleepin'.
It's just like Clay
to do a thing like that.
You wouldn't be going
that way, would you?
It don't sound
so good no more.
That's the trouble
with them things.
Batteries wear out
before your song's over.
You can turn in that
next grove there. Hmm? Oh.
You can stop right here
if you want.
Don't the road
go on in?
It's all right.
Well, listen now.
I didn't have
nothin' in mind.
But it's all right.
It's me.
Had a phone call-
Mr. Bascomb.
He get you? He said he tried
the office, but you was out.
I had to see about some
trouble, uh, out on Horse Pike.
down from Sutton.
Said he'd get you
in the mornin'.
Who is he?
He's a revenue man.
I thought the Dentons were the last
with any kind of still worth goin' after.
Why don't they just let 'em
be? They don't hurt nobody.
Maybe some new people
will come in, huh?
So, when you get a little time, why, the
people from Washington would appreciate...
your making a list
of those who got the habit.
Or, uh, those
you ever caught.
Or, uh, those
who've been suspect.
Many as you can
will be appreciated.
People from Polderaine,
Loomis Canyon, Finchberg.
Well, you just go back as
far as you think's necessary.
You want a list now? Oh,
no, no, no, not this minute.
I'll wander back in
in a few days or so.
I'll give every one of them to
you out of my head right now.
Elsie, put 'em down while I
call 'em off. Mister- Mister, uh-
Uh, Hunnicutt.
Well, Mr. Hunnicutt, we don't
wanna oversimplify our work...
to those up there in the
tower, now do we, huh?
You just take your time.
Well, many thanks, Sheriff.
We'll get on it for ya.
You know, uh, not much
action around here, huh?
Now, your barber told me I'd have
to go all the way over to Sutton...
to find any life
after sunset.
Of course, unless I wanna
take in a civic meetin'.
Yeah, that's about it
for Shelton.
Regular action here, that's
what you find in these hills.
Yeah, I suppose so.
People here just try
to survive, that's all.
Some make a little moonshine.
Don't really harm nobody.
Just pushin' a little extra
sometimes so as they don't end up...
with their chins in their hands
for the rest of their lives.
On this side of the law
On that side of the law
Who is right
Who is wrong
Who is for
and who's against the law
Well, you see I didn't
really mean you any harm
But I simply couldn't make it
on the farm
When the land
won't give a lot
You gotta do
with what you got
And all I got's
the muscle in my arm
Well, I wouldn't ever hurt
my fellow man
And, mister, it seems to me
you'd understand
I'm just tryin'
to help myself
Without hurtin'
anybody else
And a man has got to do
the best he can
On this side of the law
On that side of the law
Who is weak
Who is wrong
Who is for
and who's against the law
Oh, I didn't really mean
to let my family down
And I'm not givin' you
the runaround
I had rather be dead than to
have to bake my daily bread
And I pay my way
no matter where I'm bound
Well, I didn't really think
that I did wrong
Just as long as I stayed here
where I belonged
I did the only thing I could
same as anybody would
Yes, I was simply trying
to get along
On this side of the law
On that side of the law
Who is right
Who is wrong
Who is for
and who's against the law
On this side of the law
On that side of the law
Who is right
Who is wrong
Who is for
and who's against the law
Roe, come here!
They never know nothin'
about my comin' to you.
Tell them I want
this stuff outta here.
They wouldn't have stood
for it. I done it on my own.
Tell 'em
to get it out fast.
I swear, it had nothin'
to do with it, honest!
I'll write to you.
Don't write!
I wanna see you again. I'll
let you know when you can come.
Don't you do nothin'
like that. You hear me?
Don't you take
no chance like that.
We gonna be in
trouble, Alma?
I don't know, Buddy.
[ Instrumental ]
Here you go.
Rack 'em.
Do it again.
- Can't you sleep, Pa?
- Old man Linton, they cut his tree.
I heard about it.
Tried to hold on to something
ordinary as shade.
It weren't his tree, Pa.
Got a message the other day. I was nappin'.
Dog started barkin',
brought me full awake.
Girls will be back. We'll get
your mother, go fishin', all of us.
Okay, Pop.
Dog's barkin'.
Countryside on fire. I sit
up, there are your sisters.
They're comin' back.
I know it.
Maybe they will, Pop.
You get to bed real soon,
you hear?
Get your paperwork done,
Do your back?
Looks like
I had 'em all.
Or just about.
Cullen. I figured
about Cullen-
two convictions.
'Cept he's 87 years old.
Yeah, this damn county
goes back to the dinosaurs.
Everything goes back to the dinosaurs. Mm.
Before I forget, Wylie,
you gotta see
that revival tent today.
Make sure they don't set too many
chairs in there like they did last time.
Standing on the promises
of Christ my King
Through eternal ages
let His praises ring
Glory in the highest
I will shout and sing
Standing on the promises
of God
Standing, standing
Standing on the promises
of Christ our Savior
I'm standing on the promises
of God
I'm glad you come.
They're all gone.
Won't be back
for a time.
I'm glad
you figured it.
Oh, I can't figure
nothin' right now.
I have to see you. I have
to see you all the time.
I gotta see you too. I've
been waiting every day to hear.
I told you I would. Well, I
just couldn't wait no more.
Best not to come
direct to you.
Ain't that right?
It's all right now.
For a minute there
I thought I'd get caught.
Everybody hangin' around.
Yeah, at your car.
Didn't you find it?
What- What do you mean?
Well, my note.
I put it in your car.
What are you
talking about?
Your car was at the tent. I seen it today.
I was there with Buddy.
Weren't you
at the tent?
What did it say? I seen
your car over there.
No, no, the letter,
what did it say?
It- It just said
to come tonight.
Is that all?
Your name on it?
You sure?
Say where to come?
No, I just- I just put
"Come tonight" on it.
I mean, I figured
it was your car.
- Wasn't that your car?
- No.
Well, it was.
I seen it there.
The letter, where'd you leave it
in the car? Where'd you leave it?
Exactly, I mean.
Well, I'm not sure.
On the dash somewhere.
I was in a rush.
I wanted you
to find it.
Whose car was it?
- It was one of my deputies.
- Well, he can't do nothin'.
He don't know nothin'. I mean,
it could have been anybody.
I'm sorry.
I'm awful sorry.
Maybe I can still get it.
That's right.
Maybe he missed it.
That'd be good,
wouldn't it?
Oh, I ain't gonna
hurt ya.
Why, I ain't never
gonna hurt ya.
What's he runnin' for?
Alma done
scared him off.
I said,
what's he runnin' for?
Where I put the note
weren't his car.
What's the matter with you?
Can't you settle down?
I said, "You wanna be
shot out of a cannon?"
My head, you know,
made one of those quick moves.
'Cause animals, sometimes when they come
out, they get the lights or something.
And, uh, I've been attacked
several times on this show.
We're gonna take a station
break. We'll be right back.
You ate in the dark,
you drip all over.
Legs all stuck up
with mayonnaise.
What are you looking
around for?
What do you see out there?
Just like you,
starin' in the dark.
Why don't you go to hell?
Weather report says
cloudy days are holding on.
The winds coming up
on the east ridge.
Showers here in the local mountains.
Temperatures holding the same.
And the mud slide on Davis Road has been
cleared and traffic gets through as usual.
This is WQQR, Valley Mountain
weather, and here is more music.
Open the door
for the sheriff, Buddy.
Go on.
You find the note?
That, uh, federal man,
did he leave town?
He'll be back.
He went off though.
That's good, isn't it?
He'll be back.
I want that whole outfit
sunk in the river.
Two days, you hear?
We'll try, Sheriff.
Well, then get started.
And don't you think
I don't mean it.
You got nothin' on me.
I'll just deny anything.
I know that, Sheriff.
I never figured we had.
We get caught, it's our
own fault, not yours.
I'm just obliged to you
for letting us off like this-
I mean, givin' us time,
no matter what reason you got.
Get in the truck.
Tawes, you know what we are.
We don't mean no harm.
There's a federal man now.
There's no choice.
- He have to know about us?
- Sooner or later he'll know.
We'll take our chances.
After all, you won't be gettin'
the worse of it, you hear?
You'll keep on gettin'
the best of it.
We got arrangements,
you hear?
Oh, when the day was ended
I was still not satisfied
I knew everything I touched
would wither and would die
And love is all
that would remain
And grow from
all these seeds
I kept you waitin'.
Flesh and blood needs
flesh and blood I'm sorry.
And you're the one I need
It's almost time
for bed, Grampa.
You'd think in a world
where there's death,
there'd be no time to hate,
wouldn't you?
That's what I used to think
when we got married.
When we had
our whirlwind.
I used to think things
like that.
Guess I read it
Swept you clean off your feet
in that whirlwind, didn't I?
Before you knew it, you had Ellen
Haney around your neck, didn't ya?
Magazine I read said people
never really know each other.
Even married people
it said.
And I fully understand that people
are entitled to their privacy.
I mean, people who
care about each other...
can't even pretend to know
everything about each other.
Don't you agree?
I expect so.
I guess only enemies
can pretend that.
Yes, they do.
That's right.
Oh, Henry.
That's such good thinkin'.
That's really meaningful.
Only enemies pretend
to know a person fully.
You see what kind
of mind you have.
I always believed you could run for a much
bigger county office if you had an urge to.
And I would certainly stand
behind you if that's what you want.
I mean,
anything you want, Henry.
Just 'cause the magazine says
we don't know each other...
don't mean we can't help
each other, does it?
Anything you want, Henry.
Just anything.
You like to scare
the hell out of me.
Them little radios, they
take these? Oh. Harley?
That's all right.
I'm in the back.
Never mind, Ida. What size batteries
these transistor radios take? Nine?
Good afternoon, Sheriff.
They're for the sheriff.
Uh-huh. Nine.
A bag.
How's Ellen Haney?
She's fine.
That's good, what with
all the sickness around.
I hear they'll be buryin'
Colonel Anderson soon.
Is Colonel Anderson dead? No,
but Doc Ellison says
he will be next Tuesday.
I'll sweep out
your chimney
Yes, and I will bring
you flowers
Yes, and I will do for you
most anything you want me to
If we live in a cottage
You will feel
like it's a castle
By the royal way
you're treated
And attention
shown to you
I'll be right beside you
no matter where you travel
Yes, and I'll be there
to cheer you
Till the sun comes
shining through
And if we're ever parted
I will keep the tie
that binds us
And I'll never let it break
'cause I love you
Honey, I will bring
you honey
From the bee tree
in the meadow
And the first time
there's a rainbow
I'll bring you a pot of gold
I'll take all your troubles
And I'll throw 'em
in the river
And I'll bundle down
beside you
And I'll keep you
from the cold
I'll be right beside you
no matter where you travel
Yes, and I'll be there
to cheer you
Till the sun comes
shining through
And if we're ever parted
I will keep the tie that binds us Ghosts.
Hmm? And I'll never let
it break 'cause I love you
We used to think there
was ghosts here. Uh-huh.
Hear all kind
of things.
And who was we?
My sisters.
What'd you hear?
Oh, sounds.
They're all dead now.
Sixteen years.
Car got hit on the highway
goin' into Nashville-
They and my mother.
My pa, he still
don't believe it.
You go to church,
don't ya?
Well, I mean,
being sheriff and all.
I'm sorry
about your people.
You see the lake
over there?
That was our place.
You mean they
took it from you?
They took us from it.
Oh. Huh.
I near forgot.
I gotta put them in now.
Johnny Paul.
The sweet life
You can promise me
the moon and all those stars
You can tell me that you
want me and you need me
But it don't mean a thing
without you, babe
Well, let I you take me out
last Friday evening
And you talked about
the perfume in my hair
And just because
I let you hug and kiss me
You think our next date's
gonna be
A swingin' affair
Now I must confess you've got
a spark to burnin'
But that spark could start
a fire if it was fanned
Come on now, Henry.
Henry, I don't wanna play
this game no more.
You scared the daylights
out of me.
You- You're really terrible,
you know that?
What's the matter?
- Go off with me, Alma.
- Hmm?
Go off with me.
All right.
Where do you wanna go?
Anywhere you want.
- Mmm, Chicago.
- All right.
- In an airplane. I've never been in one.
- In an airplane.
Just think of the things I
could bring back from Chicago.
Aw, we wouldn't come back.
You know I've never been farther than
Knoxville. Probably never will either.
Got an uncle who lives in Waco, Texas,
and he come up for a reunion once.
Said I could come visit him,
but I never heard.
Well, we're gonna go
farther than Waco.
We're goin' to California.
Go on into Canada.
You're a good man,
How about that federal man? He
ever talk about the federal man?
No, never does.
Hey, Buddy, come on.
Help me with this stuff. I'm comin'.
What the hell does that
sheriff talk about all day long?
Well, mainly
he jokes a lot.
Today he says-
Pa, today he says we was
goin' to Chicago.
Him and me.
And then he says
maybe even California.
Ah, damn. But he's real fine natured.
You know, he has a wife
and a young girl.
He even goes to church time to time. Mmm.
Pa says we gonna go to
the gospel tent. Yeah.
We gonna cleanse We gonna cleanse
Our sinful souls
Our sinful souls
We're gonna get 'em all. All right!
I want you to tell
that sheriff somethin'.
You tell him, if he's gonna
take you off to California,
he'd better get us
a new cook first.
We gonna get me a hundred
dollars on Tuesday.
A hundred dollars?
I'll get you
some new clothes soon.
Hey, I seen a dress in
Sutton. Could I get that?
This oughta make
Mr. Bascomb happy.
Where have you been?
In some catfight?
Over at the Crobins' place
yesterday. Just doin' a little pokin'.
Huh. He just about
shot me outta there.
Bet you were real polite,
weren't ya?
Manners don't
solve crimes, Elsie.
Anything? Oh, just Worley Holden for Wylie.
I forgot to tell ya.
What he want?
He said 'bout your discussion as to
whether Kyle Rush is a Hebrew or not.
He found out-
He's not.
Well, he don't exactly
look like Christmas.
That list for Bascomb.
This all of it?
All that's registered.
Shiner's a sneaky fella.
They don't all make a habit
out of signing up.
Pokin' around on your own can
be dangerous, you know that?
Some of these people not too friendly.
I told you before not to
go nosin' round on 'em.
Next time
you go out lookin',
tell somebody where you're
goin', unless I go with you.
Waterfront Patrol or
the San Diego main office?
Look, operator, I don't care.
I have this problem.
Now, look. Get me
the San Diego main office.
Your operator.
Grit my teeth
And face a new day dawning
Take a deep breath
Then get up and go
Tie the same old
weary shoes
And walk
the same old pathway
I never see a face
That I don't know
Oh, God, if I could
just pack up and go
Hungry for some other face
Hungry for some other place
Needin' somethin'
And I know what
God, I know what
I'm tired of seein'
the same old road
Tired of carryin'
the same old load
Hungry for somethin'
I ain't got
Her face
across that table
Every mornin'
And lately I don't notice
that she's there
Always leave
that breakfast table
Feelin' so damned empty
She knows there's
somethin' wrong
But I don't care
Oh, God, how much
more of this
Can I bear
You'd better be goin'.
I'm gonna stay
with you.
But you gotta get home.
Mama, Sheriff's back.
Go on to school,
That man, Bascomb, called.
What'd you tell him?
I told him you wasn't here,
that's all.
He said he just got in town.
He'll be at the office.
She a pretty girl?
If that's all then,
well, from time to time a-
a man your age does seek out
a young girl sometimes,
The Reader's Digest
tells how-
Oh, that ain't it,
Ellen Haney.
Young though, huh?
That ain't it.
Well, then what is it, Henry?
Just somethin' different?
Somethin' you need that bad,
I told Sybil you're
gonna be all right.
I want you to know I've always
tried to be honest with you.
By that I mean I've never just wanted to be
a diplomatic type, if you know what I mean.
I know it's hard for you
to hear me say how I feel.
Maybe you never did
feel the same way.
Maybe I don't have much
to give you anymore.
But Sybil and me, we do
have full respect for you.
And we want you to know that,
and we don't want you to be
rash about doin' somethin'.
Henry, tell me
what to do!
You want us to go
to Aunt Carla's for a while?
Just do what you have to do, Ellen Haney.
- You're goin' off with her, ain't ya?
- I don't know.
Oh, God, Henry!
Well, friends,
it's not there.
And there's no more places
to search but here.
Eat molasses on my peas
I done it all my life
Doesn't make 'em any better.
Keeps 'em on my knife
Keeps 'em on your knife, huh? Yeah.
Buy a drum like that, you oughta
get free aspirin with it.
Free aspirin, huh?
- Did you give him the list?
- Yeah, I got it. I got it.
Let's go to the park.
Hey, yeah. That's a good idea. Well,
what we have to do
right now...
is run a fine-tooth comb
right through Jenkins.
How about my taking all the
territory from the highway...
in through Sandy Rock
and the reservoir,
and your boys can
check out the north hump?
Of course, that's with
your blessin', Sheriff.
Doesn't seem no more choice,
does it? How many men you got?
Three, comin' up in the
morning. Then they can take in,
uh, from Cavender.
That's all
through here.
Elsie'll line out some maps
for 'em. And, uh, Wylie,
you go on in from Finchberg. Uh, you
know people in Finchberg better than me.
Why me in Finchberg?
Because I'll take in...
from the highway
to the reservoir.
That's why.
Well, sounds like
that oughta do it.
Mr. Bascomb?
Of course, uh, that list
might not be complete.
Like I was over at Sutton the other
day looking through some records-
findin' old names,
old roads
barely on the map.
And like I come across
the name McCain-
people up in
Loomis Canyon.
Sure ain't there now though.
Ooh. Hell, yeah.
They have a record
way back,
maybe two or three
Real slippery. Yeah. Movin' all the time.
You take people
like this McCain.
His daddy taught him.
And he'll teach his own,
and they'll teach theirs.
Got himself a lot
of students too.
Two sons livin' at home,
and he's got a daughter.
And she's got herself
a husband.
Of course, he's in prison
up at Capesville,
so odds are he knows
how to make the juice already.
Anyhow, they're, uh,
livin' somewhere in these hills.
Well, we can't catch 'em all. That's
for sure. Well, now, that's hard to know.
Well, I'll swing on down to the
cabins. Uh, get my people set up.
Looks like I'm gonna have
to be around for a while.
Uh, I must say, Sheriff, your
motels leave something to be desired.
And what you need is a place
around here with hot sheets.
Well, Elsie,
it's early yet.
Maybe I can get somethin' done
in Finchberg today.
You're hurtin' me, Henry. You're
hurtin' me. Why didn't you tell me?
How come you didn't tell me? I
don't know what you're talkin' about!
I'm talking about
your husband in Capesville!
How long you married?
I don't know.
About a year, I guess.
How come you didn't
tell me? He's in prison.
Pa says don't tell nobody.
It ain't like I lied to ya.
Henry, please!
You love him?
Answer me!
You love him?
I hardly knowed him.
How'd you find out?
Well, Hunnicutt,
he knows.
About everything?
I don't know how much.
He's just playin' with us now.
That's the way he does.
He mighta known
all along.
What ya gonna do?
We're gonna go.
Gonna be all right.
What? And you don't have to worry none.
Huh. There ain't
nobody gonna hurt you.
Not your pa and not your
husband and not nobody.
I don't know
what you mean.
Well, just what
we was talkin' about.
A whole-
whole nother kind of life.
Oh. But we was
just talkin' then.
But I figured, you got your
people and I got my people.
No, you don't have
to worry about that.
I ain't with her no more.
Oh, now,
wait a minute, hon.
I mean, there's no way
my people gonna let me go.
I mean, they'd never let me go. There
ain't no way that they can stop us.
Oh, God. Henry,
you got me so scared.
Well, listen, now. Don't you wanna
change your mind on me. Now don't-
don't hurt me again,
You don't wanna change your mind.
It's gonna be trouble, Henry.
You ain't changin' your mind. I
just didn't know it was gonna be-
Well, it's gonna be. It's gotta be. But-
But maybe it can't be. May
- Nothin' to worry about.
Maybe it can't be. Don't
you worry. Don't you worry.
Come on.
Now you go on home and pack your
things in a bag and meet me back here.
They'll be home by now. They
won't let me go. They won't let me.
They got nothin' to say. You don't have to
be scared. They'd stop us. We'd get caught.
Well, no. When they go to work? Um.
What time they go to work?
Sunup, I guess.
You meet me here
tomorrow mornin',
soon after sunup as you can,
right here on this spot.
And we're gonna drive to Sutton,
and draw money from the bank there.
You'll see.
There won't be no trouble.
All right, now.
You go on.
Everything's gonna be
just fine.
Maybe California!
Go on.
Love you, Alma.
Love you.
Here, Roe!
Sheriff's office.
Come here, Roe.
Come here, boy.
That dog don't seem
too friendly.
You live here?
Can I ask your name?
Alma McCain.
I just thought
I'd do my job now.
Save me another trip.
Just what is it
you wanna do?
it's a federal matter-
Internal Revenue.
I'll put it simple-
Somebody's making whiskey,
And we gonna
find out who.
So, I'm just... pokin'
around, place to place.
Tell you this though-
and maybe I'm speakin'
out of turn-
but my cousin's
a big official in Knoxville.
He caters to all the
automobiles in the county there.
And he's from,
uh, year to year,
one of the judges
on the Miss Knoxville contest.
And, uh, if you don't mind
a compliment,
you're a real pretty girl.
Girl winnin' that contest goes
all the way to Atlantic City.
You ever hear
of Atlantic City?
It's in Vermont.
It's a summer place.
No McCain registered to vote.
- No McCain payin' property taxes.
- We come from Loomis Canyon.
No, no, no, no, no.
It's all the same books,
I don't know nothin' about
books. You'd better talk to my pa.
Of course, I'm not
the real sheriff.
Real sheriff's
a man called Tawes.
Fine sheriff.
Fine man.
Righteous man.
Actually, you might say godly.
Well, there ain't
nobody home!
Husband at work?
They're all workin' at Kingman.
They make pot handles.
That so? That's so. And
they'll be home real early.
Pot handles, hmm?
Look, you better
come back later.
I don't know
what you mean.
Come on, girl.
You know damn well
what I mean.
Oh, yes.
Yes, Pollard.
Let's see what
we can find.
Well, it he didn't go to
Finchberg, where would he go?
What would keep him this way? I don't know.
Want me to tow it out, Sheriff?
Nah, I wouldn't move it yet.
The way I see it, your
deputy ain't even been here.
Somebody just drove his car down this way.
Figures to throw you off his track. Huh?
Hmm? Oh, yeah.
Might be.
Anybody have it
in for him?
Well, I know half a dozen
who'd like to get in on him.
Yeah. Of course, maybe he caught
on to what we're lookin' for.
Maybe it's a lot closer
than we think.
Parks and Lloyd will be driving
in soon. We can still poke around.
Maybe if we all spread out a little,
and I'll check towards Gatesboro.
The sheriff!
The sheriff's here.
By himself?
Didn't see nobody else.
He's comin' at me.
Put that down. Goddamn
it! I said put that down!
Are you gonna let him take
us? He ain't gonna take nobody.
Now, you just keep shut, you
hear? They gonna get us now?
Shut up!
Goddamn fools.
Well, what do you think we was gonna
do? You think we had any choice?
- You didn't have to kill him!
- Yes, we did. We had to kill him.
- You can't bury him here.
- Ain't nobody gonna find him here.
Ain't nobody gonna
find him here?
They're working their way down through
the east hill now with dogs! There's a fed!
He makes his livin'
lookin' for your mistakes.
- Where do you figure to bury him?
- I don't know.
I don't know.
I gotta think.
Where's Alma?
- Don't you go tryin' to stop us.
- I ain't stoppin' nothin'.
- Where is she?
- I figured she was with you.
You was gonna meet her at that house,
weren't you? That's where she must be.
She know about this?
Sure, she knows!
You think he didn't
try to make her?
You think you wouldn't
of shot him any quicker?
We ain't for killin',
but I don't feel sorry for him.
You get your truck
and all your stuff...
and clear out.
Come on. I'll take care of this. Get out!
Leave that.
Don't you worry none about her.
I'll take fine care of her.
Hey! Sheriff!
I spotted your car
back up there.
I figured maybe all the sheriffs around
here are mysteriously disappearin',
like in those
science fiction books.
Mushrooms killin' off all
the politicians I read once.
I- I was just
lookin' through in here.
I thought I heard sounds
back off the road.
- No soap?
- There's nobody in there.
Found a still.
Down the river-
not too far.
You're almost
on top of it yourself.
It's gone now.
Not gone long though.
Hey, you know, who, uh
- who lived there at Gatesboro Road?
No. No, I don't.
Your man, Pollard, says,
uh, old Gimple place.
Gimple, well.
That's what he says.
I thought that was empty. They
must've moved in there on their own.
Yeah, that's what
your dep figured.
Somethin' wrong?
No, I was just wondering'
how far they got by now.
They move in and out like animals,
don't they? You sure can't figure 'em.
Well, they're just tryin' keep
warm, Vogel, like you and me.
Hey, uh,
one more, huh?
Well, Sheriff, looks like
you got yourself a manhunt.
My bet says that if I could find
my whiskey, you could find your man.
Alma, you in here?
Beside a singin'
mountain stream
Where the willow grew
Where the silver leaf
of maple
Sparkled in the mornin' dew
I braided twigs of willow
Made a string
of buckeyed beads
But flesh and blood needs
flesh and blood
And you're the one I need
Flesh and blood
needs flesh and blood
And you're the one I need
I leaned against
the bark of birch
And I breathed
the honey dew
I saw a northbound
flock of geese
Against the sky of baby blue
Beside the lily pads
I carved a whistle
from a reed
Mother Nature's quite a lady
But you're the one I need
Flesh and blood
needs flesh and blood
And you're the one I need
A cardinal sang
just for me
And I thanked him
for the song
Then the sun went
slowly down the west
And I had to move along
These were some
of the things
On which my mind
and spirit feed
But flesh and blood
needs flesh and blood
And you're the one I need
Flesh and blood
needs flesh and blood
And you're the one I need
So when the day was ended
I was still not satisfied
I knew everything I touched
Would wither and would die
And love is all
that will remain
And grow from all these seed
Mother Nature's quite a lady
And you're the one I need
Yes, flesh and blood
needs flesh and blood
And you're the one I need
Let her be.
It's all over, Sheriff.
The arrangement's done now.
It's all right now.
We can do what we like now.
- Alma!
- Don't you see it's over, Sheriff?
You're comin' with me.
No. I can't come with you.
- Tawes!
- Henry!
I keep a close watch
on this heart of mine
I keep my eyes wide open
all the time
I keep the ends out
for the tie that binds
Because you're mine
I walk the line
I keep a close watch
on this heart of mine
I keep my eyes wide open
all the time
I keep the ends out
for the tie that binds
Because you're mine
I walk the line