I Will Not Take Care of You (2023) Movie Script

[Bella] But he's doing better?
[doctor speaking indistinctly]
[Bella] I know.
Can you email me the paperwork
[woman speaking
indistinctly on phone]
[Bella] Okay.
[woman on phone]
Do you have any other questions?
[Bella] No. Thanks.
[suspenseful music plays]
[lock rattling]

I thought you said
you won't come back here.
Oh, uh, hi, Jennifer.
Family will do that to you,
won't they?
[Bella chuckles]
How are--
[Jennifer] You're so lucky
that I was outside
when he was yelling.
Who knows how long
he could have been out here.
I was gonna stop by
and say thank you, I--
He sure wasn't happy
when I brought him his things.
Is he doing any better?
Thanks for that, too.
Um, yeah, it sounds like it.
You haven't seen him yet?
No, not yet.
Um, thanks again, Jennifer.
[ominous music plays]
[crow cawing]
[woman] Hey!
Hey, I'm so glad
that you're here.
Um, I'll be right back.
Don't start without me, okay?
[intriguing string music plays]
Olivia, wait up!
Olivia, can you slow down?
So, where exactly
is this time capsule you buried?
[Olivia] Up there.
At the top of the hill.
And you want to dig it up
in the middle of your brother's
grad party because?
[Olivia] It's just time.
Okay, but why do we have
to do this right now?
I was having fun.
[Olivia] I could tell.
What does that mean?
[eerie mysterious music plays]
[April] Where the hell
is this thing?
[Olivia] The fields
on the other side.
[April] I still can't believe
Josh is graduating from college.
Remember when your mom
used to make us babysit him?
I hated it.
Yeah, she paid us
in quarters and popsicles.
[chuckling] Yeah,
we should have raised our rates
after he tried to kiss me.
It's just-- it's crazy
that he's a real adult now.
What's crazy
is you sleeping with my brother.
Dating. Non-exclusively.
[suspenseful music plays]
what have you been up to?
I don't think I've seen you
since Summer's going away party.
Uh, did you ever get a job
in, um--
ooh, what was your major again?
Uh, psychology?
We've been friends for what,
two decades,
and you still can't remember
my major?
I don't know. I was busy.
Summer's the one
who studied psychology.
I studied communications.
Right, so you got a job in...
[Olivia] Nursing actually.
Oh, so you went back to school?
Is that why you stopped
answering my texts?
[tense music plays]
Yeah, I guess.

Hey, remember when we snuck out
of Summer's house
to meet up with Adam
and the guys out here?
Oh, wait, you weren't with us.
You went home, right?
I didn't go home. You left me.
[April] Right.
Okay, for the record,
we only ditched you
because we were afraid that
you were gonna tell your mom
that we were drinking.
You were such a prude back then.
What's that supposed to mean?
Oh, you know what I mean.
We went to college together.
[April chuckles]

Have you heard
from Summer recently?
We're not very close anymore.
I haven't heard from her
in years.
I was starting to wonder
if I'd, like,
offended her or something.
It's pretty hard
to offend Summer.
[April scoffs] True.
I just miss hanging out
with you two, that's all.
What happened to our Thursday
girls' nights anyways?
I believe it conflicted
with some weekly
happy hour of yours,
and we never picked a new date.
Are we here?
[Olivia] Yep. This is it.
Can I help?
You've already helped enough.
[suspenseful music plays]
[metallic scraping]
Is that it?
[suspenseful music plays]
[chest door creaks]
[Summer] Hello?
Fuck, someone's in there!
-[Summer] Olivia, is it you?
-Of course it's me.
No one else knows you're here.
[April] Is that...
Is that Summer?
she finally
got with your brother.
You know the rules.
What the fuck is going on?
Summer, Summer, are you--
are you okay?
Are you okay?
We're gonna-- we're gonna
get you help, okay?
[breathing shakily]
It got long, right?
Fuck, um...
there-- there--
there's no signal, um,
do you think
that we can carry her?
I-- I-- I really think
that she needs to go
to the hospital.
[ominous music plays]
She's not going anywhere...
and neither are you.
Olivia, she needs help.
We need to get her out of here.
[ominous music intensifies]
You-- you did this.
I had to.
You threw Summer in a hole
in the--
-in the ground...
-It's a chest.
...like a piece of trash and--
and now you're gonna
do the same to me.
[April breathing shakily]
Please don't do this, Olivia.
You're-- you're my best friend.
You-- you can't--
you can't do this!
-[Olivia] Get in the box, April!
-[April] Olivia--
[Olivia] I said get in the box!
-Olivia, please.
Please, I don't know--
I don't know what I did
to deserve this, but--
That's the problem!
[crying] Please.
[April gasps]
[soft, ominous music plays]
[heavy footsteps approaching]
[keys jingling]
[suspenseful music plays]

[uplifting music plays]
Help, please.
Hi, ma'am.
Have you seen my cat?
[woman] Are you filming me?
Yeah, it's for a documentary.
I lost my cat.
His name is Oscar.
He has gray fur
and a black spot on his head.
-Have you seen him?
-I haven't, I'm sorry.
I hope you find him though.
-[girl] Okay, thank you.
[director] So,
what are we doing here today?
We're looking for my cat, Oscar.
[director] What happened to him?
He ran away.
How long have you had Oscar?
Since my birthday.
[director] So, about a month?
Mm-hmm. My dad got him for me.

I'm sure he'll come back
if we wait
just a little while longer.
No, it's already been
all morning.
I have to find him.
[father] Do you have your phone?
All right.
Promise you won't go too far?
[father] All right.
Now, your mom's gonna be here
to pick you up at 5:00,
all right?
That's three hours.
If you're not back by 4:30
I'm gonna start calling you,
I will be back with Oscar
before she gets here.
[director] How do you think
Oscar got outside?
Any idea?
No, not really, I--
maybe we left the door open
or something.
It's just too bad.
I know there was
some hesitation
from her mother
about getting her a pet.
How'd she do
with taking care of it?
Pretty well, actually.
She really loves that cat.
Her mother just tends to assume
the worst in everybody.
[uplifting music plays]
Do you see him?
This is gonna take a while.

It's 4:00. Why are you here?
She texted me and said
she's out looking for her cat,
and that I should wait
to pick her up.
-Did you do this?
-Did I do what?
-Tell her to text me that?
-Why would I do that?
We both know
this is not the first time
you've pulled this crap.
She really is out
looking for the cat.
You lost the cat already?
-It's a cat. It got out.
-[mother sighs]
-I told you this was a bad idea.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Come back at 5:00.
She'll be ready.
-[phone rings]
-It's Mom.
You should probably answer it.
[girl] Hmm.
Battery died.
Daddy taught me that.
He only got it for her
to make me look like the bad guy
-because I said no.
-[director] Why did you say no?
Because she's ten,
and I would be the one
who ended up taking care of it,
as I'm sure he was,
and he's allergic to cats.
[director] What do you think
happened to Oscar?
What do I think?
I think he killed it.
[director] It's almost 5:00.
We need to be getting back.
But we haven't found him yet.
Your parents will be upset
if you aren't home in time.
You promised, remember?
I know I did,
but we can try one more house.
[director] So, you got her a cat
even though
you're allergic to them?
-I did.
-[director] Why?
-You a parent?
-[director] No.
No, you're not.
It's not easy.
You do what you can
to make sure that your kid
wants to spend time
with you...
'cause you never know
what she's being told
when she's over there.
But you met her.
You can imagine.

Just doing the best that I can.
There you are.
Do you know what time it is?
I'm sorry.
I just wanted to keep looking.
-Did your phone die?
[father] No luck, kiddo?
-I'm sorry.
-I'm sure he's okay.
Come on, go get your stuff.
We gotta go. Hurry up.
Great parenting.
[melancholic music plays]
[chuckles, clears throat]
Right here?
So, do I-- I-- I look at it,
or do I look-- look--
look at you?
Y-- you can look at me.
Okay. [clears throat]
[director] How do you know
the Pattersons?
Um, I don't really know them.
Um, we go to--
we go to the same church.
Um, the daughter
come pet the horses before.
[director] When was
the last time you saw him?
Um, it's going on about--
about a week now.
And what was that about?
Um, he, uh,
he brought me his cat.
Said he was allergic...
to-- to the-- to the cat.
[wood creaking]
[drawer slams closed]
[phone vibrating]
[phone vibrating]
Hi, yeah, that's me.
Shit, I-- I'm--
I must have given you
the wrong card. One moment.
Did Meredith talk to you
about the estate account?
Right, it should just be
a couple of weeks.
At least that's the plan.
Won't have to worry
about the credit limit.
A-- Again,
I'm so sorry about that.
Thank you.
How-- how is he?
Really? Nothing?
I'll-- I'll bring him
some tomorrow.
Does he need anything else?
Yeah, yeah, sorry.
I have it right here.
Let me know when you're ready.
Okay. Uh, 470--
[priest] Each one must give
as he has decided in his heart,
not reluctantly
or under compulsion,
for God loves a cheerful giver.
Second Corinthians 9:7.
You shall give to them freely,
and your heart
shall not be grudging
when you give to them
because for this,
the Lord, your God,
will bless you in all your work
and in all that you undertake.
Deuteronomy 15:10.
You need to make a vow.
Get your seed of faith
into the ground
and watch your bounty grow,
for those who provide
for the Lord's house
shall be provided for
in the kingdom of heaven.
-[daughter] Hey, Mom?
-[mom] What?
[daughter] Did he really mean
that the more money
you give to the church,
the better chance you have
of getting into heaven?
[mom chuckles]
That's not what he said, honey.
But that's what he was saying.
[mom] It's not what he meant.
He's new.
He's just trying to help
the church.
[daughter] I don't think
I believe in God.
[mom] What did you just say?
Call Brother David.
[crickets chirping]
So, where do we start,
Brother David?
[Brother David] We start
wherever she wants us to.
We're here for her.
[daughter] This wasn't my idea.
[Brother David]
Well, do you understand
why we're here?
[daughter] Because Mom says
I'm going to hell.
-[mom] I did not say--
-[dad] Honey, don't yell.
[Brother David]
I think your mother
is just worried about you.
She wants to answer
any questions you might have
to get you back
on the right path.
The righteous path.
So, ask away.
that's got you feeling this way.
[daughter] Okay.
Why would a pastor
have sex with his secretary
if he really believed
it would send him to hell?
-[mom] Where did you hear that?
-[daughter] School.
That's why the new pastor
is here, right?
[mom] We do not talk about
other people's business
-like this!
-[daughter] So, it is true.
[Brother David]
God puts things in our path
to test us.
Okay, well, how about praying?
[Brother David]
Well, what about it?
[daughter] If God is perfect
then isn't it
just a waste of time?
Hasn't he already made up
his mind?
[Brother David] Well, I'm sure
you're familiar with free will,
[daughter] I am, but--
[Brother David]
No, no, it's okay. Keep going.
Is it really free will
if he has a plan for us
and knows what we're gonna do?
[mom] You are not taking this
I'm just asking questions
like he told me to.
-[mom] You are--
-[dad] Dear, please.
[Brother David] It-- it's okay.
Let's all just take a second
and calm down.
So, your mom tells me
you believe in evolution?
[daughter] Yeah. I think so.
[Brother David] And why is that?
[daughter] Scientists.
And, like, there's cases
of it still happening and--
[Brother David] What cases?
[daughter] Well,
there are these ants
in the rainforest
that don't need males
to reproduce anymore.
-They evolve--
-[Brother David] Wrong.
[daughter] What?
[Brother David]
That is adaptation,
-not evolution.
-[daughter] But isn't it--
[Brother David]
We all adapt to our environment.
[daughter] Isn't evolution
just a bunch of those though?
[Brother David]
If that were true,
would there still be monkeys?
-[daughter] I don't know.
-[Brother David] Right.
See, scientists
try to undermine religion
because it has the answers
that they hope to find.
[Brother David chuckles]
Oh, don't get down on yourself.
This is good.
This is why we're here.
Please, keep going.
What else has led you
to this unnatural way
of thinking?
Why does God give people cancer?
[Brother David]
He tests us all in our own way.
[daughter] How do you explain
other religions?
[Brother David] Well, they're
all worshiping the same God.
How do they stop the animals
from eating each other
on the ark?
[Brother David] Well,
if he can flood the earth,
don't you think
he could handle that?
Well, where did all the poop go?
[Brother David]
It was thrown overboard.
What happens to people
who grow up
not knowing about him?
[Brother David]
He still loves them.
But do they go to hell?
[Brother David]
Not if they accept him
into their hearts.
[daughter] But that doesn't
make any sense.
They don't know about him.
[Brother David]
They will be judged
at the gates of heaven
like the rest of us,
and a soul who has lived
a holy life will still be saved.
[daughter] So,
I don't necessarily
have to go to church
or have to give the church
a bunch of money to get in.
I can just be a good person.
[Brother David] I think
you're missing the point.
How do you expect
to be a good person
without his teachings?
[daughter groans]
I'm not a damn idiot!
-[mom] Language!
That's not a bad word!
[dad] Why are we yelling?
[Brother David]
Using the Lord's name in vain
is not going to help.
[neighbor] She must not realize
what eternity is.
Am I going to hell now too?
[dad] For the love of God,
do you see what you're doing
to this family?
[mom] Oh, don't you start too!
[Brother David] I'm sorry,
a lifetime of pain and misery
is really nothing to joke about.
I wasn't joking! [sobbing]
[neighbor whispers indistinctly]
[dad] You both are this close
to getting grounded.
-[sister] I'm sorry!
-[daughter] Okay!
I believe you.
[Brother David]
Let us bow our heads in prayer.
Dear Heavenly Father,
we want to thank you
for this opportunity
here today...
to bring a wayward child
back on the right path.
They may not always know
what to do,
but you will always show them
the way...
[piano music plays]
[eerie ambient music plays]

[eerie thudding plays]
[eerie ambient music
[pages rustle]
[upbeat indie music playing]
[Terry] All right. [laughs]
You look nice.
Thank you.
[Terry] So, how was your day?
[Jazz] Eventful.
[Terry] What time
did you wake up?
[Jazz] A little before sunset.
[Terry] Oh, so, you just got up?
I had a long couple of days.
I was really, really tired.
I just-- I was just wondering
'cause, like, you know,
we only hang out at night.
I never get to see you.
You never answer
when I call you.
Why so many questions?
I mean, look, we-- we've
been hanging out more and more,
and I'm just trying
to get to know you more,
you know?
Like, I never see you
during the day,
and it's just-- I just--
I just got questions.
Like, I don't mean
to be this way,
but we've been talking
for a while now,
and I don't know
anything about you.
Things will be revealed
when they need to be.
I get that.
Ooh, Dunkin' Donuts.
You want-- you like donuts?
You don't eat breakfast,
because you're sleep stalled.
That makes sense.
And I-- I didn't mean anything
like that-- like that.
My bad.
-It's okay.
-I know how that sounded.
It's okay.
So, do you wanna grab
something to eat after...
you know, what we will do?
Um, I'm not quite hungry yet.
I plan on eating
in just a little.
[Terry] With me though, right?
I mean,
we did come out here together.
I scooped you,
I said I was gonna do
-this thing for you.
-Yeah, definitely.
Definitely I'm gonna eat.
[Terry] Well, this is it, right?
[Jazz] Yeah, this is it.
[Terry] It's bumpy.
This is not
a good area to be in.
Why are we here again?
[Jazz] Just gotta run in
for one quick second.
-[Terry] I can park here?
-[Jazz] Yeah, that's fine.
It sounds like
you've been here before, so...
Now, we're gonna
wait a minute, okay?
I'll just eat these M&Ms,
you want some?
[Jazz] No.
Not good for you.
So, boys maybe got a new album
or something coming out?
It looks like it.
I really like the last one.
All right.
So, um, what you wanna do?
Boy, stop.
I told you
when you picked me up
that I had somewhere to go.
[Terry sighs]
Why you-- you brought me here,
why are you even mad?
How long is it gonna take?
Ten to 15 minutes.
Then, let me come
with you then.
Boy, you don't even smoke.
[clicks tongue, sighs]
Look, you're a nice guy.
I like you just the way you are.
I don't wanna mess that up.
Aw, look at you, you're so cute.
Okay, okay, okay. All right.
Just go do what you gotta do,
so we can just
enjoy our evening.
Mm, I love it
when you talk like that.
-I'll be right back.
-All right.
-What about--
-[door slams]
DJ Red Alert.
What are you doing?
Where's the centerfold at?
They don't do that no more?
[drums instrumental
playing on CD player]
Mm, I hate CDs,
they always be scratched up.
[seat recliner motor whirring]
These ain't nothing,
but some fancy Dunkaroos.
They good, though.
Can't fall asleep here.
This place, not safe.
Is that her?
[phone beeping]
[line ringing]
-[Chris] Yo, what's going on?
Not much, man. How are you?
[Chris] I'm good. I'm good.
The question is,
how you doing?
[sighs] You know,
out with Jazz again.
[Chris] You out with Jazz again?
Um, and how's that going?
Oh, you know, the same.
[Chris laughs]
If it's the same, it's bad.
Yeah, man,
I mean, I keep trying,
but, you know, right now,
I'm sitting in the parking lot
waiting for her to come down.
Waiting where?
I'm at some-- some guy's house.
She wanted to get some weed.
-You know, she's been up--
-[Chris] And how long
have you been waiting?
About an hour?
So, why don't you just go?
-What, just leave her here?
-[Chris] Yeah.
Leave her there, dude,
you've been-- yes!
But where--
How is she gonna get home?
[Chris] Yo, that's
that dude's problem.
Let him worry about that, man.
You need to bounce.
This is crazy.
You don't know where you are,
you don't know who she's with,
she's been up there for an hour,
what do you think they doing?
-You know what? I'm gonna--
-[Chris] Get the-- get--
I'm gonna go--
I'm gonna go up there and look.
I gotta-- I gotta find--
I'm gonna go up and find out.
-I can't-- I don't wanna--
-[Chris] Man, get your ass
-out of there.
-Nah, man.
I'm gonna go,
I-- I'll talk to you later.
[Chris] Yo, go--

I can't believe this.
Every night, she wanna go
do something at night.
She know I got a job,
and now she wanna take me
and go
to some drug dealer's house
knowing I don't smoke weed.
Chris told me to pull off.
I gotta get this
for the peace of my mind.
I'm tired of this.
[ominous instrumental playing]
[muffled conversation]
Are you here?
[indistinct conversation on TV]
Hey, Jazz.
[dramatic instrumental playing]
No, no, no, no, no.
Damn, shit.
No, no, no, no.
-[phone beeping]
-No, no, no, no.
Chris, pick up.
[busy tone beeping]
[muttering indistinctly]
[intense, dramatic
instrumental playing]
I didn't see that.
I just should have pulled off.
I just should have pulled off.
[heart beating]
[Jazz] Look, Terry.
Get out the car.
[mellow jazz music playing]
You weren't supposed
to see that.
[Terry] I guess
you're not hungry anymore.
[dramatic drumbeat]
[objects clattering]
Can you hear me?
Grace? Hello?
[Grace] I can--
I can hear you now.
-[Grace] Hey. [laughs]
Sorry, the Internet here
isn't great,
so let me know
if I lose you, okay?
[Grace] Yeah, absolutely.
Uh, how are things going so far?
Uh, they're going
as good as they can, I guess.
I have to stop by there later.
Apparently, he didn't pack
a single article of clothing
outside of what he had on.
[Grace laughs]
Why would he do that?
Rebellion, maybe? Hmm.
[Grace] I thought--
didn't he go straight there
from the hospital?
He did, but they had him
call a neighbor
to bring him some things
until he got here.
Get this,
he had her pack a suitcase
full of just random shit,
which sounds
about right for him.
[Grace] Well, I mean,
that should make you feel
a little bit better
about the whole thing.
Yeah, I guess.
They said it's likely
that he could go down again,
and you know
I'm not moving back, so...
[Grace] Yeah. No, I know.
Hey, can you-- can you see this?
[Grace] Hmm, um, what
am I looking at?
I don't know.
I woke up with these.
[Grace] Oh, the red marks?
Is it a rash?
Uh, no, I mean,
it doesn't itch.
It really actually,
doesn't feel like anything.
It was just there this morning.
[Grace] Well, that's weird.
Maybe your pillow's possessed.
[laughing] I don't think
it was the pillow.
[Grace] Um, well, you always
said that place was weird.
And you always told me
I was imagining things.
I completely forgot.
I'll text you later?
[Grace] Yeah, sure thing.
-All right. Bye.
-[Grace] I love you.
-I love you.
-[Grace] Bye.
instrumental playing]
[dress rips]

[phone vibrating]
[mom] Andie, where are you?
What's going on?
I don't know.
Patrick wants an answer.
Andie, honey, are you there?
Where are you?
I don't understand.
Was there something wrong
with the party?
[Patrick] She's been delaying.
Does that mean she said yes?
[mom] Patrick, shh.
Andie? Andie?
[phone vibrating]
[phone vibrating]
[water splashing]
piano instrumental playing]
[Noah] Andie.
-[Andie] Hey.
-Yeah. Hi. I--
Well, thought I'd find you here.
Sorry, I ruined
your welcome home party.
Ah, come on.
We both know
that today wasn't planned
for that particular event.
So, are you
getting married or not?
Apparently, not.
[Noah] Well, do you love him?
-[Noah] But?
-But what?
What's the hesitation?
Come on.
Did-- did something
happen with Leo?
-No, that's not it.
Leo's amazing.
He's so sweet.
He's so clean and organized.
He loves books.
He wants
to adopt a couple of dogs.
I mean, he does the laundry
because he knows
I hate to do it.
And these are problems?
Well, you know,
he doesn't like the Avengers.
-And he hates sand
because he hates the beach.
You know, he always lets me act
or-- or make decisions first,
which you think
would be a good thing,
but it actually gets old.
And he snores.
Okay, so that's the--
those are the deal breakers?
Of course not.
But how many little things
add up to be a deal breaker?
[Noah] Andie, you know--
you know what I noticed?
You wore combat boots
to your engagement party.
[Andie] What?
I wasn't sure it was going to be
an engagement party.
That was for you, military man.
[Noah] Okay. All right.
You did your nails,
put on this dress,
got all fancy, and...
you wore combat boots
to your proposal.
He wore brogues.
So, you're saying
that means something?
[Noah] You're more well-read
than I am, Andie.
I'd say
that's rife with symbolism.
I mean, that's gotta--
gotta mean something to somebody
if you want to read into it.
-They're just shoes, Noah.
-[Noah] Mm-hmm.
I don't know,
maybe it would be easier
if there was something
clearly off with us.
-But he's such a good guy.
-And I'd be hurting him.
-You are.
-I'm already hurting him.
What if--
what if I'm throwing
everything away,
and I'm running out of time?
[Noah] Out of time
for what, Andie?
You know.
That life.
You'll be destined to be
an old and shriveled maid,
and my friends and
I will ride by your house
after school,
and we'll throw rocks
-at you from our bikes.
-Come on, I'm being serious.
-Andrea, you're being dramatic.
-[Andie gasps]
Look, the question is,
do you want this with Leo?
Being in a relationship,
trapped in one
because you're scared,
is terrible.
It's an even worse reason
to get married.
I mean,
maybe you won't get
that rom-com montage of life
you've been destined to have,
but at the very least...
you got me.
instrumental playing]
[echoing] I love you.
This is all gonna be okay, sis.
piano instrumental playing]

[music fades]
-[Bella] One minute!
-Hello, Meredith.
-Come on in.
-You haven't changed a bit.
Neither have you.
Uh, sorry, it's still
a little bit of a mess,
but, um, everything
should be ready by the--
No, no, no. Take your time.
I know that this can be
quite an ordeal,
and selling a house
is a big decision.
I can't wait to get rid of it.
Family place like this,
I'm sure it's full of memories.
Your mother
used to adore this place.
Those second thoughts
I'm seeing?
No, I just-- no.
Well, uh, like I said
on the phone,
paperwork is all ready to go,
and we can have it on the market
by the end of the week
if you think
it'll be ready to-- to show.
-Uh, yeah, it should be.
-There's no new issues
that you were unaware of?
Um, mold or leaks
or anything like that?
A home inspector
might see differently,
-but nothing I can tell.
-Good, good.
Um, so I would love
to just take a quick look around
and refresh my memory.
-[Bella] No, of course.
[Bella] Let me know
if you need anything.
[footsteps departing]
[sighs] Thanks, Meredith.

[soda can opening]
[Nolan] So, as we enter
the wizard's tavern,
we approach
and we see a bartender
serving drinks
to several patrons.
They all kind of look
like unruly fellas.
You know,
not someone you'd exactly want
to have a conversation with,
kind of like,
[raspy voice]
"Hey, bartender, I need a drink,
and I need some information."
[friend 1] Uh,
I will roll to order a drink.
[Adam] Roll to order
a drink, okay.
Um, roll that.
Not all of it.
[Nolan] Nah, I want a big drink.
choral music playing]
[indistinct conversation]
[friend 2] Let's see how I do.
Uh, okay, so it's a seven.
[Adam giggling] It's all right.
Fun game, fun campaign.
Yeah, next week.
Next week should be good.
Well, I'll take my ride.
Well, all right.
Uh, missed you, buddy.
Glad you made it.
Good to see you.
Let's do it again soon.
-Will do.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Be good. Bye-bye.
-See you.
[upbeat rock music playing]
[lock clattering]
[eerie music builds]
[pills rattling]

[phone vibrates]
[music stops]
[air conditioner whirring]
[upbeat classical
piano instrumental playing]
[microwave beeping]
[man on TV] ...so that I won't
be needing you guys anymore.
[gunshot, ricochet]
Well, I guess we won't be having
rabbit today.
[knocking on door]
[door creaks open]
Hey, man.
Got a package here
with your name on it.
[Adam] Oh, thank you.
Yeah. What is it?
Something cool?
It was really lightweight.
So, I didn't--
I didn't even know
if there was anything in there.
What-- what is that?
It's a monster.
[Robby] Oh, man.
Um, what do you-- what do you--
what are you supposed--
what are you supposed--
um, what are you supposed
to do with that?
You-- you paint it,
and then you fight it.
Huh. That's, um--
well, that's neat.
You, um...
paint it,
and fight it by yourself or...
Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, oh--
yeah, well, see you later.
Have fun with your toy.
-[Adam] Thanks, Robby.
-[Robby] Yeah.
orchestral music playing]
orchestral music playing]
[man on TV] Well, you'll be
all right for now, okay?
[reporter] Civil
defense officials--
[phone vibrating]
--told News 9
that murder victims
show evidence of having been
partially devoured
by their murderers.
Consistent reports
found witnesses to the effect
that people who acted as though
they were in a kind of trance
were killing
and eating their victims,
authorities to examine
the bodies of some
of the victims.
Medical authorities
in Cumberland have concluded
that in all cases,
the killers are eating flesh.
[phone vibrating]
orchestral music building]
[music ends]
[tense orchestral music playing]
[music intensifying]
[music stops]
[Meredith] It really
is a beautiful home.
It's a shame
David let the flower beds go.
We used to have so much fun
helping to plant them, remember?
And her garden
was the talk of the town.
Best tomatoes I ever ate.
This is the last time
I'm going to ask, I promise.
But are you sure you don't want
to try to keep it?
I mean, there is plenty of room
in there for the both of you.
Yes, I'm sure.
I know that you've
talked it over with him,
but a lot of people
in their final years
prefer to spend it
someplace that they call home.
-I mean, I know--
-Meredith. Stop.
I sent you
the account information, right?
Yeah, you did.
And I'm not gonna be here
when the house closes.
You're sure
that's not gonna be a problem?
No, we do this all the time.
I'll tell my dad you said hi.
Please do, it was--
it was really nice
seeing you again, Bella.
Yeah, you too.
[eerie instrumental playing]
Red means "on."
Hi, I'm Casey.
If you're watching this,
you probably already know that.
If you're watching this,
it means I'm gone.
Not in a sad way.
I guess I owe an explanation
to my family
or whoever cares
about me at this point.
I've been really busy
the last few weeks,
which explains
why you haven't seen me,
uh, or maybe you have.
I canceled my credit card,
changed my phone number,
and-- and social media,
all gone.
I'm leaving.
piano music playing]
I'm tired.
Tired of the people
telling me I'm wrong.
And that there's
something wrong with me.
There isn't.
There's something wrong
with all of you.
I'm sorry
if I'm coming off aggressive.
I'm just sick of being judged.
Of being looked at differently
when I didn't do anything wrong.
[toilet flushing]
I'm starting a new life,
and no one
can tell me otherwise.
I love you.
I'm sorry
for being such a burden.
And that you worry
so much about me all the time.
please don't come
looking for me.
[door creaking]
[eerie music builds]
[footsteps approaching]
[chair creaking]
I can't stay here anymore.
For the past few years,
I've been seeing this thing...
and nobody believes me.
Doctors tell me to take drugs...
and things will get better.
And it works sometimes.
Not-- not all the time,
but sometimes.
And it--
it was good for a while,
but I just couldn't--
couldn't handle
the dread of it.
I-- I couldn't see it,
but I-- I know...
it's here all the time.
Do you see it?
It's right in front of me.

I didn't like that.
Not being able to see.
So I stopped listening
to my therapist...
and you,
whoever is watching.
And this thing
I've been seeing...
It looks just like me.
It looks just like me.
And you're all being fooled.
You're all being
fooled by it.
You post photos of me at parties
I didn't even go to.
And-- and tell me stories
about jokes I didn't tell.
And it's infiltrating
my life.
And no one even notices.
And I'm the crazy one?
Is it naive...
to believe
a girl could start fresh?
I'm sending you this video
as a warning
that if you're watching this
and I'm still around,
it's not me.
It's not Casey
I would stay away.
[distant chopping]

[engine stops]
I'm here to see David Stall.
[Paul] Right, you must be...
-Bella, his daughter.
-That's right.
Uh, I'm Paul.
We spoke on the phone.
It's nice to finally meet you.
I really appreciate
all your help.
[Paul] Of course.
Uh, what can I do for you?
Just came by to see him,
and brought him
some of his things.
[Paul] Well, unfortunately,
he is refusing guests
at this time.
Oh, um...
Can you just call him
and tell him it's me, please?
[Paul] He specifically stated
no family members.
I'm his only family member.
-[Paul] Well...
-Can I call him?
[Paul] No, I'm sorry.
I can't.
Can you at least
give him this?
We're not supposed to do that.
I-- It's clothes
and pictures
of his dead dog.
[Paul] If we're-- he's expecting
something we have to...
[Bella] Great. Thanks.
[Paul] ...be notified
in advance,
uh, for deliveries.
[Paul sighs]
[tense music building]
[footsteps approaching]

[car drives away]

[knocking on door]
You must relinquish
your possession
of the [indistinct]
and return it
whence it was pilfered.
Excuse me?
[indistinct] will respond
in kind if the device
is not returned--
[soda can opening]
[man on TV] We'll be right back
after this commercial break.
[indistinct conversation
on TV]
[muffled chanting]
Bah, bah, pseudo bah,
bah-bah psueudo bah.
Bah, bah, psueudo bah,
bah-bah, pseudo bah.
Bah, bah, pseudo bah,
bah-bah, psueudo bah.
[man chanting]
Bah, bah, pseudo bah,
bah-bah, pseudo bah.
Bah, bah, pseudo bah,
bah-bah, pseudo bah.
Bah, bah, pseudo bah,
bah-bah, pseudo bah.
Bah, bah, pseudo bah,
bah-bah, pseudo bah.
Bah, bah, pseudo bah,
bah-bah, pseudo bah.
Bah, bah, pseudo bah,
bah-bah, pseudo bah.
[indistinct conversation
on TV]
[footsteps approaching]
[muffled sobbing]
[muffled sobbing continues]
[static crackles]
[maniacal laughing]
Stop, stop, please!
Bah, bah, pseudo bah,
bah-bah, pseudo bah.
Bah, bah, pseudo bah,
bah-bah, pseudo bah.
Bah, bah, pseudo bah,
bah-bah, pseudo bah.
Bah, bah, pseudo bah,
bah-bah, pseudo bah.
Could have been a throw blanket,
could have been an Xbox,
and I get this fucking shit.
[muffled maniacal laughing]
[breathing heavily]
Yeah, so, um...
I'm hoping that
you're all going to support me
because this was
a very difficult decision.
But-- Ben--
I should go get him.
[Mara] Look,
if he's not back in five,
I'll go get him.
You want something else?
You barely touched your food.
I also ordered
the veggie broth.
-I don't see it.
-Did they forget it?
Well, you're certainly
not getting my support.
You're committing suicide,
you do realize that.
-That's not what this is--
-Mom can speak for herself.
I-- I-- I have a pamphlet
somewhere in my bag.
I-- I'm sure that they gave you
one hell of a pitch,
but I wanna hear
your version of it.
How exactly
does this doctor assist you?
They come over
with a-- a medical cocktail
and-- and monitor you
while you drink it.
-[scoffs] Medical cocktail.
-Here we go.
[Becky] There was another option
to go to Oregon and get shot.
-Get shot?
-Sorry, get a shot.
You know what I mean.
Get a shot, get shot.
It's the same thing.
It's not the same thing.
So basically
your only other option
was to move
to the Pacific Northwest
and get murdered.
Well, it's not very original,
but then again,
you never really were.
would you bring me
some cranberry juice, please?
[Becky sighs]
-You're all alone?
Where is everybody?
Mara went
to get me something sweet,
and Daniel's cooling off.
This is a lot for him.
It's a lot for everyone.
Yeah, of course.
I'm just trying to
get my bearings here.
Weren't you
just talking to doctors about
experimental treatments?
wasn't that happening
just last month?
Well, a lot went down
this last month.
Do you want a straw?
I carry a reusable one.
Thanks. I'll go wash this.
I know I've been
out of the loop,
but I'm here now,
so I can take off work
and stay
the rest of the month.
If this is truly
what you want...
we can make that happen
for you.
-[Daniel] Bullshit!
-Jesus Christ.
I'm not gonna let her do it!
Here's your straw.
I can't be the only one
that thinks this is crazy.
Like, this is actually crazy.
Mom, you are making us
complicit in your death!
Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.
are my human emotions too much
for that big
processor brain of yours?
She's not doing it.
God, I cannot believe that
you could just sit there and---
Do you know how many doctors
I talk to every day?
How many medications
I'm keeping track of?
I mean, I feel like I have
hundreds of cancer-related tabs
open on my computer
at any given moment.
-It's a miracle
that I found out about
this option at all.
How could you even tell her
this existed?
What is your problem?
Thank God, it's not just me.
I found out about this
by the many cancer support
that I'm a part of.
People who have watched
their family-- it's--
it's horrifying and I just...
I couldn't--
I got everything
set up with the state,
-and I've got it all--
-There were other options!
I could have called
oncology departments
in every hospital
across the country.
Yeah. Did that already.
Damn it, Mara!
Why are you so insistent
on always doing
everything alone?
[Mara] You think you could
have handled this?
You're barely handling
this conversation!
You couldn't even handle her
drinking out of my straw,
but you had no problem
googling ways to kill her.
That is
the most horrible accusation
that you have ever made
against me!
-Mom! Mom!
-Jesus Christ, Mom!
-Oh, my God.
-Everyone listen!
My babies, I love you more
than anything in the world,
but you are going
to agree to this today.
Look at me.
-Look at me.
-[Daniel yelps]
I barely eat, I don't sleep.
This morning.. [chuckling]
I-- I couldn't hear
out of my right ear.
I need to do this
while I can still talk,
while I can still think,
while I can still sign papers!
I am not gonna spend
my last few months on this earth
going in some downward spiral.
This is my death.
My final act, and I intend
to confront it on my own terms.
Now, do you all agree...
to let me go
on my own terms?
Say "yes."
[all] Yes.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, my God. Look.
Oh, my God, it's fake.
-[Daniel] It's fake.
What? No? Fuck!
Of course it's fake.
What do you think?
I'm gonna wave a real gun around
in my own house?
-Do you think I'm crazy?
-[Ben] Oh, my God!
That was really cruel of you,
Plan B.
None of you listened to me.
That was-- that was cruel,
but it was also badass.
-Shut up!
-Ow! What?
I don't know, man, okay?
She's a vegetarian.
I've never even seen her
use a steak knife
and I-- I thought that you were
[laughing hysterically]
Where did you even get this?
-[Mara sobbing]
-Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, sweetheart,
are you okay?
The meal was really good.
You did
a really good job, honey.
A really good job.
[suspenseful music]
[breathing heavily]
[crickets chirping]
[breathing heavily]
[somber piano music]
[Bella's dad] B...
knowing not where to start,
I ended up here.
With these words,
with more stories.
I guess they're all
we can use to keep going.
You always used to like
my stories, didn't you?
There are so many parts
of myself in them.
Did you notice?
Well, enclosed are the parts
I never told you.
From the angles and edges
you couldn't have seen...
in the only way I know how.
Take what you will from these.
Perspective can be powerful.
It's only now in this moment
that I'm so acutely aware
of our mortality.
All I know
is I am nothing but human.
Made so, like you,
by mistakes and decisions.
This, Bella, is my attempt
to understand yours.

[upbeat guitar music]