Ice Sharks (2016) Movie Script

[ wind blowing ]
[ music playing ]
Ho. Ho. Ho. Ho.
I caught up to him on the flats.
[Male on radio]
Be careful out there.
Male: Yeah. Out.
[ dog barking ]
[ dogs whining ]
Okay, okay.
Hai! Hup!
[ dogs whining ]
[ dog barking ]
[ screaming ]
[ wind blowing ]
[ music playing ]
[ female ]
So if the R.O.V.
follows the ridge here,
it should be able
to take a sample
and show us
exactly how long
the mineral deposits were
exposed to the atmosphere.
Nice work, Lex.
Now all we have to do
is plot a course and
load it into the R.O.V.
You know, I've been
through some real
crazy storms up here.
This baby's built for it.
Thank you.
You know, I'll keep an eye
on you if things get rough.
Uh, you know, I remember
this one time when--
Yeah, well, this is
built to go hundreds
of feet down,
Bet the station
can't do that.
I'm gonna
bring this upstairs.
Here you go, Sammy.
Thanks, Val.
[ scoffs ]
What you got
going on, Sammy?
All right,
I just keep getting
this erroneous data
from area 12.
That, or that ice is melting
way faster than we thought.
Could be a new
warm current under
the ice doing that.
the data is,
we need
to make sure
it's correct.
Mm-hmm. Can't let it
skew our research
on how fast
things are melting.
We're not getting funded
to do sloppy work.
Yeah, I mean, come on.
These numbers
have to be wrong,
unless there's a new
warm current under there.
Let me take a look.
Yeah, those numbers do
seem high, don't they?
All right,
let's work the problem.
See if you can't do
a hard system reboot.
Yeah. [ clears throat ]
Just give it a few seconds.
Here we go.
No, that's
the same readings.
All right,
we gotta confirm this.
M.E. wants to know
how fast humans are
warming the melt.
Yeah, I just tried flashing
the sensor's memory
That didn't work either.
Look, I think I should
just head out there and see
if I can't
figure out what's going on.
Tracy, what's the weather
looking like today?
Actually, it looks
great for once.
Next storm
shouldn't roll through
for another 12 hours.
All right, but you call in
every 30 minutes, okay?
Let us know
you're all right.
Will do, boss.
Promise I won't forget.
Oh, and, Sammy.
You're the man.
Heh. I do what I can.
All right, guys,
I'm headed out.
I will radio back
if I find anything,
and, hey...
behave yourselves.
[ laughs ] Okay.
All right. Hey,
I'll see you later.
[ sigh ]
What's going on
with you, little buddy?
You know, I kinda
hope that sensor
isn't faulty.
We'd finally have
some hard evidence
to show M.E.
[ sighs ]
Hold up, man.
Where you going?
Uh, I just
gotta head out
and check out
a sensor.
Okay. Just do me a favor
and be really careful
around that thin ice.
It's pretty bad this year.
And mainly because
I don't wanna have to call in
a rescue team
to save your ass
when you get hurt.
What, me get hurt?
Hey, you remember Cabo?
I've tried to forget.
[ laughs ] I jumped
off the balcony
into the pool.
I hit my head
on the edge.
I lost consciousness
and still outdrank you
that night.
I know.
Hey, that reminds me.
Uh, Dad sent those
single-malts with Ozzy
on the last chopper run.
Be back in
an hour and a half.
Let's open 'em up.
Sounds good.
All right, man.
All right, buddy.
Hey, uh,
I forgot to tell you.
You remind me of Mom.
Nag, nag, nag.
[ wind blowing ]
Hey, next time,
close the inner door
before you open
the outer door.
Thank you.
Radio check, too!
Hey, man.
[starts engine ]
[revving engine ]
Female [on radio]:
Oasis to Sammy.
Checking your radio status.
Sammy [on radio]: Radio status,
check. I don't see any county
mounties around, bandit.
Female: I'm sure you don't.
Check back every 20 minutes.
Sammy [ on radio]:
[chuckles] Okay. No problem.
Snowman out.
Female: Very funny. Now take
care of your [unintelligible
When was the last time
we, uh, behaved?
Oasis Station.
Oasis Station,
are you there?
[ beeping ]
Hey, Aput.
What's happening?
Another hunter
from our town
has gone missing.
He last radioed
his wife not
too far from you.
Any idea
what's going on?
Hard to believe
there's a serial killer
out there.
The leading theory
is them falling
through the ice,
but no one
really buys that.
What was
the last location?
72 degrees. 55 minutes,
North. 108 degrees 25 minutes,
That's 5 miles from us.
Yeah, that's what
I figured.
Any chance
you could take
a look out there?
What do you think?
They're at least
a day away by sled dog,
and the next storm's
gonna cover any trails.
We can be there
in 30 minutes.
Let's go see
if we can help.
No problem, Aput.
We'll check it out.
Thanks, Tracy.
That's the fifth hunter
missing in a month, David.
What the hell is
going on out there?
I don't know, but there
may be a cold, wet hunter
still alive out there.
All right.
Let's go.
Alex, we got a call
about a missing hunter.
We're gonna
go check it out,
all right?
It's near us?
Hey, uh,
if you want,
Sammy's still
out there. I could
just radio in--
Nah, nah. He's in
the other direction.
Besides, with
the storm coming in,
gives us a chance to
get some fresh air while
we still can, you know?
Copy that.
You guys should
take a look at this.
We are seeing
a lot of under-ice melting
from these warm currents.
That makes sense,
with the readings
Sammy's getting
from the sensor arrays.
If this storm
gets any worse,
we might
have to call in
the icebreaker,
come pick us up,
move us
to a different
It's either
that or call
the season early.
M.E.'s not
gonna like that,
but so what? We can
get government grants
next year, yeah?
We've done this before.
We'll be fine.
I know.
Okay, we've got it.
We'll be careful.
Thanks for the info.
Be safe.
Okay, bye.
Don't air that
in public.
Yeah. You're right.
All right.
[ wind blowing ]
You ready?
Male: We should get there in
just a few minutes.
Female: Gotcha.
Female: Hey!
Keep up slow poke.
Male: Slow poke? We'll see
about that.
Female: Yeah, we'll see!
Ha! Ha!
[ laughing ]
Female: Hurry up, slow poke.
[ giggling ]
Male: See! Now who's
the slow one? Woo!
Just over to the west
a little bit.
Female: Got it. I'm on
your tail.
Male: Keep a close eye on them.
So we don't miss them.
Female: They shouldn't be
that hard to spot.
Male: Hopefully.
Female: I think I see
something up ahead.
[ coughs ]
They gotta be
our hunter's, right?
those coordinates.
Yeah, we're spot-on,
and triangulation
puts this
as the position
of his last radio call.
Let's see
where they go.
[ start engines ]
Well, this is as far
as we go on these.
[ Tracy gasping ]
There's no fabric.
There's no gear.
That is just a seal.
It's just
a polar bear's lunch.
I want to collect
some samples to test.
Maybe the seals
are eating something
that's causing the bears'
erratic behavior.
And if you do
get attacked by
a man-eating polar bear,
you know I'll
dive in his way, right?
Pretty much, yeah.
I got tissue from at least
two different subjects here...
and neither of 'em are human.
Doesn't make any sense.
David, there's
something wrong here.
Yeah, there's an awful lot
of good meat left behind
for this just
to be a polar bear
gorging itself.
The hunter probably
scared him away, right?
What the hell is that?
What do you
make of this?
It looks like
a human fingernail.
Can you smell that?
That ammonia-like...
[ ice cracking ]
David, get away
from the water.
[ screaming ]
[ David screams ]
-Tracy: David, grab the rope!
Come on. Grab the rope!
[ unintelligible dialogue ]
Male #2: I got it!
Go! Go!
Male #2: I got it!
[ starts engine ]
Hold on!
[ screaming ]
[ screaming ]
[ screaming ]
Oh, David,
David, are you okay?
Are you okay?
Oh! Oh!
Run! Run!
Oh, no. No.
[ gasping ]
Oh, God, no. No. No.
Grab the knife.
Grab the knife.
Grab the knife.
Cut the rope!
Cut the rope!
Cut the rope!
Okay. Get on.
Go, go, go, go, go!
We need to get you inside.
Get me towels and
heated blankets now.
What happened?
Get his clothes off.
What's his core temperature?
I need to know if we need
to call for assistance.
Hold him. Hold him.
He's at 92.7.
That's hypothermic!
We need to keep him
warm right now.
Get his clothes off.
Let's get him upstairs
where it's
a little bit warmer
and less humid.
Come on. Get him up.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Watch your step.
Let's go.
Let's go.
[ music playing ]
[ crashing ]
Here. Drink this.
95.5. His temperature's
coming back up.
He's gonna be fine.
What happened
to you guys out there?
We were attacked
by a shark.
You were attacked
by what?
A shark.
There aren't
any sharks here.
Yeah, well,
we beg to differ.
Help me up.
Hold on.
Just slow down, man.
You guys start
from the beginning.
You went out looking
for the hunter's--
Yeah, yeah,
and we came across
the remains
of a shark attack
and saw the marks
on the ice
where he was dragged
into the water.
And, um, his fingernail
stuck in the ice.
And that's when
the shark attacked us.
And we left a snowmobile
on the ice.
Well, forget about
that snowmobile.
What--What did
the shark look like?
It--It looked
like a Greenland.
A Greenie?
That's impossible.
They're hundreds
of miles south of here.
I know,
but it sure
smelled like one.
Smelled like one?
Greenland sharks,
the, uh--their flesh
is rich in uric acid.
It makes them stink
like piss.
TRACY: Exactly.
And the teeth I found
were similar,
just a lot sharper.
Doesn't make sense.
I mean, the--
the Greenies, they
don't move like that.
They're clumsy animals.
They almost lumber
through the ocean.
Feel free to take that up
with the shark, all right?
I mean, clearly these
are a fast, aggressive
species of sharks
that have evolved
from the Greenlands.
Hand me the map,
will you? Yeah.
The ice age one.
Look. They would
have got trapped here
2 million years ago,
after the last ice age.
With so little food,
they probably
had to become
the dominant species
and stalk prey
like polar bears
and other things
that were close
to the edge of the water.
How come
there haven't been
any recorded events?
With all the ice
that's been melting,
they never came
this far south,
not until now.
[ clanging ]
The water would be
churning down there
if we were being
hit below by a shark.
Val's right.
Whatever it is,
I highly suggest
we give the moon pool
a wide berth.
I'm just going
to stay out of
the MPR altogether.
We also need to get
on the radio and warn
Sammy about the sharks
so he knows
what to look for
on the way back.
I'll also radio Aput and
let them know what we found.
Barrow, this is
the Oasis Station.
Do you read?
Oasis Station, I read.
Is that you, Tracy?
Sure is.
We've had an incident.
We're okay,
but we have a theory
about what's happening
to the hunters.
Go ahead, Oasis.
We believe
it's shark attacks.
I want to leave it
at that for now,
but we think
that people,
bears, anything close
to the water's edge
is their prey.
Shark attacks?
Yes, shark attacks.
Can you issue a bulletin
to warn people
to stay away
from the water's edge,
especially on ice shelves
and small boats,
for the next few days
until we have some time
to figure this out?
I'll issue it, but
I can't say anyone
will follow it.
Thanks, Aput.
Oasis out.
That's the best we can do
without more info.
Oasis Station to Sammy.
Oasis Station to Sammy.
Do you copy,
little brother?
[ static ]
[ shuts off engine ]
[ wind blowing ]
Well, you are
not malfunctioning.
Ice is just
really thin here.
[ radio static ]
Oasis Station to Sammy.
Oasis Station to Sammy.
Radio check.
[ rumbling ]
[ rumbling ]
[ grunting ]
[ screaming ]
TRACY: Oasis to Sammy. You know
protocol. Radio check.
Oasis to Sammy.
Quit fooling around.
You out there?
Oasis to Sammy.
Are you reading me?
Oasis to Sammy.
Radio check.
Come in!
Do you read?
Come on, Sammy.
Oasis to Sammy.
Do you hear me?
Oasis to Sammy.
Oasis to Sammy.
Let me try.
Oasis to Sammy.
Oasis to Sammy.
Sammy, do you copy?
Oasis to Sammy.
Oasis to Sammy.
Sammy, do you copy?
answer the radio.
Michael, he could just be
away from his radio, okay?
[ rumbling ]
What now?
TRACY: This is
lasting too long
to be an ice shift.
DAVID: Eddie.
I'm gonna go see
if Sammy's okay.
Eddie, I'm gonna
come with you.
All right, cool.
It's gonna be
all right.
What are they doing?
Hang on.
Oh, no.
What's going on?
They're breaking the ice
around the station.
If we don't
do something now,
we're gonna drift
out to sea.
Go, go, go, go.
Mayday! Mayday!
This is the Oasis Station.
We are in need
of assistance.
Put this on the back of the
All right, Got it.
Mayday! Mayday!
this is
the Oasis Station.
We are in need of...
[ revving engine, ice cracking ]
Eddie. Eddie.
You're starting to slip.
Get off that snowmobile!
Eddie, keep pulling
the snowmobile
closer to the shelf.
I got it!
[ Ice cracking ]
Try the PA.
[ feedback ]
Eddie, you gotta
get off that thing, man,
You're gonna fall
in the water.
[ Ice cracking ]
Eddie, there's
one headed right
for you, man.
Get off that thing.
Eddie, get off
the snowmobile!
[ Michael yells ]
Oh, my God!
He's gone!
We have got to stop
these things.
Then we're gonna have
to make a lot of noise.
What about
the inflatable rafts?
Maybe we can send them
back to the ice shelf.
No, if the Greenies
can cut through this ice
like butter,
what do you think
they'll do to a rubber raft?
ALEX: You saw
what they did to Eddie.
They would just swallow us
whole in one of those.
Hey, it's okay.
We're gonna
figure it out.
You mean
propane tanks?
Yeah, that'll work.
What are you guys
talking about?
We strap those to the tanks,
make ourselves
some depth charges.
Are you kidding me?
That'll make
one hell of a boom.
It might damage
the station.
I'm gonna go check
the, uh, radio fuses.
Come on. Come on.
How are we
gonna time this?
Walls on this tank
are quarter-inch steel.
Take the torch
about 10 seconds
to punch through.
That's our fuse.
I'll count you down.
You set?
1, 2, 3,
4, 5, 6,
7, 8, 9...
[ explosion ]
It's working.
Val, brace yourself!
[ rumble ]
[ crashing ]
[ crashing ]
Great, there goes
the long-range radio.
David, it worked.
Hang on.
No. No, all we did
is startle them.
Get back inside.
I've got an idea.
Ideas are good.
What do you got?
Why don't we
rig the R.O.V.
and set it as an anchor
so we don't get
set too far out?
That's a great idea.
We can attach a steel wire
to something sturdy
and then lasso.
If we're in deep water
when that storm hits,
we're gonna get flipped
by the first wave.
Do it.
We'll keep working
on the short-range,
all right?
Tracy, you're gonna
still try and reach
my brother, right?
We will.
Thank you.
Mayday. Mayday.
This is Oasis Station.
We are in need
of assistance.
[ static crackling ]
Sammy, this is Oasis.
Do you read?
With the short-range radio,
our signal just
doesn't reach that far.
And we're too far away
to reach town now, right?
We had
to try something.
If I didn't know better,
I'd swear those things
were working together.
I think they are.
Orcas work together
to trap seals
by separating them
from the main sheet
of ice,
like that shark
did to you.
Right, right,
humpbacks, dolphins,
they swim in circles
to surround their prey,
but that's
marine mammal behavior.
Greenland sharks
don't do that.
These are clearly
an evolved species.
We're inside
a steel bunker.
They can't do much more
than bump us around in here.
What if they come back?
Mayday. Mayday.
This is
the Oasis Station.
We are in need
of immediate assistance.
All right, that's
as good as it's gonna get.
What do you think?
We can definitely
get some video footage
and find
a place to anchor.
Okay, here we go.
I set you free
upon the sea.
[ music playing ]
All right, nice and slow.
Head 15 degrees starboard.
There. Right there.
That's where
you're gonna set it down.
[ clatters ]
Is that--
Is that Sammy's...
VAL: No!
The shark's got the ROV
and pulling the cable out.
What do we do?
What do we do?
[ screams ]
[ ice cracking ]
Okay, it's all right.
The tranq guns!
We need to get out of here
and seal the room.
I know.
Our position is 73 degrees...
Mayday, mayday...
2 minutes, 31.83 seconds west...
We are sinking
at 73 degrees...
108 degrees, 30 minutes,
45.13 seconds west.
We need immediate
assistance. Copy?
I'm not
getting anything.
We need to get out of here.
-Hang on.
-Where are you going?
Do you think this is
going to work?
This'll work, right?
Yeah, it should if we
put two rounds into it.
But it's gonna
feel us when we fire.
I know.
What--What do we do if--
I haven't thought
that far ahead. Ready?
I really think we
should talk about this.
We should talk about--
Oh, boy.
The wire. Quick!
Quick! The wire!
The breaker.
The power's off.
Get out of the water!
Turn it on!
[ electricity crackling ]
It's working!
Turn it off.
Okay, off, off. Got it.
Go to the door!
Go to the door!
Okay. Okay.
Pull. Pull.
Go, go, go, go.
Close it.
Close the inner door
before you open
the outer door.
[ thud ]
Val's gone.
And we lost the MPR.
We're going down.
We gotta seal
this level off.
Move. Move, move, move.
Oh, my God.
Here we go.
David, I need wire cutters
and a screwdriver now.
All right, all right.
Hold this.
Give me that map.
Okay, flip the switch.
[ beeping ]
The emergency location
transmitter's on.
Let's just
hope the signal
gets out in time.
Michael, how deep
is the water here?
Uh, about 90 feet,
give or take.
Can the station
withstand the pressure?
Barely. I mean,
it's a lot
of pressure,
but we all dive
down to 120 feet.
We don't
get crushed.
[ metal creaking ]
80 feet.
[ creaking continues ]
[ creaking continues ]
50 feet.
What if we tip over
when we land?
We won't.
ALEX: Are you sure?
30 feet.
Michael, what if we do?
Then this room
will flood.
10 feet.
5, 4, 3,
[ crash ]
[ yelling ]
Come on. Not too far.
Come on.
[ groans ]
[ panting ]
[ metal creaking ]
[ spraying ]
You all right?
I'm okay. I'm okay.
[ metal creaking ]
We're okay.
We're okay.
Everybody else?
ALEX: Okay.
Let's see
where we landed.
Well, looks like
we landed solidly.
[ thump ]
What was that?
[ metal creaking ]
Didn't come
from inside.
[ thump ]
Back away from the window.
It's the lights.
They can see us moving.
Turn off the flashlights.
[ rattling ]
[ thump ]
Close the windows.
[ water hissing ]
Oh, my God.
The panel!
We need the welding gear.
Got it.
I got the torch.
I got the mask
and gloves!
Here. Here.
All right, you're set.
You're set.
Go, go, go.
[ welding ]
You think
it's gonna hold?
I'd bet
my life on it.
Yeah, we all are.
Oh, frak.
[ metal creaking ]
[ switches clicking ]
[ clicking continues ]
[ pounds metal ]
Nothing working?
It's already starting
to get cold in here.
Yeah, I can tell.
Well, that's not
our biggest problem.
We got maybe
a day's worth
of air in here.
Wait. What? Why?
Because the Oasis
was built to withstand
all extreme weather
conditions, but--
But it wasn't meant
to be submerged,
so what we're breathing now
is all we've got.
David's right.
We only have about
a day left of O2.
Okay, but what about
our dive tanks, right?
Right, we're only 90 feet
from the surface,
so if we could suit up,
we could just swim out.
We've only got
one regulator.
Everything else
is in the MPR.
And you're forgetting
about the Greenies outside.
They didn't
have a hard time
picking us off
in our environment.
How long do you think
we're gonna last in theirs?
So what if we
inflate our B.C.s?
If we inflate them,
we can shoot to
the surface in seconds.
Then we will become
floating targets.
Okay, well, do you guys
have any ideas?
[ metal creaking ]
Are the sharks
even there anymore?
[ thumping ]
Everyone just
be calm, okay?
Now, we've all had
survival training.
We all know our jobs,
and our first job
is not to panic.
Whoa. Batteries.
Hey, guys, look at this.
Check it out,
the ROV's batteries
have the same volts
that the Oasis
runs off of.
Right, and they're
all in the MPR.
You open those doors--
No, no, no.
Look, these doors
are doubled to
hold out the weather.
Check it out.
If I open one door
and close it
from the inside,
then open the other
and let the room flood,
I could swim out.
Yeah, but that's
a one-way ticket.
You can't get back in.
Ye of little faith.
Oh, I get it.
I get it.
You're gonna
drain the MPR
and then come in
through the lower door.
Now once the batteries
are up and running,
it should power
the pumps long enough
to drain the MPR and
stabilize the pressure.
Within that time,
you guys should get
emergency power back,
and hopefully
the radios'll work.
No, you're gonna be
exposed for way too long,
and if the MPR's
on the seafloor and you
can't get back in--
Alex, Alex, do you
remember when we used
the ROV to anchor?
So the boulders
the ROV showed us
have enough space
for me to maneuver
safely into the MPR.
Yeah, he's right.
Does anybody have
any other options?
Let's get me suited up.
[ metal creaking ]
All right, with luck,
it should only take you
about a minute
to get to the MPR.
Move slowly so you
don't attract attention
to yourself.
What's this?
If a shark comes for you,
jab it in the eye.
If a shark's
about to attack me,
you want me
to stick this in--
Michael, just take it.
See you
on the other side.
Good luck.
[on radio]
David: Michael, are you alright?
What happened?
Lots of sharks around.
Looks like they're
scattered for now.
[on radio]
David: Alright. How are we
looking out there, Michael?
Michael: Good, so far.
I'm staying low.
They haven't noticed me yet.
[ coughing ]
I can't see
any more sharks.
Alright. Stay sharp.
Okay, I'm entering
the MPR.
I see the batteries.
Okay. Here goes nothing.
[ generator humming ]
Let me know when you're
and ready for the pumps
to drain the MPR.
activate the pumps now.
It's working.
That was close.
You did it.
Yes. Yeah.
How we looking?
It's pretty thrashed
down there.
Did the radios
not come back up?
No, nothing.
I think the antennae
are still too deep.
Let's get the extra
dive gear out of storage
in case anything
happens to the MPR again.
But why?
We can't come back
through that door.
No, no, no. I closed
the outside door
so we can use it
as an airlock again.
DAVID: Nice.
Tracy, you stay
on the radio in case
anything comes through.
Let's start humping gear.
Hey, we're getting out
of this, all right?
We just gotta
keep working the problem
till we find a solution.
I know.
Work the problem.
I just really
don't want to die.
[ static crackling ]
Alex, let's just make sure that
you make a dive kit for
everyone, okay?
you got us doing.
Now David,
I think it's a great idea.
It's keeping our mind
off everything.
Just gotta ask, man,
you got a game plan?
I'm working
on something, yeah.
How do you feel about
rigging a cable to a BC,
float her up,
see if we can't boost
our signal any?
Basically making
a new antenna.
I think it's a good idea.
DAVID: Tracy,
prep another scuba tank.
[ grunts ]
That's everything.
Doors are sealed?
All right.
From now on,
we only open them
and close them as needed.
Ready to try this?
TRACY: [ sigh ] Yeah.
All right.
Let's do it.
[ zipper zips ]
[ zipper zips ]
Suit secure.
Feels good?
Feels great.
[ grunts ]
Regulator looks good.
She's all
rigged up for you.
Just attach
the cable to the mount
next to the outer door,
fill the BC,
let her rip.
Sounds simple enough.
Yeah, just like
everything else
today, right?
Don't die.
Alright. Regulator check.
Good luck, man.
See you all
on the other side.
Well, they're circling up
above. But I think I can
time this right.
David: Copy that.
Be careful.
Careful is my middle name.
David: [ chuckles ]
Yeah, right.
Michael: Okay. We're
sending it up.
MICHAEL: It's working,
rising to the top.
Sharks are moving
out of its way.
Michael: Dammit!
No, man!
is not good.
Everything is bad.
A shark ate the BC
on the way up
and ripped out
the long-range
radio connection.
You've got
to be kidding me.
The short-range radio
will barely reach
the surface.
[ boat horn blows ]
We're almost
to the location
the E.L.T. gave us.
How long till we're
within radio range?
We're minutes away.
Tell the pilots to get
the sky crane ready.
[ telephone rings ]
Preflight the sky crane.
We're almost
on top of them.
We're on.
They're on active status,
Fantastic. Let's see if we
can get them on the radio.
Oasis, this is
Icebreaker One.
Do you read? Over.
Oasis, this is
Icebreaker One.
Do you read? Over.
Keep trying.
I hope they're
still in one piece.
Oasis, this is
Icebreaker One.
Do you read? Over.
Oasis, this is
Icebreaker One.
Do you read? Over.
Oasis, this is
Icebreaker One.
Do you read? Over.
This is Oasis.
We read you.
What is your position?
We're almost
on top of you.
How did you find us?
We received
your E.L.T. signal.
Well, for a few
seconds, anyway,
but long enough.
What kind of shape
are you in?
We're in pretty bad
shape down here.
The MPR flooded,
but we were able
to drain it.
We've also
lost three people,
Smith, Hagara,
and McBurney.
Did you receive
the bulletin
from Barrow station
about the sharks?
Yes, but you
would have been
the last people
we would have
thought would have
been affected.
I've got some
good news and some
bad news for you.
We're about
two nautical
miles away,
but there are a lot
of big icebergs we need
to navigate around,
so it is going to
take us time to get there.
The good news
is that since
you were able
to drain the MPR,
we can use the helo
we have onboard
to pick you up
and drop you
on the deck.
[ laughs ]
That is good news,
[ laughs ]
Oh, my God.
We're all set here.
What's the E.T.A.
on the helo?
She's ready now.
Copy that.
MICHAEL: I'm going to put
on my dry suit on
and swim outside to
release the dye packs.
[ helicopter whirring ]
The helicopter is clear
to take off.
We are tracking the Oasis
station at 1-9-2 nautical
miles ahead.
In closing--
-Alright. Let's keep our
eyes on the bergs, alright?
Crewman #1: 1.1 nautical miles.
Adjust baring 5 degrees to
Saar burg.
Right on course for Oasis
station location.
This better be fast.
Otherwise, I'm dead.
Here goes nothing.
Here comes the cable.
I've got
the line in sight.
All right, keep steady.
Only go for the cable
when you think it's clear.
Really? You think?
Okay, I'm making my move.
Got it.
Come on.
Quick, Michael!
Okay, we're attached.
How we looking
up there?
Tell them we've got
a big old tuna down here.
Copy that.
Icebreaker One,
we're attached.
Pull us up
whenever you're ready.
Copy that. Hold on
to something down there.
Oh, boy.
What's wrong?
Well, the sharks
just scattered,
but I don't think for long.
You want to try
and get back in?
No, I'll ride it out.
I don't want to slip
off the Oasis
and end up floating alone
as she is pulled up.
All right, hang tight.
No, no, no, no!
[ screaming ]
Cut the cable!
Cut the cable!
[ crash ]
Hold on!
Son of a bitch.
[ metal creaking ]
That's the helicopter.
Brace! Brace!
Michael didn't make it,
did he?
I know you saw that.
Oasis. We did.
Well, I think the sharks
are scattered
for a little bit.
You got any other
bright ideas?
We're working on it up here.
What about
the salvage bags?
As long as the weight
is less than the buoyancy,
it could work.
are you stocked
with salvage bags?
an affirmative,
Then we'll prep
to receive.
Copy that.
[ mumbles ]
Are you guys okay,
Package received,
Icebreaker. Over.
[ICEBREAKER on radio]
From up here it looks like we
nailed the landing spots.
You shouldn't have to
move them very far.
Copy that.
Alright, we're gonna
need some weapons.
This'll work underwater.
We've also got
some flare guns.
They might stun or blind
one of those things.
I need you to stay
on the radio, okay?
No. I'm going out
this time.
No, you're not.
I have to find out
what happened to Michael.
I'm going.
you need to stay here
to monitor
the situation.
You're the best
at that.
You sure
you're up for this?
I am. Let's go suit up.
You know
I love you, right?
Pretty much, yeah.
Then make sure you
come back in one piece.
I love you.
[ crying ]
ALEX: David, I'll go
for the tanks.
You be lookout.
DAVID: Copy that.
I see the bundles.
Alright. Hook them up, quick!
I've got
the first bunch.
Keep an eye open.
Be quick!
Okay. Here's the first bundle.
DAVID: These are
designed to clip on to
the rigging point here.
Whoa! That was close.
Faster, Alex!
Alex, hurry up. I only
have so many flares left.
First one's locked on.
I'll get another bundle.
Almost there.
I'm almost out of flares.
Quick! Hook them up
as fast as you can!
It's hooked on.
[ screaming ]
Nice shot.
David, watch out!
Get ready, David.
I'll get rid of
these bastards!
[ screaming ]
Alex! No!
Now's our chance. I've gotta
set the salvage bags off.
Go off. Go off.
Go off!
Come on, come on,
come on, come on.
What the hell?
No, no.
No, no, no. No, no--
[ screaming ]
[ screaming, grunts ]
[ grunts ]
Quick, get the crane ready.
There they are!
Hang tight! Lower the hook!
[ screaming ]
[ crewmen chatter ]
What is this?
- Is that a shark?
Am I seeing something?
Or that looks like a shark.
[ screaming ]
Come on!
[ grunts ]
You son of a bitch!
Tracy! I'm coming!
I thought you were gone.
It's gonna take
a hell of a lot more
than a shark to keep me
away from you.
Come on.
Let's get outta here.
You guys
have a seat.
We want
to make sure
you're okay.
You guys'll
be safe here.
Get away from the shark!
It's going
for the water!
Get out of the way!
Get out of the way!
David, no! Get back!
[ shot ]
Pretty much, yeah.
[ boat horn blows ]