Ice Road Killer (2022) Movie Script

I'm sorry, Mrs. Taylor.
The tuition payment couldn't
be processed.
What... what do you mean?
It bounced?
We don't really use that
term anymore.
I cleared everything
with the bank.
I... I checked all my accounts
I'm afraid the issue wasn't
on your side,
Mrs. Taylor, it seems we haven't
received the matching payment
from Laura's father.
Despite our efforts,
we've been unable to
get in contact.
We need to sort this out
by Monday
or Laura won't be able to resume
her studies.
Look, I could take care of this
right now
but I am in my freezing cold car
in the middle of nowhere.
I just need a week.
Just one...
Mrs. Taylor?
Mrs. Taylor, are you okay?
I'm fine, I think. I just...
There was someone on the road.
I have to call you back.
Hey, lady, what the hell?!
Are you crazy?
You could have killed me!
I'm so sorry! I didn't see you!
What are you doing out here?
Trying to get a ride,
what does it look like?
By causing a traffic accident?
Are you okay?
Ah, I mean, I guess if you don't
count the heart attack.
Where are you headed?
North. Near Holden Springs.
I'm not going that far,
but I can get you a lot closer.
If you need a lift.
How do I know you're not some
serial killer,
patrolling the highways for
young hitchhikers?
Uh, my name is Helen Taylor.
Take a picture of my license and
send it to your mother.
That's what I'd tell
my daughter to do.
After telling her never
to hitchhike.
I was freezing my ass off
So, what brings you out all this
way, Helen Taylor?
I'm picking my daughter up
from college.
We're headed up to a cabin near
Fallview for winter break.
Sounds domestic.
I don't get to see Laura
as much as I'd like these days.
Feels like a family reunion.
Sorry about the heat,
dial is busted.
So, uh, what do you do when
you're not on vacation?
Besides 50 in a 55 zone.
Uh, I'm a high school music
Piano mostly, some guitar.
What about you?
Um, let's just say
I'm in between jobs.
You letting your mother know
you're with me?
She must worry about you.
Out here, all alone.
Uh, mom's got other problems
to worry about.
Hey, I'm starving.
Got any bonbons in here?
A pack of peanuts?
What the hell, Helen?
Uh... I had some troubles
with an ex.
A cop I knew recommended
I buy one.
I've only used it once.
At a shooting range.
Aren't you just full of
Helen Taylor.
- Everything all right?
- Yeah.
Everything is hunky-dory.
My mom says hi.
Hopefully we can dodge
this snow storm.
Pretty swanky.
You must be loaded to afford
a school like this.
I've helped some, but Laura got
here mostly on her own,
thanks to a few scholarships.
I'll be right back.
Nature calls.
- Hi!
- Hey.
Where have you been, mom?
You said you'd be here by noon.
Sorry, sweetie.
I took a wrong turn
on highway five.
- Who is that?
- That's Carly.
Who the heck is Carly?
I picked her up on the way.
She was stranded in the middle
of nowhere all by herself,
- I couldn't just leave her.
- You picked up a hitchhiker?
Don't you watch
American crime story?
That's how every episode starts!
She's rough around the edges,
but she seems harmless.
She sort of reminds me of myself
at that age.
And that's what you were?
I thought we'd have some time
alone, a chance to talk.
We will. It's a long drive
to the cabin.
Even longer with this snow.
Maybe it will be nice to have
the distraction.
Here you go.
She gets shotgun?
I know you never had a sister,
but it's time you learned
to share.
I missed you, baby.
I don't like this, Boyd.
There's two of them.
We should call it off.
Hey, hey, this was your idea,
- Yeah, but...
- Find some easy Mark,
heading home for holidays,
stay off the truck routes
for a while.
We got this, baby.
We just need to stick
to the plan.
One last time and then Mexico.
One last time.
Then you and me, forever.
Now go, or they're gonna wonder
what's up.
You must be Laura.
I'm Carly.
I love your earrings.
Are those DKNY?
Knock-offs. But yeah.
Well, you have fantastic taste.
Helen, you didn't tell me your
daughter was such a hottie.
Chip off the old block.
Hey, what the hell, man!
Yo! You hearin' me?
Move your ass!
Yo, you got a problem, man,
or what?
Hey, you gonna move this thing
or not?
I know you.
Please, man.
Whatever you do,
just don't hurt Carly, okay?
She had nothing to do with this,
everything was...
A large polar
vortex is slowly moving inward
with temperatures predicted to
plummet overnight.
The national weather service has
issued a flash freeze watch
for the surrounding area,
advising drivers
to exercise caution when...
Do you think we could turn
the heat up, mom?
I'm freezing back here.
Sorry, sweetie,
the dial is busted.
Are you writing fiction
on that thing?
Or is it an autobiography?
Oh, yeah.
Just boyfriend troubles.
He prefers "partner," actually.
It's not like
we're getting married
and popping our kids
or whatever.
It's purely physical.
Sounds perfect. What's he into?
Uh, trucks.
Sometimes I wonder if he loves
his v8 more than me.
- What's his name?
- Uh, Boyd.
And some communication issues.
Speaking of boyfriends...
How are things with Brian?
We had a falling out.
Oh. Sorry to hear that.
You didn't mention anything
last time we spoke.
Must have slipped my mind.
There's been some distractions.
Mom, it reeks of exhaust
back here.
It's giving me a migraine.
When's the last time you had
this thing serviced?
It's on the list.
Right after
"pay December's rent,"
but before "open a retirement
savings plan."
You must be used to this sort
of cold, Carly,
hailing form Holden Springs.
That's where you said
you were headed.
Wasn't Holden Springs, like,
the second coldest spot
in the country last winter?
Second only to grand forks,
north Dakota.
I... I guess.
I don't catch much news.
But yeah, it's cold as hell.
When's the last time
you were there?
What the hell is his problem?
He's probably high on meth.
Boyd says they all do drugs
to stay awake.
It's us against an army
of sleepy junkies
driving 10-ton tanks.
- Very comforting.
- She's right, mom.
Why doesn't he just pass me?
Thank god.
- Is he slowing down?
- What the hell?
He's messing with you.
Just get ahead of him!
I'd love to but we're on
a solid double line.
Screw the double line, Helen!
Mitigating circumstances.
- Just wait.
- Here's your chance, mom.
Faster, mom! You're allowed to
speed when you're passing.
I am speeding.
He's speeding too.
Screw you!
Watch out, mom!
You shouldn't have done that,
Antagonized him like that.
My ex was a trucker.
They are not people to be
played with.
He was playing with us!
I don't even see
a license plate.
He's slowing down again.
Hang back, mom.
Give him space.
That's what I'm trying to do but
he's slowing down again.
So now what, we're supposed to
do 30 for the next hour
behind this knob?
Watch out, mom!
Mom, you okay?
- He just tried to kill us!
- What do we do?
We call the police.
I can't believe that
just happened.
And tell them what, "help, we've
been the victim of road rage?"
You're on a highway in America,
there's more road rage around
than gasoline.
He didn't even have a plate!
Maybe we report him as
a drunk driver.
That might get their attention
No, I know these roads.
There's, like, one cop for every
200 miles.
They're not gonna care about
some erratic driver.
The word is not "erratic,"
That was psychotic.
He just tried...
He's there!
He stopped.
That's creepy.
What do we do?
I'm calling the police.
Helen, wait.
We passed a turnoff to some
motel about a half mile back.
Let's just ditch this guy and
call it a night, okay?
You really want to spend
the next two hours
at some Podunk cop shack going
through paperwork?
No, let's go to the motel
and do like Laura says.
Report a drunk driver.
It's barely five. I thought
we'd make it by tonight.
I wasn't planning on stopping.
Come on, mom.
Warm bed, warm meal.
It's nearly dark and the cabin
is still, like,
five hours away.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe I have done enough driving
for one day.
It's okay.
I'll, uh, check to see
what they have,
but Carly, you can stay with us.
By the way, that was an awesome
drive you did
back there, Helen.
Really saved our asses.
It was pure adrenaline,
but thanks.
You and my mom seem to be
getting along.
Well, if it were my mom,
she would have driven the car
into a snow bank,
and blamed us for the frostbite.
Well, she's been through a lot
in her life.
It toughens a person.
You don't say.
Looks like an old porno
from the '70s.
- Does anyone smell cat pee?
- This is the only room they had
and the best I could afford,
and you're both welcome
to sleep in the car.
I could fall asleep right now.
But I know my stomach will
wake me up at midnight
if I don't eat something first.
- Any takers?
- That sounds great.
What about you, Carly?
I'm buying.
I think I'll just stay here
if that's okay.
Call my folks, let them know
where I'm at.
Okay, then.
I guess we'll see you later.
Come on, Helen, you gotta have
something better than this.
Baby, I found cash.
Like, 500 bucks.
Where are you? You were supposed
to be here by now.
Call me. We've gotta go.
Damn it, Boyd!
Damn it, Boyd, where are you?
They're gonna be back
any second!
We need to get out of here!
Are you sure it was a good idea
leaving Carly back there?
You don't think there's
something off about her?
She did say she was starving
back when I picked her up.
And now she turns down
a free meal?
But I also think she's young
and all alone,
putting on a tough front
out of self-defense.
You were saying you can relate.
Aren't you the one who is
always telling me
I shouldn't be so cynical
about people?
It all starts
with a little trust.
Two chicken-fried steak and
mashed potatoes.
- Yum.
- Enjoy.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
It's just, it's nice
being here with you.
I feel like I haven't had you
to myself in six months.
You've been so busy with school,
we haven't had much of
a chance to talk.
There is something I've
been meaning to talk about.
Is it okay if I go first?
Uh... it's about next semester.
What about next semester?
Uh, there's been a hiccup
with your tuition.
It's nothing I can't handle,
it's just, I might be
a little late.
I've been having some cash flow
So, what?
Is there a chance I can't
Well, right now I have about
500 bucks to my name.
I called the school and asked
for a grace period, but...
I don't know.
I've been looking at selling
the cabin.
Jeez, mom.
How'd you let it get this bad?
I didn't let it get this bad,
your father did.
Do you know what it's like
trying to collect
child support payments
from a felon?
Dad's complicated.
Algebra is complicated.
Your dad is a deadbeat,
pure and simple.
What about you?
You said you had something you
wanted to tell me.
No, it's nothing.
It can wait.
Is it just me or is this
the best chicken-fried steak
you've ever had?
I'll figure this out, sweetie.
I feel like I'm gonna keel over.
Would you mind
if I took this to go?
No, you go ahead.
I think I'll stay a bit.
Thank you.
Got some leftovers
if you're hungry.
Are you all right?
Are you crying?
I don't need something to eat.
I need something to drink.
Did you talk to your parents?
What is it?
Are they okay?
Did something happen back home?
Anything for you, hon?
Depends. Do you card?
Not especially.
Then I'll take a shot
of whiskey.
Make that two.
I'll just have another
mint tea, please.
Actually, make that three.
Just save you the trip.
What's happening, Carly?
I wouldn't even know
where to start.
Either my boyfriend is the
biggest tedhead I've ever met
and has a sense of humor
like Ted Bundy,
or I'm in a crazy pile
of trouble.
How did you two meet?
He picked me up near Bowesville
two years back.
His truck was as shiny as
a crystal ball.
I could see my future in it.
I'm sorry you're having issues.
Well, I guess we all have
our issues, huh, Laura?
How long have you been pregnant?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
I saw you take those pills.
You keep them
in an aspirin bottle,
but they're not aspirins.
They're for anti-nausea.
I know my pills.
Please don't tell my mom.
I've been meaning to tell her,
but she'll take it very
You misunderstand me.
I'm not threatening
to tell on you.
I'm asking if I can have
any extra.
My stomach's going nuclear.
Of course.
Here you go.
You're not supposed to take
those with alcohol.
Are you kidding me?
These go fantastic with alcohol.
It's like ketchup and
French fries.
Are you sure you're okay?
You keep looking around.
Are you expecting someone?
- Boyd?
- It's nothing.
Um... nobody.
Hey, hi, yeah.
I'll have another one.
Let's go.
Laura, is that you?
I don't...
Somebody here?
Boyd would have liked
this place.
He loved a chicken-fried steak.
So are you going to tell me
what happened?
If I tell you something awful...
Do you promise not to hate me?
Who is that? Is it Boyd?
You're not gonna read it?
I think Boyd might have
broken up with me.
I think he might be gone.
Oh, I'm so sorry, Carly.
That's awful.
There's more.
What is it?
You can tell me.
Come on, girls.
Finish your drinks.
- We're getting out of here.
- We're not staying the night?
- We just got here.
- It's not safe here.
Safe? What's that supposed
to mean?
Your mom's right.
We should get out of here.
Keep driving.
Am I missing something here?
We'll talk about it in the car.
I packed your bags.
Come on. Let's go.
The winter storm watch
has been upgraded to an extreme
cold weather warning.
Freezing temperatures and
gusting winds will make for
dangerous road condition hiding
patches of black ice.
Residents are being advised to
stay home if possible.
Be alert, and stay safe.
And now, a word from...
You okay, mom?
Why'd we have to leave so fast?
The room smelled like cat pee.
What's really going on?
You haven't said a word
since we left, Carly.
Everything all right?
There's someone coming up
behind us,
coming up fast.
So? What's the matter?
- Is someone following us?
- No, no one's following us.
You're sure acting like
somebody is following us.
Is it that trucker
from before, mom?
Are you worried
he's still after us?
How can you be sure?
Because I sabotaged that other
truck before we left.
I disconnected his power
He's not going anywhere.
Not for a while.
How'd you know how to do that?
I told you, my ex is a trucker.
I picked up a few things.
You saw that same big rig
at the motel?
That's why we left?
It's behind us now.
Are you sure you're good to keep
driving, mom?
- You must be exhausted.
- I can get us where we're going.
- Where are we going?
Straight to the cabin,
if we can make it.
Or we'll stop somewhere better
on the way for a while.
What about you, Carly?
You didn't sign up for this.
Is there some place
we can drop you?
Are you still going
the same way?
I think I'll just stick
with the two of you for a while.
If that's okay.
Now what?
Looks like the road
is blocked.
Some kind of accident.
Stop the car!
Stop the car!
What? Why?
What's going on?
I know that truck!
That's Boyd's truck!
- I don't under...
- Just stop the car!
Hold on, hold on...
- Let go! Let go of me!
- Easy now.
I can't let you get through.
Is he dead?! Is Boyd dead?
You know the owner of
the vehicle?
He's dead.
He's dead, isn't he?
There's no indication of that.
There's still a lot
we don't know right now.
You mean he wasn't in the truck
when you found it?
It was discovered abandoned.
We're searching the area
but the going is difficult
with this weather.
Right now, it looks like the
vehicle was stripped of parts
and then towed to this location.
Why would somebody do that?
That's a very good question.
I'll need to get some more
information from you
if that's okay.
If you wouldn't mind waiting,
we shouldn't be much longer.
Come on, Carly,
let's go back to the car.
Move along, please.
Move along.
What do you want us
to do, Carly?
Is there someone we can call
for you, family?
Boyd is my family.
Is there some place we can
drop you off?
Somewhere nearby?
I haven't...
Exactly been honest
with you about myself.
There's something
you should know about me.
That's his jacket.
Carly! Wait!
Where's she going?
It's not even loaded!
We have to go after her, mom!
No, you stay right here!
No way! I'm coming with you!
You stay in the car or consider
yourself disowned.
What the hell?
Boyd? Boyd!
Oh my god, Boyd!
Baby, what did he do to you?
I love you, baby.
No. Boyd!
Didn't think he'd last so long.
Guess he wanted to say goodbye.
You don't remember me?
We... we met last winter.
You were hitchhiking
near bedford.
I never picked up drifters,
as a rule,
but there you were.
So sad.
All alone.
We, uh, we talked a while.
You were nice to me.
I hadn't seen anyone in weeks.
You don't remember telling me
how sexy I was?
Take off my clothes?
Close my eyes?
Then you hit me on the back of
the head so hard
you cracked my...
Occipital bone.
Then you tied me up
and robbed me.
You and him.
You took it all.
I-I still get the headaches.
I can't sleep right,
think right.
I lost my license,
visits with my kids.
I've been looking for you
a long time, Carly.
You remember now?
It's hard to tell.
I've robbed a lot of big,
dumb truckers.
I think I'll start with
your thumbs.
This is for Boyd!
You're running on empty, Carly.
Maybe not your thumbs.
Maybe I'll start with your ears.
Come on, Carly, let's go!
What are you waiting for?
Shoot him!
- I can't do that!
- Why not?!
He tried to kill me!
He killed Boyd!
He's a psychopath!
He's not going anywhere.
Go back and get the cops.
- You have to kill him!
- No!
I am not going to shoot someone
lying helpless on the ground.
I'm not putting that on
my conscience.
Now go and get the police.
I'll keep him here for you
until you get back.
Don't move.
Don't move!
This isn't your fight.
She deserves what's coming.
I don't care what you think
she deserves.
You're going to jail.
You're not hurting anyone else.
You never should have stopped
for her, Helen.
Helping out a stranger,
that just makes you stupid.
Helping out a criminal,
that makes you guilty too.
How do you know my name?
I've been reading all about you.
Don't move!
Don't you want to see
what she planned for you?
This thief you'd give
your life for?
I said, don't move.
If you're willing to take
her side
knowing she's a liar,
are you willing to take
her place?
- You and Laura?
- Mom!
Mom, where are you?!
Wait, Laura, don't come here!
Stay where you are!
I'm coming to you!
Laura, wait!
I'm coming to you!
Mom, where are you!
Quick! They're over here!
- Mom!
- It's okay, Laura.
This way, quick!
Through here.
They're over here.
Right over here.
They were right here.
They were...
They were right here!
He was right here!
- Mom!
- Find him!
Find him!
Mom, we need to talk
about Carly.
I read her texts,
she's not telling us the truth.
- She is...
- I know she isn't, sweetie.
I know.
We just need to wait for...
You didn't find him?
It's too wide of an area to
cover in this darkness.
I've requested a canine unit,
but it will take some time.
If they can stand this cold.
He was right there,
he was dragging a body.
If he's out there,
we'll find him.
Right now, we're asking people
to find shelter,
stay off the roads.
We've got your statements,
- we'll be in touch soon.
- What happens to us?
A young man was killed.
That trucker,
he's been stalking,
he has my daughter's...
I'm sorry ma'am, we're getting
calls of a multi-car pile-up
on highway 10, we're just spread
too thin right now.
Now I'm gonna assume you have
a license for the gun.
There's a diner
not too far from here.
They keep a few rooms out back.
I'll let them know
you're coming.
- You can't just leave us here.
- You'll be safe at Earl's.
Stay visible, stay in public.
You call us if this trucker
shows up.
I can't believe this.
Mom, we need to talk
about Carly.
Hey, guys.
Have you seen my phone?
I thought it was in the car,
but has anybody seen it?
Yeah, here.
It was in the back.
Well, you heard what he said.
Let's go find this diner.
Well, look what the polar bear
dragged in.
Get yourselves inside,
it's colder than a gravedigger's
shovel out there.
Follow me.
Have a seat right there.
Menu's just a formality tonight.
Sent the staff home
due to the cold snap.
I'm not whipping up
anything new,
but I've got a pot of
mulligan stew on the stove,
and I'm offering free seconds.
Sounds good,
we'll take three bowls.
Coming right up.
It's time that you told us
the truth
about what's going on here.
About Boyd.
No more lies.
She's nothing but a thief.
Why would you expect her to tell
the truth now?
Was that the whole plan, Carly?
Rob us in our sleep,
take everything we had?
Something like that.
From the moment I picked you up,
it was all some con,
I was nothing but a Mark to you.
I was trying to help you.
What the hell is the matter
with you?
I didn't ask for your help,
You're not my mom, you're not my
sister, you're not my friend,
you're just some stranger
in a car.
You were standing alone
by the side of the highway
with your thumb out.
How is that not asking for help?
I wasn't looking for help.
I was looking for a sucker!
Don't you get that?
You're just a sucker!
Carly, stay.
Just talk to us.
We can still figure this out.
Yeah, sure, whatever.
It's forgiveness day
at Earl's diner.
We are not your enemy.
Right now, we need to work
You need to tell us
what's going on.
This trucker, he's after you.
What happened between you?
I guess he thinks me and Boyd
ruined his crappy life.
Why would he think that?
Because he's crazy, that's why!
Three bowls of mulligan stew.
There you go.
And a basket of butter rolls
on the house.
You know, Carly,
once upon a time, I wasn't all
that different from you.
Sure you weren't.
I had a boyfriend,
he was a lot like Boyd.
His name was Daryl.
I loved him more than cigarettes
and apple pie.
I even married him for a while.
I loved that boy so much,
he could talk me into anything.
Before he was a trucker,
he liked to steal cars.
So we stole cars.
You were a badass, Helen?
No, never quite.
I liked making our plans,
figuring our angles.
Being partners.
But then I saw some of
the things he had to do
when plans went wrong.
And the thing about plans
like that, they go wrong a lot.
I stopped.
When Daryl got caught,
I stood by him for a while.
Paid his lawyer's fees,
his appeals.
And then I found out...
That love, for him,
was just another long con.
I've been putting my life back
together for a long time now.
Some of the pieces even
seem to fit.
How did you do that?
Put your life back together?
Well, I had to admit that
I could make some bad choices.
That my instincts are not
some golden guide.
Sometimes they're flat-out
It was only after I took
ownership of those bad choices
that I could start to make some
good ones again.
I don't blame you if you
ditch me.
I would have done the
same thing.
If you go...
Maybe he'll settle for just me.
We're not gonna
ditch you, Carly.
It's just a hell of a thing
you put us in.
We're gonna work this out
The three of us.
What do we do?
I'm not getting a connection.
- You girls wait here.
- What are you doing?
Calling the police.
- Can I use your phone?
- Sorry, hon.
Phone's been out since just
before you got here.
Storm took the lines out.
We're on our own
'til morning, likely.
Is everything okay?
You look like you're either
gonna burst into tears
or burst into flames.
I just, I...
It's nothing.
The phone lines are down.
We can't call anyone.
- What now, mom?
- We rush him.
All three of us.
Helen shoots him in the back,
I'll stab him in the neck.
- Laura distracts.
- Distracts?
You know we can't
do that, right?
What if we confront him and
something goes wrong?
Someone innocent gets hurt?
Like them, or him.
- They didn't ask for this.
- It's self-defense.
Not yet, it isn't.
Fine, then call it capital
This is death row,
this is his last meal.
We are not the judge
and jury here.
So what do you suggest we do?
Just surrender?
We wait.
There's nothing he can do here.
Not with all these people
Are you sure?
What if we find some zip ties?
Tie him up, wait for the cops.
It won't work.
There's a hack for that.
Put your hands up,
and you snap your forearms
into your hip bones,
it'll snap right off.
Then we'll use rope.
Or bungee cords,
or tied-together napkins.
We are not tying anyone up.
Screw this.
Carly, what are you doing?
- Delivering his sentence.
- Carly!
- Do I know you, sweetheart?
- I don't think so.
You have yourselves
a good night, then, ladies.
You stay off those roads.
You heading back out into that,
are you, Joe?
Ah, no worries. I'm hauling
30 tons of road salt.
- Next time, Earl.
- Take care, Joe.
That was intense.
I almost just shanked that guy.
You know what? I think this
calls for a drink.
- Who's with me?
- Nothing for me, mom.
Are you sure, honey?
I'm buying.
No, I'm good.
It can't be.
It's him.
We've been here,
how did we miss him?
He trapped us.
We're just sitting ducks.
What if he planned the whole
Blocked the highway just
to get us here.
Can I get you ladies
anything else?
You sure you're all doing okay?
I think we're done eating.
Um, officer Matthews said that
you have a guest room here.
He said he'd call ahead.
Oh, yeah, yeah. You all need a
place to bunk for the night?
Well, right this way.
I've got two soft beds,
and all the blankets
you can stomach.
Follow me.
Right this way.
Be sure to let me know
if you need anything else.
Thank you so much.
For all of this,
you've done so much.
It's nothing, hon.
We need to take
care of one another.
Especially on a night like this.
Come on.
There we go.
So what now?
We wait here.
We keep the door barricaded
and we wait until morning.
As soon as the storm clears,
we call the police.
And if it comes to it...
We defend ourselves.
You should have shot him, Helen.
You should have killed that
bastard when you had the chance.
Hey, don't forget
this is all your fault!
We were just trying to help you.
I can take care of myself.
I don't need a babysitter.
Bite me!
We just bailed your ass out!
Careful, Laura.
You don't want
to get too excited.
Strain yourself.
What does she mean by that?
You hurt?
You're pregnant?
I've been meaning to tell you.
Why didn't you?
I was planning on telling you,
but then you showed up
with Carly in the car,
it kind of threw me off.
When, um...
When did this happen?
Six weeks ago, or so.
I just wish you'd told me.
The plan was to save it,
like, you know, for our
all-day, all-night
mother-daughter road trip.
But, then...
Oh, god.
Oh, my daughter's pregnant.
Oh, god.
My daughter's having a baby.
Whatever, mom.
We've got bigger fish
to fry right now.
Oh, we are going to this out,
honey, don't worry.
We will figure this out.
She's right, you know.
About owning up
to all your awful.
If you don't do it,
life up and does it for you.
Whatever you've done,
you don't deserve this.
Nobody does.
Whatever I've done.
You think forgiving
makes things better?
Like it ever makes you forget?
I see how you two are.
My mom and I, it was always...
If I wasn't so gutless,
I'd be out there
dealing with this myself.
Promise me you won't do that.
We stick together.
We wait this out.
Like my mom said.
I don't deserve your help.
Help's not some reward.
It's not some prize to be won.
It's just help.
Carly! What are you doing?
What am I doing?
What the hell are you doing?
- Saving you!
- Save yourself you idiot!
I'm about to shoot that
son of a bitch in the face!
You don't want any part of it.
Carly, you're not alone.
We can help you. We...
You killed Boyd!
You killed Boyd you piece of...
I lied, Carly,
when I said I'd start
with your thumbs.
Think I'll start with your toes.
Or maybe your tongue.
Get off her!
Please, Im...
You shouldn't
have got in the way.
Leave her alone!
This is for Boyd.
Say hi to him for me.
Stop. Stop!
Stop! Laura!
No, no, no!
St... No!
Please, please.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
You're okay,
you're okay, you're okay.
Mom, you found me.
Of course I found you.
What happened to your head?
You're bleeding.
I'm okay,
it only hurts a little.
Let's get you out of here.
I thought I'd lost you.
When I woke up and you
and Carly weren't there...
What is it?
Where's Carly?
I saw him do it, mom.
I saw him do it
and I just froze.
Saw him do what?
He killed her, mom!
Oh, my god.
She's dead!
I'm so sorry, baby.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay. It feels okay.
You have been so brave,
That was so smart of you to
send your location like that.
Where's your phone now?
Is it still working?
Your GPS signal.
I followed it to get here.
Mom, my phone's gone.
He took it.
I didn't send you any signal.
The chopping stopped.
We have to get out of here now.
We have to get out of here.
You got my invite.
Nobody wants to die alone.
You can't make
this go away, Helen.
You started this.
You provoked this.
Hurry, help me move this!
You should have minded
your own business, Helen!
You never should
have stopped for her!
You never should have stopped!
Let's get out of here!
Guess we had that in common.
The instinct to help,
to stop for a stranger.
Hurry, mom!
That weakness
that makes us suckers.
I was a company man,
until Carly came along.
And she cracked my head so hard
my life bled through my ears!
Come on!
All so she could steal
80 bucks from me.
All for 80 bucks!
Come on, baby. You can do this.
Keep going. Keep going.
Laura, you have to get up.
- We have to...
- Something feels wrong.
Hold on, sweetie, just hold on.
Get up there.
Why is there no keys?!
What do we do?
Did I ever tell you about
the time that your dad
taught me how to
drive a big rig?
I don't think so.
He'd had a few too many
to drink that night,
and he dared me to help him out.
He showed me
how to float a clutch
and keep the bobtail straight,
but you wanna know the best
thing he taught me that night,
'cause he also
lost his damn keys?
He taught me how
to hotwire a big rig.
Okay. Splitter on l.
Push down slowly
on the accelerator.
Slowly ease off the clutch...
And we're off.
I told you, Helen,
you just won't listen.
This is your last stop.
You have only yourself
to blame for this, Helen.
You're the one
who made this happen.
You're the one who got involved.
I was on a path.
I was on a path of justice,
and... and it was righteous.
But you got in the way.
You never should have
stopped for her, Helen.
You never should have stopped!
Now, we're trapped
in this together.
Now, no one is going anywhere.
It's time to let it all burn.
It's too late, Helen.
You can't change this.
Get off of her!
Not yet!
Mom, mom!
You got him.
You got him.
It's okay, mom.
You got him.
He's gone.
Are you okay?
I think I am.
We gotta get you out of here.
We gotta get to a hospital.
Can you walk, baby?
What are we going to do?
Someone will come,
and we'll flag someone down.
Mom, I'm so cold.
Someone's coming, okay? Hold on.
Don't give up.
The next one's
going to stop, okay?
I promise.
There, there!
There's one, there's one!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Please, please!
Please, please,
my-my daughter, she's hurt.
Please, she needs to
go to a hospital. Please.
Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you.
Okay, yes. Yes.
Please, don't leave.
They've stopped.
It's okay.
There you go, sweetheart.
I don't usually
pick up hitchhikers.
I understand that.
We appreciate you helping us.