Ice Cream Fever (2023) Movie Script

"Lemon Life"
We shout.
Just like today.
"This is not a movie"
I didn't expect you to come here too.
No, I just got started too.
Anyway, I have to go to the bookstore first.
And the Japanese-style restaurant.
What do you think?
About living here,
I feel pretty happy.
Where I live,
There's installation art at
the entrance in the shape of A, B, and C.
It's super stylish.
Yes, the new book is out already.
Huh? You've already read it?
When I settle down,
I'll make an appointment to meet you.
Red signboard.
Dim windows.
Orange house.
Red and blue stripes.
You'll get scolded again like this.
It's okay.
The landlady is coming.
I'll switch back to super-fast mode.
Then try saying "She's here".
She's here.
Wait... wait a minute.
That was too fast.
- Welcome.
- Welcome...
It's been so hot all day again today.
["Ice Cream Fever"]
(Kosugi Bathhouse)
Ms. Harue, work must be tiring, right?
I'll help.
It's so early.
Yuu, you're too early.
The reason I am who I am now,
Is all thanks to your wonderful bathhouse here.
Oh my, hearing you say that
Makes me feel like all this work is worth it.
Mary, I'll take care of that over there.
Oh, never mind.
Instead of doing these things.
Why not buy something
to drink occasionally?
You found out?
No, I...
Every time I'm thirsty, I hold back.
Because seeing that thing
Makes me want to eat
Ice cream.
It tastes like a thin layer of milk.
And it feels awful.
What's the "Minty Fresh" flavor?
It's made with mint and soda water.
It tastes refreshing.
And what about "Crazy Marble"?
It includes rich strawberry, banana, and mango,
All in one bite.
Your Italian milk.
And minty fresh ice cream.
I always feel in my heart
that nothing has started yet.
But on impulse
I ran out.
That was a...
A memory that no longer exists.
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry...
I forgot to give you a loyalty card.
When you accumulate enough points,
you can redeem them for an ice cream cone
Or a souvenir.
The souvenir is...
A small cow-shaped doll.
Thank you for coming.
Where did you go?
Um, nowhere... just...
You're the boss.
You can't just leave the shop without a word.
I'm sorry.
Is that okay?
No, I'll be careful, I'm sorry.
Long time no see.
Oh...I am Miwa, your niece.
I remember, of course I remember.
Wait, what's up with you?
Running away from home?
No, it's not like that.
I have explained it carefully
to my family members.
Hmm... I haven't heard anything
about you coming.
It's because I'm on summer vacation now.
And I've always wanted to come here.
Although I was told not to come alone.
I still tried very hard to persuade everyone.
Finally everyone agreed.
As long as I stay with you.
You're telling me this now...
I thought someone at home
had already contacted you.
(Shibuya Million ICE CREAM)
This bag
My mom also has the same one.
You really are sisters.
Oh, you mean that one?
Actually, I don't really like that bag.
So I was planning to sell it.
Anyway, I'll help you book a hotel.
I don't have that much money.
Just for two or three nights?
I can afford that.
It might be longer than that.
I'm here to find my dad.
Why are you only looking for him now?
Do you know
how many nuclear weapons
there are in the world now?
There are over 13,000.
I see.
No matter how deep our love is.
No matter how hard we try.
The next day, a nuclear bomb could be launched.
And it would all be over.
That day will come.
(Radio broadcast)
(I'm willing to continue being a...)
(Like, a clerk at an ice cream shop?)
I thought I shouldn't wake you up.
Thanks for the breakfast you provided.
It doesn't matter.
But you have to clean up after you finish eating.
That's what you had alone last night.
I'll just call you "Miwa,"
is that okay?
By the way,
You said you wanted to find your dad,
but how are you going to do that?
Do you still remember what he looks like?
I remember when that man left your house...
You were just starting elementary school, right?
Will you help me find him?
Are you off today, Auntie?
Yuu, Miwa, is that okay?
I found this.
(Izumi Furukawa)
You're still wearing earrings.
Anyway, it's summer vacation now.
Just searching for someone
could take until winter vacation.
I'm good at solving puzzles.
I did some research and found out
the places he might go.
Most of them are around Shibuya.
Especially for lunch,
he almost always eats in Shibuya.
This means his base of activities
on weekdays is in Shibuya.
And there's a high possibility
he works in Shibuya too.
Also, many photos...
Ah, right.
Can you help me clean the bathroom?
You'll be staying at my place for a while, right?
The bathroom gets used every day.
It would be better if it's clean, right?
That's true...
Is that okay?
(Shibuya Million ICE CREAM)
I can't move this by myself, Natsuki...
Okay, okay, sorry
It's really heavy.
It's clean, it's clean now.
Thank you, thank you.
What's that?
Something like a fingerprint.
Hmm... let's wipe that off, clean it up.
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, dear Elisa.
Happy birthday to you.
Only those who have loved can
feel such strong disgust.
I can relate to that.
let's continue talking about your work, Natsuki
Oh, right.
I actually dont feel particularly disgusted.
That's easy for you to say.
But your job has nothing to do with design at all.
That's because...
Just thinking about it makes me want to vomit.
Well, I do plan to make a change.
I have to make a change.
A girl like you, a graduate of an art college.
With eyes sparkling.
Entering this industry,
And her dreams are shattered like this.
The company can't go on like this.
I seriously intend to reform the company.
It's not just me...
The president also understands this.
Are you listening?
Oh... yes, I am.
Did you quit because of an affair?
Hmm... what are you saying, Kana?
Huh? Isn't it?
Didn't you have an affair
with Mr. Yamazaki before?
I didn't.
You really got messed up.
You gave up too quickly.
What's with becoming an ice cream shop clerk?
I wonder too.
Where is your shop located?
I thought I'd visit sometime.
This involves efficiency issues.
So we need to improve the efficiency
of our business, and then...
Just go to the hospital and
then undergo treatment one by one...
I wanted to ask you about this.
This is the data we need for the next meeting.
Hmm... this is for here.
(Izumi Furukawa)
Miss Takashima, can I sit here?
It's really unbelievable.
How can you work with just this little food?
If I eat too much, I'll want to sleep.
For someone like me,
All nothing more than fuel.
I have to gulp it down noisily.
Even on a date?
It will be more lively if you swallow it.
So because I'm shy, I hide and eat.
Fuel, huh...
Mine would be
Public baths and ice cream.
You're so cunning.
That's a very feminine choice.
Miss Ando.
Would you like to go to the public baths
with me next time?
I'd like that, I want to go.
Please give me a set of towels.
You're really relaxed.
No, I'm reading.
How's the search for your dad going?
I found his company in Shibuya.
Really? Is he there?
That company is called "JJ"
Although I'm not sure what they do there,
it's just "JJ".
You're really good at solving puzzles.
I'm not wrong.
He often has lunch at a caf near the company.
The people there told me.
That until six months ago.
He was often seen there.
But recently, not so much.
So, that might mean he's left the job.
Okay, we're having Vietnamese food today.
Don't tell me you're afraid of cilantro
or something.
Hurry up, go wash your hands.
I'm going to "JJ" tomorrow.
Do you want to come with me?
I'm asking you.
What are your plans after meeting him?
Ask him for money?
If that's what you're thinking,
it means you lack imagination.
"Today's students only know
how to use the Internet."
"They don't even know who Dazai Osamu is."
Your behavior is just like one of
those weird teachers.
Although it's unlikely,
are you looking to live with him?
That could be one of the possible options.
No way!
It's one of the possible options.
I'll go wash my hands.
Wait... at least make sure...
Just make sure before you go...
If he's at "JJ" or not before you go?
Make sure to confirm in advance.
What if he escapes?
If he's that kind of person,
do you still want to see him?
(Izumi Furukawa)
That kind of love that only
happens once in a lifetime.
Have you ever experienced it?
My mom told me that the other half in
that kind of love story.
usually isn't a good thing.
There's no future.
Because there's no future,
one would push themselves to the limit.
So even if that fire goes out,
the body will remember.
Why the pain of being burned by that fire?
This is what a colleague of my mom's told her.
That woman...
She was drunk and suddenly started
talking about her past men.
I heard that the man who made her burn
was later taken away by
her own biological sister.
Found it.
In the end, the man married her biological sister
and even had a child.
Of course, she severed ties
with her sister since then.
She never returned to her hometown
and has never seen her niece since she was born.
Is there still a grudge between her and her sister?
Or is she still not over that man?
What do you think?
I don't know.
Thank you.
Cheer up.
"JJ" said they'll contact you if there's any news.
Speaking of which, it's just as I said.
Nothing lasts forever, even Ah Quan...
Your dad's personality.
But it's really quite regrettable.
Okay, here we go.
Nice shot.
I'm good at this.
I used to play with my mom.
Oh, really?
I can too.
You're so cunning.
If the manager finds out,
I'll get scolded again.
Actually, it's not bad.
I'll hide when she comes.
No need, she'll praise you instead.
Thank you, moo!
Wow, great!
I want Italian milk flavor
and mint cool flavor
in a cone cup.
Ice cream, this thing,
unconditionally brings happiness
to people all over the world.
Your Italian milk
and mint cool flavor ice cream.
Thank you for coming.
Thank you for your patronage.
Thanks for your hard work.
thanks for the effort
So you like ice cream?
It's cold and sweet.
It's cold and... sweet.
Not really.
I didn't specifically...
Then I'll go.
That thing...
The thing you drew.
The one in your shop, make more of those.
Ah, hand-drawn ads?
"Moo's Recommendation"
But I did that without permission.
I feel like ants would like
that more than ice cream.
You should make more.
Something different.
The kind you can hang up.
But for me,
that would take too much effort.
We already have many colors in the shop.
The things I design seem to lack meaning
when they are brought to life.
It's like someone's grilling fish somewhere.
Well, I'll be off then.
I returned home, and it was already night.
The girl I saw that day,
I wrote all my memories of her in my notebook.
I like her somewhat uneasy look,
but I don't know how to describe it...
To truly express what's in my heart,
Tell me completely
If in mind
I wish I could use some metaphors,
but I don't know how to.
I can only record it as
"her will feels very strong"
"makes your heart beat faster" and so on,
This kind of description is like saying
something without actually saying anything.
to record
deep down, I feel "this isn't bad either."
The inability to put thoughts into words
I won't share them with anyone.
It means that this beautiful feeling
belongs only to me for now.
Are you nervous now?
You clearly have a bathroom at home.
I don't understand why you would come
here to undress for others to see.
It's definitely more comfortable
to soak in a large bath,
But the problem is that you have to take off
your clothes and show them to others.
When we were kids, your mom and
I used to go to places like this often.
I see.
It feels like being in an amusement park.
My sister and I had so much fun.
Thinking about it,
that place has been special to me since then.
I didn't know you and Mom
were so close back then.
Oh, that building?
Wait, what's this?
(Closure notice)
(Kosugi Bathhouse will close on August 15th)
No way, I had no idea.
Even regulars weren't informed?
Huh? I can't believe it.
Ms. Harue.
Here you go.
What about Mary, who used to work here?
Is she okay with this?
The girl accepted it very readily.
What about Mrs. Yukie who sells alcohol?
Didn't she tell you not to accept this?
This is an oasis for working women.
I really like Mrs. Yukie.
Don't be shy, have a drink.
I like her too.
Everyone feels very melancholic about this.
Both Mrs. Yukie and Mrs. Hirahara
and Mrs. Nozomi
everyone is like that.
It happened so suddenly, I'm sorry.
What happened exactly?
What's going on?
I want to know.
Ms. Harue, you...
You who have been protecting me all the way.
it's me
you're someone I... I admire.
I lost my reading glasses before.
"Where did it go?"
"Where did I put them?"
I kept thinking about these questions in my mind,
searching and searching.
Then, the day just passed like that.
I thought to myself,
all I've been thinking about today is my glasses,
I felt so dissatisfied with myself.
Then, recently, my son and his wife
have been telling me that life
is better with me around,
urging me to come and stay with them.
I felt that living with family
and starting a new life would be nice.
That's when the idea suddenly came to me,
and I made a decision just like that.
I really don't understand.
I think I understand a bit.
No, I still don't get it.
Are you thirsty? I still have some.
Ah, no need, Ms. Harue.
Oh, no need, Mrs. Harue.
Sorry, I want to go around when I get home...
the ice cream shop on my way home.
Wait, now's not the time for that, is it?
What's wrong?
Right now...
Right now, I suddenly had an idea.
What if I said I wanted to buy this place?
What do you think?
Which flavor do you want?
Hold on a moment.
There are no particularly common flavors.
Let's go with this one, hmm... no, not good.
I can't figure out what these things are...
Let me think about it...
I'll have blueberry yogurt.
Blueberry yogurt flavor? Okay.
Huh? Can she come in?
Can you?
I'm really sorry.
Sorry, it's not convenient to move.
That's called helping each other.
- Thank you.
- Hello.
They seem to have grown a bit?
- Yes.
- so cute.
Is it a girl?
- Wow, so cute.
- Welcome.
Sir, sir, do you need a receipt?
Okay, please write "Furukawa" as the recipient.
- Write "Mr. Furukawa"?
- Yes.
The most common "Fu" and "kawa."
- Then I probably guessed right.
- Yes.
It's these two characters, right?
It's this "Fu" and "kawa."
Then I'll give the receipt to you first.
okay, thank you.
Thank you.
- Here's your purchase.
- Okay.
This is for you.
Huh? Can I really have it?
Keep it a secret.
Thank you.
No problem.
Great, I got a gift.
See, it's great, right?
I'll put it here first.
Thank you.
Thank you for coming.
Twin babies...
With the same appearance,
wearing the same clothes,
once they start running around,
even their parents won't be
able to tell them apart.
Will they be swapped because of that?
I don't know.
Will they live different lives
without anyone noticing?
Or will nothing change?
Just their names being swapped?
Being given a new name without anyone noticing.
I am
Natsumi Tsuneda.
Your name?
Hashimoto Saho.
Ms. Saho Hashimoto.
Why do you always eat here?
Because I'm afraid of dry ice.
I think I can understand that.
And if I get burned by dry ice,
I'll get scolded by the manager.
That's so unreasonable.
Ice cream should have been invented after
the invention of the refrigerator, right?
Like, they invented the refrigerator
to preserve ice cream, didn't they?
No, that's not it.
Ah, right.
Don't you want some?
Yes, please.
I'm leaving.
I can make ice cream! you know!
As long as there is a refrigerator.
I can make a bunch for you to eat next time.
Then you won't have to worry about dry ice.
That sounds great.
You should come and make some for me.
(Saho Hashimoto)
(Naturally talented at making
ice cream for the first time)
(Saho Hashimoto's "The Final Love")
I want this one
Sometimes I feel like if I turn down this road,
there'll be a vast ocean,
or if I walk down this slope,
there'll be a pleasant bamboo forest.
I have these illusions,
probably because when I was a child,
my parents moved around a lot.
After having these illusions,
all that's left is a feeling of passing by every town,
which makes me feel a bit lonely.
(Radio announcement)
(Saho Hashimoto)
(Her debut work "The Final Love"
is considered her masterpiece)
(Was winning the Akutagawa Prize just luck?)
(It's been four years since her debut,
why can't she write anything?)
(Some suspect that there's someone
ghostwriting for Saho Hashimoto)
(It's really shocking)
(Just selling her looks)
(I really hate how she thinks she's cute)
(Is this the epitome of youthful ignorance?)
(The person ghostwriting for her is really pitiful)
(10 young creators who will pioneer a new era)
I want Italian milk flavor
and mint refreshing flavor in a cone.
Your Italian milk and mint ice cream.
Thank you for visiting.
Sorry, thank you
Are you two fighting?
So, that woman used to write novels?
Oh, yes.
You knew that already?
She should be quite famous, right?
She's often on TV.
why are you hiding, just because she's a novelist?
It makes me a bit nervous.
Let me ask you something.
What if I...
were to tell you I want to open a public
bathhouse, what do you think?
That question is a bit out of the blue.
It's hard to grasp.
No, I just want to say...
If I, like Miss Ando,
were to be the person by your side,
adding fuel to your fire,
that wouldn't be a bad thing, right?
To be honest, I'm still a bit confused
about the situation.
But you're not...
planning to quit your job, are you?
No, no, you're not.
You wouldn't, right?
It's hard to imagine you quitting this job.
Wait a minute.
It kind of fits Miss Takashima's style to move
so gracefully towards the next stage of life.
Huh? Are you serious?
Come help me make ice cream.
You're back.
Why did you open it without asking?
- This isn't meant to be sent to me.
- huh?
So annoying.
- So annoying.
- Sorry.
Seriously, you're just like
your parents in this aspect.
Which one of them do you mean?
My mommy? Or my dad?
It's about time you return home.
If you keep waiting,
"JJ" won't contact you.
You have something you're not telling me,
don't you?
Why would I do something like that?
I'm perfectly
aware of the situation between my dad, mom,
and you.
You can't obstruct my pursuit of happiness
just because you haven't found yours.
Why would I do something like that?
I'm not as childish as you.
Stop talking about happiness and unhappiness.
I don't care about that at all.
The point is whether I'm being myself or not.
You're the one obstructing me.
(How to make ice cream?)
I love books
because with just black words on white paper,
you can create the whole world. It's so simple.
Even if you write "blue," it becomes blue.
If you write "red," it becomes red.
What's this?
mexican salamander.
So cute.
its belly is black.
They mistake stones for food and swallow them,
not caring if it's right or wrong.
They live in whatever they're given.
It's so pitiful.
This fish tank is like a small Japan.
Don't you think we're pitiful?
Are the hand-painted advertisements
in your store being removed?
My store manager found out.
Did she scold you worse than when
you got burned before?
I used to work in design,
but that was...
It was almost four years ago, right?
Life was so harsh back then that
I couldn't even watch TV.
I can hardly remember what it was like.
It feels like I've hit rock bottom in my life.
and after that, I had nothing.
I was nothing.
You're the one who makes ice cream for me,
for my sake.
(Izumi Furukawa)
What's that? You know...
Long time no see.
Um...who are you?
I'm Y .
Yu Takashima
I'm... maeda.
"maeda Ten"?
maeda, yeah.
Ah, sorry.
I dialed the wrong number. My apologies.
I got the wrong number. Sorry.
Wrong number.
No wonder.
It's been years since he used this number.
Oh, I was so nervous for nothing,
acting like an idiot.
And you called him "maeda Ten"?
Forget it, so annoying.
(Izumi Furukawa)
(Delete contact)
Let it sit for two hours.
Let it freeze slightly before stirring.
Two hours?
Hey, where are you going?
Is that yours?
I'm going home, I'm satisfied.
Thank you so much.
No, it's nothing.
You've been fighting with my mom, haven't you?
My mom passed away later.
Are you regretting it?
Actually, I don't know.
I used to argue with my sister a lot,
and in the end,
we didn't know who won or lost.
We always ended up reconciling
without realizing it.
That's how it is between sisters.
It feels pretty good.
Excuse me.
both of you.
Okay, this way, please.
What's wrong?
- Yes, a bit of a shame.
- Yeah.
But the name "Dong Dong" surprised me.
"Dong Dong," oh, such a cute name.
Indeed, very cute.
He's the kind of person who would go to
the park and eat a rice bowl from a young age.
- You've never had a rice bowl before?
- Yes, I have.
Thank you for waiting.
- Please enjoy.
- Thank you.
- Please have it slowly.
- thank you.
I'm starting.
Miwa, I want to tell you.
Nothing? Nothing at all?
Not even once?
I've never done such a thing.
I... When I went in before...
Y, I want to tell you
about finding my dad.
I think it's really difficult to find him.
so I've decided to let it go for now.
It feels like "do whatever you like."
I also do as I please.
It still feels
Quite stylish.
Are you selling what you're learning now?
I'm not myself.
this sundae ice cream is so delicious.
As solid as a rock.
What should we do?
Come here.
How does it taste?
Wow, it's a butterfly.
The butterfly flew away without making a sound.
But in the room
It's still full of sweet fragrance.
I have a feeling...
that I can still fly high.
Natsumi told me she's going back
to her hometown.
She said she had a breakup.
(Writer Saho Hashimoto has disappeared.
Where did she go?)
Regarding the souvenir part,
should we give ice cream instead?
Do you still remember
what happened a year ago?
My mom's funeral.
I remember it very clearly.
(Ms. Ai Takashima's funeral venue)
Are you going somewhere else?
I took it out of the fridge
without asking anyone.
Since you've taken it,
go ahead and eat it.
Thank you.
What flavor of ice cream do you like?
Vanilla flavor.
Your thoughts are quite conventional.
But wouldn't young people's thoughts
be more conventional?
They might choose something like matcha.
Matcha is quite conventional too.
But as you grow older,
you might unexpectedly...
choose something like rum raisin
or mint chocolate flavors.
That's why I gave you mint chocolate.
I'm eating vanilla.
Don't you think it's delicious?
Very delicious, right?
I'd like to ask you something.
What do you think of Natsumi?
You don't have to worry about my feelings.
Everyone will soon forget about me anyway.
In that case, I might as well become...
a fleeting summer thunderstorm.
In that summer,
the thunderstorm that only appeared once.
You feel so... quite cunning.
You might be satisfied with
this arrangement yourself,
but Natsumi won't be able to forget you.
But there will be another summer after that.
This cycle will continue forever.
Do you really think that's okay?
It's great, fantastic.
Ms. Harue.
Aren't you wearing it anymore?
Anyway, summer vacation is almost over.
It's not good to wear it in front
of Grandma and Grandpa.
You're really honest, aren't you?
My mom has always kept this thing well.
I just wanted to wear it for a look before.
It seems like it was given by someone else...
Hey, tell me.
Where did you really buy those earrings?
I've said it before, I won't tell you.
You probably wouldn't want
the two of us to wear the same earrings, right?
But I really like those earrings.
Hey, Miwa.
After I start operating here,
can I leave the cleaning work to you?
Clean the bathhouse.
You should be good at it, right?
Really, just take it.
Are you sure?
Take it.
It's really rare, isn't it?
Hmm... I think I'm influenced by my mood.
I occasionally feel like this too.
Hey, don't be like that.
My good sister!
Then what do you want me to give you in return?
I want you.
It's great, fantastic.
I want you.
What do you mean?
I promise I'll cherish it for the rest of my life.
There you go bragging again.
I'm serious.
Hello! What are you doing?
What am I doing?
You're so annoying.
What are you hiding from?
Yes, the new book is out.
Huh? You've already read it?
You're so fast.
I really do like design work after all.
I knew it.
Come back soon.
Do you want to work at my company?
I started my own business.
I opened a design company.
You really don't need to hold back.
Although I don't really have any objections...
Then what?
Well, I...
became the manager of an ice cream shop.
A place where I can do what I love.
I don't want to let go so easily.
That's right!
Not really, who said I agreed with you!
Well said.
Is that so?
Well, if you think it's feasible, then it is.
That shop is amazing.
I'll come visit you later.
you must come find me later.
Then you'll have to give me some work to do.
I will assign you some tasks.
Then I'll leave it to you,
(Yuu no Sento,
grand opening on October 1st, 2024)
How did you get that thing in your hand?
It feels like it was sent to the wrong place.
I'm not sure either.
Miwa, who works at the bathhouse,
gave it to me.
(Yu no bathhouse)
Here you go.
Thank you, I'll read it later.
Oh, by the way,
it's a bit hard to find a Japanese-style restaurant,
but if you walk down the street opposite,
there's a quite unique ice cream shop.
Ugh, so annoying!
I didn't expect you to be so useless.
You're wrong.
I feel lonely because you're going to resign.
I'll come later as a regular customer.
You'll give me a discount, right?
you probably won't come again later, right?
Are you afraid of losing me?
Yes, I am.
Thank you for coming.
How about I make a recommendation for you?
What are your preferences?
First of all,
it must be cold.
And then, it must be sweet.
What does "Million Ice" mean?
For a million years,
my feelings for you will always be...
(Saho Hashimoto, "Love You for a Million Years")
"Love you."
Here it is.