I Want Your Love (2010) Movie Script

Oh God, you win.
Ah, so I guess we're done, huh?
Here, gimme your glass.
Seriously Brenden three dates?
Is really, really generous!
Oh wait, this is uh...
... this is 'internet dude'
Yeah, you're gonna spill that.
I'm not, trust me
OK so...
Oh wow, three fucking boring sex dates
- Boring's not the right word
- It's really incredible, fuck that dude!
He's maybe just a little passive
But wait, I....
... kind of always assumed that you were
kind of passive...
Not boring like this dude
but just kind of...
... you know?
Well come on!
I mean you generally like to...
... bottom. You know?
And just by your play-by-play,
totally stuff that you've told me,
I just thought
that you like to be ...
- You know I like to get fucked Jesse
- Yes
but I don't always wanna be the bottom
- Then don't bottom
- And you know what?
Sometimes I wanna mix it up
- So mix it up!
- And you almost never get fucked!
And we're not talking about me!
Come on!
I'm sorry
It's just, it's the...
It's just that you have the, you know,
'hungry butthole'
blazoned across your forehead
So I just...
Like right here?
All over?
You have 'asshole'
tattooed across your face!
Just like it, yes.
I mean maybe what you need is just a
a good fucking screaming
face down, ass up
- Right?
- I mean, right?
How are things with ... erm... ?
[Brenden clicks his fingers]
I don't know. Nothing.
- No?
- No.
I'm surprised that we haven't
That we haven't what?
Are you kidding me?
Erm.. no...
I'm not, I actually think that it's odd
that we never did.
I slept with like most of my friends
Oh my God, you're serious
Yes, and you have too!
You slept with Andy,
you slept with Jamar
We both slept with er...
- er.. cunt-face who...
- No, no, no
And I think that it would be
- Fun?
- Yes, like, it would be nice
- Oh, nice!
- I mean not like 'nice' but
good and sexy.
Yes I think that it would be fun.
Excuse me for a second
so I can grab my wine
Will you get off me!
I think I wanna fuck you
You think you wanna fuck me?
- Yeah, I mean, is that OK?
- Yes
No, stay, stay.
Brenden, you know I'm stronger than you
Yes, that has always been true.
I really, really, really wanna fuck you
You sure?
I'm totally fine bottoming if...
No, I ... I want you to
Oh, I like it so much.
This is so good.
- Oh, I'm close
- You are?
- Really?
- Yeah
- OK
We didn't go very long!
I'm gonna fall out
I'm coming out, OK?
Are you OK?
[Phone rings]
I'm totally not gonna get that
[Phone continues to ring]
I am actually, sorry.
Hold on one second.
Yeah, yes
Sure, no, I'm fine.
I'm just hanging out with Brenden