I Was a Shoplifter (1950) Movie Script

The American
public annually spends
more than four billion
dollars in the nation's
great department stores.
Some pay cash for their merchandise.
Others use the installment plan,
and a few try shoplifting,
a criminal practice annually
amounting to 100 million dollars.
Shoplifters come from all walks of life.
Temptation and opportunity lie for them
wherever merchandise is displayed.
Of every 10 shoplifters
apprehended by the law,
nine are women, only
10% are professionals,
but this 10% account for
more than 80% of the losses.
Among the professionals,
those who attempt to eke out
a living by the practice,
are many drug addicts,
and among the amateurs,
are some who are mentally ill
and unable to control
their impulses to steal.
Described sometimes as kleptomaniacs,
they often are tempted by
the mere glitter of things,
often by the touch and feel of things,
and sometimes by a button,
a spool of thread,
or a mere bag or tote,
which to them may mean more
than all the riches they might possess.
This is the story of one such person.
Send an operator to the
glove department immediately.
Shoplifting suspect.
Check the glove department, main floor.
The girl in the Polo coat.
Be careful.
Oh, pardon me.
I wasn't kidding back there.
You're being watched.
I beg your pardon.
I'll diagram it for you.
You're stealing things,
and people are watching you.
May I help you?
Oh, no thanks.
We're helping ourselves.
Will you please step
back into the store?
Why, what do you want with me?
You've forgotten to pay for something.
Now, lady, let's don't have a scene.
For your own sake please come quietly.
You better come along too, buddy.
Wait a minute I'm not with her.
You are now.
Now don't tell me it's your first time.
You start with shoelaces
and handkerchiefs.
Not by taking $22 ceramics
and $15 fountain pens.
And why can't you boyfriend
steal his own pipes?
He's not my boyfriend.
- Who is he?
- I don't know.
She doesn't need a boyfriend.
She has a bank book, a big, fat one.
Faye Burton, age 22.
First offense.
Faye Burton?
Yes, I've heard of you.
You're Judge Burton's daughter.
Please, can't I just pay for everything?
I don't know why I did it.
Don't ask me.
You've got plenty of money in the bank.
You're well-dressed.
That's supposed to make
you a kleptomaniac.
The ones in old clothes
are just common thieves,
but you, you're a kleptomaniac.
Anyway, sign this confession.
No, please believe me.
I promise I'll never take anything again.
I know I deserve it,
but please don't arrest me.
How can I get in touch with your father?
He's in Europe.
This will be a nice
homecoming present for him.
Good morning, Mr. Dunson.
Good morning.
It's excellent that you
told me over the phone
- there were two of them.
- He's in the other room.
Bring the man in.
- Did you search him?
- Yes, sir, nothing on him,
but he was carrying this booster box.
You're tampering with the mail, sonny.
That box is sealed for
shipment to my mother.
Wait a minute.
I thought he looked familiar.
You just sent this out to me yesterday.
Yes, we got it from
our San Francisco office.
A nice record.
Enough to keep him out of
circulation for a few years.
Get everyone out on the floor.
He's probably moved in with a gang
that's been carting off half our store
while we amuse ourselves with kleptos.
I want you to sign this confession,
and then get out of here.
Don't let us catch you again.
You mean you're not going to arrest me?
Miss Burton, I'm head of the store's
protective association.
What you've done is misdemeanor.
Good for a nice turn in the county jail,
but this signed confession
could be used to put you into Hachepi,
on a felony charge.
If we get you again.
It's a good idea to be a
little frightened right now.
You can go now.
Your bank book.
I'm gonna take him
along with me, Klaxon.
I wanna see if I can break him down,
or maybe you'd rather have
the boys at central do it?
Come on.
Well, how'd it go?
Nothing to it.
- Yes?
- Send Palm in.
This is Lieutenant Palm.
How are you, Lieutenant?
He'll work as our outside man on this.
I've just taken him off
another case to help you out.
Lieutenant, there's
a gang of shoplifters
operating up and down the West Coast.
They cost the stores I represent
over five million bucks last year.
How do you know it's one gang?
By the way they work.
We've picked up a few of them.
They've all been trained the same way.
Trained, huh?
We figure they got a regular school
where they give the background.
We know the headquarters
is somewhere around here.
How do they get rid of the stuff?
That's a good question.
They've got a fence somewhere
that we don't know anything about.
They dump their stuff fast,
and we haven't been able to get a trace.
How about the ones you've picked up?
They're all amateurs, no records.
They don't know anymore
about the set up than we do.
Soon as they get picked up,
the gang dumps them.
How does the gang know
they've been picked up?
That's another good question.
How does he fit in?
I brought Jeff over
from our training school.
He's a teacher there
in criminal psychology.
We phonied up a record for him.
He's been hanging around the
stores looking for a chance,
and today he got it.
They picked up a klepto,
and Jeff got himself
arrested along with her.
What do you intend doing?
Well, it's just a long shot, Lieutenant.
We know this gang gets a hold
of these amateurs someway.
After they've been picked up?
We've run across about
five cases of it already.
We pick up a klepto.
Then we let him go with a warning,
and a few weeks later,
we pick him up again.
Only by this time, they're all trained
in booster suits and heisting boxes.
Well, got to start somewhere.
What are we after?
The fence mostly.
We break that up they
won't be able to operate.
If they know where to
contact these amateurs,
you must have a leak
in one of your stores.
Yeah, it looks like it.
But, they're all my men.
I supply the detectives
for all our stores.
I checked them and I cross checked them.
I can't find anything wrong.
Well, anything else?
It's his show.
I hope you know what you're doing.
Me too.
Look, I want this girl
that was picked up with me today followed,
so when they try to contact her,
I'll have a lead which way to move.
And if they don't?
We try again with somebody else.
Will we let the girl in on this?
Nobody's in on this.
Dunson hasn't even told his own men.
Anything else, Lieutenant?
No, but don't get me wrong.
I'm not old fashioned enough
to laugh at criminal psychology.
But, I think, this is going to take
more practical work than theory.
You have the time, Lieutenant?
Yeah, it's...
They teach a few practical things
at the training school too, Lieutenant.
There you are, Jimmy.
I think you'll like this.
Thank you, Miss Burton.
Tell me, is this interesting?
I'm sorry that's a reference book.
It can't be taken out.
Oh, I imagine it can
if you know the right people.
You must've taken it home
a few nights yourself.
I don't understand.
I think you do, Faye.
Who sent you here?
I just wanted to meet you.
We have a lot in common.
Are you from the police?
Now do I look like a policeman?
But the store, Mr. Klaxon, he let me go.
After you signed the confession.
Bad things to be leaving
around, confessions.
But he promised.
Anybody can make a promise
just like I'm gonna make you one now.
How would you like to get your confession
out of Klaxon's files?
What do you care how?
You'd like to get it back, wouldn't you?
I'd pay almost anything.
You probably will.
I wanna talk to you away from this tomb.
I'm through here at 6:00.
You come and see me.
But I don't even know who you are.
I'm a girl who knows a
lot of things about you,
things I don't think you'd like
anybody else to know about.
But, I...
I really don't think that...
You'll be there tonight.
The address is on the cover.
Eight o'clock's a good hour,
and anytime after that
I may be on the phone
calling some newspaper friends of mine.
I'll be there.
Just ask for Ina Perdue.
I'll read up on your case a little.
- Pardon me, Miss.
- Hmm?
Is there a smoking room around?
Oh, no, sir, you'll have to go outside.
Say, could I borrow those matches?
I'm fresh out.
Why certainly.
You're not going out tonight, Faye.
Did you understand me?
You're not going out tonight.
The girls are coming in to play Canasta.
Please, Aunt Clara, let's
not have another scene.
Library business at night.
How can you expect me to believe that?
Then why do you force me to lie
just to get away alone one night?
You're using too much lipstick.
Take some off.
Look I'm nervous enough.
I'm responsible for
you while your father's away.
I think, I'm old enough
to be my own responsibility.
Certainly don't act like it sometimes.
Taking that silly job
instead of going abroad with your father.
The job at the library
might be silly to you,
but it's the only thing I've ever gotten
completely on my own.
After all your father and
I have tried to do for you.
But I don't want things done for me.
Can't you understand that?
All right, you step out
of this house tonight,
and I'll see that you
leave that silly job.
Then we will have it out, Aunt Clara.
Nobody's taking the library away from me.
At least, not without a real fight.
How can you do this?
Deliberately stand against me!
Can't I have something
that you don't give me?
At least, one thing of my own!
Now, now, dear, you're all upset.
We'll have a nice quiet evening together,
and then I'll send the girls home early.
If you do, you'll be all alone.
There's a man behind this, isn't there?
I wish it were that!
Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to frighten you.
Didn't they send you to jail?
I'm out on bail.
Well, how did you know where I lived?
I heard in Klaxon's office.
Did you send that woman to see me today?
Let's get in the car.
Well, all right I'll drop you off.
I've got to meet someone.
Are you really a professional shoplifter?
That's what it says on my record.
Then why did you wanna see me?
Well, maybe I like your looks?
Maybe I'm just a moonstruck kid.
Maybe I thought we could have a beer
and compare methods of operation.
I have no method.
This is something that I can't explain.
Okay, well, don't try it again
until you've practiced up a bit.
Say, how about this woman
who came to see you today?
I don't know who she is.
She said her name was Ina Perdue.
She told me she could get my
confession out of the files.
A nice girl to know.
How much does she want?
I don't know.
I'm going to see her now.
You seem to know about these things.
What will she want?
Plenty, if she can do it.
But I've got to get it back.
That's just what she figures.
How would you like some company?
Maybe she could do something for me.
But I don't know anything about you.
Well, sure you do.
You heard my references when
Dunson pulled that file on me.
Of course, I could tell you more,
how I fell into evil
companions when I was eight,
had my own gang of
blackmailers when I was 10.
From then on it was
just a lot of hard work.
Oh, don't be funny.
She may not like it if I
bring someone else along.
Well, I'll just skulk
around in the background.
Besides, sometimes it's
handy to have a friend along.
What's your name?
Danny the Dip, but you can call me Jeff.
I'm looking for Miss Perdue.
Welcome, senorita.
Your first drink will be free.
Compliments of Pepe.
Where can I find Ina Perdue?
So you're a friend of Ina's, huh?
Well, we're gonna get along just fine.
My name is Pepe.
You heard of me.
I'm to see her on business.
Okay, okay.
Well, what's the name, baby?
Faye Burton.
Miss Faye Burton.
Well, all right then.
And, uh,
Pepe will see you later, huh?
Your intentions are showing, pal.
- Come on in.
- Can't we talk
downstairs near the music?
Barkie, you entertain the young lady.
I've got to go downstairs.
- Sure!
- But I don't have
very much time.
Just stay right here like I tell you.
You might show her some
pictures to pass the time.
So you're the librarian, huh?
Rich girl librarian and
part-time shoplifter.
That's a nice parlay.
Won't you please tell
me what this is all about?
We arranged for a
photostat of your confession
just to show we weren't kidding.
Well, where's the original?
Right where we can get it for you
in case you decide to be a good girl.
But these are good enough
to send to your father
- or the newspapers.
- But what do you want?
Just sit down and relax like Ina said!
You know, your old man sent
me up for two years once.
I don't know anything
about my father's business.
Funny how things work out.
Yeah, pal, I
used to drink champagne
like I drink beer now.
Then my steel
companies went broke.
My wife went south with all my war bonds,
and my horse ran last in the derby.
Yeah, women, horses,
and steel companies ain't to be trusted.
I put all my
spare cash in charity work.
Oh, yeah?
Like buying a beer for a starving drunk?
Are you broke, Mister?
No, I'm just conservative.
You see, I pitch pennies
instead of tossing for them,
but I might loosen up with
enough to buy you a beer though.
I wouldn't
want to upset your budget.
Anyway, we always buy a couple of rounds
for a new customer.
Well, thanks.
You work here?
I'm afraid I own the place.
Well, shake hands with a man
who's never been prejudiced
about beautiful women having money.
I'm Ina Perdue.
Oh, and I bet Mr. Perdue
isn't kicking about then?
Not often.
Jeff Andrews.
Where you from, Jeff?
Oh, I just came back from Russia
where I've been trying to negotiate
a loan for Uncle Sam.
How did you do?
Uh-uh, [ think their
boats only run one way.
What'd you do before that?
Look let's not talk about me.
Tell me, what do you do for amusement
while Mr. Perdue is busy
counting his blessings?
Oh, I sit around and
read a few good books,
and I try to entertain the customers.
Oh, all of them?
The ones who interest me.
You gonna be around?
Will you be coming back?
Well, I have a few
things to attend to first.
Will you wait?
Honey, I'll homestead this stool.
Hey, Bill.
Hey, you picked my pocket!
Seven bucks isn't much, but it's enough!
Come on, give me back my dough!
Take it easy, stupid.
Give me my dough!
Get off me.
We'll take him upstairs.
Stay down.
All right, who is he?
I don't know he just drove me out here.
With you at the wheel?
I thought I told you to come alone.
Being with me is
practically the same thing.
Well, you didn't leave us for long.
How do you fit in with this, junior?
Just perfect.
Too perfect to be framed by that
phony pickpocket routine, see.
When I wire a touch, nobody gets wise.
Hold it, Pepe!
Yes, careless.
Go back down to your rumba.
I'll see you later, guy.
I mean it.
Make it soon, buster.
I'm out on bail.
Well, my associates
probably got you wrong.
You sound as if you
know what the score is.
Being one of the better
counters in the country
and having a record to
prove it, I keep the score.
What's your connection
with the librarian?
You carry her books home?
Who's the big wheel around here?
I only talk to him.
Then you're out of luck.
Nobody talks to him except through us.
Barkie, we'll check the
boss about this lovely man.
Right, if he's a professional,
he's got a record.
Then what would you be doing with her?
Admiring her taking ways?
Now listen, beautiful.
There's no connection between us.
We're just passing acquaintances,
and I fumble the passes.
Champ, lock these two in the showroom.
What's she doing?
Making that nickel to telephone your boss?
Hey, you want I should be your friend?
Teach me a few touches
about pickpocketing, huh?
Well, before you can be a wire,
you have to have steady hands.
Nervous, huh?
Go get yourself a box of matches.
What the kind of steer is that.
I wanna learn how to
steal money not matches.
No, we have to limber up your fingers
by practicing tying knots
inside of a matchbox.
Oh, that's the way you start, huh?
That's the way you start.
If you get stuck, I'll help you out.
Well, we're locked in.
Well, at least we haven't got
the Champ's hot breath on our necks.
What are you doing in this thing?
Looking after you when I'm
not getting lumps on my head.
But there's more to it than that.
Don't try to figure
the criminal mind, Faye.
But, are you in it with them?
Oh, sure, that's why
they beat me half to death.
They've got photostats of my confession.
They work smooth.
But they still haven't
told me what they want.
They will.
Judging from the looks of things,
you're going to have to
do a little shoplifting.
Oh, but I couldn't do that!
Whatever you might think of
me | I'm not really a thief.
So you're not, and I am.
You can still play along with them
until you get back that confession.
But how do I know she'll keep her word?
You don't,
but you haven't any
choice, Faye, believe me.
Oh, I knew I shouldn't have come here.
It was dishonest to even want
my confession back her way!
Take it easy. Take it easy.
Come here.
Put your arms around me.
Come here.
Now look the room is wired,
and they're listening,
so just do what they tell you.
Well, talk the Champ into leaving,
so you could steal a few kisses.
How sweet.
It passes the time.
You always make time?
I try.
What are you doing later?
Why don't you ask me later?
Oh, am I going to be around to ask?
The head man hasn't quite
made up his mind about you.
But you,
you're lucky.
The boss says give you another chance.
You want to work with us?
When will I get the confession back?
That's in the head man's department.
He's the store contact and final word.
I'm just here to teach
you how to shoplift.
We'll you'll get a
liberal education anyway.
Say, do you mind if I
watch the training session?
Nope, help yourself.
You can't be serious about all this.
You'd better be.
So pay attention.
You'll have homework too,
and I ask questions later.
Say, how did you get into this racket?
Started out as an juvenile delinquent
and worked my way up.
Just lucky, I guess.
Now watch.
These are booster bloomers.
Good for plenty,
and a 15-year one-way stretch
if you get caught wearing them in a store.
This is your booster box for furs.
If you practice enough,
you can steal the shirts off their backs.
Yeah, when you get that good,
I wear a 16 collar and a 36 sleeve.
I'll let her practice all night,
since you get such a bang out to of it.
How's you head?
Is that the way you
entertain your customers?
Well, now, Jeff, you
can't blame us too much.
I asked you some straight questions,
and I get nothing but double talk.
What do you think I do?
Walk into a bar and start
yelling about my record.
You didn't just walk in.
You came with a girl.
So, does that rate a skull fracture?
That all depends.
I was picked up with her this morning.
I already know that.
Listen, I've been hanging
around stores for weeks
trying to get a lead to you.
I heard through the grapevine
that you had a talent scout operating,
so I just followed pigeons
in the department stores
until one led me to you.
And what else have you hear?
Enough to make me
pack a gun to play safe.
What's your next move?
I'd like to get full-time
employment in your organization.
We take our time about
making up our minds.
Mmm, I haven't got much time.
Either I jump in now,
or go back to playing
footsie with the judge.
You've got a couple of days.
- So?
- So, just relax.
Enjoy the scenery.
Do I get my gun back?
Later, maybe.
This is my downtown address.
Give me a call tomorrow.
Mmm, that takes care of tomorrow.
What about the rest of tonight?
You better sleep off
that bump on your head.
No dances, no champaign or anything
to celebrate our being friends again?
Curb your boyish enthusiasm.
We've got plenty of time to be friendly.
Round one goes to the lady's corner.
I'm not particularly interested
in winning from you, Jeff.
Now listen.
All right, lay off!
All right, now get this.
Go back and tell your boss
to quit sending a boy to do a man's job.
If she wants to know where I'm staying,
I'm at the Sunset Hotel downtown.
And listen hard, stupid!
If you ever pull a knife on me again,
I'll whittle your ears off.
Now go on, beat it!
Hop in, buddy.
You going as far as Laguna?
No, but I'll take you part way.
No, thanks, pal, I'll
wait for the next one.
What do you want? Door-to-door delivery?
You going as far as Laguna?
Further to Oceanside.
Swell, that's just where I'm going.
Anything to report?
Yeah, I have a date
to call the boss's wife,
but instead of phoning I
wanna surprise her in person.
I heard you were a fast worker,
but after driving up and
down this highway all night,
I was beginning to think you had
lost your sex appeal or something.
Where is your date?
Well, he's their phone
number and address.
This outfit believes in
match cover advertising.
Another way to get in more pockets.
Okay, he's here.
Let's go, boys, open the bug.
Takes a couple of seconds
to warm up, Lieutenant.
Which mic do you want first, Lieutenant?
The back of the store, her office.
But can't we get into trouble, Palm?
We're out of county territory here.
What are you worried about?
Bascom got clearance from
the L. A. Police Department.
And this is isn't wire tapping.
We squared it with the
building superintendent,
and planted our mics at 6:00 this morning.
Here it comes.
I told you to
call me not to come here.
Do you always just barge in on people?
Well, I believe
in the direct approach.
Hmm, it's effective,
but the results aren't
always what you expect.
I haven't had
any complaints so far.
That's a matter of opinion.
Was that nice of you to rough up
poor Pepe last night?
You've given him an inferiority complex.
I see he delivered my message.
You must know how to handle yourself.
Pepe's no amateur with a knife.
Would you like
to feel my muscles?
Does that make you feel better?
Oh, yes, I was a
little worried, you see,
because a bunch of us
were getting up a game
of a Cowboys and Indians tonight.
You must've checked up on me some more.
Well, do I get a job?
We don't use professionals as boosters.
Oh, I was aiming higher than that.
I was thinking of something more in the,
you know, the executive line.
Take your time.
Well, do I get to see the set up?
Some of it.
Come on, kids, I'm in a hurry.
We got something real
sharp for you today.
Electric razor.
Where'd you pick her up?
She's okay.
Ask Pepe, honest.
Well, I have something for you too.
We're going partners.
- Where you from, kid?
- Beverly Hills.
But she got out of juvenile
hall for finding a pocketbook.
Where'd you find these?
In an oyster bed?
Oh, they're my aunt's.
I live with her.
She thinks she lost them.
Well, take this junk back.
She paid too much for
them in the five and ten.
Gee, I thought with
this razor and jewelry,
you'd sure give us some real credit.
Hey, Pepe.
How much you figure
this junk is worth, huh?
Depends on where he got the razor.
Does it have a year's guarantee?
Hey, wait a minute.
Shorty Kaiser got five bucks
for a two-headed razor.
This thing's got three heads.
Closer shave.
Well, kid, five bucks for the razor.
Snatch more razors and a good ring,
and we'll see what we can do, huh?
Okay, you can get the ring?
See you tomorrow, if we can make it.
Keep your mouth shut,
and you'll make it.
How you like?
Oh, too bit stuff.
Kids, electric razors.
You think so.
What if any of these kids get caught,
they'll yap like frightened puppies.
Oh, no, every once in a while,
we accuse one of ratting.
Rough them up good and
the word gets around.
Routine, you know.
None of them talk.
Oh, I get it.
Get enough of these kids
working in 10 or 12 cities,
and it adds up to quite
a bit of spending money.
But where does the loan company come in?
It's legitimate,
and it's also a nice way of
paying off our shoplifters.
They come in supposedly for a loan,
and we give them their
percentage of the take.
It's a nice, safe payoff.
And they never see the fence?
Well, how do you dump the stuff?
That's the beautiful part of the set up,
and that's the part you don't see yet.
You don't trust me.
Or anybody else.
Well, uh,
maybe I like being the exception.
I can like you without trusting you.
Aren't you curious about what
happened to your librarian?
Uh-uh, not since I met you.
She's good.
We're gonna put her right out on a job.
Swell, if she makes good,
maybe she can lend me five bucks.
Hmm, now, Jeff,
I'd be hurt if you took
money from another woman.
Well, you wouldn't be more
hurt if you woke up one morning
and found me starved to death?
Come over to the place tonight.
We'll see if we can't find
something for you to do.
Oh, well, find something all right.
Incidentally, where's
this husband of yours?
Right up here.
I invent him every once in a while
to keep away people I don't like.
Well, now,
hearing that's like putting on
a pair of rose colored glasses.
Well, keep them off until tonight.
Am I dismissed now?
That's right.
Come in.
Well, Pepe.
How are things on the seamy side of life?
What are you doing here?
Well, I just thought you and I
might go out and have
a malted milk together.
Smart, aren't you?
I'll never turn
my back on you again.
Listen, don't hang around
him too much, will you?
Some of it might rub off.
What's he doing here?
What do you care?
I just don't like it that's all.
I'll worry myself sick about that.
Well, I don't think
it's smart to have him here.
That's not for
you to decide, Pepe,
and after this just stay
in your own department.
- Shut it off.
- Where are those...
Let's get a hold of
Jeff and see what's next.
You better be careful, Lieutenant.
Now you're sure you'll have
Faye watched all the time?
As close as we can.
We let the girl go
sometime this morning, Jeff.
- She went home.
- Everything's going fine.
You're making progress.
Yeah, I don't want this girl exposed
any longer than I have to.
We better not meet again
until we're ready to make an arrest.
Watch yourself.
We're dealing with a very clever gang.
If they get wind of
anything, you're in trouble.
Will I really get the
confession back after I do this?
I've told you that's
not in my department.
Anyway you're luckier than
most of our beginners.
You get a big job right away.
Why do I have to go to San Diego?
Use your head.
You want to start working this town
where you just got picked up?
Nobody knows you down there.
For heaven's sakes,
what can I tell my aunt?
It's Labor Day weekend.
You're taking a vacation.
When you get down there,
check in some place,
and call the number I gave you
and tell them where you are.
They'll send you a list of
stuff we want you to get.
Well, can't you give me the list now?
No, Barkie has to case
the stores down there first.
And quit asking so many questions.
And get along because
I'm expecting someone.
If I only knew for sure that
I'd get the confession back.
Well, you don't.
Your nerves are on edge.
Take one of these and you'll relax.
Go ahead.
Ever think of turning on the ignition?
How's school?
Jeff, I've got to talk to you.
Well, I sort of have a date.
Please, Jeff, just a few minutes.
I'll bring you right back.
Okay, but let's get out
of here before she spots me.
Move over.
You see, kid, that's their angle.
Barkie goes ahead and scouts
the out-of-town stores.
Then they bring the Los Angeles
bunch down to work them.
Then they probably have a San Diego bunch
that comes up and works
the Los Angeles stores.
Jeff, I can't go through with it.
I'm frightened!
That's just stagefright
on your first job.
I don't care what it is I can't do it.
I've made up my mind
I'm going to the police.
Faye, supposing I were to promise you
that if you did this job,
it'll be the last one
you'd ever have to do?
How can you promise that?
Look, you go down to San Diego
and I'll get your stuff for you.
Then all you got to do
is deliver it to them.
You make the grade, I'll see
that you get your confession back.
You're sure this is right, Jeff?
Trust me it is,
and believe me, Faye,
if you went to the police now,
it would be extremely dangerous for you.
Oh, what difference
does it make anyway, Jeff?
I'm hopeless, I know that.
You're wrong.
Now look, you go in and pack a bag.
I'll drive you down.
We'll stop some place on the
way and make a phone call.
SO you can contact them tonight.
What about your date with Ina?
I'll call her and break it.
I am at the Casa de Manana
in La Jolla, cabana five.
All right, kid, you stay there.
I'm sending someone out with your list
and the rest of the instructions.
Everything is to be
picked up and delivered
by one o'clock tomorrow
afternoon, you got it?
All right.
He's sending someone out with the list
and some instructions.
Now look, don't worry.
I'll be right in the next cabin.
Jeff, couldn't you
stay here for a while?
I'm scared.
No, that wouldn't be smart.
Besides, there's nothing to be afraid of.
I'm taking care of
everything from here on in.
Now let me know as soon as he goes.
Who is it?
It's me, Pepe.
Hiya, kid.
Well, you're in the big league now.
How does it feel?
Have you got a list for me?
We gave you lot of easy stuff.
Now don't get careless.
Maybe we'll have a little
celebration tonight.
I'm awfully tired tonight, Pepe.
Sure, sure.
Good luck.
It's hot.
Where did you get these?
How many have you taken?
I don't remember.
You okay?
You better get those wet clothes off
and try to get some sleep.
Where are you going, Jeff?
Just to dry off.
I'll be within calling distance.
Well, how you feeling?
- Better.
- Good.
I don't remember too
much of what happened.
Well now, I'm not surprised.
Do you feel well enough
to listen to something?
Well, I'm gonna try
to make something right
that was one of the most
wrong things I've ever done.
What, Jeff?
You've been going around
for the last few days
taking a lot of chances.
Well, I had to.
You wouldn't if you had a choice.
But I didn't have a choice.
I could've stopped
the whole thing, Faye.
You see, I'm with the sheriff's office.
The sheriff's office?
But, I don't understand.
We've been watching you
ever since this thing started.
But why me?
Someone had to lead us to them.
We had to start somewhere.
Why didn't you arrest them then?
We haven't got all we want yet.
We still have to find out
where they get rid of
the stuff they steal.
But you haven't finished yet.
Why tell me now?
Well, there're a lot of reasons.
First, I think you have the
right to makeup your own mind
whether or not you want
to take anymore chances.
Well, I don't see that
it makes any difference.
It makes all the difference
in the world to me, Faye.
Oh, Jeff, nothings matters anymore.
When they arrest them,
everything's going to
come out about me anyway.
Nothing is gonna come out about you.
If I do what?
That's just what I'm telling you.
You don't have to do anything else.
You're in the clear.
I'll tear up your confession personally.
You know, you were awfully
convincing as a pickpocket.
Yeah, I may have to go back to that yet
if I don't pull this off.
And that's how you knew
all those things about me.
Mm-hmm, see I've studied
some criminal psychology.
Do you think that maybe I could...
That you could be cured in nothing flat.
Oh, Jeff, I'll try to go
through with the rest of it.
Uh-uh, not if it's going
to affect you the way it has.
Well, it's sort of different now.
What do you want me to do?
Just deliver to them the
stuff that I get for you.
It's in your instructions.
A warehouse.
Where will you be?
Close enough if anything happens.
you said there were a lot of reasons
why you wanted me to know.
So far you've only told me one.
Well, the others are far more important.
Sure, Bascom, all the
cooperation you want.
Just a minute ['ll let you talk to him.
Hello, Sheriff Bascom,
you better get down here.
Can you make it before one o'clock?
Do you have everything set up?
Hold it a second.
Will your boys be able to
fill that list all right?
Yeah, they're making arrangements
with the department store now.
Let's be sure and get these items back,
or it'll come out of my salary.
Everything's been taken care of
by the San Diego sheriff office.
Mmm, San Diego.
Right now.
- I'd better go with you.
- No, you stay here.
I'll keep in touch with you.
Klaxon, I'll go over those
circulars with you later.
Operator, I wanna place a
long distance call to San Diego.
Main 4-3-2-3-8.
That's right.
Park it here, baby.
Pepe, am I gonna see you tonight?
Not tonight and maybe no more.
Come back in 10 minutes for the car, huh?
Get lost now.
Check with Lieutenant Palm.
Yes, sir.
Lieutenant Palm, report to mobile unit X.
Situation same.
Signal Bascom.
Faye's car is entering the parking lot.
Faye's car entering parking lot.
Faye's car entering parking lot.
Well, baby, where have you been?
Ina's sore.
I was delayed.
- Why?
- You'll find out.
Pull into the warehouse.
You, get in the office upstairs there.
Ina wants to talk to you.
So you decide to get here.
Ina, I did what you told me.
Everything's in the back of my car.
Do you have Jeff in there too?
What would I be doing with Jeff?
You know your
habits better than I do,
so he decided to let
you take it all alone.
I don't know what you mean?
Don't give me that.
We know who he is and
who he's working for.
It's a little late I'll admit,
but that's not gonna do you any good.
- Yeah?
- Come here.
- Yeah?
- Put this doll
in the back end of the refrigerator truck.
Leave me alone.
- On the truck?
- Stop it!
Yes, if it doesn't take too long
to penetrate that skull of yours.
And get everybody moving.
We're pulling out.
Help him, Pepe.
Are we taking her with us?
Just for the ride not for you.
A five ton refrigerator truck.
California commercial
license number T-9-2-3-1.
Mexican commercial license
number V-1-0-1-9-8.
Driver no passengers.
No passengers.
A wood panel station wagon.
License number 7-X-4-8-6-9.
Three occupants.
Third vehicle, maroon convertible.
License number 2-3-Y-4-2-9.
Occupants a man and a woman.
Let me have it.
Stations four, seven, eight, and nine.
Cover all close door observations.
We're transferring position
to mobile unit X as per planned.
We're moving.
Hello, Sheriff.
What about the girl she's still in there?
If she's not in there, we've been tricked.
You're to follow
operations as planned, Jeff.
Sorry, I can't sweat it out here.
I'd better stick with him, sir.
We'll make contact later.
Um, contact San Diego Municipal Airport.
Get the sheriff's
observation plane in the air.
Yes, sir.
Lieutenant, we've been outsmarted.
There's only one place
she can be, in that truck.
We've got to contact Bascom.
What if we stop and inform
the San Diego sheriff's office?
Well, we can't, Faye's in that truck.
We've got to stop them before
they get to the border.
What about the plan, Jeff?
I've got one of my own.
Observation plane to ground station.
Truck and suspect vehicles
traveling south on Coast Highway.
Attention monitor stations
four, seven, eight, and nine.
Suspect vehicles on Coast
Highway traveling south.
Observation plane to ground stations.
Suspect cars down Coast Highway
now passing position 1-0-1-J.
They are passing position
1-0-1-P, Chula Vista.
Radio car number four San Diego County.
Suspect cars just past position 1-0-1-W.,
Still heading south
toward Tijuana, Mexico.
Observation plane to ground stations.
Suspect vehicles continuing
south toward Mexican border.
Now passing position 1-0-1-Z.
Suspects' vehicles
passing position 1-0-1-Z.
Where's the fire, partner.
We're from the sheriff's office.
We wanna contact Sheriff Bascom
of Los Angeles County on mobile unit X.
Mobile unit X, come in.
Mobile unit X, come in.
Lieutenant Palm reporting.
Palm calling.
This is Bascom speaking.
Go ahead, Lieutenant.
Sheriff Bascom, we've just...
Sheriff Bascom, were you
able to locate that truck yet?
Yes, they're at the port of entry now.
Well, the girl's inside that truck.
You've got to get her out of there.
Sorry, Jeff, we can't let
personal feelings into this.
We must follow through as planned.
Well, can't you have
the custom's officers
make some kind of an inspection,
So you can get her out of there?
If we stop them now and find the girl,
our case ends right here.
Don't worry, Jeff, I've got
an observation plane on it.
It won't let go.
Look give us an escort
to the border, will you?
And keep it wide open.
Pretty neat.
I guess, they must inspect
them once in a while,
but on holidays and weekends
they just wave them through.
It was close call,
- but we made it.
- Maybe.
What makes you so
sure they're here, Ina?
Let's just say it's a woman's intuition.
Then why did we run?
Because I didn't want to
leave all the stuff there.
Boss's orders?
Yeah, and I want all this dumped
before they get jurisdiction over us.
Pepe, take her down to the
basement and tie her up,
and get back here to help the boys.
Work, work, work that's all you know.
Right this way, ladies and gentlemen.
Come one, come all,
your chance of a lifetime.
Choice thugs and thighs it's your prize.
Hurry, hurry, hurry.
Step right in and bid on
these deluxe articles.
Bargains, bargains, bargains!
What is my bid
for this genuine leather suitcase
all the way from Los Angeles?
I want a sawbuck.
A sawbuck!
Ten dollars, ladies.
Our stock is going fast.
Anything your heart desires
and at bargain praises.
This way, ladies and gentlemen.
Come in and be amazed, but come in.
Just a moment, Senor Bascom.
We must wait for the El Commmandante.
I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.
Well, were you able
to reach Sheriff Bascom?
Did he contact the truck?
The truck?
I don't not know.
It is somewhere on this
side of the border,
but it is now all right
for you to join your party.
Our officer will escort you.
Well, what happened?
You know, Jeff, on side of the border
suspects are out of the U.S. jurisdiction.
We're now working with the
Mexican Federal Police.
Oh, great, we have
international complications
on a Labor Day Saturday night.
This way please, gentlemen,
and welcome to Tijuana, Mexico.
Okay, forget the red carpet.
Right this way here.
Come one, come all, to
the chance of a lifetime.
Merchandise at your price.
Where's the girl?
They're holding her down there
in the basement of that auction house.
Well, where are you going?
Well, down there.
Wait a minute there's
nothing you can do.
There's nothing we can do.
The Mexican Federal Police
have to make the raid.
Hold it, Jeff.
Look you're the sheriff.
Hands tied by international law.
Me, I'm just a shoplifter
out on bail remember.
Hands free temporarily.
Hey, Jeff, wait.
Look, Sheriff.
Send your Mexican FBI after me, will you?
I'm out of your jurisdiction.
Come in and be amazed.
Hey ya, hey ya, what am I bid
for this famed brand electric
razor starts at two dollars?
Do I hear four dollars?
- Four dollars.
- I got four dollars.
Do I hear six dollars?
- Six dollars.
- Six dollars.
Six once?
Six twice?
Sold to the gentleman with
the five-o'clock shadow.
And now one of the skins
you'd love to touch.
A genuine mink.
Come on Shakita show the folks
what happens to a mink if it's lucky.
What are my bid?
Speak up, George.
Make the fur fly.
- One thousand.
- I got a thousand.
Do I hear two?
- Two thousand.
- I got two thousand.
- I got two thousand.
- Ah, come on, honey.
You said we were coming down here for fun.
Go ahead have fun.
I got 2500...
Hey, Rube, tonight
anybody can afford a mink.
I got 2500 once.
No shooting, Champ.
It won't do you any good, Jeff.
It's too bad you're on the
wrong side of the fence.
We could've done big things together.
Sorry, pal.
I hope there ain't any hard feelings.
Hold it, Pepe.
The raid signal.
I'll get the girl.
- Wait a minute.
- What about him?
We'd better ditch him, no?
Why don't you two get smart?
Don't you know they
wouldn't have busted in
until they'd surrounded the place?
But what are we gonna do?
Stay here and get caught
likes rats in a mousetrap?
We'd better get rid of him, huh?
And get picked up for murder
instead of just shoplifting?
But, they know too much.
Everybody knows everything already.
Ina, please ain't we even
gonna try to get out of here?
And get shot down?
We're gonna stay right
here and get picked up
nice and quiet like.
All right, now you all
know about international law.
If you don't wave extradition,
you may be stuck down here
for over a year or two.
As far as we're concerned,
you can all rot down here.
You're no danger to us anymore.
But remember this.
If any of you wanna kick
through with some information,
we'll get you back and
try to get you off life.
We know there's one more guy.
We know he's one of the detectives
at the Marsten Department store.
He had to be to have access
to Miss Burton's confession.
All right, suckers,
we'll get him anyway.
We might as well go.
It's really a shame, Jeff.
You would've made such a lovely crook.
Why don't you play it smart, Ina?
That's what I'm doing.
You won't get the boy you're after.
When he hears we've been
picked up, he'll skip.
And what good is that gonna do you?
He's got plenty of
money to play around with
to get us out of here.
Don't depend on it.
I won't.
But it's a good long shot.
So long, Ina.
How's Faye?
Fine, she'll be ready
to go back with us.
Can't we wind this up tonight, sir?
Yeah, we'll take a plane back,
and pick up this guy before he
finds out we got the others.
Round up all the store detectives.
We'll meet them in Klaxon's
office in two hours.
Yeah, I want this thing finished up
in time for my honeymoon tomorrow.
So we know for sure that
it has to be one of you.
I know it sounds incredible.
You've all been
investigated so many times.
At least 50.
I know, and I'm sorry.
And that's why I thought
if any of you had noticed anything?
Anything out of line.
If we had, we would've
reported it, Mr. Dunson.
Well, it's somebody here,
and everybody's a suspect
until we find out who.
I'll take it.
All right, bring her up.
There's a girl coming up
who can positively identify
the voice of one of you as being the voice
she heard at the Casa
Del Mar the other night.
Please, I'd like some water.
Get her some water, Gomez.
Someone's slipping out the door.
You people stay here.
Close that door, Gomez.
Are you okay?
Sure, it's just my arm.
Now you stay here and don't budge.
I don't get it, Klaxon,
you of all people after all these years.
Yes, I know.
And you're the head of this whole gang?
No, Ina wanted everybody to think I was,
but I was just a stooge like the rest.
How did you ever get mixed up with her?
I picked her up boosting
about three years ago.
I fell for her.
I've never been able to break away.
All right, take him out.
Check that woman upstairs who fainted.
- How's Lieutenant Palm?
- He'll be all right.
They're taking care of him.
Isn't it funny, Sheriff?
How I can be right in the middle
of something very important,
and still be thinking about
something else at the same time?
Look what I picked up
during that chase upstairs.
Don't take your last
two days too seriously.
Just put this on the account
that I'm opening here tomorrow.