Ice Dragon: Legend of the Blue Daisies (2018) Movie Script

It's so beautiful.
- Good morning, miss!
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Melody.
- Everything looks so wonderful
Thank you, dear.
Good morning, Mrs. Potterson.
Those buns smell wonderful.
May I have some, please?
Of course.
Just a couple?
Yes, please.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Hey, watch out!
Crazy kids.
- Ah! Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Where do you think
you're going?
Don't give me
those puppy dog eyes.
I think he's got his sights
on those shiny apples of yours.
I think you're right.
Here's one for you, miss,
on the house.
- Thanks.
- Not for you.
Now, back in those days,
everyone would sing the song
with thankful hearts.
It was a simple song,
simple enough
for anyone to learn.
But it was different,
not like any other song,
for it had amazing power.
- Power?
- What kind of power?
Was it magical?
Yes, but not simple magic
like pixie dust
or tricks to the eye.
The song was true magic
because it could actually
change hearts.
The song could bring hope
to despair,
light to darkness,
even change sad to glad.
- Really?
- Wow.
Where did the song
come from?
Well, it was a gift, you see.
A gift?
You mean like a present?
Yes, from the great
Giver of Gifts.
And in the beginning,
everyone was thankful
and loved the song.
But that was before Dracon.
Mm, Dracon.
He was once a noble guardian
of the song,
a knight sworn to love
and protect it.
When Dracon sang the song,
it was wonderful.
His voice was like
a symphony of one.
But Dracon became prideful
and wanted to use the song
to gain power and praise
for himself.
This led him
on a path into darkness
and away from the light.
He tried to use sorcery
to steal the song's power,
but a deep magic in the song
prevented this from happening.
Mm, ah, yes!
When Dracon realized he
could not have what he wanted,
his heart was filled
with hate.
And he vowed to make all
who loved the song his enemy
or his slaves.
- Slaves?
- Oh, my!
He's bad.
Far worse than bad.
Dracon was evil.
Then what happened?
Well, there was no telling
what he would do next,
and so the Giver
dispatched Michael,
a faithful guardian
of the song,
to find Dracon and stop him.
The Giver gave Michael
a special gift...
armor and a sword that could
defeat the powers of darkness.
Dracon, your wicked scheme
has come undone.
Surrender yourself.
I pray there may yet be a trace
of mercy set aside for you.
You come offering mercy to me?
With a sword?
Are we to be brothers again?
That's close enough.
But I want us to be close,
like old times.
I want you to understand.
I don't need mercy from you
or the Giver!
- What are you doing?
You've changed, Dracon.
The darkness has blinded you.
You are wrong! My eyes have
been opened in the darkness.
I see clearly now.
Here in the shadows,
there are secrets and power
beyond anything
you could imagine.
It is you who have been
blinded by the light!
Goodbye, old friend.
Get out of my way.
I cannot let you pass.
Fine! Then you shall be
the first to fall.
Dracon, what have you done?
Look, Dad, a falling star.
The Guardians of Light.
Dracon, for your rebellion
against the Giver,
you are hereby banished
to the depths of the Earth.
Forever is the song
and the light!
And so Michael banished Dracon
to the depths
of the deep mountain cave,
there to remain
a prisoner forever.
Well, as long as there were
believers to sing the song,
Dracon was powerless
to escape his prison.
Is it true the song
makes the blue daisies grow?
Yes! The blue daisies
are a sign
of all those
who believe in the song.
I believe, Nicholai.
- Yeah, me too.
- We all believe.
That's... That's wonderful!
I am Michael,
defender of the realm.
I can defeat
the evil Dracon, yeah!
Yeah! Fight the dragon!
Can you teach us the song,
Yes, will you, please?
Of course I will.
You'll do no such thing!
You're frightening
the children again
with your wild stories,
aren't you?
- Move along, children.
- And don't let me catch you
to that old fool again.
Sorry, Nicholai.
- But I like the story.
- Me too!
I meant no harm.
I was just...
Fill their heads
with wild imaginings
and that old religion!
That's what you were
trying to do.
Give it up, old man
You're a relic of the past
Just a babbling,
dribbling old coot
Give it up, old man
You're a troublemaking hack
And someone ought
to give him the boot
Give it up, old man
You're living in the past
- Irrelevant!
- Inconsequential!
A nincompoop!
Give it up, give it up
'Cause we've all had
quite enough
Take your song and get along,
- The name is Nicholai.
- Whatever.
And these stories are true.
Says who?
Give it up, old man
You're embarrassing the town
Like a village clown, he be
Give it up, old man
Telling fairy tales
It's silly-willy
Give it up, old man
You're living in the past
- Irrelevant!
- Inconsequential!
- A nincompoop!
Give it up, give it up
We've all had quite enough
Take your song and get along,
If you'd only listen
Open up your heart
With a little faith,
you'd see
There is so much more to life
than meets the eye
Have a little faith
I still believe in you,
I believe in you too.
Sure you do, kid.
Give it up, old man
Give it up, old man
Give it up, old man
- Give it up, old man
- Dear me!
Give it up, old man
Be reasonable!
- Give it up, old man
- No!
Hey, what's going on here?
It's okay, dear.
No harm done.
They're just trying to...
What's the matter
with all of you?
Are you all right, Nicholai?
I'm fine, dear.
You should all be
ashamed of yourselves.
He wasn't doing
anything wrong.
He was just trying to show you
the truth about...
It's all right, Melody.
It's over now.
Let's just go home.
Oh, my!
All right, I'm leaving!
Why didn't you fight back?
They're our friends.
I have no quarrel with them.
You call them friends?
I'm trying to be
their friend, yes.
Not all battles are won
with a sword.
Read. You'll see.
- I love you, Nicholai.
- I love you too.
And don't worry.
Everything will be fine.
Now, I have work to do.
I've uncovered
another section of the wall.
- Okay, see you later.
- All right.
Come on, Hunter.
Move it, boy.
Let's get him!
Come on, boys,
this is too easy.
- Thanks, Mrs. Potterson!
- Leif!
You call that fighting?
Take that!
You guys are lame!
- Ah! Oh! Get off me!
- They're pecking me!
What's the matter?
You guys chicken?
Buk, buk, buk, bawk!
Shh. Quiet, Hunter.
We'll ambush 'em.
Don't worry, princess,
I'll defend you!
Take that, you dirty dogs!
Watch where you're going!
If you step on those daisies,
you'll be in big trouble.
Hey, watch it!
My flowers!
Now you're in for it.
- Hah! Yah!
- Hey!
That's mine! Give it back!
That girl's crazy!
And keep off my flowers!
Whoa. How did you do that?
No more fighting
in my garden!
No, really, that thing you did
with the flowers,
is that a trick?
Guess again.
Ah! You're pretty good
with that broom, you know.
Nice fighting you,
but I've got stuff to do.
Hey, wait, wait,
what kind of stuff?
Stay, boy.
You sure
ask a lot of questions.
I thought this old place
was abandoned.
What do you do in here?
I live here
with my grandpa now.
Huh? What is this place?
Don't you know anything?
This is Sanctuary,
the old meeting place.
Meeting place? For what?
People did lots of things here:
talking, singing,
searching for stuff.
What kind of stuff?
Oh, an excellent question,
young man.
Hi, Nicholai.
There's a wonderful story
hidden in these walls,
and I'm going to find it.
It's been hiding here
for years.
Hey, look, your trick flowers.
Blue daisies, boy,
and they're not a trick.
- They're a promise.
- Huh?
Yes, a promise.
As long as the blue daisies
are here,
everything is as it should be,
and our world is safe.
Safe? From what?
Why, the dragon, of course.
The dragon. Of course!
An ice dragon, to be precise.
Very dangerous
and very clever.
Wait, you actually
believe that stuff?
What else would you believe?
Okay, well, hey,
that's really interesting.
Melody, I've gotta go now,
leave you two to do
whatever you are doing.
Nice trick with
the flowers though.
See ya!
It's not a trick.
The blue daisies
are a promise.
And they have power.
Flower power? Sounds girly.
It's not. I can take you
to a secret place and show you,
if you're not scared.
Of what,
the flower monster?
No, not the flower monster.
The ice dragon.
Yeah, you're scared.
I understand.
You don't have to go with me
tomorrow after breakfast,
starting out by the town gate.
Bye, Leif. Don't be late.
Hunter, it's just a statue.
Come on, boy.
We don't believe in dragons.
Patience, Melody.
- He'll be here.
Hey, you're not Leif.
Stay here, boy.
Leif, are you okay?
Talk to me!
Please say something!
Aw, Hunter, cut it out!
Come on!
Hunter, really, I'm okay.
I guess we're even.
Yeah, well,
we'll have to see about that.
Come on,
we've got a ways to go.
Lead on, princess.
Will you stop calling me that?
- As you command.
I'm really happy you decided
to come along, Leif.
Are we there yet?
Not yet.
Hey, I know this place.
These stones always
creeped me out as a kid.
They're echo stones.
They're guardians of the song.
Leif! Leif!
See what I mean? Stop it.
It's creeping me out.
Scaredy cat.
Come on, this way.
- Hunter, let's go, boy!
This is where
the mountain path is hidden.
- Are we there yet?
- Will you stop asking me that?
Well, are we?
They're almost gone,
you know.
- What's almost gone?
- The blue daisies.
The ones around Sanctuary
are all that's left.
In the village, at least.
Nicholai says it's because
no one believes
in the song anymore.
What do you think?
I think he's right.
Look, we're here.
Follow me.
Uh, Melody?
This way.
How'd you find this place?
Nicholai showed me.
He comes up here often
to think and pray.
This is it!
The blue fields!
Where's the blue?
You need to do
the magic dance.
Really? I can do it.
I want to do it.
Okay. Hop on one leg
and stick out your tongue.
- Now make a beat.
And spin around in circles.
Keep trying.
I can't do it.
Aw, I was just
messing with you.
It's not magic
or some kind of trick.
It's the song.
You sing the song.
On this day
We give thanks for the Earth
For the sea and the sky
that was made
We sing praise
For the light
that brings hope
And the promise
that love guides our way
We give thanks
We sing praise
On this day
All of heaven rejoices
And nature proclaims
the grand mystery
Every flower that blossoms
And bird that takes wing
Sings the song in harmony
They give thanks
They sing praise
On this day
That was amazing.
Can anyone do that?
Sure, if they believe.
Hunter, where you going?
Come back here!
Wait! Don't go that way!
It's not safe!
Hunter, come here, boy!
Leif, wait for me!
Hunter! Come here, boy!
Leif, we should go back.
We're not supposed to be here.
Come on. What are you
afraid of, a dragon?
Very funny.
Let's just find Hunter quickly.
Hunter, come here, boy!
Where is that pup?
He was chasing
that little bird.
Look, I can see more tracks.
Come on!
- What was that?
- Huh?
- It sounded like Hunter.
- Come on!
That's one mean drop.
Sure is. Thanks.
Leif, look!
Hunter's paw prints
end right here.
- What?
- You don't think...
No, it's all right.
I can see his tracks
on the other side.
- Thank goodness.
- Yeah.
Just one problem:
How do we get across?
- [ECHO]
- Whoa! You feel that?
- Yeah.
Ah! It's an earthquake!
Hey, come on,
we can get across.
Okay, I'm right behind you.
- Did you hear that?
- It's Hunter!
Come on.
It's dark in here.
Leif, be careful!
And hurry!
I'm okay.
Do you see him?
Not yet.
This cave is so deep.
What's happening down there?
I'm still here,
but it's freezing.
Is everything okay?
I don't like this one bit.
I can hear him.
Getting close.
Almost there.
I'm coming, boy!
Hunter, how'd you
get down there?
Come on.
Leif, you all right?
I'm okay.
Thanks, bud.
Be careful.
You had me scared, boy.
Are you all right?
No more bird-chasing for you.
Leif, what was that sound?
Some kind of wind
or something.
Wind coming from
inside a cave?
Well, what else could it be?
Oh, now I get it.
You think there's
something down there.
Look, can we just leave now?
As you wish, princess.
- Let's go, Hunter.
It's late. I gotta go.
- Me too.
- Bye, Leif.
There you are.
Where have you been?
Outside with Hunter,
that cute dog, and Leif.
I'm getting tired.
Must have been
all that fresh air.
Gonna crash. Love you.
Love you too.
Hunter, get off me!
Nicholai, come quick!
It's snowing outside.
That's not possible, unless...
Unless what?
I'm not certain yet,
but I'm going to find out.
Don't worry.
We'll be all right.
Can you believe this?
This is awesome!
It's a snow day
in the middle of summer!
Leif, do you see the snow?
Guess where it came from.
Uh, let's see,
like, maybe the sky?
Come on! Don't you remember
yesterday, the cave?
You don't mean
the dragon cave, do you?
Leif told us you,
like, freaked out.
I-I didn't mean to...
What, be mean, make fun of me?
Hey, we saw that...
We didn't see anything, Mel.
Look, this is awesome.
Come on, let's have some fun!
Leif, wait!
Why does he make me so...
Why won't he just
listen to me?
He thinks that I'm crazy
for the way I am
She thinks that I'm too
messed up to understand
When I try to explain myself
It all turns out wrong
Maybe we're too different
to ever get along
- But then again...
- But then again...
Maybe not
Maybe I'm not thinking clear
Maybe there's
a true friend waiting
If I overcome this fear
Maybe something wonderful's
about to happen
'Cause you're near
Maybe so
But then again
Hmm, maybe not.
He thinks that my life
is spent on make-believe
She thinks that I miss
the forest for the trees
Maybe I'm a dreamer
because I love the song
Maybe we're too different
to ever get along
- But then again...
- But then again...
Maybe not
Maybe I'm not thinking clear
Maybe there's
a true friend waiting
If I overcome this fear
Maybe something wonderful's
about to happen
'Cause you're near
Maybe so
But then again
Maybe not
A friend's a blessing
that makes you smile
Friends are truly
meant to be
Oh, truly meant to be
Always faithful
And that's the reason why
Your friend
I will always be
Did you see that, Leif?
Come on!
Let's get a snow cone, Melody.
He thinks I don't listen
when he speaks his mind
She thinks I'm too stubborn
when I, I just need time
Maybe I'm a dreamer
because I love the song
Maybe we're too different
to just get along
Nicholai, is that you?
Oh, no!
Stop! Stop it!
Get away!
Oh, what a crazy dream!
What are you doing here?
Nicholai, I'm going
to the village.
I promised Mrs. Potterson
I would help her this morning.
LEIF: What's the matter, boy?
- You miss Melody, don't you?
Okay, okay, if you insist.
Let's go find her.
Ugh, this weather's crazy.
This is the worst storm
in years.
Honey, that's all the firewood
we have.
- What are we going to do?
- I don't know.
It's still early.
She's probably at Sanctuary
with Nicholai.
- Are you warm enough, Porky?
- The pig's got the right idea.
Hey, Leif,
where are you off to?
Uh, nowhere, really.
You know, Hunter just wanted
to see Melody, so...
Yeah, right.
We saw you two holding hands.
And singing
your little love song.
Aw, come on,
knock it off, guys.
Maybe not
La la la
Maybe I'm not thinking clear
Very funny.
You two were meant
for each other.
Come on, boy.
Yeah, best buds forever,
right, Billy?
Maybe not.
Stay here, boy.
Anyone here?
Yes, yes, come in, come in,
but you'll find no one here
but an old man with his head
buried in a book.
Oh, hi, Nicholai.
I was looking for Melody.
Have you seen her?
Oh, she should be back soon.
She was helping Mrs. Potterson
deliver some food
to families in the village.
The snow day was fun
while it lasted,
but it's turning into
something very different.
Yeah, the worst blizzard
in years, they say.
In a thousand years,
I calculate.
What are you looking at?
Why, it's the song.
It is? Let me see.
"Giver of all gifts.
Love's eternal song.
We are here for you."
Wait a minute.
That's not the song.
What do you mean?
Well, Melody sang the song
in the blue fields,
and it was way different.
They can't both be the song,
can they?
Of course they can,
for the song has many parts.
And though they may
sound different at first,
if you listen with your heart,
you will know
they are the same.
Different and the same?
Precisely! You've got it!
Uh, not exactly.
Don't worry, Leif.
You will get it in time.
The words in the song
are alive, you see.
They are living words.
Have a little faith,
and you will see.
I don't know, Nicholai.
I want to believe,
but I still have my doubts.
That's excellent!
A man without a doubt
never had a thought.
Faith always begins
with questions.
You're closer to believing
than you think.
Thanks again
for your help, Melody.
Sure, Mrs. Potterson.
Now, who could've imagined
a snowstorm
in the middle of summer?
Yeah, it's pretty weird.
Well, I should be going.
Nicholai will be looking for me.
Oh, and speaking about
your grandfather,
everyone got
a little carried away
in the village the other day.
I've been feeling
just terrible about it.
It's okay, Mrs. Potterson.
I'll tell him you said hi.
Yes, please do, won't you?
My, my, what a sweet girl.
So, tell me, old wall,
what secrets
do you have for me today?
Brick by brick, you're telling
me a story, aren't you?
Dracon, banished to the depths
of a mountain cave,
and the people singing the song
with thankful hearts.
Yes, I see, but there's more,
isn't there?
Come on, now.
Don't be shy.
You know, if the villagers
could hear me now,
having this conversation
with you,
they'd probably put me away.
So show me what is hidden.
Speak to me, won't you?
What? Wait a minute.
What have we here?
This is new.
If I could just...
Now I've done it.
No, it can't be.
The blue daisies dying,
a storm cloud rising
from the mountain,
and the ice dragon unleashed?
I knew it!
The dragon is the storm.
I must warn the village
at once.
Drink up, boys.
Listen up!
Join us, friend.
No time for that.
I'm here to warn you.
I've made a discovery
in Sanctuary.
This storm,
it's just the beginning.
Beginning of what,
endless winter?
The return of the ice dragon?
The people have moved on
from those old fables, Nicholai,
and so should you.
Go on outside
and enjoy the snow day.
Have a little fun.
It's not a fable,
and I'm going to prove it.
- WOMAN: Please, let us in!
Help us!
We need shelter.
Come in. You're welcome here
where it's warm.
Nicholai, what should we do?
Our home is covered in ice,
and we're freezing.
Go to Sanctuary.
You'll be safe and warm there.
Mommy, I'm scared.
It's okay.
Mommy's all right.
Come on, Hunter,
they need our help.
Are you okay?
I'm all right.
- Here, let me help you.
- Thank you.
We're trying to get
to Sanctuary.
Nicholai said
it would be safe there.
He's right.
- Now, hold onto Hunter.
- I will.
It'll be okay. Let's go.
Before we all freeze to death!
Just a little further.
Almost there.
Thank you, Leif.
Sure. Get warmed up and let me
know if you need anything.
The storm is getting nasty
out there.
I know. People are running out
of firewood and food, Leif.
I don't know what to do.
Have you seen Nicholai?
No, I haven't.
I saw him leave for the
mountains, the crazy old fool.
Oh, no.
Melody, I'm scared
of the storm.
What was that?
It's only the wind.
I'm sorry.
She's just frightened.
We all are.
That's okay.
Sometimes I get afraid, too,
you know.
But when that happens,
do you know what I do?
I remember a promise.
When you hear
something frightening
Thunder and lightning
Outside your windowpane
Just remember this promise
I will be with you
Try not to be afraid
For I will never,
ever leave you
Even when you're sleeping
Always keep you warm
and safe
My love is
all around you now
When it's dark
in the nighttime
And you hear voices
From just outside the door
Just remember this promise
I will be with you
Don't be afraid anymore
For I will never,
ever leave you
Even when you're sleeping
Always keep you warm
and safe
My love is
all around you now
So you mean I don't have
to be afraid anymore?
That's right.
The Giver of Gifts promised
that he would always be with us.
And never, ever leave us.
Yes. Now you've got it.
If I hear
something frightening
Thunder and lightning
Outside my windowpane
I'll remember your promise
To stay here with me
And I won't be afraid
For you will never,
ever leave me
Even when I'm sleeping
Always keep me warm and safe
Your love is
all around me now
Close your eyes now.
Everything's going
to be all right.
I know who you are, dragon!
I'm here to tell you the song's
alive and well, you know.
So you best stay down
in your...
What? No, no, no!
What's happening?
What are those things?
I'm not sticking around
to find out. Come on!
Hey, guys,
why is everyone running?
Some kind of wolves.
Keep running.
I'll make mincemeat out of 'em.
That's right, come on.
Open the door!
Let us in! Let us in!
- Did you see that?
- What are those things?
- Monsters!
- Hurry, get inside!
Hunter, no, stay!
Why aren't they attacking?
It's like they're
waiting for something.
Look at that cloud.
It's weird,
like something's inside it.
I have a bad feeling
about this.
Get inside! Now!
We've gotta shut these doors.
They're stuck,
frozen to the ground!
No, it can't be true.
Oh, no.
What are you doing?
I'm saving you.
Get inside!
It's the ice dragon!
- The what?
- It's coming this way!
- Ice dragon!
- Leif?
Hey, dragon!
I've seen your picture.
You're much uglier in person.
Maybe you're beautiful
on the inside.
Then again, maybe not.
We have to break this ice!
The door is frozen shut!
- Hunter, calm down.
We'll get out to help Leif
as soon as they break the ice.
Here goes.
Whoa, whoa! Ohh!
Ah, come on!
Okay, take it easy.
Nice werewolf,
doggy creature thingies.
Back! Back!
Oh, you're scared of the sword,
aren't you?
Get out of here!
That wasn't so bad.
Hunter, what'd you find, boy?
- Found a way out.
Why, I...
Come on.
Hey, what are you doing here?
- No, no, shh, shh, quiet.
There's a dragon.
Hunter, what are you doing?
- Get out of there!
No! Hunter!
So you don't believe
in dragons?
No, no, I'm coming around.
Okay, okay!
Foolish boy.
Your kind has given me the power
to rule this world!
What do you mean?
With the old man dead,
my powers will soon be
Nicholai is dead?
Yes, and with him
the cursed song as well.
No, he can't be!
Hungry, my pets?
Then take him!
On this day
We give thanks for the Earth
For the sea and the sky
that was made
We sing praise
For the light
that brings hope
And the promise
that love guides our way
We give thanks
We sing praise
On this day
Melody, go back!
Huh? Why aren't we dead?
It's the song.
It's protecting us.
The ice dragon
can't hurt us anymore.
Come on, people!
There's no evil or darkness
Can stand in our way
With the faith
and the courage to believe
That the song has the power
to change everything
Come what may
we will say
We give thanks
We sing praise
On this day
Hunter, no!
Back to your cave, Dracon!
The Guardians of Light!
- Ah.
Nicholai, you're amazing!
My wonderful girl,
thank God you're safe.
Hunter, what were you thinking,
you crazy pup?
Uh, hi, Nicholai.
You were really great.
I'm so thankful
you're both all right.
You were right, old friend.
Nice work with the sword.
Giver of all gifts
Love's eternal song
There is none like you
To you, our hearts belong
Giver of all gifts
Love's eternal song
There is none like you
To you, our hearts belong
Whether near or far
Everywhere you are
There is hope
There is peace
There is perfect love
casting out all fear
In each other, we'll believe
Giver of all gifts
Love's eternal song
There is none like you
To you, our hearts belong
Through the darkest night
Guide us with your light
Bring us hope
Bring us peace
With your perfect love
Take away our fear
Mend each broken heart
and dry every tear
Give us faith to know
you are always near
For the song is in our heart
If you step on those daisies,
you'll be in big trouble.
Hey, how did you see me?
Big trouble.
I believe it, princess.
Do you, Leif?
Do you really?
Believe in the song?
Yeah, I really do.
Do you think we've seen
the last of Dracon?
I don't know, Leif,
but I do know
the village is safe
as long as the song
lives in our hearts.
Dracon will think twice
before returning this way again.
What about the other villages?
Many there
have forgotten the song.
They could be next.
We have the sword.
Yes, the sword of the spirit
is powerful,
but we will need the Giver's
full armor to face evil,
if it ever returns.
Like Dracon,
hearts can turn cold,
allowing evil to rise.
Remember that, dear ones.
We will.
Yes, we will, Nicholai.
Then let's celebrate,
for tonight the song
is alive again in many hearts,
and we should rejoice!
Once upon a time
When the song
lived in our hearts
We still believed
that true love
Could save the day
Then we turned
and walked away
And the cold
and darkness came
Until you heard our cry
And sent amazing grace
Now we're living
in the light
We're back fighting
the good fight
We're living in the light
We're not frightened anymore
We don't fear
the dragon's roar
We're living in the light
Once we were lost
Yeah, we couldn't
find our way
We were blind in the dark
And could not see
But just when hope
was almost gone
We heard that sweet
salvation song
Changed our hearts forever
Set our spirits free
Now we're living
in the light
We're back fighting
the good fight
We're living in the light
We're not frightened anymore
We don't fear
the dragon's roar
We're living in the light
- The ice dragon is gone!
- Whoo!
- We're living in the light!
- Yeah!
Living in the light
Fighting the good fight
We're living in the light
We're living in the light