Ice Age: Collision Course (2016) Movie Script

The vast expanse of space and art.
It includes everything we've seen and all what we know
Since the beginning of time, and we wonder how we have become?
An elaborate plan is great?
A series of random events?
Or anything more foolish
Stone Age collision path
It's a lovely day here on the ice
Fighting Father with daughter on the rule of the game of hockey.
- Fruit against Mammoth - Mammoth against Mammoth!
Hla Tahedooa?
- Hsna. -lyym
Giant striker destroy the ring.
There is not another player sure, this skill ...
Very desperate to score a goal!
The trick is to the right, left ...
Camouflages without having a plan to him
what happened? Have you lost something?
Here's the stench feel? They Manny!
It's Manny! stinky!
Well, the hair ball. Let's see what you can do.
You asked for it
In order to dominate it ... again
Come on ..... I've been lenient with you. That what parents do.
He faced the truth. I am the Queen ice now.
You speak dramatically. Well what do you think when you win-best three points?
This! Touching! Wait, this is not ...
What is the? The first goal!
- Julian! - Excuse me.
- I've made a goal! did you see that? - Yeah! I've been fantastic.
- watch out! - This ice is very slippery.
Slider-sized and more room
But I became a better right?
Well we will play later
If you have overcome the ass again
And the rear of this magnitude, that hit many
No one was kicked .... There is no kicking
Just and loving father playing strategy involved with his only daughter.
I did not know it was a bad strategy to play!
Let's show them how to do it!
You will fall my friend
This is my mother in law Ogelk..aa future sunflower blossoms
-kosherouk Sun. - Sunrise is not normal?
Thank you, Julian. I've been a long time, since it gave me a flower
But you will marry our daughter You do not need to give gifts to us every day.
But that I am happy! For you, my teacher, my idol and Kaddota
Mammoth my favorite, I'll give you the best gift ...
Wait ... what do you do?
Come on, Father, give me
I can feel your heart beating.
Well, that's enough
You better get used to it. Because they will be our neighbors.
Come on, Julian. Do you want to go?
In fact, Allen help me in that thing?
To this thing ..... I do
- I can do this thing. -No
It is feminine
Why not do things men
You Atqda time with your friends
- No? - see you later...
Well it is a special day ...
Did you told them about our decision yet?
No, I'm waiting for the right time.
Come on, Romeo. come with me.
I'll watch the butterflies and get out of the cocoon.
- Oh really? - No
Goodbye my love!
I remember when Manny and I love each other so on.
I am not ... love them and leave them and take half of everything
That is my motto.
My love...
A lot of girls failed
When you try to put a saddle on this stallion
However, I want to share everything with you.
You are the wind beneath the ground
The mucus from my eyes.
Are Being my partner forever?
Cindy, where are you?
I would like to ask you ...
I need to ask you a question.
- Are you married ... - You can stop at this point.
- Will dissented from you. - What?
But I had planned for our future, our marriage
Our children ... "Mom!"
- Quborna ... - How are you?
Even hired a band!
No, no. Not yet!
are you crazy? We have only one day
Lasted for 14 minutes
Yes, but it seemed to me it was 20.
I do not think ... ring? So I like it, but do not.
- No! , You are very Michpt! - How can I be clinging?
Incidentally You never resemble actual photo
Francine "stop you from accompanying outside Veseltk
We can solve this! Is this because of the bikini?
I did not know it was poisonous plant.
Franjsin, help me! Someone help me!
It's the eyes that hurting or spiritual?
Certainly, my eyes
For women
- what about them? - Do not understand them.
Wiley, for example ...
A great life with her. No surprises, nothing changes
But today she laughed.
You did not do this before?
Do not eat me, please!
Sher "is not a big laughs
But "Eli" I laughed and then began kidding.
Do not do it again.
I do not know why they behave strangely.
- Women. - Women.
- Hello - on the occasion of the exotic.
Is there anyone?
Marco? Polo?
Hello, Manny!
-oaddiqk Awesome. - what happened to you?
Neutral, everything is wonderful
Let me guess ... I've left you.
What is wrong with me?
Everyone has someone.
I just got a beautiful face and this Mexican band.
Come let me Onzvk.
Gravity: Zero
Gravity: 57.29
I just want real love!
I'm asking too much?
Why is the place so quiet?
Because the world is in mourning for the pain!
Eli? Beaches?
where is everybody?
Happy marriage anniversary
Wedding anniversary?
For this is the thing:
- Well now it's your turn - we want to see your gift.
Manny! Manny! Manny!
Manny! Manny!
Of course, of course.
If you think of her other Ptsfiqh?
He has forgotten
I feel sad it
Eli, I ...
Not forget that the great love for her
Display lights were good movement
Hey Did you do this?
If you did it?
I was afraid you forgot
But he lit up the sky for me.
- How did you do that? - OK...
Magician does not reveal his secrets never
Thank you
I imagine my child there
It would be the best.
"I think you mean" are
But we talked about it. Children are afraid of us.
Right, Wilkinson lmaza?
- Is Saokleuena? - Hello, kids!
! Help
I even smiled this time.
Well, it's the best gift my father
You are an example of excellence in the doubles.
We will miss you when we leave.
In fact not yet told them
- Surprise ... - will you go?
I expected that you will live with us in the early years?
I know, but Julian and I want to go to Rome a bit.
- Rome ? - Yes, travel, explore, and see the world
The absence of plans is the best plan. It's my philosophy.
- the fruit? - This is not a plan,
Or philosophy or even safe.
Dad we are in young adulthood.
We will worry about safety when we are in the same your age
You and Mom
- I think ... - Oops!
- It's a conversation between the family. - But I'm not part of that?
Not yet.
Does this seem a problem to you?
Fireball coming toward us?
Why would this problem?
What if I fell in a hole and lost your memory?
- Manny, we have a problem. - not now. I have a problem.
- This is the biggest. - I doubt it.
- Manny! - What?
- Manny? - The concert ended just go now.
Good night and go now!
What are you saying? The concert has not yet begun
This raises for drowsiness
Everyone should go very far away to shelter ... maybe.
what happened to you ?
Look! There's more coming!
Snsthm meteors
Meteors? Bath ?
Love "Manny" is killing us
I think it's part of your magic trick.
You can not you deal with this later?
We have to get out of here.
- I'm a red-hot! - I also!
We Mmelthabon
- They are coming. - Those of us.
Are you okay? How one saw?
-hjrh - Three
No, the tree!
Everyone Oagafzoa
Cave admitted to him
it is alright dear. Your father ...
It seems like subside
In order to have ended
Apart from these
It may be better to stay underground at the moment.
Look! I took the egg.
How many eggs that Astdth my brother?
Do we steal the eggs of others? Aloimkn to be two plants?
Of course! We can eat the plants.
Sometimes I wonder how my son entered this family
Figaro, Figaro, Figaro!
I'll be with you in a minute I will repeat again Wholesale
The ferret is a wrecker for fun.
- Come on, kids! - Do not worry, ma'am!
I'll Catch the gang that stole your eggs.
I have a plan! I Oremc eye down the gang.
A mother scream and cry
Strangers intruders causing a big mess
Why do I feel a lack of respect and all these daring
I am the only protector of this lost world
"But my friends Asmona" Buck
Excellent game
I have a message
Who is unwelcome, prepared as stolen
Counting and where you come from
I know that I have the greatest and everything you hate
Maybe you're from the air age Warsi and I Amazing '
I love this part.
I run and I climb and Otsabak and slipped
Jump and run away and was kept alive and the best before lunch
Death-defying, denied the danger Look at me fly
Do you think I'm crazy, but you live once
Ckrini do not have to, but if I insisted
I will not resist, the thickness of the smell?
I do not see him, but
There fog
Go ahead, ma'am.
Go will Odillhm
That was fun!
Next time in the same place next week? Good-bye!
Congratulations, weasel.
You have signed your death certificate
I played my way with this animal
What is the story all the existing light in the sky?
Who puts a rock in the middle of the jungle?
What is this place?
- Hello, Mammoth! - Hello, Buck!
Farewell, bock!
A little help?
In the spleen directly
Completely colorless interest, but this hurts so much.
Buck, I welcome you again, dear.
Wait, is this morsel Hunter dinosaurs?
And an expert in salsa dance
I have only one eye, but all the original teeth.
- Do you want to freelance? - no thanks.
"This should be a" Nictoran.
- Baches -cservt my dear
Gang eye beautiful Kalasabat
Thank you, I love this boy
- what are you doing here? - Well, I ... what?
I'm trying!
But how do you tell someone that he is doomed?
I have stumbled
It did not perish because only rain meteors
- And it ended up. - exactly the contrary!
It was just the beginning!
I found the prophecy
Do you mind?
Always spoil everything, right?
Wrecker fun!
I have read this template from front to back
The story that tells very troublesome.
About 100,000 each year, there happened to Connie in the world.
Before the dinosaurs there were strange things Kaalghemamh
So, on top of that mountain, an asteroid landed.
Good-bye! Then dinosaurs, an asteroid hit the top of the mountain.
Then came the mammoth asteroid hit the mountain
- Mammoth stupid. - this is us
Yes, here it is there
The largest asteroids coming our way!
Even hiding under the ground, it will not save us this time around.
This was not there before. See what he's doing in the sky.
do not worry! I have a plan!
Oh really ? Stop luminary?
Last celestial bodies
It fell exactly in the same place.
It will happen again.
We need to go there and find out what attracts asteroid.
Once we know what comes,
We will know how to send it to another place.
This plan is stupid, so I hope to face and beat her
Let me understand it
Rather than flee the deadly stone
Want us to go at him directly
I know it sounds strange, but the good news
He will kill us anyway.
This is very reassuring
Even if we got to the location of debris
We are going to change what is literally written in stone?
My friend skeptical, dinosaurs wiped from the plate on the ground,
But some survived
They have changed their destiny and we can also
who's with me?
so what do you think?
I honestly think it's true.
No! Do not give ear to the weasel. he's crazy.
sorry. I love to play the role of good devil.
Sinai was skinny
We saved our lives by
- And if you did not succeed this time? - Do not know what to believe.
But I fear that our lives end before they even start.
Well we are ready
(Crash and Andy) reach their duty
Excellent! The humor was good.
Now we have to start march because the time of clash
During the 2 days, 4 hours and minutes and 16 seconds.
- 13 ... - I think the idea arrived.
I think we are all Vhemenha
We seem fantastic
What is this thing?
where is he ? When emptied of that ferret
Gang eye will need
I admire Btabaiek love blood Gori, but you reputations
An asteroid is coming.
This changes some things.
Oh my god icy place here
They turn to other regions
Can you stop acting like a parrot?
It is a good thing that you inherit from your mother's eyes
Otherwise, it will be completely failed
This painful
what do you see?
Lethal objects to come to earth
Hey here is there
This is bad too far
How to get to fly away?
Well ... let's go back to the house.
We will not withdraw until it came and stole ferret
What was our family earn a living from the eggs of dinosaurs
Earn a living .... theft
It seems ironic do not you think?
Also, why kill the weasel
If the asteroid will kill us?
A lot of sight and little insight
If stopped him and his friends
Convert asteroid ...
It will kill a ferret and everyone
While we fly safely over them
It will be our paradise!
It does not seem very reasonable.
From a scientific standpoint.
Well, it's a great plan
One of the best 3 extermination plans I heard about it,
This is better.
Now let's make sure that this asteroid will fall.
Why are we not afraid of the end of the world as a family normal?
What do you do, Buck?
Every rock story says
Where we were ... and where we go.
But ... this is Paul.
Julian ...
I want you to know that if you do not live,
And we can not marry
I was the only person for me.
Of course we will live
We will get married.
But perhaps the universe is telling us not to do.
Do Stdon just a small celestial body far 300 thousand miles
Spoil your plans?
How do we think our future and we do not have that?
We will stop this thing and will Ttzjrn
Well Forget I said Baum
I know I'll be Zoajkm regulator
This will be their thinking away from the end of the world
In fact there will be other things Nagelh
- What?
(Beaches) You can not postpone the happiest day of your life
Both will Taatmlkin it and you enjoy
And will attract all your concentration
Let's start with your hair.
As we begin the traditional domed head.
Or hairstyle with a fishtail.
But perhaps the very filth.
And musty.
Today, because of the latest models.
While the other collects the most poisonous plants beautiful everything respect to the cover
We will need chairs scheme
Tables singles and children
And the tables of relatives, strangers, and tables stinking ...
Look for them this will Thabay
Of walking like this?
"Look at me, I am," Julian
"Forget" Asteroid give me a hug
Look at this beautiful bird
For this lovely "piercing eye" Manny bird
The sky is literally
And he wants us to wander in the woods without a fruitful plan
Mr. with no plans.
Stop harassing
- I'm not angry me is not it? - no IAM not like that.
I will not spend our days together so last
But if we survived somehow deadly space rocks of the Earth
You're on a date with that if we survived, we will lose our daughter
I've thought about that, too.
- What if ... - I know!
We have destroyed their relationship?
So we do not leave them
And will keep small our child forever
No, dear dysfunctional
What if I convinced them to stay near us?
This is better. loved it. but how?
As always we make it do what you want
Make them think they idea
O cunning vixen
Let's hope we did not lose to Mstna
I find it
My optimism Mammoth
A small sample of the asteroid's next
Small stone
, Direct from the universe.
A touch of iron and carbon ...
Workshop and nickel.
Taste unique space See I found another one
I also
Lap attracted me
You do not even your lap
We've all Jzbnahm
Fantastic ... Now we have something to play during the last our watches
You do not understand the idea that they are magnetic
And if these magnetic rocks
The asteroid, too.
This can only mean one thing!
It would be what?
Let me.
- Where are we? - You are in my mind.
He was a little chilly.
Gentlemen, here's what we know
Magnetized Space Rocks celestial bodies also magnetized
"Astronomer physicist known as" Buck Ferret
He knows the universe!
Vntyjh lzlk,
Debris site that contains these stones
That attract the asteroid.
Pythagoras tank.
What if we used a magnet to attract the orb to another place
And not the direction of the Earth
If we can launch space
You will attract the asteroid's course
With this we save the world
So we just need to go to the site of debris
And throw some stones in space.
This is easy, right Kzlk- certainly seems Kalkik - Easy
This evolution
Now we know exactly what we did not know.
Come on, O mammals!
This path will take us to the location of the wreckage.
Well, my young
Let's get some fun.
Well all of us follow the path
Never let the track.
Let's all of us. Let's get out of the track!
Forest. Fast!
But you and I just said
You know I'm crazy. Come on!
I love the shade, and you?
Well done playing O Ferret
Kept awake will not Echtbaa Forever
Buck, you have any suggestions to cross the river?
Let's see whether wisdom will guide us template.
Let the cross Almamuthat
This will never work.
Ancients gave us a safe passage.
Airspace ... weird.
Finally, we have supernatural powers!
Ladies and Gentlemen, We went through electrical storm.
I suggest staying away from the trees.
Of course not a problem we are not in a forest
Mother Nature in a bad mood lately.
Good that we are here to help each
As I always say: "Stay close, stay alive!"
They are here ... in HD
How Come You fools Ogttsoa
Try not to generate any source of friction.
Do not you understand friction
What to say about the friction?
No, no.
Come! Let's get out of here!
HURRY grandmother
Tjlna not have the lightning hit me a lot
My grandmother more than your breakfast
Julian! Do n't move!
I have an idea!
I'm coming, dear!
- Why do not you help them? - Wait, Manny! It...
what are you doing? Help
How it looks not to help?
O lightning
Manny, get ready to escape!
Come on!
Everyone succeeded?
Shira, Manny, Crash, Eddie, Eli, grandma ...
- Curse! I have carried out my fingers! - Buck! Where the buck?
Parents ...
There is a child! There is a child out there!
Pak Wait! It is very dangerous!
- he is gone. - I do not believe.
I do not know how we will go ahead without you, Buck.
Well, come with us!
He buck!
I grabbed you do not worry
That's right.
Say hello you guys!
Is not she beautiful?
How do they know the female?
Very beautiful girl
Just to be clear, this pumpkin, right?
Well have some bulges and it's okay
I think I Sosemek ... Bronwyn!
My friend, we have to go back to the planet while still here
You're right, Mammoth!
Who wants to save the world from an asteroid flamed?
Well, Mammoth Let's stop here for the night.
Stop? The end of the world because of an asteroid?
We still have remaining days and also my grandfather used to say
Go to a lovely little Valaa
Before we go from a decent removed my feet?
Nemes was seriously nervous and confused
You are so funny
You stopped funny
Calm down, my friend of a mother tiger
good bye my friend
What was this? What ?
This ? It's a nice way to say goodbye to Julian taught them
Said that the end of the world from one another Tqrbakm
As young good I liked his philosophy
Give him chance to get close to him
I flamed!
Close to him such a good idea
Well, I've got you!
"Take" Julian "I have an idea for" Beaches
Dear young
Well, instead, how about a game before going to sleep?
Impossible you want to play with me?
What an honor multiplier 1000 times no, a million times multiplier
Whatever the outcome, this amount Fakhri this.
so you agree ? For every order
Letters often tight
Fantastic .... I'll see you on the ice
happy now ?
So I think you're ready can live on your own?
I will not be alone Julian will be with me
Of course, but the fall of these asteroids
No home to speak with him nor care system
Are you ready for this?
I am a little baby!
Imagine that you are in the woods looking for the food
And your child gets sick. what are you doing?
No! Frequency will increase it worse!
Both now has a baby
Knee injury and nose Parwkh
Mom Ahjia
Baby cry and do not have food and are having monster angry
I am angry monster! Which affects children's diseases
There are artificially runaway fires
How Sttaaji with all this without our help?
Will go out
Well, this is the easy part.
There is still much to do!
A child is made of cabbage
I am a traditional representative of why we switch?
This is very close
This is a quick drive.
Just be aware of the disc until you reach the stick
I did this!
It's bad that you Stantgulwn
If we continue to do this always
Well lit spirited
I Ninja hockey.
There seems to be a substitute for your father in hockey!
Oh no
Is it a big mystery why he wants to move away
I did not want to hit him.
Not my fault if you do not flexible.
why are you doing that? I think you liked it!
- I love him! - You're not dealing so on.
When you look at him all what you see is an obstacle or worse goal
Knife man and delicate lkny
Strongly trying to raise Admire
Beaches do not, they both stopped Monday
If we survived still I'll marry and leave home
Whether you are happy with me or not
Do not give me that look, he said both of you
This includes Anti well.
And here is where the family all went to her house
Because the father and his friends will you save the world
Sweet Dreams you baby
Pumpkin lucky it's nice to have you as a loving father
Well let's get you "do this" Roger
Yeah, kidnapping
See I'm sorry this is not I will not do such a thing
That crazy dad
I do not believe he succeeded in doing so.
- Work well done - Thanks, Dad.
I could do this like him
It seems that you will not stop the asteroid now, right?
It's not a ferret! It...
I do not know this.
Is it my time dear angel? What time?
I'm coming into the light
I can not wait until I see my relatives who Olhm
Go to help your sister, but my father
Demonic angel
When you mess with grandma will be slapped background
And so the work is
Hello? the angel? Am I in heaven?
This humid and dark
I found ..... I see the light
Will deliver thee
Well maybe this for the better
- That's probably true. - Certainly.
Gosh, Buck, what did you do?
Well, Mammoth, it's time to go
Let's not be late for, but I read the false prophecy
The asteroid is closer than that.
- Do not ... - Wait, where Grandma?
- My grandmother? My grandmother? - Maybe I went away.
Perhaps beaten on her head disk
Or maybe hijacked by birds dinosaur 30 feet long
To avenge me
All good theories, and will choose a disk theory
I learned that if all this time to haunt us birds dinosaur?
Only three. I do not want to destroy morale.
For we were before this merry gang
wait a moment. I smell them.
Come on!
O mammoths we've got
Debris site!
This must be what remains of the ancient asteroid.
- Buck? - Your space rocks!
We can convert the asteroid's path with the magnet of this size
This is a huge huge thing
- It's huge, it's impossible to be removed from the earth
It is very possible
In a way we do not know yet
But what about the birds of the dinosaur? And what about my grandmother?
"I'm sorry," Mr.
My grandmother's grandmother dear gentle
Why Anti always the first to go?
I still hear the beautiful voices
Screaming from the other side
- Grandma alive - and in trouble
- Grandma? - Grandma?
Is she OK?
I'm not sure ...
I leave my grandmother I do this and you will not get the tip
Make this a happy lady is all the reward I need
do you see ? Rabbit gets his reward grandmother
Is rabbit lives in the asteroid?
- I did not imagine this happening. - Wait until you see it.
For fruit pie is divided in half this mad
Do they know that they live in magnetic stones?
It does not seem that the end of the world taking place here
I do not believe this
Visitors did not get us the visitors by
Iqrsna to anyone, or I Oqrsk?
Hey all Soqrskm
Did I was in my head? What is happening here?
I hope that this is not
- That man? Oh really? - whatever.
Hello, handsome. I'm Brooke.
Bone structure of sticky
Strong decoder
I feel butterflies
I feel nauseous
I'm sorry to interrupt strange relationship of love, but we are in a hurry.
If we do not do something soon, the asteroid that will destroy everything.
This seems sooner
- It is better to take you to him. - From? Their leader?
It everything
- Everything and see. - He knows everything.
A wonderful smell.
Well, well, it looks great.
Let's excellent, let us
Please keep your arms and legs
Inside the car all the time
But let your mind wander freely
"In the" Geo Tobia
I have a good feeling that maybe they can help us
I've said everything and everything he knows a lot
Here is
Master of meditation, Mr. top
World heavyweight champion four times
Is this animal, "Lama"?
I hate her and she spits out her smelling
And so it is and so do we
Hello dear Almamuthat
Lama Hingerang "will accumulate now
- right Now! - How wonderful!
- Where is it? - Here! I'm talking to you.
I understand ... that a spokesman of the stomach and you Doll
Both the doll you both you
No, you're the puppet that person who will save us?
Look inside you where the doll?
disgusting! I like that.
New topic: We are all going to die
This is not good. Stress kills.
Let us relaxed muscles and open our minds.
" "
Oh really ?
I will wait all the time
In fact you do not have all the time and not one of us
See that thing in the sky
This bright light that grows every minute?
what about her? It seems fine to me.
With all respect to Amaalak twisted this luminary
Magnetically attracted to our direction and will bump us directly.
He must have wanted Bakristalatna magnetized
From blame him? That Shi Senior
Did you know that the power granted eternal youth?
I have more than 400 years.
- this is not possible. - Ble. I have 326 years!
It does not seem to have more than 275 years.
We are young and happy and safe, and we will keep always so
"Thanks," Geo Tobia
this is wonderful
Now let's find a way to launch it into space.
Excuse me, you want to destroy our house?
It will be destroyed anyway.
But if we can put the crystals in the air
We can change the asteroid's path, and save everyone.
What are you saying?
If Is that yes or ....?
Your story with a lot of hostility in the bottom of the Supreme Alhanb
Hangr Lama "how will you ...? Chicken dance
Octopus wrapped mashed potatoes
Your flexibility stock worth pondering
But, as we will call these crystals?
By no means impossible conditions.
I'm tired
Glad to meet you
Do not hesitate to stay or whatever.
This is. It was our last hope.
We have finished all what we got is a lesson Free yoga.
On this subject Can you help me?
My nose close to my ass
Syed, lmaza ldyk zylyn?
I'm here too
Do not cry, Look on the bright side
We will see our lives flashed before our eyes
Vhza ie ...
I could fall in love with you again.
Only you can make the end of the world look good.
We have reared a good job they are stronger than we know
Two days ago, I will give you anything to even keep us
Now I will give anything to see her get married and leave home
Playing with her children, dancing with her husband ...
Their cry when you forget the anniversary of our marriage
It was good, right? our life.
I am, and you are the best
Brooke, you are very beautiful.
You engage your heart
I bet you say that every girl.
I try, but usually flee quickly
You are very romantic.
I know it will seem stupid,
But would it be my life partner forever?
I do not know what to say. We have met since only 12 minutes.
Why is long overdue?
Yup! This is the best resort Day on Earth
I need a diamond! Where will I find ...
No, Lord, my dear! Do not do it!
Bullshit. I want only the best badly just ...
Only for my love
Sorry but
Primitive naive
You speak her or me?
This wall is the only thing that keeps our youth and now Hlkna
And now I think I have a fever. Thank you, fool!
Slow down here that foolish dreams
- He said he did not mean it. - He said he did not mean it. who cares ?
This is a bit of tranquility
Three hundred years of peace and harmony ended because someone
Fucking stupid lazy!
- Brooke. - Oh my God you've grown up.
Whatever it was before it is over.
This is what happens when accompanied by tiger
I'm sorry, sorry, sir? Unfortunately this does not fit
I need a bath and a massage.
Fluent Chinese acupuncture?
I directed my anger out
I've been matched by a long
I want to give something
This is the potential energy
The largest land power tools before our eyes
From ? So Albasq here?
This volcano is an absolute crystals
All we have to do is fill in the steam outlets around
This is a plan you crazy crazy plan
This is illogical and who you are? Professor of logic?
Professor cats and tigers from the University of ......?
did you see? Enough pressure leads to an explosion!
And nominate your professor?
We need to put all the crystals on the volcano now!
What? No!
I will not give you Christalaty we need to build Our salvation
You do remind you that the city does not belong to you
Both do not remember me came from the sky
- And now it's time to return. - No
Ble stupid
Change is not easy, but it is part of life.
The time has come to accept it again.
Whether you like it or not does not
Hear Me will crush your ass either consent
Or turning yourself into a form Pastries
And stray from our path
Come grabbed every piece EMWIS
And remember lifting Bassaqakm
Too late.
Hear the global defense team, the first step
Blocked pressure ports when the volcano
Do not steam escape them
If the leak, the pressure will be weak.
Step 2
Put the largest volcano in the crystals.
It should be the height of the sky for re-offense back on track
Hachtaj: luminary Hachtaj What does it mean?
Hachtaj: I do not know, but it looks great Hachtaj: Of course
Hachtaj: I'm sick of this
Well, they threw in the hole
Each Christale have value
Good news, we are ahead six minutes
Someone in the Top loves us
Bad news there is not someone loves us
We are lagging behind 6 minutes
Hurry all need those big crystal
Hello uncle
We will be accompanied by the hottest Sponge Cake
sorry for that. I am very confused at the moment.
I like it, Roger. And now I spend it!
Wait you do not understand
If we multiply this asteroid will all die
If we multiply this asteroid will all die
Here you are mistaken
When you run away and mammoths to save lives we will be in the sky
Soar above everything
He was the dumbest thing I heard in my life.
It will be as safe as those birds.
A stroke of luck
The biggest stroke of luck?
I've been on the right there is no commission
What ? I am too small to die
And \ are aware! Please do not have a lot of time!
What Are You Waiting For ? Kill him
No, my Dad! I will not allow you!
Do you know what I love in our family?
We are alive
There are things more important than your pride now.
If you care to hurry you do not have to kill him
Help him, dad
I hate to say this, but my brother was right redneck
Cap ..... I will work with the worst enemies
To bring a bright future to Sgara
Reinforcements arrived!
Well, "Roger" was the way
If this is what the agreement means
Keep up your strength, my junior used the atmosphere of the great anchor
Beware, my children
Ferret has landed
I am I will "go to" Bancz to and
No! I will not give up for you!
We will do it together
Mom, where are they?
Eli, we have to banish everyone from the volcano
- I have carried me to the cakes, but there is a lemon - faster! Faster!
- Has carried me to the cakes, but there is a lemon - Grandma, come on!
It does not work!
Hot air in the pipe
Manny, I have a plan.
We leave the crystal
You know that we are trying to insert into the volcano is not it?
Manny, all I want "is the one thing is life with" Beaches
And prove myself to you
Well, two things. I want two things.
Do you really think I Sodaa my only chance?
Well to do it when the count
one two Three!
What are they doing?
Is it successful?
I pull for everything I said about you
wait. What?
Let's get out of here!
what happened ? Maybe it's the calm before the storm
We did it
- In your face, O space rock! - That's right!
Nothing in the mouth, O mold
Take your way, O rock stupid We have stopped the end of the world
Shook my hand, my son, hello in your family!
And thou coconut
I doubt you would never again
Have you seen the Father is always right
Remember this when you grow up.
Tsttiein not come with us?
Lord, I wish I could
But we both know that this is the best.
Your whole life in front of you
And also I will make my grandmother accompany me
You will also keep?
are you kidding? This place is awesome!
Showing great talent today and tomorrow paste peas
Come, Gladys? I will not be smaller!
What ? I can not hear you
- What ? I can not hear you! - What?
It will always be my true love
It seems like you
Now we'll be together forever!
- Farewell, Location! - Farewell, George!
- We need more fiber. - He's right.
He has returned, "Xing Lama" to the summit
Hello my friend.
Hot bath became hotter
Amazingly like this fountain lack of arrogance
We can choose a name later
Where is the bride? Why not here?
Because you are talking of the branch
I can not talk to my mom I'm in the wedding What do you mean this? who is with you ?
Is it true that you have saved the world from an asteroid?
It's a very scary story.
- Do You think you can afford? - Yeah
- How scary? - Well, we were ...
It was almost midnight.
And we face the volcano dinosaurs and birds
And the end of the world and do not forget the zombie
We will be fantastic and religion
I put up my feet and large I Hear
I do not know ... what to do?
This is normal Osamaana
OK? Everyone tenses.
what is happening? I can not go .
How can I go? I do not want to leave you.
my little
Do you remember the first time we played hockey?
I was afraid to enter because the snow slide
Do you remember how it helped when I started skating?
And when you're ready let you know you go
My Father
I know that you are ready and now you have to Tntgay
I have searched for a special person to match the high spirit
The grandmother, like me
It's your turn! Explore the world, Aatbaa your dreams!
When you wanna go back, we will be here. is not it?
I agree.
- Mr! - Brooke!
This amazing
You are young again and I'm still single
I think that the universe had smiled on us
I have many questions
what happened? how did you find me? Did you try the shrimp?
Shut your mouth nice and I hear
This is dedicated to my dreams
That man? Oh really?
You make me so happy
I do not think I will survive, come here
I did not think I would see the day that we will be in it together
There's nothing like
You! You make me happy
you make me laugh
You make the world a better place
Stellar, stellar You shine in my heart
Stellar, stellar You shine in my heart
Rootai stuck together Kasamg
we Dance
We have these dance movements
I never thought to say this, but you've done a good job in a marriage.
I owe you this, of course, my bill
- What? - The father of the bride pays everything.
They invented traditions
Hey this ridiculous See how the price of flowers
- Prohibitively expensive flowers! -It's FREE!
We are in the jungle! This account is ridiculous!
Mars, the Red Planet.
Cold, dry, uninhabitable.
But before billions and billions of years
The Mars.
There were lakes, rivers and oceans ...
The ideal conditions for life.
So ... what happened?
Why can not life arise?
Where did the water?
We may never know.