iBoy (2017) Movie Script

-[indistinct chatter]
-[electronic beeping, static]
-[overlapping chatter from broadcasts]
-[beeping continues]
-[siren wailing in distance]
-[news theme music playing]
And it looks like gangs are in.
-[overlapping chatter continues]
-[siren wailing faintly]
-[man] ...fifteen-year-old boy...
-[woman on phone] Hello?
[overlapping chatter continues]
[phone line beeping]
[man] ...increase in funding,
police intervention has failed
to provoke a significant reduction
in crime statistics.
[overlapping chatter continues]
...invasive culture of violence.
-[overlapping chatter continues]
-[automated voice] Please try again.
[phone line beeping]
[people arguing in distance]
-[object shatters]
-[arguing continues]
-[object shatters]
-[woman screams]
[object shatters]
[Douglas Dare's "Swim" playing]
-Tom, what's happening?
-You all right, Danny?
Yo, don't say I never do nothing for ya.
Oh, sweet.
-Who's that?
-I didn't say it weren't secondhand.
[woman] This morning,
we're gonna go over your revision sheets
and take a look at exam prep.
If we don't hit the 60 percent pass rate,
we're gonna be spending a lot more time
together in queue at the job center.
So, Tom, how did you get on
with the exercises?
-[students] What?
Okay, Eileen, what about you?
Yeah, it was all right.
One thing I didn't under...
Man, it's painful watching you sometimes.
Everyone knows you've fancied
Lucy Walker since forever.
Just man up and get it done, all right?
Ooh, here she comes. This could be
your big chance to impress her.
So, make sure you say something
really, really cool.
-Go away, please.
-Uh, did you get the science revision?
-No, I mean, like, did you get it?
-Oh, did I get it? Yeah, I think so.
Look at Tommy boy.
He's getting moist just talking to a girl.
-Still a dickhead, Eugene?
-What are you looking at?
Fuck off.
So, anyway, um, the science revision.
I, uh, was wondering if you could help me
'cause I tried looking at it,
and then I remembered I haven't paid
attention in science since, like, 2011.
I'll see what I can do.
I mean, I can only work with what I got.
You're not exactly a model student.
-Are you questioning my academic prowess?
-I am, yeah.
All right, well, I'm seeing Charlie
after school, but come by later, yeah?
-Charlie Gibbs or Charlie Penford?
-Uh, Charlie Gibbs. As in Charlotte?
I haven't seen Charlie Penford in months.
Right, of course. I mean,
it's none of my business, obviously.
I'll see you later then.
See you, Lucy, later--
See you later, Lucy.
[hip hop music playing]
[man on TV]
Put here some vegetable stock--
[man 2]
Police investigation con--
[blows landing, man grunting]
What are you so fidgety about?
If someone said
for you to come around later,
what time would you say that was?
-Later than what?
-Than earlier.
Like, eight, do you think, maybe?
Well, that's certainly later on
than earlier.
-What you writing?
-A romance novel.
-They're all romance novels.
-Yes, they are.
Would you like to hear some?
I don't think so.
[clears throat]
-Oh, Nan.
"...closed the door behind him
and undid the buttons of his shirt.
He unbuckled his belt
and released his engorged--"
Oh, Jesus. I'm going.
-[TV continues playing indistinctly]
-[door opens, closes]
-[dog barking in distance]
-[siren wailing in distance]
[door squeaks]
-[Lucy breathing heavily]
-[man] Let's go, man.
-[Lucy sobbing]
-[man speaking indistinctly]
Hey! Stop!
[line ringing]
Emergency. Which service?
[monitor beeping]
[phone ringing in distance]
[phone ringing in distance]
This is your phone.
Did it miss all the important bits?
Well, it's a brain,
so we tend to think of all of it
as quite important.
-But it will be okay?
-We hope so.
Fragments here and here
missed the temporal lobe
and the auditory complex by milli--
Is my friend in here?
Lucy's gone home, love.
She was discharged about a week ago.
You've been out for nearly ten days, Tom.
At the moment,
nothing in there is moving around
in any way that worries us.
-You were very lucky.
-Will there be, like, side effects?
We're gonna keep an eye on you,
but if anything unusual happens,
I want you to let me know straightaway.
-Unusual, like, how?
-Just unusual.
I should've done something.
You did the only thing you could, love.
-Have you seen her?
It'll take a while, Tom.
Is there something about my grandson
you find particularly fascinating?
-No, no, no.
-Well, stop bloody staring at him, then.
Looks like he's been in the wars.
Well, thank you
for your considered medical opinion.
Maybe, next time, I'll get the doctor
to drive us and you to do the operation.
-How about that?
-Calm down, love.
It's only an observation.
So, how you feeling?
-How's the head?
-It's all right.
-How's it look?
-Already, it looks better.
We need to even this up a bit.
You know, if you feel up to it,
maybe later you should go to Lucy.
-No, she's not gonna want to see me.
-Of course, she is.
I ran away, Nan.
Anyone could be forgiven
for running out of that flat, Tom.
But someone who kept running afterwards
when she really needed them?
That would be a coward.
[girl] I mean, what a fucking asshole.
Who says that?
I mean, come on.
He said he was gonna call me.
Then, when I saw him,
he said he was out of credit.
-I know. He's on a contract.
-[electronic pulsation]
[girl] Yeah, I know for a fact
he's definitely on a contract.
-Yeah. Oh, my God, what a prick.
Now, some boy is staring at me.
-Oh, shit, it's that kid they shot.
-How's he look?
Not good.
-What floor you want?
[elevator whirring]
Nice flowers.
For your nan?
Oh, you look like shit.
[whirring stops, doors open]
Say hello to Lucy from us, yeah?
Let me go
and check on her first, all right?
[man on TV]
Shaw to Pogba.
You all right, Ben?
You all right, Tom?
[man on TV]
Lamela. Back to Walker.
She's in her room, Tom.
[man on TV]
Denied by Linguard.
I'm glad you're not dead.
They've given you lots of drugs?
Yeah, must've done.
Things have been a bit trippy.
-I'm sorry, Luce.
-It's okay.
No, it's... it's not.
They won't get away with it.
They already have.
I should've done something.
-Yeah? Like what?
-I shouldn't have run.
No one's mad at you for not being a hero.
-[overlapping chatter on broadcasts]
-[ringtone playing]
[overlapping chatter continues]
-[overlapping chatter continues]
-[phones ringing]
-[electronic pulsation]
-[phone dinging]
[sounds fading out]
-[overlapping chatter continues]
-[phones ringing, beeping]
[high-pitched tone reverberating]
-[overlapping chatter]
[indistinct chatter on TV]
-I'm fine, Nan.
You're frightening me.
-I'm gonna call the doctor.
-I'm fine, seriously.
I just need to get some sleep.
[video game music playing]
[electronic beeping, static]
[electronic pulsation]
[electronic buzzing]
[buzzing continues]
[car horn honking in distance]
-There he is.
-[chuckles] Morning.
-You sleep all right, love?
-Yeah, good.
All right. Well, you look better.
How was Lucy yesterday?
Yeah. So were you.
Keep thinking
if your mum was still with us,
she'd be out there now,
kicking doors down,
trying to find the little bastards
that did that to you.
-What are you doing?
-It's Monday.
You've just been shot in the head.
I think they'll give you
a bit of time off school.
It's exams... or doom.
Well, stay out of trouble.
Shit. You took a head shot
and you're already walking.
Is it true they had to pull
bits of phone outta your brain?
-Left most of it in there, I think.
-Mate, I am...
-I am glad you ain't a vegetable.
-Thanks, Danny.
-Wait, I know you're not going to school.
-I thought I might.
-Head trauma is wasted on you, mate.
Danny, can I ask you something?
I don't know anything about it.
No one on the estate does.
Yeah, but--
Bruv, just forget about it now
and move on.
-[vehicle horn honking]
-I think Eugene was there.
Eugene? Come on, man.
The guy wants to be a bad boy,
but he's got a line, you know?
-Yeah, but what if he was? What do I do?
-Look, he wasn't there.
That's all there is to it. Come on.
-[phone dinging]
-[keypad clacking]
[woman speaking indistinctly on video]
[video game beeping, dinging]
-[electronic buzzing]
-[indistinct chatter on phones]
-Tom? Tom!
Did you hear what I said? Party tonight.
-Oh. Hadn't heard about it.
-Yeah, he might not have invited you.
Everyone still thinks
you're in a coma now.
-But you should come.
-What? You're not going to school?
-They've done all they can for me, son.
-But I'll see you there, yeah?
-In a bit.
[indistinct chatter]
[Lucy screaming]
[electronic buzzing]
-Ah, fuck.
-[students laughing]
-[woman] Eugene, put that away now.
-[Eugene] Shut up, man!
Excuse me, everyone. Quiet down.
-It's funny, innit?
-[woman] Eugene.
You know what else is funny?
I know where you live, you little--
-Bruv, you made it.
How you feeling? How's your head?
[electronic buzzing]
[pool balls clacking]
What the fuck you staring at, Tom?
What you staring at, Tom?
-What the fuck are you--?
-All right, Eugene.
-Chill out, bruv. Hey, just chill out.
-Get him out of here now.
-Relax. Chill out.
-Take him back to Nanny, bruv.
-I'll sort it. Just chill.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah, sort it, Danny.
[can clattering]
What's the matter with you?
Do you want another hole in your head?
You start a fight in there,
you ain't gonna win it.
They were there.
-What you talking about?
-At Lucy's.
When are you gonna get it
through your head that this wasn't them?
You talk like you're not one of them.
I know they've already got you selling.
What, you think this won't escalate?
Don't be a dickhead about it, Tom.
I'm doing what I want.
You get that? You know what? One day,
it'll be me at the top giving out orders,
and it won't be none of this shit,
just business.
Tom, I can't always be there, you know.
[phone vibrates]
[door opens, closes]
-You smell like weed.
You got any?
-Comes out here empty-handed.
-[chuckles] Sorry.
-How was the party?
-It was all right. Didn't miss much.
How you feeling?
-That's good.
Maybe you'll be able to come
back to school soon.
-Yeah, maybe.
-Boring without you there.
Got no one to throw chips at
in the canteen.
-Like you'd ever dare throw chips at me.
-Yeah, what would you do about it?
Give you a slap, obviously.
[chuckles] You'd have to find
a chair to stand on first.
You're gonna regret all this talk
when I'm owning you in front of everyone.
Okay. I wouldn't mind that so much.
[boys speaking indistinctly]
[glass shatters]
It's gonna be all right, you know.
[phone dings]
Next up, you have virtual private network.
[overlapping chatter]
[man 2]
...all of the pages from the web server.
Five steps to remotely hack
into a DNS server.
-PHP Web Shell and Stealth.
-[overlapping chatter]
-Just chill out, bruv.
-Naw, man. No time to chill.
-What am I gonna call her for?
-For me.
-[electronic pulsation]
[indistinct chatter]
[indistinct chatter]
-Good seeing you, Cutz.
-What's going on?
Cool, yeah?
Half a brick there, yeah.
Sure you can--?
-Why are you leaning on my car for, fam?
-Cutz, man--
Get off the fucking car.
-You sure you can handle it, yeah?
-Well, it's easy, man.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Should we start talking to you now?
Stand over there, fam.
He's cool. Listen.
All right, Cutz. He's cool.
-Don't worry about him.
-Are you sure?
Yeah, yeah. He's cool, he's cool.
-Mind how you lot go, fam.
-Yeah, I'll bell you straightaway.
-Make sure you call me, yeah?
-I'll bell you. Safe.
-Safe, Cutz.
[indistinct chatter]
[phones ding]
Wow, that was exactly
the same time, you know?
-I'll bell you.
-Safe, Cutz.
Let's go.
-You're bugging out, bruv.
-Fuck, bruv.
[phone ringing]
[phone dings]
[phones ringing]
[phones ringing]
[indistinct chatter]
[phones dinging]
-[ringtone playing]
-[crosswalk beeping]
-[tires screech, horn honks]
-[man] Bruv, what the fuck!
[horn honking]
[phone vibrating, dinging]
[hip hop music playing in distance]
[music playing on stereo]
[hip hop music stops,
operatic music begins playing]
[water boiling]
[indistinct chatter]
[chatter continues]
[chatter continues]
I wondered if you wanted some tea, love.
-Tea? Yeah, cool.
[door closes]
[moaning on computer]
[maniacal laughter]
[woman screaming,
suspenseful music playing]
Who's fucking with the lights?
-[woman screaming]
-[man] Help!
[laughter playing on loop]
[woman screaming]
[gunfire, laughter]
Hey! What the fuck--
[woman moaning]
Yes! Oh!
[overlapping noises]
[noises stop]
[clock ticking]
-[indistinct chatter]
-[man] No, no. Shh! Quiet, please! Hush!
Quiet-- Quiet, please. Shh!
Thank-- Shh! Hush! Thank you.
So, for this morning's thought of the day,
we will be discussing with you
future planning.
Now, as you know, many of the top here
will be, uh, taking their exams soon.
Much sooner than many of them would like.
-[boy] Hey, yo, that's you.
-[man] But it's always at this-- Shh!
It's always at this time of year,
as we prepare to say bye-bye
to some of you,
that my thoughts turn to...
to what lies ahead of us
on the road to...
Um, okay. Everybody, quiet, please.
As we-- Quiet, please!
[students laughing, shouting]
Boys, stay calm! Just sit down!
Sit! I said sit down!
Control yourselves!
Everybody, quiet!
Oh, my good God! Stop the video!
Stop the fucking video! Get them out!
Take it down! Everybody out! Out!
Mr. Harris was just standing there
with this huge projection of Cass
behind him just jerking off.
Everyone goes, like, crazy.
Everyone's screaming and stuff.
Cass goes bright red,
just, like, runs straight out of there.
It was so funny.
God, how did that even happen?
Don't know.
-Should we listen to some music?
-CDs? Are you serious?
-Oh, they're my mom's.
Well, she's got interesting taste.
-What about Tongue?
[CD drive opens]
[inserts CD]
[CD drive closes]
[stereo beeping]
[soft music playing]
-[soft music continues]
-Do you want to go to dinner?
-Yeah, food or something.
-Yeah, okay.
[opens fridge door]
No, no, that-- that can't be right.
-I paid 300 last month.
-[electronic pulsation]
Yeah, well, I'm sorry,
but our system
is a hundred percent accurate.
You've missed your payments,
which total 600 pounds, so--
[Nan] Oh, oh, let's just all bow down
to whatever your system says, shall we?
Can you check it again for me?
Look, if you can pay the 600 now,
then we can stop the added interest
on the account,
but until then, my hands are tied.
Young man, I don't have 600 pounds.
I don't have 300 pounds.
You have my 300 pounds,
but you've lost it.
-Now, I'd like to speak to--
-Wait, hold on.
It's saying the payment's been made.
The account's coming up as cleared.
-I think this might be an error.
-Oh, an error?
I thought the system was
a hundred percent accurate?
-Hold on a minute.
-[door opens, closes]
I don't reckon
I could live on a canal boat.
-Why not?
-It's too low down.
I really like being able to see
all of the city and the little people
out my window.
Plus, ducks are weird.
-Shit, they're coming.
-Stop it! I'll kick you in.
It's actually really nice
getting out of the flat for a little bit.
My mum just watches me constantly.
It's like she thinks I'm gonna throw
myself off the balcony or something.
I've never been the victim.
It doesn't feel right.
-I don't see you like that.
-Yeah, you do.
But it's all right.
You'll get there.
You know, out of everyone,
you're the only person
who has come to see me.
-Luce, what happened?
No, I... I just...
I want you to know you can...
I want you to feel safe when I'm around.
What I mean is,
if we were in trouble again, I want you
to know that I wouldn't run this time.
I'd stay.
Even if it meant I'd die, I'd just...
I just want you to know that.
Did I ever tell you
about when I got locked out
on your roof overnight
with, uh, what's-her-face?
Do you know Alice?
She sat, like, left of you in...
-I think so.
We thought it'd be a really good idea
to go and sit up there, and--
-Oh, shit.
-You all right?
Heard about
what happened to you and Ben.
That's messed up, you know.
But they'll get what's coming to 'em.
-I promise you that.
You don't think it's nothing
to do with us, do ya?
-Why would I think that?
-No, exactly.
'Cause, you know, since it happened,
some little prick has been playing
these childish games with us.
But you wouldn't know anything
about that, would you, Luce?
-'Cause I think you might--
-Leave it, Eugene.
-What about you, Tom?
-What about me?
You've always had a thing
for Lucy, ain't ya?
-And you're a geek.
-I'm not a geek.
But you look like a geek.
You little shit, it's you, innit?
[phones dinging]
-What the fuck?
-Got us all.
-Fuck, man.
-Where is he?
I told you, Hazzard, bruv!
Come out! Come out now!
[breathing heavily]
I'm really sorry.
Thank you for today.
[indistinct chatter]
This is the whip, boys.
-You know how to do this one, yeah?
-Of course.
-Would sir like to take a drive?
-Oh, sir would.
-Yo, start the car, Eugene, bruv.
-Calm yourself down, man.
Nothing in the glove compartment, fam,
not even sunglasses.
-Hey, Hazzard, check the dash, bruv.
-[overlapping chatter]
I beg you, hurry up, bruv,
or they'll be out here, man.
-[mocking] "Watch me start a Golf."
-I've started better cars, man.
Don't rush me, don't--
You've started no cars, man.
-Give me that, give me that.
-[overlapping chatter]
-It's different in here, man.
-[doors locking]
Why you locking the door?
I didn't lock the fucking door, Haz, man.
-Shut your mouth. I didn't lock the door.
-Oh, you didn't lock the door?
I swear down I didn't lock the door
for fucking fuck!
-I didn't lock the door! I swear to you--
-[engine starts]
-You started the engine.
-I didn't fucking start that!
-So who done it, then, bruv?
-[engine revving]
-I didn't start that!
-[distorted voice] I know what you did.
-What the fuck? Who is that?
-Who the fuck are you?
-Why are you revving up?
-Look at my legs, bruv!
-Stop fucking revving the car, bruv!
Hey, yo, there's smoke
coming from the car, fam!
Open the fucking door!
There's smoke coming out!
[all shouting, coughing]
-Why did you attack the Walkers?
-We got told to! We had no choice!
Shut the fuck up, Cass, man!
Who told you to?
-Shut the fuck up, Cass!
-It was the boss!
We didn't want to! We're sorry!
Cass, I ain't telling you again!
Shut the fuck-- [screaming]
-Who's your boss?
-Cover your mouth! Cover your mouth!
-Haz! Haz!
-Oh, shit!
-Tell me his name!
Haz is gone, man! Haz! Haz!
-Give me the name.
-I ain't dying in no shitty Golf, bruv!
Shut the fuck up! I told you to shut up!
The name! Now!
It was Cutz! It was Cutz!
-He made us do it!
-[car doors unlocking]
Yo, Keon, what you making?
What's it look like?
Shepherd's pie, fam.
Yo, what's the difference
between shepherd's pie and cottage pie?
I don't know, but I would smash
your mom's cottage pie.
-Shut up.
-[men laughing]
No, it's the potatoes, innit, man?
Mashed potatoes are fluffy,
like sheep. Shepherd's pie.
Cottage pies have them square potatoes,
like the roof of a cottage.
-[laughing] This guy...
-Get the fuck out of here, man.
-"Fluffy potatoes."
Would you lot stop talking
about fucking pies?
[rap music playing on stereo]
And if you must know,
the difference is lamb.
-Yo, Cutz, ain't that your car?
[car alarm beeps]
I think he's getting his dick out, bruv.
-Are you lot doing this?
-No, bruv.
Oh, shit, he's pissing.
[both laughing]
Motherfucking prick! Hurry up, bruv.
Hurry up, man!
[Cannibal Ox's
"Blade: The Art of Ox" playing]
[muffled music playing]
[music stops]
Proper fucking leather, man.
-Shut up, man.
-I'm just saying, man.
I heard there was this guy...
[indistinct chatter on TV]
...who's trying to take on the gangs,
like some sort of vigilante or something.
Yeah, heard that as well.
What an idiot.
Well, you know,
maybe this is just the start.
Maybe he's gonna change
this place for the better.
What? By setting fire to cars
and getting into fights?
To clean this place up,
he'll have to do a lot more than that.
-You know the exams?
Well, I haven't been
back to school since...
And I wondered
if maybe you wanted to go together.
-To the exams?
-Like, the world's most boring date.
What the fuck, man?
[phone vibrating]
[people shouting]
[siren wailing in distance]
-You shouldn't go through my room.
-You shouldn't have flick knives.
-How about we focus on that?
-This is bullshit.
Innit just?
-Where do you go at night?
-With this?
Actually, I took it off someone else.
That's one less knife on the street.
Oh. So, this is you doing your civic duty.
What's happened to you, Tom?
You never used to get into trouble,
and now it's all bullet wounds
and knives.
-Well, where does it end, Tom?
I'll tell you where it ends,
jail or the morgue.
I'm trying to do something, Nan.
I'm trying to do something good.
No, you're not.
[man] Things are a little out of control,
wouldn't you say, Cutz?
I-I know, boss.
Half our boys are in the cells.
Ellman, I'm gonna sort this out,
believe me.
It's not about what I believe.
It's about what you believe.
Do you believe
that if you don't make this right,
I'll hold you personally responsible?
Yeah, of course.
And do you believe that the man
I hold personally responsible
won't be walking around on this Earth
for very much longer?
No. No, I don't.
-Better make it right, then.
-I will, Ellman, trust me.
I'm gonna sort this out
as soon as possible, but--
-[Ellman hangs up]
I've got half my boys nicked right now.
People are taking money from my account!
The fucking audacity!
I need answers today!
I need every piece of technology!
Laptops, phones, anything.
You will knock on everyone's flat.
Your own mothers, your cousin,
your sister, I don't give a fuck.
-He said, do you understand?
-[all] Yes!
-What you standing here for? Move!
Oi, Cass.
Yo, Cutz.
Big Kees. What you saying, bruv?
-What's happening? You all right?
-Yeah, man. What you saying?
Nothing, man, I just wanted
to ask you a little question.
You see, if someone put a gun
to your fucking face like this here, huh?
And said, "Give me names,"
would you do it?
Or if it was a car and it was burning?
Would you do that?
Would you drop my name?
-What about Ellman?
-Of course not.
It doesn't make sense.
Eugene and-- They've been nicked.
And nothing happened to you.
-I'm confused as well.
-You're confused?
It's cool, man. Do your thing.
You're all right, man. You're good, man.
Knock, knock.
Take everything. I don't care if it's
an old school Game Boy. You get it.
[indistinct shouting]
Really, bruv?
[Nan speaking indistinctly]
There were four lads
who pushed their way in.
They looked threatening.
They were tall, like that.
All in black, you know,
hoods up and stuff and...
They was asking for everything electric.
They took my phone, took my laptop.
They took the bloody TV and all.
Went into my grandson's...
I mean, I-I've never met the guy...
[overlapping chatter]
[man] ...like we were talking about
last week, we were saying...
-[Ellman] You found him?
-[Cutz] Either that or we scared him off.
I ain't heard nothing for days,
so I reckon it's over, boss.
All right, I'll get a new delivery in.
Go to the yard tonight to pick it up.
-We can't afford any more trouble.
-Leave it to me, boss.
Got ya.
You're not leaving until you tell me
exactly where you're going.
I'm not a kid anymore.
I don't have to tell you everything.
You know, I see your mom in you
when I look at you.
-She was a junkie.
-She was your mother.
And she was my daughter.
She made mistakes, but she was kind.
And she was good. She loved you.
She didn't know how to cope,
and I should have been there for her.
So, I will say to you
what I wished I had said to her.
I love you.
Come home.
Don't wait up.
[door opens, closes]
[indistinct chatter]
You all right, sweetheart?
Looking for some business?
I got a tenner somewhere.
Could do with a little sucky-suck.
Why don't you take that tenner
and shove it up your ass, my darling?
I knew your granddad back in the day.
We used to call him "The Pencil."
-Know what I mean?
-[all laughing]
Shut up, man.
-Ms. Harvey.
-Yeah, Danny, can I have a word?
Tell me, have you noticed
Tom behaving oddly recently?
He's always been odd, but...
Yeah, he's been different
since the accident.
-It wasn't an accident.
-No, I suppose not.
But, yeah, he has changed. He...
He's angry, and I...
I don't know what he's gonna do.
But I do know I don't want him
to get hurt anymore,
so will you look out for him, Danny?
Yeah, yeah. Of course, I will, Ms. Harvey.
I'll definitely do that.
You're a good boy. Thanks.
[siren wailing in distance]
[car beeps, door unlocks]
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
-[phone dings, vibrates]
-[indistinct chatter on TV]
[car engine starts]
[helicopter whirring in distance]
[indistinct police radio chatter]
[man] The accident there that's left much
of the A12 between Blackwall Tunnel and...
[indistinct chatter]
[indistinct chatter continues]
[man] Use your weight to build power
and follow through the strike.
-Use your left here.
-Parallel with the wrist.
Hit your opponent in the chest.
[overlapping chatter]
-Then find your opponent's weak spot...
-[overlapping chatter continues]
Follow through the strike.
Get on him.
-Till he's dead!
-Step him out!
[high-pitched electronic screeching]
[all screaming]
[screeching continues]
Knock this shit out!
[groans, shouts]
[phone vibrating]
[man on TV] "At first, everything
was perfect until I fell pregnant."
Tell me more, sweetheart,
because you're the one I feel sorry for.
[woman] Well, when I got
pregnant with my daughter,
everything started to get depressing.
It was hard at first. Then it started--
Nice of you to show up, Tom.
-I know. I'm... I'm sorry I wasn't there.
-No, listen.
You said you would come with me.
You said that.
-I know. I'm sorry.
-Forget it.
Look, I'm sorry. I've been busy.
-I promise you, I'll make it up to you.
I wish I could explain,
but things have been...
-I haven't been myself.
-No, seriously, Tom, just forget it.
Cass, man.
I've known him since forever.
He was a dickhead, but...
So, what happened to you?
Oh, just... got jumped, that's all.
I haven't seen you around lately.
Been revising.
It's not what I've heard.
My cousin Tia says
you haven't been in exams.
It's a shame, man.
I always thought
you'd be the one to go places.
Who killed Cass, Danny?
If you ask me...
I blame that hacker.
He started shit
that could only end one way.
-See you around, Tom.
-See you around.
-[girl] Did you hear about that Cass guy?
-[boy] That Cass guy...
[overlapping chatter]
[woman] What do you think? It's iBOY
that killed him? Or do you think...
[overlapping chatter continues]
[woman crying] Let's cut him down.
Take him from the balcony...
Everyone's saying it's iBOY.
[overlapping chatter continues]
Why don't you tell me a little bit
about what's going on with you?
It's just-- this pain in my head--
I just-- I need the pieces--
You've gotta find some way-- I just--
-You need to operate.
-Well, look--
Just take the pieces
out of my fucking brain!
Hey, hey. Okay, okay.
There's not a lot that we can do about it.
These fragments have moved
a lot deeper into your brain tissue.
-There's just no safe way that we can--
-What if I pay you?
Well, then I'd be in private practice,
but I'm afraid
I would still have to say no.
You've got to help.
Things haven't been the same
since it's happened.
Perhaps, I'm not the kind of doctor
that you need to be talking to.
[objects clattering]
You're gonna need some more milk.
Hello, Wendy.
I've just been reading
some of your stories.
You're a dark horse, aren't you?
Ellman, what the fuck
are you doing here?
After all these years,
can't we at least be civil?
You leave us alone, you fucking bastard!
Really? The granny?
[scoffs] Put her on the bed.
Make sure she's breathing.
-Let me see her.
-Don't worry, she'll be all right.
We'll keep an eye on her.
Cutz is a man with a hammer
in a world of china. Know what I mean?
Keon, let him go.
-You're gonna wish you hadn't done that.
Oh, yeah? What are you gonna
fucking do, you little prick?
Cutz, enough.
I grew up in this tower block.
My bedroom looked out
the same side as this.
-View's changed a bit.
-What do you want?
To reminisce uninterrupted. Is that okay?
You see, back in the day,
when I was in short trousers,
this whole area was a shit-hole.
Now, it's just us...
in the shadow of millionaires.
How many lads from the estate
do you think make it up
those skyscrapers, Tom?
We have different towers
to climb, don't we?
You called. Here I am.
What did you want to say to me?
No? These moments are always better
in our head, aren't they?
The French have a word for it.
But then they have a word
for fucking everything.
-I wanted to hurt you.
-Okay, good.
-Now, we're getting somewhere.
-Not anymore.
-You're not worth it. It's over now.
-It's pretty far from over, Tom.
You don't call the devil
then get upset when he turns up.
You're not the devil. You're just a cunt.
I suppose I am a bit, yeah.
What was that?
What is it you're doing?
You've got a little look in your eye
like you're busy.
Are you, Tom?
Are you busy little bee?
What you looking for?
Do you know?
I've heard rumors that you can tap
into phones with just your mind.
Break into bank accounts
with the click of a finger.
-Sounds a bit far-fetched, doesn't it?
But do you know...
I happen to think...
that it's true?
I wouldn't know anything about that.
Don't do that.
That's the difference
between us and them.
They have a modicum of talent,
they shout it from the rooftops.
Us? We have a talent,
we get told to shut up.
"Don't show off.
Don't be such a clever bastard."
You're special, Tom.
Don't ever, ever pretend that you're not.
All right, I'm special.
What's it got to do with you?
My one gift,
if I may be so bold, is vision.
I want to help you fulfill your potential.
I want to give you the opportunity
to change the world.
You mean the opportunity
to make a lot of money.
-An obscene amount of money.
-I'll pass.
-'Cause go fuck yourself, that's why.
Hey, hey, hey.
Okay. Well...
It was worth a shot.
I've spent a lot of money
bailing my boys out of police custody,
so you owe me.
Now, I want you to ask yourself
one very important question.
"Where, oh, where is Lucy?"
You see her, don't you?
She's got nothing to do with any of this.
That's entirely up to you.
I don't like this.
Next time, get a note
from your fucking mom or something.
-I can't kill no girl.
-It ain't gonna come to that!
-Yeah, what if it does?
-I'm right here, you know.
Yeah, we see you.
What, just like you've seen me
every fucking day since nursery?
Does that mean nothing?
Come on, Ant.
We grew up together.
Our moms used to walk us home
from school together.
We used to play
in that little park by the estate?
-Fuck this, man!
-Oi, gag her or something, Haz.
I can't listen to her shit anymore, man.
-So, how does it work, then?
-I woke up with it after they shot me.
-You get shot and you get super powers.
-Most people just get dead.
-Lucky, I guess.
That's yet to be established.
-So go on. Show me what you can do.
-I won't steal for you.
I think you probably might, though.
You're gonna do what I say,
or I'm gonna burn your world down.
Danny, can you come in here, please?
It was young Daniel here
who first suggested
you might be our masked man.
And do you know? He didn't even want
to be here to see if he was right.
-How long have you known Danny?
-My whole life.
Your whole life.
I've never even met the guy
and yet, he gave you up to me.
Do you know why?
Little pictures of the Queen.
If you're gonna betray a friend,
look him in the eye while you do it.
Little pictures of Elizabeth.
Open your mouth, Danny.
Open your fucking mouth.
[breathing heavily]
In case you're wondering,
that's what power looks like.
You're gonna put funds
into my bank account...
because I know you can do it,
and I know you're not gonna let me do
the things I'm willing to do if you don't.
Give me your phone, Danny.
Now, fuck off.
Okay, none of us are getting any younger.
Let's get this done.
Be a dear and fill her up, will you?
[Ellman gasps]
Is that as fast as you can go?
I could just dump the entire
Bank of England in there, but...
I think people might start
asking questions.
You see, I still like this guy
despite everything.
You're a special kid, Tom.
A special kid.
Looks like we're doing it.
I'm gonna put an X on it.
Whoever gets the X has got to do it.
Put your hands out.
Are you fucking kidding me?
-What'd you expect--?
-Don't talk to her.
Well, I wouldn't shoot
an unarmed girl tied to a chair.
Shut up.
But I guess I'm not a big man
like you, Eugene.
Shut up! Just shut the fuck up!
Why don't you just fucking do it, then?
Isn't that what you want?
-Hey, yo, calm down, man. Come on, man.
-Don't test me, man!
-Chill, mate! Chill, man!
-Get the fuck off me!
-[overlapping chatter]
-[siren wailing]
-Hurry up!
-Shut up.
-[muffled screaming]
-We gotta fucking go, man!
-Hurry up, man!
What just happened?
Cutz, check in with the warehouse.
[muffled grunting, panting]
[phone vibrating]
Turn it off.
No answer, boss.
All right, let's take this on the road.
[boys chuckling]
They're gone. Oi, they're gone.
That was fucking close, bruv.
[indistinct chatter, laughing]
Oh, shit. You fucked up.
Tom... of the Crowley Estate Harpers.
I knew your mum back in the day.
She was a good time girl.
She could light up a room
with her hand jobs.
[men laughing]
You must have been, what,
three when she died?
I knew her well, you know.
Very well.
Gosh, you don't think...
[men laughing]
We both certainly like getting
into a lot of trouble, don't we?
I wasn't actually gonna kill you, Luce.
-No, no, no, no, no.
Calm down.
I never used to think you could
rape me... either, Eugene.
'Cause we grew up together.
And we were friends, remember?
-What happened was fucked up, I admit--
-You don't get to talk about it!
Fuck you, Ant!
Fuck all of you!
Tell me you're ashamed.
-I'm ashamed.
-Honestly, I'm ashamed.
-I'm ashamed. I swear that I'm ashamed.
You're scared!
If you were ashamed,
you wouldn't be able to even look at me.
So, don't fucking look at me!
Get on your knees, all of you.
-Lucy, Lucy--
-Lucy, you don't have to do this, please.
-I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I don't know what happened to you.
I have to admit I was expecting you
to be rather more restrained than this,
young lady.
Boys, can you come out here, please?
You haven't shot them, have you?
Oh, good.
Gentlemen, everything under control?
Only, the hostage has got the gun.
-[both grunting]
Don't fucking move.
Natural order is restored.
Come on, Tom, up you get.
By the way,
I wanted to apologize personally
for the indignities you had to suffer.
Young people today...
Like animals, you know?
I wouldn't like me, either.
Come on, Tom.
I'm trying.
A bit of performance anxiety?
Come on!
[beeping continues]
If I gave you the option to walk away,
would you take it?
If I gave you the option to walk away
and never come back, would you take it?
Why the fuck would I do that?
Just thought I'd ask first.
-[electronic pulsation]
[running footsteps, door opens]
I've never been more fucking disappointed
with anyone in my life.
Maybe you're not that special after all.
[high-pitched electronic screeching]
[groans, screams]
-[screeching continues]
No, you are special...
But I'm still gonna kill ya!
[gun firing]
Get the fuck away from him,
you middle-aged prick!
[gun clicks]
[gun clicks]
Stupid little girl.
[monitor beeping]
Back again, Nan?
Oh, Tommy.
What do you want?
Here's the money Ellman gave me.
What I did was unforgivable. I know that.
I know we're done.
I just wanted to do right by you.
Why? 'Cause we were friends?
Or 'cause you're scared of me?
Keep it. I don't want it.
I reckon you did us all a favor,
you know, taking him out.
I'm just saying, I know you're probably
beating yourself up about it,
but, guys like that, they gotta get got.
You know, Danny, I was thinking,
I went after everyone in that video,
but I didn't stop to think
about who was filming.
Maybe you'll get him yet.
Peace, Tom.
Give it to you down there.
Don't jump.
Unless you can fly now, too.
Is that another one
of your magical powers?
-So, things got pretty mental back there.
-People got hurt, Tom.
I know.
-I mean, I literally shot a guy.
-I'm sorry, Lucy.
I'm trying to say I'm sorry.
All right.
I forgive you.
I see his face whenever I close my eyes.
I see a lot of faces when I close my eyes.
I don't know if it ever really goes away.
But I'll help you if you help me.
You know, there are restaurants in town.
People go and then other people
cook for them. It's really great.
-You should try it.
The view's pretty good, though.
So, are you gonna stick around, then?
In case you need me?
In case I want you.
[Ghostpoet's "Be Right Back,
Moving House" playing]