I Wanna Hold Your Hand (1978) Movie Script

[street noises]
[horns honking]
[whistle blowing]
[horns honking]
- [man on ladder grunts]
- [men chattering]
- [man shouting instructions on stage]
- [man 2 reviewing cues on PA]
[man] Where's Vito?
- Vito!
- [man 2] On stage!
- [man] Huh?
- [man 2] He's on the stage!
- [ushers chattering]
- [man reviewing cues]
[chattering stops]
Now, I know a lot of you are wondering
about tomorrow night's show.
Just who are these youngsters from Liverpool
who call themselves the Beatles?
Just what can we expect?
Well, let me put it in perspective for you.
You know, a few years ago
we had a young vocalist on our stage
by the name of Elvis Presley.
He... A few of you may remember,
he caused quite a sensational reaction
among the youngsters in our studio audience.
Well, tomorrow night, right here on our stage,
we're going to have Elvis Presley times four.
- [chattering, grumbling]
- Are you kidding? I don't get paid enough...
Oh, all right. Simmer down.
- [chattering continues]
- Simmer down. Simmer down.
I know. A few weeks ago, I went to England,
and I saw these four youngsters perform.
Both Sylvia and I agreed that what they do
to an audience is truly remarkable.
So I want you to be prepared
for excessive screaming,
hysteria, hyperventilation, fainting,
fits, seizures, spasmodic convulsions,
even attempted suicides.
All perfectly normal.
It merely means that these youngsters
are enjoying themselves.
Now, I want you to remember
that tomorrow night we're going out live,
coast to coast, to 90 million viewers
in the United States and Canada.
So remember,
nothing must interfere
with our really big show.
[guitar intro]
Oh, yeah, I'll tell you something
I think you'll understand
When I say that something
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand
Oh, please, say to me
And let me be your man
And please, say to me
You'll let me hold your hand
Now let me hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand
And when I touch you
- I feel happy inside
- [no audible dialogue]
- It's such a feeling
- [no audible dialogue]
That my love, I can't hide
I can't hide, I can't hide
Yeah, you got that something
I think you'll understand
When I say that something
I wanna hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand
- [song continues]
- [people clamoring]
And when I touch you
I feel happy inside
It's such a feeling that my love
I can't hide
I can't hide, I can't hide
Yeah, you got that something
I think you'll understand
When I feel that something
I wanna hold your hand
- I wanna hold your hand
- [radio: "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"]
Rosie, I don't know why
you're dragging me in here.
- I can't be spending money on Beatle records.
- Hey, listen. Stereo.
- Rosie, are you listening to me?
- Come on, Pam.
[DJ on radio] All right, baby.
- This is Murray the "K" with the #1 song...
- Rosie, wait a minute.
- ...on the morning show in radio...
- Excuse me.
Rosie, did you hear what I said?
I've gotta start saving my money
for more important things.
I mean, for God sakes,
tomorrow night I'm getting... you know.
All right, I'll buy it for you
as an elopement present.
Do you want to tell the whole world?
Anyway, if you're gonna get me something,
get me something practical
that I can use, like Tupperware.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God, it's Paul!
Oh, I'm gonna die!
- Oh, my God, it's Paul!
- Rosie!
It's Paul! Oh, I'm gonna die right here!
He... He's so cute, so sexy.
He's cardboard.
I know you never even try, girl
Yeah. Well, yeah, I know I did.
[man on phone continues] Yeah.
The Beatles are fakes!
It's all a plot,
a plot to make you waste your money!
- Don't fall for it!
- Herb, lemme...
- Lemme call you back later. I...
- It's a gimmick!
You don't really wanna buy these albums.
You only think that you do.
- [girl] Punch her out!
- [loud chattering]
Rosie, you're not buying another one.
- It's not for me, it's for Pam.
- Oh, I don't want it.
[radio: Murray the "K"]...give away
two tickets to The Ed Sullivan Show.
Did you hear me, baby?
If you can answer this question...
- What's Ringo Starr's real name?
- Rosie, are you listening to me?
- Oh!
- Did you hear what I said?
Please, please me, oh, yeah
Like I please you
Janis, what are you doing?
You are picketing in my store.
You are driving my customers away.
- Why?
- All I see around this store is Beatle albums.
What about Bob Dylan? Joan Baez?
How come they don't get equal floor space?
The Beatles sell. "Jane" Baez doesn't sell.
I deserve a little more respect
from my own daughter.
You are embarrassing me.
I'm embarrassing you? I feel like I'm talking
to a walking publicity stunt!
[girl] Hey, Janis!
Janis! Have you seen Rosie?
- [Murray the "K"] Hey, just a reminder...
- Rosie!
Rosie, it's your 12th busy signal.
You're not gonna get through. Rosie!
Excuse me.
Rosie, I got something to tell ya.
But I want you to promise me
that you're not gonna scream
and you're not gonna yell
and you're not gonna faint.
- Oh, my God, Grace, what?
- You promise?
I figured out a way
to get into the Beatles' hotel.
- [screams]
- Damn, Rosie. Control yourself.
There's still a hitch. We gotta raise $23.
[muffled] Twenty-three dollars?
See, we have to hire a limo, a limousine.
It's the only thing that can pull up
to the front of the Beatles' hotel
without get stopped by cops.
- How much money you got?
- Uh...
- I got three dollars' worth of dimes.
- That's not enough, Rosie. Damn!
But it's enough to hire a cab.
We could drive up in a cab!
No, I already found out
the cops are checking the cabs.
See, we need a limo, and we need it tonight.
I mean, I got a deadline to meet.
- Tonight? We can't go tonight.
- [door closes]
Aren't you guys forgetting about something?
Aren't you forgetting about this?
Oh, yeah, that.
This is my last night as a single woman.
We were gonna do something special.
We were supposed to
spend the night at Rosie's,
and it was going to be like
my shower or something.
Oh, hey, Pam,
what could be better than for all of us
to drive up to the Beatles' hotel together
and see the Beatles in person?
Yeah! Right, Pam.
How much money ya got?
I'm about to be a married woman.
I can't go chasing after the Beatles.
And it's not fair to Eddie.
Pam, I want you to know something.
You don't seem to understand
how important this is to me.
I mean... I mean,
I have got to get through to the Beatles.
My entire career depends on it.
If I could get exclusive pictures
of the Beatles...
I mean, they'd run my story
on the front page of the Suburban.
I mean, I might be able to sell it
to Life magazine or something.
Can you imagine that?
[inhales deeply]
Jesus Christ. I'm gonna suffocate in here.
[Grace] Hey, Janis.
Hey, Janis. You got any money?
- What do you want money for?
- Don't worry. It's for a good cause.
Grace, there's Larry Dubois!
- [no audible dialogue]
- [girls squealing, screaming]
- So what?
- So, don't you know who Larry Dubois is?
Yes, I do. He's the boy
that threw up in biology.
His father's got lots of limousines.
He's an undertaker.
[playing chords]
Hi, Larry. I didn't know you played
a musical instrument.
- Yeah.
- Oh, you're so musical.
This is ridiculous. He'll never do it.
Um, Larry, are you busy tonight?
I don't know.
- [cymbal crashes]
- He'll do it.
[tires squealing]
- [gasps]
- I just ran over a casket.
- What was it doing out with the garbage?
- Is that where it was?
- Uh-huh.
- Oh, whew. Well, it's okay.
It's one of those discontinued models
my father's throwin' out.
You know, nobody was in it,
so the garbage man will come and pick it up.
Goodness, Larry, didn't you
even take drivers ed, for goodness sakes?
I told you I didn't have a driver's license.
All's I got is a permit.
[gasps] Look, Grace,
we just better turn around right now.
It's against the law to drive with a permit
unless there is a licensed driver in the car.
- I've got a license, Pamela.
- You do?
- But, Grace, I thought your birthday wasn't...
- I don't have any insurance either.
Relax, Larry.
Look, I have absolute confidence
in your ability to handle machinery.
Any kind of machinery.
I mean, I've seen you threading up
those projectors in the AV room.
- You're just the best.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, I'm pretty good on those Bell & Howells.
- [Grace] Yeah.
[radio: "Thank You Girl," louder]
Rosie, are we gonna have to listen
to the Beatles all the way to the city?
You know, I swear, Janis,
every time something popular comes along
you automatically think
they can't be any good.
I don't know why we let her come
in the first place.
She's helping to pay for the gas, Rosie.
Besides, someone's gotta be there
to speak the truth.
Say, Rosie,
what do you think of my new sign?
I think it's disgusting. Who do you think's
gonna look at that anyways?
The press, Rosie, the press.
Hey, Larry, you like the Beatles, don't you?
- Yeah, they're all right. They got a good beat.
- Aw, they're the greatest.
- I mean, "gearest." Here, have a jelly baby.
- Yeah, what?
A jelly baby. You know, jelly beans.
They call them jelly babies in England.
It's the Beatles' favorite food.
You know what their favorite drink is?
Coke. With a little bit of Scotch.
What am I doing here?
Eddie is gonna kill me. He's gonna kill me.
Eddie hates the Beatles. He's gonna think
I'm immature. I just know it.
Do we have to hear about Eddie
all the way into the city?
Pam, can I see your ring?
Please, just for a minute.
Well, all right, but be careful with it.
What do you keep it in your boobs for?
You're gonna lose it that way.
You want my mother to see it?
- Pam, you're so lucky.
- Yeah, I guess.
No, I mean it.
I'll probably never get one of these.
Oh, don't be silly, Rosie. It's no big deal.
Yeah. Well, there's really only one guy
I wanna marry anyways.
- [sighs] Paul.
- Paul? Paul who?
Never mind. You don't know him.
- Larry, I think we're being followed.
- Oh, God, not the cops. Not the cops!
- It's Tony Smerko!
- [tires squealing]
[musical car horn]
- [boys shouting]
- Yeah, yeah, yeah!
I wanna hold your glands
Hey, Janis, how do you like my hairdo?
[Rosie] Oh, it's really fab!
It makes you look like Paul!
- Oh, you like it? You got it!
- [Rosie laughs]
- Hey, where you guys goin'?
- Oh, we're gonna go see the Beatles!
Beatles? Ah, the Beatles are a bunch of crap.
Hey, Janis, why don't you come with us?
We got a whole case of Miller's High Life beer,
the champagne of bottled beers.
What do ya say, gorgeous?
[boy in car] Here, open this one.
Come on! Janis!
- Hey, hey, pull up! A little closer.
- [boy] Hey, Tony, they ain't worth it!
[Tony] Pull in closer. Pull in closer!
- Hey, Dubois, how ya doin'?
- [horn honks]
- [boys shouting]
- [Tony] Pull in closer!
- Pull in closer here!
- [boy] Are you crazy?
You don't mind if I come along with you,
now do you?
I don't know, Tony.
I haven't got no insurance or nothin'.
Ah, that's okay. Neither do I!
I been told when a boy kiss a girl
[Tony] How ya doin'?
Take a trip around the world
- Hey, hey
- Bop-shoo-wop, m'bop-bop-shoo-wop
- Hey, hey
- Bop-shoo-wop
- M'bop-bop-shoo-wop
- Hey, hey
Yeah, she say ya do
My girl says when I kiss her lips
Damn it, Smerko,
what are you tryin' to do? Kill us?
Hey, lighten up!
No harm done here.
Everybody's in one piece.
- [scoffs] Mmm.
- [Grace] So help me, I hate that jerk.
Oh, ooh! Want a swig of this stuff?
[laughing, guffawing]
Say, what is that? Wait, let me see this.
What ya got? "Beatles..."
- What does this say?
- [Janis scoffs]
- "Beatles undermine artistic..."
- Integrity.
Well, I never would've figured on you
for a Beatles fan.
- I loathe the Beatles.
- Not me. I hate 'em.
Ugh, I can't stand them Beatles.
- Hey, Dubois, get up.
- What?
I think you're sittin' on my comb.
You got it, Tony?
Yeah, thanks. Easy.
Say, you got some collection here.
Ann-Margret. We got Patty Duke.
[laughs] Tuesday Weld.
Jackie... Jackie Kennedy! Jesus, Dubois.
You got the hots for Jackie Kennedy? [laughs]
- Hey, where'd you get my wallet, Tony?
- Fastest hands in the West.
- [fingers snapping]
- [cheek pops]
- Yeah, well, you give it back.
- [girls screaming]
Look! Now look!
No more screwing around here, Smerko.
We have serious business
to take care of in New York.
- Hey, well, I'm a serious guy.
- Right.
- You just keep your hands off of Dubois.
- Hey, me and Dubois are old pals.
- Ain't we, Dubois?
- Yeah.
Hey, Dubois, about what happened
in the cafeteria Friday...
Look, I guess I must've slipped or something.
Did you get all the applesauce
out of your hair okay? [laughs]
- No problem, Tony.
- Hey, I'm sick of those limey fairies.
- [radio: group vocalizing]
- Do you mind, Smerko!
- [radio: "Boys" resumes]
- Hey, switch that back!
That was Peter, Paul and Mary.
You and your stupid protest music.
That's just boring.
Did you ever listen to the words? You ought to
try listening to the words sometime.
Did you ever listen to the words
to "Louie Louie"?
- Oh, Smerko, leave me alone!
- [Murray the "K"] Who's still up at this hour?
I'm gonna find out by givin' away
two Sullivan Show tickets
to the first caller who can tell me
which Beatle is left-handed.
- All right!
- Oh, my God! I know it! It's Paul!
It's Paul! I know it!
There's a phone booth! Stop the car!
Stop the car!
Oh, please, stop the car! Stop the car!
You either stop the car, or I'll jump out!
Keep driving, Larry!
[all screaming]
Jesus Christ, Dubois!
What the hell are you trying to do,
Rosie, kill yourself?
No, but I know the answer! It's Paul!
I know this!
- [Tony] Jesus Christ!
- [all shouting]
I don't care! It would've been worth
killing myself if I could've won!
- God, I...
- [Grace] Listen to me!
This is my only chance to get
exclusive pictures of the Beatles.
And I don't want anybody screwing it up,
so everybody please cool it.
- I'm talkin' about boys
- Yeah, yeah, boys
- Don't you know I mean boys
- Yeah, yeah, boys
Well, I'm talkin'
Talkin' about boys now
Yeah, yeah, boys
["Boys" continues, faint]
- [radio: call and response song]
- [man, audience vocalizing]
[Murray the "K"] Wake up, New York.
It's Murray the "K" on 42 cups of coffee,
on 1010 WINS all night and all day,
'cause we're not gonna let you miss a single
second of this fabulous Beatles weekend!
And we're goin' all the way,
because we're mobile today, baby,
from in front of the Beatles' hotel.
And girls, I got a special personal message
for you from John Lennon.
- John asked me to tell you to...
- Well, shake it up baby, now
- Shake it up, baby
- Twist and shout
Twist and shout
Come on, come on, come on
Come on, baby, now
Come on, baby
- Come on and work it on out
- Dubois, wake up!
What are you doin'? Falling asleep on me here?
Yeah, work it on out
- Work it on out
- [gargles]
- You know you look so good
- Look so good
Hey, everybody, wake up.
Wake up, everybody! Hey!
I think Dubois here
deserves a big round of applause.
As you can see,
he got us to New York safe and sound.
And in record time too.
Well, only took him, uh, seven hours.
Usually takes me only 20 minutes,
but then I generally
don't go by way of Philadelphia.
- [both laughing]
- I thought the sign said north.
Hey, just keep your eyes on the road.
The hotel's right around the corner.
- Where? Where? Where is it?
- [Tony] Over there.
[speakers: Beatles vocalizing]
- Shake it up, baby, now
- Shake it up, baby
- Twist and shout
- [whistle blowing]
Twist and shout
Come on, come on, come on
Come on, baby, now
Come on, baby
- Come on and work it on out
- Work it on out, ooh
- You know you twist it, little girl
- Twist it, little girl
You know you twist so fine
Twist so fine
Come on and twist a little closer now
Twist a little closer
- And let me know that you're mine
- Let me know you're mine, ooh
Well, shake it, shake it, shake it, baby, now
Shake it up, baby
Well, shake it, shake it, shake it, baby, now
Shake it up, baby
Well, shake it, shake it, shake it, baby, now
Keep driving, Larry, around the corner
and pull up to the front of the hotel
like you know what you're doing, okay?
Here, put this on.
[Grace] Pam, you comin' with us?
Yeah, I just hope Eddie
doesn't find out about this.
Right. Okay, so Rosie and Pam with me.
The rest of you guys, we'll meet you later
in front of the hotel, okay?
Everybody duck down.
I don't want this car to look like a school bus.
[chanting] We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles! We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles! We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles! We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles!
I said move back. Move back!
Go on and get your cheers! Go ahead!
See all you want to!
Get back!
You can't go any further than this!
[chanting continues] We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles! We want the Beatles!
- We want the Beatles! We want the Beatles!
- [officer] What's this?
[officer] Get that car. Check that car.
[officer 2] He's all right.
[officer] Okay, let him through.
[officer 2] Yeah, pass him on.
Remove that transom.
- We want the Beatles! We want the Beatles!
- Come on, move it, move it.
We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles! We want the Beatles!
This isn't gonna work, Grace.
This isn't gonna work.
Shh. Just tell me
when we get to the front door.
We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles! We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles! We want the Beatles!
[Larry] Okay. [breathing heavily]
Come on.
- Come on.
- [chanting continues, faint]
Why aren't we there yet?
Yeah, Larry, why aren't we there yet?
There's a bunch of old people
in a cab up there.
Well, so what?
Why don't you just beep your horn?
You crazy?
There's about a thousand girls
to ride through.
- We want the Beatles! We want the Beatles!
- [officers shouting]
[officer] Back these guys up!
Back these guys up!
We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles!
[Larry] Come on.
Come on!
[chanting continues] We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles!
- [Larry] Come on.
- We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles!
- We're moving.
- We want the Beatles! We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles! We want the Beatles!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
I wanna hold your glands
- It's...
- [all screaming]
[Janis shouts]
[screaming continues]
[no audible dialogue]
[Tony] The crowd's going nuts.
Let's get out of here!
[Janis] Larry, drive. Get this thing
out of here. We're gonna get killed.
- [horn honking]
- [grunts]
Oh, my God, Larry, go!
[horn continues honking]
- [screaming continues, faint]
- [tires squealing]
[Janis] You know, you almost got us killed?
- [Tony] Hey, Dubois! Leave the heater on!
- [Janis] It's not funny!
- Well, I guess we gotta make our own heat.
- Jesus!
Hey, wait a minute! Where ya going?
I came here for a purpose, Smerko!
- Hey, where ya going, Tony?
- I came here for a purpose, Dubois!
Come on. Let's go.
[Pam gasps] Oh, my God, Grace, my purse.
I left it in the car.
Forget your purse, Pam.
You wanna get caught?
- Hey, you kids! Hold it right there!
- Come on! Come on!
- Hey, stop there!
- Come on! Come on!
- Where youse goin'?
- [Grace] Over here!
- [Pam] Oh, God!
- Stop!
- [officer] Hey!
- [Pam shouts]
- Rosie!
- Pam!
- Come on! Come on!
- [officer] Hey!
Hey, you kids... [shouts] Stop!
Hey! Stop!
- Arah-bey!
- [crowd shouts]
- Arah-bey!
- [shouts]
[all shouting]
Murray the "K" Swinging Soiree!
Let's get it on.
All right, listen. I... I'm out here
only to let you know about one thing.
We don't want you to move.
We want you to stay here.
We like the vibe that you're giving off.
- But you've been yelling...
- Look!
- And you broke a couple of windows.
- [all screaming]
Oh, he's coming!
In here!
[bell dings]
- Now the elevator's here.
- The elevator's here.
- He's gone.
- He's gone. Let's go.
- [Rosie] Come on!
- My ring! I lost my ring!
- Come on!
- I can't hold the door!
Well, then go without me. I've gotta find it.
[gasps] I've got it. Oh.
- [grunts]
- Why'd you push 11 for?
They're on 12. Room 1232.
I know they're in 1232, but we've gotta
go up to 11 and walk up the stairs.
That's dumb. If they're on 12,
we should get off on 12.
Don't be stupid, Rosie.
There's gonna be guards up there on 12.
And they're gonna be watching the elevators.
But this is a service elevator.
Besides, how do you know
there are not gonna be guards on 11?
If I'm gonna get caught, I'm gonna get
as close to the Beatles as I can.
If you wanna go to 12, go to 12, Rosie.
I'm not gonna argue with you.
- You're never gonna make it.
- We'll see.
[bell dings]
[elevator stalls]
Hey, you, come on. Let's go.
- Come on!
- Wait, let me go!
You gotta listen to me. I can explain!
Come on, just listen to me!
Hey, Sarge, I just found another lost lady.
[sighs] Okay, Lou,
take her down the other elevator.
Oh. Oh, wait. I can explain.
Really, I can...
Don't tell me. Let me guess.
Your grandmother from Alaska is staying in
the hotel, and you got lost trying to find her.
- Come on.
- Paul! Help me!
If Paul finds out about this,
you're gonna be in a lot of trouble!
- Come in, Harry.
- I read you, Sarge.
- What's the situation down there?
- All quiet here.
Okay, we'll be coming down in a few minutes.
I'll check with you later.
Right. Over.
Hey, Irving, check that,
uh, exit door, will ya?
We got another one, Stanley.
Take her down to the lobby
and turn her over to Sergeant Bailey.
Okay, Lou.
Never in my life have I seen
such a disgusting display of vulgarity
as I've witnessed in this hotel.
Young girls screaming
and running about... helter-skelter.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
And as for this hotel, I was not aware
its clientele included such riffraff.
We apologize for the inconvenience ma'am.
You can rest assured that in the future
I shall take my business elsewhere.
Your floor, madam.
You dropped something, ma'am.
[woman exclaims]
[woman shouts, groans]
[woman gasps]
Okay, pull right up here.
Right... Hold it!
Hold it right there. That's good.
- Would you catch the door?
- Yeah, sure.
That's terrific.
Okay, Sarge, you can bring 'em out.
[elevator bell dings]
- [John] It's not when you're snoring.
- [Paul] So, Sullivan, that's an Irish name.
[George] We got a complaint
from the hotel manager about it.
- [Ringo] As bad as the rest of them.
- [George] Who orders all this rubbish?
[Ringo] Nothing better than
a scenic back alley, I always say.
Get in the car or I'll cripple you.
- [Ringo] Quit shoving me then.
- [Paul] Hey! You stepped on my hand.
Don't you know breaking and entering
is a very serious offense?
You're making a mistake.
This is my room. I just lost my key.
Oh, 1232. I'm-I'm on the wrong floor.
I'm looking for 1332. My mistake, Officer.
What do you take me for?
Some kind of an asshole?
And little lady,
you have come all the way from?
- Buffalo.
- Buffalo.
I stole the money from my mother
so I could come here because I love John.
Actually, I love all the Beatles,
but I especially love John.
Someday I'm gonna marry John.
Isn't John already married?
Yeah, but he can get a divorce,
or his wife could get in a plane crash.
Or she could drown, or anything could happen,
because John has to marry me.
He has to, or else I'll kill myself!
There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.
This is Sam David reporting from WGSL
in front of the...
- Exterminate the Beatles.
- Get out of here. Harry, cut it.
Why did you shut off that camera?
Turn it back on!
- Haven't you ever heard of unbiased reporting?
- Yes, unbiased report!
- There's two sides to every story.
- Two sides. Sam, you know that.
- Whatever happened to objective reporting?
- Whatever happened to that? You tell me.
What are you beefing about now?
It doesn't matter.
This is only a local news station.
I know what I have to do now.
I gotta find the national news reporters.
Then the whole country can hear
what I have to say.
Talk, talk, talk.
That's all you want to do is talk.
"I want the whole country to hear
what I have to say."
Shit! When did beating your gums
ever mean anything? You gotta do something.
Well, I don't see you doing anything
except for following me around.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah!
Oh, you wanna see me do something?
Uh-huh? What...
- All right, I'll do something!
- [women clamoring]
In misery
- Oh, oh, oh
- In misery
- [police whistle blows]
- [clamoring continues]
Look, I'll find my own way out, okay?
Make me happy.
[elevator bell dings]
[rustling, fabric tearing]
Hey! Hey, you!
You're not supposed to be here.
This is a restricted area.
You don't belong here.
Don't you know this entire section
of the hotel's completely sealed off?
- Paul.
- You can't get in there.
- Paul!
- I already tried.
Those guys already left.
- When?
- About five minutes ago.
Well, actually,
it was closer to four minutes ago.
Crazy broad.
What? What?
That means they walked on this rug.
Don't jump to conclusions! I'm a collector!
Please, don't get a stain on it!
- Oh, Paul! Paul!
- In the name of human decency!
- This is valuable merchandise!
- Hey!
- Oh!
- [officer] What are you doin' to the rug?
[Rosie] Come on, run! Run!
[boy] Gangway, copper!
- [officer grunts]
- Put me down. I got friends on the force!
- Put me down!
- [Rosie grunts]
- [officer groaning]
- Take that, you bully!
- [Rosie] Come on!
- [boy] Where are you taking me?
[Rosie] I know where I'm going.
Just come on!
- Where are we going?
- Come on!
- Ooh! Take me with you!
- Come on!
I can't go in there.
This elevator isn't lined up properly.
Ooh! Aah!
- Take me to the 7th floor. I got a room there.
- Right!
- Come on. Let's go.
- Can't you get these floors lined up?
Come on!
This way.
- [speakers] There was music
- This is my headquarters.
And wonderful roses
They tell me
In sweet, fragrant meadows
Of dawn and dew
Hey, hey, don't touch anything.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
- [radio] But I never heard them singing
- Yeah, yeah, yeah [chuckles]
No, I never heard them at all
Hey, Larry, where have you been?
I've been looking all over for ya.
We've gotta get over to CBS right away.
I just found out the Beatles
are rehearsing over there.
Yeah, well, I got news for ya. After this
I'm gonna be takin' my car straight home.
Sure, Larry, anything you say.
I mean it, Grace.
This time I'm putting my foot down.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! What's happening?
Hey, they stink. They got no talent at all.
They look like a bunch of girls.
Yeah, man, we hate the Beatles, man.
They're foreigners from another country.
And they're here
to take our women away from us.
- Man, send them back! Send them back!
- Yeah!
Yeah, the Beatles are a bunch of wimps.
And everybody who listens to their music
are wimps too.
And what're they trying to prove
with this long hair?
And I don't know what these chicks
see in it either!
- [Janis] It's just a gimmick!
- Yeah!
- And another thing, Murray.
- Yeah?
WINS used to be
the best radio station in town
until you started playing
all this Beatles junk.
Now that's all I ever hear.
Whatever happened
to the Four Seasons? Elvis?
I ain't ever gonna listen
to 1010 WINS again, ever.
Never gonna. Never ever.
- You know something?
- What?
You're a deranged person.
But... keep your chin up.
[all clamoring]
[man] Yeah, Harry, my eyes were bothering me
a little, with the reading I'm doing around here.
So I went and I picked up this lamp.
It's a real great lamp.
I mean, it's got, like, three switches on it
to make it bright.
Great for reading.
Yeah, that's right, Harry.
Yeah, did they change...
What the hell's the matter with you?
[scoffs] Why don't you watch
where you push that thing?
Harry. Hello, Harry?
Stupid kid.
He broke my lamp.
[screaming, shouting outside, faint]
[door closes]
[bangs head on cart]
[bottles clattering]
[breathing heavily]
Oh, my God.
Oh. Oh, God.
Oh... God.
I don't believe this.
Oh, my God.
Oh. Oh!
Love, love me do
You know I love you
I'll always be true
So ple-ee-ee-ease
Love me do
Whoa-oh, love me do
Love, love me do
You know I love you
I'll always be true
So ple-ee-ee-ease
Love me do
Whoa-oh, love me do
Someone to love
Somebody new
Someone to love
Someone like you
- [radio: "Love Me Do" continues]
- Hey, lookee what I found.
- A midget Beatle. [laughs]
- Hey!
- Hey, what is it? A boy or a girl?
- [screams] Hey!
- I think it's a girl!
- [screams]
It's doctor's orders.
- I'm very susceptible to head colds!
- Anybody got a razor blade?
I wanna give Goldilocks here
the Yul Brynner look, huh?
Ow! [groans]
Ooh! All right!
- Hey! Wait a minute! I'll make you a deal!
- What?
I got tickets to The Ed Sullivan Show,
and you can have 'em if you let me go.
Tickets? What the hell do I want tickets...
I don't want any tickets.
Hey, wait a minute!
You can scalp 'em for a lot of money!
- Well, I'm gonna scalp you for free.
- Ow!
All right, Tony, you've had your fun.
Now let him go!
Hey, remember, I said you gotta
do something. So I'm doin' something.
- I ain't just shootin' off at the mouth.
- [shouts]
You're completely ignoring the real issue.
You're merely attacking a symptom instead
of going to the real root of the problem.
I'm gonna get to the roots, all right.
With these!
- [crowd laughing]
- Hey, Smerko, here comes a cop.
I should've known this all along.
You ain't nothin' but a Beatles lover.
- Here. You take him.
- [groans]
Here's some great snapshots I got
when the Beatles arrived at Kennedy Airport.
Oh. Did you get any pictures
of the Beatles?
Yeah, well, I didn't exactly see the Beatles,
but I got some great shots of their suitcases.
You know, you're the first boy I ever met
that I could really talk to.
I mean, really talk to.
Yeah, well, if you think these are fab,
I'll show you something that's really gear!
I'm in love with you
Hey, don't they ever make the beds in here?
Nah. The hotel doesn't know I'm in here.
Then how'd you get this key?
I found it.
Someone left it in a door, and I found it.
Then I took over the room.
The hotel doesn't know I'm here.
If they knew I was here, they'd throw me out.
Now here. Look at this, look at this, look at this,
look at this, look at this, look at this!
Let me open this. This is my masterpiece.
Know what this is? This is actually
a clump of grass that Paul stepped on.
I'm not exactly sure which blades
he stepped on, but it's all in there.
- That's why I got such a big clump.
- Oh, wow. Can I have some of this?
- What are you, crazy?
- Just a little bit. I'll buy it off of ya.
No, I'm sorry, but it's not for sale.
Say, kid, do you really have tickets
to The Ed Sullivan Show?
Yeah. I sorta lucked into 'em.
My uncle's got connections.
Would you sell one to me?
Oh, no, I couldn't do that.
I mean, heck, you just helped me
out of a real jam.
I'll give you one for free.
It's the least I can do.
- Thanks a lot.
- Oh, here.
- That's funny. I thought I had 'em right there.
- [tires screeching]
- [car horn honking]
- I don't even have 'em!
Peter! Hey, Peter!
I got your tickets to The Ed Sullivan Show!
- My tickets! How'd you get them?
- Never mind how I got 'em, but I got 'em!
If you wanna get 'em back,
you're gonna have to get your goddamn hair cut!
I found a barbershop that's open,
so let's go!
You can't do that. It's extortion!
I can do any goddamn thing I want to!
I'm your father!
And no kid of mine is gonna run around
looking like a goddamn girl!
Wait a minute, will ya!
- Well, I'm not gonna cut my hair!
- And I'm not gonna argue with you!
If you want these tickets back,
you're gonna get your hair cut!
- Now, you think about it!
- I don't have to think about it!
For all I care,
you can take those tickets and shove 'em!
- [radio: "I Saw Her Standing There"]
- What's your name anyway?
- Ringo. Ringo Klaus.
- What?
Well, actually, it's Richard.
Richard Klaus.
This is my official Beatles talcum powder.
Anyway, like Ringo Starr, you know,
he changed his name from Ringo...
from Richard to Ringo?
Well, that's what I did. My real name's Richard,
and I changed it over to Ringo. See?
You know how the real Ringo has lots of rings?
Well, I got my own ring too, see? Just like Ringo.
Good. I know all that stuff.
Listen, I know everything
there is to know about the Beatles!
There's nothing I don't know
about the Beatles!
I'm the greatest Beatles genius in the history of
the universe. Ask me anything about the Beatles.
Ask me how tall John is.
And the answer come back... 5'11".
Ask me when George's birthday is.
And the answer come back... February 23, 1943.
There's nothing I don't know about the Beatles.
Ask me anything there is to know about the Beatles!
[Murray the "K"]
Who is the youngest Beatle?
- Oh!
- I know the answer! Give me the phone!
- Get away! I know it too!
- It's my room, and it's my phone!
- Hand it over!
- Get away! Let me!
- [line ringing]
- [gasps] It's ringing!
- All right, who's the youngest Beatle?
- Ringo!
- George!
- Aww!
It's Ringo! Ringo, you crackpot!
You... You stupid idiot! It's George!
Ringo's the oldest!
Ringo's 23, George is 20!
Well, it's a trick question.
George is the youngest in age,
but Ringo was the last to join the Beatles,
therefore he's the youngest Beatle.
The question was, "Who is the youngest Beatle?"
And that means it's Ringo. See?
You're an idiot. You're a fink.
You lousy rat fink!
I could've won those tickets!
Waaah! Aah! Aah!
Ah, now I got you, you little shitheads!
- Who you calling little?
- [growls]
Oh, my God! He's a maniac!
- [radio: "I Saw Her Standing There" guitar solo]
- Waah! Take that, copper!
- [coughing]
- Oh, shit!
- Stay back!
- Watch it! He's got a lamp!
- No!
- And it's lit!
- Hyah!
- Give up, kid! You're surrounded!
- [shouting, grunting]
- I'll jump! I swear I'll jump!
- Put me down!
- [Rosie] Stop it! Knock it off!
- Put me down! Are you crazy?
- Quit that kickin', will ya!
Put me down, you maniac!
- [Rosie] Stop!
- [officer] Come on!
[shutter clicks]
[shutter clicks]
Hey! What the hell
do you think you're doin'?
There ain't no cameras allowed in here.
I'm just taking a couple pictures.
I'm with the press.
Yeah? And I'm Captain Kangaroo.
Come on, get the hell outta here.
Please, sir, I just gotta
get some pictures of the Beatles.
- I'd do anything to get in here. Anything.
- Yeah? What's it worth to ya?
- Ten bucks?
- Ten bucks? What, are you shittin' me?
I tell you what.
Fifty bucks, and you got a deal.
Fifty bucks? Look, I just don't
have that kind of money.
Hey, you wanna get in and see 'em?
Fifty bucks.
- You don't like it, get the hell outta here.
- All right, all right, I'll find the 50.
Then what do I do?
All right, listen now.
Here's what's happening.
The Beatles are the last act. Right?
All right, you wait till the show starts,
you come to this door and knock like this.
[two quick knocks,
one knock, two quick knocks]
I open the door,
you give me the 50, you're in.
Right now, get the hell outta here.
I gotta eat.
Fifty bucks?
Where am I gonna get 50 bucks?
[guitar crashing]
- [woman] I'm saving my fries for George.
- [woman 2] He doesn't like them.
[woman] He does like fries.
I read he likes fries.
[women chattering, laughing]
[chuckles] Is this seat taken?
Say, how's the food around here?
You guys eat here often?
Oh. Well, then I take it that
you're not from around here, huh?
- Brooklyn.
- No kiddin'.
Me, I'm from Jersey.
[patrons chattering]
Hey, hey! Way to go!
Nice play, Shakespeare!
- [giggling]
- [Tony laughing]
Say, you girls ever been on top
of the Empire State Building?
Well, I was thinking about going up there
later on this afternoon.
And, uh, maybe you'd like to join me?
- [woman giggles]
- Hey, what's the gag?
She thinks you look like Paul.
Oh, yeah.
Lots of people tell me I look like Newman.
Not Paul Newman.
Paul McCartney!
Paul McCart... Never heard of him.
He's one of the Beatles!
Oh! [clears throat]
- [coughs]
- What's with you?
You got something against the Beatles?
Who, me?
Besides the fact that their music stinks,
that I hate their guts,
and they're nothin' but a bunch
of candy-ass pansies?
Listen, greaseball,
nobody asked you to sit here, so beat it.
Now, wait a minute.
Everything was going fine here.
We were having a nice, leisurely lunch
and over a little chat,
and then you had to go and mention the Beatles
and make me choke on my goddamn food!
Let's get out of here.
Hey, wait a minute!
What about the Empire State Building?
Why don't you jump off it?
Hey, you know what I do to Beatles?
I stomp on 'em!
- Oh!
- [woman] Oh!
- [chattering]
- [woman] Smooth move, Ex-Lax!
Oh, wow. [inhales]
Oh, my God.
[gasps, sighs]
Oh, my God.
[gasps, sighs]
Oh, my God.
Oh, God. [gasps]
- [lock turning]
- [Beatles] Surfin'
Surfin' USA
[John] On the downbeat.
- [gasps]
- Everybody's gone surfin'
Surfin' USA with Murray the "K"
- [laughing]
- Hey, baby!
[John] And his Swingin' Soiree!
[Paul] Hey, who's this Johnny Carson
that Ed wants us to dedicate our songs to anyway?
[Ringo] Probably a baseball player.
- [George] That must be the mayor.
- [all laughing]
[radio: Murray the "K"]
They've got ice cubes in their pockets!
[Paul] I'm really disappointed about that rehearsal.
I'm mean, I think we sound crappy.
[John] Oh, come off it. All you gotta do is smile.
Twinkle in the eye, you'll have 'em all screamin'.
[transistor radio: Murray the "K" chattering]
[George] Hey! Hey, what do you know?
It's still playin'. Murray's still talkin'.
[Paul] Hey, looks like somebody's
been messing with me bass.
Yuck. There's sticky stuff all over it.
- [George grunts]
- What'd you do that for?
[George] Why'd you put that
picture of yourself in me closet?
[Ringo] I thought it might
brighten up the place.
- [George] Oh, that's it, then.
- [Ringo] Well...
[radio: Murray the "K"]...right here on 1010 WINS,
right after The Ed Sullivan Show.
[John] Can somebody call the porter up here?
I need me trousers cleaned.
[Paul] Take 'em off then.
We can't clean 'em with you standin' in 'em.
[John] Good idea.
- [zipper opens]
- [sighs]
My stockings! My official
Beatles nylon stockings are missing.
Those jerks from the hotel stole my stuff.
And you know why?
They know even half my stuff's worth $500.
I'll sue 'em.
That's what I'll do. I'll sue 'em.
I just think we're lucky
they didn't throw us in jail.
They can't throw us in jail.
We're both under 18 years old, therefore we're
both minors, therefore they can't throw us in jail.
And that's the law.
And if there's one thing I know, it's the law.
Anyway, I gotta get back in the hotel
and get my stuff back.
- [Grace] Hey, Rosie!
- I know! I'll steal an elevator!
I'll hijack one like you did.
Rosie! Come here! I gotta tell you somethin'!
Grace, Grace, where have you been?
Did you get pictures of the Beatles?
- Grace, you know it's illegal to park here.
- We're not parking, Larry, we're just stopping.
- Where have you been? Did you get the pictures?
- Not yet. I need to borrow some money. Okay?
- Grace, I don't have that much left.
- What did you spend it on?
- On these.
- Well, what are these?
- Beatles bedsheets.
- Beatles bedsheets?
Those are the actual bedsheets
the Beatles slept on Friday night.
Only two bucks per square inch.
You paid two bucks
for this little piece of nothing?
- They're worth at least five!
- What time do you think we'll be going home?
Oh, yeah? How do you know
these are the real Beatles' bedsheets?
'Cause the guy that sold 'em to me
said they were authentic.
And you can't lie about a thing like that.
That would be against the law.
We should be getting home.
I don't wanna miss The Ed Sullivan Show.
Hey, tell me somethin'.
Were there a lot of kids buying these things?
Oh, heck yeah. You want me to show you
where the guy is that sold 'em to me?
Here, take these.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Wait. I'm the only one who knows where the guy is
that sold me this stuff. You gotta take me with ya!
What is wrong with you? Who is this guy?
Where'd he come from, Mars?
Oh, this is Richard Klaus.
He's my boyfriend.
- Your boyfriend?
- Oh, here.
Grace, wait a minute!
What about The Ed Sullivan Show?
Well, you'd better find a TV set around here
because I still have to get my pictures.
Your boyfriend? What's the idea
of telling that broad I'm your boyfriend?
I'm not your boyfriend!
But I thought... You and me, well,
we seem to get along pretty well and all.
Yeah? I thought you were in love with Paul.
Well, I am!
But it's different with Paul.
I mean, Paul, he's a Beatle.
It's just different.
Yeah, I get it.
You're just like all the rest.
You're in love with a Beatle
until somebody better comes along, huh?
Well, I got news for you. Where I come from
they got a name for people like you.
You're a traitor,
and I don't associate with traitors.
So you can just quit
tagging along with me.
Am-scray, sister!
I am not a traitor!
I do love Paul! I'll always love Paul!
I'll never love anybody else, ever!
[radio: "P.S. I Love You"]
I love you
You know, you'd make things a lot easier
if you'd just cut your hair.
Hey, wait a minute. I think I got it.
- [grunts]
- [grunts]
- Hey!
- [Peter] Let's get outta here!
Hey, you kids! Come back!
- [Peter] Come on! This way!
- Come back here!
- Come on! Let's get 'em!
- Oh, shit!
- Ow!
- You all right?
- [Murray the "K"] To keep security...
- This way!
...at times the Beatles
had to dress themselves up as the fuzz
- in order to go from place to place.
- Excuse me.
- No cuts in line!
- Get outta here! You don't belong here!
- Which way did they go?
- Down here.
All right, baby, we've got
another one that you haven't heard yet
from that great British import album.
You're hearing it first with the "K"
in what you call the Swingin' Soiree.
In fact, I think I'm gonna
mail it out to you.
- Gotcha!
- Aaah!
- Wait a minute, Mr. Postman
- Hey, Reese, I got the one with the hair.
- Let him go! He wasn't doing anything!
- Grab her too.
You're just picking on him
because he's got long hair!
[Foley] Ah, shut up.
- Hey, let that kid go.
- Yeah, let him go!
- Just because he's got long hair...
- He didn't do anything!
- Let go of him!
- [bystanders shouting]
[marbles clattering]
- Hey, what's goin'...
- [Reese] Come on! Get back!
[all shouting]
Get back! Get back!
Get back in line! Get back!
Get back! Get back!
I'm warning you! Now get back!
- [shouting continues]
- Go on!
[officer] Let's go, all of ya!
[officer] Get that crowd back!
Go on back in there!
All right, get back!
Reese! Foley! Let 'em go!
But, Sarge, they were trying
to break into the studio!
Goddamn it, I said let 'em go!
I don't want a riot on my hands!
All right, go on, get outta here. Beat it.
- [crowd continues shouting]
- [officer] Did you hear me? Get back!
Wow, did you see that?
Do you realize what just happened here?
Yeah. We almost just got thrown in jail.
You were right all the time. The only way
we're getting in there is to get my hair cut.
- You can't.
- What?
You can't cut your hair.
Not now. Not after all this.
I just don't get ya.
Don't you wanna go in and see the show?
Look, all this time
I've been wrong about the Beatles.
I'll figure out some other way
to get those tickets back.
What? From my old man? No way.
The only way you're gonna get
those tickets from him is to take 'em.
Genuine squares of Beatle bedsheets!
Only one dollar!
Ladies, they're huggable.
They're kissable.
Unwashed, girls.
Unwashed Beatles bedsheets!
And they're only one dollar!
Bigger and better Beatles bedsheets!
- Can I have a John?
- A John. Here's your John. One dollar.
- Can I have a George?
- Here's George. One dollar.
Are you sure these are real? It doesn't look
like the ones they're selling over there.
That's 'cause they're newer. They just
came off the Beatles' beds this very morning.
Look how wrinkled it is!
Okay, anybody else?
I wanna buy 40 dollars' worth
for my whole fan club!
- Ten of each Beatle.
- Ten of each Beatle?
Well, look, I only have about 23,
but I can get some more.
- I'll meet you back here in 10 minutes.
- Okay!
Hey, you wanna buy some Beatle bedsheets?
They slept on 'em.
For one dollar?
Hey, would you like to buy
some Beatle bedsheets for one dollar?
For Christ sakes, Dubois,
what the hell are you doin'?
I'm selling some Beatle bedsheets.
I can see that!
Geez, is this what it's come to?
You standing in the street with a handful of rags
like a goddamn beggar?
Ain't you got no self-respect?
Get rid of this shit!
Damn it, Dubois, how could you
let yourself be pussy-whipped like this?
You know she's made a fool out of you.
You know that, don't ya? A damn fool!
Yeah, I was just trying
to get pictures for her, Tony.
- I mean, she needed...
- Yeah, yeah, I know it ain't your fault.
It's that limey scum.
It's like the whole goddamn world's flipped
or something like that.
You know what happened to me today?
I tried to pick up seven different chicks.
And they all gave me shit.
They gave me shit!
A week ago this couldn't have happened.
I'm fed up. I've had it up to here with this crap.
Something's gotta be done.
Something's gotta be done to stop it.
I don't know what, but it's gotta be done now
before it spreads any further.
It's like a goddamn disease, for Christ sakes.
- Do you understand what I'm saying here?
- [whispering] Yeah. Yeah.
Well, I'm gonna get back
to the car, Tony, so...
- [sighs]
- Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead.
I gotta think this shit out.
[all singing]
We love you, Beatles
Oh, yes, we do
We don't love anyone
As much as you
When you're not near us
We're blue
Oh, Beatles, we love you
We love you, Beatles
Oh, yes, we do
[crowd screaming]
Well, if nobody wanted to buy 'em,
then where's your sheets?
Well, I, um... I don't know. I dropped 'em?
Goddamn, Larry!
Oh, come on.
Here, help me rip this sheet up.
Only 17 more pieces, and I'm home free.
[transistor radio]
...arms to hold you
- And keep you by my side
- [fabric ripping]
I got lips that long to kiss you
And keep you satisfied
- If there's anything that you want
- Hi.
If there's anything I can do
- Grace.
- Would you cut it out!
With love from me to you
Hand it over, skag.
Our money. These are fakes.
There must be some mistake.
Damn right. Look at this.
I know for a fact they don't use sheets
from JCPenney's at that hotel.
I swear to you, I was told these sheets
are genuine. They really are.
Give us our money back,
or we'll beat your brains out.
Hey, hey, come on, girls.
Let's... Let's be reasonable.
Listen, pencil neck. I'll kick your face in.
Grace, I think they mean it.
If there's anything that you want
If there's anything I can do
Just call on me
And I'll send it along
- With love from me to you
- Looks like you're out of business.
To you
To you
[song ends]
This is Murray the "K", and we're still TCB-in'...
takin' care of business as we cover
this fabulous Beatle weekend.
And you probably don't hear as much going on
as, uh, there was... not as much shouting.
It's because 33 minutes ago
everybody that was here
with this big crowd left
because the Beatles are going over
to The Ed Sullivan Show
to, uh, do the first telecast
in the United States.
And you wanna watch that.
I'm gonna be there myself.
[woman on PA]
Mr. Joseph Cusamano,
please come to the hotel desk.
Mr. Joseph Cusamano.
Hey, Grace. Did you hear about
the valentine's dance at school Friday night?
I know all about it, Larry.
- Why don't you just have a drink. Okay?
- Uh, I-I'd better not.
I mean, you know what they say
about drinking and driving.
- [man] Frankie? Uh, yeah.
- [Larry] I-I was thinkin'.
I'm glad I finally got in touch with you.
I got a few hours to kill
before I have to go out of town,
and, uh, I could use
a little companionship.
You know what I mean?
- [Larry] You see, it's hard to put into words.
- Uh, yeah. Is Ginger available?
- I was thinking about all we've been through.
- Well, how about that little redhead?
- What's her name? Judy, yeah. Is she...
- We've kinda gotten to know each other better.
No. Well, whatever you think, Frankie.
As long as she's on the young side.
You know what I mean?
- Friday night, if you're not busy, I'm not busy.
- A college coed?
And... Well, you'll probably be busy,
- So forget it.
- Shh!
[man] Hey, no kiddin'.
Hey, yeah, that's right. Room 909.
Oh, well, that's great.
Why don't you send her over.
Yeah. Oh, how about, uh... about an hour?
[chuckling] Yeah.
Half hour would be better, Frankie, yeah.
Thanks, Frankie.
Grace, it's gettin' kinda late.
Maybe we'd better get goin'.
How old do you think I look?
[chuckles] I don't know.
I mean, uh...
you think I could pass for a college student?
Sure. Sure. You get good grades.
Larry, there's something I gotta do.
I want you to meet me back here
in about one hour.
Well, wait. Where you goin'?
I just thought of something I could sell.
Why don't you tell me?
Maybe I can sell some too.
I don't think so, Larry.
You just wait for me, okay?
Oh, no. Grace! You can't!
I won't let you do it.
Do what?
- Well, you know.
- What?
You know!
Larry, I know exactly what it is I'm doing.
So just relax.
Go back to the table
and finish this up. Okay?
And meet me back here soon.
Well... Well, Grace,
think of what you're doing.
I mean, it's... it's a sin.
It'll never come off.
Aw, geez. Dropped my pneumonia.
- [screaming]
- [Pam coughing]
So we'll do that...
Hey. Wait a minute.
All right, you stay out here.
Are you crazy? That guy hates my guts.
- He's not gonna do anything. Not for me.
- No, but he might do it for me.
[man] Three Beatles took a tour
of Central Park yesterday while George...
- [man] Hey, turn that crap off.
- ...stayed in bed nursing a sore throat.
Reports are that George...
[Rosie] Hey, what are you doing?
I was watching that.
Sorry about that. It's showtime.
But you don't seem to understand.
The Ed Sullivan Show is gonna be on.
Honey, we all got our problems.
When that show goes on in there,
that tube goes off. It's union rules.
- Oh.
- [guitars playing]
- Well, how long does this go on?
- Midnight.
Want another?
[man laughing]
He looks better than they do!
[Tony] Oh, the hell with this.
I don't wanna hear about it.
Wait! I'll tell you! Just listen!
This guy is the kid's father.
In his wallet are tickets to the Beatles show.
- That's all we want. You can have his money.
- What did you say?
- I said you can have all his money.
- No, no, no, you said something about tickets.
Tickets to The Ed Sullivan Show.
That's all we want.
- How many tickets has he got?
- Three.
I'll do it. But I get one of the tickets.
I'm sorry. Really I am.
It was just an accident.
I didn't want to come up here
and get in trouble or anything like that.
I didn't even want to come here today.
They made me do it.
This is very unlike me.
I mean, I just don't do things like this.
It's all just very confusing for me.
You've gotta believe me. Please.
I believe you. It's okay, it's okay.
Look, everything's gonna be all right.
Now, you got somebody you can call
to come and pick you up?
- [maid, officer chattering]
- Well, there's a phone over there.
Why don't you go over and use it?
- Look at this crap.
- [metal lands in dish]
[Murray the "K" chattering on radio]
- Is that the bird that was under Lennon's bed?
- Bird?
- Girl.
- Girl, girl. That's her, yeah.
Well, I just spoke to Brian, and it's very
important we keep her here for a while. Okay?
- No sweat.
- I beg your pardon.
Uh, no problem.
[Pam] Hello, Eddie?
Can you come and get me, please?
[guitars strumming]
The best things in life are free
But you can keep 'em
For the birds and bees
- Now give me money
- [Beatles] That's what I want
That's what I want
That's what I want
- [Lennon] That's what I wa-a-a-a-ant, yeah
- That's what I want
That's what I want
Your lovin'gives me a thrill
- But your lovin' don't pay my bills
- Damn it.
- Now give me money
- [Beatles] That's what I want
That's what I want
That's what I want
- [Lennon] That's what I wa-a-a-a-ant, yeah
- That's what I want
That's what I want
[Lennon screams]
[song continues: instrumental break]
[song ends]
- [man singing "La Donna e Mobile"]
- [screams]
[whispers] What?
[singing continues in mock Italian]
[whispers] Okay.
[man laughing]
[man continues singing]
[man] Forgive me!
[man whistling]
Huh? [sniffing]
Trapped like a rat.
Hey, now, wait a minute.
I said I'd get my hair cut.
But you don't expect me to pay for it, do ya?
And don't forget to bring the tickets.
It's all set.
- [radio] And there's no time
- [elevator bell dings]
- When I'm alone
- [man] Going up.
- There's a place
- Seven, please.
There's a place
- There's a place
- Hey, baby, this is the "K."
I'm interrupting my own show
to bring you an important Beatles bulletin.
I just discovered another pair
of Ed Sullivan tickets I forgot to give away.
Now, even though we're only
a few minutes away from show time,
the folks over there at CBS tell me you can
still get in even if you're a few minutes late,
provided, of course, you answer
our countdown question correctly.
Please hurry! Get me to seven!
If you live out on the island,
Westchester County, Jersey, wherever,
don't call in if you can't make the show.
All right, here we go
with a very tough Beatles question.
Which particular Beatle is at the same time
the oldest and youngest member of the group?
I wanna be your lover, baby
I wanna be your man
I wanna be your lover, baby
- Ow! Ooh!
- Sorry.
Love you like no other, baby
Like no other can
Love you like no other, baby
Like no other can
- I wanna be your man
- [line ringing]
Oh, please, God, let me get through.
Please let me get through!
I wanna be your man
- I wanna be your man
- [line clicks]
[Murray the "K"]
Yo, which Beatle is the oldest and youngest?
- Wait a minute. Ringo?
- Yes.
- That's right!
- [screams, laughing]
I got two passes waiting for you at
the Ed Sullivan Theater. What's your name, baby?
- [shouting in foreign language]
- Rosie! It's Rosie Petrofsky!
All right, Rosie, you're our winner!
Oh, thanks! Thank you very much!
- [continues shouting in foreign language]
- Thank you for letting me use your phone!
[screams, continues shouting]
- I wanna be your man
- I won! [chuckles]
I wanna be your man
[Paul screams]
[song continues: guitar solo]
Oh, ohh
[Paul screams, vocalizes]
Lobby, please!
I wanna be your lover, baby
I wanna be your man
I wanna be your lover, baby
I wanna be your man
Love you like no other, baby
- [elevator stalls]
- [radio stops]
What's wrong?
What's wrong with this elevator?
- You!
- Hi, Rosie.
You busted it! You broke the elevator!
Calm down and relax.
I'll have it fixed in a jiffy.
I know everything there is to know
about elevators.
You broke it. You broke it on purpose!
Wait a minute. I know how.
Just let me fix this here.
Help! Get us out of here!
We're trapped! Oh, I'm ruined!
My whole life is ruined!
- [sobbing]
- Don't worry. I'll get us out of this mess.
Somebody from the hotel's bound to save us.
They'll rescue us, just like the cavalry.
- [sobbing, wailing]
- Don't worry!
- It's not like we're gonna suffocate.
- [screaming]
We got plenty of fresh air.
Oh, before I forget, here's a little something
for you on behalf of the boys and myself,
just to show there are no hard feelings.
It's a pass to the boys' performance
on the telly tonight.
Oh, my God! Thank you.
Oh, by the way, there's some members
of the press downstairs.
They'd like to chat with you a bit.
You don't have any objections, do you?
Reporters? Well...
Well, what do they want to talk to me for?
They just want to ask you a few questions.
- [man on TV] And of course...
- [woman] You must be Al. Hi. I'm Cindy.
- Hi, Cindy. I'm glad you could make it.
- [door closes]
- Can I, uh... Can I take your coat?
- Yeah, sure.
- Can I fix you a drink?
- A Coke, please.
[man on TV]
...struggle almost endlessly for their freedom.
Well, uh, what kind of party
did you have in mind, Al?
Well, uh, actually, Cindy,
it was more like a... a picnic.
- [man on TV] Look at that!
- [Cindy chuckles]
She's probably gonna end up
in one of those houses.
She is gonna end up
in one of those houses.
And it's all your fault.
[man] Hey, here she comes.
How 'bout a big smile for the cameras, baby?
- Look over here, sweetheart. There you go!
- [reporters clamoring]
How does it feel to be in the limelight?
Would you do it again if you had the chance?
[Pam] I don't know. I...
Hold it right there. Thank you.
[woman] What is it about these, uh...
about the Beatles anyway?
[man] Different generation, yeah.
That's what I mean.
[woman] Have you heard their music?
Okay, could the people in the front please
sit down for the benefit of those in the back?
Thank you.
Now I'd like to introduce you
to the young lady I told you about,
Miss Pam Mitchell.
[man] Miss, how does it feel to be
the number-one Beatle fan in New York?
[reporters clamoring, shouting questions]
[inaudible over shouting]
[man] Did you talk to them all?
What did you talk about?
- [woman] Miss Mitchell. Miss Mitchell!
- [man] Did you talk to them all?
Millions of young girls across the country
dream about what you've done today.
Perhaps you'd like to tell them,
how did you feel actually being
in the Beatles' hotel room?
W-Well, I, um...
It's kind of hard to put into words, but...
I guess it... it... it was...
- It was wonderful.
- [reporters chuckling]
It was the most wonderful feeling
I've ever had in my life.
- [TV continues]
- Al, would you mind if I switched to Ed Sullivan?
- 'Cause the Beatles are gonna be on.
- I don't care. Anything you want.
- Mmm. Thanks.
- [man] Try to land one of these.
- [applause]
- Thank you. Thank you very, very much.
Uh, something really, really, really nice
just happened
and, you know, the Beatles
got a real, real kick out of it
because we received a wire... or they did...
from Elvis Presley and Colonel Tom Parker
wishing them the most tremendous success
in our country.
I think that was really, really, really nice.
Now, you know, this particular season
has seen many, many exciting acts,
like the little Italian mouse, Topo Gigio,
Belgium's singing nun, Sister Sourire...
Well, kid, looks like your old man
really stuck it to you this time.
The Sullivan show's already started.
You may as well go home.
Oh, no, they'll let us in even if we're late,
just as long as we got the tickets. Okay?
I'll give you one of my genuine Beatles bedsheets.
Here, you can have a Paul.
I'm gonna miss The Ed Sullivan Show.
No, no, there's no way
we can miss The Ed Sullivan Show.
I know where there's a TV.
And besides, the Beatles are the last act.
They always save the best act for last. That way
you have to sit through all the commercials.
I got tickets to see 'em in person!
[sniffling, sobbing]
I won 'em on the radio.
Yeah, well, that's what I was saying...
We're... No... W-We're trapped!
Oh, please, get us out!
Somebody save us! We're trapped like rats!
[bystanders clamoring]
- Back off.
- All right, girls, get back there.
- [woman] Hold it!
- All right, hold it down.
Pam! Pam, did you touch them?
- Can I touch you where they touched you?
- I didn't touch them.
- Oh, can I have your autograph?
- Sure.
Can we have your autograph?
[girls shouting]
[girl] Can I touch...
Were you in the room?
[Neil] We'd better hurry
if you wanna see the show.
- Can I touch you?
- [shouting continues]
- Excuse me.
- Bye.
- Bye-bye. You take care.
- Bye.
- Who's that guy?
- Oh, that's Neil. He's really nice.
- You'd like him.
- Yeah, let's go.
- You had me worried. I hope you know that.
- Oh, I'm sorry, but today was so incredibly...
Look, I'm gonna let it go this time, but you
are gonna have to start acting more responsibly.
You're hurting me!
- Where's my ring?
- What?
My ring. I paid a hundred and...
[quieter] I paid $175 for that ring.
Where is it?
It's, um... I-It's in my shoe.
- I put it in my shoe.
- Well, get it the hell out of your shoe.
I thought that would be the safest place for it
when I was running around here.
I couldn't think of anything else
to do with it.
Because I lost my purse on our way here.
It was just in the car and...
I'm sorry, I... [crying]
Come on. Let's get outta here.
Hey. Psst. There he is.
[thunderclap, thunder rumbling]
- Hey, watch where you're walking!
- This is a free country. I can walk where I want.
Then walk on the expressway.
- Come on. Let's go.
- Wait a minute. Got the tickets?
Of course I got the tickets.
Come on! Let me see 'em!
There ain't no tickets in here!
Now come on. Let's go.
No. No.
- Dad, no! Put me down!
- Now, sit in there!
- [grunting]
- I said sit in there!
Oh, Jesus, no.
I said stay in that chair!
Do you want to see that show or don't you?
Look at that.
- You ever see a haircut like that before? Huh?
- Mm-mmm. Mm-mmm.
Isn't that somethin'?
How would you like to have a kid like that?
Got into town last night, saw him from the back,
I thought it was my daughter.
I told him, "If you don't get a haircut,
you'll have to wear a sign."
- Isn't that somethin'?
- Mm-hmm.
All right then, go to work.
All right, now just take it easy.
Nobody's gonna hurt you.
Now, be a man and everything'll be fine.
[rapid breathing]
All right, kid, how do you want it?
I want him to look like a marine.
- [switch clicks]
- [buzzing]
[door slams]
[groaning continues]
Oh, my God! He's just been hit by a bus!
[groaning continues]
I... I think he's in shock!
Mister, please, can I use your coat?
We've gotta keep him covered!
[groaning continues]
He looks bad! You better give him
some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation!
Uh, right.
Uh, could you call an ambulance, please?
- There's a phone booth right outside.
- Okay, okay.
Give him some mouth-to-mouth, huh?
Did you hear what I said? Mouth-to-mouth.
More oxygen!
[Peter] Come on.
Oh, great. Come on!
What the...
- Hello? Hello?
- [hook switch clicking]
Aw, it's dead. It's completely dead.
Just like everything else
in this roach trap.
I knew it. I knew this would happen.
It's because I'm being punished.
I'm being punished
because I missed mass this morning.
Hey, a trap door. Of course! A trap door!
All elevators have to have trap doors.
That's the law.
With this, you can crawl up
through the fifth floor.
Oh, no, you'd better not.
That looks awful dangerous.
Dangerous? Why, this isn't dangerous.
I'll tell you what's dangerous.
The time I got thrown off
the Long Island Railroad.
Now, that was dangerous.
This isn't even moving!
Oh, that's what I was afraid of.
A safety interlock.
- We'll never get these doors open.
- Oh, it's hopeless.
The show's already started.
We may as well forget about it.
Forget about it? Forget about the Beatles?
What's the matter? You screwy or somethin'?
What else can we do?
We've tried everything else.
It's only two-eighths-inch plate glass.
These doors are pretty flimsy,
like everything else in this fleabag.
Come on!
What are you waiting for?
Just think. In a couple of hours
you're gonna be Mrs. Eddie Lupus.
Mrs. Eddie Lupus.
I like the way that sounds. [chuckles]
Hey, it's gonna be
a great life for us, Mrs. Lupus.
And why shouldn't it be?
I've got a great job.
Heck, I'm in on the ground floor
of something really big.
These plastic furniture covers
are the thing of the future.
Yeah, we'll have to skimp the first few years
and we won't be able to go out much.
But, uh, who cares?
[chuckles] We'll have each other.
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Lupus,
till death us do part.
I'd rather see the Beatles.
- What?
- Eddie, stop the car.
- I wanna get out.
- What are you talking about?
I've got this ticket to see the Beatles
and I don't want to miss it.
W-We're getting married!
I can't do it, Eddie.
I can't marry you.
What did you say?
I just can't marry you.
I don't want to anymore.
Pam, what the hell have you been doing
here in New York?
I've just realized that there are more things
in life for me besides marriage.
- Like what?
- Like the Beatles!
- Pamela. Pamela!
- [horns honking]
You come back here! Did you hear me?
Did you hear me? Come back here!
- [woman] Your luxurious sweetheart bath.
- [spanking]
- [Al chuckles] More, more. Oh, yeah.
- In pure, mild SweetHeart soap.
Faster, faster, faster!
[groaning, panting]
When it's least expected, you're the star.
Don't miss Candid Camera
tonight at 10:00, 9:00 Central, here on CBS.
[whispering] Candid Camera. That's it!
Come on, Larry.
Come on.
Hey, Tony, what are you really
gonna do with that ticket?
I told you. I'm gonna scalp 'em.
Do you mind?
You know, Rosie could really use that ticket,
if you're just gonna sell it to some stranger.
[Tony] Look, how am I
supposed to find Rosie?
You want Rosie to have a ticket,
you go find her and give her yours.
Oh, my God! That's her! She's here!
- Rosie! Hey, Rosie!
- Janis!
Wait a minute!
I won tickets on the ra...
You won 'em too! [laughs]
Come on!
- [Sullivan] And right now, from Paris, France...
- [Al] Good. Rub it. Faster. Faster! [laughs]
...here is Pierre Poullier
and his performing poodles.
- Let's bring him on with a nice welcome, shall we?
- [audience applauding]
[Al grunting, gasping] Yes!
- Oh-oh-oh! Get a little on the back.
- ["Sabre Dance" playing]
- ["Sabre Dance" continues playing]
- [chattering]
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Excuse me. I'm sorry. Excuse me.
- Hey!
- Excuse me.
- Pam! [screeching laugh]
- Rosie!
- What are you doing here?
- I got an extra ticket!
Hey, get these mongrels off the stage!
We wanna see some real entertainment!
- Shh!
- I hate dogs. I always have.
- [Al] Oh, that's good. Oh, good, good, good.
- ["Sabre Dance" continues]
That's good... Ooh! Faster. Faster.
Faster! [giggles] Oh, that's good.
Uh, get the ketchup. Get the ketchup.
Put a little ketchup on the side. Ketchup.
- Smile! You're on Candid Camera!
- [both screaming]
- [Al] Hey!
- Watch the birdie!
- Say "cheese"!
- What the hell are you doing?
Don't worry.
I'll have these proofs sent to your house.
You and your wife can select the prints
you'd like at your own convenience.
What are you doing to me?
What do you want?
However, if you prefer to have the negatives
processed somewhere else,
I'd be more than happy to sell them to you
at the incredible discount rate of only $50.
Fifty bucks? That's blackmail!
- Look, Al, I happen to be in a hurry.
- All right, okay. Okay. Fifty bucks.
Smart move, Al.
You're never gonna regret this.
You know, I'm letting you off easy.
Here's your film, Al.
- [screaming]
- Hold it, you little bitch!
- You're not going anywhere with my money!
- Oh, no! No! No!
[Larry shouts]
Get your goddamn hands off her,
you big hot dog.
- [Cindy screams]
- ["Sabre Dance" ends]
[audience applauding, screaming]
Oh, Larry, you were just wonderful!
- Let's get the hell out of here.
- Come on. Come on. Come on, hot dog.
[Sullivan] Just... Just...
Just stay tuned.
- We'll be right back with the Beatles...
- Down, Larry. Down, Larry.
...after this word about Aero Shave.
Now, ladies and gentlemen
here in the studio audience,
right after these commercial announcements
we're going to bring out... the Beatles!
All right, now, just simmer down.
Simmer down. Relax.
Let's just try to take it easy.
- [screaming]
- Shit!
Hey, this thing handles pretty well.
Now, I wanna remind you, all you people,
to keep your seats.
Remain seated for the entire show.
All of you, stay in your seats,
especially you folks up there
in the balcony.
Now, you. Young man up there.
Would you please sit down there, please?
- Who, me?
- Yes, you.
Now, will you please
take off that ridiculous hat?
Okay, Ed!
How are people behind gonna be able to see
with that ridiculous hat on there?
All right, Ed.
[Sullivan] So please, let's have
no more outbursts like that.
- Let's set a nice example for...
- Would you like me to take my coat off too?
All right, take that off too.
But sit down.
- Please!
- [Richard gasps]
Jesus Christ!
- [tires screeching]
- [horn honking]
- [horns honking]
- [Grace screaming]
What do you think this is,
a funeral or something?
- Uh, Larry, it's a red light!
- I don't see no red light.
[horn honking]
- We want the Beatles! We want the Beatles!
- [Sullivan] Now, you promised.
- We want the Beatles!
- You promised!
So far you've all been very well behaved.
Now, let's not spoil it.
I don't wanna have to bring
a barber out here.
- [audience chanting continues]
- That's why I have a barber station just in case.
We want the Beatles!
We want the Beatles! We want the Beatles!
- [chanting continues]
- Brylcreem, a little dab'll do ya
You'll look so debonair
The gals'll all pursue ya
They'll love to run their fingers
Through your hair
- [screaming]
- [horn honking]
- [Grace] Get me safe, please, all right?
- A near miss!
- Hold on!
- [screaming]
Serves you right, you moron!
[announcer] Pain mounts up.
You feel dull, depressed.
[director] Would somebody out there get those
title cards in focus? You can't read this shit.
- [man] How do I know which one's Ringo?
- [director] I think he plays the guitar.
[man] What guitar? There's three guitars.
[director] I've got a headache that's gonna
slam through my ears. Where the hell is Ed?
[tires screeching]
- It's a one-way street.
- I'm only goin' one way.
[girls screaming within]
[thunder rumbling]
[screaming continues, faint]
[police radio chatter]
You got the 50?
- Yeah.
- Come on.
[thunder rumbling]
All right, kid, you're going down
a one-way street the wrong way.
- Let me see your license.
- [sighs]
I haven't got a license.
You don't have a license, huh?
Then who belongs to this car?
It's my father's.
You're gonna have to go down to the station house.
You can call your old man from there.
- Out of the car.
- [Grace] Excuse me.
Excuse me, Officer. This kid here.
This kid, he's... he's my boyfriend,
and, um, I was just wondering
if there was any other way
we could take care of this.
Well, driving without a license
is a very serious offense.
I know, Officer, but, um,
do you... do you think his fine
would be more than $50?
Well, that sounds about right.
[thunder rumbling]
Well, um,
Officer, my friend and I,
we're both really in kind of a hurry,
and I was wondering,
if we were to pay you the fine right now...
do you think you could
take care of it for us?
Well, it's, uh, an irregular procedure,
but in this case I'll make an exception.
Thank you.
All right, kid,
I'm gonna give you a break this time.
Thank you, sir.
But let this be a lesson to ya.
Whew. Hey, thanks a lot, Grace.
Forget it.
[Sullivan] Now, all day yesterday and today
the theater's been absolutely jammed...
Oh, my God.
- ...with newspapermen and photographers...
- I'm gonna see Paul.
- ...and they all agree there has never been...
- I'm gonna see Paul right here.
[director] Stand by. One minute.
When they come out there, keep that audio
down, mister. I don't wanna see that needle...
[thunder rumbling]
- Tony, Tony, don't do it!
- [screams]
Janis! What the hell
do you think you're doing?
- What do you think you're doing?
- I know what I'm doing!
I'm putting an end to this Beatles bullshit
once and for all!
That's crazy, Tony!
You could get electrocuted!
You could... You could blow
this whole building up!
You might even get killed!
Yeah? Well, what about that scuzzy hair?
What if everybody starts running around,
looking like that?
Oh, please, Tony, please,
just listen to me for a minute!
Forget it, Janis!
Fifty million TV sets
are all gonna go black,
and there ain't a damn thing that you
or anybody else can do about it!
Okay! All right!
You want 'em, you got 'em! You got 'em.
Oh, shit!
So now, ladies and gentlemen,
here they are...
the Beatles!
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
You think you've lost your love
Well, I saw her yesterday
It's you she's thinking of
And she told me what to say
She said she loves you
And you know that can't be bad
Yes, she loves you
And you know you should be glad
She said you hurt her so
She almost lost her mind
Now she says she knows
- You're not the hurtin' kind
- [mouths word]
She says she loves you
And you know that can't be bad
Yes, she loves you
And you know you should be glad
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
And with a love like that
- You know you should be glad
- [no audible dialogue]
You know it's up to you
I think it's only fair
Pride can hurt you too
Apologize to her
Because she loves you
And you know that can't be bad
'Cause she loves you
And you know you should be glad
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
With a love like that
You know you should be glad
With a love like that
You know you should be glad
With a love like that
You know you should
Be glad
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
[screaming continues]
- [screaming, faint]
- We love you, John!
I can't believe this.
[studio orchestra playing theme]
[Sullivan] Now, I wanna dedicate
all those guitar songs to Johnny Carson,
Randy Paar and Earl Wilson.
Just a reminder, the Beatles
will be back next week from Miami Beach.
Also, the fabulous Budapest Ballerinas.
There's a young impressionist,
does an impression of me, Will Jordan.
A host of many, many fine acts.
So drive carefully.
We'll see you next week. Good night!
- Rosie! Rosie!
- [Sullivan] Good night!
Rosie! Rosie!
What happened?
What happened?
[sobbing] Rosie, you fainted.
You missed the whole show.
- I know.
- Come on. Let's get outta here.
- It's all my fault. It's all my fault.
- Forget it. Forget it!
- You coulda got your pictures. It's all my fault.
- For goodness sakes, let's just forget it.
- Let's not even talk about it anymore.
- [screaming continues, faint]
Why don't we talk about something else.
Why don't we talk about
that dance Friday night, Larry?
What time you wanna pick me up?
You wanna go to the dance with me?
- Sure.
- Oh, yeah?
- So, didn't you ask me?
- Yeah.
Yeah! Yeah, the valentine's dance, huh?
- Yeah, it'll be a gas.
- [screaming continues, faint]
- [man] Hurry up.
- Oh, God, it's the fuzz.
I'm gonna be sick.
[John] Much more of this mucking around
and I'm gonna pack it in.
- [Ringo] I think I lost me ring.
- [Paul] You're on my hand again.
- [George] I'm not on your hand!
- [Ringo] This isn't the right car.
- This isn't the right car!
- [girl] They're in that car!
[Neil] Never mind. I say there! You!
Get these boys out of here!
[Grace] Sure, mister, sure.
For God's sake, get these boys out of here
before they're trampled to death!
[Grace] Drive, Larry, drive!
[tires screeching]
[Paul] Oh, great!
- [Paul] Come on, come on, drive on!
- Would you give me a break?
[engine cranking]
[engine starts]
[Rosie] Look! There they go!
[Richard] Hey, wait a minute!
That limo's got Jersey plates!
[Tony] Nah, it couldn't be.
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
You think you've lost your love
Well, I saw her yesterday
It's you she's thinking of
And she told me what to say
She said she loves you
And you know that can't be bad
Yes, she loves you
And you know you should be glad
She said you hurt her so
She almost lost her mind
Now she says she knows
You're not the hurtin' kind
She says she loves you
And you know that can't be bad
Yes, she loves you
And you know you should be glad
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
And with a love like that
You know you should be glad
With a love like that
You know you should be glad
With a love like that
You know you should
Be glad
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah