I Witness (2003) Movie Script

Dude, you all right?
You nimrod!
Oh yeah. Come on.
Come on.
I love Mexico. There aren't
any bullshit laws here.
You can ride wherever you like.
It's loose.
Hell yeah, man,
this is paradise.
Come on!
Come on!
Yeah, yeah, hello?
Hello, Father.
What time is it?
No, no it's okay.
I'll meet you out front.
- Good to see you again, Father.
- And you, James.
One large black coffee, five sugars.
You're going to need it?
- Problems with the union?
- No, worse.
Bueno, gracias.
- Should I be concerned?
- Nah. It's not political.
My men were chasing some thieves,
one jumped from the roof.
The ground gave away under him.
We found a collapsed tunnel
down there.
- Twenty-one bodies and counting.
- Who are they?
Campesinos. The unfortunates.
We think they were digging a
drug runner's tunnel for Valdon.
- It must have, caved in on them.
- Who's handling the investigation?
Detective Castillo.
- Is he honest?
- He's homicide. Not narcotics.
Let him by.
Rhodes, I thought you were dead.
Wishful thinking, Douglas.
You're a long way from Mexico City.
War on drugs,
State Department priority.
- Didn't take you long to get here.
- Well, you know how it is.
Dig up a mass grave, everybody
starts talkin'. James Rhodes...
International Rights Watch.
Good to see we have the full
cooperation of the authorities.
This is a civil investigation.
It is none of your business.
My men will escort
you off the property.
Oh, well, ya see, that wouldn't
be too smart because them people...
will think you're trying
to cover something up.
Of course we are.
We're the Mexican police.
Captain thinks this is one of the
Valdon Cartel's...
cross-border drug tunnels.
There's no cover up here.
Oh, good. Well then
no one should be concerned...
with my organization's presence.
We'll want the usual.
Witness depositions, police files,
all the lab and autopsy reports.
You will get the file report
when it is released to the press.
International Rights Watch is
gonna wanna know what happened...
here and why, Cap., and we can do
this with or without your permission.
This man is trespassing.
Talk to him, Draper.
Remember, the border's right there.
With NAFTA the two
of you are in bed together.
His dirt rubs off on your
side of the sheets.
- Give us a minute.
- Sure.
I know you two'll wanna
get your stories straight.
You just love to piss 'em off,
don't you, Jim?
Well... just seems to happen
when I ask direct questions.
I'll talk to him.
Don't bank on anything.
I always said you were
a compassionate guy.
- Relax.
- Champions of human rights my ass.
We can always ignore them,
we did it in China. Joking.
Captain, you can bitch and moan
all you want but this guy's...
not gonna go away.
So cooperate. Let him observe.
You don't have anything
to hide, do you?
If the human rights people point
their finger at the Valdon Cartel...
which they will, then suddenly
everyone pays attention...
to Mexico's request for
more anti-drug funding.
Next thing you know, you're drivin'
around in a brand new Escalade.
Rights Watch fucked
the police in Chiapas.
That's what happens when civilians
get slaughtered in broad daylight.
We got young children,
men, women... oh God...
Enjoying yourself Gringo?
I know who you are.
This investigation is mine.
I don't have to give you shit.
Did any of the bodies
have any slogans painted on 'em?
Any of their hands bound?
This is Tijuana.
We don't have death squads.
- Any of 'em mutilated?
- What are you, deaf?
I told you it's not political.
There are no fingernails missing...
no bullets to the back
of the head, no cigarette burns.
Nobody hung by their neck,
feet or by their dicks. Comprende?
Got it.
Were any of 'em gagged?
I don't have time for this shit.
Detective, did you find any
tools in the tunnel?
No tools, huh? What were
they diggin' with, their hands?
Find out who these people were
and how they got into the tunnel.
Twenty-seven people dead,
Women, children, even a baby,
We'll know more after we get
the coroner's report,
Give me three days and
I'll have Darrow up there.
- I can handle this.
- Can you?
I've just come out of a meeting
with the Department of Justice.
They promised to take
up the matter.
But in the meantime I want
you to be very, very careful,
If there is a drug connection,
the Valdon Cartel will think...
nothing of killing
a human rights investigator.
I need you to focus on the union
election, Now get some sleep,
You're going to need it,
We don't need no fucking mericones
observers here. Huh?
You can find all the
information in your folder,
- Hey, Jim.
- How are you?
Good. We should get started.
Daxmoore employees will be voting
this week to accept...
or reject union representation.
As you can see, emotions for this
election are running very high.
You need to know that this
could get dirty.
Ah, everyone,
this is Emily Thompson.
She's a trade representative
for the U.S. Commerce Department.
Good morning.
I want to tell you all how pleased
I am that the Mexican government...
has invited American volunteers
to monitor this election.
Daxmoore is a U.S. Company...
and contrary to what union
organizers may assert...
they stand behind these elections
and are remaining neutral.
So please, if any charges
are leveled against them...
- consult me, before...
- Excuse me...
but you have no right to insert
yourself in this body's work.
- I can assure you Mr...
- Rhodes.
Ah, yes.
- I have no intention of interfering.
- Well you just did.
I'm curious why your
organization would...
send someone of your experience
for a simple union election.
Mr. Fields, document
everything that happens.
You are interfering with
a police action.
- My role here is strictly neutral.
- You have no role here.
- What's he doing?
- Tryin' to help.
Look, these are unarmed civilians
they have a right...
I'm Roy Logan, the Plant Manager.
Last thing we need here is violence.
You give me one minute...
I gotta go.
Thank you.
Thanks for what
you did out there, too.
It's the least I could do.
I don't want anymore problems here.
Where are you from?
- Detroit. You?
- Pittsburgh.
Daxmoore Headquarters.
The whole operation used
to be there. Three thousand men.
Then they moved us to Tennessee,
'til the union came in.
Then they moved us here.
Labor costs.
That was a disaster.
And you helped how?
Contrary to what you think, Mr.
Rhodes. I care about these workers.
Ah, well, prove it.
Get your buddies at the State
Dep. To reign in the local cops.
In case you haven't noticed,
this is Mexico.
We can't just twist their arms
into compliance with our standards.
You don't have to twist
their arms, Ms. Thompson.
Just show 'em dollar signs.
That's your job, isn't it?
how's the investigation going?
It's progressing.
That tastes good.
I'll be very interested
in reading your report.
Buenas tardes.
Any messages?
Lady Anne.
Hello, James.
What are you doing here?
Darrow is in hospital.
He's got malaria.
Anyway, I wanted to see you.
- Are you all right?
- Yes.
- I've been worried about you.
- I'm fine, really.
The Red Cross forwarded your
personal affects from the Sudan.
Thank you.
And this letter is from
the Mexican Minister of Justice.
It's granting you full access
to the investigation.
- You still feel up to this?
- Yes.
You know, James, you've done
wonderful work for the cause.
- Wonderful. But lately...
- I know. L- I know.
You still understand our purpose,
don't you?
Yes. I do.
You know, I'd always hoped
that one day...
you'd come to Washington
and work with me.
It could make a difference,
you know.
With your experience,
and determination...
they'd listen to you.
I'm a field man, Anne. I wouldn't
know what to do in an office.
Well... things change.
Not you again.
Your government's decided to
cooperate and IRW's part of...
the investigation.
Says you're an observer.
This is still my case.
Don't get in my way.
Castillo, what exactly
is your problem?
You people show up screaming
human rights...
and good cops start to lose
their jobs. Not the Jefes upstairs.
It's the little people like me
that get the shit.
Well if this case is clean
you got nothin' to worry about.
- I'm just here to help.
- Oh, like a saint, eh?
You gringos have been slappin' us
down with one hand and pickin' us...
up with the other for so long you
think it's the natural order...
of things. But let me tell you
something. I won't be slapped...
and I won't be patronized,
by some wanna-be hero...
who thinks he can ride
in on peachy white horse...
save us pobre Mexicanos.
- That's an observer.
- James Rhodes...
International Rights Watch.
Come this way.
Twenty-four victims.
Ages three months...
to sixty-seven years.
- Cause of death...
- Asphyxiation.
Si. Time of death approximately
sixty hours prior to discovery...
which would place the tunnel
collapse at about six a. M...
on Saturday the third.
What were they doing in that
tunnel? No tools were found.
The tunnel fell down on them
before they started to work.
- But how do you explain the children?
- Lack of daycare, Gringo.
That's the problem with these drug
traffickers. They never offer it.
You said there were
twenty-for bodies.
I counted twenty-seven
at the scene.
Three died from gunshot wounds
near the tunnel entrance.
- They were shot?
- Nine millimeter.
Close range.
How do you explain that,
Oh you always seem to show up
at the right time, Douglas.
Just like Triple A.
So what time do you think it is?
I was wondering if you
could do me a favor.
I was hoping you could keep
an eye on James Rhodes for me.
Uh, that's not a favor,
that's an affliction.
He's been investigating that
incident at the border, the...
in the drug tunnel
for the Valdon Cartel.
What exactly is Valdon involvement?
Are we talking fact or spin?
Valdon's a pro, why would
he do such a sloppy job?
I don't know.
Who can see into the minds
of soulless men?
Certainly not me, Douglas.
So, what's the favor?
All I'm asking for is
a phone call, Emily.
Just let me know
if he goes off on a tangent.
Is that all?
Sure you don't want me to
assassinate him or anything?
This is a very delicate time.
I got the cops to back
off on the union demonstrators.
This is gonna cost you.
It already has.
I saw it. Okay? I was there.
I saw everything that happened.
- Your people started the violence.
- They weren't my people.
They were wearing masks. The company
hired them to make trouble for us.
- It's that big thug, Zato.
- Look, all I can do...
is report what I see
and know to be the truth.
You want truth? Here is the truth.
They'll do anything.
Anything to keep the union out.
- What good are you, man?
- Not much.
- But I'm all you got.
- Juan, give the man a break.
He's trying to help us.
This way!
This is not your fight, Gringo.
Fucking priest you should mind
God's business and nothin' else!
Leave the priest alone!
No. No!!
No, I'm tellin' ya, man,
I recognized him, I did,
- He works for Daxmoore,
- Yes. I'm sorry.
- I cannot help you, senior.
- No. Get- get me a line-up!
- Just get...
- You do not wanna push you luck...
with them. They're not
as understanding as I am.
Heard you got your ass kicked
last night. Was it about my case?
No, I just seem to attract
love wherever I go.
I'm telling you my son and his
friend never made it back across...
the border. Now they're down here
somewhere and I want them found!
- We're doing everything we can...
- Anybody claim the campesino's...
- bodies yet?
- No.
- You don't think that's strange?
- No, this is a border town...
you know. They could be from
anywhere in Mexico.
People pass through
here like ghosts.
What if coyotes took the money and
then dropped the tunnel on them?
No witnesses.
The coyotes know Valdon
owns that tunnel.
He shits on people for fuckin'
with his property.
You're beginning to bore me,
You know, Castillo, sometimes
I think you don't...
wanna know what happened.
Maybe you should just go back home.
They have to take you in.
You don't have a home, do you?
- Recognize anybody?
- No.
- He was big, you know, strong.
- Well what's going on?
The union organizers
were ambushed last night.
Mr. Rhodes recognized one of the
attackers as a Daxmoore employee.
Well I hope you're not implying
that it happened...
- at Daxmoore's behest.
- Well, who else stands to gain...
- Ms. Thompson? These people?
- Mr. Rhodes...
this is a Fortune Five Hundred
company. It's inconceivable...
they'd involve themselves in
something that stupid.
Well it sounds like a police
matter. Have you talked to them?
I made a simple request
to Mr. Logan to...
You have no right to be here. You
represent no government agency.
This is a criminal matter
and I suggest you see...
the proper authorities.
Don't you agree, Mr. Logan?
Thanks for your help.
- What's this?
- It's a D.E.A. File.
- D.E.A., huh?
- Ballistics report.
The gun that killed those
campesinos is the same one used...
on two D.E.A. Informants
who worked for Valdon.
Why didn't you give this
to Captain Madrid?
You're the investigating officer,
aren't you?
The Captain told me you're
an honest cop. Are you?
Have a good day, Detective.
Carmen, you trying
to seduce me?
James, I think you need
to talk to these men.
They've been working in the north
and they came home and they found...
their village deserted. They say
their families have been disappeared.
How many?
Mr. Rhodes. Can you confirm that
twenty-seven peasants were...
buried alive by the drug cartel
in one of their drug tunnels?
The actual perpetrators
are still unknown to us.
What can you say about men who
commit such atrocities?
- What can be done?
- Cut 'em out like a cancer.
They're a disgrace to Mexico.
- Do they know who built the tunnel?
- Yeah. Francisco Valdon.
- Mr, Rhodes,
- Douglas!
Can you tell us who's behind
this terrible massacre,,,
- of innocent campesinos?
- Yeah, Francisco Valdon,
Valdon Cartel,
What can we do?
Cut 'em out like a cancer,
They're a disgrace to Mexico,
International Rights Watch has
named the Valdon Cartel,,,
as the perpetrator
of this savage mass murder,
Police investigators
will now try...
Doesn't he know where he is?
One of these days they're gonna
find his head in a box.
Well he's really brave
or really stupid.
- He's both.
- I thought you didn't like him.
You know he used to work
in the State Department?
- He did?
- He was very good.
Better than me.
- A little less diplomatic.
- Why did he quit?
I don't know. He got angry one day
and he's been angry ever since.
What the hell.
Fingered Valdon for us.
Now if he gets whacked,
Valdon looks even guiltier.
God you can be callous, Douglas.
I'm just honest. Don't mistake
it for insensitivity.
No, thank you. I've...
got a lot of work to do.
- Lost Ms. Thompson?
- I wanted to see...
if you were still alive
after that interview.
- Here I am. Disappointed?
- Look I'm sorry about this morning.
I was out of line. I'm under...
a little pressure...
to make sure
this thing goes smoothly.
L- I wanna start over.
I come bearing an olive branch.
- What's this?
- That's an official letter...
from Daxmoore to its employees.
Anyone caught harassing...
union organizers will be terminated.
They've also agreed to start
an internal investigation...
to find out who assaulted you.
Ah, promises are just words,
Ms. Thompson. Words are just wind.
- You don't get it, do you?
- Sure I do.
You're the one who doesn't get it.
This photo was taken at the riot.
That's the guy who attacked us.
He's the night foreman...
at Daxmoore, his name's Zato.
Daxmoore is pullin'...
the strings on this,
you can count on it.
Mr. Rhodes, Daxmoore cannot
control all of its employees.
They've worked long and hard along
with other American companies to...
build an industrial community here.
Why would they jeopardize that?
Look closer. It's about money.
Everything is about money.
You know, I didn't like you
when we first met.
But there's hope for you.
I wouldn't if I were you, gringo.
You're coming with us.
Someone want to meet you.
It's just a tape recorder.
That cost sixty bucks.
Sixty is cheap, Ese.
Buy a better one next time.
Forgive me.
I didn't get my dinner.
So, you think Valdon
is a disgrace to his country...
that he should be cut
off like a cancer.
Words like that can get a man
in serious trouble.
Honestly I wish I had said it,
but for the record...
they spliced different questions
in front of my answers.
You mean that our delightful
government-controlled media...
used you to put pressure on
Mr. Valdon? You must be very angry.
I can barely control myself.
My name is Enrique Gomez, Jr.
I am an attorney.
One of my clients is very interested
in what you've been doing.
One of your clients, huh?
You represent these guys, too?
Oh no, no, no. I'm just happy
to see them off the streets.
They were vatos from the barrio of
San Diego poppin' each...
other for kicks.
Now they have a purpose.
Well that must make you feel
warm all over.
Let's get to the point,
Mr. Rhodes.
Publicity is what you are all
about, isn't it?
You like to make a lot of noise,
draw the world's attention.
If I'm lucKy.
My client doesn't like publicity.
He did not kill those campesinos.
But even if you figure that out,
you have still plastered his name...
across the headlines, and
that makes these boys very unhappy.
Tell me about the tunnel.
You don't think they're gonna
kill you, huh?
Yeah, well... if they were gonna
kill me I'd be dead already.
Tell me about the tunnel.
The tunnel was shut down two years
ago when the construction...
crew hit a water table.
That's all I can say about it.
That's not enough. Maybe the
campesinos were there to dig...
a new tunnel. There was a cave in,
and the three who survived were...
- shot to keep them quiet.
- You're not even close, Mr. Rhodes.
My client doesn't hire women
or children.
Someone used the abandoned tunnel
for a graveyard - end of story.
Ah, so you want me to take the word
of a piece of shit like Valdon.
Ooh... those boys don't like
the way you talk about their boss.
Well, if they kill me no one else'll
look for another answer...
and they'll hang
those murders on your client.
It wouldn't be the first time.
Bolo, take this maricon
back to his hotel.
Mr. Rhodes,
a word of advice.
If you get too close
to the truth...
the men that did this
are gonna make you dead.
It's flooded.
What are you doin' here?
Your plug is probably fouled, too.
You got a spare?
- Gomez, huh?
- Yeah.
He told me Valdon had nothin'
to do with it. You know what?
I believe him.
All we've really got on him is
that Valdon once owned that tunnel.
They're playin' you, Rhodes.
I got a ballistics report hand
delivered from your buddy, Draper.
The gun used to kill the campesinos
is the same gun used to kill...
two carriers for Valdon.
Who were D.E.A. Informants.
I checked it out.
It's true.
Valdon's a lying murdering fuck.
You think I don't give a shit.
My family were campesinos, just
like those poor bastards that died.
Did they find the men
that attacked you?
Yeah, well they won't.
This isn't just between Daxmoore
and some workers.
This is about politics, amigo.
Government's in bed with
big business.
They don't want unions
they can't control.
So are you telling me your
government's behind it?
I'm telling you everyone's
behind it. The union will lose.
Claudio, is your friend
staying for dinner?
Thank you.
I've got work to do.
You have a nice family.
Couldn't be a policeman without them.
Why don't you get yourself a wife?
I wouldn't put a woman
through that again.
Who's gonna take care of you when
you're old? Mourn you when you die?
Somebody'll shake my ashes into
the ocean. That'll be enough.
You can come out now,
Detective, I won't hurt ya.
What are you doin' here, Rhodes?
Followin' me?
Actually I was out here
earlier this morning.
Come here.
I wanna show you somethin'.
New tires. Good quality.
These people got a truck but their
tires are as bald as my Uncle Billy.
So someone else was here.
Heavy truck.
Could be government vehicle
or labor contractors.
From the looks of these shacks
they got outta here in a hurry.
Why would a contractor come this
far when the city's crawlin'...
- with workers?
- Why take the old people?
And the children?
Man, it's desolate out here.
- See him?
- No.
Get in the car!
- People hunt out here much?
- Just for gringos and dumb cops.
You know,
something still puzzles me.
- What's that, gringo?
- Lf you're so sure Valdon...
killed those people what were
you doin' out at that village?
Just looking for more evidence.
Is that why you were diggin'
in the dirt? What was that about?
Have a good day, amigo. Remember,
this isn't your country.
How often do kids disappear
across the border?
It happens, But I've never
had two vanish at once.
What's your angle on this?
Do you know something I should?
Well maybe,
Twenty-seven people were buried
alive in a drug tunnel...
on the same day
the boys went missing.
- It's probably a coincidence.
- Coincidences make me nervous.
How do we get in touch
with the family?
Mr. Carter's in Tijuana.
They just found his son's truck.
- Oh, Mr. Rhodes?
- Yeah?
You have some information
about my son.
Uh, possibly.
I'm investigating the deaths of
twenty-seven Mexican nationals...
- here and Tijuana.
- That's a drug case, isn't it?
Possibly. The boys disappeared
on the same day.
The same general area.
You're trying to link my son's
name to a drug investigation?
No-no-no. Both incidents
are extremely unusual.
They just occurred on the same day.
Maybe there's a connection.
- That's all.
- Look, my son...
has nothing to do with drugs,
Mr. Rhodes.
Good day.
- How ya doin'?
- Good.
Is this your brother's truck?
- Where'd they find it?
- Out by Red Rock.
Is that where
your brother went riding?
That's what they're saying.
But, uh, you don't think so.
Everyone knows that spot.
It's full of agro amateurs.
They've been searching out there
and haven't found anything.
Where do you think he went?
Here. Magics. See how it snakes
along those hills?
That's a killer
setup for deep washes.
And you see where it says UFB?
He only has two others like
that on the whole map.
What's UFB stand for?
Wait a minute.
Hang on here.
I'm- uh, your helmet. Uh, casco.
Yo lo quiero comprar?
Yeah, that's a,
that's a nice one, all right.
Tell ya what, I'll give ya fifty
bucks for it. Cincuenta.
How about seventy-five bucks?
That's all I got.
What, my watch?
You want my watch?
It's a nice watch.
Shirt? You want the shirt off
my back? That's not gonna happen.
I'm not goin' home naked, okay?
You give me the helmet
now or the deal's off.
You drive a hard bargain, gringo.
Fuckin' land shark.
The prints on the helmet match
Huntington Carter's.
We also pulled a bullet
out of it.
- Homicide taking charge?
- Yes.
But something else has come up.
We ran all the prints against
the Federal data base...
and a set matched someone the
D.E.A.'s very interested in.
- Yeah? Who's that?
- Bolo Medina.
No Zato. You think somebody
tipped him off?
The first thing I learned when I
moved down here, Ms. Thompson...
there are no secrets.
Only lies.
I got two missing kids.
For six days. I want this guy.
- Bring him in.
- Thank you.
So what did you do?
What did you do that makes you feel
so guilty that you gotta put...
yourself through all this?
I mean bein' a cop's a bitch...
but your job... one fucked up
country after another.
It's masochistic, man. You're
tryin' to make up for somethin'.
What is it?
Everywhere you go...
people expect you to sweep away
injustice overnight.
But you can't.
What's that do to you, man?
It makes me a little less impatient
with bureaucrats and cops.
- Other than that, I'm just fine.
- Sure you are.
That's why you got so many friends
beating down your door.
Hey Rhodes,
let's go out and party!
I wanna hear some more
atrocity stories, hombre.
Tell me. What happened?
You know, your English
is pretty good.
How long were you in the states?
Six, seven years? Livin' illegal.
Looked down on every day.
After awhile it felt like
one big prison, didn't it?
We're not really that
different you and me.
I just don't like refried beans.
You forget one thing. I get to
arrest people and you don't.
- That's got to fuck with you.
- That it does.
I might let you arrest
a jaywalker one day.
Only if I get to use your handcuffs.
Hey, you can even turn on the siren.
There he is.
Stay put.
I need to talk to you.
Come on in.
The man you identified,
Umberto Zato...
he didn't show up for work tonight.
He's disappeared.
- How rare.
- Logan said he...
doesn't know where Zato is or who
put him up to attack on you.
- You mind if I put on my pants?
- Nah, suit yourself.
I didn't know you
two were having an affair.
Very funny, Douglas.
What are you doing here?
Actually, I was dropping by
to see my old pal.
- I'm gonna put on my pants.
- Don't get dressed on my account.
This is a little awkward.
I suppose I should go.
- Answer a question for me first.
- Yes.
Is Daxmoore trying
to subvert the union?
Of course they are.
- You've known this all along?
- Yes, didn't you?
L... Why didn't you
do anything about it?
I don't have any proof.
Well what would you do
if we found proof?
The workers at Daxmoore didn't have
jobs before the company hired them.
Daxmoore built a factory
and gave them a new life.
You know what happens
if this city unionizes?
The tents come down,
circus leaves town...
and all these people are back
where they started from.
- So you're telling me...
- I'm telling you that...
nobody wants that.
I asked you a direct question.
If I find out that Daxmoore
is doing anything illegal...
then the hammer comes down.
Why do I feel like
you're patronizing me?
You hungry?
- You want some of mine?
- No.
What's your per diem these days?
Prune and a quarter.
What the hell are you doing?
- Eating this pie.
- With your life?
You live like a fucking monk.
Monks don't drink tequila.
Your principles are admirable
but you wear them like a flag...
on your ass.
Where do you wear yours?
I worry about you, Jim.
Thank you.
- You have everything you need?
- Ready to go.
State your choice.
Say it? Out loud?
- What are you doing?
- My job.
Verbal balloting is within
the law. State your choice.
- The union.
- Speak up, please.
The union!
No union.
- Castillo, did you get him?
- We've been all over the city.
Bolo's probably sunnin'
himself in Rio by now.
If we ever find him
we'll file for extradition,
- So what's next?
- Nothing's next, It's over,
What are you talkin' about?
The American kids
got killed by Valdon.
The campesinos
got killed by Valdon.
You hang around long enough,
you'll be killed by Valdon.
This is bullshit. You know
somethin' you're not tellin' me.
I'm very busy, Rhodes,
I gotta go,
Cas-! Castillo you're
holdin' out on me. Castillo!
I'm not holding out on you, okay.
If I could see your face
I'd know you were lyin'.
- Sorry, gringo, go home.
- Castillo. Cas-!
- The union lost.
- I'm shocked.
Order me one and
I'll tell ya a secret.
Why, don't you believe
in Santa Claus anymore?
Not even the Easter Bunny.
I'm filing a formal
complaint against Daxmoore.
- I bet that's got 'em scared.
- Oh yeah.
Yeah, they're quaking
in their loafers.
Well I guess you get
to join the club.
- Yeah, which club?
- The mighty warriors...
of the written complaint.
And this is where
we pray for strength.
Well then you'd better
order me a double.
Luis, dos doubles, por favor.
You know l- I gotta admit.
I was wrong about you.
You were right about me
from the beginning.
How so?
I got sent here 'cause
I screwed up.
I was in Sudan.
Famine relief.
And I had a few drinks in the hotel
and there was this reporter...
there and he was complaining
about the food and...
a hundred yards away there's people
that are starving to death.
So I punched him out.
You know what my job is?
It's explaining that the Sudanese
are dying needlessly to people...
that didn't know the Sudanese
were even alive.
I think I gotta get out.
I mean I don't know what
the hell I'm doin' anymore.
Oh, I don't know.
I think there's hope for you.
- I think you better let me drive.
- Are you kidding?
- I've been a lot drunker than this.
- Yeah? I'd like to have seen that.
I bet you would.
The gate is closed.
Rhodes! Help me!
Okay, all- okay.
We're going, we're going.
Emily. Emily!
Emily just cooperate!
- We're being disappeared aren't we?
- Don't worry. It's a mistake.
Gentlemen, this woman is a U.S.
Trade representative she's got...
nothing to do with this.
Let her go.
Thanks for trying.
Come on.
Okay, okay.
L- l- I'll get it.
Just take the tape out, see?
What is that with you, people?
What the hell is that, Rhodes?
What's happening?
Ju- just try to stay calm.
St... Stay calm!
Mr. Rhodes. We meet again.
I heard you were looking for Bolo.
I think he went on vacation.
Labor problems. That's the price
my client has to pay...
- for giving his men too much slack.
- Gomez Jesus fuckin' Christ!
I'm very happy right now.
I finally see a way out
of this mess for Mr. Valdon.
Bolo's gun killed
three of those campesinos.
You've been lyin' to me.
Bolo was a very bad boy.
He was moonlighting.
- He... Moonlighting?
- Yes.
Even though they are very well
paid by Mr. Valdon...
- sometimes these boys freelance.
- I don't believe you.
I looked in the phone book.
There is no attorney by...
the name of Enrique Gomez, Jr.
In this town.
And just between you and me,
there's no Valdon, either...
is there?
The name itself inspires fear.
A very precious commodity.
But just between you and me...
one cannot find
what does not exist.
Goodbye, Mr. Rhodes.
I'm sorry to say
we won't meet again.
Come on. Come on.
- You all right?
- What's goin' on?
I'm afraid to guess.
Can't be too good.
- Dig.
- I'm not diggin' no fucking grave.
This is the Carter boy.
Bolo buried them here?
Looks like he was burned.
The same thing was happening
to the campesinos.
They were developing
burns like this Ese.
- You never told anyone?
- They already knew.
- What coulda done this?
- I don't know.
Soil samples from the village
came out negative.
You have to go, gringo.
Wait! Which- uh...
Here. Get across the border
and get this analyzed.
- Can you give her lift?
- Absolutely.
- Go!
- Come on.
Get in.
Good luck, lady.
When you're done with the car,
drop it anywhere. It's stolen.
I'm Carter.
Where's my son?
This way, sir.
- What happened to him?
- Your son...
his friend, Jud Alexander...
died from gunshot wounds.
Thirty-aught-six caliber rifle
was the murder weapon.
We believe it will be traced...
to the Valdon Cartel.
We think your son witnessed a drug
deal in the desert.
Those men are butchers.
The boys were exposed to lethal
doses of methyl dioxide.
Yes, methyl dioxide and
traces of chromium sulfate.
The boys were buried
in contaminated ground.
Someone must have dumped those
chemicals in the junKyard...
sometime in the recent past.
We've analyzed the soil...
they were buried in,
and here's the report.
But the boys had the same kind
of burns on their flesh...
- as the campesinos.
- I'm afraid you're mistaken.
Detective Castillo told me
that he saw the burns.
I saw some bruises,
a large birthmark.
- Perhaps that was what...
- You're lying!
- Castillo saw the bur...
- Detective Castillo...
has been suspended...
and he's under review for taking
bribes from the Valdon Cartel.
- We'll exhume the bodies.
- I'm afraid that's impossible.
They were cremated.
I wanna take my son home.
Come with me.
We have papers to sign.
Buenas noches.
What are you doin'?
She doesn't let me drink
in the house.
- They suspended you?
- Big surprise, huh?
Stinking son of a puta.
One day I'm gonna give him
a talking to. You watch.
I'm sorry.
I should've known better.
You can't fight them, Rhodes.
- Yes, you can.
- No.
- We did.
- We lost.
It's stupid.
I let you get to me.
I didn't get to you.
You got to yourself.
I got a family to support, Rhodes.
You? You've got no one.
What am I supposed to do now, huh?
Besides look over my fucking
shoulder everywhere I go, huh?
I'm sorry.
Get out. Go save some other
fucked up country.
Get out, Rhodes!
- You think he'll be all right?
- I don't know.
- Are you gonna be all right?
- I don't know.
Thanks for the help.
Good bye, Rhodes.
This is Rhodes.
I'll be there in ten minutes.
- El padre est aqu?
- Por all Seor.
Umberto has some
things to tell you.
What happened to you?
Bad things. I need to clear
my conscience.
Make things right so that
I can be buried next to my family.
The Lord forgives those
who make amends.
You must absolve yourself
of your sins. Tell him.
I was Daxmoore's night foreman.
And we'd been working
hard for weeks...
to get the new equipment installed.
Everybody's so tired.
I send them home early.
I wish I had gone with them,
A new chemical had been
delivered that night,
Something went wrong with
the storage valve,,,
and the floor got covered,
I had to clean it up,
But with the union elections
I couldn't use our own people.
That was just the kind
of accident those mericones...
would use against us.
I had used these villagers
in the past,,,
to clear an illegal parking lot,
Good workers,
And they lived too far away
to talk to nobody,
I only had a few hours,
So I hire everybody,
When they were almost done,
I call Seor Logan,
I wanted him to see
what a good job,,,
What are all those people
doing down here?
It's okay, they are
not going to talk to anybody.
That's not the point, you idiot,
they're covered.
I didn't know
it was such poison,
Should I make them stop?
No, finish it.
No one leaves.
You understand?
Seor Logan made a phone call,
Who did he call?
It is eating him alive.
How did the villagers
end up in the tunnel?
- This guy named Bolo shows up,
- Okay!
Slick and scary,
He said he had one more job
for the villagers,
A quick stop,
I didn't know what he was going
to do, I swear to God,,, Oh my,,,
He told them there were tools
at the end of the tunnel,,,
that needed to be carried out,
We drove to the desert
arroyo to dump the- the barrels.
When the barrels were emptied
the motorcycle boys came and,,,
they- they just drove
right through it,
God forgive me,
Who else knew?
Tell me who Logan called.
Tell him.
It was Captain Madrid.
They'd been paying him
to help break the union.
You all right?
I'm half Aztec
and half Conquistador.
I'm out of bullets.
We are under attack by Captain
Madrid and his men.
They have killed Father Perez
and Zato after the confession...
you have just heard.
Take this.
Take it and get
the hell out of here.
- Now way, hombre!
- Get out.
Get it to Detective Castillo.
This is proof. Go.
The boy works for Valdon!
He doesn't know anything.
I'm the one you want.
I know the truth.
Zato confessed to me.
I know everything.
Do you?
You're goin' down, Madrid.
I don't think so.
Ah fuck...
Captain, was this all
the work of Valdon?
Si. It was terrible.
Valdon kidnapped Mr. Rhodes
and Father Perez.
In our attempt to free
them Mr. Rhodes and...
the priest got shot
and killed by the drug dealers.
Three of my men are also dead
and a forth badly wounded.
We got three of Valdon's men,
the rest got away.
I think Chief Fuentes would like
to make a statement.
No, but Detective Castillo would.
We are under attack
by Captain Madrid and his men,
They have killed Father Perez and
Zato after the confession,,,
- you have just heard,
- Captain Madrid...
Captain Madrid,
you are under arrest.
He's in custody, yeah.
I did them a favor, you know.
My wife wouldn't
even come down here.
She said, I'm not movin'
to the third world.
No! No, please!
Please no, please, please.
I didn't... Please don't.
Don't- don't- don't- don't.
No don't!
No-no! No! No!