I Will Follow You Into the Dark (2012) Movie Script

Try to drink this, sweetheart.
He's not gonna make
it through tomorrow.
But you know, he's not
going to be alone.
Doesn't that give you
any kind of comfort?
I've spent so much time
with you and your father...
When we were waiting for
your mother to pass...
Don't you think she's there
waiting for him right now?
Why don't you go in
there, talk to him?
He's awake.
He'll be up for a little while.
Go talk to your daddy.
Hey, you think you could
get me out of here?
Where to?
I could go for a cold
beer right about now.
Is that game on?
We're playing Boston.
- Yeah?
- We're losing.
Alright, hold still.
Where's your guy?
Come on, stop it.
What's his name?
There is no guy.
After we lost your mom...
It occurred to me...
Just how great that stuff was.
I don't want you alone
out there, Sophia.
I know.
I want you to be
struck by lightning...
Floored by someone you
just can't live without.
Like I was.
You make it sound so easy.
I know.
But if you pay attention...
Something that profound
could actually happen.
Something that profound, huh?
I'm serious.
I've come to a realization that...
This life may actually
be all we really have.
I spent my entire life
trying to live up...
To something...
For the church.
Now I'm finding...
I'm more alone than I ever was.
I know you've been here for me.
Everything I ever believed in...
Was tested after your mom died.
And the more I cried out...
- The lonelier I got.
- Sshh...
I don't feel it anymore, Sophia.
- I think it's never really there.
- Hey, come on.
I need you to consider the possibility
that I was wrong about it.
I was wrong about
everything I taught you.
- Dad, come on.
- Sorry.
- I'm so sorry, Sophia.
- Dad...
Dad, come on. Relax.
Sshh... Don't do this.
- There's nothing here.
- Daddy.
Many of you watch
me grow up here...
In this place that my father
started more than 20 years ago.
And as you know, he devoted his
life to a God he believed...
Was worthy of it.
That he believed was real.
And as you know, he gave
his heart and soul...
To a God that...
Eventually took his beloved wife...
My mother, from us, 6 months ago.
After a year long
battle with cancer.
He gave his heart
and soul to a God...
That mere months
after she passed...
Allowed him to be stricken
with an illness so severe...
That he begged and pleaded
with this God to take him.
Night after night.
Just so he could have
a moment of peace.
I'm not here to talk about...
Where my father is going or...
A God that will received him
at the holy gates of heaven...
I'm here to talk about a man
who was an embodiment...
Of an entire set of
believes for us.
For me.
I've realized that that set of believes,
as solid as it may have felt...
It was based entirely on his.
Without him, I have
never seen a shred...
Of evidence to validate...
What I had naively
accepted as facts.
As my father lay
on his death bed...
His last words confirmed
something for me.
He said he was wrong.
He was wrong about all of it.
And after days of soul searching...
I believe he was right.
There are no ghosts or demons or loved
ones waiting for us on the other side...
There is nothing.
There is nothing.
Those children stories
we grew up believing...
A grown man living in a whale...
A talking bush...
They're just that,
they're children stories.
I'm sorry to say this here...
And now.
But this earth...
Is all we will ever know.
And I defy god of any kind
to prove me otherwise.
Everyone I have
ever loved is gone.
And the idea of a life
after this, it's a myth.
It's a sham.
And if there is a God
and you can hear me...
Then fucking prove it.
Are you for real right now?
Seriously, Sophia.
I love your work as much
as anybody else, but...
Don't you think it's time
for some new stuff.
Aha. So you were
thinking about it.
- By the way, they're almost here.
- Who?
This little Penny and her brother.
- They're new in town.
- Here for what?
We're taking them out tonight.
- No, Sam.
- I'm telling you.
This is just what you need.
It'll snap you right out your funk.
I haven't even showered yet.
Don't worry, you smell like roses.
Oh, and bring the camera.
You probably see something
that'll kickstart you a little bit.
James is dying to meet you.
- He likes brunettes.
- Who?
The brother. I told him how fun
and charming you used to be.
Come on.
- I'm busy, Sam.
- No, you're not.
You're hiding, Sophia.
Come on.
Sam... I beg you.
- Hey guys.
- How are you doing?
James, slight change of plans.
Sophia's got a migraine, so it's
just gonna be the three of us.
But they are beautiful,
thank you mate.
Well, physically
everything is normal.
Same as it was a
couple of weeks ago.
Sophia, you're going to live
a long and healthy life.
Good. Good cause I've...
I don't know, I feel like things
haven't been right lately.
Grieving is a journey.
Takes time.
I know it does.
But I feel...
I feel like...
Like what?
Come on.
I've known you since
you were in braces.
I can't even explain it.
I just feel like...
It's the way people look at me.
Is it similar to how you feel
when you're in high places?
Because I know you've been noticing
your fear of heights a bit more.
Yeah, I think that'll
always be there.
Well, that's true. But I think
the fear of height...
Has something to do
with a lack of control.
What about your personal life?
You getting out
there a little bit?
It's a little slow.
Sophia, I see girls your age
coming here all the time...
And they all have this...
Spark of hope in their eyes.
They've got the whole world
laid down in front of them.
That's in there, somewhere.
Do you feel alone?
I am alone.
But that's okay,
that's just how it is.
Doesn't have to be.
I think maybe it does right now.
Because how can I possibly
lose someone else?
You know? It's like...
I'm not physically
built to endure it.
You know? I give up another
piece of me and I lose it...
So this is it, and
I'm okay with that.
Are you?
Oh my God!
I am so sorry. Are you alright?
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
Is there like a bruise
or a cut or something?
No, it's okay.
Here, let me help you up.
I'm so sorry.
I... I run sometimes.
To get there quicker. I scared
the crap out of you, didn't I?
Yeah, you scared me half to death.
Yeah, I...
Don't know how I could miss you.
I'm Adam Hunts, by the way.
Sophia Monet.
- Like the painter?
- Yeah, exactly like him.
Do you paint?
No, I'm a photographer.
Well, Miss Monet, I totally get being
startled in the dark. It happens.
It might have been the creeper running
through the darkness that did it.
Yeah. Yeah, it might have.
What's wrong?
Oh no, nothing.
Are you sure?
It doesn't look like nothing.
Yeah, it's okay. I just...
I keep seeing these
blank of spots.
Are you serious?
Here, wait just look at me.
Look at my eyes.
How's your balance?
Are you messing with me?
- Come on.
- You deserved it.
- I was about to call an ambulance.
- Come on.
- You were about to faint.
- You look a lot meaner than you look.
You shouldn't tackle helpless
woman on the street.
I guess not.
It was valiant of you though.
Try to cure my blindness.
Can I walk you and make sure
you get where you're going?
I mean, I did save your eyesight.
Kind of a hero... If you want
to get technical about it.
But I need you to maintain
a 3 foot perimeter.
- Okay. That's fair.
- Okay.
I can do that.
Safety zone right here.
- Wow, you really coming out of the corner.
- I hurt you, didn't I?
I run fast.
So, this is my building up here.
- Wow.
- Yes, very impressive.
That would be the little tour
group that's always there.
For what?
It's one of the city's oldest
building. It's like...
A spooky haunted thing.
That's comforting.
I guess it's kind of big
with the paranormal crowd.
You think they tell you something
like that, before you moved in.
I wouldn't.
Well, not that I...
Buy into that stuff.
You're creeped out by it, but you don't
believe in it. How exactly does that work?
Well, I think...
You grow up with an idea and it
kind of becomes engrained in you.
I bet if you go on
this tour with me...
You wouldn't be freaked out.
Look at you. You're freaked out.
Come on.
It's gonna be fun. We can make fun on
how ridiculous the whole thing is.
Maybe another time.
The thing is, I might
like you a little bit.
And if we are gonna go out,
just for me...
I think I need to know a
little bit more about you.
Like maybe you could tell me...
Something else you're afraid of.
- I never said we were going out.
- I think you did, didn't you?
Maybe it was me.
Come on, humor me.
Tell me something.
You first.
I'm afraid of missing the boat.
If I see something right
in front of me and...
My gut says go after it, then...
I go.
Gets me in trouble sometimes.
- And that's why you're a hero.
- See, you get me already.
Your turn.
I'm afraid of heights.
Like deathly afraid.
It's weird.
Everybody's afraid.
That's not weird.
Mine borders on extreme...
I've always been a bit
of an over achiever.
My car's just up here, but...
Thanks for the walk.
And, for restoring my vision.
You're gonna let me
do this by myself?
I gotta sleep up there.
Hey, I'm sure you'll be fine,
big boy.
Well, maybe I'll get
to run into you again...
I'll walk...
Don't want to injure you.
I know you think I'm crazy.
But it is possible, you know.
I mean something that profound
could actually happen.
There is a certain mystique to
the halls of the Weldon Tower.
This hall is registered with estates
that are official haunted landmarks.
With the history of more paranormal
sightings than any other on record.
Follow me.
- You're alright there, tiger?
- Yeah.
Dating back to the turn
of the 20th century...
This was all a state run of hospital
where hundreds of people died.
It would appear for about 25 years.
Then, in the 40's they shut
it down for about a decade...
Before converted the rooms
to apartment units.
Many tenants have reported seeing
apparition over the years.
Figures, shoveling above the halls.
I'm definitely not
coming up, by the way.
There are several cases where patients
reported their personal belongings missing...
Of the course of a few days,
and soon after...
The patients themselves
would go missing.
You better hang on to your purse.
Now, couple of wardens found a chest full
of the patients' missing belongings.
Stashed in various places, but...
No trace of the patients.
And back in 1972...
A renovation crew worker reported
several of his belongings missing...
And soon he too went missing.
Into my knowledge...
He hasn't been found.
Check this out.
- Shouldn't we get back?
- No, come on, are you kidding?
Hey, we can get in trouble.
This place is old.
Yeah, like you.
Oh wow.
Creepy kitchen.
- Yeah.
- Smells like bacon.
Hey, real quick thing. Smile.
- That's... I wasn't ready.
- I nailed it.
- Alright.
- It's good.
Horrible, hang on I have a camera.
- Alright, here we go.
- You look like an alien.
Wow, you are a professional.
- Oh...
- I'm not ready.
- Oh no. Wow.
- Not sexy.
- Alright one more, one more try.
- That's amazing.
- This is the one.
- Ready?
Yeah, this is the one.
I'll just...
That was...
We thought we lost you guys.
See you guys later.
Wow. You guys are really serious.
Yeah, my dad signed me
up when I was younger.
- I used to hate doing this.
- No, you're good.
Well, I love it now.
Can I show you something?
Can you get out of here?
Can I shower first?
No, I don't want you to miss it.
- What are we waiting for?
- You'll see.
Nice tights, by the way.
Come here.
Isn't this kind of a bad idea?
You do this a lot?
It's a great idea.
You know I'm deathly
afraid of heights, right?
I know.
Okay, no no...
No, no...
I think this is a bad idea.
- You'll like it.
- No, I'm terrified about this.
Stop it. Oh my God.
- No!
- I promise you, it's gonna be worth it.
- Please... What are we looking for?
- Come here.
Come on.
- Hey.
- Yo.
You read?
Yes, Sophia. I read.
Oh wow.
- He is handsome.
- Stop.
No, I love how I spend my nights
searching for the perfect partner...
And you get run over
by them on the street.
What's going on with this one?
Must be the flash.
So, when are you and this
sprinter seeing each other again?
He called me a couple of days ago,
I didn't call him back.
What do you mean?
You're not into it?
I just want to keep it simple.
Seems like maybe that's
not an option with him.
Oh, because he isn't capable...
Or you aren't?
Wow... So you're that girl now.
Good for you,
if you're lucky this way...
He can disappear and you
can be alone some more.
You're an ass, you know that?
No, I'm serious.
Happiness is not allowed in here.
- You know that?
- I'm not listening.
Hey, I just want to throw
this out there one last time.
I know you're a little
jumpy and I get it but...
I don't know,
I thought we had fun.
I did anyway, so...
I was actually thinking to
skydiving this weekend...
I know you're into that sort of thing,
so I figured maybe you'd want to...
Jump out of an airplane with me.
Anyway, just give me a favor
and shoot me a quick text.
So I at least know you're okay.
If you're not into hanging
out again, it's all good.
You know? I get it.
Don't tell me I scared you.
You're messing with me
right now, seriously?
No, I'm on my way home.
I'm stuffing at
Penny's tonight so...
If you and prince charming want
the place, it's all yours.
I never called him back.
2 weeks?
And you never called him back?
Oh my word, you are
turning to the ice queen.
I'm awful, aren't I?
- Yes you are.
- Yeah, alright.
- Good talk.
- Good talk.
- Hey.
- Sophia?
Hi, I'm sorry I called so late.
- Are you alright?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I don't even
know why I called.
Tell me what's going on.
I'm just really freaked out and
I needed to talk to someone.
Are you... What happened?
I woke up in the middle of the
night and I couldn't breathe.
I don't know if it's just
a really vivid dream...
- Or...
- You want me to come over?
No, you don't have to do that.
I don't even know if I
want to be here right now.
Come over here, I'll pick you up.
- To your place?
- Yeah.
Okay, but you don't have
to drive. I can drive.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
What's your apartment number?
- On the 21st floor?
- Yeah.
I'll keep you away from
the windows, I promise.
- I'll see you soon.
- Okay, bye.
Excuse me, are there stairs?
The stairs have been
closed since the 70s, mam.
Don't tell the fire marshall.
No seriously, is the
elevator the only way up?
Take the fire escape outside
if you want to, sweetheart.
But I'm pretty sure that thing
hasn't been used since the 20s.
- Hey.
- Come on in.
I'm sorry I didn't call,
I have been thinking about you.
It's fine. Sit down,
I got something for you.
It's just something my mom used
to make for me, when I was a kid.
- Hot chocolate?
- Oh yeah.
You are such a little boy.
I know, I can't help it.
- Do you have marshmallows?
- Of course I do.
- Feeling better?
- Yeah, thanks.
That wasn't convincing.
Try some of that.
Tell me about this dream,
you couldn't breathe?
It's gonna weird you out.
If it can.
Both my parents died within
6 months of each other.
My God, that's terrible.
- I'm sorry.
- No, that's okay.
I just sort of came to
the realization that...
There's nothing really
out there, you know?
You die and that's it.
I actually started challenging
anything to prove me wrong...
And now I don't know, I feel like I keep
noticing all these weird little things, like...
Especially after that tour we took.
And now this.
Do you think you open
yourself up to something or...
I don't know, by challenging it?
Whatever you did.
I'd have to actually believe
in it, and I just don't...
It's like Santa Clause.
You grow up your whole life believing he's
real and then you find out he's not...
It would take Santa himself hitting you
over the head to prove you're wrong.
That makes sense.
It's violent but...
- These are ridiculous.
- I know.
Look, I want you to know
it's not that I...
Didn't like you... I...
Just don't have a phone?
You have a phone, it's fine.
Don't worry about it.
Sorry, I just really wanted
to get that out of my system.
Apologies accepted.
You should probably take it with
a grain of salt though, cause...
You did hit me on the head.
Well, I like to brain damaged
my women, good way to go.
And then you apply them
with marshmallows?
It's working.
- It is, you monster.
- Come on.
That's not even near my mouth.
- You're not aiming for my mouth.
- No.
You're the fine girl...
Can I tell you something?
This marshmallow...
Is magical.
- Oh yeah.
- Yeah.
Oh, Adam has a girl over.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
- Are you...
- No, not at all.
He's just my roomie. I'm Astrid.
Hi, I'm Sophia.
My roommates a guy too.
So much better than chicks, right?
I can't stand chicks.
Plus it's kinda nice having a
sexy man around the house.
You like him?
That's cute.
Well, you have his attention and
he's a hard man to please, so...
Well, I'll let you.
You knew?
You knew about this?
Sophia baby, I...
Where did you find that letter?
Did he pay you?
Listen to me.
Your father gave up when
we lost your mother.
Honey, he didn't want you
to turn out like him.
He didn't pay me, he begged
me to help him end it.
And he didn't want
you to find out.
- He didn't want to hurt you.
- He didn't want to hurt me?
So he chose to die.
He couldn't go on, Sophia.
And the cancer?
Was all of this just
so I wouldn't know?
Your father thought that
it would be easier.
If you believed that
he died naturally.
Baby, I'm so sorry.
So everything he ever said...
I know.
Just read it, you can see.
I begged him not to
go through with it.
- You agreed to help him.
- I didn't want to, baby.
He would've gone and
done this anyway.
At least this way, I felt
that you would be protected.
You know that is an eternal
death sentence in his book.
This is just such a lie.
What are you gonna do, Sophia?
I'm gonna go to his funeral.
And I'm gonna speak
like I said I would.
Is someone here?
- Hey.
- Hey.
Let me see it.
Come on, this doesn't
have to be a big deal.
Come on, let me see it.
Alright, it's not
as bad as it looks.
Yeah well, you said there's a
piece of glass in it, so...
Yeah, this one.
- Ouch.
- Sorry.
It's okay.
Where was Sam?
He was sleeping.
It doesn't have to be a big thing.
This might burn.
That's never what a
girl wants to hear.
Ignore her.
- Is that alright?
- It's okay.
How this happened again?
I broke some glass, so maybe I
touched a piece with my finger and...
- I don't know, scratch my chest.
- Yeah.
How did you break the glass?
A picture fell while I
was in the other room.
How did it fall? By itself?
Maybe I set it down too
close to the edge.
It just fell?
Don't worry. I'm fine.
I think you should
stay here tonight.
I'll sleep on the couch.
What happens if I fall
in love with you?
What's going on?
I can't find him,
and there's blood...
Is that his blood?
- Where is he?
- I don't know.
Oh my God.
Do you have your phone?
Call the police.
I'm gonna call him first.
You never know, maybe he's...
Call the police, Astrid.
Fucking hold!
What are you doing?
Stop, seriously.
Can you get through?
Oh my God.
Wait, are you still on hold?
We should go back and wait.
What are you doing?
Yes hi, hello.
I live in the Walden Tower,
16th and Harper...
Apartment 2112, my roommate has gone
missing and there's blood on his bed.
No, we found him gone.
His girlfriend was in bed with him,
she's here with me now.
No, there's blood everywhere.
We think he was taken
to the top floor.
Okay, we should...
We should stop and wait.
We can't just go up there, Sophia.
Why not?
Someone came into our
apartment and took him.
We don't know that.
We should go back.
Oh my God.
No, no Sophia,
someone else is in there.
We have to go please,
we have to go.
Come on, come on.
And the last time you saw him
was around 11 pm, correct?
We went to sleep together.
Okay, after you realized he was missing,
how long before you called 911?
I called, actually.
I heard Sophia yelling for Adam,
that woke me up.
I called a few minutes after that.
And how much blood did you see?
There was some on the sheets and...
Kind of a trail
leading to the door.
You should look upstairs too.
We are, we got men up there now.
And did you see the blood as well?
- Yes.
- And how much blood did you see?
The same amount that she did.
Did you guys even look in there?
Yeah, I've looked.
We've looked all over.
We scouted the entire apartment.
We checked all of it,
there's no blood anywhere.
What do you mean?
Of course there is.
There was blood all
over here, and on the...
On the door.
There was blood here.
Excuse me, Officer Sowman.
Can I have a word?
Give me a sec, ladies.
Did we leave the door
unlocked when we went up?
I don't know.
Well, we did a thorough check of the
elevator and all of this area...
It's completely vacant.
Nothing suspicious,
no signs of force entry.
Do you ladies...
Drink any alcohol tonight?
You can't be serious.
On any kind of
medication or anything?
These things often happen.
Someone gets up in the
middle of the night...
Doesn't tell anybody.
They usually turns out
to be nothing in the end.
- No.
- He was bleeding, officer.
- How long have you known him?
- Long enough.
You're not listening,
we both saw his blood.
You can't tell us that
we didn't see it.
- I understand that.
- Then do something!
I've got zero evidence
and nothing to go on.
You can't be fucking serious.
Listen, why don't you
just get some rest, okay?
I'm sure he'll be fine.
If he doesn't come up in the
morning, come and file a report.
Wait, that's it?
Until he's gone 24 hours,
nothing else I can do.
This thing has a way of
working themselves out.
I'm sure he'll be okay. Ready?
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
I don't want anything
to do with this.
Besides I don't have any keys.
So I can't help you.
But isn't that part of your job?
It's not.
We're really worried about him.
Anything you could
tell us will help.
I can tell you not to go up there.
Call the police.
I'm not a detective.
We did call the police, they don't
want to come until tomorrow.
- How long have you lived here?
- A year.
A year?
And you haven't heard about
what goes on up there?
What's up there?
- It's infested.
- With what?
People came to die here.
For over a half century.
What do you think?
I went up there once.
When I first got here,
about 30 years ago.
I'm not going up again.
Look, Mr Carter...
All these ghosts stories aside...
Don't you think that maybe there's
just a couple of vagrants up there?
I can't imagine anything last
more than 5 minutes up there.
Top floor is where
they all came to die.
This woman, supposedly was in charged
up there, lived up there for years.
They said she used
to steal patient's.
Put their all belonging in a box.
And do God knows what with them.
Said she was...
Trying to help them.
Pass on.
This building has an ugly history.
Wait for the police.
How do you do this?
It takes a little patience.
Why did you stop?
I don't know.
Yeah you do.
I think maybe I lost sight
of the beauty around me.
I just didn't feel it anymore.
It keeps coming back to the water.
My dad used to say that the ocean is the
closest we'll ever get on this earth to God.
I think maybe it's just
the shared magnitude of...
I used to go there after my mom
died and tried to capture it.
Maybe I could...
Experience something
she was experiencing.
I want to take you to the ocean.
Who are you again?
I'm Adam.
You can call me Biff.
All the ladies call me Biff.
You better not let go.
I won't.
I promise.
Your friends supposed
to be here an hour ago.
Mr Carter's crazy.
You got that too, right?
- You're late.
- Nice to meet you too.
I thought you were
bringing another guy.
Hi, I'm Penny.
- Hey.
- I'm sure it'll be fine, there are 4 of us.
It's gonna be alright.
Sam told me about what happened.
I think it's awful.
- But I can help you guys look.
- Thanks.
Sophia, who's to say...
This guy didn't just skip town.
Maybe he wants you to believe
something happened to him.
That's not what happened, Sam.
I'm just saying.
Why don't the 4 of us go grab some
drinks, see how this thing pans out...
He's gonna come running
back in a few days.
Look, if we just go up there
and look around, we'll find him.
Okay? I promise.
Are you sure we need
all this stuff?
- Yes.
- Alright then.
Is that normal?
It's not usually that bad.
What is happening?
I don't know.
What the hell was that?
I don't know, it's a
really old building.
Anybody here?
Should we even be here?
You guys said the police investigate
this entire floor right?
So, we'll be fine.
Alright, let's go down here.
Penny, wait here. Tell me if you see
anything. I'm gonna check this room out.
Great, thanks.
Sam, I'm gonna go, okay?
Are you okay?
No, I don't want to be
here anymore. Okay?
You said we'd be doing
something fun tonight.
And we are not doing
something fun right now.
We're fine, relax.
There's nobody up here.
Sophia's freaking out. We need to stick
around to make sure she's okay, alright?
I'll make it up to you,
10 more minutes. Listen...
You're not gonna believe this.
Some classic originals
are in this room.
Look at this.
What the hell is that?
It's just a record player.
I think we should look somewhere else.
We didn't find anything here.
We need to go down.
Yeah, I'm with Sam on this.
- Let's just look somewhere else.
- No.
- We need to go down.
- Wait, just wait a second.
We haven't even seen anything yet.
Sophia, we shouldn't be up
here, this shit is not normal.
Come on, we're leaving.
That sounds like Adam.
That's him, he's up here.
Where's it coming from? Here?
What is this place?
Come on.
You see that?
- Something's there.
- Is that him?
What do you see?
Sam, where are you?
Are you okay? Can you hear me?
Sam, what happened?
- Oh my God.
- We're gonna get you out.
Are you okay?
I'm okay. Penny, come on.
Guys, we need to get out of here.
- Pull down one of the drapes.
- Okay, wait.
Come on, quickly.
Alright, I've got it. Now pull.
I've got a good foot hold.
Keep pulling.
It's not lighting up.
- Shit!
- I don't hear anything in here.
Stairs, where's the stairs?
I don't think there are
stairs in this building.
The landlord told us when we
moved in. There's no stairs.
There's stairs in every building,
we're just have to find them.
Okay, I'll help you carry Penny.
Wait, wait.
I'll come back for her when we find
the stairs. It'll be faster that way.
Okay, let's check the far corners of
the building. That would be our best bet.
Do you really think there's gonna
be stairs at the end of this?
This building's gotta end somewhere.
It's worth looking.
Wait, did you hear that?
Wait, hold on.
What are you doing?
My flashlight keeps going out.
I'm just trying to get some light.
Come up here, walk with me.
- Do you know where the fire escape is?
- I have no idea.
Sophia, run!
Let me out!
Sophia, help me!
Astrid, pull!
It's not moving!
I'm gonna go find another door.
Please, no! No!
Who are you?
Just an old man...
Forgotten up here with
the rest of them.
Someone else is up here.
Oh, yes, there is.
You must not be able to see
them all yet, but... you will
What do you mean?
It's ok.
They don't care about you
and you can't help them.
What is this?
It's what none of you
can normally see.
We're everywhere.
Like... oxygen in the darkness.
We're crawling the walls into the
empty spaces of your houses.
Most of us, we won't survive.
Just like you.
Normally when you hear a
whisper, we're screaming.
When you hear a tap, or a pound.
If you're here seeing me...
someone around you is passing.
Dying. And holding
on very tightly.
Is it someone close to you?
You should let him go.
I can't.
Chances are he's too far
gone to bring back.
But I heard him scream.
I know he's alive.
Even though he's holding on...
He would be gone soon.
And all of this,
will be gone with him.
You don't believe me.
A window opens when you die.
Between here and there.
And in an infested
place like this...
The beasts are running free.
Just because you're so desperately
want none of this to exist...
You can't change the
fact that it does.
And that we are all around you.
You never find him if you
don't believe where he is.
Maybe that's a good thing.
They won't stop until
he's completely gone.
The demons and the dead.
There's a world out here,
constantly peddling.
If you keep looking for him...
They might take you too.
But if this is real,
then why are you here?
Why aren't you in
some better place?
Too much pain to leave just yet.
You'll find nothing but...
Tortured souls here.
The ones at peace had gone.
Why did they take him from me?
He must've opened himself to
them or chose to let them in.
He wouldn't do that.
You'd be surprised.
They'll crawled into any
opening they can find.
How am I supposed to
believe any of this?
Not only are you going to
have to believe it's real...
But you must throw yourself
in the middle of it.
You want to find him
and bring him back?
Then you're going to
have to join him first.
Can you hear me?
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
- But I heard screaming.
- It wasn't me.
Did you find anything?
No, nothing.
Come with me.
Just come.
This should work.
Why are we stopping?
Look at you, sweetheart.
You have to sit down for a second.
We've been at this for hours.
There's no way we're gonna find Adam
if we don't rest and catch our breath.
Lie down. Just for a minute.
Come on.
Where did you get this necklace?
My dad.
It's funny cause I had a charm
bracelet that matches it...
I lost it the last time I was here.
Maybe my couch ate it.
I'll look for it tomorrow.
You know what they say about people
whose stuff goes missing around here...
Stop it.
I don't know, I thought
you didn't believe in it.
So? It's creepy.
You don't think that crazy lady under the
bed has anything to do with it, do you?
I'm seriously never
staying here again.
What? I don't think so.
You're not going anywhere.
I'm not gonna let any crazy
lady steal your stuff.
Good, cause I don't want to die
in despair and into nothingness.
You think I'm weird, don't you?
I do think that.
Does it freak you out that
I'm always dreading death?
I just think...
You think there's nothing,
but maybe...
Maybe there's something.
What are you doing?
I didn't want to wake you.
There's hot water in here.
I just felt so disgusting.
I haven't felt clean in so long.
Where's my necklace?
Wait, how long have I been asleep?
15 minutes.
He's not up here, Sophia.
- I think it's time we stop looking.
- I heard him.
What's wrong with you?
I think you need some more sleep.
You're not thinking clearly.
I can't just leave you here.
Get up!
I've seen the way you look at me.
You're intimidated.
I know.
But listen to me, Sophia.
There's a chance Adam
didn't want you to find him.
You're a little too
damaged for him.
I think he figured that out.
You shouldn't even
be up here, Sophia.
Did you think of that?
What are you doing?
Just trying to be your friend.
You deserve honesty.
You're not my friend.
It was supposed to be me.
Adam, where are you?
Where are you?
Where are you?
Found what you're looking for?
They came for me, not Adam.
You don't know that.
These are my things
that have been missing.
He's up here.
I just have to revive him.
You can't. You have to
find his body first.
I know how to find him.
What do you mean?
I have to join him.
You have to what?
Do you know CPR?
- Why?
- Do you or not?
Yes I know CPR, Sophia. Why?
Because I need you to kill me.
It's pretty cold now.
This isn't going to work.
It could.
You don't even know he's dead.
He was screaming before.
And I just heard him whisper.
Do you really think he
would do this for you?
He already did.
You're gonna have to hold me
down no matter how hard I fight.
- Yes.
- Okay.
I can find him out there.
Then we just have to go straight
to his body and revive him.
Let me see your watch.
Once I stop moving,
pull me out of the water.
I can last about 6 minutes
without any permanent damage.
All I need is 3 minutes.
After 3 minutes, start CPR.
Whatever you do,
don't let this get to 6.
All I need you to do
is bring me back.
Penny, I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Sophia! Astrid!
No, no...
Don't leave me. Please!
Sophia? Astrid?
Oh God, I thought it was over.
Did you see the...
What the fuck is going on?
How long has she been under?
She's not breathing. Astrid!
Fuck... What?
Come on!
You're not giving up, girl.
You are not giving up!
Adam! Where are you?
That's it. Come on.
Stay with me. Stay with me.
Come on, come back.
That's it. Sophia, that's it.
Adam, where are you?
You have to go back.
Where is your body?
Tell me. I can find you.
You have to go.
Wake up.
Come on, that's it Sophia.
You can still make it back, Sophia.
Come back, don't give up.
Come on! Sophia!
You have to go back.
No, Sophia. Come back.
Why did you do that?
Because I'm not gonna lose you.
- They came for me last night.
- I know.
Then why did you take my place?
Because I love you.
What happens now?