Ice Princess (2005) Movie Script

[# Aly and AJ: No One]
# I am moving through the crowd
# Trying to find myself
# Feel like a guitar
that's never played
# Will someone strum away?
# And I ask myself
# Who do I wanna be?
# Do I wanna throw away the key
# And invent a whole
new meaning to myself?
- # No one
- # Don't wanna be
# No one but me
# You are moving through the crowd
# Trying to find yourself
# Feeling like a doll left on a shelf
# Will someone take you down?
# And you ask yourself
# Who do I wanna be?
# Do I wanna throw away the key
# And invent a whole new me?
# Gotta tell yourself
- # No one
- # Don't wanna be
# No one but me
# Your life plays out
on the shadows on the wall
# Turn the light on to release it all
# You wonder what it's like
to not feel worthless
# So open all the blinds
# And draw the curtains
- # No one
- # Don't wanna be
# No one but me #
- Something wrong, Mr. Bast?
- No, not at all.
I was curious if you'd
started weighing college options.
Options? Uh...
Heard of the Helen Stoller
Physics Scholarship?
It's given to a student from this state
who shows most promise in science.
Wouldn't that be Ann or... Wyatt?
No, it's you.
You have a calling, Casey.
I do?
- What is it?
- Physics.
- Uh... sure.
- You're very lucky.
Most people search their
whole lives for their calling.
- How do you know you have a calling?
- Your brilliant teacher tells you.
And of course your 1 1 straight A-pluses
on exams is a hint.
You'll need a letter from me
for the scholarship
and think about a special
physics project over the summer.
Something unusual but personal.
Let them know you a little.
- He says it's my calling.
- QED.
How is this "quite easily demonstrated"?
You're as good in physics as I am.
Not even close. I grind, you glide.
Event horizon.
One day that guy will wake up
and realize he needs a math tutor.
And that tutor will be me.
Figure out how to get us invited to
even one party and you win the Nobel.
Hey, you're Casey, right?
Here's an invite
to my boyfriend's party.
You're in chem lab
with Julian Wilson, right?
- Mm-hm.
- Can you give that to him?
That was way inconsiderate.
I love Mr. Bast.
If he uncovered a scholarship
I didn't know about, he's a genius.
And to think they pay him
almost nothing.
The devaluation of teachers
in our society, it just...
- It blows my mind.
- Mom.
I'm back. Sorry.
I have to figure out
what he wants from me.
I mean, what is
a personal science project?
Isn't the nature of science supposed
to be completely unbiased and factual?
Now he wants the inner me, too?
The whole secret of the study of nature
lies in learning how to use one's eyes.
- You know who said that?
- I'm guessing it was a woman.
That was written by George Sand,
a woman forced to use a man's name
because she couldn't get published.
- Mom.
- Okay.
Anyway, I always tell my students,
"You'll know your topic
when you learn how to use your eyes."
[TV: classical music]
Oh! Oh, no...
She had it locked up.
I need to eat ice cream and all
your mother has is leftover tofu.
- Can we go?
- Sh! Sh!
Look at that recovery! Amazing.
She'll still place.
She's so precise.
I mean, down to the last...
You know...
I bet there is
an exact aerodynamic formula.
[# Jewel: Doin' Fine]
# We are
# What everyone wants to be
# We are young and carefree
# Life's a breeze
for people like you and me
# If you look
# Life lays out just like a road
# It's for us to grab a hold
# There's no one can tell us no
# We're alive
# And that we are
# Doin' fine #
- What do you think you're doing?
- I-I'm...
- Why are you filming skaters?
- For a physics project.
- You're scoping her triple loop. Why?
- No, I'm analyzing her movement.
- Who are you working for?
- Nobody.
Teddy, will you come over here?
I'm gonna call the cops.
No, I didn't think
it would be a problem.
I thought this was a public rink...
Private practice only
from six to ten.
These girls are training
for the regional championships,
which I think you perfectly well know.
No, I'm a student.
I have an ID.
I have a notebook.
Whoa, yeah.
Definitely spy code.
- What are you doing here?
- You know her?
She's a science geek.
Look, I'm sorry, but when the C.l.A.
wants to learn new dirty tricks,
they observe skaters
and their moms.
- Tina, can I have a word?
- Frank, not now.
I want to digitize
some images into my computer
to see if any kind of
unified theory emerges.
Okay, if Gen knows you
and you wanna
press your nose up against the glass
and take a few notes,
I don't really care.
But you'll have a hard sell
with the parents.
Absolutely not.
But no one outside of the scholarship
committee will ever see this program.
Here's the letter from my teacher
explaining the assignment.
And my driver's license.
Um... I've also got some letters of
references from people I baby-sat for.
[Tina] Let's keep it moving, girls.
It's possible. We'll have the Team Nikki
legal team check this out.
- [woman] Beautiful, sweetie.
- [girl] Thanks, Mom!
No talking to my daughter.
She's training.
No distraction.
Not a word. No.
Look, I don't care if you're here.
If you post me on the school website
falling on my butt,
you'd better transfer to another school.
[Coach] Okay, Nikki.
Let's try that again.
[Tina] Keep it moving.
[Tina] A little wider, that's it.
Hey! No street shoes on the ice!
I'm sorry... Sorry.
[boy] Gen!
Hello, hon.
Gen! Brian, she's training.
You know the rules.
- I brought her a burger, Mrs. H.
- Gen can't eat that.
- Come on, I'm burning tons of calories.
- Not enough.
- A half-hour?
- Not if you wanna win.
You should coach our basketball team.
We could use a kick in the butt.
If you don't leave this instant,
that's exactly what you'll get.
[Gen] Bye.
I do not want him coming here
during practice.
But I never get to see him.
Every other girl I know...
You're not like the other girls.
Winners make sacrifices.
Maybe they just cheat.
- Turn that off!
- Sorry.
Take it from the layback.
The conclusion's too simplistic.
The kinetic energy in a jump
equals half the skater's mass
times velocity squared, minus...
No, I could barely understand it.
I don't know if they'll care
but it's just a little bit...
Mr. Bast said
I have to make it personal.
- How do I do that?
- I don't know.
Put more you in it.
Oh, excuse me, Tina.
Is there any way
that I could take a few lessons?
I think I might be able to write better
about the physics principles
if I'm the one actually applying them.
- If there's any way I could...
- Fine.
We're starting a novice class
for the summer.
Three afternoons a week.
- Popcorn! I want popcorn!
- Where are my Gummi Bears?
- I gave them to you.
- [boy] Four hot dogs!
- Oh, I'm sorry...
- You touched that with your fingers.
Oh, fine. You don't want it?
I'll eat it.
Oh, you breathed on it!
You shouldn't work here.
You're here again?
Um... I'm working.
It's for my science project.
Aren't you going overboard
with this project?
No, I'm totally committed to it,
like you're committed to skating.
Whatever. I'm starving.
B.L.T. here. Hold the B, heavy on the L.
Um... sure.
Beef patty.
Squish it till it's dry. No bun.
- Salad for me.
- Coming up.
Just iceberg lettuce, half a cup
of garbanzos and a lemon wedge.
Oh, and a quarter cup of cheese.
Ooh, cheese!
It's Saturday.
I can pig out if I want to.
I don't know what's wrong.
I'm popping my Lutz.
It's all that cheese.
Would you shut up?
[Tiffany] I've gotta focus. I heard
Zoey Bloch's been sticking a quad.
That is a rumor.
Which she probably started herself.
Early in the season
for stupid head games.
- [Gen] Not for Zoey.
- Food's ready!
That is way more than a quarter cup.
Um... It's $1 .65,
$2.35 and $3.35.
That's $ 7.30. Or if you split it
the other way, it's $1 .75 and $5.55.
Whoa. You can keep it all
if you just stop doing that.
You're welcome.
All right, everybody.
Welcome to our Snowplow Sam class.
Let's line up.
Lookin' good.
Class, can you tell our assistant
the most important rule for this class?
- Mom...
- [all] Never be late.
Right. We have a lot to do
if we are going to be ready
for our recital in August.
We are going to work on our toe loop.
Our Lutz.
[children gasp]
But first, all of you
have to get comfortable
with throwing your bodies into the air.
Casey, you're the physics whiz.
What's that rule about what goes up?
it's that every particle attracts...
Must come down.
This... is your new best friend.
Oh! Oh...
Look, could you try not to, like,
squish me?
I'm sorry.
Casey. Pull your arms in tighter.
They're throwing you off balance.
- Arms in.
- Okay.
Now try that about 5,000 more times.
- Right.
- [Tina] Push over on your right leg.
[Tina] Don't look at your feet.
Look straight ahead.
That toe pick is there for a reason!
You dig it in.
Or no friends over for a week.
This is a lot of pressure for a recital.
It's not only a recital.
It's a U.S.F.S.A.J.S.T.
Earth speak, please?
It's the first step
in qualifying for the regionals.
- I mean for us kids.
- Oh.
- You don't have to do it.
- That's good.
Because it's not humanly possible.
[# Michelle Branch:
You Set Me Free]
# Can't you see
# There's a feeling
that's come over me
# Close my eyes
# You're the only one that leaves me
# Completely breathless
# No need to wonder why
# Sometimes a gift like this
you can't deny
# Oh, 'cause I wanted to fly
# So you gave me your wings
# And time held its breath
# So I could see, yeah
# And you set me free #
Are you out of your mind?!
Hey, don't you know anything?
No skating when the Zamboni's out.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
- Thank you.
- Oh, you're fine?
I'm sorry.
Look, you wanna tell me
what was in your head?
I've never skated on
such a smooth surface before.
I wanted to see what it was like.
- Lake skater?
- Pond. Near my house.
- Look, you need a hand.
- No! I'm good to go.
[Teddy laughs]
You must really want that A.
Wow, that's a lot of Styrofoam.
It's not for an A.
It's for a physics scholarship.
What, like, uh... inertia and drag
and velocity and all that?
- How do you know about that?
- I'm into cars.
Get this baby out on the road,
I can open her up to... miles an hour.
Blow the doors off
any street-sweeper in town.
Um... I should get home.
Yeah, you should.
Can't do the ice until you're off.
How's it coming?
It's coming.
It takes incredible training and effort
and there's artistry involved
but I'm sorry,
I just can't get past
the twinky little outfits.
Mom, they're actually
very aerodynamically sound.
It sets us back 50 years.
If I ever saw you squeezed into one of
those things, I'd probably start crying.
Believe me, you never will.
[Mom] Will you get some sleep?
This is my video presentation.
Hi. I'm Casey Carlyle.
Cut a second.
I sound like a driver's ed movie.
[Ann] Relax.
Do it like you're talking to me.
Hey, there. I'm Casey.
Oh, my God.
I forgot my last name.
Can I start over?
Hi. I'm Casey Carlyle.
I decided to see if I could make myself
prove my own hypothesis
on the application of physics
to the required elements
of competitive figure skating.
Now, I'm going to increase
the centripetal force
by tucking in my arms.
This will increase
my moment of inertia,
so I will spin...
I'll increase the height of my jump
by applying more force to my toe pick.
- You know, you look kinda hot.
- Shut up.
I'm gonna start off with a bad one.
For the before shot.
- Yeah, that pretty much blew.
- Okay.
- Now you're making me mad.
- [Ann] Good.
When you sign with Nike,
remember I wear size six and a half.
I want to do the recital.
For science.
Be here tonight, 5:30.
Mm! Tina... I have this
Harvard alumni tea thing at three.
Then, what are we talking about?
No, it's okay. I'll make it.
You have nothing to wear.
Come by my house at noon. Maybe
one of my old things will work for you.
Wow. Okay.
[Casey] Thanks!
[knock on door]
- [Mom] Sweetie?
- Just a second!
[knock on door]
Hold on!
- Almost ready?
- Uh-huh.
I have a surprise for you.
That does it.
I think the whole effect
is very grown up,
with a nod to femininity.
We've evolved past flaunting it,
but we don't have to deny it.
I mean, you are going to be mingling
with your future prospective
classmates and professors,
and I really wanted the look to say,
"We are serious."
Well, it definitely succeeds.
Mom, we don't have to stay at this thing
for more than an hour, right?
Um, because...
there's something I have to tell you.
Oh... Oh, honey.
- What was that?
- I've been so worried.
You've been living at that rink,
but you're here, now.
And you're excited, because
you understand what's really important.
Look, I've got goose bumps.
I'm sorry, that was so type A of me.
Mom disease.
Just relax. Just be yourself.
Your normal, poised,
charming, articulate...
Do you wanna go over it
one more time?
Hi. I'm Casey Carlyle,
and I'm attracted
to the physics program because...
Physics rocks.
In sophomore year, you can join
the Quantum Club and that rocks
because we compete against
Cal Tech, MIT and Stanford.
Last year, our ion particle accelerator
took first place.
It rocked.
Sounds really, um... rockin'.
It is, it really is.
Do you know what I think is great?
If Casey's scholarship works out,
I'm sensing that you two will be
spending scads of time together.
Hors d'oeuvre?
Oh, how wonderful, bruschetta.
If you have some time right now,
I'll take you through
the entire physical sciences syllabus.
We have got nothing but time!
Don't we, Case?
I know I'm late. I'm sorry.
That's the first rule.
[Tina] All right, let's get ready.
Come on.
- That's what she said...
- I have to do two turns...
- Really?
- Yeah.
We're supposed to go round
the side, remember?
- Oh...
- It's right there.
- Right there, is that better?
- Yeah...
Deep breath.
And then you let it out.
- It didn't work.
- Come on.
Okay, everybody.
[Tina] I'll take that.
- [whispers] Good luck.
- Thanks.
[Tina] Nice and slow.
Lily, no talking.
[crowd murmurs]
[# Lucy Woodward:
It's Oh So Quiet]
# Sh!
[all giggle]
# Sh!
Is she wearing your old costume?
# It's oh so still
# Sh! Sh!
# You're all alone
# Sh! Sh!
# And so peaceful until
# You fall in love
# Zing boom
# The sky up above
# Zing boom
# Is caving in
# Whoo! Whoo!
# You never been
so nuts about a guy
# You wanna laugh
You wanna cry
# You cross your heart
and hope to die
# You ring that bell
# Bim boom
# You shout and you yell
# Oh-oh-oh-oh
# You broke the spell
# Gee, this is swell
You almost have a fit
# This guy is gorge and I got hit
# There's no mistake
This is it
# You blow a fuse
# Zing boom
# The devil cuts loose
# Zing boom
# So, what's the use
# Whoo! Whoo!
# Of falling in love?
# The sky caves in
The devil cuts loose
# You blow blow blow
blow blow your fuse
# Oh! When you fall in love
# Sh! #
[man] Bravo!
- What's my score?
- How did I do?
How did I do?
"Novice pass." Yes!
- Casey, how did you do?
- Fine, I guess.
It says..."Junior pass."
[girls gasp]
- What?
- [girl] You skipped two levels.
[gasps and exclamations]
- Why didn't I skip two levels?
- Because you're six, Lily.
Junior level is where
Gen and Nikki and Tiff are at.
Is that true, Tina?
That I'm on a junior level?
Yes, it's true.
Okay, everybody, let's get changed.
[Gen] Come on, everybody. Let's go.
So, if I...
- If I wanted to compete?
- You can't.
Why not?
What happened was, the judges saw the
same thing I've been seeing all summer.
You got some raw talent. That's not
enough for a shot at the regionals.
You need a coach, a valet,
a choreographer, private ice time.
Nikki's parents took out
a second mortgage to do this.
- And Tiffany's dad works two jobs.
- Oh.
- Where d'you get those skates?
- Garage sale.
They're falling off your feet.
You need custom boots, $600 minimum,
and the blades need to be sharpened
every six weeks.
You get it?
I'm sorry. It is what it is.
You have to want it. You have to
want it more than anything else.
It's not something you do on a whim.
[alarm rings]
You know what I was thinking,
Miss Senior?
This is the last first day of school.
Because the next first day,
you'll be in a dorm.
So I went a little nuts.
I made pancakes with white flour.
[Nikki] Can you believe summer's over?
We're wasting our lives here.
- Heard you landed a double.
- Tiff!
- Well? That took me two years.
- Really?
- So I guess we'll see you then?
- No, you won't.
Not at the rink.
I can't train with you guys.
Why not?
Um, I can't afford it.
- Oh!
- Yeah.
But, um, it's been fun.
Look, Casey.
I'll tell you something, all right.
You don't know how lucky you are.
- For what?
- To have a life.
- You think I have a life?
- I know you do.
You have TV time, and friend time...
But you get to skate all you want.
[laughs] More than I want.
I'd love to be you.
Have a Saturday night,
see your boyfriend...
- Yeah...
- Eat what you want.
Like bread.
Buckets and buckets of bread.
Oh, boo-hoo-hoo! Who cares?
Who cares about all that stuff?
Don't you just wanna skate all the time?
- No.
- No.
What's the matter with you people?
Are you insane?
The Jumping Shrimp is a skating machine.
- "The Jumping Shrimp"?
- My mom copyrighted it.
See ya.
We must learn from her.
This is exactly what the
scholarship committee is looking for.
Your enthusiasm for the project
just leaps off the page.
In fact, it's so good,
you could probably sell it.
- Tiffany.
- Hey.
What if I told you
I could fix your spread eagle?
Would you like to learn how
to stop traveling on your sit spin?
I don't!
Well, maybe I do.
You could land your double Axel.
[# Hayden Panettiere: Fly]
# I needed some wings
to make it right
# I had to fly away
# I busted out and headed straight
# Now I'm lovin' life
# 'Cause nothin' can get in my way
# I'm the prettiest thing in the sky
# Break me, break me
# You think you can
Take me, take me...
And she's back!
How'd you score the rink time?
[Casey] I'm trading my science project.
Look, you carved up
my nice smooth ice.
But, you know, it wasn't so hard
watching you do it.
Mom? What are you doing here?
Orthodontist. New NightGuard fitting.
What's... What's going on here?
Who's this?
- Uh...
- Teddy.
[Casey] Right. Teddy.
Teddy drives the Zamboni.
Teddy the Zamboni driver.
[Mom] I thought you were
working on your project.
She was.
Your daughter's very talented.
And... and you are...?
- Tina.
- [Mom] Tina Harwood?
- Yes.
- The skater.
With all the trophies
and the little outfits.
Well, don't let me interrupt.
- Carry on with all your fun here.
- Thank you. I will.
- Come on, Mom.
- [Mom] Yes. Yes, of course.
Okay. You need to
keep your knees in tighter,
point your foot, so you'll spin faster.
Okay, easy enough.
[# Superchick: Get Up]
# I'm not afraid to fall
# It means I climbed up high
# To fall is not to fail
# You fail when you don't try
# Not afraid to fall
I might just...
# If I get up
I might fall back down again
# So let's get up, come on
# If I get up
I might fall back down again
# We get up anyway
# If I get up
I might fall back down again
# So let's get up, come on
# If I get up
I might fall back down again
# And I might
fall back down again #
- It worked!
- Just like you said it would.
The computer doesn't make the jumps.
That was all you.
Come on, Mom, just this one time.
I'll be back by eleven.
Come on, Mom, just this one time.
I'll be back by eleven.
You have a 5:30a.m. practice tomorrow.
Think you're gonna be all sparkly for
that if I let you stay out all hours?
Mom, I landed my Axel.
Can't I just have
one Saturday night, please?
Who are you going with?
Hi, um...
- D'you wanna hang out tonight?
- With you?
Yeah, you know, get something to eat.
- Maybe do a movie or something.
- Um... yeah.
[music plays]
- [Casey] But...
- [Gen] Here we are...
This doesn't look like a movie.
[Casey] Gen!
l, um...
I'm not dressed for a party.
Shake it.
Your hair.
Now, no one will notice.
Work the hair.
- Hi.
- Hi.
[music plays]
I don't know any of these people.
Sure, you do.
They're all in your class.
There's... Jason, football.
And Luke, soccer.
I know them but I...
I don't actually talk to them.
I don't talk to guys or... people.
Well, now would be
the perfect time to start.
- Hey, Kyle.
- Hey.
Casey, Kyle. Kyle plays hockey.
- Casey skates.
- Hey.
You guys have a lot in common.
Have fun.
But... I...
[Gen] Brian!
- So you skate, huh?
- Figure, uh... skate.
- Figure skate.
- Oh.
I wouldn't let the rest of the team
hear this but
you guys could probably
skate circles around us.
But not pushing a puck.
Why don't you come to our next game?
[all shout] Go! Go! Go!
- Uh-oh.
- What?
Well, assuming his weight
to be about 1 50lbs,
at that rate of descent, his
estimated trajectory would bring him...
...directly through the window.
I mean, it's a simple
V times M equals A miscalculation.
You know, velocity times momentum
equals acceleration.
Yeah, I have to, um...
Yeah, later.
Do you know who that was?
- That was Kyle Dayton.
- Way hot.
Word of advice.
Don't ever speak again.
When I get nervous,
I kind of babble a little.
It's like this gear gets loose
in my head.
Like those Planck diagrams, where...
You're doing that babbling thing again.
I think babbling is cool.
[Teddy] Come on, Casey.
[laughs] Thanks.
[# Jesse McCartney:
Get Your Shine On]
# Get your, get your shine on
Get your, get your shine on
# Too hot
Too hot... #
[laughter and chatter]
So you're Gen's cover tonight, huh?
It's usually my job.
She could've warned me
we were going to a party.
You know,
my sister has her own problems.
- Your sister?
- Yeah.
- You're Tina's son?
- Is that so hard to believe?
No, no, wow, I just, um...
- I just thought...
- I was the help?
I mean, I kinda am.
Gen skates and I fix stuff.
Well, most stuff.
An object is only as strong
as its weakest point.
Right, so...
Tell me about, um...
...fixing stuff.
Well, I mean the rink
was a pit when my mom bought it.
Mostly with her divorce money.
I helped bring it back.
I did the repair work, the painting...
The Zamboni.
That was my favorite part.
So, um, for you it's the science stuff?
Um... right.
- [girl] Sorry.
- [Casey Ah!
- [boy] Yeah, nice one!
- [girl] Klutz!
[girl] Dork.
Just can't keep off the ice, can you?
[alarm rings]
[alarm rings]
[# Emma Roberts:
If I Had My Way]
# I look around and see
the possibilities
# You know, it's fun to be me
# Never fit the crowd
Nothin' gets me down
# Never scared to dream
And if I
# If something can't be done
# I'm gonna prove them wrong
# Make everybody believe
# But if I had the chance
I would change it all
# That's what I'm ready to sing
# If I had it my way
I would change the world
# Just one girl if I, if I
# If I had it may way
# Yeah, ooh yeah
# I've got a buzz in me
# That no one ever sees
# It's in the attitude, yeah
# I'm gonna find a way
No matter what they say
# I do what I gotta do
# 'Cause when I
If something can't be done
# That only makes me strong
# It happens every time
# Na-na-na
na-na na-na na-na
# I can do anything
# Na-na-na
na-na na-na na-na #
- Hi.
- Where have you been?
Stayed late at school.
No, where have you been all week?
This tutoring thing
has got me totally stretched out.
Why are you doing this? This kid is the
dumbest ninth-grader on the planet.
Mom, it looks good on my application.
Ann's doing it too.
Ann was with you just now?
- Yeah. Five minutes ago.
- Ann just phoned for you.
- What's going on?
- Nothing.
And since when
do you get a C on a test?
I saw it in your room.
I was not snooping.
I mean, you and As
are like peanut butter and jelly.
- Is it belated rebellion?
- What?
Is it...
- ...a boy?
- Mom, no!
I'm sorry.
You do realize what is at stake
with your grades right now?
I know. I know. I'm sorry.
I feel bad about the C, okay?
- Can you just give it a rest?
- Sweetie!
Mom, I just want
to compete at regionals.
What do you have to gain by this?
- I'm good.
- So, what are you saying?
You wanna just blow off
our whole plan for you,
chuck the scholarship
and become a professional athlete?
Case, what is the shelf life
on an ice-skater?
Eight years?
And then a few years
touring with Has-Beens On Ice.
And that's it?
That's the end of your life?
I love it, Mom.
Case, there's no shelf life
on your mind.
If I'd learned to use mine
a little sooner,
if I'd gone to college
when I was your age,
maybe we wouldn't be living like this.
There's nothing wrong
with the way we live.
I've not been able to give you
a quarter of the things I've wanted to.
You've given me everything.
Then you need
to give me something now.
Attention, skaters!
We will be playing
classical music the entire ride.
Oh, Mom!
Unless, of course,
someone wins a trophy.
- And then its Outkast for you.
- Yeah!
And earplugs for me.
- [Tina] So, we're picking up a stray.
- Hey.
- Isn't your mom coming?
- She's not really into skating.
Guess what? Slonski Toyota sponsorship,
it's a done deal.
[Tiffany] We're way behind on marketing.
I'm working two jobs for you
because you're worth it.
And you'll be even more worth it
when you win.
Trs harsh.
You think?
Hey, watch this.
Hey, Nik.
Everyone says you and I
are gonna take first and second today.
Nice try.
- What was that about?
- Classic psych-out.
Softens up the competition
so they don't go all-out to win.
- Don't ever fall for it.
- Got it.
No matter what happens
in the short program,
even if you tank, just tell yourself
it's only one third of the score.
- Never freak till after the long.
- Freak after the long. Okay.
Hey, slowpoke!
You're coming too?
Well, I don't have to
if you don't want me to.
Well, I guess if the van
breaks down or something.
[# Gary Glitter: Rock And Roll]
[# Gary Glitter: Rock And Roll]
Hey, that's Zoey Bloch,
A.K.A. Skate Thief.
Well, well.
If it isn't the Leaping Dwarf.
It's the Jumping Shrimp, actually.
Like that's a step up?
- Don't talk to her, Nikki.
- And don't get any closer.
You don't wanna lose your skates.
Like I'd need to steal
her skates to win this?
- Or a lame computer program?
- How'd she know about that?
She's got eyes in the back of her horns.
- Beat it, Harwood.
- Make me, Bloch.
Don't engage, Gennifer.
You should know better than that.
Zoey, come on.
- Imagine you are in...
- A bubble. I know, Mom.
- Remember, don't...
- Deviate from my program.
[Tina] Even if you do nothing but fall,
it's not...
Even an option. I know, Mom.
Look at me.
[Zoey] So you're the one
trying to make it without a coach.
I just wanted to wish you luck. It's not
easy going out there your first time.
You just gotta keep focused.
And be impressive.
Set the groundwork for next year.
- Next year?
- No way are you gonna place this year.
The judges have already
ranked this thing in their minds.
Nice skates.
Hey, come on.
It's just another
classic psych-out.
It's the old, "You've already lost
so why bother trying?"
Come on.
Don't get offended.
Just one little question.
Haven't you heard of eyeliner?
Not yet. Casey!
Stop. Not yet.
I really appreciate the effort, but I
don't think there's a lot to work with.
- I'm...
- You're hot.
But stay away from Brian. He's mine.
Teddy you can have.
Oh, um, but I don't...
You know, I may not be as smart
as you are, but I'm not an idiot.
[PA] Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the 54th Annual
New England Regional
Figure Skating Competition.
Our first skater
for the short program
is Zoey Bloch
from Worcester, Massachusetts.
[crowd cheers and applauds]
[rock music]
[classical music]
[# Jacques Offenbach: Can Can ]
We love skating and we love gold!
[classical music]
Okay, we're in. Definitely top four.
You're going to the sectionals!
Unless Sasha Cohen
makes a guest appearance.
Good job.
Good luck.
[PA] Our final skater is Casey Carlyle
from Millbrook, Connecticut.
[indistinct chatter]
- Some numbers...
- Slip on a turn...
[# Madonna: Ray of Light]
# She's got herself
a universe gone quickly
# For the call of...
[crowd] Oh!
# ...thunder
# Threatens everyone
# And I feel like I just got home
# And I feel
# And I feel like I just got home
# I feel
Quicker than a...
Mom, she's got the crowd.
# Quicker than a ray of light
# Quicker than a ray of light
[crowd roars]
- Did you know she had a triple?
- She came to win.
She figured that out on her computer.
Mom, the computer
doesn't make the jumps for you.
# And I feel like I just got home
# And I feel
# And I feel like I just got home
# And I feel... #
[excited chatter]
Number one! Yes!
- Yeah!
- You crushed, baby!
It's only the short, shorty.
- [Gen] Fourth.
- We'll take it.
Fifth, that's great!
Yeah, but fifth
doesn't go to sectionals.
Skate a clean program tonight,
you can move up.
Knock me out of fourth.
you almost lost a boot out there.
- I know, it's giving out.
- I think you'd better come with me.
- How do they feel?
- I really can't accept these.
Just show me you deserve them.
And we'll need a pair of blades.
I'll have them sharpened for you
right away.
Tina, I can't believe
that you would help...
No fawning.
Thank you.
[PA] And the next performer
in the Junior Ladies Free Skate
is Casey Carlyle
from Millbrook, Connecticut.
[pop music]
[crowd] Oh!
[nervous chatter]
Who is it?
And that's how it's done, dwarf.
Shut up, pincushion.
[Nikki's mom] Come on, sweetie.
Excuse me.
I'm going to sectionals!
Good girl!
Are those new?
- Yeah.
- Are you crazy?
You can't compete on new skates.
They take, like,
a minimum of ten days to break in.
- Everybody knows that.
- But Tina didn't tell me.
You mean Tina,
whose robot daughter
almost didn't make sectionals
because of you?
Typical Tina Harwood.
Just like Sarajevo.
You don't know anything, do you?
They kicked her out.
You might wanna reconsider
that no-coach thing.
Bye, new girl.
- [Tina] Meet at the van in 40 minutes.
- [woman] Okay, sure thing.
There she is.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
- You were awesome.
- I am so happy that it's over.
- Are you happy about my feet?
- What?
I'm sorry, Casey,
but your old skates were a mess.
You bought her new skates?
Please, like you didn't know.
- Casey, I didn't!
- How can you lie to my face?
You're just as bad as she is.
- Hey, ease up, Casey.
- Oh, just defend her!
Like you weren't part of it.
- How could you think that?
- Because it's true.
You set me up. All of you.
What kind of people are you?
Come on, let's go.
Can you come and get me?
I'm at the skating rink at Westerly.
I want to come home.
Honey, get in the car.
Just get in the car, honey.
- How dare you?
- Just hang on, kids.
You think you can just waltz away
after injuring my daughter?
It's Joan, right?
Pulling her away from her studies
behind my back?
Filling her head with a fantasy that she
can skate and sabotaging her chances?
I did you a favor. You didn't want this
for Casey and you're right.
She's not cut out for it.
Is she gifted? I'll give her that.
But Casey won't fight for it.
She's too polite to do what you have to.
To push past everyone and everything
and just take it.
So that's the example
you set for your daughter.
To lie and to sneak around
and to cheat.
I made my daughter strong, and you made
Casey at home in a lecture hall.
And she'll do very well there.
So you see, we agree.
My daughter's brilliant and will
succeed at whatever she does.
But she will do it the right way
despite people like you
trying to convince her otherwise.
- I'm in shape. I can keep up with you.
- Go away.
- Casey, I didn't know!
- Right!
Where have you been? You are aware
you had practice half an hour ago?
- Yes, I'm aware.
- And?
And I'm done.
I'm quitting.
You've got to be kidding.
That's ridiculous.
No, I was ridiculous for putting myself
through this for so long.
We both know I don't have the talent.
Perseverance is nine tenths
of mastering any sport.
Do you know what I want?
No, you don't know what I want.
Because you never cared.
If you have any sense
of self preservation, you'll scatter.
- I'm listening.
- I wanna stop missing school.
I like school.
You know, it's stupid
and the band will probably be horrible,
but I wanna go
to the homecoming dance.
And I wanna go with Brian.
I want to stop feeling an idiot
for flunking math
because I don't have time to learn it.
- And I want...
- All right. All right.
- I can see maybe we've overdone it.
- Overdone it?
Just a little.
Casey's skates, Mom.
We'll continue this discussion at home.
- You heard the whole thing?
- Yeah.
Are you okay?
It's your slot, Casey.
If I drop out, you're next.
You'll go to sectionals.
Tomorrow's my Harvard interview.
That's my slot.
That's what I should be doing.
You sure about that?
It's a nice little experiment.
How does a triple loop jump
entitle you to a physics scholarship?
The proof of the experiment isn't in
the mumbo jumbo of the calculations.
It's in the improvement in the skating
of three junior champions.
I also applied the findings
to my own skating and...
...and actually managed
to implement the experiment
in a very rewarding
and entirely personal way.
Well, good,
because passion is a key component
of what we look for in students.
Passion makes people
go on to do exceptional things.
So, Casey,
why are you passionate about Harvard?
Dr. Healey,
my mom and I have been imagining
Harvard practically my whole life.
I can't believe I'm saying this,
but what I need to be doing,
I can't do here.
I'm sorry I've wasted your time.
I'm so sorry.
Miss Carlyle, we won't reschedule.
I know.
You can't do this, Case.
You're giving up your dream.
No, Mom,
I'm giving up your dream.
I'm going after mine.
- How did you know?
- Didn't think you'd give up.
Which meant you'd be out here
bumping it out.
Teddy, I've been trying to find
some way to apologize.
I've got some ideas about that.
Medium smooth or glassy?
I can't have a conversation with anybody
I haven't known since kindergarten,
so how come I can do that
in front of you?
Because you let people see you
when you skate.
But, Casey,
you can't win going it alone.
You're gonna need some help.
- What do you want?
- Five minutes.
You owe me that much.
If you're here for an apology,
you won't get one.
I'm not here for an apology.
Tell me what happened in Sarajevo.
Why didn't you win?
I had an unfortunate warm-up
before my short program.
I collided with another skater
and she got hurt.
Are you sorry?
Look, I paid my dues.
I was suspended.
By the time they considered reinstating
me, I was 26 and it was too late.
But there isn't a day goes by that
I don't wish I could relive that moment
and do it differently.
I want you to coach me for sectionals.
Why on earth would I do that?
Because you don't have a skater
and I don't have a coach.
- We're a perfect match.
- I don't think you have what it takes.
Tina, I have to do this.
I want this more than
I've ever wanted anything.
I said no to Harvard.
I will work harder than
any skater you have ever trained.
And if I fail, I fail,
but because I wasn't good enough,
not because I didn't have the guts.
I want to know what I can do in
this sport, and I'm going to find out.
The rink. Tomorrow, 5:30a.m.,
and get a good night's sleep.
You're gonna need it.
That you'd even consider
letting that woman back into your head!
I don't have to like her or trust her.
No, you just wanna
spend all your time with her.
- I'm not gonna turn into her.
- She's already rubbed off on you.
That's not true.
Where did this hair come from?
And the make-up and shirt?
I did not buy you that shirt.
That has nothing to do with it.
I think you wanna be exactly like her,
and if you happen to lie now and again,
well, hey, at least you'll be glamorous.
You think this is about glamour?
It is a sport, Mom.
It is a thrilling and beautiful sport.
Are you sure it doesn't
just make you feel beautiful?
So what if it does?
What is so horrible about that?
About feeling strong and graceful
and beautiful for once in my life?
Why are you jealous of her?
Well, I guess no matter how old we get,
the rest of us will still
always hate the prom queen.
You know it'll always be
the Casey and Mom show.
Do I?
But if you could just
come to the rink and see me.
Don't ask me! I can't!
Come with me right now. Mom.
Just come watch me skate,
and then tell me that I should stop.
You know what, I have a class,
all right?
[commentator] Welcome to ESPN
at the Eastern Sectional
Junior Ladies' Short Program.
I have to say,
from the practice sessions I've seen,
these ladies are fired up.
That's right. Every skater has worked
unbelievably hard to get here.
And every one of them
is ready to compete.
So, are you a science geek too?
Math geek.
Really? If I could pass math,
maybe I could get into college.
Do you tutor?
Do you know any cute guys?
First up in the Ladies' Short Program
is Zoey Bloch.
[Brian] She skates all out all the time
and this crowd is just rocking out.
[Michelle] Tiffany is probably the most
graceful skater in this competition,
and she's definitely on today.
[Brian] I thought Chantal
was showing signs of nerves earlier.
Not any more.
She's in total command out there.
[Brian] Fans call her The Jumping Shrimp
but remember that name
because this little dynamo
has been landing massive jumps.
[# Jacques Offenbach: Can Can]
[Brian] The word "newcomer" doesn't
even begin to cover Casey Carlyle.
[Michelle] She's never performed in
a skating competition until this season.
Definitely one to keep your eye on.
[commentator] The standings are
Zoey Bloch in first place,
Nikki Fletcher in second,
followed by Chantal DeGroat
and Casey Carlyle.
4.8s to 4.9s! One 5.0!
And one 4.6.
Oh, come on!
No "good job" or "way to go"?
- At least I landed the jumps.
- You're in the game, no more.
I'm not seeing much fluidity
coming out of your jumps
and that hurt you artistically.
Your next movement
is always part of the previous one.
Rub your feet for at least
five minutes and drink lots of water.
You pulled it out, girl!
"Only the short. It's only the short."
I lied. You mess up the short,
you can never win.
[both laugh]
Hey, did you work things out
with your mum?
Um, we've hardly spoken in two months.
I think I broke her heart.
[Joan Carlyle]
We can trace that plot line
from Euripides through Shakespeare
crossing the pond to Mark Twain,
finding contemporary echoes
in John Cheever or...
...Janet Jackson.
Don't you mean Shirley Jackson?
- You've done your reading.
- [laughter]
All right. Next week,
I want an essay on your candidate
for the "less-is-more feminist writer
of the 20th Century."
[commentator] From New York
City, New York, Emma Flanders.
[commentator] From New York
City, New York, Emma Flanders.
[cheering and applause]
This is it.
You can lose the long program
just sitting here
if you don't prepare properly.
- Put these in.
- Why?
Believe me, you don't wanna know.
If they fall, you'll get cocky,
if they bring the crowd
to its feet, you'll feel pressure.
No one else exists.
Go into the bubble.
[# Britney Spears: Toxic]
[# Pink Panther theme tune]
Forget it.
I just need to hear her voice.
[phone rings]
You've reached the Carlyles.
We're not here right now...
It's not about her.
This is about you.
[commentator] Our final skater is Casey
Carlyle from Millbrook, Connecticut.
One more thing.
Skate with your heart.
# All my life
# There was just me and my dreams
# And the days went ticking by
like the beat of my heart
# Spent my nights
wondering how it would feel
# When the waiting would end
and tomorrow would start
# Suddenly I see a light
# Out of the darkness
I'm coming alive
# So this is how it feels
Reaching for heaven
[Brian] And here's her opening jump,
a triple Salchow.
# Like a phoenix
rising from the flames
# I'm reaching for heaven
It's good for the nerves.
- Thanks.
- # All this time
# I never knew I was so strong
# A flame burning bright
# That was there all along
# In your eyes
I can see all I can be
# Suddenly I want it all
# I know you'll catch me
if ever I fall
# So this is how it feels
Reaching for heaven
# And this is how it feels
Kissing the sky
[Brian] Triple loop.
Perfect landing.
What? She just threw in
that triple Lutz!
Threw in's right,
complete improvisation.
- She deviated.
- And I'll bust her for it.
Who said you could let go?
# It's my turn to show you
# This is how it feels
I haven't seen anyone come back this far
from a disaster since Midori Ito
in the '92 Olympics.
[Michelle] That has to be
the rally of the year.
# I'm reaching for heaven
# Heaven #
[wild cheering]
[both squeal delightedly]
Casey Carlyle waits for marks.
Nikki and Zoey first and second
in the ordinals, DeGroat third.
[Brian] Will that fall cost her,
or will that rally,
not to mention the added technical
difficulty push her past the others?
[Michelle] High! 5.1 s and 5.2s.
They're almost dead even
with Nikki Fletcher's.
That's my daughter.
That's my daughter.
Here's her artistic set of marks.
Hold on. Hold on.
Those are almost even with Nikki's.
[Brian] Did she do it?
No, it's not enough.
She'll have to settle for silver.
This takes her to nationals and
who knows, maybe the 2006 Olympics.
With this skater,
anything is possible.
Thank you.
[Joan] Case?
If I'd known.
If I'd just taken ten minutes
and gone to the rink with you,
I never would have...
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
How could I not see?
You see me better than anybody.
Come on.
And you can drive the Zamboni
any time you want.
I was this close, this close to losing!
- Where did those triples come from?!
- Sweetheart, you...
Don't you know what'll happen
after six months with Tina?
- What?
- She's gonna whip my butt!
- Someone is gonna pay big time.
- Nikki. Can we have a word?
- Hello, Peter.
- Just wanted to say congrats.
We look forward to seeing The
Jumping Shrimp at the Nationals.
That is so sweet. I just went out there
and skated my best.
And today,
I guess my best was good enough.
- Love you.
- [squeak]
You know I can't afford this.
We'll need to find a sponsor.
I'm on it.
Burger Blast is interested.
Burger Blast?
Oh no, I am sorry. I'm sorry, no.
Why not?
If she can't eat it,
she can't endorse it.
We'll need something healthier.
How about Grape-Nuts?
What about cod liver oil?
- Guys.
- You know, I am her mother.
What I say goes.
She is my daughter.
- She is my skater.
- Well, daughter trumps skater.
Well, ask any professional athlete,
coach trumps mother every time.
And that boy,
we'll need to nip that in the bud.
I can't go through all this
and a boy too.
That is a huge distraction.
It's unacceptable.
- I don't believe this!
- You will be busy training.
And four college courses.
Four? Are you out of your mind,
with everything she's doing?
All right, two.
- But then four in the fall.
- Only if she wins sectionals.
Oh, she will.
# Release your inhibitions
Rip by Dead Zombie
# Feel the rain on your skin
# No one else can feel it for you,
only you can let it in
# No one else, no one else
can speak the words on your lips
# Drench yourself in words unspoken
# Live your life with arms wide open
# Today is where your book begins
# The rest is still unwritten #
# Sometimes it seems like you're falling
# Falling out of the sky
# Sometimes
it feels like you're slipping
# And running out of time
# And that's when
you've gotta throw it all away
# All of the things that people say
# And all of the doubts
that fill your mind
# Don't belong there
# Whatever you do
you'll never be wrong
# As long as you reach for it
# When you reach for it
nothing's too far
# And it's never too long
# As long as you reach for it
you can dream on it
# Everywhere
# There's so much distance
# Between what you want
and what you got
# But if you really want it
It's your life
# So you've gotta try
# You've gotta fight
# Whatever you do
It'll never be wrong
# You can reach for it
# You can reach for it #
# La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la, la
# Six am, radio playing
# Stumble out of bed
and out the door
# A brand new day
# I never thought
I'd have this feeling
# Never thought I'd get this far
# But I'm okay
# And I fly
# I reach out my hands
and touch the sky
# It's right in front of me
# And I'm trying,
just let go, relax, enjoy the ride
# And I feel free
# When I'm flying
# When I'm flying
# Thinking back
# There were days
I could barely make it out the door
# So much doubt
# Changed my mind, changed my ways
# Wasn't gonna do this any more
# I turned around
# Like a butterfly
# I choose not to hide any more
# I fly
# I fly
# And I fly,
I close my eyes and kiss the sky
# It's right in front of me #