Ice Sculpture Christmas (2015) Movie Script

["Deck the Halls"]
["Good King Wenceslas"]
["Hark, the Herald Angels Sing"]
[man chuckles]
You can go.
Don't get
too close, Callie.
Okay, Mom.
This is beautiful.
Well, it's easy
when you're inspired.
You're welcome.
Here you go.
What are you going to do
with that?
It's an angel.
My mom says
the sculpture's already there.
You just have to look past
the parts that you don't need.
I'm David. David Manning.
I know.
My dad says
your dad is very important.
He's the King of Wall Street.
I guess that makes you
the prince.
Never thought of that.
I'm going to be a chef.
You mean, like a cook?
Not just a cook.
A culinary artist.
And chefs get to make
ice sculptures.
Hey, kids.
Dad, Mom...
this is David.
Hi, David.
Having fun?
Yes... Definitely.
I've got to go.
I'll see you inside
for the Christmas dinner.
Dinner is for
the club members only, honey.
But you work here, Dad.
It's not
the same thing.
Hello, Frank.
Mrs. Shaw.
Outstanding job
on the decorations, Frank.
You really outdid
yourself this year.
Thank you,
Mr. Manning.
I really
appreciate that, sir.
We're going
to be late, son.
I hope you find your angel.
I will.
I told you, see?
It's a snowman.
It's made out of ice.
It's an Ice Man.
Which is it, Callie?
A snowman or an ice man?
He is whatever
you want him to be.
That's the best part.
Hey, kids.
Come on, let's go.
See you guys later.
Dad! More Christmas
decorations for the club?
Well, I picked up
a few more things.
You can never have
too many Christmas decorations.
And hey...
I packed you a lunch
for your first day.
Dad, I'm working
in the kitchen.
Well, you never know
if they're going to feed you.
Thank you.
You excited?
Excited and nervous.
you're going
to do great.
If you had told me
that someday
I'd be working as a dishwasher
at the club,
I would have said
you were crazy.
They're lucky to have you.
Three years in Culinary School?
You could run
that place.
Right now,
I'm just happy for the work.
And this could be
a real opportunity for me.
I'm working with
an honest-to-goodness top chef.
Kind of. Indirectly.
Thank you, Dad.
Let's get going.
You don't want to be late
for your first day, do you?
Come on.
Thank you, honey.
Nobody does Christmas
like you, Dad.
Well, your mom
got me started.
Her favorite time of year.
Well, I've got
to get to work.
So do you.
Wish me luck!
Good luck, honey.
Mwah! [laughs]
[Woman]: Tonight's special
will be served
with Julienned vegetables
and new potatoes today.
Marco, remember,
we're pushing
the six courses...
Which brings us
to our staff meetings.
They are especially important
during the holidays
in order to head off
any problems or conflicts--
Excuse me?
Can I help you?
Oh. Uh, no.
I'm all good.
Okay, this meeting
is for kitchen staff only.
Yes, uh...
this is my first day.
I'm just a dishwasher,
so should I wait outside?
Yes. Hi.
Please, join us.
this is Callie Shaw,
the newest member
of our team.
"Just" a dishwasher?
Jen, what do I say
about dishwashers?
Dishwashers have
the most important job
in the whole kitchen.
And do you know
why that is?
Because if dishwashers
don't do their jobs,
chefs don't have dishes.
If chefs don't have dishes,
we have no place
to put our food.
If we have no place
to put our food,
our wait staff
cannot serve our guests.
If our guests go hungry,
they tend not to come back.
And if our guests
don't come back,
we're all out of a job!
I'm Chef Gloria.
This is my kitchen.
We have staff meetings
every Thursday at 10:00 a.m.,
and I expect you
to be on time.
Now, where was I?
The holidays.
December is easily
the busiest time of year
for our kitchen.
Between the Christmas Party
next week
and our signature
ice sculpting contest...
Which our own Chef Gloria
has won forever.
Jen, it's only been
three years.
So far.
[they laugh]
Everyone will need to be
at the top of their game...
especially since
we're a man down.
As you may have heard,
our own Chef Douglas
left us... unexpectedly.
We will all need
to pick up the slack
until we hire a new sous-chef.
Unfortunately, Chef Douglas
was also scheduled
to lead the ice
sculpting demonstration
at the Ladies Luncheon.
[Gloria]: Callie, I seem
to recall from your resume
that you have
some ice carving experience?
Uh, y-yes.
But if anybody else
Demonstration is at 1:00.
You'll return
to your dishwashing duties
when you're through.
Thank you, everyone.
Back to work.
-Hi. Callie?
-Hi. I'm Zack.
-Oh, hi.
-I'm also a dishwasher.
-Oh, no way!
-Yeah, welcome.
-Very nice to meet you.
You as well.
-Do you want to see your spot?
-I would love to.
It's right back here.
-Thank you so much.
-No problem at all.
[she laughs]
So how's
your first day been?
Really good.
Everyone seems so nice.
So, um, how long
have you worked here?
-Five years.
Yeah. Oh, could you check
that strap for me?
Of course.
Just make sure
it's nice and tight.
I think we're going
to make a Christmas tree--
[the man sighs]
Zack, can you get that
to the luncheon?
I will be right there.
I'm on it.
My phone!
Come on!
Hey, you guys see
a girl run through here?
Over there?
Thank you.
What are doing?
Saving your phone.
Dry rice absorbs the moisture.
Don't turn it on for 24 hours.
Who are you?
I'm the new dishwasher.
There you are.
Callie! The demo?
The ladies are waiting.
24 hours.
Bye, David.
Hey, everyone.
I'm so sorry
to make you guys wait.
I... really like
the new cell phone case.
Had a bit of a run-in
with a giant block of ice,
and my phone,
and a fountain.
But apparently,
this helps.
Dried rice.
My grandson
taught me that trick.
Very clever,
Thanks, Mr. Bradford.
All right.
What do you say
we order some lunch
and get down to business?
Sounds good.
Ooh, I can't have
roasted garlic.
So you can see
at this point
that the ice is getting
much softer.
Now, ice carving
can be traced back
hundreds of years.
Poor Chinese fishermen
who couldn't afford oil lamps,
carved ice lanterns
so they could protect
their candles
from winds at night.
that's a little history lesson
for you.
We'll have the full proposal
to you
by the end of next week,
Mr. Bradford.
Looking forward to it.
Call me
if there's a problem.
Will do.
End of next week?
I know we're
cutting it close,
but this would be
the biggest deal
we have ever landed.
You've never let me down
before, David.
Yeah, but Dad,
this is...
So I'm counting on you
to pull this off.
You too, Brooke.
Keep him on his toes.
Will do, Mr. Manning.
All right,
let's have it.
You were in a fog
all through lunch.
What? No.
What's her name?
It's not like that,
all right?
I just...
I ran into somebody
I think I met
when we were kids.
Look, why don't you, uh...
why don't you go on ahead?
I'll catch a ride back
to the office, all right?
But remember,
we're on a deadline now.
I... End of next week.
So we're going to sand down
all of the edges,
just a little,
and then this is
my favorite part.
Our last step
is to bond the star
to the... tree...
using the dry ice technique
we discussed earlier.
Callie Shaw!
Excuse me.
They're running low on ice
in the kitchen.
Are you almost done
with that?
[Callie]: I can't believe
you remember me.
Oh, are you kidding?
Ever since we met,
I haven't been able
to look at a piece of ice
the same way.
Come on!
So, listen, I heard
you went to culinary school.
You became a chef, just
like you said you would.
I went to school, yes.
Jury's still out
on the chef part.
But I hear
you went to Princeton...
business degree
and everything.
Yeah, yeah...
comes in handy
when I'm trying to
impress people at parties.
You want to see it?
So how long before
you inherit the kingdom?
I don't know.
You'd have
to ask my Dad.
Right now, I'm just
another one of his drones.
I doubt that.
So, what about you?
Is ice carving your thing?
No, it's a chef thing.
They teach us in school
to have as many skills
as possible,
but no one's been asking
for ice sculptures
at Burger Jack
and Chicken-Lickin',
where I've been working.
Well, what about
the ice sculpture contest?
What are you doing?
That's Chef Gloria's turf.
Yeah, but I saw
your Christmas tree.
I mean... you've got
some serious chops.
No pun intended.
I think you should enter.
I think you could
show everyone
you're not just
a dishwasher.
I've got a better idea.
I'm going to lay low,
new girl style.
All right.
But thanks
for the pep talk.
I've got to get to work,
but I'll see you around.
All right.
So how's it going
with the prep
for the Christmas party?
Uh, it's good.
You know.
You don't sound too excited.
I'm fine.
I've been doing it
long enough.
Everyone at the club
will have a good time.
I'll make sure of that.
It's just, ah...
Some days, it's hard.
Thanks, honey.
Your mom inspired some
of my best Christmas ideas.
Like "Anna's Angels?"
And one day, I'm going
to make it happen...
Just like I promised her.
So why not now?
Because I also promised her
I'd take care of you.
Dad, I'm a big girl.
I can take care of myself.
If you want to do this,
then you should.
I will,
when the time is right.
But right now,
I'd like to enjoy
this butternut squash soup
that you made
and hear
about your first day.
Now, let's go--
highlights and lowlights.
Okay, let's see.
washing a pile of dishes
the size of Mt. Rainier.
And the highlight
was carving a Christmas tree
out of ice.
How'd that happen?
Somebody quit.
Chef Gloria drafted me.
Hey, it's a great start.
And this is delicious.
Hi! Morning, Marco.
what's the deal?
It's only my second day,
and I'm already getting
the stink eye.
Well, what
did you expect?
You signed up
against Chef Gloria
in the ice carving
That's a bad move,
[Man]: What's she doing here?
Uh-huh. Hi.
You know what?
I was just on my way
to thank you, actually,
'cause that rice thing
really worked.
Look, my phone's working again.
What did you do?
I... wait, what?
The ice sculpture contest.
now I'm signed up.
Do you know
anything about that?
Oh, yeah, that.
Yeah. That!
What were you thinking?
I was thinking
that I would help you
to achieve
your full potential.
Chef Gloria and Jen
are in that contest.
And that's not a good thing?
Because I want
to work with my new boss,
not against her!
And now, thanks to you,
win or lose, I lose.
Honest, Callie,
I didn't know.
I just thought...
I'm so sorry.
You got me into this.
You going to
get me out of it?
Absolutely not.
But it was a misunderstanding.
Not the point.
The names
have already been submitted
to the committee.
Then I will explain
to the committee.
Let me explain to you.
This year
is the 25th anniversary
of the ice sculpting contest.
It's attracting
all kinds of attention.
If one of my staff
pulls out now,
it might give the impression
that I had somehow influenced
their decision.
Wait, so you're saying
Callie has to stay
in the contest
because you're afraid
of what people might think?
I'm not afraid
of what anyone thinks.
But I won't have my kitchen
or my victory tainted.
Well, I still don't think
that's very fair.
You signed her up
without asking,
and you're telling me
what's fair?
Okay, that's fair.
your registration packet.
The rules are inside.
Read them carefully.
[Gloria]: You should know
I'll be giving this contest
everything I've got.
I expect the same
from you.
You're in the big leagues now,
Ms. Shaw.
There are big leagues
for ice sculpting?
Look, I'm sorry, okay?
I didn't know.
That's because
you don't operate
in the real world.
What's that
supposed to mean?
It means
you're David Manning.
You get to do what you want
and be what you want.
There are consequences
for your actions.
I don't expect you
to understand that.
Right, 'cause, what,
'cause I grew up
in a great big house,
and I had everything
handed to me?
You said it, I didn't.
Listen, I graduated
from an Ivy League school
with honors, all right?
Nobody did that for me.
I had three job offers
right out of college.
I chose
to work with my dad.
You don't know a thing
about me.
Understanding you
is not really my biggest concern
right now.
This right here
is a little more important
Well, far be it
for me to--
First prize is $10,000.
Isn't that a lot
for one of these things?
It's the 25th anniversary.
They doubled the prize money.
This would pay off
almost all of my student loans.
Right, but then you'd
actually have to compete.
[sighs] I know,
what am I thinking?
If I beat Gloria
on her own turf,
I'm looking for a new job.
You know, you might be
missing an opportunity here.
You could win
and prove to Chef Gloria
how talented you are
in the process,
that you're more
than a dishwasher.
Well, the rules allow
for teams of two.
I need a partner.
Who... me?
It's your idea, remember?
Yeah, but I don't know
the first thing
about ice sculpting.
So I'll teach you.
I have two weeks.
What do you say, Manning?
You up for a little competition?
Oh, it's on.
It's a deal.
[David]: Wow...
That's a big block of ice.
Your dad decorates
the garage?
More like this is where
he practices decorating.
I'm impressed.
At its most basic,
ice carving is about
removing the extraneous stuff
to discover what's inside.
And we start by placing
a template over the block,
like a map.
Here, hold this.
What's that for?
A little heat helps
the template stick to the block,
and that way,
I can trace the pattern
directly onto the ice.
Remind me to bring
my laundry next time.
Ha, ha. Funny.
That's some serious hardware.
And they all have
a different purpose.
We have to make sure
to use the right tool
for the right job.
Wouldn't power tools
be faster?
Nice research!
A lot of ice
carvers use them,
but not me.
The hand tools
may take longer,
but they give you
more control.
Here, meet
your new friend...
the Japanese grip
hand saw.
This stuff should really come
with safety instructions.
It does.
Don't touch the pointy ends,
stay away from the fire.
What fire?
And this
is the easy design?
Oh, oh, careful.
No, no,
don't pull too hard,
or it might, it might--
I'm so sorry.
let me show you.
This will get the blade
You got it.
Got it.
You can use this one.
It's my dad's.
What was that?
This is a fracture.
This happens
if the ice
isn't properly tempered.
Ice has to be left out
long enough
so it can adjust
to ambient temperature.
Otherwise, it can break.
So, what now?
I was thinking
it might be a good idea
to enter a small, local contest
before the big competition
at the club.
Get you some game day
Have you competed before?
A few times.
Did you win?
Who's Anna?
Oh, um...
Anna was my mom.
She's the reason I got
interested in cooking.
She could take anything
in this house,
just random leftovers,
and whip up a feast.
I mean, some nights,
it was like
a Top Chef challenge.
She was amazing.
She passed away
when I was 15.
I'm sorry.
It's hard around here
at Christmas without her.
And the angels?
My mom always wanted to start
a charitable food foundation
that would be able
to help families in need
get produce so they could
cook for themselves,
and she used to say
that the volunteers
would be like an army of angels
doing good
in the world.
That's such a great idea.
Her family
relied on charities
when she was
a little girl,
so she thought it was
a good way to give back.
And my dad still
wants to do it,
But what?
He has this idea
that he can't invest
in anything
until I'm taken
care of first.
Maybe we should go check
on the ice...
All right,
that's it, fellows.
Okay, spin it a little left...
And spin it a little right
and that is perfect, boys.
Good job.
Hey, good morning.
Good morning.
What do you think?
It's beautiful, Frank.
It wouldn't be Christmas
around here without you.
Why, thank you.
Just remember to save me
some of that sweet potato pie
you're making
for the party.
That can be arranged.
So how's Callie doing?
I was going to ask you
the same thing.
Well, she's willing
to start at the bottom.
I like that.
But she won't get
any special treatment either.
She's not expecting any.
You know she, um...
signed up for
the ice sculpting contest?
Yeah, I heard something
about that.
You think she's ready?
[clears throat]
you're not trying to get
the inside scoop
on the competition,
are you?
Me? Never!
Well, I will say this...
I think she's going
to give you
a run for your money.
Care to make it
more interesting?
All right.
If Callie wins,
you make me dinner
with all the fixings.
Huh. And if I win?
You make me dinner
with all the fixings.
No, I will make you dinner.
Oh, you are so on.
Better start planning
your menu, chef.
[they laugh]
Hey! Hi.
What are you doing here?
Oh, just brought you
a little something.
What is it?
Just go ahead.
Open it.
Where did you find this?
I special ordered it.
From Japan.
Is it the wrong one?
No, it's perfect!
It's just...
you shouldn't have.
This must have cost
a fortune.
No, don't worry about it.
Listen, I mean,
I felt really bad.
And also, I figured
you could use it
during the competition
anyways, so...
Thank you, David.
And to think,
most men bring flowers.
Oh, hi.
We were just...
This is a--
It's a Japanese grip hand saw.
It's for ice sculpting.
Yes. I know.
Well, listen, I hope
you've been practicing,
because we sure have.
[Gloria]: Good.
But at the moment,
one of you should be working.
Yes. Absolutely.
And we're going
to win too.
Bold talk for a beginner.
A beginner with
an excellent teacher.
Please stop talking.
Well, then I will expect
Don't worry about it.
you've got a serious contender
right here.
You're still talking...
I look forward
to seeing what you can do...
Both of you.
[cheers under breath]
[David]: Callie!
I don't get it.
What did I do?
You don't poke the bear,
All I said was, I think
you're an excellent teacher.
You shouldn't have said
Callie, come on.
Look, I know
this whole contest,
it's just fun and games
to you,
but I'm actually
trying to start a career here.
Look, I just want to help.
Well, I would appreciate it
if you would stop helping.
["O Christmas Tree" playing]
How's David doing with
the ice sculpting lessons?
I don't know
if it was such a good idea, Dad.
Why? What do you mean?
He just has no idea
what's at stake for me here.
But how could he?
We come from
such different worlds.
Callie, just because he comes
from a wealthy family
doesn't make him a bad guy.
It's not just about the money.
It's the way
everything is so easy for him.
It's in his DNA.
And even if he does mess up,
he thinks all he has to do
is smile and be charming,
and everything will be fine.
I think
he's also trying to help.
That's not the point.
I'm finally working
in a real kitchen
with a respected chef.
I'm not going
to let him mess that up for me.
How's the patient?
What are you
doing here?
I thought
maybe we could talk.
I totally understand
if you want
to find a new partner.
I mean, I probably shouldn't
have dragged you into this
in the first place.
But I truly believe
that you're good enough to win.
You do?
And I promise,
from here on out...
eyes open, mouth shut...
if you'll have me.
David, I...
I don't know.
I mean, you and I
are so totally
But we both want to win.
And that's something.
Don't smile.
This is serious.
No smiling,
I promise.
And don't be charming either.
If we're going
to do this,
we have a lot of work to do.
Are we doing this?
Oh, we are going
to be so great together!
But we're not great yet.
Well, then,
make us great.
All right.
Let's do it.
You want
to get to work?
I brought
my ice sculpting clothes.
You ready
for his nose?
All right,
Maybe we should try
a button nose.
Getting ice to bond
is critical.
We have to make this work.
All right, well,
that's not a problem.
We just need
to practice more, that's all.
Speaking of which,
there's actually a contest
in Pinewood Valley this Friday.
I think we should enter.
This Friday.
Is that a problem?
Uh, no. No problem.
Let's do it.
[phone chimes]
It's Jen.
She wants me
to come in to work ASAP.
What is this,
some sort of initiation?
I thought
today was your day off.
It is, but I'm still in the
"make a good impression" phase,
which Jen totally knows,
so I have to stay available.
Hey, you know what?
Why don't I clean up...
and you get going.
Thank you!
My Dad's still inside,
so I'll let him know
you're out here.
All right, sounds good.
Hey, Princeton!
Nice job today.
Hi, Mr. Shaw.
Listen, Callie got called
into work.
I was just tidying up
the garage.
Yeah, she told me.
Just put those mugs
in the sink, thanks.
Whatcha got there?
Oh, yeah...
Anna's Angels.
Callie told me
about that.
I think
it's such a great idea.
Yeah, well,
we may never know.
Oh, really?
Yeah, I was right.
This is a great idea.
And you've really thought this
Well, unfortunately,
good intentions
aren't always enough.
Well, you're going to need
some capital
to get this on its feet.
But I don't have
the kind of money
that can get anything like this
up and running.
Mr. Shaw, do you mind
if I take this home,
give it a closer look?
I might have
a couple of ideas.
Thank you, David.
That's very kind of you.
On one condition.
Call me Frank.
It's a deal, Mr. Shaw.
Get out of here.
Hey, Callie.
Just thought
you'd like to know,
the ladies loved
your ice carving demonstration.
Good work.
She's the last person
I ever thought
would pay me a compliment.
You'll be fine...
as long as you stay
out of her way.
You know what?
Having you in the contest
is probably great
as far as she's concerned.
Well, 'cause
it's such a colossal mistake,
and you'll never pass her up.
Not like Doug did.
Wait, the sous-chef who left?
Jen has been on
the line for years,
and thought she was a lock
for the job.
But Gloria picked
Doug instead.
Two months later...
[whooshing sound]
Doug bails.
Just saying.
Just saying what?
Jen found a way
to squeeze Doug out?
Don't let the
smile fool you.
She is a barracuda.
It's a good thing
you're just a dishwasher.
[drone of city traffic]
Silly me.
Why would I think
you'd be in your office?
Yeah, no,
I'm just, um...
doing a little research.
a second career?
I was just trying
to help a friend.
A pretty friend?
All right, what's up?
The Bradford proposal?
Remember that little thing?
We have a deadline.
Of course I remember.
And I read your analysis.
I thought it was great work.
Thank you.
Where's yours?
I... am...
still tweaking it.
In my head.
Brooke, look,
I made a promise.
This is important.
I can't let her down.
What about your dad?
This deal is pretty
important to him.
I know.
All right.
But after tomorrow...
Thank you.
I hope you know
what you're doing.
I always know
what I'm doing.
[humming to self]
Where's Zack?
Oh, he had an early audition,
so I just told him
I could handle it.
So, Callie, how are you settling
into the new job?
Everyone's been so nice.
But how do you really feel?
I mean, working as a dishwasher
instead of a chef?
Just happy
for the opportunity.
but it must be hard on the ego,
coming in to work
every day,
knowing what you have
to look forward to?
Especially since you worked
so hard in culinary school.
I thought a dishwasher
was the most important job
in the kitchen.
[they both laugh]
Everybody knows
that's not true.
Top Chef.
It's where it's at.
It's where I'll be
very soon.
You missed a spot.
We can do this!
I mean, not that we care
about winning.
Of course not.
-We're just here for practice.
-But we could totally win.
-We totally could!
Were we supposed
to wear magic hats?
No, I think
that's just for show.
[tools whir]
Are those
just for show?
Remember, it's not the tools,
it's the carver.
Mm, okay.
Okay, well, there's
no way we're doing that.
We are definitely
not doing that.
It's a gingerbread house.
Is that furniture
You bet.
It's to scale, too.
Good morning,
Mr. Manning.
Where's David?
I, uh...
I'm not sure.
He's not answering
his phone.
You haven't heard
from him?
-Not this morning, no, but...
-He should be here.
We need to go over
this Bradford proposal.
Don't worry,
we are in great shape.
We'll have everything ready
by the end of the week.
Then why isn't my son here
to tell me that?
You hear from David,
have him call me.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the Pinewood Valley
Ice Festival!
And we need
the saw...
We can do this.
Here we go.
[MC]: We are ready to start
this year's competition.
Carvers, on your marks...
You ready for this?
Get set...
All right,
come on.
[MC]: Go!
Okay, here we go.
Do you want me to...?
You're doing great.
That's the three-hour mark.
Three hours to go.
[uneasy grunt]
Okay, I'll just hold it.
What can I do?
You're doing great.
Is there anything
that I can do?
Actually, yes.
I have an idea.
[MC]: We are at the final hour.
Start those finishing touches.
[Callie]: Hey!
Oh, thank you!
Very good.
Here we go...
No, no, no,
I got it.
I got this.
Callie, this is supposed to be
a team effort.
It is!
You're doing great.
But I'm not doing anything.
And if you haven't noticed,
we're falling way behind.
Wow, that gingerbread house
is looking pretty tasty.
Okay, um...
We need a candy cane.
That I can do.
A candy cane,
as requested.
Well done.
[David]: Here we go.
Get it nice and smooth.
Good job, Callie Shaw.
Here we go...
You ready?
Moment of truth.
You know, sugar's
bad for you anyway.
Carvers, time is winding down.
Take this.
This is your plan?
You're going to melt
the other sculptures?
Just follow me.
Like this.
Got it?
This'll shine it up nice
for the judges.
[laughs] Yeah!
[MC]: Come on, folks!
Let's count 'em down!
Ten, nine, eight, seven,
six, five,
four, three, two, one...
[horn blows]
All right, time is up.
Tools down.
Judges, make your rounds.
[David]: Really? "Participant"?
You get a trophy for that?
If it was
a Venus de Milo contest,
we might have had a shot.
You know what?
You were right.
This was supposed
to be a team effort,
and I got so caught up
in competing,
I forgot.
I'm really sorry.
I should have trusted you.
You should have
trusted yourself.
After all, you taught me
everything I know.
It won't happen again.
Listen, I'll tell you what.
I'll forgive you
under one condition.
Let me take you to dinner.
I've got a better idea,
[they laugh]
Now, that is how you take
the sting out of losing.
Cooking's my therapy.
Whenever I'm upset
about something,
I head straight
to the kitchen.
This is a great meal.
You are...
an amazing cook.
Or do I say chef?
At this point,
I will take either.
I'm serious,
I've eaten
at some of the best restaurants
in the world.
They don't hold a candle
to what you
just whipped up.
Thank you.
That is very sweet.
I forgot one thing.
You know,
which raises a...
I don't know, a slightly
awkward question.
Why a dishwasher?
Here, try this.
What's this?
It's mint sauce.
Ooh. Oh, my.
Well, sometimes it takes
more than just talent.
You need contacts
and opportunity,
and those have been
in short supply lately.
But now I have exactly
what I was looking for.
I'm working
in the same kitchen
with a renowned chef.
And is Gloria
really all that?
Did you see her
when she was the guest chef
on Top Chop?
No, I must have
missed that one.
The way she can put
a meal together
with so few ingredients...
she's a genius.
What about you?
Did you always want
to get into finance?
You know,
believe it or not,
my dream growing up
was not to work
for my father
in a leverage buyout firm.
What was it?
I wanted to be
a superhero.
And then a pilot...
And then shortstop
for the Mariners.
And when none of that
panned out,
I got serious
about my future
and decided
to study economics.
And then you dreamed
of working with your dad?
Not exactly.
I dreamed...
about doing something...
Investing isn't worthwhile?
Well, it certainly...
it certainly can be...
if it's the right investment.
Have you found a lot of those?
Not many.
But I'm always looking.
[Callie]: Are you sure
about this?
[David]: Positive.
And have you ever
cooked before?
Does microwaving count?
Then no.
But I think I've proven
I'm a quick study.
You have indeed,
Okay, so we are going
to make classic cookies.
They're called
Christmas thumbprints.
Are these the ones
with the strawberry jam?
I love those cookies.
So we roll the dough
into little balls...
-And then we flatten...
You add your manly thumb
in the middle,
strawberry jam, bake...
Okay, that's
a little too manly.
like this.
Just... just a little.
There you go.
Then we flatten.
Oop, wait, no!
Uh, just a dollop.
Here. Like this.
I thought all the kitchen staff
went home already.
No. Big day tomorrow.
What are you doing?
Just a few
finishing touches.
You know,
I don't even put up a tree
at home anymore.
Every year, I tell
myself I'm going to,
but then I never seem
to have the time.
Well, you should make
the time, Gloria.
Christmas decorations
are pretty,
and besides,
they're good for the heart...
and the soul.
Maybe that's why I like
the way you decorate so much.
I'm happy to hear that.
Good night, Frank.
Good night, Gloria.
Really looking forward
to your cooking.
[drone of city traffic]
Hi. Christmas cookie?
Oh, yes, please.
I made these myself.
Thank you.
Hi! Christmas thumbprint?
That's strawberry jam.
Just a dollop.
Thank you.
You wanted to see me, Dad?
Christmas cookies?
'Tis the season.
You want one?
Does this surge
of holiday spirit
have anything to do
with your recent hobby,
that... ice sculpting?
Look, I know I've been
a little preoccupied lately,
but it's...
Is that what you call it
when you don't even bother
coming to work?
Come on, Dad.
I missed one day.
You can't afford
to miss one hour, David...
one minute.
Not with this Bradford deal
on the table.
Brooke and I
are taking care of it.
I'm not concerned
about Brooke.
You've always
made me proud, son.
And I know
you won't disappoint me
this time.
[Brooke]: I just got
the asset report back
from-- Oh.
I can come back.
I think
we're good here.
Yeah, we're good.
I'll leave you to it, then.
Are you okay?
You love this job.
Are you kidding?
I eat this stuff
for breakfast.
But, then,
I'm a big ol' numbers geek.
I thought you loved it too.
I love my dad.
It's not the same thing.
I know.
It's beautiful, Dad.
This was
always my favorite time,
just before the party started.
I used to sneak your mom
in here.
We'd dance,
just the two of us.
It was so nice.
You never told me that.
I was breaking
the "Members Only" rule.
Not the kind of thing
you share
with your little girl.
Guess not.
[they giggle]
Your mom would be
so proud of you, Callie.
You're a fighter,
just like she was.
She never gave up.
I have faith in you.
You're going to be great.
Thanks, Dad.
we both should get going.
We have jobs to do.
I will see you later.
Love you.
Love you, honey.
[festive music playing]
Here you go,
Hey! Thanks, Kate!
Hang on.
Party face, Emma.
Go, go.
The prep station's
falling behind.
Keith called in sick again
at the last minute.
Does that guy ever work here?
Didn't Jen call anybody else?
Got me.
What are you doing?
I'll be right back.
You guys look like
you could use some help.
[prep cook]:
[prep cook]:
Why don't you
just go say hi?
No, no, she's, uh,
she's working.
Well, clearly you're not going
to be happy until you do.
I haven't seen you
this smitten
since college.
It's a perfectly good word.
Sure, if you're 90.
Or British.
Besides, I am dying to meet
the mysterious Callie Shaw.
Why is Callie working
at the prep station?
Don't worry,
I'll handle this.
It looks like
we're short-handed.
Yeah, uh...
Keith called in sick.
I've been trying
to find somebody
to fill in his place.
So you're saying Callie
picked up the slack on her own?
And completely disregarded
the rules of your kitchen.
She did, didn't she?
I believe there's an
extra set of chef's whites
in the back.
Well, if she's going
to do the job,
she should dress
the part...
at least
for tonight.
Have her change.
Look, listen,
I see a friend of mine.
I'm going
to go say hi.
Yeah, sure.
Hey, Frank!
Merry Christmas.
I love it.
Thank you so much.
That's enough of that.
I need somebody
on the floor
to refresh
the appetizer table.
Wait, what?
But these aren't even finished.
Figure it out.
Go, go, go, go, go!
You know, I'm happy
that you're not stuck
in the kitchen,
washing dishes.
Yeah, no, um,
we're a little short-handed,
and the appetizer table
needed attention, so...
[they chuckle]
Oh, that's right,
you guys don't know each other.
I'm sorry.
This is Brooke.
And you must be
Callie. Hi!
Nice to meet you.
You too.
Yeah, David is so excited
about the ice sculpting,
it's practically
all he talks about.
Of course,
working with you
might have something
to do with it.
Okay, I'm standing
right here.
-You're just embarrassing me.
Well, I see you two
have made time for the party.
I hope this means
the proposal's going well?
It's going great.
We're almost done.
-Yeah. Almost done.
Excuse me,
could you run and see
if there are any more of those
little quiches in the back?
I will check on that, sir.
Dad, this is...
this is Callie Shaw.
She's my partner in
the ice sculpting contest.
Of course.
The source
of my son's distraction.
That's very funny.
[Brooke laughs]
I had assumed
you were a member.
No, I work in the kitchen.
Well, Callie,
how much longer before
the Ice Capades are over
and I can get my son's
full attention back?
The contest is on Saturday.
Please tell me
that's the last one.
You know...
You have a real job,
[Callie]: Don't worry,
Mr. Manning.
You'll have your son back
after Saturday.
Now, excuse me.
I had a real job too.
Did I say
something wrong?
Look, I am so sorry.
that was about me, all right,
not you.
It's okay.
He's just not used to talking
to the help.
He's not a bad guy,
it's just...
he sees the world
a certain way.
He expects me
to see it the same way too,
and I don't.
I don't.
I've got
to get back to work.
Hey, listen, but...
you and me,
we're still okay?
-For the contest?
-We're okay.
We're okay.
I'm assuming
we're still on the clock?
Yes! Jen!
On the clock.
Ready for
whatever you got.
Well, the salad prep
could use some help.
Salad prep!
Fantastic! I'm on it!
[chuckles, clears throat]
I was looking
for those little quiches.
Is that your department?
Good night!
Don't tell me...
Jen didn't call anyone in
to help you.
She said she tried.
Don't you have that callback
first thing in the morning?
Unfortunately, it's not
for a dish-washing commercial.
Get your beauty sleep.
What are you talking about?
They had you running
all day.
Consider it
an early Christmas present.
Thank you, Callie.
I owe you.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Where's Zack?
Oh, he's got a thing
in the morning.
Needs to be sharp.
You already worked
a full shift on the line.
This won't take too long.
thanks for pitching in.
You bet.
Good night.
Don't think
you're the only one
who started out washing dishes.
Move over.
Many hands make
light the work.
I love that!
There you go.
Oh! [laughs]
I guess I'm
out of practice.
[Callie]: I used to
help my mom in the kitchen
when I was a little girl.
She taught me things
you can't learn
in cookbooks.
My grandmother
was like that.
Her recipes were in
a squiggly shorthand,
and I was the only one
who knew the code.
I thought going
to culinary school
would be a way
to honor everything
my mother taught me.
But little did I know,
the hardest part would
be after graduation.
My dad offered to use
some of his connections,
but I didn't want
to be accused of nepotism.
And then you came
to the club,
and I couldn't say no.
And here you are.
"Most important job
in the kitchen."
I love the look
on the other chefs' faces
when I say that.
Takes 'em down
a peg or two.
Did you know
that I flunked out
of culinary school?
I was so stubborn.
to do things my own way,
no matter
what my teachers said.
How could you go back again?
I realized it wasn't about
cooking or school.
It was about me.
Then I remembered something
my grandmother used to say.
"Things come to us
not when we want them,
but when we're ready".
I watched you tonight, Callie.
I liked what I saw.
Thank you.
Are you two still here?
I thought
I was the only one working late.
No, I'm just leaving, so...
Hang on.
Jen, we're going to be
short-staffed on the line again
I want you to bring in
another dishwasher to help Zack
so I can bump Callie up
to work with Antonio.
she's only been here
two weeks.
Plenty of time for me
to see that she's ready.
Thank you.
Yay, Callie!
[strained laughing]
But don't think
this means
that I'll go easy on you
I do intend to win.
You can try.
-Good night, ladies.
-Good night.
Good night, chef.
Well, well, well...
aren't you special?
Don't forget...
the specials change daily.
Oh, this is looking
so great!
All right.
Fingers crossed.
I will cross
the fingers.
You hold the ice.
All right...
Here we go.
So, um...
Gloria let me fill in
on the line
for Keith today.
That's great!
That's great.
Mm-hmm, yeah.
I'm still not running
with the big dogs,
but at least
I'm running.
Well, hey, listen,
let's celebrate.
I'll take you
to dinner tonight.
We'll go somewhere
super pretentious,
where we can complain
about the cooking.
All right,
it's a date.
I just have to wait
to get word back
on the Bradford project
so I know
what time I can pick you up.
[phone chimes]
-Okay, here we go.
Here goes nothing.
All right.
That's wonderful!
[text chimes]
[Callie sighs]
Bradford wants his legacy
to live on
with a thriving business,
increased productivity,
and job creation.
This proposal gives him
that security
and his heirs
a piece of the upside.
My plan shows the cash flow
necessary to pay down...
and your eyes just glazed over.
Yo. Sorry.
Get your head
in the game.
Yeah. Go on.
What's this?
"Anna's Angels?"
Yeah, it's just,
it's a proposal
for a charitable
food foundation.
Proposed by whom?
Callie's dad.
I'm just helping him
sort through
some co-financing options.
You know, I know
so many people
who'd love to invest
in something like this,
something local
that helps our community,
not just writing a check
that goes somewhere distant
and intangible.
This is the true spirit
of Christmas.
Look at your eyes light up.
I haven't seen that
since college...
you know, when you did
that community service project.
Where did that guy go?
I don't think
he went very far.
But he may have got
a little lost along the way,
trying to be someone else,
for someone else.
I'm going
to finish this report.
Brooke, I...
you know what...
Ah! Listen.
I am Type-A,
and you're Type...
at the moment.
Now, I put together
a detailed, convincing
LBO report for Bradford,
and I'm gonna put
both of our names on it.
-I can't let you do that.
You've helped me out
more times than I can count.
I owe you one.
But promise me one thing.
Figure out
what you want to do.
Then go for it,
and don't look back.
It looks great, David.
I'm impressed.
My only concern is
the steering committee.
Well, it would be made up
of a diverse group of people
who are as invested
in the charity as you are.
But committees have a way
of becoming political.
What you don't want to do
is use all of your own funds
or rely on a single donor,
'cause that can leave you
Having a committee...
having multiple investment
gives you long-term security.
I've thought about this
for so long.
It's hard to believe
you could really make it happen.
It's not me, Frank.
This is happening
because you had a dream.
Well, it was Anna's dream.
She'd be so happy,
especially for it
to happen at Christmas.
Sounds like perfect timing.
I'd want a manager
to oversee the committee.
Someone that
I could trust.
Yeah, that makes sense.
Do you have someone in mind?
[Callie hums]
Why are you working today?
Jen called me in.
I told you
not to schedule Callie today.
The contest is tomorrow,
and I want her
to be at her best.
I'm sorry,
I must have forgot.
She can finish
what she's doing,
then send her home.
Of course.
I see you're using
the Brunoise dice.
I like the aesthetic.
It's too small.
Switch to Julienne
It shouldn't take you
too long.
I hate surprises.
Is that his
good smile,
or his "clean out
your office" smile?
Look at you two...
like you've been kept
after school.
Well, you didn't really give us
much to go on here, Dad.
Well, that's because
I wanted to talk to you
in person.
I just spoke
with Carson Bradford
and read the proposal...
[laughs] Yes!
Well, congratulate Brooke.
She deserves all the credit.
David, no...
No. I know.
You do?
Contrary to what you
might think, David,
I have been paying attention
to what's going on around me.
Could you, uh, could you
give us a second, Brooke?
I know how much
you've been distracted.
And I don't think
it's only about this contest,
or Callie.
I know
how much it means to you
for us to work side by side...
to build this company
I know you've always planned
on me taking over
when you were ready
to step down.
I love you, Dad.
But that's not what I want.
You're my son, David.
And what I want,
more than anything
in this world,
is for you
to be happy.
Business is important...
but family comes first.
Thank you.
Almost done!
Just in time
for the big day!
Is your father
coming tomorrow?
He is, yes.
What about David's girlfriend?
You know, the pretty brunette
he's always with?
David and Brooke
are just friends.
Well, the way I heard it,
that's just
what they tell people
because they work together...
corporate policy.
Office romance
wouldn't really be appropriate,
now, would it?
Yeah, I guess not.
They're in the lounge
right now,
celebrating something.
They just seem
so perfect together, you know?
Probably because
they both are...
So perfect.
Oh, Callie...
Callie, he's David Manning.
You didn't think he'd fall
for a dishwasher...
did you?
To Brooke...
who is now
our newest VP!
Thank you!
Great job.
Whoa! Whoa-ho-ho!
Oh! You deserve it.
Thank you.
Good work, Brooke.
[Brooke giggles]
Thank you!
I thought you had plans
Making cookies?
Is this about David?
It's about me
being so naive
that I could actually believe
that the handsome prince
would fall for Cinderella.
That's a fairy tale, Dad.
I'm too old
for fairy tales.
[doorbell rings]
It's, uh, David.
Is, uh...
is Callie home?
She's, um...
she's cooking.
"Cooking" cooking,
or therapy cooking?
I'd definitely
interpret this
as therapy cooking.
I don't understand
what's happening.
was going great.
And then she texted me
to tell me dinner was off,
and then she
hasn't answered
my phone calls
or text messages.
Maybe if I could
just talk to her a little?
[Frank]: My advice
would be to steer clear
for the time being.
She'll talk
when she's ready.
Frank, you know
the contest...
is tomorrow.
I mean, even if she doesn't go,
I'm still going.
Good. You should.
Good night, David.
Good night.
whatever happened...
maybe you should
hear him out,
get his side of the story.
He'll just charm me.
'Cause that's what he does.
He charms me and makes me forget
how things really are.
And how's that?
How many years have you
worked at the club?
And you have always called
Ellis Manning "Mr. Manning!"
That's just the way it is.
David's not his father, honey.
No offense, Dad,
but you really don't know him.
You don't.
Come on.
I want to show you something.
Come on.
what are we doing here?
David found it.
He figured it would be
the perfect spot.
Perfect for what?
Anna's Angels.
See, that was
the problem all along.
I needed somebody
with a head for business,
but also with a heart
that would understand
how much this meant to us.
And David
was happy to help.
It's finally happening.
Thanks to him.
Why didn't you tell me?
He asked me not to.
I guess he didn't want you
to think
that he was just doing it
to "charm" you.
Well, I'm definitely impressed.
And he also agreed
to be the manager
of the steering committee.
I just wish
she was here to see it.
Oh, believe me...
she's here.
Come here.
[festive music playing]
Take that to
station five, please.
Hold on.
One of these needs
to stay on the truck.
You sure?
I thought they've got to be
out of the freezer,
you know, like,
to temper.
Not this one.
Where's your ice?
Where's Callie?
Okay, you get the ice.
I'll find Callie.
Okay, good.
Well, here it is.
Don't worry, honey.
You're going to do great.
Thanks, Dad. Thanks.
There you go.
Good luck, honey.
Hey! There you are.
We were afraid
you changed your mind.
Can I ask you something?
Just for the record.
Is there a "thing"
between you and David?
A "thing?"
I've known David forever.
He is one of my closest friends.
But if you could see
the way he looks
when he talks about you,
you wouldn't have to ask.
Come on.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
Good luck.
I'm so sorry
about last night.
What happened?
I forgot
who I could trust.
And it won't happen
That is
one impressive piece of ice.
What are you doing here?
Thought I'd see
what the fuss was all about...
and support my son.
Thank you.
So, Callie...
what's the plan?
Santa Claus.
And that becomes that?
You'd be amazed at what
my little girl can do.
Hi, Dad.
Frank, can you believe
what our kids have been up to?
Yes, indeed, I can,
Mr. Manning.
It's Ellis.
So I understand
you and David
will be working together.
That's right.
You know,
I may be in a position
to contribute
to such a worthy cause.
[Frank]: Really?
Why don't we discuss
this proposal
over some hot cider,
let these two
get focused.
I like your style.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the 25th Annual Ice Sculpting
is about to begin!
[they laugh]
Are the sculptors ready?
On your marks! Get set!
and giggles]
Oh, no...
It's fine.
It's fine...
It's fine.
It's totally fine.
It's totally...
What happened?
I don't know.
I was carving exactly
the way we practiced.
Can't you get
another block?
Only one per team.
you're out of it, then?
Callie, I'm so sorry...
No, no.
No, no, no, no.
We are not out of it.
Not yet.
Callie, look at our ice.
Half our block is gone.
But there's nothing
in the rules
that says
we can't just change the design.
What do you have in mind?
I don't know.
But whatever it is,
we only have three hours
to make it.
All right, folks,
we're going to need
a little room to work here.
What happened
over there?
No idea.
All the blocks came off
the same truck.
But did they all come off
at the same time?
I assume so.
You weren't supposed
to assume,
you were supposed to supervise.
Come on, you know
how those truck drivers are.
Half the time,
they don't listen,
or they misunderstand you,
What did you do, Jen?
You wanted to win?
We're going to win.
Not like this.
You're kidding.
You're smart, Jen.
It's a shame
you couldn't have trusted
yourself more.
Come on, David... think.
I'm thinking, I'm...
[Gloria sighs heavily]
Jen did this.
She kept your block
on the truck.
It wasn't properly tempered.
Jen sabotaged us?
I'm sorry.
But for what it's worth,
she won't bother you
I want you
to carve with me in her place.
I think
you'd make a great partner.
Thank you.
I already have a partner.
Good luck.
You don't have
to do this.
Come on,
you'd stand a much better
chance of winning
if you go with her.
I like our chances
just fine.
Oh, yeah?
All right, well,
in that case,
get a move on, come on,
clock's ticking.
Just remember
what my mom used to say...
The sculpture
is already there.
You just have to look past
the parts you don't need.
All right, well,
believe me, I'm looking.
Do you remember
what you said to me
when we first met?
What do you think?
Let's do it.
What do you think it is?
No clue.
Callie's always got
a plan.
Got it?
You ready?
One... two... three...
[they laugh and cheer]
Let's count it down, folks.
eight... seven... six...
five... four... three... two...
That's it. Time's up!
You said, "I hope
you find your angel."
And I said, "I will."
Anna's Angel.
Congratulations, Callie.
It takes a true artist
to turn a broken block of ice
into a masterpiece.
Thank you.
I knew you had it in you.
You just needed
to have faith in yourself.
This is the kind of creativity
and ingenuity
I want working beside me...
as my new sous-chef.
I'll expect you
bright and early tomorrow.
You still have
a lot to learn.
I will be there!
And I owe you something.
But they haven't announced
the winner yet.
Oh, you're the winner.
I'm making you dinner.
[they laugh]
Ladies and gentlemen,
the judges' votes
have been tallied
and we're ready
to announce our winner.
Come on,
let's go find out if we won.
I don't need anyone to tell me.
I already know.
I've won.
We both did.
Come on.