Ice Girls (2016) Movie Script

Who am Ito give advice
I'm nobody but take a listen
Just like everybody else
I've got a story
I don't know how to say it nice
I shine it up and make it glisten
All I know is I believe and it's reassuring
When I was out, when I was down,
somebody told me something
So simple but I follow it till this day
Hey, go follow your rainbow
Go follow your rainbow
Hey, don't believe when they say no
Say, "Yeah "
I know what you might be thinking
That'll never work for me
Too young, too old, too poor
They're just excuses
So when you get down,
and you bottom out
Remember this little something
Hope is what will help you find your way
Hey, go follow your rainbow
Go follow your rainbow
Hey, don't believe when they say no
Say, "Yeah "
I know what you might be thinking
That will never work for me
Too young, too old, too poor
They're just excuses
KELLY: Em! Emma! Emma!
Come on, Em. We gotta get to the rink.
Get the door.
EMMA: You should have seen
what happened today.
Twenty-two kids got sent home
from school with lice.
Benefits of tea tree oil.
- EMMA: Ew.
- Would you rather get lice?
EMMA: What's with the boxes?
KELLY: Mind your own business, kiddo.
Em, get in the driver's seat, key on,
pedal to the metal when I say.
Got it.
KELLY: Hit it!
I know this hasn't been easy for you
and how badly you need the funding,
so skate clean, it's yours.
I will.
ANNOUNCER: That was a great skate
for Odessa Patterson.
Here's your score...
You see my mom yet?
Stay focused, Mattie,
you know what's at stake.
Okay, this is your year
and don't overthink the triple lutz.
You nailed it in warm up,
don't rush the take off.
And our next competitor
representing the Toronto Skating Club,
- is Mattie Dane.
You've got this, girl.
EMMA: Hurry!
Stay focused, Mattie.
Here we go, Mattie.
ALL: Oh.
The poor kid had a shot
at getting a free ride, a grant.
She only needed to be in the tap five.
She was the best one on the ice.
She's worked so hard.
I've seen her land that jump 100 times.
So, how bad is it?
Torn meniscus,
no skating for 12 weeks, then rehab.
No, I mean, your financial situation.
Four months behind on rent.
Is there any severance pay?
From a used car lot, are you kidding me?
Okay, desperate times,
desperate measures.
Pack your bags, kiddo.
You and the girls are moving in with me.
We can't do that. The girls are in school.
Our lives are here.
Appreciate the offer. I'll make it work.
I made the honor roll in high school.
No, no college degree.
Yes, I know I haven't worked
in a medical office,
but I'm real good with people.
I'm real good with people.
I'm real good with people.
Okay, I understand.
I did teach some fitness classes in my 20s,
and actually I did fitness modeling.
- How old am I?
- Kelly Dane?
- Yeah.
You have been served.
- Seventy-two hours to vacate the premises?
- Are you kidding me? Hey, hey!
KELLY: I could use a little help out here!
I thought Aunt Ginger lived in New York.
KELLY: She retired and moved back home.
Yeah, she gave up her promising
musical theater career.
Hey, at least she gave it a shot.
Forty years is more than a shot.
- How far is Sudbury?
- Four boring hours.
There's a car dealership up there
I think I can get a job at.
What about my skating?
We're dealing with a serious injury here.
I can still get better for Nationals.
Baby, we just can't
afford skating right now.
Don't do this to me!
It's not all about you, Mattie.
We're all gonna have to pitch in
and make some compromises.
Yeah, 'cause you can't keep a job.
- That's not fair.
- This isn't fair.
Life is not fair, Mattie.
Get used to it.
Hey, check this out.
Are you cold?
Hey, hey, Emma, Mattie!
LOUIS: All right, it's been a good month,
but not a great month,
so I'm gonna do something
to shake up the sales team a little bit.
I got someone new coming in...
Oh, thanks for showing up, guys.
- Oh, no, no, you're giving her a job?
- A job here with us?
- Yes.
- She's not a local.
She got no customer base here.
Yeah, who's she gonna call?
She's got like no customers. Zero.
Actually, she's from here.
- She is?
- Yeah.
Okay, but we've got
a pretty tight team here.
Yeah. You know what an import
would do to this team?
Yeah, make it better.
Okay. Okay look, I got an idea.
She doesn't make a sale in 30 days,
she gotta go.
Give her 60 days.
- Thirty days.
- Bam!
Thirty days, gone.
She can do it.
Okay, but if she doesn't, she's gone.
Fair bet? Huh?
BOTH: Huh?
Bet? Bet?
Bet. Bet.
All right. All right.
All right, it's a bet.
- All right.
- All right.
- What?
- Go.
- Oh.
- Just go. Meeting is over, guys.
EMMA: Wow, look at the houses.
Everyone must be rich on this street.
Is everyone rich in Sudbury?
Is Aunt Ginger rich?
MATTIE: Hardly.
KELLY: I don't know. She did all right.
MATTIE: Better than we have.
KELLY: Lighten up, Mattie.
We've got our health and each other.
That ain't bad.
EMMA: ls this Aunt Ginger's?
KELLY: Yeah.
EMMA: I love it.
KELLY: All right.
Just leave the bags in the car, okay?
We'll go in and say hi.
Auntie Ginger?
Auntie Ginger, are you here?
She's not even home, Mom.
Really nice welcome.
EMMA: Mattie, give it a break, geez.
KELLY: Language!
I said, "Geez."
KELLY: You girls hungry?
Girls, we gotta go shopping.
Oh, crap, I wanted to be here
when you got here.
Auntie Ginger.
Aw. Hello.
KELLY: Thank you.
AUNT GINGER: Oh, don't mention it.
This must be Emma.
You're as pretty as your mom.
Well, not as pretty as me
at your age, but still very pretty.
And, is this Mattie?
Holy mother of God, look at you.
I remember when all you did was
crap your pants and pick your nose.
- Aw, you poor thing. How you feeling?
Who's this?
- Emma, who's this?
- It's Louis.
- Louis the car guy?
- Yeah.
My mom can sell anything
with four wheels and an engine.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, sure she can.
- Louis?
- Kelly.7
Oh, it's so good to hear your voice.
You, too.
I hope you two kids like your rooms.
I've had so much fun fixing them up.
Okay, we're gonna get you settled
and then presents for all.
- EMMA: Did she say presents?
- She's trying to buy us.
I can be bought.
It seems like just yesterday
we were in high school together, right?
(CHUCKLES) When are we gonna see you
down at the shop?
Yeah, I wanna get you starting
to do sales right away, right?
You mean, I have the job?
Uh... Of course, you have the job.
Are you kidding me?
I'll see you Monday morning then.
Ah. Gosh, this is swell.
I can 't believe you 're here.
Okay, see you Monday.
Ciao. Bye.
She's back, yes!
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
And this is your room.
This is for a four-year-old.
Have you guys seen my room?
Never mind. Yours is way worse.
You can make it your own.
Aunt Ginger just redid it for me.
MATTIE: You know what, Mom?
This really sucks.
We really didn't have a
choice, Mattie Dane.
MATTIE: You ruined my life.
KELLY: I did not.
You were this close to being funded.
You're the one that fell, not me.
I can't believe you just said that.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
MATTIE: It's okay.
Okay, very calm, very relaxed, okay?
Be a good girl, Rose, and frown.
You would not believe
who I just saw at the grocery store.
- Who?
- No, you can't move, Rose.
- Can this wait?
- No.
Kelly Dane.
- Rose!
- Kelly?
- Kelly Dane?
- Yeah.
- Give us a minute.
- Yes.
- At the grocery store, herein town?
- Yes.
She had two kids with her.
How'd she look?
Amazing. (CHUCKLES)
I mean, okay.
Is she just visiting or is she moving back?
I don't know.
(SIGHS) Forget it, never mind.
I'll find out myself.
Okay, Dr. Schacter,
you can come back in now.
I'll be a good girl!
- MAN: (ON PHONE) You got something?
- Yeah.
Good, good.
The kid's here.
You want me to collect on the debt?
No, not yet.
Now that we know he's at the rink, go see
his old man first if he's not in jail.
See, easy as pie.
Mercury, that choreography was all off.
You're showing her bad technique.
The double axel was weak. The butterfly...
And the flying camel was way off!
No, it wasn't.
Yes, it was.
Yes, it was. Most definitely.
Can you do it again, please?
- Do it again.
- I'm done.
Sorry, kiddo. Good luck.
Don't worry about it, Heather,
we're better off without him.
Just... Let's do it again, sweetie.
We move blindly to the light
Even though we don't know what's inside
Like a diamond, we will shine
Within this life, we don't make time
for all the simple things
When a princess pulls with gold
Like kings and queens on pedestals
The shadow of the soul
Can make the soul look silly
- Wow!
- Not, "Wow." Better, but not, "Wow."
Heather. Heather, stop!
Heather, stop!
Excuse me, whoever you are.
This is private ice.
Oh, sorry.
Where's Mercury?
Mercury? Mercury? Mercury?
- Honey, it's okay. I have it.
- Oh.
Mercury, this is private ice, is it not?
I'll take care of this.
Mercury, can you have
that girl removed, please?
And lock the door behind her.
Can't do that, Rose. Fire regs.
Plus, your hour's up.
I'm sorry,
but we lost four minutes because of this.
You can pick it up on the next session.
Okay, that's all right. Thank you, Mercury.
It's not all right.
And what are you thanking him for?
We paid for the ice.
She's good.
Good's relative.
Haven't seen you before.
Just moved here from Toronto.
You skate?
I did.
Injury or money?
Yeah, figures.
Do you have a coach in Toronto?
Yeah, Pat Whillikey.
Pat's not bad.
You know her?
Yeah, I worked with her a long time ago.
You planning a comeback?
Probably not.
Well, you shouldn't have come
into this place.
The smell gets you every time.
Yeah, I should probably get going.
Hey, kid.
If you wanna coach,
I got a tiny tykes program tomorrow.
Regular coach is sick.
Don't even need your skates,
30 bucks an hour.
4:30 sharp. A minute late, you're fired.
HEATHER: Uh, I'll see you later.
Are you lost?
Yeah, first day.
Do you know where 2C is?
- Heather.
- Mattie.
Follow me, Mattie.
So, didn't I see you at
the rink last night?
Yeah. You're a great skater.
Thanks, I know.
So, this is it.
All right, here you go.
Oh. Hi, guys.
Uh, Kelly, this is Ben and Jerry,
two of our key salesmen.
Uh, guys, this is Kelly.
So, you're the import, huh?
No, no, wait, you're from here.
No, no, you were from here,
but now you're not from here.
We hear you think you're pretty hot.
- Well, so as you know, we're pretty hot, too.
Keep up the good work there, boys.
- See ya.
- Wouldn't want to be ya.
Oh, nice legs.
- Bros first, man!
- No, I get ya. No ups for her.
- Still, that's something.
- It is impressive, yes.
They seem interesting.
(SIGHS) Well, appearances
can be deceiving. (CHUCKLES)
This is a fabulous dealership.
Oh, thanks a lot.
And this is yours.
- Huh?
- Yeah, pretty good, right?
- Yeah.
Spelled it okay.
Uh, coffee? Tea? Me? (CHUCKLES)
- That's a joke, right?
- No thanks. I'm good.
So, how are you?
No doubt, settled down, partnered up, kids?
No, no, no, no, no.
I guess I never got over
you breaking my heart. (CHUCKLES)
- This is great.
- It is.
- Shall we get down to business?
- Uh, right, yeah. Uh...
Your draw down against sales
will be $600 a week.
Is that okay?
Oh, yeah.
And, um, there's no need to cause
any trouble right off the bat, right?
Excuse me?
Your skirt.
What about my skirt?
It's a little short.
You know, the four Ps?
Sorry, the four Ps?
Prudent to appear
as professional as possible.
That's three Ps.
- No, it isn't.
- Yeah.
Prudent, professional, possible. Three.
Well, I always counted appear to be a P.
You know, you're right.
You're absolutely right.
Appear is an A.
- So, how long do I have?
- What?
How long do I have
before I have to make my first sale?
- Uh, well...
- It's okay, Louis. I'm a pro.
Thirty days.
No problem.
He's always looking at me.
Him. Darcy.
But he's trouble. As in, stay away from.
Well, his dad is in and out of jail
and his mom disappeared a few years ago.
And last year, he beat
up this kid really bad.
Like, really bad.
So, what brought you to Sudbury?
My mom got a job here.
MATTIE: Yeah, believe it or not.
Are you getting ready for Sectionals?
- Yeah, you skate?
- I did.
I bombed out at regionals, injured my knee.
Sorry to hear about your knee,
but it is cool that you skated.
We have a lot in common.
Hi, I'm Portia.
I'm the school social convener.
I just have a couple questions
to get you on the right track.
So, do you qualify yourself as a jock,
goth, emo, raver, motorhead or a princess?
Princess, right?
- Uh, I see it.
Been a while, Mercury. You coaching?
No, but I ran into
one of your skaters though.
Let me guess, Mattie Dane.
Yeah, seems like a good kid.
Oh, yeah. No, she's got it.
I hated losing her.
If she gets her knee back,
she can go all the way.
She's that good.
- Okay, so let's make two lines.
What we're gonna do,
push once and glide on one foot.
And, under.
Good job, good work.
Sadie, when you feel like you're
off balance, don't go like this.
That'll make you want to go
like this or like that.
So keep your feet like straight
and your knees over your toes, okay?
There you go. See? Nice work.
Here. I'm here if you need me.
That's a lot better.
And then arms out for balance.
Go around. There you go.
That's good.
Just let it out
Nothing wrong with that, just let it out
Jump, just let it out
Don 't keep it inside
Just let it out
Shout, just let it out
Nothing wrong with that, just let it out
Shout, just let it out
Just let it out
MERCURY: How'd your knee feel out there?
Not bad.
It hurt, didn't it?
Yeah, you're doing more than you should.
So, what are you doing for rehab?
No, that's not enough.
It's free.
Is that you?
Who's that with you?
My wife.
She was a skater?
Yeah, she was great.
- Are you guys still married?
- No.
I'm sorry.
Forty bucks.
- You were good with the kids today.
- Thank you.
- Are you available Thursday?
- Yeah.
4:30 sharp, don't be late.
You might as well leave your skates here.
There's some lockers in the back, okay?
I saw you set up to jump.
You chickened out.
Ugh. Crap, my mom's coming home.
I love your house.
Yeah, Mom had it custom built.
Are you hungry, 'cause I'm starving?
Here, have some. Dig in.
- How often do you have private ice?
- Like five days a week.
Oh, sorry, and I do regular sessions, too.
Well, it's Mercury's dinky rink
and he only offers three a week.
Mostly intermediate girls.
It's so annoying.
I can trust you, right?
Well, I'd love to get your opinion
on some of my dresses.
My mom and I are always fighting over
what I should wear.
She's burned through like four designers.
Come on.
- Your room is really great.
- Thanks.
What do you think?
I know, silly, but which one do you like?
Heather. Oh, what are you doing?
Um, Mom, this is Mattie.
ROSE: Wait, didn't I see you at the rink?
Sorry about that.
(CHUCKLES) You must be new in town.
Yeah, but my mom's from here.
- Oh. So it's Mattie...
- Dane.
I was getting Mattie's opinion
on some of my dresses.
Do you think it really matters?
Well, Mattie skates or she used to.
She got injured at sub sectionals.
So you skate. (SIGHS)
I did.
It's Mercury.
Can you make it over to the rink?
- Now?
- Yeah, I've got some ice time.
Okay, do you see the
figure eight tracings?
Good. You follow 'em.
Why am I following them?
It's called, "Patch." Old school exercises.
It's all your knee can handle right now.
Eyes on the tracing,
arms checked, knees soft.
Go ahead.
Tighten up your center,
you look like a Jell-O sandwich.
How long do I have to keep on doing this?
You got 40 minutes.
Oh. Great.
You don't like it, you can get off.
Okay, keep it going. I'll
be back in a minute.
Darcy, it's for you.
MAN: How are you?
I'm okay.
MAN: Hey, I was wondering
if you could bring
some money down to the jail tomorrow.
Dad, I don't want to do this anymore, okay?
I love you, but I just want you
to leave me alone.
I'm sorry.
What'd you fall doing Patch?
Didn't think so. What happened?
I lined up for a jump and I just...
I couldn't do it.
I skated right through it and I was scared.
No one said it would be easy.
I don't think I can do it.
There comes a time for everyone,
no matter who they are, to quit.
Maybe it's that time for you.
Yeah, I think it is.
It's okay.
It's okay, kiddo.
Come on, I'll give you a lift home.
- Surprise! (CHUCKLES)
- Oh.
- For you.
- How thoughtful.
I think so. (CHUCKLES)
- Well, would you like to come in?
- Yes. Gosh, yeah.
Louis, I'm really so grateful for the job
and everything you've done for me.
Like it...
- But, Louis, this isn't working.
- Why not?
We dated in grade 10.
The best year of my life.
- We were 15.
- Yeah, you were my first...
Shucks, I'm sorry.
You haven't changed a bit.
The same spiky hair,
the awe shucks expressions.
- That's a good thing, right?
- Mmm.
- Look, I can change.
- No, I like you.
But... But friends.
Can we just be friends?
Excuse me, sorry.
I'd better go see what that is.
I'd really like to keep
on coaching the kids.
Yeah, that would... That'd be fine.
Your mom?
Mom, this is Mercury.
He gave me the job at the rink.
- Kelly.
That doesn't sound good.
How old is this truck?
- Let's see if we can get it started.
- Yeah.
(PANTING) Okay. Okay. Okay.
You should come down and see me.
Palladino Honda!
Great idea!
We got a sale on!
Okay, I can't breathe.
Okay, pop the clutch.
I gotta start working out.
I gotta start working out, okay.
DARCY: Now take your ring finger
and put it on the third string.
Also on the second fret, just like that.
That's it.
- That's A minor. Got that.
All right, so now, the second chord,
this one's really easy.
It's literally only two strings.
Hey, you did get it.
There you go.
Nice one.
Now take your ring finger,
just one more up, there we go, to the D.
There you go. Nice one.
Hey, Mattie.
Hey, Heather.
Had private ice this morning.
Nailed my triple lutz, five in a row.
I'm so happy.
Hey, do you wanna come
to my house after school?
Darcy, good to see you.
This thing ain't going away.
Don't make it worse.
- Get off me, man.
- Don't make it worse.
Hey. what's going on?
- It's okay, Mere.
- Ls it?
It doesn't look okay.
Darcy here owes us money.
That true, Da roe?
My father owes them.
Dad's in jail again, debt goes to the kid.
You give it to Mo, you
tell him it's square.
I don't think so.
This is my house.
No one comes into my house
and threatens anyone.
Your move. Make it.
You got lucky.
Let's go.
I'm sorry, Mere.
Da roe, you got any problems,
you come to me.
Yeah, yeah.
Did you see the hair?
No, no, I don't want you
to miss this opportunity.
Great. Yeah, see you then.
Mercury just showed up.
Wants to go for a test drive.
I'm thinking the CRV.
Like it?
Really, I'll get out and push.
No, no, you're the client. I'll push.
Well, you were the one
that said it could handle it.
Yup, I did say that. Yup.
No problem.
- KELLY: Ah.
I hired the best choreographer
in North America for you.
Angel Stojko, an Olympic champion
is willing to come up here
and work with you.
It's exactly what you need
to win the Nationals.
Yeah, but I still have to win
my section first, Daddy.
Come on, the Sectionals is a shoo-in,
we know that.
This is your year to win the Nationals.
Honey, you're up from your nap.
Of course I'm up.
With this racket going on down here,
I thought I was
missing a party or something.
Sorry, honey.
Honey, are you putting on weight?
Uh, no.
No, you're looking a little hippy there.
Rose, maybe you shouldn't...
Hush, Henry.
Her dress is custom-made.
Her measurements can't change.
Heather, bring down
the measuring tape, honey!
And I know that I know
Yet I'm risking it all
And we'll just get a box
I'm ready to fall
'Cause I know you'll pull me up
'Cause I know you'll pull me up
Merc says you're doing
really good with the kids.
He said you're a really
great hockey player.
Used to.
I shoot some pucks every now and then.
Why'd You quit?
Didn't have a... Didn't have a choice.
I'll, uh... I'll see you later.
Arms out for balance.
That's a lot better, good job.
I'm not gonna quit.
We're gonna need a second opinion
on your knee.
What do you think about
going to Nationals?
I didn't even qualify for Sectionals.
I'll get you into Sectionals.
Is your mother there?
Look, Louis, you're calling
on the home phone
and I'm trying to do my homework.
Well, yes, sorry,
it's just she isn't answering her cell.
- She's at work.
- No, she isn't.
- Yes, she is.
- No, she isn't.
Files, she is.
- No, she isn't.
I made my first sale.
I so want your job.
She nailed a sale in 17 days.
- I hate it when he does that.
- Yeah, he is getting better at it though.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
- Any pain?
- MATTIE: A little.
MRI shows a longitudinal tear
in the meniscus.
Can you straighten your leg out for me?
- Not too bad.
- The doctor in Toronto said
I couldn't skate for 12 weeks.
With rest it can get better,
but it is vulnerable to further injury.
We can do PRP.
- What's that?
- Platelet-Rich Plasma.
Blood spinning,
it speeds up the healing process.
Look, these treatments are expensive,
does the family have money?
I'll cover the treatments.
- All right, well, then she must be good.
- More than good, she can go all the way.
- We'll work it out.
- Thanks.
I'm a warrior, intensity in the eyes.
I'm attacking, always intense, I want that.
None of this sort of dead-eyed,
"Oh, I don't know where I'm going. Oh."
"Where am I? I'm lost
in a shopping center."
"I can't find the cucumbers."
We don't want that. Look and attack.
It's good, it's good.
- It's not great, but it's good.
- Okay.
You know what you're gonna win
with good?
Nothing, again let's go.
Okay. you ready?
To light a fire and right some wrongs
Change is coming
Ebb and flaw and risk it all
Okay, any pain,
are you feeling any pain here?
- A little, yeah.
- Ls it fatiguing?
- Yeah.
- Okay, let's try one more time.
All right.
What I wanna do now is Brackets.
You need to get it nice and soft.
Okay, I want to test that power
and test that balance.
Okay, let's try again.
Let's see how the knee feels.
That's it, that's it, that's it.
Okay, come back on the other leg.
- How'd that feel on the knee?
- It felt weak.
MERCURY: All right, throw it back to me.
Okay, stay focused, core, okay.
Stronger, throw it stronger.
Good, good.
Watch the core, watch the balance.
This'll hurt at some point.
Tell me when.
- Now, yeah.
- Okay.
Hey Darce, I want you to do me a favor.
Help out Mattie with some rehab.
Yeah, sure.
Come on, Mattie. Come on, let's go.
You got it, come on. Keep going.
Faster. Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go, Mattie. Come on.
MATTIE: Do you even know
where we're going?
- DARCY: You can do it, come on.
- Wait up.
DARCY: Keep going! Keep going!
- Almost there!
Any pain?
No, no pain.
Give me a little bit more.
- Any pain?
- No.
Okay, that's good, you can rest it.
You gotta let her compete in Sectionals.
MAN: (ON PHONE) She didn't qualify.
Look, Maurice, you owe me a favor.
I'm calling it in.
Pull your arms back a bit. Good.
Okay, resist.
Let's go backwards again.
Just wanna test the knee a little bit
with some power.
Okay, easy at first, just easy.
Yeah, nice in the knees.
Nice soft knees, nice and light at first.
- How's the balance feel?
- Okay.
Good, trust the edges, trust them.
A little more power in the knee.
Excellent, okay good.
All right.
Inside hop.
Can you do a landing position for me?
Just hold the landing. Yup, that's it.
Strengthen the knee, it looks good,
it looks really good.
Stay there. Stay there, kiddo.
Good, straighten the knee.
Draw the energy through, bend that knee.
It looks really good, stay
there, stay there, stay there.
- How's the knee feel?
- Good.
- You wanna take it for a test drive?
- Yeah.
I thought you told me
she didn't skate anymore.
Well, yeah, that's what she said.
Wasn't I right to tell
you not to trust her?
You might want to ask her
why she's lying to you.
- MERCURY: Good.
Heather, Heather, give me that.
That's good, that's good
that little insert there.
Stop, stop, stop.
Where are your arms, Heather?
Up, up, ball of light in your chest.
Beautiful swan not sick little duck.
Use your arms, it's not Riverdance.
Why do you live at the rink?
Well, my dad's a drunk,
he's in and out of jail.
- What about your mom?
- She took off.
I guess she just couldn't
stand him anymore.
That's rough.
It's okay.
I was practicing at the rink a lot,
Mercury kind of took me in.
Gave me a job,
let me sleep in the dressing rooms.
It's okay.
Heather said you got in a fight
with someone and hurt him pretty bad.
Yeah, it was a hockey fight.
Is that why you can't play anymore?
I can play.
The guy I hurt,
he was a friend
and he can't play anymore,
I figured I don't deserve to.
I'm sorry.
I think we're gonna need
to get your hair highlighted
before Sectionals, too.
And I was thinking
maybe a little Botox wouldn't hurt.
For who?
You don't want to be frowning
while you skate.
The judges like a nice calm, smooth face.
You don't know what the judges like.
Good taste is universal, dear.
Besides, I'm just looking out
for your best interest.
Didn't I warn you about Mattie?
- Hey, Heather.
- Why did you lie to me?
Was it all a con?
To see what I was planning,
see what I was wearing, hear my music?
I never lied to you.
You said you weren't skating anymore
but you are.
I even shared my secret
potato chip stash with you.
It's Mercury, I'm really liking the CRV.
Really, that's excellent news.
Listen, if you're not too busy tonight
I thought maybe you'd like
to grab a bite to eat?
You mean, like, a date?
A date, date?
Yeah, I guess, if you're not busy.
Well, actually, I am busy.
I'm having dinner with you.
Okay, so you take the outside edges
and fold them in the middle
to hide the edges
and then you break it in
three like this.
Okay, we'll try that again. (CHUCKLES)
I never saw my mom do it like this.
Well, now you know, sort of.
- Aunt Ginger, can I ask you something?
- Mmm-hmm.
Well, I don't know if I can answer
but, fire away.
If you don't tell someone, like,
exactly what you're doing,
it's not lying, is it?
Not that you're doing anything wrong but...
Well, that might depend on who
you're not telling and what you're doing.
In my books, lie to no one.
I mean, if you love them,
be honest with them.
They deserve it and so do you.
And if you don't love them, then why go
to the trouble of lying, right? (CHUCKLES)
Okay, here, try a bigger one.
Try the biggest one.
All right, outside...
KELLY: Mattie, you can talk to me.
Honey, what's the matter?
I lost my only friend I had at school.
What happened?
I lied to her, I didn't mean to but...
I did.
And I lied to you, too.
I think it's great that
you gave Mattie a job
and that you got her
such a fantastic sports doctor
and on top of that, apparently
you're coaching her for free.
What, did you think she's an orphan?
Or are you just trying to play hero.
Well, guess what, I don't
believe in heroes.
She told me she told you.
She told me she was coaching little kids.
Do you even have kids? You don't, do you.
It was your responsibility
to make sure I knew.
Parental consent, ever hear of it?
- I'm sorry.
- And you shouldn't be filling her head
full of dreams that can't happen.
That's what you think,
that this can't happen for her?
Not on my salary.
I'll cover the cost.
- No, I have taken enough handouts.
- This is not a handout.
Really, what is it then?
I want a champion and I think Mattie's it.
What about her knee?
She's doing rehab, it's strong
and getting stronger.
Look, Kelly, you've gotta let her skate.
You were a skater,
you know exactly what this means.
- I don't have a lot going on in my life.
- That's obvious.
Not since my wife died.
I'm sorry.
Mattie needs this, maybe I need this
just as much and maybe so do you.
Maybe together, we have a shot.
Okay, Mattie, let's do the whole program.
Turns out Angel is available
so we're taking the ice after all.
You canceled, Mattie has the ice.
We paid for it so we're un-canceling.
Heather, go get your skates on, sweetie.
Can you help her?
It's okay, you stay with me, honey.
Kelly, I heard you were back in town.
We've missed you.
I had no idea you were Heather's mother.
Well, insight never was your strong suit.
Heard the modeling thing didn't work out,
and you ended up hawking used cars.
And Mickey left you?
Not true, but this isn't
about you and I, is it?
No, this is about my daughter,
and I'm not gonna let you mess with her.
Look, you take half the ice,
we'll take the other half.
You want us to share the ice
after we've paid for it,
is that what you're saying?
There's plenty of ice,
it's that way or the highway.
Well, look who's been
making friends here already.
That was very tense.
I love drama.
- Mickey, Wild Mickey P.
- Yeah.
Rose and I were 19, both skaters
and she fell hard for him.
Let me guess, he fell for you.
So, Mattie is the
daughter of two skaters.
You know, you don't have to do this.
Are you gonna kick her off?
- Then I have to do it.
- Don't compete with her.
Another preview
Empty faces, empty mind
Thoughts are hidden behind the blinds
I can feel my head turn white
They're telling me
It's all a dream
And I can't see through
It doesn't mean
The end of me
And I will come through
Oh, my.
Thoughts had gone, if only time
Nothing in my head to find
So lock my heart
Behind your gaze
Hold up
And we can say
To listen
To hear me out
To hear me out
Deep down in me
The claws are out.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's this?
Personal space, people.
- Heather!
- Enough!
Get off the ice now!
You can't blame Mercury
for being mad at you.
I mean, what if you hurt yourself
doing something so stupid?
And all the hard work that you've done,
all the hard work he's done
to get you into Sectionals.
He got me in?
Yeah, he said he would.
Heather you can't let her beat you.
You're better than she is, you are.
Now, promise me that you're gonna win.
Heather, are you listening to me,
promise me that you're gonna beat her.
Yeah, and how can I promise you that?
Well, it's called
the law of intention, Heather.
You just make the intention,
it has to be crystal clear,
your intention needs to be,
"I'm gonna beat this girl."
And, well obviously anybody else.
Wait, shouldn't her intention just be
to be the best she can be?
That's not a very
worthwhile intention, Henry.
Sometimes you're so thick.
Promise me that you're gonna beat her.
Yes, Mom.
"Yes, Mom" what?
I promise I'll win.
Honey, I think you've had enough, yeah?
- Mattie's gonna need an amazing costume.
We'll be her official
sponsor, I'll call Ross.
- Ross?
- He's my BFF.
Works for the Ice Capades.
He'll whip up a costume in like a week
and guarantee it'll be stunning.
Oh, my gosh, this is exciting. (CHUCKLES)
Palladino's first skater.
Are you all right, honey?
- Are you eating something?
- No.
- Yes, you are. What are you eating?
- Nothing.
- Give it to me.
- No, no.
Potato chips, really?
Empty calories, full of
fat, full of grease,
bad for your skin,
bad for your figure.
Are you sabotaging yourself?
No, you're sabotaging me.
(SIGHS) Did I raise a loser?
No, I don't think so.
I'm only thinking about you here, okay?
You need to do whatever it is
you need to do
to win the competition, right? Okay?
Failure's not an option.
Potato chips are not part of that.
Are you crying?
No, I just got a little piece
of potato chip in my eye.
- Heather took them.
- Hey.
- You don't know that.
- Yes, I do.
Look, what matters is getting you
another pair of skates.
Even if Mercury finds some skates that fit,
you know you won't have time
to get used to them.
And with the knee...
Maybe it's best we just sit this one out.
Come on, you're young there's plenty
of competitions ahead for you.
I'm competing, Mom.
One way or another.
I am competing.
AUNT GINGER: Look what I found
in the garage.
Clearly, I keep everything.
All right, what size are you?
I think a eight and a half.
Eight and a half, let's see what
we can find in here. (GASPS)
- Oh, my God.
- My goodness.
Here are your skates.
These were custom made for your mother.
They need a little sharpening
but come on, let's try them on.
- Wouldn't it be great?
- These might be magic.
AUNT GINGER: It's gonna work.
You know, I can loosen them
a little bit more.
- Do you want me to put the laces on it.
- It's too tight.
- Well, let's just loosen...
- They won't fit!
Forget it. I'm sorry
lever started skating again.
- I can't believe...
- Sorry about that.
Heather the fabric doesn't
lie, it's too tight.
You had them make it too tight.
Don't be ridiculous,
we're gonna have to let this out.
Do you know what, I'm not competing.
Do not...
Do not pull this on me now, okay.
Not after everything I've put out for you.
(SCOFFS) What you've put out?
What about what I've put out.
The abuse I take from you.
It's not abuse, Heather. It's guidance.
I am trying to help you
become a better person.
- You just want me to win.
- Well, of course, I want you to win.
I'm not competing.
I'm not. It's my decision.
No, it isn't. Not after everything
I've sacrificed for you.
The number of days I have spent
in that cold arena drinking bad coffee.
You'll compete and you'll win.
Do you understand me?
You will compete and you'll win.
And this conversation's over.
And the love will drown the pain
Right in the world
In my dreams
And the promises will carry us through
In my dreams
And the love will drown the pain
Right in the world
Wow. Really? Wow.
You're kidding.
I'll tell her.
Honey, you're not going to believe this.
Your skates are back.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Wow.
- Wow.
Look at it!
Very sassy.
Thank you, Palladino's.
Oh... Put it on, come on,
I want a fashion show.
You okay?
Maybe a little nervous.
no matter what happens,
I want you to know
how very proud I am of you.
And I want you to do
one thing for me tomorrow.
What's that?
Go out there and have
the time of your life.
You're doing what you love,
so go and skate your heart out.
- Good night, baby.
- Good night.
MALE ANNOUNCER: La dies and gentlemen,
I'm sure you all agree
that was super terrific.
Wasn't that wonderful.
- We love you.
- Yeah.
We love you, Mattie!
- Hey, kid, how you feeling?
- Good.
Someone wants to meet you.
- Tessa Virtue.
- Hi.
- It's so nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
I saw you win your gold medal.
- How's the knee feeling?
- A lot better, thanks.
Good. You've earned this.
You're gonna be great.
Thank you.
Well, I just wanted to wish you luck,
have fun.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
- That was nice. You all set?
- Yeah.
And up next, folks, from Parry Sound,
Ontario, Suzy Kado.
Here competing for the
Regional Championship title.
Holy moly, these kids are good.
Can Mattie top this?
We'll see.
And up next folks,
from Parry Sound, Ontario...
And mark for Lori is 89.97.
Lori will be disappointed with that score.
148.23 is the combined score,
for Ruth Webster.
And up next, folks, is Mattie Dane.
Go, Mattie!
Mattie Dane is just back an the ice
after a recent serious knee injury.
Now, that's what we all call
a true competitor.
Oh, my God, I can't look.
Go ahead and breathe.
Who am Ito give advice
I'm nobody but take a listen
Just like everybody else I've got a story
I don't know how to say it nice
I shine it up and make it glisten
All I know is I belie
ve and it's reassuring
When I was out, when I was down
Somebody told me something
So simple but I follow it to this day
Hey, go follow your rainbow
Follow the rainbow
Hey don't believe when they say no
You say no
Hey, go follow your rainbow
Dan 't you believe, don 't you believe 'em
Hey, don't believe when they say no
Say, "Yeah "
I know what you might be thinking
That'll never work for me
Too young, too old, too poor
They're just excuses
Come on, come on, come on.
Okay, stay on the edge.
Do it, baby. You can do it, baby.
Hey, go follow your rainbow
Go follow your rainbow
Hey, don't believe when
they say no, say no
You got to
Hey, go follow your rainbow
And you'll find your pot of gold
Hey, don't believe
when they say no, say no
Look deep inside your heart
Well, what do you see,
when you're finally free
If you only take a chance
Now who am Ito give advice
I'm nobody but you better listen
AUNT GINGER: That's my girl! Come on!
'Cause I'm the little voice
inside your head saying
Hey, go follow your rainbow
Go follow, go follow your rainbow
Hey, don't believe when they say no
When they say no, don't you believe it
Hey, go follow your rainbow
And you will find your pot of gold
Dan 't you believe, don 't you believe it
Who am Ito give advice
I'm nobody but you better listen
- Yeah, Mattie!
- Go, Mattie!
I knew you could do it.
- We love you!
- Mattie.
- You were amazing.
- (SIGHS) Thank you.
(MOUTHING) Thank you.
MALE ANNOUNCER: The score for
Mattie Dana's long program is 102.30,
giving her a total score of 158...
What place?
- You're in first.
- First.
- You're in first!
The next skater from Lively, Ontario.
Representing the Sudbury Skating Club
is Heather Lear.
- She looks gorgeous.
- Quiet.
Folks there seems to be some problem.
Let her go, kiddo. This is yours.
She's my friend.
Heather, what are you doing?
I'm the one, I took your skates.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
(SOBBING) I'm so sorry.
But you brought them back.
I'm sorry.
You deserve to win, Mattie.
I don't deserve to skate.
- Not after what I did.
- You have to get back out there, Heather.
It's not fair to anybody,
especially yourself.
Just look at me, I'm a mess.
You're the black swan,
and you look just how
the black swan should look.
Thank you.
Heather, 30 seconds to get back on the ice
or you're disqualified.
Come on, 30 seconds to rock and roll.
- Come on.
- Go.
Go, Heather, please.
Do it for me.
She's crying, brilliant strategy,
adding drama to the moment
for the judges.
Look at the judges,
they can't take their eyes off her.
I didn't think she had
it in her, good girl.
Shut up, Rose.
Seriously, not another word.
Not a word.
Class move, kid. Class move.
You would have done the same.
Nope, not a chance.
(SOFTLY) Okay, Heather, let's do this.
That's great.
She only did a double.
It was perfect and so is she.
Way past time you realized that, Rose.
Our daughter is perfect
just the way she is.
It's too bad you can't see that.
I feel sorry for you.
She is perfect, isn't she?
She's great.
Thank you.
- I'm so proud of you, honey.
- Oh, Mom. (CHUCKLES)
MALE ANNOUNCER: Our winner is
Mattie Dane.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
it's time for the medal ceremony.
What a competition,
three young ladies here on the podium,
but many more that entertained us
and gave us a fantastic day.
And we have a special guest here,
an Olympic gold medalist to
present the medals herself, Tessa Virtue.
And, if you will, please grab the
bronze medal, present it to Suzy Kado.
The silver medal to Heather Lear.
And now the winner,
our gold medalist, Mattie Dane.
Way to go, Mattie.
Mattie Dane will be representing us
at the Nationals.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
When I see the moon against your eyes
It's all right
Everything has changed
And my senses are awakened to you
Oh, to you
The journeys we are making
The time that we are taking
So much
To do
It's all right
And it's all right
Well, it's all right
And it's all right
Everything is all right
Everything is all right